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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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holy disorientation batman! well, i slept all day, for the most part. they're painting our building and my window has been wrapped for the last week. well, they finally got around to coming over and scraping the old shit off the casements so they could repaint. today. right when i got home and was dead tired and decided it was sleepy time. i had to go out and tell them i can totally hear their conversation and while some of it is work-related and thus necessary, they need to stfu now kthx. i finally got to sleep for a bit, woke up around two this afternoon, briefly spoke the roomie and watched another episode of the riches before going back to bed. something about that show just puts me right to sleep, which is odd cause i really like it (mmm, eddie izzard.....). then i woke up about an hour ago, two hours before my alarm, made some mini-chocolate-chip cookies, and i think i'm going to try to catch a bit of a snooze before my alarm goes off. night busties! or morning, or....something.

hey okayers!

did i miss the good things tues thing entirely? or have you guys been posting too fast and furiously for me to see them...?

can you post the link to the funny e-cards again? i'm on a different puter, and i want to send one but i can't remember the address..sad.gif

so there is gonna have to be a hall of justice type place... i was thinking the hall of okay, is hilarous, but not not enough to strike fear in the hearts of men. then i thought it should be like mount olympus-- mount okay, still, nah... better minds than mine need to work on this, but i love the heroes--- kel the neck puncher, poodle the enforcer/avenger (love the outfit) colonia the flush queen...

i am so jealous all this talk about meeting tree! i wanna meet tree! speaking of the lovely hugging one, before you go freaking out about your vch, chickie, think bout it this way: the pain will be very short, and then its all a memory. i can remember getting my nipples pierced, and i remember it hurting. but nothing that would stop me from doing it again. in less than a half minute the pain will be gone, and you will be on endorphines...

fj, that whole check thing sucks. i hate it when someone else fucks with my money-- unintentional or not. someone needs a punch in the neck.

rosey? did i miss it? are you offically a homeowner (or a homo, as my friends say)?

grrl... i am so jealous, i am cable-less right now so no fx channel. i barely get reception enough to watch heroes...:/ c'est poop!

kel, can i take a guess why he's to be called "daisy"? does it have anything to do with a 70's tv show recently made into a bad movie? i'm kurious as all get out...

somebody asked me how the tying up business went and if it did center me, like i had hoped, the answer is YES! it always does the trick. i have no idea why. i was never tied up as a kid, or had any fantasies about it, it's just one of those weird random things..

culture... dogs.. just the mention of a hot dog makes me salavate wildly. someone mentioned chili cheese dogs the other day and ...i have been craving one ever since... there are several thought baloons floating above my head right now, and each one of them has a picture of me happily eating my favorite dog from each establishment: skinny nyc dogs from a place down south... the succulant depot dog from the cart infront of home depot. the massive costco dog with relish, onion and mustard, the tasty chili cheese monster in the university district... mmmmm. god i love the weiners...speaking of which...

since the boy advise is being doled i think i might be hanging out with this guy on thurs. i'm kinda freaked out. i met him about a half year ago when he was dating another girl, he said that he'd never have a chance with a girl like me (huh?), i told him, he would, but i wasn't interested in being the other about a month and a half ago, he breaks up with his gf and moves out... since then he's been trying to ask me out. i do like him, he's fun to hangout with but...he's kinda slick. you know? he's got game, and i know there are lots of girls after him. thing is, he's told me he's been with a few t-girls, but i am the first one he can see something more with....i prefer women, and besides that, i'm kinda scared of dating guys. the couple of times i have it has not gone well.:/ thing is, for all his game, we have that kind of playful/sexy back and forth when we kinda gets me hot....

D'Oh! I forgot about Good Things Tuesday!

~*~*money vibes for FJ*~*~ GAH!

I'm loving the idea of a hall of justice and all these superhero Busties! I think GT should be Fireria, she who melts people with torch flames coming out of her wristbands. And Poodle's pink avenger is soo cute!

GT, I'm lame when it comes to relationship advice...but I'd say just go out with no expectations (tough I know) and just play it by ear. Try to not let your past experiences taint the future.

Yeah, I'm lame. I hope the other busties give better advice.

I'm sure rosev must be busy now moving and stuff...~*~*moving vibes for rosev*~*~

I have no cable either, but luckily with rabbit ears I'm up high enough to get decent reception on the local channels. goodness, you are one wild woman! I've only but had one threesome. Years ago. Um...twelve years ago or so?

Kel, I'm glad you feel calmer.

Doodle, I'm glad your new hairstyle is working for you! As for natural conditioners..I once had an avocado that was getting borderline so I mashed it up and put it on my hair and wrapped it in plastic for like an hour...that conditioned my hair nicely too.

~*~*hair and scalp vibes for doodle*~*~

Oh, and mojo's not fixed. But he doesn't have access to other cats. So, it's okay. He'd have to jump off a balcony four stories in the air and land on a concrete driveway to get to a female in heat. Which he is loathe to do. He'd rather sit on the balcony and "hunt" for unsuspecting birds.

I originally didn't want to get him fixed because I got him when i was living in the mouse-infested shack..and since they tend to get lazier when they're fixed, I wanted him to stay active and a strong hunter as long as he could. It's also why I have a black cat...I wanted him to be dark to be better at hunting mice, too. He even wears a black collar. So...yeah. And he's never sprayed, amazing, I know. And now that I'm at the condo, I just can't see putting him through what (in MY case) is an unnecessary surgery.

But I definitely agree with you...any cat that has a possibility of getting outside, should be spayed or neutered.

Turbo, yay on the new haircut!

So..I had an expensive day yesterday..the dumpster will be costing $450...boarding Mojo will run about $75 and the pickup truck rental almost $300...not to mention the gasoline involved in crossing two states. Blech.

But the cool thing is, I finally get to bring home some of my dad's woodcarvings. I'm especially looking forward to getting the Harley carving. tongue.gif

I'm definitely down with meeting Busties. I'd try and look up some of our MPLS busties, since I will be driving through town, but I think I cut my time too short anyway and I'm gonna be on a deadline to get back and get Mojo and return the truck.

So my piercer called me last night. He normally works at the downtown location, and they're remodeling that one. Well, it seems there was an "incident" yesterday (he didn't go into details) but the shop will be CLOSED for a week! But, they have another location and I was able to get in THERE with him on friday. Which is cool, cause the other location is closer to me anyway.

But friday is gonna be CRAZY! We're having a neighborhood garage sale that I'm determined to participate in; I have so many clothes that don't fit me anymore (damn beer anyway) and so much FURNITURE that just doesn't "go" in this house. Even a queen size bedframe! And an old bike! (probably not suitable for jenn, it's pretty old and beat up)

So, anyway, my storage area needs to get emptied out before we go clean out mom's house...she has tons of little knicknacks that I don't just want to toss, without getting them appraised or something. It's gonna be a crazy few days. Not to mention that I also have to drop Mojo off on Friday, too. And I have my occupational therapy on friday. Which I hate, they put electrodes on my arm and send current (really low amperage) but anyway, it HURTS and makes my skin blister. This is gonna be the last electric treatment though, thank god.

I'm slightly concerned about having such a physical weekend, and the long drive, so soon after the VCH. I think I'm gonna bring ibuprofin with me.
doodle- i stopped wearing anything other than loafers and moon boots by 7 mos. Even little 1/2 inch heals on regular shoes hurt like a MF-er. I was lucky, though, in that it was the dead of winter, and mama doesn't wear heals to hike through the snow!

Tree...good luck with mama this weekend!

FJ- fuckers. That's all.

OK, so what's everybody up to this great holiday weekend? We're shooting up to my Uncle's cottage on Lake Huron. I LOVE it there, and i think moxette will have a blast. Well, she'll be occupied by random family all weekend at any rate. MY plan is to re-read Harry Potter #6, and drink wine. Moxette tends to gravitate to my dad whenever he's around, and he's happy to take her as long as she wants. Papa's are good for that. smile.gif

Ok, back to work.
Good morning Good morning!

Tree, do not worry about getting physical after getting your vch done, take it easy, but its not so bad. I promise, good idea on the pain killers, better to be safe than sorry.

Hey GT, I believe it was Kel talking about chilli cheese dogs. Mmmm, hot dogs.

Hey kel, I'm glad that you are feeling better.

Hello Moxie! I'm ever so jealous of your camping weekend. Le Sigh. I haven't been camping in a while. Oh well, I'm sure that'll change.

Grrrl, I hope you can get some sleep and change from crappy night shifts. Blech.

Hey Doodle, I wonder a little cat costume, hmmmm, how about something silver to compliment the black fur?

I am back at work, and my voice mail was full!!! I wonder how many people tried to call me and couldn't leave messages. My my my. Oh well, my own fault for not changing my voice mail. Hee, that's pretty much all that came up. Nothing too crazy. Well, in theory, I haven' started to return calls yet. So that could all change, and fast too.

Hope everyone has a good day, I should go and catch up.

Gooood morning chicas. Happy Hump Day!

FJ, I am really happy to learn that the contractions are normal. NOT happy to learn about the BS going on with your work. What is up with these people? Do you feel that it's all been a misunderstanding or do you think they are fucking with you? I would be super pissed. It really makes me mad when things don't work like they are supposed to b/c someone didn't do their job.

Doodle, I am glad you are liking your hair cut! That headboard idea sounds really cool. I don't have any input as to if it would work or not, I am not very good at stuff like that.

Kel! Listen to the poodle! I second her input on the daisy. You deserve nothing but the best, girl.

Diva! I am really jealous of your new clothes! I have so much worn out stuff that needs replacing. Though I did recently find 2 pairs of shoes at TJ Maxx, and that helps. Now I can throw out my really worn out black flats. The giant's brithday sounds really nice. Jello cake? YUM!

Hi grrl, poodles, GT, treehugger, Jenn, Minx, Moxie & anyone I've forgotten!

I am good today. I did extra hours at my internship site yesterday, it went well. The only difficult thing there is that I have to hustle to get client sessions. It's not like a typical setting where people have appointments and come to your office at a specified time, but rather I have to approach people. It makes me feel sort of weird, but then again, the clients are hospitalized for psychiatric reasons, I am sure they could benefit from counseling. It's not like approaching a person off the street or something. Anyhoo. I am learning a lot. Mr K is still out of town. I want him to come home! He gets home on Saturday.

Diva, yes! I am happy to report that we are seriously looking at Mexico vacations. We hope to book something in the next week or two for December. Can't wait! I seriously cannot remember the last time I had a "real" vacation. Mine usually consist of going to Mr K's family reunion in the country, or driving somewhere for a few days. That is nice & all, but it's not like getting on a plane & leaving everything behind.

I'm peeking in on you. I'm experiencing a slow spot here at work. Hopefully it won't last long. It's very hard for me to BUST here.
Hi, peeps!

Doodle, sorry, I don't have any pictures of my old headboard. I don't use it anymore since I now have a bigger bed and it wouldn't go with our bedroom colors (very dark blue and white - the headbord was purple/merlot done in a checker pattern with 6' across and 4' high). I wouldn't know how to post pics anyway. Would you just be velcroing only the sheet to the boards, with no extra weight? It should work pretty well. Velcro is strong stuff, and it's easy to do in long strips.

Kari, where in Mexico would you guys go?

FJ, that blows about your check. You'd think they'd get right on it, since it's your money and all.

I couldn't imagine wearing heels while very pregnant. As much as I love them, I don't walk very well in them. I never feel like I can take a long stride without flinging them off (most of mine are backless). The only woman I can imagine prenant and in heels is Laura Bennett from Project Runway. She kicks ass.

Can I be the superhero who kicks people in the shins and throws martinis in their faces? I'll even wear a ball gown like in Dynasty.

Poodle, I love your superhero picture. And good on you for telling Nile like it is. More men need to hear that kind of stuff, and on a regular basis. I totally know what you mean about getting in the "friend zone" with guys. That's basically every relationship I've ever had, except maybe 2 or 3. With the giant, there was no question that we weren't looking for just friends, and it worked out well that way.

((((((((Tree's arm))))))) Good luck with moving your mom. That's gotta be hard to do.

Kel, just take things as they come with the new guy. There's no point in fretting about stuff that might not even be an issue. Just enjoy the ride until something comes up that needs to be dealt with.

Jenn, you're doing wallpaper! What does your paper look like? You know, we have a Paper Source in Uptown, but I've never been there. I always go to a certain art supply store not too far from where I work and do all my shopping there.

Hellos all around to everyone else!

There's not much going on here today, just another day in the middle of the week. Damn, I can't wait for the long weekend. I've been really extra specially good about not taking unneeded vacation or sick time for the last month, and I'm really itching to play me some hookey. In 3 weeks, I'll have only taken an hour of vacation, and that was on Tuesday to take the giant out to lunch for his birfday.

I learned something when we went out for lunch, BTW: never get Asian food from a non-Asian restaurant. It's always a mistake.

We didn't do much last night, just hung out and watched TV and ate birfday cake. We forgot to watch American Idol, but did catch the end of Dancing with the Stars, and if Leila Ali couldn't win, then I'm very happy Apollo Ono did. I love Joey Fatone and all, but it's not like this contest was a big stretch for him.

I got a bit of bad news the other day, though: one of my classes got cancelled for low enrollment. Bah. Hopefully it'll be offered as a night class again in the fall and I can take it then.

Today marks the 1-month mark until Pride. I really wish I would've brought stuff to work on to work. There's always tomorrow.
Ugh, what a day, playing catch up on my phone calls. I'm dreadfully bored, I've got loads of filing to do, and frankly I don't want to do shitfuck all.

Hi Lurvpaint! Come back soooooooooooooon!

Kari, a vacation in Mexico sounds lovely.

Diva, you need a vacation! I also need a vation, I haven't had any "real" time off in ages. That's cruddy about your class.

I'm listening to beatnik jazz right now, and it's great, and mellow and cool. I want to go home and take the hound to the park. Blah.
Hi everyone!!!!!!!

HI LURV!!!!!! Come back!!!

I came into work late because I fell asleep on the couch. It was Regis' annoying voice that woke me up. Thank you Regis.

(((FJ))) Sucks, dudette.

"Courting" cats! Hahahaha!!! I'm with doodle on the spay/neuter thing, although it typically is the policy for shelter animals to be neutered before adoption. There are just so many dumb people out there who don't pay attention to their pets', ahem, "escapades."

HAHAHA!!! I love your superhero idea, diva!! I could see you throwing martinis at republicans. Yes, I think your mission should be to fight the republicans and religious fundies!!

Apolo won DWTS last night. That boy is so cute (aside from the weird patch of fur on his chin). Joey came in 2nd and Laila came in 3rd. That's kinda how I figured it would work out. Laila Ali is so damn gorgeous. It's so refreshing to see a woman on primetime TV who is sorta amazonian. She's a middleweight in boxing at 5'9" around 155 pounds. How often do you have women like that on TV?? Seriously, Laila Ali is my new hero.

"cute in a mafioso way" Totally!! When Nile wears a suit, he sorta looks like Donnie Brasco, sans mustache. Obviously, he doesn't compare to Johnny Depp, but he's still nice to look at. He's got a really nice butt. I'd do him, as long as those other women were out of the picture and he went to some clinic to be tested for STD's. Hahaha!!

Come visit us in MPLS, treehugger!! There are a lot of busties here!!

Oh yeah!! We forgot Good Things Tuesday!! Okay, we're just gonna have to do it today.
-Get to go out for lunch for co-worker's birfday/new baby celebration
-Not a whole lot of work to do today
-Occasional smell of lilacs wafting through the air
-Weather ain't too bad
-Rat Pack DVD has arrived
-3-day weekend coming up
Lurverly!!! It is good to see you!!! Come baaaaaack! I know some work places though do not allow busting.
I hope you are liking your job. Are you?

Diva, so sorry to hear about your class being canned. That stinks. Are you selling stuff at Pride this year? You are such an enterpriser, it is really inspiring.

We are looking at a couple of places in Mexico. Yelapa, which is near Puerto Vallarta, and Tulum, which is near Cancun.

CH, did you get some rest last night? I read about your sexploits in the portions thread.....DAMN! That is all I have to say about that.

That reminds me.....where's Tes been lately?
That first run in occured on Thursday of last week. I still have the second episode and Friday and sunday night to post about. Hee. I did take a rest last night. it's been a weekend of fuckery.

Poodle, you got your DVD! Sweetness. Speaking of the Rat Pack, have you seen the original Ocean's 11? I think I asked you this before, but I don't remember the answer.

Hi Kari!

Only 12 more minutes until lunch. Mmm lunch time. Food.


I was wondering that the other day. Tes where are you?

And FJ, I know you are lurking, come out and play in okayland!!! Please? For me??? smile.gif
But of course I've seen the original!! It's the only version as far as I'm concerned. smile.gif

I just got back from a staff lunch at Fire Lake Grill. We argued about politics half of the time. The only one who disagrees is the republican. Everyone else is sane.
*dances gleefully into okayland*

So one of my good friends knows a ton of firefighters!!!! She's going to introduce me to a few! Can you say SPLASH!!!!

Poodle, I enjoyed them both...

*scurries back to work*
funny, i didn't really like the first one. it seemed like it had lost its flair or something (and i normally love old movies, so it's not like i'm just dogging it because it's old).

ok, yes, i've been lurking. i've been trying to avoid the rant that is coming on. forgive me, you guys. i have to do this...skip it if you want mellow.gif

things are just so incredibly bleak here that i can't even believe it. after two more messages left (prick wouldn't even answer his phone to talk to me) i have FINALLY gotten word from the accountant that i'm to expect my money tomorrow. of course, that doesn't help me much right now, as i've already had bills hit the bank today and now i'm in deeper water. none of this would have happened if i'd have simply received the check as planned yesterday. i just keep coming back to the fact that these people pretended to be my friends. i'm embarrassed that i allowed myself to be sucked in by them and by the lure of this job. it sounded so incredible. i should have known it was too good to be true.

so now i'm faced with the fact that even though it appears that i'll be making the guarantee from now on, i'll be working for a couple of assholes that don't care about their employees, which makes me wonder how much they care about their clients. i keep waiting now to hear that the company is in legal trouble. i have nothing really to base it on, but still. it wouldn't suprise me in the least. i've never in my life been made to feel as unimportant - by an EMPLOYER, much less someone that called themselves my FRIEND - than by these two. this is going to take a long time for me to get past.

oh, and kari, i honestly don't think they're deliberately trying to fuck with me... i think they're so oblivious to other peoples' needs that they just don't care. but i never want to see them again. i will work for them as long as i can until i'm comfortable leaving jackaroo when he's here. maybe that means i start off part time or something somewhere or with different hours so that i can have him for part of the day and mrfj can have him the rest of the day. but i don't think i can work with them as long as i'd originally intended. my principles won't allow it.


*deep breath*

kari, i can't suggest the tulum area of mexico enough. i actually went to a place called akumal, which is in the same area. it was gorgeous and incredibly private. even though it's close to cancun and playa del carmen, it was so quiet and peaceful. you would have to drive a bit to get the nightlife, but to me, it was worth it. of course, i was with a group and had a driver, chef and housekeeper at the home i was staying (i was there for a week-long modeling assignment). i wish i could find a link to the place we stayed. it had it's own private lagoon and pool. man, to go back there would be amazing. eta: here is the one that the photographers stayed in

ch has a fire in her pants!

grrr, i had other stuff to say...

LURV!!! i'm happy to see you. i was wondering about you!!!!!! so LURVely to see you!!!!!!!!!
I just got back from lunch. My gay boyfriend picked me up and we went to Wild Onion. I swear, at least the last 4 times I've been there, I've gotten free stuff because they screw up. Today was no exception. There was a short hair (facial? I hope?) in his honey mustard, and the sticker was still on a hunk of red pepper in my salad. We got free brownie sundae out of the deal, and it was SO. FREAKING. GOOD.

Kari, yep, I'm doing Pride again this year. But if it goes as badly as last year, I'm not doing it again. It's worth at least one more shot, since the first year I did it I made a ton of cash. If I can clear $300 (cost of entry fee and new tent), I'll be happy. I'd be even happier with $500, but this isn't the only show I'll do this year, so I'm not too dependent on raking it in in one shot.

What does one do when they go to Mexico and not to the typical spring break (gag me) destinations?

Did you guys see they're making an Ocean's 13? Blech. It was one thing to remake the original, but there should be a rule about not making sequels to a movie you did a remake of. Ocean's 12 wasn't that great, except the ending was cool. The other 2 hours was a waste.

Hi, Lurv! We miss you!

Leila Ali inspires me to go to a gym. I think I am going to get a membership to the boxing gym 6 blocks from my house, but not until July. I'll literally not have a spare hour in the evening until after Pride to do anything besides make stuff. After all the cash I've spent on supplies, I've got to make some money off it.

FJ, when you secure other employment, may I suggest that you tell them, in oh-so-specific detail where they can shove it. I hope that things get better soon! (((((FJ)))))) FJ I so have a fire in my pants.

Diva, mmmm chocotastic!

Only 20 more minutes left in the day. thank goodness. Now a good hard work out, I need to get this fire in my pants under control, because I'm getting out of control again. I don't know what to do! *bangs head against desk in frustration*

(((FJ))) I want to come down there shoot those folks with my lasers!!

Ooooh!! Diva, I'm so jealous of your brownie sundae!! Oh god, I love brownies. Whoever came up with the idea of putting brownies and icecream together should be nominated for some kind of Nobel Prize, along with the person who invented cheese.

I could totally see you doing boxing, diva. I'm just gonna warn you now that it's very physically demanding (kick-boxing anyway). I'm gonna try to get back into it at some point.

ETA- Out of curiousity, I checked out to see what the difference between walking at 4.0 mph for an hour vs. kickboxing for an hour. The kickboxing burns twice the calories than speed walking does!! It's equivalent to the calories burned while running for an hour. Wow, no wonder I felt like curling up and dying after those classes. One hour of normal upper-body boxing burns more calories than one hour of speedwalking, too. Maybe I should look into upper-body boxing. It's still hard, but at least you don't have to throw kicks into the mix, which I'm not ready for.
I think cheese was probably invented by mistake, and it was probably kind of gross the first time around. I view it as a lovely accident.

I'd like to say I'd try kickboxing, but I know that will never happen. I'm not too uncoordinated when I've got both feet on the ground, but once my feet have to kick any higher than someone's shin, no good can come of it. I wonder if a person as short as me could even be very effective at it as a sport. I'd just be in it to kick in someone's head, which probably isn't a very healthy reason for trying it. But, however, there is a lot to be said for a well-thrown punch, and I'd love to learn how to do that. I'd love to learn to wrestle, too, but pro wrestling, not the real kind. Me and my penchant for violent sports...

Hey, gang! Just a drive by so that I can kick FJ's so-called "friends" in their tender places. GRRRRRRRRRRRR. I'm so pissed off about them doing this to you. What a bunch of low-lifes! Next thing you know, they're going to invite you over for a dinner party, but it'll turn out to be some sort of Amway sales pitch (yup, that has happened to me before).

In happier news, yes, Sheff and I are homeowners! YAY!! But the movers will be here tomorrow morning and I still have SOOOOOO much to do. Luckily, my beloved mother will be here on Monday and she is planning on helping me for a whole week! She wants to help me paint! Woot! We just have to feed her & put a roof over her head. Gotta love that! biggrin.gif

Anyway, it may be a while before I have internet access again, so I hope you all have a fabulous rest-of-the-week & that you enjoy the holiday weekend!

kari- tulum was my #1 favorite spot we stopped at on our trip. It was a day p[ort-of-call to cozumel, so that may be the place to look for resorts. Tulum is somewhat remote (1 hour drive from playa del carmen...1.5 hours from cozumel), but FJ is right- its GORGEOUS.

FJ- listen, sweetie, daycare, even part time, isn't bad at all. We worked it out so that my SIL and mom watched moxette for 6 weeks after I went back full time, so she was about 4 mos old when she started full time daycare. With the occasional staffling blip and colds from hell being the negatives, it has overall been a very, very positive experience for our family. And, if it means you can work for an employer who values you adn the effort you put in, WELL worth it. If you want to explore the "balance" beam that is motherhood, PM me, or delurk in the mama thread.

Ok, so miss thing is transitioning to the "big kid" room...1 nap at school now...and she's debating whether to sleep at home right now or not. I'm giving her 2 more minutes. Yesterday, no after school nap, and she was a monster by 6:30. So, we're trying for a post-school one today. Sigh...the trial and error method of parenting.

Have I ever mentioned how much I appreciate you all letting me talk about momma-hood here, even though there is a momma thread? wub.gif
thanks for the support, okayers. i appreciate all the virtual neck, kidney and groin punches. oh, and poodle, can you point those lasers right up their asses? yeah, that's nice.

i feel violated. i honestly wish there was a way i could make them pay me unemployment for misrepresentation. but from what i understand, to collect, you have to be CAPABLE and AVAILABLE to work another job and that's not going to describe me for long, if it does even right now.

to make things worse, i had to cancel my trip to see my parents this weekend because i can't afford to go up there now. i know i'll see them in just a couple weeks for my baby shower and that it's probably best for me to stay here anyway, but this sucks major ass. and not in a good way.

oh, roseviolet, i'm SO happy for you and sheff!! that is wonderful news! did you stay there last night?? yay!!!!!!

hahaha, diva, you are probably so right on about cheese being a freak accident turned good.

eta: thanks moxie. you're undoubtedly right. anything has got to be better than dealing with this crap on a regular basis.
FJ, have you called the unemployment office to ask if pregnancy counts as making you unavaliable or incapable? Most jobs use maternity leave like disablity time off...
*gin thrown in FJ's "friends" eyes and shins summarily kicked.* I hope their eyes sting.

Is there any way your bank could forgive some of the overdrafts, or whatever went wrong? Mine (Wells-Fargo) does all the time. Your "friends" should have to cover that for you anyway, since it's their fault it happened in the first place. Are they new to running a business?

Hi, RV and Moxie!

I wish this day would end. I'm going to stay a little late because I came in late this morning and my lunch ran long. I didn't get caught for either, but I've still got that Catholic guilt that says I have to stay.
This is a driveby, but I just had to punch those assholes FJ is dealing with right in the neck *delivers vicious neck punches*
This just made me laugh today...I stopped in to see one of my professors about a paper that is due at the end of the quarter. When I entered the office he was rockin' out to Def Lepard's Greatest Hits!!! It really cracked me up because here's this Dr of Psychology, rather unassuming looking man, balding, grey hair, pleasant face, Hawaiian-esque shirt and glasses rockin' out to Def Lepard. He just looks like he should listen to jazz or bluegrass....I just can't imagine him singing along to "Pour Some Sugar on Me"

I'll take my roadrage agression from today out on FJ's supposed "friends" and mow them over with my car. dry.gif
Hi octobersky!! That's really funny about your professor. Damn, I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head now!!

You got the peaches
I got the cream
Sweet to taste
Cause I'm hot, hot, so hot
Sticky sweet
From my head, head, head
To my feet!!!

Okay, I'm done. I promise.

Congrats to roseviolet and sheff!!!!

Awww...mox is becoming a big girl!!

Ugh. FJ, that's so shitty that you have to cancel your trip. Asshats.

I did a pretty thorough workout today to make up for last night's sloth and today's staff lunch. My butt hurts in a good way.

HI everyone!! I just got home, but I did skim everything!

*gives FJ's bosses a few good elbows in the guts* FEH on them, soon as you are ready to look for a new opportunity after jackaroo is settled in, I KNOW you will find a stellar job, that will appreciate your talents.

I went to a focus group tonight for my friend's new business - its a cooking school/professional kitchen rental thing, with offices for chefs who want to do work there, storage for ingredients, and a gorgeous demo kitchen studio for classes...SO much fun. And super good food. And I saw some co-workers from the old job too, so that was nice.

Oh, but get this - ex-bitchboss' husband was there (cod knows why), and he asks me: "so do you miss working for bitchboss?" ....Uh, how do you answer that one?! I deflected and said that there were some things that I missed about oldjob. What a stupid question...I've been to their house, and she treats him just like she treats her staff - not well.

Which is why its so effing cool that I LOVE my job!

Oh, and Diva, one of the partners in my friend's business is a pretty well-known pastry chef around town here, and she made the most *amazing* mini, one-bite cupcakes...but they weren't too too sweet, and the frosting was unfuckingbelievable, and I just kept thinking - diva needs to taste these! It was a buttercream frosting, but there was a hint of lemon zest in the frosting as well as hint of violet oil -- awesome.

Kel, I am SO glad that you're really enjoying getting to know daisy-man!!

october - that is awesome about your prof!

*steals some of poodle's workout, so I don't feel so guilty about stuffing myself at the focus group*
need superfast bustie vibes to get mrfj to his connecting flight on time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

will explain later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good evening everyone.

*punches FJ's bosses in the face, fills a glove with a brick and smacks them in the face for good measure*

October, Happy BIRFDAY!!!! that's pretty cool about your prof rockin' out to Def Leppard! I love it.

Diva, that's pretty cool about the kickboxing.

Poodle, that is great about a good sore ass. I also worked out today.

Turbo, that's horrible that the evil bitchboss treats her husband like that too. Too bad you couldn't say what you really wanted to.

Moxie, we luveth hearing about moxette!

Kel, there is another posting in my smut blog!

Well, I worked out hard, took hounders for a park, and now I have some soup cooking. I'm pretty tired today, but I'm almost caught up at work, and I'll be there for a while yet. This is good. So, that's that for now.


ETA: ~*~*~*~*~*~*plane cathing vibes for MrFJ*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Hey all, this is a quick post, have just finished reading...

~*~*~*~*~plane-catching vibes for Mr. FJ~*~*~*~*~

ETA: happy birthday, octobersky

FJ, I don't know how it works in the U.S., but in Canada, you can get up to 15 weeks of unemployment benefits for illness or injury, in addition to your regular or maternity benefits. If your doctor is willing to sign a form that says you're unable to work, surely there are some benefits you can qualify for? Given your spinal fusion issues, combined with the physical realities of pregnancy, your "inability to perform your job for any length of time without pain" (which is how I might phrase it, *ahem*) would be a good enough reason for most doctors.

One of my guitar calluses split open, and it HURTS. The little fucker. I've been good about keeping my calluses filed, too, so I'm extra pissed about it.

I think I'm going to try the olive oil scalp massage tonight...maybe with turbo's clay masque on my face.

*goes off to find supplies*

ETA again: oh yeah, I had to post this little article, because....well, you'll understand when you read it. It's kind of like, I thought I'd seen it all after the time I stumbled across that balloon fetish website....but now there's this. (Safe for work, I think - no graphic images, anyway. Might tweak some word filters.)
Hihi guys!

Just popping in to say that I PM'd you, Turbojenn, so be on the lookout for my message.

Gonna read archives now.
*drifts into thread in a just been kissed haze*

Oh boy. This is wild. I like the daisy. He likes me. We had sushi, came back to my place, listened to jazz, walked him to his car and he hugged me. I looked at him and said, "I'm going to kiss you now." He replied, "I was so waiting for you to do that." It was a very nice kiss...soft until I bit his lip a little. I love that he touched my face when he kissed me. Oh holy hell, what am I getting myself into?

Squeeee! Kel, sounds like a lovely time!

Hi, PK! *waves

FJ, if I had a superhero power I'd be using it on your boss/"friend". ((((fj)))) Did mr. fj make the flight? Hope so.

Doodlebug... blink.gif And, one word for split callouses...super glue. Make sure you sterilize the wound first. You don't want to glue germs in there. But, I, and the rest of the steamfitters at the shop, who are constantly dealing with gaping wounds, swear by it. Spread the wound open a bit, drop a couple drops of glue inside, and squeeze it closed for a few seconds. Don't glue your other hand to it, by the way.

CH, glad you're going to be in a nice office for a while.

Turbo, I'm glad you had a good time last night. And, you can recognize VIOLET OIL in something? Wow, my mind boggles.

October, I missed your birthday...hope it was good. And that is cute about your professor.

Diva, I love your superhero skills! An evening gown, too! ooh-la-la!

Congrats to Rosev and Sheff!

I love hearing stories about moxette, too!

Ugh, my wrist is bothering me and so is my arm again today. WTF is going on with them??!!! GAH. And I was duly informed that one of the guys who does steam tunnel work broke several bones in his ankle so he'll be off work for quite a while. And I was encouraged by the co-worker who called me, to call the boss and offer to go back (steam tunnel work isn't so repetitive).

But, what people don't get is I really screwed myself by going back for those three income continuation claim was discontinued and I had to go through another three week waiting period before I could start a new claim. So basically I have NO sick leave, NO vacation time at all, left for the whole year. Once I go back, if my arms mess up again, I'm completely fucked.

GAH. I hate workers comp, I wouldn't be in this quandary if they had just accepted the stupid claim. And I'm PMSing like a fiend.
SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Kel, you vixen. wink.gif
Mornin' peeps!!!

Wow, I actually had a decent night's sleep. The cats didn't even try to wake me up. I had a dream about Ice Cube last night. I can't remember what it was about, but Ice Cube was there. Ha!!

Yay for kel's kiss!!! How exciting!!!

Turbo, that's crazy that you ran into ex-bitchboss' husband!! It sounds like you handled it smoothly.

(((tree))) The whole year????!!!! That's friggin' insane!!! ~*~*~*~anti-wrist/arm trouble vibes for tree~*~*~*~

Heh, the other night, Nile and I were giggling about the guys in the gym who make all of these moaning/grunting noises when they're lifting weights and then they slam the weights on the floor after they're done. There's one guy in particular who sounds like he's having a friggin' orgasm while lifting weights. So annoying. Anyway, we were joking around and making all of these "ooh ah" and "faster! faster!" noises while lifting weights. Nile was using a particular machine that made it look like he was masturbating. Then he was like "aaah, I need a cigarette now." That guy is so damn funny.

Not much going on today. I'm looking forward to picking some stuff up at the farmer's market. That's about it.
Good morning everyone.

Oh thank goodness it's Thursday. Only one more day in this week left, but I left my water bottle at home today, or somewhere where I can't find it.

(((tree))) ~*~*~*~*healing and work vibes~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Tree, today is the big day!!!!! I hope your VCH piercing goes well! Let me know!

Kel! That is so great!!!!

Hi PK!

Doodle, that was an interesting article.

Poodle, that's great that you got a good night sleep! And what is it with people who make sex noises when they lift weights. Like, I get that there is a release...I guess that's why. Hee.

oooh, CH, no. My piercer called me and, due to a remodeling "incident" the shop's closed for a week. BUT...they have a second location so I WAS able to get in TOMORROW. So, not today, but tomorrow.
Mornin'. How's everyone? I am exhausted. This work + internship schedule is wearing me out. Big time. Ugh. But, it is Thursday, as CH said. I have to go there today after work, but tomorrow, I just have work. And then it's a 3 day weekend. Sweet. rolleyes.gif

FJ, Did Mr FJ make it home? I hope so!

Poodle, that cracks me up about the weight room. I know, why do people have to make those sounds. Gross. All that grunting.

Rose, good luck with the move!

Treehugger, ooooh! Are you nervous about the piercing? I would be, but I am also a chicken.

Jenn, those cupcakes sound divine. I would like about 6 of them right now. Yum! How's work?

I need to steal some of poodle's workout also. I have been a slug lately.

kel!! Sounds like things with the daisy are heatin' on up! Woo woo!

What up Culture? You sexpot, you.

Hi Doodles!

Moxie, thanks for the info on Tulum! I think that is where we are thinking of going, with all the excellent reviews we've been getting.

I feel that this is gonna be a long day. At least officemate is not here, nor is Mr. Talky next door. That dude drives me fucking bonkers, some days I just can't take it. I think my coffee intake is going to be high today. *Yawn*
Good luck with you piercing, Tree! Come back with a punk 'hamster! Oh, and what type of glue do you recommend?
Heya Culture, Minx, smile.gif
Poods, that's great that you & Nile have such fun joking around. Sounds like a good flirt-buddy smile.gif
Kel, like your Av says, Rar!!! smile.gif
*dips PK's Av in ranch dressing and eats it* >cough< Furry!
Heya to everybody else! Darned work comes too soon for me to type much.
Oh tree that's right! I remember reading about that, but it's first thing inthe morning. I have a good memory, it's just really short. Hee.


Hey Kari, not much is new with me, but tomorrow there will be fun new things for me to post.

Hi Lore!

It is only 9! I want to do nothing today. I had a dream about my supervisor, and that he liked me and we were dating, but I was working in the same office as him, and I was the one who said we had to keep it on the downlow, but he didn't want to.

How odd.

Well, that is all for now.

*stumbles out of okayland and back into the crappy real world*
Good morning everyone! Hi poodle, kari, tree, PK, culture, kel, minx, and lorewolf!

TREEHUGGER! Now I totally GET why Stevie Ray Vaughan always put crazy glue on his fingertips! You've solved the mystery for me! I'm going right out to find some crazy glue this morning. (*ahem* NOT that I'm IN ANY WAY comparing my guitar capabilities to the Late Great SRV. Please.)

I checked my account online this morning - my unemployment benefits finally arrived! Hurrah! I can't believe I made it through till now without an income (not that my benefit amount is anything to brag about, after 11 years of non-profit wages).

Oh yeah, thanks for the oil massage tip, turbo (gosh I miss you here during the day!). It was just the thing - after my olive oil treatement last night, my hair is nice and soft. I can actually touch it now without having a meltdown. biggrin.gif

Okay, Okaylanders, I found an unopened box of patio lanterns in my closet last night! They are little white Japanese-esque paper lanterns, 10 of them in a row on a cord. I think I meant to return them but I never did. I can't even think what I bought them for, but I'm stuck now. I don't even have electricity on my balcony! What on earth should I do with them? Decorative thoughts, anyone? (Indoor decorating being slightly more practical.)
Doodle, glad to be of service. Hope it works. Well, I know it will work, I've done it hundreds of times, I think. Any old kind of superglue will work..but I'd suggest NOT getting the kind that's like a "pen"...just cause it's painful to stab it on your wound to get the glue to come out. The stabby part is kind of sharp. There's a gel one that doesnt' drip that might be good, just cause it'd be easier to control where it goes.

kari, of course I'm nervous...hehe. But CH and grrl have tried their best to reassure me and I'm just gonna fly with what they say and try not to stress over it too much.

So I went out and bought two spearmint plants....hopefully they supply me with enough mint for mojitos all summer! smile.gif

Mojitos.....drooooollllll. That would be so good right about now. Sure it's only 10:45, but what the hell.

I need a nap.

Doodles, yay! for getting your money!! I know that's a big relief! Take care of your little fingers. Also yay! for the box of laterns. That is a nice find.

CH, did you say you are a social worker?

Tree, I bet you will do great in the piercing.
morning okayers! i'm still ambivalent about whether it's a "good" one yet. wink.gif

man, i'm a stick in the mud lately!

thanks for ALL the neck-punches, shin-kicks and gin tossing (classy, diva!! hehe) at my bosses. rest assured, as soon as i'm able, i'll be finding myself a job elsewhere. nothing is worth this much bullshit. would you believe that yesterday, after finally clearing up the check debacle, he had the nerve to message me and tell me that my phone stats are down and that "he's gonna need me to work on that". um, fuck you! aside from the fact that i've been grossly DEmotivated by your lack of detail, your phone system was down for two days. so, ok, i didn't put it in those words exactly, but i was curt and cold. he said something about how they're trying to be more "corporate" lately so i told him i thought that was a very good thing, as i'm used to corporate. he said he wasn't and i really had to tie my hands to prevent myself from typing "that's pretty fucking obvious". i want to tell them what's what, but i'm unfortunately still dependent on them.

and thanks for the plane-catching vibes, but alas, it didn't work this time. his flight from colorado was delayed, so when he got to dc he missed his connection, and the next flight out wasn't until today (he's about to take off now). booooo! what made it worse is that we had zero fundage for him to get a hotel with AND his phone died so i wasn't even sure when to come get him today!!! thankfully, united set him up at the hilton and even gave him food vouchers (nice!) so he didn't have to sleep at the airport. and while on the shuttle to the airport, he was able to charge his phone. so, at least i was able to talk to him last night and he was able to get a decent night's sleep. he will be home in two hours from a two-day trip that stretched into four. portions will be had in two and a half hours. smile.gif

so, have you guys ever just felt that the stars had misaligned against you? get this: my check was finally ups'd next day air so it should have gotten to me today. well, i just checked the tracking system and it shows that the package was mis.rout.ed. i called a rep and she said that she is leaning toward me NOT getting it even in the evening delivery today.

but at this point, i'm just laughing about it. i can no longer be bitter. i've got no bile left in me today. i'm just rolling with it and remembering that i have much to be thankful for. mrfj said that yesterday was one of the worst days of his life. but then i reminded him that we'd not been hit by a car, so that made us both feel a little better.

jeez, i really feel like eeyore again. but really, i'm ok. i've got daddy coming home to me in a couple hours.


tree, i bought a doublemint plant (peppermint and spearmint mixed) and it's doing great. i planted it with a lemon balm plant and some chives. i was afraid at first that the chives would taint the flavor of the mint, but it doesn't seem to yet. actually, peppermint oil isn't good for preggos so i've not used any of it in food yet, but i'm loving the way it smells. when i go out to walk grover, i pick a leaf and just sniff it. it's nice. i also planted some cilantro in that pot, but it died. r.i.p. cilantro. but yes, mojitos sound divine!

doodle, i love those lanterns! i know exactly the type you're talking about. we keep saying we're going to buy them for our deck in the backyard once it's built. i'm thinking you should do something with them near the pagoda mural, but i'm not sure. they could have a tendency to clutter up the place.

kari, your schedule is exhausting ME! smile.gif

i miss turbo being here during the day too!

poodle, that's funny that you and nile are making sex noises at each other! hehehe. i hate those workout guys that throw their weights down on the ground when they're done with them. it's so affected. those big ripped workout guys really bug me anyway. i hate those ripped up tank tops they all seem to wear, even though it's been completely out of fashion to wear those since, since... well since always!

hehe, the other day at the pool, bff's son was flashing his biceps (he's 7) and saying, "hey mom, check out the guns". hahahhaa. sometimes he cracks me up because he obviously knows he was being sarcastic and funny. i love kids that get irony at a young age.
Good almost afternoon.

Doodle, that's cool about patio laterns. As for where to put them I've got no idea. I had pepper lights that I put around my window for a time, then I took them down, then the dog ate some of the plastic peppers.

Tree, mmmm mojitos! Yummers!

Kari, I am indeed a social worker.

FJ, your situation is why people have brain aneurisms. Or go on some sort of rampage or binge/bender. I'd be smiking a big fatty if that was happening to me.

Fark, i want this day to be OVER so I can fucked. I'm not holding back. I'm a little happy horny honey right now.

That is all.
tree, I will keep your superglue advice in mind. Better watch those spearmint plants around mojo, though - he might mistake it for catnip! (Did you read him the Anne McCaffrey book yet?)

kari, how is your practicum going? I can't quite remember, because I'm a doofus - you're doing hospital social work, right? How many hours a week is the placement?

ETA: cross-posted with FJ and culture!

Poopies on Mr. FJ not getting his flight, but yay for last minute hotel room bookings!
doodle, spearmint isn't poisonous to kitties, is it?? i don't think mine have gone near my plants, but i'd hate to think i've got poison sitting there!!!! ohmy.gif
No, not that I know of, FJ. The mint plants and the catnip plant are all from the same family of plant species, so it's all good.

Anyway, I've got poisonous plants all over the apartment, and two very live kitties.

ETA: here's a list of plants that are safe and not safe for pets/kids. I have fourteen of the species on the "dangerous" list, and I used to have others. Damn, nobody tell the SPCA, okay?

ETA again: I forgot to mention...I had a dream about Richard Gere last night, of all people. I don't think I've ever been turned on by him before, but damn, he was sexy in my dream.
i'm a double-posting ass. rolleyes.gif
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