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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Poodle, I'm going to be taking some business management classes. 2 this summer, and one each in fall and spring semesters. That's going to screw my schedule up pretty good for the next year, but it's what I want. But I've never heard of a school who makes you pay in full upon registration. At least I'm in the last group to register, so pretty much anyone else who wants these classes would have already registered for them, so I'm not worried about them filling up.

Stargazer, that is so freaking funny! But she's not in it anymore, huh? I don't watch it much, but I'd be rooting for Leila Ali over Joey Fatone. It's not like this kind of thing is completely new to him, and I"m sick of seeing men win this show when women have to do so much more, and backwards in heels.

I didn't do my regular walk for lunch, but I'm not going to sweat it. I grabbed the girl who sits across from me because I wanted to blow some money at Dayton's, since that's the only store I have a credit card for. I still ended up walking enough that when the giant and I go shopping tonight, I'll have made my step goal for the day. I bought a pair of brown leather flip flops with a thick sole (being with the 6'5" giant, I'll take another inch in height wherever I can get it) because my other shoes were hurting. So I wore them out of the store and back to work, and I sit down and find that my new shoes have also marred me. They rubbed off some skin right below the split for the toe post. Grrr! 2 sets of owies from 2 pairs of shoes in one day. Grrr!

Hi everyone - I slept in till 11 today! Hope that doesn't mean I'll throw off my sleep again....don't ever tell anyone, but I've kind of been enjoying getting up at 7-ish! (Funny, I had to seriously PRY myself out of bed when I was working for the women's centre, and I almost never had to be there before 10!)

Thanks everyone for the tulip/mandala love! I've been fiddling a little more with the mandala design - it's gonna be a slow process of decision-making, I think! And yeah, I love tulips, too - I think they might be my favourite flower!

diva - the ticket is for "failing to yield to a pedestrian." It's a serious traffic law here - you HAVE to stop for pedestrians, and they are really cracking down on it now, because of the number of people getting hit by dumbass drivers. I actually almost failed my driver's test for that one, because a woman was waiting at the curb and I didn't stop - if she had stepped down, I was told, I would have failed for committing a "dangerous action." Yep. BTW, how goes the beading? Are you playing with the mini anvil yet?

minx, honey....going slightly against the grain here, but I think guys stop often doing thoughtful/romantic things because they think they don't have to anymore, now that they've "caught" you. It's not necessarily a drifting apart; it might be more like the same way they feel free to burp and fart and stop shaving...they think, "Ah, now I've got her, so I can relax." Your choice how to deal with that - be up front about it, or go back to being a little more aloof until he steps up. Or both (progressive discipline!), or some other strategy. I generally advise the open communication strategy, but you know your relationship better than I. That's just my 2 cents, anyway.

stargazer, yep, it's Eddie from the cover of Killers, which is the first Maiden album I ever bought. (I was 13 and nobody over here knew who the eff they were, except in the import record shop - where I usually spent the bulk of my allowance and babysitting income!) How are things going with your mama anyway? I know you weren't looking forward to the living situation....

Dang it, I swear I just pulled a hundred loose strands of my hair out, just sitting here running my fingers through it.

culture, you never did tell us your "work news!"

turbo - wow, 200 resumes! That is really something! That must feel good to should let that casually drop to your old boss the next time you see her! Kind of a quiet version of "nyah nyah." biggrin.gif

poodle, you should totally reward yourself, you deserve it for your hard work....I rewarded myself for quitting smoking, every month up to the 1 year mark. Of course, y'all probably guessed that I bought decor stuff. tongue.gif

I love the chubby cat nicknames! Sometimes I call Carmella "Tubby Tabby." (My mom said it was mean, but it's actually a term of endearment, and I wouldn't insult Carmella anyway, 'cause she's got a mean right cross.)

FJ, I have a total mental image of Mr. FJ falling down drunk and phoning you now. If you freelance for your old employer, would you be able to work at home?

kari, I'm not in a committed relationship, but I agree with everyone that having sex dreams about other people - and looking at other people, too! - is totally normal. We did not evolve as humans through being monogomous! It's the multiple-partner types who had more offspring, which means they're the ones who make up our genetic ancestry. You can totally desire to remain faithful, and it's a wonderful goal for human relationships, but you're still hardwired by your biology.

Hi also to daisyjane, moxie, kel, and anyone lurking! *waves*

The word "hoser" made me hear the song "Take Off" in my head. I'll have y'all know that I owned that Bob & Doug album as a teenager.
Oh yah, I forgot about the work news.

Not only is management here fighting to get me here, my supervisor has gone to the powers that be (high up management) and they are trying to flip me over to term, so I don't have to worry about not making the eligibility list. They are doing things under the table for me. This way, I also don't hafve to wait for the eligibility list to be exhausted, or go through another interview. smile.gif

I found out yesterday, and I still, clearly have to keep in on the down low.

*deep breath and intermission*

Doodle, that is crazy about traffic laws, here they are hard core about, uhhhh, speeding? I don't know. People are just shit drivers here!

Doodle, I'm glad you enjoyed my Hallmark card. If only you could offer it up instead of $167. Sheeeit. That's expensive. To me, anyway.

CultureHandy - Well, I don't really get portions, per se, because (for reasons posted in another thread) I have stopped having intercourse with guys right off the bat. We do everything and anything else, but the actual effin' part is left out. I used to sleep with guys all the time, and for the past year, I've been having a blast. But circumstances changed, and now I have to be careful.

But anyway, I was going to tell you guys - I have been hanging out with this guy who is the friend of a few friends of mine (and then we made friends). At first we just hung out, then we made out, and on Wednesday night we made out in my car like a couple of horny teenager for 3 1/2 hours - I shit you not. We left the bar at about 2:15, drove to his place a few blocks away, then went at it until 6 AM.

I like making out with this guy, but he's in really desperate shape right now, so I feel bad, as though I'm taking advantage. He and his girlfriend of 9 years broke up last month, they still live together until he moves into his new place on the 1st of June, and he seems to be drinking a lot. I never make plans with him, I just know which bars I can find him at and when. It's sad, really, but he's so smart and charming and cute, I can't resisit. But I really think he might be an alcoholic. I think that's why his girlfriend broke up with him.

I told Morticia last night that I felt I was taking advantage of a desperate man, and she said what I am doing harms no one. He might be looking for consolation, I'm giving it to him, and it doesn't seem like he is expecting anything more from me, like dating or what not. He is definitely not dateable right now. But he's just do cute, and he seems to think I'm pretty hot as well. At least that's what he tells me. Hee hee.

So - that's my lurv-life currently.

Poodle - I've said this before, I'll say it again: NILE IS SUCH A HOTTIE! And I've never laid eyes on the guy. Too bad about the "Lady". But that could also be a good thing - you'll be able to keep yourself at a reasonable distance while still flirting the crap out of the guy. Yeah - seems like we both agree that the flirting is much more exciting - a date might be a letdown. But a hanging out/flirting outside the gym might be cool. Especially if maybe you had a few friends along - people who make you look particularly good - friends who bring out your sense of humor and your incredible and quirky sense of fun..

That's just my idea, yo.

Take off, eh.

I decided to be at work at 2:00 today. It's 1:56 and I'm sitting here, Busting with a mask on my face. I'm such a hoserhead.

Diva - You are so motivated toward your dessert goals - I can't even believe it. Business classes! Most creative types hate the business end and would rather ignore it or hand it over to someone else. It seems like you really have your head on straight about this, and your are on your way to success-ville.

Oh - another couple of things about the guy I've been "hanging out" with. He's 35 - the first ever guy I've been with who is older than me (at least I think so), and he is a bartender, studied classical guitar in college (remind you of anyone? Banana perhaps?), and travels to Oaxaca on a regular basis to visit his brother who is with Witness for Peace down there. He is also kind of an expert on Latin American history, politics, foreign policy, etc. *sigh* But so off-limits in the boyfriend arena. It would be a disaster.

Anyway - sorry I'm talking about him so much. He's on my mind.

OK - I better get to work. Hi hi and Happy Friday to all my lovelies!!!

PS - I have sex dreams about people I hardly even notice at work or in everyday life. Then I wake up feeling like we are all close and shit. I remember having sex dreams two nights in a row about Ham, a guy at work that I barely talk to. I get to work the next day, and I felt like Ham and I should have been good buddies or confidantes or at least give each other a hug. It was weird.

Hi PK!!

I wouldn't feel bad about making out with that guy. Hell, it was probably good for him!! It's probably best to leave it at that for now and keep up the friendship. Your make-out session sounds like it was a lot of fun!!

Congrats on the positive career news, culture!!

Doodle, I agree that guys don't think they have to do that stuff after a while. I think it's best to just tell them that, like most women, you need to hear the little romantic stuff. I was telling Nile a couple days ago that I've felt unsure about guys because they never bothered to tell me that I look nice. It sounds trivial, but it's important for some reason. I think women, in general, want their men to make them feel extra special. Personally, I expect a guy to treat me as though I'm the most beautiful thing he's ever laid eyes on (even if it's not true)!! biggrin.gif

"Tubby Tabby" Awww...cute. I also call Gus, "Squishy." Oscar isn't really that fat, so I usually call him "Kitten." I swear, he'll never grow out of his kittenhood.
Hi Peeps!

OMG...I just scheduled a VCH piercing. May 24. *laughs nervously

FJ, I dunno what to say, but I hope you get lots of sales and lots of $$$ coming your way! And, like so many others have said, once jackaroo comes, you can prolly look for something more lucrative.

PK, makeout sessions like that ROCK! Seriously, over three hours? Wow!

CH, cool, I'm glad that you're finding that people are seriously valuing you! Yay!

Doodle, I took a picture of the flowers on my table as sort of a counter/rebuttal to yours...but then I couldn't find the cord to upload it to my computer. Don't worry. It wasn't competition. Mine were very, very dead and shriveled daisys. If I ever find the cable I need I shall upload it pronto.

~*~*hair vibes for doodle*~*~

Diva, that's so great that you're taking business management courses...they may be boring, but, you ROCK! Seriously. More artists should think ahead like that. You'll kick butt, seriously.

I'm sort of glad I'm deaf when I think about the fact that Mojo's always starving when I get up in the morning...I wonder how much he howls trying to wake me up? Or, maybe he's figured it out by now and doesn't even do it? I dunno.

I've been with Bear for ten years but I have strange sexual dreams about co-workers....thankfully it hasn't ever been about any that I can't stand in real life. What troubles me about my sexual dreams is that they usually have a strong D/s factor to them....just last week I dreamt about one of my co-workers and it made me feel warm and glowy toward him....even though we have never had that kind of relationship. He's a nice guy, though. Hmmm....

So, the doctor took me out of work again. Or, I should say, he upped my work restrictions due to my wrist getting worse after 3 weeks at work...and they decided they couldn't use me with the restrictions. So I'm home now again for another month. I'm trying to get them to let me do regular building maintenance work instead of departmental's much lower key and I could take breaks (omg, imagine! A lunch hour!) ...and it wouldn't be so you think they'd be receptive???? Uh, no. I have to work on them, I guess. I used to be pretty good at building maintenance.

I like the word "hoser"...makes me giggle.

I don't care if Niles is a player...if Poodle keeps that in mind and it's casual fun!

And....I love Okayers!

Sees ya later!
HI hi ya'll!!!

Sorry for the mysterious absence this morning...I think on days when I bike into work, I won't make it to the computer beforehand, since I need to leave the house at 6:30am. oof. But it was a delightful ride this morning, and *hellish* coming home, when I had 18mph winds coming straight against me. At points when strong gusts burst through, I could probably have walked faster. Oh well...probably burned about 5000 calories in that hour of riding...when I got home I was the disgusting combo of soaking wet with sweat and freezing cold. I stood under the hot shower for 10 minutes. And I'll probably take a bath later too.

((((tree))) I'm sorry your wrist is all wore out again - and I hope they sure smarten up and get you in a job that will be more appropriate for your needs! Oooooh, and I am jealous of you booking your vch appt!!

FJ, I think that's great that you did a little networking today, and were able to open the door to more opportunities for yourself...I just know that once little jackaroo is here, you are going to have the pick of any job you want!

CH...I may need to go visit the portions thread to see what you've been up to! wink.gif

Star, your mom is hilarious! And, she makes really awesome flautas!

PK...I'm with the rest, nothing wrong with making out. You don't mean anything serious by it, and you're helping that dude move on.

Minxy, in our case, both turbomann and I have gotten really lazy about not doing unexpected stuff for each other anymore. The key, as others have said, is communicating what you want to your partner....I think in our case, neither one of us really cares that much about that stuff - we appreciate each other plenty, and I do fine with doing nice stuff for myself with little treats all the time!

Oh, and I get to see the moxies tomorrow night! Squeeee! Of course, it means 6 hours in the car tomorrow, but'll be worth it!
Hi all, quick post! One of my friends came over this afternoon, bringing her new boy to meet me...and she left me with an enormous bag of weed! They just left, and yes, we are all high right now.

My new (young, male) neighbours across the hall are also into the green herb, judging by the smell of the smoke drifting across my balcony right now. I may need to meet them soon. (Perhaps I should bake them some special cookies to welcome them to the building.)

ETA: Blue Rodeo are going to be given a fellowship from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Like any of you care, but it's a Big Deal for the band that is The One to me. Ergo, I'm bragging. wink.gif
Good evening good evening.

PK I hear you. I'm very careful about who I sleep with. I've never had a one night stand, I use condoms, get tested regularly. I have to get to know someone before I have sex with them, testing the whole deal. I do friends with benefits. And I generally maintain one partner at a time. I'm so careful, but you never know. I've taken risks before, however, I must know the person before I sleep with them. I always follow my instincts as well. If the smallest thing feels off, then I walk away. In terms of the lurve life, I would also feel the same as you.

(((tree))) I'm sorry to hear about the work situation and your wrist. On the other hand! Your VCH!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! You'll be fine, you will jump, but I guarentee it will not hurt. Remember, I walked back to work after. I'm so thrilled. WOOHOO!!!!! If you have any questions, please ask. I am all for answering stuff like that, I won't get weirded out. I swear.

Jenn, I'm sorry about the craptastic ride home. But just think of your muscles! How is work going?

Doodle, hurray on highness! I still think you need to get a vapourizer. It's an amazing high! That's cool that the neighbours smoke too. As for brownies and cookies? How much do you need, and what is the high like? Is it more of a body stone?

So, I took puppers to the park, she played with a sheltie named Cody and was chasing him and having downright fun. I wnet shopping and bought a great hoodie, I'm going to go back tomorrow and get another one. Try as I will to be girlie and dress up, I still like doing the jeans and t-shirt thing, but while wearing make up. hee. I'm glad this week is over, it's been a long one. Very long and busy. I should know by next week what is going on with work. I hope it works out. I want benefits, then I could go to another good office. I still think it is time for a career change. I'm just so tired from work. oh well, a job is a job. I could always be on the other side of the counter. I try and keep things in perspective when I feel blue. Well I'm going to have a bath and read mental_floss.


Hi everyone!!

Doodle, I love the idea of baking your neighbors some special treats!! Oh, and that's awesome about Blue Rodeo!!

(((Treehugger's wrist))) Damn girl, you're getting a lady parts piercing? That's hardcore!!

Hi turbo!!

Culture, I'm totally the same way with clothing and fashion. I wear t-shirts and jeans 99% of the time and I barely pull myself together for work, but I looooove dressing up on occasion. I go to extremes. I can't wait to lose more poundage so that I can fit into my vintage dresses.

So I ran into Nile and another Y dude hanging out by Peavey Plaza this evening. Heh, Nile was smoking a cuban cigar when I spotted them. I hung out with them for a long time people-watching and talking about the Rat Pack. Then we ran into another Y girl. God, it woulda been so fun for all of us to get some drinks, but everyone had places to be. Anyway, tonight I got a gentle smooch on the neck!! *fans self*

I'm totally loving all of the people at the Y. I've made so many friends and acquaintances. It's great. Like I said earlier, seeing these people is a great incentive for going to the gym.

ETA- I've been trying to get ahold of the ex-RB forever. His schedule is just sooo different from mine. Seriously, I haven't seen the guy for probably over a month now!! Hopefully he'll get back to me tonight. He'll probably call when I'm asleep.
Poodle, that's awesome that the gym is bringing new friends into your life, and that its a really social place! And a kiss on the neck from Nile - HOT!! Seriously, he sounds like a very cool guy to hang with!

CH - much like your pupper, turbo is also re-socializing much better this spring, and we've been to the dog park twice this week, and he was totally fine...of course, I'm careful not to go in there when there's a lot of puppies or Goldens, as they are his mortal enemies...or at least he seems to think so.

Hmm....maybe I'll get my VCH memorial day weekend, since I have friday and monday off.

Work is going GREAT! Seriously, its so good, its hard to believe. I love me co-workers, and I feel like I'm already a part of the team. Today was my first day of actual work, and it felt really good to get in there and start a couple projects. Its going to be really challenging, and hectic, but I'm ready for it, AND, they really need to make some tech advances that I am perfectly qualified to help with, so that's cool. And cube life is working out just fine, so far - its a really quiet office, and my cube wallpaper really helps to warm things up a bit. I kind of like that my co-horts are on the other side of my cube walls - there's a lot of collaborating and brainstorming, and that's pretty cool.

Okay, its bathtime!
Hola Okayers...

Having a really good day. I've had some revelations this week, and I'm taking control of my thoughts and feelings and OWNING the hell out of them. No more beating myself up, no more constant negativity. I'm going to retrain my brain and change some shit in my life. And I can't wait. My therapist always tells me that you teach people how to treat you. I finally get what the hell he means. This incident with IdiotBoy has made me realize that I don't have to settle for less than I want and that no one has power over me. I am woman, hear me fucking roar.

With that said:

Poodle, this Nile guy sounds like Mr. Smoothie McSmootherson. I bet he is so much fun!

Turbo, I wish I could bike to work...and your coworkers sound awesome.

Just for the record, Kel's clit will stay unpierced. I don't care if CH says it doesn't hurt, it gives me the heebie jeebies. I will just stand back and admire the Okay clitoral bling from afar (I'm easily distracted by shiny things!)

PK, I know where you are with the making out and being cautious about sex. It's so frustrating sometimes, though, isn't it?

~*~*~*~*~*Wrist Healing Vibes for Tree*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Star, that story about your mom still cracks me up!

Hi CH, Doodle, Minx, Mox, Diva, Kari, Daisy and everyone else! Have wonderful weekends!

hola oy okayers. i just got off the phone with poison control. c-monkey takes melatonin supplements at night to help her sleep after her focalin has worn off and her brain's all wired and jumpy again. usually we leave a pill for her on the counter, but the cap isn't child-proof, so very occasionally and only with my or the momster's supervision, we will let her get her "night time pill" out of the bottle herself. well we told her it was time for her night time pill, and both of us assuming the other had left it out for her, let her trot off to the kitchen to fetch it herself. but no, the whole bottle was out there, and she comes bouncing back to the bedroom where the momster and i are growing ever more exasperated with her attempts to navigate itunes, and tells us she's going to sleep in in the morning because she took three pills. cue momster panic, c-monkey crying cause she thinks she poisoned herself and is going to die, and me reaching for the phone book and poison control's number. luckily melatonin's not a narcotic sedative, and barely a sedative at that, so if we're lucky she'll sleep in past seven tomorrow morning, but bottom line is we can expect no ill effects and got a stern lecture on letting the kid self-medicate-which we never do, but yeah, we kinda deserved it. so i will catch up with y'all and the rest of thread tomorrow. night everybody. (((((everybustie)))))

eta: tree's gettin' her coochie pierced? tee! ch, i bet between the two of us, we can have all the okay vajayjays pierced by july! biggrin.gif
Yayayayayayay for turbo!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad that things are going well and that you're starting to feel at home!!! I love the daily updates!!!

Yeah, I'm not planning on piercing anything ever again, especially not the lady parts. I'm gonna live vicariously through our pierced Busties. smile.gif I've always been interested in a tattoo though. My only problem is that I sit on things forever, hoping that the "perfect" idea will come along. I have a hard enough time making decisions about my crafts, and they aren't even fixed to my body!!

Kel, I'm soooo glad that you're feeling okay today!! I know how it goes. I've always had a really hard time being positive (or even neutral). A lot of it comes down to choice. Although, I still think it's just as healthy to face reality and acknowledge a shitty day. Your therapist is so wise!! I had a great therapist once, but she moved and I haven't been able to find anyone as cool as her since then. My mom has told me a zillion times that negative vs. positive thinking is a choice, but she's my mom, so I don't listen to her. She's also fed me a lot of bullshit about my body and desirability that I still can't get over. She's sorta right about the choice thing though. At the same time, she's never had mental health problems. That shit runs in my dad's side of the family.

I remember talking to my mom and sister once, and I was saying that there's no way that things could possibly get better for me--only worse. My sister, on the other hand, believes that things will only get better for her. I thought (and still sorta think!) that she's crazy for thinking that way. It's so "American." These days, I think that there are ups and downs. I'm definitely experiencing one of the ups right now, but I'm mentally prepared for the downs. Believe me, kel, things will get better. The only way things will get better though, is if you do something, anything, to change your routine. What ever you choose to do, it's gotta be something hard. The hard stuff is what makes a difference. It's the whole "no pain, no gain" theory. I hope I'm not coming across as preachy or anything. I'm just passing on the advice that my brother (who has been through some serious mental shit) has passed on to me. Thank god for my brother.

Dammit!! I'm irritated as hell that the ex-RB hasn't called me yet. WTF??

ETA- (((Grrrlyouwant and kiddo)))
We get to see the Turbos SANS kidlet tonight! WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!

Ok, off to mop kitchen floor before moxette wakes up.

Yay for the moxies and the turbos!!! Have fun, and sip a bit-o-likker for me. It's going to be a beautiful day, too, from the sounds of it!

Ooooh, grrl, how frightening! I've been taking melatonin for years (prone to insomnia) and occasionally I get up in the middle of the night and taken a second one. It's pretty innocuous, but, yeah. Scary.

Poodle, I sort of want another tattoo. I'm like you though, I have a hard time deciding on art for my body. it's so permanent! At least with a piercing, if it doesn't work out you can remove it without too much trouble as long as you don't let it get all infected and scary. And, ooooh, BABY, about Nile. I got goosebumps when I read about that kiss on the neck! *fans Poodle

Kel, you're making me feel warm and fuzzy. It's so empowering to hear you talk about reclaiming yourself! Good. For. You!!!

Jenn, I'm so glad that your work is so welcoming and group-focused! Do you have your cube properly decorated yet? Sometimes I wish I worked in a fixed environment that I could decorate and make my own. I'd go Zen with it, or tribal. Tabletop fountains and saris for the cube walls. And if you get your VCH that weekend, we'll be almost the same day, cause I'm getting mine that Thursday.

Sooo...I'm maybe venturing into TMI territory here, but the main reason I'm getting the VCH (if my body anatomy allows, it's kinda borderline and I'm gonna leave it to the discretion of the piercer), is because my body is about the most un-orgasmic body out there. Seriously. I'm forty and I've never had an orgasm with a partner, and can barely have one by myself. So I am hoping it helps in that department.

Well, have a good day, Okayers!
Mornin' ya'll! I should be in the car by now, on our way to MI, but I'm not. Oh well. I'm not in any HUGE rush this morning.

tree, I'm with you on VCH reasonings...anything to give my orgasms a helping hand - I am all for it.

I'm a little like your sis, I guess, poodle, I DO generally think that life is always going to get better...honestly, it makes the hard times a bit easier, to know that it can only get better from there.

Thanks for all the love this week, ya' ALL are SO fabulous, and I miss you so much during the day - its so nice to come home and catch up here.

Well, I'm gonna get my ass moving here...I may not be back until tomorrow evening, as we're jam-packed on this trip home. Enjoy your weekend!
GoodMorning Okayers!

Hey Poodle. That's cool that you got to hang with Nile for a bit last night. Did you get a hold of ex RB at all? I'm with you on the loosingmore poundage. I actually saw myself in a flattering mirror and I'm getting quite small. I don't evenreally care about size. My thing is that I have muscle it's just covered under a little bit of fat. I'm a size 6-8, but I don't feel healthy enough. I want my 6 pack abs back. They are hiding right now. It's a health thing, not a vanity thing. I think muscles are beautiful...within limit...women bodybuilders don't appeal to me at all.

Jenn, everytime I hear about how great your wok is going, it gives me faith that work will work out for me. I'm stil looking for anotherjob, because I'm just tired from this one. Too tired. Do the VCH! Seriously!!!! I hope you have fun with the moxies this weekend!

Moxie, I hope you have fun with theTurbo's this weekend!

Kel, I felt exactly like you did. I was thinking, there is no motherfucking way that I'm getting that done! Then I did. And it rawks. But it's cool if it's not your thing. I'm not going to be the VCH peer pressurer. Couldy ou imagine that? Come on! Do it. It's not so bad! Bwahahahaha.

Grrrl, how is kidlet today? Is everything okay now???? (((grrrl))) So, on the topic of VCH's how is yours treating you?

Tree, I get why you are getting your VCH done, I wa always orgasmic, but this had made me super orgasmic! I also recommend you get yourself a pocket rocket and play with the VCH from there. that's what I did, and the first time I had an orgasom with the VCH, fuck. Wow. And now, with partner sex, WOW!

In terms of life getting better, I'm an eternal optomist, at times, working for a social services agency, I always think "it could be worse, I could be on the other side of the counter" which is true. I do things can get better personally, but in a larger sense, I think that we are doomed, and pretty fucked up. Bizarre eh?

Well, I fell asleep early last night. Phone rang last night, ex play thing, I am irritated. he just doesn't seem to get that I am not going to sleep with him again. So he can go away. Emily is here lying next to me, giving me (to use a term of Jenn's) the hairy eyeball. She wants to go to the park, so I guess that'a a huge hint that I have to get out of bed and take her out.

Later okayers!

Turbo – if you aren’t in any rush then don’t rush. LOL. Good luck with your trip and so glad that your job is going so well.

Treehugger – I think that is an excellent reason to get a VCH and not too much information in my opinion although I’m the queen of too much information personally. I want one just because getting pierced makes me feel like a stronger person. I always feel very vulnerable inside and getting pierced just makes me feel stronger on the outside.

Grrrrl - Wow I would have freaked about the pill overload as well. Sooo smart of you to call poison control. I would have been screaming at Mr. Pug to just do something while I freaked out inside as to try not to upset the babe. My godson one time stuck a piece of candy up his nose and his mom was freaking out while I calmly went and got some tweezers and pulled it out. I was scared but was proud of myself for keeping my cool. I’m just not sure I’d be able to keep it together knowing it was my own kid. You are a good momma.

Kelkello – good for you!!! (((((Taking control vibes)))))

Poodle – love those hot kisses on the neck. Mr. Pug gets me with those all the time when I’m not ready. They send shivers up my spine and give me goosebumps. Also, when I went to the Y I loved it as well. I met a lot of nice people. I’m a swimmer so I went for the pool. The one in northern DE has two pools. They have a hot and cold pool. The cold pool was great because it kept me going. I lost like 30 lbs when I was going regularly. I loved it. Wish I could go back but I don’t have the money for the membership. Glad you are enjoying it so.

Culture – glad your week is over since it doesn’t sound like it was a great one. I’m getting bored being home and I still have another week to go. Mr. pug got me a fishing game for the Nintendo Wii so I’ve been playing that like crazy. It’s a lot of fun. Also got the latest Kittie and Lily Allen CDs so I’ve been playing them like crazy as well. I’m getting a lot done. I’ve had a pile of sheets and blankets that have been sitting in the basement waiting to be washed for months and I finally got them washed, dried, folded and put away. One less thing to do. Also I cleaned up the basement and vacuumed. No more cobwebs and dead bugs on the floor. Mr. Pug sprays but then there are dead beetles and spiders everywhere. Yuck. When you go down there in the dark they crunch under your shoes. Skeeves me out big time. Glad the puppy is having fun at the dog park. I’ve been walking Shelby cause she is getting rotund.

Well, I’m off to find a positively wonderful mother’s day present for my positively dreadful momma. I’m being the bigger person. My dad did call and make plans to take me out for my birthday Sunday morning for breakfast. I guess better late then never. My mom still hasn’t talked to me. She is such a bitch.

Going out with friends to the bar tonight. Don’t get to do that much. Alrighty! I’m gone.
Pugs, what part of Deleware are you from?

Hi everyone! Drive by...
Ladies, I'm here to tell ya, Nile is a certified Grade A Hottie. Fer serious. My kid goes to that Y and I see him all the time. Mmm...LUNCHMEAT.

On the homefront: Minxman has been acting really fucking weird this week. We had plans for this morning and he totally blew them off and isn't answering his phone. Great. This is so fucking deja vu of last year. I so don't want to revisit that space again. sad.gif

Alright, I have to go and get my dress fitted. Another wasted bulk of money. Kill me now.


Minxy in the Pits
mornin' okayers! kidlet's doing fine, she slept in til about seven thirty and is now parked in front of the tube watching saturday morning cartoons. in other words, typical weekend morning. except, oh, wait, i don't have to be at work today! the momster and my aunt are driving up to the bay area to see their aunt, so c-monkey and i are on our own.

i've been thinking about getting a pet again, either a snake or a rat. i'm leaning toward the snake, because rats are very social animals and with the way my work schedule switches around all the time, i think it would freak out if i don't have consistent quality time to spend with it, and i probably wouldn't. so c-monkey and i are heading to the pet store to check out corn snakes. i've had one before, so i know it won't be too hard to take care of.

then we might go see spiderman 3, i dunno. i haven't really been paying attention to previews for this one, and surprisingly, c-monkey hasn't either. she's usually all about the superhero movies; i didn't even want to go see darevil, but she said it looked good. from the little i have seen though, i don't know if spiderman 3 is as much c-monkey's thing as the previous ones have been. and i'd hate to blow $30 on a movie outing if she's not going to like it and fidget through the whole thing. actually, now that i think about it, shrek the third is opening next week, ratatouille is coming out the first week of june, and the third pirates of the caribbean movie (mmm, johnny...) opens in just a couple weeks. i think i'm going to save the movie bucks for the ones i really want to see, instead of going to something c-monkey and i are both kinda half-assed about because it's the only thing out.

which frees up time for a bike ride to the park. we're at the momster's end of town, having spent the night, so my usual deli is not an option. well, it is, but then i'd be cranky when c-monkey decided that ride was too much for her and she doesn't want to ride to the park after all. so we'll probably just pack a lunch from here, and go the tcby afterward.

for right now though, i've got three more episodes of the dresden files and two more of the tudors, and a couple of movies downloaded. that's it, i'm going to have to get cable internet at my place. i thought it would be okay with the roomie's clearwire, but clearly (no pun intended), it is not. the connection keeps kicking me off, i have had no problem with my limewire here at my mom's, and i'm tired of trudging out to the livingroom to reset the clearwire modem every twenty minutes cause the damned thing can't hold a signal. stupid wireless internet! actually, i think i might owe the cable company money from the last time i had service with them, but it shouldn't be a problem.

have a good day everyone!
Good afternoon okayers.



Grrrl I'm glad that c-monkey is doing well.

I took the puppy for a walk, and now she's making sounds because my mom is outside. She needs oto chill. I'm just relaxing now.

Later everyone.

new plan! c-monkey and i are off to get pedicures. i think she'll enjoy that.
Good morning, everyone! Yes, it's still morning here. (ETA: oh, it JUST clicked over to noon while I was writing this.) Got up at 11 again - oh well. It's the weekend, now!

So, back to strange dreams....I had a dream that a friend and I got taken under the wings of Martha Stewart, who had become a slightly-crazed eccentric, living in - I have no idea what town it was. It kinda looked like Quesnel, BC, but I can't be sure. So we wound up helping Martha get ready for this huge party she was having in her town house. It was very weird.

I'm with poodle on the whole never-piercing-my-nether-bits thing. Y'all can do what you like, but don't drag me into your nefarious schemes!! tongue.gif

culture - maybe you're right on the vapourizer. The cookies - the secret is the butter. You make pot butter and then you cook with it however you like - some people make brownies, some people use it to make stir fry! I make cookies because nobody ever suspects cookies. Brownies, yes. Cookies, not so much. I take them on airplanes in a tupperware, in my carry-on. biggrin.gif It takes between 1 - 2 hours to feel the effect, so you have to start slow, because there's no guaranteeing the strength of the butter - it depends on how powerful the weed is, and how much you use in the butter, plus however the universe decides to let it "cook out" that day. I can never get it the same. Some people are impatient and keep eating the cookies, thinking it should start faster - sometimes my friends end up on the floor, but usually 2 - 3 cookies is plenty. The main thing about cookies is the stone lasts a LONG time. Hours and hours. And yes, I guess it is more of a body stone, but it depends on the person.

I actually started making the cookies years ago because of the effect on my body - it really does make the fibro pain more manageable and helps me move around more freely....that's when I get my best housecleaning done! But I think pot in general has a bodily effect on me. Smoking it helped when I first came home from the hospital, too; I couldn't eat, I couldn't stop throwing up, I couldn't get up to do anything, until my friend brought me over some pot, and that's when I started to improve. (Having my mother nag me to "have another toke so you'll feel better" was a little surreal, though.) And pot ingested by any means almost always makes me want to get up and do something physical - how do you think this apartment got looking like this? wink.gif

I wonder if that's Debbie Travis's secret, too. She looks kinda like a pot-smoker, don't you think? She certainly decorates like one.

What! When you find that cable, bind it to your camera with a rubber band! I must see the dead centrepiece.
so doodle, can you make any kind of cookies??? Like chocolate chip or anything? And I just chop up the weed fine and then melt the butter? I'm so excited!!!! I want to make some pot cookies! I'm going to make some pot cookies! How much do you normally put in? I've never done this before. THis is going to be so cool!


Grrrl enjoy pedi's with c-monkey!

It is so gorgeous here. Wored outside with my mom. Took puppers to the park and now I feel like cleaning my room it's dirty in here. Blech.
(Everyone feel free to skip this post if you are offended by discussions about drugs. Or consider yourselves warned.)

See? If you came to BC, I could just show you. Well, it really does depend on the quality of the weed. I've had vastly different grades, but now I usually manage to get ahold of organic stuff, which a friend is able to buy right from the grower. (This *is* BC.) The organic hippie stuff takes a lot longer to cook out into the butter than other kinds, but knowing this depends on whether you know your source - I hang out with the younger organic leftie set here in town, with organic farms right on the outskirts, so that's what I get. (I couldn't believe it when I found out which farm - I'd been buying their roadside stall corn and carrots for decades, wondering how they stayed in business!)

Basically, you chop up your herb (not too fine - you want to be able to strain it - and I throw the stems and everything in) and let it simmer on low in a saucepan, in the butter, until the butter starts to turn dark olive brownish-green, and then let it simmer some more till it's really dark, but not burnt. Stir it up from time to time. Then you strain it really well (like in a cheesecloth), throw away the leaves (they are no good anymore), let the butter set, and then use the butter as you would in any recipe. Yes, you can use any cookie recipe that calls for butter specifically. I use the Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix, because I don't want to work that hard for my cookies, especially after making the butter already. (Not very "organic" of me, is it?)

How much? It really depends on the quality. If you can get ahold of shake (sometimes people will practically give it away), then it makes great butter, but you need a lot of it. I only ever see bud these days, but I usually start with an eighth or less, to about a cup-and-a-half of butter, and if I don't like the green colour of the butter, I add more. I know that's not very helpful. Use real butter, but do not use organic butter. (For some reason, pot has never taken to organic butter in my presence.)

How long? It could take a half hour to two hours to cook, plus the time to let the butter set. You have to look for the colour as it's simmering. It should be a rich olive brown/green, and it should be transparent and thick on a spoon. If you haven't started to get some colour after a half hour, add more pot.

It's kind of an experimentation. I only ever learned how to do it by doing it, more than once, and making a few mistakes along the way (i.e.: learning the organic butter lesson). You just figure out over time how best to steep herb in butter, I think.

You should end up with about a cup of usable butter, after the simmering reduces it. I usually freeze half of it for using later, because the Betty Crocker recipe, conveniently, calls for 1/2 cup of butter. The package says it makes up to 36 cookies, but I've never gotten more than 22-24, and they're not big huge cookies, either.

I had a big group (5-6?) of the young women from the Centre over here one day, to teach them how to do this. They wound up eating their way through a whole batch of cookies, and everyone was on the floor.

/////post that might offend the easily-offendable
Hi guys! I took a three mile walk and went shopping this morning. Came home and crashed for a looong nap. In the interim my cell phone rang a bunch, but I had it on silent. No one ever calls when it's on!

Going to see my friend play in the symphony tonight. I feel very frou frou going to the symphony...gettin' all dressed up!

Doodle, you take pot cookies on a plane? I'd be too chicken to do that!

Grrrl, I hope your toes are *gawwwwjus*!
This isn't good folks. This isn't good at all.
Good evening.

Kel, good for you on the uberlong walk!

Doodle thanks for the info! I'm for sure going to try it. I'd love to cometo B.C. and have you show it to me. I'm so excited!

Minx, what is going on????

Well okayers, I have to go grocery shopping. Not fun.

(((((Minx))))) Whatever it is, we are here!
Kelkello – Raised in Richardson Park Wilmington, lived in Newark for two years, lived in Claymont for two years and now live in Middletown. Why do you ask?

Grrrl – I totally recommend the snake if you are busy. Mr. Pug and I have one. He’s no work at all.

Minx – what’s up?

Culture & Doodle – I’ve only smoked a two times in my whole life and I loved both times. Mr. Pug is very anti drug so I don’t do it now out of respect for him. He was clear about it from the very beginning and it’s not something that is important to me so I just don’t do it. I’m sure if I wanted to he wouldn’t fight me on it but he wouldn’t approve either. He’s just like that. Pot cookies and brownies sound so good. I’m jealous of you both.

I got these pretty glass plates, pillar glasses and pillar candles today from the dollar store. I also got these smooth black stones to put around the glasses on the plates. They are very sexy and should add to the ambiance of the bedroom. Mr. Pug liked them a lot. I got two plates, two glasses, two candles and two bags of the black stones for $8.00. Gotta love the dollar store.

Bought my mom some tea and a new coffee mug for mother’s day. Got Mr. Pug’s mom this pretty purple glass flowery potpourri holder. Spent like $35 on the tea, mug and potpourri holder because I had a 15% off coupon. Also got a bunch of cards. All together I got eight cards for $11.00. Went to Card Smart. All cards are 50% off everyday. I think I did pretty good shopping today.

Mr. Pug, his cousin Frankie, Joe and Jimmy went to help his cousin Jay move into a house him and his girlfriend Joanna are renting. I went to Joe’s house and hung out with his wife Laura. I feel bad because whenever I hang out with her all we do is gossip about our family and friends. I hate gossiping and when I hang out with her it’s all we do. I feel like such a bad woman talking about other women behind their backs. I wish I could break the habit.

Here is something that pisses me off. Mr. Pug and I have moved a total of three times in five years. Whenever our friends help us move we always buy lunch and beer for everyone. It’s our way of saying thank you for helping. I think this is just a nice thing to do. Now Jay has helped us move (if you can call what he does helping, standing around making jokes) and we always provide lunch and beer for him. He and his girl make more money together then Ryan and I do and they didn’t even so much as buy a pizza and a six-pack today during the move. WTF. I think that is so fucked up. Mr. Pug moved their heavy shit from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. and had nothing to eat the entire time. When he got to Laura & Joe’s house he was so hungry and tired. Laura was appalled and she made all the guys a sandwich and gave them all the last beer she had in her fridge. Mr. Pug said that’s the last time he helps Jay ever again. I understand that it’s not a rule or anything but it’s common courtesy.

Well Mr. Pug is tired from moving shit all day and I’m tired of gossiping so I’m off to bed.

(((((Goodnight Okayers)))))
Hey, gang!

Pugs, we are hiring movers & I still plan on providing them with lunch. So yes, you have every right to be annoyed.

((((Minx)))) Just 'cause.

Kel, hope you enjoyed the symphony!

Now I want brownies. But not the Doodle variety (No offense, Doods. It's just that pot has never done it for me. biggrin.gif )

I've been super busy this week. The whole mortgage lending situation has been such a stressful nightmare. But the good news is that we have it all squared away and we will be using our regular financial institution, which makes me super happy. Now we just have to keep our finger's crossed for the appraisal.
Pugs, I live on the border of Delaware, but it's on the lower shore. Just wondering if we were close.
Good morning everyone.

Pugs what those people did is just rude. I mean, you are helpingthem move and they can't even offer anything. Unacceptable.

RV, it's good to see you in here! Let us know what is going on with your mortgage deal!

Minx, honey, what is going on? I'm worried. Like Kel said, we are here for you.

Well, I again did nothing last night. I just didn't feel much like socializing. And now it is mothers day, and my mother is driving me batty. She bought herself an ipod, and wants me to put her music on there. Cool. But I'm having problems. So while I was sleeping last night, she asks me if I figured anything out. Umm, no. I was sleeping. Same questiong this morning. Umm, no because I was sleeping last night. Now I'm getting irritated with her. On mother's day. How levely.

Well, I need food, then I need to take the black bandit to the park.

I always thought food and beer was the standard reward for helping people move! That's a given in my world.

Mmmm....the butter description sounds great. A friend used to make that and spread it on garlic bread. It was soooooo good.

Have to hang out with my mom today. She has become soooo negative lately. It's gotten worse and worse the more she drinks. It's hard to stay upbeat around her. So, Culture, I know where you are with not wanting to see mom on Mother's Day.

I have a mountain of papers to grade. Blech.

I'm worried about Minx toooo!!! ~*~*general vibes*~*~ for minx.

And, per Doodlebug's request, I proudly present to you my beyootiful flower arrangement:

Ouch, I got a really, really bad sunburn yesterday. I think one even blistered. Ouch. I was "helping" a friend build a gazebo, handing them boards and stuff, and the sunlight exposure really added up. I was just hoping for a little bit of a tan.

I really should quit being so vain in terms of having a little color....but I can't stand being pale and the self tanners always seem to look fake and orange....

I gotta go back out there today. Luckily it's raining and cold and cloudy today.

*waves to Okayers
Tree that quilt hanging on the wall is gorgeous! Did you make that?
happy mother's day minxie and moxie and squee, fj! hope the mr.'s and kidlets are doing something special for you today. and happy mama's day to all you child-free okayers raisin' furbabies too! and all of you dealin' with your own mamas, don't let em drive you too crazy.
Kel, thank you! You're seeing the back side of this quilt:

No, I didn't make it, but my auntie did! Her passion is contemporary quilting and she's going through all members of the family and making a special quilt for each person. Mine actually hung in an art museum for a while. I love it. And there's no way I can even take a picture that shows the intricacy of it...she stitched the quilt together with pictures, too...if you look really close at the thread, there's vines and dragonflies and suns and butterflies, right in the stitching. She's really gifted.

Okay, I'm off to nurse the sunburn, but, I have to take Grrl's lead and wish all mama's in this room a happy mother's day...and to all daughters/sons in this room I wish for you that it goes smoothly.

*waves to Okayers
Good afternoon okayers.

Tree, that is a beyooootiful quilt. Grandmamma tree has some amazing talent.

Hi Kel!

Hey Grrrl, hope you are having a good day with c-monkey!

Hope everyone is surviving their day with their mommies. I went shopping with my mom, we went and got some flowers and tomoto plants. then went to the mall so I could get a hoodie (a red one like the one I just bought) and then went to pick up a doodad for her ipod, then went and got some dirt. So, that's that. I took puppers to the park, and now I'm yelling at itunes, because it is evil. Now I have my friend B trying to get into my pants, and I am playing stupid, and it's funny. He wants something steamy, so I told him he wants coffee, tea, and now some soup. It's rather funny.

It's raining here, just lightly, and it's lovely. It smells like rain. Now I am thinking I want to make something. Which means another trip to the store. That's okay.


happy mom's day to all you cold muthas here in the ok thread!

i loved all the piercing/tattoo talk here yesturday... i'm thinking bout getting a tat, and i think i'll need okayer's advise on which one to get... i'll post pix when i'm done with my sketches...

later skaters!
Hi everyone, and Happy Mama's Day!

I sent doodlemama a parcel on the Greyhound, and I still have to call her this evening - she is spending the afternoon with my brother, I think.

tree, I love the dead flower arrangement! And I love seeing pics of your place, of course - your colour scheme is so rich and wonderful, and everything looks so sophisticated!

Hi also GT and her hips, culture, grrrl, kel, rose, pugs, and minx!

I am just hanging out playing the guitar today. I just learned 4 Blue Rodeo songs all at once! (I really do love them with total if only I could find a partner so worthy.) Anyway, now I need to go practise my songs. Some of them I've wished for YEARS to learn how to play, so this is it! I think I'm finally "getting it" a little bit more.
Happy Mother's Day, OkayMommas!!!! Hope you're having a wonderful day!

GT, I can't wait to see the sketches! [rubs hands together with eager anticipation]

I love seeing the pictures from the various Okayer's dining tables. Here's what mine looks like today.

So messy! Can you tell I'm super busy? I'm not as organized as I'd like to be, either. In fact, I should probably get up & do something about that. biggrin.gif
Good evening okayers.

GT, do post!

Doodle, hurrah on learning new songs!

RV, I love that mug.

I'm pooped out today, Emily is also not feeling very well, I was watching TV and she got sick, again. I don't know what is causing it. Probably her being the dog, who, like every other dog, eats everything she sees. So she got into something she shouldn't have. It sure is quiet in here tonight. It's only 6:30 here! I need a nap, or I need to go to bed soon. I want to sleep good tonight, and bed time is coming soon. I want to have somefun dreams tonight. Hee.

Well, I hope everyone had a good evening, and a good weekend.

*crawls into thread, and curls up on okayland couch, under the feather duvet*

Good evening, fair okayers!

We just got in from was a long drive back this afternoon - sunday afternoon traffic, plus construction, and then stopping to see turbomann's house-bound cousin on the way...I am SO glad to be home. It was a good weekend, but exhausting -- seems like we were gone way more than 36 hours, I guess that's a good thing!

Hanging with the moxies last night was so totally excellent, and just really an affirmation about why they are such good friends, after all these years. And the baptism this morning - super sweet...our godson is so freaking cute! I'll post piccies tomorrow to prove it, but he has his momma's flaming red hair and blue eyes, and is a very calm, laid back kiddo. I held him through the entire service, and he didn't make so much as a peep. And, its most excellent to see my cousins so happy after a rough couple of years, with their first baby passing, and losing my uncle last summer. Going home to celebrate good things is a nice change of pace for our family.

(((((minxy)))) Do we need to come over there and punch minxman in the throat?! You just let us know what we can do to support you. We loves ya. *mwah*

Grrl, I am SO happy to hear that c-monkey is doing just fine, and that you celebrated mom's day with pedis!!

Doodle, I've never tried pot, as I will never inhale any smoke substance into my body after growing up with smoker parents, but I would *totally* be down with the pot cookies! Sounds fun.

CH, I hope emily is feeling better!!!

Okay, its time to unwind a little now, so I'll see ya'll in the morning.
Howdy Okayers,

I went and saw the new Zach Braff (my future husband) movie, "The Ex." I want my $9.25 back. It was bad. Zach was adorable and he did what he could, but the plot was awful and predictable. Just wretched.

Had a crazy moment of sadness earlier. Sometimes it catches me off-guard. I just ride the wave until it's over and move on. I let myself feel sad when I need to, but I refuse to wallow in it.

Turbo, glad the trip went well and you got some good Mox-time in. Your godson sounds hair and blue eyes? He will be such a lady killer!

CH, I hope Emily gets better. Soji goes through that sometimes. She also has colitis, so eating weird things and even stress can give her terrible diarrhea. I have to be hyper-vigilant about watching her on walks because she will eat just about anything she finds on the ground.

Goodnight Okayers...20 more teaching days for me. The countdown has begun. Summer...I can't freakin' wait.

hi hot happy whorelickers!

ch give M.L.E. pets n bootypats for me... i wish i had me a puppers...

so here are some sketches, a few of these are from the era i was wanting to be a tat artist, these are just sketches, so i'll have to do some changing...

punk rawk! i love this even though i don't have my fuchia mohawk anymore... but i think it's a contender all the same.

i love this, but i can't really think of any sort of motto that would go on a banner, and i love banners with tattoos; even if this one doesn't have one yet...
and the swallows:
porportion sketches:

these are just to see if i like the porportions, like the wing on the right picture has a bigger wing, because i didn't like the one on the left, and yes, i know that the eyes aren't evenly spaced. it's a weird stylistic choice, but one that i like for some reason. otherwise my cartoon sketches are too litteral for my taste, and cartooning should take some liberties....

and here are the swallows in profiles, since i think i'd like to get luv n hate swallows below my collar bones. the far left thingy is a banner, i think faceously will say, "n/ever hatin' love" on the angelic one and "n/ever lovin' hate" on the angry one, or vice versa. hopefully it will make sense eventually, or maybe you okayers have better mottos. i still have to work out the bodies, i'll post that as soon as i get it done, and maybe some more sketches tomorrow or weds, and my usual bride of frankenstein thingys that are similar to the punk rock pic. oh, and there is a pin-up on my bustblog thingy, you can ignore whatever it was that i was writing about...
Good Monday Morning.

GT, damn girl, you got some talent! I can't pick my fave, I lurveth them all.

Kel, I'm sorry about your shitty movie experiene. It reminds me of an episode of South Park where two of them go to get their money back from Mel Gibson because Passion of the Christ was so bad, and he turns out to be nuts. It was a rather funny episode.

Jenn, I'm glad you and Mr. turbo had a good weekend.

I was asleep last night by 7, but didn't have a very good night, as I had horrible cramps that kept on waking me up. This is not good. I don't get cramps anymore. CH is not going to be happy this week I tells ya. It's cloudy here today, and I would much rather be at the park with the hound then at work chained to a desk. Blech. Emily appears to be doing better, but she was sad this morning because I had to go to work. sad.gif

Well, that is all I have to report on this morning.

morning monday...or is that switched?

We had a lovely weekend. New hair, old friends, good family time. The thing wioth seeing the turbos is that when we get together, there's a "hey, its like we're older, better versions of us at 20 in college" with the SAME bond. That's a BFF for you. smile.gif I can't wait to see little Zach's pictures from the baptism.

My MIL got me a mother's day present...she's a bit controlling at times, but so incredibly thoughtful also. She got me chocholate granola. For work. See? awesome. And, we got to see all the cool photos's from moxieman's grandma's recent cross-country trek. The woman is 85 years old, has a man friend no one knew about, and took off RV'ing with him for a month! And looked positively tickled in every gorgeous photo she brought back. ROck on, grandma! Now, none of us know if the man friend is a "man friend" or just a good buddy, but it really doesn't matter one lick to me. When I'm 85, a widow and a rockin great-grandma, I want a man-friend and an RV and the mountains, too!

Minxy- if history is repeating itself without changing course, you know what you should do. Suck factor and all.

CH- sorry about cramps. I'll be with you tomorrow on that front.

GT- those sketches are COOOL.

Rose- I LOVE the mug!

Ok, really off to work now. *Mwah* everyone!!
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