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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey all, I am still catching up, but wanted to say HI to everyone! And also that the FJs are adorkable.

The F chord can go fuck itself. That's what I say.

It's a stat holiday here in Canada: Victoria Day, formerly known as Commonwealth Day, and before that, as (British) Empire Day. So anyway, my point is that my entire community, being comprised mainly of free citizens who are monarchists when it's convenient, has arrived at a standstill. Except the wind, which is blowing around cottonwood tree fluff, which I am allergic to, and which looks like soap foam drifting down the river.

And. That. Fucking. Fly. Which I need to go murder. Excuse me.
Hello everyone! Wow, it's been busy in here since I was last here.

~*~*~*work vibes for Grrrl~*~*~*~* I hope it gets better!

Kel! That is so great that date boy is being so great about everything. I always send a thank you text after an evening of good fuckery with boy 2. ~*~*~*~*more date vibes for Kel~*~*~*~*

Poodle that is so great that your boss told you that you were the best writer! Congratulations honey! I second meeting nothing but boys, but then again, I'm going to the bar, and a younger hangout at that. I won't meet a man there. Boy 2 is great and all, but I don't want to date him. There is a bar close to where I work where doctor's and lawyers and such hang out. But I'm on a man with uniform thing right now. A man I can have god fuckery with. Hee.

Hi Diva! That sounds like a great weekend, that's some good deals you got on clothing too!! Wow, I'm jealous. Happy birfday to Giant as well.

FJ, I can't believe that you're having jackaroo in like 2 months! I'm excited for you. I would be equally as scared. Isn't it great getting portions from a few men. The Third is really into that shit, although..maybe you should check out the portions thread, as I don't want to get too graphic in here..go back to may 18th, that's when it all started. Anyways, I'm really into that. But boy 2 doesn't think he can do it. And threesomes and such are huge thing to me. I really like them...Enough of that though, as now I am getting, er, excited.

Doodle, it was so busy here, all the people in suburbia where getting out and about to finish their shopping.

Well, I worked out and am now feeling great. I took puppers to the park earlier, and now there is some salmon cooking. Mmmm, I think I'll have some dill pickle popcorn later.

I'll check in later.



FJ is really having a baby! That's crazy exciting! I cannot imagine being pregnant or birthing. I really can't. It's such an awesome thing (and I mean awesome as in awe not as in cool) but there is this mystery around it that is kind of scary. Plus there's the whole being responsible for someone else forever thing too. Oh, FJ, I'm so happy for you!

I don't think I could handle two guys in one night. I don't have the energy to interact with people on that level.

Hi Diva! I was just thinking about you today, wondering if you were going to be posting so I could get a mini-update on your life.

I'm really craving a chili-cheese dog. We live near a really yummy drive-in burger joint and I think we're going to have to go get me a dog. We have an appointment with a possible wedding ceremony officiant later tonight and the chilicheese dog would be on the way. I made a great lasagna last night (after being a good person and doing the AIDS Walk in the cold and rain - brr!) but after eating it for dinner last night and lunch today I don't think I can eat it for dinner tonight too. That's the problem with cooking for two - you gotta eat it for days after.
catsoup it's definately not for everyone.

When I drink, I turn into a, well, a tramp. I've never taken anyone home, but when I met the third, the liquor was going down like water...and then one thing led to another. Hee.

Mmmm, that food sounds delish.

I had my salmon, it was yummy, and now I'm pretty pooped out. Boy 2 wants me to come over, but I've had plenty, and I'm tired. As much as I want to, I need some sleep. And this morning there were thundershowers, but I slept right through it. My mom told me that it was so loud that the dishes in the china cabinet were shaking. They are calling for thunderstorms again tonight. I hope I'm awake to enjoy it this time.

The FJs *are* totally adorkable!! I love that word - nice one, doodle!

Kel, the new boy sounds so sweet! I love that he not only sent an email - but a cute, sweet, thoughtful one that let you know he was thinking of you! *swoon*

Diva, I could have used some of your shopping energy this weekend. I went to Anne Taylor Loft because I had a 20% off coupon, and I spent an hour trying stuff on, found a few pieces I wanted, then got up to the counter only to be told my coupon was for next weekend. d'oh! Oh that I've decided that I want a new bike its probably a good thing I didn't spend much this weekend.

And, I think you definitely have the right idea on the gyms - I think I have to give 45 days notice to the old gym, but that will still give me a few months off without paying a gym. YAY!

Poodle, that's awesome that your boss complemented you!

FJ, your due date is coming up fast now - yowza!!! We'll give you metric tons of bustie vibes when the time comes!

Hi 'soup!!! I dunno, but something about sunny, spring weather makes me want to go for the bad foods from street stands. We've been to our local 'dog stand wayyyy too much recently, but seriously, you cannot beat their handcut fries. Mmmmm.

And rosie's a homeowner today - YAY!!!

aw, we will proudly wear the adorkable moniker. hehe. thanks doodle!

(((((catsoup!))))) i meant to say hello to you earlier!!! how are you! woohooo on your engagement!!!

culture! i read about your portions and responded there. and man! now you have me hankering for dill popcorn!!! i LOVE eating popcorn with dill pickle slices.

i need to find something to eat. i ate a late lunch after my doc appointment and it was total bad for me food: arby's. i was planning to get the turkey sandwich with some curly fries but caved while in line and went for the beef and cheddar. god that stuff is just so bad for you, but soooo goooooood. i also o the jalepeno poppers. (i just mistyped that as "poopers"). so now i'm going to make up for it with a spinach salad i guess.

(and a cupcake...)

actually, i'm a little bit concerned right now. these contractions are happening pretty steadily tonight. the midwife said i should call her if they're happening like five times an hour. it seem like they're happening ever twenty minutes or so right now. but it's hard to tell if it's just him moving around or if it's an actual contraction. i'm having a really hard time getting comfortable. my back is hurting and my stomach hurts when i get in certain positions. i think i'm just reaching that "miserable" stage of pregnancy and am trying not to worry. but it would be my worst nightmare to have this baby while mrfj isn't in town. plus, his parents are out of town until the end of the month so i really only have bff to call if i need something and she's not known for answering her phone. in fact, i called her to chat this afternoon and haven't heard back from her yet.

eh, i'm gonna go to bed i think. we only have basic cable right now and there is NOTHING on television. (i don't watch the dancing with the stars show)

good night all.
Good evening,

adorkable, that is so cute. I must say that I lurveth all the couples on bust. Awww, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

FJ I have since responded to your post in the portions thread. I'm totally into tryint that. My next goes the other way. I'm on the prowl for the others. Plus something new. Hee. Are you feeling better???? I hope that bebe isn't coming yet! the mister needs to be there. Of course, I'm stating the obvious here.

Mmmm food.

I'm watching The Sopranos on A&E right now, and now I know that I must purchase the DVD's. Once fundage improves I've been spending way too much money lately. Oh dear, the goons are cutting up a body at a meat shop. The sounds. Holy fuck. Iy's a damn good show though. I cannot go into The Sopranis Thread because I don't want to know how the show ends. I've not watched every episode.


Talked to the guy. He called and we effortlessly talked for over an hour and made plans for Wednesday. This guy...there's something there, I think. I dunno...I gots a good feeling about him. I'm going with it. I asked him tonight, "Are you for real?" and he had the best answer about him thinking the same about me and how talking to me was "delightful" and "unpredictable" and how that is something he hasn't found dating around here. This one *likes* that I'm smart and inquisitive; it's a huge turn on for him. Basically he said we have lots of time to discover each other and how he's very comfortable taking time to get to know me. Eeeeeep! *dances around computer*

In other news, I highly recommend folks in need of a good awakening below the belt to read of CH's exploits on the portions thread! Girl, your real life is my fantasy life. Go for it.

FJ, jalepeno poopers! Bwuhahahaha!

Turbo, I hate when I get coupons wrong...I do it all the time. If the stuff is still there this weekend, it's a sign to buy. If it's gone, it wasn't meant to be.

Catsoup, I'm from Cincinnati originally. Chili cheese dogs there are called coneys and have Greek style chili (no beans, odd but delicious spices, including cinnamon) on them and piled high with cheddar cheese. You are so making me crave one, and I am sooooo far away from Cincinnati!

Goodnight everyone...pleasant dreams.

Hihi! Just a quick flyby, but....

~*~*nobabyyet*~*~ vibes for FJ....Jacko, just stay in there a little while longer, k?

Kel, sounds like a great guy! I'm so happy for you!

CH...making our fantasies reality!

Okay, I hate to cut this short...but I've really gotta flyby now!
I spy with my little eye...Kelkello, FJ, and Tyger creeping about these parts. I am revelling over the fact that I have copious amounts of laundry quarters. What are the rest of you up to?

My brother got married this weekend, and thusly I wore the bandaid dress. Cripes, will someone remind me to just stop bitching and just wear the retarded things? With any amount of luck, I will never have to go through that again. Except for perhaps if I get married and make someone wear retarded things. Actually, I was talking to an old friend this weekend and told them that if I did get hitched, I would make my brothers wear all of the shitty dresses I had to wear for their weddings. I think that it's only fair wink.gif

The wedding cake turned out really well!! It was an almond poppyseed cake with blackberry filling and cream cheese frosting. Putting the layers together and putting the smaller cake on a pedestal above the larger one was kind of death-defying, but it worked and the whole thing got snarfed which made me feel awesome. I love baking. You get immediate feedback. smile.gif

There is much weirdness in Guyville. I will probably spill at another time, but it sure has gotten interesting lately. I think that you will all be proud of me really soon! I know that I will be. It's been a lot of drama...and that makes me tired.

Anyhoo...Poods, I think of you as well when I hear The Jets. smile.gif And Girltrouble, I LOVELOVELOVE Lloyd Cole!! I've been humming "Ice Cream Girl" ever since I read your post. SQUEEE!!!

Oh yeah, the Braxton Hicks. That shit happened to me for ONE night. That's all the natural contracting I got. You are so totally in the miserable zone!!! Don't let anyone tell you that you should be enjoying the mother earthy natural bullshit. It makes your body fucking uncomfortable (well, for some of us). Anyhoo, the spirit of Minxy is with you. Slut, mother, and personal rah-rah girl.
Awww Kel, *blushes* live vicariously through me all I've got no problems with that. But that's sweet of you to put it so sweetly. I'm so happy that this is working out for you and dateboy. I think it's time you came up with a nickname for him.

Turob, ugh, that's the craps about the coupon.

Hi tree!

Hey Minx, glad to hear the wedding went well, and you now never have to wear the bandaid coloured dress. Again. Mmm cack. Erm, how is the other thing going?

Well, it's just about bed time. There are severe thunderstorm warnings across the province right now, including tornado watches/warnings, tornados aren't expected near this city at all. This is happening early, it's going to be an active season. I've got to log this laptop off, as I don't want it to get zapped because of lightning, that would suck ass big time.

Awww, kel, I have good feelings about you and the new prospect too!! Sounds like a fun discovery process ahead, filled with lots of laughter!

Minxy, I am always proud of you, but doubly looking forward to the new greatest reason why minxy is the rockin' woman we all love here!

((((no more drama for minxy)))

No worries on the coupon - you're dead right, kel and ch, if the stuff is there this weekend, I'll nab it...but really, it didn't bum me out at all, since I was already thinking that a new bike was what I really needed.

Okay, bedtime for me too - g'night ya'll!

((((soothing FJ and jackaroo vibes)))

Oh, and poodle, I LOVE the new surprise there!

*waves to tree*
Okay, the new guy is going to be called the daisy. Don't ask why, it just makes sense to me.
first the guacamole for buttsecks, now jalepeno poopers. geez fj, what is this weird obsession you have with equating green foods with ass? tongue.gif i have no room to tell you not to worry, cause i think i must have made my mom drive me to the hospital at least four times during the last couple months i was pregnant was c-monkey. but really, don't worry. jackaroo's probably just settling down, going through a few dry runs before the big day. don't borrow stress you don't need right now, and keep us posted. (((((fj)))))

so work was kinda long today. someone went home early and we were already short a person, so there was a lot of scrambling around trying to get everything done and not fall too far behind. and i'm going to end up going in tomorrow after all. i don't know why it didn't occur to me when i was reading the schedule last week, but that three to eleven pm shift that i was puzzling over and decided to skip? was actually three am to eleven am. the fact that we use military time for everything just flew right over my head. so good news, i'm not going in at three am tomorrow. meh news, if i skip tomorrow, i'm not going in at 11:30 wednesday night like i thought, i'm going in at 11:30 tomorrow night. so no actual day off, as i will have to spend it sleeping in preparation for tomorrow night. this also means i will have to call matt in the morning before i go back to bed and tell him that i won't make it in tomorrow afternoon like i thought, i'll be coming in wednesday morning after work instead. on the upside, this shift doesn't come in friday or saturday night since we don't run fresh kill on weekends, so if i really want to, i can go home and take a nap after work friday and still get into town to run errands and go vibe shopping before picking up c-monkey for the weekend. and i might change my mind after seeing how things run tomorrow night, but i'm thinking this might be the best shift if get on permanently instead of back-up: no work friday and saturday night, and i'm already used to staying up all night, so it'd be perfect for clubbing. you know, if i ever went clubbing. rolleyes.gif

hit up target after work today and got some stuff i needed. and i went grocery shopping. i'm so bad at that. i bought boca burgers and frozen burritos and cheese sticks, and they had rockstar and monster for a really good price, so i picked up a couple four-packs. but really, the whole trip just brought home the idea that i have no idea how to shop for and cook healthy meals. i shop for stuff for more balanced meals when c-monkey comes over on the weekend, but when it's just me, i buy snack stuff. i'll go the whole day at work on nothing but rockstar and nicotine and maybe a couple of rolled up slices of turkey from the fridge in the lab, then come home and have a snack-size bag of cheetos or a couple sticks of string cheese. some nights i'll get really ambitious and scramble a couple eggs or bust out a tube of crescent rolls, but for the most part, if it's not ready in ten minutes, i just can't be arsed. it's so sad that i'm going to be thrity next year, and i still grocery shop like a teenager whose parents are going out of town for the weekend. lucky me, my roomie sometimes takes pity on me and cooks for everyone. sunday morning she made eggs and canadian bacon with cheese and toasted onion foccacia bread, and the night before she made this really yummy thai chicken with peanut sauce over spinach leaves. i'm going to have to find out where she does her grocery shopping, because her side of the fridge looks so much more appetizing than mine.
*directs empty paper towel tube towards baby bump*

Jackaroo, honey, we need you to stay put for just a leedle bit longer. 'K? There's a good lad.

Hi again, everyone!

I've spent the evening contemplating how to actually attach my thrifted panel of cotton seersucker (I love that word, it's so weird) to the wall for use as my new "headboard." I need it to be easy to take down and put back up, for washing. (Cat hair.) I won't do it if I have to spend money on it, so I'm trying to think of what to recycle around here, or how to otherwise do it for nada. Ideas are welcome.

I also took some of the other thrifted fabric (green/white/aqua striped t-knit) and made a pillowcase for an odd-shaped pillow I like to sleep with, and I also made a sort of topper for the wicker hamper, so it looks more like a 2nd nightstand and less like...well...a hamper. Not very exciting, but I haven't done much sewing in a long time - I'm surprised I kept the stitching halfway straight. And yeah, 99cents. See? I can still do this with almost NO money! I seriously need a TV show.

I wish for a picture of minx in the band-aid dress.
morning everyone! well, wee hours more like. i've been up since 5:30 am monday, and since i was worried about how i was going to make myself sleep through the day tuesday, i figured it'd just be easier to stay up all night. i'm coming up on the 24 hour mark, and i am sooo freaking tired right now! but better groggy and a bit loopy right now than in the middle of my shift tonight. i'm hittin' the hay as soon as i drop the kidlet off at school in several hours. i just hope i don't wake up in the middle of the afternoon and throw myself all off. i've been keeping myself entertained with new episodes of the tudors and a mini-daria marathon; season two's done and i'm still waiting on season five, which doesn't have the tom episodes i was thinking it did. still some good ones, but i'm thinking there's a season six out there that i can't find on any of my usual torrent sites. also, there is a huge black widow living in the drainpipe in my mom's backyard that i didn't even realize was there until it ventured out earlier tonight, and it kinda scares the bejeebus out of me. i went after it with my mom's barbecue lighter, but i don't know if i got it, and now i'm all paranoid when i come out to smoke that it's lying in wait under the arm of my chair or something. wait, nope, still in the drainpipe! and probably pissed. time to put out the cig and head back in to watch the first two eps of the riches. have i mentioned lately that i loves me some eddie izzard? biggrin.gif
Mornin' everyone!!

Gah, Oscar woke me up early with a cold paw in the face and his grating "morning meow." Mrrrrrrrrrrroooowww!!!

You stayed up all night, grrrl? Crazy!! I haven't done that for a loooong time.

Happy birfday to the Giant!!! ~*~*~*~brother coming home vibes~*~*~*~

Diva, 15 shirts? Wow!! I need to do that. All my shirts are worn-out or frumpy right now. Right now I'm in this weird stage where plus-size shirts are too big, but "regular" sizes are too small. I'm reluctant to buy anything other than cheap t-shirts right now.

Hi minx!!! Nice to see you 'round here. "I would make my brothers wear all of the shitty dresses I had to wear for their weddings." Hahaha!! That sounds fair to me!!

Doodle, I think you do deserve your own show!! Or a magazine feature. Ya know, Bust needs a decorating section.

Yay for kel's new romantic prospect!! That's awesome that you guys are hanging out again so soon!!

~*~*~*~jackaroo stay-put vibes~*~*~*~

Hi turbo, tree, culture, and lurkers!!

So yesterday evening, Nile told me that he's gone out with this one woman before and that she always cries when he leaves. It sounds like both of these women need to get their heads outta their asses. It's so obvious to me that he's not the boyfriend type, but then again, I've gone through this enough not to be fooled. It's easy to fall for a really cool guy and convince yourself that there's a monogomous relationship there, even if he's said that he doesn't want anything serious. I know the thought--"well, things are different between us and he'll change his ways for me." You can't "housebreak" a guy like Nile. I've dated so many eccentric, independent types that I run screaming when they become interested in me. In Nile's case, we've developed a unique friendship, which is what I envisioned. I love flirting with him though, and I still wanna make out with him!! Sigh...he's so hot. I'll never turn down a neck kiss from him!!

It's strange to watch my guy friends do typical guy behavior with women. They're my friends, so I try not to be too judgmental, but I still like to give 'em crap and make them feel guilty on behalf of womankind. I always let them know that I would never put up with that bullshit. I told Nile, that if he left me on Friday and went back to his other girl, I would've told him to "fuck off." Hahaha!! I also told him a while back that if some guy cheated on me that I'd cut off his balls and stuff 'em down his throat. I suppose that's a little harsh!! Do you think I have resentment issues with men? Nah...

I think I need to be a superhero who fights bad guy behavior. I'll have built in radar that detects typical guy asshattery and then I'll swoop in and shoot them in the crotch with my special "emasculating" laser!! Hahaha!! Of course, I'll be wearing pink tights and a leopard print leotard. Hmmm...I need to come up with a name for myself.
Good morning everyone.

I'm here early, as I have some meeting thing all day, and I won't be near a computer at all, nor will I be at work.

Doodle, seersucker, I also have a fondness for that word.

Kel, The Daisy it is.

Grrrl, I hope you get some sleep. ~*~*~*~*sleepy vibes*~*~*~*~*~

Hi Poodle! These women cry when Nile leaves? Oh my. As for the sperhero who fights bad guy behaviour, I like it!

So we did have some thunderstorms blow through here, and more is expected today. I don't mind, I slept really shitty last night. I just couldn't sleep. Figures, the last day before I have to go to work, I can never sleep.

Well I need to eat break-y, so I hope everyone has a great day.

Heh...he told me another time that the lady he's "dating" was crying because he wasn't referring to her as his girlfriend, and I was like, "Damn, ain't no man worth cryin' over!!" Of course, that's not necessarily true, but I like to say it. Yes, I need to come up with a superhero costume.

Deep down (in my pants) I really like men!! Really!! Johnny Depp, for example. I have very deep feelings for Johnny Depp.

Uh oh, both of my cats are closely staring at something on the floor. That scares me. I'm afraid to look.

ETA- Phew!! It was just a little bug. Nothing too freaky.
FJ, honey, the non-regular, yet regular enough BH contractions are totally normal! I had them from about week 31 forward, on and off. Every time they were ON, it was 3-4 an hour for a couple hours each. You have definitly reached the "i don't want this inside me" point of pregnancy. Just remember little jackaroo is still wobbly in the middle (tart and i used cack references to the done-ness of pregnancy), and needs a little more time to bake. Is MrFJ gonna cut down on the travel a little bit for the next few weeks? Moxieman traveled alot during mos 7-8 of the pregnancy, and I got really nwevous, too.

Minxy, i'm always SO happy to see another bustie who isn't earth mama about all things pregnancy. I was just happy we both made it through OK.

Poods..."C'meere LOVER BOY!" That avatar is you and Nile, eh? smile.gif

Ok, off to shower and head downtown.

I loved that part of Dirty Dancing. Of course, watching good dancing always makes me swoon.

I think we should officially designate Poodle the Okayland Superhero!

*waves to CH...see ya later!

ooooh, grrl, black widows would freak me out. I don't think we have any in wisconsin, thank goodness. We may have brown recluse, though.

Yeah, doodlebug needs to have a decorating show on cable, or something. smile.gif

~*~*sleep vibes for grrl*~*~

~*~*feel better vibes for falljackets*~*~

Kel, I'll be waiting for daisy stories!

So, I have been having nightmares about the VCH piercing now. Eeek, it's the day after tomorrow!

And...forgot to mention, I had confided in a male friend of mine (also a steamfitter) that I had made the appointment, but didn't tell him exactly when it was gonna be, because I didn't want him calling me on my cell during the process, to mess with me. So we went to my shop on Sunday because my car's AC wasn't working so I wanted to go fix cars and summer don't get along, and he had to put a new door on his car...and another friend was there needed HIS ac fixed.

So, he's working on his car door and I'm helping. Then we go to fix "H"'s car AC and I just decide to do mine last so...meanwhile "M" (the guy who knew I was getting the piercing), said to me, "so, did you pop your hood?" and I'm thinking CAR hood and I say "yes"...his eyes widened and he said, "man, you're brave, I never woulda thought you'd go through it.".. I was utterly confused before I realized what he actually was asking me!


ha ha, pop your hood! that's exactly what it's like too. just a little pinch and a pop, and you're good to go. happy.gif
and conversely, brown recluses freak me the fuck out even though they're not found in california. if i'm wrong about that, nobody correct me, cause i don't wanna know. those little fuckers are scary! they make your flesh rot.
good morning!

thanks for all the encouragement for me and jackaroo! (doodle, your pronouncement through paper towel holder made me giggle). i'm feeling better this morning. no tightening yet so far. and i slept far better last night than i did the night before, although it might have been TOO good, as i'm just getting up and about. as far as the earth mother stuff is concerned, i have loved being pregnant this whole time, but yeah. i'm just about over it. i just wanna meet my boy now.

the phones are FINALLY working so i have a lot of callin' to do today. yikes! i did have a sale yesterday though... not a big one but it was there. i'm just glad i don't have to depend on them for my livliehood anymore!

mrfj called and might be in NM for another night. one of the clients he's meeting hasn't returned his call to tell him exactly when to be there. he set the appointment with the guy's partner, so he hasn't talked directly to the guy he's meeting. the only flight in from nm today is at 12:30p, so if he's unable to meet him this morning and at least has a promise to meet tomorrow, he'll be coming home on tomorrow's flight. booooooo! i want to see him TODAY!

tree, pop the hood is awesome!!! hahaaaha! i was asking mrfj about whether or not he would enjoy that sort of thing. he's been with one girl with a vch. he said it didn't make much difference to him at all, so i'm assuming it is mostly for the female? i don't have a bit of a problem coming from clitoral stim - in fact, i can easily get too much stimulation and either come too fast or simply be overstimulated and have to back it up a bit. so i'm thinking the vch might not be for me. or maybe i'm just a wuss. *shrugs*

there is a girl that works for my company named sylvia so of course EVERY time i say or see her name, i think of dirty dancing.

FJ, I'm glad you're feeling better. I'd be wanting to meet the boy by now, too!

Grrl, I have to make a correction..I got wondering after I made my post, and looked up brown recluse locations...seemingly there's only ever been two seen in wisconsin. So I guess we're pretty safe. I'm not sure we have any really bad ones; but I did get a spider bite years ago and I swear my entire thigh was one giant welt. It itched like a devil but it was super painful to touch. Sheer hell. And it'd go down (but you could still see the bite) and then a couple months later the welt would welt up again. It was weird. It did that like four times. I ended up getting it biopsied, thinking it was some new undiscovered species of spider or something...but they just came back and said it was "arachnid" bite. Well, DUH!

i am so deathly arachaphobic that i can't even read the rest of tree's post to see if she lost her leg in the incident. i'm hoping you didn't. smile.gif

i saw what appeared to be a black widow yesterday by my lantana bush but i don't know if we have them here in fl. like you, grrrl, i'm not even looking it up to find out. i'd rather live in blissful ignorance. i know we have brown recluse.

I had a boyfriend in the military down at Fort Campbell in Kentucky that got bitten by a brown recluse while they were in the field. They had to medivac him out of the field to the hospital because it started to rot out his bicep. GROSS!!!

By the way, my students are really enjoying Tomas Rivera's novel "...And the Earth Did Not Devour Him". They are totally sucked in, begging to take it home, and REALLY getting into the plot. It's weird, but it makes me smile to see them working so independantly.

Moxie, I am SO with you in the I-Ain't-No-Earth-Goddess-Mother racket. I appreciate those who are, but I can't hang with it. I rather think I'm becoming a good mom to Minxlette, but it's been a hard climb uphill.

And there's her sperm donor to contend with. Feh on him.

Oh yeah, Tree, I was totally in Middleton all day Saturday and wanted to look you up, but they didn't have any listings in the local directories for "WHOREY RED COME SPANK ME HAIR", so I didn't know where to find ya! smile.gif


I get so sick of hearing my boss schmooze on the phone while listening to her piano music. It gives me a damn headache. I usually just put my headphones on, but I needed silence for concentration purposes.

I kinda like spiders. The little ones aren't so bad. I always move them to more spider-friendly environments. I feel so bad about killing bugs. I had to kill that bug this morning because my cats wouldn't eat it. Usually, I just call my cats, point out the bug, and then they stun it with a swat of the paw and eat it up like candy. Gross, but effective.

I think their should be many superheroes in Okayland!! I can see turbo fighting toxic colons with her giant colonic hose!! Colonia: Queen of the Butt Flush!!! Now I'm imagining anthropomorphic colons running around committing crimes in dark alleyways. Then turbo jumps out of nowhere and blasts them with her hose and they turn into liquid goo and drain into the sewer. Colonia saves the day!!!!!

¿Dónde están mis amigas? sad.gif

My boss has been on the phone all afternoon. Grrrr...I'm so bored...and hungry.
I'm here, poodle! I'm just a bit frazzled right now, cause we're moving Mom into assisted living over memorial day, and I have been trying to make long distance arrangements to get a dumpster over to her house, the next day. Bro and I are gonna try to empty her house. We have to get it up on the market as soon as we can, cause the house proceeds are gonna go to upgrade Mom's assisted living out in Colorado.

Mind you, she's a depression baby. I'm dreading the big purge. So, anyway, I'll be traveling to willmar on sunday and coming back on thursday. I'm renting a pickup truck. Half the price of a minivan...but it looks like it'll be raining....go figure. I better get a tarp or something.

I lurve your idea for Turbo's superhero, hehe!

minx, that is so cool that the kids are getting into that book! Oh, and my condo is on the side of Madison right next to middleton! Next time you're coming down this way, if you want to meet up, just PM me! Is that where the bandaid colored dress wedding was?

fj, yes, a vch piercing is pretty much specifically for the woman's uh, pleasure. I'm doing it, cause my body is about the most unorgasmic one I know of. At 39 I've never orgasmed with a partner...and I can barely do it on my own. Not for lack of trying, mind you. I'm hoping this helps!

GAH. My wrist is ACHY today. So is my elbow.

ETA: Crossposted with Doodle! *waves
Greetings, earth creatures! Just finished reading - and shortly, I'm off to the grocery store for more supplies. Damn, you'd think once the cupboards are filled, they'd just stay that way. I hate having to leave my little corner of the beach to brave the world of commerce and commotion. I am going to try to find some coconut oil, though, so I can try turbo's scalp massage recommendation.

By the way, I was pretty sure before, but now I'm convinced that my hair stylist is a genius. I washed my hair last night, and even though my hair is shorter, it actually has some body and life to it. Which is a huge relief....I can go out without a bandana!

I think it's funny, the way poodle's cats wake her up. Mine must just know better than to rouse the morning monster.... tongue.gif

Is it just me, or is the Lounge slow today? I mean, the actual page-loading, not necessarily the number of busties posting.

Ok, Sisters of the Revolution, I must be off now!

ETA: oh, what do y'all think of this idea for the headboard? I have a bundle of old sticks from protest/picket signs (of course I do) - they are long, thin pieces of raw pine. And I have a bunch of velcro and a tube of velcro glue in the sewing basket. I'm thinking I could attach a couple of sticks to the wall, straight across, and then glue the velcro onto them. Then I could velcro the top of the fabric panel to the sticks. What do you all think? Do y'all think it would be stable enough? If I glued the velcro to the back of the fabric, I wonder if the glue bleed through. Has anyone ever tried sewing velcro to seersucker? (That's got to be the oddest question ever asked here.)
Hi, peeps!

The giant's brother got bitten by a spider on his forehead last week. He had to prick it and drain it a couple times so he could get his helmet on. I guess it swelled up to golf ball size.

Doodle, I've done something similar to what you're talking about, and it worked out okay. I made a headboard of 1' squares of cardboard that I put batting and satin over, then velcroed it to my wall, and it stayed put for well over a year. But look out for your wall - I never did get all the goo off when I had to eventually move out, and ripping it off tore some paint/drywall off.

Oy, what a day. We had an all-day in-service at work and it just got done 45 minutes ago. Boring, boring, boring. It wasn't so bad until the last guy, who basically gave a demographic statistics lecture. I think the union rep who did a session was mostly there to hear his own voice, but the other ones were much better than I'd expected. I'm just happy to be going home now.

*bounds into thread and throws self on okay couch*

What a dreadfully boring seminar that was. It was horrible! What a waste of a workday. Blech.

Tree, hee hee, pop your hood. I love it. I am still standing firm that you get yourself a pocket rocket after the vch and get off. It's loads of fun. The first time I had an orgasm by myself after the hood piercing, I just about lost my mind, it was AMAZING!!!! I hope everything goes well with your mom's move. ~*~*~*~healing vibes for tree's arm~*~*~*~*~*

Minx, Ummm, that's gross about the spider bite on the bicep. Ickers.

Hey Moxie!

Doodle, I don't know a thing about crafting, I don't see why it wouldn't work.

Poodle, that's great that you said thatto Nile. Now what kind of superhero name can we come up with? you could use Doodle's weed cat as your mascot! How about...hmmm...I'll have to think about that.

FJ, the VCH will make you more excited!!! I found that it did nothing to calm me down. It made me more orgasmic. As my soon to be written smutty blog will show. Hee.

Diva, how shitty about the boss. Ick.

So, My day is done, the week is half done, and I'm in the mood for portions. Mmm portions. So, I'm also going to write a smutty blog outlining my recent portions. I'm looking forward to writing it.

It is pouring rain here and I don't mind one bit. I took puppers to the park and she got soaking wet, but she had a fun time. I am hungry and I now need to eat. I'll be back later.


I'm baaaaaack!!!

I managed to escape from the office while my boss was busy on the phone. I decided to skip the gym tonight so that I can drink beer and watch American Idol and the Dancing with the Stars finale. Yes, I'm an addict, and I don't plan on recovering!!

Diva, that's so freaky about the spider bite!! I'm glad he's okay though, despite the bump.

I loved your old headboard, diva. Very cool and classy looking.

I think doodle needs to have her own superhero persona with george as her drug-sniffing sidekick!!

ETA- Yay for doodle's hair!!!
Where the hell do you buy coconut oil?? Well, anyway, looks like I'm going to have to settle for an olive oil massage. I wonder how many shampoos it takes to get rid of it afterwards....has anyone else ever done a hot oil treatment? I have no idea what to do....avoiding "the greasies" was always my issue before.

diva, do you have any pics of that headboard? I wouldn't be gluing the velcro to the wall - I'd attach the flat sticks to the wall with a couple of screws, and then glue the velcro to the front of sticks, and also glue or sew it to the back of the fabric....

Hi also poodle and culture! And everyone else I didn't say hi to last time!

Georgie is my precious baby boy and I'm not sharing. Sorry, superhero-wannabes! tongue.gif

I bought a new hairbrush today. Hope springs eternal.
Doodle, have you checked out craftster?

I've always thought the whole hot oil thing was B.S.--at least the V05 stuff. I think olive oil is a great idea. Actually, it's probably better than coconut oil. That's what I've heard anyway. This is a question for turbo!!

God, I wish Gus would stop whining for food. I already fed him, but he continues to beg. That boy lives to eat.

Okay, here is a rough photoshop rendering of my "Pink Avenger" costume. I tried to make it look a teensy bit like me--complete with childbearing hips!

The "W" stands for "women." I didn't realize that Wonder Woman also had a W on her chest. Oh well. Oh, the bracelets are my laser shooters. I use them to shoot men in the crotch when they've been assholes towards women.
Someone tell me to calm the fuck down and enjoy this, okay? I deserve a good guy.
kel- CALM THE FUCK DOWN. You DESERVE a good guy. One who gets your wit, your sensitivity and doesn't play games. Except maybe scrabble...i wouldn't trust anyone who didn't play scrabble. tongue.gif laugh.gif
*swoops in and tosses cape over shoulder*

Kel, please, please, please relax. So far, he sounds like the type of guy who I won't have to shoot with my lasers. Just try to have fun right now. Instead of worrying about what he thinks of you, focus on whether or not he meets your standards. Is he worthy your hot ass? Let him prove that to you. YOU are the catch!!! Obviously, you're damn intelligent and you have a lot to offer. The worst thing you can do is to cling onto him just to affirm your self-worth. You are worthy, dammit!! If he doesn't work for you, well then, that's the way it goes. Maybe he's just a good guy to fool around with in the meantime. Who knows--maybe he's actually worthy of your affection!! There's no way you can know right now. Just enjoy the process and don't let everything out too soon. Keep in mind that this is coming from someone who is very "self-protective" in romantic situations (only in recent years though). I don't wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to guys, which is not necessarily a good thing. It's not bad, either. I think it needs to be somewhere in between. I sense that you are the type who wears her heart on her sleeve. Try to pull that in a little. He has an equal role here. It's not like you're applying for a job or something.
Indeed, kel....CALM THE FUCK DOWN. Chill out, dudette, and relax. You can do this, and yeah, you DO deserve a good guy. Try to enjoy it, girl!

Hi mox!

Hey, question for the preggers and the previously preggers....I saw a 7-8 months pregnant woman today, walking around in 4 inch heels. Ok, they were espadrilles, but still. Is that possible? Really? I mean, obviously, since I've witnessed it, it's possible. But isn't it kinda awkward or painful? Especially as this mum-to-be was already managing a 3-year old. Maybe pregnant women walk around in heels all the time and I just never noticed till one crossed the street in front of my car....
"dudette" Hahahaha!!!
Kel, girl, CALM THE HELL DOWN. You DESERVE this, you DESERVE a great guy!!!! You don't want me to knock some sense into you with a trout do you???

Poodle, I love it. Now we just need a name for your superhero alter ego. I'm stuck, it'll come to me.

Doodle, I have no idea where to find coconut oil.

Hi mox.

Well, I'm just relaxing, the hound is alseep, looks the the rainy walk tired her out more than a usual non rainy walk. Good, she's been sleeping since 6 when I got home. her coat is no longer looking like it's crimped either. It was cute, but it's cuter when she's sleeping. At least she doesn't smell like wet dog.

Well, that is all. I hungry. I'll be back later, provided I don't pass out.
KEL!!!! if you don't calm your shit down, we're going to sick the stoner cat on you!!! seriously, poodle has excellent advice. calm down and let him be the one to stress out over whether or not HE is good enough for YOU!

doodle, i have done hot oil treatments and they never seem to last long enough. i did try this (ICK) mayonaisse treatment one time that did an awesome job of moisturizing my hair. i tend to like the coconut oil idea though, as it sounds like it would smell TONS better. hehe.

oh, and i have one pair of espadrille-like shoes that i wore until about three weeks ago. they were pretty high and each time i wore them after about four months along, i would swear that i'd never wear them again. the last time i wore them, it was only for about an hour and it was ok, but only because i took them off in the car ride there and back. honestly, after i took them off on the way home, i had to carry them back in the house with me because i couldn't get them back on my feet. tongue.gif

i feel her pain though. i so want to be back in my cute clothes and heels. i'm SO tired of maternity tops. right now i'm wearing a cute pre-preggo soft tee shirt that i got from urban outfitters. it's one of the only pre-preg tops that still fits me and i wear it quite often.

poodle, i love your superhero!! she's awesome!

i just got off the phone with a really sweet guy that i had called earlier in the evening while american idol was still on. he was so cute - he said, um, i hate to ask this, really i do - but could you call me back after idol! hahahahah. i did and it turns out that sweet as he is, he has no job. i can't qualify him with now jobby job.

so, i don't know if any of you ventured into the rest of bustlandia today, but if you did you'd have seen my nasty letter or my rant in the fight thread. seems that while my employers thought to tell ME that i was getting a guarantee, they neglected to tell THE ACCOUNTANT about it. so, when the fedex truck passed my house today instead of stopping, i checked the online payroll site and saw that my check was only my commission and not the amount we'd agreed upon (and thus was so low that it didn't warrant fedexing). WTF? so i contacted the accountant to see if i'd misunderstood the deal and she said, oh, well i haven't heard anything from him about this. DOUBLE WWTTFF?? so i messaged him and he said "sry" (i kid you not! he actually ABB-FUCKING-REVIATED the apology, showing me just how unimportant i truly am to him) and that he'd take care of it. "no problem", i said. "i know you guys have a lot going on right now with the wedding coming up" etc. so, an hour later, i contact the accountant again, tell her that i'd talked to him and that he'd be calling her shortly if he hadn't already. a few minutes later, i send her a followup email graciously apologizing for the extra work it might cause her but thanking her in advance for getting the money to me asap, to which she responds that she understands and will do what she can, but still. hadn't. heard. from. him. WWWTTTFFF?

i sent him another message thanking him for taking care of it (still trying to be cool about it and giving him the benefit of the doubt, hoping that he'd pick up the phone and call her THEN) and he said, no problem! but i still don't have any idea if it was ACTUALLY taken care of or not. now, IIIII feel like the asshole because i'm going to have to ask him AND the accountant again in the morning if they've done it.

i'm at my wit's end. just when i think everything is going to work out well with this job and that they've finally recognized that i am worth their efforts - they pull this bullshit.

so tonight, i'm unsure of everything, once again.
((((FJ)))) I'm sorry to hear. May I suggest you saunter your hot self over to the portions thread, for some light reading?

Oh, and you were in my dream the other night. smile.gif

I've been dreaming about the BUSTies lately.
May I join the Kel-lelujia choir? CALM THE FUCK DOWN AND ENJOY IT!! Seriously, I am so bad at that one myself. You had a rough break-up. Now is the time where you put your hook and bobber in the water and see what bites. If you don't like it, throw the fucker back in. tongue.gif

Doodle, I get my coconut oil at a middle east store in Uptown--way cheap. I dunno if I'd put the shit in my hair, though. Yukkers. That shit is THICK.

I had the best muskmelon ever tonight. It was like candy.

Oh yeah, and Poodle...I saw NILE tonight when picking up the Minxlette. I grinned hardcore, and then giggled like a girl with a snapped brar. He's kinda cute in a mafioso kinda way. laugh.gif
ch, i just read that shit. that's what i'm talkin' about!! damn!! good girl!

i think i could have had some excellent three-way action tonight actually, but as the third with couple a. actually, they only invited me to dinner, but there was something in his voice that made me think he was talking about more than dinner. i'd have surely obliged. the only reason i didn't? *big fucking sigh* i had to WORK. are you kidding me???? FUCK ME!

*tips hat* There's more where that came from. And there are still a few more to write about.

That blows about not being able to go! I feel your pain, honey.

*smacks FJ on the ass for good measure*
Doodle, now that I am working in fancy-pants downtown land, I see all kinds of women wearing really high heels and very very preggo...I stare at them in wonderment. Good for them, but all I can think is...ow. blink.gif

Poodle, I LOVED your superhero diatribe about striking down unworthy menfolk with your laserbeams!! And of course I would be honored to serve the Greater Okayland Community as Colonia: Queen of the Butt Flush! Bwahaha!

I talked turbomann into going to the hot dog stand for dinner tonight - the weather was just so perfect, and I'm pre-MRG, so I wanted salty-friend things, dammit!!

Oh, and I got my hair cut after work tonight - now my stylist is only a mile away from the new office! And I no longer look like I have a shaggy mullet - yay! Got a cute layered short bob now - perfect for summer. I accidentally slipped into the Papersource on the way to the train too, so I got some more wallpaper for my cube. smile.gif

((((tree's wrist and elbow))))

I really need to plan another trip up to Madison to visit my college roomie - and meet tree!

Kel, the sisters have spoken - ENJOY YOURSELF! That's an order!!!

You don't need much coconut oil at all to soak into your hair - olive oil works just fine too. For coconut, you obviously need to warm it up first, but I'd use like a tablespoon for my whole head....'course I do have short hair. It does take a couple washings to get out of your hair, but the results are worth it, especially if your scalp could use some moisture.
I was just thinking about that walking in heels, I can hardly walk in heels, and I'mnot pregnany. Kudos goes to those who can walk in high heels. I'd break my ankles, I can guarentee it.

Poodle and Turbo, I think that you need to form a gang, and have Kel as your next punching enforcer. We should be the okayland superhero gang. Somehow, I think that I'd end up with some sort of roll like that of The Tick. Something goofy. I like it.

Mmm hotodgs. I had pizza for lunch today, it was on management, and it was tasty. So to counter the fat of the pizza I had a lovely greek salad for din din.

Well, I'm tired, I think I a going to head to bed now


good night everyone.

Hi turbo, minx, and FJ!

poodle, I lurve your Pink Avenger! That is AWESOME! Do your laser Amazon cuffs also deflect bullets?

I wonder what weed-sniffing superhero George would wear. He's so long and sleek and black - I've said it before, all he needs is a little white bowtie.

FJ, that sucks about your cheque getting screwed up. Do you want to punch him in the throat and scream, "Cough up the dough, mac!"...?

turbo Colonia, my hair twin, yay for a new haircut! Do you think you're going to be allowed to have your orange and purple streaks again, in your new job? That would look awesome in a short 'do!

Plus, I may have to live vicariously through your 'do for awhile. tongue.gif


Goddamned yowls of cats "courting" and fucking, every night outside the windows. mad.gif WHY do people not get their goddamned animals FIXED????? There will be more unwanted and/or feral kittens around here this summer....

I think there should be a law that you can't have a cat or a dog unless it's fixed. Unless you're, like, a licensed animal breeder or something. And, like, a million dollar fine for abandoning pets, or abusing them, or neglecting them.
CH has posted on portions??? I gots to get over there!

FJ, sorry you missed the threesome action. Damn. Why am I missing out on this stuff. Ah well...I think it's better suited to my fantasy world. I'd like to watch, though.

Poodle, I love your superhero! You are the official Okay Lounge Enforcer. I'm the neck puncher.

Yay for Doodle's new brush! ~~~~~~~~~~hair vibes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Turbo...hotdogs? Did somebody say hotdogs? I wanna hotdog!

Hi Minx, Mox, and everyone!

Talked to the daisy (formally known as the guy...the nick is related to his name) for an hour and half. It felt like ten minutes. He marveled over that. He says he usually doesn't enjoy the phone but talking to me flies by like nothing. We are going out for sushi tomorrow. Yay!

I am engaging in very flirtatious IM-ing with a guy friend right now. We used to date, but now we are buddies. I love that sort of salacious talk that you know is rooted in past sexual stuff but is totally safe now. We can joke around about it and know that it doesn't mean anything except a mutual affection.

Night all! Thanks for calming me down. I get so freaked out when I know I shouldn't. All is well. All will be well.

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