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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Oh, poor guy has to wear a suit. I always feel a little bad for people who have to *really* dress up for work. I hope he didn't get lost...he should be here by now. Probably just traffic.
yeah, but i must admit, he wears hit suit well. ;) i like seeing him in it. but yeah, black on a hot summer day? not cool yo!
Edit: oops, wrong thread!
Was it Ann Coulter?

I'm so jealous that turbo and mrFJ get to meet each other!!!

Crap. I have to go meet with my boss right now. Grrrr...
Hi everybody!

Work is almost over for the day and I can't wait to get out of here. I paid some of my bills today and realized that after spending so much $ this past weekend I am so broke its not even funny.

Some guys look really good in suits and some are just eh. I don't know why, but for certain people they really work. Turbo, you'll get to give the verdict on that one for Mr. FJ!

Minx, I might be up for a whiskeybake tomorrow night. I need to check, but I don't think we have any plans.

I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday! I feel so disorganized, like I am forgetting something important that I'm supposed to do. I hate that.

Poodle, soon you are going to have the grooviest record collection. I have been staying away from Ebay because it is too addictive for me.
I've still yet to purchase anything on eBay. I'm probably the last person on Earth who can say that, huh?

I've decided I'm going home tonight without working any overtime. I've just freaking had it with this shit today. Why is it so f-ing hard to just not go to jail? Why? I'm about to just say fuck this whole project and make someone else take it over. It's frustrated me to the point of tears twice.

I love a man in a suit. I wish that the giant would wear one. I've seen him in a shirt and tie exactly once, and that's only because I bought it for him. I've always wanted to be with a man who wears a suit.

This iPod thing comes in really handy. There's this girl in my office who has a voice like a little girl about to start crying. Nothing is worse, except maybe Throat Clearing Guy. And then she said "gi-ro" instead of the proper pronunciation of "gyro." Like nails on a chalkboard, I tell ya. I'm drowning her out with Swedish death metal lest I get up and throttle her.
Hi, y'all!!

We got all these movers coupons -- and the actual movers only charged us for two hours instead of four for being so effing late!! and one of them is for that store "Bed, Bath and Beyond." That cracks me up. Just once I want to go in one and say, Excuse me! But where are your supplies for the beyond?!"

I feel bad I don't "see" you more often! At least I called one of my cool artist friends last night. She found a cool place on the outskirts of town -- too far out for my car less boyfriend. Neat little town though. Factories in some woods and gorges -- old brick ones -- a lot of cool bars and stuff from the twenties -- beatiful nature (did I mention that before?) and tidy ranch houses. We're paying 1150 for three rooms and for 1000 she got 2 bedrooms, a porch, a yard and a driveway.

But, it is so cool to be in a beautiful sturdy old building with blonde shiny hardwood floors, thick brick and stone walls, bay windows and an arched window in the bathroom. And radiators. And a gas stove. And the thing is, we can just jump out the door and either park for free on the street, or take a bus or a trolley, or just walk to the supermarket or to cool asian and turkish and russian markets, and go to restaurants and music clubs and bars and stuff and just walk home.

There is also a big trainyard three blocks away and we can hear the trains at night, which I love. Way out where she lives is the whole small town suburbia thing where after 6 or 8 pm it's a necropolis. Just little houses on little streets in the woods and maybe a sub shop you could drive too.

Eckacious. It's a funkier little town though, I used to work there and I liked it.

I haven't done Ebay either divalla, and i have the feeling I could really make money off of some of my stuff. I'm goung to have to get with it.

Have any of you heard of The Arrogant Worms? They're from Saskatchewan. Hilarious.

Happy Birthday Ms. Goofball!!
Congratulations on finishing the whale painting and starting another doodle!!
Poodle -- glad you're feeling better and good luck on the car search. I loved my badass giant V8 but I like my Saturn too. He is such a sweetie. He is so easy and cheap to run -- I've had him 9 years now with no trouble! we've been on fun trips together. He is red metalflake and stick. I will be sad to see him go. I saw an ad once with a car at a junkyard having it's life flash before it's eyes and it made me cry.

Raisin!! June 5th!! Sorry -- I have been so tired I have been incommunicado. I will read it tomorrow and get back to you.

Friday - thank god. I still have to go though stuff and wash and discard and set up and make double triple sure no bugs in old stuff or new place -- yakk!! We didn't have many in old place but I want NONE in new and esp. not to be the one bringing them in.

Question: I have all my journals, including all my dreams, from age 14 on. That's *clears throat* 30 or so years!! I am thinking of throwing them out. but should I? Is it a "priceless legacy, my heart" or is it "getting rid of the past"?

Maybe compromise and wrap them in shrink wrap, put them in a storage bin and tape any holes or cracks in said bin and you know, deep freeze archive in our apt storage area. The thing is, they are spiral notebooks in milk crates that we got off the street, and it's about three milk crates worth crammed in there with old paper and it's all crudulous with dust of ages - ...... --.....

Tyger == you're posing and "wandering" sound really cool!!

Turbo -- how kick ass are you for doing that major bike riding? After, say Junior High School I turned into a total bike riding wuss. In High School we lived so far out in the toolies I couldn't get anywhere -- it would be five miles up and down hills on a cheap sears roebuck one speed and five miles up and down hills back, to even go to so much as a drugstore. Luckily we had a nature preserve and dirt roads and a pond near by and view of a mountain and i had my own room with my own bathroom or my life would have sucked a lot of suckage.

I love eBay. I have gotten really odd, random items there over the last year: a 1956 recording of Alice in Wonderland that I used to listen to rabidly when I was a kid, clothes for me and mostly for minxlette, a cuisinart blender/food processor, a couple of books.

I, too, am bleeding. And I love my cup. I will totally get one for the kid when she is of age. Fuck the mad consumer tampons that dry out the chooch, and forget about pads. Anyway, I don't mind getting down and dirty with my vagina for it has served me well over the years. :-)

Yeah, anyone that wants to come over tomorrow night is more than welcome. Poodle, are you gonna come?
whammy, I always feel like I just have to shut my eyes and pay my mortgage, and not think of what that money could by elsewhere...we live in cities, and its expensive, but damn, its good to live in a city, and have places to walk to and public transit, and free festivals and concerts. We pay fot the lifestyle, yo.

Oh, and don't think me so ambitious for the bike riding....have you seen chicago? Flat as a pancake, it is....not exactly strenuous riding. But I love that the lakeshore path transports you downtown - fast.

So, mr fj....what a kind, *handsome*, wonderful person!!! ms fj, you are one lucky lady indeed! And I'm sorry you didn't get to come out on this trip! We had a lovely time sitting and chatting on the balcony overlooking the lake. I wish he had more time to stay and have dinner, but currently he is en route to Peoria....poor guy. But it was wonderful to meet half of the fjs! Next time we're in FL, we shall definitely stop by your place!

diva - word on the greatness that is ipod, in the workplace. It keeps my sanity with my loud neighbor who speaks in sing-song, like you'd talk to your 3 year-old. ick.

Ok, I gotta get my ass in gear and think up something for dinner. I totally do not feel like cooking. at all.
Here's a load of bull-pockey: I got nearly $300 in retropay. Know what I got in take home from that? Fucking $35. This had better be a stellar tax refund year 'cause I'm gonna be PISSED!!
minxy, that sucks. No doubt about it. Seems a little excessive on the taxes, I'd say.

diva - check your email...
Hi all....I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to read. I'm still at the Centre; board meeting is in 1/2 hour. I think I JUST got everything done that I needed to...JUST barely....*pant, pant*

I so need to start planning my escape from this place.
turbo! i just got off the phone with mrfj and he gushed over how sweet you are and how nice it was to meet you. he said you are just as warm in person as you are on BUST. he thought turbodoggie was a hoot too, especially when he freaked out when it was time to take a walk. ;)

funny: as he was leaving your place (he LOVED your view btw) he realized that his last appointment for tomorrow is about a BLOCK away from where you live. hehe! but it wouldn't have worked for tomorrow anyway because he's meeting his dad in town and they're going to drive their way back home over the weekend. at least now he knows where he's gotta go tomorrow!

minx, that does blow! was it some sort of bonus type thing? they always hit my quarterly bonuses at over 35% in taxes, but like turbojenn said, that's just crazy excessive!

hi doodle! hope the meeting is running along well.

BTW, I don't know what kind of crack I am smoking, but I have a HUGE pile of papers to be correcting and there is no way in hell that I will be able to whiskybake this weekend.

Maybe next weekend, er something.

Sorry. :-(
Hapy friday bitches!!! I woke up this morning, not having the slightest clue what day it is...I slept so good - lots of wind last night, and sleeping to the sound of the waves is the best.

Oh, that's too funny that he has to come right back here!! If I'd have known, I could have just ditched work to meet up. Ah, well - next time he comes up this way (with you!) he'll know where we're at, and we can figure it out ahead of time. It was really great to meet mr fj, and I'm so glad he schlepped all the way up here, even if his stay was brief!

all day yesterday i thought it was friday. so i can tell already it's going to be a long day. i am going to eat some chocolate cookies for breakfast so maybe that will help.

i think it's so great that not only do OK Busties get to meet irl, but OK Busties' families get to meet.
Good morning!

Minx, that effing blows about your bonus! Why is it taxed so heavily?

Sounds like Mr FJ & Jenn had a great time. Nice!

Whammy, your new place sounds really cool. Are you guys just loving it?

Nothing much up here today. I had a nice evening last night. I ran with the dog, then grilled out some turkey burgers. Got some work to get done today. I am glad it's Friday!
you know what this is
it's insult friday bitches!*

so what's up cum-smugglers?

i am soooo tired this morning. i went out to dinner with mrfj's mom last night. it was actually quite nice. we chatted a lot; never ran out of things to say. i had a yummy steak ceasar salad and the gooiest yummiest yeast rolls ever. mmmmmmm. i wish i would have asked for extras, as it would make a delish breakfast. alas, i guess i'll have to settle for a cocoa puffs cereal bar. anyway, i hated to leave even last night, but had to get home to let my pupper out.

then i wound up staying up far too late just farting around on the internet. finally decided to do some laundry and do the dishes, so at least when i get home tonight, the place looks half-decent.

going out for dinner and a couple drinks with S tonight and then back to her place for more drinks. we'd thought about getting all dolled up and going someplace nice, but have now decided that we'd prefer to do tanks, jeans and flops. they're having a moonlight movie down at the beach tonight and showing west side story. we're considering it because it sounds like campy fun. but we don't know if we can make it out there in time. so we might just play trivial pursuit and drunk dial our men and mutual friends.

i'm thinking saturday i might stay at home all day by myself, maybe plant a few veggies and weed the flowerbeds. i might clean the house flylady style, and read some also. and nap. yes, naps will be in order.

what's everyone else up to this weekend?

*i'd like to give a special shout out to kanye for bastardizing his song up there...
Hey miss karianne and turbo catsoup minxie doodle goofball!!

It's Friday!! I am loving the place but I am all cranky today because for weeks before I moved and the whole entire week after it has rained every single freaking day, and when it is not raining actively it is gray gloom. Then, many things are still boxed, I have to still do a little dance figuring out where each light switch is, and I'm adjusting to an itsy bitsy ironing board, the "dorm room" kind. I got so fed up I was locking my door saying "DAMN DAMN DAMN!" like some Monty Python character, and I think I may have awoken my neighbors -- it was about 8 am. I mean, having everything in different place, dressing "professional" every day, still being wiped from the move and not getting enough sleep every day this week makes me really glad it is FRIDAY!!

So I will have some butt-smooch apologies to make.

Now I will get all dorky and do all my lunch making, ironng and laying out every single detail of outfits the night before I reckon.

fun, so fun.

Just NOT a morning person. NO, no.

Ha ha, I'm picturing dogs freaking when they are going to go out, they jump up and do some spazzy jig with their big claws all squeaky scrabbling on the floor!!

Turbo definitely cheers me up

Happy Friday!! We might see the sun tomorrow here in Boston. Otherwise, I fear we will be living in that Kevin Costner movie -- Waterworld.

I got major work done at work, got to design and talk to editors -- I'm remembering every single super techie-artist-fussbot methodology shortcut and cranking it, pretty awesome. I'm WAY ahead of the suggested deadlines.
Yay for Friday - that's what I'm feeling!!!

Whammy - bummer about the rain - I hope it dries out there soon soon soon! And ouch! for getting used to your new space and bumping iinto everything...hell, I have a permanent lump and nasty bruise on my knee from bumping into the corner of our coffee table, and its been in the same spot for 5 years!

Turbo geting excited is awfully cute, I have to say...he wags his head at you, and bares his toofers in the classic greyhound smile, and then gives me butt rubs with his face. It probably makes me as happy as it makes him to go for a walk.

fj - your evening plans sound mighty entertaining!!

We have dinner plans with friends tonight, but they're the unfriends, if ya'll remember that crew, and I'm making my semi-annual appearance, because I am a good wife. yes I am.

tomorrow, weather is supposed to be gross and wet here, so I think I'll probably henna my hair again, and lounge around the house. Maybe have people over for dinner...we shall see.

hi kari, 'soup, and minxy!!
The retropay was massively taxed because it got included in my regular paycheck. Jerks. I wish they would have made it a separate check so's that I could have had someadat.

Blergh. At least it is the weekend. I am going to grade papers for about four hours tonight and get as much done as possible. If I can get all of this done, grading my finals on Monday and Tuesday should be a snap! Then I can get filthy drunk sometime this weekend. Maybe. Probably not, but it's nice to wish for nice things.

So is Whiskeybake '06 going on tonight or what? I'm gonna need to take a nap beforehand because I woke up too early this morning and I couldn't fall back to sleep.

Crap. I have to meet with the boss-lady really quick. I'll be back...
It's Friday, you butt plug lovin' whores!!!

Minx, the same thing happened to me last year when our retropay for our reclassification was added onto our checks. I got it all back at the end of the year, so don't worry too much. They tax like that under the assumption that that's how much you'll be making on every check for the year, not as a one-time thing. That check just bumped you up a bracket or two.

I'm kind of excited for our rainy day and cooler weekend up here. It's been too warm for me, and I'm not quite ready for it yet.

Whammy, is it possible for you to take a few days off just to get yourself situated at home and settle yourself? If you're so far ahead on your deadlines, that should afford you a couple days, right? When I moved last year, I took an entire week off, just to rest and make the place mine. I haven't a single regret about it.

That's okay that there's no Whiskeybake tonight. The giant kind of wants to hang out tonight since we haven't seen a whole lot of each other all week and he'll be gone most of tomorrow.

Turbo! Thank you so so so much for the email. I'm still deciding on it and trying to see if I can find a few images to see if they'll work.

FJ, your tomorrow sounds perfect. When do you get your man back again? That's sweet that you're so close to his mom.

Hi, Poodle, Catsoup, and Karianne!!!

I got so frustrated with work last night that I didn't put in any overtime, so I think I'm going to try to do some tonight and not let myself get all worked up from being completely overwhelmed. It's tough when you're just one person with 2 hands. The giant and I had a nice quiet evening at home making cheeseburgers and eating fresh watermelon. We also watched some ECW wrestling. Oh. My. God. These people really truly have absolutely no concern for their own bodies. I'd love to have guts like that. There's even a chic in it who wrestles guys. Wow. I wanna be her.

I also went by my favorite bead store last night to pick up some items I needed to make a few things, and lo and behold, it's closed until Saturday for remodeling. Feh. So I guess I'll have to stop by there again on Saturday.

Anyone have any big weekend plans?
diva - take a look at for pics...that's who I use mostly. Any image you get is going to have to be a vector image (EPS), so that it can scale up to a large size for your banner...anything you grab directly from a regular website isn't going to work for this application...
Jenn, I did take a look through that site and emailed you back. Thanks for pointing me to it!
hey you ass grabbing beef injected booby squishing cum recepticles!!! bah...i think i am off today.

i'm so wiped from this week and mommagoof is asking for where to go to dinner, and for some reason, its a HUGE decision. which means that i am way too tired and need a 3 hour nap. bleh. but part of me wants to get out of the house tonite and actually do something non work/school related. LOL.

turbojenn and turbo met mr. fj....sweet!

that sucks about the bonus back pay, minx. bonus back pay should be on separate checks simply cuz the word 'BONUS' is in it. my logic.

mmm...chicken salad sandwiches and hot cocoa for breakfast...hmmm....not the normal fare...time to hit the store.

hi whammy, turbo, minx, diva, poodle, doodle, kari, and catsoup!!! wheres tyger in all this?
When is Pride?

Diva, are we still on for tomorrow night?

Why is this day going so slow?

Why do I feel the need to pee every 5 minutes?

When will my boss leave?
You bet we're still on for tomorrow. I'm going to send you an email. And Pride starts 2 weeks from this coming Saturday/Sunday. It's on the 24th/25th. I'm feeling like I should take at least another couple of days off before then to work hardcore on making stuff. There's SO much to get done before then, and I haven't even started on bags. Or mosaic pots. Or woven paper wallets. Or those rings that sell like hotcakes. It's been all necklaces and bracelets and earrings so far. I need more than just 2 hands, and a little willpower wouldn't hurt, either!

This day is going so slow because it's Friday and it's raining and it's not a payday Friday. That's why.

You need to pee every 5 minutes because your bladder feels like it's being neglected.

Your boss will leave in exactly 3 hours and 12 minutes.

Hi, MsGoof!
(X-post) Hi msgoofball! Good insult!

This one's for you, msgoof:
It's not in the way that you hold me
It's not in the way you say you care
It's not in the way you've been treating my friends
It's not in the way that you stayed till the end
It's not in the way you look
Or the things that you say that you'll do!!!

Hold the line!!
Love isn't always on time!!!
Whoa oh oh!!!
Hold the line!!
Love isn't always on time!!!
Whoa oh oh!!

The resident boy and I had an argument last night over who was more familiar with the musical stylings of Lynyrd Skynyrd. I told him that he should even bother challenging me. He was quite humbled when I was singing Simple Man from their debut album. It all started because of a KFC commercial when I stated that the riff was different in their bastardized version of Sweet Home Alabama that in the actual Lynyrd Skynyrd song. He claims it's the equivalent of a cover, but I disagree, because the original riff is pretty much the most important part of the song!!! This is just like when we argued over whether Conky from PeeWee's Playhouse had a reel-to-reel or a boombox for a chest. Of course, the foolish resident boy insisted that it was a reel-to-reel, but he shut up after I did a google image search. Dumbass. I can only hope that one of these days he'll realize that I'm right about 99.9% of the time.

Well, I suppose it's time for lunch. I think I'll go to Jimmy John's again. Mmmmm....
By the way, my work email isn't working right now, so all emails should go to my pinkpoodle address.
thanks poods....;)

hi divalla! i'll be thinking of you when me and mommagoof go to the bead store today(she wants some earring--clip ons--made to match a necklace).
okay, i'll read afterwards, but right now i'm too excited, so i must get this out:
if i alter my schedule to go to vancouver a few days earlier than i had planned, my friend (who i'm staying with)'s sister is gonna buy us tickets to go see varekai! i'd get to see cirque du freak live! i actually squeeeed. okay, now i'll read and then post all properly
hi everyone!
~*~*~*~magic vibes to make the day go fast~*~*~*~
ummm, i mean, hey you CUMCATCHER HOBAGS
(hobag is my favourite insult here for some reason. in real like it's fucktard, or lameface. but they're more 'appropriate' than hobag)

so, if i just shift my second vacation so it's right next to my first one (i'm talking a 12-hour drive and then getting on the overnight bus that night) i can make warped tour and varekai. i'll just have to run it past my bosses. i can just see it: you know how i said i was gonna take two long weekends in a row at the end of july? well, how would you feel about ten days off in a row instead? it's kinda not good, because i already told my new boss (the bakery job) that i didn't have any vacations like that planned. but i don't care. i'm sure people will understand when i tell them it's to go see cirque du freak.

that sucks that they took so much of your retropay in taxes, minx. but at least you'll have a really nice tax return next year? all i get back this year is the ei and cpp that got taken out of my cheques, 'cause i didn't work enough or make enough or whatever for them to keep it. woohoo, 40$

urgh, i have to go wash my face and brush my teeth and get dressed and fix my nailpolish. feh. but that is all okay, because i get to see cirque du soleil!
(can you guys tell how excited i am? i was supposed to see the show in disneyworld, oh, 4 years ago when i was there, but it hadn't occurred to my father that it would be, say, sold out in advance and he could have bought the tickets when he booked our rooms. and whenever we were in Toronto and there was a show he'd make up some excuse. so i've been wanting to go for more than half my life)
Tyger, you'll have so much fun at Cirque du Freak (I'm going to call it that now)! I'm so excited for you! I was an usher when Alegria came to my town, so I've seen that live 17 times. I know I've seen at least bits of Varekai on Bravo, but I don't remember specifics since they all kind of roll into one for me. I'm going to try to see Mystere when the giant and I go to Vegas this fall.

Poodle, check yer Poodlemail. :-)
argh! this day is finally coming to a close. it seems like it's been a really super long one!

i'm about out of here but wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend!!


D'oh! I have to sit around for another 42 minutes. Grrrr...

My brain is officially fried. No more math for today.
Whew! I have spent my supervisor-free afternoon really working on my resume, and I think I've got it in fighting shape now! Its off to my friend for review, and then I just have to write the sassy *hire-me* cover letter, and set the wheels in motion so Planned Parenthood can hire me. ;)

Now, I think I'd better walk the dog, rain looks imminent....
diva, one time for an assembly some girls in my class and i choregraphed a dance to the 'allegria' song. except when they said 'i hear a young peasant sing' we all (teacher included) thought it was 'the hairy armpits will sing'
LOL tyger!!

When I was going to go back to school full-time needed a job for the summer -- this was 2001 -- so I got a job ushering at cirque du soleil. You can work nights and weekends there while they are in town, just find out what temp agency they're using. In Boston, it was Adecco. You make 10 bucks an hour, see the show for free, and get to eat in the circus tent with the Montrealers, they have all that creepy French country/mountain cuisine like rabbit in wine sauce.

Bad points: They make you stand for the whole 4 to 6 hours -- with no pad, you can't sit down even when the show is on, you have to stand on the tar or on the metal bleachers. OWWWW.

They can get around the US labor laws regarding that because they are not based in the US.

But I saw "Dralion" for free several times, and went back for Quidam but quit after a week or so cause I didn't really need the money that time.

Dralion is the best one, I think, because it's rather austere, just real Chinese acrobats who are incredible. Except if I could ever see O in Vegas that would be cool!

No weekend plans besides getting a lot of stuff cleaned and organized, decorating, shopping, eating, sleeping, stopping to see my cool artist friend who has her own gallery!!!!!
and catching some Pride stuff haphazardly, checking out the booths, and me and the boy will go for margaritas and mexican food before going over to see Kool and the Gang.

divalla -- great idea, but since we're pandering to the academic market we've got a big run up to September. No days off until fall or they have your head on a platter. I am lucky I get the nights and weekends off and 7 hour days and I get the four days to be on Cape Cod fourth of July. They are closing the company for Sat sun mon tues.

They *BETTER* not mess with me.

~*~*~Planned Parenthood or somethng just as cool jobby job vibes for turbojenn!~*~*~*~*~*
Hello! Sort of a drive-by...I'll be back later to read and catch up, but I just got home and I need to get some laundry going. I bought new bedding and I want to use it right away! So I have to wash it.

See you later!!! *keeces*

((((((big hugs for any okayers who need them)))))))
Hello hello all you gorgonzola cheese cooters!

I couldn't miss out on insult Friday, but mine aren't nearly as good as some of yours, man. I jst wanted to throw some gorgonzola into the mix.

So, I worked all day and it was all right. We didn't have a lot to do, so I made some cool blackberry lemongrass soup with lemon sorbet. It was pretty good, but it could have been better. I had the executive sous chef try it, and he said it could have used some more acidity - perhaps some lime zest. I think he is right.

I'm catsitting right now. I loves the kitties.

OK - I'll be back.
pk- i think gorgonzola cheese cooters is pretty damed, EXCELLENT friday insult!

We had a busy, draining week. I apologize for being MIA. Work was rough, the baby was very demanding just one night (of course the day we both worked 12 hours...wonder why she was demanding??). I'm SO effing glad its the weekend. last night, we got home from dinner at about 7:30, bathed, bottled and bedded the little miss by 9, and were both out cold by 9:15. Heh-then, moxieman got up to feed moxette at 11:30 (such that her schedule is not interrupted), and came back to bed HORNY. Gah- the feeling of being desired by every fiber of your partner is one to relish, ladies. That is all I'm saying about that.

This morning, moxette woke at 6 (9-6 with 1 feeding, which she sleeps through), was fed, played and fell back asleep, thus letting me go to the farmers market solo. I have a good kid. And I have a massage in 1 hour! WHOO HOOO! And an art fair in town today! I love saturdays.
That's awesome, moxie!! I like a nasty fuck as much as the next person, but THAT kind of desire is just unparalleled--and I'm super happy for you that you have such a supportive and loving partner.

*tears up a bit*

And it's funny (and NOT funny ha-ha) that babies and little kids always know how you're vibing. If I had a dollar for everytime Minxlette drove me NUTTERS when I was already having a bad day, I would at least be able to fund a trip somewhere warm--which would be nice because I haven't vacationed since 1999. :-)

I was kind of hoping that today would be shitty and gray so that I would be more motivated to grade papers, but now the sun is shining. Damn it. So easily distracted...
Halloooooo, everyone! Hi minx, moxie, and PK! Where is everyone else today?
ok, so this is weird, but the internet and TV news are producing nothing, and it's kind of creepy.

so there's this weird booming noise outside (in east central brooklyn, nyc). it's been going on for 5-10 minutes now. it's kind of a cross between thunder and fireworks. not a holiday, and i don't see any lights outside. i would brush it off in typical jaded new yorker fashion, but the last time i heard a noise like that it turned out to be the world trade center ceasing to exist.

anyone have any idea what it could be? any new yorker busties with either a better view or cable?
bklyn - I just took a cruise through cnn, and didn't see anything...I hope everything is ok out there.

hi doodle, minxy, moxie!

Whew....have had a lovely day here. The weather started out all shitty, so turboman decided not to play paintball, so we got to hang out together all day. We saw X3, ran errands, and then tried out the new trattoria in our 'hood...which was excellent, in spite of the wood fired oven not being ready for food yet - they just opened on Monday, and apparently the oven needs another week to properly cure before its ready for pizzas. But it was packed, and that makes me happy. I hope they do well.

And I gave turboman a good massage, and then he gave me a splendid hbi....what a lucky girl am I!

diva....haven't had time to start cooking on the banner yet, but I'll do it tomorrow...the ideas are bubbling in my brain pretty good now though, so it should just float on out tomorrow...
yeah, i think it must have been fireworks and i just couldn't see them. almost right after i posted that they stopped, which coincided with the amount of time most people can watch fireworks without getting bored. also the news came on right after that and didn't mention anything weird.
i saw Zumanity in Vegas, that show was EXCELLENT!
Driiiiiiiiiiive byyyyyyy!!!!!

Hi again everyone! Hi turbo and bklyn and free spirit!

I am getting my bedroom cleaned and organized once and for all this weekend! I've got new bedding, and a cleared floor space! And a friend came over this evening and helped me hang up new bamboo blinds. Hurrah! (Although we were smoking herb while we were doing it, so I hope they look okay in the morning!!) Anyway, that's what I'm up to, and why I'm not posting!

And I'm also staying busy so I can avoid having anxiety attacks about a report I just realized is due this month.

Sir George had a fierce battle with a house centipede last night. My boy won the battle, but had an upset tummy after eating the spoils of victory.
Good morning everyone. Way to go Sir George. Fight the good fight. My boy cat will attack bugs but only after I put him right in front of the damn things.
This weekend was fun. On Friday I went out drinking and dancing. Stayed out far too late and got hammered. Then we got caught in a three AM rain storm. Boy was I pretty the next morning. So, me and some friends went out for hangover food (which for me means cheese burger, fries and lots of caffine) and spent time at a local street fair. Last night I just stayed in, curled up on the couch as I muttered "Goddess I feel old." It was fun.
I just wish it would warm the heck up. It's June people! Why is it so fall like?
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