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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good Morning. Happy Monday. Woo hoo.

That's sarcasm, folks!

((CH)) Sorry about the cramps. Ouch. Dope up.

((minx)) I hope everything is ok. We are here if you need us.

((kel)) I know you are still dealing with some heavy stuff.

GT, those sketches are beautiful! Nice work!

Hi pk, doodle, poodle, diva, moxie, and jenn!

How's everyone?

It is Monday morning but I feel as tired as if it were Friday night. We have been working too hard around our house, got to slow it down. I have a busy week this week. Starting regular practicum hours. We'll see how it goes.

Alrighty folks, that's all I got for now.

*heads off in search of more coffee*
Hi it's me again.

*curls up on okay couch and yawns*

I'm pooped today, and it's only 9 in the morning! Gaaaa. This is going to make for an excellent day. boring. So here I am BUSTing away as usual. Hee.

Listen I need some vibes so I can stay at the office I am currently working at. I don't want to change locations I want to be part of this team. Do you think some vibes could be sent my way? Please? *smiles cutely*

Moxie, aren't cramps da BEST! At least I know I'm not pregnant. Seriously, Navy Boy and I when I got some lovin' from him, at first he just went in, I know I know, I was on penicillin, too. *spanks self*

Kari I hope your practicum goes well.

fuck I'm bored to tears.


Hi everyone!!

Blergh....I called in sick today. My face is puffy and I have the sniffles because of allergies. Plus, I think my current seizure med dose is too high now that I've lost weight, which may be causing sleep problems for me. I'm so tired right now. I want to try to go back to bed, but it's too warm and sticky in here. Time to bust out the AC.

Yay for turbo and mox's fun get together!! And yay for red-headed babies!!

I love those drawrings, girltrouble!! I especially like the birdies with the fancy feathers.

"now I'm yelling at itunes, because it is evil" I was just about to hop in my car and drive to Steve Jobs' house yesterday to demand a new ipod in person.

Blaahhhh...maybe I should force one of the maintenance guys in the building to carry my AC up the stairs and stick it in the window.
~~~~~~~~~~vibes for CH~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope you can stay there. When will you find out, do you think?

((poodle)) Oh no! You are sick? I hope you get to feeling better. Are you going to be able to get your medicine dosage adjusted?

I am tired too, and it is way to early for that. Bah.

I feel guilty. I didn't get to talk to my mom yesterday for Mother's Day. I kept calling but her home line was always busy & she would never answer the cell. I left a message. I just talked to her and she said "well, I was sad I didn't get to see you yesterday. I kept thinking you were going to come over." I am a bad daughter. I had previously asked her if she wanted to meet for brunch, but she would never give me a straight answer, so we didn't hook up. I guess I should have called her to follow up. Typically, she doesn't really care about that sort of thing....I mean, if I were to see her later in the week, she'd be fine with that. I could hear in her voice that she was really disappointed.

Do you ever feel like you have so much going on there is not much left for other people or things? I am going to have to make some modifications. I feel like I've been on edge with Mr K lately also.
(((kari))) It's not like you didn't try getting ahold of her. Maybe you guys could go out for dinner sometime this week.

I'm not really sick sick, but I feel like crap because of the allergies. I'm also not sleeping very well. I need to talk to the neurologist about a dose change. He increased my anti-convulsants because I gained weight, so I they should probably be decreased since I've lost weight. My mom read something about them creating sleep problems, which has been an issue since my weight loss.

~*~*~*~stay vibes for CH~*~*~*~

Oofda. I just finished putting my air conditioner in and now I'm all drenched in sweat. The chilly air feels soooooooo goooooood though. My cats are competing over the open desk space in front of the vents.

It's probably not good for my allergies to have the AC blowing crud around, but I don't care. I need to clean, and I can't do it if my apartment feels like a greenhouse. Once I get all the dust picked up, then things should be okay for the rest of the week.

Oh god, Rosie O'Donnell is on the TV. *runs for remote*
Where the frell is everyone??

My cats are in air-conditioned paradise right now. It's so cute.

G'morning everyone.
hey hey!

Poodle, you're right, where the heck is everyone? That's shitty about allergies ~*~*~*feel better vibes for poodle*~*~*~ I'm thinkin' about how your kitties are doin', all nice and chilled.

Kari, I agree with poodle, why not take her out another time. I am doing that for my mom. She didn't want anything, so I'll take her out for din din.

What a shitty slow work day. I'm sick of dealing with my clients and I just want to go home and take puppers to the park then work out. That is all I want to do. So not in a people mood today.
Here I am!

Well, I talked to my sister & she said my mom's feelings were hurt that I didn't come over yesterday. Sigh.....I honestly didn't think she would mind either way. Usually she doesn't. It's my fault though, I guess not going over there was lame of me. Anyhoo, I called her & I think we're straight now. I apologized and said I didn't get the feeling she wanted to go anywhere. She said she felt bad saying "yes, take me out to eat." ???? Then HOW am I supposed to know she wants to go? Misunderstanding. I suppose next time I will know. I am taking her to a play on Friday night. I still feel bad though. I don't like hurting people's feelings, especially my ma's.

Poodle, I am glad you are in the AC. I can't believe you are just now having to use it! Our's has been kicking for at least a month.

Good Morning, Doodles!

~~~speed up the day vibes for CH~~~~~

I'm with ya on that, sister.

I didn't get to watch Sopranos last night & it is killing me not to go in the Sopranos thread. I hope to watch it tonight.
Hi, peeps!

I love all these pics of dining room tables. If I took a picture of mine right now, you'd just see a bunch of very dead and dry irises and a whole crapload of the giant's Star Wars stuff. We normally eat off TV trays in the living room since we can't afford/agree on a table to get.

RV, I hope this mortgage business is all set for you now. It sounds like a real headache.

Jenn, what have you decorated your cubicle with so far? And that little boy sounds adorable. I love blue eyes with red hair.

My netherparts are going to stay unpierced, thankyouverymuch. I like them just as they are.

GT, I LOVE your sketches! I think the one on top and the full bird forms are my favorite. I like how the birds' bodies come down like a ribbon.

Kel, you sound like you're dealing with all of this in the most healthy way possible.

Sorry you're out of work again for awhile, Tree. I love that quilt, though. Gorgeous.

Hi, PK! You know, if you moved back to Minneapolis in a couple years, I'd be looking for a pastry chef.


Kari, sorry about the miscommunication with your mom. She sounds a little like mine.

Welcome back, Pugs! I'm glad you and your dad are going to get some time out.

Doodle, I'm not into weed, but I love your very detailed directions on making weed butter. I had pot brownies once, and didn't much care for it. I had this weird constant sense of deja vu, and had "the duhs" the next morning while my BFF and I were shopping for shiny beads in downtown LA. Fun times.

(((((((Poodle's allergies))))))) A neck kiss from Nile?! That's hot! Yep, I think right now he sees you as more than a friend. I don't ever kiss my friends on the neck.

(((((((((vibes for CH to stay where she is)))))))))

Moxie, your grandma sounds like she rulz with a 'z.' And good for her for getting a man friend! I'd always thought my old uncle Bill had died alone, but it turns out he had a "lady friend" who lived with him for several years that nobody ever mentioned. Ah, the lives of octogenarians.

I had an OK weekend. The giant and went to Psycho Suzi's for pizza on Friday and ate outside. My table charms worked and we managed to snag one right when we got in, and I was even nice enough to give it up to a larger group of girls having a night out on the town when I saw another smaller table empty up. I've got good restaurant table and parking charms. We stayed at home on Saturday and I kind of blew up at the giant for not ever surprising me with little gifts, even though he got all kinds of money a week ago that he's blown only on himself, and didn't bother to think of me. Grrr. Then that threw me into a depression because it's such a selfish thing for me to think that the giant should be spending his money on me when he never gets to have anything for himself. I honestly don't know why he stays with me sometimes.

I saw my parents yesterday, which was quite pleasant. I needed to get out of the house and back to feeling normal again. My mom was so funny on the phone, she didn't think anyone was going to come up, even though it was Mother's Day. She's just weird. My parents and brother and I talked politics until pretty late and my dad finally convinced my brother that labor unions are a good thing (duh).

My dad has this crazy idea of my family, Sam, the giant, and possibly 2 uncles and an aunt (there'll be 7-10 of us) all taking a plane to Denver on July 4, renting a van (possibly chauffeured), driving to Pike's Peak, and riding the train up the mountain to see the view, then flying back that same day. My mom is dead set against it, but the rest of us think it'd be fun. And my youngest brother would pay for it all (he's getting a bunch of his annuity from his broken neck in June) because of how much money he screwed my parents out of back in his drug days. I hope Dad can talk Mom into doing it. It'd be fun, and yeah, it's a busy day, but it's one day out of her whole life, so it's totally worth it.

Now I'm back at work and am looking very much forward to getting paid on Friday so I can finally buy some damn shirts without stains on them. My boss, the other boss on my team, and 2 other workers and I had a meeting. I'm finally going to be getting a project that won't leave me asking my boss every week if he has something for me to do, which will be good, and I don't even have to deal with chasing down paternity affidavits (whew!). Oh, what a relief that is.
Allo Allo all.

Hi Diva, what a wonderfully long post! I like that idea of the trip and that is really cool that your brother wants to pay for the trip, too. Sounds like you had a good weekend, as well. That's great news about work as well.

Kari, why not surprise your mom another time and take her out?

What a shit day. It's been loooooooooooooong and boring. I have chocolate in my bag, but I don't want to it because I'm not actually that hungry yet.

I'm also in the mood for lovin', but...I went on a rant in the portions thread. I got toothpaste stains on my hoodie, and it looks like shot spots. What's funny is that there is one on my boob, a toothpaste stain, not a shot spots, sillies! I have a weirdly tichy foot, like right in a itch and it'll tickle spot. Ick.

So, how is everyone else's day going? The drive home for me is going to be hell, they are doing construction on almost every route home. Bleck.

That is all for me. For now.

ETA; FJ I see you lurking dearie! Hi! *waves*
Come out and play FJ!

HI diva! It sounds like you had a good weekend, minus the tiff with the giant. I have moments like that too. Its not even about money, it's the thought. You know? MR K could give me a pack of sweet tarts & it would make me happy. Or, don't even purchase a thing, just do my laundry for me or something. Why don't dudes get that??

CH, that is a good idea. I think I'm gonna pick up some flowers or a plant and go to my mom's tonight.

T minus 64 minutes and counting til I'm outta here.

I already ate some chocolate, CH! Hershey's with almonds. tasty stuff.

I must go to the gym tomorrow. I've been on hiatus.
yeah, you caught me, ch!!! ~

i'm here, i'm here. woke up with a headache and went back to bed. i've been lounging on the couch all day long. i need to go get in the shower, since i have a lot of calls to make for the rest of the night.

sorry i didn't check in over the weekend.

friday was sort of shitty. mrfj's plans changed and instead of getting home in the early afternoon, he decided to hang with "boy from couple A" at the tpc a little longer. that was fine, although i had told him that i'd come pick him up if he needed a designated driver and i didn't know that he wasn't allowed to take his cell into the tourney, so i got worried about him when he wasn't answering my texts. he called me and we were good but then he got home finally and had that post-buzz thing going and passed out on the couch. i had been SO lonely that day, which was not his fault of course, but i was feeling rotten about my job and our finances and just sat and blubbered for hours. he woke up and we went to bed together but i couldn't sleep and blubbered some more until he woke up again and we sat up until almost 3am talking (panicking) about the situation and trying to figure out how we'd make it the next few months without having to sell a car or worse, the house!! and of course, re-analyzing the whole situation with our "friends" that set me up with the gig in the first place and how this should be such a joyous time for us, not anxiety-ridden. i had terrible dreams of tornadoes for the rest of the night.

then, saturday morning, his cellphone rang and it was his office. the accountant, we'll call her "goddess" had come in and found that a very large payment from one of his clients had arrived and she wanted to make our weekend by telling us about it. and it definitely did. he basically tripled his income for the month, which will more than make up for my lack of income this month and keep us out of a hole for a while. sometimes good things do happen just when you need them to. it's so funny how quickly our moods were changed from gloom and doom to our usual "optimistic realist" selves. so we went to babiesrus and picked out the stroller and played around the store a little bit and enjoyed our day.

sat night, we went to couple A's house and had dinner and played wii. SO. MUCH. FUN. that game is!! my fave part was creating my mii. my gf's mother was there so there was no hanky panky for sure, besides the fact that we're both pregnant. it was just so nice to hang out with them and enjoy each others company. we hadn't really seen them in some time.

yesterday, went to dinner with mrfj's rents, grandmother and sil and wifey. the douchebag uncle, in true form, didn't show for dinner so we didn't have to deal with him.

so that was the weekend.

and now, i'm off to a shower.

i'll be back.
Kari, that' great that you are going to surprise mom! I think she'd like that.

FJ! I'm so glad to see you here! And good to hear that the mister FJ got a big payment. ~*~*~*~*job and money vibes for FJ~*~*~*~*~* I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad night (((((FJ)))))

Only 62 more minutes of work to go. This day is dragging on, and my clients are leaving me alone, and I don't want to hear from them. and and and...I just wanna go home. Sorry, I'm being really whiney.

I hope everyone is having a good afternoon.

hey again. ok, i do feel better now that i'm outta the shower. tongue.gif

and i just checked the calendar and the office sold my 3pm showing: for $50 down. yippeee! *note sarcasm* seriously. i have had 11 shows, 6 sales and STILL will earn less than $100 on this paycheck at this rate. blink.gif according to my friends, i should be easily in the thousands with these kinds of numbers.

how suckified.

but i guess i'll just wait to see what happens with my 6pm.

hehe, kari, now i want some sweet tarts. yum! the really big kind, like the size of silver dollars. i don't even think they sell those anymore. glad your mom isn't mad at you. don't feel bad. you aren't a mind-reader. but a visit with a plant tonight is a nice gesture. she knows you care about her feelings.

hi poodle! funny, we've not turned our ac on at all yet. it's mainly because the damn thing is very likely to blow on us this year and we're trying to preserve it as long as possible. we don't need a $5k unit staring us in the face. and actually, it's been pretty breezy here lately which isn't good for the wildfires in the area but is helping to keep the temp down. i wish it would rain good and hard though.

oh, ch, i meant to send you ~*~*~*~*~~*stay in the office ibes~*~*~*~*~*~*~

ok, gotta get crackin on the phones...

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Stay in the office vibes for CH*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Sales vibes for FJ*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Hi all. Driveby...dealing with an asshat. Blarg.

GT, I love Amy Winehouse! I noticed your quote from her's like a mantra for me.

only 17 more minutes left inthis work day. Oh wait now 16!

What is it with my files, when it rains it pours, so many little fraudsters. Grrrr. Like I am really irritated by this. Tomorrow, I'm going to start going over all of them with a fine tooth comb. Fuck this dhit, this is absolute bullshit!

(((kel))) I hope you're okay, dealing with an asshat and all.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*more sales vibes for Fj*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I gotta jet soon.

But diva, think how rich you could get, selling sweets made with weed butter alongside the regular desserts. wink.gif

Mmm. Sweet Tarts.
Honey, all that money would be going to my lawyers. : )
doodle, i'm totally making a batch of cookies for myself after the jackaroo comes. i've seen you talk about the butter before, but thanks for putting all the detail in this time. i might still have to pm you in several months when i'm ready to try that.

i've had pot brownies once or twice. they were super good and it was a total body high. i loved it. we were with our pot-hole friends (hehe) and went to st. augustine and just walked around town completely baked out on baked goods. we barely remember anything about the day but it was so mellow and awesome. we'll definitely do that again. only this time, it'll be better now that i know the "secret". hehe.

thanks for the vibeage!!!!! i neeeeed it. smile.gif

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif @diva

FJ, I actually got known for bringing the cookies to my feminist sisters at conferences, b/c no one would ever fly with actual pot. One year I attended Take Back the Night in another town, where a number of us had eaten cookies just prior, in one of the hotel rooms. (It was nice to NOT be the one in charge of TBTN, for once.) I can't say I felt mellow! But I sure felt the body euphoria of it, marching down a different community's main street and hollering up a storm alongside a number of similarly enthused Amazons. biggrin.gif
Hi hi everyone! I'm here, and its not even 8pm yet! Wheeee!

GT, I LOVE all your drawings, but especially the first one with the mohawk! You are SO talented!

I had a really good day at work today, I feel like I'm finally really working there now, and getting in the groove a little bit. There's still a lot to learn, that's a little overwhelming, but no one is expecting me to be the end-all-be-all branding expert for awhile, so that's good. But I did the layout for my first newsletter there, and my co-workers were dazzled - yay! I hope our boss likes it when she sees it tomorrow.

And, I got out on time today, and made good time on my bike ride home - only 45 minutes! I nearly run over several children, lollygagging in the bike path, but whatever. Really, I find children in the park a much scarier obstacle than playing chicken with the taxis. Kids, they're a little unpredictable, and its like sounding my bell or saying "biker behind you" makes them dash into traffic at the absolute wrong moment....just like squirrels. biggrin.gif

((((stay in the cool office vibes for CH))))

~$~$~$~$~$~$~$sales vibes for FJ~$~$~$~$~$~$~

BOooooooo for poodle's allergies and sleeplessness! I hope your doc can help you work out the neuro half of it - good rest will hopefully help your bod handle the allergies a bit better.

Its 85 degrees here today, and there's a lovely breeze. I wish I had some limes to make a 'rita. boo.

Okay, time to walk turbodoggie - I'm sure I'll pop back later!
Hi turbo! I'm glad to hear you are loving your new job! What program do you do the newsletter in?

GT - I meant to say earlier, and turbo's post reminded me...I totally love your drawings - I love your style and your confidence with line! It's wonderful!
Good evening all. So I had a nice uneventful drive home, avoided construction zones, then worked out, and then took the dog to the park. Now Emily is playing with stuffed duck on the bed.

Jenn, I'm so happy that your job is going well! YAY!

Doodle, that is cool that you took your cookies on the plane! I'm going to make some as soon as I pick up! I was talking to boy 2 about this and how excited I was about making them. My mom even asked me if she needed me to pick up the ingrediants from the store so I could make them. hee.

Hi FJ, poodle, diva, kel!

Ugh, I just got a text from ex fling. He just doesn't get the hint now does he. Wanker.

Well, I'm needing something to eat, later!

CH, I think you need me to come out there and punch ex-plaything in the neck!! Dude needs to get the point.

I didn't really get to take turbo to play tonight - poor thing was really having a rough time in the heat - greyhounds just wilt in the heat, and turbo's black fur doesn't help. He perked up when we ran into our pug friends though.

And now, its time to soak my sore muscles in the tub, and maybe get me some turbomann lovin'!
CH, I'll come stab him in the eye. That's my new thing. Eye stabbin'. I got a couple I'd like to stab in the eye.

Turbo, so glad things are going well at work. My dog hates the heat too...she's black as well, with thick fur because of the chow in her. I took her out dog in the night. Hard to see her. I'm calling in one direction, she comes running from the other. That bike ride you have is going to give you some amazing muscles, lady!

Hi Doodle, Kari, Diva, Tree, GT, Mox, Minx, FJ, Poodle and every okayer I might be missing. ((((okayers))))

Had a minor panic attack tonight about something silly and came to my senses and figured out a very simple solution. Panic attacks sure have a way of clouding vision, don't they?

Hope all is well in Okayland...

Panic and anxiety attacks are the best. I was talking to the supervisor who I am currently working for right now, and I told her I can't be associated with the office I was working for before, because it gives me anxiety. I fucking hate it at that offce. Kel, if there is eye stabbing that needs to be done, it's that one. It's evil!

Speak of the devil, it's the resident he who doesn't get the fucking point! ICK!

Jenn, have a bath, then lay back and make turboman...rub your feet...then...portions!

Kel, I hope you are feeling better.

tree!?!?!? how are you? Are you still getting the VCH done?

*stabs CH's entire horrible office in its metaphorical eye*
Awww thanks Kel!

Well okayers, I'm going to head to bed, I'm beat.

have a good night everyone.

I heart you all!


This is my....................................1000th post on the lounge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yay! by way of congrats,
can we designate kel THE offical okayer neck puncher? she's so good at it....
and yeah, i love the amy winehouse... it's like the other music i listen to (dusty springfield, shirley bassey, tom jones, shangri-las, nancy wilson, bobby gentry etc) but with a newer beat...

thanks for all the complements on the sketches... i'll see if i can put up more, and thanks to diva-- the comment about the tails coming down like ribbons just made me happy, and i think because of the reaction, that good and evil swallows (the birds) below the collarbone are the tats i'm going to get. but which heads do you like best? the profiles or the one on the right which is kind of straight on 3/4ths view?

hi okayers... still trying to catch up... but know i lurves you. okayers are the best evah!

*hands kel the official okayland neck-punching gloves, with matching whip*

CH, I sure hope your office sitch sorts itself out ASAP!!! Anxiety is no fun, and they should do right by you - you've been there awhile now!

Ahem, here's the baby pics!

kel, congrats on the 1000 posts...and a lot of very fine band names you've given us too!! I'm so glad you're here!

And you too, GT...really, you should definitely get one of those designs tatooed on your gorgeous bod - maybe on those sexy new hips? Hmmm? Turbomann and I have talked about getting ink forever, and I know what I would want too - I've dreamed about it many times...a tree of life, as an oak of many colors, with a goddess forming the trunk and reaching upward with her branchy arms. Just haven't found the momentum to do it, or the right artist. My college roomie (not mox) and her hubby both have amazing tattoos from an artist in Denver - I'd definitely consider going there, when I finally get some vacay time to visit my big brother out there.

mmmm, a good way to find good tat artists is to go to a tattoo convention. they have them in most major cities. it's also a great way to find amazing female tat artists, if that's something you are looking for. you can get a tat at the convention, but you can also talk to the artists, and find out who they like, and set an appt. for later. conventions are also a great way of jumping in line. great tat artists often have a waiting list. conventions are for whoever shows up, so someone great might be coming into town, as a headliner, and you can get a tat by an artist better than any local...

hey fj, i just heard a fantastic radio program called birth, and i thought about you. here is a link to my local radiostation's website, hopefully you can get it in podcast, or hear it on another radiostation. really interesting stuff. i had no intention of listening to it (not like i can get preggers, right?), but an hour later i was glad i did. lots of info from different pov, and lots of ideas...hope you like it as much as i did...((((((((((fj))))))))

aw, gt, you totally yanked my tagline! kel mentioned amy winehouse, and i was like "oh yeah, gotta add 'what kind of fuckery is this?' cause that's totally my life right now", and i didn't even notice you already had it. oh well, great minds and all. tongue.gif

mama's day weekend went pretty good. c-monkey and i got our pedis saturday (see results below), and she enjoyed the hell out of it. she wants to make it a weekly thing, but i'm thinking maybe once a month, or every two weeks at the most. it was kind of fun to sit there chatting and being all girly, even though usually it's not my thing. i could tell c-monkey enjoyed spending the time with me and doing something "grown up", and everybody at the nail place thought she was so freakin' cute getting her nails done all sparkly purple. i think i'm going to have to add pedis to my list of secret girly weaknesses, along with long flouncy skirts and huge make-up splurges. i felt kinda bad for my mom though. she was gone with my aunt that day, and asked her if she wanted to go for a pedi sunday morning, but she'd already gotten one the day before with my cousins. so my mom was going to see if c-monkey and i wanted to go do one with her sunday morning before we went out. whoops. we made plans to go again in a few weeks with me, the momster, c-monkey, my two aunts, and a couple of my cousins, make a girls' day out of it.

sunday we went to a brunch buffet at mallard's, and it was a freakin' zoo. even with reservations we had to wait almost an hour to be seated, and it was way overbooked. but i stuffed myself on crab legs and blackberry crepes and mimosas, and it was pretty fun. we went sandal shopping afterward, cause i have none to show off my freshly pedi'd toes, and i didn't find anything that i thought looked good on my sasquatch feet. but it was still fun trying stuff on, and there are a couple more stores we're going to hit next weekend. oh, and c-monkey ran down to the store with my mom in the morning and got me flowers, and my mom said the reason it took so long was because c-monkey wanted to make sure they found a bouquet that didn't have any pink flowers in it, "cause mommy's favorite color isn't pink". i almost cried, it was so sweet.

work today was kinda long and dragging, cause most of my shift this week is overlapping other people, so there wasn't a lot for me to do. afterwards we went to visit some old family friends, cause the middle son was in town with his new baby, and the kid is adorable. the boys (there's three of em) grew up with my brother, and it is so wierd seeing them getting married and having kids and getting ready to graduate from high school when i've known them since they were about five. then we came back to my mom's place, had dinner, and she completely forgot that she never did get around to taking me back to work to pick up my bike and, oh yeah, maybe i wanted to go home tonight. rolleyes.gif but i actually don't mind staying one more night and taking advantage of my mom's high-speed internet. 2 more hours, and the fifth season of daria will be mine! it'd take at least the rest of the week at my place.

anyway, here's mine and c-monkey's toes:

Minx, where are you? I'm worried!!

General ~*~*vibes*~*~ for minx.

Grrl, what gorgeous toes! Mine are so raggedy right now...a pedi'd be nice.

GT, I like the birds with the kind of straight on view. I love them all, though! You've inspired me for a potential tat, too! I'd take something like your top pic and have her holding a pipe wrench. How's the welding going, by the way? Feel free to PM me if you have any more apprenticeship questions.

Turbo, you're gonna have some amazing legs with that new commute! Yay!

Kel, you're going to make a wonderful Official Okayland Neck Puncher and Eye Stabber. Congrats on the post milestone!

Workplace ~*~*vibes*~*~ for CH

So, I'm pretty discouraged about my ongoing arm and wrist issues. And I'm even more discouraged because my supervisor is so resistant, so far, about letting me transfer back to my old building maintenance duties. It really pisses me off, I was good at it and I was happy and there's so many fuckwads doing that type of work now, they just stand around and do nothing all day and they can be relaxed and, OMG, actually take lunches while we are completely running "balls to the wall" all. fricking. day. It's not a good learning atmosphere for me and I literally cannot do this aspect of the trade, and expect my arms to heal. I spoke to my occupational therapist yesterday, and my employer can't be compelled to let me go back to that type of work, either, since workers comp denied the claim. It just makes me want to cry.

Anyway, I'm thinking I may end up having to sell the condo if this keeps up, I can't be so tied to a job that's detrimental to my physical well-being. I don't want to, this is the first place I've ever lived, that I absolutely, truly, love, but I just can't take a salary cut and still afford this place. Gah. And, bear's like, oh, just suck it up...but I don't think he realizes this is not a good situation.

Kel, can you come punch my supervisor in the neck?

FJ, what's your AC doing? It might be something simple. 90 percent of the ACs I see develop problems because the coils get dirty and the compressor can't properly cool itself. Is it a window unit? PM me if you want.

ETA: I almost forgot Good Things Tuesday! I did get a little glow when my occupational therapist was testing my arms for various pain levels...and she always grabs my hand and asks me to twist my arm against it, etc....and she made the comment, "gawd, you're so fricking STRONG!"...I am proud of my strength. Even with arm issues, I'm strong. I love it.
Hey ladies...sorry to freak out and then not come back. Bad form...yeah, he did his old thing again. Turbo et al know the score. It was a quicker recovery on his part, but I'm not sure about anything. He is speaking of going back into therapy agian, but I don't believe that he will stick to it, or that he will even last beyond two more sessions. I guess that maybe I can't recover as quickly anymore. So I am quite a bit sad these days. It was rather smooth sailing for awhile, and now it seems that we have hit that DRAMA+CATHARSIS=PASSION bullshit. It hurts to even acknowledge it.

So yeah. That is all for now.
Hello on this Tuesday everyone.

(((minx))) I'm sorry I don't know the whole situation...we are here for you!

GT, oh the birds would be great!

Jenn, what nice pics! Awwww.


Kel! Yay on post 1000! I was so psyched when I got to post 1234. For real. smile.gif

As for work, thanks for the vibes! There are a few people working on my situation right now. I just want it to be resolved, this job is making me tired. I'm pooped today.

Ummm, good things Tuesday

1. It's not going to be super hot here today.

That's all I can think of right now. I'm feeling a little blah today.

oh tree, you should be proud of your strength. is muy sexi, no? can you talk to your union about getting something closer to the work you want? i know you love working at the U, but chica, the priority HAS to be your body over your job and your dumb ass boss. tell him we are gonna send kel his way....

grrl, heh...yeah the winehouse quote is mine all mine... it reminded me of something my friends and i would say when we were on an adventure. and i am jealous of the painted toes, my feets look like hell, and i don't like pedicures AT ALL! my foots are too ticklish.

jenn, i love the pix too. especially the one with you holding baby and the binky taking up most of his

good things tues:
1)were about halfway thru the welding program
2)i think i am looking at 3 apprenticeship options, preping to train for one...
3)oooh! this should be number one-- i am finally gonna go see grindhouse with a former crush. i swear, if i get a crush on someone, i always get butterflies around them. she used to be my movie buddy before the welding thingy.
4)working on tat sketches. it's nice to have a reason to draw.
5) i think everybody else in my building got a rent increase.....but me-- and my rent is already $200 less than when i moved in over 8 years ago... hee hee!
6)it's not monday. yesturday sucked. good riddance!
7)oh! this one should be tied for #1-- skating and scarves. cos i can look cute, retro, skate and not have my hair supper mussed up! yay!!!!
Hello hello.

I need baked goods. I've got cramps and I go from wanting salty food to wanting seet food. Make up your f'ing mind already body, just do your thing already! Grrrr.

GT that is great on the cheapy rent.

I still don't have much to add, how about, I'm going home at lunch to change? I need different shoes, these one's just aren't working out, one is a little too tight and the other is too big, I in turn feel like a moron because of it.

I'm going to make my cookies soon! Oh that is a good thing!

That is all.

*goes on the prowl for baking*
oooooooh! baked goods... i too, have been craving the baked good type items, culture, especially the cookie creatures.... and there is a baking school right next to the welding school area.......cookie city here i come....yum!
Gt have some cookies for me. Mmm cookies. I want to do some baking now. Fuck, it's like I have the munchies, but I haven't smoked in a while. Stupid period.
Hi, peeps!

Sorry Minxman is going all weird again, Minx. I hope he gets back on track an doesn't slip again.

I need some baked goods, too. I had a big dish of black bean/corn salad for lunch, but I want something that's been somewhere near an oven. A cookie would be really awesome right now. I should go hunt one down. I'm going to be doing a little baking this weekend, a Jello cake for the giant for his birfday - his request. It's easy and tastes good, so I'm all for it.

Jenn, those pictures are really cute! The baby is adorable.

GT, I like the birds with their whole faces showing. I like your big bold lines, and especially how you did the eyes. They're very evocative without too many details to muddy them up.

(((((((((Tree)))))))) Could you look elsewhere for work, totally outside the university system? I don't understand why it'd be such a big deal to go back to building maintenence.

Grrl, that picture is cute! Makes me want to get a pedicure, but my feet are odd, especially on the bottom. I get little pus blisters down there I have to pop, then they get kind of nasty - I'm trying to make them nice. My feet are cute on the top, though. I'm just happy if my toenails look neat, no polish necessary.

Hi, Kel and CH! CH, when will you know about your job there?

Good Things Tuesday:
1) I finally got registered for classes, and I only need to pay $150 down payment to hold my spot right now, not $1000 all at once. Totally doable.
2) I'll still have money left to blow on Saturday on new shirts.
3) Might go out for dinner tomorrow with my brother, who's turning 30, but only if we can get him off his lawn chair and away from his beer for a couple hours - that might be a toughie. He's resolved to spend the whole day sitting in his front yard on a chair drinking beer.
4) Doing something with the giant's family on Saturday for his birfday (it's not actually until the 21st, but this is the closest weekend)
5) Yummy black bean salad for lunch for the rest of the week. Nutritious and delicious!

Okay, time to find something made with flour in an oven.

((((minx)))) i'm sorry minxman is up to the old stuff again.
((((tree)))) that sucks about your wrist. why on earth won't your supervisor let you go back to doing stuff you know how to do and are able to do with your injury? he sounds like a dinkwad

good things tuesday:
3) I get another modelling class' worth of work than originally thought (now i have 3-4 for certain, instead of just 2), which adds up to enough money to replace my cellphone
2) I'm waiting back on a call to get an interview to be a station agent at the train station. It would end up being enough money to keep my car on the road biggrin.gif
and most importantly, numero uno: I got a job at the classy naughty store in town. Right now it's just on an on-call basis, but i'm hoping it can turn into something more regular by the time school starts, and then i can quit my grocery store job which i don't really like all that much

so, can i get vibes for the station agent thing? it's a job for the summer, but i already have two vacations planned so i'm thinking that might work against me, so vibes would be muchly appreciated!
Hello all.

What an afternoon it's been. I really want this day to be over, not even busy, but I just want to be at home. Eating baked yummies. I think I'm going to make a cack when I get home. But first I have toi work out, then I have to take puppers to the park. But I want yummies so badly!

Diva, that is really great that you don't have to part with all that cash at all once.

~*~*~*~*station job vibes for Kari*~*~*~*~*~

I won't know what's going on with work quite yet. I hope there is something soon. Seems like there are 4 different levels of management working on this!

I can't get my mind off of baking. although I do have chocolate, I am now craving stew. This always happens when I get my period. I just want food!

Hi everyone!!!

I'm feeling kinda blah today, too.



((((all busties))))

Turbo, I love that shirt!! And that red-headed baby is just too damn cute!!

Cute toesies, grrrlyouwant!!

Diva, you bro is a lot like me in many ways. I told my mom that I wanted to sit around, drink beer, and watch TV on my birthday. Congrats on the class registration!!

Congrats on the half-way point, girltrouble!! And the crush!! Sigh...crushes are so fun.

I went to the Y yesterday and after I was done, I ran into Nile and a couple Y dudes out on the sidewalk again!! This time they were sitting at an umbrella table, drinking coffee. Of course, I got a warm greeting and I hung out with them for quite a while. I'm loving this!! God, they're so funny. Anyway, I made them a couple CD's of The Rat Pack Live At The Sands and a special Frank Sinatra CD just for Nile.

"I don't ever kiss my friends on the neck." Haha!! I'm trying to imagine you kissing people on the neck, diva, and it just doesn't work in my brain!! I'm gonna start kissing you on the neck from now on. wink.gif And NO, I don't think he totally wants me because of the neck kiss. He's just the type of guy that hugs and kisses people. Of course, a neck kiss is pretty special. Again, it's just part of the whole hardcore flirting thing. No biggie.

ETA- Hi culture!!

Y'all are making me hungry. I'm craving a bunch of warm choco-chip cookies with milk now.

Oh, I forgot!! Good things Tuesday:
1. Food in fridge, finally
2. AC is in
3. American Idol and Dancing with the Stars on tonight
4. I get to hang out with my Y pals later on
5. Bitchin' Sinatra playlist
6. Day is going fast
QUOTE(culturehandy @ May 15 2007, 04:27 PM) *
I think I'm going to make a cack when I get home.

CH - I love this!!! Please tell me you stole it from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a.k.a. one of the best movies ever ever ever.

I recently (as in, just got back this morning) went back home to NS to get some DVDS specifically, but I forgot to get that! Grrr.

How is everybody doing, anyway? I am currently at work on a break and although I like working here I kind of just want to go home and sleep. Who doesn't have those days though?

Hi poodle!

That's great that you saw Nile outside of the Y again.

I still don't have much to add on good things tuesday, I am also feeling blah. sad.gif

Well, I'm going to attempt to finish the sudoku in the paper. My logic is off, and I don't know why.

Arcadia, I'm totally in on the sleeping thing. i can see my bed in my mind and there is shitty construction everywhere in this crappy place.

ETA as for cack, I got it from here, which, I believe, was taken from father of the bride.
hey yous guys.

i'm taking a ME day today. it's the last day of the pay period and there is no opportunity for me to make any more money right now (as though i would even if i HAD people supposed to show today) and i'm just feeling like saying fuck it today. it's really hard to motivate when nothing seems to work.

so i'm just pretty much hanging out here, getting my baby shower invites all ready to pack with the maps that mrfj is making and then send off in the mail tomorrow. need to clean the kitchen too. and i should take the opportunity to make a really good dinner for mrfj since i won't be on the phone when he gets home tonight.

or... muahhahaha, just maybe i'll suggest our favorite place for dinner. just one little treat for ourselves. hmmm. yes. i'll just call him and say the name of our favorite place and that's all. ph34r.gif it works every time.

i'm with you guys on the baked goods! i have a brownie mix in the cupboard i think i will make. and then i'll clean the kitchen and i'll feel like i accomplished something. then take a bath. perfect.

minx - i'm sorry minxman seems up to his old tricks. i hope you guys are ok. maybe he's just sensing the relationship getting closer and he's acting out. at least he's acknowledging the need for therapy. that IS more than he was doing the last time. ((((((((minx))))))))))

culture, it might be time to just tell exfling that it just ain't happening anymore. how's boy 2? oh, and i think it is incredible that your MOM offered to buy you cookie ingredients!!! that's awesome!

gt, nice to see you in here. thanks for the link. i'll have to listen to it later tonight. i like your artwork also. i love the eyes on the birds.

tree, the main problem with our ac is that it's the original unit from our house. it's a 3 ton unit and it's about 24yrs old. it's not been kept up well over the years and the home inspector, utility inspector and especially the guy that came out to give us an estimate on the new one all said they'd be suprised if it lasted through this summer. i'm sure it needs servicing and cleaning too. i'm almost afraid that it might be the dirt holding it together at this point. smile.gif it doesn't cool as well as it should in the summer and the heat strips are constantly on in the winter so it's expensive to run in both seasons. so we're hoping to leave it off for another month or so but i don't think it's going to happen. it's actually less expensive in the summer so it shouldn't be too bad. still, we're fucked if it breaks down on us.

yay for more read haired babies! i have a sneaky suspicion that jackaroo will have red hair. mrfj is strawberry blond and i have red undertones to mine. i can't wait to meet him!!

ok, gotta get something done today. can't be totally lazy alllll day long.

ETA: for the record, cack came from the lovely lurvpaint, who still pops her head in here every once in a while. later, i used the term in a poem when i needed a word that rhymed with back... so it stuck. in okayland, cake will forever be CACK. unfortunately, if you go to the very first page of this thread, you'll see reference to the cack poem with a link, but when the format changed, it made the link obselete.
Yeah, but the problem is that I was already shakey about the whole trust thing...this blew me out of the water. I mean, it was full-blown; he threw away nearly everything of mine and erased most of his entries in our online journal.

Everything is gone. He says "it's just stuff" and what I did the week previously was pretty extreme, but honestly...WTF?!! Yup, I did get cold feet once. He did it about seven times. And THEN reacts so badly the first time that it happens to me--AFTER NEARLY TWO YEARS?! I actually felt like I was being punished for freaking out even though it was very short lived. Seeing those journal entries gone...all of those love letters and conversation gone just made me weep. I think Doodle would understand this one with her near-miss in the computer department.

I don't know what to do. And I have a suspicion that once he notices that I have changed the password on the journal (it was mine to begin with; I have entries from long before I met him), he might go looking in here. I swear to Cod, if he throws the rest of my shit away I will...probably do nothing. sad.gif I've lost so much shit before due to bad break-ups, but I didn't even KNOW what was going on with him because he said (surprise) NOTHING to me. Just mean, vindictive words, secrecy, coldness, throwing my past in my face (like, before I met him). I'm really fucking mad. But I don't see any good outcome from this. He told me that his "mother always knew how to get him out of these moods". WTF? Is that my job?!

Sorry, I am having a very bad day.
***Punches Tree's supervisor in the neck. And a stab to the eye for good measure***

I feel honored to be the Okayland Neck Puncher (sounds like a serial killer almost).

I want baked goods too. With special butter. My period is due, I'm bloated to all hell and the cramps will soon set in. Blah.

Despite this, I'm upbeat. Don't know why.

Turbo, those pics are adorable! Little sleeping redheaded baby....shhhh!

FJ, good for you, taking a "you" day. Sometimes you have to do it or you will go insane.

Hi CH! How's work going? Hope the vibes are helping. *~*~*~*~~*more work vibes*~~*~*~*~*~*~

GT!!!!! Doesn't Amy Winehouse remind you of Julie London and Etta James rolled into one fantastic package? I just adore her. I can't believe that voice comes out of that face. btw, I loved the mohawk ponytail girl drawing. She's my favorite. I wish I had a copy of that. I'd frame it and hang it up. Lurve it.


Hi Grrrl! Cute toes!

Hi Tyger, arcadia, doodle, poodle (kiss him back on the neck!), and everyone else!

Good things Tuesday:
1. In an inexplicable good mood.
2. It's warm and breezy, like at the beach
3. Chocolate muffins = yum
4. 18 more days of teaching

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