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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi, peeps!

I wish the weekend weren't over already. It was nice to have an extra day to chill out and do nothing.

Cool Whip cartons do tend to accumulate, as do sour cream containers. I always feel so guilty throwing something out into a landfill for it to stick around on Earth long after I'm gone. But yogurt containers? I always toss 'em, mostly because I only eat Yoplait, and they don't have lids.

(((((((Tree))))))) That must be one hell of an awful job to make your way through. Just take it one room at a time, if you're not already done by now.

(((((((Doodle's meds work and don't make Doodle sick)))))))) Your boys next door sound pretty sweet. That's nice of them to introduce themselves and smoke a little with you. But don't sleep with either of them - if it goes bad, you'll still have to see him every day and hear him playing his music and whooping it up nightly.

Poodle, you are such a damn good friend. Paying your friend's way up and then letting her go on about a boy? You really are something. I'm glad you're my friend. smile.gif

Kel, this Daisy sounds wonderful. Isn't it great when a guy does what he says he's going to? The giant is like that, and damn, it's nice.

Jenn, I envy your trip to the farmers market. I'm going to try to go this weekend if I have any extra cash after I pay rent and order a new canopy for my booth.

I wish I could sustain growing things in my home, but I can't. I'd love to have a potted herb garden, or flowers, or anything, but my house is where plants come to die. Maybe someday if I'm not on the ground floor anymore, I'll be able to keep my shades up.

Culture, bedbugs? Isn't that something that gets reported and dealt with? Blech. Makes my skin crawl. I wouldn't want your job, actually having to go out into homes. Mine is just fine here at my desk.

Today would have been an excellent day to play hookey, but I'm going to do that one day next week. We had a really good weekend. We went to see the new Pirates... movie with the giant's mom on Saturday. It was really good, but not as good as the first one. Keith Richards was surprisingly good, for his tiny part. I didn't think they'd be able to get the man sober enough to speak intelligibly, but they did. On Sunday, the giant went golfing with his cousin, then mowed his mom's lawn, so I got the house to myself almost all day. I made a bunch of jewelry, cleaned a little, and caught up on a ton of TV. Yesterday, we did not a damn thing, though I got some more jewelry made. This weekend, I made 2 cuffs, 1 necklace, and 3 pairs of earrings. I would have made more earrings, but I'm waiting for my special sterling chain to come in the mail. My goal is to be finished making jewelry by the weekend so I can focus on other things. Let's see if it actually works out that way.
Good almost afternoon!

Poodle, I've in the past 6 years been attracted to men who are older than me. My ex was 8 years older then me (I met him when I was 17), the guy after him was also in his 30's, the one after him, when I was 23 was 35, the current lover is 37. Older men, generally, know what they are doing, and have their shit together. Fuck, your boss does sound like a bitch.

I know what you mean about plastic containers. Can't you recycle them???

Diva, indeed you heard that right, bed bugs. What was funny is that I was training someone for the first time, it was her first day and I bring her to a house with bed bugs!!! We bonded after that, it was pretty darned funny.

That's all for now.

i could have used one more day also, diva! of course, i worked for most of the day yesterday to try to get in some dials so i guess i really didn't have three days off. but i did like having mrfj here at home with me so i could sneak quick kisses from him between phone calls.

my internet has been super wonky since last night and it's really starting to make me very angry. i guess i should be glad that i have it right now and actually be working.

i don't really have much else to add right now anyway, just wanted to check in.

good things tuesday:

it's NOT monday. indeed, poodle, indeed.

that's really all i've got right now.

oh, and doodle, that's really cool about the neighbordude. hehe, isn't it cool how the green bud helps people bond. hehehe. diva's probably right about the not sleeping with him thing, but nothing says you can't have a really good smokin' buddy! and maybe you guys can get all your instruments together and have a jam session! wow, that would be so much fun!

I PROMISE i'll catch up! I jsut wanted to say HI!HI!HI! to everybustie!

ok...scampering off to catch up on GULP 3 days worth of stuff!
Hi diva, FJ, and mox!!

I can't wait to see the new Pirates. I think we should all quit our jobs, build a giant pirate ship, and sail the Caribbean. ARRRRRR YE COMELY WENCHES!!!

Those necklaces sound great, diva. That's cool that had the house to yourself for a little while.

Great. The office meddler has returned from her dr. appt. It was so nice and quite around here this morning without her pestering me.

Okay, so I was reading this thing about creationism that I heard on the news the other day. It makes me want to barf.

"According to a 2006 Gallup poll, about 46% of Americans believe in strict creationism, concurring with the statement that 'God created man pretty much in his present form at one time within the last 10,000 years,' and 36% believe that God guided the process of evolution. Only 13% believe that humans evolved over millions of years, without any supernatural intervention. Belief in creationism is inversely correlated to education; of those with post-graduate degrees, only 22% believe in strict creationism."

GAG!!!!! 46%!!!! I'm surrounded by bible-banging morons!!!
Bible-banging morons. Poodle. I so fucking love you. smile.gif
hi, lets pretend like I still post in here all the time:

In regard to the yogurt containers.... I really don't know if this is *better* but I buy huge containers and then dish out what I want into smaller containers with lids when I want to take yogurt on the road with me. Is that better for the landfill than individual containers? Am I fooling me?

Hi pretty busty friends!
ooh! minx! hi Minx! cross posted.
Hi, FJ and Moxie!

Poodle, I read that same poll today. Freaking ridiculous. The way I justify that 46% in my head is this: stupid people can't grasp concepts that are beyond their capability (I guess you could say that about all of us), so it's easier to just say that something else unexplainable did it because then you don't have to think. They see people like they are now and just simply can't fathom that we're the product of millions of years of evolution, and humans in the future will likely be different from us still. I just don't understand how you can put real actual physical evidence in front of a person and they can still say "god made us just like we are 6,000 years ago" when you see actual proof of the evolutionary chain, bones and fossils and all.

Some people just can't be taught.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) only 3 more days until I get paid
2) I might actually be able to manage until then without raiding my teeny tiny savings account
3) 40 days until the giant's brother comes home - he just got awarded the bronze star for his service
4) there's a nice wind blowing
5) my boss is gone so I can catch up with some stuff online, like the 1100 emails in my yahoo account
hi moxie! hi minx! hi lurv!!!!

ooh, lurv! i have a better idea! instead of pretending, why don't YOU just come in HERE and POST with US more often?? YAYYYY!

Hi minx and LUUUURRRRRRVVVVV!!! Come back here!!!!

46%. Ugh. Somebody get me a drink.

The recycling thing: I don't know about other places, culture, but plastic tubs can't be recycled here. The only types of plastics that are recyclable are items with "necks." Lurv, you are correct about larger tubs using less plastic compared to several smaller tubs holding the same amount of stuff. I feel really bad about eating so much yogurt in small cups. I suppose I could buy plain stuff, and add a bunch of fruit and a smidge of sugar.
hey minx and poodle, i had to tell you this, as the single word association thread just reminded me:

yesterday, while driving in town, "lady" came on the radio and i thought of both of you. mind you, i changed the station, but not before thinking of you both fondly, imagining poodle on the mic serenading minx.

Dennis DeYoung...what a dork.
Good Afternoon all!

FJ I could always use one more day!

Poodle, word on the it's not Monday! At least y'all have a shrot work week... Bible banging morons almost made me shoot iced tea out my nose! Fuckin' hysterical! I hope the globe and mail has an article about that. Speaking of creationism I posted a link to an article about a creationism museum! It's in the news thread in ATWT... That is also bizarre about recycling.

Hi Moxie, minx, and lurv!

My clients are driving my BONKERS!!!! Every time I check my messages there are seriously 6 new messages, and I am checking my messages every 15 minutes. GAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Okay I'm better now. and my shadow is GREAT!!!
I am on hold with my credit union. They are beginning to have The Suck. I have been on hold forever regarding a fairly simple matter, but I guess that it takes four Oxford University professors to ascertain where my question should be directed. Hmmm...I might be feeling a little harsh today, but that's just because there is no air conditioning in my school and it's like living in an armpit.

Lurv!!! Oh, how I miss you! Not as much as I am currently missing a human telephone operator, but STILL! I wish to partake in the booby-squishing hugs you purvey. A big Koolaid Man "Oh Yeah" to you my sister.

Okay Okayers, I am not the biggest country music fan in the world, but I am not opposed to listenting to it on occassion. When my brother got married the other weekend, he and his now wife put together a CD of their favorite tunes (some have The Suck, but some were pretty righteous) and there was this song on there called "I Loved Her First". That damned song makes me burst into tears, I shit you not. Egads...I must have issues. It's just so damned SWEET! Feh. Feh on you, Nashville for turning me into a leaky faucet.
Fuck, now I have "Lady" in my head, too!

Hi, Lurv! I'd think that what you're doing has got to be better. At least you're reusing more than you're throwing out.

Hi, Minx!

I want this day to end, and it's not like it's even been anything other than a typical dull day. I want to get out of my fishy smelling shirt and put on a t-shirt that it's okay to spill on.

I got the hiccups. Damn.

Hi Hi HI!!

so here is a link for you creationists:
I love you smart ladies. I haven't been called a
Comely Wench in such a long time.

Thinks are good here. I'm fixin' go to my mom's for a little dinner and to hang out in her back yard. She moved here you know.

ALSO! you all remember the red-haired baby? then 20 months later his little brother was born? WELL, there is going to be another baby brother in September. Squeeee three baby boys in three years. Favorite is very tired.
hi hi hi everybustie!!! *and special booby-squishing hugs for lurv!*

We can recycle all kinds of plastics here - neck/no neck doesn't matter, just #1-2 plastics. I go with the large tubs too, lurv - and I often re-use them to freeze soup or stock in.

I had a fabulous ride to/from work today - perfect, mild weather for cycling, and not many people out there today on the bike path. AND, once again, I've "discovered" that properly inflated tires make me dislike my bike a whole lot less. Road bikes just don't sustain their inflation when riding on shitty bike paths full of potholes. I gotta commit to inflating them every couple of days, I think.

Doodle, I think you mixed a lovely color of paint for your table, and yeah, a chartreuse table would have been a bit much....even for our green-loving sister!

Ooooh, diva, I'm jealous, I totally want to go see Pirates - I think that will have to be on deck this weekend.

FJ, I saw a purty lady on my ride home today carrying her tiny baby, and you popped into my head - jackaroo is going to be here in a little over a MONTH!!! Time is flying!

And lurv tells us that the red-headed baby is going to have two siblings - craaaaazy!

Minx, I'm with you in hating on your financial institution...I closed on a home equity line March 30, used it to pay off our second mortgage, and they managed to fuck it all up, and I'm STILL dealing with it. argh. I'm *this* close to pulling all my accounts from Chase, and going strictly to ING, including mortgages. feh.

Hi mox!

Well, time to change the laundry over, and get turbo walked!
Good evening everyone.

I am glad this work day is DONE!

Lurv, congrats on beb!

Comely wenches! I knew I was forgetting something. I can't even type right now I am so tired...

Minx, that blows about the bank shit and working in a large armpit. I don't blame you for being cranky. I'd go nuts.

Hi Diva!

Turbo, that really great about the good ride. Enjoy your walk with puppers.

I took the dog for a nice looooong walk at the park. Yesterday, I was informed, that after all of us left the park, there was a funnel cloud over the university, which is really close to the park. and here we are walking around in the pouring rain having a lovely time. Hee. It's bene rainy, and when I left is was cool, when I got to the park it was warmer and humid. I'm confused, and now tired. I'm going to make some popcorn and relax. I just don't have the energy to work out today, but the long walk makes up for that.

Later all.


good things tuesday:

1. i don't have to be back at work til ten tomorrow morning
2. c-monkey got a principal's award at school today for good behavior and citizenship, thus earning everybody ice cream
3. i went on a total nostalgia spree at the used bookstore and now have a stack of my favorite trashy reads from jr. high to reread and reminisce over; yay, christopher pike!
eta 3b. i just downloaded the whole christopher pike 'last vampire' series on limewire, which i passed on at the ubs because they only had books two and three. woot!
4. i walked away from a tense stand-off between city police and some crazy guy that got on my bus

allow me to elaborate on number 4. now, i missed the first part of this whole thing, cause i had my headphones on and my eyes closed trying to avoid having anyone sit next to me. yeah, i'm one of those assholes. but when the bus stopped for what seemed like an unusually long amount of time and people around me started murmuring, i opened them to find the bus surrounded by flashing lights and police officers around the corner with handguns and semi-automatic rifles trained on the bus. i guess our latest passenger had been wandering in the middle of traffic trying to stop cars, and taking some item in and out of his pocket that someone suspected was a gun and notified the cops. they stop our bus, and the driver tells us the cops want everybody off nice and slow one by one, cause they're in pursuit of a suspect. so the the first guy gets off the bus, and they make him empty his pockets and drop his backpack and back toward them with his hands on his head. i start taking my phone, pda, and mp3 player out of my pockets and put them in my backpack and make sure my laptop is secure, cause no way am i dropping $3000+ of electronics on the hard concrete. turned out to be unnecessary though, because the first guy was the one they wanted. they made him get down on his knees and then flat on the concrete with his arms spread, then they cuffed him. meanwhile, we've still got about 20 officers standing there covering this guy and a couple of them have guns still pointed at the bus while someone radios dispatch to confirm they've got the right guy. once they confirm that yes, this is the one, about ten officers board the bus, guns drawn, and search the immediate area where the guy was standing. once they confirm that there's nothing dangerous on the bus, they let us know what's going on, that this guy was behaving in a suspicious manner and we were detained for our safety, and we are now free to continue on our way. the bus driver tells us that anyone who wants off at this stop can leave now, and a few people get off, muttering about "i ain't about to get caught like no speed sitchyashun, fuckin bomb on the bus and shit". honestly, i was kinda worried about them having guns trained on the rest of us, although i talked to another officer at the transit center several hours later, and his explanation made sense. i mean i know why they did it, in case the person they wanted was still on there, but all it takes is one itchy trigger finger or some asshole shooting his mouth off at the wrong moment... mostly by this time i was annoyed at the delay and ready to get moving again, cause damn it, i had shit to do. so we got moving again, people talked about it for the next few stops, and then i finally got where i was going and my day continued as normal. i'm wondering if this will be in the paper tomorrow and on the news tonight, and how the press is going to play it out. i saw the guy on the bus once i started paying attention, and it seemed to me he might have been a bit disturbed, not in a "i'ma go crazy and shoot me a busload of passengers" way, but a mentally ill way, and i kinda felt sorry for him.
Hi Okayers!!

Grrl, that's crazy! I would have been freaking out (quietly, on the inside, but freaking out nonetheless)!

Hi lurv...nice to meetcha.

Turbo, the bike ride sounds heavenly. My walks in the park lately have been a bit too warm for me...getting a bit of color, though.

Minx, yeah, there's a good country song every now and then. And of course, the Dixie Chicks rock. Want me to punch your credit union people in the neck?

Hi Culture! Glad your work day is over...mine was long. Field trip planning is so time consuming. It's not hard, just takes a lot of work.

46% believe in Creationism? Who the fuck are they polling? Did they go to a Baptist church or something?

Hi Mox, Poodle, FJ, Doodle, and everyone!

Good things Tuesday:

1. Indeed, not Monday.
2. Have definite date planned for Saturday with the daisy. Going out on his boat.
3. Beautiful cool breeze tonight.
4. My landlord gave me a squash plant to put in my little garden.
5. Had coffee with bff. Always a good time.

Despite all these good things, I still get so anxious sometimes. I'm in a much better place lately, but I still find myself spiraling into weird headspaces. I have to literally talk to my negative thoughts. It sort of goes like this, "Hi, bad thought, I recognize that you are there and all, but I am trying really hard to buy into something else right now. Thanks for sharing. Now go away." Sometimes it works, sometimes I have to try even harder. I get so freaked out in the beginning stages of dating someone. I know my life doesn't hinge on this guy, but sometimes it feels so scary to try and trust someone.

Hello my sweet dahlinks! How are you this lovely day?

It is very sunny and warm here - so warm and sunny, that I discovered latex paint will start to DRY before you're finished applying it! WHOOPS! I'm going to have to sand down a few sections of the bookcase. *ahem* I love the colour, anyway. It's not just the colour of my ceramic pots, it's the colour the surface of the river goes in the late afternoon, which makes it a shade I love and adore.....

I promise I won't sleep with my neighbour you guys. Well, okay, maybe I shouldn't promise things like that. But honestly - how could I sleep with someone who was only BORN the same year that the love of my life, Blue Rodeo, started putting out albums? Seriously.

Hey, I wonder if he knows drummerboy...?

diva, the religious nutters believe god put the fossils there for humans to find. Nothing to do with evolution at all, you see.

It's a really convenient way of dealing with things, innit? Whenever you are confronted with something that contravenes your religious beliefs, you just have to say, "Well, god must have done that." It's the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and going, "la la la la la," whenever someone starts saying something you don't want to hear. Fossils are just one more reason why the fundies are always bleating about how we must all suspend our thinking processes in order to attain true faith.

It IS interesting that fundamentalism didn't start to rise until scientific awareness and human rights also started to's like that's when they REALLY started freaking out and sticking their fingers in their ears.
Word, Doodle.
Double Word, doodle.

And in that vein, I'm watching V is For Vendetta right now. Good movie.

I'm hoping I sleep well tonight after my riding...its a nice cool night out so it'll be good to leave the windows open.

Doodle, I love that grey-greeny look that moving water gets - the lake does that here when its very windy. I do so love the many moods of living water.

Kel, you keep using the power of your intentions to keep feeling more positive, and let all those negative thoughts go. Pack 'em up, and put them on a bus, and wave as they grow more and more distant. ((((kel))))
Ooh, turbo, that was a great movie!

Hi also kel!

I am eating a gigantic plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce and parmesan right now. MMMMMMM.
doodlebug it okay if I sleep with one of the new neighbour's young friends, or is that out, too?

biggrin.gif Kidding. Maybe. wink.gif

I actually played my guitar with neighbourboy and his friends on the lawn tonight. Yes, I did! They were standing under my balcony while I was practising, begging me to "come out and jam." (And yes, we all shared a joint as well.) Neighbourboy plays the djembe and harmonica, not the guitar. But his friend DOES play guitar and it was awesome to play with another guitarist! Even though I'm still a pretty basic guitar player, it was cool to just play rhythm and let him do all this funky lead guitar shit. I want more guitar jamming! I invited him (the guitarist) to knock on my door, if he's around and he hears me playing.

And it was awesome to sing, of course...even though I know I "can" sing, it's been a long time since I've had the nerve to sing in front of other people. But ever since Bruce Dickinson and Natalie Maines (there's a duet you'll never hear) got me over the diaphragm hurdle? I'm just a-singin' away all the time, apartment windows open, car windows open, in the grocery store, whatever - I don't care anymore! So it was cool to sing for others and finally not be scared about it.

So, I fixed the paint finish muck-up, and I'm going to start polyurethaning tomorrow. BUT I haven't even started the drawer fronts yet. I don't have much room on the balcony for these projects, so I figured it would be easier to do the drawers later. After the drawers are done, I'll post a pic.

I don't think there's going to be enough paint left to do the work table. I got 2 coats of the original colour on the hutch before I decided it was all wrong. So, my balcony may have to morph into a laboratory, so I can mix up the contents of my paint cupboard and get the job done. (Ironically, wanting to change the colour of the work table is what prompted me to start this project!)

SORRY for this "Me Post!" I just realized it's all mememememe, and I hate posting self-centred posts...but I don't have the heart to delete it.
Hi all! Long time no see, okayers... (I've been intimidated by the pace of this thread...)

Alright, I read the last page of archives and:

Ooh ooh ooh! Yogurt idea, poodle: I looooove throwing plain yogurt, a bit of brown sugar, and FIGS in a blender! Soooo delicious. I picked up that habit in Ecuador, where they’re super into it apparently ☺

Grrrrrl, OMG, I was obsessed with pike novels too! RL Stine was another big one for me and my cronies, how about you?

That’s scary about the bus stand-off! Glad you’re fine.

Kel, good luck with the date!!

So, how's this for good things tuesday: I had a job interview today for a position that would be a really good match for me, and--get this--BEFORE I EVEN GOT HOME they had called and left me a voicemail offering me the job! Neat! This is my first actual 9 to 5 full time job! I really hope I like what i'll be devoting 40 hours a week to!

Other good things Tuesday items:
2. got another cool email response to my personals ad.
3. had tea with my best in-town friend today, always a very fine time
4. had a phone conference with my current boss, who is a very cool person that i'm happy to work for/with
5. got two fuckin' hot new dresses at american apparel! they're a bit on the slutty side... because i think i'm discovering *my* slutty side! (at the moment, trying to decide whether or not/when i should fuck one of my online dating catches, whom i met last night)
Good Morning on this Wednesday.

Doodle, I agree on the fundamentalist thing. I say fuck the neighbours boy! Have fun!

Ohhh Kel, date with Daisy on Saturday! Sweet!

Hey Turbo!

Grrrl, that is fucked up! I knew there was yet another reason that I don't like to take the bus, ummm psycho grudge holding clients following me home tops that list!

Hi Octi! I also remember R.L. Stein and Christopher Pike! I remember I started to read them when I was in grade 6, and I thought I was so cool for reading "teen" reading material. Bwaaaaaaaahahahahaha.

So I did nothing last night. I came online, then went to sleep. Boy 2 is busy for the rest of the week so I can't get fucked either. Grrrrr. I'm starting to get cranky, it's been almost a week since last portions. and it's month end, so it's insane. Grrrrr.

Later all.

I loved Christopher Pike books as well. The R.L. Stine books never did it for me the same way. I think because the Pike books usually involved sex talk and I was a sucker for that in 6th and 7th grade when I read them. That and V.C. Andrews. rolleyes.gif

Doodle, I'm glad you're making friends with your neighbors. And if you decide to get a HBI from someone, good for you. If not, good for you too. Those young studs often like to be instructed. Or so I'm told.

Grrl, I'm glad to hear your okay. That sounds tense.

I got in a car accident yesterday. Or a car accident happened to me. I was stopped on the freeway because traffic came to a very sudden stop (694 by Fridley for all the Twin Cities gals!) and the car behind me did not make it. He rammed into me and I went flying forward and to the left. Luckily there was no car in the lane next to me. He totalled his car and the back of my car is a big old mess with the trunk all pushed forward and crumpled. Everyone was fine (thank goodness) but I did get to ride in an ambulance because my neck was hurting so much. They did some x-rays, I'm fine with just a sprain, and I learned that ERs are nothing like the show. My car is looks awful and I love love love my car. The other driver has taken responsibility and his insurance will pay for it. Hopefully my car isn't totalled and they can repair it. Today I'm at home stranded with a hurt neck but fine. I get the rental this afternoon when TB gets home and can take me. I've never been in a real car accident so this was all a little too much for me. I rediscovered I bursts into tears repeatedly under pressure like that and that everyone (witnesses, other drivers, police, EMTs, state troopers, hospital workers) will treat you very gently as a result. I'm so glad the biggest thing I have to worry about is my poor darling car.

Okay, enough about me. Sorry about that. I'm sure I'll be around a lot today so I can make up for my self-involvedness with future posts. smile.gif
oh, i loved pike when i was in jr. high. r.l. stein was okay for scary, but pike was smart scary, at least to my little teenage mind. and yes, his books were better than the fear street series simply because people had s-e-x *cue giggle*. his later books, it seemed like he was really stretching for ideas, and they started getting kinda lame. the ones i picked up yesterday were all classic pike: die softly, bury me deep, remember me, fall into darkness, and more like that. i also picked up some richie tankersly cusick, who was another favorite back then. you know what i was surprised to see them stock in their kids section though? v.c. andrews. i was like "dude, whose bright idea was that?!" i mean i read them when i was that age, but dammit, the little whippersnappers should have to sneak them out of their mom's bureau or nightstand like the rest of us did!

eta total x-post and mind meld with catsoup. woman, get out of my head! laugh.gif and i'm glad to hear you're mostly okay after that accident. treat yourself gently and don't go straining anything!
Hello all!!!!! It's hump-day!!! I remember hearing "hump-day" for the first time from our science teacher back in 6th grade. Of course, we all giggled and made fun of him. "Heheheheh...he said 'hump.'"

Mmmmm...octi, I like to blend frozen blueberries and raspberries with about a 1/4-cup of yogurt, orange juice, and a scoop of soy protein powder. Sometimes I add a banana. Soooo tasty. I actually love the taste and texture of the powder in there. Most people make "eeeww faces" when I talk about soy protein powder.

"The Suck" Hahahaha!!! Hi minx!!

I like some country stuff, too. I love Dwight Yoakam. I also like old outlaw country like Waylon, and Willie, and the boys. I'm a sucker for some 80's songs like "Fishin' in the Dark," "I Love a Rainy Night," "Redneck Girl," "Guitar Town," "Let Your Love Flow," and many more. Minx, some day I'm gonna serenade you with a karaoke version of Fishin' in the Dark. smile.gif Okay, now I'm gonna have to look for Nitty Gritty Dirt Band on my ipod. Yup, I have all of those songs on my ipod!!

Oh, and I also love the song "Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother" by Jerry Jeff Walker. I practically roll on the floor in laughter everytime I hear it, especially when I'm drunk.

Up against the wall, redneck mother
Mother who has raised a son so well!!
He's 34 and drinkin' in a honky-tonk
Kickin' hippies' asses and raisin' hell!!!

Hahahaha!!! Somebody get me a can of Falstaff and a double shot of Wild Turkey!! *pounds on Okayer bar*

Ummm...doodle, is it okay if I sleep with one of your neighbor boys?? *packs up suitcase*

Ugh. Just the thought of a creationist museum makes me queezy. I'm glad that people were protesting outside on the opening day. Animatronic dinosaurs??!! A 2-story ark??!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Hi turbo, lurv, grrrl, and kel!!

ETA- CATSOUP!!! Thank god you're okay!! I hate 694 near Fridley. I always get a little freaked out over there. Sorry 'bout your car. sad.gif
Hi, peeps!

Catsoup, I'm glad you're okay! I hope your car can be fixed, and am glad that nobody else got hurt. I try to avoid 694 in general.

I loved Christopher Pike when I was younger, in middle school. "Remember Me" was the first one I ever read, and I think it's still my favorite, even though I don't even remember what it was about. I'd like to read a few more Sweet Valley High books. I was also really into Babysitter's Club, but outgrew that fairly quickly. I never have read a VC Andrews book, but the movie of "Flowers in the Atic" freaked me out something awful. I tried to read a couple, but I just couldn't get into them, which is okay because I didn't really want to learn about incest anyway.

Jerry Jeff Walker? What kind of redneck name is that? Does he have a brother named Jerry Joe and a sister named Jerry (short For Geraldine maybe?) Janet?

Whenever I get a smoothie, I make them omit all powders. The texture ruins it for me, and I figure I'm doing well enough by eating/drinking all that fruit in the first place. But the grosses thing is "dairy base" at Jamba Juice. If it's not a real food like milk or yogurt, I don't want it. I had a smoothie with "dairy base" in it and threw the whole thing out after one sip.

V for Vendetta is the. best. movie. evah. I loves me a good revenge story. Those are my favorites.

Hellos all around to everyone else!

Not much doin' over here. Most of my beads got delivered yesterday, so I made a really cool pair of earrings with sterling silver bead frames and Swarovskis. I figure I should get the rest of them either tonight or tomorrow. I'm just really happy to have fine chain to work with, even though I'll blow through it really quickly. I can't wait until Friday when I can buy the rest of my supplies for everything and really get going on other stuff. I'm hoping to have a lot of variety this time around, not just jewelry and purses, but lots of glassware and mosaiced flower pots, too.

kelkello - wanted you to know that I typed up your "hi, bad thought", printed it up, and it's on my wall of sayings. Love it.
catsoup - so sorry about your lovely car. you should take it easy, too. hoping you and your neck feel better soon.
doodlebug - sing, girl, sing
octinoxate - congrats on the job!!
grrrl - glad you're ok after that bus incident
((hugs all around))
Hello everyone!

((((catsoup))) I hope you and your car are okay.

Grrrl and catsoup, word on the pike series. Those naughty sex scene got me excited when I was that age! I enjoyed The Last Vampire Series, but the last one was pretty lame.

Diva that is great that your beads came in!

Hi Jami and Poodle!

Things are a chaotic month end, I've had way too many people come down without an appointment, and it is driving me insane, and here is another one! I'm on my lunch people! I need totake the dog for a walk then go and work out when I get home, it'll be a good day. I am listening to nice relaxing musique on ze ipod right now.

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone!

Just spank my ass and call me Judy...somethings are going SO well in my life right now, and it feels like some other are falling right down the drain. Serious deja vu. Anyhoo, there ARE good things, so I am relying on my good friends and better angels to get me through. Can't do much to create some stupid false sense of control anyway, so fuck it.

Crying just doesn't do me any effin' good anyway. It makes my oily glisten look watery. Feh on that.
I've never heard of this Pike person. I know it sounds uncultured, but I honestly dislike reading books. I like magazines because the stories are short and usually factual. I usually don't have the patience for books.

My friend linked me to this eco-footprint quiz (I emailed it to you, diva). Very interesting. I tried to be as honest as possible about it and effectively round up on some of the answers. For example, I'm inclined to say that I'm not as wasteful as others in my area but, in truth, I'm still throwing away small yogurt containers on a daily basis. Anyway, I ended up with a 19, which means that we'd need 4.2 planets to sustain my lifestyle if everyone lived like me. Take the quiz!!

Rawwwrrr...I hate listening to my boss on speaker phone. She does it all day sometimes. And then there's that awful piano music...

ETA- Hahaha!! Minx, your phrases constantly crack my shit up!!
good morning and happy humpday all around!

doodle, it sounds like you have some really super neighbors now! i love that you had a jam session under your balcony!! that is so awesome! i wish we had cool neighbors. i totally think it would be fine to get your flirt on with the guitar-man and see where that goes. seriously, you'd probably be doing him a favor and getting a little favorable action of your own!

i am having such terrible internet issues today still. it's so frustrating when things like this happen. evil comcast!!! *shakes fist in comcast's direction* this post has been open on my computer for a few hours now, waiting to be posted when i actually have a connection. i will be SO mad if i lose connection again before being able to post! garrr!

kel, i must tell you! i had a dream with you in it last night and we got along FAMOUSLY! oh, it was so awesome! you had moved to my favorite town, st. augustine, and i was living there too. and daisy was in it, only he was the main dude from office space. he was so cool and funny and you guys were just hitting it off so well! i know i took you on some tours of the city and to my house and i just remember us laughing and laughing. i love dreams like that and only wish they'd come true! i would love to meet busties irl. oh, and your hair was fabulous. hehe!

ugh, i can't remember what else i was gonna say. this post has gone on too long already. tongue.gif
Booooo at Comcast!! Surprisingly, I haven't had any problems with them ever since the Time Warner Cable switcheroo. At first, I was super-pissed that Comcast took over, but now I don't care so much. I hope I'm not jinxing myself.
(((catsoup)))) hope your car and your neck are ok! take care of yourself! car accidents can take a lot out of you.

poodle, i took the quiz and we'd need 4.7 planets if everyone lived like me. i think what saved me from being higher is that i don't drive to work every day anymore and usually, when i'm in the car, i'm with someone else (mrfj).

I hate Comcast with a passion. I'm working on the giant to let us get our sevice through Qwest and then get a dish for the cable channels. My gay boyfriend's boyfriend works for Comcast and is pretty much their biggest cheerleader and doesn't think anyone should have any right to say anything negative about them.

What I really wish is that there could be more than one cable company in a region. I can't stand how they monopolize whole areas the way they do.

My eco footprint was 23. I rounded up in most cases, but I should really try to be more green. I recycle everything I possibly can, though, and make other people do it, especially here at work. There's actually a woman here who thinks recycled paper has chemicals in it that give administrative workers hand cancer. True story.

GYW, wow, the dude had a gun? I probably wouldn't want to be on the bus aferwards, either.
hand cancer? wtf???

thanks for chiming in with the comcast hate, diva. poodle, i hope yours continues to work well. i honestly think that comcast has somehow fucked our wireless router up, since that hasn't worked in a few months now and it stopped shortly after a visit from them to fix yet another issue with our modem.


eta: oh, but in other news, i just got a reply back from a NICE letter that i sent to t-mobile last week. i had called in to get them to take care of a mistake they'd made (i had asked them over a month ago to discontinue auto-pay for my bill for the next few months because of the financial issues we were having and they still took the payment out of our account automatically this month). i got a really nice guy on the phone and he was incredibly helpful and nice and really impressed me. he did more than just do his job - he did it without attitude and the normal humdrum customer "service" response. so i asked him for his name and how i could get an email to his supervisor. maybe he just caught me at a very needy time in my life and i was just so happy that someone was actually doing something to help me (this happened last week during the whole paycheck/mrfj missing his flight debacle). but i wrote the most glowing report of him and they just acknowledged it and said that he'll be rewarded for it. i hope it's more than a pat on the back, but even if it isn't, at least he knows that he did a great job and that he was appreciated. maybe that will help him when he's having a shitty day.
Tip for dealing with Comcast (or any cable company, probably)- when they say their techs will be out there in a few days, just calmly say, "okay, I'm going to go look at the box myself and see if I can figure out what the problem is"....they don't like it when you do that, and I've heard stories from people who've been told a couple of days, and the techs are there within 30 minutes to fix the problem. laugh.gif
Yeah, I'm amazed that I haven't had Comcast issues yet.

OMG!! Hand cancer?!!! Hahahahaha!!

That's so nice of you to write that letter, FJ. Customer service people deal with so many lame people that I'm sure it helps to hear something positive every so often.

I want some beer, but I had so much over the weekend that I should probably take a break. Still, beer sounds sooooo good right now. Mmmm...I want some Tilburg's Dutch Brown Ale.

My dad wrote me this asshole email about the footprint quiz. He went on and on about immigrants and the Muslim extremists and how America is so great and blah, blah, blah. Geesh. He got so defensive over a stupid quiz. His message was really insulting. He also types in all-caps, which drives me crazy. Anyway, I sent him a lengthy rebuttal. I nailed him with environmental facts and a lecture about how his need to be "comfortable" will negatively impact the lives of his grandchildren. I hope that shuts him up.
I took the quiz and got an 18, which I don't think is too bad. Hand cancer from recycled paper? Wow. Diva, maybe you should introduce that woman to poodle's dad- sounds like they'd hit it off! tongue.gif We don't have a recycling program here in my condo complex. I only feel moderately guilty about that. I do try to reduce and reuse, but to some extent, the recycling process, from what I've heard, does more to hurt the environment and is less economically-sound than not recycling. Except for aluminum. That's actually worth recycling. Again, this is just what I've heard- and maybe I believe it just to feel less guilty about not recycling (if I *really* wanted to, I could save my recyclables and take it to my parent's house), but it's just what I've heard.

We don't have Comcast, but from what I've heard, they're pretty much Satan incarnate. The only one I've heard is worse is Time-Warner....and I think that's just from what roseviolet says about them- what kind of cable provider doesn't carry Bravo?!?! Speaking of which, where is rose? I know, she just moved. I hope that went okay!

((hugs to all the okayers!))
Hi all!

Boo on Comcast and their fuckery. I have Verizon DSL and have had very few problems.

Poodle, oh maude, I wanna beer now too! That would be excellent.

FJ, I've found that niceness usually begets niceness. I'm glad you wrote him a glowing report. It probably made his day because people in that field are used to hearing how horrible they are. And I wish I could tandem dream with you! I would so love to meet you and hang out! I think it's incredibly cool that you dream about us Okayers.

((((Catsoup))))~~~~~car and body healing vibes~~~~~~~

Minx, bravo! You sound like you have the right attitude about this! I've been working on changing my thinking, and I'm really becoming a firm believer in it.

Jami, thanks for finding my "bad thought" talk inspiring. I don't know as that I've ever been put on someone's quote wall before! *blush*

Hi Culture, Doodle, Polly, Octi, Diva, and everyone I'm missing but without the intention of missing!

I'm having a ME night. Turned off the damned phone, went to therapy (good session), the library (where I saw my asshat ex and he tried SOOOOO hard to get my attention by walking by me several times, but I maintained a "I don't see you at all, you are transparent to me" look on my face. Heh. I'm evil) and now I'm showered and ready to read or veg with the brain drain that is television.

Good evening everyone.

Just a fly by. I took the dog for a really long walk now she's completey pooped out. I am going ot work out.

I hope that everyone had a great day!

Heya Funky Femmes!

*sigh* I wasn't able to catch up entirely, but unfortunately, my Mom is one of the 46% It just pisses me off that there should be such a belief propegated in this day and age! It's not due to a lack of information... it's due to BLATANT LIES! There is just no way that anybody who has done enough research to write books about creationism is truly in belief that the world is less than a million years old. You don't even have to hypothesize that the earth is older than that, you just have to examine physics, geology, and astronomy, and you'll come to the conclusion on your own! To hypothesize that Earth is only 10,000 years old would force us to re-write all we know about light and distance between stars, and we already know enough about space to send probes to take pictures of the planets in our solar system and put live humans on the fucking moon! *pant pant* and there's... but they should KNOW... GAAAAH! Accepting such beliefs isn't open-minded, it's a crime against the future of the planet.

You see, the quantity of dumbasses... organized dumbasses... is why Bush got re-elected.

Sorry. I'm sorry for ranting... Hello everybody! I've been having a pretty good time lately. My new friend in town showed me some new trails around the mountains we live by, and aside from some nice hiking, when we stopped to take a swig and admire the view, I noticed that some previous hikers (or more likely mountain-bikers) left a couple of roaches from the tail ends of doobies! Scoooore! I pocketed those in a ziplock bag I once had oreoes in. He he he! A treat for later!

Glad to hear that you guys are mostly doing well. Sorry for those suffering Comcast. They haven't been all that bad for us yet. The thing that sucks with them for us is that they have a monopoly on our hill and charge us too much because of it.
*is jealous of lore's mountains*

Hi hi everyone! I did read everything quickly when I got home tonight, but then hunger drove me to get corndogs and fries for dinner....yummm. I figure if I'm biking 25 miles a day, I can eat some dirty food, right? I'm noticing that I'm definitely hungrier at lunch and dinner on days that I ride to work.

I got a 12 on the earthday quiz...and I do definitely make a conscious choice to try and reduce my waste impact...and chose to live in a place where I don't need a car, and live in a shared building. I think we as a culture need to get over our need for everyone to have their own house, especially gigantor mcmansions, and stop the urban sprawl, so we can have some green spaces to enjoy. *steps off soapbox*

((((Minxy)))) Much love to you, doll, and keep focusing on those bright spots!!

Lore, I feel your parental pain...though while my 'rents wouldn't deny evolution, they are becoming more mindless sheep as time goes on, and the more they read those crazy fundie apocalyptic novels.

FJ, you KNOW I hate comcast with the white-hot fire of the sun!!! We've never had cable that works correctly and the internet goes down constantly. Ugh.

OH, and we're getting stargazer's used elliptical machine delivered to our house tomorrow night - YAY! So, we'll be able to get exercise at home...lets hope it does not fall into the dreaded "clothes rack" category.
Greetings, Okayers! Hi there turbo, FJ, poodle, diva, lorewolf, octinoxate, 'soup, culture, kel, minx, polly, jami, grrrl, and any lurkers!

I am kind of taking it easy and keeping a low profile today...after socializing with my neighbours 2 days in a row (especially considering I try never to socialize with people in my building!), I needed some down time.

Plus, it was quite hot here today.

And I have a wee headache today. Maybe I need to introduce those guys next door to the friend who gets organic pot for me, 'cause their stuff is NOT in the same league! *sigh* Children these days. wink.gif

Hope you are all well!


poodle, got that suitcase packed yet? wink.gif
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