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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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We can try again tomorrow if you wanna. My last appointment is over around 3 and I can take my sweet-ass time to Peoria afterwards. Let me know! :-)

Hey, fj.. sup, beeeyotch :-) I love you.
AP! *gasp* Say it ain't so!! Ooh, I'd better get on that story...

Hi turbo and Mr. FJ!

Um...I was the one who posted about "ladies" in the cobs. I didn't mean it against any busties! It's actually a term with classist roots, and was co-opted later to separate "respectable" women from "non-respectable" women, so...I just dislike it personally. It's not a slam!!

Wimmin, womon, womyn...goddess, how I hate those words! You wouldn't believe how much of that I still see coming out of women's organizations. Gah! The rational is that "wo-MEN" came about as a derivative of "MEN," linguistically, but I always make the argument that when you look at the actual word, "MEN" is the diminutive form of "wo-MEN." A man is a woman without the wo!
hey you nightowls!

wow turbs, mrfj called YOU before he called MOI! what's up with that? hehe, now I AM jealous! hehehe! seriously, i hope he does make it in to see you guys. but since his appointment and dinner with the client went well, i'm glad he stayed a little later for it than he'd planned. make me some money, ho!

i just got home from picking up mrfj's car at the airport - since i woke up feeling like warmed over ass yesterday, i didn't drive him. shit, i wouldn't have gotten a goodbye kiss anyway, so what's the point of dragging my sorry sick ass out of bed? so i asked my girlfriend S to help me go get it and then went with her and her little boy to dinner. now i'm stuffed. i had one and a half coronas too, which have only made me TIRED.

i think i'll go take a nice hot bath and finish reading go ask alice, which has really disappointed me. i'm thoroughly convinced that it was written as pure anti-drug propaganda, not the "real diary" of a fifteen year old drug addict it was s'posed to be. what a bummer. but now i'm over half done with it and i can't just stop reading it now.
yeah, i didn't mean to cause such a hooplah with my initial apology... it was sincere. i say it with love and all, but didn't like the thought of anyone bristling when they read it, particularly you, my dear doodle! didn't mean to make it a topic, but then again... that's what we ladies do here. :P
mr fj - we'd love to see you tomorrow. I'm off work at 4pm, so anytime after that is fine with me. Cocktails on the lake....hmmm? Or I can meet you in the city somewhere, whatever...I gots me some public transit to get where I'm goin.

I feel so special that mr fj called me first! And a bath sounds awfully nice....maybe I'll head into the tub too...
i hear you on 'go ask alice' fj. at one point near the end i was like 'wait, i heard this story! it's one of those made-up ones to scare kids away from doing drugs!' because there was no. way. what was said had happened would have happened.

i got fed up with my tutor-ee again today. i asked him what was up with one answer he gave on a test, as it wasn't even a sentence, and his response was 'i ran out of room'. dude, if you wanted to be lazy, take science&tech as your science 11 requirement. otherwise you do your work and your homework, and stop telling me that anything less than 70% is really good. i'm not spending two to four hours of my afternoon nap time with you every week so that the kid i'm tutoring can just barely pass, dammit. i have so much love for you, minxie, as you have to deal with rooms full of kids like that. one is too many for me!

oooh, turbo and mrfj on the phone!
(heh, that reminds me of my friend J from school. french was his first language, but he was as fluent/accentless in english as someone who had english as their first language, and didn't realize until sometime last school year that when you go "a and b, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g' that you were actually spelling kissing. he just thought it was random letters you said to rhyme)
Seems to me my mama once told me Go Ask Alice was a fake....but anyway, I checked out Snopes for the real deal.
we all know that doodlemama is so very wise. :-)

I decided against the bath, and went for the clay mask instead. And Alton Brown. I love me my Alton Brown. heh.
doodlemama is very wise, yes. :-)

I am envious of your clay mask, turbo. I wonder if I have any mask stuff hidden away somewhere....hmmm...

*goes off to investigate*
ok, i SAID i was going to take a bath earlier but my butt is still pressed to this seat. i *must* get off this machine and go to bed. skipping the bath as well. sooo tired...
*sigh* No masque stuff. *pouts*
Heh...I was just about to type "Hey laaaaadies," but then I remembered! I thought it would be a little awkward. :-)

I just returned from an evening of walking and dining with ms. diva and her gay boyfriend. 'Twas awesome, but I have a blister developing on my right foot. Well worth it, though. Then I wolfed down a piece of carrot cake, which pretty much cancelled out the whole effort.

Time to crash. *sprawls out on couch*
Holy crappola! There was just a huge standoff between the RCMP and this guy right in front of my house!

This methhead or crackhead apparently rammed a cop car up on the bridge and then jumped into the river! He was floating down the river on a log, and there were sirens and cops EVERYWHERE, on both sides of the river, plus a couple of patrol speed boats. The guy was yelling, "Get rid of the dogs! Get rid of the f---ing dogs!" (Looks like the RCMP had the entire canine squad, I guess in case he disappeared into the bush.) I was torn between wanting to watch, and not wanting to get hit by a ricoche (sp?) if it came to that, so I kept going in and out, and crouching down on the balcony. I think they pulled him in at the restaurant next door, which has a dock.

Hey Laaaadies! (I don't care, I had to say it.)

I don't mind the term 'lady' especially because I like ladybugs. But I do really hate 'gals' especially when unenlightened middle-aged men use the term.

Wow, Doodle, that's like an episode of Cops right outside your home! How scary! Hopefully they caught him.

~*~*~good health and recovery vibes for Diva's uncle~*~*~*

Wow, its been a while since I was last able to post. JT and I took last Friday off to go to southern Wisconsin for my friend Junie's wedding reception last weekend. It was a lot of fun. We stayed in an awesome boutique hotel that was new and superclean and had robes and 300 thread count soft sheets and Aveda products in the bathroom and stuff. I even broke out my swimsuit and used the whirlpool. We are now really lusting for a kingsize bed after staying there. My friend's reception was very casual and in the park. The weather was beautiful, we played frisbee and met nice people and had yummy lasagna for dinner and her friend's husband D. has a deluxe karaoke machine so that proved to be good entertainment. Lots of people sang and JT sang "Rhinestone Cowboy" "Convoy" and "Surrender" by Cheap Trick. He sounded good but I couldn't find a song I felt comfortable with and was just too shy to do any singing myself. It was really nice to get away for a couple of days and we really needed it. I wish we'd had a whole week.

Good news Wednesday (because I wasn't here Tuesday):
*I have new bc pills that don't make me sick!
*I have been good and productive at work lately.
*My house is all clean and I'm caught up on laundry.

I never realized Go Ask Alice wasn't real! I remember reading it back in high school but I don't think I thought too much about whether it was really true or not - I probably figured if it was true it had been heavily edited. I had Contemporary Novel as kind of an independent study my senior year (it was awesome and I don't remember how I talked my way into such an easy credit) and I remember sitting in the little closety area next to the English classroom and reading that book for fun after I'd finished my work because it was sitting on one of the shelves in there.

Minx, I just read a book that was an imaginary account of the life of one of the witches in Macbeth. It wasn't the greatest book in the world, but it was fun to see the story as it could have been through the eyes of that character.

I think we need a Whiskeybake 2006 soon.

Tyger you are brave for doing the modeling thing, free range and all! Do you get paid well for it?

Turbojenn I'm clay masquing tonight, too! (Queen Helene) Cause we're cool like that.

Mmmm, carrot cake. I wish I had some. My little sugarfree dessert tonight just didn't do it for me.

Hi Poodle and MsGoof and the FJs and Karianne and PK and Auralpoison and anyone else I've missed!

doodle's cops-at-home has mine beat. some guy did the backyard fence hopping after breaking into a house a few blocks from my place, and hid behind a fridge on our back porch.

i dunno if i was paid well, per se. it was 20$/hour, which is what i make doing private tutoring, but lord knows what it's normal to charge for nekkid posing.
~*~*~diva uncle~*~*~ since i know that's one thing i've been forgetting.

so, i've been planning on waiting until i'm in vancouver and i can hit womyn's ware or some such place for a vibe, but suddenly almost two months seems so far away (might have something to do with me killing my garfield back massager the other night :P ) mayhaps i shall be venturing back into the shady world of the store with fake penii AS THICK AS MY WRIST! (not to mention the large black rubber fist my friend wants to buy and display as "art" on her coffee table) sooner than i thought, and sans senor cougarlion for once. is it strange that i've only ever been in a porn store with my best friend's boyfriend? at her request half the time, no less.

humpday is almost over (well, in tyger-doodle time, at least), and yet i have humped no-one, nor have i been humped, today. so, either i'm doing something wrong, or this day is a misnomre
double taco! mmmmm, tacos. hey, the taco place is by the naughty store! i'll just wander in there post-taco tomorrow to look for a way to, ummm, burn off calories.

speaking of tacos: worst sexual innuendo ever made by tyger et cougarlion: 'put your bur-ri-to in my ta-co' (you gotta put the little pauses between syllables, otherwise it's not right)

okay, i really came in here to post:
it reminded me of a conversation from in here. there were pizza recipes involved, if i do recall correctly.
Hi marileen! Those king size beds are wonderful, aren't they? Sometimes I think I want one all for myself...*sigh*

tyger...I hate to encourage this kind of thing...but you have a credit card now, right? Womyn's Ware totally does mail order from their website or catalogue, and the packaging is very discreet, I believe. I think you can even order over the phone. ETA again: shipping info - credit card OR cheque/money order...

I *heart* Womyn's Ware. I bought my first vibrator there! :-)

(ETA: also, I'll be in Vancouver in early July, if you want me to pick something up...I could wrap it with some old books when I mail it, if you need to hide it from your mom.)

The mini-tiger and the mini-panther are stalking bugs around the plants...I fear my IKEA lamp is in danger again...
aww, doodles, that's such a sweet offer. but, alas, my mind was thinking 'ordering online takes *time* and i have to pay for shipping'. plus, i do believe i saw some fun factory mini vibes in the naughty store, so i figure i'll grab one of them, and then once in vancouver i'll go to womyn's ware and revel in the naughty-store-ness of it all. and you should never, ever speak of encouraging sex toy buying as something you hate to encourage. 'tis not encouraged enough! we need a poster campaign! and buttons! and a good slogan that involves buying vibrators.

egads, i shouldn't be allowed to 'think' at this time of night. the thinking is not so much thinking and more crazy.

and, in closing, doodle is officially my super-cool bustie sister since she would smuggle a vibrator to me were i in dire need.
Hi guys!

I left work sick today because my ass kept exploding. Sorry about that. But it's true.

I got *no* sleep last night, and at work I could barely keep my eyes open let alone figure out how to bake something. I sucked, and my supervisor told me I could go home and rest. I slept all freaking day, and now I don't know how I am going to sleep tonight.

Last night at the bar, people were throwing cash at the busgirl again. I don't mean to brag, but I AM THE BEST BUSSER ON THIS PLANET.

The group that was staying at the hotel left today, though, so I don't think I'll be seeing anymore lucrative nights like that for a while now.

Wow turbo - I hope you get to see Mr. FJ! That's so cool! Why don't any of you all take business trips to Arizona? Or any kind of trips to Arizona?

ALl this talk of tacos is making me hungry. But I don't think my sensitive tummy can take it.

Whenever you say, "Hey ladies!" - I think of the Beastie Boys. I think it's cool. And you guys are right - this is the thread of the sperm-burpin' cum receptacles, so "ladies" seems appropriate, too. But I know I hate it when guys at work address my co-workers and I as "ladies". It just sounds...yucky.

tyger! You were nekkid in front of people! Hee hee. They saw your cute butt crack.

I have to house and catsit for the next few days, and I haven't been ab;e to get a hold of my friends for their house keys. It really sucks, because I don't want the cats to be alone. I hope they get back to me sometime tonight.

OK - is anyone awake right now? It's late, isn't it. And it's a school night.


Hi tygs!

You know what is weird? I have never even seen a vibrator before except at the store one time. I'm so deprived. I just never felt like getting one. Maybe I should try it.
((((((pk's ass)))) I hope you're feeling better today...

marileen - we've meeced you! Any weding where you since rhistone cowboy is a success in my book! heh.

doodle, I think you and your kitties could definitely use a king size bed - we all could! I don't think my bedroom is really big enough for it, and still have room for turbo, but I can dream...

Well, we've made it to thursday...and its looking to be a busy one here....we have our golf tournament fundraiser on monday, so there's lots to do, and another fundraiser in 2 weeks, so its a bit nutty 'round here. Ah well, it makes the time pass. But doesn't help me get my resume tuned up. ;)

hehe (((pk and her exploding ass!))

marileen, that DOES sound like a great wedding. and any guy that gets up and sings convoy in public is right on in my book!

we have a king size bed. actually, it's two twin beds shoved together with a king-sized eggcrate mattress cover pad thing that lays on top and covers the crack. heee. it's actually so incredibly comfortable. but we need to get new sheets. we haven't bought any for about three years now and they are getting pretty cruddy. problem is, i've got red silk bedding which i love and my current sheets are red, but i want a different color. i just don't know WHAT color to get. i was thinking maybe a violet or an orange just to add a little kick. but i can't find exactly what i'm looking for. i might have to buy white and dye them, but that sounds like an incredible amount of trouble that i'm not about.

so i have to share: mrfj just called a second ago. he sounded discouraged and i asked him what was wrong and he said he was sitting in traffic, late for his appointment. i remembered that he said he didn't have his first appointment until 9:30 this morning, so i questioned him on it and reminded him that it was only 8:30 where he is. hehehehe. so he's actually way early and is going to get breakie.

i just thought that was high-larious.

Hope you get to feeling better PK. Exploding Ass Syndrome is no good.

We got a king size bed almost a year ago. I love it. Of course, we can barley fit bedside tables on each side, bc/ the room is not big enough.

Nothin' much up here today. Thursday. Work.
hey all.

i hope you are feeling better today, pk.

if there's a whiskeybake 2006, i hope i can make it. i'd love to finally meet these awesome busties. oh and diva, i'm going to stop by your table at pride. for shizzle.

not much to report today. i'm dealing with some pre-summer blahs and sadness. i blame it on my period which just started and hopefully that's the actual cause. plus i'm broke AGAIN. i either need a new job or a part-time job in addition to this one. blech. can't i just win the lottery or something?

i got to go to TB's cousin's high school graduation last night. (like the way i phrased that? like it was a privelege. :-)) it made me realize how happy i am to be the age i am. 26 good. 18 bad.
How about tomorrow night?

Whiskeybake 2006?
Hi, peeps!

Even though I know it's fake, I'd probably still bawl at the end of "Go Ask Alice" because I'm lame like that. I just think it's so funny when grown-ups try to write stories about what they think it's like to be a kid with these issues. They just so don't get it.

I can't stand "womyn" or "womon", either. "Wimmin" is kind of cute, though, but I'd never use it seriously. I actually like the word "lady." It sure beats being called "hey woman!" which sounds so biological, like "she-who-has-menstrual-cycle" to me. It addresses the parts, not the person.

Well, I'm back at work from my day off where I didn't accomplish as much as I would have liked. I did make a necklace featuring a double strand of stone chips and a large pimary blue disc of some sort of stone, once I figured out how to mount it so it'd lay the way I wanted. And I started on a green lattice choker (because apparently green is all the rage this season) and a bracelet I'm going to take apart. I have to go shopping for more components after works, since apparently the $300 I've spent so far on materials doesn't quite cover everything. Feh.

Our walk last night was really good, though. I really need to be doing that a few times a week instead of just Wednesdays. And although the service sucked, the salad I had last night kicked ass.

I'd love to have a king sized bed, but I don't see that happening for at least several years. My queen size one is almost brand new. My parents also have a theory: queen size beds force you to sleep closer to each other. That coming from my parents, who rarely ever sleep in the same bed together (Dad has sleep issues and his sleeping machine is in the other room). Maybe that's why they've been together for so long.

Marileen, your trip sounds like it was so much fun. I'd love to get in a swimsuit and swim around for awhile.

Poodle, good on you for dealing with the meddler, and now your boss knows exactly how bad she is. I'll come in and deck her for you, too, if you want.

Catsoup, I better see you at Pride! I hope everyone who's available stops by for a little bit, if only because I'll need to go to the bathroom at some point and I don't know if the giant would know what to do. Speaking of which, I really need to get ahold of them and make sure it's all still on the up and up. I should have recieved a booth number by now.

Turbo, is the offer still out there to design a banner for me? If it's not, that's fine, I'm just wondering. I could email you with some ideas.

Hi, Karianne, FJ, Tyger ("free-range boobs" is funny!), PK, and Doodle!

I'm not sure about tomorrow night. Maybe I can make it, maybe not. Are boys allowed to come? I know it sounds really lame, but I've already made the giant stay home alone twice this week, and he's going to his mom's for a day this weekend, so I feel like I'm neglecting him.

Hey Diva!

What is the date for the parade again? I might be marching with my students in the Gay/Straight Alliance and working an information booth where we are giving a quiz about whether or not you have made AQP (Adequate Queerly Performance, a tongue-in-cheek stab at Adequate Yearly Performance for NCLB).

I surely don't mind if boys are present.
Diva, definitely pm me with some banner ideas, and dimensions needed, and I'll see what I can do. When is Pride, again?

and diva - my dad has a sleep machine too! His latest one is pretty quiet, though...and anything is better than shake the walls snoring. ;)
I don't do the parade, although it's always on the Sunday of Pride weekend. I know the parade is fabulous and all, but I'm afraid of being underwhelmed with it being an election year and all. It's turned out to be a lot of politicos and churches in recent years, with a few very campy things thrown in for good measure.

Oh gads, last year was just RIFE with political bullshit. That damned thing was two hours long. minxlette was fit to be tied. I mean, YAH! I'm glad you're pro-whatever, but leave the politics behind and CELEBRATE!!
I'm happy they're all out there to show their support, but it'd be nice if they could have a real float or something, not just a boring walking contingent. I've seen some that were really good, and wish more would follow suit. But I think the giant walk-thru vagina from a few years back takes the cake.

Turbo, my dad's machine is really loud, probably as loud as his snoring was, but now he doesn't quit breathing when he sleeps, which I think is the far better option.
afternoon Y'all!!! (notice the lack of reference to the 'womens bits, pieces, parts, free range-ness of boobies...) LOL...ok on to the good stuff...

today is the last day of freshman class!!! woot!!! its so freaking exciting!!!

my birthday is in two day (2 days!!) and the boating trip was vetoed due to my friend Eric's Cellulitis(?) and thats its no boat. but we will do a BBQ cuz meaty carcinogenic lip smacking food is always good. LOL

and i bought my gift to myself...3 music cds...and a spongebob fishing pole!!! i know, its for kids..but i could not resist.

((pk and her exploding ass))

hi diva, poodle, doodle, turbo, catsoup, marileen, pk, minx and anyone i missed...

Hey "you-who-have-menstrual-cycles"!!!!!!!! Get funky!!!!

Damn. Today is going by fast. It always goes fast when I'm searching for sales.

I cancelled my doctor's appointment this morning and slept in instead. I'm a bad seed.

When I came into work this morning, there were 2 more Donald Trump tickets on my desk. I need to think of something funny to do with these. I think I'll put them in my co-workers lunch bag tomorrow. It will be a "pass the Trumpster" game. We used to pass around a zucchini in my old house. One time I laid down on my bed and the zucchini was hiding in my pillowcase. I think I may have put it in the shower after that.

The farmer's market is going on downstairs. I think I might try to find me some blueberries and avocadoes. I like making avocado sandwiches. MMMmmmm...
farmer's markets. phooey! i want one closer to my house. i drove by my old place over the weekend and they have put a farmer's market RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from my old community. GARRRR~

how's your ankle there, msgoof?
Not only am I a person who has menstrual cycles, I am currently menstruating! Yay me!

I want to go to the farmer's market. Maybe that will be something I do this weekend. It's supposed to cool down a bunch this weekend. And rain. Bummer.
hi fj, poodle, and catsoup...oh and tyger...i forgot to tell you your bur-ri-to and ta-co joke made me giggle....

ankle is tender on the top right side..bleh. no brusing so i am pleasantly pleased.

i wanna ditch class and go to the farmers market...well...i don't want to miss class..but i want to go to the market....bah.

looks like a boating trip may happen next weekend...hopefully i can either enjoy it or avoid it entirely and do something else. LOL
poodle, how can there possibly be blueberries this time of the year? Do you have some secretly tropical corner of Mpls where you grow them?

I love our Saturday market, and most of the vendoors are organic too.

"pass the trumpster" - that is hi-larious! I love it!!!

the day is speeding by, and more work is piling up....gah.
I hear there's a really good farmer's market somewhere in Minneapolis, but I've never been. I do sometimes go to the little one in St. Paul that's just 5 blocks from my building. I used to help my grandpa out when he sold at one. I hear the Minneapolis farmer's market also has a lot of stuff besides fruits and veggies, but damn if I can get up early enough to find out.

(((((((MsGoof's ankle)))))))

I want to go see The Donald just to laugh at him and see his hair up close and in person. That stuff on his head is a freak of nature.
Hey turbo... I'm done with my day's appointments. I have a drive to Peoria in front of me but have some time to kill. Want to try again?
YES! I just emailed your lovely wife with my work phone. I'm off at 4, will be home around 4:30...where you at?
Highlands Avenue... 30 minutes away from downtown...
argh. i'm a menstruating fool apparently. i've have the longest period in the history of periods! well, not really, but i *thought* it was over already and then today i go and ruin a new pair of vs cute cotton striped drawers! one of my only pairs of comfy full-bottoms (yes, i a freak of nature thonger). i don't think they're ruined beyond being fixed but they look like hell right now! but! at least i didn't bleed on my cute skirt.

my desk looks like pk's ass exploded on it. (((sorry pk, didn't mean to make your ass the *butt* of my joke))). i've got so much stuff to do and i think i'll actually attempt to do it. i just had a really good conversation with the hr administrator here at my client site. she's normally very short with me and i always come away thinking that she hates me somehow. but she was uber-friendly and was asking me questions about our staffing issues like she was seeking my advice. she trusts me! she really trusts me!!

warning: i am on dork red alert right now, as if you couldn't tell. beware. i shall return!
ahhhh! baby! you're here! or there! whatever!

*pouts and flounces around the thread because she wants to be in chicago too!*
I've no idea where that is, mr fj. I'm right on the lake, just south of Evanston, smack in between Howard and Touhy - both are east-west roads...get my digits from your menstruating wife, and give me a ring, and we'll figure it out.

fj - thank cod you saved the skirt! Have you gotten yourself a diva cup yet? They are the greatest thing to ever happen to MRG!
i know. i haven't bought one yet, but i know i need one. i've heard nothing but good things about them. i hate 'pons! and i also need to invest in lunapads.

i guess i've been putting off those purchases because i have been hoping that i'll not NEED them for oh, 9 months or so... but perhaps i should give murphy's law a shot and buy a case!
lunapads are also good, but kind of diapery feeling...but I used to use them all the time before I got the cup.

I just gave mr fj directions to our house...I hope he can find us!! Its pain in the ass to get back to the lake from where he's at, but I'm so glad I'll get to meet him! I might even leave early, so I can beat him back to our place. I wish you were here fj!!!
doodlebug! Got a board meeting tonight, and have eighty billion things to do beforehand. Bleargh! apartment landlord just stopped by the Centre, says he's going to fix my patio door...gosh, I'm glad I took down all those bras that were hanging to dry in the dining room!!!
I just went on an Ebay bidding spree. Nothing major, just some records. I placed bids on The Who "Who's Next" and a lot of 6 records including 3 Led Zep LPs, Styx "Grand Illusion," and The Eagles "Hotel California." I mostly want the Led Zep "Houses of the Holy" album, but I figured it wouldn't be so bad to get the other 5 for just a little bit more than the price of one album. You're in the presence of one hell of a saavy ebayer, ladies!!! ;)

The downtown MPLS farmer's market is every thursday. The best part is that it's right in front of my building! Wee! I usually don't buy anything because I can't eat 5 tomatoes before they go bad. I would be surprised if they didn't have blueberries. They have imported stuff down there, too.
Wheeee! I'm at home waiting for mr fj to arrive! Really, he is a very good person for trekking all the way out here, only to have to drive down to stupid Pee-oria tonight. I think turboman might miss his visit, though.
hehe. he'll prolly look like a funeral director when he gets there with his charcoal suit on. :-)

poods, my parents had hotel california. i used to listen to all their records back in the day. even the jeanie c. riley one. and now i can sing a mean "harper valley pta"! hehehe
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