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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey PK - dunno if you're still around, but I'm up.

Just finished watching The Lake House, which was sappy but sweet. And if you employ your brain, it doesn't make any sense, either. (But I chose not to engage with logic tonight.) It was very cool to see the architecture of Chi-town! (*waves at Chicago Okayers*) BTW, is Keanu Reeves ever going to age?

I'm going to go slap a coat of (green!) paint on a magazine rack and will check back in before bed....

ETA: Ok, I'm one's here! I'm going to bed! Ciao bella-bellisimas!
Doodle, a friend gave me The Lake House for christmas..I haven't gotten around to watching it yet. He told me it's "hollywood's answer to Griffin and Sabine, a book series we both loooove.

GAH. It's going to be so hard to keep up in here being back to work! I feel bad, tooo, I'm afraid I'm going to leave somebody out. sad.gif I envy you people who can Bust during the day! I mean, I don't wanna stop coming here...but I feel guilty. Maybe I should just resign myself to being a weekly poster.

PK, it sounds like you had a nice night. And with regards to your roomie, I'm hearing impaired too, and my suggestion to keep from scaring him like that, is to do what deaf people do to get each others attention...stomp the floor, not so hard it shatters things, just so it shakes the floor a little. Or touch him gently on the shoulder.

And i missed Roseviolet's birthday!! Happy belated, I hope it was wonderful!

And happy anniversaries! Such longstanding relationships in this room. Well, mostly, hehe

So, my -80 is down to temperature and is cycling, I had a little rush of pleasure when I saw that. It went so much better than that one I did back in January that I hooked up backwards... rolleyes.gif

And my refrigerator was at 34 degrees so I sent it back to the owner. But I've mostly run out of billable work already! I was a little too efficient yesterday, I guess. I need to get some more -80s in, they're worth more hours cause they're so expensive to buy...people are willing to spend $1,500 to $1,800 to fix them. Usually. You can't really charge anybody more than $100 or so to fix a regular refrigerator. Once the students leave, the work should pick up a little, that's when the big research projects start. I also had my employee review yesterday, which went well...I got pretty good marks all around.

FJ, unfortunately, my arm SUCKS. I quickly discovered that i just plain cannot do this job without aggravating it. I have a hot pack on the tendons right now, one of those ones that stays hot for ten hours. I'm trying to figure out how I can keep it on all day. I tried wrapping it in an Ace bandage but I think they need some air to stay hot cause it seemed to cool down too fast. I wish I hadn't gotten rid of my sewing machine, because I've discovered that a sports wrap, wrapped really tight around the middle of my forearm helps a LOT. But I think I'm gonna need to do something more long term, the sports wraps are hard to wrap on an's kind of a two handed thing. I want to make like a really tight piece of very stretchy fabric or tough elastic that I can just pull on.

It's "take your kid to work day" tomorrow! I'm excited about it. S. is such a nice kid. It kind of sucks that her family is struggling so much. But I suppose it will build her character, if she has enough positive role models.

Next Monday I can call the workers comp attorney. He's been out for some surgery, I guess.

GAH. I hate sounding self absorbed but I can't keep up! I'll catch up this weekend, I promise!

*waves to Okayers
Tree, there is *no* need to keep up in this thread!!! We're happy to have you, and anybustie else, whenever you can drop by. I know I won't be able to BUST at the new job, and that makes me very sad, but I'll still drop by in the evenings, and keep in touch as best I can.

Mox, I was just speaking generally that this is our 12 year anniv...its actually sometime in June - we're very vague on these things, as we're very lazy on the anniv. front. wink.gif

Doodle - the Lake House is absolutely on my list to watch this week, since its been on HBO lately. So what color is the wall in your bedroom going to be? Do I even need to ask?! heh.

(((((tree's arm))))

PK, I'm with stargazer on the Em situation...I remember you sharing her struggles with us earlier, and I'm just not sure it would be the best/healthiest situation for you. I'm sure it will be great for you and Em to be back in the same area again, but you need to take care of YOU, and moving will bring its own challenges, and you need to keep yourself as the top priority. The right situation will come along for you to move back - I just know it!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSIE!!!! And what a wonderful start to this new year, with a new house, and a visit from best friends!

Okay, I gotta get my arse in gear - another full day of training ahead, plus torturous lunch with my dept. feh.
Good Moring Good Morning all!

hey doodle! Mmmm chocolate cack. Yummy! *snarfs some down* mmm sugar high before work.

Star, how's move going?

PK that salad sounds sooooo good! All I had for dinner last night was soup, as it was all my throat could handle. Bleh.

Tree and Jenn just check in when you can, don't leave us though!

So, my throat is already feeling better thanks to the meds, it still hurts to swallow, but not as much. I took the hounders to the park yesterday and she was socializing with other puppies. The three regulars that she knows she sniffs around. I didn't feel much like walking as I was so tired. So, I just sat while she sniffed. It was so nice yesterday. Nice today too, I'll take her again. I made more chilli last night, as it's not really solid food, so I suppose that worked out.

Talked to boy 2 last night, got some raving reviews and then went to bed. Had some weird dreams. I don't really remember about what, all I know is that they were strange. and I wasn't even high. Oh yah, I also cleaned all the resin out of my glass pipe and cleaned the glass portion and mouth piece of the vapourizer. Nice and clean now. Only 2 messages when I got back to work this morning! I was very happy about that! YAY!

How is everyone doing today?

Good Morning!

CH, glad to hear you are on the mend! I had very weird dreams last night too. Very very odd & not in a good way.

Happy Birthday Rose!!! Woot!!

PK, is Em a friend you used to work with? Younger?

Marileen! It sounds like things are going really well for you. NICE! Wedding planning is moving right along, eh? Your house re-dos sound fab. Where did you get the tiles for the counter?

Stargazer, I did not know your roomie passed away. ((star)) I understand, I bet it will be good to get out of there.

Kel, I am glad Kelman took down his profile, but like you said, still an ass. Ugh. What an invasion of privacy.

Hi moxie, minx, poodle, doodle, diva, shawnboy, Tree, pugs and everyone else!

Not much doin' here today. The usual. I worked at home yesterday. I also went to meet with my practicum site & I think the schedule I wanted to work there is going to work out. yay! I'll be shifting my hours here at work to 7 - 3:30 and then working at the hospital 4-8PM three days a week. I think I will like the site, everyone is really nice. Hope I get on ok with the clients. I had book club last night, that was a lot of fun. We are going to read that book Eat Pray Love. Anyone read it?

Happy Hump-day everyone!!

Happy birfday roseviolet!!!

Glad you're feeling a little better, culturehandy!!

Hi kari! I've never heard of that book. What's it about? Fiction? Non-fiction?

PK, I have some personal experience with this kind of situation. The resident-boy was living with me during a time when I was extremely depressed. I was taking medication and so on, but the living situation still had a huge effect on my health. I'm sure he's depressed, too, but just undiagnosed. It was like his shitty life rubbed off on mine. After he moved out, it felt like all of this weight was lifted off my shoulders, and I finally had my sanctuary back. I'm the type of person that needs my own space to recharge and be creative and stress-free. My overall health has done a 180 since the boy moved out. Really, I thought I'd never feel this way again. Use your move to Chicago as a way to start anew, in the same way that I did with the resident-boy's eviction. If you moved in with Em, you'd probably end up in the same unhealthy situation that I did with the resident-boy.

Hi mox, star, doodle, pugs, and turbo!!
So, the sun in shining here, and it's suposed to be 21 degrees today! *squeals in delight* I think that today is a day for ICE CREAM! Like a blizzard or something. Then take hound-y to the park and relax.

Indeed, I was even able to have some toast for breakfast. It still hurt though, just not as much. sticking mainly to liquids and soups and stews and the like.

PK I totally agree about how much health changes when partners leave the situation. With my ex, I was totally distraught for 3 days, then I woke up on a tuesday, felt like shit, but then at lunch, a complete turnaround, and I havne't looked back since. I'll never go back to something like that again.

Kari, I can't say that I have read it, I'm on a useless knowledge and smut binge right now.

Le Sigh, I wish I was outside right now. And not stuck in the office, closing in on month end. Buggers. I also want to read harry potter, but I have a few other books I'm reading right now. Or sitting outside and doing sudoku! heavenly. Those warm summer nights are coming too. Call me cheesey, but I love sitting outside in the summer and enjoying the stars, it's even better when under the influence of something. smile.gif

I should go and so some work, or lounge around here for a while.


ETA: X posted with Jenn! *waves*

Kari, we just read Eat Pray Love for our bustie book club! I really LOVED it. I actually listened to it on audio during my nightly bubble baths, and it was the perfect kind of book for that. Its a memoir of sorts - the writer is just post-divorce, and decides to take a year sabbatical to recharge. So she spends 4 months in Italy enjoying the sensuality of food and physical pleasures, 4 months in an ashram in India studying meditation, and 4 months in Bali learning to let life flow....its written in short snippets, and was a really relaxing read, and a great book on audio, as it really felt like listening to someone's diary.

Poodle, you are so very wise....great advice, my dear!

kari, that's awesome that your work schedule and practicum schedule are going to fit well together! And hopefully the practicum will be a great learning experience, and keep you charged up, since you'll be working some long days!

Count me in for weird dreams here too...its the kind of week for that I think. I was dreaming that I was Tumnus, from Lion Witch and the Wardrobe...bizarro.

(((CH feel better)))))

((((tree's arm)))))
Jenn, that is a weird dream! Is it a full moon or something? Everyone's dreaming weird lately. The other night I had a dream that my dog got carried off by a giant bat. Last night I dreamed that I tapped this kid on the wrist & it made his whole hand fall off. The rest of the dream was spent trying to get him to the ER, but nobody would help us. Not fun.

Yes, I am fortunate that my schedules will work together. I think I will really like the practicum, which is definitely a good thing. My supervisor there is very laid back, which helps. He & the other woman I'll be working with believe in supervision, but not micro management. Works for me!

I am excited to read that book. A friend of mine recently read it & raved over it.

CH, damn! 21 degrees?? Where do you live? It's warming up here. It was 80 over the weekend.

I agree with Jenn, poodle. That sounds like good advice for PK. People def influence each other. For better or worse.
Kari, I think CH is in Canada, where they have the culturally evolved measurement systems, so 21 degrees Celcius is probably like 70 degrees here. smile.gif

Enjoy the book!! If you like foodie memoirs, I really loved Ruth Reichl's books, as well as Jacques Pepin's memoir, The Apprentice. I can't get enough of food writing!
Culturally evolved measurement system! I love it. I don't know anything about farenheit system. Not a bloody thing.

I still have no messages, I've only had one phone call at work so far, and it's almost 11! I'm scared when things at month end don't pick up. Oh well. It is what it is I suppose.

Le Sigh. I'm kind of sleepy, and I'm craving something salty, all I've been able to eat is food that is healthy and not junky, like I haven't even eaten any air popped popcorn. sad.gif Not a good idea. I'll get over it. I'll have some juice.

Ah, I see. I thought you must be living in the tundra, CH, if it were that cold this time of year.

Jenn, thanks for the food recs. I recently ran part of the book written by Bill Buford (? maybe?) about being Mario Batali's apprentice. I love reading about food!

I am starving too. We are having a luncheon here, it is scheduled for 25 mins from now, so I will make it.
good afternoon okayers!

still having a rough week. i don't know what has happened but i seem to have lost my phone charm. people are being nice to me and everything, but they're not setting with me. my numbers over the past month have just plummetted. i think i'm just in a slump but starting to feel worried!

doesn't help that i just had to go drop mrfj off at the airport. i forgot to tell you guys, but he's coming to minneapolis today through friday. i really tried to come with him and if i'd have had a better pay period last time (or even one that looked good this time) i'd have flown in with him. but the fares were too expensive at nearly $400 and a lot of airlines said they would require a note from my doc to allow me to travel. booooo! it would have been awesome to have had a chance to meet some minneapolis busties!!

ch, i think you were in one of my dreams last night, although i can't remember the circumstances. it's funny though because i knew it was you even though i only have a vague idea of what you look like. i had VERY wierd ones too. just all over the place. like i was driving someplace and supposed to be going north and realized i had driven 100 miles south instead. and then i wasn't sure if i wanted to turn around and go the right way. in another dream, i had two sisters (neither of which was one of my actual sisters) and i was wearing this cute purple top with some white pants. but then, as i was about ot walk out to the car to go wherever we were going, i looked down and was wearing red pants. my sisters started making fun of me for not matching and i didn't know how i'd gotten into the red pants because i didn't remember changing. but i didn't want to admit that the pants didn't match so i just kept telling them that they had no style, all the while thinking "this is not what i had on earlier... this is not what i had planned..."

this is not my beautiful wife

/musical break

anyway, i dreamed like that all night. mrfj seems to think that i'm at a crossroads and i'm not sure what direction to go in and afraid of making a mistake or having to own up to a mistake. i think he might be right.


pk, add me to the busties that think poodle's advice is spot-on. you need to take care of yourself and not have to worry about taking care of others right now. get yourself in a great place and THEN think about being someone's support system. my sil is bi-polar and was even suicidal as of a year or so ago (possibly still is, but she hasn't talked about it in a long while). she recently quit her job in car sales and took a very low stress job as a secretary for the local university. but before she took the job, she was considering working for the state as a child abuse investigator. she felt like she wanted to help children escape the torture the were living with. i know she would have been great at that job because she's a very compassionate person and i encouraged her but also reminded her that she doesn't have to be someone's caretaker - that her OWN health and well-being is paramount right now. she's very happy that she decided to take the admin job instead because she's able to focus on her art, as well as depend on a steady paycheck each month. i saw her last week and she's never been happier since i've known her. and now, she's thinking of volunteering with the same org as a guardian ad litem, which i think is fantastic.

jenn, i hope your lunch wasn't too painful. did you get something yummy??

the sign at walgreens said it was 96 outside. i know that can't be right. it's definitely warm out there though.
Good afternoon! Only 2 and a half more hours left in the day! It is still strangely quiet around here. I am afraid of what the rest of the week will bring. I'm feeling pretty tired and slightly sluggish. I just want to get home and take hounders to the park.

(((((((FJ))))))) I wish I could help, although I'm excited that you dreamt of me. I remember a long time ago there was a thread about what you though your fellow BUSTies looked like.

~$~$~$~$~$sales vibes for FJ$~$~$~$~$~

As for interpreting dreams, I never try, mine are just so fucked up. Like one time I dreamt about pink tripods from war of the worlds. Either really weird, I often fly in my dreams, or swim through the air, or I'm having sex. I often dream about sex. mmmmm, now I want to have sex. Not fair!

Kari, I love that you thought I was inthe tundra, it's nice there, little cold though. Funny, because I just changed my location to most likely north of you. In Canada. What if someone lives in Resolut or something?

I really want a blizzard, and I think I'm going to get one, throw it in the freezer then get high tonight!

Fj i meant to add, that picture in your profile is smokin'! Damn, that's a sexy pic.

It's too quiet here, *looks around scared* Like I'm really worried. really worried.

Well, I'm going to go and fart around in the lounge then do some work

Hey ya'll!! Ack! I hate this leaving-,my-job thing....wayyyyyy too stressful, and my back feels all cranked out. This place is just not good for me anymore, and I am SO looking forward to my week off to get my head back in a good place so I can be excited about my new job!

FJ, I think mr fj should meet for a drinkipoo with some of our mpls busties - I'm jealous of him too!!! Boooo on high plane fares!!

CH, I'm with you...all I want to do is take the pupper out right now...but I have mentoring tonight anyhow, so I won't be home till late. The kids are always a fun distraction once I get there, though.

Oh, and I just made an eye doc appt for this weekend, so I can get new glasses and contacts, since I'll lose my flex spending money when I leave - YAY! And the accountant (who's also leaving next week) slipped me a hot tip, that I'm eligible to the entire year's worth of my flex money, even what I haven't paid in I'm gonna use it. Fuck 'em.

Oh, lunch was SO painful...there were no kind words said about me by my was like we were just out to lunch on any other day, and the WHOLE lunch was them talking about their kids. ugh. I like kids and all, but not two hours of stories, thankyouverymuch. The food was good, though, so there's that.
Well, only 20 minutes left in this day. Good, as I am starting to get tired. And I half a walk at the park awaiting me!

Jenn, it's almost done! Only two more days of work. *rubs shoulders*

I got another file today and I'm still at the bottom of the list, at least I can get rid of a few of them soon!

I should get my shit together now.

sorry the lunch was so sucky, turbo. i can't believe your boss didn't even give you any accolades. she should have been standing on her chair singing your praises, that's what she should've been doing! argh! but culture is right! just a couple more days and then you can be freeeeeeeeeeeee of that place and ready to set forth in a new direction.

yay for new glasses and contacts! i got some new contacts about a month ago but still need to go get ome glasses. the ones i have are still pretty good but i'd like to have a secondary pair.

hee, thanks ch. wink.gif i actually have some other pics that we took in the same "shoot" that i've thought about posting. maybe i'll put them in some private stash someplace and send the link if anyone wants to see. i dont really want to put a bunch a nekkid pics out there for the world to see. hehe, which is funny because in my former life, well, that's pretty much what i did.

ok, so i have been talking to a lady for the past few days, trying to get her in the office. she's super sweet but really scared. she's a widow and has also been in a really abusive relationship after her husband died. she works literally four blocks from the office but i couldn't get her to come in the office! well, she just called me and asked if she could come RIGHT NOW! so i set her and called the rep to tell her she was coming and now i'm staring at my calendar to see when she shows up and she hasn't shown yet. i'm dying over here!!! this is one of those people that even if she doesn't buy, i'm still glad that she's made a move in her life - that she's taken a step toward happiness. but now i'm worried that she chickened out after talking to me!!

ETA: OMG! she showed!!!! wooot!!
Hey ladies!! Well, I got down to the drop-in center where I mentor, and nobody was home! I really wish they would tell me when they're closed - this is the second week in a row. Oh well, I'm just as happy to be at home, quite frankly.

Yeah, my boss is a bitch, pure and simple. Oh well, only 4 more days. Seriously, this two weeks is going by sooooooo slowwwww.

WOOooooT!!! for FJ's appointment showing up! Its gotta make you feel good when you help someone take a baby step toward seeing what romantic possibilities are out there. GO FJ!!!

I saw something new at my smelly, uriney El stop this afternoon....someone pooped right on the platform decking. gross. Ah, I love my neighborhood.

Well, time to get a start on dinner, and then take the pupper out! I'll be back in a bit.
eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! that's just gross, turbo! blech!!!

thanks for the vibes. i guess they're working now. i needed something to get out of my slump and right after the lady showed, i made a couple more calls and got another set. i gotta keep riding this wave of love now. hehe.

getting hungry though. i have some ground beef i need to make with something since it's been in the fridge for two days now. i'm thinking something mexican, cheesy and spicy but EASY. maybe i'll do some sort of taco-casserole.

i've been thinking about lurv today. didn't she have some kind of frito pie recipe? not that i have any fritos, mind you, but still. i miss our resident arteest!
HI! That is all.
[skips into thread, throwing confetti]

ok, i'm gonna shamelessly post about me me me without responding to y'alls' posts because:

I just turned in my thesis!!!! -AND-

I just came back from the doctor with even better (tentative, preliminary) news about a biopsy that i'd thought!!!!

Now if BGP's mom had a smooth surgery today, life is beautiful!

hugs and all the best to okayers.
Hi right back atcha, Aural!!

Doodle, my relationship record was with Kelman...15 months. You've got me beat! Who's got issues, now?

PK, that sounds like a tough situation to move into. I can see trying to be a good example for her, but after dealing with an alcoholic mother and drug addicted brother, I can' t say I'd want to give it a whirl. It sounds, however, like you are working hard on getting things situated, which is great!

Tree, I'm having a hard time keeping up, too! I wish I could Bust at work. I have the time, but I can't get to it through the gazillion filters on the school computers. Try heat and cold for the chiro told me that just heat feels good but actually aggravates inflammation.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RV!! Sorry I missed it. *Doh!*

Ooh...Turbo, I love Ruth Reichle! And Anthony Bourdain. And the chick who wrote Julia and Julia. Any other suggestions?
And boo hiss to your dumbass boss. She can't be a damned adult and celebrate the time you spent there? Something like that happened when a good friend left my school...hardly anybody blinked. She was so distraught, but then I reminded her it was shit like that that made her want to leave to begin with.

Poop? On the deck? Oh my. *rendered almost speechless*

In regards to celsius vs. fahrenheit....when I was in Spain, the thermometers said things like 45 degrees. How hot is that in fahrenheit? It fecking felt hotter than a whore's turnstile.

Not much is going on here. 33 more school days, not counting weekends. The kids, who are an insanely challenging group, are really testing peoples' limits. I'm doing okay, but I'm very laidback and have an excellent rapport with my guys most of the time, but some other teachers are about to just lose their damned minds. It's stressful to even watch.

I emailed the guy I went on a date with to say thanks and never heard back. So much for that. And all his talk about how he wasn't a typical guy. Well, typical guys don't bother responding to emails after dates. I'm not interested in a relationship with him, but holy jebus, how threatening is a thank you email? Ah well, it's best to weed them out quickly.

~~~~~~~~~~Sales Vibes for FJ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Things will pick up! Sorry your week is crappy. I'm having one like that, too. They seem to come in cycles.

Greetings all! Hi turbo, FJ, poodle, AP (!!), kari, poodle, treehugger, culture, kel, octi, and any lurkers!

Congratulations, octi!!!! WOOT!!!

FJ - wait, what? You need a NOTE from your DOCTOR to travel...because you're pregnant? WTF is that about?

turbo, wow, your old boss is a dumb sulking jerk. It sounds almost like she is taking your leaving personally....but at this point, frankly, she should! And yes, get everything out of your flex money as you can!

(And since no one else has said it yet, I will....I guess that makes it a POOP DECK! BWAHAHA!)

kel...your relationship record may be 15 months...but I'm 38! So I think I still win on the issuezzzz. tongue.gif

I dunno about "weird" dreams, but last night I dreamed I was at, not one, but TWO Blue Rodeo concerts, AND, I got to meet Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy from the band, AND I got to tour backstage before the 2nd show. (Iron Maiden are awesome after all these years, but Blue Rodeo are still The One for me. It's like your first love versus your soul mate.)

I've been having a lot of dreams with my father in them lately, though - even though he's been gone for 7 years now. So I guess that's kind of weird.

My household thermostat goes up to 30 degrees. I barely understand farenheit and the Imperial system at all. Metric is so much easier, and more logical and accurate, that the entire world adopted the metric system...except the U.S.! I wonder why it happened that way?

Carmella is trying to beat up George. I'm trying to decide if it's time to intervene or not.

FUCK! I wish my hair would stop falling out!!
Good evening okayers!!!!

Hi aural! How's it going?

Octi That is so great! Good For you!!!!!congrats!!!!!

FJ! more pics! Nice! *cat calls* And yay on getting a cient in!

Turbo, soon SOON!

Kel, fuck him. He's not worthy of you at all. He's missing out.

So, I'm so excited. There is a guy who I've known for 6 years and I saw his truck parked at his parents place. So, I went to wash my car and there he is. So we start chatting it up and stuff, and we're going to get together on Saturday. he's going to come out with a few of us. I always had the hots for him, I was smooth, got his number and a huge, sexy hug out of it. So, I'm kinda crushin; even though I know nothing will materialize. I just want PORTIONS from him. Mmmm portiontastic.

I took the dog to the park and Emily puppers is chewing on a raw hide. My throat is feeling way better now. I'm doing much better.

Where's Doodle at??? I want to say hello!

Mmm I want cack.

I need food.


Doodle, I'm a month and a half shy of 33. You aren't that much older. Maybe we tie. And as for the US and the metric system...well, we do everything bass-ackwards here.

~~~~Hair Staying In Vibes for Doodle~~~~~~

Yay!!!! Octi! Great news.

Oof! You are standing right on top of me, culture. Scroll down and see for yourself!

kel...let me think....ok, I'll give you that one, 'cause I was about a year into that 3-year relationship when I turned 33! tongue.gif
POOP DECK!!!!!! BWAHAHAhahahaaaaa!!!! Doodle, you ROCK!! That one got a good laugh out of both turbomann and I!

And doesn't "Imperial" System say it all??!!! At least in this political climate...

CONGRATS OCTI!!!! *throws confetti all over thread, and passes flutes of champagne around*

CH, I think you are a man magnet!! Go for it, sister! I'm betting you get some portions out of crush boy, yet!

Ladeeezzzz...i've been reading all day. you all have been my sanity the past couple o'days, thank you!! Work is INSANE right now, and the kidlet had to go to the Dr. yesterday. She has seasonal allergies. Not surprising, given who her mama is. Anyway, between running around and work and shite, i've been very me-involved. BUT, I AM reading everything. I promise. I may even eventually have something remotely intersting to share.
Hey babes!!

Hi aural!!


OMG, turbo, that is so friggin' disgusting!! There are a lot of public urination stories out there, but I've never heard of someone crapping on a platform.

What's with all of these weird dreams? Doodle, that's so cool that you got to see some free shows during your sleep. I rarely ever have elaborate dreams that I remember. Almost all of my dreams involve animals. I often dream about trying to control tons of cats that keep reproducing.

Oooh!! Culture's got a new crush!! Crushes are so fun.

That's so lame that the guy didn't respond to your email, kel. Ah well, another one bites the dust, I guess.

I played hookey today. I left work after about a half hour and went to the Y. My boss and the meddler were gone today, so I figured I should take advantage of that. I thought I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon, but it's actually tomorrow. I guess I get to leave work early tomorrow, too.

Ugh. I watched Rachel Ray this afternoon and I had no idea how fucking annoying she is. She kept saying "hot ham," except she said ham like "haaayum." So annoying. I think ham is nasty to begin with, but the way she says the word makes it even more disgusting to me.

Funny Rachel Ray story, that just came up today. Turbomann's friend from his oldwork was in this contest to make the best Chicago style pizza - he won, and the prize was to fly out to NYC and challenge Rachel Ray on her He won! AND, he said RR was a complete bitch anytime the cameras weren't rolling. Somehow, I'm not surprised, and I'm almost glad to hear that the perkiness isn't natural.

I love hearing about all of our bizarro dreams! From the email I got from my shaman this week about the Moon this week, I guess I'm not surprised at all our dreams:
This is one of those 'full-cup, empty-cup, cup-half-full-half-empty' weeks when we are trying to figure out who and what belongs in our lives, what we have room for, where to focus our creativity, or should we just stay in bed. Brilliant ideas may be ricocheting around mixed with emotional vulnerability, incisive insights, and hearts and
minds opening and closing faster than we can keep track of. It's also a 'let-go-of-illusions-and-hard-work-pays-big-dividends' week - though the rewards may still be ahead of us. We need the perspective and assistance of others to maintain clarity; In the spirit of 'I-get-by-with-a-little-help-from-my-friends', we'll be working to sort it out on Friday night.

I may go to the group, but not sure if I'll have the energy.

Bummer about wee moxette's allergies!! I hope they decrease as she gets bigger and stronger. Poor lil' lady!
I have some weird dreams too. I can't remember any right at the moment, but I know there's many a morning when I wake up and go, "WTF??"...hehe..I did remember one involving Alton Brown and some weird D/s sexual-games...that I posted in the dreams thread. And I don't even have cable to watch Good Eats!

Turbo, seriously, somebody crapped on the platform? Did you see the perpetrator in the act? Wow...

~*~moxette anti-allergy vibes~*~..hope she feels better soon. Hopefully like Turbo said, they'll at least ease up as she grows older.

I'm slowly getting more familiar with centigrade. They use celsius in the scientific work on my -80s are actually in centigrade. It's actually like -115 in fahrenheit.

45 degrees centigrade would fry eggs in the sun, I'd bet. If I had to make a wild guess at how hot it'd be, I'd guess about 110 or so. Yuck. Pretty unbearably hot.

And I'm gonna go find a converter and find out how close I guessed...I'm such a geek.

ETA: I was close, it's 113 in fahrenheit. Now I have definitely proven to myself that I'm a geek...hehe

And I'm going to further solidify my geeky status by proclaiming that the entire universe should be using the Kelvin scale.

CH, I'm so glad you're feeling better!

Yay, Octi!!!! on thesis and potential good biopsy results! Tew Kewl.

I'm looking forward to "take your kid to work" day. I got a kewl laser gun thingy that you can shine a laser beam across the room at something and it'll tell you what temperature it is. In fahrenheit AND centigrade. That's gonna be S's main responsibility tomorrow, I think, just cause it's cool.

We got another couple -80s in, by the way. One's actually a -90. But it's really, really old, as far as those machines go, this one's a dinosaur. I couldn't believe they wanted us to fix it. It's about 35 years old. But, ya know what? It just had a bad fan in it, so far as I can tell. But I won't know for sure till tomorrow.

*waves to Okayers
Hee! Rachel Ray's a bitch! YAY!

I hate to think of anyone being so perky for real. I can appreciate bitchiness.

turbo, I thought you'd groan for sure at "Poop Deck." I think it's amilitabustie who actually has a proper ship's "Poop Deck" sign on her bathroom door!

Yay for poodle playing hooky! YAY!

Yay for moxie not losing her mind, thanks to the Lounge!

I guess I don't think of my dreams as being bizarre b/c they're all bizarre. Heh. And VERY vivid, and I almost always remember at least one or two of my nightly dreams. I've even learned a bit about lucid dreaming, which is making yourself alert enough (in your sleep) to have some control over your dreams. I'm not really good at it, but I can do it enough so that I haven't had nightmares in years (except when my kidney was trying to kill me, and those ones were pretty Ingmar Bergman-esque).

On this Canadian show, The Nature of Things (hosted by David Suzuki), they did one episode on chronic pain....apparently there is a connection between chronic pain and vivid dreaming, but they don't know much about it yet. I don't know what it means, and I haven't found anything more on that theory, but it's an interesting one. I often wonder if chronic pain is the price I pay for my creativity!

And yes, poodle, I'm thrilled to have been able to see Blue Rodeo TWICE in concert last night! Tee hee! They so totally kick butt, even in my dreams.

ETA: cross-posted with treehugger! Hi tree!

Hey, where is girltrouble these days?
I felt inspired by poodle's Rachel Ray Rant....It's not annoying as having her as a Local celebrity around these parts.

Shame on you not playing hooky and taking me karaoking while I was in town...geesh...LOL

Here ya Go Poods!!

I'm suspicious of all overly perky people. There's just no damned way they can be that happy all the time. Something is lurking below the surface.

Tree...113 degrees? No wonder I was melting into a Kelkello puddle! They kept saying it was a dry heat....okay, whatever. It made no difference to me and my fair skin. I catch on fire in the sun.

Weirdness. 9:45 and I'm up reading. The phone rings. I'm not an old lady, but no one I know calls me past nine usually. It's my old boyfriend from five years ago. Just calling to see what's up. He did this a couple of years ago when I seeing another guy, and I sort of brushed him off at the time. Then I spoke to him once a little less than a year ago when I needed some information that he might have. Haven't really thought of him since.

He's in town visiting his mom and wants to get together to shoot the shit, I suppose. He's in a relationship, so no worries there. He was an extraordinarily bad boyfriend and I've learned my lesson when it comes to recycling old boyfriends. But I thought, "What the hell?" It's been five years. Enough time has passed where I can imagine seeing him again and actually not feel like punching him in the neck. But just barely. Talking on the phone was surprisingly comfortable given the way things ended. However, therapy has sort of helped me see that doing things like this are actually helpful for me in the long run. I'm a "needs closure" sort of girl, I've found. I hate being a cliche, but there it is. So I'm going to meet him tomorrow after my friend and I have coffee at B&N. Maybe it will get me one step closer to mending old hurts and moving forward in my life. At worst, I'll have an assault charge for punching a guy in the neck. There are worse things.
*Rushes in so CH isn't alarmed by my absence* smile.gif

Mornin' ya'll! Another dreary rainy day, here...I would much preferred staying in bed today. I fell asleep on the couch last night at 9pm, and I definitely pinched a nerve in my neck in the process. ouch.

Tree, I hope you have an awesome day today with your friend's daughter!! Hell, I'd *love* to go to work with you, and see what you do!

Kel, that's so random that your ex called last night, but also totally cool that you're going to meet up with him too. I definitely have ex curiousity, and every once in awhile try to find traces of my HS beau, but I haven't talked to him since college.

Well, I'd best get back to manual writing here, before the day of training people to do my job (HA!) begins again....I feel perpetually stuck in the Groundhog Day movie this week...4 more days.
Good Thursday morning!

Doodle, that's funny that we cross posted and that was that. Sorry for not noticing I was on top of you...oh what a loaded statement! I wish I could do something about your hair! I could shave my head in solidarity, but given that you've never seen me's the thought that counts!

Jenn, I will get portions out of this one. There has always been an attraction there. We met when I was 17, actually I met him through my ex...But they don't talk at all anymore. I'm rather excited. I know this won't go anywhere, but if I can seduce a man, then why the hell not! smile.gif

I used to like Rachel Ray, but now she just irritates me. It's not surprise that she's not all perky when she isn't on camera. I heard Oprah was the same way.

Tree, I know about the Kelvin Scale, I learned about it in high school. Mmmm absolute zero. That's a mighty cold. How is your arm doing?

Shawn what a funny pic!

Moxie, I hope that moxette gets better soon!

Kel, you are turning into a total man magnet! That's cool that you're getting together to just chill.

so, my thraot is feeling better and better all the time. I can eat solid food with out pain, and while I sleep I'm no longer making duck, snoring sounds. Speaking of dreams, I got high last night, and as per usual, it was accompanied by bizarro dreams, of course I can't remember now! I will, I recall something to do with a John Hughes film. I didn't get my ice cream yesterday, but that's okay, I decided to wait.

Where's grrrl? GT?

And Jenn, it's weird for me to post before you, but I know you'll be along shortly. So hi! *waves* Oh wait there you are! Hee.

Ok, as much as I don't like the idea of medicating on a orutine basis, the allergy meds worked wonders! no coughing at all last night, and no runny nose this morning! My concern is what damage the meds do long-term. I guess for a month, it can't be that bad. Its just something I must remember to talk to the Ped about at our follow-up next month.

Ok, off to the office. Keep in mind, i was here, home office at 5am. 2 more weeks, and work should let up a bit. I'm gonna talk to my boss about letting my co-worker and I (she and I are the leads on this HUGE project) take a mental health day after this gauntlet of deadlines. I've had to cancel 2 conferences that I REALLY wanted to go to..feh. Its OK, though...the more we work, the more we earn. and by We, I mean the company, not me. But, its a small business, so it really is a feeling of real accomplishment.

Now, everyone remind me of that when I whine repeatedly between now and may 9.

Next year, I shall take my daughter to work. This year, too busy. Oh! but my co-worker is bringing his 9yr old...guess who's gonna be highlighting maps for me today? She wanted to see what her dad goes. smile.gif its too bad its raining cats and dogs...he wanted to take her to the River and walk around downtown.
Moxie, I'm glad to here that moxette had a good night!

Is it raining almost every where the BUSTies are?

The sun is shining here, and it's going to be 24 degrees today. It'll be another nice walk at the park with the hound today.

I also hope I have some work to do. I had one message and it was a hang up, and no new e-mail and no new stuff from clients. Oh my, what is tomorrow going to bring?
Yeah, Mox...if the meds are just for a few weeks, then its probably fine, but I'm still reaping the long-term liver damage from being on allergy meds since moxette's age (of course, I was on them year-round)...and they don't specifically do testing on kids for that stuff, they just make dosage recos based on weight, so be careful. Putting a good air purifier in her room might be a good idea too, just to give her a space where her body can truly rest, and keep the kitties out of there - even if she's not allergic to them, they effect air quality.

Good luck on keeping your deadlines, but I know you'll do great, and a mental health day after with a massage sounds like the perfect antidote!

CH, I'll join you in the campaign for Kelvin Scale - it always just seemed to make so much sense, to use an absolute measurement tool!

What up bitches.

Jenn, that subway story about the dookie is so gross! Ick. I hope they clean it up soon. Ha, "poop deck."

Kel, that's odd that your ex called, what timing huh? When are you guys meeting up?

CH, glad your throat is feeling better. Excellent. Good luck with the dude!

OCTI!! CONGRATS on turning in your thesis!!! yay! I am gonna PM you back, I just haven't had time yet.

Shawnboy, the RR/Joker pics are hilarious! They do look suspiciously alike. I used to like RR ok, but her CBS show is so fucking annoying. It gives me pleasure that she is a bitch when off camera. Ha!

heh, Tree, you had a sex dream involing Alton Brown? He is cute, in that geeky way, isn't he?

Hiya Doodle!

I am soooo hormonal today. Damn you, PMS. I hope MRG shows up today, I hate feeling this way. Mr K has really been irritating me lately, and I feel guilty about that. I got really ticked off at him last night. He didn't get home til 3AM. The band he works for was playing in a show, some industry people were in town & he had to hang with them after. I called him at like 1:15 (he originally said he would be home by 12:30), he said he was having one drink & coming home. Fast forward to 3AM when he finally rolls in. I felt bad b/c the chick they were talking with does have a really important connection to a honcho who is interested in the band. I know it was important business. Sometimes I just can't help myself though. I think part of it was brought on by the fact that he didn't get home til 2:30 the night before, b/c his friend was having a birthday party. I was 100% cool with that, but 2 nights in a row is difficult. I had insomnia last night, so I just laid there for 2 hours getting more & more pissed as the clock ticked.

/End Rant. Sorry. Like I said....hormonal!

Kari, I feel your pain about bieng upset. How hard is it to pick up the phone or send a text? Really.

Still too quiet here, I mean, next week I know I'll be busy, but I hardly have anything to do! Ick!

Poop deck, hee. That reminds me of this video that I saw where this guy, in public, and they caught it all on video, decided to deficate in a large plant, in public. Ahhh makes us proud here.
Thanks CH. I feel immature sometimes when I get upset over stuff like that. But, yeah, like you said, he could have texted and said he would be later than expected. They never learn, do they?

Really? A dude dooked in a plant? GROSS! What is wrong with people??

I don't have a lot to do either. I have stuff I could do, sure, but it's not really on a deadline.
Ahhh yes, Kari. It's pretty gross.

On a strange note, just to make you say, Fuck.Shit.Damn. This.
(((((((kari)))))))) it's alright to be hormonal, chick! lordessa knows i've got enough hormones in me to share with everyBUSTie! hehe.

i didn't sleep well either last night. had more fucked up dreams. one of them involved my herb garden. i'd planted a bunch of herbs (that part is true) and in my dream, one came up looking different than it should have. it was sort of mushroomy and really gorgeous. so i was sitting on the couch with a couple friends and i was tasting all the herbs andgot to the mushroomy one and it was super yummy. and then one of my friends said, "OH FJ! that is peyote! how'd you find peyote!?" and then i panicked because all i could think was that i'd poisoned my baby, so i went to the sink and started trying to throw it all back up and couldn't. and i just kept thinking about my baby hallucinating. eep! then i had other dreams involving family members that don't exist (like great aunts and uncles that i don't have) and that one of my straightest, squarest friends was trying to hit on me.

i woke up at 4am absolutely SURE that there was someone in the house. i even grabbed my cell phone in case i needed to call 911, but it was dead. so i panicked even more. turns out it was missus abigail boots at the bedroom window. i guess she'd somehow gotten out when i let the dog out last night and climbed up to the roof to get my attention to let her in. i sure wish she'd learn how to open the window herself with her little kitty arms.

so glad moxette had a better night! and good for you for getting these big projects done, moxie. you'll totally deserve some time off when you complete them! just a couple more weeks!

hope tree is having fun with her "adopted" daughter today! that sounds so cool.

kel, have fun with the ex. try not to punch him in the neck, heee!

yay for poodle days off!

octi! that is awesome!! congrats for finishing! man, what a weight off your mind. i really hope your bgp's momma's surgery went well.

heya doodle! oh, the airlines say that if you're 26 weeks (some say 30) that you have to have a note from your doc saying that you aren't in danger of preterm labor. i guess it makes sense. they don't want women going into labor on the plane. still, what a pain in the ass. and some won't let you fly even if you have a note! just for shits and giggles, i was looking at cruise specials last night and found that most do not let you sail after 28 weeks either. there goes my plan to have jackaroo in international waters. sheesh. blink.gif

hi culture. hope your day gets better!!
Hi, peeps!

Yay for Octi! Have you gotten the biopsy results yet?

Kari, so is Mr. K back to doing band stuff full-time now? I hope something good came out of him staying out so late last night. I'm glad to hear your practicum schedule is going to work out, too.

Aw, Jenn, this just goes to show why you're leaving that place. But not a kind word from your boss, huh? That's especially nasty. Even my boss who I really can't stand would try to come up with something to send someone off with.

Kel, it's good you've gotten to that point with your long-ago ex. I'd like to think I could get there, but in reality... no.

FJ, those are some crazy-ass dreams! Peyote in your baby and then the cat knocking on the window? I'd be pretty freaked out, too. Did the lady from yesterday buy? Still, good on her for at least taking a baby step.

I keep getting calls from a dating agency lately, saying they're calling singles in my area to set them up with a program. I've told them twice now that I'm not single and to quit calling me, but they still do.

Tree, that sounds like the coolest job for a kid to get to do for a day! I don't think I've seen any kids around work where I am, and there are usually some on Bring Your Kid To Work Day. Hmmm.

(((((((Moxette allergies and busy Moxie)))))))

Hi CH, Doodle, Shawn, et al!

I am so. freaking. tired. The kind of tired where I can barely stay upright and keep my eyes open. I blew up at the giant a couple nights ago, and I don't think either one of us got to sleep, maybe we did for an hour or two in the morning, but that's it. If the food processor his mother gave us wasn't a complete piece of crap and actually worked, even a little, then maybe I wouldn't have thrown a temper tantrum. I just about threw the thing across the kitchen. Yesterday was better, though. I got my hair cut, and it looks much better and it was fun to catch up with my stylist. I got home nice and early then went back out to get some summer clothes, because I don't want to be stuck in heavy jeans when it's going to be 80 degrees this weekend and into next week. I got a couple cute pairs of khaki crop pants at Fashion Bug, one of them rouches up, the other rolls. I also got a couple shirts, one of them is a lightweight white cardigan I can wear to work with a t-shirt underneath, so I'll be nice and comfy.

I've got so damn many cookies to get rid of. I made regular macaroons (didn't turn out so well because the liquid egg whites I knew I shouldn't have used got all runny and everything's sticky), orange macaroons (really pretty with semisweet chocolate drizzled over them), rustic almond cookies (the ones I threw the temper tantrum over - damn you, Mario Batali for saying they needed a food processer when all they really needed was a bowl and a fork and a little elbow grease!), malted choco chip cookies, and really thin crispy oatmeal choco chip cookies. I'm giving most of them away, I just wanted the practice. They'll be good to take on our trip, and with a few other snacks, I hope to not have to stop for anything but gas on the whole drive down.

Is anyone doing Dining Out For Life in their city tonight? The giant and I and my gay boyfriend are going out for dinner. I just hope I can stay awake through it. If you have any participating restaurants in your area, part of the restaurant profits go to The Aliveness Project for people living with AIDS. Lots of fun and for a great cause.
Lunch lunch! Thank goodness, things actually picked up for a little while, and now it's lunch, then I imagine that this afternoon won't change much. I'll be sad to leave this office. I hope that they can keep me here, and I can work out of here until it's time for me to change professions.

(((diva))) fights are never funny. You always feel so physically shitty the next day. I fucking hate arguing. Dinner sounds fun! And those cookies sound so delish! mmm cookies.

FJ, that dream would upset me hugely, too. How are you doing today?

(((jenn))) just because.

I went and had a cinammon bun for break, I've been eating so well lately that I needed something mildly junky. But today I'll head over to the park, and maybe I'll try and squeeze in a work out. So that's where that sounds. And tomorrow is payday, sigh. Cute boys abound. Portions too! Hee!

Well, I'm going to go and take a little walk-y.

hey diva. no the lady didn't buy last night, but you're right. i'm very proud of her for making a step in the right direction for herself. UGH! i'm sorry you have an agency calling you! that's crazy. i wonder how they got your info. i bet if you tell them one more time that you're not interested, they'll not call anymore. unfortunately, we usually have to hear it three times before we're allowed to unqualify someone. you wouldn't believe how many times i've had people tell me that one time and then a week later they're single again. if they call back, you should just GUSH over how in love you are with the giant and how you never thought you'd ever meet anyone like him and that you've been living with him for over a year now. when i get that from people, even in the first call, i go ahead and release them.

sorry about your bad couple nights. but yay for new haircuts with old stylists!!

and your cookies sound YUMMMY!

eta: hey there, culture! x-posted with you~ i'm doing ok today. feeling better than yesterday. but i'm about to go take a NAP. i need it. and hell, i DESERVE it! tongue.gif
Hi everyone!!

Wow, that beer can house is fucking sick. I just don't get it.

((((diva)))) You got in a fight because of a food processor?! You're lucky the giant is willing to put up with that. I certainly wouldn't. You gotta keep that temper in check, especially when the giant is involved. He's too easy of a target.

Frell, I'm so looking forward to getting out of here. Is that bad that I'd rather have my feet in stirrups than be at work?

Weee!! I'm kinda excited to see Nile tonight. He's just so unbelievably kind. I think a bit of it has to do with his Arab/Italian background. Men in those areas are generally more expressive of their emotions, opinions, and so on. He's constantly gesturing with his hands and arms.
*curls up next to FJ on the okayland sofa* ...A nap sounds so divine...but then, my belly is full of panang noodles right now, so I'm sure I'll have a carb crash in about an hour.

Diva, you OWE it to yourself to go buy yourself a proper food processor!! I don't bake like you do, but its still the most used appliance in my kitchen, and nothing purees a soup better than a good food processor! BUT, I am *drooling* here at all of those cookies you made...*sneaks a macaroon*

Well, they finally rescheduled the going away party for the three of us who are leaving next week...its a potluck. classy. Between us we have 27 years of experience at this org, and its a potluck. Nice. BUT, I bet my boss will be forced to say something nice to me there, she can't hardly avoid it, whatever she personally thinks. It still cracks me up that she was surprised...she is not in touch at all. Oh well.
So things did pick up for me this afternoon, but not really bad, just paper work, and a few walk ins. It seems that they all come in at once. *sigh*

Oh well.

It is so nice outside right now, I went for a walk at break, yes I actually took a break this afternoon, and i'm looking forward to having puppy at the park, although soon it's going to be too warm to take her out, as she is all black and doesn't go hang out in the water.

That is all for now. I still have one client to see, and I have to finish eating and clear off my desk, it looks like a paper bomb exploded in here.

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