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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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turbo, they didn't give you the manual? lemme know if you have any trouble gettin' the machine.

off to get ready for the wedding.
Hey, Okayers!

So, I'm back...sort of recovered from cleaning out Mom's house. I thought about Divala, when in my father's workshop, we found a little tiny anvil! I took it home.

RIP, doodlecar. sad.gif Oh, and doodle, I think it's AWESOME that you're having a good time meeting your neighbors. Kewl on the djembe playing! Yeah, I could play that one with fingertips only, but to really get some good sounding, detailed rhythms going, you have to be able to also hit the center with the palm of the hand and also with the heel of the hand, which I found pretty difficult to do with that djembe.

Turbo, how high up do you live? Could you get a rope and pull it up the outside, up to your balcony or something? Or is that stupid?

I hope they DO cover their incompetence, for sure.

It's a gray, rainy day here. I was hoping to go to the farmers market. But the buses out here SUCK during the weekends and I didn't want to drive all the way downtown and deal with parking. And it's too wet for the scooter. Meh. Maybe I should go anyway. Maybe next weekend.

So...bear now knows about the vch piercing. I kinda wanted to prepare him so he wouldn't inadvertently uh, hurt it, in his "welcome home". Heh. I said, "i did something crazy when you another hole poked in me"...and he figured it was gonna be another nip piercing...he said, why did you do that? And I said, for the orgasms...

Long pause.

"so did you get a clit ring?" He likes it. He is really, really turned on by it. It's gonna be hard to keep him at bay for six more weeks!

~*~*general vibes for PK*~*~

So, I ended up coming down with that cold, full blown. And I even developed pinkeye! Blech.

And I brought far too many of my mother's "things" home with me. It's weird. Every last little vestige of my life in that town is gone. Her little house is sitting vacant. The neighbors (wonderful people) are scared, they hope "somebody nice" moves in. It was an emotional week. I mean, I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that my mother is no longer the woman she used to be...and we decided not to do the estate sale thing, and she had so many nice knick-knacks....we called all of her closest friends and let them take mementos. They'd come over and be crying which really made me sad...I hate seeing people cry, it makes me cry too.

((tree)) my mom is going through the same thing with my grandma. The difference- my grandma has two houses. The one my mom grew up in (9 kids, 2 parents, and a menagerie of pets in a 1200 sq ft 3 bedroom house...yeah.), which my grandma lived in until shortly after my grandpa died in 1990. She moved out after she couldn't go up and down the stairs anymore. She never sold the house and it is absolutely packed with stuff. There's over 30 years of stuff piled about 6 feet high. It's a huge environmental disaster- there's years of mold in there, because of the roof leaking and broken windows (and probably dead animals who crawled in there.)

She's currently living in a first-floor apartment and it's about reached full guys were talking about the years of Cool Whip and yogurt containers; among other irrational collections, for my grandma, she had about 250 gallon jugs that she was saving because she heard that some local home for disabled adults was collecting them for some craft project....that was about 5 years ago and she's been saving them ever since. On my mom's trip before last, she finally convinced her to stop collecting them and call the place to see if maybe they were still doing the project. They were and fortunately, they were able to send someone out to pick up all these jugs. They guy came out with a huge cargo van and barely fit them all in.

My mom just came back from a trip there and she's finally convincing my grandma to physically and emotionally let go of the old house and let my mom and some of her brothers clean out the house and sell it to someone (probably one of those "we buy ugly houses" type places.) My grandma has huge anxiety issues- she's worried about that the neighbors will think if they see all this junk coming out of the house (at this point, the neighborhood has gone to hell, and she hasn't lived there in nearly 20 years, so I doubt any of her old neighbors who knew her are even there)'s really bad. My mom's ready to just get some gasoline and a match.

I can't imagine having Alzheimer's added into this. sad.gif

HELLO!! and ((hugs to all the okay'ers!))
Drive by!

Just wanted to say that I've missed you all & I hope that you're okay & I think it's kickass that Grrl has lyrics from the Psychedelic Furs on her signature because that's kinda one of "our songs" in the Violet-Steel household and I LOVED that certain Okayers were singing the Humpty Dance because that is one of my favorite songs evaaah, babies. smile.gif Sorry to hear about the death of DoodleCar and all the momma/grandma issues for Tree & Polly. At least FJ should be expecting more cash in her pocket from now on.
((((((((((love for all the people who need love because I have a lot of archives to read)))))))))))

My mom was here for a few days and helped me get the rental house all clean and sparkly. I turned in the keys yesterday, so we are officially, totally, completely living in our new house! Yay! We've got a lot more unpacking to do, though, so I may continue to be MIA for a spell.
(((((tree)))) I'm so glad you're home, darling!! Sounds like it was a hard trip, but that you got a TON done. That is so sweet that you invited all of your mom's friends over to take momentos. I have various things around my house from MIL and dear friend Carol who passed, and they're some of my very favorite things because they remind me of them.

((((polly's fam))) Sounds like there's a ton of work to be done there as well. Aging parents is such a hard experience. I fear for that phase with my parents - who are already difficult now in their 60s. oof.

Well, I just got back from the sports store, and got my bike all tuned up there for free, just paid for parts. The guy that sold me the elliptical and brought it over totally warmed up when I brought in my bike and started chatting cycling with him, and he said he would be happy to come over and help us get it up stairs, which was very nice. We're still going to try and do it ourselves, since he'd have to come after a long day in the store. Hopefully turbomann's engineering skillz will come in handy here.

Tree, that is awesome that bear is a big fan of the piercing...I still need to get up the gumption to get mine done. smile.gif

Doodle, I love that you're getting to know your neighbors - and that you have some very cool ones!

Rooooosie!!! We've meeced you!! I'm so glad to hear that you're done with the rental, and starting to make your house your own!! Come back - with pictures! wink.gif

Well, I'm going to walk the dog, and then go riding a bit again, and maybe go see Knocked Up. Looks funny.

Hi everyone!!!

Hi roseviolet!!! I'm so excited for you and sheff!! Moving sucks, but I would imagine that it would be sorta cool to haul all yer stuff to your very own place. Keep us updated!!

Lately, I've decided that poodlepad and I are pretty tight, so I signed another year's lease with her. There was a while where I wanted to move out, so I was on a month-to-month lease (more money). I was very reluctant to do more decorating for that reason, but now I'm feeling way more invested. Part of my "impermanence" was the presence of the ex-resident-boy. Now that he's gone, I have a lot more fun here. I can actually see my kitchen table. Western culture definitely views apartments as temporary living arrangements, but it doesn't have to be that way. Poodlepad is "home" for me and I'm gonna treat her that way from now on.

Doodle, you are definitely an inspiration for me when it comes to apartment living. By the way, I'm totally in love with your neighbors. Boys can be pretty good friends when sex doesn't get in the way!!

When my grandma died ('87), I was only 8 years old, so I never really participated in the sorting and moving process. She was fairly clean, but all of her furniture was saturated with cigarette smoke. She had a bunch of late 60's stuff that would be considered uber cool now, but it was viewed as hideous back then, so we got rid of it all.

I had a great aunt who died sometime in the late 90's and she had a lot of cool shit because she traveled overseas with her husband who was in the military. She never had kids and my mom and I were the only people who visited her, so we ended up with everything. I have some great vintage travel mementos from her. My brother and sister are jealous, but screw them. They never visited her.

I think the most sentimental thing I have from a deceased relative is, believe it or not, a jar of Ponds cold cream from my great aunt. Since my grandma died when I was so young, her sister, Deel, became my surrogate grandmother. She had the most gorgeous skin even in her 80's and she told me that her secret was Ponds. So when she died, her daughter gave me her last jar of Ponds and told me to use it. I rarely use it, but when I do, it's very much a ritual. It's funny that a jar of Ponds can have so much meaning. *wipes tear* If I ever have a daughter, her name will be Delia.

Christ, I should shut up now!! Sorry!!

ETA- I called my ex, the old man, because I'm feeling a little randy and he's really good at sex. Being with a man 20 years older than you (technically 19) definitely has its advantages.
Hello Everyone!

Doodle, that kinds of blows about the neighbours, but at least there are new friends out of the deal.

Tree, how is the VCH treating you? Once bear sees it, there wil be no stopping him.

(((polly and fam))) Moves are never easy, I don't even want to think about this stuff with my family.

Hey Star!

Hey RV!!!! It's so good to see you around here. You're all moved in, that i really great!!!!

Turbo, ugh, that is hot. It's also going to be warm here today, and I was doing work in the yard, and now I'm off to do more work in the yard.

Grrrl, I saw cum to your hearts content at work. why the hell not. We ate some of my special cookies at the end of the work day on Friday. And they worked magnificently! Thanks for the advise Doodle! I heart those cookies!

I went on to facebook yesterday and I have now officially decided that I cannot stand it, but one of my friends from work said that it was like crack, and it is. I saw a ton of peope I went to high school with, and now I feel like I have accomplished nothing. There a slew of people in grad school and so forth, and I'm thinking wow, I am a social worker, for welfare. Do I ever feel like a schlep. So then I talked to my mom about it, and she put things in perspective. Someone she went to high school with is an astronaut...But still, I don't feel like this current empoyment is a career, a stepping stone for something bigger to come. On the other hand, there are a lot of people my age who are married (and I'm a young lass of 24) and who have kids. That doesn't make me feel worse, makes me feel pretty darned good that I am enjoying this being single, playing men and answering to no one thing. I like it. Hee. smile.gif

Well my purple flowers await! I'll be back later!


ETA: Hi Poodle (((poodle))) that is a really sweet story

What?! Culture, you should not feel like a "nothing" because of your job!!! On myspace, I noticed that a bunch of people I went to highschool with are married and some have children. I, too, do not feel envious of them!! I was never really friends with those people to begin with, and I take pleasure in knowing that they haven't done anything interesting with their lives. They always have the lamest quotes, too--the kind of quotes that you would see on motivational posters. Just knowing that they can't come up with decent quotes makes me happy. A lot of the old friends I've found seem to have pretty cool lives. I'm happy for them. Even though myspace sucks, it's definitely helped me hook up with some people who I haven't heard from in years. Hell, my first boyfriend, Shawnboy, found me because of myspace. That alone makes the lameass, shitty-bandwith website worthwhile.

ETA- Hahaha!! So I googled my ex (can you tell I miss him?), and he actually has a website for his furniture!! Looky here. The woman looking through the vagina-like sculture is the other woman he hangs out with. It's like he goes back and forth between Nina and I. The funny thing is that Nina and I get along great, even though Tom basically left her for me (I was 21!!). She moved back to NY though. Too bad, 'cause we coulda had a decent threesome. Never happened.

ETA- Maybe I should convince him to make a coffee table for me. Yeah, I'm gonna try to do that.
Aww, that's such a sweet story about the face cream, poodle. From my great-grandma on my mom's side, I have a monogrammed handkerchief- I was named after her, so it's my initial, too, and it's stitched in blue. When I get married, it will fulfill my "something old" and "something blue". From my great-grandmother on my dad's side, I have a set of some cool early '60's coffee mugs, sort of a modern floral pattern (reminds me of the classic Marimekko floral pattern) and a set of miniature gardening tools. They sit in a frog-shaped watering can and I don't think I ever saw her use them- maybe on houseplants, but they just sat on her kitchen counter, decoratively.

It's weird what you get attached to and has meaning for you with people who've passed on.
I loooove that print, polly. Actually, I bought a Fireking mug sorta like that when I was thrift store shopping this morning. The hankerchief sounds great, too. There was a lot of stuff like that on my mom's side. That side was definitely dominated by females, which is sorta cool. They did so much embroidering. There's only one of my grandma's sisters left and she embroidered some cotton dish towels for me because she suspected that she would be gone or unable to sew when I was "ready for marriage" and she knew that I appreciated that stuff. How sweet is that? Of course, they're packed away with my prescious vintage tablecloths. The coolest thing is that the stitching is sorta rough because of her old age. My sister's are a lot more refined, but I definitely prefer my imperfect dish towels.

My dad's side is a male-dominated catholic baby-making factory, so there's not a lot of stuff that means a whole lot to me as a woman. My real grandmother died back in the early 60's, and I'm thrilled that my grandfather even recognizes me!! Still, we're waaay closer to dad's side of the family, even though it's huge. My step-grandmother, who I really don't call my "grandmother," is a replica of the Italian grandmother from Everybody Loves Raymond. I swear they based the character on her. God, that woman drives me crazy, but there's some damn good Italian food on that side. The problem(?) is, that when you throw a bunch of Irish and Italian Catholics together, you end up with drunkfest U.S.A. Good and bad, I guess. Mom's side was German Catholic--way more conservative--probably a lot more like diva's family.
Hey there sisters and brothers and others of Okayland!

poodle I love the Pond's story! That's cute! When my granny died, all I wanted were these 3 cat statues, about a foot tall each. There was one black-painted plaster one with rhinestone eyes, and a pair of graceful '50s-in-Paris-esque ceramic ones, in black and white. She let me play with them when I was a kid, if I was "careful." I managed to get the rhinestone-eyed one, but the ceramic ones mysteriously disappeared, along with several other things, after my cousins went through the place - I asked about the statues, and the cousins denied even seeing them. dry.gif

I do think it's hilarious that you are in love with my neighbours, poodle. You'd probably sit up all night with them drinking beer and talking about bands. biggrin.gif I wonder what you would have made of their discussion last night, about the conspiracy to murder Brian Jones? huh.gif

culture, don't worry about your old pals' "successes." The one thing I learned from working in a women's centre is that everyone has some kind weird, crazy, bad, and/or shitty secrets in their lives that they just don't talk about. And the ones who seem like they "have it all" are usually the ones that have the least of what really matters. Besides - having it all (in a real way) is much more fun when you're old enough to appreciate it.

And yeah, I certainly don't consider being married at 24 a success!!!! Except in the rarest of relationship circumstances, when I hear of people getting married so young, I always think, "WHAT? What a stupid, stupid thing to do!"

((((treehugger)))) Welcome home! Sorry it was rough going, but turbo is right, so much is DONE and over with. Are you actually playing that new djembe, btw? Weren't you getting involved with a drum group...? (ETA: has mojo forgiven you yet?)

turbo, I was reading an article awhile back about "fixed gear bikes," and how they have no need for brake pads, 'cause there's no brakes! What do you think about those kind of bikes? (Though frankly, they sounds a little like my first little red bike, which I had to step backwards on the pedal to stop.)

YAY for RV and sheff being in their very own home! Wow, I love that there is a bustie-buster love's just one of those things on my list of favourite things about the Lounge! wub.gif

Hi also to polly! When is that website going to be up? I keep checking....

So....yesterday, I sanded off the blistered paint from the bookcase and redid the top. Started after the sun went behind the trees last night, so it would all dry before sun up today....fresh primer, two coats of paint. I get up at noon? And the paint is blistered AGAIN. I am SO pissed. mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif

Anyway, I haven't done anything about it yet. I am making chocolate cupcakes today, and listening to my One True Love, Blue Rodeo, and making an attempt to connect organicgirl up with neighbourboy, if she's able to phone back today. Might play some guitar - I learned another Blue Rodeo song and a Van Morrison song that I need to practice. I will probably will ignore the blistered paint until later, and then decide what to do about it.

I find myself unaccountably intrigued by 21-year old guitarboy. unsure.gif It's caught me off guard to realize it, but I think I could totally do him. AND the little shit makes me laugh. I'm still chuckling over the anaconda crack. Damn. I'm going to have to really keep that in check, especially after he moves in across the hall. And it's just SOOOOO inappropriate to begin with. He was born the year I graduated from high school, for fuck's sake. blink.gif
QUOTE(pinkpoodle @ Jun 2 2007, 03:46 PM) *
My step-grandmother, who I really don't call my "grandmother," is a replica of the Italian grandmother from Everybody Loves Raymond. I swear they based the character on her. God, that woman drives me crazy, but there's some damn good Italian food on that side.

Ha, that's my grandmother on my dad's side, but the Jewish version of Marie Barone. I know what you mean- she drives me crazy (my entire family crazy, really) but I love her.

ETA: Doodle, I'm having a brain fart- website?
Do you mean the floral print website, doodle?

I don't think it matters if you shack up with a guy way younger than you, doodle, but I do think it matters if that guy is your neighbor. The age difference isn't that big of a deal. Hey, you'd probably give him the best action he's ever had!! Afterall, you're both at your sexual prime (according to the books)!!!

Our family has definitely had some rifts in the recent past because of Gilda (step-grandmother). Her one daughter that bridged the gap between the two families was hit by a car and died after moving to Alaska to start anew with her husband and 4 young sons (mid-90's). It was awful. Ever since then, it's been weird between the two families, even though we're supposed to be "one." Gilda (who is about 15 years younger than my grandfather) has made it very difficult for any of Grandaddy's blood children to visit him in the nursing home, especially for those who live out of town (my dad). It's getting better though. I miss the good ol' days when my grandfather had some say. I think part of the reason why he knows me right away is because I look exactly like his first wife (my grandmother). Really, I'm so amazed that he knows me AND my personality. We still argue about politics, even though I rarely see him.

Still there's some great Italian food in my family. At least the food part has jived with the rest of us.
polly, I meant the link in your signature line....

poodle, I don't usually think much of age differences just seems like such a BIG one in this case. 17 years? Yikes! Every time I see Marilyn Manson, who is around my age, with his 19-year old Lolita, I roll my eyes. What on earth would be the difference?

Families get really weird after a death. It's like every single dysfunction comes flying to the surface. NO family is immune.
Hi hi! I just got back from another gorgeous ride - I went up to the Bahai Temple, and then rode back south and went to see Knocked Up....which is the funniest movie I have seen in ages. Seriously, go see it - I command you! I think it was even funnier than 40-Year Old Virgin. Turbomann's going to be pissed that I went to see it without him. Tough titties.

Doodle, I find the "fixie" or Fixed bike fad thing a little annoying around here. I think they're fine if you're just looking for a stylish cruiser, but all the young hipsters are getting really stripped down fixie road bikes, and they're the assholes who don't know how to ride in traffic, and never wear helmets - they're in it for style. Which is fine, but don't get in my fucking way and make me run you down. They're the SUV drivers of the bike world, I guess you could say....or maybe the Buick drivers....hmmm.

I'm loving all the gramma stories!! Poodle, that is so sweet that you have your grandma's Ponds.

And I think you've got exactly the right idea on making your apartment your home -- creating a space that truly reflects your style is so important, and if the worst thing that happens is you lose some of your security deposit if/when you move - it'll be worth it, because you were happy in your space for so long.

Hi it's me again!

Poodle, I know you are right, sometimes when you first see how other people you knew are doing, it makes you judge yourself. then I think, fuck these people have no idea what I've been through and what kind of success I am. Just because I don't have 8 thousand letters after my name (yet...hee...I'm just saying) doesn't mean that I am not going anywhere in life. I'm just timing things differenty. My big thing is that when it comes to schoo, I do not want to be hugely in debt. I'm not in debt from my first degree (well not really...I do have a wee line of credit that I took out). If I want to invest in say, a mortgage or car or something, I don't want to say to myself, well I'm already $40,000 in debt! Gaaaaaa!

Doode, I say go for it, to hell with age differences. If it makes you happy, then to hell what anyone else thinks. Besides, if you did decide to get portions from him, you will be in him memoray for the rest of his life! One of my friends is 35 and she is fucking the shit out of a 22 year old. You are right about people having their secret neuroses. Mine are just part of my charm. Ha ha!

Polly I do like that print.

Turbo, I agree with what you are saying about the stylish cyclist. I give cyclists who are obeying the rules of the road room, and so forth, but if there is some fucking wannabe, I hug the curb and make sure they can't get around me. Bad I know, but there are the people who seem to thinks it's okay to go through red lights and stop signs. Bugger off. They are like the SUV drivers of the cycling word. Happy law abiding, serious cyclists make me happy.

I planted my flowers and it has cooled down here, which I am relieved about, it was too hot. I also cleaned up the flooring, as the hounds fur gets everywhere, as do her paw prints, and mine too. Hee. Well, if it's clean, it makes the homestead appear clean. Now I'm just chilling here!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

Oh, that, Doodle. I don't know if you looked it up anywhere, but it's a cartoon that appeared a couple of times on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. They keep saying they're going to make it into a regular series but they haven't. It was really funny when I watched it, so I hope it works out, but I'm losing hope. But I like the graphic, so I've been using it as my avatar....until I get bored and pick something else.
Hey! I gotta say something about age differences! I'm 39 and Bear's 57! Yep, 57....pushing sixty! He was 18 when I was born. We still have a great thing, 12 years later. So, I say, fuck the age difference; go for it!

I'm loving reading the stories about sentimental things. My most sentimental things would be my father's woodcarvings. And my mom's quilts. My grandmother used to wear Jean Nate perfume which smells so repulsive I will never feel sentimental toward it. She had this pimple cream that was just basically'd put it on the zit to "make it come to a head" you could squeeze it.

Okay, Gotta get off that topic.

I skipped my 20th high school reunion last summer but I went to the 10th...and I have to admit I felt a little smug, even though i wasn't earning a lot of money at the time, all the cheerleader/popular types had like six kids and they just looked so drawn and tired....

but, long story short, CH, judging from what I'm reading in the "portions" thread, you're having a LOT more fun!

I dunno about the disfunctional/death thing...I mean, Mom's not dead, but we're all in agreement about the house and the possessions. Although, once she actually DIES, it might be different. But, you know, there won't be anything left by then anyway...and the personal possessions are already divided up now.

My friend said something to me that intrigued me a little. It might be is almost one of those things like sex, at least in the midwest it is....but my condo's appraised value is much more than mom's house...just cause of the location, you know? But, anyway, my EQUITY in the condo is about the same as the asking price for Mom's house. So, my friend said I should sell the condo, take a leave of absense from the U (can do that for a year), buy mom's house, go live there (with NO house payment), and see how it is. Cause I could basically buy the house outright if I sold the condo.

I mean, the no house payment thing is really tempting. And her neighbors are WONDERFUL. And there's lots of (pretty cool) family there. It's tempting. But it's Republican Central in that town. seems like it'd be an easy life, in that I wouldn't have to be a slave to a job...but I'd be a total black sheep. Meh.

It is a really nice house though. It wouldn't sell for less than $350,000 where I live. And, if I didn't like it, I could, if it were within a year, go back to Madison, and get my old job back, no questions asked. It's a nice benefit.

But, I wouldnt' want to leave Bear and all my friends.

But, the freedom is tempting.

ETA: I just went back and read Doodle's post and realized I forgot to answer her! Anyway, (blush) I have been quite neglectful on learning to play tne new djembe...and the drumming circle is open so...whenever I get to it I can show up. I need some Okayers to kick me in the butt to practice!
Wow, Tree, that's a big decision. How many miles away is it from where you live now? And what would you do if you lived there? As for the Republicans, you should be able to find fellow black sheep. And believe you me, in areas like that, the black sheep LOVE adding to the fold! smile.gif

Doodle, I understand why you might be hesitant about sleeping with a neighbour ... especially one so young. I don't know how you could keep it from getting weird later.

CH, don't worry about keeping up with the Joneses! I'm sure they're MUCH more boring than you & don't have nearly as much fun, either. tongue.gif

My sentimental story: In the latter years of my grandmother's life, she suffered multiple mini-strokes which left her with severe aphasia; she could understand what we were saying, but her brain had trouble finding the right words for her to express herself. It could take her multiple minutes to get out one sentence (usually she just stuck with "yes" or "no", but even that was hard for her sometimes). Anyway, when Sheff and I got engaged we visited my grandmother to tell her the good news. Words failed her, so she let us know that she approved by taking my hand, removing her wedding ring - a diamond-encrusted band she had worn through 50+ years of marriage and the years since her husband had passed - and placing the ring on my finger. Now is that touching or what! The ring isn't really my style so I did not keep it as my wedding band, but I'm honored to have it. Sadly, Grandma didn't live long enough to attend our wedding, but I wore her ring on our wedding day just to keep her and grandpa with us.

So bike-riders, what kind of bike do you have? I have a cute little pleasure cruiser ... a blue Electra Townie 21-speed.

There was nowhere to ride it at our old place out in the country, but we have a fantastic bike trail just a couple blocks from our front door now, so I'm looking forward to taking it out.

ETA: And yeah, it's a boy's bike. High cross bar and all.

You are all so right, I might still be in this city, but I have stories that would make a grown man cry! as my blog shows

You're stories are all so sweet! My granparents are still alive, less my dad's biological father, who I didn't know that well. He doesn't talk about his mother. These memories you all have a really wonderful, so I will live through you all.

RV, I lurveth the bike, it is really cool!

Tree, that is a tough decision to make about the whole moving deal. I'm thinking what I would do in your shoes, and I'm torn!

So, it appears that I am not doing anything tonight, so I think that some popcorn is in order. My tummy is rumbling and I've eaten already, so it's snack time!
turbo, damn you! I was JUST getting on to say how much we enjoyed "Knocked Up!" My folks babysat and we did the dinner-movie thing. There weer moments I laughed so hard I was tearing up! GO.See.It.

Ok, its WAYYYYY past my bedtime. night ladies!
Good evening, all!

RV, that is a spiffy bike! My old purple ten speed was a boy's bike, but I never wore skirts, so I didn't see what the big deal was.

treehugger, I agree with you in principle on the age thing. My last long-term relationship was with someone 15 years older than me (who is still one of my closest friends). BUT there is a huge difference between 21 and 38, versus something like 31 and 48, or 41 and 58, or whatever. That's where I get stuck, I think.

polly...oops, I didn't know that! I admit that I don't actually turn my TV on...I'm kind of hopeless that way. are SO right on the damage deposit thing! I probably felt different when I was younger and poorer, but now, if they said they were going to keep my $300 because mom and I put a mural on the wall, then they can keep it. The joy I got from the experience, and from seeing it every day, is worth a thousand times the damage deposit. A million times. There's no way of even putting a value on it.

Hi also, CH and moxie, and any lurkers! (We know you're out there. We've always known.)

I slashed the paint bubbles with my utility knife and flattened them as best I could, then smeared them with polyurethane. Fuck it. mad.gif I don't think the bubble spots will be very noticeable, and I'm not doing a third run at this. I am ready to be done with my apartment smelling like petrol every night, from the varnish. (And I'm doing the job out on the balcony!)

I just spent another chunk of a day with neighbourboy. After he showed up here, I made him help me frost the cupcakes, and he finally got me to try the hash. But I had one little go at it, and just about coughed up a lung. wacko.gif You know, the last time I did this, Kids in the Hall were still making new shows, and I remember, because hash 'n' Kids is what my old roommate and I often did on Fridays....and my hash days are definitely over. (Though organicgirl says it's even better than weed for cookies.) Neighbourboy brought me seeds; I am going to try to sprout them. And also catnip seeds. Oh, and organicgirl is out of town today, but will come by tomorrow and meet neighbourboy. (I have not entertained this much company in eons.)

I've started hatching a plot with neighbourboy to help him get rid of his awful roommate (jock and future Anthony Robbins Foundation recruit). We are going to involved the gay ex-priest in the plan, I think. The roommate is dilly-dallying on when he's leaving, but we both agree that we need to get guitarboy installed in there as quickly as possible, so both of them can have a happier living situation...and so I can get free guitar lessons. biggrin.gif

According to neighbourboy (and no, I didn't ask), guitarboy is incredibly impressed with me and my talents.

I'm just mentioning this. For no reason. blink.gif tongue.gif cool.gif
All I can say is, that was the best damned date I've ever been on. We went out on his boat all over the bay and its creeks. We'd pull the boat up to a beach and walk out to the ocean. We'd stop on a muddy area and dig for clams. I was covered in mud! It was so much fun. I've discovered that digging for clams with my toes feels really cool. They should bottle that mud...I bet it's great for your skin. Later he took me to his secret spot for oysters and dug around and got about a dozen. Then we checked his crab pots and got about 9 crabs. We were out on the water for about 5 hours total. Then we got back to his place where he proceeded to cook all of this stuff we caught plus some rockfish, flounder, and drum fish. The crabs we picked and he made a crab imperial to stuff into the rockfish. Oh holy hell, that food was good! And he even bought wine for dinner because he knows I like it even though he doesn't. Then we hung out for awhile and yadda yadda yadda, and then I had to go home to my dog (mom was taking care of her). *sigh* He said next time I should bring her along. He told me to call him when I got home to make sure I was safe. I thought that was sweet.

Wow, what a great date. It doesn't get much better than that, folks. I'm a happy girl.

I promise to read the archives as soon as my feet come back down to earth. smile.gif
Good morning everyone.

Doodle, I would also get sick and tired of my house smelling like fumes. Ugh. Hash in cookies you say? Hmmm. Mind you, I'm not that into hash, I haven't had it in ages. Good luck on the neighbour situation too. That is fun that guitar boy is impressed!

Kel, that sounds like a wonderful time!

Well, I did nothing last night, I slept and took the dog to the park again. And now I'm kind of bummed that it's Sunday.

That is all.

G'Morning all ((okayers))
Loving all the grandmother stories. mine was a third grade teacher. taught me to read books (that I would scarce tackle now) when I was 5. always told me I was her favorite. I adimire that woman.
Kelkello - tingles over reading about your date. <sigh> sounds just wonderful.
doodle - so he's impressed... and he's said so. lovin' it!

Good morning!!

Gah, I slept late today - we went out to our favorite 'hood spot last night for the *best burgers ever* and a pitcher of sangria and sat in the beer garden outside for a couple hours...and then I came home and fell directly asleep on the couch. Which is why my neck is cranky this morning. Oh well.

Kel!! That IS the best date ever!!! Congrats! This boy sounds amazing - and a fisherman and chef as well - hang onto this one! I love squirming sand and mud between my toes - its very exfoliating too - I love how smooth my feet feel after walking the beaches here.

Doodle, your new neighbors ROCK! And I *love* the plan you're hatching to oust the less-favorable roomie!

I think we might go see Knocked Up again today - its THAT good....and turbomann was indeed sad that I saw it without him. We'll go to a different theater though, so we can swing by the "good Target" on our way.

CH, you can't be bummed about it being Sunday yet!! Those thoughts are NOT allowed until at least 5pm!! biggrin.gif
I took the dog to the dog park today and there is some sort of family fun day shit going on. There were mini vans all over. I was not impressed.

Turbo, I know, but I could use another day.

I have the joys of going grocery shopping today! Hurray.

Well, I have to say, I am now addicted to facebook. I don't really like it all that much, but I am well and truly addicted. Great. At least we can't get it at work. My true addiction though is BUSTing, it's funny because I put that on my profile. Hee.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

Kel, that date sounds fabulous! I'm super happy for you. smile.gif

Doodle, cute enighbors and free guitar lessons .... sounds like a cunning plan! Hope it works out.
ETA: Having a "boy's" bike doesn't bother me, either. Biking in a skirt just sounds like a lot of unnecessary trouble.

CH, sounds like your Saturday was slightly more exciting than mine. Sheff and I are getting over the stress of moving, so we spent most of Saturday napping and doing a whole lot of nothing. I think the most exciting part was when Sheff went out to buy some new toilet seats. The old owners have thse flimsy plastic toilet seats & they kinda cut into your flesh on the edges, so they had to go.

So, yeah. The highlight of my Saturday was getting new toilet seats installed. mellow.gif Gawd, my life is dull!

But today is Sunday which means today is Nigella day. Yay! And I'm doing some laundry in my fabulous new machines, so that's good. Plus it's raining here for the first time in ages, so I'm happily watching the rain patter down on the dozens and dozens of gorgeous trees outside our lovely glass doors. So it's all good, kittens.
Hi all! I've come down off my cloud and have entered the slight anxiety realm of the after-the-wonderful-date experience. I'm talking to the bad thoughts, telling them to leave me the hell alone.

Doodle, your young neighbors sound like a delight. And sorry, daisy has nothing to do with his penis. Haven't even seen his penis yet...hope to, though!

RV, hope the settling in at the new place is going well. I love your bike. That's the sort I want.

Culture, I look at some of my friends sometimes and wonder how I compare, especially in my personal life. I think I'm where I want to be professionally, but I look at my friends who are married and have kids and houses, and I sometimes feel inadequate. And then I realize, a lot of them have those things, but they aren't really happy. I wouldn't worry about it too much at your age. You've got a lot of years ahead of you to get yourself where you want to be. You are an amazing woman who truly seems to enjoy life.

Turbo, I saw Knocked Up on Friday, and I laughed so hard! I loved it.

Tree, I remember when my great grandmother died and later my grandfather. My mom and her brothers and sisters fought over the crap they cleared out of the houses. It was so ridiculous to me to fight over possessions like that. My mom gets weird about stuff that belonged to them, like they are holy relics. My position is that I don't need things to remind me of that person. An ashtray belonging to Mom Mom won't bring her back and give me any more memories than I already have.

Hi Poodle, Mox, Minx, Kari, PK, FJ, Polly and everyone!!

Had brunch with friends, and it was almost a debacle. One of them is very high maintenance and she actually pouted because we couldn't go to IHOP where they have different flavored syrups. She's 37 and pouting over syrup. It was almost comical.

Okay, Okayers! Hugs all around! Later.
Hey all! Quick post...spent the afternoon jamming with neighbourboy and guitarboy in my living room...awesome! We totally raised a buzz. We are all taking a break - organicgirl will be here in about an hour, neighbourboy has gone for SubWay, and guitarboy is taking a shower next door...and deciding whether or not to go to work this evening. Heh.

Neighbourboy told roomie he had a week to get out. And the plan rolls into action.

I think I hear a cricket in the houseplants...
*stomps kelkel's bad thoughts with her size 9 steel-toes* useless little fuckers. sounds like you and daisy had a fabulous time kel. this one definitely has all the makings of a keeper!

yay for jamming and hash and hot boy neighbors with guitars! once again doodle, i find myself scheming on ways to move in with you.

hi rv! *waves* that is one sweet bike you've got there. and it sounds like you're settling into your new house just fine.

*waves hi to turbo, ch, poodle, moxie, pk, minxie, jami, tree, polly, and everyone else i surely missed*

i had a lazy lazy weekend. well, i deserved one after working til 4:30 am saturday morning. dry.gif speaking of which, i hope my relief arrived sometime between the time i left the lab, clocked out, and turned my smock in to supply. i suppose i should have waited and made sure someone was there to take over before taking off, but if we had some kind of lag, i'll just tell my boss "look, the schedule said A was covering saturday early shift, and the production schedule said early shift saturday was starting at 4:30 am". i'm sure i would have heard from my boss by now if there was an issue though.
yesterday i slept for a few hours, then i met up with a friend of mine and her kid at this local park that has a water play area. the kids had a blast, and the water got them good and tired out, so i was able to get c-monkey, and thus myself, to bed at a decent hour. this morning, we did the morning paper and cuddle time, but i had a crapload of laundry to do, so we skipped the morning bike ride to the duckpond, and headed for the pool once it warmed up enough. now we're waiting for the momster to pick us up for an early dinner, after which c-monkey will go home with grammy and i'ma head back to the pool i think. one of the neighbors got a floaty thing that looks the perfect thickness and flotation level from the water to take a nap on, and i'm pretty sure they got it from the discount place just around the corner. so i'ma head there after dinner and see if i can find one, and by the time i get back to the pool, all the kids should be gone, thus reducing the splash risk, and making for prime conditions to test my floating nap theory.
hehe...and I'm trying to scheme a way to get doodlebug HERE to help me deal with decorating around all this newfound MOM stuff I have! I'm not used to having things!

oh, kel....your date sounds more romantic than the night I got engaged! Enjoy it, sweetie! And I'm cheering you on every step of the way! I think daisy's a keeper, too.

grrl, you're awesome. I love reading your posts. I may have a wee bit of a crush on you. Did you get a floaty nap?

Doodle, you kill me! I wanna go jam with some cute 21 year old boys! (pout) My condo building may as well be a retirement 21 year olds here! And, yeah, I guess you're right about the age difference when it involves a 21 year old. Although I was 27 when I met Bear. No comparison, though, I guess.

Rosev, I thought of you today when I went to Menards and was drooling over a new toilet...hehe...pretty much the same deal, here. I got my dad's tile cutter, so I'm lusting after floor tile right now...some day I'd like to replace the linoleum floors with tile. Dad was a tile guy.

CH, I'm going to stay far, far away from facebook. Although I tried the myspace thing...and yeah, I have a page up, but I feel like a fossil even on that site...I just think "people my age" don't seem to do that stuff as much. Oh, and NOW you have permission to be bummed about Sunday.

So I spoke to my brother on the's having a little bit of a hard transition...we figured as much. Her roommate actually used to be a nurse that cared for alzheimers patients so the roomie understands. (it's not specifically an "alzheimers" assisted living's roomie has bad osteoporosis.)'s been roaming at night, and I guess her roommate was somewhat, uh, "assertive" with mom and insisted that mom go back to bed and settle now mom's complaining that her roommate is "mean" at night..heh.

I swear, and it feels disrespectful to say this, but it's almost like dealing with children, in a way. It kind of sucks. I hate thinking of the woman who raised me, and seeing a child.

And I was thinking more about the whole "buying mom's house" thing...well our union negotiated a new contract and we're getting a *hefty* raise every year for the next three years. Not to mention that I have a niche here and Bear's here and, well, I've made a life here. I'm gonna be staying here in Mad Town.
*bounces into okayland*

Hey all!

RV, after I got back from the park, I smoked some dope, listened to the iPod and then passed out.

Kel, what you said is so sweet and kind, it mean's a tremendous amount to me. Thank you. (((kel))) The truth is I do feel restless, I want to do something and accomplish something new. I feel that I am highly successful, but there is just something missing. I'm not too sure what it is yet, but I'm searching.

Grrrl, you so deserve to be lazy!

Tree, I hope your mom gets settled. (((tree and family))). I was very hesitant to join facebook, but after much peer pressure I joined, and everyone said it was like crack, and fuck it is! I'm having fun with it.

Well I went over to dadsters today and had dinner, it was nice, they live outside the city, so they have a nive peice of property, and I feel so comfortable because it's all nature, and no city sounds. It was a lovely time. Not feeling so bummed about it being Sunday, next week is payday, and I found out one of my friends is getting married, I'm very happy for her. That is all on this end.

Hi hi hi hi hi everyone!

Jamming is awesome! I finally just kicked the boys out at 11:00, so as not to rouse the neighbours' ire.

guitarboy called in sick to work. Hee! He actually persuaded me to try some new playing styles and chords, just for the sake of jamming, and that was really cool - he makes me feel a lot more comfortable about just "going for it," even if it gets fucked up. We even did some jazz! If you take all the breaks into account, we still must have played 6 or 7 hours worth of music today. (treehugger, much music was made with your little djembe!) I play rhythm guitar and sing, neighbourboy plays harmonica or djembe (but covets a banjo), and guitarboy plays lead guitar, sometimes djembe and harmonica, and sings too, "if I'm drunk enough." He's amazing - he just makes shit up on the guitar constantly...and he often tries to play against my own voice, which is so cool, especially when it's a soulful song, like a slow Van Morrison one or something. It's so awesome to make a real connection with another musician....maybe that's all I'm sensing, and not some other kind of chemistry - how am I to know if I've never played with another guitarist? I mean, it really is an amazing feeling, when the music comes together. (OTOH, not all my thoughts are purely musical. *ahem*)

I had to tell them there'll be no toking for me tomorrow - it's all too much! Maybe Wednesday. Oh, and the connection with organicgirl was secured, and I also sent cupcakes home with her. (The cupcakes are the normal kind, by the way. I know you were all thinking it. wink.gif)

In other news, guitarboy wants me to go play at open mike night, at the "funky" coffee shop here in town. I said I wouldn't have the nerve without him (true), so right away, he wanted me to teach him this Tom Petty/Stevie Nicks song I know, so we can sing/play it together (Stop Draggin' My Heart Around). So apparently, Okayers, I'm going to be doing that.

I'm waiting for the freak out to hit me.

Has this only been one week of my life?

okay, i didn't get to the nap part, because we ended up running out to wally-world so the momster could pick up some last-minute things for her trip out to see my bro. so by the time we got back, i attempted to blow the thing up on my own, rode to the momster's to borrow her pump, rode back, blew it up, and got it in the water, it was well after dark, and more than a tad bit nipply, and windy. i got my ass wet, despite the supposed hight, but it had good back support and was a generally comfy position, so once i got used to the water under my butt, it was actually pretty relaxing to float aimlessly around the pool with my eyes closed, and under warmer circumstances, i'm sure i could totally fall asleep and wake up several hours later with a third-degree sunburn.
oh, oh, and i got the cutest thing at the grocery store on the way home! ben and jerry's now make single servings! in the cutest little almost-4-oz containers, with their own little spoon on the lid! so far, or at least at the store i checked, they're only doing cherry garcia, cookie dough, and chocolate fudge brownie. these things are so fucking perfect. i can't tell you how may times i've been wandering through the grocery store and said to myself, "mmm, ben and jerry's! but i don't have time for a whole pint right now, and i'd have to buy a package of plastic spoons..." not anymore! and have i mentioned how cute they are? i mean really, really fucking adorable. i tried looking for news or a pic on the b and j website, but there's not even a mention of them. but yeah, these are getting packed in my work lunches, and woe betide anyone stupid enough to get into my bag.
Good morning everyone. It's monday, and I'm not doing all that bad. For a monday.

Doodle, sounds like you had a lovely time.

Grrrl, no napping!? How do you do it? and yum for ice cream!

Well, I have a confession to make, I am addicted to facebook sad.gif Seriously, I go out and when it getting close to home time, it's like facebook withdrawl! Gaaaaaaaa! I have some stuff pending, but it's blocked at work, so I have to wait to see what I have on der. *twitches nervously*

I am amazed, I am caught up at work, only a few phone calls and nothing too pressing is going on. That is all.

How was everyone's weekend?

Goooood Morning Okayers!

I have meeeeeced you all! I was off on Friday for some training at the hopsital. It was over at 12:30, so I had the rest of the day to chill.

Kel, I am so happy that you had such a good date! That sounds absolutely dreamy.

Doodles, that's wonderful that you have a guitar partner! As far as whether your feelings are striclty related to the music..? No harm in tryin' a little something to find out..... tongue.gif Heh.

((Tree mama)) I am sorry that your mom is having a rough time transitioning, Tree. That's got to be really tough on you. I hope she adjusts very soon.

Hi poodles, diva, CH, Rose, moxie, Jenn & everyone else!

Not too much new to report here, I don't think. The new dog is adjusting fairly well. He & Yuki got into it Thursday night. They didn't hurt each other or anything, but it was a loud rumble. I know they just have to work it out. I've been leaving them inside & outside together for hours at a time and all seems well. I left them out together for the day today. Hoping all is cool when I get home after work. I think it will be. Oh, we renamed him. Now he is called Paco. Ozzie didn't fit him. Other than that, I've just been doin' my regular stuff. Mr K is out of town this week, so it's me & the dawgs.
Is this day over yet? Gaaaaaa.
hey guys, reading archives still but wanted to tell rose that her story about her gramma just made me cry! oh man!
Hi, peeps!

Tree, sorry about your mom having a rough time. That sounds kind of cool that her roommate has some experience and can help her, even if your mom doesn't like it.

Kel, that date does sound just about perfect. I'm not much for digging in the mud with bare feet or eating a lot of seafood, but I love love love going out on boats.

Doodle, so what's this plan that you're conspiring?

The only kind of musical connection I've ever had was in elementary/middle/high school band. Totally doesn't even count.

CH, screw all those people who got married young. You're only 24, so you've got plenty of time. Nobody said you had to be married with children within 5 years of graduating high school. They're all probably jealous of you because you have so many more opportunities open for the taking. I'm 31 and we're just thinking about marriage (we're going to do it, but it'll probably be 4-5 years from now). And I feel ya on the job being great but not a career. That's exactly how I feel about mine (been here 7 years next month), and cringe when anyone says I'm a lifer. If nothing else, I find it's best for my own self esteem if I keep all thoughts of retiring from here out of my head. Hell, I'm making good on that right now, starting school again tomorrow to start my real career. Just remember that even if other people put you in a box and you don't feel like you measure up, it's your choice to believe it or not.

Hi, FJ and Kari!

RV, I love your bike! I've always wanted a "boys" bike - it does seem stupid to bike in a skirt anyway.

I don't have many really sentimental memories of my grandmas. Both of them died, my mom's about 5 years ago, dad's last winter. I was closer to my mom's mom, but that's because that side of the family is way smaller, though not nearly as close as my dad's family, which is gigantic. She and I used to have a lot of fun together when I'd visit in the summers to help her with her annual garage sale. Grandpa always gave the first rose of the spring to me. I didn't really get any little tokens or anything when she died, but my parents took some cool stuff. I'd like to think that when my parents eventually have to leave their house, it shouldn't be too hard to take care of things. Ideally, I'd like to put the whole damn house on a truck and move it into the city - I love their house so much, but the location out in the sticks sucks. But anyway, we aren't such a sentimental family.

My family is Polish and Swedish Catholic. We're conservative in everything but politics (probably 80% of us consider ourselves liberal), but I can't say we aren't boring. If there weren't little kids around to play with on dad's side, we'd all be bored to tears. And mom's side is even worse.

We had a pretty decent weekend. I played with Poodle on Friday, ate Mexican and watched The Holiday, which was really sweet, even though I can't stand Cameron Diaz. We went to the birfday party on Saturday, which wasn't so bad, especially when the kids opened the bubble machine and literally fell in piles on top of each other trying to pop the bubbles and chase them down. Of course there was much Guitar Hero played. The giant's cousin's twins even talked to me, which is a first, since they should know me well by now. Then we went to Target for some things and checked out canopies at a sporting goods place that had a sale, but they didn't have the brand I want (seriously, I'll never use anything but EZ-Up after what happened with my old canopy). We didn't do anything yesterday, but I made a necklace, 5 bracelets, and 3 pairs of earrings, which is a lot for one day. I can't wait until I play hookey on Wednesday to finish some more up. I really need a day to myself.

Time for lunch. I'm going to wander downtown and see what looks good.

Ahhh feeling much better now that the day is half done, although I am craving some ice cream.

Hi FJ!

Diva, I am glad that I don't have babies or anything. It was the schooling I kind of felt like a wanker about, but not so much anymore. I'm enjoying life. But word on the work thing. In the interim, it does pay the bills.

Well I see that a few people have called me, and it is almost one, so I should get back to it.

Hi everyone!!

Phew!! I've been working on the spreadsheet from hell for the past few hours and I finally have a chance to relax in the lounge. *plops on okayland couch*

Rose, that is a beeeyoootiful story about your grandma. I think that tops 'em all. BTW, l love that bike!!

Yay for Kel's excellent date!! That sounds so sweet!!

I met up with my ex (the old guy) and we went to Beerfest in uptown, but it was over by the time we got there. There were so many drunk jock types there, so I'm glad we didn't pay the cover. The cool thing is that we got to see Al, the guitarist from my favorite dissolved local band (The Vibro Champs). We had no idea that he would be playing there, so it was a really nice surprise. Then ex and I went out for some dinner and later went back to my apartment. We were smooching and he said, "You're not gonna wake up tomorrow and want to bear my children, are you?," to which I replied, "Don't flatter yourself" and proceeded to explain to him how he had pooed all over the moment with his weirdo guy paranoia B.S. Then we talked about his personality flaws for a while (I did most of the talking) and called it a night. It was still a lot of fun to hang out with him but, truly, the best part of the evening was the garlic cheesebread (and seeing Al).
Hi hi everyone!

Diva - I posted something to you on Friday, but I think I missed you, and I don't know how far back in the archives you've read. It was just about beading and jewelry-making. I wanna get into it during my "house arrest".

If you want, you can go back to Friday and read my post, then PM me some info. I need a hobby, dammit!

OK - I am definitely going to be late for lunch with Octi!!!!! I gotta get the rock outta here!


I PM's you guys.

I'll check back in tonight after I get home from work.

Smell ya later!
Hi, PK. Thanks for reminding me about that, I did read your post on Friday, but didn't remember until now. Anyway, I find that a good way to get started again is to look through beading magazines. I have a subscription to Bead Style, which I really like because of the variety of difficulties in projects, plus they also include shopping lists. There's another one out there called Stringing, but I've never looked at it. Another cool place to look at stuff and buy materials (everything's in bulk, so you can get stuff CHEAP if you order enough, which I always do) is Just look through stuff and see what strikes your fancy. I'm on a Swarovski/pearl/MOP/lampwork/furnace bead kick (everything I use is either natural or glass) at the moment.

BTW, I finally got my anvil in the mail. If it weren't so dense and heavy, I'd wear it from a chain around my neck. Seriously, the thing is 4" by maybe 1 1/2". It's so cute!

Poodle, that sounds like some fun hangout time with the ex. I don't know him well, but he seems pretty cool. I totally forgot about Beerfest - I was going to tell my brother about it.

I had the greatest lunch ever (Japanese - no sushi) and green tea ice cream. Seriously, nobody makes green tea ice cream as good as this place right by work.
Good Afternoon all....

I surely hope it's going better than mine. I gotta call from the boss on friday asking me to come in by 5 to talk about something.....after missing the call I got a hold of him and was told not to come in until monday and we would discuss what's going afer pacing and not sleeping all weekend I came in and I was taken off the air today after the newly appointed boss decided after ratings for afternoons and evenings weren't performing as well as they wanted, and decide to "take a new direction", although I could stay on the payroll setting up for the other deejays' appearances and radio events. I've been on the air for almost 4 years, and have constantly made progress and shown potential, yet made no progress on earning respect. the whole place is like Jr high. I really thought this would be a good move for me...and it I'm not so sure...anyone else with half an ego would have told my boss to shove it...but I need money...LOL

I've contaced other ppl and other stations so it shouldnt be too hard to land something better and more meaningful...I've been bitching about the job for awhile, mostly cos I havent been able to do anything special at night to jazz it up a bit....coincidence?? UGH....

Maybe I outta use my deep sexy voice and get a job on a gay chat line....I'd make millions.....just ask poodles!! LOL

Aw, shawnboy, I'm sorry. That really stinks, man. You've got the right way of thinking, I think. Sometimes things happen when they need to, even though it is tough at the time. ((shawn))

PK, you are going on house arrest? Wah?

Poodle, it sounds like you had a good weekend. What's beerfest?

Hi FJ!

Diva, you start school tomorrow? Woo hoo! That is really exciting!

My day's been alright. I worked out at lunch, that is a good thing. Gotta get back on that boat. Now I only have 20 more mins of work. I work at home tomorrow. I feel like I have been out of the office a ton lately. Not that I am complaining, mind you. I like being out of the office. I don't like using up all my time though. Ah well, what can you do.

What is everyone doing tonight? I am so happy that I don't have internship tonight, I can go straight home. Plan on walking the doggies and watering all the plants. Going to cook some dinner too. Other than that, it's open. I have a movie I may watch.
Dude, what happened to Dr. Rockso? I miss the clown. Have you ever watched that show, Metalocalypse, that he's on?

That sucks about the job. I hope you find something else very quickly, and get some respect wherever else you go. Decent guys always get the shaft. But you're right, there's always the gay chatlines, though maybe your wife wouldn't approve.
Hello everyone!

PK I sent you a PM.

(((shawnboy))) that really blows. yuou'll find something soon!

Hi again Diva!

Hey Kari!

Well, I have 30 minutes left in the day, and soon soon SOON it will be home time, and I can take the bandit to the park. Then see boy 2. That is all with me.

(((Shawn))) Yeah, I read your blog. Sorry, babe. You're a smart, talented boy so I'm sure you'll be okay. I don't think you'll have to do a gay chatline, but it could always be a nice side project.

I gotta see this anvil, diva. If I were you, I'd carry it in my purse in hopes that I would have a good reason to smack someone with it. It seems like it could come in handy in many situations.

Kari, Beerfest is basically a fest of beer. tongue.gif It's an event sponsored by City Pages, with a bunch of local/quasi-local brewers and some music. You pay a cover to get in and then drink as much brew as you can. I missed that part. sad.gif

I got yer message, PK. Eesh. Not good. So you'll be at home for a while, eh?

Yeah, Tom is a great guy. He and I just get each other. If it weren't for his work-obsessed, A.D.D. tendencies, then we would actually make a good couple. He's inaccessible. He's never "ready." We actually had a serious talk about this on Saturday. He's especially career-obsessed right now, but it seems that he's also stressed out about mating and children and all that crap. I guess it's just everything. He didn't want to have sex for emotional reasons that I don't quite understand. Maybe it's the other way around, and he's worried about waking up and wanting me to bear his children. From what I gathered, he views me (or any woman) as a distraction. All I did was ask him if he wanted join me for some beer, but apparently that's asking too much. Dumbass.

It's gonna be really hard for me not to make fun of him the next time I see him. I have this thing about embarrassing guys, especially him. Heh, I'd love to just run up to him and beg him to implant his seed within my womb. That would fun, but it'd probably make him feel crappy.
PK, I messaged you.

(((Shawnboy))) That's rough! Just put out the best energy you can and it will be returned. Focus on what you want right now and it will come to light.

Poodle, men are so weird. They just have the foot-in-mouth disease at the most inopportune times. They never get it. Kelman was totally freaked by giving me more than just a weekend boyfriend. Some guys just can't commit. I'll never understand why they throw perfectly good women away in the name of fear.

CH, I'm afraid of Facebook. I'm already a MySpace whore. I don't need another addiction!

Diva, the anvil sounds adorable! You should look online for a little anvil charm to wear!

I've got a case of the "anticipation" heebie jeebies. I get this way sometimes in the beginning of something new. Get all bunged up when I know he supposed to call but not exactly when. I get all restless and antsy. I'm focusing on all positive thoughts right now. Could use some Bustie calm down vibes, though!

ETA: The daisy called me and we have date Wednesday night! Squeeeee!
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