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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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mornin okayers! man, i cannot wait for this week to be over so i can go back to days! but since the shift i'm working kills birds for the next day, that means my week is over after tonight's shift. but the last couple of days have been rough. i am entirely disoriented on my days, the painters are still working on my building and making me cranky with the lack of sleep, and i have to push myself into bed every morning so i'm not tempted to stay up all day. oh, and today the person who covers another department that's been running til 4 am all week decided she was tired of working overtime (she comes in at 4:30 in the afternoon), so i had an email from my boss asking me to break off my training and go cover this other department from the time the other person left at 1 am til they finished. i didn't mind the change of pace, but the person who's training me was fucking livid. she wasn't feeling well when we got off yesterday morning and figured on going home herself last night, but with me having to cover the other department, she had to stay until 4:00 am this morning. i really wouldn't have cared either way which department i covered, but i completely agree with her statement that if this other person has such a problem with putting in overtime, which she knew going in is standard for this department and this shift, then they never should have hired her and the job should have gone to me instead. i did email my boss before i left this morning and tell her that having to change departments mid-shift and then go back again was really disruptive and i'd prefer not to have to do it while i'm training, so we'll see what coes of that when i get to work tonight.

right now i'm kicking it at the bagel place down the street from the bike shop and taking advantage of their free intrawebs. i went to pick up my bike yesterday morning after work, and i was feeling really guilty because i told matt i'd be there to pick it up tuesday afternoon, and was busy sleeping and didn't even call the shop. not to worry though, i walked in and he got the most guilty sheepish look on his face. i was like, "you bastard, my bike's still sitting in pieces in the workroom, isn't it?" to which he replied, "no, it's sitting right here!" while pointing to the shipping case. rolleyes.gif so once again, i am pushing my bedtime back a couple of hours when i really just wanna go home and pull a pillow over my head. i told him if it wasn't ready this morning, i was taking the two hours out in trade. smart boy, he said "what was that, you don't want it til saturday?" well, if anything, the delays are giving me extended flirting time.

anyway, shop's opening about now, so i'd better head out. might stop by again before work tonight.
~*~*~*~energy vibes for kari~*~*~*~

Yay for doodle's benefits!!!

FJ, dontcha just love it when you reach the point where there's nothing left to do but laugh at how absurd the situation is? I'm glad you're relaxing a bit and rolling with the punches. Hang in there!!

Somebody chewed through the wire of my new headphones at some point between 7:30 last night and 8:00 this morning. I suspect that the perpetrator might have been wearing a black fur coat at the time, based on evidence found at the crime scene. Now I have to buy new headphones. Grrrr....

Ok, I have the crazy glue. Which is spelled "krazy," for some reason - I forgot that part. The package has the little drawing of the construction worker dude, hanging there glued to the "A" by his hardhat. God, I REMEMBER when that TV commercial first came out! I am so old. But anyway, my point izzzz....I just realized that Krazy GlueTM has designed their packaging so that the construction worker dude's legs are splayed wide open right above the pointed tip of the (gigantic-sized, to him) Krazy GlueTM tube. It's very homoerotic, if you ask me.

Hi poodle! Too bad about your headphones. Bunny used to gnaw on electrical cords, but she never bit through one, thankfully! Was it Oscar or Gus, do you think?

Hi grrrl!

Ok, I'm going to go glue my finger back together now.
Thanks for the energy vibes, poodles! heh heh, the perp was wearing a black fur coat, eh? sorry to hear about the vandalism!

Grrrrl, I hope you get your bike back real soon.

Fj, I hope mr fj makes it back on time. that is great that they put him up and gave him food tix. my mister's coming home on saturday, I am ready to see him! I CANNOT BELIEVE the bullshit with your check! And that the guy had the nerve to tell you about your stats! What an asshole! I think you have the right attitude...what can you do at a certain point but find humor in the situation? Geez. ((FJ))

Doodle, my practicum is going well so far. I'm doing counseling in an inpatient psyc program. It's been interesting, that is for sure. It's wearing me out, but I am sure once my body adjusts to the extra work, it'll get easier. I do 12-15 hrs a week there, all in the late afternoon/evening.

I bought some nail polish at lunch, it didn't turn out quite as rich as I wanted. It is so hard to see what color it will actually be on your nails. I sometimes try it out there, but then I end up with 10 different colors on the nails.

cross-post with kari!

So do you have to have your supervisor with you when you are doing counseling? Do you do group, one-to-one, both? You're doing the Master's, aren't you? That's amazing!
hi again! peek!
Do clients think that I am fucking idiot?

Poodle, that the shits about your headphones. Emily hound likes to dig at plugged in electrical devices when she isn't getting attention. Bloody dog will get electrocuted one of these days.

Hi again Lurv!

Doodle, I remember the packaging on krazyglue. I had to glue my insurance sticker on my car one day...

kari, an inpatient psych program sounds interesting. Depending on the level of psychosis. I personally like dealing with schizophrenics, provided they are the paranoid, hearing voices kind. Many of the schizophrenics I have dealt with are so fun!

Grrrl, you will be done soon.

I need a nap, now my energy is starting to fade. Blech.

stupid double posty mcpostpost.

I did some online shopping for shirts, but I didn't find anything I liked.

It was probably Gus that did the chewing, since he's more into playing with strings and other household items. Oscar's more into digging up plants and knocking stuff over. Bad boys.

So I went over to Target during lunch and spent $140!! To be fair, half of that went to my friggin' seizure medication. Pharmaceutical asshats. Anyway, I bought tons of groceries and replacement headphones. Nothing too exciting.

Sigh...I can't think of anything else to do to waste time here. I played crossword puzzles, took the mental floss quiz, checked email, researched decrypting software...I need something new to read about/do.

Doodle, that's so funny about the Krazy Glue guy!! I'm gonna have to check that out.
here's something that makes me sigh

Al Gore
Poodle, may I suggest you play spongebob square pants collapse at shockwave? It's addicting.

I feel like plankton right now. Evil.

I am sooooooo bored. *bangs head against desk*
*saunters in the thread with a pitcher of fresh mojitos....Okay, who wants one???

I shoulda muddled the mint a little more though. But it's got plenty-o-rum! I'll get it perfected.

Geesh, poodle, $70.00 for seizure medication? Something is seriously wrong with our medical system when you've gotta spend THAT much $$ just to not have convulsions. GAH. I hope its for a LOT of medication at least....

~*~*energy vibes for CH*~*~

Okay, I have to rant here.....GAH, YOU IDIOT ACROSS THE STREET WITH THE FRIGGIN LEAF BLOWER! Would it fucking kill you to, oh, maybe pick. up. a. rake???? Geesh. And yeah, there's gas shortages, and gas prices are at an all time high and we're at war in the middle east all for oil (we all know it) and this buttwipe is using gasoline to blow leaves off his yard! I mean, GAH! He's out there Any. Way! Hello! They're just gonna blow back on your frickin yard! Do you think they just DISAPPEAR once you blow them over ten feet?


Heh, these dog chewing stories remind me of when I had Lady, she used to get into the trash all the time, usually when I was having sex, for some reason...but anyway, one day I had some jalapeno peppers on my kitchen counter...I came home to find a pepper laying on the floor, one bite out of it...and about a two gallon water dish empty! Hee!

kari, for intense color in nail polish, I like the "sinful colors" brand...not sure who makes it.

Doodle, that's funny about the homoerotic construction worker! Oh, and how do you do that little "tm" thing?

grrl, hope you got your bike today!

well, you will all be happy to know that I have applied a 2nd coat of the polish to my nails and it looks much better.

ch, there are some ppl with psychosis, i probably won't be working too much with the most severe cases, simply b/c the level of counseling i could do with them would be really low. i am on the mood and stress disorders wing, though right now we also have some of the more acute patients, b/c the regular mood hallway is under construction. what setting do you work in?

doodle, yes, individual sessions, groups & family sessions. Have yet to do a family session on my own, but have done the others. my supervisor is really hands off, which i like. she is there for questions & to give input, but she lets us sort of make our own experiences.

Lurv! You sneaky you!

Poodles I am glad you got some new headphones. Booooo! On the cost of your meds. Bah.
*gulps down mojito*

awww, lovely.

I'm supposed to be going out tonight, but I don't know if I have it in me. I'm listening to ye old iPod and not working at all right now.

i read through ze article zat minx posted (yes I am attempting to write with a French accent. Hee)

*smacks tree's neighbour* what a schmuck.

Maybe I'll clean my bag out and see if there are any surprises there.
I'm sure your nails look gahhhgeous, kari. What color?

Hahaha!! I like the jalapeno-eating dog story!!

That sounds really annoying, treehugger. No wonder there's an obesity problem in this country!! People aren't willing to simply pick up a rake or shovel. The good thing is that gas will eventually be so expensive that gas-fueled leaf blowers will be obsolete.

The sucky thing about gas prices going up is that I'll have to pay $100 just to drive my future '69 Dodge Charger (complete with welded-shut doors) down a gravel road and jump over a creek with it while trying to escape from the fuzz.

*sips mojito* Mmmmmmm....

Yeah, $70 per month on seizure meds and that's after insurance. Fuckwads. Oh well, it could be worse. What's the term for charging people ridiculous prices for necessities (particularly drugs)? I know there's a word for it out there.

Al Gore is so rad. I'm actually glad that he's not planning on running for the presidency. I think he's much more effective right now as an ambassador for environmental sustainability. His message would just get all mucked up if he returned to politics. He's still a leader. We need a leader who focuses exclusively on environmental issues, and he's the perfect guy for that.
Poodle: Gouging.
Yeah, I guess it would be price gouging. I swear that I've heard another term for it. Maybe not.

ETA- 2 hours to go before freedom. I'm gonna skip the gym tonight so I can bring home my frozen goods.
Poodes, can I say how awesome it is that you drive a 69 Dodge Charger????

I did my nails a pink called "made you blush." it's kinda like bubble gum pink, but muted. not too bright. more like a lilac pink i guess.

well, people, I gots to get outta here. Have a great night, everyone!

*grabs mojito & runs out the door*
Hahaha!! No, I don't drive a '69 Charger!! I would like one someday though!! That's my dream car.
hi hi everybody. got my new bike, and i luuuuuurve it! matt had it just about ready when i got there, so i browsed around the store while he rung up a couple other customers; then he wheeled it out of the back, and oh. my. it's so prettyful, all silver and light blue, which makes my men's frame look more feminine without being too girly, which i like. he told me to go ahead and take it out for a spin, and the seat that i thought was too high and figured i was going to hate? it was like my butt was floating on a cloud. happy.gif it shifts so easily, and i even had to drop it down a gear, because the one i'm used to riding in moves this bike so much easier and faster. i can't wait to ride to work tonight. oh, and it even came with a little bell, which as i used as an excuse (gotta test it you know) to swoop down on people walking in front of me. it works. laugh.gif

i couldn't bring myself to take it upstairs just yet when i got home (but when i did, it was light as a feather), so i rode it down to te grocery store to pick up something for dinner. breakfast, whatever, for when i get up tonight. i got chicken breast strips and this tropical salsa with pineapple, mango, passionfruit, and loads of other goodies. i think i'm going to fire up a pan and toss everything together salsa style. those of you who have been following my search for te new b&j's peach cobbler in the busting trolls thread will be happy to hear i finally got some (if only to not have to listen to me whine about it anymore tongue.gif). and they were having a 2 for $5 sale, so i picked up a pint of karamel sutra, one of turtle soup, and one of smores too.

anyway, it is so way past my bedtime. i'm going to be dead on my feet by the time i get off tomorrow morning. two rockstars maybe be in order for tonight.

Lorewolf! Don't eat me! Especially not with Ranch dressing! Chinchilla might be better in a nice citrusy and garlicky achiote sauce.

I'm spending some time right now with roomie's bff's daughter, who is the biggest five-year-old I have ever seen. She is very tall, and I thought she was 7 or 8! She *just* turned 5 last week. I can't frelling believe it! She is typing on the other computer, and I told her that I was her boss and she was my administrative assistant, and I wanted her to type a memo for me. I read her the memo about the staff meeting to discuss increased productivity, and she, of course, just stared at me. I said, after we talk about our productivity, we will have doughnuts. Then she laughed and started typing. It was so cute.

Now she keeps calling me "ma'am", and she wrote me a "letter". I love getting attention from little kids.

I spent last night with my makeout friend, but I don't know how much longer I can keep this up with him. Last night, I stressed to him that I just wanted to be friends, although the making out is always fine with me. I just wanted to comfort him during his difficult time, and I like making out with someone on a regular basis without being in a relationship. But it is also hurting me a little bit to see him going down the tubes the way he is. He is drunk every night.

Ugh. I have to work today. Suck. I was off yesterday, but I had a lot of errands to run and some appointments. I talked to Octi on the phone for a while, though. She seems to be doing great, although very busy. I hope we get together for coffee soon.

FJ - So sorry your "friends" are such assfaces. You deserve so much better than this, and you'll find something great after jackaroo gets out into the world.

My sister, the one who had all the miscarriages, is due in September. She is having a boy, and naming him George - after Grampa. Heikki thought he was being named after our beloved family dog who passed away in 2002.

tree - love your avvie. You're such a redheaded hottie.

kari - I hope you're taking some self-care time during all this busy-ness. Listen to me - I just had to get the firm self-care talk from turbo last night, but I really appreciated it, and I think that people who have jam packed days should make time to take care of themselves.

And turbo - thanks for the message last night. I really appreciate how caring and understanding you are.

poodle - That's so cute about you and Nile making the "ooh ahh" noises at the gym. I've always been intimidated by gyms. I used to work at a really fancy gay gym, and I got a free membership, but I never used it because I was terrified. Everyone there seemed like they were already in shape and they were so hot (c'mon - they were gay men) - all their gym clothes were so fashionable, and I felt like a dirtball. I mean, the lesbians that worked out there wore cut-off sweats and t-shirts with the necks and sleeves cut out, but they seemed so buff. Anyway, it seems like Nile makes the gym a fun place to be, and a real motivator for working out. I like Nile. I really do.

kelkello - you daisy kisser, you! Yayayayayay! I am so glad you feel all giddy about it. Isn't it FUN?

doodle - one of my chefs used to super glue his cuts closed until he finished what he was doing. Then he would go to the hospital and get stitches. I thought that was gross, but kind of handy. Anyway, it's supposed to be good for stuff like that.

ok, duders, smell ya later!
Hi, peeps!

FJ, that sucks that the mister missed his flight. I hate when they get scheduled so close together, because so many things can go wrong. It's pretty standard for the airline to put you up for the night, but the food is an extra bonus.

Speaking of which, a girl I work with just ordered tickets on Priceline to Philly this weekend and was all pissed when the times didn't work out quite right. Duh! Never ever use Priceline for stuff like that that matters! But they're Delta flights, so I'm going to see if my gay boyfriend can help her out, since he works there.

CH, I'm not the kickboxer, Poodle was. I'm not that coordinated.

Poodle, really, sex noises? With Nile? That's gotta be hilarious. That's one reason I liked my ladies only gym, no obnoxious boys and their grunts and tossing weights around. I can't imagine the place smells very good, either.

$70 copay for a prescription is highway robbery. Seriously.

Jenn, those cupcakes sound really good. I love lemon cake, but I'm wary of flower essences. I had a very expensive chocolate with the same kind of flower flavor as you said, and it was so overpowering, it was nasty and I had to spit it out. It might have been good, but the amount was all out of whack.

There's nothing going on over here today, just screwing around before I go home. I ordered more beads and am getting my anvil from another bead supplier, which is very good. I'm going to be getting 3 shipments of beads in over the weekend: the remainder from my order 6 weeks ago, another order from them, and an order from another place. It sounds obnoxious, but if you saw how much I'm saving this way, you'd be surprised. I hope hope hope this is the end of it, but I go through stuff so fast and then think of other stuff I need.

I saw something on The Simpsons that made me think of all of you. It was the episode a couple days ago when Lisa went vegetarian, and Homer gave someone a hot dog and the words "hot beef injection" were used. Hah! Now whenever HBI is said in here, I'm going to think of Homer. Great.

No plans for tonight other than to watch Studio 60. They're airing the last 6 episodes of the season now, even though it's probably cancelled for next season. That makes me sad, but at least there'll be something good on tonight.

Oh thank goodness this work day is done, and now I'm at home relaxing, I have to get ready to go out, I won't be out late tonight. not after the Thursday I had last week!


Diva, now I remember the kickboxing story. What's with me lately, I've been out of it.

I don't have much else to add right now. I'm talked out.

Homer Simpson gets H-B-eye:

BWAHHAHA! glad i was between calls when i saw this. i would have guffawed into the phone!

i just said guffaw.
HI hi hi everybustie!

I meece you all so much during the day, and I SO wish I could just hope on at lunch, but I can't. booo!

But my favorite phrases today: "perpetrator in a black fur coat" - heee!

And "the normal mood disorder hallway is under construction!" - so amusingly strange!

Work today was crazy - its still going really well, but so very busy - the days fly by, though, so that's a good thing. I ended up staying late tonight, so I didn't get to mentor tonight - booo! And then, I got a train home with no air conditioning, and braking issuez. Nice. An hour and a quarter of sweating in a sardine packed car. feh. But now, I'm chillin' in my AC at home. YAY!

Grrrl! YAY for the new bike!! I'm going bike shopping tomorrow - wheeee!

Oh, and I don't have to work tomorrow, which is even better!

Yeah, diva, I'm sure using essential flavor oils can go bad very easily in pastries...but these were oh so perfect. Mmmm....I really should have brought some home, there were tons left over. I can't wait to see what kind of cooking classes they offer in their beautiful space.

Poodle, I heard on NPR yesterday that the US pays 60% of the total cost of prescriptions for the WHOLE WORLD....because we have no government sponsored price caps. I'll be very glad to see universal health care here.

PK, sounds like you're feeling a bit better today - and I'm so glad! Take care of yourself, girlie.

FJ, your bosses are asshats. But we all know that already. ((((safe travel vibes for mr fj)))

ETA: Paging poodle, my dance-loving sista - the new season of So You Think You Can Dance is starting tonight, and I am loving it! Ahhh....I'm a sucker for all shows/movies about dance...can't quite explain it.
My giddiness is tempered with a hefty dose of anxiety. Blah.

ETA: Anxiety has been quelled. BTW, I have read the archives...too tired to post much. I love all you okayers!

I just got off work, which was slow and boring, but also a little stressful. I had to talk to the Pastry Chef about the Assistant Pastry Chef today. Assistant treats me like shit all the time, which I can handle, but she and I both requested Wednesday off, which meant that Pastry Chef had to work my station on the line last night.

He was off Monday and Tuesday, and Assistant spent Monday and Tuesday telling me that I couldn't prep for him for Wednesday - to pretty much screw him over for the night. I felt really nervous, because if I screwed him, he would be pissed and she would never admit that she told me to do it.

Tuesday night, I made some Baked Alaskas and had leftovers after service. Assistant told me that I had to throw them away at the end of the night so Pastry Chef would have to make his own. I didn't do it. And I fucking told the Pastry Chef everything. He is pissed, but he doesn't know what he can do about it. He said she is a bully and a backstabbing, two-faced, conniving jerk. I agree. I just didn't want to get into trouble because of her. I know she is going to deny it if he confronts her, and he thinks so as well.

*sigh* So if he says anything to her, she is going to take it out on me, being even more of an asshole and treating me worse. She sucks.

Anyway, that's my day.

I can't wait until Saturday - my next day off.
Gah!!! The cat alarm woke me up early!! That's okay though, because I fell asleep on the couch around 8:30 last night. The boys probably sensed me moving around a little and decided that it was time to start the new day!! I love how excited my cats are for each new day.

Boooooooo about bitchy assistants!!!!! Lame.

That's so cute about the little girl, PK. Hmmm...I don't know what to tell ya about makeout guy. I just hope he doesn't get too emotionally attached to you during this hard time.

Wow, diva's a jewelry-making machine!! Wait--what happened to the anvil you ordered before? I musta missed something.

That sucks about the train, turbo, but it's aaaaaaawwwwesome that your days are going by so quickly!!!! I'm jealous!!

I want a bike. I'm afraid I'll get hit by a car in my 'hood though. I suppose I could take a roundabout route through Loring Park or something. I dunno. I miss riding a bike to my destinations.

Heh...I'm watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air right now!! Hahaha!!
Wow, poodle, you ARE up early! I'm usually the first one posting around here in the mornings!

Blah. I didn't sleep well. Bear left on vacation...I usually go with but this year with Mom, I couldn't do it. Anyway, I was worried because he and his friend were going to be driving late at night. I loaned him my GPS..and I was thinking, I wish there was a way that when you buy one of those GPS's that you could maybe plug it into your computer and get a coordinate for the unit or something and then be able to check the location later. I would have killed last night to be able to click on my computer at 2:00 AM and just see if they made it okay. I'm such a worrier.

I think I'm coming down with a cold.

And I was too much of a slug yesterday and didn't get as much done for the garage sale as I had hoped. It sort of sucks because the (neighborhood) sale officially starts at 8:00 and I have occupational therapy at 8:30 which will end up lasting till after 9:00. So I probably won't be able to get my stuff out there till 10:00. And I have a lot of BIG stuff to haul out there. And tomorrow's going to be the same way cause I have to go pick up the truck I rented, at 9:00.

I wonder if I could just skip the sale today and arrange to pick up the truck today instead...hmm. Then I'd have an uninterrupted day out there tomorrow for the sale. Oooh, then I could use the truck to transfer my stuff out of my storage up to the parking lot!

Stupid OT.

VCH today at 3:00! Yikes!

Ooooh, PK, I've worked with bitchy people before. it sucks. ~*~*smooth work vibes for pk*~*~

Yeah, diva, I think I missed something too...I thought you already had an anvil?

~*~*antianxiety vibes for kel*~*~

Jenn, enjoy the start of your weekend!

good luck with the vch, tree! we're rootin' for ya!
Mornin' ya'll!!!

Yay! I get to BUST this morning, since I'm at home! I slept in a little - 6:30am, took turbo for a long walk, and made omelets for both of us. And, I've got all my bathmats in the washer now - gotta do that early since its against the stupid rules to wash rugs - cod knows why.

Poodle, my furry alarm clock did not want me sleeping late either...he has the master strategy, though, of running laps in the house squeaking his toys furiously the whole time. Its pretty funny, and I can't possibly resist getting up to watch the show!

(((((vch vibes for tree))) I expect a full report on the big event, my dear!

((((smooth travel & mom house cleaning vibes, too))))
Good Morning!!! Ahhhhh, it's Friday!!! YAY!!!!

PK, fuck assistance *hits PK's assistance in the face with a large, stinky trout*
~*~*~*~work vibes for PK~*~*~*~*

Turbo, congrats on your day off!!!! I'm jealous. What a rediculous thing about not washing rugs, like what do they expect your bath mats to get furry and walk away. Um, ewww. If Emily tries to wake me up and I don't want to, she gets that and will then curl up beside me until I am ready to get up.

Poodle, there is nothing wrong with sleepy time early. I wish I was sleeping right now.

Hi GT!

Tree, today is the day!!! It'll be over fast, but there is that whole anticipation thing. I got mine spur of the moment, so I didn't have that anticipation. For my nipple I did though. Egads!

Doodle, I lurveth the pic of Homer. Hee.

Hi FJ! How are you? Is Mister FJ back yet?

Kel, I'm glad the anxiety is gone! When do you see Daisy again?

Gah, I want to be at home right now. I slept so well last night. Saw boy 2, and he told me I was a big mystery to him. I'm thinking, ooooookay, but we are sleeping together, not dating. Hmmph, I'm growing tired of him anyway, I think it's time to send him to those who used to provide me with portions land. He told me I didn't need to remind him that I wasn't into dating. I'm thinking, you did the same thing!

Well, I'll talk to you all later.

Buenos Dias.

FRIDAY!!! Woo hoo!! I cannot tell you how happy that makes me.

Poodle! I see, a 69 Charger is your FUTURE car. a-ha. I thought Damn! How did I not know the poodles was crusin' around in that thing??

Tree, don't get sick! I am sure bear made it. I know how you feel though, I'm a worrier myself. Much to my chagrin. Mr K drives a lot late at night, when the band does shows out of town. They will leave after the show, drive back, and get home around 5 or 6 AM. I hate when they do that. Thank goodness when he comes back in town tomorrow they are driving during the daytime.

Good luck with the VCH!!!!

Pk, what is up with the Assistant? Geez. That is so immature of her. I hate that you are stuck in the middle.

Hi Jenn!! We miss you too! I am happy you are busy at your new job though. Good luck bike shopping, that is exciting!

Doodle, OMG, that Homer picture is hilarious!!

Kel, you ok?

Well, it looks like I have made it through the week. Just gotta get through work today. And then...... 3 DAY WEEKEND! Woot woot! What's everyone got going on this weekend?
happy friday, you dirty sluts!

ah, it almost seems like everything is back to normal here in fjville. i have mrfj back home with me and it's so comforting. we stayed up sort of late last night, sitting in candlelight with the windows open and listening to johnny lee hooker, billie holiday and edith piaf. ahhhhh. if only every night could be like that. the weather has been unseasonably cooler still lately, so we STILL haven't turned on the ac. i think it has something to do with the wildfires burning all over the state - it's affecting humidity or some other highly technical somethingorother. whatever, i'm not a weatherperson.

ch, you told him from the beginning that this was just a fling. it's funny how guys are usually the ones that want no strings attached but when you want to have the same thing, they start catchin' feelings and shit.

kel, keep that non-anxiety coming! you are doing GREAT! i like this daisy dude. and i like that we call him daisy.

turbo, i'm so glad you are enjoying your job!!!! and even though you can't bust as often, as least you are loving what you do and it's keeping you busy enough to let the days pass quickly.

tree!!! ~*~*~*~*painless vch vibes~*~*~*~*~

hihi, gt!! hihi grrrl!!

oh, you guys, i have to share this with you... my sil found it on the intrawebs... i give you asshat!!

When my kitty was alive she was really good about letting me sleep. It was very rare that she would wake me up intentionally. Of course, I was a kitty-mommy who always had food out for her rather than feeding at a specific time (she didn't eat much) so she didn't have to wake me up for breakfast. She was such a good kitty.

I'm glad MrFJ is back. It's so nice when people come home.

Anyone have big plans for the holiday weekend? We're going to a Twins game Sat with a bunch of friends and then to my grandfather's cabin Sunday (family tradition plus TB hasn't really met Grandpa and StepGrandma). The weather is going to really suck in these parts this weekend. Cool and rainy Saturday and cool on Sunday. Boo crappy weather Memorial weekend! And boo ridiculously high gas prices!

I'm hungry. I think I have some pop-tarts in my desk. Must go investigate.

P.S. - What's a VCH?
Hi! I'm back. Again!

Catsoup, that sounds like a really great weekend. A VCH is Vertical Clit Hood Piercing. I have one and Grrrl has one, and the next okay to get one is Tree!

FJ, that sounds like such an absolutely wonderful weekend!

Kari, a three day weekend sounds diving, us Canadians had one last week.

Poodle a charger would be sooooo much fun! I have always wanted either a muscle car or a yuppie sports car (hello BMW!). But what's the point in getting something new when gas is going bye bye. My conspiracy theory is that big oil companies own the patents on hydrogen fuelled cars and such and will roll them out when there is ultimately no gas left.

I just had the biggest compliment from a Land lord, he asked me if I would be interested in working at an agency his wife is a director of. He is also looking at moving into another area of medicine at a hospital, and since I have a degree in medical anthropology, this is far more relevant to my degree, so him and I are going to keep in touch and take it from there. It was huge when he said it wasn't so much as the degree, but the skills a person had, and he was upset that I wouldn't be working with our mutual client ongoing.

So that's my good news for the day.

Well that is all for now.


catsoup, a vch is a vertical clitoral hood piercing. And CH, you're right, it's the anticipation that's the worst, I'm sure...when I try to imagine how it'll feel, the way it feels in my weird brain is like if you had masturbated right after chopping up jalapeno peppers bare-handed. heh.

I'm back from occupational therapy. My wrist blistered up from the electricity! The therapist said it was a good thing that it was the last session because she didn't think my wrist would tolerate another treatment. It hurts, even though it's low amperage. Like you're being stung repeatedly in the same spot by wasps. Glad it's over, at least for now.

CH, my conspiracy theory is that the oil companies are going to buy up all the available farmland when we're out of fossil fuels...they'll have the monopoly on ethanol that way.

And that's really cool about the landlord! Wow!

Jenn, I can't believe they have a no rugs rule. Does a bathmat even count as a rug? Mine are like really thick towels. I'd shudder to think how grody my rugs would be after six months or so.

FJ, that sounds like a positively LOVELY evening! I love laid back evenings like that. It gets too chilly here, yet to do that in the evenings. The last few evenings would have been okay, but it'd been unseasonably warm. I like your "asshat". And, bear's going to be in new orleans...he said it's unseasonably cool there too...highs in the mid-80s, he was saying a couple days ago.

It's 45 degrees here right now. Fahrenheit. About, I'd guess, about 7 centigrade.

I'm a car idjit..I had to look up '69 charger to realize it was the General Lee. Heh. As if your description of "doors welded shut" and "jumping a creek to get away from the fuzz" weren't enough. I'm slow, sometimes.

I dunno what my dream car'd be. A Prius, right now..hehe

Hi, peeps!

I can't wait to get out of here today, what with the long weekend and all. We're not doing much, the only thing on the agenda is to see the new "Pirates..." movie. I hear it's really violent and 3 hours long. I don't have much money to spend, since I blew a crapload of it on beads yesterday, and my other package that got mailed on Wednesday is about $30 more than I thought it would be. Oh, well.

I'm glad Mr. FJ got back safe. I know I'd worry if it were me at home pregnant.

I should be getting my anvil this weekend or early next week. That'll be good. The place I originally ordered it from still doesn't have it in stock, so I'm just ordering from somewhere else that does.

Doodle, I love that Homer pic!

Tree, I'm sure the bear's fine. If they didn't make it, you would have heard about it. Good luck with everything this weekend. It looks like you have a ton on your plate.

PK, wouldn't it be so nice if people could just act like grown-ups? I hope that assistant gets fired and you get moved up because YOU aren't petty like the assistant.

Hi, Kari and Catsoup and CH and Jenn and Kel and Poodle!

Happy fucking Friday, you clap-infected truck stop whores who'll fuck anything for a cigarette!!!!!!

Good luck on the piercing, tree!! I still think you're insane. ~*~*~*~anti-cold vibes~*~*~*~

Yay for mr. FJ's return!! OMG, FJ, that emoticon is soooooooo fucking funny!!! Hahahaha!!! I want it!!!

Awwww...turbo dog sounds so cute in the morning. I love when doggies play with squeaky toys. My cats have this wand/string thinger that makes bird-chirping sounds when you move it around. Every so often, I'll here it off in the hallway or something because Oscar likes to drag the thing around in his mouth.

Yay!! Kari's finally getting a break!!

I'm likin' all of these conspiracy theories. Tree, I always said that, if I won the powerball, I would buy up shitloads of land. Oil companies are like today's version of tobacco companies. Liars.

Sounds like you got a good weekend ahead of ya, catsoup!! My nephies are going to see the Twins on Sunday and so I'll be going over to the 'rents to hang out with the kiddos in the evening.

Tonight, my BFF is coming up from IA to celebrate her birthday. She's flat broke right now and wasn't gonna come up because of the cost of gas. She's really into her birthday and she spent last year alone, so I told her that I would cover the cost of gas so she can be with friends this year. So I ask her about how much it would cost--up to $120 for both ways!!! Yowza!!! It's a little steep, but I'm doing it for her anyway because I love the girl and her parents don't do shit to help her out with anything. I think her mom is going to go all out tonight and buy a DQ icecream cake. Wooo. Anyway, we're gonna take the pontoon out on the lake this evening and probably have a bonfire at some point. Should be fun!!

Aesthetically, I actually prefer the 68 and 70 Chargers. Nice grills. Really, I don't know anything about cars other than classic designs and years. My friend Billie taught herself a shitload about cars though, and now she's doing custom work and hotrod stuff down in Texas. Check her out with her first classic car, a 65(?) Impala.

For some reason, she developed this thing for vinyl outfits and stripper shoes. She's just weird, like me!! She used to be my wing-woman!! She up and moved to Texas on me. sad.gif

ETA - Crosspost!!! HI DIVA!! It is also my mission to see Pirates. Johnny Depp....oh god...Johnny Depp.....I need him now...*wipes drool off keyboard*
*wipes drool off side of face*

Mmmm, I just curled up on the couch with the window open and took the perfect nap, and I have the pillow lines on my face to prove it!

Poodle, you are so sweet to help your BFF with the cost of coming up for the weekend - but it sounds like you have much fun planned!

Not much planned for us this weekend, which is nice - we're both home for the weekend, and spending time with turbomann will be good. Sunday I have brunch and a little shopping planned with BFF and then a BBQ in the evening, but that's about it.

kari, I hope you just bask in the free time this weekend, so you can keep up your energy through your practicum. How long is your practicum for? I know at my last job, the 2nd year MSW students worked full time for us for a whole year - which seems an awful lot to ask for not paying them anything. Social Workers should be as valued in our culture as doctors or engineers!

And I'm with Diva and Poodle in wanting to see Pirates this weekend, but we'll probably wait a bit, 'cause I hate crowded movies.

tree - does electricity help your wrist somehow? Sounds very unpleasant.

And GOOD LUCK with the piercing!!! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Okay, I need to get my behind outta here, and go to the bike shop - yay!
Almost lunch time! Sweetness, I'm glad, because then the day is almost done.

~*~*~*~arm healing vibes for tree~*~*~*~*~ That is chilly! It probably about the same here. It's bloody chilly, but it's better than Calgary, which got a snow dumping yesterday. Better not say anything, it could happen here.

I'm with you on seeing Pirates, but similarly to Turbo, I don't do the overcrowded movie theatre thing.

Poodle, that is so cool that your friend taught herself all about cars. And that you helping her get out to see you. Very cool. You are a really good friend.

Fuck, one of my clients came in without an appointment, so now he can wait. Wanker.

I don't have much else going on.

Two different friends, culture. My god, I certainly couldn't afford to pay for gas between Texas and MN!! Iowa to MN and back is bad enough. Seriously, I'm always a fan of sticking it to people who use more than their fair share of fuel by driving gas-guzzling vehicles and driving in from the boonies, BUT these prices are starting to get ridiculous. It would be one thing if the price increase was more gradual, but this hurts a lot of people who can exactly make major lifestyle changes right now.


I blame it all on Bush and his gang of evil assclowns. I blame all of the world's ills on those folks. Seriously, you could do the "6 degrees" game with Bush.

I'm jealous of your nap, turbo. *closes eyes and drifts off, only to be awakened by boss' annoying fake cough* Oh well, at least I get to leave early today so I can go to the brain doctor. Weeee!!!

Yeah, I'm not sure if I want to hand the Pirates crowds, but I'm really excited to see my lover, Johnny, again. Sigh....
Ahhh Poodle that's what I meant. Cool that you are helpiing out friend with birfday and cool that your other friend learned about cars herself. It got a bit garbled. Hee.

I hear you on ht egas prices thing. I need a car as a condition of employment, I get reimbursed for mileage, but it sure isn't the 1.19 per litre we are paying here. I was watching something on television and they were saying that gas companies make thirty billion dollars a day. Things are so hard for them, oh let's feel soooooooooooooo sorry for gas companies. How are they going to make it? *rolls eyes*

Well, Avril Lavine is on the cover of the new blender. Ugh.

Well I think I am going to finish my filing.

assclown you say???


deep breaths... what's going on??

Will this day ever end?
FJ! OMG, I love the assclown & the asshats! Those are so great, where did you get them?

(Minx) Students being tough today? I know you are irritated, but when you mentioned the hulk in your post, I had to laugh. very funny!

Poodles, I think that is so rad you are paying for your friend's gas. That is a real friend, doing what you know your girl needs. I hope you have a wonderful visit.

Jenn, are you off work today then? I don't suspect you are snoozing at your new job, so you must be. I am happy you and turbomann are hanging this weekend. Your weekend sounds relaxing.

((Tree)) Your wrist blistered? ouch. Geez oh pete.

Diva, what's anvil? The pirates movie is 3 hours? I wanna see it, but something's got to be really entertaining for me to watch that long. I like movies of the 2 hour variety. Unless I am watching them at home, and then longer is fine. I can't pass up some Depp though!

Speaking of hot dudes, I met a tech last night at the hospital that is such a cutie. Ay yi yi. He reminds me a lot of Mr K. Which I guess is positive. smile.gif

Well, I drug myself to spin class at lunch. I didn't want to go, but workouts have been sparse lately. Plus, so many times if you are tired, a workout is just the boost you need.

I don't have big weekend plans, which I am happy about. Hanging at home tonight. Either drinking wine alone or with a friend who might come over. Tomorrow, we are hitting up the flea market and eating Mexican food. Tomorrow afternoon Mr K gets back home, we will probably just chill. Sunday and plans!
see, that's why i like having my bike (squee, new bike!) cars are just getting too damned expensive to own and gas up. between insurance, the cost of the actual car, and gas prices, i'd be lucky if i had enough change to get it out of the driveway once in a while. it's like my mom said, "if this bike lasts you at least a year, that's a total cost of $324 for your transportation to and from work for the whole year. it's a sound investment." and she's absolutely right. this bike is going to last me a lot longer than a year.

jenn, what kinda bike are you looking at? i got the trek 7100 multitrack, good for daily rides back and forth to work and around town and hitting the trails on weekends. in fact there's one i wanna check out up by monterey this summer (a trail, not a bike). it's 27 miles along the coast, and at least 14 miles are car-free. there's also some local trails around her that my cyclist friends (read: matt) have been buggin me to come out and try.

pk, that sucks about the asshat assistant. you should "accidentally" sabotage something of hers, if you can get away with it.

fj, glad to hear mr. fj made it home all right, and that sounds like a nice night you guys had.

tree, are you pierced yet?! i'm not sure where you are so i don't know what the time difference is. and i wouldn't liken it to masturbating with jalepeno fingers. that shit burns and lingers. i'd compare it accidentally nicking yourself while "trimming the hedges"; just a quick nip and "what the fuck was that?!", then it fades in two seconds and in a few days doesn't bother you anymore unless you're constantly poking at it. ~*~*~quick and easy vch vibes for tree~*~*~

not much doing with me this weekend. i'ma take c-monkey to see shrek 3 tomorrow (no way was i going opening weekend with all those screaming kids), then we might head down to my gramma's in fresno. we haven't been to visit for, gosh, over a year now i think. first i didn't have the money, then my work schedule was all crazy like, and after that i don't what, lame excuses i guess. i have to be back at work monday night for my first solo run on the department and shift i've been training for this week, and i have no idea what my schedule's like for the rest of the week. hopefully nothing too crazy and they'll ease me back to days. i really wanna go over to the other building and start training on cookside, but with being shorthanded and people on vacation my boss hasn't been able to find a good time. but now that we've got this building fully staffed and then some, i might be able to get started on that.

well, i'm going beddy-bye. i didn't even attempt to go home and deal with the painters this morning. i'm at my mom's, taking advantage of the relative peace and quiet and her high-speed internet. by the time i wake up, i will have the final two episodes of the riches downloaded. i'm hoping. oh and gt, i don't have fx or cable either. hell, i don't even have a tv at my place. i get all my shit through bitlord.

eta (((((minxy))))) at least it's friday and you won't have to see the little buggers for three more days.
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