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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi, peeps!

Congrats on the house and raise for Sheff, RV! Too bad about the vacation time, though. You are so right about fighting, it's all about how you do it.

Minx, I think the big question you have to ask is if you want to deal with this stuff happening with Minxman for the rest of your life. It seems like you guys have some trust issues and he has a boatload of issues of his own. Do you really want that again? And knowing that Minxman has and will most likely go back to his old ways, is that the kind of life and relationship you want, and the example you want to set for Minxlette? There's no sense in wasting any more time on a lost cause, and that's what it sounds like the man is. You're a very smart girl, don't settle for less than you're worth.

GT, that sucks about your doctor running off. Very unprofessional.

FJ, that sounds like you've got a really good deal worked out, especially since you'll always get the higher amount. And it's good to hear they're going to get some better closers so all your hard work isn't for nothing.

CH and the firemen. Hah! The giant's dad was a fireman. Sorry, I'm getting flashbacks of that episode of Sex and the City, where Carrie judges the fireman calendar contest on Staten Island.

How was the doctor's, Poodle?

Hellos to everyone else around the table!

I had the most lovely evening last night. It was my brother's birthday, so my parents, my other brother, and Sam came down to take him out for dinner. I called my brother to wish him happy birthday while they were on the way to the restaurant, so the giant and I met them there. I got a surprise Sam visit yesterday! That makes my week! He was so cute at the restaurant, too, asking the waitress "who do you think is going to get bumped off American Idol tonight? I think it'll be Jordin" in his little 4-year-old voice. He's so cute when he strikes up conversations like that with waitresses. This isn't the first time he's done it, he's very friendly. Then we went back to my brother's place and were all really pissed off when Melinda got the boot when she SO should've won the whole thing. Fortunately, it seems like the people who come in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th do better career-wise than the winner (except Kelly Clarkson and that country chic). When we got home, I was trying to make oven roasted fruit for our little ice cream luncheon at work today, but I left it under the broiler too long and burned the shit out of it. Then I dropped the stuff I salvaged inside the fridge, so there's no way I could serve it. Oh, well. At least it made the house smell nice and I wasn't going to let it bring me down from the high from my little visit with Sam. That's the best.
Hello hello hello!!!!!

It's almost lunch time, and I'm going to go stare at the cuties in suits here. Mmm men in suits. Yum.

Diva that is so good about the surprise visit from Sam!!!

Kari, I'm jealous of your garden, I have tomatos planted. That is all. Well flowers too.

I'm thinking of the sex and the city episode where Samantha is having sex with a fire fighter on the truck, then they get called off to a fire. Hee. I just want to stare at the eye candy, I think the dog needs to be taken not only to the park, but also for a walk past the firehall. But I also have to work out tonight, and I am supposed to be meeting my third. hmmm. Decisions decisions.

I so don't want to be at work today, I'm sick of working. I need a break. a vacation. Something.
Diva! I just remembered that you were in my dream last night! I have no idea where we were or what we were doing, but I know it was you.

That's great that you got to see Sam last night! He likes American Idol? Too funny!

Ch, I am in the same mood lately with work. My goal everyday is the same: to get to the end of it! I am unmotivated & uninspired. I think it's my workplace. It's not the right one for me. Oh well, what can you go. Gotta pay the bills.
Hi everyone!!!

I like Thursdays because the farmer's market is going on outside, My Name is Earl is on, and Friday's only a day away!!

Congrats to sheff!! It's good times for the roseviolet family!!

Yay for hot firefighters!! "I'm getting flashbacks of that episode of Sex and the City, where Carrie judges the fireman calendar contest on Staten Island." Hahahaha!! I totally thought the same thing!!

Yay for special Sam visits!! I get to see my nephies and niecoid this weekend because it's my nephie's birfday. We're gonna play mini-golf at Como Park. I'm excited to see the wee ones!!

Mmmm...kari, that dish sounds delightful!!

(((girltrouble))) Damn, that's so rude!! That's gotta be illegal.

Hi turbo, doodle, polly, tree, minx, and anyone I'm missing!!

The doctor's appointment went well. I'm hopefully going to cut my anti-depressants in half within 2-3 months. 40 mg is more "normal." The dose I'm on right now (80 mg) is pretty aggressive, so it's no wonder that I'm feeling screwed up after the weight loss. It didn't work before and it's not working now. Anyway, I'm anxious to feel energetic like I did when I first started exercising. I'm also hoping that my sleep will be better.

ETA- I can't believe that Melinda was sent home from American Idol last night!! Beat-box Blake is nowhere near as talented as she is. Oh well, I'm sure she'll have a great career after this. Jordin is going to win. I've pretty much thought that for the last couple weeks now. Still, I've been voting for Melinda. Yes, I'm an American Idol freak and I'm completely unashamed.

Geesh, I'm really in the mood for a mojito right now.
ch, you should take a walk by the fire hall to get the fire going for the third. yes, that's what i would recommend. tongue.gif

thanks everyone for the encouragment about the new situation at the job. it definitely seems like it's going to work now. of course, now i'm feeling all guilty that i have to be working and making the phone calls! but i'll do what i need to if it means making this work. i'm really glad that they did this.

rv, sorry about the vacation but YAY on the pay increase and the appraisal!! that is really awesome. the same thing happened with ours when we bought. it wasn't a ton, but it was more. and i am SO excited for you! MONDAY!!!!

ok, i was gonna say a lot more but then mom called and i stayed in the living room too long. now i'm going to the grocery store. we need some of everything!

be back soon!!
I went for a walk around the legislature at lunch and saw lots of men in uniforms and suits. I was in hottie, splashy heaven. Hee.

I'm only meeting the third tonight, no plans until this weekend.

Poodle, how long have you been on the meds? what about another med? I hope you start feeling better soon. You motivated me into kicking things up a notch for working out. Last night I wasn't going to, but my body was craving it. Thank you my dear, you helped me and inspired me to get it going. I go harder and harder every time. *tips hat*

Kari, so true. I'm bored, but my desk is an absolutele disaster. ICK!

FJ, I'm pretty psyched about this. the third wants to be a cop, and I have a thing for men in uniform. As long as he's not an absolute buttfuck.

It is so gorgeous out right now. It's a little breezy, but still really nice! And here I am, stuck inside. Buggers. But tis the nature of that crappy thing called living a responsible, self sustaining thing called life. I need to either 1) win the lottery or 2) become famous and live on my vast wealth, while helping my fellow BUSTies of course.

Hope everyone is having a good day.


pinkpoodle in favorite!!

Hi FJ!!

Culture, I've been taking the anti-depressants since 1995. I'm hoping to live without them. I don't want to mess around with a new drug, especially since my seizure meds aren't to be fucked with. Plus, I'm sick of taking pills.

I didn't want to leave my kitties this morning, because they were curled up together looking so comfy. I wish I had a camera.

ETA- Just this morning, I was thinking about how I always end up becoming friends with men. I've just about reached the "friend" category at the Y, which is fine, but still. I don't get it. I have so many platonic relationships with men. It's weird, because they often tell me that I'm so "cool" or "different" or "smart," but then they end up dating such bland girls and I remain a friend. It's just so strange!! I don't think I'm that unattractive!! Ah well.
I wish the giant wore a suit to work. He'd look so sexy. I've only ever even gotten to see him in a shirt and tie (and I had to buy both!) twice. He's Captain Polo Shirt.

Kari, how'd you know it was me? That's so awesome, I think I've only ever been in one or 2 Bustie dreams.

We just got done with our ladies-who-lunch ice cream social, and I get to bring home my unopened pint of Chubby Hubby. That makes me very happy. They don't deserve it anyway!

Did you guys hear that Fred Phelps and his gang of imbreeds are going to pickett Jerry Falwell's funeral? They say he didn't hate gays enough.

Hey gang - quick post, am back off to the gyno this aft. to find out my blood test results. I am sitting here reading all the stuff he gave me a last week to research (but that I left to the last minute, of course).

Fred Phelps is picketing Jerry Falwell's funeral? Oh, that is so rich. biggrin.gif
I lurveth men in suits. So attractive. I don't think you see enough of that anymore. 30something men in suits. Hellooooo! To steal a line for my firefighter hotties. There's a fire. IN MY PANTS!!!!

Poodle, while I am not on medication, I understand where you are coming from about not wanting to be on meds for the rest of your life. On another note, I must say that I am flabergasted that you would say "I don't think I'm that unattractive". I don't think people should say that about yourself. I'm also a firm believer that if you think this way about yourself, it reflects in how you carry yourself. If you think that you are attractive it reflects in how you carry yourself. I am pretty cocky, and I strut around, not like a prat, but I walk around like I am the most attractive woman in the world and I don't give a shit what someone else thinks. That's just me though. As for the men saying that you are so cool, and different, ugh. It's not a bad thing, but if you want to have a relationship or get portions, you certainly don't want to get it from someone who thinks of you like a sister. I've a few friendships like that.

Diva, I had to go an read about who this phleps creature was. That is fucked up!!!! I don't even know what to say. blink.gif that about sums it up, a blank faced emoticon. If you could see my face right now, I have the same look on my face, just not yello, and I have a nose and glasses. Oh, and hair too.

Things are quiet around here today, but I have bloody files everywhere. ask me if I care. Not in the slightest.

ETA: Hi Doodle, let us know how it goes!
I definitely walk confidently and stand tall. In fact, my mom says that I'm too proud/vein. When I say that "I don't think I'm that unattractive," it's because physical appearance is the only answer I can come up with for why all of the men I encounter end up being friends. It seems to me that if you found someone interesting and attractive that you would want to pursue something romantic with that person. Maybe that's just too logical.
I getcha now Poodle. The fact that you walk tall and stand proud makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside. Men are just asshats, this is the only answer i can come up with. My mother tells me she doesn't know how I get my head in the door sometimes.

When I don't understand anything, I just smile and nod. I've learend that something I just don't want to know. To take a line from Lewis Black, (and I'm paraphraising here) "don't take more than 10 secnods to think about that statement...this is why people have aneurisms". I've learned that if I try and think about something that makes zero sense, I will die in my bathroom, because of aforementioned aneurism.
Those are wise words.

Heh, that's funny about your ma. Maybe it's a generational thing. Even though she's very liberal, my mom still has this whole old-school modesty thing branded on her brain. Many times, she's told me that she thought I acted too "brazen." Ha!! I am brazen, but I don't see that as a bad thing!! She also thinks that I brag about my good features too much. The thing is, that I exaggerate these qualities around her to mess with her head. It's fun.
I heart Lewis Black.

My mom just kind of rolls her eyes when I tell her how hot I am.

Well, there is only 20 minutes left in this work day. I just want to get home, work out and take the smelly puppy to the park. Then get ready and go out for drinkies.

It's been a fairly good day. I've got to finish my reports. Moday is a holiday here in Canada, and Tuesday I'm at some huge all day meeting. So that's two days of work that I loose, but monday I don't mind so much. Tuesday I'm not too sure what to expect.

I hope everyone is having a good day.

Hi hi hi!

I'm glad it's cool to think you're hot! I haven't gotten to the "whole" of me, but I definitely dig parts of myself.

And I'm feeling wub.gif for my workers comp attorney right now. I just got all the documentation over to him a couple days ago and I've already, today, received copies of letters he's sent out on my behalf. He really seems on top of things, I'm glad. I'm so grateful to my friend for getting me a consultation with him. I've heard he's the best in the city.

Hehe....even if I don't win, I will put up a stink!

With regards to moms...mine's 76 years old, and from the old school. Her highest aspiration for me is that I meet a rich guy, get married and have babies. 'nuff said.

I'm not real big on the men in suits thing. I like me a hot, sweaty construction worker type (but with a long ponytail, it's my weird fetish) with a muscle shirt and tight jeans...oh, and a perfectly sculpted butt. With a pierced nipple.

Ahem. I used to REALLY enjoy working construction....

Fred Phelps came here to MadCity once to protest something, I think it was a gay-themed play or something, and they did, sorta like we do here with the fundie, they took pledges for the pledged a certain amount per minute that he spoke. They raised $6,000 for the local GLBT center here in town, hehe

*waves to Okayers

Hi tree!!

Yay for the good attorney!! That can make such a difference in these types of cases.

Well, it's time for me to go home. I'm too lazy to work out today. I'm gonna drink beer instead.
Driveby....Howdy okayers! Been lurkin' but not posting. However, I have noticed a couple of neck punch requests.

*Delivers neck punches to the asshats pissing off all okayers*

Life is good for me right now. I've been working hard on the thinking positive and not waiting for the other shoe to drop all the time. It seems to be helping.

I'll catch up and post more later....(((((((((okayers))))))))))))
Hey ya'll!! I'm hooooome, thank cod! This new job thing, is hard work. I am SO tired everyday when I get home. sheesh. But the job is so good, I shouldn't complain. smile.gif

I've read everything, but it all seems to have leaked out of my brain...I am SO ready for the weekend...and turbomann's out of town, so the weekend is ALL mine! Wheee! My friend from High school is coming into town for business tomorrow, and she's spending the night with me, so that should be cool - we rarely get to see each other, and she's my oldest friend - we go all the way back to 6th grade!

FJ, I am so glad to hear that your financial worries are past - you deserve to be paid!!!

(((((minxy))))) We all love you. That is all.

Diva, that is awesome that you got a surprise Sam visit last night! YAY!

And tree, I'm so glad the lawyer seems to really be diving into your case!!

Okay its dogwalking time.
*peeks head in*

Hello! It's been ages and I don't have a lot of time but I thought I'd pop in and say Hi! I can't promise I'll be able to post a lot but I did have a few moments tonight and wanted to let you all know I miss OkayLand!

I'm going to go try to read some archives to catch up. I'm sure lots has happened in the many many moons since I was last here. Everything looks all fancy and different 'round these parts.
Good evening everyone.

Tree I'm glad that you have a kick ass layer. Give 'em hell.

Hi Kel!

Turbo, yay on the good work day!

I took puppers to the park, and the loser ex is based out of that park, I didn't see him...I don't care, really. Now I have to get ready and go out for drinkies. Meeting the third tonight.


have a good night everyone.
Hi again all, I'm home!

tree, I meant to say, YAY! I'm glad you got the books so quickly! I think it's the delays at Canada Customs that held up your djembe so long, actually...they are a notoriously pain-in-the-ass bureaucracy, and they also have been known to seize books at the border! Luckily they were going the other way this time...I did think about sticking some Jane Rule in there to see what would happen....

I'm kinda with treehugger on the men-in-suits thing (ditto women in suits). After years of dealing with be-suited politicos and similar types, I just see the suit as a weapon of manipulation and other power ploys. And I don't dig the tie thing at all, unless it's done in a rakish, punk sort of way.

Soooooooooooooooo....yeah. It's PCOS. Which is not actually the worst possible outcome, I guess. The doc says I'm pretty healthy otherwise, but my hormones, basically, are fucked up. So we are going to try me on a drug called Metformin. I don't know if I can take it - it makes some people really sick or gives them diarrhea...won't know till I try it, so I just got 3 weeks worth for now. Metformin is mainly for PCOS insulin-resistance (which my tests did show), but it will (supposedly) help with my hair loss because dealing with the insulin-resistance, will help with the hormonal imbalance that's causing my hair to fall out (apparently). It's not diabetes just 'cause it's insulin-resistance, but Metformin is also a way to prevent it from going there eventually, which it could.

BUT the Metformin makes you extremely fertile. (Yikes!) So, at my request, he's going to schedule my tubal ligation for a few months time, and I can have the ovarian drilling procedure (to deal with the cysts) at the same time, if I wish....which I think I will. It would buy me a few years off pills and help my body to regulate itself a little bit.

Tomorrow I'll see my hair stylist and get her expert opinion on my hair issuezzzzzzzzz.

I think I need to smoke a bowl now that the news is on the table. Back later, 'gaters....
CATSOUP!!!!!! Where have you been?!! Don't worry 'bout reading the archives--just join in!!!

I'm so glad you're feeling okay, kel!! Keep up those positive thoughts!!

Turbo, it sounds like you've got a great weekend ahead of you!! That's so awesome that your old pal is coming to visit!! So what are you guys gonna do?

Have fun, culture!!

I'm really anxious for my ebay stuff to arrive, especially the DVD of the Rat Pack live at The Sands. It hasn't been very long, but I'm still annoyed that I haven't received anything yet. I want my casino stuff, dammit!!! I also got another Sands ashtray. Oh wait, I guess I got 2 Sands ashtrays!! I have one of the most recent Sands ashtrays right now, but I'm trying to collect ashtrays from all eras, especially from the casinos that have been demolished. Wait!! That reminds me!! I also bought a Stardust ashtray!! The Stardust stuff is hot right now because they just imploded it back in March. I still can't believe that the Stardust is gone. They even got rid of the awesome sign. Tsk, tsk.

ETA- Hi doodle!!! I hope the meds work out for you!!! ~*~*~*~recovery vibes for doodle~*~*~*~ Thank goddess that it's not something too awful.

When it comes to men in suits, it's not the business suits that I'm attracted to. I like the swanky, going-out-on-the-town suits.
Drive-by ...

(((((((Doodle)))))))) So sorry about the diagnosis & the meds & the further procedures. Here's hoping the new meds work for you!

My left hand is all crampy today. Wonder what that's about! blink.gif
Doodle, I'm sorry about the diagnosis, but hopefully this doc will help you monitor it and give you your lustrous locks back! And ovarian drilling....just the name makes me wince. ouch. Will doodlemama need to help care for you after this procedure?

catsoup!!!! We've *meeced* you, darlin' --- come back and catch us up on your life!!

I like a handsome gent in a suit - fo' sho'. And now that I'm working in the Loop, there certainly are a high concentration of well dressed hotties. And, there's a nice plaza in front of our building with lots of benches to sit on and eat your lunch and people watch - its great....except for the fact that Fox News is also in our building, and they're always filming cutesy bits at lunch hour, and I will get up and move, rather than be in their shots or participate in their "news."

No idea what's for dinner here tonight....the cupboards are empty, as I haven't had time to shop this week, the house is a mess, and I'm just not sure I feel like doing anything about it before my friend arrives tomorrow. I'm not sure we'll do much more than go out to dinner, maybe watch a movie, and go out for brekkie on Saturday - she's leaving Sat. morning to spend the rest of the weekend with another friend from art school, so I'll still have plenty of ME time this weekend.
Okay, so here are two big things I found from reading a few pages of archives -- Turbo got a new job!! And FJ is having a BABY!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to both of you!

And ((((Doodle)))). I hope your doctor helps. I don't like the word "drilling" either - it's bad enough at the dentist, I can't imagine it related to lady parts.

Things have been busy with me. My job sucks ass but I'm done in July because I'm going back to school this fall! The MPH program at the U and I can't wait. And TB proposed in Feb. and we're planning a wedding in 06.08. Beyond that, life is pretty normal.

I just ate a really yummy sandwich. Just turkey and swiss but everything about it was great, especially the 9-grain bread the Miracle Whip. It's so funny how something so simple and everyday can be so perfect sometimes. And now I can't stop eating these Sandies Shortbread Choc. Chip and Pecan cookies. I have no will power.

Only 20 minutes until The Office season finale!
Hey again gang! I am smoking as I type this.

Hi 'soup! Nice to see you!

Thanks for your thoughts, everyone. I'm actually not totally freaked about the PCOS diagnosis. It's not deadly or anything. As my doc says, women in under-developed countries, where they don't have the medical care to get this diagnosis, can have it their whole lives and never know any different. And I've kind of suspected for awhile - thinking I might have insulin resistance is what made me start changing my diet a few years ago. It's actually nice to know for sure what I'm dealing with, so I CAN deal with it.

As for ovarian drilling, I'm not freaked because he'd go in the same way he'd go for the tubal ligation anyway - through the belly button, apparently! So if he's gonna go there anyway, why not kill two birds with one stone (pardon the cliché)? I'll be out cold either way! (If I was out cold at the dentist's office, I could probably tolerate his drilling procedures, too.) I think it's basically just a laser procedure to kill off the cysts. And if it buys me some part of my life without pharm-dependency, even better. He says I have right up until the day of my tubal to decide about ovarian drilling - I can tell him yes or no while they're wheeling me in on the gurney, apparently! But I'm already about 75% sure it's a yes. (And 100% sure about the tubal!) (Hmmm....I think I probably need to go post in the Childfree thread...)

ETA: oh yes, and I was right when I called him on it here: this gyno IS surgery-happy! He got a little gleam in his eye when I said I was interested in the procedure, and scrambled for his clipboard to write it down. But he's never pushed anything on me, so it's ok. I guess he just really likes that part of his job. Both of my specialists are kind of like dorky members of the school science club. I can totally imagine what they were like as boys. wink.gif

turbo - yeah, I was thinking I'd ask my mom to stay, just for a few days, since it's day surgery and they won't let you have general anesthesia here unless someone is staying with you overnight. All my friends have children! Having to tolerate their children while coming off general anesthesia is worse than having ovarian drilling, in my mind. tongue.gif

It feels kind of ironic that it's my ovaries that are all fucked up....after 11 years of working for women's rights!
Darling, doodle, somehow, I am not surprised at all about your ovaries...I do not think that is a coincidence at all. wink.gif At least you weren't planning on using them! Actually, now that I think of it - we had a lot of staff with infertility issues at the adoption agency too....also probably not a coincidence.

Yay, Grey's Anatomy is starting!
((((((((((((doodle)))))))))))) Damn, what a shitty year, medically speaking. You're gonna get better!!! I'm glad that the doc is feeling confident. Ugh, I can totally relate. It reminds me of the seizure/gallstone year.

Like turbo said, I don't the the ovaries issue is ironic at all!! They've made up their mind, dammit!!

I'm contemplating wearing a skirt tomorrow. Finally, I can fit into some of my old skirts. The only problem is that my legs are very pale and look like they've been attacked by a machete. My scars always end up sorta reddish looking. Hmmm...I think I have some self tanner around here somewhere.
(((((doodle))))) at least it's not something super-horrible or anything. and ~*~*~*~grow back, doodlehair~*~*~*~
CATSOUP! *tackles catsoup to the floor and gives boobie-squishing hug* we have, indeed, meeced you, my dear. just pop by whenever you can and don't worry too much about the archives, just jump right in

more (((minxie))) hugs 'cause minxman sucks.

poodle, maybe you just give off an aura of 'just be friends with me'? i do that with my guy friends (though it began entirely on purpose). i'm still a big flirt, and we're all huggy/snuggly/gropey, but i gave off 'just friends' vibes. you could be perhaps doing this unwittingly?

and for pk, if you wander over to the portions thread i do enjoy telling my tales there. unless you guys want me to regale you with tales of the sexing here? i'm rather excited that i'm working at an 'adult' store now (i did mention that, right? i work at the classy adult store in town. my old supervisor is the manager's best friend, which worked out quite nicely for me, all in all), and i get everything at COST! which is like, a third of the sticker price. they don't have as much higher-end stuff as i'd like (anything that emits a reek of rubber when i open the package is a no-go). but now i can afford restraints and clamps. which is handy, since the boything likes to be tied up and hurt.

i must go, as i have a coffee date with cougarlion rather immediately. hi everyone else, i'll come by and visit in a few days, probably, since the weekend is all full of work, babysitting, and sexing tongue.gif
Hi all!! Finally had time to catch up.

Yay for Scheff's raise but a punch in the neck to the asshats who won't give him more vacation time.

Yay for CH getting toys at cost!

Yay for FJ's better work situation!

Yay for Poodle's skirts fitting. That's the best feeling in the world...fitting into those old clothes again!

Hi Catsoup, nice to meet you.

Yay for Diva's adorable nephew.

Yay for Tree's lawyer.

Doodle, my best friend has PCOS and went on Metformin which was very successful for her. Hopefully it will be for you, too.


Vibes needed...promising new guy in the horizon. Send me some positive "meet the new guy" vibes. He seems really great. Thinking positively here...I'm not getting delusional, but dammit, I deserve to meet a guy who is not an asshat. I'm worthy of that, right? I'm awesome...any guy would be lucky to have me. I'm taking CH's viewpoint...walk proud, love myself unflinchingly, and fuck anyone who doesn't like it. It's a new way of thinking for me, but I like it. A lot.

Hihi! Happy Friday you coochie curds and POOP POCKETS! (Yes, you may use it, poodle).

Work today was unexpectedly busy. I got pretty slammed for a while there. Now I'm just sittin' around, a little bit hungry. I have tomorrow off, WOOT!

So, RV, that stinks about Sheff not getting his vacay time upped. Tree has a good idea - do you think Sheff could do that? And yayayay for the appraisal!

GT - that so sucks about your doc. So. Effing. Rude. I'm sorry to hear that happened. ((((girltrouble))))

FJ - I'm glad you will get some degree of stability from your job. FINALLY!!! And I hope those closers will start working harder as well. You deserve better closers, for all the calling you do. You don't need this kind of stress right now, so I'm glad your "friends" finally came through with something.

I've never really had a thing for firemen. Don't know why - they're hot and all, but since my divorce I have discovered a penchant for the dark Latin man. I loves me a hot Latino luvvah. Banana was from Colombia, and he was super cute, but very short (shorter than me!) and not very Latino-looking. Everybody thought he looked like a white guy.

There's a hot new expo at work named Memo. He's really tall, dark, and Mexican. Very cute accent, too.

Okilly dokilly. I'm gonna go read and go to bed. Smells ya later.
*stumbles into thread*

Good morning, I'm at work, and I'm pretty tired today. I had an, uhhhh, interesting night last night. *smiles sheepishly*

Hi catsoup! I'm CH, nice to meet you *waves*

Doodle, I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. But, at least you have a good doc and he is trying to do what he can for you! ~*~*~*~*~*recovery vibes for doodle~*~*~*~*~*~ I hope the stylist can help with the hair sit. Like I said, I can send some you way, I've got plenty. smile.gif I'm making my brownies this weekend.

Hey Poodle, that is great that you can fit into your old sexy clothes!

Tyger, at cost toys!?!?!? You lucky woman.

Turbo, ick fox news in the same building. I'd freak.

Hey Kel! ~*~*~*~*~*date vibes for kel~*~*~*~*~

Hello GT!

Hey PK! I'll never go the route of Latino again. ht ex was Mexican, and quite frankly he ruined things for me. It's funny, because when I go out, I have Latino men hit on me, I'm just thinking, there's that latino charm...too bad I'm not into you. Still into the men with uniforms and I think the thing that I like about men is suits is that men look put together and calssy. It's the same thing with women who are dressed up nicely. So many places of business have gone the casual route, and it's nice to see people polished, put together and not bummy looking. I've seen people where sweat pants to work, and that is just inappropriate. Casual does not mean wearing your pj's to work.

So last night I went out for drinkies and they were going down like water. I met the third, and he's a really great guy, cutie too. The beer was going down like water. then I had a drunk girl tell me she loved my purplpe eye shadow and loves it when women wear bright colours and she wished she had the confidence to do that. It was a nice compliment. Then I had a guy come up and start dancing with me, so I flirted a little more. I had a lovely evening, the details of which I will spare. smile.gif


Mornin' bitches.

CH! You dirty girl! Sounds like you had a rather nice evening! Whtat's this mysterious third like?

((Doodles)) Sorry about the PCOS. When is the procedure? I hope your hairstylist has some great ideas for you! I think that is smart to get both procedures done at once.

CATSOUP!!! HI!!! It is so good to see you! Congrats on the engagement! And on going back to school! Lots of good stuff happening in your life right now, it seems. Excellent! Kick off your shoes, stay a while. Please?? tongue.gif

Jenn, so you made it through the week? Good! I bet you are exhausted. It requires a lot of energy learning a new job. You sound happy though, I am really glad.

Hi tyger!

Hi poodle!

Hi Diva! I think you were actually you in my dream, b/c I've seen your pic before. It was a lot of fun to hang with you.

Hi PK!

Hi GT!

~~~~~~~~~~kel~~~~~~~~~~~~~ new dude vibes! Damn straight you deserve a good guy. And yes ma'am, make sure everyone knows it too. Don't take any shit.

Well, I made it through my first week of practicum. Phew! It actually wasn't too bad. I thought I would be completely wiped out today, but I'm ok. What does everyone have going on this weekend? I'm going to dinner & a play with my ma tonight. Tomorrow I plan on relaxing. Alllll day. I am going to a friend's house tomorrow night to eat pizza & watch a movie. Sunday is pretty open, though I do have to go to school for a few hours for a meeting.
Good moring Kari,

The third is a really nice guy. Funny, cute, has some ink, takes care of himself. It was fun.

I'm going home early today. I'm just too tired, and slightly hungover. Just a smidgen, but it's enough to throw me off my game at work. Good thing it's quiet so far.

*yawns loudly*

I had a really wierd dreams last night. I had a dream that the newly elected presidnet of France, Nicholas Sarkozy was in my bathroom. It was messed up.

I don't have much else to say.

Later okayers.
goood morning, hobags!

go culture! get down with your naughty self. toys and lingerie at cost are indeed awesome, but even though it's the most classy store in town, there isn't really a great selection of silicone toys, as a general rule it's mostly jelly rubber crap, which does not get to be anywhere near my panty hamster.

me and the boything talked a bunch last night. turns out he's in to deviant sex ten ways from sunday. i'm okay with it, and we have set up boundaries, like i never have to do anything that i don't get any enjoyment out of, but part of me just wants to go back to when we spent hours on the couch doing nothing but making out, because i know that once we go past where we are now we can never come back to it being exactly like it is now, you know? like sometimes now i wish all we did was make out, but then i want more or he wants more or we both want more, and it's not like i'm doing anything i don't want to, i just want to not want to go further sometimes, if that makes sense.

i have to run off now, though. i'm babysitting the kid i've only ever babysat while he's asleep while he's awake this morning, so wish me luck
Happy fucking friday you crusty cum buckets!!!

I don't really have whole lot to say today--just hi. HI!!!
Hey there cum guzzling skank bitches.

I've been made term at work, so that whole elibility list doesn't even apply to me anymore. I'm happy about that, but guarded.

I've only got a little bit of work left, then I am going home. I need a nap, and some tome away from work.

later okayers!

Happy Friday, you Bosomy Beelzebub-worshipping Biker Beeyotches!

I am just getting ready to go out.

Thanks again everyone for your thoughts. The PCOS - honestly, after escaping death, everything else seems pretty minor! So I'm okay. tongue.gif

kari - no idea when this will all happen; this is elective surgery and there are waiting lists in Canada for non-emergency surgeries, but I'm told within a few months.

Oh yeah - I took the first Metformin last night. It didn't make me sick, but I was smoking pot, so it's kind of hard to tell! Anyway, I'm "tapering on," and eventually will take 3 pills a day, if they don't make me sick. Can you imagine, 3 pills a day? Sometimes, I can hardly remember to EAT 3 times a day....

Yay, CH is gonna be baking - and BAKED - this weekend!

tyger - what you're talking about wanting is the Lesbian Way: make out a little, then go do some stuff, then make out a little more, then go do some stuff, then make out even more, then go do more stuff, then get together at the end of the day and have 2-hour multi-orgasmic sex. Maybe you can train your boy this way. It's kind of a fun way to spend a weekend. biggrin.gif (One of my exes and I got tossed out of clothing store change rooms all the time, during weekends like these....*ahem*)

Hi to everyone else! Sorry for not listing - I'm gonna be late if I hang out here any longer! And on that note, right. Got to go do my thing. Back later, you Demon Hell Spawn!
Howdy all you panty hamsters (steals this from would make a great band name, of course)!

Sitting here with a head full of dye waiting for it to process.

Been in a weird mood. Thinking about my pattern with men. Every time a new possibility is on the horizon, I freak myself out wondering when and if he will call again. It's a thought process I really need and want to break. I'm just having a hard time doing it. I keep yelling, "STOP" at myself when I catch myself doing it. I guess recognition is the first step and all. But I just want to enjoy life and if a boy happens to be in it, then fine. I don't want to get all bunged up about it.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday. What's everyone's plans?

Oh, and I mixed up Tyger and CH last night...Yay for Tyger and toys at cost! Don't know what the hell I was thinking...probably just exhausted.

The lounge seems a little slow today. Where are all my busties that are counting down the hours to the weekend???

Oh - my last post - I forgot to give Catsoup a big booby-squishin' hug!!!! ((((((catsoup))))) (I'm thinking you're the one with the booboes to squish, because mine are little bee stings). Congratulations on your engagement! Have you made many wedding plans yet? When you stop by the thread, you must remember to keep us updated. *sigh* I love weddings. I love love.

Hey, Catsoup - wasn't TB thinking about going back into the Marines? OR something like that? Sounds like he didn't do it, which is a relief. I know that's old news to you, but I thought about that sometimes and wondered what he decided.

Poodle dee dee - I think you're hot. I have never seen you IRL, but you seem so hot. I'm glad you are confident and *B*R*A*Z*E*N, you hussy. It is mysterious why guys get the friend vibe when you don't mean to send it. I used to be the weird, quirky, funny girl that was always "just a friend". I hardly ever dated my whole young adult life. I got married a few times, but shit. That's not good.

Anyway, after I moved to Tucson, for some reason I slutted out. Maybe it's because I wasn't used to that kind of attention from men. But I did it until I met Banana. I have had some makeout sessions and one HBI since Banana and I split up, but it's not like it used to be.

I'm not saying you should slut out by any means - that just doesn't seem your style. I know it's frustrating, but I used to be in the same boat and something mysteriously changed. Maybe you should move to Tucson!!! Hee hee. In Chicago, I got no action. Besides Chango Maldito, but he turned out to be a flake. In Minnesota, I might as well have been a nun. Tucson = HBI 2007!!!

Sorry. That probably didn't solve anything. Just saying, the men are the weirdos - not you. I think I speak for all of us when I say we think you're a hottie, and I have seen pictures of you - you have incredible hair, and your face is like that of Helen (launched 1000 ships). I think maybe some of the guys you wonder about might see you as an equal or superior, because you can laugh and converse with them at a higher level, and when they are looking for a gf, they are looking for someone that makes them feel important. Does this make any sense?

CH - I don't know what it is about Latino men. To me, they are hot hot hot. Especially the tall ones. But I wouldn't turn away a short hombre. Actually, I am attracted to foreign guys in general. I love broken English and heavy accents. But I really like the guys with the Latino charm. I've been totally screwed over by the "Latin machismo" before (anyone remember sa-OOL?). But I keep going back for more. sa-OOL is a guy I dated for four months right after I moved to Tucson. After four months, I discovered - on my own - that he was married with a young daughter. I confronted him, and he kept lying about it. Of course, I stopped seeing him, but it sucked. He was a little short dude from Chiapas, kind of dorky with a baby peach fuzz little mustache, but the sex was incredible.

Anyway, what else....where is Marileen?

FJ - when are you due again? I forgot. My sis is due in September. My other sis is due in August. They are both having boys. My dad is finally getting excited. He is such a doom and gloom kind of guy. He didn't want to get his hopes up, but the other day he said, in a low monotone, "That's cool. That's really cool." It might sound funny - but this is the most excited I have heard him in a long time.

OMG. Today I had to pluck FOUR long, dark hairs out from under my chin and my neck. What is happening to me????????????

kelkello - ~*~*~*dude vibes~*~*~* Let's hope this one shows some promise. Remember - this is for fun! FUN! I COMMAND YOU TO HAVE FUN! And you know what that means? Be yourself - sharp-witted, funny, and a little bit weird (in a good way - this weirdness only belongs to those of us with mucho intelligence).

You know what? I think I enjoy this thread so much because we all have this weirdness in common. You guys make me laugh so much - the reason I call it "weird" is because that is what is seems like to an outsider. Know what I mean?
Hey all, I'm home! I have only skimmed, though, I need to catch up better.

My stylist gave me a shorter cut. Not short-short, but somewhere above the bottom of my chin. It had to be done. Anyway, it's just until it grows back. And she says there IS some new growth - it's just that where I used to have 2 or 3 hairs per follicle, there's only one. Don't know what that means. My scalp and hair are drier, too; she said my scalp "is clearly angry." biggrin.gif The hair looks okay, anyway - not like I LIKE it, but it looks thicker right now because of the shorter cut, so that's good.

(ETA: if this metformin doesn't cure my hair loss, I think I'll take my stylist with me to the doctor to explain everything, expert to expert.)

Also, I'm not allowed to dye my hair anymore, till it grows back. BUT, I can sit in the sun wearing lemon juice, just so my roots don't frighten the horses. Also I'm to massage my scalp. Which is nice. I was scared to touch it. (It being angry and all.)

If it gets patchy, we have a plan to drink a bottle of wine and smoke a joint together one day after the shop closes, and then she will mohawk my head.

I let myself spend $20 at Value Village - it's such a rare treat these days, to buy anything for myself or my home! I set my limit beforehand. I found this big funky woven basket (green and indigo!), plus a bunch of spring/summer-ish fabric pieces. Not much idea what I'll do with the fabric, but maybe I'll get inspired! Actually, there is one big piece that is finished around the edges - I think it might have been a tablecloth or a curtain panel?? Anyway, it's a cotton seersucker, in white, green, and yellow - really fresh and pretty - and I'm thinking I might try it out as a headboard for awhile. The other three pieces of fabric are raw bolt cuts. I'm laundering it all right now...

//////ME post!

Okay, I need to go read now!
Hey skankazoids!!!

"If it gets patchy, we have a plan to drink a bottle of wine and smoke a joint together one day after the shop closes, and then she will mohawk my head." Haha!! I can just imagine...

I can't wait to see what you do with your new thrifty goods, doodle!! I'm sure you'll come up with something great. Meanwhile, I'm trying to work up the motivation to sort through my bedroom crap so that I can paint it like I've been planning to do for months now. I'm so slow about crafty/interior decorating stuff.

Hi PK!! Yeah, I hear what you're saying. Men are just so freakin' weird. I think men like being friends with me because I tell it like it is and I'm not easily offended. I laugh at perverted jokes and give them some insight into the female brain.

Christ, I just got back from hanging out with 6 guys outside of the coffee shop next to the Y. I was gonna work out, but I didn't even make it through the door. First, I hung out with a couple Y guys, and then Nile showed up, and then a couple Arab guys showed up, and then some other foreign dude came along. I love chilling with these guys on the sidewalk. They're so damn funny. The 2 Arab guys wanted me to go to some "disco clubs" with them, but I declined even though they were very cool guys. Disco Clubs!! Ha!! Nile was going on a date tonight with some woman who he doesn't even like. "You are much more prettier than she is!" So I told him, "Well, then, cancel your date, run home and put on one of your suits, and then we'll hit the town!" Laughs all around. Good times.

I know what you're saying about the darker and/or foreign guy thing, PK. I'm sorta the same way. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the "tall, dark, and handsome" types!!
Good evening everyone.

I just woke up, I left wor at 1:30, then puttered around, picked my mom up, then came home and was asleep by 4:30, woke up about 20 minutes ago. So I got in a nice long nap, but I'm still just exhausted. Last night really did a number on me. It's all good, I'm just really tired and sore.

Doodle, I'm glad that you are doing well with a new cut and everything.

PK I can now smell the Latino Charm a mile away. I know all the lines and everything. I know what you mean about liking tall dark and handsome.

Hey Kel.

I've got no idea what I am doing tonight. Something fun, I hope.

Well I'm going to go and busy myself.

my earlier post got eaten, sooooo...

hey doodle! glad things are getting back on track...and i hope you don't have to but mo-hawks are fun too. and i know what you mean about not spending. i usually allow myself only thrifting so i don't start.... cos once i start.....

going back a for suits, i love women in tightly taylored men's suits... it's the androgeny that makes it hot..... when i was a boy i loved wearing suits--i always felt like my masculinity was a mask i was forced to wear, and it was fragile, so why not fortify? and a good suit always felt like i was wearing pajamas (matching top and bottom) and armor, since suits do have a real 'power'. there was this amazing little hole in the wall vintage shop i found in oakland in the late 80's and i would save my pay checks to buy vintage ties, suits, and cufflinks... (i once found a pair of martin & lewis cufflinks in portland i still kick myself for not buying...) drool... i still have some of 'em even though i haven't worn them in years... my favorite is brown herringbone with white and blue pinstripes... my vintage cockerspaniel tie (it has a great dogs head on the main body of the tie(!))and my vegas cufflinks (which are tiny tables with people playing craps.) and a pair of brown/patent leather spectator golf shoes with cleats still on 'em, and my homberg... god i'm almost getting misty eyed...

yay for tree's lawyer!

hi cat soop! i lurve your name....

and tyger, i know what you mean about making out-- it's innocent and dirty, and there is still so much unexplored...'s definately a gateway drug. but kinky is good...because that means you have a lot to still explore. (for those of you who lurk in the flogging thread, forgive me, i know you've heard me go on about this) kink doesn't mean that you need whips and chains, its about exploring what you find personally, mentally, emotionally, and/or physically interesting. that can mean teasing/denial can be your tool to do more making out and only that-- if you choose. with my last gf i discovered i really get hot by being fed. not all the time, but if it's done right, i get those same butterflies and longing i got making out. infact they go a bit deeper-- it's like this little hidden button we both discovered together. so my advise is not to mourn too much. think about it as a chance to explore yourself and your par'ner....

puppy, i know what you mean, i have a crush on one of my teachers right now... he's a tank of a guy, but he has this super hot newyorican accent.... as a friend of mine would say...*panty splash*

kel, tyger, since i'm on the subject...sort of, i have been trying to think of a good name for my vajayjay, since i still have my original equipment... i think you've solved my problem with the bon mot: "panty hampster."


so... i've been sketching the swallows for the tats, and.... i think i've fallen in love with the barn owl. i am tempted to get barn owls instead with a banner connecting their beaks, but i think my skin is too dark (i've resigned myself to black and white tats), but does anyone know any librarians who want owl tats? i'll post the sketches... i think the okayer's will really like them...

well it seems (so far) that the bs had to do with the hospital staff who, it seems haven't a clue what doctors are where. they told me before that she was no longer working there......ugh. i talked to the actual department and they said she just went back to her normal dept of diabetes. yeah. so normally docs in the endo dept. are in on weds, but she is supposed to come in on monday, if she is still working there. so i hope i'll hear from her then, since she is one of my favorite docs since i got on the 'moans...

*^*^*^*^*^*^*^good boy vibes for kell and poodles! *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*good job vibys for fj and ch ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

and whassup okers? vibes for rosy, grrly, divay, minxy and jenny!

my stomach is screaming for food. NOW!

.... sooooo laters?
hola oy, you cum-gargling bags o' venereal disease! man, i feel so much guilt for missing this thread. when was the last time i posted, tuesday? no, not even that, monday i think. anyway, not a lot going on with me this week. i finished watching my downloaded episodes of the dresden files, and season three of daria is finished, so i watched a couple of those last night. still waiting on season five, the jane gets a boyfriend and daria steals him season. damn, i miss that show! now i need a totally new series to glom onto while i wait for new episodes of the tudors to become available each week, so i'm downloading the first season (or what's available of it anyway) of the riches. i loves me some eddie izzard! happy.gif

my poor little schwinn is on its last wheels i think. i called the shop today to tell them i thought i might have snapped the back axle again, cause it's been making the same kind of funny noises and was a bit wobbly. the older bike shop guy who i think doesn't like me for some reason (maybe he's in lurve with cute boy mechanic matt too, and is pitching a jealous homo bitch fit?) was the one that answered the phone, and told me not to bother cause they were booked solid with repairs til tuesday. stupid warm weather making people drag their old ten-speeds out of the garage and bring them to my mechanic's shop for a tune-up! dry.gif well, i showed up anyway, and not only did matt fix the not-quite-death-rattle-of-what-turned-out-to-be-a-loose-hub-and-not-a-broken-axle on the spot, he's building me a new bike that will be ready by...wait for it...tuesday. take that, jealous homo bike partner! laugh.gif i'm shelling out about twice as much as i paid for my schwinn, but it's actually on the cheap end of the "good bikes" spectrum. still, it'll last me a good long while, and as a hybrid, it'll do equally well on the street or the dirt. all of which is good, because i've decided that if i keep pushing my self a few more miles each week and really build up the stamina, and do well with it, i'm sending myself on a cycling tour of the uk next summer as a reward, and i can't be doing that with no discount bike from wal-mart. this is assuming i decide to purchase the new wheels. i'm supposed to stop by tuesday, try out the new wheels, and if'n i don't like 'em, no problem, they'll just put it out on the floor for someone else to buy. good deal all around.

i'm debating whether to take tuesday off next week. my boss says i've got the option, cause i'm switching to graveyard (11:30 pm to 8 am) as of wednesday night after coming in 7 am to 4 pm monday, and she said she doesn't want me to be too disoriented. if i want to work tuesday, it will be between the hours of 3 pm and 11 pm, trying to transition me smoother. the things is, we'll already have one extra person working that shift, and i'll be the second extra person. we're more than fully staffed with the one extra person, so there will be literally nothing for me to do; my boss just wanted me to not be short on my hours this week. which is kind of a nice gesture, and i told her i'd come do it, but now i'm thinking i want it off after all. that'll give me plenty of time at the bike shop to not have to rush the decision on the new wheels, and i might end up making up the hours next weekend anyway, since i haven't worked the last couple of weekends. even if i don't work saturday, i've got enough money in the bank that missing one day of work isn't going to kill me. and it would give me an extra day to get my sleep schedule straight. and you know, goof off. yeah, i think i'm going to tell my boss i'm not going to come in and take up space tuesday after all.
Hi, hi!

Wow, grrl, a cycling trip to the UK? Sounds amaaaazing! I really should get on my bike more than I do.

So....gah. I have my vch piercing scheduled for thursday, and guess what? My cycle is starting to become pretty irregular, I'm suspecting peri-menopause...but anyway, my boobies are starting to get swollen. Greeeat. Just my luck. I don't really want to cancel the appointment, though, cause I scheduled it around Bear being gone for a week or so. Ugh. I'm getting a little nervous too, when I try to imagine how it will feel, to quote doodlebug, it "makes my labia shrivel up into my body"...but I'm going to trust all the testimonials I've read that say it's really not that bad.

I went out to lunch with my co-workers yesterday....and yesterday morphed into yesterday evening, went to the local tavern where all the tradesmen and women hang out. it's actually private, you must have a union card to get in. I got hit on pretty ferociously by a guy sitting to my left. I was chatting with friends to my right but I could feel this guy's eyes burning into me...when the guy left for a minute, one of the painters was like, "he's SO staring at your (I love this) "whory red come fuck me hair"...hehe. My hair was a little wild cause I ran out of time in the morning before I had to leave and it's naturally curly and it does kind of turn wild when I don't do anything with it.

I rather enjoyed my evening yesterday, but omg, I should have been posting in the inebriated thread cause I came home and fell asleep, or passed out, I'm not sure, but I woke up at 9:00 PM with my cell phone in my hand...heh.

Well, I've gotta run, do major cleaning and decluttering. We're having a neighborhood garage sale next friday and saturday and I'm gonna take advantage of it! Off to get boxes!

Be back later and less self-involved, I promise!
Hi hi ya'll!! I've meeced everyone the last day or so!

Grrrl - definitely take next tuesday off!!

I, too, am contemplating a new bike...the one I have just really doesn't feel good on my new, longer commute - totally fine for a 4mi ride, but with my new 12mi ride, I'm just not getting the efficiency I need. I'm just going to look into getting new handlebars with a stem extension first to give me a little more reach, but we'll see. I'm going to track down one of my friends in the 'hood who's an avid biker, and get her thoughts.

CH!! I'm SO glad to hear that you've got permanent status at your job! What a relief!

And Doodle, I'm glad that your stylist was able to give you a good cut, and make you feel a bit better. How about a soak in coconut oil and a head wrap in saran wrap to help moisturize your hair and scalp? Or henna...that does a bang up job on boosting color and giving you crazy shine...smelly, but good stuff. I've got some spare, so if you want it, let me know.

hi tree!!! I'm going to see how your vch piercing goes, and then I'll make my decision. heh. I'm a wimp. wink.gif

I had SO much fun last night with my high school friend - she's an art director at an ad agency in Detroit, and we talked shop all night, which was SO fun, and she really wants to move to chicago, so, of course, I'm going to do everything in my power to get her here. I rarely get to see this friend, but when I do, its like old times, and we both have shared memories, but our friendship has lasted and evolved as we've gotten old. Very cool.

I'm gonna go ride my bike a bit this morning, since its gorgeous out, and try and connect with BFF for dinner tonight. Its a Totally Girlfriends Weekend, since turbomann's gone, and I've got Bustie Brunch tomorrow. YAY!

Today I was walking in the park and noticed so many cool things: All the baby geese have hatched and are swimming along with their moms and dads. A regal blue heron stood on the edge of the river and let me admire him for a moment before flying away. At the zoo the peacocks were lounging around with the buffalo. Families were out and about. I smiled at everyone and said hi.

I've been purging my house of crap. How do I amass this stuff? I found a basket full of old journals and finally threw them out. They are full of bad things that happened to me. I tired of writing about bad things that happen to me. I'm going to write about good things, dammit! I started last night. I'm not Polly-fucking-anna, but I'm tired of dwelling on the bad stuff. It's gotten me nowhere.

Tree, I hope all goes well with piercing. It still makes my panty hamster (I can't thank Tyger enough for that term because it makes me giggle so much!) clench and try to fold in on itself.

CH, I'm glad things are better with the job situation. Busty vibes work!!

Turbo and Grrrl...I'm thinking of getting a bike. I want one with upright handles so I don't have to lean over it much to ride it. I have a bad back and think that would really make me hurt. hair! It will start growing back, don't worry. My friend went through the same thing, only she also started growing hair in weird places too.

GT, I heart owls. Post it when you are done! And that's better news, at least, about the endo.

Hi everyone! Hope your Saturday is going well!

Hello on this Saturday Morning everyone.

I'm feeling a little down today. I'm not too sure why.

As for the work thing, granted my status has been changed over, but I'm still in float pool, and not at the fun office indefinately. Now, I am still looking for otherwork, but if I find something else, I now feel bad due to the lengths management has gone to in order to get me to this point. I'm relieved that I have some stability with my job, but this is not what I really wanted. But, thank you everyone for giving me vibes. I'mm be at the cool office which I love for a little while yet.

Turbo, I'm glad that you ad fun with your friend, and that would be really great if she could could move to Chicago.

Hey Grrrl, that is really cool that you are getting your own custom bicycle built for you!

GT that is good that you may have located your doc! Excellent! I'm excited to see your new drawrings.

Awww Kel, that sounds like a really great time you had.

I feel like I've been out through the ringer. My entire body is so sore from my night o passion on Thursday. I saw the third last night, and it may happen again on Sunday. Gives me good recovery time. We all laughed at home much pain I was in. It was well worth it.

I went out and bought Pan's Labyrinth and ocean's 12 on DVD. While I didn't adore ocean's 12 as much as I like ocean's 11, bu it was only 6 dollars, so I couldn't resist! I'd really like to now why I'm feeling like this today. Not happy, not cool. That is all for me.

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