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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Woo hooo for Octin~! Finishing your thesis must make you feel like you can fly! Or at least like you can get the blood moving in your legs and butt again. That's awesome!

Falljackets, that's a horrible dream! I've been having a recurring dream that I've swallowed something I wasn't supposed to, like a toothpick, a sewing needle, ir something else that sounded reasonable at the time, and I'd actually wake up trying to cough it back up again. My throat could swear it could feel that I had swollowed something weird, too, and I could possibly fish it out if I'd just hook my finger on it. Of course, then I'd realize that there was no Q-tip that I was probing my tonsils with seconds earlier... in bed... in the dark... Then I feel kinda stupid.

Heya ShawnBoy, Doodle, Kari, Kell, Culture, Diva, Turbo, Mixie, Poodle, Tree, and anybody I've missed smile.gif *Good Booze Vibes to all who need* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (Oop! A little loud.)
pssst... hi, fj. smile.gif say hello to the grub for me.
*wipes drool off okayland sofa pillow*

what'd i miss?

hi mrfj!! looks like you found the intrawebs! yay!

jackaroo says hi!

poodle, that is funny that you would prefer the gyno over work. hope your appointment went well.

glad your afternoon went a little better, or at least busier, culture!

ok, i just committed a sin and called and ordered some japanese food. i shouldn't be spending any money right now really, but i'm sort of running low on food and i don't want to eat the junk i have here. so i ordered teriyaki chicken and veggies, along with some edamame. i really hope it gets here soon. that peanut butter sammich i had earlier isn't sticking with me!!

dang, lore, that is a crazy dream! at least i have hormones to blame mine on! tongue.gif

*raises hand for preferring the gyno to work*

really, I'm down with most reasons for getting out of work early!

Hi mr fj!! Are you going to see any of our wonderful Mpls busties while you're there?!

I just walked 8 blocks home from the train in a torrential downpour, and the roads are flooding a bit. My gorgeous linen-silk pants and soaked, and nasty, and in desperate need of the dry cleaners now, but I'm not going back out there in this madness right now to take them in. Hopefully they'll be fine until tomorrow.

FJ, I hope you enjoy your take out!! By thursdays, I'm usually running low, and sick of cooking too - takeout is always welcome on a Thursday. I think we're having leftovers from tuesday, but there's no cookin' happenin' here either.

First of all, I have a report from GT. She is FINE. Just swamped and a bit overwhelmed and studying TONS. I am SO proud of her, it sounds like she's doing AWESOME in her classes.

OMG take your kid to work day was pretty cool. S. got a little bored for a while when I was working on some things that she really couldn't help with, but she learned some pretty interesting stuff, to tell the class. She has to give a report. She also (with my help, I chickened out on letting her hold a torch), but she cut some pieces of copper pipe and put them together to make a rectangle, and soldered the whole thing together! It's her keepsake to remember the day; plus, she can take it to school. She built a valve with me, too. smile.gif

She's pretty exhausted and currently sound asleep on my couch for a while until we go out for pizza. Heh. And of course, Mojo is choosing right. now. to do his caterwaling. What is that all about, anyway?

linen-silk pants ~*~*~vibes~*~*~, geesh, it sucks walking in downpours. Yuck....

FJ, thursdays are "no cook" day, didn't ya know that? smile.gif

~*~*~no more bad dreams vibes for FJ and lore~*~*~

* waves at Mr. FJ*

Poodle, YAY on seeing Nile! I love expressive men.

And CH, yay on portions!

~*~*calming vibes for divala*~*~, you know, I rarely use my food processor. But when I do, I'm really WANTING to use it, cause the desire has to override the work involved in cleaning it. It'd really piss me off if it didn't work well.

*gives Moxie a shoulder and neck massage

CH, keeping my forearm tightly wrapped is seeming to help, some. I still get shooting pains in it when I do some things like getting valves good and tight...unfortunately I HAVE to do those things to make sure the refrigeration systems don't leak freon out into the ozone layer! I'd be a Very Bad Treehugger if I did that!

Heeee..... S. is STILL sound asleep!
Hello? Hellooooooooooo? *a cricket chirps* Where is everyone?
Good evening okayers!

So, how is everyone?

Tree, sounds like you had a good day, aside from the arm troubles and all.

Hi Kel! I'm here.

So, I went to boy2's house tonight, and I think he's getting a crush on me. I don't want to date him, I'm in it for portions only. Sigh. And even now, he's kind of boring me. The dog is passed out on my bed, I'm nice and relaxed, and I'm texting navy boy. He's coming out on Saturday with us, so that's good. I took puppers to the park and she played and ran around. Now she is awake and playing with her goose.

I don't have much productive to say here, except Doodle? GT? Pugs? Hello!!!!

Good night okayers, sweet dreams all.

Hi everyone! I just finished reading. No personal hellos, I'm too bummed.

YES I'm bummed about my hair. And money. Can't buy any groceries till that cheque arrives, and I'm going to be kind of fucked if it doesn't get here tomorrow. And the MRG arrived yesterday. So I guess I'm a little depressed all over the place.

I think I'm going to make an appointment with the gyno and tell him I can't wait two months to get a diagnosis before we deal with my hair. I mean, I'm losing hundreds of strands a day here, not just a two months, I could be fucking BALD. I was reading about PCOS last night, and if it IS PCOS-caused hair loss, then the info says you have to treat it "early and intensively" because it's the hardest thing to reverse. BAH! I had a real rageful crying fit over that. (That's what you get for reading something like that on day 1 of your period.) Maybe if I cry in his office, he'll write me a scrip for something.

Anyway, that's where I'm at today.
i'm here, i'm here! and i promise i'm paying attention. but yeah, it feels wierd that i haven't posted all week! i've been training in this new department, and it is fucking intense. anywhere else in the plant, i've got a few minutes between checks, a little downtime to go upstairs and check my email or loaf around the lab, but not on the kill line. it's a small area, but there's so much going on that i literally don't have a minute to spare outside my breaks and lunch. and what's really wierd is that in the other departments, you have a ton of stuff to check every hour too, but you can do it in whatever order you want, and if you want to do it in the same order every day, you can. but in evis, i have a schedule. and this schedule, i have to do my check in a different order every hour, and i can't use the same schedule from day to day, and i can't do the same check at the same part of the hour each day. and lord help you if you start your check early or late, or miss it entirely because the line was on break or something or you didn't properly calculate when things would be available to check. that's the part that's taking me so long to get a grasp on. sitting there with my schedule at the end of the day and trying to put together one for the next day and juggling things around is the biggest pain in the ass. but anyway, i'm progressing nicely now that i'm spending whole days over there training, instead of the couple hours here and there they were giving me before. but i'm so glad tomorrow's friday.

other stuff that's been going while i've been away from okayland: the boy and i are still texting and talking, but who knows when i'll see or get portions from him again. which is fine, it's not like i was doodling 'r+j for eva!' in little hearts on my trapper keeper or anything. still, it'd be nice to have a regular thing. and by thing i mean hot sweaty wild monkey circus sex whenever i want it.

my bff, or at least the one i talk to and see most often, spent the night tuesday. huuuuge mistake, i mean monumental. i practically begged her to come over and stay the night because i was just bored and feeling pitiful that the totality of my social life takes place here and at work, so she showed up with quiznos, coldstone, and chocolate, and we had a grand old time. we walked down the block to starbucks, where i much enjoyed being one of the loud obnoxious people that talk and laugh really loud like their stories are the funniest thing they've eve heard and of course everyone else must want to hear them too, rather than one of the quiet people that just came in for a venti triple white chocolate mocha and to relax and read their paper and is silently seething at the really loud obnoxious people and wishing they would just shut the fuck up already because no one cares about your best week ever; that was fun. then we stayed up all night watching movies (empire records, saved, and but i'm a cheerleader) and smoking. and then i looked out the window and saw it was morning, and stupid me, i went to work.

when i got there, i got stung by a bee, to which i am allergic. so i ran to the nurse's office, stabbed myself with my epipen, which i've never had to do, and let the nurse make sure i wasn't going to swell up and die on company property. i had a rockstar before i went on the floor, and i was doing pretty good with the whole being awake and coherent part of my workday. the area of the sting was still burning uncomfortably when i took my first break, so i took some benadryl, and it helped. then i got back from lunch, and the combo of no sleep and allergy meds i haven't taken since i was stung last year caught up to me. i ran into a friend of mine on my way back to the floor to tell my training partner i wasn't feeling so hot, and as soon as i walked through the door to the floor, he went to the nurse's station to tell on me (his term, not mine). so i made it back to the nurse's office, and my pulse rate and blood pressure were up a bit, and i was barely coherent. so they called my mommy to come pick me up, just like in elementary school. well no, because she works across the street in the accounting department and they knew i'd attempt to ride my bike home if they just sent me out the door. and i was pretty worried about leaving my bike there, dammit! i mean it's in the employee parking lot and there's security and cameras 24-7, but people have had their vehicles vandalized and their bikes stolen before. luckily it was there when i got in this morning and in one piece, and today was back to business as usual.

anyway, i'm all kindsa tired and just now realized it's way past my bedtime. one more day of training tomorrow, running the department pretty much by myself, and i can look forward to my weekend.
~*~*retraining vibes for grrrl*~*~ (I think we need to have a group massage session!)

((((doodle)))) *~*~no more hair loss vibes~*~*

*waves to CH...enjoy your beautiful weather, at least! I'm sure puppers is really enjoying your outings to the park! And, wow, it must be so fun to have all these suitors! smile.gif

*waves to kel...I'm here toooo!

GAH. I can tell it's going to be a long, confusing, stressful day. I'm really beat from this first week back, I guess. I'm walking into the closet and standing there, completely not remembering what I went for. I mean, I'm doing that with EVERYTHING this morning. Geesh. I just can't get my brain in gear.


Happy Friday, everybody!!! My brain is once again, too fried for insults. smile.gif

3 more days...not that I'm counting every second. Today, I think I only have to train 2 people, so that's good - maybe I'll even be able to get a few things done, since new projects are still showing up on my desk. ugh.

(((((soothing jobby job vibes for Tree and Grrrl)))))

((((hair vibes for doodle)))) Yeah, doodle, I think its time to crack the whip and get into your gyno asap!!! Do not take NO for an answer - hopefully, some sweet receptionist will have compassion for your plight and get you in TODAY!

CH, truly, I am in awe of your man attraction powers and ability to get what you want!
*bows before the seductress of okayland*
Hurray it's Friday, and payday!

((((((((((doodle)))))))))) Sweetie.

Grrrl, that's a wild fucking night! I'd have to side with your coworker telling on you, as he was just looking out for your well being. The last thing you want is to get sick! especially for the weekend.

Hey tree! I've been having a brain fart day almost all week.

So, it's payday, (yay), month end at the office (boo), and it's windy here, slightly cloudy. I'd prefer it if it was rainy today. I want to guy purchase some pants today. Maybe I'll whip over to a jeans place at lunch for the painless shopping experience again.

Sigh. So, I'm feeling really bad about boy 2, as I seriously think that he likes me, we haven't talked about it all, but I pretty much got what I wanted yesterday, then upped and left. I'm like the guy here! I don't mean to intentionally hurt someone. Oh fark. My phone has already started ringing, and this was before I even started at 8! Noooooo! It's going to be about all the same things. 'where's my cheque', uhhhhh, just chill okay! Bleh.

Jenn, I know you'll be in here shortly. Hi! *waves* Aha, there you are! *blushes at compliment*

Have a good day all!

Thank cod its friday - not a moment too soon!

My phone started ringing at 7:45am this morning...seems the full-boil panic at my leaving is breaking out just about now. The people I'm training are reporting to my boss that they are freaked out about taking on pieces of my job (they should be), and my boss is stomping around, saying "FIX IT." Uh, I can't turn people into graphic and web designers overnight, sorry, I am not magic....and I WENT TO SCHOOL TO DO THIS...and an hour of training is just not going to bring people up to speed. Ah well, the I don't give a fuck sentiment is really settling into my brain right now, and that's serving me nicely.

Oh, and it seems we're doing some emergency dogsitting this weekend, for the other 2 greyhounds...only their mommas called me this morning to say that Lily has had runny poop since wednesday....UH, no runny poop at my house, thank you. I feel bad, but Lily may have to stay at the vets - I have plans this weekend, and can't be sitting around home making sure she doesn't shit all over my rugs.
Hey doodle, you may want to try seeing an endocrinologist, too. Just make sure they're familiar with PCOS.
In the next six days I have to complete the following:

Physics: Formula's sheet for 10 problem final on Monday

Drafting: Seven drawings due Wednesday and study for final on Monday

Engineering: Three lab reports to complete (1) Injection Molding Lab (2) Hardness Tests Lab (3) Fluid Power Lab. All three are due Tuesday.

Sociology: Three chapter final on Tuesday, need to complete study questions for all three chapters.

Tell me why I'm lurking and posting on bust? wacko.gif wacko.gif wacko.gif wacko.gif wacko.gif wacko.gif wacko.gif
Oh jenn! Soon this mess at work will be done!

I've had numerous phone calls already, all about clients wondering where there cheques are, listen, I am not sitting on the phone all day just to tell you that they should be in by Monday. I also had to change my voicemail to tell people that without an appointment, they will not be seen. Go away! This is shaping up to be a great day already.


deep breaths CH, deep breaths.

Pugs-y!!!!! you are lurking because BUST is fun!!!!

How goes it.

(( doodle )) I think taking a proactive stance & calling the doc is a really really good thing. Esp based on the info you found. I am so sorry about your hair. sad.gif

CH, based on your morning so far, now I understand why you worry when it's quiet there! I hope your day gets a bit better.

Pugs! Get to work! rolleyes.gif How are you feeling?

Tree, thanks for the update on GT. I miss her!

~~~~quick time passing vibes for Jenn~~~~~~

((Grrrl!))) What an ordeal! Are you alright? I bet you are exhausted. Gee whiz. Take it easy, kid. That's scary that you are allergic to bees.

Things here are pretty quiet so far today. I had a chiropractic appt this morning, so I've only been here about an hour.
what's up booger-eaters!

yes, that's all you get today. 4-yr old insults. my brain isn't working well today, either. hehe.

although, i DID manage to schedule a same-day set this morning, so i'm really hoping to make some money today. so thanks for the sales vibes, they continue to work, thankfully!! i haven't actually made any money in a week but i can feel it coming on. at least i'm back to scheduling appointments, so instead of the 2nd WORST calling period, i'm actually working on my 2nd best right now. but the dollahs is what i really want.

*sprays air freshener*
ewwwwwwwwwww! grover just farted. she doesn't do that often. sheesh. and she's right under my desk. peeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww!

grrrl! i'm with ch - i'm glad your co-worker turned you in, hehe. i'm glad to hear you're ok. if i would have been stung, that would have been the end of me right there. i would have been heading home right then. (((((grrrl)))))

jenn, you can do it! i can't believe your boss, but then again she's always seemed incredibly unreasonable. 3 more days, 3 more days!

ack, i don't feel like working anymore this morning.

waves to everyBUSTie i might have missed!!!
Bonjour Bonjour okayers!

FJ, good to hear that things are getting back to normal.

Things are bullshit here, everytime I look at my phone, it's ringing! Listen, it's month end, it's busy, I'm not calling you back unless it has anything to do with something aside from yout cheque! I don't control the post, or the banks. You have to wait just like everyone else does! Buggers. I'm going shopping at lunch, I've had it with this crud.

Kari, how is your day going?

Where is everyone? kel usually check in, doodle???? GT, I know you're busy, but we miss you!


I should go back to work for a while. later bitches.

Happy friday peeps!!

Wow, a mr. FJ sighting!! Cute avatar, mr. FJ.

Welcome back grrrlyouwant!!

Speaking of Okayers MIA--where's our lovely mouse?!! I know she's hanging around the lounge. You can't hide, mouse!!!

Don't feel bad, culture. You're probably gonna have to have a talk with the boy though. Gah, I hate dating. It's too much work. I don't mind dressing up and dining with a cute boy that I know and enjoy flirting with. I just hate the traditional date situation--having to position yourself as an attractive mate. I'd much rather be my normal weird, loud, tasteless self and not worry about where things are going or whether I'm wasting my time. I'm so done with all of that B.S. I'd much rather drink too much and then fool around with some hot-ass guy without a future.

I was gonna say some other stuff, but I can't remember now.
happy friday afternoon!

i told myself i was going to be productive today. it hasn't really happened. well, actually, i bathed the grovster and planted some herbs. so i guess that's better than just sitting here waiting for my people to show up!!!

actually, i'm happy with my little herbs that i planted today: cilantro, doublemint, lemon balm and chives. only, i'm a little a worried now that maybe the chives and cilantro might "bleed" into the other herbs and make them taste funny. i might have to move them to another planter, but i only had one big one left. i have another matching planter with basil, thyme, celery parsley and sage. my rosemary is in one by itself, but it's looking a little sick. i think it needs some food.

it's supposed to rain here tonight, but it was actually supposed to start earlier this afternoon and it hasn't yet. not even a cloud in the sky right now. i hope it isn't pouring when i have to get mrfj this evening. i won't mind so much after we get home though.

hehe, poodle, you make me laugh. sometimes that very reason is why i love having mrfj in my life. i CAN be my normal, tasteless, obnoxious self - get laid, and STILL have him around the next day. it's the best! hehe

ch, hope your day is getting better and better. good news is: it's almost over!

doodle, i meant to give you hugs earlier. (((((((doodle))))))) i hope your doc gets you in for a consult at the least!!

Good Afternoon,

Only 45 minutes left in the day. My day got super busy with phone calls and what not, and now, I'm just not answering, Technically, the cheques aren't late yet. I'm not answering or dealing with any of that until next week. So BE GONE!

Poodle I totally agree. That's all I want from boy 2! I'm so not into the dating thing, remember the psycho ex I spent 6 years with? I spent 6 years with someone. It's CH time! Portions is all that matter right now. I'm all for being friends with benefits.

Hey FJ! Oh herbs! That is so great! I want to plant some tomatoes now!

Jenn, I hope you are having an okay day!

((((((((((doodle)))))))))) just because. Sometimes, when going through tough times, you need a hug. even a virtual one. Cliche yes, but....

I went and bought some new jeans today, they are fun, now I need some black heels to go with it. Why the hell not right? I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow! Sweetness. Aside from that, I have a cough again, I was doing so well! Bleh, I'm on meds and if things don't improve I'll go back to the doctor. I don't see how it could be reinfection, I'm not finished medications yet! 40 minutes, that is all. Soon I'll be on my way home and happy that I am away from here. But I bet Monday will be even worse!

What are the plans for the weekend?


Hey all...another quick post! Forgive me. I'm cranky as all hell today and haven't had much sleep, and my eyes are irritated from all the crying I've done in the last few days.

*whine, snivel, moan, groan*

Anyway, the gyno's office is closed today so I have to phone back Monday morning. Today is the first day I went out in a week - I couldn't even face the world without a headscarf. I feel so crappy and ugly.

My cheque didn't come yet either, BUT I have a few hundred I miraculously socked away in a secret Vancouver account. So I'm having enough transferred up to squeak thru to the end of the month. After grocery shopping this morning, that will leave me with about $4 to spare!

(Every woman should have a secret bank account - doodlemama taught me that! Actually, I think doodlemama's teachings were much better training for helping women in my last job than any university education could have given me.)

I have to go - Georgie wants to play mouse-chase (I throw, he chases), and that usually cheers me up...and him!

I wish there was something I could do. I could send you my hair?
I'm too tired and flustered to say ANYTHING except, just simply,


I'm also getting my hair cut tomorrow. I'll send you my hair, too, doodle and then you can make a bustie wig. Eeewww...

Yeah, FJ, I'm hoping for the type of long-term relationship that allows me to be my usual dorky self. It's just that I don't want to have to "date" to get there. I guess I'm just lazy. If I ever go on a date again (heh), I'm just gonna do my own thing. No posturing. And they better open the door for me.
(((((doodle)))) i'm sorry again, honey. i wish there was something we could do for you. i have to say i thought that was so sweet what you said about your mom teaching you all the right stuff. it really warmed my heart. yay for $$ stashes! speaking of stashes, go smoke a bowl, sweetness. you deserve it!

hi tree. take a nap, sister! get your feet up, stat!

poodle, i think that's the best thing to do. if your potential guy sees you at your most dorktacular, he'll not expect you to be all proper all the time. be on your WORST behavior. hehe. well, not really the worst, but the most natural. i do that when we meet couples that might have fringe benefit potential. i used to try to be all proper and not curse and burp and all that, but i've had the most fun with people i could just be myself with. otherwise, that's the flippin' point?

hehe, mrfj is so cursing minneapolis right now. he was on his way to the airport and the westbound exit was closed and there were no signs pointin to where he should go. so now, he finally got to the airport and there was no sign showing where to return his rental car and he's got 45 minutes to catch his flight. he is SO freaking out right now. i REALLY hope he makes his flight. they have another in a couple hours but who knows if he'd be able to get on.
((((doodle)))) if i still had long hair i'd cut it off and donate it to the foxy hair for doodle charity. i hope you can get it all worked out.
(((grrl))) beestings suck, i can't imagine how much moreso with being allergic to them

yay! for having better jobs and booking appointments and other stuffs.

hi everyone else!

i'm all done school, and my gpa stayed the same (wheeee!). though, of course, it being 3.98 is driving me nuts. it's almost four, but not quite, and if it was 3.89 or lower it wouldn't bother me at all. heh.
stuff is good with the boything, but the boy's girlfriend is coming home for the summer which means i'm going to have to deal with my jealousy/unwillingness to share him. it sucks, because i really like her, just when they're together i'm suddenly treated differently, which i understand, but it still irks me.

soooo, busties good at getting jobs, i have a few questions. like, if my reason for leaving a job was i was treated like crap, how do i put it diplomatically on an application? and how do i give an example of excellent customer service i provided and how it was effective when i put bread in bags and icing on cinnamon buns? also, i need 'professional references', and i'm not sure what qualifies beyond past employers
Poor mr. FJ!!!

Tonight I'm going over to my friend's new house for homemade pizza and beer. Yummmmm....

Yeah, I don't know when I'll date again. I've become very hardened over the last couple years. When I'm with guys, I feel like a feminist spy. It's like I'm trying to crack their code and get information out of them so I can stick it to them later. Sigh...I wish I could get over my distrust of men. It's just that....well...I don't trust them!!

Gah. I wish the meddler would leave so I can leave. She'd probably make some snappy comment if I took off 5 minutes early. She's a scorekeeper.

ETA- Hi tyg!! Congrats on the GPA!!
!*!*!LEAVE, MEDDLER!*!*!

damn, tyger! that's an awesome gpa. good for yoU!!

fuck, both of my appointments showed, but one had a felony that he hadn't disclosed to me and the other one didn't buy. that sucks so bad! i am trying to keep a smiling face going but that suck suck sucks!

mrfj is definitely missing his flight. but he is on standby for another and he should still get on his connector home at the same time. so that's at least good news.
Hi everybody!

~*~*~anti-hair-losing vibes for Doodlebug~*~*~

~*~*~plane-catching vibes for Mr. FJ~*~*~

~*~*~happy weekend vibes for everyone!~*~*~

Tyger, I think anyone you have worked with could count as a professional reference. Also, when you left those jobs, did you go immediately into another one? That could be a reason. You are also still in school, so that can be your standby reason for anything else. As for good customer service, were you ever really nice to someone when they came in, or did you ever help a coworker with something? That could be a good example. And congratulations on the 3.98! That sounds just as good to me as a 4.0!

Congratulations Octin on your thesis! That must feel really great to have it turned in.

Hi Poodle! I agree with FJ - being able to relax and be yourself is one of the best parts of being in a relationship. It is hard to have to go through all of the dating nonsense to get there - I don't really know of any other way though! I think your policy of being yourself instead of trying to impress is a good one.

I have a HUGE headache right now. I went for a nice walk outside at lunch and I think the floating pollens got me. I can't wait until I can leave work and go take a Zyrtec, drink a glass of wine, eat my veggie sushi and watch my recording of Ugly Betty! I just have to wait until my coworkers are gone and the coast is clear....
X-post with FJ!

Do you get any money if they show for appointments or only if they buy? That must be a frustrating job sometimes.
Hi everyone!!

Oooooh, Marileen and Tyg in one afternoon - how lucky are we!!!

And homeade pizza and sushi on the menus tonight - YUM. I don't know where I wanna go eat yet....I'm on a major corndog kick lately, and I *always* wanna go eat those....but maybe I'll do that for lunch tomorrow instead.

(((((marileen headache))))

(((((luscious locks for doodle))))

~$~$~$~$~$~$~sales vibes for FJ~$~$~$~$~$

Well, I resisted the strong urge to work late tonight...there's SO much left to do, and frankly, just not enough time, but I *REALLY* need to just keep it to my last 16 hours at that job. Hold me to it, ladies!

Poodle, I very much like your dating/non-dating philosophy, and I think if you are open to a partner, just being your fun, sassy self is going to attract the best potential mates.

Hey, where's diva today!

FJ, I wish I could start planting my herb garden today!! I probably have a good 6 weeks before its safe to do that here.
Howdy you superfreak hobags!

~~~~~~~~~Hair vibes for Doodle~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Culture...I'd love to have a boy with a crush on me. Don't complain too much! Although I think the ex I went out with last night is smitten (more on that later). Portions...*sigh*...random portions are not in my stars anymore. That is a sad thing, but I will persevere.

Turbo, they say changing jobs is one of the most stressful things you can do. When I switched schools (and I was happy about it) I had several major meltdowns. My first year at my new school was harder than being a first year teacher. I didn't know who to go to for anything. I wasn't friends with the cafeteria ladies and janitors yet...everyone was standoffish. It was so hard! But it got so much better, and now I never look back.

((((Tree)))) Sorry you are frustrated!

FJ, I agree about worst behavior on dates...they should see it all right up front. This being on best behavior crap is just stupid. ~~~~~~~~~sales vibes~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

Poodle, I'm right there with you on the not trusting men/not wanting to date thing. I keep looking for the ulterior motive, the asshole in sheep's clothing.

Pugs, I'm a procrastinator, too. I work well under pressure and the possibility of a nervous breakdown.

Hi Kari, Grrl, Marileen, and anyone else I'm missing. Where's RV?

Okay, looking good IS the best revenge. Saw the old ex from five years ago last night. I look much better than I did five years ago. He doesn't. He has a bald spot, going grey, and a little paunchy belly. He kept saying how fantastic I look. I kept agreeing. Usually I'm not cocky like that, but it felt so good to look great when he didn't. It used to be the opposite. He was so into seeing me again. I think he wanted to try something...he didn't mention his girl all night. FOUR YEARS he's been with her, and not one word. Finally I made him talk about her, and he was so non-committal. When we left the bar, he's says, "Where to now?" I reply, "Well, I'm going home. It was nice seeing you again." His face just sort of flinched and fell. Heeheeheehee. The little devil in me enjoyed that experience WAY too much.

Happy Friday, Okayers! I'm making linguini and white clam sauce tonight for friends. Yum. I'm starving and can't wait!

I'm back. I'm a little calmer now, thanks to Mr. Vibe. hehe

I'm really, really frustrated and I don't feel like I can really vent to anybody. I really. hate. refrigeration. sometimes. Maybe I wouldn't hate it out in the "real world" but I hate it here at UW Madison. Ugh.

But, before I launch into my tirade....

Kel, way to go, looking great to an ex!!!!! And he was gonna cheat on a girlfriend he's been with for FOUR years? Good thing he's an EX then. But, awesome revenge!

*touches finger to Kel's booty and yanks it away as if burned....sizzling, sistah!!!

Turbo, do I have to come down there to Chi-town and stand over you with my riding crop to make sure you don't work overtime???? *shakes are NOT. ALLOWED. to be nice. They sure aren't!

God, it's hard for me to be strict....hehe

~*~*anti-headache vibes for marileen*~*~

~*~*new lead sales vibes for FJ*~*~

~*~*airplane vibes for MR. FJ*~*~

Poodle, I work with guys all the time....and I agree, you can't trust them. At least, most of them, anyway. They're a totally different breed than women. Seriously. And with the dating thing, I totally agree. What's the point of being on your best behavior when they're just gonna be disappointed down the road? You may as well let them see the "real you" right off the bat, then if you two don't match, you find out immediately...not "down the road" when you're no longer on your best polite behavior. Smart cookie, you are.

~*~*anti-hair loss vibes for doodle*~*~ since I went to red hair I might even match up with ya a bit...but GT would have to weld the strands together bit by bit...cause it's sort of too short-ish. I hope it all works out. And, yeah, I think you should see an endocrinologist. I'm sure I didn't spell that correctly. Isn't PCOS related hair loss due to a hormonal imbalance? Anyway, you have my ~*~*vibes*~*~

~*~*feel better vibes for grrrl*~*~ hope you recovered from the bee sting okay!

Ugh. I knew I should have stayed home today. I was running sort of behind because of taking S. yesterday, I was slower than I should have been....and I'm still pretty new to sort of leadworker sent me out to replace a defrost timer on this minus 80...and I put it in and wrote down where the wires were plugged into the old one and made sure the wires were plugged into the corresponding slot on the new one. So, then I plugged the freezer in and left, because, I was trying to get caught up for yesterday.

I went to another room where I was working on EIGHT compressors that are all water cooled, well the water valves were bad, so I was fixing them. But, while I was there, I noticed that the refrigerant charge was low on all of I called my partner (who has a vehicle) and asked him to bring some R-12 over. So I tightened up all the joints, the valves and stuff, he got there and we started adding refrigerant. About half-way through he said, so how do you know these use R-12?

And I say, because that's the refrigerant listed on the tag on the condenser...

And then I was reamed a new butthole. Because, apparently, it's common for people to convert refrigerants, and you can't just trust the tag on the condenser...and, omg.....

What a thing to learn in the afternoon on Friday...I will be worrying about those damned things all weekend. Because if you mix refrigerants you mess up the whole system!

But I'm very angry that there are any refrigeration service technicians who would have the utter GALL to change a whole system to a different refrigerant and NOT MAKE A NOTE OF IT!!!!!

So, ANYWAY, after that, I went back to check on the minus 80 that I put the defrost timer on, and it was at minus 60!!!! WTF? But, anyway, my partner was still there and I was feeling so humiliated about just presuming that the tag reflected the correct refrigerant, I was completely mortified, now, that I killed this minus 80. Anyway, we looked at it and numbers two and three tabs are reversed on this particular replacement timer. Yeah, I still screwed up...but he didn't blame me so badly for THAT one.

Gah. I really am frustrated right now. Ugh.

I think I need to go watch Greys Anatomy and smoke a bowl.

Awwwww....y'all have no idea how veklempt I am at the idea of a bustie Wig of Many Colours!


Seriously. I had just finished watching Shut Up & Sing to distract myself (a movie which had me in tears, of course), and then I came back online to get some Dixie Chicks lyrics...and along the way, I read y'all's posts....


....and then, of course, being all fired up, I got out the guitar and learned "Not Ready to Make Nice"...a song, by the way, which I tried months ago and couldn't "get" for the life of me.

Gosh, I wish I could sing it for y'alls.

We gotta start pestering LoungeLady for more Lounge features.

P.S. - turbo, take it from me: it is humanly IM-possible for ANY person to complete all the work they "should" be doing for their non-profit organization, whether they are staying or leaving. Trust me. There will ALWAYS be more work than there is time, energy, or money, and it won't EVER change, with you or without you. If your old boss gets any pushier, you may have to just lay it on the line: you are not legally or morally obligated to help her/them prop up a very bad organizational decision on her/their part - not to mention a decision that was completely unnecessary (your position's salary was already in the budget). Don't let her/them bully you! (And if laying it on the line doesn't work, then start demanding a contractor's fee! Seriously. Nobody can force you to put in unpaid hours. Be very business-like about it - tell your old boss what your time and expertise will be worth, give her a written estimate, and offer to draw up an invoice for the additional time. Then watch her backpeddle! They are already planning to contract out parts of your work, so she can't even try bullshitting you that the money's not there!) Anyway, you know all of this. I believe you spent months telling me very similar things. I'll gladly return the favour, and be right here to kick you in the ass if you so much as LOOK like you are letting them exploit you so near to the end.
Awww, doodle, thanks for the affirmation. YEAH, I have no intention of putting in free hours for them. I will likely be contracting for a bit to support the website, but they WILL be paying me, and paying what my other freelance clients pay, which will probably give them pause for a few weeks before they get desperate enough to call me and spend some cash. But you're right in that there is always more work to be done than is possible for anyone to complete.

And the bustie wig of many colors - I LOVE it! *throws hair onto the growing pile*

And I think I definitely need to move Shut Up and Sing to the top of my Netflix queue! I do love the Chicks.

I am *wiped* out tonight...I think its off to bed for me here in a few....or maybe I'll just curl up on the couch.
hey peeps! i just thought i'd stop in to say hi while i have a sec.

i've only skimmed a few posts, so if i am behind forgive me.

things are getting super rough in the welding program. i am seriously starting to consider my options. it's not as though i don't love welding, i do, but it's almost like they are actively trying to weed people out. today we were supposed to have our blueprint reading for welders work book done to page 99. how many out of 19 got that far? zero. not a single one. i got to about page 50, which seemed to be only slightly better than average, and certainly not the best. so our teacher gave us till next monday. ugh. it's really hard. so much for relaxing on the weekend. i am gonna be doing homework the entire time. that's poop! big stinky dooley poop! add to that mig welding went from gangbusters to a busted gang. i spent 4 hours trying to fix a machine and never got to weld today. ugh. on the upside, i can take the machine apart and put it together almost blindfolded.

i am super happy about my new hormone scrip, tho. my hips have started growing! yay! but they ache, so if i sit for any length of time i walk like an orangetang. boooooo! although it is a riot to see me walk like that in my welding coveralls. they are super big so i look like a short legged 6' tall ompah-loompah.

doodle (((((big hugs, chickie!)))))), seeing an endo could be good (after all it does sound like it might be hormones and the PCOS), although you might be better to talk to your regular doc and have them consult with an endo. but that said, research the endo, they do specialize in different things, my old, stinky endo specialized in HRT, for post menapausal women, which would have been great had he not been a) a shit, and cool.gif i had been a post menapausal genetic woman. if you have your doc consult it might be less $$$, and you can go after a more specific result. but most of all, do what works for you. i wasted a year plus being with ol' stinky trying to bully me into the regimine he wanted for me rather than one that pursued my goals. and i have to add, i lurve you. that advise to turbo is spot on, and makes me miss okers sumpm aweful!

hi tree! thanks for all the encouragement! you are such a doll! sorry work is kinda poop. is there anyway you can use your wrist as an excuse to get retrained for a different segment of your department? my fingers are crossed for you, that there is something you like better in your future, and that things go well with those units you were working on... but enough of that, flashdance par'ner.....and having been a dude, i agree with you and the poodle. almost all men are untrustworthy, i can give you a dozen reasons, but the result is the same. i was the same when i was a boy, in a lot of ways, i was an asshole. it took me years to figure out cheating was bullshit. being yourself a the start is better, if you click with someone-- really click-- it will be because they fell for the real you.

happy belated b day rosey,

fj that is an amazing photo you have on your profile, you are so...**glowsome!**

kel, why am i not suprized you had your ex eating his heart out? heart breaker! yay for kelly-kel!

hi to all the other okers, i have to get back to the blueprint book. *sulks and a dark, brooding, homework cloud forms above her head*
So, I don't know if you all remember about a month ago I protested the circus and was threatened with arrest by the police like 3 times. They told us to go protest from the next city, because the city we were protesting in owned all the land and didn't want us on their property. Then the next day when I tried to get the rules on protesting and protest permits both the police department and city hall kept giving me the runaround and I never got a straight answer.

Well...I reported their asses to the ACLU, and now they've agreed to take on the case. But I don't know if I should go through with it. I mean, I was fucking PISSED the day it happened, but we went back the next day and protested anyway even though we didn't have a permit and the city had told us not to do it. They left us alone that day (granted, we were kinda far away from the arena so as not to tempt fate in jail).

You think I should do it? My brother and sister said to go for it (they were the ones with me that day), but I don't even know if it's worth it. As a matter of principle, hell yeah it's worth it. You shoulda seen me that day. I was livid. But I live across the country from them (I was just down from school visiting that week and happened to find out that Ringling was going to be there, so I tried to organize a protest), so I don't even know what kind of hassle it's going to entail. What do you think?

Yay for gt's new hips! Work it! biggrin.gif

I think I need to go watch Greys Anatomy and smoke a bowl.

Hahaha...oh, tree, you rock!
things i learned at work today:

disembowling turkeys is hard, yo! the ladies on the line make it look so easy, just reach a hand in under the breast bone, give a little twist and a pull to the right, and out comes everything smoothly in one neat clump. um, no. you gotta reach in and down behind the heart, and detach certain arteries and try not to break other glands. thank goodness i made my attempts at the beginning of the line instead of the end and people were able to clean up after me until i proudly said "look, i did it, all by myself!" somewhere around the ninth or tenth bird.

there is a machine that the hearts get tossed into that has two little rollers that catch and remove the arteries and pericardium, and spit the neatly cleaned hearts out the other end. and this machine has two settings: jack shit, and chewed up all to hell. which leads to tossing the "jack shit" ones back in to remove the extras until they come out "chewed all to hell".

well, my time training in evis is done, yay! next week it's back to the familiar boning and raw fab. and for the first time in a month, my weekend plans do not include working all day saturday. instead i'll be at my cousin's kid's first communion, the swingin' get together afterward, and up half the night watching the dresden files episodes i'm downloading. sunday afternoon, the friend that led me so astray tuesday night will be making a reappearance with kidlet in two, and we're taking the girls to the park for a few hours.

Good morning okayers.

I fell asleep at 7 last night, was up at 9, talked to a friend for 10 minutes, then went back to bed for the rest of the night, now I'm up and going to get my hair cut. I must vent.

My mother is driving my nuts, she gives me an "option" of doing something, but I really don't have the option. She's been sick for a week with a cold, and has missed a week of work, here I am with strep throat chugging along, and she's going on about how bad things are for her blah blah blah. I'm don't get sick time, if I miss work, I don't get paid, so don't bitch to me about how "bad" things are for you. GAAAAAA!



Kel, that rocks about your date, good for you for saying uhh, no.

Tree, mmmm weed will help the cause.


Hey GT, stick with it, girl! Homework sucks, but in the end it is all worth it, that's how I felt about university!

Hi Tyger, what a great GPA!

hey maril

Fuck I have to go, later okayers!

Mornin' CH!!!

I'm sorry your mom is being whiny...what a drag. Enjoy your haircut!

Well, I woke up early with the sun to a gorgeous morning, and took turbo for a loooong walk. He was all silly and goofy, and bumping his rump into me, and whirling and twirling around with his helicopter spins....I love it when he's like that!

I just ran to the fruit market, and a case of mangos (10) jumped into my cart..I don't know how it happened! tongue.gif But, it was only $5, so I couldn't resist - and the mangoes are SO good this time of year. I also bought about a dozen bags of mexican chiles and spices to ship off to my big bro this morning with the Rick Bayless cookbook for his birfday...I'm sure he'll love it.

I've got my eye doc appt today at noon, and then I'll probably just toodle around town on my bike and run some errands for a bit...its a perfect day for bike riding!
Morning All,

Grrrl...blarg. That turkey disembowling lesson was a bit much first thing in the morning! But yay for getting the hang of it. (Never thought I'd cheer on bird evisceration, but I'm a supportive gal! smile.gif

CH, my mom is like that. One wheeze and she's out of work. I persevere with the flu! Get out of the house, walk the puppers, find a cute boy diversion. Don't let her get under your skin.

Turbo...I find mangoes to be very wily in their ways. A mango once snuck up behind me and thwacked me in the butt and then landed in my cart. Tricky ones, those mangoes. *sings* "Whatcha gonna do with all them mangoes, all them mangoes in your cart?" *responds* "I'm gonna make make make a salad, make a salad!"

I'm going for a long walk in the park while listening to a book on CD. It's called Pretty Birds and it's about the siege of Sarejevo in Bosnia. A Muslim girl there becomes a sniper to ward off the Serbs. Is it weird to say that it is one the saddest yet often the funniest books I've listened to in a long time? I highly recommend it.
Kel, thanks for the audio reco - I have been searching high and low for a new one to download, so I'll check that out, and let you know how I like it. I love audiobooks....and I expect I'll be listening to them even more when I start the new job and have a longer commute.

And you're so right on those wily mangoes! Turbomann doesn't like them all that much, so they're all MINE! YAY! I bought some nice avocados to keep them company too. smile.gif have a very impressive job!! So do you have to be trained on all the butchering skillz?

Well, I think I had better take the pupper out again before I head out on bike!

I hope all the busties have a fabulous saturday!

I also hope the Rosie comes back soon to tell us all about her fun week with her GFs, and update us on their house!

tee! sorry for the early morning gross out kelkel m'dear. i forgot it would be about breakfast time by the time anyone else saw my post. the disembowling isn't even part of my job as quality control. i just really like to help out on the line of whatever department i'm working in that day, if i have time. a couple of the other reps tell me i shouldn't, because "that's not our job", but if i'm standing around with nothing else to do for five minutes, why not? not only does it endear you to the department you're working with, but i really think it's important to understand everything the process entails, from the kill line to traypack, because when there are issues, you have a better understanding of why it happened and what can be done to fix it if you understand how line speed affects chill times and so forth. it gives you so much more authority to be able to say "yes, as a matter of fact i have done this, so i know why your idea is/n't going to work". my goal is to evwentually be able to step into any job on the line.

gt, girl, don't you dare give up on the welding!!! no matter how impossible it seems right now, you're going to get it, and you're going to be good at it. i was pretty overwhelmed when i first started this job, and there are many times i seriously thought (and still do) "this sucks, i'm never going to get this, and maybe i should just go back to the line." but i stuck with it, and all the stuff i was ready to give up on ever learning, i can practically do it in my sleep now. one of these days, you're going to be welding something with the greatest of ease, and think, "damn, i love my job!" and be so glad that you didn't give up on yourself. and you know we're not going to give up on you! (((((gt)))))

kelkel, way to stick it to the ex! *lol* looking good is the best revenge. or is that living well? any way, good on ya.

~*~*~hair vibes for doodle~*~*~

(((((tree))))) co-irkers suck ass sometimes. next time they give you shit, tell 'em to fuck off.

hee, total xpost with jenn! see above. and mangos sound so good! i've always been intimidated by how you eat them though. i try to make the neat little cuts, and i end up with mango mush. i'm determined to learn though, because i found a really great recipe for mango salsa that i've been dying to try.
Grrl, I think "living well" is the original sentiment, but in my case, "looking good" was a far better fit! And good idea about knowing all the ins and outs of the job. Gotta walk in everyone's shoes.

Avocados and mangos? Holy frijoles, Turbo, you are going to have fruit mischief abounding!

GT, you *CAN* do this! It's hard and it sucks sometimes, but most things worth doing are rarely easy. You are amazing and you will succeed. Now go shake those newly forming hips!
good afternoon okayers!

So, I got my hair cut, got all the split ends taken off, and she did it straight today, but going out tonight, I don't know if I'm going to wear it curly or straight this evening.

Took the dog for a walk, it is absolutely gorgeous today. I'm having salmon for dinner tonight.

I don't really have much else to add. Does anyone have plans for this evening?

*raises hand* I do I do! My friends and I going to the annual festival in my town. It's right near my house, so we are parking here and walking over. Then it's off for some wonderfully cheesy karaoke!
Turbo, thanks for thinking of me. Guess that's why my ears were burning. wink.gif

I have soooooooo much catching up to do in here and in Kvetch. Holy moly. I may have to do it in batches so that I'm not totally overwhelmed! In the mean time, here's another pic of our future home. smile.gif

I'm still in awe of the place. And now that we're talking to mortgage brokers & bankers, I'm starting to realize the enormous financial commitment we're making. Can you say "eek"?
And did I tell you all that our closing date is May 21st? Just 3 weeks! And we'll have our current place until June 1st, so we'll have a whole week to get things moved over. That should help a lot.
*swoons at the sight of RV's new home* That is one gorgeous house, RV! You must be so tremendously excited! We've missed you, but buying a house must keep a girl busy. How was your time with your friends? What fun things did you do? Were there any arrests? smile.gif
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