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Full Version: House Of The Gods! Well, actually, it is just my lil' apartment...(the home decorating thread)
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Mouse - your view is amazing!!

Doodle's chairs by the window, and the mirror, and the lovely coffee table, and all the plants, oh my!
I love it! Oooh, and oh, the lime chair among the plants! Soo pretty.
And btw, I think black is an excellent color for a table top, especially if it's a very shiny black,
like a Chinese lacquer table.
*blushes in the thread*

Why thank you, turbo and coela! *blushes some more*

turbo, that's a really good idea, but since I'm still recovering, I don't think I'll have the energy to strip and sand the table top for stain. Sadly. *grumbles, shakes fist at universe for inventing sickness* Of course, I love the idea of green and purple! As you knew I would.

I also love the idea of black! coela, do you have any tips on how to get a nice high gloss DIY finish without dust specks? I'd surely like to try! I remember my BFF refinishing her antique table, and just about beating it to death from the little bits of lint and dust that kept falling in the gloss varnish. In fact, I think she even gave up and bought a new table!!! I wonder if there is a finish that prevents this?

I keep thinking green would be old fallback! Heh. But it would work. When I was little, my mom painted our dining suite and buffet in this awesome French green....I still remember it clear as a bell.

Oh! Anyway. I just woke up and took this pic at 7:15 AM...had to share! When the sun is a little higher, it will flood the yard, but for now:

blanche, without being asked and all smile.gif, may I suggest small String of beads?
They hang down prettily and are easy & cheap to find just about anywhere. They're poisonous if eaten though, not good if you have a baby or pets.
But otherwise, I think it would look pretty good with a couple of them! Just a thought.

Doodle - sorry, I have no idea! By vacuuming and mopping beforehand? By painting in your underwear (less risk of lint falling on the surface)? blink.gif

Hee hee coela! I totally do all my painting in my underwear already!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Why, thank you, blanche! *bats eyelashes and blushes demurely*

How particularly NOT strong is the curtain rod? I think at the very least, if you're going to try to hang plants, take the curtain rod down and re-inforce the wall/ceiling mounts with screw anchors. And even then, I'm not sure how sturdy it might be - you know better than I. It's not the size of the plant, necessarily, but the weight of the pot! Potting soil is porous, to hold moisture in, so it can weigh a TON, especially after you water. You'll also have to make sure to use lightweight pots. Is the window bright? One thing you could maybe try is air plants, though they don't really need pots (but you could still use them) - I don't know how "easy" they are, though, as I've never had any myself.

For the kitchen...even easier than the philodendrun is the pothos (aka scindapsus, aka devil's ivy), which is a vine that's often mistaken for philodendrun. It's cheap and plentiful, VERY easy to care for, comes in different variegated patterns, and cuttings root easily in water, so you can expand your collection in a short time. Pothos does well in low light, though if it's extremely low light, you might lose the variegation (i.e.: the patterned leaves will revert back to plain green)...any variegated plant will revert in low light, actually. Also, this plant looks best (i.e.: gets lush and bushy) if you give it lots of haircuts.

I have that string of pearls plant - my cats don't eat it, as they seem more interested in plants that resemble grass! More seriously, though, my secret is to grow the cats their own little pot of grass. Then I can have all kinds of poisonous plants, and the cats don't eat any of them.

I am itching to go to the garden centre, but I'm avoiding it because I don't want to spend any money right now!
Posting here because I know y'all will appreciate my conundrum...

So we bought a house over Christmas, and just closed on it last weekend. We move in 2 weeks, and my folks are graciously doing some painting & refinishing before all our junk gets in the way. First up, the bedrooms - all are unbelievably grubby, and Tartlet's room-to-be was half-painted & never finished rolleyes.gif So I've got paint fan in hand, picking out colors...

Here's the punchline: I have been in the house exactly once. For about 20 minutes. All I have to go on now are a series of digital photos of varying quality, and my mum going 'round with a paint fan & eyeballing what's already on the trim. We aren't touching the trim right now, so are trying to coordinate as much as possible with the existing colors - a decent warmish white in our bedroom, and a deep dark green, almost black, like avocado skins, in my office & Tartlet's room. This green has got to be the Worst Color Ever. So, so dark & heavy, nothing looks quite right with it. Oy. That crap's coming off as soon as I get handy with a heat gun...

So I'm shooting almost blind here, hoping to heaven that it all looks OK when it's said & done. I've painted before, and have had a few heartbreaking moments when I realised that I went a shade too blue/yellow/dark/light, and have had to learn to live with it. Moving halfway across the country with a toddler in tow, only to walk into my new bedroom and go "awwww, dammit", is more than I can stand to think about right now...


Doodle, I covet your devil-may-care sense of design, your acceptance of purple into your life, & your incredible view...
Ya know what, tart? Once you get all your stuff there, moved in, work with Tartlet on adjusting to his new might just not have energy to really be all that concerned about the odd trim color. smile.gif

I have a slightly off trim color in our second bedroom - and I put it on there, and once I got everything moved back in there, I was annoyed for a day, and now have pretty much forgotten about it.

I say swirl those paint cards around, just pick the one you like best, and be suprised when you get there! And how lucky for you to have such a good "advance team" to get things ready for you!
Tart, are you looking for specific color recommendations? I get tons, I mean "everybody who walks into my house" kinds of compliments on my color scheme which consists of Benjamin Moore colors:

Primary color is "Mill Springs Blue", which is actually a blue-green aqua color.
Secondary color is "Cabernet" which is a deep purple, blue undertones, not red, close to an eggplant color but not that dark.
Accent color is "Boston Brick" which is a rusty brick red.

The color scheme ends up very, very calming and soothing without being boring.

Here's a pic that shows some of it:

And here's a pic that shows all three colors; it's a crappy pic, staging wise, but a good pic to show the three colors and how they interact:

Ah, Turbo, as always you are the voice of reason, the virtual cup of chamomile & linden tea in my dervish of a life right now... Mum & I went over my selections last night, made a few tweaks, and I think it's going to look really good. I'll post before & after pics in a few weeks, once we're settled... (I notice, when faced with a very large, pending crisis, I tend to lose myself in some element of minutae - nevermind packing all our stuff/finding a decent daycare/getting work squared away, I have paint chips to deal with! Self-directed rolleyes.gif )

Thanks for your photos, Treehugger - I've been lurking here for some time, & remember when you did this. Ours is a 1915 Arts & Crafts, with small rooms, dark heavy wood & relatively few windows, so my goal is to have color, but not necessarily a whole lot of it breaking up the space. The upstairs is going to be varying shades of green - bay leaf for our room, and a slightly muted honeydew melon for Tartlet's room, with a pale blue ceiling to reflect his starry nightlight I have on order. My office will be in the same very pale lemon white as our bedroom ceiling - not very inspiring, but it'll clean things up for the moment.

The bathroom is next on my hit list - it (like so many other things in the house) was a work in progress, and work obviously stopped the minute we put an offer in... The nice thing is, aside from the main fixtures, it's a blank slate, so I can get a little more adventurous. White toilet & sink (with a crappy laminate cabinet that may have to go or get refinished), and a new white tub surround... I know they're easier to clean & maintain, but I was really hoping for original tile instead of the Space Shuttle look. One small window, half painted over for "privacy" - it's textured glass, so I have no idea why that was necessary. We've always had green bathrooms, so I'm looking for something new and fun - red is tempting, especially like your Boston Brick, Treehugger...
*curtsies* Happy to be of service, my dear. And I know exactly what you mean by the paralysis of obsessing over minutae...same thing often happens to me - especially when life is busy. I'm sure everything is going to look great when you get there, and I love the Honeydew/Blue combo for the little man's room!
We just did some work on our house. Here's a picture show: (Doodle, I think you may like our living room.)

Living room before:

Living room with furniture, still before:

Living room now: (Note the floor looks terrible. We ripped out the carpet to discover original hardwoods. That had not been protected when previous owners painted, spackled, etc.)

We went ahead and painted the rest of the front room too( before):

And after:

And last, here's our room before:


We have a lot more work to do, but I'm happy with what we have so far.
Beauty & her Bass
I am in need of some decorating help. I have a small office in my home (read: corner of the basement that has been carpeted). It's cozy, with a fake fireplace, harvest gold walls and a strata-lounger from the 70's that still looks new. Anyway, I am in need of some CHEEP storage help. All my paperwork is scattered everywhere and i feel like i have no place for anything,...any ideas? I need something that will vibe with my 70's motif down here (it's mostly golds, bronze and brown). HELP!
zora, holy moly that is GREEN! awesome!

beauty, i dunno.....i would either go with something totally neutral from ikea, or else peruse the local goodwills/craigslist for something that fits. you can usually find used file cabinets pretty cheap and they're easily paintable too.

as some of you may recall, i have a lovely set of french window doors opening into my bedroom that some asshole who lived here before me PAINTED OVER. that's right, someone decided to PAINT WHITE PAINT OVER THE GLASS FRENCH WINDOWS. idiot. anyway, i've been bemoaning it forever and putting off getting paint thinner or whatever until the other day i just decided to go at it with a razor blade. okay. number one, MAN it looks awesome now! i have to clean up the leftover bits but it opens the room up so much and gives the whole place better character. i'm so thrilled! secondly: DAMN THAT IS SATISFYING. peeling paint off glass? any of the grossie girls will understand what i mean. LOVED IT. even got my friend to join in when she came over last night and she loved it too hahaha.

anyway, i really feel like my apartment is coming together. i finally have real, working appliances (oven AND fridge! fullsize! and good condition!), i finally got a furniture set-up i like, finally got the paint off the french window doors, and now that they've torn down the house next door i have a full view of the lake outside from my living room window <3 i only wish i had hardwood floors, not carpet, but i suppose one can't have everything tongue.gif
Painting over glass is just sinful. At least get one of those stained glass decals if you want to make the glass non-see through. As a grossie, though, I do understand the appeal of removing it!

Did you get the cookbook, mouse?
*bump* EEP!! Almost lost the thread!

Apologies for x-posting this, but I had to post this here, of all places!

Apartment Therapy is having another Small Cool Apartments contest! Lots of real people's apartments and other small space dwellings to peruse!

By the way, did y'all know AT has a "nursery" section now, for you mamas and papas?
Doodlebug, some really nice apartments there! Loved the post-war one.

How great is Lord Whimsy's place then?? I think that must be my dream house, both furniture and plant wise!
hey guys

Hello, my name is sheena, and I am sorry If i posted this in wrong section and I really admire some of the photo of the room, that is welldecorated. I was just wondering about choosing some colors on home appartment that I am working on. The client want the room to be more traditional looks. He is from singapore and I have only few ideas about tradition here since I am from italy. What he want is to put some traditional looks or post modern looks. If you guys have any thoughts on color combinations or if you want to place photo I will try to get one. Even in anycase, hoping to see some suggestions


I just finished doing a light remodel of my bedroom (painted the walls, laid laminate on the floor, replaced the closet doors and the main door and the trim). I wanted to do something with the ceiling, but alas, the budget wasn't there. Now I've got these beautiful sage green walls!
*Tro$$ alert*
After you're done clicking here to add Steve to your ignore list, be sure to click here and/or here and/or here to support the BUST X-tian FUNdie abortion fund.

My boyfriend and I have a nice wooden couch frame with 3 cushions along the back and 3 that you sit on. The fucking dog destroyed the seating cushions, so we took 3 cushions from another couch that we were getting rid of and put those on.

They don't match AT ALL and it looks hideous. Plus, they're all pretty dirty and worn out. We hide all the cushions with a blanket, which looks trashy and is a pain in the ass because the blanket always slips off, bunches up, etc.

I want new cushions but we can't afford them. My boyfriend works at a discount store that just started selling $20 slipcovers but I looked at them and they go over the entire piece of furniture, not just the individual cushions. It would really stupid if we covered the frame like that. So we looked on Ebay today (neither of us has any experience with Ebay or much online shopping at all) and saw a futon cover for $40 which would have fit. We figured that could work, but then we saw that the shipping was $85!

So I was wondering where I could get affordable replacement cushions or slipcovers for cushions only. Or if any Busties had other suggestions.

quantum-that sounds lovely! I really like greens.

helloT-I don't have any ideas, I'm sorry. I hate that your dog did that! Ugh. My dog recently ruined 2 rugs by having accidents on them. They were sort of crappy rugs, but still.
Well my boyfriend said that his work has an orange futon cover, which would match (I think- I didn't ask him what shade of orange) so I'm going to go check that out today. Then I can just put the cushions we have inside it.
Hey hellotampon - sorry I didn't see this earlier! *gasp* I've been away from this thread sooo long! The shame!

I had a couch problem like yours once, except my sofa was a hand-me-down of a hand-me-down from heaven knows where. My point being, it had the original orange seat and back cushions, and they were squashed nearly FLAT! You can buy high-density foam cut to fit, pretty cheaply if you find the right place. Anyway, I bought two big slabs the length of the sofa, and made covers to fit. It was pretty easy - if you want them to look more fitted, you can cut the fabric to fit, and pin or baste wrong side out around the actual cushions to get the shape, then just sew the straight seams all together - leaving a place to slip the cushions in, of course! (You have to hand-sew them closed, or else install velcro if you want to wash them.)

I had a matching chair I did the same thing with. I used a couple of sheets for the sofa, and some fabric remnants from a discount fabric warehouse for the chair.

I STILL miss that set, and I haven't seen it for 13 years!
hey everyone, i know i've been gone for a long time, but in that time i just wanted to show y'all how i perfected my bathroom. i love it sooo much, some of teh rpgress i've posted on here so it might look familiar...

i don't have any before pics, so here is a description of the 'before' bathroom:

the house was built in 1922 and it's mostly in the arts and crafts style which i love but i wanted to do mething different in my bathroom, so i went deco. before: the bathroom floor was covered in cheap vinyl tile in a 'basket weave' gold print. the walls were mint green and the window had no curtains only a ugly off white aluminum shade. the medicine cabinet mirror was unfinished dark wood and the cabinet for the sink was white with fake 'light wood' trim. there was one of those 'theater lighting strips in brass. oh, and there was a popcorn ceiling (yuck!)

first i ripped up the tile- i was going to put some nicer vinyl tile on it until i could afford something better but discovered the original tile on the floor! it's cracked in a couple of places so eventually i'll have to fix it but it's still really pretty.

next i painted the walls white with black trim around the windows and and door. i painted the mirror black and white and the cabinet trim black, then i added jadeite knobs to it.

i put on a quality black toilet seat, & added new sink fixtures. then i sewed the shower curtain, a window valence, and a matching toilet lid cover. lastly, i made a roller shade from instructions on craftster.

i'm really proud of it. here's some pictures:

shower curtain

valence (don't laugh i sewed the base crocked and had to correct it!)

(i love this material, it's little chrysler buildings)

roller shade trim

sink cabinet and floor

mirror and new lighting fixture

i also added a porcelain door knob and will eventually replace the broken tiles- i just need to afford someone to do it, i don't think i can take that on myself.
Oh, crassy, I love it!! I love art deco bathrooms and I love yours. How lucky that the floor was intact, and all that green is the perfect art deco seafoam shade. Lovely!

We did ours art deco too, but I'm not really done with it. So no pictures yet.

thanks, it took my 2 years to get it like that! i just had the mr. patch the cracks and i painted too. i desperately need to do the same to my hallway. i'm going to paint it a light avocado green (it looks great with the wood trim and hardwood floors/stairs) then i'm thinking of putting together some photos of our families- old and new - all done in black and white then mat them in white with black frames to run up the side of the steps like a little gallery.

i made this to organize my jewelry and match my bedroom colors, here's a closer look. my friends liked it so much i'm not making them ones to match their rooms.

and my next project is to mount the donkey head of the pinata from the mr's birthday party and put it in the office like displaying a 'kill'. i've got a back board- any ideas on how to attach it? i'm thinking i should stuff it first to hold it firm.
Hi ladies,

I just moved into a (disaster of a) new apartment, and although I'm making a lot of progress in cute-ing it up, I'm having trouble getting rid of the cigarette smell and other general dirty-man-odor. I've hit it with febreeze, and am leaving the doors open whenever the weather is ok to air it out. I've also got an aromatic candle I burn when I'm here in the evening. It's getting better, but still could definitely smell nicer! I'm not big on chemicals (eg, mainstream air fresheners) and have an allergy to many artificial fragrances (eg, perfumes and many mainstream candles)... I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you might have on products/methods that will get rid of the unwanted odors in my new home!! Any ideas??

P.S.- The donkey head idea is amazing, and I second the suggestion about liquid nails! Works great. For the stuffing, maybe use something super lightweight like styrofoam packing peanuts, so that you won't have to worry about the stuffing weighing it down and making it sag off the board.
Using a mixture of vinegar and water at a rolling boil for a while on the stove can help, as can baking soda, and the fresh air you're already using. If the smoke seeped into the walls and floor it's probably going to be there a while, however. sad.gif Do you have hardwood or carpet?
amy, thanks a lot for those tips! I would have never thought of the boiling vinegar technique! Luckily, I have hard floors (tile) so that should help things along... Thanks again.
i am not sure where to ask this but since this is a decorating thread . . . does anyone know if there is a holiday thread? christmas thread? for ideas and such?
shiny, here you go! It's the gift thread but I started a Christmas discussion last week and would definitely be up for discussing gifts, ornaments (and best places to buy them) and crafty/cookery ideas for the holidays.
squeee!! thanks bunny! i am off to read the gift thread
Okay, I have two really sad things:

The first one being that this thread dropped off the first page....

And the second one being, how sad is it that I bought a pair of pajamas BECAUSE THEY MATCHED MY BEDROOM????

Here's my situation....Mr. Pixie and I bought a great house 2 years ago, but it is from the 1970's...and the entire place is decorated in Wall Paper...some of it origional. And we aren't talking cool funky wall paper...we are talking yellow stripe with orange fruit. Blech! So I have slowly been remodeling where I can. Last weekend I put down an awesome vinyl floor that looks like cherry wood. SO I am ready to tackle the ass ugly Wallpaper in that room..only to find wall paper doesn't seem to be that popular anymore. I really don't want to paint that room because it's so big and I don't have teh talent for a great faux finish. I am also really daunted by the idea of wall papering such a large space when I have never done it before.
Has anyone else put up Wallpaper by yourself? Was it as difficult as I am imagining? Is it goign to cost me a fortune to find someone else to hang it for me?
Hmm, I've never removed or put up wallpaper, pixie, but the one the one thing I do know is about removing it. The trick is getting one of those scorers to shred it up, then spray diluted liquid fabric softerner on it, leave it for about 10 minutes and it should come off like buttah with a scraper.

Do you have any specific questions? LeBoy's parents are wallpaper freaks (like a room isn't complete to them unless it's wallpapered) and they do it themselves. I can ask them stuff if you have any specific questions....or were you just looking for general tips?
pixie, I helped my mom steam off the old wallpaper in their current house, and the older it is the harder it seems to get it off. Initially we were going to repaper it, but it was just too evil a task. And I am somewhat decoratively-challenged, but my mom is not (she built a stereo cabinet when she couldn't find one that she liked, and can do all sorts of finishes and fancy things I am in awe of).

I have painted and helped paint a few rooms, and it was sooo much easier (and I have NONE of my mom's talent for that!). All the masking off can be a bit tedious, but other than that it seemed much simpler than papering. Actually, there is one "effect" that I quite liked and was fairly simple: using flat and shiny paint in the same color to make "stripes". I helped my mom do it once, then helped a friend do it for his kitchen. We just used the "flat" (duller) paint to paint the whole room, then after it dried made stripes with masking tape (the painter's kind that doesn't stick enough to pull the paint off) in varying sizes (fat and thin) over the whole room, then painted it again with the "shiny" paint (glossy, or whatever). The effect is nice, all the same color but with a little texture so it's not boring.
Pixie, I would encourage you to paint. Mold can grow under wallpaper, (and not just in the bathroom either) and it's toxic. My grandmother's house had wallpaper in the living room and she got a ton of nasty black mold under it. She had a terrible cough for years and it turns out it was the mold all along.
my mom is also a wallpaper freak, ugh. and flowery wallpaper, so it's such a pain in the ass to match up the pattern when putting up each piece. plus, her house is about 100 years old and all the walls are uneven. more ugh.

if you can get it off easily, either by steaming or with the scorer and solution polly suggested (i tried that method and it works pretty well), then i also suggest sanding and painting, for the biggest reason that it's much easier to change later when you re-deco. but it always looks neater to me too, no curly edges and whatnot. just a straight-up pretty color is cool without faux anything. but faux is good when the walls just won't sand down so well.

another idea is to re-wallpaper with a plain almost painted-wall looking 'design.' easy to match up, and from a distance you won't see the seams.
princess evangeline
voodoo princess here <

I am looking for GOLD interior paint...... Does anyone know where I can find this, or what paint company might make this?
So far I have come across many "dark yello" flat, plain jane colors that claim to be GOLD but what I want is a beautiful, sparly, reflective GOLD interior paint...... And when I say "reflective" I do not mean "mirrored", like chrome is reflective but like a GOLD paint that is a very rich golden color with maybe a luminous mica? mixed in to give it shimmer and sparkle when the sun strikes it?
I have seen this color being painted onto a wall in a show I recently watched and the results where beautiful but as we all know, everything is possible in tele-world and maybe this paint color is not real??? I do hope it is tho.
Anyone know?
I know Ralph Lauren makes a color called "Parlor Gold" that might be what you're looking for....
I would also check the website for Domino Magazine - I always go there when I'm searching for something I can't find. It sounds like it will be cool!!!
princess evangeline
voo doo princee here <
thank you for the "Parlor Gold" suggestion..... I did check it out and it is indeed shiney but just too light...... I am looking for a bold, deep gold color but I think we are on the right track here......
Thanks a ton! And I will check out the web site too
Bump for HT..
Thanks TH smile.gif
ambersienna maria
oooh ooooh ooooh
i'm going to ikea tomorrow.
new pots and pans, here i come!

I just cleaned up my place, so I figured I might as well post the result here.

relatively tidy

le other bookshelf


More pics to come, perhaps. :-)

coela, it didn't work for me...

Oups. Better now?

Nice, they work now!

Beautiful room, the colour scheme is what I had in mind for my bedroom at home, but my walls turned out a bit too yellow. I was going for a mix of airy/casual/classic, with the pale yellow walls and retro wood furniture. I think you've pulled it off. You look pretty cute, too!
*just developed crush on coela and her lovely home!*

very well done! i love your bookshelf and all the basket storage! smile.gif very nice!

Aw, thanks! You're so sweet. I'm not crazy about the yellow myself,
I just haven't had the energy to repaint, but I guess it works with the
tones of the furniture, so I'll just leave it for now. It always looks best
in the afternoon, though, with the sun. It's not a good paint job,
doesn't show here, but it's pretty bad, lots of uneven patches. Oh well.

But I do like my floors a lot.

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