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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Mornin' peeps!!

I was in a crabby mood this morning because of allergies, but then I saw lorewolf's avatar and it immediately cheered me up!! Thanks, lore!!

Yeah, I was pretty embarrassed that I couldn't identify so much of eastern Europe. All of the countries look the same to me--plain old blob shapes. I'm proud to say that I rock at "The Stans" though. I've got South America down and I'm pretty good at Africa. I was able to identify Djibouti!! Anyway, a lot of it has to do with having a huge world map in my office (no, I didn't cheat with it). I guess I've been passively absorbing it for years. Sometimes I examine it closely when I'm bored. /brag session

Yes, culture, the mental_floss website is one of my daily rituals. The quizzes are hard, but not too hard.

That sucks about the party, PK. I don't understand why grown people would want to do coke. And yeah, culture, that's B.S. that the boy is bugging you about the smoking. Drinking to capacity on a daily basis is probably way harder on the body. Although, smoking on a regular basis does tend to fry your brain after a while. Again, it depends on the frequency and amount.

Turbo, you should have yourself a margarita or two to celebrate your last day of freedom.

Yayayay for kel's fun date!!

Hi kari, grrrlyouwant, minx, and tyg!!
Hmmm. Monday. Kinda like Sunday. Except all the neighbours are at work.

My fingers HURT like a sonofabitch. It's not callouses, and it's not muscles...I think it must just be the fibro, which means I'll have to live with it.

I think I got "Goodbye Earl" down, though.

culture, that sucks about navyboy being a dickhead. Honestly, some people think anyone who's ever smoked a joint is a hopeless silverware-stealing druggie. *rolls eyes* Even Pierre Trudeau publicly acknowledged that his sons smoked pot, so navy boy needs to get over it. Good for you for kicking him to the curb!

And yeah, count me in as one who gets frustrated with the heavy drinkers freaking out about the "demon weed." Give me a break. OH, and also the heavy PHARMACEUTICAL USERS. Jeez. In 2002, my step-gramma caused a bad car accident that put herself and my grandfather in intensive care for weeks and weeks...because she was HIGH on painkillers all the time. Just because it's LEGAL doesn't mean you don't have a PROBLEM.

Yeah. So anyway, good morning.

turbo, come on, put your feet up, and kick back on your last day of freedom! *pats the Okayland sofa, places tray of breakfast margueritas on the coffee table*

ETA: FJ, I may still need Mr. FJ's help....
Doodle I agree. And Poodle, so true. I mean if I was smoking like, an ounce a day, then that would be a problem, but a quarter ounce lasts me for months. Last time I purchased a quarter was, hmmm, before christmas, and I still have a fair bit left.

Doodle, speaking of pharmaceuticals, there is a book called Let them eat Prozac and it is all about the joys of pharmaceuticals and over medicating.

Speaking of which, have any of you seen the commercial for the borthcontrol pill, Yaz, which is supposed to treat PPMD? The pms kicked up a notch? Funny story, the pill that is used to "treat" PPMD, is actually prozac, which is pink and has a new name. The pill and disorder emerged because the patent on prozac had expired, thus Eli Lily would no longer cash in on prozac, because a cheaper generic version could be voila! PPMD emerged. anways....the commercial is irritating.

Another freakin' walk in, this asshat is going to wait. I'm cranky today, I have to work out when I get home, which won't be for a while yet, and I also don't want to think about that, because it's not home time yet. Grrrr.

Aside from that, things are quiet here. very quiet, which is not unusual, given that it's not month end or mid month yet. I should know where I am going this week, and I hope that I stay here. But that in itself is a whole different can of worms. This frustration with work. ick.

Man I'm bitching a lot today. sorry all sad.gif

I'll be happy. tomorrow. hee.

oh wait, I know, I'll also talk about how much I stank at the geography quiz. I started with the world capitals, and did I ever suck! Then my mom and I tried, and we still stank at it. The mental_floss website is so much fun though. The new issue is out. I haven't read it yet, but it's in bag...waiting. I lurveth useless knowledge so much.

Later gators. Awww CH is happy now. smile.gif
Hi doodle!! Hi culture!!

Yeah, I didn't even bother finishing the capitals quiz because I was getting all of them wrong. The new MF mag is pretty decent. Lots of Elvis stuff. I liked reading about string theory and game theory, too.

I've been on Paxil for over ten years now and my most recent psychiatrist upped my dose to 80 mg a couple years ago because I was still extremely depressed (more than I was to begin with). Even 80 mgs didn't help. I went to see a therapist, but that just ain't my thing. Ever since I started exercising daily (2 months now), my mood has drastically improved, I have more energy, and I don't dwell on negative thoughts as much. I wonder why my psychiatrist never prescribed EXERCISE for my problem. WTF?! I get kinda mad when I think about it. This prescription drug thing is out of control.
Oh fuck, I forgot - the water is off for building maintenance today, all day. I was going to have a shower and go do some stuff around town. Guess I'll stay home! I'm still covered in weekend smells. tongue.gif

I have heard the PMDD story - we published articles about pharmacorp issues in the women's centre newsletter, back when I still had time to do that (before the cuts), and the PMDD issue came through then. We were the only one in town to ever publish anything about it. But women have had psychiatric meds thrown at them for decades. My mom was put on tranquilizers when she should have been sent to a women's shelter...except there were no women's shelters then. HER mom was on a constant cycle of uppers and downers, when SHE probably should have been sent to a women's shelter, too.

(And I wonder why I fear commitment...)

The pipes are screaming and rattling.

ETA: hi poodle! And culture of course. And everyone! *jumps up and down, waves enthusiastically*
This over medicating of people, to me, stinks of when women were diagnosed with having hysteria or a wandering uterus. not that some people don't legitimately need the help, but within reason!

Poodle, I know what you mean about working out, it makes you feel so much better. When I work out regularly I feel great.

Doodle, that sucks about the water thing. But I love the fact that you published information. I found out about the ppmd thing from my one of my medical anthropology profs.

That is all. It lunch, so I'm going to go meet a friend, later okayers!

It's totally like the hysteria thing. I told the psychiatrist during the wintertime that I wanted to go off of Paxil completely. I know I can do it, but he told me to wait. My brother was on Prozac for obsessive-compulsive disorder for a couple years and he did a lot of cognitive-behavioral therapy and was eventually able to go off of it (the OCD is still there, but it's under control). If a person with a serious mental condition like OCD can live med-free, then it seems that half of the people on anti-depressants should be able to live without meds.
Hi ya'll! I just got in from some Diva-style therapy....shoe shopping! hee. I had to ride up to my optometrist's office to drop off my glasses so they can put new lenses in them, and I stopped at Marshalls on my way back and scored two cute pairs of peep toe heels for $25 each. Score!!

I'm totally with you, poodle, on the overmedicating of America. I think a better diet and excercise can go a LONG way to improving health and overall mood stability...I know it did for me. If we all do a better job of taking care of ourselves there'd probably be less crime, lower medical bills...I'd love to see a nationwide advocacy campaign for diet and excercise - and not led by the ADA, which is sold out to agrabusiness.

Bummer about the water, doodle! I hope it'll be back on soon!

Its a gorgeous day spring might actually be on its way! Hooray! I think I'm going to go read Time on the balcony now.
Hi, peeps!

Turbo, do you have any pics of the shoes? I love peep-toe heels, especially if they have a bit of a platform. Hopefully in a couple weeks I'll be able to do some shoe shopping myself, probably just DSW or Nordstrom Rack, but it's still fun either way. I always look forward to the spring/summer colors, so much brighter and more alive than fall/winter.

Kel, that's great about your awesome date! How did the Office Space viewing go?

Doodle, that sucks about your water getting fixed. I've always hated those days in buildings when they shut it all off to fix stuff. One of the nicest things about where I am now is that if the date is inconvenient, I can just tell then landlords when they can do it, and they're pretty cool about stuff like that.

Hi, PK! You're right, you'd think people would get over that phase where they do bad drugs, but some people just don't. In college, I knew a 36-year-old man who was still very much into the idiot drug game.

Speaking of which, I saw Sam's mom yesterday, and meth has taken another 3 teeth from her mouth. It looks really bad in there, I tell ya.

Kari, that sounds like a really nice weekend you had. Nurseries can be so fun if you know what's what. And good on Mr. K for winning at poker!

I've never experienced this good feeling you're supposed to get when you exercise, even when I was going 4-5 days a week a couple years ago. The only good thing I ever felt about it was that I was glad when it was over, and sometimes my muscles would just go numb so it didn't hurt anymore, but I never felt any kind of euphoria. It brings me no joy whatsoever.

Doodle, you should totally collect your hair for a day and bring it in to the doctor. I think many times they think people overstate their problems, so they don't take them as seriously as they should. Physical proof would be awesome to plunk down in front of your doctor, maybe add some urgency to the issue.

FJ, that would be great if you could get some sort of compensation for your dials. Do you think you're going to keep this job after Jackaroo is born?

I know next to nothing about the Dixie Chicks. I did see them in concert once at the last Lilith Fair, and they left a slightly bad taste in my mouth because they wouldn't get off the stage, even when other people were doing their sets. I do like them politically, though, and that Earl song is great. I'm just predisposed to not like anything with the slightest hint of a twang.

CH, good on you for letting Navy Boy go. It doesn't really seem his place to criticize anything. Just because his substance is legal (is pot legal where you are, too?) doesn't mean it doesn't fuck you up worse.

Poodle, sorry I missed that thing on Sunday. The giant and I were up at my parents' place helping them with their new computer all day. That parade sounds like it would've been fun.

Good luck with the re-licensure, Minx. That's ridiculous that this is even something you have to deal with right now.

Hi, Moxie, Grrl, and all else!

I've never read Mental Floss, but I'd like to take that geography quiz. I was always good at that, and I wonder how much I remember. But pretty much everything I know was from before the USSR got broken up, and Yugoslavia was still an intact nation.

I had a really decent weekend. The giant took me out for Mexican on Friday (he got a pretty sizeable bonus from work for setting them up with a new payroll company) and bought groceries. We didn't do a damn thing on Saturday, which was sweet. I made a necklace out of sterling silver chain and mother-of-pearl discs and we played some Trivial Pursuit. Yesterday, we spent the afternoon/evening up at my parents' place dicking around with their new computer (a really pretty Mac). The giant loaded hundreds of pictures on it, mostly of Sam. Sam was actually there, too, even though my dad had said he wouldn't be. We had the funnest time playing. He wanted to have a little picnic with me (he even told my dad on the phone before his mom dropped him off), so we had sandwiches and juice boxes on the patio. That little boy just loves to play and get attention - he clung to me. Literally, I couldn't go anywhere without him. The giant and I took him to the playground across the street for a little while, and Sam let the giant push him on the swings, go down a big slide with him, and hold him up on some stuff. It's really cute how he talks directly to the giant, not bashful at all. They've got their own little thing going. He said the cutest thing: "did you tell J you like him yet?" And I said "Yes, Sam, I even told him I love him, and he told me he loves me, too." And then later on, he asked if he turned 3 on his first birthday. It was kinda funny. Nothing profound from him this time, but he was a ball of giggly fun.

I'm not sure exactly why I'm here at work today. I've got not a damn thing to do, and my boss knows this and hasn't given me anything new to work on yet, and he's out of the office for the rest of the day. Grr. Now I'm going to look like a great big slacker playing on the internet even though I don't have much choice other than to screw around right now.

Hey, anyone read the news about Paris going to jail? Serves her right!

good afternoon everyone!

Poodle, there is no reason you can't do it! I'm behind you totally on doing what you feel is best for you.

Jenn, I think that a huge campaign would be great, but I don't think it'll happen. Pharmaceutical companies would stand to loose millions. I think it would be so great to see a campaign like that.

Diva, so glad you and giant had a good weekend.

as for navyboy, he tried to attack me on a very personal level, because I hit a sore spot with him. dumbfuck, I talked to my good friend D about it, and he made me feel instantly better. He lost out.

I got out of the office this afternoon, and Jenn, now I want to go shopping and spend oodles of money. But, alas, I must resist. I am also staying at this office for a time, yet, so I'm pretty happy about that. Management is trying to get me here permanently, which would be alright.

That's all for now.

Hi diva!!

I didn't end up going to the parade because I was so unproductive on saturday and I really needed to do some bra-shopping.

Sounds like you had a decent weekend!! Mmmm...mexican food....

Your last day sounds great so far, turbo!!

I don't feel euphoria from exercising, but I do feel more energy and fewer mental/emotional lows. There's some chemical thing going on there. Plus, the visible changes in my body make me feel good. I don't like the actual process of exercising though, except for leg stuff. I love the leg press. I really hate cardio. That's the primary way to burn calories though. God, I hate it.

Your last day sounds great so far, turbo!!

I get the sense that diet/exercise initiatives are gaining a little more prominence these days, at least when it comes to children's health.

Although, when the gov't required drug companies to put the "teen suicide" label on anti-depressants, prescriptions went down and teen suicide actually increased because of lack of treatment. Talking to a therapist isn't always the answer--especially when there's a serious chemical thing going on. Still, in mild/moderate cases, medication should be looked at as a temporary solution rather than a cure-all.
Hello OKAYERS!!!

I can't help but be amused by the double standards held by people when it comes to the "moonijuana"

I've been a fan of "moonijuana" since I was juss a little tyke sitting in my aunts house while my daddy and some other people passed around a joint with a roach-clip and feathers to match. I would always wanna go thru my aunts record collection. I eventually talked her into letting me have some old kiss records...LOL
What was I trying to say?!?
Anyways, I think you should smoke him up Culture....Either that or it could be doomed...I'm lucky to have a woman that'll smoke with me and won't chastise me for it.
By the way, PK I feel you on the Coke situation. I've not done it and have actually turned it down when i was offered. I'm already paranoid about my heart and my health so i refuse to do it, although I have had my bag laced with coke before. I was suprised to find out when I had a drug test when I was 18. ohmy.gif

By the Way Poodles, I wouldn't just stop taking any medications, especially when it comes to your depression. I was thrown for a loop when I heard about your depression poods...I always envisioned you as the strongest, smartest woman I knew....I still do. Keep up the activities it's all about getting the heart pumping...I still think you should try ballroom dancing....I'll even be your dancing partner....whaddaya say?!? LOL

We could even break it down in the middle with the famous Kid-n-Play dance from House Party....HAHAHAHA
Hi poodle, diva and shawn!!!

I don't much enjoy going to the gym either, unless its spin class....what can I say, I'm an adrenaline junkie. But the treadmill and weight training...pffffft. hate it. I like the feeling of going to the sauna afterward. smile.gif But, like poodle, I do definitely feel better overall when I'm regularly exercising.

I'm looking forward to getting in the groove with the new commute...I probably won't ride my bike down there until Friday, since I have orientation for the frist three days, and need to get there at 9am, instead of 7:30am, which is my preferred start time, and I do not want to battle the buses and taxis at rush hour downtown.

My shoe scores are indeed exciting, as its rare that I can fit my wide feet and high arches into cute shoes.

Yeah, culture, I'm sure you're right, in that there will never be a campaign for true health and wellness in this country, because it would hurt too many businesses. Its a nice idea, though.

Hey mox - I'm about to watch your boyfriends, Bon Jovi, on Ellen! heee!
Hi shawn!!

Nah, I wouldn't just quit taking it. I'd follow the psychiatrist's advice on it, even though he's an somewhat of an assclown. Man, I would looooove to get off of all these prescriptions. The seizure pills are the ones that really get to me though. They're fucking expensive and they're a pain in the ass to take. Gah, stupid brain!! I blame it all on my dad's side of the family.

I actually love dancing, shawn!! Not ballroom dancing though. I'm decent at west coast swing. I tried the lindy-hop thing for a bit, but it's not as fun. My friends and I would make fun of the lindy-hoppers back in the day. They were kinda nerdy and showy. Dance nerds.
Shawn, that story rawks! alas, I'm done with Navy boy, besides, boy 2 gets high with me. smile.gif

Jenn, I totally wish there was a campaign on the importance of wellness. There is, but to a ceratin degree.

As for dope in Canada, it's not legal, but you aren't going to go to jail for having some either. Within reason of course. I doubt I could have a semi trailer filled with dope parked in front of the Public Safety Building here. Hee.

Only half hour left in the day!!!!!!! YAY! Gorsh I'm in a much better mood then this morning.
Shawn, that's an excellent choice of avitar. Do you ever watch Metalocalypse? They're going to have new ones on in July.

I haven't had anything to do here for so long that my computer system booted me out for inactivity. Oy. It's not so bad on days like this when both bosses are gone, but when they aren't, it can be really hard to look busy with literally nothing to do. I haven't even gotten a single phone call, not that I ever look forward to them.

I never minded doing cardio that much, especially on a treadmill. It was my reading time. I'd just plop a magazine up on the screen and plow through it.

I'd love to learn ballroom dancing. I'm a lousy dancer, even though I took seven years of tap/jazz when I was little - Mom thought it would make me graceful, but it didn't. I can mosh, though, and bang my head and put up the devil horns. That's about as close as I get.

It would be so great to go out and blow a wad of cash, but I can't for at least a couple weeks. Right now, rent, car parking, and tabs own me. At least I got my mom's Mother's Day present bought, and my brothers are giving me cash to cover their part of it. That's a huge load off my bean.

I spent a bunch of money at Ikea yesterday. I bought one of those pet tents and stuck the cats' fleece bed in there. Oscar has claimed it as his space. It's so cute to see his little head poking out. Other than sleeping next to me last night, he's been spending most of his time in the tent. Cats are so funny.

When I do cardio, I try to get my heart rate above 145, so I'm sweating and breathing pretty heavily. It's not relaxing at all. I like brisk walking though.

Yeah - I was freaked out by the coke because I always thought I would be the one person who tried it once and had a heartattack and died. Or I would instantly become a crack whore. Something bad. Anyway, I don't really give a shit about drugs. First off, I take so many psych medications that could get effed up by other drugs, and also, I get frelling bounce off the wall high as a kite off of a Monster Energy drink, so I am not really interested in trying coke.

I used to smoke a weed on occasion, but it was rare that I enjoyed it. I kept doing it over and over, hoping that this time it would be good, but it was rare that I had a good time. Finally, in January of 2000, I smoked one hit and dropped to the floor, pissed myself, and nobody could detect a pulse, so they called 911. Never smoked weed again. (BTW - I was OK after that).

The guy I went to the coke party with a 35, and I just thought, WTF? Where the hell is he in life? It was weird.

CH - I agree with everyone else that Navy Boy needed to be kicked to the curb. How dare he judge you for smoking pot (which I see as pretty benign)! Not to mention his drinking - but even without considering what the fuck he does with himself, how dare he judge you! I hate that so much.

I like to drink socially, and my ex-husband (Mr. PK) likes to say that I have a drinking problem. Whatever. I try not to get too defensive because it just looks worse. I just say, "Whatever".

As for pharm overload - I have personal experience with being addicted to a prescription drug. It's kind of funny because it's a drug made for children with ADHD, but it's called Adderall, and I bounced off the walls on it, acted like an alley cat in heat, freaked out all the time, and generally acted like a maniac. My doc took it away, and I found an old stash in my apartment and kept taking it. He knew I was taking it, and tried to take it away from me, and I asked him, "What about the Hippocratic Oath?" He laughed and told me that I was a raving lunatic on this shit.

I agree that diet and exercise can do wonders for your mood. I have read that certain foods can help stabilize mood - one of them being flaxseed, or flaxseed oil. Can't remember the rest. But my NP is reading The Perricone Solution (I think that's the title?) about the glycemic index and stuff and how it can stabilize mood. The NP is recommending that I follow the diet, which is more protein, whole foods that are digested slowly (as opposed to white bread or white rice). It might help with my weight as well.

So - poods - how much can you press with your legs? I don't know what is normal or anything, I am just ready to be totally impressed.

Yes, Turbo, I am still going back to Chicago. I don't know when, but I am planning on this summer. I can't wait! I really want to see snow and freeze my ass off next winter. Serves me right for leaving!!

doodle - that was so cute. Monday - just like Sunday....

Diva - I love hearing about the cute stuff Sam says and does. Hey, guys, Heikki is going to be 13 on the 19th. 13!!! Anyway, he still comes up with cute things to share, but more rarely.

OK - I had some more things to say, but this post is getting long, so I'll wait. Maybe I've cross-posted with someone!

Awww....I just got a "can't wait to welcome you aboard tomorrow" email from my new boss! Squeee! I just *know* that this job is going to be SO much better. It makes me happy to see emails from new boss in my inbox, as opposed to bitchboss who keeps emailing me to ask me to write additional documentation, and I keep telling her that I am happy to do so, if she will approve paying me for it....I get no response to those emails. heh. Its just NOT my problem anymore. smile.gif

PK, that is SCARY about your pot experience!! I'm a goody two shoes, I guess...never tried anything but likker. I saw too much about how drugs ruin families when I was a kid - uncle the drug dealer and aunt the cokehead were enough for us all to see, and my mom and other aunt ended up raising their four kids, pretty much. But, still, the libertarian streak in me still thinks that you should be able to put whatever you like in your body - criminalizing drug use just really doesn't work.

The house smells *awesome* after baking up a huge batch of granola - YUM.

And, I'm gonna toss some achiote-lime marinated shrimp on the grill tonight, served with brown rice and a salad. yum.

Poodle - I wanna see piccies of Oscar in the kitty tent!!! Pleeeeease! It sounds so freaking cute!

Diva, I'm sorry you're so bored at work right now - that makes time pass soooo slowly...I hope some work comes along for you tomorrow - pretending to work is stupid.
Jenn, I have to say, I'm also wanting a VCH! I even tried the Q-tip test and it fit in there....but just barely.

CH, I may have to message you with some "specialized questions" that might give me particular problems with regards to my having to be a contortionist. I'm wondering if I should buy some looser jeans, (if I go ahead with this, that is) I'm also wanting to surprise the bear. He's gonna be gone for a week over Memorial Day so that might give me some healing time if I plan it right.

Jenn, YAY on your new boss being so welcoming!!! I'm glad for you. And I'm evilly glad as well that your old boss is hurting for ya right now too!

I likes me some weed, yes I do. And yeah, it's weird but the bear prolly drinks a twelve pack every day but here he thought weed was so hardcore...he was a little distressed when I told him that I smoked it. Like, yeah. Alcohol is just as much a drug, and it's way more damaging.

Poods, I'm impressed about the leg pressing! When I was a kid I could totally kick my brother's butt leg-pressing...and he was like 32 and I was like eight. Or something like that. I"m too tired to do math. But I don't think I could press much of anything anymore.

But I've also never felt that euphoria people get when they are exercising. It's more relief that it's over.

Diva, I'd love to learn ballroom dancing tooo. And YAY on getting your mom's day gift already! I still gotta do that.

So I had a pretty good weekend...I'm purtying up my balcony. I put in a fountain and a bunch of plants and it's gonna be an Eden. I hope I don't kill the plants...hehe

So....hi to all the Okayers that I'm sure i've missed, cause it's all I can see without opening a new window!

off to read the archives now!
Hmmm, I haven't heard of this qtip test, tree...I guess I should go look for that. Turbomann was pretty excited at the thought of a nether-piercing. heh. He said I never cease to surprise him. wink.gif

How's your wrist doing this week, tree?

Well, I just walked the pupper, and then rode up to the street to go get......a cell phone. I hate them, I really really do. I resent them on the buses and trains, that everyone is gabbing away all the time, and I don't generally like the idea of being able to be tracked down by phone at any moment. BUT, with a much longer commute, a crippled public transit system, or a long bike ride...I figure its time to get one again.

Oh, but I got home to find a GIANT bouquet of flowers outside my door from the Chas branch manager who totally botched up the closing on our home equity line, that we are *still* dealing with, after 6 weeks. So that was nice of her. I'm sure she's tired of taking my increasingly incensed phone calls.
heh, i know i would totally fail the q-tip test without even trying it. so no patooter piercing for tyger tongue.gif

i hung out with my friend whose boyfriend moved away last week for coffee. i tried to talk sense into her about their current situation (something undecided, though along the lines of staying together unless one of them finds someone locally they'd rather be with). and then i raided her condom stash, since they're just going to sit there unused unless i rescue them. now they're fully able to go on hbi adventures.

yay for friendly emails! go culture, kicking mister navy jackass to the curb! hi everyone else! i am going on a very little amount of sleep and therefore cannot remember what else i should be saying. hi poodle and doodle and diva and pk! long time no see and lore and shawn!

the prozac thing in effed up. i read prozac nation, and apparently the way psychiatric drugs work is they find a drug that helps with *something*, and then that becomes a disease that is suddenly diagnosed everywhere and the new magic drug treats it. it also said something about how, in teenagers especially, if you've been depressed so long you can't remember *not* being depressed, and the drugs are helping you feel more stable and normal, it can be terrifying to have to learn new ways to deal with the world, which can lead to thoughts of suicide to escape having to re-learn how to live day to day, which made sense to me, as the only time i ever had an urge to hurt myself was when i was getting less depressed, because suddenly i needed different coping mechanisms for everything.

i had a talk with ze boything 'bout the sexing stuff last night. he has this thought in his head that since he's my first everything in general that he should be doing everything 'better', which isn't even a goal, it's just in retrospect he thinks whatever it was could have been better somehow. like the sexing, for example, i mean, sure, it was really nice, and i wouldn't have wanted it any differently, but it hurt enough to not be anywhere near great. so in his head it's that somehow he should have done something to make it better, when there wasn't anything he could have done, you know? i mean, on one hand the idea of it is sweet, but in reality it just feels like he feels i'm judging his every last action when in reality the important parts are that our preferred method of greeting is hissing and growling at each other, and that he knows that when i punch his arm what i really want is a hug. soooo, i think he's going to stop being so silly about things and just have fun without worrying about what he thinks my opinion is, which should be better.

ooooh shit, i should be leaving, oh, now to go be a beaver leader. i don't know where my uniform is, dammit, and i don't want to go deal with a gymful of screaming children. gah. i think i'll be late and consume some more coffee before i head off
tyg- its sweet that ze boything cares so much about YOUR fun. Not all that many guys your age do. I'm one of the rare married ladies who have only been with my husband (hell, I dated repressed catholics before very likely gay, too), and I still remember the sweet, but sore, nature of the first time. It DOES get better. A lot better. Usually pretty quickly, though. And, although this is better left for the sex threads, here are a couple of quick things I WISH someone had told me early into the sexing (if this is TMI, so sorry)...1. Pee afterwards. New sexing makes for very easy UTI's. 2. Sexing is messy, messy, messy. have a towel or tee-shirt or somefin nearby. 3. Remember, its FUN and bonding (or bondage!). 4. Guac should only be used as a bribe for butt-sex.

So, last night, moxette took her first real tumble and ended up with a hella shiner. Poor kidlet. I think I cried as much as she did. Today, though, we played in the sprinkler (she was laughing and screaming with glee) and went on a long walk and ate a neqw food. So, bumps and bruises, oh well.

Ok, i have chocholate fondue waiting for me. The dipeprs are fruit...its almost healthy. lol.

Hopefully, I'll have internet at work tomorrow and will be able to reply like a civilized bustie.
Hi peeps!!

Turbo!! That is so awesome that your new boss sent a nice email and that turbomann gave you flowers!! What a great day!!

Hi tyg!! So this was your first time? (not to make a huge deal out of it or anything) Well, I would say that most first times aren't that great. Besides, sex can still be nice even when the orgasm doesn't happen. For men, sex is more of a "goal," and that's not necessarily the case for women. I was telling the ex-RB a while back that women can still enjoy sex even if they don't have an orgasm. I think that's hard for guys to understand.

"Guac should only be used as a bribe for butt-sex." Bwahahaha!! I love you, mox.

Whoa, PK, those are some effed up drug stories. I'm not into pot either, but I really like the smell of it wafting through the air. It reminds me of good times hanging out with friends in the park or going to outdoor festivals/concerts.

I don't know how much I could press with my legs if I tried to do just one lift. Right now, I do about 120 on the iso hip and leg machines, 3 sets/12 reps, which seems to be more than most women do on the same machines. That's part of the reason why I like strength-training so much.

Nile is sooo sweet. He kissed my hand before I left today. I love that shit. We've also been exchanging cheesy Italian phrases, too. Fortunately, I've listened to enough Dean Martin to be able to deliver this stuff. The other day, I said, "Ciao l'amante" to him, which means "Goodbye lover" and he said "Ciao bella" which means "Goodbye, beautiful." *blushes* I'm such a dork. I love flirting. I feel like I've got my groove back.

ETA- Oh, I weighed myself today, and it appears as though I've officially lost 20 lbs. (as of early March)!! Yesterday, I was able to fit into a pair of jeans that I haven't been able to wear for a while now. I also had to buy smaller bras. Yayayay!!
awww, cute little naive moxie, thinking there is such thing as TMI in this thread tongue.gif and murky buckets for the advicearooneys. i just need to beat him about the head when he starts worrying needlessly about things that could have been better in his mind when really they're just perfect as is.

i'm glad moxette survived her first big tumble. and now she has a battle scar (temporary, of course) battle wounds are badass, mox. you should be proud tongue.gif
Hi All!

Mox, I remember when my nieces and nephew got their first shiners. They looked like boxers!

Turbo, that's great that the new boss is so welcoming. Good luck on your first day!

Piercing *that* part of my body gives me the heebie jeebies. More power to you ladies who go through with it!

Tree, I'm with you on the exercising thing. I do it, but only begrudgingly because I know I have to.

Hi CH, PK, Doodle, Diva, Lore, Shawn, Poodle and everyone else I'm forgetting!

I had my second date with NewBoy tonight. We ate pizza and watched some of the second season of The Office. I'm totally freaking out. Things got a little hot and heavy (but in the high school sense of the word...I was trying to pretend my mom was in the next room). This is not good. This not good at all. I shouldn't like someone now. I don't know how I'm going to do this. I have way too much baggage right now (and I don't mean emotionally) for this. I'm going to have to start ignoring his calls and IM's. I'm totally freaking out right now.

Fuck, I forgot every word I was going to post.
awwww, kel sweetie, it's okay. first off, i need you to take a few deep breaths, okay?
i understand the urge to just put up walls to keep out the new duder. the hardest thing for the first month or two i was dating the boything was to not turn off my cellphone, not block his msn, not just shut him out completely without explanation, because i had been extremely depressed over the summer and wasn't anywhere near back to my normal self, and i didn't want to have to deal with explaining it to him/hurt him because i have a tendency to figure out exactly what to say to cause the most emotional damage when i get depressed as a way to make people leave me alone. but i didn't. it was terrifying and my best friend had to talk me out of dumping him at least five times during the first three months, but now here i am with a disgustingly amazing boyfriend who would do basically anything in the world for me.

your situation doesn't define you as a person. you're an amazing, intelligent, funny woman, and he obviously sees that in you. you made out with him and then you freaked out and that's okay. but don't let yourself lose out on an opportunity because you're scared (either of how you'll deal with it or how he'll deal with it). if it's a chance to be happy you shouldn't run away, right?

...i don't have any actual advice on what you could do other than not run away right away. my strategy involved showing up crying under my best friend's balcony, he'd buy me a slurpee and help me rationalize whatever reason i was using as an excuse to try and dump the boything (and they were *really* irrational reasons. one time it was that at a restaurant the waitress automatically assumed that we were both on the same bill and that he would be paying for it) we're always here for listening, and you can always pm me if you want.

that whole bit directed at kel would be a lot more concise had i not woken up at six this morning. seriously, i should have had a nap this afternoon
Kel, all I can say is, enjoy it!! Just don't get too emotional, too soon. Enjoy it!! Do stuff with him and have fun!! Just make sure that it's not the type of situation that'll end up being weird later (co-workers, roommates, etc.).

Heh...I was just listening to "Love Bites" by Def Leppard, and I was recalling how I was singing phrases like "Making love to you might drive me crazy" before I even had mosquito bites for tits. I suppose that pales in comparison to the stuff that little kids hear today. One of my most vivid childhood memories is when our family was driving to church in our gigantic Chevy Caprice Classic and the song "Faith" by George Michael came on the radio (KDWB in these parts), and my mom was like, "I don't like that 'touch your body' stuff." Hahaha!!

I should ask my parents to put out the sprinkler next weekend!! My BFF is visiting and that would be sooo much fun!! My parents yard is so teeny though. Heh...damn, I had shitloads of bumps and bruises and scrapes as a kid from being outdoors. One year, my dad made a generic slip-n-slide out of black trash bags, fastened by industrial size nails, and my legs were totally destroyed after that. I still have scars from playing as a kid. Hell, I had to have nose surgery and front teeth correction because of my adventures. Ah yes...the good old days...before kids wore helmets and knee pads...

/lame reminiscing
Poooods! Bigtime new respect for you after hearing how you tore it up in your childhood, and definitely put tha sprinkler out!!! It's amazing that you survived a ghetto slip-n-slide made of trash bags and NAILS! Hey kids, why don't you try running and sliding on THIS in your bathing suits. Take a big run-up now... Still, it's awefully sweet that your father made a slip-n-slide for you! He scores a 10 for gesture, even if a 3 for engineering. Oh, and it made my day that this picture of me cheered you up smile.gif As for the Foxy Brown, I can dig it!

Oh, and Kel's new Av is super cute! I can totally relate to it.

Also, in Loreworld, I made a great friend in someone who is a childhood friend of my brother-in-law. He moved to Bellingham recently, and my BIL said we'd like hanging out. It started off slow because he's kinda shy to open up, but now we're playing frisbee golf, skateboarding, and philosophising on beer. I recently made him and his girlfriend a mini-hookah I call a Cheezilator.
Mornin' ya'll!! I'm off to work shortly, and then I expect I won't be back here until this evening. boo. BUT, I am excited about the new job, and it is a gorgeous day....tis a shame not to ride my bike this morning, but I'm thinking sweaty, biker jenn is not the best first impression for the staff. smile.gif

Kel, poodle is right...enjoy it, have fun - why not dip your toe back into the dating world with someone you can have fun with? And its not that your baggage isn't important, but it IS important to have fun and feel good, and then maybe you share a little baggage, but then again, maybe you'll see your baggage shrink as you relax and enjoy yourself!

Tyg, its so good to see you in here, and most excellent to see you're having a good time with the boy!

Mox, we need piccies of the girl's first shiner!! I'm sure it was hard for both of you, but they bounce back fast...and if you have some arnica cream (get it at Whole Foods) on hand, that'll make bruises go away double-quick.

Okay, time to tame the mane and get outta here! See ya'll tonight, and thanks for all the vibes and support these last weeks!!!! *mwah!*
*bounces into Okayland*

Good Morning on this lovely Tuesday!

Wow, there is a lot since I last posted.

tree, please ask away. If anyone has and questions, please ask away. I'm not shy about answering!

Kel, I know you are stressed, heck look at how I was with le ex man. I was freaking. Try not to stress out, take things as they come and have fun!

Tyger, that is so sweet of boy!

Mox, awwww first shiner.

Doodle, come back and post!

Jenn, I'm excited for your first day, and that is so great that your new boss e-mailed you! Good luck at work today! Let us know how it works out!

Poodle! Nothing wrong with flirting! I love to flirt. And yay on getting muscle mass! My thing is that I'm loosing weight, but my boobs are staying the same size! I figured that'd be the first place to go. But I've got a little extra fat on my tummy. But, I've been informed that it is getting smaller every day. It's great when you can fit into clothes you haven't been able to for a while.

Lore that is great! The cheezilator! Love.It.

Not much new with me. boy 2 plumped up my ego yesterday. I took puppers to the park where she made a new doggie friend names Guido. It is going to be hot here today, so she's going to have to wait until later in the evening to get her walking. I'm not taking the Black Bandit outside when it is 27 degrees. That is just mean, she also pushes herself, and being an all black doggie that doesn't swim, yet, isn't going to happen. That's all.

Later okayers! (((okayers)))
Pseudo drive-by!

~smile.gif~smile.gif~smile.gif~ happy-first-day-at-work vibes for TJ ~smile.gif~smile.gif~smile.gif~

((((Kel)))) I totally agree with the other ladies. Just breeeeeeeathe. And enjoy youself. You deserve it!

((((((hugs for everyone!))))))

Good Things Tuesday:
Real estate madness continues, but I think a lot of things will be resolved today.
Good morning all...rose, tree, turbo, poodle, diva, kari, minx, culture, grrrl, lorewolf, tyger, PK, moxie, kelkello, and everyone else! Where IS that girltrouble and her new hips? I miss her!

Too late for turbo to see it, but good luck and lots of positive energy for turbo's first day on the new job!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~first day vibes for turbo~*~*~*~*~*~*~

moxette's shiner....sure, I want pics, but I also want pics of lorewolf's homemade hookah. tongue.gif

culture, you seem like you are in a much better mood today than yesterday!

Hee! I had left home and run away to Calgary when "Love Bites" and "Faith" came out, poodle....I was spending my days working in a doughnut shop, and my nights dancing, drinking, and fucking the brains out of a string of hot boys whose names I can't really remember. rolleyes.gif cool.gif

Am I, like, the oldest person in this thread?

I am in a seriously schizoid mood: I'm currently obsessed with listening to both the new Dixie Chicks album and Iron Maiden Live at Donington '92. I'll listen to one, and then put the other on right away, and sometimes I'll even switch it up halfway through. I don't know what my neighbours think, but they must be reasonably confused. (What they don't know is that both albums are teaching me how to control singing from my diaphragm, hence the obsession.)

I get to take my baggie o' hair to the gyno this afternoon.
Hi Doodle!

I'm in a much better mood today! Maybe it's because I'm acknowledging my drug problem? Bwaaahahahahaha. Sorry, this is now a running joke with me. Hee.

Mmm fucking a string of hot boys...sounds delish! I'm the same way about switching music back and forth.

And yay for the appointment today!

I have the same clients calling me and calling me and calling nme. Maybe if you answered your phone when I called back then we wouldn't have this problem!

I'm going to go ang purchase DVD's at lunch today. I was thinking of buying Babe. Yes I lurveth that little piglet. Hee.

Grrrl, FJ, and GT hello!

And Doodle I think when you are better you need to come to Winnipeg for a vacay.
Mornin' y'all!!

~*~*~*~good first day vibes for turbo~*~*~*~

(((doodle))) I hope they're able to help you with the hair situation today.

Love bites!! Love bleeds!! It's bringin' me to my knees!!!

Oh, I was gonna say before that I bought the Dixie Chicks album right after they said that thing about the president. I haven't listened to it very much though. Maybe I should pull that out. I prefer their bluegrass kinda stuff. "Long Time Gone" is a great song. I don't care what anybody says--I LOVE TWANG!!!!!! Gram Parsons has some great twang and he rocks (or rocked--R.I.P.). I also looove Dwight Yoakam.

~*~*~*~speedy closing vibes for roseviolet~*~*~*~

Congrats on the shrinking tummy, culture!! My boobs have been shrinking a little and I'm really happy about that. I'm feeling a lot more comfortable in my bras. My shoulders feel better because of it.

That hookah sounds interesting, lore!! I'd love to see pictures. How did you make it?

Good Things Tuesday:
1. New comfortable and supportive bra
2. Famous Holy Land pitas and hummus-tahini for lunch
3. Great playlist with lots of Frank Sinatra
4. Hair looks good
5. Boss is gone for most of the day
6. American Idol is on tonight
and best of all...
7. I've officially lost 20 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi, peeps!

Kel, listen to Poodle and Tyger, they've got some really good advice. If you like the guy and you're having fun, why throw him away? At least be direct and don't ignore his calls, he's done nothing wrong. And there's no reason why you can't back things up and take it slow. Is that maybe what's freaking you out?

Poodle, wow, 20 pounds?! Holy crap, that's a lot! When I lost all that weight a couple years ago, my bra size never went down, although my pants size did. It was quite disheartening. You and Nile sound really cute together. He needs to ask you out.

I remember listening to the way too mature song lyrics when I was a kid and singing along having now clue what I was saying. I think it made my parents a little uncomfortable. I don't think these bands had it in their heads that 5th graders would be singing their songs to their embarassed parents.

Doodle, I had a dream last night that I came to visit you and we smoked pot, which is totally unlike me because I can't stand the stuff.

Moxette's got a shiner. Aww, poor kid. Growing up is just so hard.

I was always scared of the slip n' slide. the few times I tried it, I banged up my legs. I just don't understand why a person would want to take a running dive at the ground onto a non-padded strip of plastic. Just the thought of it makes me cringe.

RV, I hope some of this house stuff figures itself out today. Figures that Sheff's accent would get him better service. It is a nice accent, though.

(((((((((((vibes for Jenn's first day on the new job))))))))))

Hi, everyone I missed!

I finally got some work to do, and hopefully it'll last me the rest of the week, but I doubt it. It's pretty mindless stuff, but at least it's something.

We didn't do much around my place last night, just watched some TV and the giant worked on our new-to-us printer. I hope it eventually works, but it's got lines on all the pictures because the black toner is a little wonky. I made 2 bracelets and a watch, so I feel very good about getting some stuff accomplished. My goal is one piece made per day, so 3 is great.

My playlist has been jazz lately, but only because the girl across from me requests it. Otherwise I can go from Ella Fitzgerald to death metal, and I love both equally. I should do some checking around to see when In Flames is coming around again. The giant would love to see them, as would I.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) no rain forecasted until later in the day, so I can take my lunchtime walk. I even remembered my sneakers.
2) don't have to worry about Mom's M-Day gift. She's so damn hard to shop for.
3) I have a cuddly, giggly little nephew who loves me.
4) more flowers coming up in my yard and the neighbors' yards.
Ha ha! diva, everyone gets lured in by the bud when they come to BC! BWAHAHAHA!

I lurve being in bustie dreams!

poodle, I bought that Chicks CD, too, when all the shit went down, but I still think the new one is wayyyy better. I highly recommend it!

culture - BABE!?

Ok, I am finally showered, and also eyebrow-plucked.

While I was doing the eyebrows, I was remembering this conversation I had with a nurse in the hospital. She was trying, carefully, to take off the tape holding my IV. I said, "Just rip it," knowing it would tear out my arm hair, of course. She said, "You know it's funny - men are so much more squeamish about this kind of thing than women." Now that I think about it, I realize it's because we're already used to ripping out our body hair!

ETA: Speaking of that, I think I need to decide soon how to spend my day spa gift certificate my old employer gave me. I've got $200 to blow! I could get my legs waxed for the summer...and still have plenty left for something else...massage, seaweed wrap, facial, mani/pedi...I have no idea what to choose! I've never done a spa thing before, anyone else? How long does a leg-waxing last, anyway?
Hi diva!! Again, I am so impressed with your productivity!!

I don't want to go on a date with Nile, but it would be really fun just to have a couple drinks with him at Brit's or something. Maybe I'll suggest that one of these days.

That's so true about the hair thing, doodle. Men are such wusses. Actually, many studies have shown that women have a higher pain threshold than men. We girls have to put up with so much!!

ETA- Go for the massage, doodle!! Although, how often do you have the chance to get a seaweed wrap? That might be interesting.

That reminds me. I was laying on my tummy this morning, so Oscar decided to give me a pretty thorough back massage. Then he layed down on my neck. Cuteness.
Doodle! Ahh yes, it was kind of a strange post. But seriously, when you are feeling up to it, it'll be fun! Or maybe you don't want to because I smell? *sniffs self* nope nothing but the pleasant smelling me. smile.gif

Oh, it must be that drug problem. In fact I'm high at work all the time. Hee.

I'm glad you got in for your appointment...that is all. *looks away, slightly red faced*

I think leg waxing usually lasts 6 weeks.

Diva, the stuff you made, was it done in a uniform colour or all sorts of colours?

Poodle, I'm so motivated by your weight loss and muscle gaining! *gets more motivated*

I've just got waaaaaaaaaay too much energy at work today. I don't know why, but I'm feeling fabulous and hyper. Hmmmmm. I have work to do, reports came out today, but I'd much rather be BUSTing. Much more fun.


*Great first day vibes for Turbo-J* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Doodle, I hope you get the doc to take you seriously! We beleeeeeb you! Oh, and the last two CDs I bought (used) Best of Aerosmith Vol.2 and Best of Def! I didn't suspect it, but the Def Leppard one gets listened to way more. They are so cheesy, so 80's, even their 90's material! I love Rocket smile.gif "We've just got to flyyyy!" Oh, and of course, here's the Cheezilator. It breaks down into mostly inconspicuous pieces, lets you screw a cap over the bowl and also the bong water, and when placed in a central cup holder, reaches all passengers in the car smile.gif

Here's how to make some for you and your friends: Buy a bottle of SoBe or other iced tea with similar-sized bottlecappage. Drink contents while shopping for other stuff. Buy a set of 4 chair leg cups the right size to fit into bottle neck. Be sure to check it out in the store, and feel free to feel like a freak while doing so. The rubber leg cup should just barely fit into the neck (I keep forgetting what size to recommend) so that more than half the cup sticks up out. Then buy some fish tank tubing. Go for the least stinky tubing, but know that the smell goes away. Aslo, go to a head shop and buy a few long aluminum stems and bowls (I like the type with caps to them) and don't forget screens. Now, here's the effort part... you have to use a sharp screwdriver or something to poke a hole in the middle of the table leg cup, and then keep spinning the cup around bigger and bigger stuff you jamb into the hole in order to widen the hole. Ironically, using a power drill doesn't work. You'll only end up burning your finger when you touch the drill bit. Once you have the first hole, you need to make a second smaller one near the 'top' of the cup through the side. (top of the stopper=bottom of cup) While I'm drilling holes, I tend to spread out newspaper to catch the shredded rubber as it falls. It's best to drill more than one cup in one sitting, since you've bought enough cups to make 4 and enough tubing to make at least 3 Cheezilators. The top hole should be able to tightly fit the stem, and the side hole should just barely allow you to jamb the fish tank tubing into it. I'd use between 2 and 3 feet of tubing per Cheezilator, cut at an angle where they insert into the cup. It might also be good to stretch out and widen the bottom of the cup by jambing it over stuff in order to take away some of the taper of it if the cup keeps popping out of the bottle. Then bake for the rest of the evening! wink.gif

Poooodle! 20lbs! Wow! Are there any outside sports you can invest your new hot bod in, now that the weather's warming? At least try frisbee golf smile.gif

Diva, cool you have a nephew you can hang with smile.gif I'm getting pressure from Goatie Girl to have kids soon (and I'm kinda agreeing), but I wish her brother would just have some so we could live vicariously or something without being actual parents yet. It IS getting a little late for us to start, though. Anyway, enough about me. Sam sounds like awesome fun smile.gif Cute that he can interact with The Giant like a peer.

Fondness to BUSTies all! I better start naming names, but maybe next post.

*ETA* Holy Cross-postarama! Poods, I used to get seaweed wraps when I'd bodysurf at Makapu'u beach after the currents drifted in a bunch of the stuff. I'd get barreled, then walk out looking like a seaweed monster. Culture, your Av is great! What rule of cuteness is it that animals looking sleepy are cute? It's true!
CH, I don't normally make uniform color stuff. I made a bracelet of fuscia mother of pearl rings with fuscia pearls in the middle, another of the same thing, but the rings are brown and the pearls are natural colored, and the watch is several shades of purple. I try to stay either in the warm or cold ranges with a piece, except when I'm doing stone assortments, where I like a lot of color. It all varies so much, just on what I feel like at the moment.

Doodle, how about a pedicure? They last awhile, and with the nice weather being friendlier to sandals, that's what I'd do. I'd also like a facial, but I don't know much about those. I've never been to a spa, but would love to go.

Lore, people keep asking the giant and I when we're going to start having babies, too. Oy. We're not even married yet, and it can't even be a thought for at least 2 more years. Plus, I work in child support and all I ever see are broken families, and I'm really not that positively sure yet. I figure we'll start in 4 years, long enough for us to both get on our feet financially (I'll have my bar/dessert restaurant up and running and the giant will have paid off all his divorce debts). I just hope my eggs are still good by then. Still, I'm very content right now with being Sam's favorite auntie. I get all the fun and none of the responsibility.

OK, time to start my walk. It looks really nice out now, and I want to get it done before it starts clouding up.
hey guys. i'm around.

feeling rather shit-tastic this week so i have avoided posting so as not to be a downer. i could use a hug or five right now. my friend still hasn't called me to confirm our conversation about restructuring my work agreement to give me a guarantee, but i'm fulfilling my end of what i told her i'd do. i have to make at least 150 calls each day, which takes a considerable amount of time. i got my calls in right at the knick of time last night, was dialing #150 at 8:59pm. i can't call after 9pm.

anyway, so that's the work deal. i just wish i wasn't so trapped feeling right now. it's not like i can go apply anywhere being this pregnant. no one would hire me at this point, and i guess i can't blame them.

diva, the only way i'll continue working here after jackaroo gets here is if things change DRASTICALLY. i mean a total 180 and i suddenly start making a ton of money. i'm trying to decide when to start sending resumes out. i don't want to do it too soon. i could probably go back to my old job just in a different office and that might be what i do for a while. but i don't want to get stuck in the same position as i was.

lore, i love the cheezilator. that's awesome. i miss smoking pot. i wish i could get super-stoned right now in fact and forget my troubles. that's not gonna happen for a while though, obviously! hehe

i remember listening to "faith" soo many times and not understanding what he meant when he said, "there are little things you hide, and little things that you show". one day, my sister was listening to it on her walkman and she did these hand gestures like when someone is telling a fish story - it was "this big"... if that makes any sense. and i still didn't understand what she was talking about until a few years later when i was like, "really? was he talking about penis size??". who knows if that's what mr. michaels was talking about but it still makes me laugh 'cause i can see my sister sitting there in her wicker princess chair mouthing the words, hehe.

oh, doodle, you should definitely get a massage with the spa certificate. and then do some sort of facial or something. hell, with $200 you should be able to buy a half day package. mrfj bought me one of those for my bday last year and i got a massage, a facial, manicure, haircut and style and even a makeup application (which was my least favorite because i actually like to apply my own makeup, former model and all). but they even served me lunch and if i wouldn't have been preggo, i'd have gotten wine out of it too. instead, i got grape juice. it was pretty awesome. (the spa experience, not the grape juice)

kel, listen to these fine ladies and gents - don't punish him, just back away a bit and slow things down. don't ignore any calls and IMs. he doesn't sound like he's like a lot of other guys that play the "game". so don't be afraid to just tell him how you feel. you don't have to get deep into it, but just tell him you want to keep it slow. let me ask you this: when you were with him, were YOU having fun? did YOU enjoy the makeout session? what is it that is holding you back then? what would you do if the fear wasn't in the way? take the fear and put it in a basket and move forward slowly. talk to him. the worst thing you can do for yourself is ignore him now.

ok. i'm going to make some more calls now. i have a conf call at 2pm to look forward to. i wonder if my "friend" will be on that call.

Hi hi hi! It's me again.

((((((((((FJ)))))))))) I'm sorry that work is so craptastic.
~*~*~*~*~*~*Job Vibes*~*~*~*~*~*~

Oh Diva, I am all about purple! I'm a purple colour whore!

Lore, that is fucking cool! I'm so going to make one. Later. Really.

What is it with people pressuring other to have babies? geez, you want a baby so bad, have your own! Mind you, I've not had that pressure, and I'm not dating anyone, I don't do the dating thing right now...I have other needs... wink.gif

I went and bought some DVD's at lunch, I for the Bourne Supremacy and The Fifth Element. and I have yet another message. People! I'm on my lunch don't think that you will get ahold of my during lunchy-y time. Bleh.
I have CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMPS!!!!!!!! I really shouldn't bitch because I haven't had a real period in about four months, but DANG.

(((FJ))) Baby, don't be too down in the mouth. That shit is hard, and I suppose that it is your friend's job to blow sunshine up your ass and sell it to you, as well. For the meantime, concentrate on what you can control...why don't you go and make some nice guacamole? smile.gif Jess kidding, but your frustration is so well-earned. You've been busting your cute butt, and getting somewhat minimal results. That sucks. BTW, how far along are you now?

I nearly lost my mind this weekend. That is all.

Hey Poodle, twenty big ones?? DAYUM GIRL!! Get on over here so that I can give you a big, wet, lickery kiss!!!
i totally agree with the whole period sucks. i think mine is coming soon sad.gif
i totally agree with the whole period sucks. i think mine is coming soon sad.gif
Hahahahaha!!! Minx, I love the Goonies reference!!

~*~*~*~anti-cramp vibes for minx~*~*~*~

(((((FJ)))))) 150 calls? Sucks, dude.

Lore, that hookah is super cool!!

I've been watching Dean Martin videos on YouTube for the last hour. I love that man.
thanks for the hugs. i'm enjoying them.
and thanks for the encouraging words too.

150 calls per day DOES suck. but i got in done in about 7 hours yesterday. it helps if i just focus for a couple hours at a time and dial, dial, dial. it's surprising to see how many i can get through with a little focus.

minx, i am 31 weeks, will be 32w on friday. i am really thrilled that this little guy is going to be here in less than a couple months. i can't wait to meet him. he's kicking up a storm right now, enjoying the pear i just ate. i'm about to ruin the goodness i fed him with a pepperoni french bread pizza but it'll taste good. so there. and it has cheese on it, so that's calcium. and if i want to stretch it? it's got tomato sauce, so that's something too. hehe

poodle, i meant to congratulate you on the 20lbs. that is truly awesome. and i'm so glad that you're feeling better now that you started exercising. that's sure to help you keep at it. i plan to follow your lead when jackaroo gets here and join a gym. i think that will be my best bet at getting myself back in shape. i am still pretty much all baby, gained 27 lbs so far. but i need to do some strength training.

ok, my pizza is calling. i'll be here for a bit longer while i eat but then back to the grind!

Bwaaahahahaha Goonies refrence I love it!

Minx, I'm sorry you hve cramps. Blech. I'm due next week. How fun. Gets in the way of my portions. sad.gif

FJ, that pizza sounds so fuckin' good. I'm going to make pizza tonight now! Mmmm pizza-tastic.

Poodle, I love the new avvie!

Lore, *blishes* thanks. I'm a big fan of this one. The one I had before suited the caption of "queen on the nile". There's a really great website for avvies, and you can just link them.

I just gave some clients hell for calling me so many times and leaving way too many messages. I mean call me once, not 50 times and leave me 50 messages.

That is all.

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