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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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that thing where i stand around nekkid for other people to draw me? it's tonight! my feet hurt! i'm gonna be nekkid! in front of people! who will be drawing my flubness and backne! and, dude, my boobs do are not free range. they need to be confined, yo!

well, tonight will be quite the experience. i mean, the only real problem i'm going to have is i'll have an urge to giggle madly, as i will be naked in front of people i don't know (hopefully don't know!).
favorite quote of the day "my boobs are not free range." -tyg

Bwahahaha!! That so totally rocks! Turboman says that when he drew nekkid models he got a dude who had a Prince Albert Piercing...he says it was the one detail that was in each of his sketches. *shudders*

awwww...minxy gets to meet mrfj! Sweet!

Any chance that tour of dairyland includes a swing down to chicago? You could hit all the BUSTie-centric cities!
Actually, yeah.. I'll be in Chicago tomorrow night and again Friday. Woo-hoooo
Uh, yo mrfj, come and visit and have a beer with us on the lake....seriously. I'll even cook you dinner, and you can meet the infamous turbodog! You can just meet all the busties as you trot across the lovely midwest.
Would love to, Turbo. I may be getting into town rather late though for a school night. If time permits and you want to try to work something out, PM fj for my cell # (I have no access to our email on the laptop). If it doesn't work out this time around we'll just have to host you on your next trip to FLA :-)

Thanks for your hospitality!
Oh, late night, eh.....I am the lamest person on earth when it comes to late night...but if you do happen to get in earlier, I'll PM your lovely wife with our phone number. We do enjoy visiting FLA, so next time we make our way down there, we will be sure to call.
I think you guys should do some naked hiking along the lake.

Eeew, turbo, that picture of the pierced weiner is sooo nasty! Genitals look so icky when they're up shown up-close in photos. Come to think of it, they're icky in any context.

So what did you end up doing, mrFJ???

I did some ebaying today. I just couldn't resist. It was all little stuff though--mostly DVD's and records.
Me and fj chatted all night, pretty much. Gripping, huh?
tyger, how did it go?

Whew...I fell asleep after supper at 6....and wound up sleeping till midnight! Now I'm wide-effing-awake. Grr.
I'm up all night, too. 'Cept I have things I should be doing instead of wasting time in here.
AP, baby, this is not time-wasting!!!

How come you're up all night?
They're coming to inspect my apartment tomorrow & let's just say things are a bit out of hand around here. I hauled all of my clothes out for washing/storage of the winter goods & it looks like a clothes bomb went off. I *HATE* it when they come into my house & root around.
Oh, I understand completely. I'm effed if they ever decide they want to inspect something my spare room. Put it this way...I don't even GO into my spare room anymore!
Yeah, I hevn't been in mine in cod knows how long & I know it's a mess. Hopefully they won't come until the afternoon. I may call first thing in the morning & see if I can't make an appointment for then.
Good luck with that!

I just cleaned out my three-drawer nightstand. One small step on the road towards cleanliness! LOL!

I've got an old sofa bed in that spare room that someone needs to come and haul away. Maybe I'll make that my first action towards cleaning the spare room out.
Well, my harpy of a mother is coming out next week to haul her shit out of my spare bedroom. I may hate her boyfriend, but I hope he comes with because she's on crack if she thinks I'ma be haulin' her stuff around.
Hee hee! At least I have no one to blame for my mess but myself! How come you are storing your mama's stuff, or should I ask?
Wowza - a middle of the night BUSTie cleaning party - I think I'm glad I was asleep!

Mornin lovelies!

Nothing much great to say yet this morning...just settling in at the office.
Good Morning!

Howz mah bitches?

I worked from home yesterday. And I use the term worked very loosely. I am such a slacker.

((diva uncle)) I am so sorry to hear about the cancer. I will hope for the best.

Mr FJ is going to possibly meet some Okayers? Cool!

Can I do belated Good Things Tuesday?
1. Book club at my house tonight
2. I got a check from my dr. I don't know why,they said my acct was overpaid. Whatev, I'll take it!
3. Yesterday I bought a scented candle I'd been lusting after for quite some time.

I think that is it.
Good morning everyone!

To all you Twin Citians, I received a free ticket to see Donald Trump live at the Convention Center! If anyone wants it, let me know. You know, Donald Trump likes everything about Minneapolis because the people think BIG like he does. I heard him say that on the TV. C'mon people! This is a $47 value!!! ;)

Nuthin' much to say this morning. My boss comes back today. Why oh why must I spend the majority of the week with these people?
wow, poodle, you have a ticket to see the donald and you're giving it away?! you mean you don't want to see him? what's wrong with you? :-)

i don't think you could pay me to go see him. ick.

i have today off. YIPPEE! i worked two 12-hr days in a row and am very happy to still be in bed. i may go to a movie later. i love days off in the middle of the week.

anyone heard from tes? i was thinking about her yesterday.
Still awake.

Y'know, I'd go see the Donald if I could get close enough to snatch him bald. When I was five I went to see Santa & de-bearded him for being a fraud, I'd do the same to the Donald. The liver lipped freak.
Hi, peeps!

I'm playing hookey today with the intent of being really super productive with getting jewelry made. I haven't done any yet, though, but I just got up 30 minutes ago.

Sam and I had so much fun yesterday. We read stories and did a puzzle and played at the park and he got into my jewelry and my mom yelled at him. It looks like he's finally succumbed to potty training, too. It was just so nice to see his little smile again. My dad also looked at my tent and thinks he can fix it. I hope he's right. Now I just have to get a real sign to hang. Mom made a home-cooked meal, too. We had ribs and potatoes and garlic bread and strawberry mousse pie. Yum!

Waddaya mean you don't want to see The Donald, Poodle? Doesn't everyone in their right mind want to bow before him?

Thanks for the vibes for my uncle. I don't remember if he gets his kidney removed this week or next. He just called around to all the family (4 brothers and sisters besides those who already know, plus my grandparents). I really hope it all goes well. He's got pelvic cancer, too, which I hear is extremely painful. But I'm not giving up hope yet. He's just getting started on fixing it and positive energy is what he needs.

Sorry to be so self-centered. I really did read the archives and know that Mr. FJ and Minx had a beer, FJ's sick, there was a cleaning party of spare rooms, and a picture of a Prince Albert (my ex, Bikerboy, had one of those. No big whoop).

Poodle, I'll email you later on when I know what time we're going to go walking. Do you want to get dinner somewhere, too?

happy wacky wednesday busties!!!

hi diva, AP, turbojenn, poodle, doodle, kari, mr. fj, fj, minx, catsoup, and whammy and anyone else i missed.

i just sprained my driving ankle for the first time ever. its a mild sprain but a pain in the neck nevertheless. i didn't even notice it until i took off my shoes last nite to play with jake on the floor. bleh. but i have valrhona le noir semisweet chocolate to console me and my fat, throbbing foot. LOL.

update on the hair scene: next week is the big move to the senior floor where we get more 'hands on time' on real clients!! wooo! time has really flown and now all the girls that have been goofing off the entire time are freaking out...kinda fun to watch. hehe.
Oooh! I wanna play hookey!

I feel bad for any people who are being forced by their bosses to go see Donald. I, too, would love to throw crap at him, but I don't want to add to the crowd numbers. Besides, I'm sure his people would have me destroyed.

Remember, if your uncle needs a kidney, I've got a decent one that I don't really need. I could really use another 2-3 weeks off. :-)

Aural debearded Santa! Ha! I'd be so proud if my kid did something like that!

Sammy is such a cutie-pie. So did your fam come down here or was it the other way around?

I'm trying to convince my dad to let me get a 1983 black Chrysler New Yorker. It's not nearly as cool as a Monte Carlo or Riviera, but it's certainly prettier than a Corsica or Saturn. I suppose most people would probably consider it ugly, but they can lick me where I pee. The dashboard is bitchin' and it has cushy red velour seats. Now that's my kind of car. Plus, it only has 62,000 miles on it.

Hi msgoofball!!! (((msgoof's ankle)))
morning ya'll!

well, mrfj didn't meet minx. he realized his hotel room was a good 45 minutes away from town (in the middle of a cornfield he says). so he sat in his super8 motel room and chatted with me on the free wifi. yes, we are that lame.

but turbo, he's on his way to milwaukee right now for a meeting and a dinner, then will be heading to chicago afterward. he says he *might* get to town before 8pm, but isn't sure. if he does, he's going to call you. we know all about the staying up late on a school night rule. no worries!

i'm really jealous that i didn't get to go with him. he said your part of the country is really more scenic than he would have imagined. next time he's up there, i want to plan ahead so i can go and meet as many of you as possible!

diva and catsoup, good for you guys for taking mid-week days off. one of the production managers out here at my client site asked me why i came back to work yesterday when i was obviously still sick. this is the same guy that teases me and calls me "part-timer" every time i take an afternoon off or even if i'm only gone from the office to recruit offsite. so WTF? sheesh. if he wouldn't ACT like he thought i was a slacker, maybe i wouldn't feel like one.

tyger! how was the modeling experience? i bet it wasn't nearly as bad as you thought it might be! free-range boobs. hahahah!

karianne, i'm trying to figure out a way to talk my boss into letting me work from home part time. but i doubt it will happen. there are too many little issues that come up here at the office and i know someone needs to be here to answer them. i really feel lately that my job is beneath me. i am working at a level far below my *potential*. funny, that's what my teachers always had to say on my report card. and now, when i really do want to break out of this crappy little dead end job and master my capabilities, i don't know how in the world to do it or where to even start.

i'm seriously considering trying to get involved in some sort of fund-raising organization. but i know you don't just step into something like that with no real experience. i'm afriad i'm going to have to take a serious pay cut and now that we've committed ourselves to the mortgage and the new car, it's more and more difficult to do that.

why oh why couldn't i have been born to parents with money? a really good friend of mine is potentially coming into some very good money due to her grandmother's real estate investments. grandma is about to sell a piece of property for $3million, and has offered to give my friend everything she currently has in her savings account. she'll also be giving my friend's father a million. i don't even know how to comprehend that kind of money. i'm very happy for her because she's a great girl and i know she deserves it, but DANG!

The anti-gay marriage amendment thing was defeated by the Senate!!! Weeee!!!
mmmm, tacos. i might have to go out for mexican tonight.
wheeeeeeeeeeeee! yay for the senate!
((((msgoof's ankle))))
modelling was...interesting. i wasn't told *anything* beforehand other than it was nekkid, and the woman was like, okay, we need 4 30-second gesture poses and 3 3-minutes gesture poses and blahdiblah and i was like ummmmm, you're not gonna tell me what to do? but, seriously, i just did yoga and ballet poses, and stretches that i used to do when i played ringette. everyone told me i held a pose really well.
afterwards i went to the naughty store with senor cougarlion, 'cause he didn't want to go in and buy a vibrator by himself, and cougarlion looks so young she always gets kicked out. there were dildos as thick as my wrists! that, and a small selection of quality vibrating goods. we got her a leopard print one to match her handcuffs, and she decided for my birthday next year she's going to buy me a zebra-striped set of naughty goods. the funny thing was, though, as i'm leaving the porn store with senor cougarlion, we see cougarlion's ex and a flamingly gay guy who he is always with suddenly jump and look all shifty. then we drove around while waving the vibrator anround and using it for face massages.

grrrg, i have to work today, and tutor (which means a half-hour walk post work. ick). i'm thinking i might donate my tips this week to the AIDS walk saturday, but first i'm going to see where the money is going. i'm far more likely to give a chunk of change like that if it goes towards research than the local AIDS group, if only for the selfish reason that maybe if enough money gets given to research they'll find some way for my uncle to live as long as humanly possible.
Poodle, I went up there to see Sam, not like my parents would ever actually bring him down to my house even though I've invited them on MANY an occasion.

I did a drawing session with a nude model once with a friend. It wasn't as odd as it could have been.

Mr. FJ should have got FJ a souvenier from Smitten Kitten. Darn that we didn't think of that yesterday.

FJ, I'm in the same kind of situation as you. I know that I'm also working below my potential and want to go into the private sector, but I've been where I am so long that I wouldn't know where to start. I do know that fundraising can be a great job. I did it for 4+ years in college and a little after - seriously the best job I ever had. It was just over the phone, but we worked for some really good organizations. I'd suggest getting a part-time job like that at night and see if you're into it before you make the leap.

Hooray for the Senate!!! Fuck you, George Bush!!!

(((((((((MsGoofball's ankle))))))))))) but congrats on going up to the senior floor!

Poodle, except for it being old, that car doesn't sound half bad. The miles are low and they're a really good size. I had a friend in college who drove one of those. Plus, it's a Chrysler. I'm really into Chryslers now that I bought one. But please, oh please, don't get a Corsica. I'll take you wherever you want to look at cars as long as you promise not to get a Corsica!

Emeril is really annoying. He keeps phrasing his sentences in 4-word chunks with odd pauses in between. I haven't heard any oohs or aahs from the audience either, so maybe they think he sucks, too.
Hi FJ and tyg!

I frellin' hate Corsicas. And Emeril.

Heh....that cracks me up that tyg got nekkid in front of a bunch of strangers and then went to the sex toy store. You harlot!!!

Fj, I hear you. When I finish up with school, I'll be switching jobs. I will be working somewhere that I like more (hopefully!) which is great, but the salary is going to take a nosedive. I am scared scared about that. Mr K makes about 1/4 of what I do. If he is not making more money by that point, I don't know what will happen. Oh, and it's not that I make lots of money, cause I don't, he just makes so little. Self-employment is a bitch. I do think though that the older we get, the harder it is to take that plunge of switching careers. I wish I had done it like 5 years ago, but I couldn't, bc/ I've only been working in this industry for 5 years.

I too have had several friends come into money, whether by marriage or inheritance. It's definitely a mix of happiness for them & jealousy. Which I feel guilty about.


poodes, that car sounds good.

Tyger, good for you on nude modeling! I would not have the cajones to do it. Too shy.

((msgoof ankle)) ouch! So you get to start working on real clients soon? Ooooh!!! How exciting!

Aural, I would pay good money to see someone rip off The Donald's piece.
fj - I'd be totally up for seeing mr fj, and if he's heading down from Milwaukee, he can just as easily take a jaunt east, head out to the lake, and come down and see us. Turboman would have to be the directions giver one should have to follow my directions...I don't drive, so I really have no idea wither where things are, or how far apart they actually are. Just ask moxie. heh.

FJ, I'm sure you could get an entry level fundraising position - good starting opportunities that won't make you *too* poor would probably be grant writing, but you might like that since you enjoy writing. Gift processing/admin are your basic other getting started jobs, but not so appealing when you have bills to pay. If you want to get a bit of a feel for what's happening out there, go to your library and see if they have the Journal of Philanthropy.

diva - emeril is a troll...can't stand him. I love it when the other tv chefs take shots at him. yeah.

Even though the marriage amendment was trounced as predicted, it still pisses me off that the only thing Dems could say was "its purely political." Well, no duh, but get off your sorry asses and start talking about how discrimination is never ok, and that we need to rethink the legal family structures - not just for gay families, but for grandparents parenting their grandchildren, sisters/cousins/firends livign together in a financially interdependant way. The family is essentially an economic unit, and we should be thinking in broader terms than what would happen if two men could get married. *steps off high horse*

And fj, about your friends who are inheriting weath, and seem to have it easy....I always like to think of it as we are all here on this earth doing the work we are supposed to be doing. Some of us here are on "vacation lives" for lessons well learned in another life, and just here this time to recharge their spirit. That perspective helps me to smile at them and say - "good for you," I hope its my turn next.
Oh, and can I just say how much I love our sassy tyg - I wish I had your free spirit and confidence when I was your age!! ....Or even now, for that matter!
hey again! i would like to apologize to any of you (doodle!) that hate it when i call you all ladies in here. i'm sorry. i know it doesn't make it any better, but usually, when i say it, i'm singing the beatie boys song in my head and i think i'm cute. but i really hate that i might make your skin crawl when i do it.

phew. feeling better now.

karianne, you're exactly right. it seems like the older i get, the more i feel like i should just stick it out and stay at my job. i mean, here i am 30 and thinking about changing careers completely. i know that 30 is NOT old in the least, but it's just scary to think about it.

i am proud to say that i went on craiglist today to see what is out there and even in my town we've got quite a few jobs in the recruiting sector, many of which are work from home. one of them is with one of my company's major competitors - one that i know has paid top dollar for folks from my company (my company has a very intense and highly awarded training program). anyway, they're looking for people with 5 years experience, which is more than i have, but that's to work at home for $23/hr. hell, i'd work at home for half that, easily! i also checked in the writing jobs and found a few that i'm going to research a little further later this evening (when i'm not AT WORK!!!!). so i guess that's a start. even if i have to do like diva suggested and get some sort of part time gig somewhere to start off with and get some experience, i need to make a mooooove!

aw, msgoof! i'm sorry about your ankle! that really sucks! but yay on you for getting to go and work on real live clients!! that's super cool. i've often thought about going to our local school to get my hair did. it's scary though because while there are lots of people like you that are conscientious, there are those others like you talked about that are freaking out. they're the ones i would get. and i'd go home with orange hair.

tyg, i bet you were a great model! good for you! i found it really freeing to be up there when i did it. but then again, i love nekkidness, so. whateba.

diva, yes, you're right. mrfj SHOULD have gotten me a souvenier from the smitten kitten. i wish i'd have thought of that.

yes, emeril IS annoying as hell. i'll admit to pulling his recipes offline a few times, but his show gets on my nerves. mostly, i don't like the way he hovers over his food, all haunched over. i feel like smacking him on the back of the head and telling him to STAND UP STRAIGHT!

grrrffff. whoops, sorry. i'm sort of gassy. i guess i should have expected after eating my asian sensation veggie eggrolls. they're yummy, but the cabbage is a little much.

i hope i didn't come off as snarky about my friend coming into money. i really do feel like she deserves this. she's a good person all around and right now her hubby is in iraq (fighting a fight that he believes in, but i mean, i guess if you're there you'd BETTER believe in it...). they've worked hard and paid their dues, although i also found out recently that they've been living rent free at the house at the beach (another piece of her grandmother's real estate). still i'm happy for her. she even offered to help us with our tax bill, which i would never take her up on, but i know she was sincere.

i'm just jealous. very jealous!!!
Wait, did I miss something? Why are you apologizing for calling people "ladies?" (I always think of the beastie boys, too!)

Heh...I compained to my boss about how the meddler is and how she feels the need to tell me that I got a raise everytime I complain that there's too much to do. WTF? Anyway, I think my boss just sat down and had a chat with her. Office meddler can be so whiney sometimes (a lot of the time, actually).

Oh Christ, I just heard my boss say that we have to set up another job folder for an update, and it happens to be one of MY former projects. Translation: even more crap on my plate.
Alack the day and lament the moment; I did not get to swill brewskies with the Mr.FJ. I did, however, do all of my dishes and avoid correcting homework.

Do any of you ever have one of those propelling WHAT IN THE FUCK AM I DOING moments? I am having one right now and I feel baffled and cleansed in one fell swoop.


Did someone say Taco? Mmm...time to go girlwatching...
well, i don't think it was directed at me or anyone in here, but i saw it in the cobs thread that a lot of BUSTies hate to be called "ladies" and i KNOW that i do it often. so, it wasn't like anyone said anything to me about it, i'm just cross-pollenating from info in another thread...

i can't believe i wrote "beatie" down there. i'm a dork. i should really read my posts before posting them. :-)

i use the 'ladies', did they happen to mention in the 'cobs' what they prefer? beef injected ho-bags doesn't usually come off the tongue well nor is it generally taken well. hehehehe but its damn fun to say.

ok random thought done, over and out.
I am going to look in the cobs thread about the "ladies." I do that too, so I hope I did not say it to anyone who doesn't like it.

FJ, you did not come off snarky at all. I know what you mean though. Like I said, I feel bad for being jealous. Even though at the same time I am happy for my friends. Jenn, you have such a great outlook.

poodley, I am glad your boss talked to that menacing meddler.

FJ, good for you on looking on clist for work!
i say ladies in here *hangs head*. of course, when i say it in here i'm meaning the sassy, supercool vixen sort of lady, not the "ladylike" kind. what if we spelled 'lady' differently and defined it in okayland to mean supercool sassy vixen? 'cause that gets long to type after a while :P

i liked the nekkid posing, actually (i looked at a couple of drawings, and deemed that i have a very cute butt) it's funny, 'cause i was basically unaware of my nekkidness, while enjoying being naked at the same time. and then when we went on break i sat around wrapped in a blanket reading comic books.

my weekend looks to be very cooltastic in the gay way. friday night is a queer as folk-athon with cougarlion and one of her friends (sans the senor! it's, like, a miracle. those two are joined at the crotch and tongue, they are), and saturday night is a dance at the gay and lesbian hall. last night me and the boy had a wander that ended two hours later with jones sodas at a all-night gas station.

yay for poodle talkign to boss about meddler!
and hi to everyone else! and hugs to vibes to people who need them who i have completely and totally blanked out on at the moment.
Well too damn bad, because I'm not gonna stop saying "ladies." Besides, it's used in a slightly tongue-in-cheek way. Would "vagina-bearing homosapiens" be more appropriate? Personally, I like msgoofball's idea. Man, if those people in the cob thread can't handle being called a ladies, then they better not come into this thread on insult friday. I'm guessing they're not to keen on being called "cum recepticles" either.

I know what you mean about the "WHAT THE FUCK" moments, minx. I have those thoughts all the time.
I think I speak for all of us when I say that we address the folk in here pretty much any which way we damned well please.

Although I am quite partial to Ms. G's beef-injected ho-bag reference. :-)

I had to say good-bye to my seniors today. :-( That kinda blew, although they were all very positive and gave me shitloads of hugs and pictures. I really love what I do. I love seeing their minds expand and their worldviews change so drastically in one year's time. Graduation is on Sunday and I get to wear my master's ceremonial gear replete with bitchin' blue/purple/silver cape thing. Fun stuff. I am such an academic pagentry whore.

Hey Poods--way to go! I am so glad you dealt with the office meddler dilemma. Your boss is SO in love with you.

Hey, so we are watching this taped RSC production of Macbeth in my sophomore class and I realized that the dude who plays the Thane of Ross is the fucking Emperor in Star Wars. Ah-hahahahaha!

The minxlette and I made blackberry coffeecake last night for her to share with the staff at her school. They totally grubbed it down. There weren't even any fucking strudel topping in the container when I came to pick it up!

When I get stressed, I bake. I swear that you all should be dropping in uninvited during this time of the year. You'd be stuffed like a Strousbourg goose.
Poodle, check your email. I need to know what time you want me to pick you up.

What the hell is wrong with the word "ladies"?
At my league night last Monday, one of the male bolwers offered me a "ladies first." I couldn't help but roar with laughter. I wasn't offended as such, I was just amused that anybody would ever think I'm a lady as in ladylike. When we were in Prague it freaked me out to always be deferred to just 'cause I gots the lady parts & I tinkle in the ladies' loo.

There's a Bustie that's Heylady & I always want to shout, "Get funky!" HAH!

I feel weirder being called a womyn. Wimmens makes me laugh, though.
Hello, my darling Okayers! I will be back to read and post in a little bit, but right now, I am pledged in the decorating thread to do 15 minutes of de-cluttering in my bedroom.

Back in a bit! *keeces*
Doodle, luv, if you haven't seen it, there's some new Conundrum from the Caffiends.
hi ya'll!! I just got off the phone with the very sexy sounding mr fj. Who's jealous?!

Unfortunately, we're not going to see him tonight, he's still a couple hours away from chicago....but we've extended the offer to him for the rest of the week if he finds himself with some time too...and I'm not above leaving work if I have to, mr fj!

Wimmins definitely makes me giggle just sounds so silly.

I just made some dee-lish pizza for dinner. Bacon, onion and portabellas.....yummmmmm.

Now, I gotta fix up my resume real nice, for that job that is totally going to be *mine!*
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