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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Jenn, you are an extremely generous individual. Perhaps too generous. I don't know how you're going to manage starting a new job and doing some work for your old employer. My hat is off to you, my dear, but you better take care of yourself! Don't let the bastards at your old job affect your performance at your new one!

Grrrl, I feel for you. Lately I've been waking up at the ass crack of dawn for no reason whatsoever. No alarm has gone off, no noise has startled me, and yet I'm awake. It's especially annoying if I stay up a bit late at night, because I may end up getting as little as 3 hours of sleep! Drives me INSANE! Especially because I'm usually a very deep sleeper, but once I'm awake it's nearly impossible for me to return to Slumperland.

I'm annoyed with a girl at our potential mortgage company. Last week we found some mistakes on the preliminary paperwork & told them about it. Well, today I get the estimate & the mistakes have not been fixed. I've already had to deal with so much incompetence from our car insurance agency lately that I have ZERO tolerance for this kind of crap now. I'm going to check out some other mortgage companies just so I don't have to deal with this girl. I know it sounds heartless, but this is our money, dammit.

Speaking of which, thanks for the support about the freak-out. The thing that is really scaring me is the fact that our mortgage payments will be more than what we're paying in rent ... almost 30% more. We can afford it, but it's still scary.

Phone is ringing! Must dash!
Hello hello hello everyone!

Grrrl, you have to come back and tell me how your peircing experience went! Mmmm, sweet kripsy kreme.

Hi FJ, ~*~*~*money and work vibes*~*~*~

So, my day has been quiet so far, but I keep on having walk ins, and I don't see them, so this one can wait. as I am busy BUSTing as well.

I've placed a call to the person at HR who was ont he board to see if I made the list and if I didn't, why not. From there, management is going to see how things can change and what they can do to get me the experience that HR wants. If that's why I didn't make the list. Blech.

So yesterday I was in such a bad mood that I saw a whole bunch of people getting their cars towed (as after 4 pm, you can't park on a few streets here), and I have to admit I felt deeply satisified. But now I feel bad, because that could happen to me. Stupid HR, it's all their fault.

Well, I should see my client.


ETA. Hi RV! ~*~*~*~paperwork correction vibes~*~*~*~
boooooooooooooooooooooooooom dia!!!!

well, actually, it is already night here, because it is winter. but who's counting???

good things tuesday:

- i had malaria but i appear to be better!!! yay!!
- today was a holiday!!!
- since today was a holiday, i got to stay out late last night and wake up late today!
- since today is a holiday, i get to bust!
- the weather is lovely and i have the windows open
- the windows are open and mimi the african attack cat isn't jumping out of them to her doom
- i made brownies!!
- the house smells all yummy because of the baking
- it is one day closer to the day my neiceoid elle comes to visit!

hope that everyone is well, i need to read the archives, as always, but just because i am not here does not mean that i am not thinking of everyone.

krispy kreme. here is my perennial bitch about kk: they originated in north kakalacky, and in the capital area, to boot, and although there used to be several of them, there is now only ONE. hmpmph. and they are all the frell over the place in new york city and every where else now. is there no justice??? (not that it really matters, because i don't live there anyway, but.....)

teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!! *flying tackle hug* hi honey! i didn't mention it in my "grumpy to be awake right now" first post, but i was wondering this morning where you were. sorry to hear it was malaria, glad to hear you're getting over it. and yay for brownies! i have to go grocery shopping today, and stuff to make brownies just shot to the top of my list. although how much will make it into the pan for the actual baking is anyone's guess. i loves me some brownie batter.

*waves hi to everyone else*

well, i was right, the piercing place doesn't even open til after one, so i'm going to go kill some time down at the bookstore while i wait, maybe stop by and see if the scooter place is open.
*flies by on broomstick*

Whoa, tes sighting!

This is quick, gotta run out and do some errands.

Also, I'm seeing the gyno at 3:45 today...never thought I'd get in right away, but it must've been turbo saying so!
The day is half over! Thank goodness. I'm getting slightly bored, as I am almost completely caught up. but I imagine that will all change. Bleh.

TES!!!! YAY!!!!! Glad you are feeling better! mmmm Brownies.

Grrrl, soon your vch will be done. Soon! I'm so excited for you.

That is all.


ETA: Hi Doodle! *waves*
Whoa, where IS everyone?

The doc got called into emergency surgery, so my appointment got next Tuesday. He is only in Tuesdays and Thursdays...but they're going to call me if there's a cancellation on Thursday. *sigh*

One of BFF's former foster teens is moving into my apartment complex today. Ugh. Not a situation I welcome, for lots of reasons. Anway, I've already told her I don't do visiting. Which sounds harsh, I guess, but if she asks any of the other neighbours, she'll find out I'm equally anti-social with everybody else, too!

I found tulips on sale today, 5 stems for $2, so I bought 25 yellow stems, not quite open yet. They are all crammed together in a vase beside me right now, looking very cheery and sunny and spring-y.

Happy Beltane, everyone!
Damn, it sure is quiet in here!

Doodle, I'm here! *waves* That shitty about your gyno appointment.


GT, how is school going?

Kel? Jenn? Kari? Diva? FJ? pugs?? Grrrl? Poodle?

Well, work is done, still haven't heard from HR. Asshats.

Navy Boy is at a hockey game, so no potions for me. On the bright side, I took hound-y for a walk today, then worked out. Now I'm all relaxed in bed.

That's pretty much all.

Hi culture!

I don't know where everyone is, either. Out doing naughty things, I hope!

Between my last post and now, I learned the Dixie Chicks' "Easy Silence," both to sing and play. It's real purdy! I want to learn "The Long Way Around," but first I have to work on playing the F chord a different way than I do, b/c it's essential to the song. Hmm...I suppose I've bored you all to tears now. tongue.gif
Hi Doodle. You aren't boring with you learning guitar songs by the Dixie Chicks, I think it's super cool.

Speaking of cool, I checked out your website with pictures of your house and cats. What a great place! It is so amazing and beutiful, and the coolest! *culture, your rambling* Anyways, its really cool!

I'm kind of hungry, I just don't know what I want yet. Hmmmm.
Aw, gawrsh. *blushes profusely* Thanks CH! I'm glad you like my place - I'm so grateful to have this place now, as a healing space...I'm glad I did all the work! ("Did?" I'm not even finished yet!) In truth, I don't think I ever knew what "home" meant till I started building one for myself.

I'm going to eat a sandwich for dinner, followed by pralines 'n' cream ice cream.

I love not having kids.

Then I'm going to write out the durned lyrics to those two songs, so I can learn 'em properly!

details at 11. or you know, whenever i get back from dinner. i'm thinking mexican tonight, there's a great little place right down the street. mmm, rice and beans...

O.K. Official good things tuesday....

1. still rockin off of my huge federal tax return
2. slept in....what holiday is it?? now I feel better about it.
3. Still have a job and friends...glory be to cod....mmmmmm cod.

Tesao, I couldn't help notice the rant about KK.....

To tell you the truth, they've made enemies with every media outlet out there, because they storm a market, send in a hundred free glazed donuts to radio statrions, tv stations, etc, etc, etc....they get free press and when it's time to send out the sales goobers for more advertising, they refuse and i think it's killed their outfit...we had one that opened up...same story.....gave out free donuts to all the local tv stations and radio outfits( free advertising) and then refused to do any advertising. they have since closed down and now send boxed donuts to local gas stations for $4.50 a box of 6 thank you...I'll stick with Dunkin' donuts. They killed themselves..and good riddance to em.

Hey ya'll!!! The last day of work was craaaaaazzzzy! I tried to get stuff done, but people kept stopping by my office to, really...lots of tears. Its so nice to feel so loved by my co-workers, but DAMN, it was sad. They really are my family, and it was SO hard to leave. They gave me a really nice pot-luck farewell today, for myself and two other friends who are leaving this week as well. It was great to share the spotlight with two close friends, since I really don't like to be the center of attention, but OH, those women made me cry.

Just the same, I really am ready to move on, today really boosted my confidence, that my co-workers respect my work so much, even if assclown boss doesn't appreciate me...but, oh, she WILL appreciate me, given a couple weeks on her own! hee! Assclown boss still didn't thank me today, even when everyone else in the company was saying nice things about me. BUT, I took the high road, and I even wrote her a thank you note last night. so there.

Doodle, I hope you get an appointment with your gyno this week - demand it!! And I love that you're rocking out on the Chicks!! Is the new album good? I haven't picked it up yet, but I've been meaning to.

Hi CH!!! I hope HR calls you tomorrow! And, our fair doodle is a decor goddess!!

ETA: Holy crosspost!!

Grrl!!!! Congrats on the piercing...I'm so curious about how that all,!

Shawn - good to see you, and SCORE on the tax return!
turbo, once you see Shut Up & Sing, you may not be able to resist acquiring the album. That's what happened to me! And yeah, it's really, really, really good, IMHO.

Good luck in your new you start right tomorrow?

Hi also, grrrl and shawn!

Damn it, I'm supposed to be online getting lyrics. LYRICS, DAMMIT!

*skulks off*
hey everyone,

Does anyone know of a good online site where I can print out a detailed description of what constitutes sexual harassment? I keep trying to tell my mom that offhand comments they tell her at work are sexual harassment (they're spreading vicious rumors about her behind her back and then they make stupid innuendos to her face). Her entire workplace is seriously fucked up. Those people make my blood boil, and I'm across the country, so it's not like I can be there to direct her to lawyers, etc. So I just want to print something and mail it to her so she can have it on hand.
Doodle, I don't start the new gig until next tuesday, so I have a week off - YAY!

Faerie, I don't have a definition handy, but if your mom feels harassed, she should take the first step and file a formal grievance with HR...I'm sure doodle probably has some good advice in this area.
wha.....whats this about pierced coochie?!? ich!

hi gang!

things are setting down a bit at school-- sort of. today we took apart dual shield machines-- essentually the same as mig machines, but i just kicked back cos i learned this on my own 2 weeks ago, cos i thought i needed to know it. *pats herself on the back* but now i need to figure out a technical problem i've been having, but i think more weld time may fix it. next week i am going to have another student teach me tig welding. i am continually amazed at how much physics, chemestry and geometry is involved in welding. i just thought it was going to be all technique, but instead its mostly science... i need to brush up on some of the technical info, but i am starting to relax about classes now that the monster homework is past. that and i've come to the conclusion that after this is all over instead of jumping into a job, i think i am going to find a good apprenticeship program with a union or a city program. seems the city of seattle is pushing really hard for women in the trades-- even though the percentage rate is something just over double the national rate. how cool is that? they just like pushing the trades in general, they say it's a good time since most of the baby boomers are getting close to retirement age, they need new tradespeople and they can't really outsource because of unions, so pay is set to increase.
in other news, my wee hips are still expanding, although not enough or fast enough for me. i've got 'child bearing hips' envy.

good things tues:
#1 with a bullet:uh, i have a teacher named 'mr squirrel." and really, can you say mr squirrel enough? i can't and now i have a good excuse..... oh, mr squirrel!
#2 less homework
#3 2% more hippage that previous girltrouble versions
#4 did i mention my hips are growning?
#5 my b day is in a few days and i think i am going to treat myself to a movie or 4 if i can...*crosses her fingers*
#6 things going good for the sassy-pants okayers... yay!!! so good that things are getting better (knocks on wood)
#7 did i mention the sassy-pants okayers? yes, i am talking to you, you coochie pierced, soon to be new job'd, just got spanked, new house buying, dixie chick gee-tar playin', krispy kreme eatin', red haired and fuchia wearing, pretty pregnant bellie'd sassy pants, hot whorelickers! goddamn if i don't lurve you all!
well, i was at the ER yesterday, thinking for sure I was having a gall bladder or appendix attack. Turns out BAD stomach flu. Ick. I'm praying moxette doesn't get it.

ok, this is about my ability to be upright. back to bed with apple juice for moi.

Good Morning on this Wednesday!

(((moxie))) ~*~*~*healing vibes*~*~*~

Doodle, that is so great that you did all of that yourself, I was reading through it, and was thinking, holt fuck! Doodle's got some talent. I'm jealous.

Jenn, yay on the last day of work, yay that you are starting your new job sooooooooon!

GT, I heart you.

Grrrl, what's the deets with the VCH! I want to know how your's went in comparison with mine!

Faerie, I agree with Jenn, filing a grievance with HR would be the first step.

Hi Shawn.

So last night I worked out, took hounders for a walk, and slept soooooo good! I kept on getting dirty text's from boy 2, but he is boring me. He told me last night he feels good wihen he's with me. uhhhhh, don't tell me this, I thought it was just about portions, not feelings. Eeeep. Here's hoping I see Navy Boy soon, my new play thing. That is all.

*YAWN* I just rolled out of bed at nice to sleep in! Took turbo for a quick walk, and now I'm chillin on the couch! Today, I'm planning to do not much of anything!

(((((moxie clan healing vibes))))) Ugh...stomach flu is the worst....I'm so sorry mox. I hope moxette stays healthy!

GT - you ROCK!!! I'm so glad to hear that you're still doing great in your classes, and thinking of pursuining an apprenticeship!!! And HIPS!!! Hooray for hips!

I think I'm going to bump Shut Up and Sing to the top of my Netflix queue!
Oh Jenn, I so jealous that you get to sleep in this morning.


I want to be sleeping, but here I am, at work, waiting for HR to call me back or wait for a client to bitch at me. Seriously, they come in at 4:00, when I am off of work, and then get mad. People, you know my schedule! I don't work around the clock. Wankers.
Good Morning peeps!!

How's it going? I feel like I haven't been in the lounge in weeks! Actually, it has only been 4 days. I had to take off Monday for some training for my practicum & yesterday I worked at home. It has been nice.

Jenn!!! I am SOOOOO glad you are done with your old workplace! So, you're going to be working PT for them? That's wonderful! Extra moolah. When do you start your new gig?

((Rose)) Everything will be ok. I went through the same thing when we got our house. It's a big step. Even when you know you can pay the bills, it's still huge. What sort of lender are you using? A bank? I see you said your lender was messing up some? I only ask b/c our realtor strongly discouraged us from using one of the internet companies.

Tes! You had malaria?? Oof! Are you better?

((Moxie)) so so sorry to hear about your stomach flu. How miserable. ~~~~~~~healthy vibes for you & moxette~~~~~~~~~~~

HI GT!! I am really glad to hear that school is going so wonderfully. yay! Also yay for your hips growing!! rolleyes.gif

Hi grrl, ch, doodle & shawnboy!

Not much doin' here today. I don't have a lot of work to do, I may start asking around for some. It was nice having 4 days out of the office. Mr K & I did tons of yard work this weekend, our yard is looking a lot better. We also got our garden in. Unfortunately, mr K said he noticed some rabbit bites out of things today. Doh! Will have to get some chicken wire.
Drive-by ...

Kari, we are currently checking out a few different lenders: a mortgage broker, a mortgage bank (that our realtor suggested), and our credit union. It's actually the mortgage bank that out realtor suggested that has been tricky & annoying. Sheff has decided that they're too much trouble & doesn't want to use them. But we got an estimate from them & we can use that as a negotiating tool with our other 2 options, so they have served their purpose. biggrin.gif


So, I didn't make the eligbility list. And I'm not feeling so poorly about it. I spoke with management, and there are things that can be done. However, since I am at work, and things are monitered, I will tell you all when I get home.

When it comes to HR stuff, you know how it goes.


P.S. Kari and RV it's good to see you.
Rose, cool! I will hope for the best on your rate!

((CH)) Girl, I am so sorry. That is a big downer. sad.gif
TJ- I think I'm on the mend...ate a piece of toast and didn't feel puky. That's somefin. And, if you're really COMMITTED to doing nothin today, there's a Project Runway marathon on right now. smile.gif

Thanks for the vibes ladiez. Moxette has an appt with the doc tomorrow b/c of some odd poops (sorry, TMI) the last few days. I'm wondering if it was the virus that knocked moxieman and i out, and just affected her differently. We'll see.

Ok, i was gonna try to work from home for a bit, whist I have some energy, but i brought the WRONG file home! D'oh! I guess its really a R&R day for me. the gods must be telling me something, eh?

Hey, RV, i found that book about you still need it? I originally got it from turbo, so I feel it should stay in "the family." as it were. smile.gif

Ok, back to the sofa and Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn.
dang, okay was pretty quiet today, huh? well, as promised, here's the details of my piercing escapade, slightly later than 11 cause a friend came over to the view the results in person.

i got to the shop shortly after two, locked up my bike, which i tell you raised some eyebrows from inside once they heard what i was there for, signed the forms and went in back. the piercer gave me a quick rundown of what we were going to do, and then it was on with the headphones (i queued up a quick 'pierce me' mix on the way over) and off with the shorts. so there i was, getting prepped, listening to the sonics, breathing deep and even and not tensing up no matter how much the cleaning stuff stung. she positioned the rod, got the needle ready, and i kinda wish i had my eyes open and was paying attention to the exact moment she was going to insert the needle, because it took me completely off guard. one minute i was bopping along to the violent femmes, the next minute this sadistic bitch had cut off my clit. well, that's what it felt like anyway. three tattoos, this was piercing number four, and never once have i yelled "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!" but i did on this one. yup, screamed like a fat kid being told they were out of cake. after i caught my breath, i realized it didn't really hurt so much as it was a shock, and she was able to get the jewelry in and clean up with no further pussying out (ha ha, get it? pussying out?) from me.

i was kinda worried about my bike, but i didn't really realize before getting the piercing that the clitoral hood, or at least mine, is really back in there and pretty protected. i was worried about clothes that were going to irritate it, let alone my bike, but other that being a bit more careful after i pee, i'm not having to take any special precautions. i was on my bike the rest of the day yesterday going about my normal routine. you're right ch, once it's in and done, you don't even think about it. i went to clean it this morning, and i still can't get over how darn cute it is! i got a curved bar, because me and hoops and capture beads do not get along, with two little turquoise balls. i am so tempted to sit in front of the mirror all day looking at how cute my "blue balls" are and playing with the piercing. but i know this would anger the piercing gods, and i so do not want an irritation or infection in this particular area. so that's it, i'm pierced, and resisting mightily the temptation to show it off to everybody.

well, this was supposed to be posted last night, but something went wonky with my keyboard and it got stuck in shift lock or something like that, and i just fixed it this morning. i should refresh the thread and see what else i can comment on before i post this, but i don't wanna. i'm up a bit earlier than i wanna be, so i'm going to use the time wisely and got get a strawberry and cream krispy kreme to have with my morning paper.
Glad you're feeling a bit better mox! I've been flipping back and forth between PR and Oprah/View/Martha...its a good trashy TV morning!

CH, I'm sorry you didn't make that list - but I'm glad there are things you can do to get on the path you desire!

RV - Yep, mortgage shopping sucks...but, at least its a limited time thing, and once its done, you really don't have to think about it for awhile, until you re-fi or something!

Okay, are one brave woman! OUCH!!! But, I'm glad you're happy with your blinged out bits!

Hi kari!! So are you still feeling good about your practicum?
hello okayers! Happy HUMP day!!

week is getting a little better for me. i actually had a pretty stellar work day yesterday with six appointments set. i even had two shows, although only one guy bought and i only netted $6 out of it. but still, it was a good start to the pay period with all those sets, so i've got a lot of opportunity throughout this week to make some real $$.

during my break yesterday, i went and registered at babiesrus and that was actually a lot of fun. i found a lot of cute stuff and i'm just hoping people will stick to the registry. i won't mind it from some people of course, especially if they have kids and know what i need. i'm just hoping i don't get fifty recieving blankets and none of the other stuff, hehe. anyway, it was a nice outing and mil didn't try to impose her will on me one bit, so that was nice. i was sort of afraid she was going to try to steer me in certain directions, but she didn't do it at all. although, she did sort of talk me out of the stroller that i had chosen - but that's because it weighed 27lbs and she knows that my doctor restricted me to under 20 after my surgeries. she was totally in the right on that one. only problem is that the lighter strollers seemed to cost a hundred dollars more than the one i was looking at. eh.

but then when i got home, i called my mom and she told me that her and my dad are going to buy jackaroo's crib for us, so that took a little stress away. so i might actually be able to get the stroller that i really want, which is only 13lbs but costs nearly $400. sheesh. who'da thought babies were so damn expensive! if only my sales would pick up. i'd have nothing to worry about!!

i also made myself a yellow CACK with chocolate frosting. the cack itself sort of fell apart on me, but i fixed it and now that it's frosted, you can hardly tell. it sure tastes good.

*passes around tray of cack and milk*

rose, we felt the same way when we bought the house. it's a huge and scary step but you won't regret it. i hope you get the best possible mortgage deal.

ch, i'm sorry you didn't get on the list. how long does that mean you have until you have to find something else?

hi kari!! cool, a garden! what do you have planted?? my herbs are finally doing better now that i have them in some healthy soil. i need to fertilize them still, but it's better that the tiny pots they were in for two weeks after buying them. oops! i had good intentions at least! smile.gif

gt, so glad things are settling in well with the welding program. *wolf-whistles at gt's hips* hahaha, mr squirrel! that's awesome.

tj, i hope you are enjoying your well-deserved time off. if i know you, you have projects galore all over and you couldn't be happier! hehe.

doodle, i hope your doc can squeeze you in. how is the hair loss? does it seem to be slowing down at all? that's so cool that you are teaching yourself so many new songs. you and mrfj should form a folk guitar duo. he can teach himself songs in a few minutes after hearing them. sometimes i come out of the office and can't find him, but then i hear him strumming away in the guest room. he's so cute.

(((((((moxie)))))))) aw, girl! i'm so sorry you're feeling bad. i really hope your girl doesn't get it!


ETA: hehehe, grrrl has blue balls. *snicker*
Good almost afternoon.

Grrrl, your's hurt? Did she just do the hood? I got my vch done, at it was the easiest peircing evah. What did she tell you about cleaning, healing time, and sexual activity, etc?

jenn, sooooooooooooo jealous of you, but alas, I am going to go home for lunch and be bitchy. But, I'm feeling pretty good about the work situation.

That's about all I have to say for now.


ETA; Hi FJ!!!!! Management is going to give me up any time soon. See, I get the same pay, I just don't get the benefits. So, I'll be here for a while yet, but I'm still looking for alternate employment.
Hi, peeps!

Yay for being done with that job, Jenn (except for the pt thing)! Your boss still didn't say anything nice? What a petty bitch. I'm glad all the other nice people made up for it.

RV, that sucks about your dumbass mortgage person. I hope you find something better.

((((((((( show up and buy vibes for FJ's clients ))))))))))

((((((((( Moxie and Doodle health vibes ))))))))

I've thought about getting "down under" pierced but, um, no. I've got one piercing, and that's in my nose. I used to have 2 in the same nostril, but one never healed properly and closed up after I had it out overnight. I do have a massive tattoo, though, but it's not finished because I don't know what to do with the rest and if I even want my regular artist to finish it. I'm less than entrhalled.

Hi, Kari and Shawn and GT (hips! you can have some of mine) and CH and everybody else!

I ended up taking yesterday off. I didn't sleep at all the other night, and I'm crap if I haven't had any sleep. I could use a "me day" after our trip, anyway, so it all worked out. I almost finished the book I'm reading "Son Of A Witch", the sequel to "Wicked" and caught up on some Boston Legal, and just sat around. Then the giant came home from work and we made teriyaki beef shish kabobs with baked potatoes and called it an early night.

Good Things Wednesday:
1) it's gaw-jus outside
2) only 2 more days left in the week
3) I got my insurance paperwork so I can get tabs for my car on Friday
4) gay boyfriend picking me up for lunch in a few minutes

I'd brought my sneakers and socks to work and wore comfortable clothes because I was planning to walk the bridges on my lunch break, but my gay boyfriend called and wants to go out for Italian. Of course, I can't pass that up, so I'll just have a salad and do my walking after work. I'm going to try to lose 10 pounds by the end of the month, if not more. I'm considering seeing a doctor to get a prescription to help me along.
well, like i said ch, i think it was more shock than actual pain. i was over it in a couple seconds. it didn't bother me any more than my other piercings, i.e., not at all, it was just the fact that i wasn't paying attention. and yeah, she did just the hood. aftercare's the usual: clean twice a day, don't be playing with it all the time, stay out of the pool and spa, and don't let other people be putting their hands and mouth all over it. healing time's pretty quick, i think she said about six weeks. but i don't think i've ever taken out the original jewelery on any of my piercings before at least a year has passed anyway.
Grrrl, kewl. On the recommendation of my piercer, I cleaned it every time I went to the waashroom. I'd just take a small little squeeze bottle and fill it with warm water. It was also rather nice.

Wait until you get to do fun things with it. smile.gif You will love it. My partners have also found it to be the sexiest peircing ever. Boy 2 and Navy boy both found it to be very sexy. and the first time they ever experienced it, too.

So, here I am, the day is half done, only 3 more hours left. I'm hoping to go for drinkies tonight with navy boy, but we will see where that goes. I'm not holding my breath...maybe he thinks I'm using him. Which I am. Really. he knows this! Great...if he gets feelings, too, then I'm really fuckered.

Hi Diva! I am also jealous of your day off. sad.gif I want a day off! Oh wait, May long weekend is coming up! Sweetness!
Le Sigh, where is everyone? I'm lonely.

That's it, I'm talking to myself again.

Hi Culture, how's it going?

I'm doing well, the say is almost done, only 30 minutes left.

How are you doing about the work thing?

Good, I don't feel so bad anymore. I'll fill in the deets later.

Any special plans for tonight?

Well, I'm going to take Emily-pants to the park and then work out. Then I'm hoping that Navy Boy and I will get together this evening, for drinks then PORTIONS!

Oh cool and fun!

I'll see you there Culture!

Later CH!

Okay, I have waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on my hands.
aww. poor ch is talkin' to herself again!

it has been really quiet in here lately. i feel like i've only been half-here the last week or so because i've been having such a rough time with work and all.

diva, i'm jealous of your day off too. yes, i feel like i have to day off alot of times during the days, but i still have to come in here in the evening to work. and there is always the stress of wondering if i'm making any money each day. thanks a ton for the vibes. i need all the vibeage i can get!!!

i've been sort of taking it easy today. i always think i'm going to take a nap but then i'm sucked into the baby story episodes or other bad tv. today, i did find myself flipping back to project runway to hear santino mock tim gunn. hehe. that was a fun season. when does the new one start?

wow, the vch sounds like more than i'm willing to do. i guess you could say i'm too big a pussy for that. hehehe. but i will be getting my belly repierced after the jackaroo comes along. i had it done years ago and it grew up, so i'm ready for it again. i'd considered it a few months before i got pregnant so i'm glad i didn't do it then.

ok, i'm on the phones now! wish me luck. i have a dude that is supposed to show up in an hour... i haven't been able to reach him today though. YIKES!!
ooops! double post!

*goes through thread with a broom*
Hi FJ!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~sales vibes for FJ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Where is everyone?

Le Sigh.

*sulks in the corner*
i'm here, culture! i have no idea what's been going on in here today, as i have the worst allergy attack ever. it looks like i'm crying constantly, i sneeze every few minutes, and my tongue is all tickly. whine!

i promise when i have a few tear-free minutes i'll read archives and post properly
Poor CH! Your job must be soooooooo dull!

~$~$~$~ make-that-money vibes for FJ ~$~$~$~

Diva, I hope you're sleeping better. Lunch with a pal sounds sooo nice!

Turbo, does your new job require you to wake up just as early as your old one? Or will you be able to sleep in?

~~~~~~~~ sooothing for Tyger ~~~~~~~~

I spent HOURS today filling out & reading mortgage applications & other house-related stuff. It's given me SUCH a headache. I'll be super glad when this part is over! The good news is that I think I found a better deal from our credit union, so we have an excellent excuse to dump the other company. Mwah-ha-ha-haaaaa!

And I booked our movers! It's one little indulgence I really wanted and since I'm so thrifty (and since it means less stress for both of us) Sheff happily agreed. Yay! Three guys will arrive, put all of our belongings in a truck, drive it across town, & put everything into our new house. All within 5 hours (at least, that's their estimate). It'll be fabulous!

But poor Sheff had some dental work done today and is feeling kinda miserable, so I better go make some mushy food for dinner.

Good Things Wednesday (since I missed it yesterday)
1. Movers! Woot!
2. It's been 2 weeks since our offer was accepted on the house. I'm still amazed.
3. I found a 4 leaf clover today. I've never done that before. Guess our good luck will continue! smile.gif
Good evening okayers,

Still so quiet in here. Maybe it's me! So I smell *sniffs armpits* Nope.

Well kiddies, here's the deal with HR. I talked to someone from HR and they said that I did very well, and they were very impressed with me, the only problem is that I don't have long term experience in case management. So, they are working on it. And, my job is still secure at the moment.

Where Doodle?? Hello!? Jenn? How was your relaxing day off. Kel?? Where you at girl? GT I know you are busy with homework. Tree, even tree hasn't been in here in a while! How are things going, your arm? FJ, how was your wor day?

RV I'm glad that you are getting paperwork in order, and you got your movers all booked! Oh and work was so quiet today.

Tyger ~*~*~*~*~*~*~healing vibes*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

((((tyg))) Ooof, I'm sorry for your allergies - I know *exactly* how that goes, and it sucks donkey balls.

Wheeee! Movers for Rosie and Sheff!!! Truly, I think movers are WELL worth the money to avoid all that pain hassle, and guilting friends into helping you do it yourself. I think I drew the line when I was 25 on helping friends move...I'd rather chip in $20 toward moving expenses for friends, then show up when its done and have pizza, and skip all the pain in the middle. smile.gif

FJ!! Good to see you in here! And sounds like you have a good start on getting registered for all the schtuff for jackaroo! And I, for one, am glad that you have the opportunity to take it easy while jackaroo is tumbling around inside you!

I've had a lovely afternoon. I watched A Very Long Engagement - its a frenchie movie with Audrey Tautou (Amelie), and by the same director. Same fairy tale/fable quality, only SO much more depressing as its about WWI...still good, beautifully shot, but I definitely prefer Amelie.

Then, I went and did my mentoring thing....going back tomorrow, as they have a special night for girls only and they're doing web design. YAY!

Diva, seriously, if you want to lose 10 in a month...South Beach can get you there, but you really have to be serious about the no sugar/carbs thing...and its not really that hard, just requires planning. OR....there's always the butt flush! smile.gif

I hope CH is on her way to some fun with Navy boy tonight!
Jenn! *flies across okay couch and gives BIG hug*

Alas, I'm pretty trired today and Navy Boy has plans. that's okay, I'm only in it for lovin', I'm going to play hard to get and see how that works. I don't think he's used to an agressive woman. AND he's never had a friends with benefits before. And he's 30!

that is all. Since I've been posting in here all day.
hey again okayland! finished with calls for the evening. didn't go nearly as well as last night. i got old leads again tonight, so i was back to leaving messages. it's so obvious that new leads=appointments. i'm ready to scream when i see those stupid old leads come through. garrr! my dude didn't show up tonight and i was really bummed because he hadn't even called me to cancel. i'd rather a cancel than a no-show. but five minutes after his appt. was supposed to start, he called and said he was in traffic on the bridge and that he just got cell service and was going to be at least a half hour late. so i re-scheduled him for tomorrow. that makes four appts for tomorrow that have confirmed that they'll be there. ONE OF THEM HAS to come through!

rose, that is an EXCELLENT idea about the movers. we started using movers when we moved from an apt to our rented house, and then again when we moved here. i'll never use another uhaul again if i can help it. it's so nice to have them to it all for you. i don't know how much stuff you guys have, but 5 hours doesn't sound like a long time. they usually went over by an hour or so with our moves. but it's still well worth it. i'm so excited for you!!!!!

ch, hope your evening is going well! sorry we made you lonely today. it's been way quiet in here.

*slides in through the kvetch-okay chunnel*

Wheeeee! *Thud*

So, yeah, I got a new job! Starting Monday, I'll be working at the front desk of my cousin's dental office. My job sucked ass, I gave one week notice this morning, intending on starting at the new place on 5/14...they said I could leave today, so now I start the new place this Monday! My cousin's husband is the office manager, so he'll be at the desk with me and it's just such a fun work environment, with a good balance of responsibility. It starts at the ass-crack of dawn though- the office opens at 7am. I'll get out at 4pm though and I'll have every Friday off (I'll have to work the occasional Saturday, but that's okay). Plus, I get to wear scrubs to work! No more matching outfits, worrying if things will fit, etc. Plus, it's about 10 miles closer than this place and in an area I'm familiar with (it's about 10 minutes from LeBoy's parent's house). In the fall, they're moving to a new office and they'll have a washer & dryer on site, so I won't even have to do laundry!

I'm very excited!

You start your new job on Monday, too, right, turbo? Well good luck! Hope the new bike route is fun, your coworkers are nice and the benefits are aplenty!

((Hugs to the okayers!))
YAYAYAYAY!!!!! Polly, this new job really sounds like the one you've been waiting for!! And to already be familiar with the staff, a fun, environment, benefits, and are going to ROCK this one!! And I hope you enjoy it as much as you think you will.

You'll get used to the early hours, and honestly, having that extra hour in the afternoon means everything to me! My new hours will be 7:30-4:00....same as I had before, but I'll have to get up even earlier, as I'll now have a 45-60 minute commute. I'm definitely going to have to get one of those sunrise light simulating alarm clocks for winter.

Hi CH!!! A night at home to chill is always a good choice, right?
Hi everyone! *Van Halen jump* This is a JUMP-by! Hee!

Congrats, polly!!! WOOT!

Will catch up with everyone later this have to take advantage of the earlier evening hours when you want to practise guitar (and sing, not even in the shower) in an apartment building! (No one's complained yet, anyway.) I am learning more Dixie Chicks this evening...this one is "Everybody Knows." Lots of fricking bar chords in these Chicks songs, dammit. They hurt to play! I cain't quite git 'em yet...

ETA: Carmella Fitzgerald sits at my feet and drools when I sing.
CH, I'm here, I'm here!!! I've been just more in a lurking mode than a posting mode, cause I've been feeling rather bleak and crabby and I don't want to sully the happy place that is Okayland, well, at least it is most of the time. I don't have computer access during the day, or I would have at least come in to say hi, since you were talking to yourself.

Polly, Congrats! And fridays off to boot!

Jenn, yay again on the new job...and the time off that you're getting, too!

Grrrl, congrats on the VCH piercing! I want one now, but I don't know if I'm built for it. Even just the thought of performing the q-tip test sends shock waves of pain through me.

Doodle, congrats on teaching yourself lots of guitar right now! I love some of the guitar playing in Pearl Jam's Ten album.

$*$*$money vibes$*$*$ for fj

~*~*moving vibes for rv*~*~

Atta Girl kudos to gt for doing so well on her classes, and hips too! And, I'm so impressed that you're learning so much. By the time you're done, you'll have to teach ME how to weld. smile.gif

Anyway, have a good day, Okayers.
Good Thursday Morning!

hi Doodle! How are you feeling today? Yay on learning new songs!

Polly! That is fabulous about the new job!

Tree, feel better. Everyone needs to be crabby sometimes. I know all about that! hee.

Jenn, the new job starts Monday, I'm very excited for you!

As for me, I'll try not to talk to myself. The evening home yesterday was nice. I took hounders to the park, twice, and she in turn snuggled up to me all night. She didn't sleep that much on the floor like she does sometimes. I don't really have much to add today. At least not yet.

Mornin' ya'll!!

I slept in a little this morning, but turbo didn't get the memo and was licking his balls as furiously as possible to make the point that I needed to get up and take him out. So I did, and its a lovely, brisk morning. I've got a clay mask on my face, and in a bit, I'm headed out to breakfast with a friend. Yay!

After that, I think I'll head downtown, and hit Filene's Basement, and see if I can come up with some deals on work clothes. And I'm mentoring again tonight - the girls' web design group is tonight, so I'm excited to meet them.

Okay, doodle, I think you're inspiring me to download the Chicks' new album this morning....if only we could gather 'round a campfire for an okayer sing-along let by you!

(((((tree)))) I hope today goes smoothly for you.

Hi CH! I know you're out there!
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