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again, there's another 10 dollar a shirt sale at threadless. and if you use my link when buying a shirt, you are giving a three dollar discount to me on my next shirt buy. oh, and use "super tees" as a coupon code to give yourself a three dollar discount. thanks!
I have been a busy bee!

In addition to adding over 20 new items to the stock, I have started a sale on our most femme jewelry and clothing (including many of the new items) now through May 18th.

Hey busties--

Lotsa great organic cotton spring-y bags and pouches over at City Girl Designs! The ever popular City Girl Pouch with belt is back in stock, so snap one up while they're available!

New stuff coming soon using the gorgeous new organic cotton prints by Harmony Art! Keep an eye out!

Bustygirl, I just ordered some of the sale earrings! I love several of the tops and dresses too. I'm sure I'll be back!
New Issue of Black Mary #8

I published a new issue of my zine. There's short fiction and reviews, plus interviews with:

drummer Eddie Reeds
comedian David Wain
rock writer Ben Myers
comedian Becky Yamamoto
performance artist Greg Walloch
writer Jenny Seay
DJ/writer Liz Ohanesian

It's a fantastic issue, and it costs only a dollar fifty. Email me for a copy.
so, whoever wants to take a look into this corner of the universe and explore some music, a cool hotel, groovy events, the galleries and movie-sections of the Cybersamurai and the city of Mirapuri, my fresh-baked blog provides some cool links!!
Thank you, mermaidgirl!

I'm dropping a note to let y'all know that from now until June 24th, ALL of our tops & jackets are on sale 15% off! Also, all orders over $100 will receive a FREE gift!

Check it all out HERE.
dropping a link for some friends of mine who have an awesome vintage store/website: yes please vintage

their clothes are awesome and well-priced, and the site is cool too--they have recommendations for outfits, music reviews, and little blurbs about stuff they're currently into. and they are cool ladies running a business, and deserve *your* business :P
I just added a buttload of product to the site!

Yeah, that's right, I said buttload.
my friends just started a shoe company [Keep Company], they make very cute sneakers for women. I know there have got to be some sneakerheads lurking around here. tell your friends. in the fall they are increasing their size range to womens 13, so tell the men in your life as well. check them out HERE!
Only to make sure that no one has to spend long hours searching the internet for cool icons. This is the avatars & icons section of the site of a wonderful friend and artist - Alki!!!
Start here:
I added about 9 new items to the site! Many new skirts, including one with Mexican pinups and one with a print from a Spirograph!

See it all HERE
Hey y'all!

ALL off our spring 2006 stock is now 15% off now through mid-July, and all orders over $100 STILL get a free gift!

Plus, we've added 10 new items to the site, AND the Tattooed Lady items now come in a brand new colour.

Check it all out at Beqi Clothing!
Bustygirl, can one pay via PayPal on your site? I couldn't find it on your website. Fab clothing btw!

A good friend of mine opened her own clothing shop a couple months ago, her url is
My bf did the site. She's such a sweet and generous person, so i tought i'd share the link.
She even put the illustations i made for her clothing on the site. It's under "exposities" and then "artwork by Ytje".
Yeah, there should be a Paypal button underneath the clothing pictures on the site. On some browsers it may be hidden because the picture may show up bigger, but if you scroll down it'll be there.

I'd be lost without Paypal.
Thanks Busty!
this is a cross-post. I have a comic/zine on sale
here. Its dorky and self-published, but its there if anyone wants to support a fellow Bustie. cheers!
posting again for yes please vintage, would love to hear your thoughts on the site/company!
Sonik - I am in love with your friend's designs! Absolutely gorgous. Does she sell in Amsterdam too?
This isn't a shill for my website for a change, it's for my son.

We entered him in Evenflo's "Baby You're a Star" contest. The winner gets a $10,000 scholarship, and becomes the face for Evenflo products. Now, we may be biased, but we think he's cute enough for their stuff! ;)

For him to win, he has to get a buttload of votes. You can vote once a day from July 1st to the 16th. The page he's on is Vote for Little Eddie!

I don't normally beg, but I will today. Please, please, please, if you think my kid is cute and you aren't deeply offended by my open pleading, vote for little eddie!

(P.S. I will double post this in other threads, so I apologize in advance for clogging up the boards. We could just really use that money for a scholarship.)
busty, I went to vote and the button next to the pic says "voting closed"...?

ps, little Eddie is adorable!
probably because it isn't july 1st yet.

busty- i'll vote for him!
Yeah, I feel kind of stupid, but I posted it a little early not realizing it would cause confusion.
Thank you, Altar! :-)
d'oh. I am easily confused.
No, not at all. It's my mistake for posting it too early.
Voting starts today! Yay!
click HERE to vote!
me too - little eddie deserves to win!
I voted to little eddie!
Thank you so much! That means a lot to me.

can we do it more than once?
Yeah, BustyFamily! I'm a-votin'.
Little Eddie is so cute.
You can do it once a day, but not more than that, unless you have access to several computers. (Believe me, we tried.) ;)

Voting goes to the 16th, and all the help we can get we sure appreciate it.
Thank you all, BTW! :-)
whoa, that was easy. just click and vote.
it's not midnight here yet, wonder if i can vote again tomorrow or if i missed it for today 'cause of the time difference.
either way, i'll cast each day until the 16th.
least i can do for you and your little cutie.
good luck!
hmmm, when I tried voting again it said "you have already voted for this photo" - I'll try again later.
hmm, me too. guess that time difference makes a difference. i'll try again later as well.

that kid outta be in commercials, busty. movies, even. seriously. get him to an agency. he's the most photogenic kid eva.
voted. and tried a 2nd time. blast that f-ing 24 hour thing!
yah!! voted again!
voted from work!
Voted! =D
Voted! Good luck!!!!!!
Thank you to everyone who voted!! Now we're just waiting back to see what, if anything, evenflo tells us.

Although to us, he will always be the cutest baby ever. smile.gif

Oh, yeah, and the Sample Sale is up on Beqi Clothing. I don't yet know how to format for this site, so if you want to check it out, it's See ya! You guys'll know as soon as I do!
I'm going to ebay these BPAL imps, but I've got a pre-ebaying post up in my journal for anyone who wants them now. Some of them have been claimed but those not crossed out are still up for grabs.

the post in my LJ

hope he wins, busty!
angelle, I just posted a comment in your LJ asking about the imps. smile.gif
Ohhh Busty lil Eddie is georgeous!!
I wish voting hadn't closed cause I surely would have voted.

I have just finished my website and am quite chuffed at the outcome.It includes my original art works and
music.I've never done anything like this before so here goes......At last a room/corner of the net of my own.

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