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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Mmmmm....maybe I'll make pizza tonight, too!! Lemme see, I've got some spinach, basil, and garlic. That should do it!!

I'm a pretty hardcore Dean Martin fan, culture. Just ask Ms. Diva!! If I could meet any celebrity living or dead, I'd pick Dino. R.I.P., amore mio!!

Poods, I knew you'd get that, 'cause you are the most smartest. wink.gif
Awww...grazie signorina!!
i hope turbo is rocking it up at her new job.
and go fj on making those calls. and mondo hugs for you! and ~*~*~*~get a better arrangement for you busting your butt of~*~*~*~

i'm drinking coffee, stealing musics off the internet, and being too lazy to go have a shower, all while ignoring my visa bill. multi-tasking at its finest
internet is still down at work. fuckers. well, its not the buildings fault, i suppose...and I was super productivo, but still...i feel so CUT OFF when i can't catch up with you all all day. Feh.

Poodle, isn't drinks with Nile a date?

Minxy--hope all is well, body and mind.

Diva- Do not rush into any kidlets...i adore moxette, but we made a solid desicision to put off other stuff to have kidlets.

Hmmm...good things tuesday:

1. Just found out that BFF's little one will be in moxette's class at daycare come September. He's a 10-monther, as his momma is a teacher. But, we're crazy excited the kids will be together.
2. Thai food for dinner. Its the first really HOT day here, and we don't have the AC running in the kitchen, i'm not cooking.
3. Idol on my TV
4. Moxette is taking an afterschool nap, so I have time to BUST and drink a glass of vino.
5. Fondue for desert. Yum.
Doodle, I've been to spas before, and I'd say, if you have a gift certificate and you aren't gonna be a regular and it's a once in a while treat thing, get a massage and a pedicure. If you have money left, get a facial. If you still have money left, get a manicure with a paraffin treatment.

Gah. I had such a craptastic day that craptastic doesnt even begin to describe it. What's worse than craptastic? Farktastic?

We have the world's dirtiest chilled water system at the's like mud, seriously. Well, they try to use it to keep condensers cool, which they need good water flow.

So we have plugged up condensers. We go to open them up and flush them out. I go and shut the isolation valves which are down the hallway and up a different corridor and up in the ceiling. I get up there and find out that one of the valves is a "balancing valve" which in my opinion should never be used as a shutoff valve, but oh, well, that's what we have. I go to shut it off and it has a plastic handle which promptly breaks off. So I'm looking at the valve stem which has a flat side and a round side and trying to look at it and figure out what's "off" and what's "on" and looking at the broken handle and trying to match it up.

Mind you, this is 180 PSI water/mud we're talking about here.

So, I get it where I'm mostly certain it's "off".

We do our stuff, go to turn the valves back on and I go to the debateable valve and I turn it to where I'm mostly certain that it's "on". No water.

so now I am completely uncertain if I actually have the valve "on", or if the pipe is plugged. My partner tells me to go turn the valve "off". and I'm less certain about where "off" is, than I was before. So he re-opens the condenser and gets 180 PSI water spraying all over the place. I dive off the ceiling of the walk in, sprint down the hallway and try to close the valve.

It didn't matter. No matter how I turned the valve, the water just wouldn't stop. I was turning the valve stem, listening to the water flow, and it's getting quieter, and getting louder, and I can't see what's going on because I'm halfway down the hallway, and I never hear the water stop and there's like 100 gallons of muddy water per minute spraying all over my poor partner and, OMG....and I'm trying to analyze, is it getting louder because I'm pinching the flow off and the velocity is increasing, or is it getting louder because I'm actually opening the valve and getting more water, and my partner is way down the hallway and he's yelling and I can't understand what he's saying....OMG stressful! I actually started crying with frustration which made things much worse cause I was surrounded by men...

So I eventually give up trying to close the valve and just go up on top of the walkin with my partner and re-close the pipe with the water spraying. I never did get the valve to close.

We flooded the building, three floors.


We left early and went to the bar. Screw it, after that.

I feel bad for the custodians.

But, still, screw it. Systems should not. be. installed that stupidly, was an accident waiting to happen. I think that balancing valve broke when I first tried to close it. I think the pipe was plugged with mud and we got temporarily lucky when we were cleaning the condenser that the plug didn't blow out.


When I settle down a bit I'll be back and I won't be so self absorbed, I promise.
It sure is weird without Jenn posting during the day. I hope she had a good first day at the new place.

Poodle is so freaking hardcore Dean Martin, lemme tell ya. Even those times his face looked like leather, she still loved him.

Holy crap, Treehugger! Wow, that's a lotta filthy water.

((((((((((FJ))))))))) I hope your "friend" calls you soon and you can hash this all out.

Hi, Moxie and Minxy! Damn, I could go for some fondue for dessert. There's a really good one I found called Potion #9 that's amazing.

I went for my lunchtime walk today, and goddamn if it didn't kill my ankles and calves. I even tried stretching, but everything below my knees was just ANGRY. Add to that that it's pretty warm today with no breeze, and I'm wearing a sweater, and it was very uncomfortable. Granted, it's a spring sweater with short sleeves, but still, there's yarn involved. My face didn't come back to it's normal color for well over an hour after.

Since then, I've drank at least 4 bottles of water. Needless to say, my pee now has no color.

Time for me to blow this popsicle stand. Bye!
Hi honey, I'm home!!

Wow, treehugger flooded three floors! I'm so impressed!

lorewolf, that is an impressive hookah...I almost considered shopping for parts this afternoon! wink.gif

Hi also poods, diva, culture, (((((FJ))))), tyger (it ain't stealin' in Canada - it's legal!), and minx!

I miss turbo, also.

Well, the gyno is sending me for blood tests first thing tomorrow morning, and then I see him again on the 17th when he gets the results. He didn't freak over the bag of hair, but he'd already noticed my weirdness when he caught me rocking out to my headphones in the waiting room (which was a little embarrassing and I said so, but he was pretty cool). Anyway, I won't know more until the tests, and he wrote down some shit for me to read up on. Also, he's totally ok with doing a tubal ligation. Also, I have to take iron supplements.

Also, I can sing "Wasting Love" just like Bruce Dickinson (from the belly), but I had to discover that in the car because I don't want to sing that loud in the apartment building. *blushes*

That is all.

ETA: I still don't know what spa thingies to pick. I can't have a facial or make-up (except my own) because my skin is so sensitive and weird, that I'm convinced only *I* know how to handle it. And also, I won't let anyone touch my hair but my stylist. I'd love to have a pedicure, but my feet are so gross with thick callouses and messy cuticles, that I don't think it's fair to inflict my feet on someone else (though it would be nice if somebody else dealt with all of that!). Manicure....well, I play guitar, so my finger nails are about a millimetre long, but I'd still have a hell, I just don't know what to do! I've never been a girlie-girl. I think I will end up going for the waxing and maybe massage...has anyone ever done the hot stone back massage? Ooh, or I could get exfoliated and body-bronzed for summer! That would eat up half the cert. right long does the spray tan last, anyway?
right, good things tuesday!
i have two days off in a row
buffy, paper mario, and sexings tonight
i'm all clean from the shower
my eyeshadow is bright green on the lid and hot pink on the browbone and it is smoking hot.


This is gonna be a quickie, cause I'm crashing now, I think due to post traumatic stress of the flooding.

But, don't do a waxing.

I don't care what you do. But don't use that $200 to inflict pain on yourself! You can do that all by yourself! Use that $200 for all nice, luxurious, indulgent things!

And don't worry about inflicting somebody else on callouses and the like. Get that pedicure if you want it!
Good Evening Good Evening.

Tree, I'm going to have to agree with Doodle on this, three floors, verrrrrrrry impressive!

Doodle, I'm glad your gyno's so prompt about things! *subliminal message time* come to Winnipeg, come to Winnipeg. Hee. It's going to be 32 degrees here tomorrow. That would be around 90 farenheit, I believe.

poodle, would you want to meet the rest of the rat pack? if it were possible ofcourse.

Hi minx, mox, diva, and tyger!

So I had a crazy hard workout today, and I'm going to take houndy to the park in about an hour. It's too hot for a black puppy!

I wonder how turbo's first day went? Good I hope.

That is all

i'm spending money i don't have to go see spiderman 3 tonight. meh, i no longer care. i'm poor in general, what's another ten bucks, right? plus, the important part is the hanging out that occurs on the walk to and from the theatre anyway

so, at 10 pacific tomorrow morning can i get some kickass job interview vibes for the boything? it's a job he'd really like, and then he'll have money for things like a bed that's actually big enough to properly fit two people on it, which i'm a big fan of
quick and very, very quiet and cautious flyby to say, I am sitting outside on my balcony on an unsecured wireless internet...and there is a little sparrow eating at the birdfeeder, maybe two feet away! Of course, I am being very quiet and gentle with my movements.


I do like the little animals.
*runs in and flops on the okayland couch*

Hi hi HI everybustie!!!

Thanks for all the love, vibes and missin' me today - I missed ya'll too! Its so HARD to be a good little employee and not surf the net! But, I'm also doubting that they track where you go on the net, so hopefully once things settle down next week, I'll be able to pop in around lunchtime.

(((((tree)))) That SO royally sucks about all the water, and lousy systems. Any chance you can use this as a teaching moment, and get the uni to get up to speed on properly labeled and maintained equiptment? Seems like this isn't even close to the first time that you've come across shit like this....this one was just, uh, more dramatic. I hope your soggy co-worker is okay.

(((((FJ)))) I'm sorry your job is still sucking. But whatever happens, I'm sure once jackaroo comes, and you have a few months together, you can decide what you want to do for work. I hope you kicked some ass on your conference call!

Doodle, I'm glad you saw the gyno, and that you have some stuff to research - and YAY for tubals!!

Oh, my first was GREAT!!!! I LOVE my new team, they are all fabulously fun and talented women...and my boss is great, and the VP (the only dude) is not only brilliant, but takes every opportunity to praise and pump his staff up. Its going to be a great fit, and a big challenge, and I KNOW I am going to love working downtown, even if my bank account may scream on occasion. heh.

Well, I need to turbo outside, it was a long day, and poor pupper is getting screwed with only one walk, 'cause I need a bath!

Oh, and Doodle, go for the hot stone massage...its unfuckingbelievable how noodley and relaxed you'll be afterward!
*turns on turbo's bath and pours in favorite oils and smelly stuffs*

SO GLAD the first day went well!

Still seeing you saturday night? internet down at

*toddles off to bed*
Happy Almost-Over Tuesday Everyone.

What I wouldn't give to be able to Bust during the much to catch up on!

Tyger, that's great about you and ze Boything. Thanks for your advice, btw.

Poodle, reading your post about the makeshift slip and slide reminds me of my youth! I think of all the ways we nearly killed ourselves doing crazy stuff like that. Kids today may as well be wrapped in bubble wrap the way parents are so into safety. Bike helmet? What bike helmet? And YAY for losing 20 pounds! What an accomplishment!

Yay Lore and his new friend and his homemade smoking apparatus!

RV, hope your real estate madness gets resolved soon!

Doodle, maybe you could make a hybrid Dixie Maidens type of band. Or the Iron Chicks? And leg waxing...I dunno how long it lasts, but every woman in Spain does and swears by the results. Apparently it last awhile. I did it myself once (badly) and I found the ripping sensation oddly appealing.

Baby pressure...yuck. My dad does that shit to me. Not everyone wants to breed, not there's anything wrong with breeding. It's just not what everyone wants.

~~~~~anti cramp vibes~~~~~~~~~for Moxie

FJ-150 calls? You are amazing. I'd start cussing people out after about call 90 or so. ~~~~~~~~sales vibes~~~~~~~~

Tree...three floors flooded? Makes my day seem pretty good. Egad.

Hello Diva and CH!

Well, I cried on and off all day today. Talked with several good friends and my therapist and got some good ideas on how to handle this. I mean, really, I may never hear from Newboy again and then I won't have to worry about it. But if I do, well, I'll just have to figure it out. If it's not him, it will be someone else. It's part of my life now. I have to deal with it as best as I can. It just sucks and I still can't believe how unlucky I am sometimes.

Good things Tuesday:
1. Good coffee with a good friend
2. My dog loves me no matter what
3. My therapist is the most awesome dude on the planet

ETA: Cross post with Turbo! Yay for a wonderful start at your new job!
TJ!!! great to see you and great that you had a wonderful first day at the new jobby job! i really hope they continue to appreciate you and what you have to offer!!!

tree, your last post made me smile so big. good for you for decompressing on the porch with the birds. smile.gif

i am about to hop in the tub. i got my 150 calls in tonight, well actually 153 if you're counting... i was hoping for way more. i kind of want to stick a big FUCK YOU in their faces and show them who's working hard. so i'm just gonna keep making the calls. i honestly do hope she's right and that more calls on my part will equal more money. but at the same time, i can't help but feel satisfaction if it doesn't because it shows that i've BEEN working hard already. anyway... conference call was boring. i rarely talk on them unless i've been given an assignment. "friend' wasn't on it. she was scheduled to be, but didn't make it. guess i'm not the only one she doesn't follow up with.

oh, but i'm not bitter or anything. hehehehe

ok, bathtub and then i hafta cut mrfj's hairs.

oh, doodle, i've been thinking. i think you should get a massage and then save the rest for another massage in a couple weeks. no one says you have to use the whole thing at once, right??

Kel, just be kind to yourself....I think that's the best advice for transitional times. And I'm glad you have good friends and an excellent therapist for support.

POODLE!!! CONGRATS on the weight loss!!! And for the happy boobies (yes, kel, Happy Boobies would make a great band name) tongue.gif!!

FJ, GOOD for you for sticking up for yourself, proving your hard work, and whatever happens, you'll have done your job!

Mox, we are definitely still on for dinner saturday night!

Okay, doggie still hasn't been walked. Must do that. Turbomann is out of town for work, so I can't make him do it, either.
Good evening okayers!

(((kel))) sweetie.

Jenn, I'm thrilled that your first day went so well!

~*~*~*~early interview vibes for tyger's boything*~*~*~*~

FJ! Woot on the 150 calls! oh awit, 153. take that being a jerk-y boss.

Tree, I love when little birds come close. I used to have a bird feeder, and there was this little one legged bird-y that always used to come and hang out.

So I took the hound to the park, and that aggressive sheppard was there, but left Emily alone, ever since she stood up for herself. Feeling nice and relaxed after the work out, kind of hungry, but I'm not too sure what I want to eat. Hmmm, maybe I'll have some cereal.


Hi everyone!

Hi turbo, glad you had a good day at work! I hope it turns out really great for you!

I can't stay, I am learning "Travelin' Soldier" tonight...

hey party peeps!
just skating by to say hi!
good things tuesday (for a couple more hours):

1. remembering how to make a brown cow (two parts pepsi, one part milk, a dallop of chocolate syrup)
2. the boything called and left a message. he is duly impressed with my balls in going through with the piercing, and after a lousy cameraphone pic agrees that yes, it is entirely too cute, and he can't wait to get his mouth on it
3. it was so hot and yucky all day today at work, but by 9, the weather was perfect for a bike ride
4. i've got a box of sugarcones in the cupboard and my last pint of dublin mudslide softening on the counter
5. my period's almost over
6. margaret cho on youtube

tree, i'm sure it sucked ass at the time, but your tale of workplace flooding made me laugh til i nearly peed my pants. i'm just waiting for that kind of industrial chaos to happen at the plant one of these days. and as often as i try to "help" production without really knowing how everything works, i'm sure i will be the cause. i remember one time i went to turn off the belt from the wing area to the tank cause the tank was getting full, and there was no directional signs on the valve for which way was slow/off and which one was speed up/send things flying, so i turned it what i thought was the right way, and next thing i knew one of the guys across the room in bagging jumped because a wing pelted him the back of the head. i very quickly turned the valve in the other direction and walked away. that was the day i learned my most useful spanish phrase: no se vi nada! (i didn't see nothin'!) biggrin.gif

~*~*~ feel good vibes and baby belly rubs for fj~*~*~
~*~*~hair and general good health vibes for doodle~*~*~
~*~*~anti-anxiety new boy vibes for kelkel~*~*~
~*~*~look back at this and laugh vibes for tree~*~*~
~*~*~get your newly curvy ass back in here vibes at gt~*~*~

*waves hi to everyone else i missed*
goooood morning busties! We all slept well here in moxieland, which makes for a very happy momma indeed.

FJ, GOOD for you for the work ethic. I'm a cynic, so I shall not utter my thoughts admist bustie vibes.

So, I've decided that I'm not gonna kill myself at work anymore. Hard effort, sure. I love my job, and 90% of the time enjoy the fast-paced work we do. BUT, I've also realized that push-push-push without any outlet for me causes me to get violently ill, which, of course, makes me no good to anybody. SO, this morning, instead of rushing to get an hour of work in before i head downtown to rush around all day, I'm busting. And prepping dinner. And taking a LONG morning shower (energy be damned). And tonight, I might work, I might not. And, I've GOT to find time to exercise...the weight is down from bebe, but i'm flubby and not as strong or flexible as I want to be. I am paying for a GD gym membership...I should use it. Right?

With that said, the coffee is brewing, moxette is snoozing again (after a quick baba-cuddle) and I should work. I'm up, my house is clean, and I realized there is no prep for dinner...we're having a salad, and everything is already chopped.
Heee, grrl, I now giggle to myself when I re-read the story. What sucks, though, is that we have two more of them to do! We have to go back today! I swear, they are going to ban us from the building yet.

But...I had a midnight relevation...I think I now know what to focus on doing if my body won't do this work anymore! I don't know what the title for the person is called, I know it's not "building inspector" but I want to go around on new construction sites, while the work is in progress, before it's done, and be the person who points to things and says, "That is unacceptable, move those valves", and the like. Maybe someday I can prevent catastrophes like that? And who better to do that job than a person who's PERSONALLY dealt with the ramifications of incorrectly and stupidly installed equipment?

I had a deal a couple years ago, I was working on a plugged up steam radiator, had gone to shut off the valve, was working on it, and the pipe broke and the plug flew loose, along with a LOT of steam, turns out the isolation valve was broken and nobody had labeled it (sounds familiar doesn't it?)

But, this was dumb because I had to shut off ALL the steam to the building because that had been the only isolation I ran to where it came in the building, and, stupidity ensued. I had to climb up a ladder, shut off, not one valve, but EIGHT valves, all right next to each other, burning myself badly in the process, to cut off the building. And they all were the big valves with handles that you have to spin around like four thousand times. By the time I got it turned off, the fire department was there and the building evacuated.

I mean, duh! Can't they install stuff with potential emergency situations in mind? I should have only had to close one, monster valve, to cut the whole building off.

/self absorption

Grrl, how long before he can put his mouth on it?? I'm quite curious about this...

CH, I like hearing the stories about your dog's encounters at the dog park. I used to have a black lab/cocker spaniel mix and she was such a low key friendly dog, but she didn't like dogs that were bigger than her.

Doodle, you're just racing through all those songs, aren't you? I was wanting to get better at playing the djembe before drum circle season started, but then my wrist and my elbows acted up and now the season's already here. Oh, well. And, yay for tubals! I'm glad I had mine last year, and I'll look forward to watching your progress.

~*~*hair vibes for doodle*~*~

Wow, 150 calls a day, FJ? I'm in awe. And congrats on getting it all done!

~*~*sales vibes for FJ*~*~

~*~*feel better vibes for kel*~*~

Turbo, I'm so glad you had a good first day! May all the rest of your days there go as well.

Poodle, CONGRATULATIONS on that weight loss! Awesome!

~*~*no more cramps*~*~ vibes for moxie....

Later, okayers! I could use some "no floods" vibes today!
tree- it IS called a building inspector! We run into them from time to time in my line of work. Good folks. City departments they work for suck ass, but that's not the inspector's fault!

Ok, off to shower.
Good mornin' ya'll! I'm caught up here for the moment, so I'm savoring it! smile.gif

Today starts 2 days of orientation for all new employees for the entire state...I'm hoping it helps to give me a clue about how this vast org works.

More emails coming from oldjob about the suffering and panic of bitchboss. This secretly pleases me, especially with newbosses being so warm, and complementary of their staff. I think I landed a very good gig.

*swipes an ice cream cone from grrrl for brekkie*

Doodle, I think traveling soldier is one of the most beautiful songs the Chicks have written.

Okay, off to work, see you bitches tonight!!
Good Morning on this Wednesday. The week is half done.

It's going to be sombitch hot today. too hot, not happy when I have to drive home and the AC isn't working *grumbles to self* I have to get that fixed.

Tree, good to see you are doing better, of course, if people would label things that would make things so much easier. I can answer the question for you. You should wait about a month before someone plays with the VCH peircing with fingers our mouth.

Grrrl, I can guarentee you, when boything goes down on you and plays with VCH, you are going to wonder why you waited so long to do it.

*slips into fantasy land, thinking of boy 2 going down on me*

Oops, sorry 'bout that. smile.gif

Jenn, I happy for you! I would also be happy hearing about how things were going. Hee.

Moxie, yay on sleeping moxette!

Hi Doodle!

Hi GT, yay on the sweet new ass and sexay hips! *whistles*

Well, there is not much going on here, same old same old. Shit loads of work to do today. I should get to it.


happy hump day, my BUSTies!

i'm having a really hard time getting going today. i've made a few calls but i'm still worn out from last night! but i have several appointments today and i'm just trying to maintain my confidence in the "closers" and hope they'll pull something out for me.

i'm about to take a happy break though and make out invitations for my baby shower. i have to get them in the mail soon.

it's all smokey outside here, and rainy too. there are wildfires in central fl as well as ga so the rain is good, but it's not the torrential stuff we really need. i can't keep my windows open though because the smoke is still too strong. it's super hazy out.

tree, i hope you're having less of an issue today with the valves. and yes, you would make an awesome bldg inspector because you know how everything is SUPPOSED to work. smile.gif

i hope everyone else is doing well.

~*~*~*~*~((((((vibes and hugs to all that need 'em)))))~*~*~*~*~
Hi everyone!!

*tosses confetti*

Yay for turbo's good first day!!!!

Yay for girltrouble's hips!!! Hips are fun.

Ice cream for breakfast....mmmmm....I haven't had real ice cream in sooooo long.

Now for my daily Nile report: I swear, some higher power is messing with my head (and hormones). So yesterday, I was telling him about how I spent half of the day watching Dean Martin performances, and he told me about how he went to a Rat Pack impersonator show a while back and the dude who played Dean Martin looked exactly like him. Anyway, now that I know Nile likes the Rat Pack, I'm even more turned on. Gah!! He hugged me and kissed my hand again last night. It's torture!! Pure torture!!!!!! I don't feel good about asking him on a "DATE date" because of this other woman. Also, he's a lover-type, in general, so who knows if he even likes me "that" way.

Actually, Nile sorta looks like Dean Martin. A half-Arab Dean Martin.

ETA- I gotta say, knowing that I'll see him every weeknight is a great incentive for working out.
dang, poodle. i like this nile dude. he sounds like a cassanova! he could definitely be fun to hang around with, maybe get a little makeout session and see what happens. AND he likes dean-o!?! that is awesome. hmmm, i'm thinking you should invite a couple friends over for a rat pack party, only everyone else's invitations get "lost in the mail" except for nile's. yes, yes. that would be a great idea.

ok, i have one lady in the office so far today and the rest of my peeps have assured me they'll be there. the lady in there right now is awesome. she had a brain tumor three years ago and her husband LEFT her while she was still in the hospital. she had to learn to walk, talk, feed herself, everything all over again. i really like her. she cancelled on me last week but i called her on monday and she said she had kicked her own ass all weekend because she didn't go. i don't know if she can afford it, but i've been told it's not my job to figure that part out. i hope they'll offer her something decent that she can afford. she needs some hope in her life. even if that's not going to help my own plight. it's still nice to see that she showed. if the rest of the people i have on tap show, i'll have a 68% show factor this pay period, which is TWICE what my "friend" said is considered to be good.
Damn, the guy left her?! What an ass. I'm glad she's doing well though!!

"he sounds like a cassanova" Yeah, that's part of the problem. Heh...we talk about some pretty racey stuff. I don't think he's used to women speaking so lasciviously. I know he likes it though. Yesterday, we were talking about asses, and he said he likes women with curves and ample bottoms, so I said, "Well, Nile, you know what they say...the bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin'!!" He practically fell off the machine. God, I'm such a brazen hussy. I just can't control myself around certain guys. It just comes out!!
Jeepers, poodle, it sounds like Nile is practically throwing himself at you!! wink.gif

Hi everyone...

Just got back from the lab, where they took FIVE vials of my blood!

treehugger, I finally mailed your parcel o' books this morning!!!!

So...there was an RCMP constable's card on my car this morning. I phoned her when I got home from the lab....and apparently I almost HIT a pedestrian downtown yesterday while making a right turn! I had NO clue! (I'm a pretty safe driver, except for speeding of course.) The woman is okay - I never actually hit her - but she was shaken up, and she and her friend reported me. Now I'm freaking out about almost hitting someone. So anyway, the RCMP constable is coming over today to issue me a ticket. DAMN. I hope it's not a huge fine. I mean, if I really did almost hit someone, that was definitely a dangerous action and I have to take my punishment, but I don't have the money for a ticket, not at all.


ETA: the constable just was here...the fine is $167, but she says I could probably get it reduced in court due to hardship. She says if I choose to dispute it in court (that includes asking for a reduced fine), it will probably take a year to even get there! Which is good for me. It means I won't have to ask anyone for a loan - or explain why!

George is apparently not afraid of RCMPs.
Good Afternoon okayers.

Poodle, I agree about Nile, in my experience, just be careful, don't want a player. Not that I'm saying that he is, just be careful...

FJ, I can't believe that guy left her, she's better off without him. Punches FJ's "friend" in the neck.

Doodle, can you appeal the fine? If you do, it would still put off paying it for a while. If you have to pay it, can you work out a payment plan maybe? And damn five vials! I think the most I had taken was 7 or 8...ick!

So I went shopping, again. I bought two really cutesie little shirts. Didn't Find any fun pants though. I'll wait on the bottoms anyways.

Well, I'm swamped at work today.

Later okayers!

honestly, it sounds like you two are hardcore flirting and there is nothing wrong with that!! i would love to see what a couple of cocktails might do to that whole situation. hehehe

yeah, the dude left her while she was still in the hospital. took her kids too. apparently, he'd been cheating on her and took the brain tumor and the fact that she was in a coma as his ticket out. some people are SUCH assholes. GAH! i am amazed at some of the stories i hear. anyway, the office sold her on a very small contract, but even though it does nothing really for me ($6) i feel good for her. i hope they can do something to give her some hope.

doodle, that sucks! i can't believe they tracked you down to give you a ticket!! i hope they don't give you a big one!
hmmm, i'm thinking you should invite a couple friends over for a rat pack party, only everyone else's invitations get "lost in the mail" except for nile's.

Poods, that's more or less how moxieman and i ended up on our first "date." Some friends said we'd all "go out" together, and they all cancelled. I was so freaked out (and so was he!) that we both brought friend backup. Turbo was mine! We saw "Boogie Nights" then dropped turbo off and went to my pad and made out all night.
poodle, you could test the waters by saying something vague, like; a whole bunch of us are going out whenever, and you should come along. See what he says.

I want this day to be over. I'm sick of working, I'm sick of the number of files I have where people are pulling off fraud, and I currently am in a waiting came. I just want to catch them then close the bloody file already! It looks like a bloody paper bomb exploded on my desk. There are files and paper for files everywhere!

That is all.

Hey again all...I kinda explained the ticket sitch in my last ETA, but to the short of it: the fine is $167. Yeah, I can appeal the amount, and the constable's open to lowering it if take it to court. But I'm not going to fight the ticket itself, because I think I probably did make a really stupid driving mistake, and I couldn't lie and say otherwise.

And also George sniffed a cop. (She thinks he was smelling her cat, but I know for a fact he was checking her out for reefer. Because George always comes out for the reefer.)
I would personally appeal it, even if you lost, it's still a year away. if she doesn't show does that mean that you automatically prevail and win your "case"?

A drug sniffing cat, I love it! Now I am picturing George in a superhero outfit with plant for a logo.

I have far too much time on my hands. Hee.
Hardcore flirting--yeah, that's pretty much what it is. I think I'll just ask him if he wants to get a drink or two at the bar next door after he's done with his shift and I'm done pumping iron (on a Friday). That's reasonable, I think.

Ha! Mox, that's hilarious that you guys watched BOOGIE NIGHTS on your first "date." It sounds like it would be a little awkward. No wonder you guys ended up making out!!

Ugh. That sucks about the fine, doodle. Damn.


ETA - (X-post) "I am picturing George in a superhero outfit with plant for a logo" Hahahahaha!!!
George kind of looks like a superhero cat, I think. But he's like a superhero for potheads. If you bring marijuana into our home, he will probably lay his prized furry mouse at your feet.

I've seen him do this.
I've never smoked pot (or anything for that matter) so I could be totally wrong here- doesn't it smell pretty plant-y? I wonder if he thinks it's catnip....or you've just corrupted your cat! tongue.gif
Hi peeps!

So I got a reprieve from the valve from hell building, today. We had an emergency, the UW police AC wasn't working! Can't have the cops pouty.

So I spent the day on the roof washing the condensers. What a nice easy job, no thinking involved, no stress involved...and I think I got a little bit of a farmer tan.

But, unfortunately that means, back to hell building tomorrow.


Polly, no, weed doesn't smell like catnip. I'd be willing to be that George has made the association between the smell of weed, and the general laid back, happy go lucky feeling his owner and friends get when partaking.

Doodle, I almost hit a pedestrian like that. I was turning left and the pedestrian was crossing the street, and I was driving *just* fast enough that the pedestrian kept pace with me and stayed in my blind spot the entire time! He ended up jumping out of the way! I'd be willing to bet that's what happened to you.

You haven't lived till you try to drive through UW Madison during a class change...49,000 students all hitting the streets at the same time....eeeek!

So, doodle, should I expect it to take about three weeks or so? And, thank you. It'll be nice to have some new reading material for the bus ride to and from work.

Poodle, I'm glad you're having fun flirting!

CH, it must get frustrating seeing all the fraud out there. And, thanks for the info on the "waiting" period. I'm not sure Bear could last that long...hehe

FJ, what a sad story! ~*~*sales vibes*~*~

Okay, I gotta go open the new window and read the rest of the thread!
Doodle, dood, so sorry the RCMP tracked you down and issued you a ticket. I know I have had an experience or two where I almost ran over pedestrians doing a right turn. It's effing scary. I wonder if they had just gone into the crosswalk, you turned and they jumped back and took your license plate number. That must be what happened, probably. I'm glad you didn't hit anyone, and I want to assure you that if you had, you would have noticed. I know this is a freaky experience, but it turns out that everyone is OK, and the RCMP sounded nice when she told you that you could probably have it reduced because of hardship.

I know I would probably not contest it. I would assume that someone took my license plate number down for a reason, and trust that I fucked up and scared the shit out of someone. But $167 is a lot of money. I couldn't afford that all at once. Too bad you can't just find the people you almost hit and apologize, give 'em hugs and buy them a little gift and be done with it.

How about a Hallmark card: "My apologies for almost creaming you at an intersection." And it has a picture of a beautiful beach sunset on the front. A couple of loons floating in the distance.

Poodle - First of all, I want to say WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!! on losing 20 pounds! That's so awesome. Way to go! And also, about Nile - you have to ask him to go have drinks because *I* have a crush on him on your behalf. I feel all butterfly-y inside when you talk about him, because he sounds *H*O*T*! And he flirts back, which is awesome. I also have this feeling that a date might ruin the good time you're having, but going out for drinks and more flirting and maybe making out (which is also a date, I guess) sounds like more fun.

FJ - way to go on breaking 150 calls. Too bad your hard work isn't turning into $$$$$. You deserve mucho dinero. After jackeroo arrives, maybe you can get into something more lucrative and fun - I wouldn't rush into seeing if you can get your old job back. If I remember correctly, you weren't that into it. But I hope you find something that pays the bills, provides for some fun-ness, and that fulfills your giant heart. Seriously. You have the kindest heart - just reading your posts about how this lady or that man are taking a big step toward fun and love, and how you may not make any money off of them, but you are happy they are taking the plunge - it just warms my heart.

Moxie - I love your updates on Moxette. Sorry she looks like a pro hockey player right now. I bet that was tough on both of you - well, tougher on you. Heikki took a spill once on our way to Sears to get his pictures taken. He had a big welt on his chin that was bleeding a little bit. He cried and cried, and his eyes were all puffy. I thought about cancelling the pictures, but I thought it was too late, so we went anyway. In the pictures, you can barely see the owie, and Heikki's eyes looked a little red. He had the most pathetic frown on his face for one of the pictures - just a big cute pout. I swear, they are the cutest pictures we have of the kid. He eventually smiled for some of them.

My mom took the pouty picture of Heikki and hung it next to my Air Force basic training picture (in my dress blues, looking all tough with no smile), and we look exactly alike. It's so hilarious.

kelkello - I hope you're feeling better today about everything. I know it can be stressful, but like everyone else said, why can't you have some fun? You deserve to have some fun. Just let the guy know you want to take things slow, but laughing and making out are fun fun fun!!!! You deserve it, and you're worth it! Kelkello - you rock!

culturehandy - I enjoy reading about your boy adventures. I have boy adventures, too, but I'm too shy to post about them. Last week, I totally slutted out, man. Boy 2 sounds like a hottie, and I'm glad you're having a good time. Navy Boy sounded like a redneck - good riddance.

I know I'm missing some peeps - this post is getting mega long so I'll finish up later!!! Smells ya later.
Well, I may have been freaking out over nothing anyway. I haven't heard from the guy since he left Monday. When does a guy not calling officially make him an assclown? It's only been a day and a half. I just find it weird that a guy can spend a half an hour with his tongue in your mouth and then not call. Boys are stupid. I left him a quick email the next morning and said I had a nice time. Not a word back. I have no vested interest in this guy other than he's cute and makes me laugh. But I still just wish that once, a guy would have the fucking balls to say, "I'm not that into you (even though I made out with you)." Gah.

Doodle, "Travelin' Soldier" is one of the most beautiful songs ever. I just love it. I've even sung it at karaoke before.
And fuck the mounties. You didn't kill anyone.

Hi PK, Mox, and GT (GT, come back!)

Poodle, I'd be afraid of that cassanova/player thing too. Guys that smooth always freak me out a little. But enjoy the flirtation, girl!

FJ, I can't believe the chick's husband left her with a brain tumor. If I believed in Hell, there'd be a special little circle in it for him where he would have a feral hamster in his pants gnawing on his groin at all times.

Tree, you should explore that building inspector thing. Get these people to do their jobs right the first time.

Hi CH!

Turbo, glad the job is so warm and welcoming. That must make your decision just feel that much better. It can't have been easy to leave your old job, even if it sucked. Going into the unknown is difficult no matter what. I'm so happy it's working out so well.

Hi everyone else I'm missing!!

Hi everybody, I'm here!!

Wowowow, poods!! I am LOVIN' the hot n' heavy flirting with Nile! Flirting with cute boys is always good for the self esteem, even if you do nothin' else about it.

And mox, that first date was hi-larious, and only an eensy bit uncomfortable...there we are watching a very racy movie and the moxies are lookin' like they want to undress each other! But, I am proud to have been the third wheel on their first date! hee!

So, today was the total indoctrination "drink the kool-aid" 1 of 2 of new staff "academy." Seriously, it is freaking amazing how much the ACS does - research, patient services, events, fundraising...its pretty incredible. And the staff - SO qualified and professional. I'm totally overwhelmed, and intimidated at my responsibility in delivering the visual message, but I'm sure in time, I'll roll in just fine. And my team are so incredible. I definitely am where I am supposed to be.

PK, that is so sweet about the pics of you and heikki!

CH, you make me want that piercing SO bad. Maybe that's a first paycheck treat. I need to ask around for a qualified piercer...BFF is a gothy girl, so I'm sure her pals probably know someone.

Okay, I need to order some takeout....its taco dinner night, yo! I'll be back later.
hey okayers!

it has been a loooooooong time since i've been in here.

the move went well. it was probably the most fun i've ever had with a move. everyone involved just had a good attitude. made a big difference. i was so grateful of everyone.

what's up with puppykitty?? are you coming back to chi-town??

turbo, i'm SOOOO glad things are going well at your new job. that's awesome.

poodle, he sounds yummy! i'm lookin' forward to the nile report. flirting is fun. especially when someone is receptive.

kel, i see you are back in the dating game. hopefully the boy calls back soon.

Good evening okayers!

Poodle, yay for hot and heaving flirting. I made a friend that way, in fact we messed around in his office at work after work one day. rolleyes.gif

Doodle, I'm going to come up with a superhero cat name for George.

Tree, I'm glad your work situation worked out! It is frustrating, but it is rewarding when you know that in the long run you are helping those who really need it. I frequently recommend prosecution for those who take us for a lot. The dept can really fuck you over for defrauding us. I enjoy the investigations part of work.

Jenn and Tree, the wait is totally worth it! I recommend it sooooo much! Boy 2, and the yokel really liked it. In fact, I've not had any complaints about it so far.

Hey Kel honey! (((kel))) how ya doing' today? Men are weird. I don't get it, at all. I just don't bother asking questions, and if I feel that they are kind of jerky, I'l use them and play them. Heh,

Hey Star!!!!! how did the move go????

Jenn, hurrah on the harmonious work place!

Puppy share the stories in PORTIONS!!!! Don't be shy!

So, I worked out crazy hard, did cardio, took a day off of weights. Taking the dog to the park in about 45. It was 32 degrees, here, I believe around 90?

I'll check in later.


Well, that was about ten shades of weird. He was IM-ing me and the conversation just went very poorly. I hate IM-ing. Tone is everything and it's completely lost on IM. Oh well. Win some, lose some. He says he wants to talk again, but I would bet my collection of tonail clippings I'll never hear from that guy again. Boys are stupid.

Hi Star! Glad the move went well!
Hey babes!!

PK, how old is Heikki these days? He must be huge!!

Tree, I'm glad today was better. Wasn't it hot on the roof though? Damn, it's hot here. It's not unbearable though.

Kel, that is so rude of the boy not to respond sooner. It hasn't been that long though, so he might still call. Although, if I really liked someone, I would be really excited to call someone and I'd make sure to fit it in even if I was busy. Oh well, you did everything right. He's clearly the ass in this situation.

Don't be intimidated, turbo!! You're so damn awesome at what you do that I'm sure you'll fit right in!!

Mmmm...tacos....that sounds excellent right now. I think I'm gonna cook up the rest of my falafel balls tonight. That's kinda like a taco!!

So I saw a guy carrying a couple beers out into my building's courtyard and, of course, I had to make a trip to the liquor store for some ice cold Grain Belt. It's a perfect night for drinkin' beer.

So I probed (heh) Nile a little bit tonight and here's what I found out:
-He's 43
-He's been dating this woman for 5 months. They broke up about 3 months ago, but got back together.
He still refers to her as "this lady I am dating." He said "girlfriend" once, but corrected himself. I can't make out with a guy if he's still with a woman, because it would break the bonds of sisterhood. You're right on PK--it would be a lot more fun to keep up the heavy flirting than to actually get involved with him. I wouldn't mind messing around with him though.

ETA- Holy X-posts Batman!! Hi stargazer!! I'm glad your moving experience went well!!

Culture, I'm living vicariously through you with this boy thing. I'm jealous!!

Gah!! Kel, that's lame that he went for the IM!! That's so impersonal. Who knows--maybe he's genuine. I'm a cynic about this stuff though, so I would probably say fuck it.

ETAA - Culture, the super-hero cat thing reminds me of the Family Guy episode in which Brian the Dog works for the police force as a cocaine-sniffing dog and then he ends up becoming addicted to the stuff. Hah!! George is a stoner!!
Poodle, good for you for sticking with the sisterhood! ...but nothin' wrong with flirting!

Kel, that dude is totally lame...BUT, you had a little fun, laughed alot, and that's never a bad thing!

Tacos were sooooo good. Totally perfect.

CH, I need you and poodle to inspire me to work out. I suppose once I get my lazy ass back on the bike for commuting, I'll be fine. I think I'll give it a go on Friday.

Star, I'm glad the move went well, and that everyone was pleasant while helping you out! When's your first trip of the summer?

I think I'm going to go put on a clay mask before Shear Genius, and watching catty hair stylists. hee!
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