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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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FJ! Will you please ask Mr. FJ to explain the secret of the F chord to me? Not the bar chord but the one that lets you move into C really easily. I can't quite wrap my fingers around index finger, to be precise. Tell him mastery of this chord is all that stands between me and my favourite Chicks song. mad.gif

turbo, I bet you'll love Shut Up & Sing! Did you get the CD yet?

Hi culture! Ahh, the social worker: always asking you how you're feeling....*sigh* wink.gif

Okay, break's over....
important announcement from the groinal region of tyger: objective: HBI '07 = COMPLETE!!!
since cougarlion isn't home i figured you guys should have the privilege (is it really? i honestly don't know...) of hearing it first: the boything's penis has gone where no other penis has gone before. he was incredibly sweet from beginning to end (okay, his announcement of 'i really want to fuck you' while i had him pinned down to the bed was quite a bit diryt than the rest of it). he's a keeper, this one is. if only i didn't have to work tomorrow at ass o'clock, i'd aim to make it three or four times in 24 hours instead of 2 tongue.gif

hi tj! rock on for karma kicking your boss in the bottom
tree got the dalai lama all hooked up with the AC! woot!
hi kari, marileen, moxie, grrl, culture, fj (guacamole buttsecks is *hilarious*. i need to find a way to fit it in in normal conversation) and doodle and diva and poodle! is that everyone? i hope so.

so, my dad is a dick and didn't donate money by the deadline for my cancer fundraising walk this weekend. i've been reminding him once a week for the last month, dammit, how hard is it to click a link in an email and enter a credit card number?

my mumsy bought pizza for dinner, and then i have to go set up a tent for my team at the cancer walk, go over to the boy's house to watch supernatural, and come home to sleep so i can wake up at 5am (aka ass o'clock) tomorrow for work. i was gonna call in 'sick', but since i was actually sick yesterday i should probably go.

have a goodly weekend, youse guys!
Woot! Woot! For our tyg getting some hot booty!!! Congrats, my dear, and enjoy that weiner!!!

Doodle, I did not download the Chick's album from iTunes yet. But I totally meant to. That counts, right? tongue.gif

Dinner was SO much fun...lovely ladies, good food, good wine. I had a mushroom and goat cheese pizza with olive oil drizzled on the bare crust. YUM. And plenty of leftovers for tomorrow...I love having nice spots that we can walk to.
Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi!!!!!!!!!

Oh my cod. I've missed so much!!!

Hi tyg!! "HBI '07" Hahaha!! Your sex goals are a lot like mine. I aim to get laid at least once a year. So far I have 2007 taken care of. Who knows what's in store for 2008. unsure.gif

"Buttsex for Guac would be a great band name." Hahahaha!!! That's the first thing that came to mind when mox mentioned it!!

Doodle, I HATE PLAYING THE F CHORD!!! I don't think there is a secret. It totally depends on what you're most comfortable with. Personally, I like playing the bar chord (index finger on entire first fret). I think it sounds better. Plus, I think it's easier to just press my index finger on the entire first fret than trying to press down on just the B and E strings. Either way, it takes a lot of practice to make a smooth transition. With the bar chord, the hardest part is being able to twist your wrist and flex your fingers fast enough. I still have to concentrate when I play it. I recommend picking one of the two and practicing the hell out of it.

Yayayayay!!! Turbo's done with her job!!! That's really funny that the shit's hit the fan since you've left. On one hand, you gotta feel bad for your co-worker friends. I'm sure your boss is feelin' it though!!!

The house thing seems to be rolling along quite smoothly, rose. Heh, the British accent thing doesn't surprise me at all. That's really great that your home inspector is helpful. All a person needs to do to be a home inspector is take a few classes and pass a test, so you never know what you're gonna get. Same thing goes for appraisers. Fortunately, some of those people actually know what they're talking about!!

I was uber busy today because the office meddler was gone and my boss is testifying on Monday. I don't know why the meddler chose to take a vacation day before a hearing, but she did, so I had to take on her role. It makes me look really good though, so I'm not gonna complain too much.

SOOOO....for those of you who love Dirty Dancing, take this quiz!! I took it the other day (I'm a Mental Floss addict) and I got everything right except for the abortion cost question. Heh, the funny thing is that I didn't even know that Penny had an abortion when I first saw the movie because I was about 9 years old.

Christ, I was gonna say some other stuff, but this post is getting long and I've had a couple glasses of wine.

ETA- (X-post) Turbo, that pizza sounds delish!! I introduced shawnboy to goat cheese when he was here. He liked it!! I looooove goat cheese on pizza.

ETAA- Damn, now I'm really in the mood to watch Dirty Dancing. It would be more fun to watch it with my BFF though. I don't thing the ex-RB or his friend/roomie would feel the same nostalgia and appreciation for it.
Dude...where the frell is everyone???!!! I'm da thread killah. sad.gif

ETA- Doodle, check out the 4th example on this page. That is the F version that I like to play. On that first fret, just firmly lay your entire index finger down. Oh, and I don't know how you play G, but if you're playing the classic version...

------------O----- (ring finger)
------O----------- (index finger)
------------O----- (middle finger)

Try this instead:

------------O----- (pinky finger)
------------O----- (ring finger)
------O----------- (index finger)
------------O----- (middle finger)

It makes G sound a lot brighter. That's how the Indigo Girls play it!!

ETA- Shit!!! I know what I forgot!!! MINNEAPOLIS BUSTIES!!!! The Heart of the Beast MAY DAY parade is on Sunday!!!!!!!! Dude, Minx, don't let me down yo. It's your former hood!!! I haven't seen it in several years (pre-war) and I totally want to see it now!!!!! Who's with me???!!! It's gonna be so awesome, because it sorta coincides with the Cinco de Mayo festivities!!! We're talking about E. Lake St. extravaganza this weekend!!! Minx?!!! Lurv?!!! Diva?!!! Marileen?!!! SUNDAY!!! SUNDAY!!! SUNDAY!!! *in best monster-truck voice*
I've read everything, but I'm sad and I just need to vent. Just having a bad night. I miss Kelman. I've barely thought of him in over a week, and tonight it just washed over me in a wave of misery and "Oh cod, I miss him." I called him, which was stupid and good at the same time.

These past 6 weeks have been so hard and so great in so many ways. I know I can be alone and be okay. I'm enjoying my time alone again, which I never did when I was with him. But sometimes I'm so terribly lonely, and even though he was an assclown for dumping me, I still miss him like crazy. His voice comforts me like no other. And I'm back out in the dating world, and I fucking hate it. I hate the whole dating experience. I hate flirting and I hate when they try to touch me and I don't want anyone to touch me. It takes me forever to trust someone with my body. I feel like I should get myself out there and just move the hell on with my life. And then I feel like holing up in a cave and not coming out ever again. There has to be something in the middle.
(((((Kel)))))) Why do you have to be back in the dating world again? You can't just jump from one relationship to the next!! Why not take care of yourself for a little bit? Go pump some iron!!

ETA- It's great. When I'm not feelin' so great, my favorite thing to do is work on my legs. I may not be model thin, but my thighs could crush some model ass like a friggin' eggshell. That's one thing I feel really proud about when I'm at the gym. This is total bragging here...I've noticed that I can lift more weight with my thigh/butt muscles than some of the strongest guys in the place. My week feels complete when I get to the legs, and I even go back to the same machines because I looooove the leg burn.
Poodle, I don't know. I know myself too well. I know if I don't at least keep in practice, I'll give up entirely and become the crazy cat lady. I don't want to jump into a relationship again. I don't know what I want. I feel so silly. I'm a huge walking contradiction. I hate feeling this way. I feel all adrift in the world and I don't know where to begin to pick up the pieces and move on. I'm doing pretty well most of the time. But just not tonight. And I hate pumping iron, but thanks for the suggestion.
Hey, kel, you can't worry about the cat-lady thing. Seriously, STOP with the cat-lady thing!! It's totally different these days and YOU'RE NOT ALONE!! In fact, if I had a dollar for every single woman with a cat (or dog, or child, or guinea pig) out there, I'd be able to pay off my student loans in a heartbeat. Hells...I've got 2 cats, I'm single, and I can't imagine spending more than a couple hours of non-horny thought per week on a guy right now!! It's totally cool for you to mourn, but you also have to choose to feel better at some point. Crafts, maybe? A book club? Community ed? Anything that will occupy the thoughts and energy that you put into that relationship is a good thing.
Poodle, I'm doing all sorts of stuff: crafts, reading, going out with friends, cooking for said friends, all sorts of stuff. And 99% of the time, I'm fine and I'm enjoying my life. It's just bad tonight. A girl is entitled to a bad night, right?
I tooootally understand, kel. Accept those thoughts, even indulge them, and then let em pass and get back to your new routine. A couple nights ago, I noticed that some indie-rocker guy on the bus had a wedding ring and then I began to imagine him with some waifish trendy girl--totally not me--and later I cried because I knew I could never go below a size 12 (if that). It was an inane thought, but I needed to cry about it at that time. Even as I was laying on my couch crying, I knew that I was thinking crazy thoughts. I dunno. Sometimes it just feels good to get that stuff out of your system, especially if you know that you just need to get it out of your system!!
morning lassies. Welll...I also got only 1 wrong on the Dirty Dancing quiz...the "official" name of kellermans. Dork. All I could envision was "Summer, 1963 blah, blah, blah...that was the summer we went to Kellerman's." I had no idea there was a stupid official sign. Feh.

I wonder if the cast knew they were making the greatest movie ever made (well, except Princess Bride perhaps) when they were making it?

Soooo....after a shit-heal night thursday, my beautiful baby slept like a LOG last night. thereby allowing ME to sleep like a log. which is awesome, since I have a bridal shower for college roomie (not the same one that TJ and I both OTHER college roomie) today, and I distincly DO.NOT. like one of the other bridesmaids. Strangely, the one I remember not liking from college (both are childhood friends of said bride) was delightful on Dress Shopping Day, but the other has turned into my most abhorrent enemey- the "well, if you only staid home and kept you kid at your tit, she'd be perfect like my kid" mom. Argh. I have very little patience for the passive-agressive mommy warring types.

But, then the BFFs are coming over for BBQ tonight. We got a new bubblemaker, so the kidlets should have a blast outside!

Ok, sleeping beauty awakens.
Mornin' mox!! Awww, give our dear friend a giant hug and congratulations for me....I've been a bad, bad friend, and not contacted at all since her engagement...I'm terrible about that stuff. And ignore the idiot're not there for her, and I guarantee you that perfect mommies get their payback in willfully rebellious children later. heh.

((((Kel)))) I'm sorry you had a rough night....but our poodle is SO wise. I hope your saturday is better.

Well, I've got no specific plans for the day now...just got a call from BFF, who I was supposed to hang with today, and she's on call this weekend for work (at the adoption agency), and there were two babies born last night and she has to visit the mothers in the hospitals, which are, of course, on opposite ends of the state, so she'll be too pooped to hang out tonight. Oh well...I figure something else out. Turbomann is going to Beer on the Pier tonight with our friends to drink way too much beer, so I'm on my own.

ETA: Mox, that's the same question I missed all the rest of them. Dorks are we. smile.gif
Good morning okayers!

Doodle, I don't even have a degree in Social Work, but, alas, mu job is rubbing off on my outside work life.

Poodle, I loooooooooove mental_floss so much. It actually has a special mention in my profile.

Hi Kel! You will have moments where you do miss, but they will come less and less often, then one day, you won't think of him at all. I know how you feel though. (((kel)))

Jenn, good to know you had fun times.

Moxie, that is so fantastic that you and moxette had a good night sleep!

Le Sigh,

I worked out last night, took to the dog the dog to the park, then was down for the count at around 8:30. Then this morning I was up early, took puppers to the park and then cleaned, and that takes me to know. Blah. It's cool and rainy here, and it kind of suits my mood. I think I'm going to take a nap now.

the last few days here have been windy, chilly, overcast, and in the evenings, rainy. well, the storm system must have finally blew itself out, because today has been sunny, but not too hot, with a breeze just cool and gentle enough not to stir the dirt devils and bend the trees like it has been all week. it's the perfect day to pack a few books and a sandwich and sobe green tee from the deli down the block, hop on the old schwinn, and head down to the park to relax in the sunshine, feed the ducks, and watch the weekend soccer games on the center green. which just adds insult to the injury that i'm stuck inside this cold, stuffy old plant working for probably at least another 6 hours. dry.gif le sigh.

at least i had fun last night. my best friends and favorite couple came and picked me up after work, and we went back to their place for drinking, tom foolery on teh intrawebs, fooling around, and showing off the new piercing to many ooh's and ah's and "can't wait to play with it"'s. they're getting married this halloween, and i get to be the maid of honor, so we discussed wedding plans and what costumes everyone's going to wear (french maid pour moi, to showcase the strong lean cyclist's legs i've been starting to get), and whether they wanted to get their matching nipple piercings, which they're doing instead of traditional wedding rings, before or after the ceremony. it was sweet, but i stayed up way too late, and the nice day we're having is just making me think how nice it would be if i had time to take a nap under my favorite oak in the park.

eta: i just heard over the radio that someone's going to be done in another hour (i've got two departments today), so whether that's everyone done or just my workload cut in half, i might be getting out of here sooner than i thought, since the two departments are dependant on one another and don't usually work more than a few hours after the other one's done.
Where is this Dirty Dancing quiz? I wanna take it.

This weekend is sooooo boring. All my friends are away. I went with my mom to Ocean City for a festival, but the "art" tents were unbelievably bad. Lots of flowers painted on planks of wood and the like. Egad.
I think I'll take a nap and go to the bookstore for coffee and boy watching. Always fun.

Turbo, I wish we lived closer, we could hang out and be bored together!
*snuggles up on the okayland couch with kel*

Here's the quiz you're lookin' for, my dear - enjoy!

I just made a fab avocado, mango, spinach salad for dinner, and I'm curled up on the couch watching Shut Up and Sing...a perfect evening on this cold, dreary spring evening.
I only got an 80%. 12 out of 15. Not bad considering I haven't seen that movie in 10 years or more.


I fucking LOVE Ocean City....Art shmart...the weather down there is soo unfreakingbelievable. There's something great about that place, I suppose living there has it's flaws. I spent two days out there on the beach getting red as a lobster a few years back. if i could move there and do radio on the beach i'd be in.

I never would have thought that i'd be sharing a goat cheese pizza with you after all these years, Poodles.
Especially being able to hang with you for a couple of days was a dream come true. I'll cherish those few days forever and I mean forever...kinda interesting to see what could have been. I'm glad that it didn't cos I woulda prolly knocked ya up and killed your chance for education and screwed it all up for ya....the kids would have been beautiful tho...LOL

Do u remember the discussion we had on childrens names before going to a movie once?? HaHa!!

You're truly a Goddess among women. I Humbly bow to you...and will bring you the head of anyone who oppose thee.

ETA - It's hard not to sit here and talk about our poodles...

ETA 2 - Nothing exciting happening tonight, I live a rather dull existance for someone on a rock station. On the air till 11 est and prolly gunna go play with my cat i swear I'm getting a little remote control car and have some fun with him without having to get up.
Good Evening okayers!

Grrrl, I also love showing off my VCH! Hee. That sounds like a really cool wedding your friends have going on.

Kel, you are more than welcome to take a trip up to see me, I'll take you out and about, and you can do plenty of cute boy watching here.

Jenn, mmmm what a yumtastic salad that sounds like!

Shawn, any special plans for this evening?

so, I went to the dog park today, and another dog tried to attack Emily, but Emily was having none of that, and snarled right back. There were other regulars there, and I went on a walk with a woman who has a German Sheppard, and we had a chat about aggressive dogs and such. She has had a few sheppards. Puppers is fine, but I'm impressed that she didn't run away and was standing up for herself and protecting herself. She was playing nicely with that dog before the incident, too. Hmm.

tonight I'm headed over to boy 2's house.

I took a long nap this afternoon, and I had dreams about the okayers. It was fun. I don't remember what the dream was about, just that you all were in it.

Have a good night everyone, I'll check in when I get home.

Shawn, darling, we need more men like you in this world. I love that you swing by and shower our poodle with your friendship and love. Seriously, you are awesome...and of course, so is our dear poodle!

I just finished watching Shut Up and Sing, and I think I might watch it again before I return it. Doodle, you are SO right, I love them even more! And I'm gonna slip into a bubble bath in a bit and give the new album a good listen...serious love for the Chicks tonight! And did you notice, doodle, that Kamloops got a mention in the film? smile.gif

I'm also sippin' some nice red wine that's good too.

CH and Grrl....I have to say, you are making me very curious about this piercing, and I am seriously contemplating it here...

Turbo got to hang with his favorite doggie friends at the park today too - 4 pugs, a shitzu and lab-mystery-mix...I'm always so glad to see a gentle mix of dogs in there for him, as he loves his social time, but if there are any puppies or really rough-housing dogs in there, we just can't go anymore - he just can't deal with puppies who get in his face - he doesn't really understand the play thing, gets scared and will get a little aggressive.

Okay, off to the bath for me!
Shawboy, are you talking Ocean City, New Jersey or Maryland? I'm by the Maryland one. I live 30 minutes away. It's the city of Grand Ultimate Cheese. Nothing makes me happier than walking the boardwalk on a sultry summer evening and people watching until the laughter nearly makes me wet myself. There used to be this crazy old guy in a cowboy hat and huge belt buckle everyone called "Boardwalk Elvis." He cruised the boardwalk all year long. A Boardwalk Elvis sighting always made my night.

Culture, if I ever get to Canada, I would gladly hang out with you. You are boy magnet, chica! Boy 2 tonight, huh? I'll look forward to reading your escapades in the portions thread!

Turbo, I'm sipping some bad red wine. But I mixed it with tonic and lemon juice to make my favorite Spanish concoction. They called it something like tinta verrana (probably have the gender and spelling wrong). It was wonderfully cheap and delicious. I drank it on hot summer nights when I was there. The Spanish always use cheap wine in sangria and the like. One of my most unforgettable moments in Spain was the night my friends convinced me to drink this concoction made of cheap red wine and Coke! The college kids loved it because it was cheap and it came in a huge stein with straws for a group to share. I nearly retched when I heard what was in it, but I tried it, and it wasn't bad! I wouldn't drink it on my own, but when in Spain...the same thing happened when they convinced me to eat morcilla. It's a delicious dish that I devoured. Then I found it was a type of blood sausage. By then, after eating so much of it, I didn't care once I found out what it was. They were smart...they knew not to tell me what was in it until after I was hooked.

I feel marginally better than I did last night. Last night was a bad night. Tonight is about hanging out with myself and enjoying my cheap wine, my dog, my computer, my books, and my music. Maybe some cable later, who knows?
Hi everyone!!

I slept all day and then watched Meet the Fockers. I guess I just needed a lazy day.

Awwww...shawn, why can't all boys be so sweet and polite like you?

(((mox))) Ugh. That sucks about the other bridesmaid. I'm so glad that you finally got some rest though!! You need it!!

That salad sounds great turbo. I needs to gets me some mangoes. I like to cut them up and eat em plain, but they're so messy.

Mental Floss rocks indeed, culture. It's gotta be my favorite magazine. There website is great, too. For those of you who think you know global geography pretty well, try this quiz. I realized that I need to brush up on my eastern European geography. I'm pretty good with the other continents though!!

I'm glad today is better, kel!!

Hi grrlyouwant!!
Okay, I am geographically challenged! I got pretty much all of those wrong. I remember in 10 grade I had to learn all the countries in the world, their location on the map, and their capitals. I got an A on that test and promptly forgot all of them. *sigh*

ETA: I'm a little drunkedy drunk! *hic*
Hey all! Hi turbo, poodle, culture, kel, shawn, grrrl, moxie, tyger, and the lurkers, too! (We know you're there.)

turbo, yes, I did catch the local reference! They never did play here, though. *droops head sadly* I am completely hooked on the new album...I am literally hearing the songs in my head when I wake up! It's not that I hadn't listened to them before, but maybe it's something about the movie, showing how the songs developed from the Chicks' own experiences....I hope there will be a girlpunk-country revolution because of them!

So that pretty much explains to everyone what I've been doing with my day.

I have to admit, although I know I will soon have to get out there in the working world again, I sooooo needed this time to do nothing and decompress. I keep thinking maybe my hair falling out is just a reminder that I am not well enough to go back to reality yet. I can't believe how crazy that job was...I can't even imagine summoning the energy to do it now.

Speaking of reality...I realized that my hair was SO thick before, that it still looks okay even though *I* know how thin it is. (These days, I won't go out without coaxing a respectable "Leo rising"-ness wink.gif from it with a curling iron and some product.) I realized my doctor may look at my hair and think it's normal and I'm paranoid. So I decided I would collect all the hair I lose in one day in a baggie, and show it to him, so he'll understand how bad it is. I keep thinking it's scientific of me, yet maybe it's more bizarre or creepy to show up at your gynecologist's office with a baggie full of hair...I don't want him calling for security or anything. I know I poke fun at my own hair vanity, but it's no coincidence that the one part of my body I can most measure my health by is my hair....I really do know it that well! rolleyes.gif tongue.gif

On that note, I must bid vous belles mesdames, adieu....

ETA: oh poodle, I also meant to say....

It's this F chord that I need to learn:


It has to move real quickly into both the C and the Am, and because of the song's rhythm ("The Long Way Around"), using the bar chord F makes it impossible for me to play and sing. I do usually do the bar chord version, tho' just doesn't work this time.

I am totally planning on attending if it gets less windy and rainy. It is absolutely shittastic this morning and I'm just not too hopeful. Ah well...Minxman said that I was totally talking in my sleep last night. Go figure. I've been a wonderstressball lately what with the trying to finsh out the end of the year, getting my bride's maid dress which is fucking BANDAID colored (I shit you not), and the relicensure debacle. I have exactly two weeks to fix all of these problems before I really get my ass handed to me on a platter. Feh.

I don't even have any nails left to bite. Feh.

Pkay, the antihistamines have kicked in and I think that it's time to start some laundry and take a fucking shower before Minxman wakes up. He's a big fan of sleeping in on the weekends, which is really annoying on one hand, and completely wonderful on the other. I get time to myself which almost never happens.

Okay, I usually get a few hours to myself on Thursdays, but seriously, that's it.

I nearly partook of the buttsex this weekend and right as it was becoming...uh, apparent, I immediately thought of the Falljackets and just about started laughing. Thanks a lot, guiys. Because Mr. FJ is a food weirdo, I didn't get the buttlovin'. laugh.gif
Good Sunday Morning okayers

Poodle, I never met anyone who was also into the mental_floss website as much as me! I subscribe to their e-newsletter, too. The geography challenge, I sucked so bad at. I tried the world capitals one. It was a disaster. But fun nontheless.

(((kel))) It's loads of fun here, just make sure you come in summer, the cold, is, uhhhh, a lot to handle if you've never experienced it before.

Jenn, what a divine evening it sounds like you had. The VCH, wonderful, beautiful, divine. And you start your new job tomorrow right??? I'm excited! smile.gif

Doodle, that is so fab about you coming along so well with the guitar! I would do the same thing with my hair if I felt I had to show my doctor how things were.

Minx, a bandaid coloured dress??? Oh my. I thought that seafoam was a bad colour. But flesh coloured? Why not just go nekid instead?

So, I went to see boy 2 last night, and I'm getting bored with him. Navy Boy is also boring me to tears. I think I'm going to turn my phone off so I don't hear from anyone, and have a totally me day. I had one yesterday, but I still had to do grocery shopping and stuff. Today, I'm going to clean a little, do some sudoku, and maybe go purchase some DVD's.

Mornin' ya'll!

I'm with you minx on the blessing/curse of partners who sleep late. But mostly, I adore it. I get SO much done while turbomann snoozes. I got up at 6:30 this morning and took turbodoggie for a long walk, ran into greyhound friends on the way back and had tea with them....8am off to the fruit market and natural foods store, and back home by 9am to wash all the greens, make garam masala almonds, get some pork shoulder in a spicy brine to make pork tinga for tostadas for dinner, and tidy up the house a bit and get stuff ready to take to my new office.

I actually start the jobby job on Tuesday, so I have one more day to chill out at home...its actually been the perfect amount of time off, and I really am ready to dig into something new.

Poodle, I love mental_floss too....but the geography quizzes...Oh my, I sucked bigtime at that one. I'm the stereotypical american who knows nothing of geography.

CH, I may pm you with some questions on the piercing front. wink.gif

Doodle, I too, am finding myself enthralled with the new DC album...I'll probably watch the documentary again before I return it...I could watch those girls all day - I really love their sisterhood...I always wanted a sister, and I find watching their loving relationship fascinating.

kel, thanks for the wine spritzer recipe, I'm definitely going to try that - sounds refreshing!
Good morning, Okaylanders!

My day started with me having to rescue a child's beachball from my balcony.

I am waiting for a decent hour to start practising the guitar. I'm never sure what a "decent hour" is on a Sunday morning. The children are up, obviously...but is mama? wink.gif Got the whole of "Everybody Knows" down perfectly...I want to play it now! Dammit!

turbo, I always wanted a sister, too. Someone to play bass guitar with the band I would form with my brother, the drummer. biggrin.gif

Hey also to minx and culture!

My fingertips hurt, so I won't write more right now...

ETA: I think I need to learn "Good-bye Earl" and then offer to play it at Take Back the Night.
Hello okayers.

I wnet back to bed for a while and had a dream about a giant, human eating snake which lived under my deck. It was so bizarre. I didn't even do drugs. Today.

Jenn, what a productive day! I have, ummmm, slept. I have a giant pile of clothes which I need to put away, but I just don't want to. Feel free to ask away, I'll be more than happy to answer anything.

Hey Doodle, rawk on! Children are up, you can play now!

Le Sigh. Well, I need some breakfast, at 1:15 in the afternoon. Nice! smile.gif

c-monkey and i did our what-is-becoming-customary sunday morning routine of read the paper, do some coloring, pick up lunch at the deli and head out to the college campus duckpond for some rock-jumping, water-playing-in, duck-feeding, general gamboling about. i'm going in at 8 am all week next week, but when i asked my boss if should start planning on working every saturday, like i have been lately and almost never used to, she said that there were some misconceptions about who works saturdays that were going to be cleared up in tomorrow's meeting. so i'm hoping i can look forward to once again having my whole weekend free, at least a couple times a month.

i'm going to have to check out shut up and sing, and the rest of the new dixie chicks album. i always pretty much ignored them, as i do the whole "twangy music" ouvre, but since i first saw the not ready to make nice video, i've really come to admire their whole "fuck you toby keith and the rest of y'all, we'll sing and say what we like" approach to country turning its back on them. and with not one, but two, resounding bustie edorsements, how can i go wrong? happy.gif

turbo, get the piercing, it rocks. i've been keeping my fingers off, but i can't help peeking at it in the mirror every chance i get and going "damn, i never noticed how cute my clit is!" laugh.gif i can't wait til it's all healed up and i can take it out for a test jill.
I think I'd really like to have a cute clit like you both!!! hee. I'm gonna think on this one for a couple weeks, and if I still want it, I'm gonna go for it.

Sounds like you've had a lovely morning, grrl! I especially love the rock-jumping and duck-feeding! What a wonderful way to enjoy a spring morning!

I think you'd definitely enjoy Shut Up and Sing, too...even if you're not a huge Chicks fan, if you think Bush is an ass, then its a good film to watch, and very entertaining! The new album is far less twangy than previous albums.

This one is for all of our cat-lovers! heee!

And doodle, I definitely think you should learn Goodbye Earl for the Take Back the Night event.

Oh, and I just put our laundry in the washers downstairs - SCORE! I've been trying to do laundry since thursday, and been thwarted at every turn.
Hello everyone.

Jenn, you should totally get it done! Just the hood, it doesn't hurt, I swear, and its so much fun. And it looks sexy!

Grrrl, I hope your work stuff gets resolved soon. But, congrats on the fun day today.

I took puppers to the park, then went to look for DVD's and there was nothing fun at all. Boo. Oh well, saves me money I suppose.

That's really it since last time.

Yeah, I think the new Dixie Chicks album is more country like....the Eagles and Neil Young are country. And by the way, I am totally in love with their record producer, the bearded buddha.

I just finished with the guitar. My fingertips are numb. My voice is a little hoarse. So now I am listening to Maiden, and I am going to putter around the apartment for awhile.

The clit-piercing story, by the way, totally made my labia shrivel up back into my body.
Hey ya'll! I've spent an hour or two here puttering away happily in the kitchen, perfecting my pork tinga recipe, with an assist by Rick Bayless and this tex-mex blog...I think its gonna turn out fab, and a lot leaner than either of the source recipes. If anyone's interested, I'll post the recipe later in barefoot.

Doodle, you are so inspiring with your musical gifts! And I definitely think you've earned this time off to recuperate after the hell of closing the center and the illness that followed! I definitely feel blessed to have this little space between jobs to unwind, and truly release the old job. Its amazing how quickly I've really been able to shake off the old job, wounds are healing quickly, and I don't care if they never call me again...if they do, that's fine too, but my boundaries are up and its no longer my job to do.

Tomorrow is my last vacation day, and I'm not quite sure how I'm going to spend it yet...but probably just relaxing, and maybe hitting spin class.

Oh, and I've been researching the vch piercing online a bit...turbomann's definitely intrigued. heh.
Hello okayers.

I've had a completely relaxing, uneventful, all about me day, and I have enjoyed myself tremendously. Now I am watching Babe on tv, just got out of the bath a little while ago.

Doodle, I swear the VCH doesn't hurt. it's just a peice of skin, and it was easier than my ears. My nipple on the other hand....*shudders*
I'm so amazed with your musical talent.

It's been overcast here all day, and I haven't minded it one bit.

I'm wondering how Tree, GT, FJ, Kel, and Kari are doing?


Howdy Okayers,

I had an impromptu date today that went extremely well. We laughed for three hours straight. Of course, now I'm full of anxiety and panic. Because I'm a freak like that.

And holy crap, he's instant messaging me! I'll finish this later!
oooh! kel! that sounds great! a date spent laughing is always a winner. and it sounds like you charmed the hell out of him. goodie!

i SUCK at geography. i did ok in south america but sucked at africa and didn't even attempt europe yet. BUT the good thing is that it made me see that i MUST learn this stuff. i have to be a good role model for my little tyke.

had a great and yet sucky weekend. work is really not good right now. i had it out with my boss/friend and her answer to the whole thing is for me to work harder. i guess it shouldn't suprise me, as that's generally a sales manager's first bit of advice. at one point yesterday i thought i might not have a job anymore at all. and perhaps i don't. she was supposed to call me back and hasn't since yesterday afternoon. eh, par for the course lately. i'm just going to do what i can to increase my number of dials until i hear from her. we sort of hashed out a plan for me to be compensated if i meet a goal of dials, which will give me some incentive to keep dialing. so far, the incentive of making money from the appointments isn't working, as the "closers" aren't closing. in fact, on saturday, they weren't even in the office when one of my appts. showed up. sure, she showed up an hour and a half early, but it was during regular office hours. i can't help but be a little pissed at them for having left the office completely empty with no note or anything to explain. eh, whatever.

that's all i'm gonna say about that... the rest of the weekend was nice. spent a lot of qt with mrfj, which is always super.

minx - sorry girl. unsure.gif

doodle, i told mrfj that you had paged him to the thread for some guitar assistance but that poodle seemed to come to the rescue. of course, i have no idea about geetar playin'. i'm the singer.

shawnboy, always nice to see you here. you're super sweet to our girl poodle.

hi to ch and grrrl, the pierced ones... i have to admit that it sounds awfully cool over here too...

hi everyBUSTie else.

fj out.
Holy crap, I have another date with him. Tomorrow night. He's coming over to watch The Office on DVD. I'm freaking out. I like this guy a little. Shit.
Good evening good evening.

Kel, what a great date! come back and give up the deets!

FJ, I'm sorry that work isn't going so well. ~*~*~*~*work vibes*~*~*~*~

So, I've still not nothing, I just talked to boy 2, and he told me he loved "maing love to me last night" Eeeep. I'm playing around on my ipod right now, so that's going okay. Alas, I deleted things that now won't load, but I don't really want them that much. M'eh, I'll fix it later.

Well, I'm going to go and get food then watch mythbusters. Have a good night everyone.


CH, he seems great. He's a few years younger than me. We talked online for two hours this morning. Then for an hour on the phone. Then we met for lunch an hour later and sat and talked and laughed for 3 hours. Lots in common. And he's so cute. Then when I got home I was certain I wouldn't hear from him because guys always do that stupid "wait three days" thing. But I was online and start IM-ing me. Talked for another hour. Made plans for tomorrow night. Eeek. I don't know what to do. I get so flustered. I have issues with being touched (at first...once I warm up to someone I'm fine and very open), but I sort of made that known without being freaky about it when we were out today. He didn't seem to be bothered by it. But I have other issues now. You can read about those if you look in the history of my posts, I don't feel like posting them here.
CH, I *totally* thought of you while we were watching Mythbusters earlier this evening - it was the dog one...moral of the story - a bloodhound will find you anywhere. Doggies are so much smarter than most people give them credit for.

FJ, I'm sorry work is continuing to suck for you...I hope it turns around. They have got to get some better sales people in that office - you're doing your job, and they can't seem to get their shit together to get you paid!

Kel....good going on the fun date!! And a second one tomorrow too - NICE! Watching the Office sounds like a great second date - nothing too serious, and you know there will be lots more laughing!

I ate way too much tonight....but it was SO good. The pork tinga turned out awesome, and we piled it on top of tostadas with queso fresco, onion, cilantro and lime, and we just had some warm pineapple upside-down cack, warm from the oven. oof.

*hands slices of cack around the thread*

ETA: kel, my best advice is to just have fun right now. Set your baggage and issues aside for the time being, and just get to know each other...if you move forward and he's still with you after a few months...then perhaps you can trust him in sharing more personal information about yourself. But for now - get out there and ENJOY!!
~*~*~*~jobbity get better vibes~*~*~*~ for fj
oooh, fun dates! go kel! and as for the other stuff (i just lurk around everywhere) don't worry about it *right now*, just have fun and see where stuff goes. and if stuff appears to be going in that direction at a moderate clip, and everything else is awesome, i'm sure it will all work out great.

i'm all crampy and icky, and have to take the boything on a kitty litter buying quest, as having him walk 15-20 blocks with a thing of cat litter when he walked 6-8 hours yesterday at the cancer walk we were at seems kinda mean when i have a car and nothing to do this evening. i think i'll drink some coffee, eat some chocolate, and head off

hi everyone else!
just got in from a whirlwind afternoon of shopping with the momster and c-monkey. c-monkey got some much-needed shorts for the summer, momster picked up a few things she found in the ads this morning, and i got the cutest new airwalks at payless. i also picked up momster's mommy's day present, a blue ipod shuffle. she looks at them longingly every time we pass by the display at best buy or wherever, and has even come close to asking to see one a couple of times, but always says she "just can't afford it right now". which is only true because she spends all her money on the grandkids, or traveling to see the out of state grandkid. since i do no traveling and am likely to blow my money on electronics anyway, i figured it was time to give back. c-monkey can't keep a secret to save her life, so we gave it to here when we got out to the car. she was duly surprised and thrilled. of course she's a technological eedjit who thinks reading a messageboard can put a virus on your machine, so i'm going to have to go over tomorrow and download itunes for her and show her how everything works. depending on ease of use, i might get c-monkey one for her birthday this summer.


I've been around from time to time, just haven't posted in a while.

Sounds like everyone had an OK weekend. (((kelkello))) sorry you had a rough night the other night, but the new guy sounds great! Especially if you spend so much time laughing together.

I went to a party the other night with this friend of mine, and everyone was doing coke - including my friend. It was weird. That was the first time I ever saw coke. It felt scary to be there because I thought everybody was going to turn all insane, but they pretty much just stayed up all night talking, like normal.

Work has been OK. The assistant pastry chef has really been getting on my nerves. She kind of bullies me. She's a jerk one second, then sweet as pie the next. I dunno. Maybe I'll just punch her in the neck.

I'm not tired tonight, and I'm off tomorrow, but I have nothing to do.

FJ - I hope things get better for you at work.

I don't know any songs by the Dixie Chicks except that song about Earl.

Turbo has one more vacay day, then it's off to a new adventure! Yay for you! And I'm glad to hear that your old boss is freaking out now. Heh.

I talked to Octi the other day, and we're going to hang out soon, after all her school stuff is done and over with. It was funny, because I just phoned her to see how she was feeling, and I got really really chatty, and she finally had to cut me off and say she needed to get to class. I'm such a chatterbox.

OK, dudes, smell ya later.
Good Monday morning everyone.

Kel, I'm thrilled for you. I agree with Jenn, have fun with it and try not to worry about the baggage! Still, super happy for you!

Hi PK, long time no see.

So, here it is, another Monday. I had an interesting night last night. I talked to Navy Boy, who told me I have a problem with drugs, (sure I smoke, once, twice a week), anyways, this coming from a man who drinks to capacity daily. I told him that it was like the pot calling the kettle black, so everything is fine, then he says it again, I got really pissed off at him, and I said, you know what I'm going to have to let you go. I then sent him a text message which said; "I would recommend that when you are going to dispense advice about my drug use, you do it when you don't drink daily. Did he ever get mad! It's the truth though...seriously, I don't spend $120.00 a day on liquor. So, who has the problem now? That promptly ended that. Asshat. So, I was pissed, but now not so much. I have better things to dwell on. Hee.

Jenn, I hope you are enjoying your last day off! Your dinner sounds divine. *drools*

Well, I should pull my messages, and lurk around here for a while.

Good Morning my pretties! How's everyone on this Monday morning?

I'm alright, can't complain.

Kel, that's cool that you are hanging with a new dude! I will echo everyone else & say just go with it. Take it easy, don't put too much pressure on yourself.

Hi PK! That sucks that you were at a party where people were doing stuff you didn't feel comfortable with. I am glad it was ok. That's so nice that you & Octi get to hang out!

CH, that is so lame of navy boy. Seriously. Ugh. Mind your own beeswax, dude.

((FJ)) sorry to hear about the conflict with your friend/boss. I hope the agreement you reached helps out. That's got to be so tough, depending on the other people to complete the sale. It seems like you should get reimbursed for your portion of the job.....getting the customers in the door....and then get further compensated if they buy. Hmpf.

Rose, I am so glad to hear that your home inspection went well! YAY! When do you guys close?

Jenn, I hope you have a wonderful last day of vacation!! Enjoy it sister.

Hi doodle! Your guitar skillz are lookin' good. I can't read music or chords, that's Greek to me.

Hi Poodle! Hi Diva! Hi tyger! Congrats on the HBI, btw!

I had a nice weekend. Stayed in Friday night. Saturday I got up early & met my mom & aunt for breakfast. Then we went to this awesome nursery that only opens to the public 2x a year. I only got 2 plants, but it was a lot of fun. That evening I went to a graduation dinner out for a friend of mine. It was at this trendy, expensive place. Fortunatley her husband had hooked up the table with wine & appetizers as a surprise for her. I got out of there for only $20 which was great. I couldn't really drink b/c I have a blown headlight, but I did have a few sips & may have a new favorite wine. Yesterday we did some light yard work & played poker. I lost, but mr K won $70.

I have so much shit to do this week, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I have work and then lots of training for my practicum. Plus I have to get these damned vaccinations that I couldn't get on Thursday (stupid drs office!). After this week though, everything should be cool.
Mornin' ya'll!!!

PK, good to see you in here, my dear! Are you still thinking about coming back to chicago eventually?

I'm having a lovely morning here so far, took turbo for a long walk, slept in a little bit too. Its a beautiful morning here, and I'm not sure what I'm going to do today, yet. I need to make some granola, and maybe I'll venture out on bike a bit later. We'll see.

Kari, sounds like you have a busy busy week lined up...I'm feeling a teensy bit overwhelmed by my week too...but we'll both make it through just fine, I'm sure, right?

CH, sounds like you're making the right choice cutting navy boy loose...concern from a close friend is one thing, but he's not that, and it sounds like he has his own issues. You've got plenty o' men interested in your attentions anyhow!
Hello Eeeeevrybody! smile.gif

Sorry to be gone for so long. I was laid off for a kinda big stretch, so my guiltless BUSTing time wasn't there for a while. I have an employer again, so it's nice to also re-start the ritual of checking Okayland in the quiet morning. I guess I missed out on a heck of a lot of stuff, though.

Kel, YAAAAY! a new buddy/date! Someone new to pal around with must rock, and there's romance afoot to boot smile.gif I hope that all works out, and you both feel comfortable figuring out the boundaries of stuff.
PK, yeah, I'd be pretty nervous at such a party myself, mostly because I've never been around that. I know a lot of people can do coke responsibly enough. I'd mostly feel like a total outsider. I'm afraid to try it, mostly because I'm afraid I might like it a bit too much.
Culture, that's great that you stood up for yourself there. Outsiders get so down on pot, where the legal stuff can so easily be worse. I'm sure you're just bound for new adventures instead of him.
Fondness to all you BUSTies! I'll have to slowly catch up on goings on.
*stumbles into okayland*

I'm tired today. Crappy Monday's. The sun is shining and I'd much rather be outside today instead of in the office.

Jenn, are you excited about your first day? Enjoy a nice relazing day.

Kari, that sounds like a great weekend. I enjoy plant and flower shopping!

Lore, isn't this work thing just great? I'm glad to see you are back, though.

As for the weed thing, I know people who smoke waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more then I do, and, seriously, it's weed. I mean it's not like I'm doing meth or something. I also ain't drinking every damn day. Wanker. He missed out. Oh well...they always come crawling back. *shrugs*

My phone hasn't stopped blinking becuase of messages. I don't want to do any work whatsoever. Bleh. Having one of those days.
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