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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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uh....I just had a really creepy phone call with the pres. of the org we have a strategic alliance with, and at the end of our phone call he asked me to send a thank you note to him, detailing the assistance he's given me, oh, and to CC *our* org's president on fucked up is that? I'm so not doing, wait, maybe I will do it and start it, Dear X, you asked me to send you a thank you note....creepy, I tell you.

Doodle, turbo would be thrilled to piss on his own likeness! He's peed on other dogs more often than I'd like to admit...lets just say that he's not one to stand in line at the park to annoint the sacred pee spot. ;)

Tyg, I definitely had social anxiety about my jobs when I was just starting out as a server, I kind of prefer a quiet job. But, waiting tables really helped me get over that, and now I'm pretty comfortable talking to people in a professional capacity. I'll still screen all my phone calls, though. ;)
Thanks for all the nice comments abpout the wedding. Right now it doesn't seem like enough hours in teh day to get everything done that needs to be done. I still have to meet with teh cake lady one last time and square away the last of the music with the harpist...and on and on.

I wish I could web cast it, but I am pretty technically challenged, so you'll have to settle for pics.

The one things I am truely ahppy about with this wedding is that it is a true representation of me and Mr. Pixie. We did all the planning independant of parents or anyone else's influences. We picked out things that were important to us and I think people will leave with a true feeling of what we are like as a couple.
I'm doing a little drive by posting here...

Thanks everyone for allowing me to be pissy pants and reading my pathetic post about my ex's impending nuptuals. I'm over it. The shiraz worked wonders! And I got out my dress, looked at some old momentos, and decided to be done with it. He's officially her problem now. Good luck to everyone involved. LOL Alright well how was that for setting a time limit? One day of pouting isn't bad huh?

So yeah, it's a rainy ass day. If you're in the midwest, don't forget to cover your flowers before tonight. It's gonna frost!

I made a big mistake at work. It' going to cost me, or someone... or something. It's a kind of mistake that makes you want to go home and stick your head under a pillow. Do you know what I'm saying? Anyway, I'm human and this too shall pass. Let's HOPE!

Pixie! I'm so excited for you! Good luck this weekend in case I don't get a chance to read up and post again this week. You're an inspiration to me, really.

Alright, so I have my second date with BasketBoy (hahah I love the name!) tomorrow night. It's been a while since the first one. Ohhhhh he's being such. a. good. sport! hehehe We'll see how it goes.

Waving a big HI!!! to everyone else~~~~ I have to run. I'm not getting near enough time on here lately. Must do something about that. Have I ever told you guys that I seriously regret not finding this website sooner than I did (last fall). You all are such good grounded strong kick ass women. Hell, if I had found this site a year or two ago... my life would be much different, I'm sure, just from reading you all!

Toodles for now!
aloha! it was super-quiet today so i get an extra hour in my split. meaning i'm sitting around in my underwear at home for an hour before i leave to tutor. i've discovered that doing random busywork out on the floor (checking the buffet, pushing in chairs, etc) makes it easier for me to gauge when my tables are ready for bills. today i managed to catch one before they stood up (saturday was zero, so it's an improvement). i'm also calling back the gas station, because my boss said i should be able to manage another part time job with what i'll be working at the restaurant.

mrg came in my new light blue y-fronts. phoooo. so i'm glad i got to leave an hour early, 'cause right now i can shout/peroxide/wash 'em in a bowl so they're not ruined.

turbo pees on dogs! that's funny. my mom's old dog used to only lift one leg, so they always had to walk the same direction around the house. one day my uncle was in a bad mood and walking macduff, and he decided to change things up and pee on my uncle's leg. this is why i can't make it through macbeth without laughing.

okay, time for strategic cold water splashing so i don't have mascary face
Hey Yummy, be sure to post how that date turned out! I look forward to when I will be going on a date. Ill be sure to put my ice pic thing back in my trunk in case I need it! Pixie I hope you have a beautiful wedding day. I havent been to a wedding in over 15 years (I was the flower girl when my auntie got married) None of my friends have gotten married yet. I want to go to a bachelorette party, and be a brides maid, etc...(one day) Hi doodle and turbo..and everyone else i havent met yet, but hopefully will be meeting soon!...
Hi all!

So - my car is a '01 Pontiac Bonneville. Just like gramma.

My apartment is a tiny one-bedroom close to the hotel in a really pretty part of town. However, this mouse is driving me apeshit. Last night, he came out and scurried into my bedroom. I tried to catch him with a plastic grocery bag, but the sucker was too fast for me. I scared him into the closet, then I closed the door and stuffed clothes into the crack under the door, nice and tight. Mousie was trapped. He tried to get out all night long - scritch-scratch-scrith-scratch. It was a long, difficult night. I slept with my light on just in case he found a way out and wanted to snuggle with me again. Mousie remains in jail. Poor mousie. I don't know what to do next.

Heikki is adamantly against any harm coming to mousie. He is the one who started calling him "Mousie". He wants me to catch the mouse and set him free in someone else's apartment. Not in the wild, but in another people home.

I really don't want to kill mousie, but I feel I have no choice. I wouldn't feel so bad if he were devoured by an owl, but I don't want to be the one to cause his demise. He's a cute li'l bastard.

Turbojenn - I'm not sure what you could cut the spelt with besides whole wheat flour. Have you tried adding about a tablespoon of vital wheat gluten? That works. But wait - aren't you trying to avoid gluten in the first place? Hmmm...I'm stumped.

I do have a recipe for chickpea flour pizzas if you want to try them. They're easy and tasty and gluten-free. They just don't taste a whole like regular pizza.

Going out tonight for Ethiopian food. Yummm!

Hi everyone. I just wanted to stop in and say hi. On Saturday night, after dining with diva, I went home and started to have these awful upper abdomen and back cramps that were much worse than your typical menstrual cramps. I spent most of the night vomitting and writhing in pain. I felt better the next day until I had a couple slices of pizza and the same exact thing happened to me. I finally went to urgent care on monday and they did all sorts of tests and gave me pain killers. I had an ultrasound this morning and it turns out that I have multiple gall stones. I'm meeting with a surgeon tomorrow and I'll most likely have surgery next week. I talked to my boss today and she was sympathetic, but she was asking me when I was gonna come into work. Now I feel bad. I'm gonna try to go in tomorrow morning just to appease her, but I know that it will be completely pointless. I'm on vicodin, which helps the abdominal pain, but practically puts me into a coma. Anyway, that's the deal. I'll try to stop in later and see what people have been up to. G'night!
awwww, (((((((poodle))))))))))) (you get massive lopsided hugs because that's so sucktacular) you poor thing. don't get guilted into going into work. you're a sick puppy and we want you better so you can come play.

good things tuesday: i made close to 10$/hour in tips today. sure, it was only 4 hours, but that means i made, like, almost twice as much today as i do at my school job. wheee!

but my feet hurt. waaaaa!
poodle! That sucks so bad!
*hugs and vibes for poodle********

I hope you feel well soon.

I just got home from the bar. We didn't make it to the Ethiopian place. It wasw closed before we got there. We went to a fancy French place, then to a Tiki bar, then to my fave 24-hour diner.

Now I'm home, and mousie is still struggling in my closet to get out. It is quite bothersome. Loud. Scary. I'm terrified of the mouse in my closet.

I'm going to get outta here and go to an after-bar party. Holy shit - mousie is making a ruckus.
Well, shit the bed fred! That sucks Poodle! Yea, so go into work just to apease her and get nothing accomplished. Then maybe she'll see how you're feeling! On the other hand, I love me some vicodin. Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks light bright! I'll let you know how it goes. Ohohoh I was meaning to post about some BS a friend of mind was giving me. But it will have to wait now. I have to get some stuff done around here today.

mornin' ya'll! Its a beautiful morning here, but chilly, a mere 30 degrees....I rode in on my bike anyway, because if there's no wind off the lake, the cold is ok with me...I can layer up.

hi yummy!

((((((poodle)))))) Good maude, you've had a rough year with your health...I don't know how your supervisor could expect you to work when you need to be on pain meds. If there are things you can do from home, fine...but taking the bus to work or walking...uh, no. I hope you get that surgery scheduled asap!
((((Poodle)))) Take care of yourself and don't let work make you feel guilty.

PK, I am very afraid of mice too. I don't mind nature (insects, rodents, etc.) when they are outside where they belong. But a cockroach or a mouse in my house makes me crazy. My sophomore year of college I lived in very gross apartment. We had something in our place that finally just left. We never knew what it was but the poop it left was bigger than a mouse turd. By quite a bit. We thought it might have been a rat. Ew.

Happy Hump Day!
Happy Humpday Whores!

((poodley)) I am so sorry. I hope you get to feeling better really soon. Ouch. Your boss can suck it, what an insensitive jerk.

Doodle, are you feeling better today?

Ew, a mouse! PK is it still there?

Welcome lightbright!

Tyger-sounds like you are becoming a pro at the job. Nice work!

Hi Pk, catsoup, yummy, & jenn!

Jenn-how's Turbo doing?
hi kari and yummy!

Thanks for asking about turbo - he's doing great...licking his stitches out, which is not making me so happy, but so far none of the skin has split back open, so I'm letting it go. He's feisty and ful of energy, and he wants to be out running and playing again. He gets the stitches out on Saturday, and we also have 2 greyhound houseguests his weekend, so that should be fun. I love having more than one dog - three is a handful, but 2 would be perfect.

Turboman's mom died a year ago today...seems crazy that a year has gone by so fast. I need to call turboman and see if he wants to do anything special today. She was such a wonderful person, it still seems weird that she's no longer here with us...
Hi, peeps!

(((((((Poodle))))))) That sucks so hard. Don't go into work if you don't want to. It's not like you just have a cold or something, you're going for surgery. That's serious. Will it be a quick thing where you can leave that night, or will you be in overnight?

PK, you could put the mouse in a cage and keep it as your pet. At least then you'd know where it is and it won't gnaw through your clothes and go through your stuff.

Turbo, that's good that your dog is doing so much better. It sounds like he's healing really fast. Have you guys seen the other dog around at all lately, or are they still AWOL? And I'm sorry about Mr. Turbo's mom. The giant just had the 25th anniversary of his father's death a week and a half ago. He and his mom visited his grave, but only because they were there to bury his mom (giant's dad's mom, not giant's mom).

Hi, Karianne, Yummy, Tyger, Catsoup, and everyone else!

I finally got the giant out for a walk last night. He says he doesn't hate it, but I know he does. It's just that if I don't spend some time outside moving around when it's such a gorgeous day (and perfect walking weather), I feel like I've wasted it. Anyway, when we came back, we noticed all the growing things in our yard. We should have tulips very soon, and we've already got a lot of ladyslippers, these cute blue/purple things, and should have a bush full of lilacs probably by next week. I can't wait to see this place in the spring and have Sam over so he can run around in it. I just wish I knew more about flowers so I knew what all these pretty things were.

hi purple people eaters...dunno where that came from...

wrist still hurts...bleh

((((poodle surgery vibes)))) take care...and tell your boss to piss off...they will be cutting you open, not passing out whos going with you to wait while you are in there...??

PK, you could set a live catch trap...i used to catch mice in the barn using grain...they love that!! put it in a tall heavy is good but easy to put a ramp up to it. but watch out... mice jump.

hi kari, turbo, doodle, tyger, diva, catsoup and yummymum....
dudes, where is everyone?

i just got an application to be the 'token female' for my friend's group of friends with whom i am acquaintances. it's quite amusing. but now i have to go talk to my current boss about now working weekend lunches so that i can take a second job at a gas station. bustie vibes worked last time, so hopefully they'll work this time, too.

one eyed one horned flying purple people eaters....did they eat purple people, or were they actually purple? find out, on...BEHIND THE NONSENSICAL CHILDREN'S SONG
Yeah - where is everyone?

I just got home from work, mousie is in my closet raising holy hell, and I am lonely.

I thought about catching mousie and keeping it, but it might have hantavirus or some other yucky disease. Soon, if I don't get it out of my closet, it's going to die of starvation or heat-related illness. Poor mousie.

poodle - you didn't end up going to work, did you? Take care of yourself, and I hope this gets taken care of ASAP.

Bad news - my sister has been trying to get pregnant for a year. Finally, a month ago, it happened and they were so ecstatic. Yesterday, she went in for an ultrasound and found out she is going to have a miscarriage. She's so torn up. I wish there was something I could do for her. It sucks being so far away at a time like this.

Also - not as bad, but still happened. My bike got stolen yesterday.

I might go to the gay bar tonight with my friends. I don't know yet. I'm feeling too lazy to take a shower.

Oh - turbo - I asked my boss what you could cut your spelt pizza crust dough with and she said to try rice flour. She said rice flour would make it so you could stretch your dough over the pan. I have never used rice flour before, so I don't really know.

Hi peeps! Thanks for the hugs. I'm actually feeling much better today because I've been eating little to no fat over the last couple days. Apparently, fatty foods trigger the gall bladder to release bile and attacks occur when the stones get lodged in the ducts. I didn't go to work today because I was still pretty stoned by the vicodin I took last night. I only took a half-pill and it still turned me into a zombie. I haven't had any since, so I have a little more energy. I'm not taking anymore of those unless I'm feeling unbearable pain. The surgeon said that my gall bladder was inflamed, filled with stones, and that the tissue has thickened, so the best bet is for them to remove the whole thing. I'm having surgery early next week and then I have about a week of recovery after that. Fortunately, the surgery is minimally invasive and I get to go home the same day. My boss and the office meddler are just gonna have to deal.
Hi all...I guess this is a sort of drive-by. I wound up taking the day off b/c I couldn't work with the pain attack. It's still really tight right now, but not as bad...I am trying to catch up on my work e-mails from today...I'm a-scared to even check the voice mail! Luckily no one expects a call back at midnight!!

((((poodle)))) I'm sorry dear. In the meantime it sounds like you are taking good care of yourself.

Hi everybody!
good morning gorgeous ladies!

Wow, I have so much work on my plate this week, I do not even know where to begin...wouldn't be so bad except that we have a big fundraiser on Saturday that's sucking away my normal project time, and we've got another fundraiser next Sunday....oy.

Thanks for the dough tip PK! I went to a cafe 2 blocks from work yesterday, and they just started "gluten free sundays" and they have cakes and cookies and scones, and bread - and pizza dough! So, I'm going to order a few doughs from her, and see if I like them...if they do, I'm set, becasue a good pizza dough for $3 seems fair to me. I usually make smaller pizzas for the two of us anyhow, so I bet it would go for 2 dinners for us.

(((((poodle))))) I'm glad you're taking care of yourself this week, so you can get through this, and focus on recovery next week.

I had a dream last night about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. I need help.

Turbojenn, that sounds very busy. Plus it's on your weekends too. Do you get comp time?

Pinkpoodle, I'm glad you are taking care of yourself and focusing on your health. Pooh on people who don't understand.

Puppykitty, I'm sorry your bike was stolen. That really sucks!

Doodle, are you feeling better today?

Tomorrow I'm going to get a car loan. Even though my car is working fine right now, I think it's time to get a new one while I don't have the pressure of no working car. The mechanics not finding out what's wrong with it isn't very comforting. And then after the car loan fun, I have a meeting at the U about the grad program I'm looking into. I hope it goes well and gets me excited.
Good morning ladies! How is everyone today? Hang in there, the week is almost over!

(((PK))), I'm so sorry about your sister.

Poodle- are you ok? Check in when you can and let us know that you're still among the living!

Alright busty-babes, I have an update on the date with Basketboy. Just met him for a quick bite to eat last night. And the thing is.... well, he got me out of a speeding ticket. I was telling him about it and he knew what had happened because the state police officier was a professional acquaintance of his and had been talking about pulling me over earlier in the day. So he made the call. Yep- my instructions were to throw it in the trash.

YIPPEE right? Well, maybe. But now I feel obligated in some way. I mean, he's a great guy, good friend, good company. I'm just not sure how much chemistry there is. And I know I said this before. But we were struggling for converstaion yesterday before this happened, and I was wondering if I would go out with him any more. Now WTF do I do? I mean, I appreciate the help.... but.... I hate the feeling of obligation. Plus, I need to mention that I felt a little wave of fear run accross me when I thought that he might try to kiss me as he walked me to my car. No, that's not my personal issue. That's just me not really wanting to be physcial with him. I got by with a hug.

Jaysus! How do I get myself in these situations. But seriously, how ironic is that?

Good Morning!

((Poodle)) I hope you get to feeling better, sorry to hear about the surgery. I'm glad it's going to be an easy procedure though. Is the recovery going to be hard?

((PK sister)) I am so sorry to hear about this, I am sure she's devastated. :-( And your bike got stolen? Gaaaaahhhhh! Jerks!

Doodle, are you feeling any better today?

Catsoup, though it is no fun getting new loans, it is fun getting new cars. What type of graduate program are you looking into?

Yummy, I forgot you were going out again with basket boy! I too hate the feeling of obligation. However, he should have helped you out with the ticket w/ no underlying motives. If he didn't, that's his problem. I think the not wanting to kiss can only be interpreted one way.

Jenn, you do have a busy couple of weeks! Glad the Turbo is healing up. Poor guy.

Things here are ok. I am a bit tired, didn't go to bed as early as I wanted to. Mr K had a really stressful bad day at work, so I stayed up with him.

morning okayers...

poodle((((safe operation and good healing vibes to you))))
((pk sister))
and your bike got swiped too? i hope the dolt that stole it gets a flat.

doodle (feel better)

hi catsoup, tyger, turbo, kari, yummy and lurv!

my wrist has gone from little to medium ow to ow ow...not good. currently it is wrapped in a compression bandage..(i love those) with my thumb slightly tucked in so i don't use it. i think that is my main problem spot. i put ice on it last nite and heat...the heat felt soooo good. i couldn't tell last nite that my hand was gb said it was...but this morning you can really see it. eep. no motrin yet this morning...but i will probably get checked out by the doc tomorrow if it stays at the same level of owieness. ok way too much typing..must rest...later!!!
Ouch ms goof! Definitely get your wrist checked if it doesn't get any better. That sounds rather painful.


Where is everyone??

Poodle is proabably not feeling well. But what about everyone else?
Hi everyone! I'm feeling so much better now that the vicodin has worn off and I haven't had any fatty foods for the last few days. I'm at work right now and I'm doing well, although I can't say that I've been very productive. I don't really care though. It looks like I'm having surgery next Friday. I wish it was sooner, but oh well...

On a totally different note--I have to vent. The City Pages comes out with a Best of the Twin Cities issue every year and they sometimes add the results from "reader's choice" to the topic. Ever year, the reader's choice picks leave me soooo disappointed in humanity because I can't get over the sheer LAMENESS of the poll results! For "Best Cheap Eats," the reader's picked Chipotle! Come the fuck on, people!! Of all the cheap places to eat in the TC, people pick an effin' chain that didn't even originate here. This is the case every year and it makes me in stand in front of the Chipotle on Nicollet Mall during the lunch hour yelling into a bullhorn about how the world is going to hell if people think that Chipotle is the best place in the TC for cheap eats. *end rant*

Okay, I'm gonna read some archives now.
hi everyBUSTie!

wow, i haven't checked in here in a while and thought i'd have days and days of archs to catch up on. i'm pretty glad that i didn't, but what's up with the silence in okayville??

((((((((poodlepie!)))))))) i'm sorry honey! i hope you get to feeling better. glad you didn't worry about work. you have to take care of yourself. it's not as though you are faking some sickness! it's gallstones for codsakes!

(((((((((pk's sister)))))))))) i can absolutely relate to her pain right now. i had the same thing happen where i didn't have the miscarriage until 4 weeks after i knew it was coming... hardest month ever! if she wants to talk to someone, pm me and i'll give you my digits or she can email me.

on that note, can ya'll send me some more fertile vibes? i officially ovulated three days ago and it'll be a week and a half before i can know for sure if tis month worked with the fertility drugs. the drugs did their job in terms of making me ovulate, which is a victory in itself. but i need sticky fertilized eggie vibes! :-)

msgoofball, get thee to a doc, stat! if your pain is getting worse, that can't be good! you don't want to continue using your hand if it's injured badly.

kari, how is your leg? are you still neck-pain free?

yummy, you made me laugh with the "shit the bed fred" comment. hee. that does present a bit of an issue with the basketboy. do you think there is any possiblity of continuing the friendship without a romance?

doodle, i'm sorry you're having a pain attack. i hope you feel better soon. chronic painitis can suck donkey balls.
Hey ya'll....its been craaaaazy here this week at work, and I'm drowning in projects at the moment, so I haven't been by much.

BUT, I am *So* happy that our beloved poodle is feeling better

AND confident that FJ's gonna be all fulla baby soon

Yummy, I'm glad basket boy got you out of the ticky, but I'm not sure you *owe* him anything - any friend would do that for someone, right? So regardless of where it goes, just count it as a blessing freely given.

((((((msgoof's wrist))))) rest up and love the need those wrists for all the snip-snipping you're going to do making people gorgeous with your scissors!

(((((pk's sis)))))

Ok, I've gotta dash back to work before I leave here to pick up our two furry houseguests!
Hey all, it's been rather quiet around here. *waves to karianne, yummy, tyger, turbo and anyone else I may have missed*

~~~~fertile, get-pregnant vibes for falljackets~~~~

(((msgoofball))) hope your wrist gets better.


Pink, the readers of our alternative paper picked Starbucks as the best place to get coffee. Don't even get me started. Hope your surgery goes well and wishes for a speedy recovery.

PK, my cousin went through two miscarriages while trying to get pregnant, I can't imagine how much pain she must be going through. And may the bastard who stole your bike get what's coming to them.

It's been rather sad here, AZ Guy and I had a long talk yesterday and he wants to move out. We still want to be friends, and I was thinking that maybe it would be best to not live together, but damn, it still hurts. I gave myself a headache last night trying not to break down and cry at work, and now I have to decide whether to keep the apartment or to move.

I've got to go work out, see you all later.
Okay, my dad is such a moron. He asked me if I'm going to work on my surgery day. I'm not sure if he was joking or what. God, I hope so!

Yay! PK's back and she has internet access!!! I'm happy that you're enjoying your new pad and small, furry "roommate." I'm sorry about your sister. That's so sad that she knows it's coming. I guess it sucks either way. Sorry about your bike, too.

Congrats on your 6-month anniversary, kari!

Yay for Pixie's wedding!

Yay for turbo's clean colon and turbo dog's strong recovery! (((turboman))) What did you guys end up doing yesterday?

"if they have free speech, i should get free punch-them-in-the-face." Hahahaha!! That's awesome. By the way, congrats on your new job! ~*~*~*~tyg's wrist~*~*~*~

I know I'm missing stuff, but I read everything and it seems like everyone is doing well overall. Hi to everyone! ((((all busties))))

By the way, I just got my dad's reply and it turns out that he wasn't joking. He has a strange work ethic.

(((Lilac))) That sucks so bad. I always hate being at work when I would rather just be crying in the privacy of my apartment. Honestly, I'd take a gallstone attack over a hard breakup anyday. :-( Take care of yourself.

FJ! I forgot to give you fertility vibes! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~baby-making vibes for the FJ's~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

ETA- Is it strange that I've listened to Any Way you Want it three times in a row? Can you tell that I'm almost back to feeling my "normal" self?

ETA Part Deux - Ack! Sorry msgoofball! I misread and thought it was tyg who was having the wrist trouble! ~*~*~*~recovery vibes for msgoof~*~*~*~
Hola Busties!

~*~*~*~eggie vibes for FJ~*~*~*~

~*~*~*health vibes for Poodle~*~*~*~ What is it with people and working like maniacs through any health issue? I don’t believe in that, no way.

Hi PK! I am terrified of mousies, too. Last night my kitty was crawling around in the closet and I was freaked out because I was scared she had found a critter back there but fortunately she was just being silly playing hide and seek behind the clothes. And boo for mean bike-stealers. ((vibes for PK’s sister))

Catsoup, what kind of car are you gonna get?


Yummymum, from what you write, basketboy sounds like a good guy. He sounds like he might be a good friend to keep around even if you don’t end up in a romantic relationship. And I firmly believe it is okay to receive help with things and compliments gracefully without feeling obligated! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself about it.

Speaking of romance, JT and I had a really good anniversary weekend. We went to dinner last Friday and the movies on Saturday (saw Thank You For Smoking) and spent lots of time just being together. This week has been pretty low-key for me – mostly just battling allergies and tiredness. I get to choose to have either horrible allergy forehead headache or sleepy antihistamine tiredness, so I’ve been going with the medicine and crashing out early every night. I’ve got to pull it together though because my little art group is meeting on Sunday and I haven’t created anything yet and I don’t want to be the only person with nothing to show at the show and tell…

Hi to Turbo, MsGoof, Karianne, Doodle, Lurv, Diva, Tyger and Pixie and and anyone else I’ve missed!
Hi marileen! Your anniversary weekend sounds like it was perfect, aside from the allergies. So how was Thank You For Smoking? I kinda want to see that.

There's a bat hanging out right outside of my co-worker's window. It's so cute with its little ears and fuzzy butt! I don't know why it would choose to settle on our building, but it sure is cool to see a live bat right up close. Bats are actually really cool creatures. The bats in Indonesia are huge and friendly--like dogs with wings.
Hello all...thanks for the hugs. I spent the night laying on a heating pad. It's a bit better, though still kind of tender. Bleargh! Anyway, I'm alive, working, and eating a grilled cheese sammich...

doodlemama arrives tomorrow, and I go to Victoria at 6 AM (!) on Monday.
After seeing these guys on Animal Planet, I thought it would be super cool to visit one of their sanctuaries in Indonesia.
Hi doodle!! (((doodle)))
Poodle those pictures look neat but I don't know if I'd want to encounter those bats in person. I would get freaked out by little creatures flying around my head.

I thought "Thank You for Smoking" was pretty entertaining - I really like funny amoral characters (just in fiction, not real life ones!) and it was pretty funny. My expectations were low (I knew almost nothing about the movie before we went) and I think that it helps to not know too much from previews, etc.

I am so ready to go home. I have been really unproductive at work this week. While it makes me feel guilty, unfortunately it hasn't spurred me to work harder yet either. Bleah.
Those bats look really cool, poodle. We had bats living in our attic for awhile growing up...I think it groomed me for saving moxie from a stray bat that had flown into her dorm room in our first week of freshman year...and a friendship was sealed upon that bat, I think.

grilled cheese sounds good....I need to get some more spelt bread.

I feel a little bad now...I dragged turboman into volunteering at the fundraiser on Saturday night, and its turned into quite a debacle...I thought it might be fun - its a chef's tasting at this huge fancy kitchen/electronics superstore - its like Ikea for fancy shiny things you plug in....but, its not much fun for me in the 9-5 planning, and I just had to draw a line, and limit our volunteering duties, as we have another fundraiser next weekend that I have to be at anyhow.

I do, however, have a slight hope that we might hire a real live programmer this year, though....for our website, and the e-learning website I work on...this would be so fantastically exciting, and would make me stick around a bit longer, if it really does happen. That would also free up my time to learn some other things too....which would be really nice.
That would be great if you guys hired a programmer, turbo! You need some relief!

The flying fox pics I posted actually show a smaller "Island" species than the ones I saw on TV. These are the ones I'm talking about. Isn't it effin' amazing that they can have a wingspan of up to 5 feet? The reason I found them to be super cool was that they acted just like pets around their caretakers. They were super affectionate and they did little tricks for treats. They're almost literally dogs with wings.
Aww...I wanna see that show about the flying foxes, that sounds really sweet! Here at chez turbo, I currently have 3 sweet greyhounds crashed out on the floor...I love my puppers. I bet one of them follows me into the bathroom when I take a bath in a few minutes...little Lily follows me everywhere.

Yes, I would *love* it if they hired a programmer, especially since we know exactly who we'd hire - the guy who did the back-end on the first three e-learning courses we built....he's amazing, and I would really stick around for awhile to learn from him.
Awwww...guest doggies. I miss having dogs around.

Diva just stopped by a little bit ago with gifts of Tylenol w/ codeine and DVD's of Sex and the City. I'm gonna need something to keep me entertained after my surgery. Multiple seasons of SATC is perfect for that.
Bwahahaha!!! I just successfully downloaded the video for the That 70's Show theme song "In the Street" performed by Cheap Trick! I didn't even know there was a video, but it's heeelarious...and cool! It's hilariously cool! They played that song (in its entirety) at the show we saw and it sounded especially badass amplified over gigantic speakers combined with the sound of the crowd. YEEEEAAAAHHH!!! m/ m/ m/
poodle's feeling better! Aww right!

I'm glad you're back to being poodle again. And I wish you the most speedy of recoveries next week.

It's a little after 8:00, which is go-time for mousie. He wakes up and wreaks havoc in my closet every night at this time. WTF am I going to do? I don't want to wait until the thing dies in there. That's so cruel. And gross.

I went with my new friend to the gay bar last night. All my life, lesbians have ignored me, but last night we both got quite a bit of attention and I can't figure out why. It's not *strictly* a gay bar. All kinds hang out there, but most are gay or lesbian. Anyway - I got this girl's phone number. She is new in town and wants me to call her if I ever want to "kick it".

Work was all right today. I scooped a bazillion scoops of ice cream, made these sweet-ass brown butter tarts, and listened to Shakira all I wanted. I like that spanish CD - Fijacion Oral Vol. 2. Or is it Vol. 1? The one with "La Tortura", which is a kick-ass song.

I was just thinking about the last time I saw Miss Shuggah - we were in the car with her friend, and shuggah said, "Oh - and guess what! PK has JOURNEY underwear!"

That's funny that she remembered.

I'm kind of hungry. What should I eat? Mexican? Burger King? No. Hmmm.

FJ - I remembered that you had gone through a similar experience that my sister is going through. She is having a hard time talking right now. She asked me to make notifications to friends and family. But I did tell her that I have a friend who had the same thing happen to her and she is not alone and hope is not lost. She is afraid she will never have a child now.

Yeah - my bkie was pretty cool. It's no wonder that someone swiped it. It was a old fashioned clunker. One of those big framed bikes - no speeds or anything, just pedals and two wheels and a seat. My boss's bro-in-law gave it to me when I moved here. It was free, but dammit - it was my bike and I want it!

msgoof - I hope your wrist gets better soon, because you need to use it to type here every day!!! You should definitely get it checked out by a doc soon if it doesn't improve.

turbo - you're so lucky to have your furry sleepovers. Your dog is so sweet. And he likes jalapeno cheese bread, so he's got discriminating taste as well.

marileen - congrats on your anniversary! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Did you move yet?
Hi PK! I think you should eat something really high in fat and then tell me about it so I can live vicariously through you. I've been craving ice cream all week, but I can't eat it. ARRRGH!! I'm gonna have to buy some sorbet the next time I'm out. are you gonna "kick it" with that girl?? Can I watch? ;)

As far as the mouse goes, I think you should live-trap it and release it outdoors. He'll either find a new place to hang out or end up as owl food. But hey--an owl's gotta eat, too! I say you let nature sort this one out.
Hi again everyone....

Man, oh man. I had a meeting tonight, and I didn't want to cook, so I ordered pizza. This shit tastes like cardboard! Ugh. (Things I Miss About Big City Living, #348.)

How is everyone?


((((pk's sis))))

turbo, I saw in the childfree thread that you had all three greyounds this weekend! How is turbodogg taking it?

poodle, how are you feeling?

Me, my neck/back/shoulder are all a little stiff, but much better. I came home between work and the meeting tonight to lie on the heating pad for awhile. It really helps. I sooooo wish I had a sauna. Mmmmmm...sauna.....

doodlemama arrives tomorrow. Georgie will be so happy. Not sure if Carmella will remember her! Do you know...I STILL haven't put the bed underframe back together from when we got Carmella at New Year's. I've worked up the time AND energy for it a dozen times over the last few weeks, but then I'd think, Oh, if Carmella hides under the bed the entire time doodlemama is here, doodlemama will be so disappointed! 'Cause that's the real reason I dismantled the bed in the first place, when doodlemama was here for New Year's. So.

What would Martha Stewart say.

Eff, I can't even eat this pizza.

Damn it, I ruined my tastebuds by learning to cook! I knew there'd be a catch!
Well, Poodle, I went to BK because my favorite Mexican place was closed. I got a BK Big Fish and fries. It was gross. I had forgotten that they load that one up with hot, wet, shredded iceberg lettuce. I hate that. So - I'm sorry I couldn't fulfill your wildest fat-laden fantasies.

Right now I'm reading a biography of Che Guevara. It's pretty interesting. It has about 800 pages and I'm on 176. At this point in the book, he is 26, just moved to Mexico from Guatemala after the U.S. supported overthrow of the Arbenz goverment, and he is solidifying his communist ideals. Or - they have become solidified. And he just met Raul Castro - Fidel's brother. Strangely, I feel like I have a crush on Che right now. Even though he's a sickly radical commie vagabond. I have the hots for him from reading this book. So far.

doodle - I know what you mean about missing bog city living. I came from Chicago to Tucson, and I miss being able to order good pizza in the middle of the night. I miss being able to order food for delivery *other* than pizza. Here, pizza is the only thing that is delivered. No Chinese, no Middle Eastern, Thai, or Mexican. That sucks. And pretty much the only pizza here is Pizza Hut or Domino's. Chicago has such awesome pizza. I really miss that.

Another thing that bugs me about Tucson is that the restaurants close at 9:00 or 10:00, and on weeknights, there is no one out. Bars are empty. My friends and I were looking for someplace to hang out on Tuesday night, and we found a cool Tiki bar. It was open, but practically empty and closed at 1:00. In Chicago, after the bars close at 2:00, you can find a place that is open until 4:00. Yeah!

(((lilac))) I don't really know what's going on, but from your last post, it sounds like you're going through a very difficult time. I just got divorced on the 13th, and I moved out 6 months ago. You didn't say you guys were breaking up, but still, separating is so difficult and emotionally taxing. I hope things turn out the way you want them to. (((lilac)))

doodle - My friend and my aunt suffer from fibromyalgia, too. It can be so debilitating, and people just don't understand the suffering that goes with it. I feel for you. Mr. PK is a Feldenkrais practitioner, and he says that Feldenkrais classes can help some people who suffer from fibro. Have you ever heard of it? Probably there isn't a practitioner where you live, but maybe, just maybe there's a chance. You should look it up at .

Hey bitches, its FRIDAY!!!! Not that it matters, as I have to work an event tomorrow, and need to do some work on the web over the weekend...feh. Being grown-up is fun, right? right???

*sends steaming hot pizzas from chicago to tuscon and BC*

poodle, I'm so glad that you are feeling better, and I'm sure you'll make it through until your surgery just fine.

((((((lilac)))))) take care of yourself in the best way you know how - I'd say some pampering is in order - hot baths, massage, quiet time with a good book...whatever gives you a sense of peace and some time not to think about anything...

Yup, doodle, I've got three greyhounds this weekend...turbo, well, he's not exactly pleased, but he's trying to be a good host, but its hard to do that when you're an only child. He is tolerating them, but his ears are permanently affixed in the annoyed position, and he just stares at me like "why are you doing this to me?" My poor sensitive tomorrow, he'll have adjusted, but the first 24 hours are always rough. Me, I love the puppers...though I am going out to get them some proper leads this afternoon - theirs are way too long, and they end up getting all tangled as the three jockey for pack order. I prefer a simple 6 foot nylon leash.

AND - turbo gets his stitches out tomorrow - YAY!!!

I have MRG cramps today. Stupid MRG. At least my upper abdomen has chilled out for now. Thank god I won't be dealing with the MRG after my surgery. That would frellin' suck.

(((doodle))) That sounds really painful and annoying. I hope your mama's company helps! (It always does for me)

Yay for turbo's stitches! I'm glad he's back to normal. I saw a cute little pom wearing a tutu on the street today and I immediately envisioned turbodog in a tutu. I think you should get him one. Greyhounds are sort of ballerina-like in their gracefulness. :-)

Sooo, I'm thinking about quiting my job and becoming a Cheap Trick groupie. Whaddya think? The only problem would be financing. I could always sell my gall bladder on ebay. I wonder what diseased gall bladders are going for these days.
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