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Just wanted y'all to know that I added 3 adult clothing items to the site, 2 jewelry pieces, and 3 baby clothing items--including the hoodie you see on my son here:

IPB Image

Isn't that great? It says "Bad Monkey goes to bed late". And really, you know that's true.

Anyhow, check it out at Beqi Clothing! Ta.


Hello, I have some cute vintage clothes and shoes on ebay right now. Check em out!*goodsQQhtZ-1
Beqi Clothing has 7 NEW items, including a 40's retro printed cotton dress and skirt! Plus, all people on the email list will be receiving a rebate offer, so sign up by the 23rd to get it!

Check it out HERE!
Okay lol
well I'm Glamour Diva and I actually do online marketing for a few and music brands:)
I'm currently "hawking" a great new colorant product called Color Boost--made by the same people over at Hairpary--this bad boy allows daily use in place of your conditioner that boosts blondes and brunettes--thus extending the time btwn dye jobs--it's seriously a great product ladies:)

find out more at

This is just a note to let you know that the rebate offer (which was sent out to the people on the mailing list) expires tomorrow, so use it today!!

Beqi Clothing
Hey y'all, I have a new sale up!! All Dresses are 15% off, including the 2 NEW dresses I've added to the site (along with 5 other new clothing items).

In addition to this, many of the dresses have had their sizing extended to include XL, including the Donna Dress, Audrey Dress, and many more.

Check all of the sale items out at Beqi
Just a note to let y'all know that I added a buttload of new items to the site, and that the dress sale was extended until April 28th!
I am officially the Queen High Thread Hog.

That said,

From now until May 13th, ALL skirts and pants are 15% off! Plus, all order over $50 get a free gift, and shipping is FREE on orders over $125!!

Check it out at!
Oh! I want to get in on this..... I'd love some feeback on my acting site, I'm still trying to get the best layout possible.... check it out, please: rolleyes.gif

Beqi, love the clothes, especially the Dorothy halter, can't wait till I have money again so I can buy one! laugh.gif


The color showdown..... omg, I've seen the commercials for it, sooo funny tongue.gif
hey y'all.

please drop by my webpage and let me know what you think. i'm running a little record label called DANCING WAYANG that specialises in limited edition vinyl-only releases (yes, the only way to listen to music! smile.gif ). all the covers are handmade. in the case of the first release, they were screenprinted and later embellished by hand with gold dots. yes... 300 covers! i also made the webpage from scratch. in fact i learned to script xhtml especially for it.

are there any other busties out here running labels? or working in music?

so you're planning to visit Europe in Summer? Fine!!
Don't miss this all-out rockin' Festival in Northern Italy - 10 days Open-Air concerts by international bands, combined with groovy Oktoberfest atmosphere and a free-love Flowerpower-Happening:
The Spirit of Woodstock Festival & Mirapuri's one and only original Bavarian Oktoberfest in Italy & Mirapuri Rainbow Gathering

Join Europe's most unique and outstanding Live-event!!!

1000 000 greetings & Cya at the festival

Hey y'all, I've added a bunch of new stuff to the site, as well as running a one week only sale on baby clothes!

This is my new favourite thing:

Go HERE to see all the goodies!
I'm not promoting myself, but the work of a good friend of mine. This is his book, I highly recommend it, as well as his first book, "Attack The Messenger: How Politicians Turn You Against The Media". (For those of you sick of the rightwing bullshit claim of 'liberal bias' in the US media, check it out. Depressing as hell, but well worth the read if you're at all into politics and/or news.)

25 Rules for Survival in a Brutal and Manipulative World
By Craig Crawford

Being nice and polite only gets you so far in the world. Craig Crawford recognizes that the world can be a cruel place, and outlines 25 ways to stick up for yourself and make yourself heard in the politics of daily living. Publishers Weekly says, “Crawford’s tone can be harsh, but the slight flinching reaction one might begin with segues to enjoyment and identification as Crawford presents recognizable real-life scenarios, prompting plenty of ah-ha moments of practical discovery.” Buy now:

Inspired by famed sixteenth century philosopher, Niccolo Machiavelli, THE POLITICS OF LIFE: 25 RULES FOR SURVIVAL IN A BRUTAL AND MANIPULATIVE WORLD provides rules that are effective and useful in your business, your personal life and your own “politics” of life.

Buy now:

Rules for Survival from THE POLITICS OF LIFE

Love Helps, But Fear Motivates
Popular Lies Beat Unpopular Truth
Never Keep Your Word If Circumstances Change
To Control Others, First Walk in Their Shoes
Victory Can Sometimes Be Concealed in Compromise
A True Enemy Should Be Eliminated, Never Tolerated
Distribute Rewards Slowly to Prolong the Effects
Never Postpone Inevitable Conflict

“Craig Crawford, a Washington pundit, has written a fascinating and insightful guidebook on the use of power in public life, and ways to avoid the pitfalls. He shows it takes a little bit of Machiavelli to play the game in politics — and life — and succeed.”

– Helen Thomas, Hearst Columnist and Dean, White House Press Corps

“Finally, a book that cleverly uses real politics to help people gain ground in their own lives. The ten commandments will get you to heaven, but Craig Crawford’s 25 rules will help you survive the purgatory on earth. Read this — before it’s too late!”

– Larry J. Sabato, Director, University of Virginia Center for Politics

About the Author: Craig Crawford is a political analyst for NBC/MSNBC/CNBC. He writes a White House column and daily blog for Congressional Quarterly, and he is the author of a previous book, ATTACK THE MESSENGER: HOW POLITICIANS TURN YOU AGAINST THE MEDIA.

Buy now:

For further information or to schedule Craig to speak at your next event, please contact Nine Speakers, Inc. at 202-328-6861 or

Publishers Weekly on The Politics of Life

“Washington journalist and author Craig Crawford (Attack the Messenger) gives Machiavelli a user-friendly 21st century update with this guide to life’s struggles for the unwary, the good-natured and the ‘never met a man I didn’t like’ gang. Though his perception of the world and his cautionary stance can be glum, Crawford’s wisdom, for the most part, is unarguable. A veteran of the barracuda business world, he regales readers with Art of War-like rules from the get-go: ‘Life is a Filthy Battle,’ ‘A True Enemy Should Be Eliminated, Never Tolerated’ and ‘Never Postpone the Inevitable Conflict’ among them. The author maintains that people often follow Machiavelli’s militant advice without considering the philosopher’s admonitions for balance: ‘People get their way simply by asserting something…with believable-sounding support,’ whether or not it’s true, ‘manipulating people…not unlike training dogs.’ To buck up for the fight, Crawford encourages ‘a positive outlook on pain will help you ease the harm that you must occasionally do to another…cast the experience on character-building.’ Though his advice isn’t groundbreaking, Crawford is adept in his use of anecdotes to illustrate tough truths in a logical framework, providing excellent advice for launching endeavors, moving in a positive direction, surviving the scoundrels and embracing life. Crawford’s tone can be harsh, but the slight flinching reaction one might begin with segues to enjoyment and identification as Crawford presents recognizable real-life scenarios, prompting plenty of ah-ha moments of practical discovery.” – Publishers Weekly
Hey Indie Designers and Artisans!
SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION HERE tongue.gif just launched! It is going to be the BEST spot for the BEST indie shopping coupons, deals and specials. If you sell your work and have a deal or special you would like listed it is just $7 for the month!

We only allow 20 listings per category which is great for visitors to the site, they can see all the ads easily and quickly and also WONDERFUL for the indie artists, your listing wont be buried.

This is our grand launch and we know this is going to be incredible for shoppers and artists alike! If you are interested in having a a listing please contact me at

For more details visit

Lets keep Indie Artists AFLOAT!
I think I'll get in on this shameless self-promotion. I'm a an artist/writer check me out:
That indiesaver thing sounds like a good idea.

Quick notes: The Sample Sale is up!

We're also having a sale on Tops and Jackets, AND

I'm in talks with the STL Craft Mafia to launch our own DIY Craft Fair here in August! I'll keep you posted.

Oh yeah, Click here for Beqi Clothing.
PS - for all STL residents, my baby clothing will be featured in tomorrow's edition of the Post-Dispatch, in the Fashion section.

I have a link to the article online for anyone who might be interested. Beqi Clothing in the Post Dispatch!
I am creating an art project that will include recipes, personal anecdotes, and poems that all intertwine. My website, newly created is called My work won't be on there for another week at least, but I thought I'd start early on the self-promotion wink.gif

Everything on the Sample sale is 40% or more off! Check it out HERE!

Everything else is 15% off, BTW. smile.gif
Just a quick update: I lowered the prices on the Sample Sale, and now NOTHING is over $29.00!! Most skirts and tops are only $18, and jewelry is as low as $2.50!
Forgive the cross post, but I'm trying to get the word out to whomever might be interested.

The STL Craft Mafia is holding their first-ever DIY Craft Fair on August 18th, and we will be giving out free gift bags to the first 500+ people that show up. If you have an arty or crafty business and want a cheap way to reach like-minded consumers, including some small goods in these goodie bags with your name/business name/website info attached is a good way to do it! We will accept anywhere from 1 to 500 items from you.

Anyone who's interested or needs more info can email me at The deadline for submissions is July 31st. For obvious reasons, we won't be able to accept anything from large corporate and/or fundie groups.
No shame here:

I'm promoting my new food blog, Nanin Pachat: Midnight Munchies, Elaborate Dinners, and Table Talk.

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