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Full Version: House Of The Gods! Well, actually, it is just my lil' apartment...(the home decorating thread)
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Hello ladies...I'm fairly new to the board but have a MAJOR home decorating project ahead.

I'm moving into my boyfriend's house next month. Its an adorable house and he does a great job with the exterior and landscaping...but in the two years he's lived here he's never painted or given much thought to the interior. he's a bare bones kind of guy and up until now, its been just his space so i've never dipped my hand into the pot.

I'm a school teacher, so I plan to spend my summer ripping down wallpaper, painting walls...and making a few key furtniture purchases. we have our eye on a really nice chocolate brown leather set for the living room.

So my question is, any books or websites that you have found to be helpful for the starter home? Do any of you ladies have any experience or stories about turning a bachelor pad into a cozy home for two??? Wheres a girl to turn...

it's generally about smaller spaces, with an eye towards modern and contemporary styles. a lot of the stuff they feature there is quite expensive, but they do have good tips and tricks and their photo and video home tours are great inspiration. they also have local sites (in new york, LA, chicago, and now san francisco) where they make specific reccomendations of stores, contractors, etc.
Digs Magazine

HGTV small spaces section

useful tools at Better Homes & Gardens (see the links in the left-hand column)

It sounds like a big project cellijenni...if you have some ideas already that we could brainstorm on, please post them! Also, since you are moving into a space previously occupied by one of you, I think it's really important for both you and your partner to make a lot of the decisions together, even over things that seem small. (It's always the small things that come back to bite you in the ass later!)
thanks for the websites...

i'll definitely post more specifics later.

doodlebug...i totally agree. we're going to have to make a lot of choices together, but luckily we're both into relatively the same style.


A book that I really, really love, is Christopher Lowell's "You can do it! Small space decorating". Check out the modern one (he does two), if you're into that at all. Seriously. It looks so zen when he's done.
Okay, I have a weird item that I would like to display and it's kind of complicated. It's a silk coverlet for a bed. It's about a "full-size" coverlet with fringe on three sides. The fringe keeps the fabric tight on the three sides only. Now, the fabric is gorgeous and I think it's old. It's spanish and it's in beautiful shades of purple and when the light hits it, the embroidery changes color. I don't want to use this on our bed because it's very slippery. I would like to hang it, but because of the fringe, it hangs odd. Also, I really don't want to cut it. Anyone have any ideas for hanging such a weird peice of fabric? I'd like to have it hanging over the bed if possible, but I have no idea how. I'm going to try to find it and post a picture of it here soon.
I'd love to see a picture of it, zora. It sounds to me like you've already tried to hang it and it hung funny? Did you hang it with the third fringe side down, or up? Have you tried flipping it so the fringe is up at the top?

How delicate is the fabric? Is the fringe sewn onto it? I'm thinking some sort of frame could be made, a four sided hinged frame the same size as the coverlet, with two dowels or strips of wood per side. And it'd clamp together? Think, like two picture frames with a piano hinge across the top. And some sort of mechanism at the bottom to clamp it together. The fringe would stick out of the edges and sort of hold the fabric taut. The side without the fringe would just stay taut. And the frame could have those things on them that'd allow you to hang it like a picture?

Geesh, I can't describe this for crap but I can visualize it. Meh.
I'd also love to see a photo, zora! Although my immediate thought is that if it won't hang straight, then hang a long pole along the wall and sort of artfully drape, wrap, and/or fold the fabric over it, maybe at a "jaunty" angle, so it looks like a piece of modern art. You could also staple-gun one end to a long 1x2 (similar to treehugger's idea), which would hold it sort of straight, and then hang the 1X2 on the wall (I don't know if the staples would wreck the fabric or not though). Maybe some better ideas will come when I see a pic!
I always lurk in here and now I have a reason to post. Whee!

So, I'm moving into a tiny bedroom--11' by 7', about, with a corner taken out for the closet. It has high ceilings, one large window, and two doors. The walls are currenly white and grimy. I have permission to paint, but since I've never been able to paint a room before, I know nothing about it.

Two questions: what will make a small bedroom look larger, a pale, buttery yellow (free paint I can get from friends), or a light sage-y green (that I would buy myself)? Is one really preferable to the other, or is it just taste? I'm planning on buying a new blanket for my bed, so I don't really need to match anything. My furniture is all various kinds of wood. I already have sage green curtains, but I can buy new ones if necessary. Most of the eye level wall space will probably be taken up with book cases, a standing mirror, etc. I like yellow rooms but worry it might be a bit overpowering in a small bedroom? Is that the case?

Also, a previous tenant covered the walls with that blue fun-tac stuff for hanging do I get that off? I'm guessing it's been up for at least a year, if not longer.

Thanks for any advice!
minouska, I think pale yellow will make the room look larger, but I think you should paint it whichever you like better. Small room that you're going to spend a lot of time in? Choose paint you like.

Plus they've done studies that have found yellow to be a color unconducive to relaxing. Just a thought . . .

A note on paint, should you decide to buy some. Don't buy supercheap paint; it is so much more difficult to work with and make look good. Sears actually makes good interior paint for a reasonable price. Good luck.
both yellow and sage tend to be good for bedrooms, have a relaxing 'vibe', and provided they're in the same general tone family, they would have just about the same effect on the size of the space. in my opinion, both colors work equally well in a bedroom.

so the choice is yours -- as for the curtains, i don't know that i'd choose sage curtains for a sage room. but sage curtains might look great in a yellow room, depending on the exact shade.

I painted a very tiny bedroom yellow. What direction does the room face? Yellow is very sunny and bright and "get up and go"-ish. Which is why I used it in my east-facing make it easier to get up in the mornings. Not so conducive to relaxing in the evenings, or as easy to "romantisize up" for intimacy.

I've always felt like you can't disguise a small room using paint. Embrace it for what it is! Use the color that appeals to YOU the most because YOU will be the one living with it.

Try getting samples of paint and painting a big swatch of color on each wall. Live with it for a week or so. Observe what the colors do at different times of the day.

That said, the yellow was CHARMING in a small room. Believe it or not I also painted an *even smaller* room a green...not a sage green, but more of a green I can't describe. Brighter than sage green. More vivid.

It also looked charming in the other room. The green room *felt* more serene while the yellow room *felt* more cheerful.

Hope this helps a tad.
kjhink, oh man! 1/2 my house is shades of yellow or cream. i'm assuming you know about color, is it true that orange promotes violent behavior?

two of the slats in the bathroom door are broken so we tried to hang another door. believe it or not the length of the old door is 79 5/6 on one side and 78 1/8 on the other! i think i just need to repair the slots since the door that i thought was perfect to replace it istn't working, even though i measured a hundred times and thought i cut it exact. i guess i'll put it on two saw horses and make it a work table in the garage. has anyone else had trouble hanging doors? i was shocked at how hard it was having never tried it before.
My whole place is wood floors and its time to redo them. Has anyone ever done this? I need some direction on how to?
Ohh. I don't know how, ginger_kitty, but I do know from other people that it's a huge mess and very physically taxing. You sure you want to do it yourself?
Thanks for all the advice, everyone! I picked up some paint swatches after work and I'll just have to go from there, I guess. I think I'm leaning towards the green (yes, I'd get new curtains, Bklynhermit!), but I'm not sure yet. Unfortunately I can't try out the colors on the walls: I get the keys Friday and move in Sunday, so I can only paint on Saturday. The room is too small for me to paint it after I move in, because there will be no room to reach the walls around my stuff. I think it faces north, but I'm not completely sure. I'm hoping to make it a really comfy, cozy space (my boyfriend and I just broke up; we were living together so I'm moving out to live with roommates again and this is my first space in three years that's just mine). I think I want it to be more calming/relaxing than energizing, so the green sounds like it might be better. It will have to be a pretty pale green, though.
Okay, minouska, we have something to work with. You say you *think* the room faces north? Are you in the northern hemisphere (where north will be the darker side)?

If your room faces north, be careful of colors you pick not having too cool of tones or too blue-ish of tones, since the kind of light you'll get will tend to be less and will feel "colder" in the wintertime. What's your climate?

I'm up in the midwest and I tend to float to warmer colors simply because we have so much coldness here. If you're in a hot area the opposite may well be true.

I love the blue-green I put on my walls..but I think it's a little darker than what you'd want for a north facing room.

I used to know a woman ages ago who painted a room a pale green called "celery bunch". She loved it. Or you can try at (watch out for popup ads)..they have a program under their house and home section called "color a room" which lets you try virtual paint colors in sample rooms.

Do you want bold or serene? I'd suggest having accents in a color close to the green if you want mellow and serene...perhaps bluegreens, or yellows. Perhaps with a touch of orangey-rust SPARINGLY around the room...think of a fall colored candle. Like a pumpkin pie type of scent... Or a single pillow somewhere. It will really make the green pop.

I just love this stuff! :-)
Hi all...I'm skimming really fast, so apologies if I write something someone else has covered...

What I've read (and I read a lot of this stuff - they don't call it decorating porn for no reason)...the best way to keep a small room from looking cluttered or closed in is to keep everything in similar tones, regardless of what colours you choose. So, say if you have all dark-toned furniture. Then you want to either paint your room in a mid to dark tone, or paint your furniture a lighter colour to go with lighter walls. Ditto keeping your upholstery, bedcovers, curtains, etc., in similar tones to the walls. You could end up using, say, a pale green and a pale blue together, as long as they are in a similar tonal family. Keeping things in the same colour family would be even better, but it's not necessary. By the same token, you could do everything in dark blues and purples, as long as you keep the tones similar....with small spaces, colour is about illusion.

I think with choosing between yellow and green, the best thing is to decide what you need for the room to work. Do you need something cheery when you wake up in the morning? Yellow! Do you need to calm down and relax in the evening? Green!

More to the point, do you like the free yellow or not? I don't think I could ever live in a yellow room, even if the paint were free - but my mama painted almost her entire place yellow, and loves it. Free is nice, but if you discover you hate it, then you'll have save a tiny bit of money, but you will be affecting your mental and emotional health - colour can have that strong an impact on us! Paint is not really that expensive, especially if you are only painting a small room...and if you buy good quality paint, you will need less of it to get good coverage. If you take your room measurements to a paint store, they will help you figure out how much you need. I think you can do it yourself at, too.

Also, the direction you face makes a huge difference. If you don't get any natural sunlight, then you probably want to utilize warmer colours to keep the room from being depressing. If you get a lot of sun, then you probably want to stick to cooler colours to keep the room from feeling too hot. Other lighting issues matter too - such as how MUCH light you get (is the room dark or bright).

BUT! A lot of people limit themselves by thinking that green, blue, and purple are always cool, while yellow, orange and red are always warm. Not totally true! You can get cool yellows and warm can get cool reds and warm I don't think it matters which one you choose - it's a question of preference, picking the right "temperature," and making sure you pick colours and tones that suit your lighting levels. So be sure to test a BIG patch (not a colour chip - paint a 1 metre swatch on your wall or on a piece of cardboard) of whatever colour you think you want. Leave it up for at least 24 hours so you can see it in all the different light your room will get.

(When I started learning more about colour as an artist, it was a huge revelation to learn that there ARE no temperature-neutral colours in manufactured pigments...even primary colours in the form of paint pigment don't come out temperature-neutral, so it's important to know which direction your colour choices lean towards - cool or warm.)

When I painted my living room (I face south), I chose a cool, soft, green-grey neutral called Contemplation (Behr). In some light it looks grey, in some light it looks green, and in some light it looks blue!

ETA: here is a basic rundown on colour and mood (first website that came up when I googled "colour" and "mood"!)...but keep in mind that it can be mixed up a little, too. For example, if your favourite colour is lime green, remember that lime green is BOTH green AND yellow mixed together, and keep both colour-mood considerations in mind, as well as the tonal quality of the colour (whether it is tinted lighter or shaded darker). I have punches of lime green all over my apartment, and in some cases (often depending what it's paired with), it could be considered a warm, vibrant, stimulating others, a peaceful, tranquil colour.
amywoman, I think it'll me cheaper to do it ourselves. I can't imagine how much it may cost to pay someone to refinish them for us. I admit the whole process seems overwelming. Guess I have got to roll up my sleeves and do some research.
on the one hand, redoing floors seems like maybe a cool project.

on the other hand, it also seems like one of those things where you get what you pay for.

maybe you could do one small room and see how you like it, and if you hate it, you could call a pro to finish the rest?
I don't think it's really super hard to refinish your own floors, but I do think it's a lot of work. Here is a manual on how to do it (PDF). From what I've heard from others, the hardest part is keeping the sanding even, and keeping the dust out of the finish.

My BFF actually put in her own hardwood floors, herself.
doodlebug that guide was awesome!!!! Thank you so much.

bklynhermit, I think we are going to do our bedroom first, because it's about 15' by 11' to see how it goes. Then venture out to the living room/dining room/office which are all three connected and much larger.

I come from a long line of do it yourselfers, so I am just to stubborn to pay somebody for this. My dad had us doing everything from drywall to wiring, so I know I can tackle this. Not to mention I have a pretty beefy hubby to use as free slave labor. :-)
Thanks Treehugger! I checked a map and it looks like the room faces northeast-ish. It's kind of hard to say because of the angle of the road. I'm in NYC so it's a variable climate, but cold in the winter. It sounds like I should aim for a slightly warmer pale green, if possible....maybe a slightly yellow grey green rather than a blue grey green, huh? I'll go check out the bhg site.

Thanks, Doodle, too! I think the room gets a fair amount of light; it's the fourth floor and the room faces the street, so I think I'll get decent light. Probably more in the morning. Both times I've been there have been the very late afternoon or a rainy day, and it seemed like a fair amount of light for that time. I'll be spending more time there at night so I think I want it to be more cozy then than a wake-up color. And from what you say, too, it really sounds like a warmer green is the way to go. My furniture is really mixed, but slightly biased towards lighter woods. I'll try to aim for light colors when I get a new blanket and curtains to help the space.

I do actually like the free yellow a lot--my friends have it in their living room--but after reading all your comments and thinking about it, it's a little more energetic than I want in my bedroom. I really want a yellow room but I will just have to wait until I can paint a kitchen or living room. :-)

Thanks for all your help! I will let you all know how it looks when I'm moved in.
another thing to think about, when going down the green path, is whether you can actually live with the color you pick, painted onto your walls. i came very close to painting my bedroom at my last place one of my favorite shades of warm green. and then i pictured the walls actually that color, and the thought came to me that said fabulous color was kind of similar to the color of bile, and that while it might look great on a shirt or a painting or something, if i put it on my walls i was going to think about vomit all the time.

just because you like a color in theory, and just because it makes sense in the space, doesn't mean you will actually be able to live with it, day in and day out, for a year or more.

though i'm a serious color ruminator -- it took months to pick the color for my kitchen (which has yet to be painted even now, btw).
Yeah, ginger_kitty, definitely cheaper. I hear you on that. I just also always hear from people who have done it that it's way more work than it seems and very physically taxing. They always say they never want to do it again after doing it once... so just wanted to warn you about that.
ginger kitty, my friend just did this. he said that he would never ever recommend it without renting one of those floor sander devices. he also said that it's best to do one room at a time in sections.

i have to try to put the old door back in this weekend since trying to install a new door was a complete disaster. all this week we had to live with no door on our bathroom. it really sucked, especially with the dog or cat wandering in when i was in there. i can't wait to get a door back on and paint it.

we're also going to try to put a new ceiling fan in our living room and remove the ugly ass all white cheap one. then we're hoping to paint that one and other one that's already in the kitchen silver with red blades to put into 2 places in the long galley kitchen. hope it works.

doodlemama is in town, and we were on our way to the grocery store this afternoon, when I saw this wicker chair outside a thrift/antique store (where I bought my dining table, years ago). I pulled in to look at it...turned out, the chair was part of a set that I didn't really want.


There was this other set: a couch and two chairs. They are totally vintage; the guy said '30s or early '40s. They are polished real maple wood frames, with cane sides between the arms and the seat, and they have those curvy legs...they are "airy" looking, and they are in almost perfect shape! And it's totally sprung upholstery, too! $600 + taxes for the set.

I actually left them behind b/c I knew I couldn't afford the entire set, and as we were driving around, I kept thinking about them. doodlemama kept offering to pay $300, in lieu of a birthday present (my b-day isn't till December) I finally caved in and we went back!

doodlemama says they look like something out of Casablanca.

The only caveat is that the upholstery is dusty pink, green and cream (flowered), but it's a really subtle look - I'm sure it's not the original upholstery, but it will do till I can recover the pieces anyway!

We brought home the chairs; the guy is going to bring the couch on Thursday when I am back from Victoria.

I have real, grown up furniture!!!

I am absolutely dying to be able to throw the loveseat over the balcony. I've been waiting two years to be able to toss it "overboard." I think I might have a little ceremony.
Wow, doodlebug! What a find! Isn't it great to get your first very own adult furniture? I just did that and I still feel pretty euphoric about it!

Congrats! :-)
Congratulations, Doodlebug!! The new furniture sounds beautiful.
congrats doodle! Take pics when you have the whole set!
doodle, that's awesome! they sound great. i'd love to see pics...
Wow, please post pics, doodlebug! I can't wait to see those. Love that era.

So I have redone bathroom pics. I wish I had before pics, but suffice it to say that once upon a time this bathroom was BROWN. Brown/tan/white threaded safari wallpaper, brown trim, brown cabinet, brass fixtures, horrible drop ceiling with brown rails. Now it's mostly black, white and grey with silver/chrome fixtures, and the only room we've done in such a deliberately modern way. Looks a little austere in the pictures, but that's okay. It's not quite fully accessorized, but we were going for the black/white/grey trifecta with small splashes of color. Floor Bath/?sc=1&mult i=1&addtype=local&media=image - should work.
(Cross-post from "Where Can I Find...")

I'm looking for a cheap, but well-built free standing cabinet to put towels and sheets in. I found this one at Target. It's basically what I want, but it's only 12 inches deep. I'd like a little more room than that, but not for much more money. I've tried Ikea and The Container Store. Any ideas?

Nice bathroom, amywoman! Sounds like a great improvement!

Crassy, I have a very similar ceiling fan in my bedroom. Hunter, too, same light, but different metal parts.

((Drooling over doodle's furniture- post pics!!))
amy, wow, what a transformation from brown w/ a dropped ceiling! it's bright- very clean and simple. i too painted my bathroom white w/black trim around the windows! is that a light or a fan on the ceiling? i like it's deco shape.

polly, i got an open bookshelf type cabinet at ikea and then got one of those curtain rods with springs and sewed a pretty curtain for the front of it. is this an option?
wow, nice job amy! Very shiny and bright!

polly, I think Home Decorators has a big selection of cabinets, but they may be more pricey than what you're looking for...

eta: bed, bath & beyond might also have some.
Fabulous work, amywoman! You've done a great job and it looks wonderful!

polly, does it have to be a cabinet with doors? I'm thinking you could probably get a decent second hand dresser, or a smaller set of drawers (a big nightstand?), or something similar, very cheaply. You could paint it or do whatever you wanted to it. I've got a dresser right in my living room, and it holds a TON of stuff!

Also, to follow-up on crassy's great idea...if you didn't want to do a curtain on the front of an open shelf, you could do a bamboo blind, which has a pretty clean and plain style to it. I'm fairly sure you can cut these down to fit. Or even a second hand pair of shutters, if you can find them.

I am thinking about getting a bunch of under-bed boxes to store my extra bedlinens. Right now, I can manage to stuff a couple of afghans into the old brass firewood box in my living room, but the rest all lives in one gigantic Rubbermaid tub in my bedroom closet (comforters take up a lot of space!), but I'd like to re-claim that space for other know, like clothes, shoes, bags...
Thanks for the suggestions, all- I do kinda want a cabinet with doors. I have a small-ish dresser in the spot currently, holding my towels & sheets, but we got it off a friend's family member for free when we first moved and it's kinda crappy. I feel bad because it's real mahogany, but there's no sliders and it's a pain to open them. Also, they have a weird smell. I just don't feel like putting in the effort of lining the drawers and whatever else could be done. But I do have a couple of under-the-bed boxes I could use for now. Thanks for reminding me, doodle!

Bed Bath & Beyond mostly had medicine cabinet-type things and yeah, most of the stuff on Home Decorators is a bit much. I tried Ikea's website and found it surprisingly lacking...maybe if I have to go to the store for something else, I'll see what I can find- their website doesn't have everything they sell.
Thanks, everyone! crassy, in answer to your question, that's a combination fan and light.
i know ikea has a shelving system that involves optional doors. maybe it's not online? you used to be able to download a PDF of their catalog...

they also sell kitchen cabinets, which might be an option, though i don't know the price points.
doodle, bamboo blinds are a great idea! i've got some that a freind couldn't use and gave me and i was trying to figure out how to use them. i was thinking of putting them around the walls in my "tiki" (enclosed porch) room, but the siding is uneven so i didn't know how to attach them, but now i'm thinking what about attaching them around the 2 side tables i have in there? it's that fake wood stuff from ikea, would wood glue work?

amy, does that fan/light come in just a fan? i was looking for that exact construction for a fan in my bathroom. it would have to be attached to the wall though.
crassy, I thought I saw some like it at Menards, actually. Worth a look.
crassy...wood glue might work, but if it were me, I'd use wood glue plus a couple of screws on each piece of blind. Alternatively, you could try velcro, if you want to be able to remove them for cleaning or quick access to underneath the tables (if you're planning to use them for storage). Velcro = strong hold.

So, in good news...I just got home late last night, and today, made arrangements for my sofa to be delivered this afternoon...while I'm at work! I am giving a young friend (starving student) $20 to help with the lifting. She is going to the shop at 1:30, so I guess it will be on it's way soon. I'm so excited!!!!

doodlemama and I threw my loveseat over the balcony before I came to work this afternoon. It wasn't as ceremonious as I'd hoped, but it was fun! I was hoping for more damage, though - only one of the legs broke. Then I had to up-end it and "walk" it to the dumpster, 'cause my mom has a knee problem and I didn't want her to wreck it trying to help.

I'm soooooooo happy!!!!

So here's the plan so far: I'm going to paint - yes, paint - all the wood parts of the furniture black. Then I'm going to slipcover or otherwise cover the pink flowered upholstery with some kind of green fabric. I decided I can't live with the pink...or the flowers, for that matter. It's all too spinsterish. I need some rock and roll in my furniture. At this point, I'm thinking I'll do the sofa and one chair in a plain green, and then the other chair in some kind of print. I can live with green for a long, long time (it's my favourite colour), plus green is very versatile, and the chairs will be easier to recover than the sofa, if I get tired of the print.

I'm hoping to find a black and lime green zebra print for the chair, but my mother's having a cow over the very thought of it.
Hey, storage fans....I just saw this post on Apartment Therapy...apparently you can build the cabinet in the pic without any power tools except a drill, and he will send you the plans if you e-mail. He says the one he built cost under $200, but I imagine you could do it even cheaper if you used something like MDF and then painted it, and corrugated plastic (which actually looks cool in something like this) for the front doors.
Doodlebug, I am so going to make that when I feel better! Totally my style. :-) Right now I have some cheapy particleboard cabinets I bought just to get by until my next tax refund (moving, I discovered I totally needed the storage)

Thanx! I'm saving that one for SURE~!

Edited to add: Just saw your post about the furniture as well! I'm excited for you! And I think your lime and black animal print sounds AMAZING!

I want to see pics! :-)
Doodle, when Ben and I got our new couch we took his old, smelly, torn up couch to the dump and they took a big backhoe and smashed it flat, then pulled it up into this enormous wood-chipper. It was beautiful. We hated that couch.
Hee, thanks treehugger! The furniture looks great even as is...and here's the kicker...the couch flips down into a twin bed! doodlemama slept on it last night (with a foam on top) and said it was brilliant!!

I only wish I had room for a shelving unit like that one!

zora, that would have been cool. We left the loveseat by the dumpster, but I guess it's so wrecked up now, that no one has taken it. I hope I don't get in trouble with the landlord for leaving it there....
I'm all inspired by everyone around here...I love that cabinet, too. I'd make it, but I've got all the furniture I need.

I think I'll do some before and after pictures of painting my living room and dining room...that would be fun! I've got the colors picked out, now it's just a matter of time. I'm not sure what I'm doing with the thin strip of trim up high on the walls...the Mr. regrets painting it yellow, and I'm sad it's painted, but not sad enough to strip and refinish it. I'm thinking I may copper leaf it...and age it a bit so it's not super shiney. the walls will be grey-blue and the ceiling a darker, brighter teal-ish color.
amilita, it might not be very expensive to just replace the trim, if you want a wood look. I like the copper leaf idea, though...that sounds cool! (You might want to compare the costs of copper leaf versus new trim, though - isn't that leafing stuff kind of pricey?) Anyway, let us know how the process goes, if you do it!

So...I sure wish my camera was working! Now I just have to tell you all. I put the couch in the spot where the loveseat was. One chair is slightly in front of the TV cabinet (which I'm going to push up against the wall after mom goes back to the Coast - I never watch TV, except the news and videos), and the other one is now where the lime green IKEA chair was. The lime green chair is right behind the couch (both have the same back height), facing the black bookshelves, and the round matching footstool is right in front of the chair.

It looks SO much bigger in here!! I can't get over it! The couch is not much longer than the loveseat, but there is twice as much seating (because the loveseat had those huge roll arms). You can easily fit 4 people on the sofa - it's as long as a twin bed. But it looks much airier...the arms are just thin wood and cane, and take almost no space, plus it is lower. And even having two chairs instead of one is great, because of their scale and airiness.

I'm so thrilled! It looks like a really big room, now! It's taken me 2.5 years to get the clutter cleared out and get things the way I like them in here, but it's like I've doubled the size of my living room in those 2.5 years. WOW! Furniture scale really DOES matter...and you can still seat lots of people...I can fit in more people now than before, in the same size space!

I'm thinking maybe of covering the upholstery with a soft jade or celedon green (not sage - I think I'd prefer a slightly cool green)...I think it might be too much if I go lime green (which is also not a cool shade, at least in temperature terms!). I can always add lime and other colours with pillows. And, realistically, I could probably live with a softer green a lot longer. I think soft green upholstery with black-painted frames will look nice...what do y'all think?

It's REALLY like I have two rooms now. I've decided I'm going to be pompous and refer to the areas as "The Library" and "The Conservatory" (the latter because of all the plants, and now, the cane in the furniture).
Too lazy to edit.

I'm thinking of hanging the electric guitar from the ceiling, instead of trying to mount it on the wall. It will still be in the same spot (above the black wall unit). I just have to figure out what to use to hang it. It's got two bolts for hanging a guitar strap on it, so my theory is I can use those...somehow...with some chain or airplane cable...?
Whoops, triple post! I hope y'all are busy either doing really cool home projects or having a really wild sex life. :-)

I changed my mind again. Yeah, I'm allowed.

So I had this length of's actually a hijab I picked up at a second hand store. Anyway, it's a bright yellow-green, not unsimilar to my chair slipcovers. I wrapped it around the upholstery of one of the new chairs. BAM! That chair looks fucking incredible! The green brings out all the warm orangey-red tones in the wood, and the chair's shape totally pops!

It looks so fresh and fun and "garden-y," that I think I'm NOT going to paint them after least not right now. And I'm going to go with my original idea of doing lime green, because it looks AMAZING!

Whomever had this furniture covered in oversized pink floral was doing it no favours. The dusty pink is wrong, wrong, wrong against all that warm, rich wood, and the fussiness of the print totally detracts from the shape of the chairs.

I still can't believe I got this beautiful (albeit pink flowered) set for only $600 CAD!
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