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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Rosie, your new home is TRULY stunning!! The trees, the adorable house, and is that a deck I spy, peeking around the back of the house? It looks like the perfect spot to settle in, and create your new home. Yeah, its a financial commitment, but its not really that different than paying rent - you just are in charge of upkeep too....BUT, you get to decorate and make any changes you want too!

We just got in from a monumental evening for our lame selves...first, a surprise 30th Bday party for BFF's fiance - fun, nice to meet both of their families who flew in from opposite coasts and met for the first time. It was especially nice to meet BFF's mom, who I've heard so much about. BFF and I tried not to get too weepy about no longer being co-workers, but I think we'll be fine...we just have to make an effort to see each other now, that's all.

And then we hopped a bus to our friend's housewarming party, which was also an engagement party, as it turns out...the happy couple just got engaged last night...very cool news. And they just moved in together into a sweet top floor of a brownstone in Boystown...I got a little toasty tonight, it was nice.

But now, I'm feeling all sleepy, and its WAY past my bedtime, so I should probably toddle off to bed. G'night!

*waves to kel*
Hi all!

WOW rose, that house is CUTE! I LOVE all the trees and other greenery...that is SOOOO lovely to have!

GT - there is actually NO worry about $$ for me when it comes to the docs and tests...we really do have universal health care in Canada, I swear! But I will have to pay for any meds. My city is very small, I don't even know if we have an endocrinologist, or if I'll have to travel (more $$) to another town. I will ask my gyno about all that, anyway. And I lurve you too. smile.gif

turbo, a CASE of mangoes! Wow. You must really like them! tongue.gif

I read this page earlier, but I can't remember what else I was going to say!! Except HI to turbo, culture, grrrl, faerietails, GT, rose, and any lurkers!

It's late, 'cause I got absorbed working on my Mama's Day prezzie. I made a special two-CD set, and I called it The Essential Blue Rodeo, Volume 1 & 2. Sort of a memento of when we saw Blue Rodeo live in Stanley Park together, last summer. (She still can't stop talking about how amazing they were in concert.) I even handpainted the CD covers in sparkly blue and purple paint! I just finished up. *sigh* I guess I really can't spend much right now (doodlemama would just get mad if I did, anyway).

What are y'all doing for Mama's Day?

Especially you mamas!

I also made my homemade potato soup today, which I actually used to be kind of famous for amongst my friends! But it's the first time I've made it in years...
Good luck with the PCOS stuff, doodle. If your gyno's knowledgeable about PCOS, you'll probably be okay. For so long, most medical professionals even denied that PCOS existed; it's only in the last 10 years that it's been acknowledged by the medical community, so it's still hard to find someone who knows what they're talking about.

I got my mommy a blankie (I swear, those are the softest, cuddliest blankies ever!), Berkeley Breathed's (the guy who does Opus the penguin comic strips) Mars Needs Moms. I'm probably going to get her a lilac-scented candle, too, her favorite scent. I found some good soy candles at a gift shop near by.

LeBoy's surprise party is today. I don't think he suspects anything. I've got an elaborate alibi whipped up and I'm pretty sure he's fallen for it hook, line and sinker. Hee hee hee!

Rose, that house is so freaking adorable. I can totally picture you in much as I can picture you doing anything tongue.gif
Mornin' ya'll!

Well, even though I didn't get to bed until 1am, I still woke up at 6am, just like clockwork. Oh well, its a gorgeous morning, so I took turbo for a 2 hour walk, and by the time we were almost back, a few of my other dog friends were out, so we lingered awhile chatting.

And I've already washed the kitchen floors a couple of times...they were seriously gross, though there's not much I can do to make 40year old lineoleum look good.

Polly, those blankies look soooo nice...I'll be sure to look at them next time I'm at Linens and Things. I got my mom a copy of my favorite cookbook Staff Meals from Chanterelle. And, we'll be in MI for Mother's Day, since my cousin scheduled her baby's christening for Mother's Day, so my mom is excited about that, even though its just going to be a quick dash in-dash out trip.

Mmmm....potato soup sounds most excellent, doodle!! I don't really have my menus for the week organized yet, and its too nice out to spend the day in the kitchen! We're going to grill up some skirt steak for tacos tonight - YUM.

Well, I need to tidy up a bit, and get ready to go up to my office to empty all my personal belongings out. *sniff* Even though I am totally ready to get the hell out of there, its still sad.

(((((jobby-job search vibes for polly)))))
Mornin' folks. Just took a loooong walk in the park and then came home and made a yogurt dip for pita bread and veggies. Yum. Last night didn't turn out as planned, but we had fun anyway. Not much going on...I put up a personal ad just to get out there, and it turns out the men in my area are heinous, four-wheelin', tobacco-chewin', Nascar watchin' pigs who obviously can't read because my tag line says I'm looking for intelligent men who read. And read often. These guys keep resonding with poorly spelled missives detailing their love of sports, bars, and trucks. WTF? I'm taking that damned thing down. Ick.
Good afternoon on this Sunday okayers!

(((doodle))) If you want some sparklies in your bustie wig, Emily would gladly donate some! smile.gif Come to Winnipeg to see and Endo, you can stay with me!

GT! ~*~*~*~*home work finishing vibes*~*~*~*~

RV, I love your house so much, it is so wonderful!

Hey, Kel, how was your weekend?

Hey Jenn! *waves*

Polly ~*~*~*job vibes*~*~*~*~

Hey Grrrl, how was the rest of your weekend?

Hi FJ, and Pugs!

So, I went to the bar last night and got totally hammered, then had a chat with my friend who I went with. Got sexually aggressive with Navy Boy, him and I talked about that today, he said I was, I told him that I was not okay with how I was being, after not seeing him for four years. He said it was okay, I was said, uhhh, no! Had a good laugh about that. He wants to get together tonight. I said maybe, now I'll be playing hard to get.

I took puppers to the park, then where it is all off leash, I just sat down in the sun and let her sniff, then she went and sat next to me.

My mom isn't bugging me anymore, I think I was also cranky from this stupid strep thraot, which I doing better.

Funny story of the day. I went grocery shopping today, with my mom, and there were three damn sexy fire fighters also doing grocery shopping. My mom made the comment that they were looking at me, (and I was happily reciprocating that!), so I had my eye candy for the day, paid for food, then we left. It was then I took the dog to the park, and when I got there, I hear sirens, and into the parking lot at the park pulls a fire truck, with the three fire fighter and another one, from the grocery store. Of course, there was checking out involving all parties. It was funny, because I was thinking, what are the odds that it is the same fire fighters? smile.gif I love having a fire hall down the street from me. That gave me a huge ego for the day.

How was everyone's weekend?

Afternoon everyone! This is another quick a friend coming over for a late lunch...good thing made a big VAT of potato soup! I will also be blessed with green herb upon the occasion. Ahh. And I've only seen this friend briefly since I got sick (I didn't want any visitors in the hospital), so there's a lot of catching up to do!

I had to warn her that this particular soup gives you serious FARTS. Just in case she is planning on going anywhere this evening.

Oh, and I finally put the varnish on that magazine rack I was painting. I still can't decide if it's any less hideous in green than it was as plain wood. It might not be a keeper after all.
hello all, sorry i haven't been around much. my mom is actually worse then when this whole mess with her started. here is the run down!

Three weeks ago she came to my house for dinner and played Nintendo Wii for a while. She had a good time, we said goodnight and she and my dad went home.

The next day she said her shoulder was sore. I told her I was a little sore the next day too because I was using muscles playing Wii tennis and bowling that I don't normally use. She took some Advil and that was it.

The next day was a Monday. I stoped by my mom's house to see my sister and my mom's car was there when she should have been at work. My sister informed me that she was very sore and was in bed. She said her should, neck, back and arm on her left side were all sore. She is right handed so was playing Wii with her right hand. Why her left side hurt so much I have no idea.

Her and my dad were scheduled to go to Las Vegas the following Saturday for her 50th birthday. Knowing she was supposed to be going on vacation she called the doctor to get the injury looked at as soon as possible. Her regular doctor left the practice and the only person available was the nurse practioner on Tuesday. She made the appointment and continued to take advil and rest.

That night she was in so much pain that she asked my dad to take her to the hospiatl. She went and was there for seven hours. They did an xray and blood work and told her it was possibly a pinched nerve. They gave her pain killers, anti-inflamatorys and muscle relaxers.

Next day she went to the appointment with the nurse practioner. The xrays from the hospital were never sent over so the nurse practioner. This particular nurse practioner is an asshole and is writing precriptions before she even examines you. Well she wrote it up as a pulled muscle. More pain kills, anti inflammatorys and muscle relaxers.

Wednesday she was having more pain. Called the nurse practioner and she had no appointments until the following week. So...back to the emergency room. This time they did a catscan and more blood work. The said they thought it was a pulled or inflamed ligament where the collar bone and breast bone meet. More pain medication, anti inflammatorys and muscle relaxers.

Thursday & Friday still a lot of pain and now there is swelling and a lump forming on her chest. Trip to Vegas cancelled.

Saturday she woke up and was having trouble breathing. Dad called ambulance and they took her back to emergency room again. This time they admitted her. They ran more blood work and found that she had a bacteria infection in her blood. They said that the lump on her chest was an absest in the joint. They needed to do an MRI.

Monday comes, she's still in the hospital, they finally take her for the MRI. That comes back and sure enough it's an absest. More tests, xrays, catscans and MRIs. She was in there for nine days total. She started to develop fluid on her lungs due to the fact that she can't take deep breaths because it hurts her chest. They had her on oxygen the entire time.

Nine days later after she was admitted doctors decide that they are going to send her home with a pick line straight to her heart and 24 hour IV antibiotics, oral pain medication and oxygen.

From then until this past monday that was the story. Going to the doctor's three days a week to get the antibiotics refilled in her bag that she carries with her to be pumped into her 24 hours.

The newest developments are what sucks. They were trying to get the antibiotics to a certain level and maintain that level for six weeks. She's allergic to penicillin so they gave her something else. Since they don't know where the infection came from they are treating her with a cocktail of antibiotics.

This past Wednesday, she wakes up covered in a rash from head to waist. She's throwing up and having uncontrollable diarrhea. She's also been running a fever since Monday. She goes back to the doctor who informs her that her body is rejecting the antibiotics and that she is now allergic to this one as well. He prescribes a new one in pill form that is $80 a pill. No i didn't type it wrong it's $80 a pill. One pill every day for six weeks. The insurance company approves the first four days then needs a letter from the doctor.

In the end, if they insurance company doesn't approve the new pill then she is going to be put back in the hospital in the intensive care unit and monitored 24 hours a day while they give her small doses of penicillin which is the only medication left to cure this infection.

On top of this, as I've said in the family problems thread, she is miserable and being hateful, not hurtful, hateful to my father. She says he's uncaring, unsupportive and doesn't understand. She yells at him and a couple of times he's left and gone for a drive. My aunt informed me yesterday that he's called her a couple of times crying because he doesn't know what to do. He doesn't know how much more he can take of her cruelness.

He's really doing his best. He does everything for her. Anything she needs he's there for her. He went out with a friend of his for the first time since all this started and before he left he set all her pills out in little cups with the times written on them and made my sister promise to stay home and monitor that she takes them all. I mean, see he cares right? In all honesty the woman is not fucking dying. She's just got cabin fever. She's just awful. She yelled at me in the hospital to shut up and get out of her room when i asked her to calm down because she was screaming at my father. I called her to check on her the other day and she just said, "Sheena I don't want to talk to you. Goodbye." hung up.

That's pretty much everything up to today. I don't even have time to go back and catch up on the threads. I think I kind of have to start from scratch. I hate not being in bust loop. On top of everything. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are my last days of class for the semester and i'm crunching to get all my shit done. My mom is also pissed that I'm not there with her more. I keep trying to explain that I'm swamped with school and she says that there is plenty of time during my day to see her. I just get so upset with her that I avoid calling to even see how she is.

That's pretty much it. Sorry to bring down the mood of the thread. I hope no one minds because I feel better having typed all this out. Hope everyone is doing well.

I miss talking to you all. Have a good day okayers!
(((pugs and pugsfamily))) that's awful. i hope your mom gets better soon and your dad hangs in there.
<<<<sends bustie vibes>>>>
(((((((((((((((Pugs))))))))))))))))) Yikes! What a nightmare. I am so sorry you are having to deal with all of this right now. Your mother is suffering and obviously isn't herself and is taking it out on you and your father. My mother got very sick last year and did the same thing. It's like they can't even step out of their bodies and see how incredibly cruel they are being. I hope she gets better soon.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~*Get better vibes for Pug's mom*~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Doodle, enjoy that soup and the greens that go with it. Wish I had some greens.

Culture...the firemen here are gross rednecks. Lucky you to have hot ones nearby!

Not much going on this Sunday...just hung out with my mom and bought her some plants for her birthday. It's a tradition...every year on her birthday and Mother's Day (very close to each other...eek for my wallet) I take her the the nursery to get plants. It's always what she wants.

Took a loooooooong walk and then a looooooooooong nap and just ate some rice. Wow, boring day.
Good evening.

((((((((((pugs)))))))))) I think that your mom is scared, and that is why she is treating everyone so badly right now. I know that my mother can be highly miserable at times (see below post with me ranting about my mom). If things ay school are overwhelming, can you talk to your profs at all?

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~healing vibes for pugs and family~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Hey faerie!

Kel, it sounds like you had a wonderfully boring day! I did the same thing, stayed outside for a while, just woke up from a 90 minute nap, had a bunch of grapes and cheese. kel, you need to come and get some Canadian men, just to change things up a bit. Come here, but make sure it's in the summer!

One of my friends called me, and again I didn't even hear my phone ring.

I am now watching roseanne on dvd and puppy is curled out next to me. Ugh, I need to take my meds. all done now.

Ick, back to the daily grind tomorrow, this next week is going to be really busy, as everyone who didn't get their cheques are going to be calling me asking the same. Not looing forward to it. I'm stressed just thinking about it. And I need to get my AC in my car recharged. grrrrrr.
(((((pugsy))))) i'm sorry your mama's being such a pain the ass honey. you hang in there and get all your school shit done. it sounds like your mom has plenty of other people to take care of her and make sure she's doing all right, so don't go adding unneeded stress on yourself, kay? ~*~*~*~*~vibes for pugsy~*~*~*~*~

rv, your new house looks awesome! all those trees, and i do believe that is a deck i spotted around back. that will be great to just sit back and relax on on nice evenings.

c-monkey and i spent the morning in bed with the paper. we both woke up too early, but when i told her to "climb up here and cuddle with mommy", she actually went back to sleep, so i got to doze for a bit longer. we had krispy kreme for breakfast (strawberry shortcake for me, chocolate-iced custard for the kidlet), plus a piece of toast, fruit salad, and yogurt with strawberries blueberries and peanut butter granola for the c-monkey. i suspect another growth spurt coming on. after that we went riding over to the college campus and spent a few ours hanging out watching the ducks and playing in the water. now we're home, and i'm trying to decide whether it's too early to fix dinner and waiting to hear back from my mom so i can about taking the kidlet home. i'm tired and i've got a shitload of laundry to do, and i know my mom's not answering because she wants her place to herself for a couple more hours, and it's just kinda pissing me off.

*waves hi to ch, doodle, kelkel, polly, tj, everyone else*
(((((Pugs & Pugs Family))))) My dear, job 1 is taking care of yourself. Don't feel guilty about it, but you need to make yourself the first priority, so that you can be of help later in the week when school is over. Between now and then, leave your mom alone, and what support you can offer, just be there to support your dad, and listen when his frustration is really peaking. Get him out of the house for a quick trip to the ice cream shop or something, just to give him some space away to take the pressure off.

Well, I cleaned out my office this was kind of sad...its pretty barren, and no longer looks like my warm homey space, and maybe that will help me separate over the next two days. Oh, and I picked up some super-cute notecards this afternoon too, to write goodbye notes to some of my close friends. I got some with goldfishies and some with dancing monkeys. hee!

I love a good boring Sunday....kel, your afternoon sounds perfect!

And Grrrl, I love that you got some extra time to snooze this morning with the kiddo, and then read the paper in sweet.

GT, (((((homework and welding vibes))))...Hang in there, it sounds like a lot of work, but just think -- you could get a career out of this, and I just have this vision of you taking your creativity 3-D, and making amazing sculptures with your welding skillz.
Turbo, just start imagining all the fun you'll have with decorating the new workspace!

Can I just giggle like a school girl for a minute about my new avatar? I don't know why, but it's so silly and I love it.

Mmmmmm....just ate a huge gelati from Rita's Italian Ice...custard, wild cherry ice, more custard. Perfect end to the day!

Hi Grrrl!
I LOVE that avvie, Kel!! Nice find! It definitely makes me smile!!

I'm not sure how much decorating I can do in my new office space...I'm going from a gorgeous office with three windows overlooking a park, to a *tiny* grey cube. oof. But, when I'm off work this week, I am going to order up a bunch of prints of my favorite digital pics to help warm up my space, and make it mine.

And that gelati parfait...sounds *amazing.* I am totally jealous!
It will be a gorgeous tiny grey cube when you are done. That's a shame to lose such an office...but not a shame to lose such an assclown boss.
Good evening!

Kel, I love the new avi! It's great.

Grrrl, sounds like you had a really great day.


So, I'm watching mythbusters right now, and I'm getting sleepy again, after that looooong, deep dleep nap I had, I feel a good night sleep coming on. Puppers is still curled up next to me. She's my little buddy, doesn't like to leave my side. It's funny, because as I take her to the dog par, as she gets more and more confident, I see that she is getting more open about being protective of me. She knows that I'm alpha, but she stills is a little protector. I love it. Speaking of which, I saw part of this really cool documentary on dogs on pbs this evening. All about selective breeding, evolution of dogs and all that stuff. Very interesting.

Well, I hope that everyone has a great evening, and talks to you all tomorrow.

((((((((((okayers)))))))))) I think everyone needs extra big hugs today. Sweet dreams all.
all right, mama just picked up the kidlet and dropped off buffalo chicken strips from popeye's, the last load of laundry is in the dryer, and i've got little miss sunshine in the laptop and a pint of ben & jerry's americone dream on the arm of the futon. time to get to the relaxation part of my weekend, little as there is left.
Hi Everyone!

((((pugs)))) One of my friends has a bumper sticker I covet: "Mean People Suck."

(((((Monday morningers)))))

((((((turbojenn)))))) Office-packing sucks, too.

Why am I even posting? I have nothing intelligent to say.

Lots of hemp-scented, blue-sparkly-paint-smudged hugs for everyone who needs them!

that's funny doodle, cause i have one on my bike that says " no, you suck. signed, the mean people" laugh.gif
I don't really have anything intelligent to say either. It was a nice weekend here, temperature wise.

Grrl, I like that one! It suits our shop quite well.

Anyway, like I said, I don't have anything to say....meh.

Have a good week, Okayers!
Porn Star
My weekend wasn't so good. The rain spoiled it. mad.gif I hope that the next one will be better.
Good Morning on this Monday.

Hi Tree, Doodle, Porn_Star and Grrrl. And Jenn, I know you are around somewhere! *waves*

So, I could so use more sleep today. I got totally shit faced on Saturday night, then went shopping on Sunday, hung over and hurting, slept more, then felt better, then last night I heard from Navy Boy and we went to the park, and chatted. It was interesting, but not in a bad way. I enjoyed myself.

It is going to be crazy here today, I have the message waiting indicator on my phone and I am afraid to even check my messages. *Shudders* This day won't be over soon enough, and things are going to be busy all week. Blech.

I also don't have much to say today. How is everyone?

Happy Monday! Yes, yes, I see it as a Happy MOnday. We had a great weekend, and I feel totally refreshed after the shitstorm week I had last week. SO, I'm choosing to look at things "glass half full."

Turbo- its not MD weekend that we're getting together, right? smile.gif No need for regular email...we're both too busy!

I get to meet Jasmine from the Hipmama thread this weekend! I'm SOO excited. I get very envious of the MLPS and Chicago Busties...Finally, someone else in the D! (closes green eyes for a moment)

It sounds like mostly everyone had a good weekend. For those that did not ((((EXTRA SPECIAL HUGS and BACKRUBS)))
Mornin' ya'll! OMG, I totally forgot to check in this morning....that's when you know that work is crazy! I have my exit interview with HR in a half hour...should be interesting. I'm going to be more honest than they probably want me to be. And, I fully expect them to balk at my contract rate. heh. Fine by me, I don't NEED the freelance work. But they do need me, so they'll probably have to get a bit desperate before they call me again.

Mox, we are coming home Mother's Day weekend, since the christening is then, and I won't be coming home the following weekend, due to new jobbness. Its going to be a crazy saturday-sunday turnaround, so I think the only time I'll be able to work in a visit is if you're available for dinner on Saturday night. Let me know.

((((soothing, calm mondays for all))))
Yeah, I think that should work. Have a baby shower sat morning, but dinner should be cool. Let's chat sat AM. *Mwah* exit interview!!
Jenn! hello!

That's great about being honest in the closing interview.

Work is actually quiet so far, I have a few calls to return, and now it is break time.

*dashes back into thread*

Well, I was honest to a point, but vague as well...its clear that they want me to stay on as a part-time employee for some time, so I thought it best not to burn all my bridges....I did discuss my feelings of being unappreciated by my boss, that my boss has no idea about what I really do because she didn't want to really know what I do for other departments, and that the staff with children are given extreme latitude on company policies whereas the childfree continually get extra responsibilities asked to work night/weekends for trainings for clients and overall a LOT more work. I really felt it important to at least speak those truths...I'm glad the org is so family-friendly, but then they need to make it company policy to extend flexibility to all their staff...pretty basic stuff, but they'll never do it.

Okay, I gotta get my lunch, and get back to the grind here...time is winding down too quickly for me! Eeeeee!
Hey peeps!!!

(((pugs and pugs-fam)))

"no, you suck. signed, the mean people" Hahaha!! That's great. I can't stand those "mean people suck" stickers (sorry, doodle). They're everywhere.

Ooh-la-la, girltrouble's got hips!!

Nuthin' really exciting going on in poodleland. I ate good pizza on Fri., got my hair cut on Sat. afternoon, ate lots of fresh guac at my parents' house on Sat. evening, and worked out yesterday. I spent a lot of money at Targhetto, too. I swear, I was just walking around looking for random things to buy.

I hung out with my college pal on Friday, but it was a little weird, because she and I are just different enough where we probably wouldn't hang out if we met today. I don't really know what exactly it is between us, but it feels a little unnatural for me. I feel like I have to be a "good girl." I have to turn down my volume, and talk about life and feelings and shit. I hate that. She recoils in horror if I make a dirty joke or act like a dork. In general, she's a nice person to have as a friend, but I always feel a little immature and messed-up after hanging out with her. Anyway....

Hi, peeps!

Jenn, is today your last day? I'm glad you were honest about your boss and the double standard for child-free employees. It's like we don't have real lives if we don't have offspring. Anyway, you're moving into a cubicle, right? If you can get away with it there, you could buy a bunch of large handmade papers in different colors/textures and wallpaper your cube. I've got marbled/snakeskin/embroidered/krinkled/metallic papers covering literally every inch of wall space. I've done it for the last 6 years and have had no problem with it, and everyone seems to like it. All it takes are a bunch of long t-pins to keep it in place. Then I put up a bunch of postcards and snapshots. It's a pretty cool place now, extremely personalized but still totally functional.

(((((((((Pugs' mom and dad))))))))) I hope they get through this relatively unscathed and your mom gets back to her normal self, infection-free.

((((((Tree's arm)))))))

I used to try to be on my best behavior when the giant and I first started dating. I always shaved, never burped or farted, never picked my nose, and always wore makeup and tried to look cute. Now I'm a loud-ass bitch who burps, farts, and sometimes picks her nose who only shaves a couple times a month and doesn't pluck her eyebrows as much as she should. But that makes it all the more special when I do put on my good behavior and habits. No point in setting the bar too high if you just have to keep raising it to levels you can't reach anymore. Strangely, the giant is still almost always on his best behavior. I wish he'd let loose a little.

(((((((Doodle)))))) Is there any OTC thing you can take in the meantime before you can get a prescription for the good stuff?

Hi, RV, GT, Grrl, Poodle, FJ, Moxie, Kari, CH, et al!

Man, it feels good to be home. Our weekend trip was pretty fun, though, considering it was because of a death in the giant's family. The giant's mom didn't ride with us because she got really sick the night before, so she drove herself down the next day in time for the memorial service. It was nice to have the car to ourselves, but the reason for it sucks. We went around the giant's hometown and I saw his old house, schools, where he sprained his arm playing tennis, and we visited a couple cemeteries. We went to his dad's and grandma's graves to pay our respects, then up to another one because it's really old and pretty cool. There's this really cool black angel statue with a fountain around it, and it's all built on a bluff with a really good lookout point to see the Missouri River and Omaha. We spent a little time shopping in Omaha in the Old Market. It's cute, but not as cool as Minneapolis. We spent some time with his family at a BBQ where his cousin asked his girlfriend to marry him (they've been together for ages), and I got to meet almost all the rest of his family. They're all pretty cool. Yesterday on the way home we ate at Sonic 3 times since we don't have them up here in MN. Omaha is actually an OK place. I wouldn't mind visiting again.

I got to talk to Sam yesterday for awhile, we had the nicest little conversation. My parents and his dad took him up to Duluth yesterday for a day trip up to the parks. He fed the birds, kicked around a soccer ball on the beach, burried a hunk of ice in the beach (Lake Superior still has ice, I guess), and went up into a lighthouse. I love hearing about the little things he does and the stories he tells. He totally tries to talk like an adult when he's in a conversation and not just playing. I hear a lot of both my parents in the things he says and the way he says them. He's trying to make friends with a girl in his soccer class named Abby, but she's shy. I can't wait to play with him again, but I don't know when that'll be.

I'm going to go reheat my lunch now, veggie stir fry with rice. Yum!

mornin' okayers! well, there's no mistaking that this is a monday. got woken up shortly after 7:30 by the painters telling us they were going to be pressure-washing our porch, so move everything off, and got one of the heavy storage benches we keep out there ran over my foot by the roomie. total accident, but ouch. then i headed to work. 3 and a half hours early. what happened was the schedule said 9:30 to 6:00 for me for today when i left friday, and i thought that was a bit unusual, since the b shift person i'm supposed to be covering for doesn't come in til 1:00, and we have someone to cover the morning shift, and i'm scheduled to come in at 1:00 for the rest of the week, but whatever dude, that's the time my boss scheduled me for, that's the time i'm going to be there. so i got in at nine, checked my email, and sure enough, there's a revised schedule saying i'm in at 1:00 today, sent at 7:00 pm friday, when i'd already been off for an hour. so i debate whether there's time to go home and catch a nap, decide there is, and decide to catch the bus back downtown because i'm feeling lazy like that. the bus shows up almost twenty minutes late, just when i'm starting to think that my lazy ass could have been home and back in bed by this time if i'd just gotten on my bike like any self-respecting cyclist. i get home, and there's all this gardening work going on, and no chance of getting back to sleep. so here i am, making a rare morning post to all y'all okayers, and downing a pint of b&j's chubby hubby while i wait for the bus again. i really hope this is not indicative of how the rest of the week, let alone the day, is going to go.

*waves hi to diva and poodle who snuck in while was posting*
Good afternoon, the day is half done.

Jenn, I'd do what you did. I would be eloquent about putting things, as I know you were.

Poodle, that's no fun that you can't be yourself around a friend. I couldn't do that. I know that I must be able to be dirty and drop the f-bomb around my friends.

Diva, sounds like you had a good trip, aside from the reason you had to go.

My phone at work isn't working, which mean I can't return my clients phone calls and see how often they are calling me. Now what am I supposed to do? Without clients, I don't really have all the much to do. It's rainy here, which I am glad about, it would be better if there was thunder and lightning, but this will do. and I just sent a dirty text to Navy Boy. hee. I love distracting men while they are at work.

Doodle, sweetie, did you get an appointment with your gyno?


ETA: Cross posted with Grrrl! Hey!
jenn- there are TONS of awesome pictures and "step-by-step" guides to cubicle decor on flickr. Also, some new moxette pics...not that I'm bragging. smile.gif

Ok, our printer is back online, and i've got a ton of stuff to push through. ta...
Oh, you know I saw the meena pics yesterday, mox! tongue.gif I especially liked the one of her playing in flour - I love how its all over her face.

Thanks so much for the cube decor tips - I am totally going to get some nice decorative paper from the Paper source and decorate my cube...I think I can get away with it...I am the *creative* in the org, after all. heh. Oooh...can you say purple wallpaper?!

Poodle, my college roomie (not moxie) made me feel like that post-college too...I could never really be myself around her. But then, she asked me to be her maid of honor, and I agreed only if I didn't have to buy a dress, as plane fare was going to hurt enough, and then she changed her mind and wanted us all to buy damn-ugly dresses, and I said I wouldn't do it, as that was part of the condition. She hasn't really spoken to me since, and I tried to reach out the first couple years, and now I'm over it. I don't really recommend that route to un-friending, though. smile.gif

Okay, back to the grind...
*drags ass into thread, plops down on the okay couch and starts crying*

So, the eligibility list is out for the interview I just had, and my references didn't get checked, I am almost positive I didn't make the list. I am already doing this fucking job, and because of something, something I didn't make it. I think it has to do with the fact that I have not carried a case load ongoing and long term. Fuck the fact that I have been with the department for 5 years, fuck the fact that I have experience in determining eligibility, working with investigations and case management, plus I can go into any office and take over a case load like it is my own. Who cares that I know about policy and legislation and that I know about the program the department uses. Noooooo HR says, lets pull people from the outside and train them, and take our dog fucking time in letting people know.

Fuck the fact that I get nothing but raving reviews from the offices I work in. What's the point. Clearly, I'm not good enough to do the job I am already do fantastically, or so I've been told.

*throws hands up in frustration* I need a drink.

Sorry for the self absorbed post.

Kisses to you all...I have been...uh...doin' stuff. And, uh...THINGS.

(so I just wanted to come in here quickly and say "hey")
*Flails into thread*

Guys! Guys!! I'm so excited. My dad called me a few days ago and said to expect a package that would have instructions that I had to follow exactly. I was very skeptical and said I'd give it my best shot. The package came today and I got scared. I opened and found two envelopes and a bunch of disposable cameras. The first envelope had cards in it that said to think of all my friends and all the fun things I like to do with them. Then it said to open the second envelope...inside was a check for $1000!!!!!!!!!!! The cards then said I had to use that money to do fun things with my friends and I have to take pics and send him copies. I am sooooooo excited! I'm going to New York City this summer and I was really worried about money. Now I can go and have a blast!!! And I'm taking my friend who is having a hard time out for sushi tonight!!!

This is the first time my dad has ever done anything remotely nice like this for me EVER. I can't believe it. Who'da thunk his wife dying would suddenly make him do nice things for me?

CH: I am soooooooo sorry you are going through this at work. That sucks. ((((((Culture))))) I don't know what else to say. We know you are awesome, and so do you. The asshats just don't fucking get it, do they?

Turbo: You will have to post pics of the cubicle! I bet it will be adorable.

I love that sticker signed by the mean people...only because I got so tired of seeing the other one! I don't particularly like mean people, but that is clever.

Hi minx, kari, grrl, diva, mox, doodle, and everyone else!
(((((((CH)))))) That totally blows. They did that to a lady in my office, had her working above her position for a couple years, and then for some reason didn't give her the official promotion when a spot opened up - so she left, and good for her. Can you appeal the decision? I know in my office the HR people really have no clue about anything, so it might be a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

Kel, that sounds awesome! $1000 with no strings attached other than to have fun with your friends?! Sounds like a dream to me!

Hi, Minx!

The girl who sits across from me bought me a copy of She's Come Undone to read. That was nice of her.

I'm so ready to leave right now, but I've got 15 stupid minutes left here to suffer through. I'm so hungry! Veggie stir fry and rice do not make you not hungry for more than an hour. I even had a handful of almonds and I'm still ravenous. At least I've got creme brulee at home, even if I do have to share it.

I like that "No, you suck, signed, The Mean People." The other one has gotten so cliche. Although the only stickers that end up on my car lately are political ones.
(((((ch))))) aw, what a bunch of asshats! go get some sushi and lots of drinks after work tonight, you deserve it. man, now i feel kinda bad that i came in here to squee about how much better my workday is going from the rough start this morning. but it is going fabulously. two of three departments i have to handle are already finished for the day, my boss is out of the office through tomorrow, and all the extra little things that take up so much time in the afternoon, well i've been working mornings and other departments so long, i forgot they don't apply to mondays. and see, i even have a few minuts to come in here and say hi. tomorrow's probably going to be crazy, but at least i will know that 1)it's okay to sleep in, and 2)i still have two pints of dublin mudslide at home. have a good day everyone!


eta: oh my cod kelkel, your dad is fucking awesome! i wish mine would do something like that for me.

anyway, back down to the floor!
Good evening okayers.

Thanks all. There is a way for me to be extended from casual (which I am) to term. It takes time, but it could happen. I like what I do, at the office I am at, I don't want to do it forever, but still. A supervisor is going to find out why.

Kel, that is so fucking cool! I am so, super excited for you!

Hey Diva! Mmmm creme brule. I am going to eat some chocolate or ice cream.

Grrrl, don't feel bad about telling me how good things are going for you! That is really great, and I am really happy for you.

Jenn, how's it going?

So, I took the dog for a walk, then worked out, so I'm feeling good. The work thing will work out and I am actively looking for term or permanent employment. Everything will work out. I also had a puff, so that totally helped too.

Then I sent a dity pic to Navy Boy. Which also made me feel much better. Hee. Now I am watching Roseanne.

That is all for now!


Hey ya'll!!

CH, that totally sucks about your job, but I am very glad to hear that you're still pursuing it, and seeking more information on why you might have been passed over. ((((jobby job vibes for CH))))

((((jobby job and interview vibes for polly)))) just 'cause.

Diva, I am so excited that you enlightened me to the ways of cube I'm totally excited to create my own space at work! I just hope they allow decorating...I didn't see any really decorated cubes, but most of the department is new, so maybe I'll inspire them.

Well, I stayed a bit late at work tonight, just to say goodbye to some folks, and then went to spin class, and my friend, the instructor, made it Jenn's Choose-Your-Own-Adventure class, so I got to call all the drills, which I loved, and probably everyone else hated...all climbs and jumps when I'm in charge!

Speaking of spin, where's kari today?

And tomorrow is my LAST DAY!!!! Wheee! ...Well, sort of. They're also hiring me back as an actual part-time employee, instead of contracting, which is really nice since they'll take taxes out and all that, and pay my professional liability insurance, which is even nicer. AND, they're paying me the rate I wanted! Score! They are really going to help fund my kitchen!

Grrrl, I'm glad your day got better...AND, that you have some treats in the freezer!

Well, I need to write a few farewell notes to my favorite co-workers now!
hello everyone!

I haven't had a chance to go back and read the past few days but I did see everyone's kind thoughts and concerns about my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It means the world to me.

School -

Going well. Took my drafting final tonight. Think I did well. My drawing was a little smuged but that's because the table I'm working on in school is like 150 years old and it's not very clean. My drawings I do at home on my own board always look so much nicer. Only three classes to finish up this week. Sociology test tomorrow then that's done. Engineering papers to turn in tomorrow then that's done. Drawings for drafting to turn in Wednesday then that is done. Thinking of taking Intro to Auto CAD and Algebra & Trigonometry I (since I failed it) this summer.

My mom -

Doing better. Folded some laundry today and took a walk with my dad around the block. The insurance company is going to cover the very expensive antibiotic so she won't have to go to ICU. She sounded very good yesterday and today and was very interested in knowing how my finals were coming along.

My dad -

He finally got out of the house yesterday. He and a friend of his went flying and were gone most of the day. Mom was on her own but he set out all her pills for her in little cups and wrote on them what time they are to be taken.

Mr. Pug -

Misses me but is glad that I'm doing well in school and is being so supportive. Said not to worry about the Algebra Trig class. He knows I'll pass it next semester when things calm down a little. Happy that I got straight A's in everything else (so far).

As for me, I feel great today. I'll feel better when the semester is over.

I really hope everyone is well. Hopefully, come Thursday I'll be able to sit down and dedicate some time to read back a few pages on bust to catch up with everyone. Take care everyone and hope your week is well.
((((((Pugs, MommaPugs, PoppaPugs)))))))) Glad to hear things are improving. chin up, hon!

Kel, your dad kicks ass!!! What a wonderful gift! You savor every cent of it, sweetheart. You deserve it! smile.gif

Hooray for TJ's LAST DAY!!! WOOT!!!!

CH, I hope you find a way to stand up for yourself at work. Do it for yourself and for all the shy people out there who deserve so much more than what they get!

Divala, I tried to read She's Come Undone many years ago, but it totally freaked me out & I couldn't finish it. There's a certain scene involving meat that still gives me the shivers. Bleh.

(((((((((all of the Okay Clan))))))))))

I'm starting to freak out about the house. Sooooo much money! Eep! In happier news, this afternoon I paid the rent for the last time!!! I even dressed up in my swanky Donna Karan skirt for the event. It's so amazing to know that in one month I'll be sleeping under my very own roof. I'm still kinda in denial about the whole thing.

More good news: My mother is gettting a special mentoring award from her employer. The bad news? The ceremony takes place the same night that my brother graduates from college. What lousy timing!
evenin' okayers! good to hear your mom's doing better pugsy, and your dad's not going stir-crazy. and congrats on the straight a's! i am so amazed by that, especially with that class load. i've got the smarts, but i wish i had your kind of discipline to go with 'em. good job sweetie!

tj, yay on last days! and i'm sure your new cubicle will be kickass once you're done decorating it.

rv, squeee, you're buying a house!!! an awesome house. a gorgeous house. a perfect house. i know it's nervewracking, but try to relax and enjoy it.

well, work tomorrow just got a whole lot better. not only do i get to sleep in tomorrow, i get to sleep in all damn day if i want to. kill line isn't running tomorrow, which means that the departments i'm working won't have any product to process, which means i've got the whole day off tomorrow!!!! can i get a 'hell yeah!'? happy.gif not sure what i'm going to do tomorrow beyond sleep in...oh wait, what the fuck am i thinking??? of course i know what i'm doing! i've got time to go get my vch done! *does the new piercing happy dance*
Good evening all!

Actually, I kind of like the "No You Suck" bumper sticker better, too! In defense of my cliche-appreciation, I do live in a small city with not a lot of bumper stickers in general. (Lots of Jesus fish though, as well as the Pissing Calvin decal.)

(((CH))) Maybe you need a vacation...maybe you should come to BC. BTW, I must tell you that the words, "It was interesting, but not in a bad way," totally made me laugh out loud! You should make that your new signature line. culturehandy's epitath. biggrin.gif

I think my epitath should be: "Well, that didn't suck."

turbo, good for you handling your exit interview so well! Sounds like you struck the right balance between being honest and not burning your bridges...and REALLY good for you for speaking up for the childless employees. Congrats on the part-time work offer...must feel great to know they finally recognized your value to them! So how will that work mesh with your new work schedule?

I want pics of diva's cubicle, as well as turbo's when it's done! could also try fabric! Heh...if I ever end up in a cubicle, maybe I'll line it in saris! diva, how big is the paper you used?

poodle, that's a shame you no longer feel you can be yourself around your old friend. It doesn't mean you're immature or messed-up, so don't feel that way! People just grow in different directions and form different values over time...that's normal.

Hello also to grrrl, moxie, minx, kel (cool surprise package!!), pugs, rose....and...where's karianne and FJ? And GT's new hips?

The gyno's office phoned me back when I was napping this afternoon - I didn't even hear the phone! And they were closed by the time I woke up, so I have to phone back tomorrow, I guess. At least they phoned back quickly - that's promising.

Also, my $1500 arrived! PHEW!! *mops brow* biggrin.gif

Oh, and my friend and I were talking about the old Centre yesterday...the organization has found an office space, which they are going to start setting up at the beginning of May. I had really hoped the volunteers would find the energy to keep going, so I'm really glad to see the bones creaking again! At least now I know all the work I put in at the end wasn't in vain....I don't know if it was worth a kidney infection, but it wasn't in vain! tongue.gif

Also, I've decided I need to learn to play more Dixie Chicks' songs.
I have to say that I really love Dixie Chicks. Especially this 2 albums:"Not Ready to Make Nice" and "Taking the Long Way". My favorite song is "I Hope". They are great.
All I've got to say is, IT'S MY LAST DAY OF WORK!!!!!! Wahoooooooo!

I still have way too much stuff to wrap up, but oh well...its simply just not going to get done today. They can pay me big bucks to do it later. heh.

Kel, what an awesome surprise from your dad!!! I think that's a really awesome and fun way to start rebuilding a relationship - and I KNOW you will take some super fun pics for him!!

Doodle, I've no idea how the two work lives are going to mesh, but I'll just have to see how it goes. I'm still keeping my 7:30-4:00 schedule at the new place, so ideally, I'll be home by 5pm, and can take care of whatever needs tending to for the old job. Some days, they'll just have to wait a day or two, I imagine.

And doodle, my dear - track down your gyno today!!! Hair vanity is not to be trifled with! smile.gif

Wooot! For grrl's day off today! And for rosie's new house!!! (just think of it like paying rent to the bank...then it doesn't feel as scary!)
Good Morning on this Tuesday!

I am feeling better about the work thing. I am lucky in that as being part of float pool, they haven't advertised for this position at all, and my partner in crime wants to go part time or leave altogether. So, I'm safe for now, but still, I'd like term, then I can start putting away for retirement, get benefits, and move into investigations, which is the only way I'd stay here for longer!

Doodle, I went back and read that post, which was pretty funny. I'm serious though, see, when I met Navy Boy, it ws 7 (!) years ago, (I can't believe we have known each other that long. In fact we were talking about that). Anyways, He was young, I was young (I was 17 and he was 23), he called me from outside my house (he still remembered where I lived and wanted to go out, which we did. I got some small portions, then after we had this really great chat. I wasn't expecting it, so it was interesting, but not in a bad way! I like yours, "well, that didn't suck". Love.It.

RV YAY on paying rent for the last time. Mortgage may be scary, but think, it is yours, all yours!

Jenn, your whole work situation is going so great! I am so thrilled for you! That rocks that you get insurance and the rate you want!!!!!!

Grrrl, yay for VCH! You have to tell me how it goes! i promise, it is the easiest piercing EVAH! I got mine done at lunch then walked back to work, it heels nice and fast too!

Pugs-y! I am glad that things on the home front are improving!

So, here I am at work, I've got no messages to return, yet. Things should be quiet. The new issue of mental_floss is out (yes, I love useless knowledge, I am a knowledge junkie, the weirder the better), and I had a good sleep. I had a bizarro dream though. I had a dream that I was the 12th woman of a group of women who were going to change the world and religion (even though I'm not religious IRL), and my "domain", for lack of a better word, was the earth and lightning. I got to wear purple, and our temple was made of purple, white marble and gold. Very strange.

So that's all for now.

Again, thank you for all your support on this work thing. You okayers are the BEST


bloody fucking hell. why? why can i not turn off the internal mommy clock that says "get your ass up and get the kidlet to school"? c-monkey isn't even here on school days! and why does roomie not turn her cell phone off when she's sleeping? and why do the landscape people come at butt-early in the morning? and why do i never follow up on that thought to bring home an extra set of earplugs from work, when i know all this noise and nonsense is going on? *head pillow* and it's no use going back to sleep, my head's already in that "awake? we're awake! so much crap to do, let's rev up!" no sleepin' for the next ten hours mode. le sigh. and the piercing place doesn't even open til after one i think. ah well, might as well hop in the shower and read the paper and eat my last krispy kreme. um, not necessarily all at once.
mmmm, krispy kreeeeeme tongue.gif

hi all. i'm just checking in for a few seconds. i've been good, just in a sort of rotten mood since yesterday. money issues still. i'm just really worried that this was a really dumb decision and that i might have been slightly misled regarding the potential here. but i'm feeling pretty incapable of changing since i'm so far pregnant and i really don't have any other options right now. so i'm trying to keep a positive outlook and hope that things will look up. i've got several sets already this week, but now they're out of my hands so... we'll see. in the meantime, i'm about to go register at babiesrus with my mil. i've already registered at target last week but i want to see what else bru might have. there is simply SO. MUCH. STUFF! to buy. yikes! it's overwhelming. moreso because of the current money situation in the fj household. i'm so thankful that mrfj has a great job.

sorry to be all mememe, but that's sort of why i avoided coming in here yesterday.

(((ch))) sorry about the sucky job sitch, but you sound like you feel better about it today. i hope it works out for you, for as long as you need it to.

YAY! for turbo's last day!!! yippeee! for them finally showing you that you're NEEDED around there!!

kel, that is really neat that your dad did that. i guess he's trying to find a way to reach out to you. hell, that sounds like a pretty good wa to do it. it's all about YOU girl! that's really good. have fun and take great pics that you can share with US too!!!

*can't help but sing william shatner's "that's me trying" in her head*

poodle, i've had friends like that. in fact, mrfj has a friend from kindergarten that is sort of like that. we'll go over and visit him and his wife and they're nice and all, but they think we're odd because of our jokes and our silliness. they just don't "get' us. i had one friend from elementary and high school that was like that and when we talked it was like the only thing we had in common was our history. it was painful. i feel sort of bad, but i completely lost touch with her. it was my fault we didn't keep in touch. i just didn't know what to say to her anymore.

ok, i am sorry to leave everyone else out, but i need to run. gotta get dressed so i can meet mil at panera and then go to the baby store.

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