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I emailed you tempest!
Hi, my post is twofold: one, I'm selling a bunch of stuff on ebay, including some barely-used shoes (cute stilletoes and flats), jeans and belts. All the items are listed here:

Also, I've added a bunch of stuff to the Sample Sale, which is here:

Okay--I know that this is the thread for shamelessly promoting yourself, but I have a question for some of the more experienced self-promoters: How do you get started? I'm a glass beadmaker, and I'd like to move myself from "hobbyist" to "producing artist who can at least gain supplemental income from this".
I'm not terribly shy overall, but for some reason I don't want to "upsell" my stuff...

Anyone know how to get over "selling-my-stuff-block"? blink.gif
oh, that is such a hard one. and the very reason that i don't sew commercially anymore (lest i end up making anymore wedding or prom gowns for $300, Gah!!).
there is a collective of glass artists in my town, they have an in-studio shop where they showcase theirs and their students work. is there something like that around you? they set a price and everyone sticks fairly close to it, underselling eachother defeats the purpose and they need to support the store with enough income to keep it going. see what you can find maybe?
good luck!!
You should look for a book at the Library, I know they have them, because a friend of mine started selling her jewelry and when she got the book, she found she was WAY UNDER PRICING her things.

also, if there are any farmes markets, etc around where you live that may be a good idea.
get a WEBSITE. if you can't make one yourself, hire a student to make one for you. print business cards and leave them wherever you think your stuff might sell (craft stores, jewelry stores, etc). get friends who live in other cities to leave cards for you. make yourself as accessible as possible.
alright, so this isn't for a few weeks, but i am gonna start promoting the hell out of my new show!

Tempted! Burlesque's Pin-Up Show brought to you by Blackie Deuce, Roslyn Tabor, and Rubie Fizz. Vintage Burlesque Revue bringing the classic stylings of the golden era to the stage. Featuring Miss Scarlet Sinclair, with Ginger Fringe, Moxie Block, the girls of Tempted!, and hosted by Nelson Lugo.

tempted. burlesque @ gmail. com (no spaces in the real email addy, of course)
we are on myspace, too!

Tuesday August 22nd @ 10 PM. FREE ADMISSION!!
Nightingale Lounge
Club # 212.473.9398
213 Second Avenue btwn 13 & 14th

Trains: L,N,Q,R,W,4,5,6 to Union Square/ 14th Street
L to 1st Avenue
Aww, man! I'm so jealous! There isn't a big burlesque presence in STL. Good luck!

I actually stopped by originally to let y'all know our Sample Sale prices have dropped, some as low as $1.50! And remember, only 3 weeks till the Fall Season opens!

Check it out at!
if i had the means, i conduct a world burlesque tour! i'd come and visit YOU first, miss bustygirl.
anna k
I'm making a new issue of my zine. The issues get sold out at Quimby's, so I figured someone likes it. I also like sending it to friends and sharing stuff I like, as well as including my writing that gets lost on the Internet.

My Writing:
Jancee Dunn book review
May film review
Talent Show Baby
Raleigh travel piece
Charleston travel piece

Other Pieces:
Vogue stories on Elizabeth Jagger, Yuan Yuan Tan, and Francoise Hardy
letter of mine published in Bust

Let me know if you want a copy.
threadless is having another $10 shirt sale! and if you buy through my referral link i will get a 3 dollar discount on my next shirt.

the shirts have really cool prints, i actually own five of them. maybe i shouldn't buy more but they are so cute!
If you are in Chicago and play gituar you may want to check out this show at the Note 1565 N Milwakee Ave on thursday August 17th. It is an acoustic Jam that my hubby is hosting!

Misspissed - good luck with the Burlesque Show if I was in NYC I'd so be there. I did some shows in chicago with Eve's Parlor that were a blast!!

anna k- Quimbys rules! What is the name of your zine? Are you in chitown?

Here's my band on myspace.
BG, I can't wait for your fall collection!
bump for the threadless sale which lasts till monday. cute shirts for just $10!!!

i know that i am getting on your nerves but i am a poor college student so what can you do? wink.gif
Just so you know, I am in no way involved with this organization, although I do know the woman who started it. She's great.

Shamelessly stolen from their website: happy.gif

A Long Walk Home

In 1997, during the fall semester of her sophomore year in college, Scheherazade Tillet learned that her older sister, Salamishah, was a rape survivor. In response, Scheherazade began photographing and documenting the impact of sexual assault in Salamishah’s life. In the spring 2000, Salamishah and Scheherazade decided to help more people heal from their experiences of sexual violence by transforming this intimate photography project into the multimedia performance, SOARS (Story Of A Rape Survivor).
Given the positive feedback of SOARS and the high incidents of violence that women and children experience everyday, in 2003 Schehehrazade and Salamishah founded the non-profit organization, A Long Walk Home, Inc. (ALWH) and developed comprehensive anti-violence programs that use the visual and performance arts as vehicles for healing, social change, and education.
SOARS is a two hour performance about one woman’s journey to reclaim her body, sexuality, spirituality, and self esteem after being sexual assaulted in college. Performed by a diverse cast of women and featuring photographs taken by her sister during the recovery process, SOARS uses modern dance, spoken-word, and music to educate the public about sexual violence and to ease the shame, guilt, and self-blame that rape victims too often feel with a story of hope and healing.
This is a great organization that deserves a lot of support. One way you can help them is by purchasing one of these clever little tee-shirts.
@Djennma2000: You could try to sell it on
It seems to be a cool place for this!!
So, Cyberrocker Michel Montecrossa together with his Cyberrock Ladies Mirakali, Diana Antara and Mirachandra landed on Myspace:

Cya!!! biggrin.gif
Ohmigod, I just spent 12 straight hours programming. I feel lightheaded.

On a lighter note, the Fall Season is finally here! Lots and lots of new stuff, with even more to come in the following week! Also, the Sample Sale prices have dropped to their lowest point so far!

I don't know how to format links yet, so just check us out at!
anna k
missladyj, my zine is called Black Mary. I live in NYC. The issues are sold out on Quimby's website, but I'm putting together a new issue, finishing up a story.

I have some really cool vintage stuff up on ebay right now and more to come - take a peek!!!*goodsQQhtZ-1

Seller name is recollection*goods - And good luck to everyone in their ventures...

Hey everybody!

I have just added 7 new items to the Sample Sale, going on at!
Hey y'all! I'll be at the Strange Folk Festival this saturday in O'Fallon, IL, both as a vendor and a fashion show participant! Come down and say hi. (Mention Bust, and I'll give you a 10% discount!)

Check it out at Strange Folk Festival

Also, I have a new sale going on, 15% off all Jewelry and Jewelry sets. From now through Oct. 1, and you can check THAT out at Beqi Clothing.
anna k
My zine at Quimby's.

That's Asia Argento on the cover flipping her dress up. I listed below in an earlier post all the stuff that's included.
From now until October 15th, ALL dresses at Beqi Clothing are 15% off!

Plus, all orders over $150 get a FREE gift!

We've also lowered the prices on the remaining Sample Sale stock for the last time.

Check it all out at Beqi Clothing!

Also, I wanted to say that anyone who wants to exchange links with me is welcome to do so. My email is posted on my website.

Calling Scottish Busties!
I'm starting two new courses based on the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.

I've facilitated these groups for over 10 years now and I'm an experinced facilitator in getting people back in touch with their creativity, discovering previously hidden creatitivity and leading people back to becoming the 'artist of their own life'.

Introductory sessions are a bargain £5 (try before you buy!). The afternoon class is 2-4pm Thursday 19th Oct and the evening class is 6-8pm Friday 20th October. Both are at Buddafield in Blackfriars St off the High St Edinburgh Scotland Email me on creativevoyage at hotmail dot com to check if there are places.
IPB Image
Hey y'all!

From now until November 1st, ALL skirts are 15% off!

We also have 12 brand NEW items, and all orders over $150 still get a FREE gift.

Also, the Sample Sale will end on Nov 1st, so get em while they last.

Check it all out at Beqi Clothing!
I just started a blog about reading:

would love comments from busties!
Here's the Cybersamurai site, lots of interesting stuff, music, paintings, poetry, etc. I'm totally proud to have contributed to it (even if only a very little bit) cool.gif
I would have put this in the "online you" thread, but that felt a bit too "pimpy."

My blog has a new title and address, Five Dollar Camera.
From now until November 16th, ALL tops and jackets are 15% off!

We also have 6 brand NEW items, and all orders over $125 get a FREE gift!

Also, all orders over $150 get FREE shipping, as well!

Check it out at Beqi Clothing!
the very cool crew of threadless have another sale going on - all shirts are only $10 a piece (and that's valid for the next thirty days supposedly!).

and if you could buy through my link, i will get $3 off my next purchase. rolleyes.gif
Well, Etsy is down, so you can't visit my shop as of Nov 13 -
but if you want to look later, it's at Magickal Realism at Etsy. You can, however, look at my first piece for the trashion line on my LJ. Mail-direct incinerates (incense paper) with the added benefit of no packaging at all.
From now until December 16th, ALL tops, skirts, and accessories are 15% off! Also, orders over $125 will receive a FREE gift, and all orders over $150 will receive FREE shipping!

For those looking to order gifts for the holidays, jewelry-only orders will be shipped in 1 - 2 weeks instead of the usual 3-4!

Check us out at!
To all the jewelry and handbag obsessives, in the house....

Check out for funky and unique jewelry, handbags and accessories!

We're offering free priority shipping when you purchase over $100, a great way to save a little money on holiday gifts!
And as our gift to you, for the entire month of December, you can save 10% off any purchase (excludes gift certificates and previous purchases), simply enter TENOFFDEC as the coupon code.
We also gift wrap, for a small fee - to make your holidays easier!

We carry Femme Metale, Pretti Vacant, Tattooed Steel, Foxy Originals, Loop NYC handbags, BauXo, Bijoux Luck, and more!

Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter, so you know what's new at!
Check out the Holiday Sample Sale at Beqi Clothing! Over 50 items that are up to 50% off! First come, first served, all Sample Sale items are guaranteed to ship within 1-2 weeks, so you can give them in time for the holidays!

Check it all out at!
princess evangeline
Hey hey! it's ME voodoo princess!
I'm way stoked to have my new etsy shop up and running with 4 of my newest bath products online and ready to go! I'll be adding my soaps and lip balm/butters very soon AND I'm always up for making custom gift baskets!
If you check me out and see something you like BUT you don't see a scent you like, just message me and I will be happy to whip up a batch of whatever you want with the scent you want (as long as I can get my little hands on it)
hey, just thought i'd remind anyone who has a environmentally minded loved one on their christmas shopping list that there's lots of great handmade (by me!) organic cotton bags and home decor over at my shop, City Girl Designs!

there's still time to ship for christmas to canada and the usa if you choose the Xpresspost fast shipping method!
Girlistic Magazine is on the web - free, downloadable, and 54 pages of feminist good times.

Then, when you're done with the Magazine, you can check out Girlistic's blog, The Feminist Pulse!
Our bi-annual Sample Sale is here! All Sample sale items will ship within 1-2 weeks, just in time for the holidays! Also, we are now offering GIFT CERTIFICATES for those hard-to-shop-for people on your list!! The Holla-Day sale is still going on, as well.

Check it out at Beqi Clothing!
Margaret Cho in Gurlesque Burlesque - Jan. 13th at the Vic! Two shows only, at 7 and 10 pm.

If anyone's in Chicago next weekend, tickets are still available for this amazing show at the Vic on Jan. 13th. I'll be in one of the many acts performing; Chicago and national acts will join headliners Margaret Cho, Miss Exotic World 2006 Julie Atlas Muz, Satan's Angel, Indigo Blue, and Alotta Boutté.

Tickets are available at Women & Children First, the Vic box office, and Ticketmaster. Included with your ticket to the January 13th production of Gurlesque Burlesque is a one year subscription (51 issues) to Time Out Chicago!
my iStockphoto stock photography portfolio is growing !
Currently I have two sales running on Beqi Clothing, the Fall 2006 Sale, where ALL fall stock is 15% off, and the Holiday Sample Sale, where my sample stock is sometimes OVER 50% off.

Check it out before the season is gone forever!
Edinburgh or Glasgow based Bustie!

Feeling creatively blah or blocked??

I'm running my 12 week course based on the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron starting on 9th Feb in Edinburgh and 15th Feb in Glasgow. The intro session is £5 (try before you buy!) email me for more info
Our Spring Preview is here!! Plus, the Sample Sale items will be knocked down to their lowest point within the next 1-2 days, and the remaining Fall stock is still all 15% off.

Check it out at Beqi Clothing!
princess evangeline
FYI - just added a new lotion line to UGLYbathworks and have about 20 new scents.........
Lotion is actually a "creme", thicker than regular lotion, and is 81% organic........
3 blends on hand - Sensual / Earth..... Somali Rose / Vetiver..... Nag Champa / Indian Sandalwood
But check out the entire scent list at and see what I have.....
All products are made to order unless you want something I have on hand at the moment (limited qty's as I don't like to keep too much already made, fresh is best!)
Just a note to let you know that I knocked the Sample Sale prices down, and now nothing is over $18!!

Check it out at Beqi Clothing!
Forgive the double post, I just want to see if this works.

IPB Image

IPB Image

Beqi Clothing
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