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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Heya Doodle & Jenn! smile.gif Oooh! Doodle! Introduce meeee to your friend! Actually, my new friend here supposedly has a great quality hookup. I just need to be in the right curcumstance to toke. Horaaay for socializing within your surroundings, though! And Turbo-J, Have fun with the elliptical! Get some funky music going while ellipticizing. Maybe Primus will get you soft-stomping.

Heya Culture, Kell, Polly, Pink, FJ, Poodle, Diva, Minx, and any missed!

Jami, I like that you have a wall-o-sayings! I wish I had something like that going. I'm just not a space decorater in that way, and I'm too scatterbrained to remember to write entries.
hi hi hi okayers! i had an excellent day today. for the rest of the week, my department is overstaffed. not just to the point that we have two people overlapping a shift for an hour or two, but so that for the majority of my shift, there are three people on the floor. theoretically, i could spend 6 hours of my eight hour shift sitting on my ass, and shit would still get done. in reality, i still have to do something every hour, but it's a lot less something than i usually have, and the lack of stress is refreshing.

after work, i had the most intense craving for baklava, so i stopped by the little bakery downtown that does it really well. they were closed by the time i got there, but luckily there is another little bakery that i thought might make baklava just a couple blocks down, and i slid in just as they were reaching for the off switch on the 'open' sign. i really just wanted one piece, but when i asked for baklava and he pointed at the ten-piece pack and said "this one?", i took it, mostly because he looked annoyed and i was afraid to ask if they sold single pieces. but i'm glad i did. i didn't even make it all the way home before i had to stop and have a piece. or, you know, three. damn i loves me some baklava.

it's a pretty nice night out, so i took my baklava, stopped off at home to fill my water bottle up with milk and grab a couple pikes, and rode over to the uni to hang out at the duck pond. after it got too dark to read, it was over to this parking lot next to my apartment complex that i hang out at to smoke and read since they have a circular bench around some kind of pine and their own duckpond, where i spent the first half hour just carving it up on my bike while grooving to the shrek three soundtrack and surely bewildering the hell out of everybody exiting the health club across the street. damn, i love that new bike! i don't know if my old bike handled as well when i first got it, cause i hadn't been riding in a long time. but now that i have been riding for a while, i can definitely appreciate how smoothly this one hugs the pavement, and just how awesome a ride it really is.

well, i'm done with the spinach and artichoke heart purses i nuked for dinner, so one more piece of baklava, then it's off to bed. night everybustie! (((((okayers)))))

p.s. diva darlin', i don't know if the guy actually had a gun or a weapon of any kind. he was just acting in a quote unquote suspicious manner. i was looking for something about it in the local paper this morning, but not a thing, not even in the local section. of course, if he did turn out to be some little bit creepy but essentially harmless mentally handicapped individual, i wouldn't want that all publicized either if i were the cops.
*wanders into thread, drunk*

i miss you guys! huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs!

*wanders out*
Hi everyone!

new pics are up, for anyone intersted. I particularly love the one of miss moxette in her overalls and shoes with no socks and no shirt! I think I have a very similar one of me at that age, in THAT chair, in the same garb...(scampers off to call mom).

So, we've just been swampped here lately. Work is BUSY, moxette was, of course, SICK again (hey, we had a great May...I guess it was due), and moxieman is travelling. So, i'm a tired bustie. Today, though, I'm perky and ready to meet the world headon!

FJ- we always make a point of pointing out good/excellent customer service. I read something once that a company's stock goes proportionally UP based on the perception of its customer service. The "how WELL do you Fuck Up" theory. Everyone makes mistakes...its the asshattery of customer service that makes customers pissed. Its one reason why costo does so well, dispite capping profits and profit sharing and treating employees like a real team.

Turbo, I couldn't agree with you more on the land-use. Granted, i live in a single family home, but its an OLD suburb, with sidewalks, and trees, and a 30 year old furnace. We have 2 cars, OK, but they're both good on mileage. My new goal for work, as I work in the environmental field, is trying to get clients to design and build in a green manner...Al Gore tells me I can be a millionaire this way, and if Al says so, it must be true! (I'm actually serious about this).

Hi Hi Hi everyone.

Moxie, moxette is too freakin' adorable! What wonderful pictures!

Doodle, I hear you about the being tired thing, that's why I cut down on ze weed, it was too much and not organic. Thing is I have sooooooo much of it!

Lore, I am also jealous of yer mountains!

Turbo, you are more than entitled to some shit food every once in a while, especially on the biking so much. And yay on the new machine! I use mine all the time!

Grrrl, that sounds like a lovely evening.

Kel for you on ignoring the ex asshat, I lurveth doing that to exes of any sort. Hee.

Hi Polly!

Hand cancer, now that is bizarre...

Ugh, I was in early today and there is something I thought had been dealt with and is now back and bothering me again. Ick. I just want to not be at work today, at least it's thursday! but it's month end. Boooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Well I'll talk to you all later!

Good morning everyone. I've been up awhile....

Wow, moxette is so friggin' cute! I love the overalls with the pink butch-femme. biggrin.gif

mouse! I miss you too! Love your avatar...did you design it?

Hi also lorewolf, CH, and grrrl!

So...following the theme of our "creationist fundies are dumbasses" discussion, I just finished reading this article. Umm.

*stands off to the side with all the other foreign kids, laughing and pointing at the Yanks*


Seriously, though. The christian fundies came up with $27 million dollars for this?


WWJD with $27 million dollars!

(Feed the homeless, maybe?)

What's up peeps?

I've been MIA, but lurked some, trying to keep up with everyone.

It sounds like everyone is doing fairly well.

The new moxette pics are adorable!!! I too like the Down Home Moxette one. She is getting so big!

This week's been busy, as usual. But it's been good.

Guess what? We got a new dog on Tuesday! He is a black lab mix. Very shy, was mistreated in some way. Yuki is really pissed. She doesn't want him around. I think she'll warm up to him. She's snapped at him a few times, and they got in a big scrap last night. After it was over though, they both were cool.

Hey Doodle, I read that article and now I think me head is going to explode. WWJD indeed.

Hey Kari, congrats on the new puppers! I am sure everyting will go smoothly, just establishing dominance and so forth.

Well, all is well here so far, work day is quiet, so far. *knocks on wood* but that could change at a moments notice. *shrugs shoulders* not much I can do about it.

It is yet anouther rainy, crappy shitty day here. Suits my mood I though. Hee.

Well I'll chat later!

FINALLY!!! I'm able to get in here. I wasn't able to log in last night.

Yay for kari's new doggie!!! Awwww....I wanna see pictures!!

Oh. My. God. *bites hand* Moxette never fails to blow me away with her cuteness!! That girl is getting huge!!

Good for you on the score of 12, turbo!! I had very low numbers for food and transportation. My high numbers were in the shelter and good/services categories. I need to cut down on packaging. I try to be mindful of that stuff, but it's a little tricky when you're cooking for one. I think I'm gonna tackle the yogurt cup issue. My uncle reported the lowest score so far--a 10. He lives at a monastery and rarely gets in a car. I guess we should all aim to live like monks. smile.gif

I've finally cooled off from my email battle with my dad. I usually don't let stuff get to me, but since it's my dad and the topic is important to me, I was left fuming for hours. Fortunately, the rest of my family is pretty liberal, especially my mom. My mom sorta cancels out my dad.

Hi lore, culture, grrrl, and doodle!! Nice to see you 'round here, mouse!!!

Hi, peeps!

Kari, what's the new doggie's name? What made you decide to get another one?

Moxette is so cute! Makes me want one, or just to spend more time with Sam. Moxette's such a curious one, huh? I love how kids get when they're around bubbles. That's Sam's favorite.

I think the only part of the test where I did well is the amount of waste I create. I try to recycle as much as I can and not just throw things out willy-nilly. I also eschew grocery bags. If I'm only getting a few things, do I really need 2 bags to carry everything in if I could fit it all in my arms while I was shopping for it? At least the paper ones can be used to recycle cans (our recycler doesn't take them unless they're in paper bags). I'd be a ton better if the giant weren't around. I almost never cook meat for myself if left to my own devices, and he's the one who insists on processed crap in too much packaging because it's cheaper. I wish I could make him be more green, too.

Yeah, I'm serious about the hand cancer lady. She's a gigantor Rethug and a big fan of Bush. She wears fur because "animals were put on the planet for our pleasure" and doesn't think anyone should get welfare and global warming doesn't exist. We're not such good friends anymore. smile.gif

I wonder if my parents are Adam/Eve people. They're both smart (Dad's even in the sciences), so I'd like to think they believe in evolution, but they're both very devout Catholics, so that makes me wonder a little. I shouldn't even use phrases like "believe in evolution" because it's not about faith, it's about what is actually real and there, not a system of values.

Hi, Doodle, CH, Jenn, Mouse!, Lore, Kel, et al!

Not much going on here today. Glad it's Thursday and tomorrow's payday. The giant's going to take the day off tomorrow, so I'm trying to talk him into picking me up for lunch and taking me on my errands (need to stop at the really awesome art supply shop and cigar shop for boxes). It'd be so nice not to have to drive, especially if it's raining. I made a couple pairs of earrings last night and watched the end of Shear Genius. I was satisfied with who the winner was. Not much else going on besides that.

Good almost afternoon everyone! Things are going here, a little slow a little quiet, but that will all change tomorrow. Ugh.

Well I hope everyone is having a good day today.

Moxette is adoreable! fav is the photo at the lake. wind and water.
hello all. trying for a good day.
I *do* have a wall of sayings... and most of them are from you bustie ladies. comments from the moooving on thread. which I must say helps me tremendously.
hugs to all ..and puppy hugs to Kari's lab..
Hi diva and jami!!

I try to offset my yogurt containers by bringing my own bags to the grocery store. I also make a conscious effort to buy stuff that comes in more responsible packaging. I suppose I'm less wasteful than your average person, but I still throw away more than I should. Heh...the office meddler had a score of 32 on the quiz, which was higher than even the republican's score (27). I'm not surprised.

Yay for payday!! I just got my stub today, which was nice to see on my desk first thing in the morning. I totally forgot about it. Yay for tomorrow being Friday!!! I think I'm gonna treat myself to a margarita or three tomorrow evening. I'm gonna try to see the new Pirates this weekend, too. Maybe, maybe, maybe I'll get started on my bedroom painting project. Maybe.

It is a crime to be indoors today. Today exemplifies the perfect Minneapolis day: 71 and sunny, farmers market, street musicians and artists, and tons of people dining/drinking outside. Nicollet is so fun on days like this. I walked up to the coffee shop near the Y to see if my boys were hanging out, but no luck. I'm sure I'll see them lounging in the sun later on today. I'd swear I was in utopia if there weren't for the panhandlers and some guy laying on the sidewalk with blood all over his face.

Ahhhh yes...I bought a bunch of tomatoes, avocados, limes, cilantro, and a mango. I'm planning on making some gazpacho, guacamole, and margaritas this weekend.
Good afternoon everyone!

Thank goodness the day is almost done!

Poodle, what a lovely day that sounds like! And margaritas, yummers!!!!

Hi jami!!

Mouse, I forgot to tell you before! Hello!!!!! Good to see you in these parts!

I'm going to take the hound for a walk, as per usual, then work out, and I have salmon marinating in the friggie as we speak. It's been marinating since last night, so it'll be ohhhh lala CH smells like garlic tonight.

Later all!

did someone say guacamole? rolleyes.gif

good afternoon, OKAYers! ah, thursday! thank goodness!

comcast is still sucking my ass. i've lost internet three times since starting this post. i shit you not.

went to the doc this morning and the munchkin is still doing well. only, he's not so much a munchkin! he's already 5lbs 15oz according to the measurements they took!! at this point, he'll be at least 8lbs by the time he gets here. yikes! but all his parts are still in working order. he has really long legs and his heart was beautiful. and he's really enjoying the granola bar i just ate! smile.gif

moxette is just gorgeous! she has such a great expressive face!

kari got a new pupper!! yay!!!! what's her name? i am sure yuki will accept not being the only baby of the family soon and they'll be nuzzling each other and stuff.

sheesh, i'm gonna post this before i lose internet again as i'm sure i've x-posted my ass off.

Okay...I got the almighty HBI last night and am feelings tons better. It had been a really long time, and I am about T-3 days from bleeding, all know how that goes. Plus I've had some unusually interesting and beneficial fiscal things occur in the last 48 hours. HUZZAH!! Nothing huge like an inheritance, mind you, but really fucking cool nonetheless.

Anyhoo, I am going to get the hell out of here and enjoy my first childless weekend in nearly FOUR WEEKS! Holy crap...I have so much to do.
Holy fuck, why isn't today Friday? I need it to be Friday.
Ladies, my car died.

At the liquor store.

How bad is that? The worst thing is, I almost skipped the liquor store and came straight home, but I wanted to invite a friend over this weekend, so....

I'm pretty sure it's either the starter or the alternater, which means it will cost more to fix than the car is worth at this point, so I had it towed home. I almost started to cry, waiting for the tow. But as the Dixie Chicks' song goes, "I swore they'd never see me cry...." So, instead, I started pacing around the car and kicking the shit out of it. Hard. I hurt my foot. (Most depression is just internalized anger anyway.)

Tomorrow I'm going to rip the plates off and go cancel my insurance. I figure I will "do without" till the end of summer, or till I get a job, whichever comes first, and then probably have to ask my mom for a loan to buy another one.

I knew it wouldn't get me through another winter, but I figured it would get me through the summer at least.


Well, I will save $150 a month on car insurance, anyway.

And if that tow truck driver called me "darling" or "dear" one more time, he was going to get it in the nuts. Oh, and when I called in for the tow? The guy on the phone was so impressed that I could give the license plate number without having to read it off the car, that he said, "Pretty good for a woman." Huh? (As I'm standing in an auto parts shop next to the WOMAN staff member who let me use the phone.) "Oh, don't even go there with me," I said.

Plus what's with all the creepy old guys leering at me and trying to cop a feel? I almost clocked some old fart in Safeway today. And some of them act like you should be fucking GRATEFUL for the attention!

Sorry for being self-centred again. I'm kind of in a rage here at the moment.

It must be the full moon.

Seriously, WTF? Jupiter is in Sagittarius. ALL my horoscopes said this is supposed to be MY YEAR!
RIP, Doodle's car. ((((Doodle))))

Moxette is one heckuva cute kid!

Catsoup, I need for it to be Saturday. Screw Friday!

Minx, congrats on the windfall, however much it may be.

FJ, guacamole. Heh. And a 5 pound Jackaroo! Whoa.

MOUSE!! Come back, we meeeeeees you!

Hi Diva, Jami, Lore, Culture, Kari, Grrl!

Nothing much going on here. Just had the Yaris serviced...$115. Yikes. But it's worth it to keep it up properly. I want it to run for the next ten years if I can work it. I dunno...I put a lot of miles on my car.

The daisy is supposed to call tonight to firm up the Saturday plans. I hate waiting for a guy to call. Send "guy calling" vibes my way, will ya, folks?

I'm planning the class field trip and these parents are going to drive me up a fucking wall. I never want to plan a field trip again. I've almost given up the positive thoughts on this one. Almost. I'm holding in there as much as I can. *happy thoughts...happy thoughts...happy thoughts...don't stab parents in the eye...don't punch them in the neck...happy thoughts*

Hi, hi!

I'm back...and utterly exhausted. Mom's house is empty. And mostly spotless. Gah.

I've gotta rest...will get caught up tomorrow...
Doodle, I'll tell you what's up - not only is it a full moon, its a BLUE MOON, so take your normal amped up weirdness of a full moon, and double it. There ya go.

((((doodlecar))) Poor old served you well, and may a new car come into your life at the right moment!

Well, I rode my bike home in heavy rain fun. I got a nasty gash on my knee too, trying not to fall when a taxi cut me off. I didn't fall, but I'm a little worse for wear. Once I got out of traffic and onto the lakeshore path, though, it was kind of nice - the rain wasn't cold, and there was *no one* out there, so that was nice.

I'm finding that with the new job, and getting home later, I really don't feel like cooking dinner. Oh well. I think its fried eggs for dinner tonight.

Kari!!! Congrats on the new pupper!! Keep us posted on how the furry roommate situation progresses! I would love to have another greyhound - multiple hounds are so much more entertaining, but then we'd need a bigger car, and we're just not that into it.

Moxette is indeed the cutest -- her smile is simply dazzling!

Poodle, I'm with you - I think its time to celebrate the beginning of summer with some Pirates and 'ritas!!!

ETA: Mox - I'm hoping to see Al Gore speak next wednesday - he'll be at the borders near my office during lunch hour! We're pretty much going to empty the office and walk down there. *swoon*
Hello everyone!

I'm such a great mood, I took the dog to the park and shel played and played and played some more. I was talking to the reguar dog owners and she started walking across the dog feild towards my car. I'm thinking, wel I guess that's my cue to leaver. Then I worked out when I got hom.

Doodle, your car dying, I'm sorry to hear. Really I know all about the "what the fuck next?" I was just thinking of how I would have reacted to a comment like that. and when I read it, it's like I was there. Hee.

Turbo, I was just thinking the same thing. Blue moon. Hmmm that could explain the bizarre month end at work. And Al Gore! I'm jealous! No one really famous comes here, Although Patrick Swayze and his wife know there way around this city they drive themselves. And Richard Gere and his wife also really like it here. I hope that your injury is okay! I know a gash...I'm just saying. smile.gif

FJ, how's your internet connection. I say you throw a dirty diaper at Comcase once Jackaroo is born, as he'll do the diaper bidness. Unless you wanted to do that...hee smile.gif I'm so happy to know that things are progressing nicely with the pregnancy.

Kel, Saturday is coming soon! A date with Daisy, that rawks!

Hi Minx, catsoup and tree.

Well, i'm pretty pooped from my say. Later everyone!


Oooooh...just had an hour long chat with the daisy. I like him a lot. Going to his place at noon on Saturday for boating and clamming. And hopefully some making out. Eeeeeep! Can I just tell you that he has the sexiest voice on the planet? It melts me. Squueeeeee!

Hi Tree!! So glad to see you! How was the cleaning out process?

Hi Culture...glad to see the great mood!

Hi Turbo! Sorry for your rainy bike ride. I guess bikes have their caveats.

Have a lovely evening, folks!
Yay for sexy Daisy boy!! Kel, I have to tell you that Daisy is the name of our dear, departed and dimwitted golden retreiver, so most of the time, I think of Daisy Mae's sweet silly face. I do not think you would like to make out with my Daisy. tongue.gif

Well, we're striking out here at Chez turbo tonight...I discovered a brake issue with my bike, so I can't ride tomorrow, and the guys came to bring in the elliptical, and DUH, it doesn't fit up the elevator. I gave them the dimensions, and apparently, it did not compute. Oh well. So now, the elliptical is just sitting in the common storage room downstairs. I don't think anyone will steal it, since it won't fit up the stairs or elevator. heh.

CH, I love it when turbo tells me he's ready to leave the park! Works for me.

Well, time to hit the hay, here. G'night lovely ladies! (and lore and mr fj!)
Hey babes!!

Doh!!! That sucks dick about the car, doodle!! What kind of car is it? Ugh. I woulda probably been on the verge of tears, too. All you can do in those situations is take deep breaths and keep calm. "Dear" and "darling," eh? That's so annoying. There's a maintenance guy in our office building that is like that and once he gave me a shoulder "massage" without my permission. Eeeww. These days I try to hide when he's around.

~*~*~*~turbo's knee~*~*~*~ That's why I'm afraid of riding a bike in my neighborhood. I was thinking about biking again, tonight. My bro has my old college bike, but it's sorta crappy. I gave it to him, but he hasn't fixed it or used it yet. Maybe I could convince him to give it back to me. I know some safer roundabout ways around here that I could try out. I miss riding my bike.

So how are you guys gonna get the elliptical upstairs? Do you have to take it apart?

Awwwww....jackaroo is over 5 pounds and he's got a strong heart!! That's so exciting, FJ!! My co-worker and his wife are having their first baby tomorrow (C-section) and I'm really excited for him. He's gonna be a great father. I'm also excited for his wife to be able to drink beer again, because she can really throw 'em back. She rocks.

Yay!! Kel had another great convo with daisy!! Relax and enjoy, girl!!

Yay!! Minx got laid and she's fallen upon good fortune!!

So tree, are you guys done at your ma's?

It sounds like you had a great night, culture. I forget where you live, but if Richard Gere likes it, then it must be decent!! I love Richard Gere. He's a smart man. I didn't realize that he's been a buddhist for so long. I figured he just picked it up in the 90's during the new age movement, but it turns out he's been practicing since the late 70's. I watched some stupid Barbara Walters special on heaven and hell, and he definitely had the most insight out of all the interviewees.

Well, my gazpacho is complete and it tastes perfect. I made the ultra-fresh, real stuff. Damn, peeling tomatoes really sucks. I also went to the likky store and purchased the goods for making some fresh 'ritas. Yummmmmm...
Mornin' ya'll!

I've got a few moments here, since I'm not riding today. Turbomann helped me fix my brakes last night, so I could ride, but my knee is not very happy this morning, so its the train for me, which is okay. I could use a nap this morning.

Poodle, we're going to have to have the guys from the store come back and disassemble the machine in order to get it up here. I gave them the elevator dimensions, so I don't know how they thought they were going to get it up here. Oh well. I just hope they can come this weekend, since the condo board will give me shit for leaving it in the storage area.

Oh, Dr. Kevorkian is released from jail this morning...he's a weirdo, but when he got arrested, he was doing his euthanasia, it was at the cabins in the state park I lived in, and I ran back there to show the police where the cabin was. And I got to be on the news, which to an 11-year old, was big stuff.

Yay for jackaroo growing big and strong!!!

Your gazpacho sounds awesome poodle!! When I peel tomatoes, I make an X in the bottom of the skin, and then plunk them in boiling water for 30 seconds - then they'll be a cinch to peel, and they don't taste cooked at all.

Okay, time to make my way to the train. Have a good friday everybody!!!!
Morning lassies,

Well, thanks for all the moxette compliments. Right now, her almost favorite (running after the cats would be #1) activity is BOOKS. She LOVES books right now. All those nights of reading 3 pages of a 10 page book before she squirmed away are paying off! I love it. She'll pick one out, bring it over and sit down. Hella cool! color me green, girlie! But, I did meet Barak Obama. So, phet. Eh?

Jackaroo...DO NOT get too big, kiddo! Your momma wants to squeeze you out! And, you should always do what momma wants! (right?)

Okey dokes...its invoice time in these here parts...i suppose I should go play with numbers or somefin.

Have a great friday, you green-guac eaters!
Helloooooooooooooo on this Friday all you ass licking sea wenches!

How's everyone doing?

Kel, that is so great about Daisy and that you are seeing him tomorrow! here's to some make out action!

Turbo, that blows about the elliptical trainer not being in your appartment yet. Ugh.

gaaaaaaaaaa, someone's car alarm is going off right near my office window and it's really echo-y here too. Hey ASSHAT!!!! Turn your fucking alarm off, oh boy. *grumbles to self* anyways, where was I? Oh yes!

Turbo, also crappy about the brake issue, I hope the train treats you well.

*the car alarm is still going off, so it's horn is going off. I wish I had an old computer I could throw at the car*

Poodle, it's not bad here, it's really lovely in the summer, greenery, all the old historic buildings, people everywhere and so forth. Winter around here get's pretty depressing. That's cool that Richard Gere didn't just jump on the buddhist bandwagon like it was the religion du jour.

moxie i lurveth the fact that moxette likes books! Makes me happy. I ate part of a book binding when I was a bebe.

Ahhhh, the car alarm is finally off. So not much planned for the weekend yet, tonight I'm going to a house partay, but I'll be late, I've got too much to do when I get home. And that's all for now. What about everyone else? any special plans for the weekend?
Hi, peeps!

Doodle, sorry about the car. RIP, car. Did she have a name? And that sucks about the hic towing people. It's like "wow, you're actually a capable person! Who'da thunk it?" I don't usually get that kind of treatment, but I've got the kind of face that most guys don't mess with.

Aw, Moxette loves books! Reading to little kids is SO much fun. Sam makes me read to him whenever I come to visit. I like it for the cuddling aspect.

Sorry about the bike and the gash, Jenn. I hope it heals up quick and there's no poop on the platform. And color me jealous about you seeing Al Gore. *swoon* I got to see him at a rally before the '00 election, but we were really far back (and it turns out we could have gotten closer reserved spots if we'd wanted them, but my dad forgot - he probably could have met him, too, because the guy running for Senate was big on the prescription drug thing and wanted to talk with a group of pharmacists about it, and my dad's one of those).

Kel, Daisy sounds really sweet. And a sexy voice doesn't hurt at all. I've grown to love the giant's voice (it's kind of soft and not too deep), but there's nothing like a deep, dark, sexy voice.

Poodle, that gazpacho sounds really good. I can't wait to try it.

((((((((Tree)))))))) Take a rest, dear. You deserve it.

Jackaroo's 5 pounds already?! Wow! He sounds big and healthy and very happy. I can't wait for you to meet him.

CH, yeah, those alarms are annoying. I understand the need, but they're so sensitive most of the time, they go off if you breathe on them wrong. I hope it shut itself off by now. I don't have an alarm on my car, but if I did, it'd say "I KNOW you didn't just touch my car, biatch!"

No huge weekend plans here. The giant is picking me up for lunch and errands at noon, which will be really nice. I don't know where we're going to go yet, but I love getting picked up for lunch dates, even though it's usually gay boyfriend. I've got to get a few more things at another craft store after work, then I'm hanging out with Poodle. Don't know what's going on the rest of the week, though.

I made some more progress on jewelry last night. I got a bracelet and 2 pairs of earrings made. I'd make more, but I'm out of ear wires. Ideally, I'd like to finish all of my jewelry-making this weekend, but I doubt that'll happen. It'll be really nice, though, to get all that stuff off the coffee table. My goal is 12 necklaces, 15 pairs of earrings, 8 bracelets, and as many rings as I can hammer out (but I can do those at work since it doesn't involve a lot of different materials and it's easy to carry around with me, so I've really got 3 more weeks on those). Then it's on to mosaiced flower pots/planter, polymer clay coated glassware, glass mosaiced vases, and purses. I'm feeling like I'm in a better spot now than I was with this last year, so I'm not freaking out, at least not yet.

Hello everyone!

The day is almost half over! And we are having a going away partay today for someone, so my afternoon is filled with eating and socializing!!!! YAY!!!

Diva, I think that you need to post pics of your fab jewelry!

well, I've got to do nothing now. Hee.

I hop everyone is having a great day!

Hi all!!

I didn't sleep well at all last night, so I called in sick today. It's partly my own fault because I stayed up way too late. Oh well. I might try to work up the energy to go to the gym later on.

"I KNOW you didn't just touch my car, biatch!" Ha!! I could totally see that. Oh, and diva, you DO the type of face that guys don't wanna mess with!! I think it's your eyes. Your eyes are firey and fierce..and absolutely gorgeous!!

Damn, you're a jewelry-making machine!! Have you been able to use those crystals that I got you? I hope they work.

Heh, I'm watching Judge Mathis right now. Lame.

A nice voice is definitely a plus. I met this super nice guy on match, but his voice was sorta nasaly and high, and it was a big turn-off. My ex, Tom, has a nice voice. It's nothing special, but it's very "intimate" sounding, if that makes any sense. And then there's Shawnboy's voice...damn sexy.

Ha!! I can just imagine moxette chasing the kitties!! That sounds like my niecoid. Oscar got a little pissed off the last time she was here. Sweet, sweet Jo. My sister has a photo album and I guess my niece always flips to the pictures of my cats and makes meow noises.

Hi culture and turbo!!
Morning all.
did y'all get to see the moon last night? ohmygosh. I got some great photos
Kelkello and Pinkpoodle... I know what you mean about the voice - I got an hour long phone call last night. not from new guy. from a guy back home. and thing was he said that he loves the way I say goodnight: it's so erotic. ~melt~ and he does have the sexiest voice. <sigh> and, oh, the things we talk about.
I haven't slept so great the last few nights. It's too warm to be comfortable (and the giant keeps hogging the bed) but it's not hot enough to put the air conditioner on yet. I wake up all sticky every morning, and I hate it.

Poodle, yeah, I have been using those crystals. I've made a couple watches with them, and some earrings, and at least one ring. They work out really well for ring centers, since 4mm puts the proportions all off.

I wish I were at home today watching crap TV. I'm playing hookey next Wednesday, though, so that should make up for it. I don't like the giant being around when I play hookey since that's my time.

CH, I do have pictures, I just don't know how to upload them. I should try to figure that out someday.
Hi hi guys.

Sorry I haven't been around lately. I've been in some trouble. I don't want to post about it here, but you guys can PM me for details.

Last night, I woke up at about 1:00 AM and couldn't stop sneezing. It was awful. AFter I sneezed for ten minutes, my nose ran like a frelling faucet ALL. NIGHT. LONG. I didn't get any sleep.

This morning, I had to wake up early to take my friend to the airport, then I went to the gas station because I was almost out of gas. I found in my purse two $5's and four $1's, then I found four quarters to make $15. I went inside to pay before I pumped, and the cashier was on his cell phone. He totally ignored me, so I laid out the money before him and said, loudly, "Pump 4". He still ignored me, so I repeated myself, and he repeated, "Pump 4, OK" and took the money.

I went outside to pump the gas, and while I was pumping, the guy at the pump next door pointed out that my left front tire was in very bad shape and probably about to blow. This worried me, as I have to take the freeway to get home. He told me to get a new tire right away because it could be pretty dangerous.

Anyway, while all of this is going on, I continue pumping gas into my car, until the pumps stops - at $30. I put $30 of gas in my car. The cashier paid no attention to how much money I gave him, and he doubled my gas. I felt good that I had almost a full tank of gas, but I also felt like I was stealing. I left anyway. I thought - I don't have any more money, and I can't take the gas out of my car, so screw 'em. So, I got $15 in free gas.

Wow - that was a long way to say I got $15 in free gas.

Also, the oil light came on in my car today. I was scared to drive all the way home with my oil light on and my bad tire, so I came to Banana's place, and he checked my oil, which was dangerously low. He put in about 4 quarts, and now it seems fine, but I'm going to have to take my car to a mechanic and find out why it's burning oil. I also need that new tire ASAP.

Let's see, what else....well, my life has been pretty occupied by this shitstorm I got myself into last week, and I wish I could talk about it with you guys, but I feel nervous. I would feel more comfy talking about it in PM's, so if anyone wants to PM me, I can explain.

I asked Pickle if she wanted to hang out tonight, since it's the last day of school (she works at a school), and she said yes, but we don't know what to do. Another friend just invited us to go sing karaoke, which I *lurv*, but I don't think Pickle is down with that. I dunno. We'll see. Pickle is very very quiet and reserved. Anyway, I hope I can talk her into taking part in the Japanese art of KaraOke (imagine it in its Japanese pronunciation).

OK - sorry this post is all PK-centered. I just wanted to give you guys the scoop on my day, and now I will read as much of the archives as I can.
Hey - Where'd everybody go????????

Come back!!!!
I'm here, just been mostly lurking.

PK? I hope that everything is okay. Get your tire fixed, the last thing you want is a blow out!

Hi Diva.

I have a going away partay thing to go to this afternoon, so there will be lots of goodies and yum yums there.

That is all.

yo ladies, oh, how i'd like to thump thee!

nothin' like a little digital underground on a friday afternoon, eh?

diva, your car alarm would fly off the shelves, i'm sure! hehehe

i'm in a pretty good mood today. comcast is finally working. funnily, i had an appointment set up with them today and they were supposed to come by. the technician called me a few hours ago and asked me how my service was running. told him i honestly hadn't had any issues with it today at all, which is usually the case. he told me that they've been having issues in my area (which is NOT what the dude on the phone told me) and that they've resolved them and that i shouldn't have any more problems. you know? why the fuck couldn't they have just told me that before?? instead of making me think i might have something wrong with my computer? fuckers. i still hate them even though i have service.

the other bit of goodness is that my company has changed its pay structure, yet again. but they've finally wisened up and decided to pay us for shows. so, i've already earned money for two shows today, and have a good potential for another. they're taking away the guarantee, which was based on 1500 dials per pay period so now i won't have to worry so much about how in the hell i'll make all those calls once the babester is here. if i can get two people to show per day, i will make far more than the guarantee anyway. and of course, if the sales turn around and the commission is higher, then i'll make that. so it would appear as though i am doing ok. i hope i'm not just being super stubborn, but maybe my being forced to stick with this will pay off in the end.

poodle, i'm jealous of you though. even though i'm at home, the tv hasn't been on yet. i am reaching a stopping point though. i'm ready to hang it up and get the weekend started.

we're doing the art walk tonight again. we missed it last month and i think the month before that even. feels like we haven't been there in a while. we're going to the cheap mexican place for tacos and chili rellenos. and yes, guacamole will be served! YUMMMM! i can't wait! then, tomorrow, mrfj is going to sand down the floor in our master bathroom and he and his father are going to lay the tile!! YES! this is so awesome! for the past month since he took the tile up, i've been walking on a path of bathroom rugs three or four times a night when i get up to pee. and yes, i really have been having to get up that often. jackaroo's head is pushing on my bladder.

grover has a spot on her side and i don't know where it came from. it looks like a little leopard spot. it won't rub off, so it must be grease or something but i have no clue where it came from. she's cute and snoring here by my chair. sometimes her snores and grunts are the only things that let me know she's alive. poor pooper!

yay for kel and daisy! have fun "clamming". hehe, am i the only one with the 8th grade mentality in here that laughs every time i see that kel and her new boy are going clamming?

and yay for minx's HBI! AND UNEXPECTED MONEY?? that's awesome, especially since no one had to die. tongue.gif

doodle, i'm sorry your car finally blew it. that sucks. you live close to public transportation though, don't you? sorry the hicks were out in full force while you were having to deal with that. ugh! but maybe your newfound friendly young neighbors won't mind giving you a lift here and there? esp if you hook them up with your organic mistress! that sounds so awesome!

oh, and yay for new babies and ladies drinkin' beer again! AMEN to that, sister! i can't decide if i want my first post-preg drink to be a nice frosty beer or a dirty martini!! hm, maybe i'll just get BOTH!
Well, it wasn't unexpected's just money that showed up in my account much earlier than I had expected which allowed me to NOT bounce the holy hell out of my checking account. SHWEEW!! I'll take fiscal luck where I can get there is that credit card now that I actually have started to regain my once stellar credit score.

Okay. I'm totally exhausted. I got more HBI, two beers, a double Beam on the rocks, and some funny bedroom karaoke last night. But I didn't get much sleep. I need more coffee. Now.

Fucking guacamole...are you going to have to give up the buttlove again, FJ?
(((PK))) I hope you're okay. I'll PM ya,

Heh heh...the FJ's are eatin' guac tonight.

Hi jami!!

Diva, I was thinking about going to the store to get some stuff to make black bean burritos. Would you eat that (combined with veggies and all the fixin's)? Gazpacho isn't really a meal, it's more of an appetizer and I'm not sure that you'll like it. I also have tortilla chips, tomatillo salsa, and, of course, GUAC!!

ETA- Hi minxie!!

Oh, and here's some karaoke for y'all. Thanks FJ!!

I'm steppin' tall y'all
and just like humpty dumpty
you're gonna fall when the stereos pump me
I like to rhyme
I like my beats funky
I'm spunky
I like my oatmeal lumpy
I'm sick with this
Straight gangsta mack
but sometimes I get ridiculous
I'll eat up all your crackers and your licorice
Yo fat girl!!
C'mere, are you ticklish?
Yeah, I called you fat
Look at me, I'm skinny
But nuthin' stops me from gettin' busy

Okay, okay. I could go on forever, but I'll spare y'all. Ah hell, just one more...

Dig that bass line!! Ah-doooww-woooww-doooowww-wooowww

*grabs the mic from poodle*

i'm a freak!
i like the girls with the boom-
i once got busy in a burger king bathroom!
i'm crazy,
allow me to amaze thee
you say i'm ugly but it just don't phase me.
i'm still gettin' in the girls' pants
and i even got my own dance...

*busts into humpty dance, complete with huge prosthetic nose*

i cannot believe i still remember the words to that song. i love it! particularly since i currently have the beatles "revolution" playing. two different worlds.

dang, poodle's burritos sound yummy too! shiiiit.

it's turned off really cloudy here, which is good since it won't be too hot. although it's pretty humid! i hope it rains but later. the art walk has a trolley that goes from one gallery to the next but that's not a lot of fun in the rain.
hey everyone!

poodle, i just want to say i love your new avatar. i love cheap trick.

pk, i hope you are doing ok.

kel, that's awesome about your date.

sorry i haven't been around much. may was a terrible month for me. gettin' settled with the folks and taking care of things from the old place. but, things should be settling down somewhat come june. i hope.

i'm off for cali for a week long conference. i hope everyone has a great weekend!! will check in when i get back!

Oy, that was a good lunch! I got back a couple hours ago, but my boss is gone now so I can post. The giant was late picking me up, of course. I got most of my art supplies, minus the rubber cement (I'm mosaicing glass on glass, so I need something really strong that dries clear). I got all the cigar boxes I wanted, and we went for a luscious lunch. I had penne with chicken, parmesan, something green and leafy, red peppers, and tomatoes in cream sauce. Mmmmm. Then we split a chocolate cake roulade with caramel cream in the middle. I like when people pick me up for lunch. smile.gif

Poodle, black bean burritos sound great. Need me to bring anything? I'll give you a call when I get home, probably around 7:00. I need to run an errand first that's totally out of my way, but needs to be done.

I don't think I've ever at any point in my life known the words to the Humpty Dance. I'm kind of proud of that. I just learned earlier today that I remember who played the major characters in both Dallas and I Dream of Genie. I can't believe those stupid facts are taking up space in my brain.


FJ, that sounds like a pretty decent situation. At least you see some money for your effort and awesome show ratio, so you don't have to stress about dials.

Hi, Star!

I guess I do have plans for the weekend after all. sad.gif The giant just found out this morning that we're expected at his cousin's twins' birthday party tomorrow. Grr! His cousin has no idea how to go about inviting people to things, and this isn't the first time this has happened. He mentions that something's going on, not actually inviting you, then asks you at the last minute if you're going to be there or not. That man needs to learn some social graces. Those twins won't even speak to me, granted they're 4 years old now and shy. At least their slightly older sister is cool, and there will be a Guitar Hero tournament, I'm sure.

I found out from my mom that we will not, in fact, be going to Pike's Peak for July 4th. Damn, and I was kind of looking forward to that. They bought an expensive lawnmower instead, but they really need it. Their yard is huge, but that's what you get when you live in hicsville.
Hi hi.

I know we've been over this in the past, but I think I missed it. What's Guitar Hero?

I left Banana's house a while ago and went and got a new (used) tire put on my car. It only took about 20 minutes, then I came home, threw some clothes in the washer, and started cooking the beans I got at the farmers marker yesterday.

I got O'Odham Peas, which are these perfectly round, white legumes. They are grown by the Tohono O'Odham people on their reservation. I guess they are native to this area. I bought some of those and started soaking them last night. Now they are simmering on the stovetop.

I also bought a big kohlrabi with its greens attached, and a big bunch of kale. I thought I would cook the kale, add the kohlrabi greens and diced kohlrabi, and then mix in the cooked O'Odham Peas. I also got a sweet potato because I was originally going to make kale, sweet potato, and peas and douse it with hot sauce, but then I saw that beautiful kohlrabi and really wanted it. I don't know what to do. I don't know if the kohlrabi with taste good with the kale and peas, but I know the sweet potato will taste good. Maybe I should use the kohlrabi for something else, but what?

One time I cut kohlrabi into sticks, steamed them, and tossed them in some horseradish sour cream. Mmmmm. That was so good. But I have neither horseradish nor sour cream on hand, and I am broke after buying that tire today.

Can you tell I am hungry? I can't stop talking about food.

FJ - I'm so glad your pay structure has changed for the better. You deserve it. You work your ass off, and the sales people end up dropping the ball. At least now you'll get paid for your shows, which you seem to be good at getting. Yayay$$$!!!

Diva - I have been thinking about getting back into beading, however, the burglars that broke into my apartment stole my bead kit as well as my book with all my flower patterns in it. I like beading flowers, and I made some forget-me-not barettes for a friend for her wedding once. I would like to start incorporating my beading into jewelry making. I just don't know where to begin as I have to start with absolutely nothing. I know I probably need to spend a lot of money to start off with, just to get supplies, but I can't do that right now. Maybe next month I can get supplies.

Anyway, I was just looking for advice on how to get started. I don't know how to make jewelry. I would like to make barettes, tiaras, crowns, as well as regular jewelry like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. I'll probably have to save the crown making for after I get the hang of things. Any recommendations on resources that can get me started? I'm going to be spending *A LOT* of time at home in the next few months, and I need something to occupy myself. So, I thought I would get beading.

kelkello - I'm so glad things are fun with daisy! I actually need to talk to you about something, so I will PM you later.

Hi stargazer! Have a great trip!

Turbo - aren't you home yet?

doodle - so sorry about your car. That sucks. Is it easy to get around your town without a car? OR are you kind of screwed?

kari - tell us more about your new doggy-dog!

culturehandy - I like that you take your dog to the park a lot. I really really wish I had a dog. I love them so.

Oh - Turbo - I was talking about you yesterday. My friend that I lived with when I first moved to Tucson used to live in Chicago, directly across the street from you. I think I have told you that before. We used to go to your beach all the time. Anyway, I told her that you lived there, and I said, "Maybe you have even run into her. She walks her greyhound a lot!" and she said, "PK, only you would remember somebody walking a greyhound one day two years ago." I thought it was funny.

OK - I'm gonna go put my clothes in the dryer.

Smell ya later.

Hey all!

I didn't make it back in here yesterday, 'cause I called up one of my girlfriends to come over and "smoke a chonger" (her words) with me. I certainly needed it after the car fiasco! We sent a stoned e-mail to one of our friends who has been travelling in New Zealand since January...she wrote back today and is coming home June 20 - yay! (We were afraid she'd like it so much, she'd stay there!)

diva, your car alarm idea is my favourite - you're a smart business-inclined woman, maybe you could find some tech person to develop it and you could market it! Some kind of touch sensor...? I know lots of people who would buy that! smile.gif Oh, if you want, I can temporarily post some of your pics. Just PM me and I'll send you an e-mail address you can send them to! I'd love to see your jewelry, too!

POODLE! It's so funny you should bring up Richard Gere b/c he's my fantasy guy. Heh. (I re-watched Sommersby the other night.) I think actually that his embracing of Buddhism back then is one of the things that helped make it more popular over here. When you wrote you were watching Judge Mathis, I first thought it said "Johnny Matthis," and I thought, "What's lame about that?" BTW, is that Cheap Trick in your avi?

(The car was an '89 Ford Escort. She was my first car; I bought her from a co-worker, years ago. I loved her dearly. Her name was Freda, but mostly I called her Li'l Car. When she was in good health, she thought she was a Mustang, and she sure drove like one....I used to love whizzing past big expensive cars on the mountain passes, in my little standard hatchback.)

turbo, what's special about a Blue Moon, compared to the others? I don't know much about moonlore.

Speaking of religion and mythology, I seem to be making friends with another one of the neighbours. (See what happens when you finally start hanging out in your own backyard.) He is a gay ex-priest! smile.gif Actually, he's still technically a priest, because he's never been laicized. He's going to be taking over as assistant manager of the building, and he also has fibromyalgia, and really "gets" the issues of systemic poverty and discrimination. We have the most fascinating and funny conversations.

FJ! YAY for the pay thing working out better! And yay for doing the Art Walk! I love doing the local Art Walks when we have's so great to actually get to see what kind of art gets made in your community, isn't it? I actually bought a raku sculpture on one year's Art Walk, of a round-bodied goddess-worshipping figure. NEVER expected to find something like that here! Yes, I do live close to public transportation, but it's kind of..."meh" here. It's not like real big city transit at all. But it will do, yes. And I really need to start walking more anyway.

Ok, raise your hands here, who else thinks the "daisy" refers to the shape or curve of kel's boy's penis? tongue.gif

Hi also to PK, treehugger, culturehandy, moxie, jami, minx, stargazer, and anyone lurking!
Allo Allo everyone!

Doodle, aren't escort's great? I have the ubiquitos 1994 green coloured escort! Hee. I was sad when my first car was written off, my little Nissan. Made me sad. A blue moon is a full moon which occurs twice in a month.

PK I hope that you are doing better.

He FJ, glad to hear that the internet is treating you better, stoooooooopid comcast. I am with a local provider here.

Hey Star! (((star))) I hope that your situation gets better.

Hi Poodle, minx, Diva and PK.

Well, I'm going to a shindig tonight, and it is finally cooling down. It was bloody hot here, and I'm not into a lot of heat. took the dog to the park and it was too hot for the black bandit.

Now, I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't want to go early, so I'm sitting here busting.

That is all.

arrrhh, you barnacle-sucking bilge rats! okay yeah, i went to see the new pirates movie this afternoon before going in to work in about an hour. it was okay, kinda long and dragging at some points, but there wasn't anything else playing in time for me to catch my bus back in time for work. i also went toy shopping this morning. i picked up this little number in pink. i gave it a test run as soon as i got home, and oh. my. sweet. baby. jebus. finally, a vibe with a clit stim that actually reaches my clit! i'm seriously considering taking it to work tonight, since it'll be b-shift and slow a hell and i'll be the only there practically. and if someone notices that i'm suddenly taking my purse with me every time i go to the ladies or that hey, she's been in there an awful long time.... tongue.gif

anyway, i'll catch up with the rest of this later. right now i gotta hop on my bike and ride.
Hey all. Wow, where is everyone?

I hope that everyone is having a good evening. I had a lovely time at my friends get together. A bunch of women talking about everything. It was a really great time.

I don't really have much going on.
I'm here, belatedly!

Had the lads across the hall over for awhile tonight. neighbourboy and his roommate had some big fight, so soon, roommate will be moving out and guitarboy will be moving in. So that means guitarboy is off limits, too, I guess. But I'm going to connect them up with my organic friend anyway, so that he'll owe me later when I hit him up for guitar lessons. wink.gif

guitarboy had not been in my place before. He stopped dead in his tracks as he came into the living room and went, "Whoa. I just got, like...this vibe, this...aura...of this" We hadn't even smoked up yet! tongue.gif I often wonder what people's first impressions of my apartment will be, but that's got to be a first. (That one, and slightly later when he wondered whether a great big anaconda was going to come slithering out from the plant jungle. biggrin.gif)

It is interesting that the first batch of new friends I'm making after leaving the women's centre are MEN: a 57-year old gay ex-priest, and a pair of 20/21-year old pothead musicians!

ETA: I forgot to mention this....

TREEHUGGER (caps so you'll notice, if you're able to read right now - I know you're busy)....tonight, guitarboy was playing around with the little djembe! I told him about you sending it to me (and the bells). He laughed when I mentioned you'd wanted a bigger one that you could "actually play," and said the size works for him, because he always ends up playing with his fingers anyway. cool.gif
Mornin' ya'll!!! Woke up early with the sunrise and took turbo for a long walk, and then off to the farmer's market and here I am. Turbomann's off to paintball today, so I'm going to ride back down to the shop we bought the elliptical from and hopefully get the manual they forgot to give that we can see if we can take the thing apart ourselves and get it upstairs. They seem to have absolved themselves of any responsibility to finish the job. I'm going to ask for a free bike tune up in exchange for their incompetance. I fixed my back brake enough to be able to ride and not have it rubbing on my rims, but its not doing much in the way of braking.

Its going to be a sweltering day here - 100% humidity and 85 degrees...I'm not sure I'm ready for the heat.

Doodle, a blue moon can be lucky, but normally it just amplifies the intensity of a normal moon, and craziness can ensue.

Diva, bummer about the kiddie b-day party - can't you just send the giant on his own? I'm all about having some separation between our own FFOs (Forced Family Outings)....I feel free to exempt myself from any of his family gatherings that I don't want to go to. If it needs explaining, that's his job, not mine. Now, our families understand me a little more, so don't question it so much.

And, diva, I hope you can make some alternate and fun plans for yourself for the 4th.

Hi hi PK. You'd better be taking good care of yourself, my dear!!

Okay, I need to hop in the shower, and get on my bike before it gets too hot.
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