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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi All!

The sun is shining today, but the wind is starting to kick up a nasty fuss. I finally had to come in from the balcony.

turbo - thanks for the offer of henna...I did think about it, but the problem is, you can't use chemical dyes over top of it, so when I DO want to dye my hair again, I'd be fucked till the henna grows out! I guess I'll just have to find out what colour my hair is these days - who knows? It might be all shot with grey by now! I've been an unnatural redhead since my 25th birthday....

Why shouldn't you have a new bike? You seem like a pretty serious cyclist - you should have something that meets your needs! Not just making do if your current bike isn't working for you anymore.

Yay for grrrl's new bike...hope it turns out to be "the one!" I just DLed the season's "The Riches," too. I've only been able to watch the first 2 eppies so far, but Eddie Izzard is making me fall in love with him all over again.

"Whory red come fuck me hair" *snort*

And yeah, I am totally loving tyger's "panty hamster" expression. I am definitely adopting it as well.

PK is right - we are a weird group. Let's embrace the weirdness, sisters!

kel! Purging is a GREAT sign of healing! Yes! You would never believe it now, but my house used to be clutter-central. I think I was bordering on having a hoarding problem, actually. It's amazing what you don't miss, though. It feels so freeing to release yourself of all that crap, doesn't it? I need to do some more purging, too...treehugger is just lucky I couldn't afford to send a larger box of books!

culture, have you done

tree, did you also wake up with that big line of dried drool down your chin? That's why I don't drink very much anymore! Hee!

poodle, I'm kind of slow with home stuff, took me four weekends to paint my living room, 'cause I only did one wall at a time! I need to paint my bedroom, too. We should make a pact to both finish the job by the end of the summer!

GT, I hope you get to see the woman doc again, too. It totally sucks when you find one you're "compatible" with, and then, POOF! I lost my GP (also a woman) that way.

Those bastard politicians at the BC Legislature are trying to give themselves a 29% pay raise...after cutting women's centres' funding, and cutting a whole other slew of services and resources to women and the poor. GRRRR, it makes me FURIOUS...even after all this time!

Speaking of that, I got a notice from the women's centre's mother society - they are having their AGM (annual general meeting) in late-June. (I'm still a member, of course.) I'm trying to decide whether or not to go. On the one hand, if I don't go, it will look like there was a rift between me and the board, which is the last impression I'd want to give the commmunity, because it's just not the case....and of course, I still care about the survival of the organization (I didn't get arrested at the legislature just to put it on my resume). On the other hand, I don't want to get swept up in anything or...well, I'm not worried about that, b/c I am pretty able to resist volunteering for stuff at the moment. But I wonder if it would be too hard on me to attend....if I could keep myself contained as "just a member" like everyone else....

Cripes, sorry, this post is all over the place...I've been stopping and starting so I can play with the cats...built them a temporary "fort" by taking the bottom drawer out of the dresser and draping the opening with fabric...and now I should probably go clean the litter boxes, before they mutiny....

Ooh, look! Cat fight! Carmella is ready to rumble!
Good afternoon. Errr where is everyone?

Hey Doodle, how's it going?I haven't started to bake yet, I've been rather tired today, so I think I'll wait until tomorrow to do that. I've got all weekend. And There is still Monday.

Not much new is happening on my end. Trying to decide if I am going to go out tonight. I went out last night, and I am going out tomorrow. Spending one night at home isn't going to kill me.

Later everyone.

Hi everybody!

Well, I went out on my bike a bit to run a bunch of errands, and stopped at the nice bike store in town - I had them put handlebar extensions on the bike, but that's still not doing it. I think I'm going to have to go to a larger frame, still, though. I'm gonna poke around craigslist, and see if I can find something I like there.

Doodle, it sounds like you probably should go to the conference....BUT, you MUST not get into a leadership role with it. Keep it low-stress.

Yeah, doodle, dye-ing after henna is dicey. I've done it without a problem, but its unpredictable how your hair will react.

I'm staying in tonight. Might do a little cooking to get ahead for the week, since I'm booked pretty much every night this week with something. And I plan to drink a little vino tonight. smile.gif
Hi everyone!!!

I just got back from my nephie's 4th B-day party, which was lots of fun!! We played mini-golf in the mid-afternoon and did a lot of eating and drinking after that. I gave my nephew $50 for a special "travel fund" that I want my brother to set up. He's my godchild, so I give him a little extra for his birthday. I thought that a travel fund would be way cooler than just putting money into a college fund. I told my brother that I'll contribute a little to it each birthday until my nephew is ready to go somewhere. The only rule is that he can't use it to go on spring break and do belly shots off of half-naked girls.

"Whory red come fuck me hair" Hahaha!!!

It sounds like you had a great night with your friend, turbo!!

I hate that when good docs or hair stylists quit!! I would probably still go to my old therapist just to absorb some of her wisdom. I was so sad when she moved.

Doodle, I agree with turbo. I think it would be a good thing for you to make an appearance at the annual meeting. You gotta be careful not to get sucked into anything though!!

Hi culture, kel, grrrl, tree, and girltrouble!! Hi lurkers!!

ETA- So I figured out a super easy and fast way to convert and download youtube videos: I downloaded about 10 Dean Martin performances yesterday into mp4 format so that I can watch them on my ipod while I'm on the treadmill.
Good evening everyone.

Hey Turbo. I hope you have a good evening!

Hey Poodle, how's it going? That's great that you found a way to get your rat packers performance on your ipod.

So, I must say, I'm staying home tonight. I took the puppy to the park where she was playing with two dogs at once, and got a dog who normally doesn't play around a lot, to play. Then I went and visited with a friend for a while. then came home.

I haven't worked out in the past two days, but I got a major workout on Thursday. hee. I'm actually really happy with how my body is changing, getting more muscular and so forth. I don't want to be super thin, I just want to be in the shape that I was, but with more muscle definition. I'm happy with how things are going.

How is everyone else doing today? I hope that everyone is having a really great weekend.

Doodle, I feel like I'm doing really well with the healing. It has its ups and downs, but when I'm up, I ride it. I got rid of a ton of stuff today and cleaned a closet, washed my slipcovers, and just generally bee-bopped around the place.

Had the friends over for dinner, and it was EPIC. We had a sort of Middle Eastern theme with a touch of India thrown in. We had hummus with pine nuts; yogurt/cucumber salad; A couscous salad with garlic, red onion, parsley, pine nuts, and goat cheese; pita bread, and my friend made Indian spiced shrimp. Top that off with baklava and this lovely sweet sesame stuff that I can't explain but it's like crack...addictive. I'm sooooo full and happy.

CH, my project this summer is to get in better shape. I lost a bunch of weight a while ago, but never firmed up. That's the new job while I'm off this summer.

Hi Turbo, Grrl, Poodle, and everyone!

Oh, I have a date with the guy tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. Vibes please? I'll give you some baklava!!

Night everyone!
I'm back! Feeling fine, too!

And, I have to clarify right off the bat....I had it wrong when I posted. My friends (several of them) who were also at the tavern last night have now informed me that the painter actually said, "whory red come SPANK me hair"....hehe, which is way even funnier.

What can I say, I'm hearing impaired. Hee.

Kel, Yum! That dinner sounds to die for! I just lurve middle eastern food!

Ch, I love muscle definition. I gotta work on that a bit more. And I love reading about your dog park stories!

Poodle, I'm going to have to check out And I think it's way cool to be contributing to a travel fund instead of something boring. I know I would have loved to travel Europe when I finished college...just take a year off. Yum.

~*~*bike finding vibes for jenn*~*~

Doodle, I think you should go to the function too....but make it very clear that you had a near death illness, and that you are not fully well yet...and don't let them recruit you for anything! I am sure that people would love to see you, if only on a social basis.

And, no, no line of drool down my chin...hehe

Kel, it's amazing what some decluttering will do...and good for you getting rid of those old journals that are full of negativity!

Hey peeps!!

Culture, that's great that you're starting to see some changes in your bod!! Losing weight is one thing, but gaining muscle definition is way cool. I like to see and feel the muscles that I am working on. It's funny how fast our bodies can change. I haven't worked out since Wednesday, so don't feel bad. If if weren't for the Y boys distracting me on Friday, then I would have squeezed in a workout. Then yesterday was the family event. Anyway, I plan on doing an intense workout today. I need to make up for all of the beer I've consumed over the last couple days.

Kel, that food sounds awesome. Oh god, I love baklava and I haven't had it in so long. Mmmmm.... *wipes drool off chin*

Hi tree!! "SPANK me hair" is totally hilarious!!

So yeah, today's plan is to work out and then clean my apartment/do laundry. It's frightening in here.

ETA- The vixy thing is perfect for me since I have so many unconventional tastes. I've tried to find videos on itunes, but there's just nothing that interests me. Gah, I wish I knew how to decode DVD's. I don't think it's fair that we're not allowed access to the information on DVDs that we purchased. It seems like I should be able to watch my own DVDs on my ipod. And then they wonder why people just straight up pirate the stuff.
Poodle, you CAN unlock your dvds to put on your ipod! Google "handbrake" and you should come up with this handy little app that will rip them to your hard drive...takes about 12 hours on my laptop, so I generally set it up before I go to bed.

Ugh, I got a full-blown migraine around 2am last night - when the temp dropped 40 degrees here. I dosed up on meds immediately, but didn't get much rest after that, and now my whole body is sore. oof. I've got a pot of water heating on the stove for a bath, and then I may take a nap. I'm definitely on the mend, just need some relaxation time this morning.

I'm really torn about what to do with my gym situation...the gym I belong to is by the old job, which is 5mi north of where we live....there's a gorgeous gym by new work (at double the monthly fee - eep), and I just have a feeling that I'm not going to use the gym by oldjob anymore...gonna have to think on this and reevaluate when bike riding season is over.

Tree, I'm glad you're feeling better!!

Kel, I need to channel your de-cluttering energy next weekend - the closets and storage locker need some help - I hate clutter, and its getting a little out of hand here with closets stuffed to the gills...turbomann is loathe to pitch stuff, where I love a good purge. smile.gif
Good morning everyone.

~*~*~*~*date vibes for kel~*~*~*~* That sounds like an absolutely wonderful dinner you had.

Poodle, word on the DVD stuff. I buy them, I should be able to do what I want with them, it's not like I'm going to pass the DVD around, but if I want to put it on my ipod I should be able to.

Tree, I love the new avie, and I was thinking about the potention period thing, if you use the diva cup or keeper, I don't think it should mind, you could always call your piercer and ask.

turbo, I would go with the new gym, you got a pay raise at your new job right? For a few months out of the year, it's not so bad right.

I don't have much going on here. It's bloody cold here. That figures, when May long weekend comes around it gets freezing cold, before and after this weekend it's always really nice. But I had to pull the planst inside because I don't want them to freeze. I want to take puppers out, but she's sleeping and have to go grocery shopping at noon, so it'll wait until after.

That is all. Hope everyone's weekend is going well so far.

Meeting this guy this evening. I have a good feeling. Staying positive and all. Keep the vibes coming!

Tree, I have that same kind of hair! Wild, red, and curly. "Come spank me hair..." Bwuhahahaha! Guys do like to assume the redheads are naughty. And we are. And I love your're a hottie. It seems just about all busties are!

Culture, do you use the diva cup thingy? I've never tried anything but conventional period stuff.

Turbo, treat yourself to the new gym. What's the sense of paying for a gym you might not end up using? Of course, the 12 mile bike ride might be making up for the gym, at least while the weather is good.

*hands baklava to Poodle and anyone who wants some*

Okay, I'm off to walk in the park. Maybe the otters will be out at the zoo. I'm very city park (a quarter mile walk from my house) has a free zoo. I get to see monkeys every day!

Hey Kel, come spank me hair! I love it. I love how you and tree both have come spank me hair.

and a free zoo, with monkeys that you can see! I lurveth monkeys. I have monkey pj's, monkey clothes, monkey statues, monkey pictures. I heart monkeys and apes.

I don't use a keeper or diva cup, I hardly bleed anymore. There are times when I can go without.

Well, I have to go grocery shopping soon, stores open at noon. I hope there are cute firefighters there. *drools* I'd like to say there is a fire. IN MY PANTS, but I don't have any booze in me, therefore I don't have the courage do to it. Ahhh liquid courage. I can chat, but not say anything brazen when I'm no under the influence of something. Hee.

How has everyone's weekend been?
Cute avatar, tree!!

Gah, it's cold here, too. I don't have a good sweater or hoodie that fits right now, so I was shivering my ass off while waiting for the bus.

Ha!! I caught Gus in the act of scratching my chair and I nailed him with a squirt of lemon water. He's hiding under the table and cleaning himself now. It's so funny how much cats hate water, especially when you put lemon juice in it.

~*~*~*~date vibes for kel~*~*~*~

*stuffs face with baklava*

Turbo, I concur with the other busties on joining the new gym. Don't forget to check out the sauna facilities though. You use the sauna pretty regularly, right?

I just got back from the gym a little bit ago and boy are my ass muscles sore!!! It's a good sore though. It's weird. I actually like doing leg and butt stuff. It's the damn cardio that I hate. I always feel like dropping on the floor afterwards (and during). It has to be done though.

I miss riding a bike on a daily basis. I need a bike.
yeah, I think ya'll are right on the gym thing...I'm just balking at the $100/mo membership fees. eeep. I hear the sauna at this gym is very nice. One of my co-workers is a spin addict too, so she was excited at the thought of motivating each other to go together at lunchtime. And I, too, love lifting on my lower half....but I hate hate hate doing strength training for my upper body, which is what needs it most.

((((good date vibes for kel)))) Sounds like a very promising prospect, indeed!

We have a free zoo here too, and I ride right by it on my way to the new job, but I've still never been there. One of these days, when its nice out, I'm going to stop on my way home.

Its cold here too, poods...blech. I'm very thankful for stargazer for picking me up this afternoon for the bustie brunch.

Tree - LOVE the avvie, and expecially the tag line! hee!

Well, I've made hummus this morning, and my giant pot of tortilla soup is about done, and needs to be pureed before I get turbo out for a walk real quick before I head out. I'm glad I made soup for the week, since its chilly again!
Hello hello!

I'm the opposite when it comes to strength training. I prefer upper body compared to lower body. I do such intense cardio that I hate doing my legs afterwards. Ugh.

I just got back from the park. Went grocery shopping, and there indeed were some cute firefighters or emt types there. They were the same cuties that I normally see, but still. smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif

Now I'm going to make my cookies.

*yawn* morning y'all, or afternoon rather. today is just a lazy lazy lazy sunday round here. got up around eight this morning, roomie was uncharacteristically up already because she had to work today, and cooking breakfast with c-monkey offering color commentary. after breakfast c-monkey had some homework to finish up, and that was a long hard fight; one of her book bins is empty, and she'll be lucky if she gets them back next weekend. she finally buckled down and got it done though, and now she's hanging out on the back porch with me reading while i watch movies on the laptop.

we really should get out of the house and go do something, but i'm not sure what. it's not quite warm enough to go swimming, and c-monkey has a sudden aversion to riding her bike anywhere. i managed to convince her it would be a good idea to ride home from my mom's after shopping yesterday, because we always ride over to the college duckpond on sundays, but friday when i went to pick her up, i eneded up leaving my bike there and getting a ride with my mom. oh well, maybe later she'll feel up to it. i've got plenty to keep me busy around the house anyway.

i'm finally doing my laundry, cause i don't think i have since that first load when we got the machine installed last month. i had plenty of clean socks and chonies cause i'm always picking up a six-pack of crews or cute undies (in the unlikely event of portions) when i do my weekend shopping, but i've got more sweaters and warm weather tops than i do summer stuff, so i was down to the "febreeze whatever's least funky and hope for the best" method of dressing. it's just that our machine takes so damn long to do a load! 3 and a half hours for permanent press, and then another half hour to hour of drying time, cause it never gets it dry the first time. it's such a pain in the ass. i also "made" cookies this morning, mini chocolate chip for c-monkey, chocolate lovers with semi and milk chips and chocolate chunks for me. maude bless those toll-house break-em-and-bake-em packs. i think i'd rather have some of doodle's though! wink.gif

~*~*~date vibes for kel~*~*~ good luck hon, you certainly deserve it!

~*~*~vch vibes for tree~*~*~ and that certainly is some whory red come spank me hair! in fact, i'm thinking you need to come on over here and get spanked right about now. happy.gif

~*~*~bike finding vibes for jenn~*~*~ i can't wait to see mine tuesday! i hope i like it!

*waves hi to poodle and pk and minxie and moxie and tes and gt and kari and rv and pugs and ch and any other okayers i missed*
Good evening everyone.

So I've finished my batch of cookies, but I haven't tried any yet. I'm going to boy 2's house tonight, so that will be the place to do it. I'm rather excited to try them. I'll give you a heads up after I get back. YAY!

Grrrl, how is the VCH treating you? Have you played with it yet, partner or solo?

Where is everyone? FJ, turbo, Doodle, Kel, Pugs, PK, Poodle, Tree, Lore, and catsoup. Well hugs to everyone! Have a good evening all. I'll check in later!
Hey there gang - how is everyone's long weekend going? Mine so far has involved playing the guitar, playing with the kitties, and working on the mandala.

My new (young, male, pot-smoking, orange cat-owning) neighbours seem to have some kind of musical talent, which includes hand drums, guitars, and today, a harmonica. Funny, I am not the least bit upset like I was with bongoboy - I'm enjoying their playing, in fact. Maybe I was just THAT angry back then. (I actually punched a hole in my wall, pounding on it. But bongoboy really was an asshole.) Or maybe as I get better singing/playing myself, I get louder, and therefore would have no ground to stand on even if I did want to complain. Which I don't. Plus these particular neighbourboys have some rhythm, which bongoboy definitely did NOT.

George is begging me to get up and play with him....I'll be back. I did READ the day's posts, I promise! (And yes, I noticed tree's sexy new avatar, and also grrrl's!)

ETA: I was thinking I should write a children's story with Georgie as the protagonist. But what should it be about?
hello darlings!

i'm here! lurked a bit on friday but was feeling really TIRED so i didn't post any. yesterday was nice. we slept in (after i had another one of those wierd "my contacts are the size of saucers and won't go into my eye" dreams), went to the beach for a few hours and then went to bff's house to hop in her pool. then, we went to dinner at a really good pizza place where i had FOUR slices with spinach, mushroom and green olives, plus half a caprese salad. YUMMO! the only unfortunate occurence was that we decided to go see spiderman 3 since it was child appropriate and we had bff's son with us. seriously, what a waste of money that was!! i mean, i guess it was basically what it was supposed to be. i wasn't looking for more than fluff. but since we took in the late viewing, it was after 12:30 when we got home and my back was killing me. jackaroo was pretty active though, maybe because of the sound.

slept in a bit this morning too, made breakfast with mrfj and had some yummy portions before taking him to the airport. he's flying to albequerque today, then he'll go to santa fe tuesday morning and then back home tuesday night. boooo! i cried three times while in the car taking him and after i left. i am really worried about him this time, more so than usual. right now, he's somewhere in the air between kansas city and albequerque. i'm sure he'll be fine. i guess it's my maternal instincts coming out.

oh, but he did take me to the coldstone creamery and i got some mint chocolate chip ice cream. so that was a high point. wink.gif

i guess i took a page from kel's book and started some more purging today. just old mail, bills, catalogs, cards and pictures that needed going through. i still can't bring myself to toss old cards and pictures, so i need to get a little box for them. but i got rid of a lot of catalogs that i don't need, and so many bills that hadn't even been opened because i pay mostly online. i've asked for paperless billing for a few of them, but continue to get the bills in the mail anyway. grrr. i also came across a couple of pics that need to find a secret home. one is of me and mrfj in a hot tub with another girl, all of us nakey, me with a beer in one hand and a joint in the other hand, and let's not forget the smile across my face. it's a cute pic but we'll soon have a lot of family coming in and out of the house and this one needs to stay under wraps.

i need to copy doodle and put some lemon juice on my hair and sit outside and let the sun do its job. i got my hair done only about two months ago, but my roots are already really growing out because i went a little lighter than i had been. so i've got these great fiery red and blond streaks, but about two inches of growth with silver hairs mixed in. it's not too bad yet, since the silver tends to lighten it up and make it look blond. but i need to do something and even with my guarantee, i don't feel good about splurging on hair color right now.

doodle, you should go to the event but have full disclosure of your medical issues so they'll know that you're there out of support, not to take on a project! but i bet it will be nice to see some of your old peeps! oh, did you ever decide whether or not to bake for your new neighbors? man, that would be the coolest welcome wagon EVER!

tree, i love your new avatar photo! you do look like you're just beggin' to be spanked! hee!! i love it! sounds like you had a nice and fun night!!

i look forward to hearing about (and living vicariously through) ch's cookie adventures!! am i understanding correctly that this is a three-day weekend for you yanks? our three-day weekend is next weekend. mrfj and i are driving up to north cackalacky to visit my parents. it's my dad's 60th birthday and my sister and her kids will probably be there as well. should be fun, with a nice family guitar circle singalong included of course!

turbo, sorry about your migraine! wow, your temp dropped that much in the evening? wow! we've been having unseasonably cooler weather here lately but it's still in the upper 70s so when i say cooler it really just means that it's not swelteringly hot yet. i'm with whoever said you should go with the new gym. you have to go where you think you'll actually make the trek to visit. if it were me, i'd let the distance be a reason not to go.

hey tyger! score on the sex store job! especially with your new sexploits! yay!

poodle, sounds like you had fun with nile, et al. so he's dating more than just the one girl that he's not sure about, eh? why on earth would he go out with someone that he's not excited about seeing? boys are silly. but at least you are having a good time and getting to know him better.

oh, and i'm sending ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ good date vibes to kel! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

i'm debating dinner. i can't decide what to cook. i have a black bean salad recipe that i'm brewing in my head and with mrfj gone, this is a perfect time to try it. i even bought some jalepenos thursday. i guess i could make that and eat it with some cheese quesadillas.

i was planning to work tonight, but the phones are apparently down as my voip won't dial out. so i've been given a sort of reprieve i guess. i should use it wisely and guilt-free.

hence this very long post...
ch, i have indeed started playing with the vch solo, usually in the shower, and it's kinda awesome. biggrin.gif i discovered when i was a young 'un that if i masturbate on my belly, i can get a really good pressure on my clit that just sets me off every time, and that's been my tried and true method of getting off solo. i'm kind of leery of putting that much pressure directly on it til it's fully healed though. so in the meantime i've been experimenting with the bar/hood position, sliding it up until the bottom ball is underneath, sliding it to either side, etc. what i really want to try though is something a friend of mine heard about from someone who has a hoop in theirs: loop a string around the jewelry (don't tie, just loop) and pull it so the string's tight, but not putting undue pressure on the hood, then start up your vibe and set it against the string. according to my friend of a friend, the vibes feel amazing and aren't too intense and numbing you out like they would if you applied direct stimulation. i'm heading to town after i pick up my bike tuesday, and since i'm about due for some new toys anyway, i figure i'll stop by the local sex shop and find something to....experiment with. happy.gif
Okay, *here*is my pic of me with my spank me red hair. I even look like I need a spankin'.

Thanks for the vibes guys!! The date was great! We sat for over three hours talking, he paid, and when I asked if he wanted to see me again, he was all "Oh yeah!!!" and asked how I couldn't tell from his body language. I told him I was slow on reading guys, but I definintely want to see him again. And the beauty of it is, for those of you who have seen my posts on other threads, is he already knows about my *ahem* issue. And he is fine with it. I'm going to keep the positive thoughts going on this one. Keep the vibes coming!! *Hands around amazing couscous salad for everyone*

FJ, sounds like you had a great weekend. The purging urge hits me a few times a year. I think my stuff has sex at night and has baby stuff that grows into more great big stuff.

Grrl, why does your washer take so long? Sounds like one of the washers in England...they take FOREVER!

Doodle, George would definitely be a great book could be in a band and he could be your roadie. Or not.

Hi Culture and everyone!!

ETA: Grrl...the new avatar! Kudos! I lurve Eddie!~
Okay, its officially settled - all residents of okayland are HOTT!!

Kel, that is a gorgeous pick - and those come hither eyes!!!

Haha....I love that your stuff has sex and makes baby stuff...that must be what's happening in the second bedroom - I'm getting scared to even look in there. wink.gif

Grrrl, the piercing sounds SO fun!

kel, I'm glad you had a GREAT date!!! ....AND, promises of a repeat! WOOT!!

FJ, it sounds like you had a great weekend, even if you had to take your man to the airport...and your dinner friday night sounds yummy!

Okay, ya'll need to go send out some of these ecards -- I DARE you not to find something that someone you love *needs* to have. hee!

Doodle, I'm glad the new musical neighbors are much more tolerable than bongoboy!

Time to start heating some bathwater - what's better than a day with two baths, right?!
Turbo, I nearly shit a brick laughing at those e-cards!!! Those are brilliant.
Those are so funny, turbo. I'd been using Hallmark's e-cards lately because it seems like everyone charges for their e-cards now, and Hallmark doesn't. Which is kind of surprising since they're the epitome of exploiting holidays and occasions. Anyway, I can usually find something funny *enough* there, but it will be nice to have something a little more edgy.

In return, I give you Uncooked. Not e-cards, but amusing nonetheless.

((hugs to all)) I have to be up at 5:30 (!) so I'm going to bed.....zzzzzzz.....
turbo, i'm so glad i checked the thread before heading up to bed. those cards are fucking awesome. i can't wait to send them to everyone i know (or at least the ones that will appreciate it and not get all goofy about it). let's see, i have one gf that just went through a breakup, one pregnant gf, hmmm, who else can i send these to.

good night!
i let the kidlet talk me into going swimming, and it was actually kinda fun, once i got used to the freezing water. rolleyes.gif so she was good and tuckered out when the momster picked her up a little while ago. then i felt guilty for pretty much sitting around the house all day, so i hopped on my bike and now i'm at the uni campus mooching off the free intrawebs. i had vague plans to watch clerks two while i'm sitting out here but i know it's going to suck up my battery and cut the power just when i'm getting to the donkey sex, which as we all know is the most hilarious part of the movie. so i stopped by to see how the okayers are doing.

jenn, those cards are hilarious, and i have already sent out several.

kelkel, you're absolutely right about junk getting together and making baby junk. i knew there weren't that many empty sobe bottles on my bookshelf! and congrats on the good date! ~*~*~more good date vibes for kel~*~*~ and the washer takes so long because it's one of those lg "high effiency" machines that washes and dries all in the same machine. and the way it dries is by basically sucking all the water out of the clothes instead of blowing hot air at them, so clothes quite frequently come out slightly damp. usually if you just shake them out they're actually dry, but sometimes i have to add more drying time.

eta: hi polly, hi fj!
Busties are The Hotttness. It's one of those laws of nature.

Turbo, I've sent quite a few cards from that website lately. The "congrats on not having cancer" one was especially useful. wink.gif

So hi, everybody! Guess what! The closing on the house is tomorrow at noon eastern time. We're going to be homeowners in less than 24 hours! EEE!!!

And yesterday we went out to buy a washer & dryer. We splashed out & got the fancy shmancy LG with the steam cycles. Holy crap, peeps, these machines are so beautiful it's a bit intimidating!

Who is a spoiled brat? That would be me. Yup.


oooh! roseviolet! gooooood luck tomorrow! that's sooo awesome! yipppeeeeeee!

and your washer and dryer sound mah-velous!
Wow! My internet is really wonky!

Kel, i'm so glad the date went well! Squeeee! And, you have such gorgeous, smokey, bedroom eyes. Hotness!

Rose, congrats on the closing! How exciting...and a brand new snazzy washer too? Wow!

*blinks eyes and looks coyly at grrlyouwant...oh....gee, I've been such a naughty girl!

Grrl, how is your piercing feeling in terms of healing? I'm a bit nervous.... unsure.gif but the playing sounds like fun, for sure!

FJ, glad to see you! Take that voip glitch day off and pamper yourself. Did you have the black bean salad? I likes me some quesadillas. How do you make yours? I just do mine on a skillet like I'm making a grilled cheese, kinda.

*note to self: buy tortillas

Doodle, I think you should go over to your neighbor's house, with some "cookies", and have an impromptu jam session! I'm glad that they have more rhythm than bongoboy did.

~*~*feel better*~*~ vibes for turbo....did your migraine go away? Hope so. Enjoy having TWO baths in one day! I took a bath tonight and fell asleep in it and woke up shivering..hehe

I love upper body strength training! But I think it's cause I'm already strong upper-body-wise, and I feel like I kick butt.

'nighters, Okayers!

Okay, I gotta read further....
i have to agree with those who say okayers are foxy, (but then busties are a pretty stunning lot to begin with...), tree, i love that new avi... super cute... got my fingers crossed for your upcoming vch, but i think it will be just the trick!

and kel, good god *jaw drops to the floor*... sumthin tells me your date will go swimmingly....

rosey....yay! congrats! remember when you were worried you wouldn't find anything? and here you are by this evening, you and sheff will be owners! lucky duck! no one's more deserving than you , chickie!

hey fj... miss seeing you posting here....

hi poodle, doodle, turbo, kittysoup, grrl, polly pugs and pk!

it's been a strangely good weekend for me.... i've been kinda depressed since my birthday, but i stayed over my ex's and asked her to tie me up.... i know this isn't the flogger thread, but being tied up really centers me... especially when i'm depressed. she was super sweet to me all weekend. it was nice. today the lot of us (my ex, her ex, me and her mastiff) went to the dog park, which was really beautiful. it was one of those perfect drizzley seattle days, and gordon, (my ex's ex) took me on a mini tour of the on leash area, which is this huge forest with all of these little hiking paths on it-- it's in the middle of the city, but you'd never know it when your in it. he's gay, so he was giving me the "cruising guide" to the park, which was hilarous, we ran into a guy, who gordon explained later was in some gay leather organization, with his dog 'mildred' which, is a name i love, and of course i had to ask if she was named after the movie "midred pierce", nope. his grandma. walking away gordon said, "figures you'd turn a name into a film reference. everything connects back to films for you." yup. i saw three movies this weekend, which made me very happy. the welding program i'm in is about half way thru, and while i was thinking about going into architectual signage/sign fabrication (i love letters like gormands love the food channel), but i think instead i am gonna get a steady paying welding gig and take neon and electrics classes on the side, and fabricate retro ish signs with peeling paint, and shorted out lights as a form of art. tomorrow i think i'm gonna talk to the auto department about seeing if i can come in early and learn how to pinstripe....

ok, well i gotta go to bed. i've been trying to record an old lloyd cole album while catching up on this thread, and you guys distracted me! i kept forgetting to hit the stop button, so i only got 3 songs that i didn't mess up! damn you okayers!!!!! the end result is i'm up way past my bed time, with little to show for it... strangely, i don't mind....hmmmm....

night all!
Mornin' ya'll!! Glad you like the ecards!

GT, I love that your welding program is inspiring your artwork, and opening you to consider other avenues too - rock on!!!!

((((((smooth closing vibes for rosie & sheff)))))) Good luck!!! Are you guys going to spend the night in your new house tonight?! There's something so sexy about camping out in an empty house! heee!

Grrrl - you get major props for swimming so early in the season - Brrrrr!

Well, its monday, and gonna be a hectic week, though a short one - YAY!

See ya'll tonight! *mwah*
Good Morning. *yawn* Morning came too early today. I didn't sleep well last night, so that made getting up tough.

Those E Cards are hilarious! Thanks, Jenn! I sent a couple.

Hi GT! I am glad you are feeling better, very sorry to hear you've been feeling depressed. sad.gif What movies did you see this weekend?

Good luck at the closing, Rose! I am sure everything will go off without a hitch. I am fostering jealousy over your new washer & dryer!

Hi Grrrl! Glad to hear you are healing up, sounds like you will be reaping the benefits soon! Brrrr. I bet that water was cold!

Kel, I am really happy to hear that your date went well! yay! Love the red hair, you're a looker!

Hi Polly!

Hi FJ! Mr K is gone right now too. I am a worry wart, so I worry too. I am trying to get better about that though.

I had a good weekend. I ate dinner with my mom on Friday night & we saw a play, which was really good. Saturday AM, Yuki & I went hiking. That was nice. Then I put in a new flower bed in the yard. That was not fun, but it looks good. Yesterday I had to go to school for a meeting, then me & the dog went to my mom's house for the afternoon/evening. All in all a nice weekend. Next weekend is a 3-day & I cannot wait for that!
monday, monday everybustie!

Turbo, I just faced the same thing and quit my old gym and re-joined the YMCA near my house. There's a branch a block from my new office, and I can go to both. And, the Y has childcare onsite, so I can take moxette, set a proper example, let her play with kidlets and have some ME time to boot!

So, we had a low-key, yet somehow very busy weekend. I always am amazed at how that happens. Did some awsome weeding the weed-lot behind our garage. Moxette had a blast playing in the yard while we worked. I'll tell you guys something...watching her amuse herself and then share it with me...SO rewarding. Not quite in the "cuddles at 2am" sweetness that only mama can have, but close.

Today, back to the proverbial grind. Sigh...
Good morning everyone.

It's lovely to have this day off, then I have some big meeting all day tomorrow,so I'm not at work tomorrow.

Wow, everyone is changing thier avi.

Kel, that is so great about the date!!! And you look good too.

(((FJ))) I'd worry too, Mr. FJ will be back in no time. I like the new avi!

Grrrl, I'm glad to hear the VCH is healing nicely. I recommend a pocket rocket, they are my fave to go along with a VCH.

Turbo, those ecards are freakin' hysterical. I'm going to take a good long look at all of them later, I just took a quick looksee at them.

Doodle, that is great that you have new neighbours. I made the cookies, I don't think I used enough dope, but they were still fun.

Hey Kari, that sounds like you had a good weekend with mom.

Moxiegirl, that is really adorable about moxette!

Tree, how are you feeling about the VCH peicing? You'll be fine, I can promise that.

GT, that sounds like a fab weekend!

RV that is so great that you are home owners today!!! I'm so happy for you!

Well, I went to boy 2's last night and thenthe third came over, but not before boy 2 and I had fun first. Then I had more fun. I made my pot cookies yesterday, but I don't think I used enough pot, still got a nice little body stone though. I'm pretty tired today, it's a good thing that I have work off, then tomorrow I'm at some big all day meeting, and tomorrow I have to go and vote. It smells yummy in the house right now, and I am not too sure why, but it's making me hungry. Well I have to eat and go hang up somedamp clothes.

Hey ladies!!

Damn, there are some sexy redheads hanging out in the lounge!!

Yay for kel's good date!!

Yay for rose's closing!! I'm jealous of the washer/dryer too.

Usually ecards 'n' stuff really annoy me, but I love those ones!!

Nothin' exciting happened in yesterday. After working out, I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and cleaning poodlepad. Oh yeah, I also downloaded a crapload of songs and videos. Today, I'm listening to an excellent playlist of girly R&B/dance/pop crap with Janet Jackson, Madonna, The Pointer Sisters, Chaka Kahn, and most of the Flashdance soundtrack. I think I'm the only person who can shift from a solid week of Frank Sinatra to Janet Jackson the following week.

I also ate the bitchinest falafel last night. Middle-eastern food always tastes the best when it comes from places with questionable sanitary conditions. I have to resist going back for a while. It wouldn't be a good thing for me to get hooked on greasy falafels while I'm trying to get in shape. *drools*

Hi mox, kari, grrrl, girltrouble, turbo, doodle, tree, FJ, culture, and polly!!

ETA- Wow, 2 boys in one night?!! How do you do it, culture? I can barely get one boy per year to take interest me!!\

ETAA- I'm listening to Britney Spears right now. Hahahahaha!! Hit me baby one more time!!
Hey, everyone. Albuquerque says hello. It says I can come back tomorrow, fj.

Poodle, how's that F chord coming along?
Hi mr. FJ!!

You must be thinking of doodle. I made up my mind on the F chord a long time ago and I'm sticking to the bar version. smile.gif

I'm retarded.
oh, you're not retarded mrfj! your mind just doesn't work properly when you're away from me, that's all! so get your ass home!

ugh! the phones are still down today. a lot of the girls in the office are using their cellphones to call which will be reimbursed of course, but i'm not really down with using my cell because a) i get horrible reception in here in the office and i need to be in front of my laptop so i can see the script, objections, calendar, etc - B ) i'd be giving out my personal cell phone number and it has a different area code than where i'm calling, which might deter people from answering the phone and c) if i use the number block, it'll give them an "unknown caller" message, which is even more unlikely that they'll answer.

or maybe i'm just making excuses. blah! i'm just hoping the phones will be up and running when i get home from my doc appointment.

i was lying on the couch a little bit ago and when i got up, i had a pretty strong contraction. i know it's just those really super early braxton hicks contractions, but my whole uterus tensed up super tight. jackaroo was sort of on my side because i'd been lying on my side watching tv, so i had this crazy big lump on the side of my belly. it wasn't at all comfortable but it wasn't exactly painful either. it only lasted about a minute and now he's moving around settling back into the middle of my belly. but what a wierd sensation that was.

oh shit, i'm gonna have to push this baby out at some point soon. i'm freaking out now.
Hey all.

It sure did get nice here, just in time for the end of the long weekend. Figures.

Now I feel like cooking, but I just don't know for what and that means that I'd need to go to the grocery store, but I could potentially see some firefighters. Hmmmm. I don't know. I'm pretty lazy here.

My mother was riding my ass about the way I drive. If you don't like the way I drive, then here's an idea. Don't drive with me!!!!


FJ that's the shits about the phones being down. I agree, I wouldn't feel comfortable about giving my cell phone number out. Creeptastic. Are you at least feeling better now? With the contractions and what not...

Hi Mister FJ. Good to see you around these parts again.

Poodle, two in one night. I met the third through boy 2. Truthfully, I really love sex, and I don't want a relationship either. It all started in September of last year. I just put myself out there and I don't write everyone off right away. I don't stick with a certain type either. I think that people get too limited by that. That is just my opinion.

Turbo, how is your head doing today?

Now I'm playing around on itunes and lounging around in bed, watching Roseanne and posting in the lounge.

How was everyone's weekend?

Awwww...that's so cute that jack is trying to get comfy!! How much longer do you have to go, FJ??

I'm still dreaming about the falafel I had last night. I could marry the guy who made it for me.

ETA- "I met the third through boy 2" Hahahaha!! So yeah, I like gettin' it on, too, and I do some serious flirting, but I don't get the same results. I think a lot of the time, I don't really "act" unless I'm really attracted to someone. The rest of the time, I'm usually not thinking about men or sex. I told a couple of the Y guys that I aim to get laid once a year. They couldn't believe it. Really, I don't think I'm that picky. I dunno. Maybe diva has some insight.
Hola Senoritas. I have spent almost all day looking at vacation spots in Mexico. I have vacation fever! Bad!

Ch, I bet you are tired. That's a lot of sexin'. Color me jealous!

Poodles, I love your Dirty Dancing avatar. That rocks.

FJ, that must have been so odd to feel a contraction. What does one feel like anyhow? Your due date is coming up so quick. Are you doing pre-child birth classes & all that?

Hi Mr FJ!

Moxie, I am so happy that Moxette provides you so much joy. She sounds like a real doll.

People, I am serious. I cannot make myself do any work today. Pitiful. Though I am really busy now w/ internship, I feel like that's the only thing saving me. If I just had my job, I'd be depressed. I am definitely ready for a chance of scenery.
Hello Hello Hello.

I dunno what it is. Maybe it's the liuid courage I get in me when I go to the bar. I also like to skank it out, and the people I go out with know lots of people. so I meet people through them. When it comes to me hitting on someone stone cold sober, it just isn't going to happen. I'll flirt, but I just can't do what I do when I've been drinking or smoking. Poodle, you need to come take a drive about 8 hours north of you, and I'll drag you out. Hee.

I was pretty darned tired on Friday, the first day after the fun and exciting night. And friday. saturday nope, but yesterday yup!

Kari, at least your day is almost done!

Well, I went to the store and there were no cutie firefighters. sad.gif Oh well. Maybe next time.

I'm kind of hungry and I need to wor out.

an appearance from both fj's on the same day? be still my little heart. happy.gif

gotta get back on the floor. two more hours to go, and it's already been a hell of a day. talk more when i get home. (((((okayers)))))
Hi everyone!

Congrats to RV on being a homeowner with a swanky washing machine.

FJ, I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no babies. I'd be freaking out, too! Millions of women do it everyday and all, but it still seems like an insane thing to have happen to one's body.

Hi Kari!! I hope the work woes get a bit better. Think of margaritas in Mexico, chica!

Culture, you naughty vixen. I wish I had half your brazenness, girl!

GT, how you doin? Did the tying up help? I hope so. Halfway done with the program? Geez, it seems like you just started. That's fantastic.

Hi, Mr. FJ, tree, mox!

Poodle, I'm the same way. I don't get lots of guys. I'm sort of a serial monagamist.

I got invited by a former student (when I was on the date, no less) to see her sing the National Anthem at the minor league ball park in town tonight. I think I will go and see her sing and then leave. Not much of a ball fan.

The guy emailed me when he got home last night after the date. He sent some pictures of the property near his vacation cabin and said, "It was so very nice meeting you. I'm sure it will nicely keep me distracted tomorrow at work." Squueeeee!

That's so nice that of that guy, kel!! Actually, what the hell am I saying? Why is it that men get rewarded for proper social conduct, such as making a friendly call or sending an email?!! This stuff should be standard for both sexes. Anyway, that's great that he was actually polite, unlike so many men.

I swear men still need mamas behind them to do the whole "What do you say?," "Thank You" thing. I don't know why I'm getting worked up all of a sudden.

Oh kari, now you've got me dreaming of vacation in Mexico. Actually, I'd really like to go to Belize.
Here here, Poodle! I agree. Guys should email or call when they've enjoyed the date. Damn straight. That's one of the things I'm looking for in a stupid call-me/not call-me games!
I just don't get it. Making a phone call or sending an email is so basic. Yeah, it's a little scary, but geesh, grow some fucking balls fer chrissakes!!

*takes deep breaths*

Yes, that's good of him to contact you like a big boy. Kel may have found herself a big boy!! Lord knows I haven't!!

I'm listening to The Jets "Crush On You" right now! Hahahahahaha!!! For some reason, minx comes to mind.

ETA- Wow. My boss just told me that I'm the best writer in the office. That's pretty cool, especially considering that I'm the youngest!!
Hi, peeps!

I think it's been since Thursday since I've been around, though I've read everything. I'm more in a lurking mood lately.

((((((((((Doodle))))))))) Sorry about the diagnosis, but it's good to know exactly what you've got in front of you. Your new haircut sounds really cute! I'm considering a grown-out bob next time I get my hair cut. And absolutely go to the conference, but don't you dare take on any responsibility. You'll make yourself crazy.

Kel, that boy sounds very nice and sweet, one of the good ones. Lordess knows there aren't many of those left. I loved your picture, BTW. You've got really cool hair.

So, a house closing is the day you move in, then? It'd be cool to spend the night in an empty house that's yours, yours, yours.

Catsoup was here!!! Hi! Congrats on the engagement!

Hi, PK! Yeah, I would be a bit of a hard-ass to work for, but, well, that's just how I am. But I'm really nice, too, just ask Poodle.

Jenn, sorry the new handlebars aren't working out for you. Can you just drop all gym memberships until the weather gets crappy again, then re-assess the situation? You're already on your bike for 24 miles a day, plus walking the dog, so you're far from inactive.

Hi, Moxie! Moxette's so adorable!

A contraction, FJ!? Wow! You're due in July, right?

Hi, Kari! That's good that you're enjoying your practicum. Are you looking seriously at going to Mexico?

As far as the sex-as-sport thing goes, I'm just not into it. I don't want to give anyone the kind of power you get from seeing someone naked and in that kind of position. My body and I are not here for consumption by others. Then again, I really don't care whether or not I do it, and it doesn't even matter who it's with. I'm more in it for the companionship than anything else. I'm kind of a prude, though.

The giant and I had a really good weekend. We went out for burgers on Friday, which were excellent. On Saturday, I spent about $280 on clothes (15 shirts and a pair of black pants), so that's done for the season, and then we went down to the giant's mom's for dinner. He got to talk to his brother in Iraq for a little bit. He's supposed to be leaving Iraq on July 9th. Cross your fingers that the date doesn't get moved back again. We didn't do much at all yesterday, I just did my laundry and ironing. I made a necklace out of wire and Swarovskis. I shaped 4" pieces of wire in an organic leaf shape, then connected them all with more wire and a crystal on each link. It's pretty.

Today's the giant's birfday. He's 35 now. I surprised him at work and took him out for lunch, and tonight I'm making him omelettes (the only thing he wanted, and I make a mean omelette) and Jello cake.

Oops, looks like it's about time to go. B-bye!
hey yas!

i'm back from my doc appointment. i am 33 and a half weeks. the due date is july 6th. so i guess that means i have somewhere between 5 and 9 weeks left.

kari, the contraction just felt like a really strong tightening in my entire uterus (which takes up my whole abdomen right now so was pretty noticeable). it didn't hurt really, just felt like a muscle tightening. sort of like before you get a leg cramp, you can feel it tighten first but before the painful part comes.

and i agree, kel. i know that millions of women have done it. but i am quite freaked out by the whole thing. there is so much mystery around it. who knows what mine will be like.

i've slutted up with two guys in the same night before. a few times as a matter of fact, seeing how mrfj is usually one of them. the most i've had in a weekend was three different guys and one girl. slut slut slut! that's been a while though.

kel, that date sounds nice!! i'm glad you had a good time! just keep the fun coming! smile.gif

ok, back to the couch for a while. phones still down. looks like i've got another night off.
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