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Full Version: House Of The Gods! Well, actually, it is just my lil' apartment...(the home decorating thread)
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Wow coela I have the same floors in my living-room and kitchen.
Here's my ? maybe somebody can help. Between me and BF we have a hugh collection if what can only be called pop culture crap ( pics, toys, knick knacks etc...) Right now it's all on two bookshelves in no real order. I have been trying to come up with a cool idea on how to show the stuff off and not take up a lot of space. We all so have a DVD storage problem to . Well try a post pic soon so you can see the problem.
Lunia, have you considered thinking up? A friend of mine & his girl both had a plethora of pop stuff. He built two sets of shelves high up on the walls. He was a crafty sort, so he also did lighting for the shelves so all their action figures & lunchboxes & shit were played up.

Ok, here's some more pics from my apartment:

dinner table

hibiscus in the window


kitchen cupboard

bathroom with vanity

bathroom again

I want a better drawer for the bathroom, though. It was there when I moved in.
I don't care much for frosted plastic, and it's also falling apart.

I love the pic on your walls in the Kitchen and Bathroom are they mag covers??? Where did you get your toaster from and does it work?

QUOTE(lunia666 @ May 4 2008, 08:59 PM) *
I love the pic on your walls in the Kitchen and Bathroom are they mag covers??? Where did you get your toaster from and does it work?

No, they are postcards of old ads. smile.gif
I bought the toaster in vintage design shop, it worked perfectly when I bought it,
but now I have to watch it and pull up the toast myself when it's done. It's a Swedish Elva toaster.
I like the Elva's from the 50's even better, but I've never managed to find one, they are quite
sought after.

coela- Gorgeous decor! I love the vintage ads / textiles. Simply fabulous, darling!
Coela- beautiful place, so inspiring. Your kitchen cupboard makes me miss Sweden- I find a lot of people there have the cupboards without doors, and gorgeous dishes.

So, I just got back to my old apartment, which was being "taken care of" by my 2 roommates and a subletter (3 dudes). Anyway, the place is just a pigsty. The kitchen and bathroom are especially awful and dirty. The day after I got back I could barely make lunch and I didn't want my feet to touch the floor and I was supposed to unpack my suitcases and boxes but I barely did anything because I was so overwhelmed, and didn't want to add to the chaos. Now, I should say that the place was never the cleanest, and most of the clutter around is mine, and understandably they didn't do anything with the clutter but they also didn't clean anything for a long time.

As I mentioned above I was living in Sweden and everything there is kind of... better, in terms of the standards of apartments. So for me coming back to this has been a shock. Like, it's not only my roommates' faults for not cleaning, the place in general is in bad condition, and if the landlords do renovations they will surely raise our rent. Thing is, the place has so much potential and it's in a good location (though to be honest I'm kind of sick of living in hipster central). If we de-cluttered, did a lot of cleaning, and painted everywhere it would be a lot better. All of that is overwhelming for me to think about right now.

I'm considering just moving... to change my neighborhood, surroundings, roommate. Maybe that's what I need. And it might not even be much more work.


Thank you so much, crinoline & edie!

The cupboard actually has doors, I just opened them, haha. To show off the dishes. wink.gif
Lots of my friends have hooked off the doors from the cupboards though. It looks nice,
but it's not very hygienic.

Edie, I understand you completely. I used to live with flat mates in several different houses,
some tidy and and some not so tidy.. there was a horrible house in Spain, for example, that
was literally falling apart. Roaches, holes in the wall, the fridge door was falling off and had
to be fastened with a heavy drawer in front of the fridge. The sink was always full of greasy dishes.
It was fun for 3 months, but I wouldn't want to live like that forever.

I haven't moved in 4 years now, which is the longest time I've ever lived in the same place
since I left my parents' home. It's nice, but I miss moving every once in a while.
Hey girls I need your help! I've finally gotten around to removing the hideous flowery dusty rose wallpaper in my bedroom and now I need to decide what colour to paint it. Our furniture is a honey coloured pine and the baseboards and trim is I was thinking a sage green. I would love it to feel modern and fresh, but the pine furniture doesn't really fit with Oh, and Joyboy's grandpa made the furniture so it can't be changed. Any thoughts?
missjoy - personally, i love the greens and reds and rust colors with a honey-pine color. something to warm it up. even a deep brown, as long as your bedding colors aren't too dark.

good luck!
missjoy, I think you can totally get away with sage green walls, if you keep the colour a light version of it - that will keep it fresh. You could also consider a fresher light green, perhaps a canteloupe or a pale lime. I have LOTS of light-to-medium-toned woods in my place (pine, old maple, bamboo, teak), and lots of eccentric old furniture (colonial maple, anyone?), and all my walls are green, plus many other items around it - sofa covers, bedding, plant pots, some furniture, etc. To keep it modern, keep any prints bold and lively (nothing fussy), and stick with bright colours, and/or black and white, for accessories (charcoal grey is a nice alternative to black, too). Throughout my place, I've used purple, lime green, turquoise, denim blues, reds and pinks, black, white, and charcoal grey as accent colours (not all at once - it's a little different in every room, but because it's a small space, I keep it all unified with heaps o' green). Also consider painting any wood furniture that doesn't fit with the pine set - I painted a boring-looking old hutch in a nice French green and now I love it. The nice thing about green in decorating is that it's practically a neutral, so just about anything goes.
This thread makes me depressed, because my house needs so much work, and we have no time to do it! I have a long list of things I'm planning, but I'm afraid it won't happen until the kid's in school every day. So we're shooting for 2011.

But then, I plan on: painting my front room a pretty coral peach with a deeper coral accent wall
2.painting my dining room a lovely shade of 1940's mint green that's a touch yellower than what most people think of mint.
3.Painting the attached kitchen a lovely 1950's shade of buttery yellow and accenting it with black, red, deep green, and mint green accents. The cabinets will stay white, and the appliances will all get a much needed deep scrubbing.
4.painting the baby's room a lovely muted aquamarine blue with a mural of pirates, robots, dinosaurs and monkeys on one wall.
5.painting our room a nice bordello off-red to complement our rose red/black/yellow silk/leopard print colour scheme (It's not as gaudy as it sounds-or maybe it is).
6.PULLING UP THIS GODAWFUL AVOCADO GREEN CARPET!!! We have hardwood floors beneath. Know how I know? There are holes in the carpet. Big holes that look like someone's been snacking on it. The carpet is literally older than I am.
7.putting up all our accumulated 1950's-1960's knicknacks in Target bought shadow boxes and shelves so we have some actual horizontal space in the house.
8.hanging our paintings so we have a nice assortment of our artwork on display.
9.replacing furniture that's been wrecked by toddler hands with reasonably nice vintage pieces. Blonde wood, mostly.
10.building a stone patio in the back yard
11.building a koi pond in the back yard (mostly that's my husband's gig--I'm not as big on digging holes in the lawn)
12.finishing the basement, and putting a tiki bar/home office/workshop in place of the multitudes of boxed up junk that resides there now.

The house in my head is so lovely, and so much better than what I see around me now, which is a mixture of Armageddon, Beirut, The day after Spring Break in Daytona, and crayon marks. Hopefully someday I'll get a little closer to it in real life. Toddlerdom can't last forever, can it? smile.gif
oh bustygirl...
I feel your pain, although I do not have a wee one running about the place.

and all...
There is so much I want to do aesthetically with this adorable house. Mr. Luv isn't interested in home decorating projects as much as I... I moved into a bunch of hand me down furniture that's been in his life since he was a kid...most of which is outdated and creates zero coherency or a certain pahnash. The bedroom and dining room have potential, but it's so mix-matched and filled with his stuff that I can't even begin to figure out how we are to mix my kitchsy indie vintage "ready-made magazine" kinda style with his well, bachelor style mixed with gargoyles and pirate stuff that has been showered upon him relentlessly.

The kind of changes/updates I would like to make will take an exorbitant amount of time planning and hunting, as well as cold hard cash. Room by room. I would like to update practically everything with a less... predictable manner? like palm tree lamps and rugs, oceanic rugs, animal print candles, pirate kitsch that well, isn't vintage... if ya catch my drift? I like the beachy theme, but in a more textural-arty-kitsch, less carribean british colonial way. I like pirate, but more old nautical...

I realize that a lot of what he owns are gifts or hand me downs. I don't want to offend him by trying to bring in my colorful metro home meets ready made meets antique lover style into all this. I do want to say that I love his geek kitsch stuff--robots, star wars, transformers, fantasy/sci-fi!!!

Anyone have any experience creating harmony of styles diplomatically?
I have a design delimma: as far as tiffany-style stained glass {table} lamps (planned to go on either side of a demin w/ vintage floral pillows)... to match identically or not?
the mr says yes absolutely, me, who generally does all the home design ( & damn well at that), I lean towards eclectic so that they are seen more for what to me they were intended to be- individual pieces of usable art.
our house is sort of a relaxed funky shabby chic w/ fun & bold wall colors.

I am really vexed right now bc in the last few days think I have looked at hundreds of lamps online now... and yet the only one that trully appeals to me is the $759** beauty that is beyond ridiculous!

there most def is a way to bring harmony to all your bits and pieces.. start by looking for like-commonalities amongst all your combined stuff (color trends, shapes, sizes, themes what have you) and from there cull more by directing towards a specific direction, which if you find something you are liking (which might or might not be what you originally had in mind) that woudl be the time to possibly augment via a shopping venture one larger (not expensive mind you) Statement or signature piece to pull it all together, or it could work out to be vice versa, where you have the One Big (anchoring)
Thing but need more to support it throughout the rest of the space. throw pillows, painted/unified picture frames, nicknacks etc are good and mostly cheap ways of working that. so is taking a staple gun & finding some fabric you like & tacking it over a chair.
= I think I watch too many design shows to know this. =

freckle, I personally think having to have matching lamps on either side of a couch is sooooo stuffy and old fashioned! Grandma style! If you've got (or can get) 2 lamps that are similar in colouring and size, then go for it, totally! I mean, I wouldn't put, say, a mission-style one by a Victorian-style one, but other than's my understanding that the original Tiffany glass lamps were designed to be unique, that is, each piece would be a little different anyway, even if they were the same style.

moonpie, I think the way to incorporate collections like that is to gather them altogether in one area and create an artsy "theme" display - AND the secret of all decorating is not to put everything out at once, but to rotate parts of the display. Otherwise, you see it all the time and then you stop seeing it, plus if you put too much of anything out, you get overwhelmed with "too much" and it just looks like clutter. I remember having to do this with a Star Trek obsessed partner....basically, I bought a special bookcase with adjustable shelves and let that become the Trek display. It was the only way I could live with it.

That being said, I think gargoyles are marvelous, and if you are into plants, it would be wonderful to incorporate some gargoyles into a plant display, maybe with some interesting-looking rocks and things - gathering plants together is also a way to make them look better and more important, and it's better for them to be with one another anyway, as they create their own microclimate. Speaking as someone with a LOT of fucking plants! I suppose that's what I collect, but I like to mass them together in groupings, rather than scatter them around with a pot here and a pot there.

It is hard to decorate in a way that incorporates your partner's more hideous stuff (remember the wagon wheel coffee table from When Harry Met Sally?)....but I think it's important to find a way to do it, otherwise your partner could feel resentful and like he/she is really not part of his/her own home. One way to do it is to take an inventory and then together choose which pieces to keep (from BOTH of your collections), which to put in storage or get rid of, and which to replace or acquire together, as part of your new life as a unit. If you make your partner part of the decision-making, then he/she will feel more part of the process and less likely to feel stifled or resentful in the new environment.

That all being said, I actually came in here to post a new discovery: The Budget Casa!
Yay! Doodle and Freckle.. thanks for your suggestions!

I did think of compiling all the toys and collectibles on a few ikea shelves in the computer room.. I've gotten him interested in KidRobot, so Ima thinkin a super toy collection could spawn in lieu of collecting. I also collect those wide eyed fabric dolls with adjustable fingers... ya know? sheesh, I'm not sure what they are actually called.. lil' miss no name doll figurines, sour-puss brat babies, and kiddles, squishy babies that make a sound and kewpie dolls. all the odd adorable/half wrong meets fantasy elves an such. I'm a mess! laugh.gif
... I love a kitschy kitchen, but the pirate theme gets a bit overwhelming with my very random pop culture plethora.

I love gargoyles, too... Something could def been done with grouping with larger plants...I love that you are in synch with what I pulled out of me ole' head.... I want to add life to that room... period. As it's very neutral and needs green on the most serious of levels. I want rhondendrons and aloe in there to start. We have garg's in the garden and they look PERFECT! so it totally makes sense to bring them into the room. Thanks for reinforcing that Doodlebug! lurv.

I absolutely want him to be apart of it... and don't want to rid of his stuff.. just redirect in harmony. If harmony is achievable in general...Ya got me thinkin of that movie more than just your reference. I'm going to hold off on making ANY plans on this house for now. poop. poop poop. sad.gif

This is such a quick post, I MUST go to bed.....but anyway, moonpie, if you are going to group plants, do mix big AND little ones together, all sizes. Have some big tall ones, and some medium size ones with huge jungle leaves, and then have some vines and low growing stuff like ferns and creeping mosses, and maybe place the gargoyles in an amongst the vines and ferns and a re-discovered lost civilization! I'm a big fan of plant stands and small benches for raising up plants at different heights in a grouping....if you go to a garden centre, you can get stands in all different heights.

Also, if you find any chipped pots in a store's collection, you can usually get them to go quite low in price, and the chipped pots will add to your "lost civilization" effect. I have a marvellous, GIGANTIC pot that is carved and stained in greens and creams to look aged...but because it had a couple of chips in the rim, I got it for six bucks at Home Depot. It holds a rather large Norfolk Island Pine at the moment. Also, if you look at the collection of pots for outdoor use, they are often cheaper than the hoity-toity indoor ones - they are perfectly fine for indoor use, but often have more of a "garden" look that would be perfect with the gargoyles. I almost never buy indoor pots, unless I find a smoking deal (or a beautiful pot I just can't resist). Or you can buy cheap terra cotta ones and paint/stain/age them yourself.

I don't know how versed you are in tropical plants, but if you need help choosing varieties that are easy and will grow in your light levels, just let me know!
hi! i just want to share. a friend of mine sent me a link to her flickr she said she wouldn't mind if i linked it here. she has the funkiest, cutest apartment, and i wanted to show you guys, she's a super sweet heart, and well, i have a bad habit of talking up my friends, i only wish she had a picture of her hallway, which she painstakingly wallpapered with gold leaf pieces no bigger than half the width of a credit card.

you can see the detail in this pic, but you still can't get the full effect.

anyways here is the link to her flicker
my friend's faberge

i'm sure she'd love feed back.
If any of you are on Livejournal, I'm a member of a couple of 'style' groups where several members post inspiring pics of interior design and home decorating ideas. For the more goth types, there's spookystyle, which has some homemade goth/punk clothing design, but is mostly devoted to interior decoration and design. And for those with a flair for the vintage, there's vintage life which spotlights homemade fashion, pin-up pics, and some pics of vintage pads, furniture and decor.

While some of the pics on spookystyle may be a bit over the top (well, it is for me, since I'm not a big fan of goth decor), periodically a member will post some pics of their goth pad with some ideas that I really find inspiring and cool, such as this pic of a member's pad (below), with the fabulous idea of a vintage wooden ironing board as a sideboard behind the couch. I love it. Here's the pic:

Finally, I'd recommend a couple of books, if you've never checked them out before. The first is Pad, the Guide to Ultra Living (links to amazon), which features nearly every kind of fabulous kitsch decor under the sun and some gorgeous pictures of LA pads to really give you inspiration. And the second is The New Apartment Book, a less kitschy, more conservative and semi-high end book of decorating ideas. Although the point of the book is apartment design, the ideas can obviously be used for any living situation. I love the book's sections on kitchens and bathrooms, too. (And it must be said, there are a few elements of kitsch in the book. I don't mean to make it sound uber-conservative, as it's not.)

My own particular decorating style has yet to really take off. Right now, my apartment is kind of a combination of elements of the '30s, '50s, '60s and maybe a little '70s. I'm a collector of Murano glass - the abstract shapes that most people assume are ashtrays (and I suppose they could be used that way), and generally prefer furniture with more clean lines and mod elements...although my black wrought iron book cases are a little more '30s inspired. But the iron itself is not shaped into filigrees, since that's not my personal style. The lines are straight and simple, which I prefer. My bedroom is more a mix of mod elements and '50s/'60s girlishness with a wrought iron bed frame and girly quilt on the bed, and modular white finish dressers with no drawer pulls.

My apartment is also damn tiny, which I'm still learning how to deal with even a year after I moved in. My previous apartment was huge in comparison to this place, but when I got a new job in 2007 in a different part of town, I needed to move to a different neighborhood where rent is a little more expensive. Which meant that I had to find a smaller place if I was going to continue paying affordable rent. One day, I hope to have my own home...or at least a condo to decorate for myself.
hello amazing decorateurs!

i am living in a lovely apartment, sans closets! I bought an unsightly, though functional, clothing rack, off of craigslist.

does anybody have suggestions for crafty, artful, and aesthetically-pleasing clothing storage, and various bric-a-brac? i really love this blog (perhaps somebody posted this down-thread):

i can't wait until i own my own place (sigh)...

decoration is fabo,
QUOTE(persimmon_grrrl @ Jul 28 2008, 08:20 AM) *
hello amazing decorateurs!

i am living in a lovely apartment, sans closets! I bought an unsightly, though functional, clothing rack, off of craigslist.

does anybody have suggestions for crafty, artful, and aesthetically-pleasing clothing storage, and various bric-a-brac? i really love this blog (perhaps somebody posted this down-thread):

i can't wait until i own my own place (sigh)...

decoration is fabo,

I'll offer some suggestions, although my taste and ideas might not match what you're looking for. About 2 years ago, I moved to a different neighborhood in LA for work and I left a big apartment with a big, beautiful walk-in closet, where I'd lived for 5 years. The walk-in closet was like a separate room, almost the size of a small bathroom, so over the years I'd acquired quite a lot of clothes, shoes and bags to go in the closet.

The place I live now has only 1 small wall closet, so I had to reorganize my whole closet structure to fit everything in. I essentially turned my bedroom into a walk-in closet with a bed in it. Like you, I have a hanging clothes rack. I also bought an armoire from Ikea, but since I'm limited on space, I bought a children's furniture armoire, instead of a big 'adult' one. Mine kind of looks like this:

I hang my dresses and some of my heavy coats & things that I don't wear on a regular basis in the armoire. It also has two shelves on the bottom, so I store pillows & blankets there. Plus I have an ancient children's cedar chest from the '60s (white vinyl on the outside with gold glitter and a gold starburst pattern on the front) where I store some sheets & blankets.

I also store a lot of my clothes in dresser drawers. I hang most of my work wear and nicer clothes in the closet, and fold most of my t-shirt type tops (anything made of cotton t-shirt material) in dressers. I also keep my jeans and some of my pants folded in dresser drawers, too, since I don't have room for them in my closet. I have 2 big dressers and 1 small 3-drawer one in my room.

Along 1 wall of my room, I also put up a hanging wall rack, kind of like this...

Mine is actually painted white wrought iron, but a similar idea, with 5 hooks where I hang my purses, scarves and a few other items. Some of my purses that I don't use on a regular basis, I also store in the bottom drawer of one of my dressers.

Finally, for my jackets & coats, since I don't have room for them in my closet, I have a standing coat rack (one of those tall, skinny ones) where I hang all my outerwear.

My personal taste is on the mod side, so several dressers in my room are modular white, with no drawer pulls. I also like some antique things, which is why I went for the white wrought iron wall rack and the pine look armoire. That might not be your taste, but I'm sure you can find people selling all kinds of different, funky dressers on eBay, or at yard sales in your area. Check Craigslist, too. A lot of people sell furniture on Craigslist. Several years ago, I found a woman in my area who was selling an armoire that she'd painted herself. It was lacquered black with purple trim, and purple moon and stars on the doors. Very creative, but out of my price range at the time, so I didn't buy it. Point being, there's lots of creative stuff out there, and the hunt is part of the fun.

Happy decorating!
thanks! i'll be checking out used furniture day. lovely pictures, and great ideas. i need a dresser, stat!
I just got the Ikea catalog in the mail and saw this little side table that I just *had* to share with you all. I absolutely love it, and of course it's got an absolutely ridiculous name: Trollsta. Check it out in yellow:

They also have it in black, but I'm absolutely loving it in yellow. It's not very large at all, just over a foot high and wide, but I have no idea where I'd put it or what I'd use it for in my apartment. It's just so damn cute.
OMG that side table is adorable...

My boyfriend and i just moved into our first apartment, and even though we were living at university for four years, neither one of us had any good furniture to bring really... except for a gorgeous leather couch that I inherited, thankfully... so I am in the process of decorating. I'll try to post pictures as I go maybe and I can get some feedback...

I'm definitely thinking I'm going to order some things from Ikea. I just am wary of shipping costs, there's no store close enough for us to visit in person, and I don't want to pay as much in shipping as I do for the furniture, no matter how adorable it is.. unless it's not too bad for shipping costs??

Mrs. Rouge and I bought a second hand couch and for a while we were covering it with a lime green throw. The couch is pretty stained, and we had been hunting for a slip cover. Finally the one we really liked went on sale for half off. It's a lovely muted olive chenille with gold thread It fits the couch fantastic. We were so excited we went out and bought contrasting pillows in berry color stripe, and gold paisley. It totally matches our house, in the way that, in our house nothing matches.

slip cover color is similar to this:

The pillows look like this

I recently bought this print from Nut and Bee for the living room
gooo gush! I want that Ikea side table! Must have it! Thankfully, I now live close to an Ikea. hmmm, wonder how much it is?
off to check website...

I have to start all over again with an apartment. I got rid of my couch to move in with the "tin man who doesn't want a heart" now I must find seating. I'll probably scour the thrift stores for something that's not too nasty and cover it with fabric. I suppose I'll use T pins to secure the fabric until I get up the time and effort to sew a slipcover. I'm going to cover pillows for it, as well. to "match".

I've got so many DIY projects for my new place, it's nuts. I hope I gather the motivation to complete them. and/or have the $ to do so.
--Pillow Shams/Duvet Cover
--finding old frames and painting them if needed
--couch makeover
--Paint projects for small kitchen (I don't wanna get behind the fridge)
--Latch hook rugs

sigh...but at least the place will be MY place...and I won't have to deal with geeky bachelor hand-me-downs.
The boy and I are going to buy the Ikea side table in black smile.gif.
I just cancelled an order from Ikea because shipping was going to be almost as much as the actual items. I'll have to find the things somewhere else...

Does anyone have any suggestions for successfully drilling holes into the wall in order to hang pictures and things? I borrowed my aunt's drill and have the pictures and screws, but ended up with a hole that was too big and don't want to make any more mistakes...
To add to that... if it is also tips on how to do it solo, since my boyfriend is being NOT helpful, that would be awesome.
How heavy of things are you going to be hanging, what kind of wall, and can you try to hit a stud?

(yes, I know that can be taken diryt...)

Drywall, if you can find a stud, drill into that. If not, they make these:

You just use a screwdriver to screw them into the drywall, and then you can screw a screw into the face of it to hang your picture or whatever. They work nicely and you don't even need a drill. I hung up a good sized quilt using these to hang a big curtain rod. Plenty strong.

I have seen them called, "self threading plastic drywall anchors", or "self drilling plastic drywall anchors".
If they're small, like 8 x 10 frames, I just use regular picture hangers, stud or not (*snort*)

Thank you! I'll go out and get some supplies tomorrow. Then I'll let you know how it goes. Hopefully I don't break anything tongue.gif
Okay...Laminate or hardwood? B/F says hardwood, I say laminate, cause it has been engineered and is more durable and lower maintenance than hardwood. B/F says hardwood just cause it's more authentic and it's seen as more valuable and will increase my resale value better.
QUOTE(treehugger @ Sep 15 2008, 09:24 PM) *
Okay...Laminate or hardwood? B/F says hardwood, I say laminate, cause it has been engineered and is more durable and lower maintenance than hardwood. B/F says hardwood just cause it's more authentic and it's seen as more valuable and will increase my resale value better.

Hardwood increases resale value...but unless it is made of a "renewable" wood like bamboo, it's not very environmentally friendly. Of course, if that isn't a factor to you, laminate is definitely cheaper and still looks good...
treehugger, i put engineered hardwood into our loft (yup. i did it my damn self and i am very proud). i love it and it was pretty easy to install considering i had never even used a power saw before and let alone know what a miter saw was. i bought it online too and i got free shipping. if you look around on line there are some good deals on engineered hardwood.

just my $.02.
If you have the money for hardwood, I'd do that....are you considering this for the kitchen? You posted in the barefoot thread awhile back about re-doing your kitchen so I wasn't sure. If it's the kitchen and you have the $, definitely do hardwood. Laminates and kitchens don't really mix (or laminates and bathrooms) because there's just too much risk with moisture.

I've heard really good stuff about bamboo, but you have to make sure you're getting the right stuff. I think the difference is long vs. short grain or something like that. Maybe it's vertical vs. horizontal....when we were researching flooring, I found that out. We ended up going with laminate, but we just did the living room, dining room and the little hallway back to the bedrooms.
Polly, the kitchen and entry will be getting ceramic tile. I just (this thing keeps snowballing) wanted to get rid of the yucky WHITE easy-staining carpeting in the dining room and living room before I start the kitchen demolition, just cause I have been through a remodel before, and I just don't want to have the carpeting there soaking up all the drywall dust, when I'm intending to get rid of it anyway.

So, in a nutshell, the wood/laminate is being considered for my open plan dining room/great room. I'd like to go green IF I can afford it. The bamboos and corks are getting near the top of my budget, unless I find a really good sale or something. I like the feel of cork on the feet, but the same thing is also its downfall, I think it would dent too easily under furniture legs.
When we put out laminate down, we put those felt pads on everything- the couch legs, tables, bookcases, recliner, entertainment center. It was mostly to help with scratches though. We got our laminate from Costco. It's pretty highly rated and they have a sale on it once a year and it cost us about $125 less, so a good chunk of change. They also sell bamboo flooring there- not sure how good it is, and I don't know if they have a regular sale on it, but it's probably worth looking into.
I went to Costco tonight....WOW! That laminate was an amazing price...and a 35 year warranty! I wasn't seeing that for twice the price at lumber liquidators.

Not sure I'm really fond of their bamboo though....I will have to do some research on that.
Costco just has everything you can possibly imagine. Every single time I go there I find something I never would have expected to see at Costco.

I'm going to the hardware store this morning to buy more nails. I hung some pictures already, the apartment is slooowly making progress.
Ok I have a question... has anyone redone their bathroom? My husband and I just bought a house late last year and I have this horrible bathroom! It looked good prior to us buying it but now every day I walk into it, I hate it. The tile is this fantastic color of teal which matches the floor. It's really quite... ugly!

I was thinking about removing the tile in the tub and then getting one of those already built shower covers or whatever they are called? I know Home Depot sells them but I'm not sure if anyone has had any luck with them?

What about re-tiling the floor? The chic who lived here before us tiled the kitchen and there is a ton left and I know it will be more than enough for us to do the floor. I was thinking about taking a class to do the floor ourselves, anyone done this either?
Ha! Talk to sassygrrl about Home Despot's installation services. She'll give you the 411. dry.gif
QUOTE(rubberdollz @ Sep 22 2008, 06:22 PM) *
Ok I have a question... has anyone redone their bathroom? My husband and I just bought a house late last year and I have this horrible bathroom! It looked good prior to us buying it but now every day I walk into it, I hate it. The tile is this fantastic color of teal which matches the floor. It's really quite... ugly!

I was thinking about removing the tile in the tub and then getting one of those already built shower covers or whatever they are called? I know Home Depot sells them but I'm not sure if anyone has had any luck with them?

What about re-tiling the floor? The chic who lived here before us tiled the kitchen and there is a ton left and I know it will be more than enough for us to do the floor. I was thinking about taking a class to do the floor ourselves, anyone done this either?

You mean a tub surround? I've installed's not too difficult. You need to have a smooth wall behind it. The one I got came in three pieces, each end and then a center section. The instructions for mine was to put the center section up first using construction adhesive, and then the two ends overlapped with some clear silicone. Caulk the tub and you're all set. You need to remove the faucet handles and the spigot and the showerhead too, and trim openings for them.

Or am I not reading your post correctly and you want something different?
No Treehugger you are correct by what I asked! I was thinking about doing the surrounding in our bathtub and I've checked them out at Home Depot and thanks to your post you made it sound pretty easy so thank you! I was worried it is going to be difficult but mainly what I'm worried about is the wall behind the tile. I have a feeling that we will have to do repair to the wall before putting up the surrounding.

Also PS thanks for the tip to talk to SG. Did she post something up on one of the forum's about HD's installation service??? I was thinking about using them to install a new front door!
treehugger that I think about it, you might not need to remove the least I didn't, cause the surround was lower than the showerhead was. I guess it depends on your particular installation.
Yeah, she went through quite a saga with them a few weeks ago that she talked about in the kvetch thread. They lost the parts, the customer service was rude to non-existent, the contractors that HD set up for them were sexist and condescending.

I think she's happy with the end result, but it may not have been worth the stress and hassle.

I think a tub surround and tile is pretty easy. If you couldn't do it yourself, you may be better off finding a contractor who's not part of HD.
Unfortunately I looked into a company that specializes in the tub surrounds and the estimate was $3k, I almost had a heart attack. What the f*?!?!?! Then I check out HD and they want $500 bucks for a tub surround and then you do it yourself. I'm already figuring that we will change out the shower head and knobs because they are shitty looking and old as hell!

I will check out the kvetch thread and see what she has to say. Always nice to hear experiences people have had.
I hated the tile in my bathroom, too, but I decided that it was too much trouble to replace. Instead, I changed all the fixtures, painted the walls so that they coordinated with the existing tile, and bought a new rug and shower curtain. It made a huge difference. I'm glad I didn't replace the tile now!
Yeah unfortunately I've tried that. We went with white since our tile in our tub and the floor is turquoise, bright freaking turquoise and it's these small little tiles with supposedly white grout that will NOT come clean. I've tried everything to get them clean so my floor always looks dirty. I've got a really cool glass sink that I love but the tile does nothing for it.... got new rugs and a new shower curtiain but you just can't get away from that turquoise. ARGH!!!
i got a new couch! my old couch was a stupid black faux-leather lump that i had gotten free with the apartment. it was comfortable but it was really ugly and it looked like the kind of thing a frat boy would have in his dorm room (and in fact i ended up giving it away to a couple of usc students). it had scratches and it was sticky to sit on in hot weather with bare skin and it was UGLY. i've been mooning over a couple of ikea couches and some overstock stuff but they were all really pricey so when i saw a lovely blue cushioned mid-century-modern-esque wood frame couch on craigslist for $100 i could not resist, and VOILA:

new couch! (for some reason image tags are screwy right now so i'm just linking to it)

i am thrilled! i eventually want to re-cover the cushions, i'm eyeing this orange and white stripe fabric. i think it would match well with my color scheme and be simple enough to be a backdrop but bold enough to keep me interested. i like bright colors and pattern mixing so...
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