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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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This guy is pissing me off. Here's some more information about it...sorry for this all being about me.

On our Monday date, I asked him some direct questions about his past relationships (nothing out of line...things a girl should know about a guy she is considering dating). He clammed up and got weird. Turns out he dated a girl I used to know. I never liked her at all. She's dated several people I know and used them all. She sort of mind fucked him, as she apparently does to every guy she dates.

He said something weird Monday..."I don't think I've ever dated a woman as intelligent as you before." WHAT? Come on folks, you know me. I'm not a genius. I'm not Forrest Gump either, but come on! He left and he seemed a bit weirded out. It was strange...he was comfortable trying to make out with me, but not with talking with me.

Tonight he starts IM-ing me. I said he seemed freaked out, which he admitted he was. So I asked him about it...he went back to the intelligent woman thing again. What the hell is so threatening about an intelligent woman? Things rapidly deteriorated from there. I said as much, and he suggested we talk another time. I said sure, but if this was the brush off, I'd rather he tell me now instead of me sitting around wondering if he'll call or not. What girl hasn't been victim to that a thousand times? He got weirded out by that...almost offended. I'm sorry, but I've had more guys than I can count tell me they would call and then I never hear from them again. I'm so fucking tired of that game.

You know, do I really want to date a guy who is so freaked out by a woman who is smart, asks questions, and wants directness? No, I don't think so. I'm sorry, I don't buy into that "Rules" crap. The guy for me won't be weirded out by my smarts or my inquisitiveness. End of story. Boys are stupid.

Dude CLEARLY doesn't deserve you, Kel. And WTF is that intelligent woman crap? Is it just being intimidated because you're not playing games, and not bothering to be all coy and not disagreeing as per archaic courtship rules? Fuck that, yo.

You are way better off without that baggage.

*invites kel to snuggle on the okayland couch*
*snuggles on Okay sofa and tries not to reach through her computer to punch IdiotBoy in the neck*
Hey Poods, does Nile work at the Y downtown by any chance? If he does, I totally think I know who you be talkin' about, yo. smile.gif

Kel, fuck 'im. He doesn't deserve the saliva in your gorgeous, INTELLIGENT mouth. Nope. He's cut off from the Precious Bodily Fluids supply. And so sayeth Minxy.

I'm in an emotional quandry, friends and countrywomen. I can't be really specific, but I'm sure that you could guess since you've known my history for the last six months or so. This isn't space that I'm really comfortable in, but I do realize that I have choices here. If I went with my gut reaction...well, let's just say that it would be unfamiliar territory. Change can be scary. Especially for an ickle-fickle Capricorn like myself.

Or maybe it's just the fucking $220 Bandaid-colored dress that I have to wear next weekend that I have yet to get altered. wink.gif

Cripes, someone in Okayland needs to take me out for a margarita.
*plops down on okayland couch*

Word, turbo.

What the frell?!! Boys are so stupid. Fortunately, there are some good ones out there. You ARE smart, kel. I think a lot of girls dumb themselves down, but I also think that a lot the girls that guys go for ARE dumb. Guys say they like smart women, but I often doubt that. What they mean is that they like a girl who agrees with them and makes THEM feel smart. Of course, this doesn't go for all guys. Sigh...if I had a dollar for every guy that said "You're so smart" or "You're so cool" and then didn't call me back after a week or two, then I'd be able to pay off all of those old man drinks that I charged back in 2003. The thing is, that I know that they're right, but I also know that the reason why they freak out later on is because they can't handle it. Bustie girls like ourselves totally get the shaft.

I think it takes bustie-type girls a lot longer to find the right match. I am constantly reminding myself that it might take a while for me to find the right guy. I'm sure the same thing goes for you, kel. We just have to be patient and look out for ourselves. Don't settle, girl. Stick it out!!

ETA- X-post again!!! Hi minxoid!!

YES!!!!!!!! NILE DOES WORK AT THE DOWNTOWN YWCA!!!!!!!!!! Oh man...this town is way too small. How do you know Nile?

"He doesn't deserve the saliva in your gorgeous, INTELLIGENT mouth" Hahahaha!! You never fail to crack my shit up. We need to hang out soon. I wish you still had that great front porch!! It was great for hanging out and talking about crazy-ass shit. Ha!! I vividly remember the time when you and I were singing "Father Figure" and the ex-resident boy thought we were out of our minds.

So what's the problem? We're dishin' shit out here, so spill it. I promise I won't get weird. *expertly slides margarita down to minx's end of the okayland bar (like pre-weird Tom Cruise in Cocktail)*
*Hands Minx a mondo-mega-rita and some nachos* Drink up sister! I don't know your whole story, but whatever it is, I hope it works out for you.
I'm back!

Doodle, you'd be proud of me, I was rawkin' out to some maiden!

Kel, fuck that guy. If he's not comfortable with an intelligent woman, perhaps he should conemplate dating a manequin.

Poodle, feel free to live through me! i have no problem with blabbing about my current play thing. I find it odd that Nile refers to the woman as "this woman he's dating" Doesn't seem too serious to me. Hmmmm.

Hi Jenn. You'll get back into the routine soon. Then all will be well.

There weren't a lot of people at the park today, and Emily lost her ball. I have a few other one's, somewhere, but here I am walking about in circles like a little monkey.

I'm listening to this rockin' CD called New York Loft Party, mixed by Armand Van Helden. It's pretty damn good. I've got my iPod on songs right now, and it's playing lots of good stuff. I have 11 GB's of music, I should hope that there is good stuff on there. I forget what is on it sometimes. Hee.

My mouth tastes like retainer right now, that strange plastic taste. How odd, I haven't worn my retainer (yes, ages ago I had braces...) in ages. Blech.

Well okayers, I'm going to get ready to go to bed soon.


ETA *whips out a bottle of Tequila* Yes Minx, it may be hard liquor, but it's fun! Okay, so maybe Tequila isn't for you. *snaps fingers and man slave comes with booze of all sorts* Help yourself.

Hi culture! What kinda music is Armand Van Helden? first I thought you typed Van Halen and I was like, "What? There's a long lost VH brother out there?" Ha!
Mornin' ya'll!

(((((minxy)))) I hope you got that 'rita you needed!

Its my last day of orientation, thank cod. My brain is overflowing and shorting out...I'm longing to just sit at my desk and start to get stuff done tomorrow. Its funny how all the other folk in the class all want to know about my job, and think its so FUN...I dunno, its a job, but I think there are a ton of really interesting jobs at the ACS, and I'm just as interested in what they're all doing.

Oh, and there'll be no BUSTing at work afterall. Booooo! Apparently IT gives monthly reports on the non-work related sites people look at. I think spending time on would get my undesireable attention - quick!

Okay, well, I've got to get the heck outta here...see ya'll tonight - I miss everyone SO much during the day!
Good morning on this Thursday!

poodle, armand Van Helden is a DJ, he does electronic stuff, and it's pretty damn good.

Jenn, that blows about not being able to BUST at work. mad.gif

I'm tired today, during the night, Emily couldn't make up her mind if she wanted to be on the bed on sleeping on the floor and it was getting a mighty bit irritating. I'm supposed to be seeing boy 2 tonight, but we will see how tired I am.

That's all I have to add today,


Oh wait wait wait! HAPPY BIRFYDAY PUGS!!!!! where have you been lately?

Wow! Intimidated by smart women. I always wonder how so many guys can actually enjoy dates with girls who don't have minds. I've been on one or two dates where I found out that the girl was either used to playing the role of mindless person on a date, or was actually just completely locked up and couldn't talk. It's like instead of taking someone out for a beer, I'm the mall cop who caught her shoplifting. Just creepy and sad, yet even wierder when they try to kiss you after no conversation at all. It's like, "No, REALLY! I actually do want to know what you like to do for fun.Tell me SOMETHING so taht I know there's a personality in there." Small talk at its smallest.

D'oh! Hello all youse crazy and smartie BUSTies! I gotta go to work again already. *general BUSTie vibes of grooviness* EeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEEEEEEEEE!

ETA BirthdayPlugs? Oh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PUGS! smile.gif (thought it was a variation on the birthday spanks that I was previously un aware of) Hope you have a good and yummy day.

i'm pretty negative today. slept like total shit last night. i'm waiting for the half-caff to catch me up to the day.

i only got in 136 calls yesterday, so i have to make up for it today. i'm really not enjoying this at all. and i'm still not even sure if i'm doing it for naught. my back is killing me. it may have been rebuilt, but it's not built for sitting in chairs for so long at a time.

mrfj found a pretty good quote that he shared with me this morning:

idealism is what precedes experience; cynicism is what follows - david wolfe.

it pretty much sums up what i'm dealing with right now.

happy birthday, pugsywugsy. i hope you're doing well this week, all out of school and such.

i'll be back around.

i suddenly feel like eeyore. blink.gif blink.gif
QUOTE(puppykitty @ May 9 2007, 03:06 PM) *
How about a Hallmark card: "My apologies for almost creaming you at an intersection." And it has a picture of a beautiful beach sunset on the front. A couple of loons floating in the distance.

Okay. This totally had me howling with laughter.

Good morning, everyone. It's early yet, but looking like a gorgeous day in the 'Loops (yes, we actually call it that) - the sun is shining, there's not a cloud in the sky, an eagle is fishing on the river, and the little birds are singing like mad.

Happy birthday, pugs!

FJ - have you tried a cordless phone with a headset? That would enable you to move around at least. I swear by my headset phone....talking on the phone with BFF is the time when we both get our chores done! BTW, Mr. FJ's quote pretty much sums up how I feel about my entire last job! tongue.gif

turbo, that sucks about them monitoring your web usage. But honestly, I understand about avoiding the Lounge during the day - I sure wouldn't want my employer discovering the place where I post my personal (and sometimes downright lascivious) thoughts!

*waves at everyone else, starts handing out coffee and bagels*

I think I'm going to start working on a mandala painting today. No real idea what it's going to look like yet, but ideas are formulating.
Mornin' peeps!!

I slept like shit last night, too. My sleep has sucked for the last couple months now. It's weird, because it coincides with my exercising efforts, but everyone says that regular exercise actually results in better sleep. I don't get it. Maybe I just don't need as much sleep. I feel so crusty tired right now though.

(((FJ))) Interesting quote. I feel like that a lot of time. I used to feel like that all of the time. I hope things get better by the end of the day!!

Booo!!! That sucks that you can't play on the internet, turbo!! The people that print out the list are probably screwing around on the internet.

Happy birfday, pugs!!!!! *tosses confetti*

Hi culture and lorewolf!!

It's hot today. My fur babies are gonna be miserable. Poor guys.

ETA- Hi doodle!! I love the idea of sending an apology card!!!

Hmmm...I'm thinkin' today's a Frank Sinatra day. *tilts fedora and snaps fingers* Ding-dong-ding-dong-ding!!
yeah, doodle i use a headset, but it's attached to my laptop because i have to use the company voip. so i can stand here and there, but have to stay within a few feet of the laptop at all times. i do love the headset though.

i'm hoping to feel better by the end of the day as well. i'm not entirely sure, but i believe i'm being set up to fail. i've been given a series of about 25 leads that are for men under 30, which we really don't work with because they're generally not serious enough about a relationship to buy a program. so even if i got one that talked to me, i wouldn't be supposed to set them. we're supposed to verify that their age isn't a typo and basically tell them that our ladies are marriage minded and over 35 (which is mostly true). the rest of the leads i've gone through so far have been nearly a year old. i'm not being given much of a chance and i've already broken down crying twice today.

i am really sorry for venting and being so miserable.

seriously, just pin the tail on me now.
Gee Golly. I'm tired as well. Poodle I agree about this sleeping when working out thing, I work out super hard, I get just exhausted then at like, 3, I'm up. So now my body is in a routine. Crud.

(((FJ))) ~*~*~*~*workity vibes*~*~*~*~* And don't worry about venting and feeling miserable. I also suggest the virutal fight club thread and hitting someone with either a trout, tuna or rubber chicken. Those, and the mace, are my peronsal favourites. although carrying around a fish gets a little stinky sometimes.

Hi Lore! Have fun at work today, as much fun as you can have given that it's work and all.

Doodle, more cool stuff for you place, Can I hire you to do my bedroom? Seriously.

Well I should get back to it. I have many phone calls to return.


hahaha, thanks CH. i needed that humor.

A trout!! Hahaha!!

Yeah, I've adapted to this 5:30 am thing and it bugs the shit outta me. My cats have adapted too, which only makes it worse. MEOW!! MEOWWW!!! MMRRRREEOOOWW!! I'M AWAKE NOW, SO FEED ME MAMA!!
What a boring afternoon. I get so much more accomplished in the morning than in the afternoon. This is when CH becomes a slug-o.

FJ, I'm glad I could help *hands over FJ her very trout* smile.gif

Poodle, doesn't that SUCK when you are nice and relaxed and comfy, then the resident piglets start making noise for thier food. Yup, emily was on and off, on and off. It was just too much.

Someone here is listening to Nora Jones, which is all fine and dandy, but now I feel like curling up in a little ball and sleeping.
What really gets to me is when Oscar meows and paws at my face, so I wake up to feed him and he just sits there. He wakes me up for attention.

I just bid $80.01 on a bootleg DVD of the Rat Pack performing at The Sands in '53. I have a DVD of them performing in St. Louis, but it was a more formal affair so there's not a lot of drinking or offensive jokes. Not as much fun as what I've heard on the live CD's. The Sands was basically the Rat Pack's headquarters and I've always wondered what it was like in there during the performances. Wow--a full-length Sands performance. If I win, this will be a gift to myself for reaching the 20 lb. mark. Christ, I've spent waaaay too much money on these guys over the years.
Gratuitous photo of the tulips on my work table:

So, I got my basic mandala shape ("sacred geometry") down. Now I have to figure out what goes in all the different the sections, or around them, or whatever. I'm thinking of having a wild leafy vine form the outside circle, but I haven't decided on anything yet:

Good afternoon everyone!

Poodle, there is nothing wrong with spending money on something you love.

Doodle, what pertty tulips!

Well, I have work news, but I'm going to save it for when I get home. Prying eyes at work.

Ok i think this is where I can say this. It seems like a general thread.

I am at work and I am really tired. I went to go pee and i fell asleep on the toilet.

For reals.
good afternoon okayers!!

(((((fj)))))) **rubs tummy** i'm sorry you are having a rough day. sad.gif

turbo, yeah, i understand not wanting to attract attention. i've had to do the same thing with my posting and such. my first trip is for lake arrowhead, CA the first week in june for a conference. so excited!! are you available for the next chicago bustie gathering at the heartland? i know polly won't be able to make it. we could always go somewhere else too.

poodle, yeah, i would stick with just flirting with nile for right now. but, you never know what could happen. never say never.

kel, keep doing your own thang and the right guy will come along. i hate that line too, but it is the only thing to be said right now.

doodle, can i move in with you?? your place seems so cozy!! you could rock me to sleep by playing deep purple on the guitar. oh, and is that an iron maiden pic i saw on your profile. funny.

fatty mcfattness (one of my parents' cats) likes to throw tantrums when i'm not paying attention by throwing things off the desk like rubber bands and pens. silly cat.

good afternoon okayers!!

(((((fj)))))) **rubs tummy** i'm sorry you are having a rough day. sad.gif

turbo, yeah, i understand not wanting to attract attention. i've had to do the same thing with my posting and such. my first trip is for lake arrowhead, CA the first week in june for a conference. so excited!! are you available for the next chicago bustie gathering at the heartland? i know polly won't be able to make it. we could always go somewhere else too.

poodle, yeah, i would stick with just flirting with nile for right now. but, you never know what could happen. never say never.

kel, keep doing your own thang and the right guy will come along. i hate that line too, but it is the only thing to be said right now.

doodle, can i move in with you?? your place seems so cozy!! you could rock me to sleep by playing deep purple on the guitar. oh, and is that an iron maiden pic i saw on your profile. funny.

fatty mcfattness (one of my parents' cats) likes to throw tantrums when i'm not paying attention by throwing things off the desk like rubber bands and pens. silly cat.

Hi daisy and stargazer!!

Daisy, I've totally done that before. In fact, I think I may have drifted off last night while sitting on the toilet.

"fatty mcfattness" Hahaha!! I love that name!! I call Gus "Fatty McGee" sometimes.

Doodle, those tulips are gorgeous, and I'm loving the mandala design!!

Gar...I don't want to go to the gym tonight, but I should because of all the beer I drank last night.

I need to stay away from ebay. I also bid on a pair of Sands die(sp?), but that's only a wee bit o' money. You'd be amazed how much people are willing to pay for certain dice and chips/coins. People are bidding up to $200 for vintage casino chips (usually from casinos that have been demolished). The Stardust stuff is selling like crazy because the place was just demolished in March. I can't believe they tore down the Stardust. I swear, nothing is sacred in this country.

Okay, I'm gonna try to sneak outta here.
Hi ya'll!!!

Gosh, I hate that I run in here at almost 8pm to catch up. boooo!

Doodle, I love the outline of your new painting! I can't wait to see what you do with it. And the tulips -- gorgeous!

I just got my last check from the old job, with all my vacation rolled in - very nice!

Star, I can still make it next weekend, if there's someplace else you'd like to go, just let me know!

Poodle, you *absolutely* deserve to totally treat yourself...I'm very good about that. heh. smile.gif

FJ, I'm sorry your week isn't getting any better. It sure does sound like you're not being treated very well. BUT, on the flipside, if you and mr fj and squeak by financially until after jackaroo comes, you can find yourself something better when you're ready.

The last day of orientation was good. Very good. I feel like I'm sitting at the big kids' table now - the difference in professionalism from old job to new is incredible. I'm gonna work my ass of at this job, but I think I'm really going to like it. And, the VP of my dept. gave one session and said that they received 200 resumes for my position, and they chose ME. Kind of crazy...oldjob pushed me down for so long, its like coming up for fresh air to be in a place where I'm *wanted* and they keep telling me I'm talented. Pretty cool.
Hi turbo!!

That is sooo badass that they picked you out of so many applicants!! I told you you're a rock star!!

I went back to far I've spent about $5 per pound lost... blink.gif But hey, how many people do you know who have an original, pre-'67 renovation Sands casino ashtray?? I already have one of the standard Sands ashtrays, but this one is extra special.

Okay, I think I'm gonna try to go to bed now so I'm not exhausted when the fur dudes wake me up at 5:30.
Good evening everyone.

Wow, it's been quiet in here.

I saw boy 2 tonight, and got me some lovin'. Tomorrow is Friday! Thank goodness.

Good night everyone.

oh, we were busy, busy beavers here in moxieland. I'm So glad its FRIDAY, hosers! *yes, stupid cannuck-style is the best I can do* Not that cannucks are stupid, but "hoser" is a silly term!

Anyway, I had another rough night last night. It seems that I have no ability to turn my brain "off." I really have to get into some repetitive meditation/exercise thing. This is getting to be TOO much.

On the bright side, I'm seeing turbo tomorrow! your preference kid-free or seeing kidlet?

Okey dokey biatches, i've got work to do. And coffee to drink. And a shower to take. And a budget to create. And...

OH! FJ, I thought of the "loved and lost" cliche when I was reading about your shit-hole situation (and you ARE doing the best you can). You were G.D. miserable in the last job, and you took opportunity when it came around. How ELSE are we to learn about new experiences in life unless we move when we're ready to move?

ok, now, back to the previously mentioned list.
Howdy you hussies!

Everyday for the past three days I've had an hour delay due to heavy fog! Yay for going back to bed!

CH, congrats on the lovin' from Boy 2!

Turbo, we all knew you rocked...and so did they!

Mox, "hoser" makes me giggle and think of Bob and Doug McKenzie.

Poodle, if that's not the best way to celebrate losing weight, I don't know what is.

Star, my friend's cat does that too...just knocks shit over when she isn't giving him enough attention.

Doodle, those tulips make me smile. I heart tulips.

So I've decided I'm going to have a good day today. I'm working REALLY hard on positive thinking and creating a more positive energy around me. I've been negative and cynical all my life, and it hasn't really worked for me. Don't worry, I'm not going to turn into Pollyanna. I'm just going to work on seeing the better side of things and myself. It couldn't hurt to try, right? Hehehe...I feel like Stuart Smalley..."I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggonnit, people like me!" smile.gif

Hey Skanks

Hi Kel! ~*~*~*~good day vibes~*~*~*~

Hey moxie!

Oh thank goodness it's Friday. and payday. And it's cool outside today. Le Sigh. I want a me weekend again. I go through these phases where on weekends I just want to be reclusive. I want nothing more than to have CH time, clean and do what I want when I want.

I'm excited, a store I go to has started selling my favourite organic salsa again. Mmmm, salsa-rific.

Oh mental_floss quiz!

I have loads of work to do, I'm going to get it finished this morning.

Gooooood Morning!!

What's up babes!

I have been away at training for my practicum all week. Am now back at the office. None too happy about it either. Bah!

Happy late birthday Pugs! Did you have a good one?

Jenn, it sounds like your new job is going to be great! 200 resumes! Wow! That's got to make you feel good about yourself. I hope that your new gig gives you all the respect and accolades that you deserve.

I am gonna try to catch up on the archives....

Morning everyone. Its nice an early here (7am) and I dont want to be here! Yay!

I wanna go home and be with Mr.D. We got in a semi fight last night cause I went out with my old roomate and she got big forearm tattoos. We thought it would be done by 9:30 and I ended up getting home at 11:30. And Mr.D had a movie all set up and stuff. sad.gif

I hope everyone elses day goes better than mine so far!
Questions: those of you in LTRs, and those who have previously been in one, after the initial "honeymoon phase" of the relationship (that being the first 18 months), did you notice that your partner stopped doing little romantic things? I know that a slowing down seems inevitable, but did it stop? Flipside: does (did) your partner continue to do those quirky little things?

This is just part of what I am seeing, and it really bothers me. Furthermore, it is not something I know how to address. "Hey! I was just wondering why you don't do little things for me anymore. I'd really like it if you would rub my feet sometime or write to me just because you were thinking of something retarded I did the other day that you thought was cute!" How in the hell does one address this?! This is the kind of shit that makes me get a wandering eyeball, KWIM? I always try to work this shit know, little stuff like a card, a special meal together, complimenting him about whatever. It used to be there, I know it did, otherwise I never would have re-engaged with him, but it's gone now. Don't get me wrong, there is other, a lunch here or there. I remember reading something somewhere about our "love language" or something. Like some people like gifts, some need words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, and quality time.

It's a really strange time in my life, and I get this line from him lately about how I "read too much into things". Perhaps I do, but that felt really dismissive and disrespectful to me. sad.gif I feel, in many ways, that the sand is just slipping through my fingers again.

Sorry for the all-about-me rant here...I've just been really occupiying this space for too long and needed to think it out loud and get some feedback from y'all.

(((FJ))) Darling, you're in a tough place, and to be quite frank pregnancy fucks with your sense of self worth and that CAN'T be helping things. We love you. Mr. FJ loves you, and Jack the Ever-Growing Parasite is going to love his momma to pieces. Try to be kind to yourself.
happy friday, cum dumpsters!

i need to get more creative but that's all i got this morning.

poodle, did you get the dvd? i love that you have all that vintage stuff. i need to go on ebay more often. um, i mean when i actually have money to blow. and hell yes, you should be buying yourself stuff for your weight loss! you deserve it!!

of course, i would be buying myself chocolate cakes or something.

ooh, that reminds me. i have brownie mix in the cupboard and it needs to be made. yes. it neeeeeds it.

missus abigail boots (aka abbersmells) and i have a morning routine lately: i make my cereal and sit down at the computer and she walks all over the desk, laptop, notebook, etc. back and forth swishing her tail and yowling for the milk. SO annoying and yet SO cute. and of course, i always relent and save her a tiny bit at the bottom of the bowl.

mrfj is at the players championship (golf) today. i was supposed to go with him, but i decided to stay at home and work. i can't believe i did that. i should be out enjoying the sun and people-watching. tiger tees off in a little while i suppose. i don't really care about the golfing part, but it's a fun event. last year, mrfj got so wasted on $5 beers that he fell in the mud. i was working that day too and he left me a voicemail while still lying on the ground laughing his ass off. i only recently got rid of the message.

ch, good for you for getting the lovin!! i'm still getting it pretty regularly but it's definintely getting more and more difficult with the belly-bean getting in the way.

hi kari! that does suck to be out of the office all week and back on a friday! boooooo!

hey moxie. i've had that same trouble lately. can't get the brain to turn OFF! but i did take some tylenol pm last night and it helped both with the sleeping and the back pain. thank you, doctor, for reminding me that it's on the ok list!!
Hi, peeps.

I've been laying low and lurking the past couple days, just not in the mood to post, but I've been keeping up.

Jenn, this new job sounds like the day to your old job's night. 200 applicants!? Wow. You really are something, and I'm glad they tell you on a regular basis. More employers need to do that in general.

Doodle, I'm totally not understanding this ticket thing. You got a ticket for not hitting someone? So now you owe money to the province for a crime you didn't commit? I didn't know you could even get those. Yes, that's terrible that someone almost got hurt, but I'd think a stern warning and heartfelt apology to that person would be much more applicable here.

(((((((((FJ)))))))) I'm sorry this new job is so rough on you. Do you need to make 150 dials or talk to that many people in a day? That many dials isn't hard (I've worked at I don't even know how many phone jobs), but talking constantly is.

Poodle, that reward sounds perfect for your weight loss. I'd like to see that DVD sometime. I miss going over to your place and watching old movies. This Nile guy does sound like a little bit of a player. If you wanted a 3rd wheel for drinks, I'd go.

Minx, yeah, that kind of stuff mostly stopped for the giant and me. We'll have been together for 2 years in July. The novelty has pretty much worn off, but we still do little things for each other, though more him for me, but I think that's just how he is. He's more likely to wait on me than I on him. He's never really bought me things out of the blue, and it does seem like going through the motions quite a bit.

Kel, that sucks about that guy. Men don't want smart women, they want women who tell them how smart they are. At least most guys. They don't want a challenge to their authority. I don't understand men like that, don't they want a real conversation every once in awhile?

Hi, Kari! How did your training go?

Hellos also to Moxie, CH, Daisy, and everyone I missed!

I'm so freaking glad today is Friday. This week has seemed more like 6 days long than 5. At least it's nice out and I can walk again. I didn't yesterday because the gay boyfriend picked me up for lunch and we went to Cafe Latte (the boy has never been there before - it floored me), plus it was too damn hot to be moving around much. I look all cute in a ruffled white cardigan over a plain white t-shirt and I'm wearing my Fluevog heels, but they hurt. It's strange because they never hurt when I got them a couple years ago, but the sole doesn't feel even, and part of the suede rouching is rubbing my big toes wrong. I wish I would have brought some flip flops, not that they're even allowed in the office. I don't even want to walk to fill my water bottle.

On the upside, I get to register for classes today. Yippee!

Anyone got plans for the weekend? The giant and I need to shop for his mom's gift, and I'm seeing my parents on Sunday, but that's about it for me. I'm going to really try to make a lot of jewelry and crafts, so we'll see how that goes. It's going to be pretty low-key because I'm broke. I can't wait until next Friday when I'll have some extra cash to blow. I'm so going to drag the giant around with me and make him watch me shop.

Pops into okayland with manslave following with coffee, sweets, and fruit...

*plops down*

It sure has been busy in here this morning. Good, I like it whe it's busy.

Where is Miss Turbo this morning? I hope that work is going well today!

Kari, how has your practicum been going?

(((Daisy))) I'm sorry to hear about your fight with the Mister. Are things better now?

(((minx))) I'm the same way sometimes. I think it happens because men are...clueless.

FJ! Yay on the lovin', and that story about Mr. FJ made me laugh. I'm just picturing it right now. Hee.

Hey Diva, what a relxing weekend. Very nice!

As for me, I just want to take it easy this weekend. I say that, but Saturday's I ususally go out and blow some steam off. I don't about this weekend. I've been feeling kind of introverted lately. I've got some fundage after paying bills and transferring money into my savings account, so this makes me happy. I don't feel like doing much of anything except sleeping right now.

On the other hand, I've finished a lot of my work, so I'm happy! But I still have reports. sad.gif

Later okayers!


Daisy, sorry to hear about you and the mister's tiff last night. Do you guys have time to hang out tonight?

Minx, oh yeah. I know what you are talking about. Yes I do. I think it is important to communicate that to him if it is impacting you. It's not that you are asking him to do anything big & grand. Sometimes it shocks me that guys don't know how little they could do to impress us, you know? It doesn't take a lot of money, it doesn't take a lot of time, but it can go a looooong way.

I've got a question for all the committed peeps too. I love mr K with all my heart. Recently though, I've been having sex dreams about other people. Hot ones. Sometimes it's movie stars, some times it is people I know. How often does this happen to others? I miss that manly attention, I think. The attention you get from your SO is wonderful, and warm, and comfortable, and sometimes very hot. But it is not the same as that initial attention from a new dude or lady.

Hi FJ! Sorry you are having a tough time with work, doll. ((FJ)) How very mature of you to stay home & work while Mr FJ is at the golf tourney! I bet that message of him calling you from the mud was fucking hilarious!

Hi diva! What classes are you registering for? It does sound like you look mighty fetching today. Have fun at lunch!

Hey CH! I am with you, I just wanna sleep. What's up with your boyz lately?

My training went well this week at my practicum site. I got to hang on the units for a while, and I also learned a lot about safety related stuff. I like all the people there, I think it is going to go well. I start my regular hours next week.

This weekend.....not too many plans yet. I was going to meet my friend for a drink tonight, but may bail. I'm feeling puny. I got a migraine this morning after I posted. It subsided fairly quickly, but my stomach is still feeling queasy. I may just hang at home. Tomorrow morning Mr K are dropping the dog off for a hair cut, not sure what we'll do after. We are both off all weekend, which is a nice change. Sunday his aunt & uncle are coming over for dinner. That's all I got.

I'm registering for some business classes, and it's not going well. They expect full payment right when you register, and I'm broke now, so it's going to be a little while before I can get this done, and I'm going to have to shuffle some money around. Grr. At least I can count on my dad for half of it, so I only have to come up with around $500. I can make it happen, but I won't be able to register until June 1st when classes start on June 4th. It still looks like there's plenty of space, and I'm in the last group to register, so I'm not worried about that. I'd like to have everything all said and done right now, but that's not going to happen.

Yeah, I have sex dreams about other people all the time. Rarely does the giant ever come into a dream like that. Oh, well. I figure it's normal.

I wish noon would get here faster. I think I'm going to buy a cheap pair of flip flops at Walgreen's. I don't feel like walking around in my sneakers all day, and these shoes have already given me a blister. Dammit, they never did this to me when I wore them before! Why do they have to put the edges of fabric in just the spot that it'll give you the worst blister?
minx, yes, the honeymoon doesn't last forever. things sort of go on their little routine for a while. but i also have to admit that mrfj and i do little things for each other quite often. not to make you gag or anything, but even this morning i walked in my office to find a note written on my notebook "i love you so much, mama! have a great day and good work on the phones <3". i know. we're sickening. it doesn't happen all the time though. i would advise you to do silly random things yourself and see how he reacts. sometimes, when mrfj is going away on business, i'll go to his luggage and stick a post-it on a shoe telling him how much i dig him. or send him a text pic of my boobs, hehe. that always gets a response. but honestly, it's completely normal for things to ebb and flow.

karianne, i have sex dreams all the time about different people. celebs, hotties i know as well as people that i would NEVER hook up with irl. i've heard that it often means there is something about that person that you admire and would want to emulate. i don't think it has anything to do with actual sex (well, except for my dreams about johnny depp) most of the time but just hormonal surges and subconcious urges. it doesn't have anything to do with your feelings toward mr k, i'm sure.

diva, they want us to get 150 dials. and to me, that's still a lot because we're required to leave messages. i think under normal circumstances (8hour day with a couple breaks) that wouldn't be too hard. but i've got to make these calls during peak hours, which leaves me with about 5 and a half hours to work in. it's really hard to get those calls in consistently. and when you actually get live ones on the other end and set appointments, you can talk to them for a half-hour and that eats up call time. so it's almost set up to make you either do a poor job of setting or meet the dialing reqs, if that makes sense. if someone knows they're guaranteed to make money just by dialing, they'll let people off easier so they can just get the dials in. i'm not doing that by any means, but i can see how it could happen. i'd rather make twenty calls and set three solids. but that's only if i could actually count on the "closers". blah!!!

thanks for the props though on being the responsible adult. i really don't want to be. honestly, i'd rather be laying still on the couch and talking to my little guy and feeling him squirm around. you guys, i have to tell you, it's odd but it is SO incredibly cool. wub.gif

i went to visit an old employer yesterday. it's my old market research editing position. he told me he would be interested in taking me back if i chose to after jackaroo gets here. i told him that i'd prefer to find something that i could do from home and if this position panned out that would be my first choice, but also left the door open to potentially do some freelance work with him in the interim. while i was there, one of the other employees called and said that her water had just broken, a month early, which seemed to make him grimace a bit thinking about the scheduling issue that could cause. and the other editor is going on a cruise next week. so i put it out there again in an email this morning. a little money on the side wouldn't hurt. i made it seem like it was just a visit to show him that i was pregnant. i mean, there were solid reasons that i left that job as well, but it was also my first job out of college and i think i've matured enough to handle myself better. i don't know if i'd want to work there longterm but it's nice to know that i have that option if it came to it. and as far as the most recent job, i would NEVER go back to doing the same thing i was doing. i would go back to outside sales rather than sitting at a client site. i'm not terribly excited about that though. but i talked to someone this morning with my old team (who has moved to the segment i'd be most interested in working with) and she told me i could always come back.

so, i have options. just nothing that will necessarily help me for the next four months unless the freelance work comes through.

so i guess that means i should stop posting and keep dialing...

but it's FRIDAY and i DON'T WANNA!

we are going to have dinner with some friends tomorrow night and play with their new wii. i've not played yet, so i'm looking forward to it. then sunday we get to eat dinner with mrfj's parents, sil and wifey, and his dysfunctional douchebag uncle. this is the guy that, while we sat on his brother's dock in west palm beach overlooking the intracoastal waterway, inhaled his cigarette, exhaled some comment about how beautiful it all was --- and flicked his cigarette into the water below. mrfj and i just looked at him with the open disdain and dismissed him from the conversation. so now he wants to introduce us to his latest redneck fiance and make nice at mother's day dinner. yay!

minxy- the "wooing" is over... but, if those things are important to you, you SHOULD bring it up. Maybe in a conversation that revolves around "hey, i'm very happy with you and how good our life together is, but I think we've both gotten too comfortable and in a bit of a rut. I really miss XYZ that made me think of you in the middle of the day..." be honest, but don't play a blame game. We've been together almost 10 years, and every once in a while, my man pulls out something totally unexpected that makes me smile. And Kari- the sex dreams stuff is normal. Not all of us are courageous enough to act on it like the FJs. sad.gif

Hey Kari, well I've just got boy 2 around right now. I ditched Navy Boy, I won't ever talk to him again. But Boy 2 has a friend, mmm let's call him the third, who he wants me to meet, I'll save those deets.

Minx, I also have sex dreams, when I date someone usually about someone else, I don't worry, I think it's normal.

FJ I'm glad to hear that you have another potential source of income. I hope it works out for you.

Where is doodle? Rawkin' out I imagine. And tree? I hope you're having a good day! What about GT, I've seen you around the lounge, come back to okayland, we meeeeece you. Pugs and grrrl, you too!

Well, I'm going out for lunch today, having lemon pepper halibut. mmmm.

yeah mox, we pretty much have carte blanche to live out those sex dreams if we wanna. of course, right now i'm happy to live vicariously through ch!! culture, seriously, i'm glad you can pick up the reins for me. i would love a nice three way with two boys right now. dayum. please sir, may i have another? but with my bulgin' belly i just don't think i logistically could make it happen. i've had a dozen people come out of the woodwork to tell me about their preggo fantasies but uh, i'm not here to fulfill your needs thankyouverymuch. you're here for MINE! hehehehe

good afternoon okayers!!

i'm not good with insults. so i will just good day. rolleyes.gif

minx, yeah, the honeymoon phase does end after awhile. there are other ways to keep things interesting. i think like moxie said. little things. plus, it seems like men need a little help in that department. they don't like to be told what to do, but if they feel it comes naturally from them, then they are more willing to give. they are not cool with obligation. i have even noticed this in my male friendships. the willing i was to give without the hope of receiving, they gave back with abundance. maybe try doing some little things with him to inspire things.

kari, sex dreams are normal. as i tell people, just because you are in a relationship does not mean you are dead. it ain't over til it's over. attraction never stops. it is human. i would fantasize about other people, but it never changed my devotion to my partner.

CH, i could use some coffee!! actually, i just like the taste of coffee. not so much the buzz. my naturopathic doctor is trying to get me to obstain from coffee during our work...i don't drink it everyday anymore...but, i do miss the taste. and i will have a cup every now and then. why did i just type about coffee?? i'm lame!

ok. for all you mothers out there. or for whoever needs a good laugh. i thought i would share a conversation i had with my mom recently. i posted this convo in my myspace blog too.

me: "have you been watching dancing with the stars?"

mom: "no! i'm boycotting it!"

me: "why?"

mom: "because of that one legged bitch!"

me: (pause) "you mean, heather mills-mccartney."

mom: "yes. that one legged bitch."

mom: "she's always blaming things on her prosthetic. (mocking heather mills-mccartney) 'if i had the right kind of prosthetic, then i would be able to dance better.' no. it is because you are a one legged bitch."

happy mother's day to all mothers even if she is a one legged bitch.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA! stargazer, that is priceless.
Stargazer your mom is a.w.e.s.o.m.e.
Oh man, stargazer, that is hilarious.

Dudes, I am so ready to go home. Two more hours. Can I make it? I think so.

CH, oh yeah, I forgot about that stupid BS navy boy was saying. His loss, babe. This third sounds interesting though.....

Yeah, I think I am just starting to feel the reality of being married. I love it, I wouldn't trade it, but I do miss some things. I am sure the mister feels the same. How can you not.

I have not worked out once this week, I'm feeling kind of like a sloth. I don't have any plans on working out this weekend either though. tongue.gif I must not feel too bad about it!

FJ, your meeting with your old boss sounds like it may be promising. Nice work!
Hi peepers!!

I think all of this relationship stuff is normal. I think you just have to tell him that women need to hear that romantic stuff, no matter how long you've been together. And the sex dreams? That's pretty normal, too.

Diva, what classes are you gonna take?

No, the Rat Pack DVD auction hasn't ended yet. Right now the bidding is up to $36.00, but I'm still the top bidder.

FJ, that's so cute about abigail boots. I was using my mouse this morning and Oscar decided to sit right on top of my hand. Gus likes to walk back and forth on my keyboard. Really annoying, but still cute.

That's funny, stargazer. Heather Mills is gone now. Actually, she didn't talk about her leg very often. I'm a total Dancing with the Stars addict. I can't decide if I'm behind Laila Ali, Apolo Anton Ohno, or Joey Fatone. I think Joey Fatone is probably the best.

Minx, how do you know Nile?! I wouldn't call Nile a "player." He's not manipulative or promiscuous. He's more like an independent, flirtatious bachelor.

Gah, I was gonna say some stuff, but I have a headache.

Good afternoon good afternoon.

So, I agree poodle, this day is never ending. I've got papers all over my office, my phone keeps in blinking to let me know I probably have 6 new messages, even though I just checked my voice mail 30 minutes ago!!!

Ahhh FJ! Mmm 3way, I'm excited about meeting The Third. Hee smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif You are more than welcome to live through me, I get nice and graphic in the PORTIONS thread. *slips into fantasy land*

Star, your mom Rawks! That is too funny!

kari, just get some portions, that'll count. Hee.

gaaa, I have people here to see me and I am covering too. Must go, be back soon.

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