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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Howdy ya'll!!

Yikes, it is so hard to come in here for an hour in the evening to catch up!

But, I totally want to see Diva's cute lil anvil - and the sparkly goods too!! Sounds like you and the Giant had a lovely weekend, and it'll be nice to have a day off to get stuff done on wednesday!

Kari, that is so nice that you got a half-day off on friday - you deserve it! You are one hard working woman right now! And I love the new fur-duo, Yuki and Paco! Now we just need piccies!

Doodle, if you don't have a crush on your neighbors by now, I DO!! tongue.gif Seriously, sounds like you've got the makings for a really fun musical friendship there - and maybe more - who knows?!

PK, I did get your PM, just haven't had a chance to sit down to write back, but suffice it to say, the universe is calling you to take care of yourself, and I hope you're listening and being good to yourself. I worry about you, my dear!

(((((shawn)))) That sucks major donkey ballz about your job. But you know what, you're going to land something so much better, and in a more professional environment! ((((shawn jobby job vibes)))

Poodle, sounds like you had a fun night out on the town - even if your ex has issues.

Well, I think I'm going to go hop on the elliptical for a bit here, and then take a bath, and hit the hay.

Kel - just ride the wave of excitement, my dear!!! This boy sounds so awesome, I'm still getting all gooshy thinking of your romantic evening!
Good evening everyone.

Poodle, what a story. What kind of comment is that? Wank.

Kel, I agree with turbo on this one, ride the wave baby! I never got on the myspace bandwagon, facebook is so addicting. It's like freakin' crack, not that I've ever done that, I'm just assuming. Hee.

Turbo, enjoy your workout and your bath! *hands some tea to help sleep*

Well, I took puppers to the park for her usual long 90 minute jaunt, I didn't get around to working out, but I figure chasing her and that bloody ball around was good enough for now. Tomorrow I get on the eliipitcal trainer for some hard cardio. It was a quiet day at work, now I"m jsut chillin' and watching The Sopranos.

I hope that everyone is having a good day.

hola oy bustarinos! man, what a monday! i was all over the place at work today. couple hours here, couple hours there, never a dull moment. i think there was one department out of the eight that i didn't spend at least an hour in today. that's okay though, i actually prefer variety. and come new permanent hire time, it will look good that they can drop me literally anywhere in the plant at a moment's notice, and i'll get the job done. oh, and i totally missed a long boring meeting this morning. i knew about it, and made a note when i got the email friday, but in the hassle of getting last minute stuff done for the momster's big trip, it totally slipped my mind. i had to spend some time off the floor going over what i missed with the boss, but considering the last (and only) time i missed a meetng was when i got broadsided by a car in january, the most she could really say was "try not to make it a habit".

speaking of the big trip, everything's all ready. extra toothbrush and clothes have been dropped off at my aunt's house, c-monkey's favorite sitter is expecting her in the morning, and from what i hear, aunt's, geez, they're too old to call him her boyfriend, and live-in companion makes it sound like her nurse or something, but anyway, he's got the "secret" candy drawer in the fridge fully stocked. i doubt c-monkey will want to come home on weekends. tongue.gif and most importantly, the momster's got my dsl ordered, and the self-install kit will be here by thursday at the latest. i can't wait to have decent internet again. roomie's clearwire has kept things mostly bearable, but it sucks for downloads, and i've got the first season of big love in my queue.

i made really good dinner tonight. chunks of chicken with fruit salsa over rice, spring greens with carrots, spinach, pea pods, sunflower seeds, toasted soy beans, and ginger garlic wan ton strips tossed in a poppyseed vinaigrette, and a pint of ben and jerry's creme brulee softening on the counter. i'm going to eat my ice cream, finish up book number five (or am i only on four?) of christopher pike's last vampire series, which is better than i remember, and call it a relatively early night.
Hi everyone! Quick "Van Halen jump"-by! Sorry for the me-centredness again...I did read, but I don't want to stay online long.

I got the bookcase back together, and the drawers are painted and just waiting for polyurethane. Pics soon! It looks great! The bubbling is noticeable, but you'd probably have to be looking for it.

I'm supposed to go have a CT scan this week, to find out if Dorothy is still lost in the Oz of my kidney, but I think I wrote down the wrong day....will check with the hospital in the morning.

Also I finally did some laundry today, and have been chilling out with the guitar. My fingers HURT like HELL today. (Part of the reason I don't want to stay on the 'puter.) It's funny, I didn't feel it yesterday, even when we'd played for hours. It must have been the combination of endorphins and organicgirl's special herbs that kept me going.

That's my report for the day - self-centred AND boring! biggrin.gif
ARRRRRR, ye skallywags!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!

Nothin' much to report this morning. Just drinkin' coffee 'n' shit.

Turbo, you're such a busy girl these days!! I finally have something to do at work, which is good, I guess. The day should go by faster.

~*~*~*~relaxation vibes for kel~*~*~*~

Hi culture, doodle, and grrrl!!

Well, that's all for now!!
Good Morning everyone!

Doodle, be as self centred as you want. we heart you.

Grrrl that is great that all has worked out well and that you have much experience at work! The Last Vampire, those were my favourite Pike books! I also enjoyed the midnight club.

Hey poodle!

Well, I already have one message, and I haven't even started yet, one of my clients came in after I was done work for the day and the front, who knows my hours, still sends notifications that they are here, even though I'm not. I went on facebook more last night, I need to stop going on so often! I'm glad we don't have it at work, I would get zero work done.

I didn't see boy 2 last night for portions, so I'm headed over there tonight.

Ugh, my mother has got inthe really bad habit of coming into my room while I am sleeping and asking me something, then gets upset when I don't answer. Uhhhh, duh! I'm sleeping! *bangs head against wall*

well, I should get to it here.

Oh wait, good things Tuesday!

1. to borrow from Poodle, it's not Monday!
2. I'm wearing really cutsie undies today.
3. I can do the sudoku!
4. Portions tonight.
5. Friday is 3 days away and so is paday!

good morning all! happy tuesday!

i had a rough day yesterday. actually, it sort of started on sunday. mrfj and i had "relations" (which were divine!) on sunday afternoon and afterward, i realized that i was bleeding a little bit. eek! so i called the doc and talked to the midwife, explaining all the details about it. she said that under the circumstances, it probably wasn't anything to get worked up over and that my cervix was probably bumped and since it's getting "ripe" it will bleed easily. she said as long as the blood turned brown before the end of the night and jackaroo kept moving consistently, everything should be fine. so, as the day went on, i kept an eye out and everything seemed good. jackaroo was moving a lot so i didn't worry. but then yesterday, he hardly moved at all. every couple hours, i would have to go lie on the bed or the couch to see if he'd move. at one point, i was so worried, i ate an apple and put his lullaby headphones on my belly to see if he'd move (he did within 30 seconds!). but even when that would happen, a couple hours later, i'd be worried again and by last night i was sure there was something wrong. so i barely slept at all.

but then this morning, i got up early and ate a nutri grain bar and drank some juice and he started dancing. he's been a dancing fool all day long now. so maybe he was just sleeping most of the day yesterday because all is well now. i do still have some (sorry tmi!) brownish stuff going on, but i have talked to the midwife again and she said it's all good, just old blood.

so that's basically why i didn't come in and post yesterday. i was way worried and actually slept most of the afternoon myself because i'd been up on sunday night worrying. i'm feeling better today, and i have a doc appointment scheduled for thursday already so all should be well. smile.gif

i'm loving doodle's neighbors too! and there's def nothing wrong with some good old fashioned flirting. it's cute that the neighbor told you that guitarboy likes you hehehe. and who knows, maybe you could have a good no-strings roll in the hay! it's been known to happen! in my experience, sex doesn't always complicate things. i'm friends with a guy that i've had sex with several times and we know it will never happen again and we still party like rock stars when we hang out! i'm not saying you should... i'm just sayin'. tongue.gif

diva's anvil sounds awesome! i want to see a pic!

kari, it sounds like the two puppers are making some progress if they're able to stay in the same house all day unsupervised without tearing each other limb from limb. they'll be best friends before you know it!!

shawnboy, sorry about the job situation. that sucks ass!! i'm sure you'll find another way to use that sex-ay manly voice of yours. i like pood's idea of phone sex sales. wooohoo!

poodle, i would love a good beerfest right about now myself! and feh on the ex for having some major issues! dang! too bad you didn't get some HBI before he started that crap.

kel, i thought of you sunday when i was cutting some daisies to put them in a vase. they're the last of a bouquet that i bought several weeks ago. the roses died very quickly but the daisies and carnations and freesia lasted a long time. the daisies STILL look awesome. oh, and for a minute, i thought you "yadda, yadda'd" sex. but then you said you still hadn't seen his wanker, so i guess that was just my own guttermind.

oh, mrfj and i made a purchase the other day. we had a paid in full best buy card, so we decided to go max it out again on a new digital camera. it's fabulous! mrfj has been taking some really super cool pics with it so far, just playing with the settings. i'll have to post some soon. (he took a pic of my daisies in fact, which is what reminded me of that).


good things tuesday:

1. healthy kicks from my boy!!
2. payday in two days! (let's just hope that they get it right this time!)
3. grocery day today!
4. nice rainstorms on tap for every evening this week

hi to everyBUSTie else i missed. it's just been so long since i posted i needed to get this out!
Hello everyone! Err FJ!

I'm glad to hear that all is well with Jackaroo!

Linky Linky

I'm glad I don't have to experience that!

Well my day is still quiet, on lunch now and fuckin' around online.

I hope everyone's Tuesday is going well.
moxiegirl far along are you? I had a really similar thing happen around 32 weeks. then again at 35...which is when i had a "false alarm" and the docs said "well, even if it wasn't a false alarm, we don't really do anything to stop labor after 34 weeks..." Oh.

Anyway, moxette is SICK and I have no idea what with. a fever that won't quit, slightly labored breathing, but no cough, no runny nose, no achy belly. I spoke to the dr. this morning, and he said to give her 24 hours, but I think she's getting worse, and my deep fear of disobeying authority is kicking in. Crap. I wish moxieman had stayed home...he's more assertive than I am.

Feh. Double Feh.

I don't have any good things Tuesday. I'll catch those later in the week, ok?
mox, i'm currently 35 weeks, will be 36 on friday!!! so yeah, i know it could be pretty much any time now. only, i'm not ready for that!! i need another few weeks! as much as i'd love to see him and hold him and nuzzle with him, i need a wee bit more time to prepare! i haven't even had my baby shower yet! it's this weekend though. so after this weekend, he's allowed to come i guess. smile.gif

sorry the moxette is sick. if you're worried, call the doc again. only you can see what's going on with her right now. momma always knows best! smile.gif speaking of, i have an appointment to meet with jackaroo's potential pediatrician on tuesday. the office manager sounded really friendly, if that's any indication, i already feel comfortable with her. i am going for a female that is about thirty years out of med school. wish me luck on that!

ugh! culture, that traffic looks HORRIBLE!! dang!
Mox, I hope moxette feels better soon, and same with momma!
~*~*~*~*healing vibes for moxette~*~*~*~* and ~*~*~*~*~soothing vibes for mox~*~*~*~*~

FJ, that's coming right up! I'm nervous for you! You'll be fine! My friend just had a bebe, she's a cutie pie. I couldn't imagine having to contend with that traffic! And it bottle necks here BAD!!! Meh.

Well, only a little bit left, and that is all.

Later all!
FJ's about to pop any day now!! Exciting!!

(((moxette))) Po' baby!!

Good things:
1. Worked on not-entirely-sucky project all day long so day went by fast
2. I get to see the Pal-Italian Stallion tonight
3. Bean burritos
4. Mango smoothie
5. Notice that The Vibro Champs are getting together at the end of the month to play at Lee's!! Weeeeeee!!! I'm tempted to organize an after-party, but I don't trust a gang of drunken rockabilly boys in my apartment and I don't have enough space anyway.
Hi hi everybustie!!

Oooooh, FJ's nearly ready for jackaroo's arrival!! That is SO exciting!! *whispers to jackaroo to stay put just a little longer*

And WOOT! for a new digi camera - you'll need it to post piccies for all jackaroo's bustie aunties!

Yeah, this new job is definitely keeping me busier - longer work day, plus 2.5 hours a day spent commuting....blerg. At least I'm not commuting in a car - reading on the train or cycling make it not so bad. I'm definitely more tired at the end of the day, by the time I get home, walk the dog and make dinner...and then its nearly 8pm when that's all done. Oh well, the new job ROCKS, so its definitely worth it.

And, so far I love having the elliptical to get some exercise in too! Tonight we're getting rid of the extra couch - it breaks my heart as it is sooo comfy, and the very first piece of furniture I ever bought ($15 at Salvation Army) charity will take it, as it has some tears in the upholstery, so its going to the garbageman. Pity, as I have a nice slipcover for it, but even so - no one will take it. I hate throwing stuff away that still has use left in it.

Doodle, I am not surprised that your fingers are sore - you have been one busy woman!! And I'm just so thrilled to see you sounding so happy and healthy, and really getting the time you deserve to just have FUN and putter around!

*swipes some of poodle's smoothie and burrito*
I need to calm the fuck down. Why do I do this to myself???? STOP!!!!
Hey turbo and kel!!

2.5 hours spent commuting?! Eesh!! It sounds like you made the right decision about passing up the new gym and buying the elliptical. You can always take classes 'n' stuff if you need a little variety.

Think Zen, kel. Deep breaths.

So, I was telling Nile about the Champs show, and he was really interested in seeing them. I told him to pull out one of his suits, because he's going with me!! I think he'd like it, and he'd also be a great "accessory" for me. biggrin.gif He'd fit right in with his greasy hair and snazzy get-ups.
Okay, much calmer now. Geez, I gotta learn to relax and go with the flow. I'm getting good at the positive thinking, but sometimes the old anxiety problem takes control and I have a hard time breathing through it.

Hi Everyone!

Poodle, can I have some smoothie? And then I'll take a stride on Turbo's elliptical. Burn the smoothie calories away.

FJ, it's getting down to the wire with Jackaroo, isn't it? I'm so excited for you!! What kind of baby shower are you having? Is it co-ed? I think they are fun. And you're right, I didn't yadda yadda sex. I yadda yadda'd one very long, hot make out session. We are sort of taking things slow, which is really good. I tend to work fast and get too involved too soon, so I'm trying something new here.

Doodle, your neighbor-boys sound like tasty little treats. I'd sop them up with a biscuit, if I were you. Seize the day and all.

Night all! Send good date vibes for me...daisy time tomorrow!
((((peaceful calm for kel)))) And super-excitement for daisy time tomorrow!!

Well, poodle, when I ride my bike, it takes me 40-50 minutes to get to work, depending on the wind and traffic. On the train it takes 40 minutes in the morning, if things are going well, but because they have the entire fucking EL transit system under construction, it generally takes an hour in the morning, and lately an hour and a half on the way home. Sucks, but at least I can read, or listen to audio books or NPR or whatever. I hope the rain stops tonight so I can get back on my bike tomorrow.

We just moved the old ratty couch out of the second bedroom and put it out by the dumpsters, and totally reoriented the room and rugs and such to make it look like maybe there's room for an elliptical machine afterall. No more room for the massage table, but sacrifices must be made for health and proper room decor. smile.gif I'll get some pics sometime this week.

Poodle, going to the Champs show with Nile sounds like SO much fun fun fun!! You can dance the night away with a very fine accessory!

Okay, bedtime for me!!
Nile is a cutie. He was standing behind the counter today when I was paying for childcare and I thought to myself...hmmm...LUNCHMEAT! Bwa-hahahahah!!!
Just popping by to say goodnight, I'll read the archives tomorrow.

Good night okayers! I heart you.
morning lassies. since moxette still has a fever, off to the ped's she goes today. The really weird thing is that she is showing NO other sick symptoms. No runny nose, no cough, no achy belly. Just a fever. Which means SOMETHING is going on... anyway, moxieman arranged for his schedule to be cleared today, so he's on sick bebe duty. I'm a bit nervous for us all, but I remind myself that he is her father, and a god-damned great one at that. I'm nervous for me b/c i have a lingering headache that won't go away, and I am hoping that typhoid mary hasn't struck me down!

Ok, off to my very nice 20 minute commute. I'd take the bus, honestly, I would, but we find carpooling (I carpool with 2 other girls from work a few times a week) very fun, "girl" time. We're all young moms or moms-to-be, so its sorta like haveing the hip-momma thread, right in my car!

Turbo- its a sad thing to see the old couch go bye-bye, eh? I fear that the same will happen to ours when we move, b/c we don't have the legs for it anymore. Its perfect for the basement, comfy as hell, but UGLY. You gotta love those, eh?

FJ-after this weekend, in your 9th!!! month of this journey, you get HBI;s every night! And not the guac kind, either! Spermies make babies come out...or so "they" say.

How was meeting the Ped? I heart ours. He's a wonderful lebanese-american who trained in Lebanon, France and the USA. He has a large lebanese-french client base, and I very often hear him speaking french to patients who are new to the US. It kind of feels like eavesdropping, b/c he doesn't know I speak french. Its endearing, no less. Last time we went in for a well baby visit, he asked me (knowing my dad is an immigrant, too) how we handled being a teenage girl in America. I parents encouraged us to have friends who were boys and girls, but I wasn't allowed to "date" until I was 16 and every boy had to meet my parents first. He seemed to like that (his daughter is 12 and has a "boyfriend"). Anyway, I ramble. Point is, a good pediatrician can make or break a first year of parenting.

Wow, jackaroo's coming quickly isn't he? Kewl. I've never followed along with a pregnancy before, so this is new to me tooo!

Amazing how time flies.

~*~*feel better vibes for moxiegirl and bebe*~*~

jenn, on my scooter, it takes me about 45 minutes to get to work, about an hour on the bus...and on a bike, I have no idea, the trip is just a little too daunting for me to consider biking it. Not so much the distance, but there are some monster hills, the scooter even struggles a bit on those. Oh, and ACS has a small building across the street from me...reminds me of you when I see it.

~*~*calming vibes for kel*~*~ have fun with daisy!

CH, that traffic...OMG.

So, I go back to work on Monday. I'm feeling like my arms are ready, after getting cortisone treatments in my other arm...they are...passable. Guess I just have to manage it.

Oh, and I went to a birthday party for a co-worker last Saturday and got the EASIEST recipe for sandwich filling....get the cheapest roast you can find, and a jar of sliced pepperoncini peppers, put the roast in a slow cooker, dump the jar on top of it, with all the juice, and cook on low till it falls apart! And it's pretty tasty, too! Nice for easy summer meals. Not terribly veggie, though, I guess.

Well, I've gotta fly, catch ya later!
Good morning on this Wednesday.

(((kel))) you'll be fine! Your date is tonight!!!! I'm excited for you, as I don't want todate right now, I'll live through you.

Turbo, I'd also be attached to something that was a first, I'm surprised a charity wouldn't take it, even with a slip cover.

Moxie, I hope that bebe is okay!

Poodle, ooooh a possible date type thing with Nile! Sweetness.

Hi Tree!

So, I saw boy 2 last night and I got what I wanted. Then I almost hit a cyclist on my way home. There were no lights, and he was wearing red. Umm, whatever. Now I am at work. That is all.

I hope everyone is having a good day.

Mornin' babes.

((Kel)) I know it is hard to take it easy sometimes. I am glad you are feeling better today.

((FJ)) sorry for all the worry you experienced! So glad your midwife put your mind at ease and everything is A-OK. I cannot believe little Jackaroo will be here so soon!!! oooohhhh! I am so excited for you guys.

Poodle, I think it is rad that you & Nile are going to the show together.

Diva, how are your classes going?

Hi Jenn, CH, Doodle, Tree, & Moxie! ((Moxette)) Sorry to hear about the fever. sad.gif

I am doing pretty good today. "Worked" at home yesterday. Not much work to do, so I chilled most of the day. Got some laundry done, hung with the dogs. I did go to the hospital last night, it was a good night, I got one individual session in. I was adding up my site hours & sessions so far & I am on track. I have about 67 hours in so far, I have to have 150 by August 5. Should make it w/ no problem.

I had book group last night after that, which was fun. We had root beer floats.

The dogs seem to be doing alright together. I had them both outside all day yesterday while I was home, then from 3:30PM-10:30PM while I was gone. All seemed well when I got home. Today they are both outside for a loooong day. I think they'll be alright. I hope anyhow.

So, Mr K and I were planning a vaca for December, but now it may have to be pushed back some more. Bah. He might be in Europe w/ the band in December.

I've been a-lurking.

((The FJs and Jackaroo)) Thank goodness you can have some peace of mind now. And so exciting that he's coming soon!

((Moxie and fam)) I hope everything is ok with Moxette.

It has been decided my car is a total loss and will be totaled. I'm sad because I love my car very much and it's the first car I bought all on my own. But the other driver's insurance co. is giving me more than I actually paid for the car so that's good. So car shopping we go! Hopefully Saturday we can find something. I'd really like another Honda. Wish me luck.

Hi Kari, CH, Tree, Moxie, and everyone else I missed! Happy Hump Day!
Kari, "working" from home is mucho fun.

Catsoup that blows that your car has been written off, but that rocks that the other insurer gave you MORE money! Good luck with finding a new car.

Well, things are quiet here, I'm covering for someone else, and her clients are calling me. None of mine are calling! Sweetness!

That is all for now.

Hi everyone!!

~*~*~*~get better vibes for moxette~*~*~*~ Thank goddess she has a good pediatrician!!

~*~*~*~date vibes for kel~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~car vibes for catsoup~*~*~*~

Mmmm...your leisurely day followed by book club and floats sounds great, kari!! I'm drinking rootbeer right now, actually, but it's the diet kind so it doesn't really count.

*waves bye-bye to turbo's couch*

Ah yes, minx...LUNCHMEAT. Intriguing, imported lunchmeat. NO, this would NOT be a date. We'll see if he still wants to go at the end of the month. At this point, it would take a lot of alcohol for the two of us to do anything naughty. Yup, it's like that. It would be fun to bring him as a quasi-date though, just to leave my old friends scratching there heads. "Who the hell is that mafioso guy that poodle came with?"

Hi Catsoup! Happy Hump Day to you too!

sorry to hear about your car. sad.gif That is great that you are getting good money from the insurance company. Good luck with your car shopping! I love Hondas.

Poodles, I like diet root beer too. Tasty stuff.

My officemate's voice is beginning to grate on my nerves. Oh god, now Mr. Talky next door is "educating" someone about solar energy. Oh, please bestow your knowledge upon us, all-knowing Mr.Talky.
Hello Hello.

Mmmm Rootbeer, yummers! Poodle, a hang out, not a date, just a casual get together. I say drink with him! Hee.

Kari, may I suggest that you hit your co worker with a dead trout or rubber chicken? it'll make you feel much better.

things are still quiet here, it's starting to rain a little here, there's a surprise. I feel like I'm living in Vancouver. It is still a nice day though. I'll take the bandit out to the park when I get home, but not before facebooking of course! I don't have much else to add.

Later all!
ch, that is a great idea! do you happen to have a rubber chicken handy? i would love to smack a few people with that.

i ate a cookie on my lunch break, it was good. i mean, i had already eaten lunch, the cookie was a little extra treat. chocolate chip. mmm.

I do actually have a rubber chicken.

Mmmm cookies, I'm having some strawberries right now, and they are wonerfully sweet and ripe.
Ha ha! I have only skimmed the last few posts, and am not finished reading, but I had to drop everything to post the words....


I don't know why. Heh.

It's raining here the desert. Hmm. Also, the river might flood today...not because of the rain, though, but from the mountain snowpack has been hot till this Monday.

Had my CT scan this morning, at an ungodly hour (for me). I see the specialist next week to find out about dorothy's existence (or rather, hopefully, non-existence).

I also met neighbourboy's cat this morning, and viewed what my apartment would look like in the mirror, but decorated by 20/21-year old boys. (Three completely mismatched couches, lots of entertainment electronics, and no dining table.) guitarboy is at work, but his guitar is across the hall, and it looks like he's already sleeping on the couch. Now if the roommate doesn't start packing soon, I'm going to start chucking his crap out on the lawn myself.

BFF is teasing me: "doodle's in a ba-and, doodle's in a ba-and." I have not told her anything about my non-musical guitarboy speculations. For heaven's sake, he went to the same high school her children are graduating from this year...but about, what, 3 years ahead of them?

Good lord. *smacks forehead* These dirty thoughts of mine are just wrong on so many levels.

Right. I'm going back to reading and catching up now!

ETA: It is Not. Seriously. Possible. That the FJ's baby is about to be here????? Where did that time go?
yay, jackaroo's almost almost here! this is so exciting! i log on every day expecting to find something saying "fj and the mister won't be busting for a few days...cause jack's here!". i may pass out from sheer squee when it finally does happen.

~*~*~date vibes for kel~*~*~ you have come such a long way in the couple months i've been okaying. don't you go psyching yourself out of a good thing!

(((((moxette))))) what is up with that fever ma chere bébé? you be a good girl for the doc so they can figure out what's going on and set mama's mind at ease, you hear?

~*~*~car-hunting vibes for catsoup~*~*~ that's cool that they gave you more for the old car than it was worth. so what are you looking at getting now?

oy, fer crap, i gotta get running to work! catch up with the resta y'all later!
*runs through thread wildly swinging a rubber chicken from each hand*

Yes! Rubber chicken smacking contest!!

(doodle) i hope everything is ok w/ dorothy and that she is gone. I don't think that there is anything at all bad about dirty thoughts. wink.gif Heh.

Hey grrrrl! How goes it?

*runs around madly smacking random people with rubber chicken*

*walks into thread and ducks rubber chicken*


You tell me to come back to Okayland then you smack me around. WTF?!?!

How is everyone?

I'm in class right now so I can't chat. I'll be back later.
*smacks pugs in the ass with the rubber chicken*

You know you like it. Heh. wink.gif

So....heh...I just smoked up with neighbourboy, and....

....I'm going to help him/them decorate their apartment. You all knew that was coming, didn't you? I have already given him enough ideas to get his head spinning, and they are all DO-able ones. For almost no money! (Provided I donate my $9 mis-tint can of charcoal grey paint to the cause. Which I am most happy to do.) Neighbourboy has a great hand-me-down vintage RED couch (and his mom has a steam cleaner) that started the ball rolling.

I am also trying to gently persuade neighbourboy to register at the university. I have already given him enough ideas to get his...well, you know. And you all knew I'd be doing this, too, I'm sure.

In other news, I think my hair may have finally stopped falling out. It's not grown back as thick as it was, but oddly enough, it has a bit of a curl to it. My hair before was stick straight, unless hot implements and a good amount of product were involved. (The cut is genius. My stylist = genius. I've said it before. Amen.)
*grabs rubber chicken out of doodle's hands and proceeds to smack Doodle! HEY! You're supposed to be helping ME decorate with all my mom's STUFF!!!!

*runs away with rubber chicken singing, "neener, neener, neener!"

*smacks pugs on the butt for good measure

So, yeah, I knew that was coming, doodle...what is amazing me is that you've convinced 21 year old boys that decorating is something they should do! I shudder to remember my ex-hubby's "decor" when he was 21. A...{stops to answer phone}...

Okay, I have no clue what I was going to say that started with that "A". But I'm leaving it. Maybe it'll come back to me.

Yay on the hair coming back, doodle! I had mine cut really, really short for years, it had always been straight...when I finally let it grow back in it had wild curls. Still does to this day. I lurve it. And I went back to the stylist and had them punch up the red even positively GLOWS in the sunlight now. But anyway, I'm so glad for you! Are you happy about having curly hair, now? I hope so...

Oh, and as a 39 year old who works at a university...I do my share of partaking in dirty thoughts about 21 year old boys, for sure! Especially this particularly *juicy* teachers aide who works at zoo research....perfectly sculpted chest, gorgeous blonde ponytail that goes halfway down his back, always neat and clean though...a total greek god. The only negative is he smokes. But...he certainly is a sight, when he steps outside for that ciggy break! Yum!

*wipes drool off chin

~*~*carshopping vibes for catsoup*~*~ it IS awesome that you got more back than you paid for the car! That happened to me once when a contractor I was working for dropped a 21 foot long length of double heavy steel pipe on top of my poor little Toyota. About six hundred pounds heavy. ( looked strange...especially since they didn't "total" the car as it was still certainly turned heads with the caved in roof though!)

*thwaks kari's officemate with the rubber chicken

~*~*feel better vibes for moxette*~*~

Okay, I gotta go read the archives now!
Hi peepers!!

*steps over rubber chicken*

Nice to see you, pugs!! Whazzup?

Doodle, that's awesome that you're hair is staying in and that you're becoming such great friends (heh) with the neighbors!! Boys can make good friends sometimes!!

Speaking of, um, friends, Nile let me grope his chest this evening.!!

Okay, it's time to eat something. It's slim pickings around here.

Hello hello hello!

Hi Pugs!!!! *smacks on ass* hee.

Doodle, nothing wrong with thinking dirty thoughts. I told you before, do it!!! And yay on the hair situation!

Hi tree!

Poodle, yum on Nile's chest. Mmmm.

So I took the hound for a long walk, and she was running arounf madly with this other border collie, then we witnesses the rare border collie stand off. They were trying to out wit each other, is was great to see her being so sociable now. It really makes me happy.

That is all.

Hope everyone is having a good evening!

*runs into thread tossing rubber chickens at any ass in the thread*

*gets a good swat at the sumptious poodle and CH*

Doodle, we *knew* it would come to decorating! Heee! I love that you're having such a great time with the new neighbors...and I don't think there's anything wrong with dirty thoughts about the boys, either....hell, nothing wrong with acting on dirty thoughts, either!

Hi hi catsoup!! I'm glad you got a decent amount of cash from your car - even though you loved it, I'm sure you'll find a new one that's just as good. And honestly, I was hoping that this is the outcome you'd get - so many times, cars just aren't the same, and aren't quite as stable after accidents. A safe, new car is a very good thing!

Well, I was at the clubhouse mentoring this evening, and there was a gang skirmish outside the clubhouse, guns waving in the was scary, and of course, all the boys ran to the door begging for us to let them out so so they could check out the action. Stupid boys. It was a particulary crazy afternoon there, and everyone was amped up and misbehavin'.

Kari, boooooo on postponing vacations...we know all too well how that one goes. I hope you can sneak in a long weekend before then to get away.

MMmmmm....poodle's gropin' on Nile!! YUMMMM!
*rubs butt cause now it's a little tender*

Um...hi everyone?!?! LOL

doodle - my hair is coming out like crazy right now. it's because i haven't had it cut in so long and i'm using very cheap products. i need to spend some money on my locks. i'm going to buy some decent shampoo and conditioner in the next few days. I need it. A good cut always helps as well.

treehugger - i have to say i haven't seen any eye candy lately? not sure what's up here in delaware but just no cute guys around. of course i'm seriously obsessed with mr. pug so i check him out all the time when he's making dinner and bending over the pick up his shoes.

pinkpoodle - your "grrr baby" made me laugh. not sure why but it made me smile and giggle alittle. do it again...

culture - i really want to take the pugs to the pug meetup upstate. they really had a good time last time i took them. i need to get them out and about. they are stuck in the house too much. i'm a bad mommy i know.

turbo??? gang skirmish?? what do you do for a living?? sounds dangerous and scary! be careful.

Today I woke, prayed my rosary (i know it's corny but it makes me feel good). shit even if you aren't catholic you could consider it at least 30 minutes of quiet meditation. then i went to lunch with my parents and sister. we went to this place called cheeseburger in paradise. burgers were great but the service SUCKS ASS! the server would ask a question then walk away before we had a chance to answer. not sure what my dad left him but i hope it wasn't that bad. my mom did treat him like a five year old the whole time. no wonder he seemed like he didn't give a shit. she made me upset too cause the table was kinda small and i had a little bit of a hard time getting comfortable with my big gut. i didn't say anything but she said something along the lines of, "They should have tables for everyone in places like this." Loudly enough for the waiter to hear. Annoyed me. Went to school, met some girls in the math lab to work on homework together, then went to CAD class. Did my first isometric drawing. It was hard but I did it. I was proud.

Alright, I'm off to spend some time with Mr. Pug before he goes to sleep. Talk to everyone tomorrow. Goodnight!

(sorry for all the spelling errors, I don't have time to go back and fix them all tonight) smile.gif

Pugs, I *must* be tired, because I read your last paragraph and read "met some girls in the METH lab to work on homework together." blink.gif I'm glad I re-read that one.

As for the gang skirmish - it happened at the computer clubhouse, which is a drop-in creative center for teens, and I mentor there 1-2 nights a week. Its about 7 blocks from our house...and unfortunately warm weather always brings some flare ups between the various gangs...and today was one of those days. It just made me sad to see the kids so *excited* by the goings on outside - that they know who the gang members are, and that this is part of their daily life. Its easy for me to ignore, or not see it otherwise - they're not usually hanging out in the areas where I'm walking the dog, but right by the youth center....yuck.

Okay, time for bed for me too - see ya'll tomorrow night!
*stumbles into okayland*

Well, I'm pooped, going to bed. Good night everyone!

*falls into bed*
QUOTE(turbojenn @ Jun 6 2007, 10:55 PM) *
Pugs, I *must* be tired, because I read your last paragraph and read "met some girls in the METH lab to work on homework together." blink.gif I'm glad I re-read that one.

You had me scared. I had to go back and read it again to make sure I actually said math. LOL
Oh my god. He's even a Leo.

More jamming with neighbourboy and guitarboy tonight. guitarboy is making me learn bar chords once and for all.

I even cooked an impromptu stir-fry. Yes, I did. (Pre-cut packaged veggies = genius.)

And while I cooked, guitarboy played brilliantly away to the music I had coming through the speakers. Which happened to be a chunk of a playlist I'd JUST put together, while thinking about his musical ear. Not knowing he and neighbourboy would be on my doorstep minutes later.

Seriously. I couldn't make this shit up. I can't stop laughing at the absurdity of it all.
Good Thursday everyone!

Ok, since I was a crab-master on Tuesday, I herein present Good Things Tuesday, the Thursday Edition:

1. Had the YUMMIEST dijon/pecan encrusted chicken for din-din last night. Gah, it was good.
2. Despite the heat and my lack of central air, miss moxette and I will be in comfort this evening, bbqing with the folkses
3. Its almost Friday.
4. Paul Rudd and Jon Stewart together on the Daily Show (which we saw yesterday, but was from Tuesday, so it counts!). Crush central.
5. Moxette seems to be on the road to recovery and is headed to school today!

FJ- While a birthstory is generally reserved for the momma, do you think you can get Mr.FJ to tell us his experiences too? I have a very strong suspecion that he's gonna be totally into the dad thing...and I'm so tickeled for it! (psst...Jackaroo...stay in momma for 14-18 more days...then you're fully baked, buddy!) Once baked, kids should know their free rent period is over. This is my opinion.
Doodle, I think you should add some Pearl Jam to your repertoire. wink.gif Sounds like you are having fun! And what are you encouraging he study at the uni?

Seriously, I do think there's something cosmic going on with this whole thing...first drummer boy, then I send you a djembe...and now all this music entering your life!

Oh, and I need to prune back the rubber tree. Is there a certain time of year? Any guidelines you'd have for me?

Pugs, I love isometric drawings! So, you used CAD to make it? I've only just done little basics on CAD, never got into doing isometrics on there. Do you just do a standard drawing and it converts it?

I always thought isometrics were so much easier to read, in terms the layout of mechanical systems.


And, I've got some weird eye issues going on, everything looks kind of hazy and with a halo around it, and my "tears" are really thick and sticky. I was thinking it was pinkeye but my eyes aren't pink. Thinking about going in to urgentcare, eyes are nothing to mess around with, but dreading the four or so hour wait!

But, anyway, long story short, I also read "math lab" as "meth lab". hehe

Turbo, that is sad about the teens being so intimate with gang activity. sad.gif

I am glad Moxette's on the mend!

Did you sleep well, CH? I'm glad your puppers is socializing so nicely!

Poodle, I'm living vicariously through your flirtation with the tasty-sounding Nile! smile.gif

~*~*stay put vibes for jackaroo*~*~ I'm excited about his arrival too! Although I will likely avert my eyes at the beginning of a birthstory. I'm squeamish that way.

*starts practicing~sticking fingers in ears LALALALA

So it's going to be WINDY here today...My neighbor said it's supposed to gust up to 60 MPH...and I'm on the side of the building that catches it in the corner. It's gonna be windy enough that I folded up my bistro set on the balcony, turned off the fountain, and brought all my plants in. Which I should have thought about this possibility when I bought the plants...I had thought I was going to do a "patio garden" where I actually planted perennials in HUGE pots, thinking I'd cut them back every fall and put them down in my storage area which is cold and dark over winter. Anyway, I have a this rate I will never get it to climb up my trellis if I have to keep detaching it to bring it in! And my peony has ants on it which I didn't realize till I brought it in..heh. Oh, well. Mojo's stalking them. I hope my trellis and fountain stays standing! It's pretty cool, I should take a pic. There's about seven gallons of water in the tub...if it's not running, maybe it'll stay heavy enough.

Good Morning everyone.

Doodle! smile.gif That's all I'm going to say about that.

Hey Moxie, did the doc figure out what was going on with moxette? At least she's on the mend.

Morning Tree! I did indeed sleep well! It is also cold, rainy and blustery here.

Pugs, I hope that school is going well for you.

I am wondering if there will ever be any sun any time soon. It's been pretty cruddy here, I think, no I know, that the reason I am feeling so lethargic is due to the rain, and it's making me not want to work out, which in turn is making me even more blah. I take the dog out, but I need to sweat it out. Can I get some work out vibes? Thanks!

Well, not much else is going on here. Hope everyone is surviving.
ooooh, Tree, don't get blown away!

Good Morning everyone!

Jenn, that would be freaky to have the gang fight going on outside. eek. And, as you said, really disturbing that that is part of some kids' daily lives. sad.gif

Doodle, I am so happy to hear that your hair is growing back nice & thick! yay! Getting 21 year old boys to care about decorating is quite a feat indeed! wow! The red couch sounds killer.

Hi Pugs! It is good to see you! Take your shoes off, stay a while....

Yay for moxette being on the upswing! Crab master..that is funny. When mr K and/or I are crabby, we say we are in Grumpstown.

Tree, how's your piercing healing up?

I am doing pretty good today. I worked at the hopsital last night, it was really good. The patients that are there right now are a great group. Since I am working 4-8 on weekdays, I get home around 8:30, sometimes slightly later. I typically eat something, watch tv for a short time & go to bed. Problem is, since I am not getting that much downtime between work & bed, it's becoming hard for me to stop thinking about the hospital while I am trying to go to sleep. Now, on the one hand, this is not so bad. I have never had a job before that I cared enough about to think about while not at work. On the other hand...I need to get some sleep & and not dream about work. Anyone got any ideas?

I don't have to go to the hospital tonight, I have a meeting at school instead.

My sister is coming to town today! Yay! She'll be here for 10 days. Looking forward to that.
Okay, to update...I have now brought my trellis inside. My fountain was attached to it; it's a cast iron plaque of Neptune..and the trellis was just rattling a little bit too much for my comfort. So I had to dismantle the fountain because the water supply hose ran through the trellis. And I also brought in my umbrella, even though it had a cover on it, because I could see the wind whipping it around and thought it might fly off and the umbrella'd get blown open and break.

Seriously, this is the kind of wind they used to have blowing in the background whenever a sickly pioneer woman'd go into labour on "little house on the prairie"...heh.

It's actually not cold and rainy here, it's quite warm and sunny. It's just the wind!

But my balcony is now pretty much safe.

Sorry for the self-absorption.

Piercing is healing well...I can't wait to really "try it out"!

*ooops...runs back out on the balcony to bring in the ceramic bunny

Kari, I'm afraid I can't help with dreaming about work, I do the same thing! Usually I keep replaying problems in my mind and try to solve them. And worry.
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