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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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kari, my sil found them on an art website that she is on. she knew i'd love them so she sent me the links. i was saving the assclown one and poodle set me up for it. smile.gif

tree, that is sucky that your wrist blistered from the treatment. um, yeah, i don't think you should do that anymore!!!

poodle, that is really cool of you, i hope she has a great birthday.
and i love that photo of your friend. that's pretty sweet that she's all dolled up on the car, but she can turn wrenches with the best of 'em too!! awesome for her!

I love those emoticons, FJ!

Well, no bike for me...I found one that I really wanted - Cannondale Road Warrior, but they only had it in the medium frame, and I probably need the small, and its backordered til July. Oh well. I have such a hard time with bikes, I'm really between the standard frame sizes - its rough to be petite on the bottom, but have a normal length torso. Treks don't fit me very well, either - the bike I originally bought two years ago was a Trek, and I ended up taking it back. So, I'm going to keep riding what I've got for awhile, and maybe look for a saddle that will give me a little more adjusting room to move it back.

Kari - good for you for making it to spin class at lunch! I probably should have gone, since I have the day off, but I didn't...I did ride 6 miles though, so at least that's something.
Oh, I just had some bitchy mcbitchstein student engage me in a powerstruggle that I allowed to happen. I hate it when that happens...I haven't done it in months. We are doing a theater project and I had them marching around the block singing silly songs and doing lots of acting and vocal exercises and partner activities and she refused to take part in it, but she WOULDN'T GO BACK INSIDE!!! Total retarded power struggle. GRRRR!!! (and the Hulk thing was to remind myself to laugh) Yeesh. I need to just let it go.

Let it go, Minxy...let it go.

I want a big hotfudge sundae. Hmm...I wonder if Minxlette would like to go to Sebatian Joe's?
Minx, I want to go to Sebatian Joe's if they have big hot fudge sundaes!

Grrl, that is so awesome that you get all your transportation for $324. Plus exercise!

Jenn, you ride your bike so much, I am sure you don't need near as many spin classes as me.

Minx, I want to go to Sebatian Joe's if they have big hot fudge sundaes!

Grrl, that is so awesome that you get all your transportation for $324. Plus exercise!

Jenn, you ride your bike so much, I am sure you don't need near as many spin classes as me.

my boss just called. they understaffed for tomorrow and production has been behind all week and they have this huge order to fill, so they need me to come in at 6 am tomorrow until they finish, whenever that is. for my reaction to this lovely bit of news, take a gander to your left. dry.gif
Car insurance doens't cost as much where I am, as it is is public crown agency (meaning it's owned and operated by the government) My car insurance is still around $900.00 a year, but it's not so bad, not nearly as cheap as grrrl's transpo.

Grrl that sucks big donkey cock that they called you in.

Oh Kari, hot fudge Sundae's sound delish! Now I want some Dairy Queen, but I got me a raspberry cream cheese brownie! YUM!

Minx, you were the one who planted the sundae seed! Mmmm.
~*~*~*~relax-y work vibes for minx~*~*~*~*

There is only 20 minutes left in the day!I must go now.

Later all!
I'm back!

*winks at Jenn....YOUR turn now, babe. Go for it!

Grrl, that's damn reasonable for transportation. And how sucky having to to in!

Hey, who opened the hot fudge sundae pandoras box? Mmmmmm...

Fie on Ms. Bitchy McBitchstein!

Jenn, they use electric current to "push" a steriodal anti-inflammatory cortisone type medicine down into my wrist, transdermally. The medication goes on a gauze, the electrode goes over the top of it. Poo on not being able to find a bike today...I hope you can find a seat that suits you.

FJ, thankfully it was my last treatment. It seems to have a cumulative effect though...each treatment blistered a bit more. I'm glad it's over.

Soooo...piercing lowdown follows...if you want to skip it feel free.

So, I showed up at my appointment time and have a seat in the waiting area, omg I love their new location, it's very Zen with rice paper shoji doors, lanterns, bamboo...but anyway, I'm waiting. And waiting. And then my piercer came out and apologized for the delay but a woman passed out! And, I'm like, oh, shit don't tell me that.

But, no, it was okay. Once I got in there. Insertion of the receiving tube was a little uncomfortable but it was not as uncomfortable as the q-tip test. And, CH and grrl are right, yes it does hurt but it's over so hurts for like three seconds. I get a mild "twinge" every now and then but most of the time I don't feel pain.

It is bleeding a bit though.

But, all in all, I'm glad I did it...and I hope it kicks up the whole orgasmic front.
tee, tree is a member of the pierced coochie club! see, told you it wasn't that bad. but how funny that some woman passed out. was she getting her hood pierced too, or something else? cause i'd be totally embarrassed if i passed out for anything less than the girly parts. anyway, i've been watching daria all afternoon, cause i thought i would be off for the weekend and it would be a bad thing to sleep too much today and be all be cranky for c-monster over the weekend, but since i have to go to work anyway... dry.gif ahem. but i digress.

so i've been having my daria marathon, and you guys remember quinn's friend tiffany, the asian member of the fashion club that always spoke in this slow...monotonous...bored...tone? that voice is one of the most horrible and yet strangely fascinating ones i have heard in my life. yes, even more so then ben stein's. and i can't get the tiffany voice out of my head and now that tree is pierced, it's been running this in a continuous loop. maude save me from my own nostalgia. rolleyes.gif
Tree! It's all anticipation babeeeeeeeeee! Does it look cute or what? What did you get a barbell or ??? I need the deets. Ummm, what did the piercer tell you to do in terms of cleaning? I'm so excited for you!!!!!! I don't ever remember getting the q-tip test, though. I think she just looked at it and said, you've got more than enough room. I'm so happy for you!!!!!

Grrl, that is still craptastic and sucks big giant donkey dick (oh I so want to watch southpark now!!!!) that you have to work.

I am going to get some food, as I am very hungry, I'll be back later all!
Hi everyone - this is a quick post! I just finished reading the archives, but I haven't been feeling well today. I had to up my dosage of Metformin this morning - nausea and stomach cramps ensued. I sure hope it "takes," though, and my body gets used to it. I really want this stuff to work!!

(Except for, you know, the "increased fertility" part.)

So anyway, I'm not staying on long today.

And FJs...asshat and assclown! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

ETA: hey CH, I was just reading through the archives, catching up on the last few days...I thought you said you weren't a social worker? I'm confused! unsure.gif

ETA again: treehugger, that krazy glue worked just spiffy on my split callous, thanks! I feel like I've entered a new league of guitarists.....ones who have to superglue their fingers back together. tongue.gif
Hi everybody!

Heeheeheee, Tree got her va-jay-jay lanced! I hope it sends you over the moon with orgasms, girl.

I'm still jealous of Turbo and Grrl being able to ride bikes to work.

~~~~~Metformin working vibes for Doodle~~~~~~~~~~~~

Glad Mr. FJ got back okay, but I think I'm late on this one.

Minx what grade do you teach? I teach 8th grade English, and I agree, power struggles are just the worst. I rarely have them, but I when I succumb, I feel just wretched later.

I hope everyone had a fantabulous Friday because it was quiet in here last night!!

I'm doing pretty good. The Daisy is up at his cabins in WV for the weekend doing work on them. He has one he rents out to people as a timeshare and one tiny one for his own fun. We probably won't get together again until next weekend...he wants to take me on his boat and go clamming. I have to just go with this. I have to realize that until he gives me a reason not to trust him, I need to just trust him. He calls when he says he'll call, he does what he says he'll do. Why do I overanalyze???

I've been freaking out a little over the whole situation and actually ended up calling Kelman for help. I know that sounds weird, but he is incredibly objective and gives solid advice. We talked for a long time, and I think we will one day be good friends. For the first time I thought we talked like friends, not lovers who split. He calmed me down about the Daisy situation (I get completely freaked at the beginning stages of a relationship and have a hardcore flight problem...I tend to run away from things that just might make me happy).

I had an spat with my bff this morning that has left me shaken up. She found out that Kelman had a Myspace page and messaged him and didn't tell me (found this out through Kelman) and I wondered why. I message her about it and she took it completely wrong. Thought I was being accusatory. Got a little nasty. This is why I hate the internet, email, and IM. No fucking tone. I called her this morning and straightened it out, but it has left me feeling very wonky and out of whack. I think I need to take a very long walk with some good music.
Good morning good morning.

I fell asleep so early last night, but I needed it, things at work are going to get crazy!

Doodle, I am a social worker, but I don't have a degree in Social Work or anything closely related to social work! My degree is in Anthropology with a specialization in medical anthropology. I hope that the meds straighten themselves out soon. ~*~*~*~*med working and feel better vibes~*~*~*~*~*~

Kel, I am exactly the same way when it comes to the early stages of relationships, at times I would rather run into the horizon like a malamut. Hee. I know exactly what you mean about the tone of e-mails, you don't want to sound snotty at all...and emoticons in an e-mail are, in a work situation, not acceptablb. So if I think that my e-mail may seem out of "tone" I'll either rewrite it and if it just doesn't come out right, I'll say have a great day or wahtnot at the end.

Well, it's rainy and shitty here and my bedroom looks like a clothes and dog hair bomb exploded in it. My plan today is to declutter and do a good room clean.

I hope everyone's Friday was good.

Good morning! Ah, we got a good thunderstorm here last night - I love sleeping to storms, with the window open so I can hear the rain and thunder. Unfortunately, my bathmats were out on the balcony hanging, so they got a second washing overnight. Oh well.

I went to the first farmer's market of the year this morning - YAY! I got asparagus, strawberries, some raw milk cheese, lots of baby lettuces, and some free range/organic eggs. It was good to be back at the market this morning. I should have bought some plants, but since we're in for storms all weekend, I decided to wait until next week for those.

Kel, that's so great that you feel like Kelman can be a good sounding board. And YAY, for the excitement and enjoyment of time with the Daisy! And I'm glad you were able to sort things out with bff. Email is the worst for conveying emotional content.

Ah, and doodle has reached new musical heights, thanks to krazy glue! hee!

Well, time to hit the shower, and try to get turbomann up so we can go do a little clothes shopping...turbomann's clothes are looking a wee bit ridiculous now that he's down about 35lb. Time for him to invest in his hott new bod! (and of course I can always use a few things too. wink.gif)

I am sad. I just got an email from Bill, my old college housemate and the dog he had when we all shared a place had to be put down. That little dog was just the sweetest, coolest little guy. His name was Toby. I shared a residence with Toby for two years. Bill said he'd been having nosebleeds and it turned out he had a huge tumor in his nasal cavity. He was twelve years old, and it was time to let him go. Rest in peace, Toby.
R.I.P, toby. ((((kel))))

Kewl on the first farmers market of the year, Jenn. I would have liked to go to ours today. Oh, well. In a couple weeks I'll be able to.

~~*~*antinausea vibes for doodle*~*~~...glad the krazy glue worked! Isn't it seems like it even kills the pain almost immediately too! I think the pain must be caused by the split gaping...once it can't move it doesn't hurt.

grrrl, that audio clip made me crack up! Hehe! And I dunno what that other woman had piercer didn't volunteer the information and, sort of out of respect for her embarrassment I didn't ask. But I do know it happened a few seconds AFTER the piercing...and when she came out there was no VISIBLE whatever it was, was covered by clothing.

CH, the information sheet I got said, a warm salt water compress once/daily for fifteen minutes, also, in the shower flush it with a 50% antibacterial ear piercing aftercare solution, rotate jewelry 5 times, rinse well, rotate five times. I should call and ask, how do you rotate a curved barbell?

But I've been also, when it sorta starts to sting which it's done a couple times, I do the saltwater compress and it takes the sting away. But, mostly I can't even really feel that it's there.

Oh, and I STILL don't have my period. Getting older sucks, sometimes. I totally can't predict when MRG is gonna visit. At all. It could start today; it could start in a week, it could just not start at all. Blech.

I'm having a little kittymama guilt. I had to board Mojo cause of having to leave tomorrow to go to Moms...and they were going to be closed for the weekend so I had to take him yesterday (they do have attendants during the weekend, they just don't have staff to check them in)..but anyway I took Mojo yesterday and today I got up and realized I didn't take his little bed! Poor guy...I feel guilty. And I can't take his bed over there today cause there's no staff to bring it in. sad.gif

I made about $40.00 on the yard sale...then I got cold and it started to drizzle so I came in. I gotta take the clothes to goodwill today.

*waves to Okayers
(((kel))) you okay honey? RIP Toby

Turbo, a farmers market! That is really lovely! Mmmm veggies.

Tree, may I also recommend that whenever you go to the washroom that you get a small squeeze bottle and rinse it with warm water. In my opinion, salt water isn't needed, but that's just me. I wish I could help your pet guilt. I know how you feel. (((tree)))

Well it's rainy heavely, took the puppy to the park and she is now curled up beside me.

I started cleaning my room and got rid of tons of crap, I recycled tons of shit, shredder old visa bills and reciepts, and I FOUND my warranty for my muffler, so I can bet my $100.00 back! All the vibes you sent my way totally helped!!!! Thanks okayers!!! I heart you.

Well, I'm going to go and complete the bedroom cleaning and do the dishes.

Tree, I'm glad the piercing worked out. Sounds like a lot of maintenance, but I bet it's completely worth it.

Culture, decluttering is the best feeling. It feels very liberating. Glad you found the warranty so you can get some cash.

Turbo, the farmers market sounds wonderful. We don't have a very good one around here, but the produce stands are open and I can usually find some good stuff. I wish I could find fresh cheese, though. Maryland isn't really a dairy state, at least not where I live.

I need to get some flowers and herbs SOON and plant them in all of my pots. It's time to get cracking on that.

Not much going on here...laundry and then a visit to the carnival later for an oyster sandwich. Yum.
Kel I hear ya about decluttering being liberating. When the ex and I broke up and he wanted all his stuff back, I went through all "our" things and gae him every last peice of paper, reciept and bank statement. Instead of throwing out and shredding, I gave it all back to him.

I worked out and now I am tired. I must go cut a matted ball of fur off the hound.

later all.
I killed it.

Hello! *echoes

Wow, it's been quiet in here! Spose everybody's out doing stuff for memorial day. I'm procrastinating finishing up packing to go to mom's house. Ugh. It's not gonna be fun traveling with a new piercing, with all the aftercare stuff I have to do. Oh, well.

I'm still feeling guilty about Mojo. I know that I'm gonna have to call them first thing Tuesday to find out how he's doing.

So I went to our great big super-grocery store here in town...just getting provisions for the drive, I need snackies or else I fall asleep. Coffee doesn't do it. So, anyway, I decide to go down the health food aisle to pick up some sea salt so I can soak in a proper bath and soak my piercing at the same time. Got a good price, $1.00 buys me about 3 cups. Anyway, I saw coconut oil and thought of Turbo and Doodle. Man, that stuff's expensive!

And, I seem to remember that mom's got tons of mint gone wild in her yard...I should bring some limes and some rum...hehe

Gah. I am SO not looking forward to cleaning out that house. She's a packrat.

Kel, yum, your carnivals have oyster sandwiches? I love oysters. Well, if they are cooked anyway. Are they like oyster po-boys? How do they do the sandwiches?

Congrats CH on finding that warranty!

Um, I might be out of touch a few days, we'll see. I might bring my 'puter to mom's, but the only wireless network's at mc-donalds. Yikes. Although I don't trust any of the food at her house anyway, and I won't eat off her plates since she forgot how to use dish soap. Yuck. It's a good thing she's going into assisted living.

ETA: X-post with CH! *waves
Hey Tree!!! I meant to tell you about twisting abarbell, just take the top bead and turn the bead to the left or right and that twists the whole barbell, or instead of twisting you could just push the barbell up.
Well, I was thinking that, it being a curved barbell, that if I twisted it, it'd be too wobbly in there? I can't describe it but when you visualize a curved one twisting...the ends don't stay in the same place and....well, it just seems like something I don't wanna do. If it were a straight one, sure. That two hour long soak in salt water today seemed to soothe it pretty well.
Oh my maude, that oyster fritter sandwich was fantastic. On the Eastern Shore of Maryland, we are famous for our seafood. And one place in particular is famous for its oyster sandwiches...the Hebron Carnival. It's tiny, low-rent, and a beautiful look at a cross-section of Americana at its best and worst. They sell these huge oyster fritters sandwiches...the fritters have about 10 oysters dipped in batter and deep fried and placed on *gulp* white bread. The fritters are huge and feckin' delicious. It's probably the only time I gleefully eat anything on white bread. I have to have a yearly fix.

*passes out oyster fritters to all interested parties*

Misunderstanding with friend is all fixed up. We spent the evening together and had coffee and all is well. I'm feeling less anxiety, which is great. Just trying to enjoy my life as it is.

Hi Culture! I have to check for more portions posts from you. I could use the mental (among other things) stimulation.

Tree, have a safe trip to yo' mama's. Good luck with travel and VCH healing. We will miss you 'round these parts. It won't be the same without your whory red spank me hair.

Hello? Okayers? This must mean they are all out and having fun. Yay!
hey okayers! so here i am, at work, with only one department running, so my hourly checks only take about twenty minutes if i drag them out, then i'm at loose ends for the other forty minutes. very boring, but it gives me plenty of time to come here and bust. i am so glad i thought to call my boss last night and verify my start time, because 6 am to finish sounded slightly fishy for a saturday when they're running both shifts. turns out i had to come in at 6 pm. very glad i called on that, cause i had my alarm set for five am, and i would have been very pissed to show and be told to come back in 12 hours.

anyway, i got the nicest surprise today! spent the night at the momster's last night, and she left early for weight watchers and then breakfast with my aunt, and i didn't get up til about 10. after about an hour, i was getting all worked up into a proper snit about my mom not thinking that "hey, maybe j and c-monkey want to come to breakfast with us, cause lord knows there's not much at my house i didn't tell her not to get into", when momster calls on the phone and tells me to get myself and c-monkey dressed, cause my aunt's decided she wants to go for pizza. sounded like a perfectly reasonable breakfast to me, so i got the kid moving and my mom picked us up.

so we're sitting in the pizza place, which a friend of my brother's owns, and my mom's being very insistent about keeping an eye out the window to see when my aunt's car gets there so we can go ahead and order. i'm looking out the window, and all of a sudden i see my brother coming down the walkway. my baby brother who i have not seen since christmas of 06 and who got back from 6 months in iraq a couple months ago. and his wife and my little niece are with him. i yelled "oh my god!" and ran to the door and hugged all of them, even the beast-in-law. i'm pretty sure i even cried a little. c-monkey was right behind me. the momster's flying out to south dakota, where they live, in a couple of weeks for a visit, and i was so jealous that i have neither the vacation time nor funds for c-monkey and i to go with her. i wasn't expecting to see them again til at least christmas, assuming my bro wasn't deployed again. they flew out for the weekend without telling anybody they were coming. my mom didn't even know about it until they tracked her down while she was with my aunt at staples this morning.

we had a great afternoon catching up over pizza. and my niece is so fucking adorable! she sat between me and c-monkey, who i was afraid would be jealous because we do tend to pay a lot of attention to "the baby" (she's actually going to be two this year) since we don't see her but once or maybe twice a year. but she was very into the big cousin thing, giving the baby a page out of her favorite coloring book and getting her bouncy balls and a ring and candy out of the gumball machines once the two of them had cute-faced all the adults present out of every quarter in pockets and change-purses, and letting her sit with her to play the driving video game. my niece started getting a little cranky toward the end, didn't want mom or dad or even grammy, but she stopped crying when c-monkey handed her the page she'd been coloring earlier. and when she started up again (she was in mom's arms at the time), aunty j took her, and she calmed right away. i love that she does that! i just look her in the eye and tell her, "now peyt-y, you know there's no crying on auntie j's shift", and she stops, gets this serious little look on her face, and before you know it, she's laughing and snuggling. anyway, it was a fun afternoon, and they'll probably stop by the momster's place for a visit before they leave again monday.

after that, the momster and i took c-monkey to go see shrek 3, and it was time to get me home to pick up my bike and go to work. i shouldn't be here too much longer; the rep i took over for said the second shift came in at 4:30 and was only going to put in five or six hours. they're at lunch right now, but they said they should be done by 10 at the latest. meanwhile, outside in the mechanic's barn, there are two fugitives running loose. i saw one of them out on my break a little while ago, and i was surprised as hell, because we're packing product today, but overnight friday is the last day we killed, because of the holiday weekend. i herded it over to the mechanic's barn because i wanted to make sure it was somewhere relatively enclosed while i went to find out who i should be calling about the situation, and the second one was already in there. i called the head mechanic on duty, and he was no help, he was just like "well, they're not my turkeys, what do you want me to do with them?". so i asked one of the department managers on duty, and they said it was usually security's job to deal with loose birds. whatever, it's out of my hands. but i called my boss anyway, got her voicemail, cause i'm not sure if this is supposed to get written up somewhere and what it would go under or what. still, it was kind of funny, and there's actually nothing to keep them on the premises, no fences or anything. so if they can make it out alive before monday night when the kill line starts up again, well good on them for bucking the system.
*grabs an oyster fritter

Yummm, kel! Just the kind of snackie to keep me going on the road! It sounds a little like a po-boy but those are on hoagies.

Grrl, what a great surprise seeing your brother! I'm so happy for you, and your niece sounds adorable. Oh, and I'm kinda rooting for the fugitives...underdogs that they may be..hehe

Okay, so I gotta fly....

*waves g'bye to okayers...will try to check in. Have a good few days, everybody!
Hey peepers!!

I'm glad the piercing went well, tree!! Have a safe trip to your mama's!!

~*~*~*~anti-sick vibes for doodle~*~*~*~ Heh...doodle is a modern day fertility goddess!!

Kel, that's great that you were able to talk to kelman in a platonic way. It shows that you're moving on. smile.gif

Ugh, my room looks like it exploded with clothing, too. I'm taking all of my laundry over to my parents house today. I'm going over there to see my bro and nephies (went to see the Twins game), so I figure I should take advantage of my parents' awesome washing machine. The laundry machines in our building are pathetic and the dryers barely work.

So I went down to my hometown on friday night to visit my BFF for her birthday. She was super stressed out about a guy and she had also taken no-doz for the drive up, so it was a little tense around there. I saw her again yesterday, and it was a wee bit more relaxed. It was nice to see her, but I gotta say that I'm a little peeved that she's spent most of her time up here worrying about a guy. Ah well, I guess friends are there to listen to that sorta stuff and not feel resentful. I would love for her to settle down a little bit into a more steady, relaxed lifestyle, but I don't know if that's possible for her!! It's almost like she thrives on stress and drama. She's always had a hard time just kicking back talking about trivial stuff. I like to think that I keep her sane, since I'm the queen of care-free, low-responsibility living. It's funny...we're total opposites in so many ways, but I think that's part of the reason why we're such great friends.

Yeah, so today's plan is to drag my lazy ass to the gym and then to go over to my parents' house for some quality time with the fam.
Grrl, that sounds like a great surprise! I haven't seen my brother in since October when my stepmom died. I don't know when I'll see him or my niece again. Hopefully this summer if I can do the 11 hour drive to Cincinnati alone. That's a long damn drive.

Poodle, your bff sounds like the way I used to be. I sometimes find myself still doing it. I've actually had to start talking to my negative, anxious thoughts. I say, "Hi, I see that you are here, but I'm not buying into you anymore. Thanks for sharing, but I'm doing something else now." It's really hard to break the patterns of negative thinking. Somedays it's so easy and other days I feel like I'm actually doing real work. It's mentally exhausting. It's easier in the short term to just let myself freak the hell out. Your friend is probably in the same pattern...freaking out is what she knows and she doesn't know how to stop the thoughts. Hell, I don't even know how to stop them from coming. Right now I'm at the stage where I am able to at least intervene and reset my brain. You are a good friend for listening to her. She needs that, and you are amazing for sacrificing your own fun so that she can get it all out there. I try really hard to make sure that my time spent with my friends isn't all about me...but I know where she is coming from.
Good morning ya'll!!

I guess I'm a little out of sorts this morning, as I woke up, and I thought the clock said 7:40am, so I scrambled out of bed quick quick to get turbo out so I could get to the fruit market and butcher before it gets insane, but I got back from the walk and it was 7:15am...oh well. Strange things happen when I stay up late drinking wine with the neighbors.

Grrrl - what an awesome surprise to see your brother and his kiddos!!!

Poodle, I always think that I know when I'm grown up when I have a washer of my own...seems like the real mark of adulthood to me! Our washers kind of suck here, too....dryers are fine, though. I've been hanging my freshly washed bathmats out to dry on the balcony for two days now, and they just keep getting wetter in all the rain we're having. Oh well.

Kel, that oyster sandwich sounds like pure heaven!! And I'm so glad you and bff worked everything out.

I have brunch scheduled with my bff this morning, and then a little shopping to Ann Taylor Loft, since we're both addicts - we may as well go together, that way we don't end up with the exact same wardrobes. smile.gif

And, later this afternoon, we're going to a BBQ at our friends' place, which should be fun.
Have fun shopping and barbequeing, Turbo! I'm going to take a walk and I have to decide between going to a friend's house to do some scrapbooking or hanging out with my Gramma.
just a quick fly by as I have to take puppers to the park then go grocery shopping...

Tree, it should still work if it is a curved barbell.

Kel, I'm going to update my smut blog later today.

Hi Turbo!

Grrrl that sounds wonderful!

Later everyone!
Good afternoon everyone...well I see that I, again, was the lat poster. Hee.

Well I hope that everyone is having a lovely weekend.

I went shopping, went to the park and picked up a book at the former place of employment.

I still don't know what I am going to have for dinner either...hmmph.

Kel, the blog has been updated.

Well, I'm kind of hungry, later all.
Yum. Just had dinner with my mom and gramma. Steak, grilled potatoes and asparagus, salad. Delightful.

I love guys who call when they say they will.

Culture, I'm going right now to check it out!
Hey all, having trouble with my connection - I wonder if I've used up my bandwidth for the month!? That hasn't happened in a long time. Too much downloading maybe...hope this posts, its my 3rd 4th try today.

Guess what? I found the receipt for those patio lanterns and it turns out I could still take them back...even MONTHS later. (Good old Canadian Tire.) So I returned them and used the credit to get the paint I needed for my work table and bookcase! Yay! I chose "Grape Leaves" in the end. I know, I know, some of you wanted to see blue or turquoise or purple, or perhaps some wild mélange. But I just want the two pieces of furniture to blend in and stay kind of low key. So if it wasn't going to be a neutral, then it had to be - yes - more green. (Did you know that the human eye is most sensitive to green, and able to discern more shades of green than any other color? True fact. I read it...somewhere. Some decorating magazine, no doubt.) I made a start on the bookcase this weekend, but probably won't finish till the end of this week. The work table is going to be more complicated, so no ETA on that re-finish job.


Today I woke up to the RCMP on my lawn, searching up and down the embankment for a guy who was, apparently, down there with a gun. The RCMP were wearing vests and carrying long black rifles - it all seemed so....American!

And speaking of that, I hope you Yanks are having a great long weekend!

OOH, I met one of the new young lads from across the hall earlier tonight - Dane. He came over to borrow a dish cloth....what a sweetheart. And cute, and YOUNG. Oh. So young. *sigh* If only I was less saggy and my hair wasn't falling out....

Ok, let's see if this posts....*crosses fingers*

ETA: it worked!
Doodle, I like the color choice. Green is my favorite color, so I'm pretty much a go on all green. Except maybe army green...not such a big fan. I didn't know the factoid about being able to discern so many shades, though. That's a fun one to pull out of my ass and tell people sometime. My brain is stuffed with random, interesting facts like that. I tell people that stuff and they typically respond with, "How the hell do you know this stuff?" Ermm....reading?

It's been so quiet in here. This must mean everyone is enjoying the long weekend. I hope.

My stepbrother and sister-in-law popped in last night for a surprise visit with my niece and nephew. It was nice to see the little monkeys. My nephew is four but he is tiny, so he still climbs all over people just like a monkey. They moved about 45 minutes away. I miss them.
Good Morning on this Monday.

I hope all the busties south of the border are having a fab long weekend, and here I am at work. I have someone shadowing me today, so it'll be interesting. I won't be able to bust as much, but oh well.

Doodle, I think the colour you chose is lovely. And yay on getting funds back for the laterns. Yay on sweet, cutie neighbours.

Hi Kel, I'll have to update the blog soon. smile.gif

I watched a two hour episode of mythbusters, all about pirates on this one last night. It was jolly good. Hound was upset with me this morning, as she is every morning when I have to leave her to go to work. I don't need a kid, I have the dog. Hee.

I don't have much else to say, hmmm, I'm going to go get my money back for my warranty for the muffler, so that's some extra fundage for me.

That is really it.

Good morning, ya'll!!

Its such a luxurious feeling to have a Monday to just laze around! And a gorgeous morning it is here - 65 degrees, sunny, and no wind - the lake looks like glass. I'm thinking there's going to be some good time chillin' on the balcony today.

Doodle, I think green IS the neutral in your house, anything else, as you say, would really stand out! The color is really nice - I can't wait to see how it looks!

Aww, that's sweet that your step-bro and the kiddos stopped by last night! We got our kiddo fix too, at our friends' BBQ. Twas a good time. And good food, too.

I think I might go for a long bike ride today - shocker, I know. smile.gif
g'morning okayers!

i'm actually working here this morning too, culture! i crawled out of bed and left mrfj sleeping in our nice warm cocoon. i want to go back now! but i need to make lots more phone calls. feh on phone calls.

not much else going on here this weekend. we had sil over for dinner on saturday night and then went to play mini golf yesterday for a few rounds. it was fun, but by the end, my knees were killing me from bending down to set and retrieve my ball. mrfj won the first round and then i won the second. we'll have to come up with something else to play to see who is champion. hehe.

wow, grrrl, that's really cool that you got to see your brother. very very cool surprise indeed!

and kel, you got a visit too!? your dinner with your gramma and mom sound awesome. and so did that oyster sammich, even with the white bread!!

doodle, i've heard that before about green. i think mrfj shared that tidbit with me. makes total sense to me since green appears mostly in nature. i'm sure there is some evolutionary cause behind it but i'm too lazy right now to come up with a theory beyond that. actually, i guess i'm too lazy to type it out. my brain isn't working well yet, even though i've been up a few hours.

ok, back to the phones. if i'm going to be up and working today, i guess i better actually be "working".
Oh, I've had so much fun! I went with my mom to the garden center and got all sorts of herb plants and flowers for my container garden. I let it go last summer and didn't do anything at all, but I made a vow this year that I would get one done. I got basil, dill, thyme, mint, a cherry tomato plant, and tons of fleurs. I spent the last hour or so with my hands in dirt putting them into all of my pretty pots. My little stoop is now glorious with blooms! I'll have to take pics and post them soon. Good times. I still need to find some good parsley and chives.

Hi FJ! Hi Turbo! Hope you had fun weekends! We've missed you.
Hello hello everyone.

This day is half done, I go out of the office this afternoon then I am done done done.

Turbo, what a lovely relaxing day!!

FJ, I hope your work day goes okay. I know what you could do to see who is the champ...hee.

Kel, I'm going to buy more flowers with my mom after work today, maybe I'll see some cuties at the store. Maybe.

Well, not much is really new with me, my phone is blinking with the same usual questions for month end. Is my cheque I ate it.

Here is a little bit of my gardening handiwork for today. There's an herb garden in pots on the other side and more flowers around the front entrance to my place. I'm quite a proud garden-mama!
Hey there, gang!

Hi turbo, FJs, kel, and culture!

Ah, I remember month-end from my days of doing welfare advocacy and other poverty law advocacy, back in the women's centre. People would have been going hungry for days, and then their cheque wouldn't arrive when it was supposed an advocate, I had to make a lot of calls to financial aid workers at end-of-month myself....

kel: "How the hell do you know this stuff?" Ermm....reading?

Heh. I hear you, sister.

FJ, I agree with you on the green thing being an evolutionary trait! I suspect it had something to do with being able to detect movement amongst the greenery...those who could perceive more shades of green were more likely to survive an animal attack! Or something like that.

turbo, did you get your bike ride in? Are you getting a new bike? I can't remember if you decided....

So that shade of the cold light of day....turns out to be another shade of chartreusy-lime green! Damn, it is NOT supposed to be that shade of green! I'm going to try mixing a little bit with some grey in a jar and see what colour I get, but if I can't get something I like, the bookshelf may have to be lime green for awhile....I don't think I want the work table to be lime green, though.

Hi, hi!

Just sitting here at mc-d's digesting this garbage food..hehe. Turns out that I didn't have my dumpster contact information with me and we have to have them put it a different we wanted to call them. Meh. But it gave me a good excuse to get online.

Mom left this morning. She's pretty excited about the move.

Just the vast quantities of JUNK that accumulates in a 77 year old woman's house is phenomenal. I am completely, utterly overwhelmed. Ugh. I think we had a whole pickup truck bed, full of old cool-whip containers. And we opened a completely unopened, sealed carton of margarine that was in the fridge, and it was rancid. How old does margarine, with the safety seal still on it, have to be, to be rancid?? No wonder I won't eat any food in that house.

Hope everybody had a good weekend! I gotta fly!
Hi hi everyone!

Treee!!!! I'm so glad you stopped in, I'd been wondering if you arrived safely, and how you were coming on the big cleaning project. Yeah, my parents are going through my gramma's house right now, getting ready to sell it, and they, too, are just going for the dumpsters at this point...and what is it with cool whip containers - my gramma's got a jillion of them too! And I'm really glad to hear that your mom is looking forward to being in her new space - that means so much - and less worry for you, too.

Doodle, bummer on the paint...I imagine green, in all its many shades, is real easy to screw up when mixing the color....any hope it'll mellow out when it dries?

I did get my bike ride was PERFECT out there. Took the lakeshore path down to stargazer's 'hood, to go to the used sporting-goods store to actually buy star's used elliptical machine...I sure wish I'd stopped mulling it over for so long, and bought it from star directly, so she would have profited more. Oh well. BUT, we'll have our own exercise equiptment, so turbomann and I BOTH will be able to get some cardio in. I decided this was my answer to my gym dilemma - I just can't get myself to spend $100 on a gym membership that I wouldn't use on the weekends. The massage table is going to have to come down, but that's okay. Turbomann is even a little excited about getting the machine!

So, since we're getting the elliptical, I've canned the new bike, for now. I've made a couple of mods on the handlebar set-up to give me a little more extension, so that's helping, for now. I also can't afford the bike I really want, and its on back-order anyhow.

Nice on the gardening work, kel!!!

Hi CH!! Hope you made it through the day!
Hey peeps!!

Sounds like everyone had a decent weekend!!

Gah!! That's too bad about the paint color, doodle. I hope your grey concoction helps!!

Turbo, that bike ride sounds nice. That's cool about the new elliptical machine--a good solution to the gym dilemma.

Your little herb setup is cute, kel!! I like that chair.

Hi FJ and culture!!

I cleaned the crap out of poodlepad today. I still have a lot of deep cleaning do, but at least the kitchen and living room are sparkling. I swear, I picked up enough cat hair to stuff a pillow. It's no wonder that my allergies have been so bad lately.

Yesterday was sooooo nice. I went over to my parents house and laid in the sun for a while and drank some icey cold beers, and then my family (including nephies) returned from the Twins game and we had dinner outside. My sis, BIL, and niecoid also visited. It was truly the perfect day.

Heh...I'm watching the SATC episode where Charlotte is in the steam room with a bunch of naked women and she's afraid to remove her towel. It reminds me of the Y locker room.
Bwahahaha! I just met the other new young male from across the hall...Zack. So YOUNG! Twenty. TWENTY. He came by, we talked, it was interesting. So sweet. He came by to make sure the noise from the guitar and djembe weren't bothering me; I wound up showing him the mural. And then he invited me to go smoke hash with his young friends (I don't think I've actually smoked hash since I was...his age), but I suggested he come back another day when his friends aren't around.


(Relax - besides being near-jailbait and kind of mixed up, he has a girlfriend.)

Hi poodle, YAY for a clean poodlepad! I need to vacuum hair PLUS my hair. Hey, did you want to take me up on the challenge, to have our bedrooms painted by the end of summer?

turbo, YAY for bike rides! Too bad about losing your massage table (and also postponing the new bike, poo!), but if you get more out of the eliptical, that's great. Plus you and turbomann will be able to motivate one another! (Alternatively, it will become a great place to hang clothes.)

tree - my mom is still going through all my grandfather's stuff - it's unbelievable what he hung onto. She's found plastic shopping bags filled with plastic yoghurt containers, hanging from the rafters of the garage....hundreds of yoghurt containers....WHAT in god's name was he saving them for?

So...the green paint....I played with it so long (and I involved my acrylic paints) that it became a TOTALLY different colour, kind of a medium greyish-green colour, rather like my favourite ceramic plant pots. It's dull compared to lime green, of course, and it's not that I didn't like the chartreuse....but really, don't I have enough around here already? Seriously. (ETA: the colour is like the plant pots here, especially the one just to the right of the guitar neck, on top of the TV console.)

ETA again: good lord, the young man returned - abandoning his friends for a second time - with hash. Which I attempted to smoke through some complicated water pipe that I didn't understand how to work. He seems to be planning to come over tomorrow afternoon to paint with me, but we'll see if he remembers....he managed to get pretty stoned, even if I didn't! rolleyes.gif

ETA one more time: KEL, sorry I almost missed your post, b/c we x-posted last time! Your little garden pic is SWEET! Everything looks so adorable, and I love the peeling blue (purple?) chair, it's so awesomely perfect with the plants.
Mornin' y'all!!

Hahahaha!! I love your neighbors, doodle!! What a nice change from bongo boy. They sound so nice, and funny!!

I don't think you can go wrong with that green, even if you already have tons of it. Sure, I'll take you up on the painting challenge. The main thing that keeps me from doing it is all of the clothing I have to sort through. There are also boxes in there, left over from the days of no storage space.

Good things Tuesday:
-It's not Monday
-Clean apartment
-Lots of food in good food in fridge
-Get to go to the Y again after a weekend hiatus
-My cats are cute as hell
good morning on this gloomy Tuesday.

Kel, that is a really great little garden you've got going down there.

Doodle, that is really fun of your neighbours, even if he is jail bait. One of my friends, who is 35, is banging this 22 year old. (not that I am saying you're going to fuck his brains out, but go for if you want to! Hee). We both suspect he is getting feelings for her. I can tell you, here at least, the reason people don't get their cheques, is because they have to supply thier worker with something that is probably 6 months overdue already. The key is to split the cheques to the person supplies you something by the middle of the month. It usually works...

Tree, I totally hear you in the amount of crap the people accumulate. I drea the day my mother moves, because she has so much crud. It's time to get rid of crap while we still can. That's what I have started to do now, and I'm only 24!

Turbo, that sounds like a lovely ride! And I am a huge fan of elliptical trainers. There is one at the culture household and it is lovely, we also have a bowflex which is also fantastic!

Poodle, yay on cleaning, that was my fun weekend and as Kel and I both agreed, it's good to declutter!

Bah, so I went on home visits yesterday and one of my clients tells me, after we were in the home for a few mintues, that he has bed bugs. I freaked on the inside, calmly finished the interview, then checked myself outside. Of course, now my head hurts from making sure I didn't pick anything up. I got back to work and inspected myself and my clothes in the washroom, then I did the same when I got home, and washed all my clothes. It was horrifying!

I went to the dog parked and it was warm when I left work and cooled down by the time I got to the park (that would be thanks to the severe weather we got here, again), and got rained on at the park, thunder all aroud. There were three of us and the dogs were having a good time, until it rained. Emily aside of course was running around like a maniac in the rain. Goofball.

Well, that is my update.

Hi culture!!

Yeah, I agree about the age thing. Hell, when I was 21, I dated a guy that was 20 years older than me. My parents actually ended up liking him more than any of my other previous boyfriends.

God, my boss is so rude. She asked me how my weekend was, and I got about one sentence out and then she cut me off and told me to pull this and that file. I'm actually kinda pissed.

Okay, I better get to work.
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