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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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That sucks that your pal isn't able to attend the going-away lunch! Ah well, I guess it's still nice to get a free meal at one of your favorite spots. Order something expensive. And get a glass or two of wine.
FJ's talk of Aunt Flow coming to town reminded me of something: the reason the giant and I and his whole family are going to Omaha/Council Bluffs is for a memorial service for his aunt who died in November... Aunt Flo. Weird. But I shouldn't laugh because she's dead and all, and was fairly young. I never did get to meet her.

*pops some champagne for non-prego Okayers and sparkling cider for FJ*

$$$$$$$sales vibes for FJ$$$$$$$

A Panekoeken is actually Dutch. It's basically just a baked pancake with stuff in/on it, and it gets kinda fluffy. I had mine with fresh apples and cinnimon, just like what my mom used to get. They don't have any lefse there, though, I think their only other ethnic food is metwurst. We used to love going there as kids, or at least I did. They had the best waffle fries ever.

Poodle, ignore that comment about him dating some other woman, especially if he doesn't sound that into it. They probably aren't monogamous, and he sounds like he could be easily convinced to date other people (ie: YOU).

CH, I love making people come into the office, though we're a pretty high-traffic place, especially at the end of the month when people don't want their welfare yanked because they didn't cooperate with child support.

Yay for new babies, Moxie!

Sorry about yer tits, Pugs.

It's about time I be heading home. I think I left myself with a full 20 minutes worth of work to do tomorrow morning. Yay. My boss better come up with something else for me, or I may just leave in the middle of the day out of sheer boredom.
WOOHOOOOO!!!! yayayayay! 10,000 posts! poodle, you're the winner! congratulations! you've won... uh... um... well... the 10,000th post, of course!!!

*plays kazoo noisemaker*

turbo, yes! i love the way poodle thinks! you should def get a glass of wine at lunch. hey, it's YOUR farewell luncheon, right? but maybe just get one... we've seen you when you have had too many, hehehehe. sorry your friend can't make it though. that does suck ass.

thanks for the sales vibeage. the first one hasn't shown up yet, but he's only two minutes late so far, so i'm not panicked yet. either way, i just triple confirmed my lady for 645 and she's gonna be there. so all is not lost even if this guy doesn't show. but come on, dude!!! show!! don't ya want some love??? wub.gif

oh, and i keep forgeting to tell you, ch... i LOVE futurama!! i hadn't watched it in years until it started coming on again lately (comedy central or cartoon network, can't remember) but gah it makes me laugh my ass off!
thanks for the thoughts and vibes everyone!

(((gt))) you've been a busy woman. nothing wrong with that. you have alot of exciting things going on.

i'm actually moving in with my folks this weekend. the move to boston won't happen 'til the end of august. i am thrilled for that actually. moving out of the apartment has more to do with grieving over my roomie who passed away. i have alot of memories of us living together in this place. i know i will always have those memories, but it is hard. a true letting go of my past. an end of an era for me. seriously. i am sad, scared, and nervous for the changes ahead. but, i know it will be good changes that will make me happy. my mom said i will come back from boston a different person. i know she is right. i just tend to feel things when i know they are gonna happen. i have a strong intuition.

(((pk))) that would be so awesome to have you back here!!! the old gang will be back!! well, i will be moving, but will be here! awesome. i hope things work out for you.

***rubs FJ's tummy***

i love pregnant women too. they are beautiful. i love their stomachs. don't ask me why. i have a thing for stomachs. even on men. not big hanging over your pants type. but, a little pooch is cute. it means they like to eat. and turbo can tell ya that i love to eat. yeah, i'm weird...

ok. sorry i didn't get to talk to everyone.

*~*~*soothing vibes for whoever needs 'em*~*~*

i would rub your boobies pugs, but i wouldn't want you to take it the wrong way! wink.gif

ok. off to do laundry...

fuck! both of my people cancelled on me. jeebus. at 5:15, it was all good and even though one wouldn't answer my call, the other told me she'd be there. and then, ten minutes after her appt should have started, she calls with a lame excuse and then says she's not sure she should do this in the first place. ARGH! i cannot believe this.

*goes semi-fetal (as much as the belly will allow for)*
Booty booty booty booty rockin' everywhere!!!!!

I have the day off today, and I feel great! I am going to go to 80's night with Morticia this evening, and if the same weirdos are there, we're gonna head over to the Surly Wench instead.

I had a doc appointment this afternoon, and she changed up my medications again. Starting tonight, my anti-psychotic cocktail will include Lithium. Ugh. I hope I don't turn into a zombie. She said it would probably help me, though. I have been having rapid cycling ups and downs lately.

I'm excited to get my resume together and start looking for jobs in Chicago. And it will be great to be able to hang out with the Chicago Busties again! WOOT! I will also be closer to the Cities, where my BFF just moved to, so I can visit her and the TC Busties as well! HOORAH!

Sorry the sickie busties aren't feeling so hot. LMP, (it's also the abbreviation for "Last Menstrual Period" at the doctor's office), sorry about your nips. What about the salt again? I didn't get how the salt would affect your nippos.

Diva's gonna make chocolates! That sounds absolutely awesome, and (to me) a little a little scary. Working with chocolate has always been frustrating to me, but that's because I don't do it often and I don't quite have the hang of it. You're going to be a pro!

Poodle - Nile sounds so effing hot! I'm with you - flirt flirt flirt! And let him make the first move. I hope he does, dude, because I have a crush on him on your behalf. Hot guys in close proximity are so exciting. There's a really cute, young, Mexican guy at work who I sing love songs (en espanol) to all the time. He always laughs and looks a little embarrassed. I feel like I've been going over the top with him lately, though, so I'm gonna lay off for a while.

There is also a new line expo at work who is tall, Latin, and handsome with the cutest accent. I'm gonna flirt with him when I get a chance.

FJ burned her belly! Aw, that's not funny - but kind of cute. When the burn starts to go away, you're going to be a belly-itcher.

I hope Octi is doing OK. I'm going to send her and her loved ones more vibes ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~octi~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I have some fresh spinach, fresh and dried mushrooms, and garlic that I am going to saute together for dindin. Maybe I will sear off some tempeh to go along with it, too. I'm hungry!

My roomies are going to Bisbee overnight for a romantic night out of town. Awwww. That means I have the house all to myself tonight. I don't know what I'll do (besides cook), but it seems cool. I can watch whatever I want on TV, I guess. Roomie likes BBC America. Sometimes that's boring to me. I haven't watched TV in a couple of years, so I don't know what to do with myself. I watched an infomercial for the Aerogarden the other day, and I was mesmerized.

Stargazer - I'm so sorry to hear about your roommate. Moving is always stressful, and I hope living with your parents gives you some comfort before you make the jump to Boston. And I hope I will be able to see you in Chicago this summer!!

OK duders. Smell ya later.
Good evening okayers!

So, where to begin? Ah yes!

YAY poodle for post 10,000!

Diva, you know what's funny, is that I am a social worker for welfare, or to be PC, Social Assitance! I know exactly what you mean about month end, crazy times! Yah for maintenance! Or whatever they need to bring in.

FJ, I'm watching Futurama as we speak, I just finished watching the episode where Leela finds out who her parents are. Such a good show. You look so sexy preggers. *kisses FJ's belly*

Hey star!

Jenn, just a few more days, that's craptastic that you can't have the person you really like at your lunch. Oh well, fuck 'em all. Asshats.

Pugs, are you playing with your nipples at all? Because you shouldn't until they heal, as you could get them dirty. What about a change of weather? My skin, even my nipples, get crazy dry during a change in weather.

Doodle, how are you feeling? ~*~*~*hangover healing vibes for doodle*~*~*~

I took the hounders to the park and she chased another doggy! I'm so excited that she is slowly warming up to other puppies! I heard from ex boy on Friday, I actually sent him a text while I was was wierd, because he's like why aren't we talking, I told him it was because he didn't call. Ever. Bleh. At least someone is giving me portions now! HAHAHAHA! See what you are missing out on ex boy? *sticks tongue out in oh so childish manner*

What else can I say? I have this neat-o book called 5 people who died during sex and other tasteless lists, and it so full of useless knowledge! I love dirt on famous people. Hee. 'specially stuff in here, I'll go into deets later. I'm going to have a bath, then pass out for the night, as tomorrow I'm supposed to be seeing boy 2.


Holy crapola, it's been so busy in here today. I can't keep it all straight. But I'll try. If I leave you out, it's not personal. I have the memory of a crack baby.

*sends aloe for FJ's belly and vibes for appointments to show up*

*sends soup and lozenges to pugs#

*sends frosty, cold, throat-soothing beverages to CH*

*sends Turbo's asshat colleagues very dirty looks and sends Turbo hugs*

*Hopes Diva will send me some chocolate*

*Agrees with Turbo about Grrrl needing some space in her posts....I love ya grrrl, but it's tough to get it all*

*Sends good medicine cocktail vibes to PK...I've been there, and it's no fun to feel like pharmaceutical guinea pig*

*Hopes Doodle has mended from her drunken binge*

*Agrees with GT that math sucks donkey wangs*

*Jumps up and down at a Mouse sighting!!!*

*Sends hugs to Star in her life transitioning time*

*Sends general vibes and well wishes to all okayers I've forgotten*

I'm feeling very sad tonight. I feel like I've taken a step backward instead of forward. That date has really screwed with my head. I look in the mirror lately and see an attractive girl, so why do I have no self-esteem? I just have no feeling of self-worth at all most of the time. It's been a lifelong problem, but it's gotten so much worse since the breakup. And you would think a date with a nice, smart, witty guy would make me feel good, but I just feel awful. I guess I'm not ready. When will I be ready? I'm sorry to be such a downer, but I'm just having a really hard time tonight.


I'd like to thank everyone in here for the vibes with my sick mommie, especially Poodle who let me crash for a few days and turning me on to Tom Waits...I've gotr 4 songs and have been listening to them nonstop all day while driving the big edge breadtruck around all day today....My favorites have to be Warm beer and Cold Beer, and The Piano has been Drinkin'.....good stuff!!!!!
By the way if Niles says stuff like " I don't know how long it'll last or It might not last til next month" that is ManSpeak for I'm interested. I'm sure you'll find Mr right soon.....It's only a matter of time, besides You're even more of a catch than you were when we met years ago!! I loved your cats and was nice to be able to see ya again after all these years.
It's not everyday where you get to see, let alone spend time with "the one who got away" Thank You for Everything!!!!


P.S. Next time I'm draggin' you out to that I know AND can pull off a mean Tom Waits!!!

with the platinum blondes
and tobacco brunettes
I'll be drinkin' to forget you
lite another cigarette
and the band's playin' something
by Tammy Wynette
and the drinks are on me tonight!!!!!!!!

Good evening, my lovelies!!!

Ooof, I am tired tonight!! My day was, well, kind of pissy, so spin class was the perfect antidote, and it was a freakishly hard class too, so I got all my aggression out, and now I feel nice and relaxed. Now, I've got bathwater on, and then I'll probably tuck into bed early too...maybe I'll see CH there. heh. wink.gif

FJ - is it worse to have no shows or have the office staff not close? I would think that the no shows might be a smidge less painful....anyway, I wish you ~*~*~*~*many, many sets tomorrow!~*~*~*~*~

PK, your dinner sounds delish!!! And I hope your new meds smooth things out for you - would you be able to get continuous health care if you moved back up here? I hope you're enjoying your quiet night at home!

((((star)))) I hope you have a smooth move back to your 'rents, and that you can leave your gorgeous pad carrying all those good memories with you....and keep all those fabulous trips you have this summer in your vision! And, if you need to escape your parents at any point, come on up to the northside, and hang with us for awhile - you are welcome anytime!
Holy crosspost, batman!!

(((((Kel))))) I don't think you're taking a step backward at all....maybe the date just was just a way of really knowing for sure that you're not ready to jump into the dating pool just yet, and that is absolutely okay. I think you should take a course from Poodle in dating yourself - our poods really knows how to treat herself! But a time where you make yourself, and your healing a priority could be a lovely, and maybe even fun, journey!

Shawn, you are just so sweet!! I love what you wrote about our beloved poodle! Awwwww... But how is your mom doing? I hope she is doing better now.

Okay, off to the bath for me!
*Stomps lividly into thread*

I just had quite the shock. I went on the Bust personals to see who had viewed my profile. Even though I'm pretty sure dating is not for me right now, a girl can still be curious. And I see a guy with no picture who has viewed my profile today, but he lives very close. I didn't even look at his name, just clicked on the spot where a photo would be. As soon as I started reading it, I realized it was Kelman! I was furious. It wasn't even a real personal basically said anyone reading it was wasting their time. I called him and asked what the hell he thought he was doing. He said he was on The Onion site (who apparently uses the same host as Bust) and clicked on the personals because he thought they would be a joke and when he entered the zip code, he was shocked to see me pop up (I went and checked, and he wasn't lying...I was the first to pop up). And when he saw I had other photos posted, he wanted to see which ones, but the site would only let him view them if he signed up. I told him I thought that was really creepy and very invasive of him. I told him that dating is a part of my life that I don't even want to have to deal with right now and I wouldn't have to if it weren't for him and it's certainly not something I want him poking his nose in. He apologized and is taking the personal ad down now. He doesn't want to date anyone, he just wanted to spy on me, I guess. Fucker.
fuck this thread flys!

to clarify the sea salt thing and my nips. i have to put 1/4 teaspoon of salt into 8oz of warm water, stir, put in shot glasses, tip onto my nipples and let them soak for 10 minutes 1-2 times a day. it's a very strange madonna look let me tell ya. it's supposed to pull any bacteria out of the piercing. i switched brands of sea salt and thought that might be causing the irritation.

culture - nope, nope, nope not playing with them. infact i don't touch them unless i'm cleaning or soaking them.

((((((okayers)))))) thanks for the anti-cold and healthy nips vibes.

( . )( . )

(does that look like a set of tits?) Well, I tried. LOL
cute tits, pug wink.gif

I confess I only read the last 3 or 4 posts--life gets crazy--, from which i want to say:

((((((kel))))))) major self-love vibes and what-a-douche-ex-boyfriend vibes to you, girl.

((((((shawn))))) best wishes for your mother.

ok, back to the grindstone. less than 48 hours til the thesis is due! 5 more pages and general editing left... will she beat the clock? will she triumph? is that her destiny? stay tuned to see...

oh! also! BGP arrives from africa TONIGHT!! (sad reasons for the trip, but still excited to see her and give her the biggest hug EVAH.)

much love to all the okayers whose posts i have not read.
*kicks kelman in the nuts*

I...have nothing to report. Damn, I think it's almost time to go out and get a life again.

ETA: oh yeah, this is for jami...

(going off progesterone supplements = hormones in a confused tizzy) + (pre-menstrual condition = hormones going in high gear) = apparent extrasuperhorniness = discovery of easily achieved multiple orgasms

ETA again: after writing this post, I decided to prime some canvasses and leave them to dry overnight. On a completely and utterly unrelated note, Georgie just jumped up here to say hello....and I discovered that his little nose is white.

Wow, it was busy in here yesterday! Yay Poodle on 10,000 posts!!!!

*throws confetti all over the thread

I don't think I'm gonna be able to totally catch up, so here's the jist of what I can remember...(my memory is really short)

Kel, boo on asshat exes.

Grrl, I have to throw in my agreement, it'd be easier to read your posts if you had some line breaks. I don't want to miss anything that you say!!!

Doodle...hehe, yeah, it might be time. smile.gif

~*~*thesis vibes for octi*~*~

Pugs, when I got mine done, I found that sport bras made them feel better. Also, I found out that if I'd make the seasalt solution too strong, it'd dry out the nips. I just used a pinch of salt per shotglass. My piercer told me that if I tasted the solution, it should taste like tears. I think you're larger breasted than I am so I dunno about the sport bras solution...but I found that the nips could move too much against regular bras, and that seemed to make them sore.

Turbo, boo on disfunctional workplaces! And you're gonna be riding bike twelve miles one way?

*bows down in complete awe*

~*~*throat vibes to CH*~*~ I'm starting to feel a wee tickle in my throat itself, now....

So, my first day back was okay. I remembered about halfway into the day that my shoes (from last fall) SUCKED and I switched to boots over the winter, thinking I'd get new shoes for summer. Ouch, my feet hurt. I hate shoe shopping for work shoes because tennis shoes aren't really cool, and dressy shoes are completely out of the question. I end up shopping in the men's department (I think I only shop in women's for undergarments~bras, undies, and socks). But, anyway, my feet are like a women's size eight so they're a mens size seven and very few men's shoes go down that low in size. So usually I'm limited to like three pairs. I just dropped $90.00 on a pair of shoes that I can tell are going to give me blisters and have no arch support. But the other two pairs I could find were like $150! AAAARRRGGGHHH!

But, on a better, "good things Tuesday" note, I was damned productive yesterday. I got an oil seperator mounted in a -80 freezer and the vaccum pump is on it and it was down to 100 microns yesterday when I left which is good, hopefully I can charge it today and it will go down to at least -80C! I also got a new evaporator mounted in a regular refrigerator, got a vacuum pump on it, but it doesn't need to go into as deep a vacuum as the -80 so i just have a regular gauge on it, gonna have to do the MATH to convert ounces to grams so I can charge the refrigerator with R-134A.

How many ounces would be equal to 170 grams? I also scrapped out a big old -80, went over to Weeks Hall to convert a chiller over to water...busy day. It was long. Within the first hour back to work, I needed a Band Aid, hehe

And, I saw some really, really stupid things that had happened when I was gone. The only other woman at our shop, SHUT. OFF. THE. COOLING. WATER. to a bunch of walk in cold rooms LAST WEEK, and left. She never made it back there! All that research went to crap. And maybe it's kind of bad of me but I hold women to a higher standard in terms of the kind of work we do, because people watch what we do and people stereotype, and when a woman fucks up, all the guys use that as a "reason why women aren't suited to this work".

/end rant

*dashes back out, waves to any Okayers I missed!
Holy jeebus, I was woken up by the strangest thing...well, maybe not STRANGE per se, but not the usual, anyway - for a weeknight. Heh. A loud, twentysomething woman was down on the beach, or perhaps climbing up the embankment (it's dark, how do I know?), obviously drunk or high, screaming invectives up towards I-have-no-idea-which apartment, but it contains someone named Brendan. From what I gather (from what she yelled, repeatedly), Mr. Brendan has kicked this woman out of their mutual home to install his "bitch." I'd be pretty pissed about being made suddenly homeless, too, I guess. (Of course if any guy ever tried to kick me out of my home, I'd have the RCMP and a restraining order on the doorstep in about 15 minutes.) Sounds like she had a friend with her, anyway, who eventually got her to move on.

What fun. Just makes you want to lean out the window and go, "Oh honey. SO not worth this."

By the way, turbo, I meant to say....BOO NA NA on those jerks who are not going to fill your position when you go! It just FIGURES! Way to TOTALLY devalue all the work you've put in. And who on earth do they expect to farm out your tech work to? I'd be screaming holy bloody murder I was one of the remaining employees. (Says the woman who took on the bookkeeping and admin after the funding was cut...*ahem*...nevermind, nothing to see here, look away.) Yes, isn't it wonderful to be moving on?

Hi treehugger! I'm FINALLY putting your books in the mail this week! I'm just waiting for that cheque for my old tech work to arrive, and then I'll hop right to the post office!

Ok, I've had a cookie and some pink lemonade. Now I'm going back to bed.
morning lovies...i'm working from home tuesday...i;m trying really hard to make this a regular part of my week. It just perks everything up to have 1 or 2 mornings at home when the bebe wakes up.

Anyway, turbo-fuckem. I'm crazy pissed for you that they're treating you this way after all the service you've put in. Social well being, hrumph!

doodle- WHOOO HOOO on the multiple O! The girl bits are back!

Ok, off to work. Blech. At least its gonna rain here today. We could use the rain.
Good morning okayers!

What? I'm not posting after Jenn, WTF? This totally throws off my day. sad.gif

(((kel))) fuck kelman *punches kelmn in the face* You are a smart, beatiful woman, and you know this, you're just having a hard time right now sweetie. Things will get better.

Pugs, I've got no idea what's going on. Hmmm, best to get thee to your piercer.

Doodle, there's nothing like waking up to screaming people. I woke up to the sounds of equipment cleaning the sand and crud off the boulevard grass.

Hi Shawn hope your mom is better soon.

Hi moxie! That's great that you can work from home sometimes!

*rubs tree's feet* ~*~*~*~*foot healing vibes*~*~*~*~*~

So, I still feel like ass, I can't get into see my doc soon either, so today I'm dragging my ass to an urgent care centre, because this not eating solid food is making me cranky, and hurts to swallow, and it's weird it's only on one side. I'm thinking I have something, just not too sure what yet. Here's hoping it's not bad. I'll be fine, I'm going to head over there right after my 9 am appt comes in, if they come in.

So, apparently, I'm having quite the effect on boy 2! Hahahaha, I love it, seductress CH is back. Mothers, lock up your sons!

That's all for now, later okayers!


ETA: Jenn I see your posting right now! Hi! *waves at Jenn*

Good for you on working from home a couple mornings, mox!!

Sorry for the delay, CH - I seem to have the back-up of people at my door needing me even earlier now...ugh.

Doodle, you are absolutely right...this place is completely de-valueing the work that I've done, and determining that large swaths of what I do are sucks, and I feel terrible for the staff being left behind who are getting dumped on. Its not right, and my only hope is that in time, they will come to understand that they do need someone in this position, possibly 2 persons, and give the staff the communications support they need. It just really makes me feel sad...this organization really does amazing work *in spite* of the leadership.

And YES!!! I am So excited to be moving on, to take on a more challenging job, and more challenging commute...its going to be good. I'm sure it won't be perfect, but to be a member of a TEAM will be a really nice change of pace for me.

Tree, I love it when you talk about your job!! Really! You kick so much ass at your job, and are so FAB at what you do!! And get yourself some sassy, comfortable shoesies! Do you have to wear steel toes?
Drum roll please.......

I went to the doctor and I have...either mono or strep. They took blood today and I'll know if it's mono today, if it isn't, I'll know it 2 days if it is strep. Yup, my throat is all puss filled and's lovely. It's been accompanied by a cough, for a while, but that I just ignored. Isn't that just lovely. Oh well. I have an rx if it is mono, if it isn't...two days until I start to heal. Bleh.

I called ex man to tell him, and he said, "well I'm not sick" I pretty much dished it right back telling him I was just trying to be decent. Assclown. That's what you get for being nice. yutz.

Well, since I've already missed an hour and a half of work, I should go now.

Later okayers!

P.S. Jenn, fuck that place, new job-y starts soon!

ETA Happy BRIFDAY RV!!!!! What a great birthday present, your new house!!!! YAY!
Okay, which one of you diryt whores put a hex on the lounge?

We are doing the 11th grade MCA's (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment) for math today. This is the make or break test for NCLB. It's kind of been a mindfuck around here lately because they closed down six Northside schools, and are doing freshstarts in two others which means that another inevitable round of huge layoffs is nigh. Which means my job is in jeopardy once again, and I could lose this one...and that makes me really sad. is okay for the most part. I will comment more later, but I wanted to question the diryt whores. wink.gif
Culture - yesterday and today (don't freak out on me) I put a tiny, tiny, tiny amount of antibiotic ointment on just the tips of my nipples but not near the piercing holes as best I could. They feel soooo much better now. Did you take the doggy to the park yesterday? You might have mono? I was just thinking that might be what I have cause this friend of mine has it and I'm feeling kinda poopy. I don't have a sore throat though. I'm just very tired and feverish sometimes.

Treehugger - I think the salt solution might be too strong and drying them out like you said. I'm going to use less from now on.

How is everyone today? So far my day is fine. It's so nice outside. I don't want to be in school. Have the house to myself tonight because Mr. Pug is bowling so I'm going to work, work, work on my drafting assignments. Eight drawings to do in 11 days. Think it can be done? I hope so!

This a porn bot in the masturbation lounge. Anal something. WOW! I tried to ignore him but it kept his post on the screen when i went back into the thread. Did i do it wrong? Some help would greatly be appreciated.

FALLJACKETS?!?!?! Where you at girl?

doodle - you had an exciting morning uh? I love when there is drama like that outside my house. It's like watching a real life soap opera. I'm sick I know.
Hi everyone!!

Awwww...shawn, you're so sweet. Again, it was my pleasure to have you around on those days. You're a catch, too. Oh, and I'm glad you're diggin' on the Waits. "The Piano has been Drinking" is one of my faves.

D'oh, kel!! That's so stupid of your ex!!! What a turd.

~*~*~*~more get well vibes for sickies~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~stay-open vibes for minxie's school~*~*~*~ What I don't understand is--where the hell are these kids supposed to go? It's like they think the students will magically disappear once these schools are closed.

Hi tree, culture, octi, doodle, turbo, mox, pugs, and anyone I'm missing!!

I got a hug from Nile yesterday!! Of course, he hugs many people, so it's not that big of a deal. Still, it was sweet. I saw my "weekend eye candy" last night, too, and it turns out that he's losing his job!! He applied for the same supervisor job that Nile did, but didn't get the job (Nile did). Anyway, that's too bad. I got hugs from him too. I'm lovin' all of the guys at this place.

Good things:
1. Boss is out most of the day
2. Yummy sesame rice salad for lunch
3. I set up appointments for hair, doc, etc.
4. My house is clean and most of my laundry is taken care of
5. Had some quality snuggling time with Oscar this morning
Hi, peeps!

*punches Kelman in the neck* That's just smarmy, lurking on your profile and thinking you wouldn't find out. Jerk.

((((((Pug's nips and drafting assignements))))))

(((((((Shawn's mom)))))))

$$$$$$$FJ set and sales vibes$$$$$$$

Minx, yeah, what are they going to do with all those displaced kids? I've been wondering about that one. Good luck with your testing. Is this something for No Child Left Behind that will hopefully go away when Bush is gone?

Jenn, just take a deep breath and focus on your new job. And a 12 mile commute one-way?! Holy crap, you must be in awesome shape. I'd never dream of that.

Yay for CH's dog being more social! Boo on strep or mono!

Nile hugged Poodle! Yay! Nile got the job! Yay! Hey, if you don't have any plans on Thursday night, wanna go out for Dining Out For Life? I was thinking of making a reservation at FireWater Grill. Gay boyfriend and his Republican might come with, too.

Hi, Doodle, Tree, Moxie, and everyone!

I'm finding myself left with nothing to do yet again. Well, I've got 2 new files I can work on, but they're both really easy and I can get them done in about 30 minutes. Then I have a whole afternoon of nuthin' until my boss decides to grace me with a project.

I'm still trying to get ahold of my old stylist. I hope hope hope he calls me back today. I haven't been this nervous about getting a call from the boy since I met the giant. I'm all giddy like a little schoolgirl.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) down time at work, I guess
2) hopefully getting my hair cut again by the only person who knows how to do it right
3) a fun night out on Thursday
4) my check for my speeding ticket finally got cashed, so I think I'm off the hook for that
5) decent weather
6) only 2.5 more days left for me this week, maybe less if I have to leave early Thursday to get my hair done

Hi diva!!

Thanks for the dining invite, but I'm low on funds and I gotta save what little fundage I have for my doc appt. and haircut this week. We'll have to dine another time.

~*~*~*~stylist contact vibes~*~*~*~ I'm really excited to get a haircut, too. I'm also getting it dyed.

Poop. My boss is back. It's only 1:00. I wish I had played hookey today. It woulda been too obvious. Maybe tomorrow would be better because the boss lady will be gone the whole day and the meddler is taking a vacation day.
Good afternoon!

So I heard from the doc, I have strep, am now taking penecillin. It is what it is. It's better than mono I suppose.

~*~*~*job and stay open vibes for minxie~*~*~*~

I'm getting my hair cut on Saturday! YAY!

Pugs, did you try takin' a bath? I'd stop using the soap, honestly. Switch to an unscented glycerin based soap. I'm stumped.

Poodle, that's shitty about the meddler. *throws banana peel on the floor and watches the meddler slip and fall* That's mean of me. Oh well. I'm in a mean kind of mood.

I have no messages, a few things I can do, but really it's almost month end, I don't want to over do myself.

I'm having the rest of my turkey chilli, and I want to make some more tonight! Mmmm turkeytastic.

That's all.


Everyone's getting haircuts!!

That's actually good that it's strep and not mono. Still, strep sucks. ~*~*~*~speedy recovery vibes for culture~*~*~*~
hey ya'll!!!

Its craaazy here, I'm totally frazzled with everything I'm supposed to be doing. BUT, the e-learning website group just took me out for a nice lunch, and they're my favorite co-workers, so that was really makes me sad to leave great people like them...but then I get back to work and find 8 "I need" voicemails. sigh. 5 more days.

((((pugs nips))))

((((CH swift healing))))

(((((minxy's school)))))

(((((shawn's mom)))))

Poodle, that's awesome that you got hugs from all the boys!! Your gym sounds so awesome! I'm glad you're really enjoying it, and that you have some nice scenery, to boot. wink.gif

I dunno, diva, I don't think I'm any great athlete for riding 12 miles to work...yeah, its an excellent work out, but have you seen chicago? Flat as a pancake, so its not super challenging except for the wind. It'll be nice to just get home and already have my workout done.
awww shucks okayers, thanks for the healing vibes! *blushes*

I feel really left out of the nipple thing though. Hmmmph.

Poodle, hugs from sexy man! Nice! There is a sexy man I work with who I'd like to have do more than hug me. Fuck, he's pretty darn fine! Mmmmm.... *slips off into fantasy land*

Jenn, that's nice that you had a good lunch, 5 more days, only 40 more hours! Sweetness!

I actually have some work to do, but I'll be back!


dang! i can finally get in here! sheesh! i thought i was gonna have to break something to get in the lounge!

hi everyBUSTie!

shawn, so nice to see you here! and what a sweetheart you are to our poodle! glad you guys got to catch up in person. that sounds like fun, even though it wasn't under the best conditions. i hope your mom is doing better, shawn!!!

dang, turbo, how did i miss that they were considering not replacing you! gosh, it really sounds like you've made the best decision from all sides. i'm so happy for you. is turbomann still happy with his new gig? i'm so excited for both of you. are you going to be able to take any actual time between the two jobs? or just collect that vacation pay as a bonus?

*gets in line to commit bodily harm on kelman* sheesh. what a duece. sorry you're feeling bad, kel. i wish there was something i could do to help. i do think you're going about things the right way. you need to focus on yourself right now and really make sure that you continue affirming what a wonderful and deserving woman you truly are. you have a LOT going for you and you seem to know it. i know it's hard though. we all come down on ourselves at times and it's easy to let it get away from us. just focus on the positive things that are coming your way and you'll be ready for them when they reach you. and i don't think there is anything wrong with seeing people. you know what your comfort level is. you can always keep things restricted to coffee dates or dogwalks and stuff. (((((((kel))))))))

*****interrupted for loooooong boring conference call*****

now i'm all over the place and hungry so i'm gonna have to come back.

Amen, FJ. Don't let the ex's asshattery get you down, kel. Maybe instead of dating, you could find a place with lots of hot babes to ogle and flirt with. That'll make you feel sexy and in control. Dating is so much work, especially when you're just getting out of a relationship.

~*~*~*~anti-stress vibes for turbo~*~*~*~

Ugh. My boss listens to this boring piano music when she's here and it drives me friggin' bonkers.
I finally got a hair appointment! Hooray! Hooray! It's tomorrow at 3:00 and it costs less than I would've thought. Hooray! My old stylist is taking me back!

CH, glad it's not mono. Doesn't that stick around for a month? Not that strep is great either, but there's a better expiration date on it.

Jenn, you are so definitely an athlete for doing your commute, plus spin class, plus taking Turbodogg out. Unless I make a point of it, I probably walk a lousy half mile a day and that's it. I'm trying to make a point of being more active in general, making 10,000 steps a day or close to it, but sometimes it's difficult to make happen.

Poodle, that's cool. Maybe we can catch up next week instead.

Hi, FJ. I had problems getting in here this morning, too.

How is it almost 3:00 and I'm still not done with these 2 files yet? I'm such a dick-arounder procrastinater.
Hi everybody!

Yay for your hair appointment Diva! A good hairstylist is worth their weight in gold.

~*~*happy positive health and work vibes for everyone~*~*~*~

I've been pretty busy lately. Work is normal but as usual I am behind on my projects. We refinanced our house in late February, paid off some debts, and have started doing house stuff - we just redid the kitchen countertops with big greeny-black granite tiles (so much cheaper than paying for a big slab) and it looks really good. We also got a ridiculous television that was on floor model clearance at Best Buy that was idiotic to buy but we really love it - it is so much fun to watch movies on. Wedding planning is going good - I have a lot of the big stuff done and the bridesmaid dress order just went in last Friday, so I have a bit of a reprieve for a few weeks from the planning. And I'm trying to be a healthy girl and go exercise at my new gym (the old one closed) that is open 24 hours so I have no excuses! I pretty much have to lose weight if I want my wedding dress to zip - I was probably too ambitious when I ordered the smaller size but I swear I will fit into it when it arrives in June! Hmmm, what else... oh, Jfrito (my new nickname for my fiance - since JT is the actual name of a friend's boyfriend it is too confusing to me to keep using that so I'm going to call him Jfrito instead) and I celebrated our eleventh year together last Friday.

Congrats on the new job Turbojenn! It definitely sounds like you are leaving at the right time. And you can laugh fiendishly when you hear about them struggling later without you to pick up the pieces.

FJ, you look so cute in your icon picture! It is so hard to believe that you are so far along in your pregnancy!

Hi Poodle! That Nile guy sounds very cute. Keep on flirting with him and soon he'll be transfixed by your womanly wiles and will have to date you and sing Tom Waits songs to you!

Good afternoon, once again.

I've decided I don't want to do anymore work for the day. My newest reports can fucking wait. I'm sleepy, I just want to go home, have a nap, then hook up with boy 2.

Diva, yay on the hair app! I'm getting so excited for mine now, even though it's at 9 on a Saturday morning! I'd also much rather have strep then mono, I have to take the meds for 6 days, and it should kick in after 2, so here's hoping. No drink-y drink-y this weekend either, but that's okay. Saves me some money.

Hi FJ!

Where's Doodle? Hellooooooooooooooooooooo???!!!! We meece you!

okay, I'm going to go and fuck around for the rest of the day. Laters!

Hi marileen!! Congrats on your 11th year anniversary!! I can't wait to see what your dress looks like. I'm sure you'll look gahgeous, dahling.

Yeah, I decided I'm done working today, too. Actually, I never really started working. I did about an hour's worth of real work. smile.gif

I closed my door because I'm tired of hearing my boss' rambling conversations, cell phone rings, and shitty piano music.

I'm tired and hungry. I think I'm gonna skip the gym tonight. My muscles are sore and I need to watch Dancing with the Stars and American Idol.
Wow, 11 years. Damn. Most people don't even stay married that long.

I'm done working for today, too. Actually, I've been done for about an hour now, I'm just killing time until the clock says I can leave.

I've decided I'm going to make bunches of cookies tonight, mostly to bring into work. I'm going to bring some on our road trip, but most will be for work and to give away to friends and my hair stylist guy. Baking is so calming for me, and I love how pretty the end result is.
poop! i wanna be done with work too!!! i got a late start today because the phones were down at the main office, so i worked later into the afternoon than usual. then the stupid conf call lasted over an hour when it's usually 15min. THEN my friend/boss called and wanted me to roleplay with a new girl for a while. i didn't get my nap in and now i'm a grumpy crankpot.

but i DID have a grilled cheese with bacon and tomato for lunch. so that's my good thing today. smile.gif

sorry i'm so self-absorbed this week. i had a ton of stuff that i wanted to say to everyone this morning and then the conf call got me all fucked up and now i'm just a mess.


wow, marileen that is awesome that you guys have been together for so long. really super!! so the big day is in june, then eh? getting close!!

yeah, ch, i'm glad it's not mono, girlie! strep sucks bad enough. you'd better seriously take it easy this weekend though. get better!!

hi lmp if you're out there!

hi tree!! how is your arm feeling now that you're back at work? giving you any trouble at all?
Driveby...Kelman took the thing down. And apologized again. He's still an ass.

Hey ya'll!!!

Much like Diva and her baking, cooking is very soothing to me, so coming home after a really frustrating day to make a big pot of chorizo, beans, and greens for dinner was just the antidote I needed. That, and some nice cuddles with turbomann.

Kel, I'm glad kelmann is apologizing his ass off. He should.

FJ, I fully understand being a grumpy crankpot today. smile.gif I hope your evening is going better now!!

marileen - congrats on your anniversary!! Turbomann and I are hittin' 12 years today....we still don't really care much about the wedding anniv, since we were together for so many years before we got hitched. I hope the rest of your wedding planning goes smoothly!

Poodle, I'm sorry your boss plays shitty piano music, that would make me insane too...thank cod for office doors and ipods. I sure hope I can listen to my 'pod at the new job, since I'm moving into a cube farm for the first time, and I can be easily distracted.
Oh, and Poodle, I LOVE "The Piano Has Been Drinking" too.
good evening okayers!

Wow, jenn 12 years! Marileen 11! Awww, that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Kel, at least he apologized. He's still a douche bag.

Oh baking! yummy! I'm making more turkey chilli. I decided not to see boy 2 tonight, I felt bad, he told me not to be and we would see each other Tursday instead, as he has his daughter tomorrow. I sent him some pictures instead. laugh.gif

I'm pretty tired tonight, I'm going to get some warm to put around the area of my throat and neck.


Have a great evening everyone. Or try to.

Turbo - cube farm sounds cute. I've always wanted to work in a farm. I hope you get your iPod, too. I used to share a cube with a guy that listened to hardcore music all the time, and I had nothing. This was before the days of the iPod, and I didn't have a radio or WalkMan (hee hee walkman) to listen to. So it was hardcore shit, day in and day out. I could have asked him to knock it off, I guess, but at that time (I was 21 years old), I felt like it would be rude to do that. But let me tell you, I didn't get *shit* done. So distracting.

kelkello - That's so creepy of Kelman to do that. Fahk. I'm glad he's apologizing, though. Still. What a fool.

Last night I talked to my friend, Em, who said I could stay with her in Chicago until I get an apartment. She even offered to let me stay until her lease runs out in Spetember so we could get a place together. I don't know how that would work out, though, as she has a tiny one bedroom and it might get intense. Plus, although she is one of my closest friends, she has a lot of mental health and substance abuse issues she is working on. I feel like I want to be there for her to guide her through and encourage her to keep taking her medications and stay away from coke, but I worry that I might become a full-time babysitter.

I just have this feeling that I could be a great example for her. Before I was diagnosed with my mental illness, I was a wreck. I couldn't function in real life at all, and I needed people to take care of Heikki and me all the time. Ever since I started taking medication, I have been very highly functioning. (It sounds like I am some kind of machine). A year after I started medication, I got and held a job (as the bread baker at Great Harvest) for a year, then made the move to Tucson and got the pastry position that I kept for over a year until I moved on to my current job.

Em has trouble keeping jobs because she is so miserable. She doesn't have insurance, so she has trouble obtaining and maintaining her medications. IF she runs out, she doesn't get more for a while. She also stops taking them because of the side effects, which I keep telling her go away mostly if you keep taking them consistently.

Anyway, it has been hard being away from her - because she is such a great friend, and also because I feel helpless when she hits a snag. She finally got hooked up with a sliding scale counseling center that gives her the medications for free. She has just started there, so hopefully this will get her on her feet. And I don't think she has been using coke for several months.

As far as my own health care up in Chicago, I have checked out Patient Assistance programs through the drug companies and it looks like I can get my medications for free until I find a job with benefits. I just need to find a doctor to prescribe them to me.

So, anyway, that's kind of hopeful - that I will have a place to stay until I get my own place. My sister already said I couldn't stay with her and her husband, which I can understand (in my past life, I wouldn't have made an effort to find my own place), and I couldn't stay with Mr. PK because that would be weird (for him, not me). Yesterday, Mr. PK and I talked, and he said although he thought it would be good for me to come back, he might feel weird about having me back because of the awful circumstances under which I left.

I'm meeting with my friend soon to make my resume, then I'm hunting for jobby jobs. Exciting!!!
PK that is really great about Chicago.

On that happy note,

good night okayers.

snuggles into bed*

I'll talk to you tomorrow.
TJ- I did not know that your REAL anni was the same day as my WEDDING anni. smile.gif We count the REAL one more, too. 10 years this november! wow. 3 years as legal married folks. Now, I go back to work. Yes, work. I'll have good things wednesday, i promise.
Yeah for puppykitty!!! You are coming back to Chicago!!!

Um, I don't know if living with the friend would be a good idea. Especially, if you think you will end up babysitting her. Not that she is asking to be babysat, but if you know it may be a prob for you, then you might want to look into another living alternative. I can understand if you have nowhere else to stay. Just take care of yourself.

(((kel))) sorry about the kelman for being so weird with you. maybe the setback for you will help you to see where you want to work on yourself postbreakup. we are here if you need us.

and i feel so bad i can't keep up with everyone. sad.gif

well, at least i got boxes today. moving sucks.

and another happy birthday to rose!!

Greetings, Earth Creatures! Hi to turbo, FJ, poodle, diva, minx, moxie, culture, pugs, PK, marileen, kari (who is where today? hmm), grrrl (ditto!), kel, and stargazer, and anyone lurking, too!

Happy Anniversaries to everyone!! (Don't ask me for names, I'm getting confused about the who/when.) Y'all have such long-term, stable relationships, wow! My relationship RECORD is three years. Heh. (I have issuezzzzzzzzz.)

Also, and especially...


I actually JUST pulled a chocolate cack out of the oven! For reals, yo!

*hands out slices of hot cack with melting ice cream on top*

~*~*~*~*~get better vibes for culture and pugs and anyone I've missed~*~*~*~*~

Today, I finally primed over the huge paint tester swatches on my bedroom wall. Doesn't mean I'm going to paint soon! Just means the wall is all-white again, for now. (Then again, if I get bored enough, I DO have the paint already...) And I hung up the Eve and Friends painting and a big mirror on that wall. I had to use my drill and also my hammer, so I got to feel all macho and stuff.

Yay, yay, yay! My young friend finally got back to me (I should have realized it's exam time, but I'm totally out of the loop)...we're going to get together on the weekend! That means green herb for me and really fun company! YAY!
Goodnight okayers!
Hihi late night Okayers (if there are any out there).

I just had a great visit with my friend, who helped me with tips for my resume and cover letter. We also just talked and talked for about four hours. We made dinner, too. We had tempeh salad (cold shredded tempeh with mayo and chopped up scallions, radishes, and garlic) on top of a bed of field greens with soy ginger dressing. Yum! Nice and light, too. Then we had some Soy Decadence Peanut Butter Zig Zag ice cream, which, if I remember correctly, is one of TurboJenn's favorites.

So, now, since I'm still wide awake, I am going to work on my resume and different cover letters for different positions, and get hunting.

British roomie is still awake and making toast and watching TV. It's really loud because he is hard-of-hearing. I scared the living shit out of him when I came in just now because he was in the kitchen with his back turned to me. I tried to say hello as I approached, but he didn't hear me. I said it again, but I was right behing him, and startled him pretty badly. He jumped a couple times. It was cute and funny, buy I felt bad.


I hope you had a spectacular day and are having loads of fun with your girlyfriends!!!!!!

Yeah, stargazer, I don't think it would be the best idea to live with Em either - but it seems so appealing to me to have someone who needs me and someone to be there for me, too. It seems better than living alone. I dunno. I guess it doesn't make much sense, logically. She's my only roomie prospect, and she's so cool and sweet and I like helping her and encouraging her, too. I hope that I would be a good influence on her and show her a good example.

OK, dudes, good night. Unless anyone is still awake?????????
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