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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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*pokes head in*

Hee I am indeed here. I'm still jealous of your days off. hmmph. Oh well, at least I'm just at work. What's funny is that I spend more time here when I am supposed to be working then when I am at home. Oh well.
Posting this in multiple threads today because I’m so happy!

I survived the semester!

Intro to Mechanical Engineering “A”
Physics “A”
Sociology “A”
Intro to Technical Drafting “B”
Algebra & Trigonometry “R”

I’m retaking the Algebra & Trigonometry this summer along with Intro to Auto CAD. The CAD class has no homework so I’ll have plenty of time to focus on the Algebra & Trig class.

I’m so happy I did so well. I wish I wouldn’t get so emotional and panic at the end of semesters. I always do it. Everyone must think I’m psycho in here. Please just think of me as the entertainment of the week.

Culture - I have two weeks off till summer semester starts. I'm going to enjoy them girl. My mind is running on empty. I'm going to take the dogs to the park a couple times. They deserve it. Their dad and I have just been neglecting their attention because we are both so overwhelmed with everything right now. They miss their mommy. My Shelby came up and flopped on my face this morning with her fat little belly and snorted at me in frustration. Pinky just turns her head from me. They need some attention.

Turbo - mmmmm, a mask sounds lovely. Think I'll do one myself today.

(((((Great first day at new job vibes to all)))))

Well, my day is going to go like so...

1. I slept in a little
2. Going to put a mask on for 20 minutes
3. Going to plan something wonderful for dinner
4. Have to run to school and pick up a report I did but then I'm OFFICIALLY done the semester
5. Come back home and start dinner
6. Start preparing for my birthday party on Saturday
7. Cuddle up with Mr. Pug's tonight and maybe get some portions biggrin.gif
8. Sleep in and do it all again tomorrow!
Hi, peeps!

Good thinking getting movers, RV. Moving has got to be stressful enough without all the heavy lifting. And that's great that your credit union has a better deal.

((((((((( appointment show vibes for FJ )))))))))) Seriously, the more lightweight stroller cost $400? Why? I'll never understand these things. When my brothers and I were little, we had a plain stroller and the only padding was the extra diaper we sat on.

I'd love to see a minimalist have a baby. smile.gif

Congrats on the grades, Pugs! And that's good to hear your parents are doing better.

Jenn, I'm jealous of your day off. Yours always seem so productive and relaxing at the same time. Mine have just become mundane.

Hellos to everyone else!

Not much going on over here. My boss is gone and the only work I have to do is stuff for other people, really just busywork. I wish I had another week of vacation saved up, then I'd take off early, but I think I only have 4 days left, and I need to save them. I made the giant take a walk with me yesterday, since I didn't have the chance over lunch and I didn't want to waste a gorgeous evening indoors, then we made a little kid's dinner while we watched American Idol. I was SO. FREAKING. HAPPY. Phil and Chris got the boot. They both sucked. My parents loved Phil and gay boyfriend loved Chris (I don't understand why, he's so forgetable), but I took a lot of satisfaction in seeing them go. And Tico Torres was especially hot last night. He's been my boyfriend since 6th grade.

I did bring my sneakers to work today, so I fully intend to walk the bridges on my lunch break. I've got to do it at least once to see how bad it is.

Good Morning!

Jenn, when do you start your new job? You proabably have said, but I missed it. Enjoy your days off! I wish you much relaxation!

((Tree)) sorry you are feeling cruddy lately. Everything ok?

Polly, congrats on the new job!! Yay! I am very jealous that you can wear scrubs to work.

Pugs, good work on your grades! I hope you are able to absorb every drop of rest between now & summer semester. 2 weeks! yay!

Hi CH!

Hi FJ! I am happy that you were able to reschedule the guy for today. He sounds promising!

Rose, I must echo everyone else and say movers are the best thing ever. I used them for the first time when we moved this past summer. It was so much nicer. Moving is so stressful, it really hepls if you don't have to lug all the stuff around too.

Hi doodle!! I bet you are sounding killer on the guitar. Congrats on getting your $1500 too!

I am doin' alright today, though I had a verrry annoying morning. To make a long story short, I had to go to my dr to get some tests done for my practicum. One of the nurses told me I could come in whenever to get them. So I go this morning at 8 only to find out I can't get one on a Thursday, b/c the it has to sit for 48 hours, and since today is Thursday, they won't be there on Saturday to check it. So I wasted an hour sitting in there waiting for them to tell me that. Have to go back on Monday. Ugh. A big pain in my ass!

*shuffles out to living room, scratches belly, emits jaw-cracking yawn*



Is there coffee?
It is so much busier in here today!!! YAY! I don't have to talk to myself. Although...naaaa. Things are really quiet at work today.

Pugs congrats on the grades! Sweetness!!!!

Diva, that is so great that things at work are quiet and the boss is out of office.

Kari, you think that could have told you before you even went in. Wankers.

Doodle! Hello. Reaches behind back and presents. COFFEE! organic, fair trade coffee mmmmm.

One of my friends thinks that both boys have crushes on me. Oh boy. How is it when I don't give a shit this happens? Wait *scrathes head* it's not like I have a parasitic head growing on my back or something. Hmmm. I'm craving greasy food right now, but I'm going to hit up Subway for lunch, no fries for me. The problem is that now that it is nice out here, all the hot dog vendors are out and about, and they sell veggie hot dogs, and they are really good, and it smells soooooooo good. Gaaaa!

I'm listening to Pete Tong's Essential Dance Hits on my iPod right now, and it's put me in a dancing, fun, good mood. *dances out*

ETA; X-posted with moxie! Hi!

diva, now I KNOW you and I are twins...Richie Sambora has been MY boyfriend since 6th grade! smile.gif Its the timbre of his voice, really that makes me melty. He did loose some super-hott points by dating that dummy denise richards, but oh well....i'm a solid married lady now, so since I can't have him, he's free to make bad choices. hehe.

Back at work today. Its SO nice out, and I want to be home playing with my bebe...oh well. That's what the weekend is for, right?

Hi all! One day of no posting and three pages of archives to read. Pardon if I miss anyone, but here's what I've seen:

Doodle is learning Dixie Chicks songs, had to rearrange a doctor's appointment, and wants coffee. Doodle, I love the Chicks and have since their first album.

RV has a new mortgage broker and movers. YAY! It's all coming into place.

CH has two boys with crushes on her. Poor you! *swats away the oncoming kick for overuse of sarcasm*

Jenn left work in a flood of tears and doesn't have to start the new one just yet so she tried to sleep in but got up due to her greyhound's ball licking.

Mox has the stomach flu.

Pugs survived the semester.

Kari dealt with pain in the ass docs.

Diva is trying to exercise more...what does "walking the bridges" mean?

Tes stopped and had...malaria? #45 on my reasons why I probably won't move to Africa anytime soon.

GirlTrouble has less homework and more hips.

Tree has felt crabby (me too!)

FJ is battling the urge to buy expensive baby stuff. ~~~~~~~~~Sales vibes~~~~~~~~~~~

Grrrl went through a piercing that would make me pass out just seeing the needle moving in that direction. More power to you, Grrrl! I get a gold star? If I forgot anyone, it's not personal.

My life is fine. I took a mental health day today. Too nice to go into work, really. The kids are starting to just get so MEAN lately. And I'm never mean to them, so I know it's not me making them that way.

Tonight I'm having friends over for a Mexican fiesta with shrimp fajitas, nachos, homemade guacomole (I made damned fine guacomole) and a simple sangria. YUM!

Talking with a boy online. I'll keep you posted. I might have scared him by jumping into the "should we talk on the phone" conversation too soon. It's better to do that sooner than later. The expectation can build and the actual call can be a let down because on the phone we don't get editing liberties. We'll seeeeeeeeeee.
hi Kel! Your dinner sounds delish! Mmmm sangria! I'm not a huge fan of guacamole though. I bet yours is good, though!

I feel bad because I don't want a relationship, but I don't want to give up portions or the friendships either.

Le Sigh.

so at the park where i take hounders, the city is taking away some of the off leash portion to make a memorial labyrinth. It is right near the ponds where the puppies like swimming and where everyone comes to chat. i wrote an e-mail to my city counselor asking if they were going to keep the park off leasdh, if they don't I'll be pissed. it is low key there, and emily feel comfortable with the other dogs and space there. Now there is going to be an increase in traffic too. Not impressed.

I want this day to be done. Really. I'm bored and don't want to do anymore work.

how is eveyone else?
tes has malaria? I SO missed something...(runs off to check archives)
What up bitches.

kel, that was a wonderful wrap up! wow! Your dinner tonight sounds sooooo good. I love all Mexican food and especially guac. Yum. I actually am going to make something Mexican-ish tonight. A taco salad type dish.

Ch, can I get some of that coffee too? I just caught the afternoon drowsy bug. Soooo tired.... *yawn*
That blows about the park! Ugh.

Hi Moxie! How ya feeling?

I think a friend of mine is on the verge of getting back with this guy she recently dated for about 3 months. I reallly hope they don't get back together, I see disaster ahead if they do. It is hard to watch friends make mistakes. Then again, what do I know, maybe it'll work out. But I doubt it. The dude is super lame.

CH, that sucks about the park, but there could be worse things to happen to that space.

Moxie, Tes had malaria, but I think she's getting over it. Yep, we are twins. That Denise Richards thing was bad, especially since he was married to her former friend. It's a small world, I guess. That poor girl needs to screw her head on better. But as for Tico, isn't he the kind of guy you want to have a big plate of pasta and a glass of deep red wine with? Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Jon Bon Jovi looks a little like a girl, though. smile.gif

Kel, where I work, in downtown St. Paul, there are a few bridges that cross the Mississippi River. My building is right on the river, which is the only cool thing about it. Anyway, it's pretty cool to walk a circuit across one bridge then over to another, and then along the river for a bit. They've made a few blocks of it into a really sweet park. The walk I did was about 2 miles, and I was amazed to see I did it in about 35 minutes. That sounds like a long time, but with the problems I have with my ankles and shin splints, it's really good for me. I thought it would take way longer. It does feel good to have my exercise out of the way for today, though, and it's absolutely gorgeous out with a nice cool breeze. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so I wanted to make sure to do it today.

I could do with a glass or 3 of sangria. I love the stuff. It makes cheap red wine bearable.

Kari, that sucks about your friend, but I doubt it'll last long. If they broke up for a good reason last time, they'll do it again. Just wait and see.

Time to get back to work, not that I have any to do.

*scampers into thread with some yummy COFFEE and a large cheesecake, following behind her is a little man slave pushing a cart with cream, sugar, and assorted toppings for cack.

here you go all. Feel free to have as much as you want.

Kari, the park thing does suck ass. It's such a low key and quiet park that's why I like it. The other parks that have "attractions" at them are so busy, I don't go to them at all. This particular park is located near the university here, and as with the other "attraction" park, it is located in an affluent part of the city. But this park here is tucked away and it is all wooded and very established, in terms of trees etc. The parking lot is also really small, and it will be bogged down in the summer. I like it because it is quiet, and people say hello to you, and as dog owners, we all nkow each other by their dog's names. Like I'm emily's owner, and so forth.

/rant. It just frustrating. Maybe it won't change anything. *crosses fingers and hopes*

Gaaa, my phone is blinking again, I have a message. Oh well. They can wait. Isn't that horrible? Welcome, BUSTies, to the mind of a government employee. Hee.

X posted with Diva. You work for social assistance (i.e.welfare) too right? How was your month end?
Fer fuck's sake...I just had to do my first drug use intervention. This is one of my weird white girls, an dI had to call her mother and tell her how fucked up she was in school. Her friend came up to me really worried...I hate this part of my job. sad.gif
good afternoon you lovely ladies! (and occasional gent!)

day is going pretty well so far. one of my people showed, one didn't. i was hoping for more, but i'll take what i can get right now. shit, as long as the office can sell the lady in there now, i'll feel pretty good.

thanks for the constant vibes - you're all the BEST!

and the other piece of super cool news is that mrfj's office manager (a friend of mine from when i worked there, who gave me refuge when i left my asshat former husband) told him this morning that the company is going to BUY OUR STROLLER!!! so i don't have to worry about that anymore! plus, my mom and dad are buying the crib i picked out. so the two biggest things are taken care of!! phew! what a load off my mind. mrfj's mother is buying us the carseat/carrier and a glider/rocker if i choose to get one, so we're pretty much set. i can't even tell you how happy i am for that.

kel, that dinner does sound YUM! haha, the guacamole especially. i have to tell you guys a story really quick. the sexually squeamish should avert their eyes... - over the weekend, we went to quiznos and i got a turkey sandwich with guac on the side. i ate alot of it, but they'd given me a ton. so when we were done eating, i dared mrfj to eat it. he doesn't eat guac because he just thinks it looks gross (and to be fair, i agreed until about two years ago when i actually TRIED it, YUM!) anyway, i told him if he ate it, i'd give him - ummm, butt sex. i thought for sure he's still say no. that he'll get the butt another time. but no. muthafucka ate the entire thing in two big bites. so now i owe him ass sex. hehe.

anyway, good luck with online boy! good for you for giving it another shot!

diva, i hope you enjoy your walk! i need to get out and walk grover, but she's just as lazy as i am lately. and it's 90 outside today. 90. in may. i'm going to die before july gets here.

kari, sorry about the doc thing. that's stupid. i hate it when people don't give you ample info. mrfj went to the doc for a checkup last week and they told him to go anytime to the lab to get blood drawn for a cholesterol test. he went the next day at lunch and the doc had neglected to tell him that he had to fast before it, so he wasn't able to get it done. grrr.

i had cack already for a snack today but i want more. i should go make a turkey sammich instead.
Oh FJ, that was a great story. Hee. Now I want some butt lovin'. Grrrrr. YAY for the stroller and crib!

That is all I have to add. I had a turkey sub for lunch, so now i need cack. Mmmm cacktastic. *drools*

ETA: Hi again Diva. Well that's good that you don't have to do the social assistance thing anymore. *sigh*
CH, I actually work on the child support end of things, and now in a position where I don't have to sanction welfare grants, so month end isn't such a big deal for me. I'm on the other end with already established court orders that need to be modified for some reason or another.

That's cool about the stroller, FJ. It's amazing how big they are for the tiniest little passenger.

Minx, wow, how'd that go? How old is the girl? And she was high at school? Oy.

I'd hate to have to go to the doctor and not get what I needed for some stupid reason like the day of the week. You'd think they'd tell you that stuff before you made the trip over, parked, walked in and waited. Geez. They should at least owe you free parking.

I'm really not looking forward to the heat this summer. It was around 80 last weekend (88 in Omaha), so I can only imagine how awful it'll be come the end of June for Pride when I'm forced to sit outside for umpteen billion hours. At least I'll have a shade tent and plenty of cold Mike's.

Mmmmm... virtual cake. Yum.

Good Thing Thursday:
I saw tulips out on my walk, and yesterday next door. Tulips make me happy. And lilacs are just about in full bloom.
i thought you might like that story, ms. handy. that does suck about the park. i hope it's not as bad as you think it might be.

MINX! that's so hard! how did that go with her mother? wow!

tulips are lovely! i bought some last month but they died within two weeks. i still have the bulbs though. i wonder if i can replant them next year? i know nothing about bulbs.

i need to go get my butt in the bathtub. i can't believe it's so late already. i've been waiting around to see if my show bought. she did, but not a lot. still, it's something. gotta remain positive.

OH!! KEL! i JUST remembered that you were in my dream last night. i don't really remember any details, but i just remembered waking up this morning and walking to the bathroom to pee and thinking, "WAIT! that was kelkello!!" hehe.
FJ, you can definitely replant the bulbs. The giant's mom made him do that for her last summer, and it took hours. Then again, she's the queen of making other people do her planting for her.
FJ, I think I have guac and ass sex seared into my brain now....I'm not sure I wanted that to happen. blink.gif heh.

Hi hi everyone!!

Tulips are all out here too, and its a cold, sunny day, and just gorgeous out. The Frank Lloyd Wright house on the corner of my street has a double lot, and the new owners turned the entire second lot into a garden, and right now it is in full bloom with tulips, hyacinths and daffodils...its amazing. I'll try and snap a pic of it tomorrow morning, and post it here. The lady who owns it said that she and her husband planted 10,000 bulbs this spring - yikes! later in the summer it will be full of all kinds of tiger lilies...their garden just makes me so happy, and even better - I don't have to take care of it!

CH, I'd skip the letter on the dog park, I've found its better just to lie low, and pretend nothing has changed, or that you have no idea that you dog shouldn't be off-leash. We campaigned a couple of years ago for permission to let our dogs loose in these OLD abandoned tennis courts in our 'hood (we'd been using it as a dog run for a long time anyhow), but when we ASKED for formal permission, things got bad, as suddenly they noticed how we were using it, and an all-out battle ensued between dog owners, police and our alderman. It wasn't pretty, and eventually, we all agreed to disagree and go back to ignoring each other.

Diva, pretty soon I'll have my own bridge circuits to walk at lunchtime too - YAY! I'm a block south of the Chicago River, and there's 2 bridges there, 2 blocks apart - the perfect lunchtime stroll. And then the sun is shining on the gleaming skyline...its just gorgeous!

(((((sales vibes for FJ!!))))

And YAY for mr fj's work buying the stroller!!!

Minx, that sucks about the intervention, but at least that student has friends who care about you, and who are smart enough to find you to ask for help. That's a major blessing. ((((minxy's student)))

Kel, as always, your dinner sounds fab. I'm doing mexican myself tonight - those mangoes and avocados are begging to get it on in a nice salad, with some garlic shrimp and spicy jalepeno, pumpkin seed, garlic, lime dressing!

I was so damned relieved to hear Falljacket's funny about the avocados and butt sex!!! It totally took my mind off of the retarded drama at school and my personal life. Well, I guess the girl is okay...the drug and alcohol couselor called me later and said she would be alright, but she was SO EFFING ODD, and that's saying something because her NORMAL is strange.

Not that I have a problem with this, mind you. wink.gif

Her mother was FREAKING OUT on the phone. I should have been just very black and white about the whole thing and not mentioned that her friend came to me and told me because she became hypervigillant about trying to find out, but I redirected her. I told her that I would not be able to give out the student's name, and when she got pissed off about that I simply told her that my main concern right now was getting her daughter some help and having her come to school as soon as possible. That seemed to ground her a little bit. This kid has been rife with attention seeking behaviors lately, and this seems par for the course, but I know that she has kidney problems and that some stunt like this could really fuck her up. Feh. I hope that she doesn't pull that bullshit again, although I was glad to be there for her.

So I signed up for one of those nutrition tracking thingies online (sparkpeople dot com). I found myself exceedingly curious about what kind of horrendousness I had been shoving down my gullet over the last year. Turns out I actually wasn't doing as badly as I had thought, although I did gain about 7 pounds over the winter due to eating at night. Every damned time I get partnered up with someone I inevitably gain weight because of nighttime eating. It's pretty interesting to see the final day's tabulations. Turns out that I really don't have to do much to lose about 30-40 pounds by the end of the year. Seriously. I can still jam 1200-1550 calories per day and only have to burn 650 per week. Sick, no? smile.gif It all fucking figures that it would come down to my nemesis, MATH. MB is still trying to cure me of this affliction, but I made him take my English poetry test the other day and had the satisfation of him getting a D+ laugh.gif

Yeah, I dunno what to say on the relationship front. I freaked out and tried to break it off with Minxman a week ago and I just couldn't do it. It caused him a damned good scare, and has set my mind to wondering what it is exactly that I want. I don't even know if I could actually co-habitate with anyone ever again, although it is financially tempting. Feh. I dunno anymore.

Turbo, I am so happy for you being done at that stinky-ass job of yours. WHOOT! Nay, DOUBLE WHOOT!!

(((FJ set vibes)))

(((Doodle gyno vibes)))

Oh yeah, the capper!! The BFF and I went to see the 20th anniversary showing of DIRTY DANCING last night!!! We actually tried to go the night previously, but they sold out FIVE HOURS before the damned show even began. It was so damned funny to hear all of these 30 and 40-something women talking about when they saw it in 1987. There was lust and reverie in their voices, and I can't say that I didn't join them smile.gif

h! holy! crap! Turbo...would you maybe, please, y'a think, if I could convice moxieman, and its still going on next weekend, wanna go see a DIRTY DANCING 20th SHOW?? Would'ya? Huh? C'mon! Be My Baby! (scurries off to find local shows...)

eta: well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw! It was only May 1 and 2. minxy, you lucky twat!

What happened to make you freak with minxman? is he up to his old games? does he need a neck punchin?

I'm very relieved to hear tes is making a comeback. phew!

I'm well on the mend, thanks for asking everyone!

FJ...put the butt sex on raincheck...eventually, it;ll be the only even remotely comfortable sex position. I know, TMI! Butt sex for guac! Sounds like a sad hispanic hooker, no?

Ok, with that absolutly distasteful note, i'm off to slumber. Moxette wore our butts out tonight. Great kiddo...she actually played with the little boy down the street for an HOUR after we got home. You'd think she;d have had enough of kids right after school...but nope! I'm hoping the grow to be good buds.
Good evening okayers.

So, I was talking to some other people at the dog park, and they are putting this labyrinth way at the other end, so you have to walk on the path, not near the dog park, to get there. We all agreed that if they did try anything we would fight for it. but, I don't think anything will happen.

Jenn, I know what you mean though. This is designated off leash park and there are signs all over the place saying so.

With that said, I am another proud mama today, as Emily actually let another dog chase her. that's right, the dog who sits down when other dogs sniff her butt let her friend Grizzly chase her around. Makes me happy. It would make me happier if I didn't have this funk ass indigestion right now. Ugh. On the bright side, however, I get home, and the public auto insurer here is sending out refunds in the mail, and I got $161.00 back! What a lovely surprise it was.

I need to go and get something neutral for my stomach.

Minxy, you KNOW that you can have whatever you want in your life, right?! RIGHT?! Whether that's minxman, or not, a partner, or not....its all for you to decide and select what you want from the endless buffet of choices in this life...just take the time to listen to what your intuition tells you, and go from there.

Mox, you *know* I'd be ALL over a Dirty Dancing show with you!!!

CH, prosperity must be in the air!! I just got a check for $75 in the mail today as a refund from the ER for my little food poisoning debacle - nice!!

And, I've had the most spectacular day, myself, here. AMazing breakfast with my friend...we had an appetizer of vanilla brioche french toast with strawberry rhubarb compote topped with granola and whipped cream...okay, so we just ordered it, and split it, but we're calling it an appetizer. smile.gif Then we followed that with the most incredible fried egg sammies - thinly sliced and toasted sour boule, with 2 fried eggs, bacon, gorgonzola, tomatoes and thyme...seriously good...and pretty much everything I *shouldn't* eat, but, DAMN it was good...and I didn't even get a tummy ache - vacation will do that.

Then, I hopped a train downtown to do a little wardrobe shopping where I quickly remembered that I do NOT like shopping...the whole looking around thing...ewww. I went to Filene's and TJ Maxx, Sears, all made me itchy. I ended up just walking to Ann Taylor, buying two pieces, and heading home. Oh, and I stopped at LUSH to spend my gift certificate!
FJ, did the Mr. enjoy the guac? Or did he do it all for the butt sex? wink.gif Hooray for free stroller! Woot!

Holy crap, Minx. Sounds like a messy handful of drama ya got there! What with the student stuff and the Minxman stuff ... wow. It least you got to geek out with the BFF at Dirty Dancing. Please tell me there were moments in the film when everyone recited the lines together!

"I carried a watermellon."

Moxie, I think some theaters will be showing Dirty Dancing again this weekend. I could have sworn I saw an ad for it just an hour ago. Check those schedules!

CH, congrats on the unexpected cash!

Diva, I feel you on the loathing-the-heat thing. We broke the record high at least once this week (high of 91F). Lordy, I hope the air conditioning in our new house is reliable.

Much love to everyone I'm leaving out. You know who you are. I know who you are. You know I know who you are. I know that you know that ... well, you know.

M'kay, babies. I need a posse to accompany me to the credit union tomorrow so that we can find the mortgage loan officers & punch them all in the neck.
They haven't called me back. My own damn credit union. In the last 72 hours I've electronically filed our application, left 2 phone messages, and 1 e-mail. And nothin'. We close in just over 2 weeks! I NEEEEEEEEED to hear from these people!!!!! Every other company has pounced on my messages and called me back within an hour, but our own credit union sits on our stuff for DAYS!

Meanwhile, the pesky people who want to charge us $30/month more than the credit union are being very good about staying in contact. And they managed to fix all the typos on their original paperwork, which is encouraging. But their office is almost an hour away and they want to charge us a higher rate. I don't want to pay an extra $30 a month! That kind of money really adds up over 30 years, ya know? And I don't want to drive to the other side of nowhere! I just want my damn credit union to fucking call me back!!!!! Grrrrrrr.

So yeah. Anybody in the mood to deliver a good neck punching should meet with me at about noon eastern-time tomorrow. That's when the home inspection should be done, so that's when I plan on dropping by the credit union.
RV, I'm always good for a neck punchin'. I'll be there in spirit!

Buttsex for Guac would be a great band name.

*Ooof* I'm stuffed full of shrimp fajitas and guacomole. Guacomole will forever be linked to buttsex for me now. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, just a weird thing.

Goodnight, Okayers. I had a nice day. I hope you did too.
Hiiii! This is going to be really self involved, cause I'm a little bit drunk...but I feel a renewed sense of purpose, cause I.......

worked on the AC that will be used for the Dalai Lama's visit to Madison...his appearance tomorrow! I think I may swoon.

But the bad part is that the part I had ordered two weeks ago, failed, so I sort of had to cobble it together. I hope it stays working!

The Dalai Lama, folks!


ETA: crossposted with Kel! *waves
[/delurk]heh. y'all said punch 'em in the neck! AND buttsex for guac!

i'll nose hook 'em so kel can get in a real good shot, rv!

tree, um, i think your little kitty avitar has become my favorite again. he makes me so happy!

I think I shall henceforth rue the day that buttsex and guac were linked!! Fie!

Tree - you just reminded me that I totally forgot to get tickets for the Lama's visit here on sunday....shit. Must go see if I can still buy tix.

RV, you should definitely punch 'em in the neck! Or at least try and persuade the other mortgage company to meet the credit union's rate...competition is a good thing, right? Can't hurt askin. I hope you get it all ironed out quickly!

Okay, off to bed for me too!
QUOTE(kari @ May 3 2007, 02:49 PM) *
I think a friend of mine is on the verge of getting back with this guy she recently dated for about 3 months. I reallly hope they don't get back together, I see disaster ahead if they do. It is hard to watch friends make mistakes. Then again, what do I know, maybe it'll work out. But I doubt it. The dude is super lame.

Kari - do we have the same friend or what? I'm going through the same situation with my good friend. She'll be making a huge mistake to go back with this guy. But then again he cried to her to take him back and this guy isn't the crying type at all. I just sit back and try to be a good friend and listen. What more can ya do? I'll tell ya what we can do... we can say, "I told ya so!" on bust when everything goes to shit right? RIGHT!!!

(this post kinda looks like i'm talking to myself, maybe I'm loosing it? am i loosing it? i might be. why do you ask? just wondering. shit there i go again. i'm tired. off to bed)
rv, $30 a month on a 30-year mortgage would cost you another $10,800. and now that i've figured that out and it's not going to drive me nuts all night, i'm going to breeze by the resta ya cause it's almost 2 am here and i want to be up early enough to catch my neighbor in the act of stealing my paper like the asshat did this morning. except i do have to mention that the guac and ass sex reference i gleaned in my quick skim at work today caused me to shut my browser down with a quickness before it set off some porn-o-meter at IT hq and they blocked the lounge. i am thrilled to read it's not nearly as kinky as i thought. :-P

so work was fun tonight. we have these huge freezers called blasts, which is where we store finished product until it's ready to be shipped out. and when i say huge, i mean huge. the one at the plant i've been working at is so big and so cold, it sometimes snows. snows people; you're supposed to wear a special thermal suit if you work in there for prolonged periods, but sometimes i cut through there, and-grossie tmi coming-i can feel my boogers freeze. it's neat. anyway, there's another blast about three blocks down, and this one is supposedly huger and even colder. but it's surrounded by a whole lot of empty building, unlike ours, which has active departments running product nearly 24 hours a day. and lucky me, i had to go to this other blast tonight to release some product that had been put on hold. so there i was, riding my little schwinn through an industrial area at almost 11 pm when all the tweakers are out being crazy, with nothing between them and me but my led headlight and my radio that i wasn't even sure worked this far out. i had almost no idea where i was going because while i had a general idea of where the building was, i had never had to actually go there. so i find security, he points the way, and i go across the street and slide open the gate (wondering all the while what's to stop the tweakers from doing the same since the padlock and chain are locked on the opposite post) and ride up the ramp into a stephen king movie. i found out later the way i went in was the opposite one from what the security guard told me and the right ramp was actually at the front of the building and much closer to where i was supposed to be. in the meantime, i was in this big industrial building that appeared deserted. there were lights on, but it was dead quiet except for the occasional sound of machinery, and not a person in sight. i rode my bike through bare concrete hallways and rooms and saw nothing but old packaging equipment, stacks of boxes, and rooms full of turbines and equipment and pipes. just the fact that i was still riding my bike unchallenged deeper into the building and not being yelled at and asked what the hell i thought i was doing bringing it inside was disconcerting; seriously, i expected some guy in a hockey mask to jump out from the next corner i turned. and there were many corners. somehow i found my way to the front of the building, where someone said "hey, are you c? shipping said you were on your way over, but what were you doing back there?". and i about fainted with relief, and they already had my product out of the freezer area and ready to go, and all i had to do was slap my green release tags on the pallet and go back a much better-lit and -populated route to my own plant, where i had time to sneak in an extra smoke before going back in. all slasher flicks should end so well.

and with that i'm off to bed. night okayers!
Good morning good morning all.

RV ~*~*~*~*vibes that your credit union will call you back*~*~*~*~*~

Jenn, that sounds like really great food.

Tree, the Dalai Lama, I'm excited for you!

Hey GT!

Grrrl, how't the piercing treating you?

Hey Kel!

So, I don't really have much to say today, it's Friday (YAY!) I'm kinds tired today, and I'm thinking of turning my phone off when I get home tonight. Someone from my past is making a reappearance and he's being a massive pain in my ass, not the ex, but an old fling. Dude, go away, when I don't return your calls, that means I don't want to talk to you, at all. I don't even send him recognition texts at all. Like last weekend, he sent me a text Friday, Saturday he called and sent a text, and same with Sunday.

I hope everyone has a good day.

Good morning you guacamole buttsex lovers!! (heh, you knew that one was coming!)

CH, my goodness, you have men coming at you from all sides! Even more reason to be choosy about your consorts!

Hi Grrrrrl!!

No Dalai Lama tickets for me, I waited too long. Oh well. That's okay, since I'm pretty booked this weekend as it is.

I just went downstairs to try and start some laundry, and you would have thought someone was skinning turbo alive...he was crying and bizarre, he's never like that, but he gets uneasy when the morning routine changes...lucky for him, the laundry was really backed up. I'll try again this afternoon.

Today's schedule includes lunch with some co-workers, and dinner this evening with the neighborhood dog folk, so say farewell to one of our friends who is leaving the neighborhood.

Tree, that is bad ass!! How exciting!

Pugs, maybe we do have the same friend. I think things with my friend might actually be ok. She talked to the dude on the phone yesterday, he said he realized he needs to work through a lot of his stuff, he wants her to be his friend. Hmm. I would worry, except it's long distance, so not much possibility for bootie calls & hook ups. I am really proud of my friend for standing her ground, she's come a long way since they broke up a month ago.
What's up with your friend? Are they getting back together?

~~~~vibes for Rose~~~~~ It can be such a pain in the ass, can't it? $30 extra a month is A LOT. It would be one thing to pay it on principal, but for interest? Ugh.

FJ, that guac story is hilarious!! It cracks me up that MR FJ ate it right up without a thought. Ha! That blows about his doctor! Why are doctors offices so stupid?? Yay on his office getting you guys the stroller! That rawks!

Minx, what a rough day! I hope the student is alright & gets straightened out. What sort of drugs was she doing?

Hi Diva! I thought of you this morning, I drove by a sign advertising a bead show this weekend. Hey, what's the status on working at the chocolate place? Did you apply?

Jenn....that breakfast is making me drool! Esp your appetizer. YUM!

CH, sounds like the park may work out ok? yay for Emily playing with another dog! My dog doesn't play with other dogs either, so that would make me really excited too. Yuki is finally into chasing balls, when we first got her, she wouldn't have any part of it.

hi Grrrl! How's your piercing healing up?

Hey Kel! How was your Mexican feast? I ended up making pasta last night instead of the taco salad.

Where's the poodle lately???

Hi moxie!!

Buttsex For Guac...Ha! That would be a good band name!

I am doing alright today, very happy it's Friday. woo hoo! I am a bit tired, got woken up a few times last night. Hittin' the coffee though, so it'll be alright. I had a lovely evening last night. I ate pasta, drank wine, watched tv, and then ate some Green & Black's chocolate ice cream. very tasty.
*blinks in the morning sunlight*


I dunno how y'all do these early mornings.

*scratches head, observes yet more hair falling to the floor*

Sorry I didn't make it back in yesterday. I spent the whole day playing the guitar and listening to music. And even though I'm uemployed and it was a weekday, I refuse to feel the least bit guilty about it. biggrin.gif

Did anyone make coffee yet? I could use a cup....
*stumbles in all bleary-eyed* got paper. piercing good. sleepy. *stumbles back to bed*
Hi everyone!! I'm gonna try to catch up this afternoon, but I've got a couple things to do. I just wanted to stop in and say hi!! HI!!!!
hi poodle! bye poodle!

wow! treehugger! the dalai lama? wow. that is so awesome that you get to keep the dalai lama chilled! so super sweet!

rv, i hope you're doing some neck-punching right now and getting your credit union's attention!

doodle, i guess you weren't able to get back in to the doc? that sucks.

nice insult, turbojenn... sorry i've left an indelable image in your minds forevermore. rolleyes.gif

the day is going ok here, just slow. i'm being a big procrasinator. just sitting here at the computer instead of doing the chores that i should be doing. just don't wanna!

culture, i had a guy that was doing that with me not to long ago with the texts and stuff. he was the male half of a couple we used to "know". after a few unanswered messages, he finally went away. he'll take the hint. smile.gif

oh, and mrfj said he didn't HATE the guac, but he has this wierd aversion to foods - if he thinks he's going to hate it, it's like his brain takes over. so even if the taste isn't what he expected, he still feels like gagging. he's so funny to watch when he tries something new. but i told him that my real point in having him taste the guac is so when jack gets here, he'll see daddy eating and trying new things and hopefully be more willing to try them himself. that's my plan at least. i guess i should start thinking of child-friendly bribes though, hehe.

and oh again... MOXIE! i had a dream with you and moxette in it last night. i can't remember the particulars, as usual, but i remember you were wearing a lot of makeup, as if for a show of some sort. like you were dressed up for an indian wedding or something. it was pretty cool but that's all i can remember. you had beautiful eyes. smile.gif

that's like three dreams of okayers in the past week and a half.

and girltrouble, you should also know that mrfj and i were discussing your new hips last night while lying in bed. we both think it's pretty awesome that you're getting the hips you always dreamed of.
Good afternoon okayers!

Hi Doodle and Grrrl, *snaps fingers and man servant wheels in coffee, and other assorted yummies*

Hey poodle!

Kari, it looks like things are working out with the dog park. *wipes brow* I don't know what I'd do if it was no longer an off leash park. Oh yah, I'd fight to have that changed.

FJ, I know how you feel about procrastination, I used to be notorious for it. As for the guy, he doesn't get it. He's a bit of a Lunk Head, and I guess when you've had it this good, who can blame him. Hee. laugh.gif

What a day, I had an asshat client who just kept on waiting, I don't see my clients without appointments, grrrr. Now he wants a new worker. It ain't going to happen.

that is all.

kid friendly bribes related to guac and ass sex? There;s a parenting dilemna if i ever heard it! smile.gif Seriously, moxette tries just about anything i put in front of her right now. what she doesn't like, she just spits out. i wish we all were that forthwright. lol.

ok, the god damed repair guy isn't here yet, and i'm done with my work material for the day. SO, i'm headed outside in shorts and a tank top to wait and water my lawn.
Can this day eeeennnnnnddddd????????


A poodle sighting!

It is funny to have dreams of Okayers.

I am procrastinating this afternoon also. Just don't want to work. Bah.

To distract ourselves...what are everyone's weekend plans?

My weekend is kinda chilled. I may go to the mall tonight. I am having a strong urge to spend money on stuff I don't need. Problem is I don't have any money! Here are the things I want:

1. This hair product my hair stylist used on my hair this week when I got it cut. It makes it super sleek. I think I am gonna have to go get some this
afternoon after work.

2. A pair of black work shoes. Needed badly, mine are looking horrible.

3. A pedicure

4. Foundation. Also needed, mine is just about gone.

5. Lip gloss.

I think that is about it on the wish list.
Tomorrow I may go with my mom to this whoelsale nursery that opens to the public 2x a year. They sell all native plants so my mom says they do really well in the gorund. Tomorrow night a friend is having a graduation dinner at a restaurant. Sunday...nothing I hope.

What about everyone else?
Mox, I'm jealous of your warm weather! Its 40 degrees, light spitting rain and windy as hell...wasn't a fun ride to and from lunch today. Oh well...I have the day off, so I can't really complain...that and I made a Cost Plus run while I was out, since I am all out of wine, and rode home with 3 bottles of wine and some good chocolate. A fine Friday purchase!

Kari, I am definitely sharing your urge to spend money...only I've got a lot of stuff to get to upgrade my wardrobe for the new jobby-job....which is not un-fun, but the money is adding up fast...thank cod I have 2 weeks of vacation time they'll be paying me out for to cover my spending. smile.gif

Lunch with the ex-co-workers was fun...all hell has already broken loose in my absence. My friend Bonnie, who manages our fundraising events, had 3 meetings with my boss this morning with printers and an ad agency to outsource some of the design, and apparently she was shocked at how much work I produce. Duh. And the only other superstar in our department just got snapped up by the fundraising dept. to head up their major gifts drive, so all reports are that bitchboss is looking rather freaked out at every turn. GOOD. She's reaping the karmic rewards of being a lousy boss. heh.

I have a fun weekend lined up - dinner with doggie friends tonight, errands tomorrow, and then my BFF is coming over tomorrow night for dinner and drinks. YAY! Sunday, I have something going on too, but can't remember what...

Hi hi FJ!!
Hello hello. This day is almost done. Only a little more than an hour left.

Hmmm, plans for this weekend. Tonight, Sleeping, of course I say that now. but I'm beat. Last Friday I fell asleep at 7! I'm hoping maybe Navy Boy will call me and we can, uhhh, hook up. hee.

Fundage is a little low right now, and next week is payday, and I have le bills to pay. So, it maybe low key for a while yet.

Jenn, mmm wine and chocolate. Wait a minute, I have chocolate, and some wine in the fridge. Good wine too. I think I'll drink it and have chocolate! mmmmm.

Damn, moxie, it's also cold and rainy here. Oh well, we actually need the rain badly, it's so dry and they city is doing there spring clean up right now, the the rain washes away all the dust.

Kari, I love make up shopping sooooooo much! I know what you mean about spending money you don't have. Must not use visa. Hee.

Le Sigh.

What else can I say? ummm, I'm listening to Gorillaz on my iPod right now, and it's pretty damn good. I know! I'll organize some of the crud I have on iTunes. Download some stuff and take some crap off of it. Hmmm.

Gaaaa, I'm watching the clock and wanting this day to be OVER! But, like they say, a watched pot enver boils (I was going write a watched clock doesn't odd).


It's a good thing I never liked guac anyway, or anything involving avocados.

Hi, peeps!

CH, I'll be everyone in my office wishes they didn't have to take walk-ins without appointments. Most don't have them, and it's not like we're not busy enough already. Our policy is that nobody has to wait for more than 30 minutes. I'm sure glad I don't work out front.

Which Gorillaz album are you listening to? I've been listening to Demon Days a lot, and I love it.

Currently I'm listening to "Louie, Louie" as performed by Motorhead. It's awesome.

I want to go blow some cash, too, but I can't. I've got to pay rent, buy tabs for my car, and pay some of my parking contract. I'll only have enough left over to get me through the next couple weeks without many frills. Oh, well. And that anvil and other beads on backorder could come any day, which will clean me out further. I guess my anvil will only be 4.5 inches long. Definitely not picture-worthy. I figured it'd be more cartoon-sized, like in the Roadrunner cartoons.

Jenn, that's good your old boss is feeling the burn of you being gone. Serves her right!

RV, go kick some ass at the credit union!

Hellos all around!

No big weekend plans here. We're going out to dinner and grocery shopping tonight. We always do our shopping late at night on Fridays or Saturdays - less kids around and people in general. Maybe we'll hang out at B&N for a little while, I dunno. Tomorrow will be a whole lot of nuthin', except I might do some cleaning/organizing, and I want to get some inventory made. I've been itching to start making some new bags, and it'll be good to get those out of the way since they create the biggest mess in the house. We're going up to my parents' place on Sunday because my dad wants me to help him set up an email account. I don't understand how they haven't already figured that out, but I'm always up for a visit to their house (I seriously love their house, especially since the kitchen remodel and family room addition) and free dinner. Probably won't see Sam, but that's okay. We were supposed to make a decoupaged cinimmon/sugar shaker for his other grandma, but whatever.

Hi everybody! *waves big and hands out pieces of cack*

I like Gorillaz.

Diva, why are you getting an anvil? Oh, and I found out why Ruam Mit thai closed! Apparently they were $23,000 behind in rent and got shut down.

Turbojenn, I'm glad your mean old boss is getting her payback. Even if it is belated she'll finally see what you really were doing and you'll reap the rewards in your pt work!

Treehugger, that is neat about the Dalai Lama. I helped work on a project last year and a copy of that was presented to him when he was here visiting. I still tell my boss that the picture of him presenting copies of the project to the Dalai Lama is his claim to fame.

FJ, that is so awesome that other people are buying the big baby stuff for you! Also, I just learned a trick about Target registries this week (I'm registering there for my wedding, too) that may help. Since they are so mean and strict about returns/exchanges and their registry updating sucks, if you get a gift from there you won't be able to use, like way too many extra blankies or whatever, and you don't have a gift receipt and it isn't marked on your registry already, just go online and add that item to your registry and then mark it off before you go to the store and then they'll allow you to return it with no problems for store credit.

So we had a tree service come and take 4 trees out of our backyard yesterday. We knew it would look different afterward but it REALLY looks weird. They were in bad shape, had been hit by lightning, etc. so they needed to come out but still sort of miss them. I see a lot of backyard landscaping projects in my future this summer.

I am excited, I'm going to the Cinco de Mayo festival with my friend jamison tomorrow. It is supposed to rain though, so we are hoping we don't get rained on too much and will be able to actually spend good time there. We went last year and had so much fun.

Hi, Marileen!

I'm getting an anvil for wirework, so I can pound stuff flat and won't have to worry about my work coming undone. I should've got one years ago.

No kidding, they didn't pay their rent? How do you just decide not to do that? It's not like it's in a great neighborhood, so it couldn't have been that much. It'd be cool if they reopened, though. At least they had Thai iced tea.

I was thinking about going to Cinco de Mayo, but probably won't make it. Oh, well. The guy I used to work most closely with on the Pride board was also the festival director for Cinco de Mayo. Hmmm... I think I'm going to give him a call right now and see how his partner's doing. It's been awhile since I talked to them.
Good afternoon, you bunch of mortgage loan officers and insurance agents!!!
And yes, that's meant to be an insult.
Sorry, but I'm feeling a little bitter today. tongue.gif

This weekend I'm going to a Cinco de Mayo party. And when I look at the bowl of guac that will inevitably appear next to the tortilla chips, I know I will smile & think of the Family FallJacket. laugh.gif

Poods!!!! How ya doin'?!?

Tree, any chance you'll get to see the Dalai Llama while he's visiting? That would be sooooo cool!

Hi, Marileen! Sorry about the loss of your trees. My parents have had to do that before. It was very disorienting & sad.

TJ, I almsot feel sorry for your ex boss. Karma can be a real bitch!

Divala, I still think you should post some pics of your anvil. The smaller, the cuter!

We decided to bring out The Big Guns. In other words, I sent Sheff in to deal with the credit union. It's amazing the way people react to that British accent of his. He doesn't have to punch a single neck to get whatever he wants. He just does the old, "Pardon me, but would you be so kind as to ..." blahblahblah and every American who hears him just melts & obeys. He still had a difficult time, though. We discovered that the credit union is having staffing issues in their mortgage department, so they haven't been able to get things done as quickly as usual. Bleh. But at least somebody actually spoke to him.

The good news: the other mortgage guy - the eager beaver - is willing to match the credit union's offer. And since he & his company are bending over backwards in order to overcome their early mistakes, I'm inclined to give them our business.

In very happy news, the home inspection was this morning and I love our inspector! Marvelous man! Extremely thorough. Explains things in a way I can understand. He spent three hours going over every square inch of the house and luckily, he found very few problems. The owners have done an excellent job on the place. It's probably one of the best maintained homes in the entire community. Hooray!
I love it! A 4.5 inch anvil! diva, you should get little Coyote and Roadrunner action figures and make a little display of it. biggrin.gif

Hey there, everyone....diva, FJ, turbo, culture, marileen, kari, moxie, poodle, grrrl....and also everyone I didn't say hi to in my last, let's see if I can do it without looking...GT, rose, minx, treehugger, pugs, kel...and...umm...ok, I give up now. tongue.gif

I am reading everything, but not making time to post. Sorry! I am obsessed with music right's like singing along with the Dixie Chicks, I just finally figured out how to sing! I mean, not that I couldn't sing, but I finally figured out I should have been singing higher. Or rather, I finally figured out how to sing higher. Or I finally mastered the diaphragm. Or something.

Ok, I'm a dork.

Now if only I could master that fucking guitar. Grrr. I wish I could pick up a song just by listening to it, like Mr. FJ, but it doesn't come easy for me. I struggle - I'm still a very "basic" player. Which is why I have to go practise now. Grrr.

Maybe I'll get "good" in time to form a band during my midlife crisis. Or is this my midlife crisis?
Quick post before I dash off to dinner!!

Doodle, I've got Shut Up and Sing arriving by the miracle of netflix tomorrow for my cinco de mayo!! I'll let you know what I think!
Good evening okayers!

Thank goodness the work day is done.

Diva, I made this client wait, ummm, an hour and a half. My clients know I am busy, and my voicemail explicitly says to not come down to the office without an appointment. I prefer to do as much as I can over the phone anyway.

Hi Marileen.

RV, that rawks that your house is all good!

Doodle, hurrah on guitar playin'! How are you feeling?

Jenn, have a good dinner!

I've taken the hound to the park, and now she is tired, she's halk asleep next to me. And I'm going to go and work out.

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