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Full Version: House Of The Gods! Well, actually, it is just my lil' apartment...(the home decorating thread)
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Zora, I am so excited for you!

Here are some pics of the rooms we have done. I need to take better ones, but enjoy these.
awesome houses, both of you! so exciting!

i'm waiting to get paid from a ton of freelance work and i have a feeling a lot of that is going to go into my home. i just have a one-bedroom, and a tiny one at that, but i love it and have high hopes for it. first, as many people in other threads know since i won't shut up about it, is a new fridge and possibly oven, and then i want some decent shelving. right now my stuff is all lined up against the walls and my stereo is set up with the main part and one speaker on a small table, and the other speaker on top of a hip-level bookcase next to it and my record player is precariously balanced on same bookcase which is actually smaller than the player is. some decent shelving, especially a good place to put art supplies, some frames for my posters, and a real coffee table. none of this wooden-trunk-i-can't-put-my-feet-under bullshit anymore! oh, and more houseplants! i was at equator books in venice for a book launch this weekend and they had these amazingly beautiful planters....just boxes filled with soil and gravel and succulents and moss, but arranged to look like tiny is advent now, may as well get an advent garden, eh? i have a tiny succulent that wants replanting.

but that's a different thread!
Wow, zora and taloo, how exciting!

taloo, did you get those kitchen cabinets ripped out already?? It looks like it from the pics...? That chair you have in your den...I used to have one exactly like it, and a couch, too! I recovered them myself...but I had to leave them behind when I moved back to BC.

zora, are you planning to finish the attic? Looks like a big job...but it would be an amazing space! WTF with the RV door? LOL!

Welcome to the thread, amber!

mouse, I wish to hell you lived closer, because we've got two hugely-long, low, purple-painted bookcases at the Centre that we can't find a home for, and are going to have to junk when we move. I'd take them here if I had of them can be wall-mounted...actually, both of them probably could.

I've done nothing, b/c I've been sick and also consumed with the move at the Centre.

I DID flip open my sofa into sofa-bed mode on the weekend, though, and I haven't put it back! I kind of like it, especially now that I have the round table instead of the's the kind of sofa that the back and the seat are one piece, and they go flat like a divan. So it looks like a big divan in the middle of the living room! I think it's just a smidge narrower than a twin bed. I'm halfway tempted to re-design the room around it staying in divan mode...anyway, I figure I'll leave it flipped down until we're finished the move at the Centre, b/c it is nice to come home and flop down on...
Doodle, can you put the bookcases on Craigslist? They'd probably find a good home there. I wish I lived closer to you, I'd love some bookcases. Especially big ones. Part of our house-money fund is going to two billy bookcases from IKEA. Oh!
We got a porch swing! Now all I need is some lemonade.

Oh! And yes, eventually we will finish off the rest of the attic. And say goodbye to the RV door.
zora, sadly, craigslist doesn't extend to my community, or to anywhere near it. The closest craigslist site is for Vancouver...four hours away over a snowy mountain pass. *sigh* On the up side, the local Aboriginal centre is taking all but one of the bookshelves. It's just too long for anybody - 130 inches! But there might be a sporting group that can take it - will know by Tuesday.

YAY for porch swings! And lemonade! Of course, here in Canadaland, it's freezing outside, so I wouldn't personally wish for a porch swing right now! Heh.

I picked up doodlemama's b-day parcel from Greyhound today. She wasn't supposed to get me anything, b/c paying for half my sofa set was supposed to be my b-day present! But she got me this mirror from Ikea (the all-mirror glass one)! (And also some chocolate and some CD holders.) It was wrapped up so well it took me half an hour to break into it. I have NO idea where I'm going to put it, but I've wanted one for a long time. I would really have liked the green/blue one, actually, but mom says they didn't have anymore. But this one is really cool, too!

So this is the year of mirrors for me! I had almost NO mirrors in my apartment...for years I had just the bathroom cabinet mirror. I had a door mirror at one point, but it broke. Then last year or maybe the year before, I acquired the entrance hall mirror. Now I've acquired four mirrors (not even counting makeup mirrors) within the span of five or six months!! WTF? What is THAT a metaphor for? Finally accepting my appearance? Finally ready to face myself? LOL!

We could go on all day with mirror metaphors, I'll bet! I'm fascinated with trying to interpret things like this, so I'll take suggestions....

(OTOH, half the reason I never acquired mirrors before is b/c my apartment was so cluttered that I knew they'd get broken.)

ETA: OOH! I almost forgot! doodlemama also sent me a pair of heavy cotton curtain panels, in a light khaki colour! She says she bought them awhile back and never used them. Not sure what to use them for, but I'm pretty sure I'll figure out something. I'm already eyeing other closets in the apartment!

The light khaki curtain panels have enough fabric to re-cover the pink-flowered sofa PROPERLY! With nothing more complicated than a staple gun, I think.

They are WAY too long to be closet curtains, anyway.

Oooh, Doodle, the things you can do with a staple gun! That's definitely on my to-buy list. Is yours good? What brand is it? I've broken some staple guns in my time and I want my next one to last.
So at my old house (when I lived with three other people) I had these paper lanterns on a string (they came in a set of ten.) We haven't had any place to put them in our apartment so I put them away and forgot about them. Well, I just found them and I can't wait to install them on the front porch! Or maybe the side porch, I haven't decided yet.
Tomorrow's the big furniture moving day. We're trying to figure out the best setup for the couches and TV in the living room. The living room is a big square with a huge window on one wall. I don't want to have the TV in front of the window because that would be ugly as shit. So hopefully we'll figure something good out and it will work. I sense some re-arranging in my future.
And oh my god do we have a lot of stuff. We're setting up some donation bags, but it's the night before the move and we've run out of boxes. Oh boy.
I'm just catching up to the news here, but congrats, zora. Your house looks great. What quadrant is it in? I moved back to the SE/Belmony area this summer after more than a year in NW. anyways, sweet new digs; I'm happy for you.
Zora, if you check out the website, and sign up, they have a great feature called "arrange a room". You enter your room's measurements and you can move furniture all over the place.

The big negative about that website is it's got a lot of popup ads. sad.gif But I've done LOTS of room arranging over the years and that feature's helped a LOT.

It might be good, even once you've moved in! Keep the rearranging down as far as number of times! But basically if there's any obvious focal points, it's nice to arrange furniture to honor that point. Maybe an entertainment armoire on one side or another, of the window? What time of day will the sun come in there? Will it cause glare during your major television watching times?

I had a big square room with a big window dead smack in the center of one wall, once, too. I ended up putting the couch in there on an ANGLE, the television in the corner in front of the couch, and next to the window.

But don't pull everything way up to the walls! Feels like a waiting room. smile.gif Keep it close enough together so people can have a nice conversation.

And above all, HAVE FUN!!! Order a pizza and set up a picnic on the floor, maybe some red wine (if you like that sort of thing), a candle, (make sure it won't tip over) and pizza. Break in that wonderful new place that's ALL YOURS. smile.gif
zora, my staplegun is a Mastercraft, which is the private label of Canadian Tire. Which means nothing to you! It's average in quality, anyway - I've been happy with it. Because I have fibro, I was specifically looking for one that took almost no effort to push down on the "trigger," and that didn't jump out of place when I shot the staple. I spent about $35-40 CAD, about 7 years ago. If that is any help.

Ok, this is cross-posted with the Okay thread....I bought a tiny potted conifer today (8" plus pot height, so about a foot or less), which is "decorated" for the holidays with a grouping of gold-painted ornaments/fern/pinecone on a stick, pushed into the dirt. And also a gold foil wrapper over the pot. (Actually, it also came with a little stuffed reindeer-on-a-stick pushed into the dirt, too, but that's in the garbage now.) So here's the cross-posted part:

I set up my coffee table centrepiece! I took everything off the bamboo tray, added the li'l tree and two honkin' big, white pillar candles, at different heights on black iron stands, and then spread a big bunch of polished stones around the base of the tray.

It's like zen holiday decor!

(That last sentence seems like an oxymoron.)

I also have a stuffed Grinch hanging on the outside of my apartment door.

What has everyone else done to their places for the holiday season?
Doodle, I finally put up my Christmas tree. It's a fairly traditional little tree, but it's all mine, and I love it. I have long trailing gossamer red ribbons streaming down from the top and lots of neato ornaments I've collected over the years. I also put a festive scarf on my dog because she's a scarf wearin' dog. Just scarves, though. No sweaters or reindeer antlers.
our tree went up a couple of weeks ago. i have many sentimental ornaments, handed down from my grandma and aunt, and my mom gives me a new one each year. but i decided not to share those with my roommate. those will be for when i have my own home. our tree looks nice anyways, with little wicker stars, red wood beads and crafty-looking fabric ornaments (mostly from the dollar store!).
We're moved in! More to come, hopefully including some pictures. I miss you guys.
I am now the proud owner of the Apartment Therapy book!

Now I just have to read it...

I'm on a cleaning/clearing out the cluttery mess kick. I know I'm not going about it in the most efficient manner, but I kind of don't care. I'm just happy I'm doing something about it.
Assuming I get a job in the next few weeks and we have money again (and if that doesn't happen, we're going to wait for our tax return), I think we've picked out a new couch! It would basically look like that picture, except no chaise on the end- it would end with the loveseat. We want to get it in a very purple shade.

And I found a couple of rugs I like: Option 1, in "Rust" and Option 2. Option 2 is considerably more expensive and I'm not so sure about a intensely purple couch with a very purple rug. But I really like it, and if we can afford it, we'll go with it. Otherwise option 1 is good, too. Totally different style than option 2.

We want to schedule the delivery of the new couches for when we put the new floors in, so we can move the old ones out at the beginning of the weekend and have the new ones right away. This will all be happening sometime in the spring, after we get our tax return. We also want to replace our coffee table (basically, all of our furniture, except the entertainment center & bookcases, are well-worn hand-me-downs), but I don't want wood because I don't want to have to worry about leaving rings. I'd like something in a slate or tile, but it's hard to find one what has a wood base. I don't want metal because it's just too cold, and we're trying to create a warm feeling. I'm not opposed to doing my own mosaic thing. I know you've done that, doodle. I may come looking for advice if that's how it ends up going down.

Hmm, Le Boy's dad does a lot of woodworking. Maybe I'll have to ask him about making us a table. Do they make woodworking pattern books that I could pick something out from?
Ooh, great sofa, polly! And I like both rugs! The only worry I would have about the purple rug is that dark-coloured rugs REALLY show up every little bit of fluff and lint, every crumb of food, etc. So you have to be prepared to break out the dustbuster a lot more.

(ETA: I haven't done any mosaic-ing yet...I have thought about it, and I was sort of planning a faux one with paint chips, which never happened. I think divala does mosaics, can ask her about it! I don't think it should be too complicated, if you're doing a flat surface.)

Congrats on moving in zora!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

raisingirl, how goes the de-cluttering?
I thought that tray you did was mosaic'ed. You just painted it?

i think I'm going to end up doing those little one-inch iridescent tiles, the ones that come in sheets, so there's not much technique to that.
Okay, this isn't about home decorating, but it is about my living situation, and I'm irate and I don't know where else to post this. For the past hour, one (or both) of the people who live in the apartment upstairs from me have apparently been practicing for their once in a million shot to join the chorus of the Riverdance troupe. I swear, my ceiling is literally bouncing up and down. My ceiling fan is shaking; my knick knacks are knocking. At first I thought they were having vigorous sex, but there is no possible way they could keep up that momentum for this long without the use of Viagra, a vat of lube, and steroids for the strength.

Quite frankly, I'm waiting for the stucco on my ceiling to start flaking off like dandruff and land in my tea. How does one approach this delicately when one next sees one's upstairs neighbors? "Um, hi, I've noticed that you've taken to playing extensive games of dodgeball around 9p.m. each night. Who's going to take the title this season, you or the visiting team? Because I can only turn my tv up so loud before the dog goes deaf, and sometimes I like to sleep. How's about I have a trophy made and you can call it a winning season and be done with it? Oh, and Michael Flatley would like his clog shoes back. Thanks."
hi all,

i am planning on finishing my basement and would really like to stay in a pretty tight buget. my plan is one bed room, one bathroom laundry room,a small wine room, and library/familyroom. there is ample space for all these rooms and my style tends to be pretty simple and bright. for instance i would love for all the art to be pieces my son and husband and i have done. i want homey and simple and friendly/usable and most of all open. so if any of you have any suggestions of good websites or books of whatnot for inexpensive remodeling or finishing or decorating that would be really great.

thanks so much!
Hey all! Sorry I haven't been around - trying to get through my last weeks in my old job and make sure everything is done and ready to not fall completely apart after I leave.

Just saw this COOL DIY mural project on Apartment Therapy. Don't be intimidated by the amount of work this guy's done, you could totally do this on a smaller scale...actually, if you were only just doing the mural (leaving aside all the other stuff he's done), it wouldn't be that complex. He took PAINT-BY-NUMBER canvases and blew them up on the wall! Then got big pots of housepaint the same colour as the colours for the paintings, and did the thing up on his wall.

It is COOL!!! And you don't have to be a "serious" artist to do it! Just find a paint-by-numbers that you like! Then do a grid to size it up, or (even easier), scan and print it onto acetate, then borrow or rent a projector!

Here's the AT post. When you get there, click on the "see all pics at once" link, and check it out!

kelkello, this may be too late for you, but have you talked with your neighbours? They may have no clue how bad it is - my mom's upstairs neighbours were young women and men who would walk thru the apt. in shoes at 3 in the morning...they were really apologetic when she spoke to them. Alternatively, your landlord has a legal responsibility to ensure your "quiet enjoyment of your suite." ("Quiet" within reason, of course.) Also, he/she will want to know that your neighbours are causing damage to the structure of the building (i.e.: the stucco, and possibly the floor joists above).

shinyx, the cheapest way to decorate is with PAINT! Since you are into family art, why not go ahead and paint that mural? It would be a great bonding project, as well as give you something extraordinary in your basement space. You could do something that would make the space bright and cheery, so that you don't even notice it's a basement.

polly, yes, it was a special metallic craft paint that I did the tray mosaic with. It's groovy on wood because the paint is very slightly translucent, and also goes down into the grain, so the metallic finish reflects light differently on those varied grainlines. decorating I finally got all my software CDs out of their plastic cases and paper sleeves, and into nice, small, zip wallets! They've gone from taking up a big storage container to being the size of maybe 10 CD jewel cases stacked together. I'm definitely going to do the CDs and DVDs this way, too. The cases are only $2 CAD at Ikea, and hold 20 CDs.

More room for art supplies!
Wow, that mural was amazing. Such a good idea. It said he had some friends help him do it, too- I think I could do it on a big wall with some help. I loved the effect of it being lit from below.

I remember my great-grandmother having some vintage paint-by-numbers of Japanese women. I wonder who in the family has those.
oooh polly, you should try to find those!

when we move house I want my bedroom to have an oriental feel to it and -inspired by doodle- I'm going to attempt to pain cherry blossom on my walls (not a mural but subtle design across walls) and maybe an orchid or three.
*hauls thread up to the top*
*wipes brow*

So I had a totally strange experience the other day. I went to buy fabric so I could finally start making curtains and I totally panicked. What the hell? I couldn't make a decision and I almost started crying. So I guess curtains will have to wait until I can go in a fabric store without freaking out. I guess I'm just afraid that I'm going to pick the wrong fabric.
Anyone else have this kind of experience when trying to make a decision about your house?
Hey Zora, I haven't freaked out in the shop, but know the indecision very well. We are up to test pot 7 or 8 in the living room and just can.not. find the right colour to paint it. I thought we'd actually be done by now but haven't even started because every weekend is the pilgrimage to get more test paint... like you, I don't want to do it until we find just the right paint, because I don't want to do it all over again if it sucks.

Can you buy small test swatches with the fabric so you can bring a few different ones home and see how they will really look in your place?
heh....that's how i am with light fixtures. i think it took me three years to settle on light fixtures for my last house.....and that was just because i was under the gun to sell it!

it's gonna be the same way with this one, i can tell.

i agree with the 'purchase small pieces of each' idea and then bring them home for a while.

Glad to know I am not the only one suffering from indecision anxiety. The problem is we have so many windows and they are all big. Right now we have venetian blinds throughout the house and while they are ugly, they are effective. So I think I'll wait until I see the right fabric.
I would like to change some light fixtures but dealing with wiring scares me.

Zora, do you have a Freecycle group in your area? If so, sign up, cos there are always curtains on the go in my Freecycle group! Then you can get some free ones, which even if they're not ideal will be an improvement on the venetians, and can help you decide what you want and don't want for the fabric you eventually choose. Even if you end up Freecycling them again later it's a great way to get started, especially if you have a lot of windows.

Freecycle is the best thing ever. I don't even need anything right now and I still check it every day.
fina, I noticed your post in, was it Kvetch?

I get a lot of compliments on this paint color.

It's Benjamin Moore, "mill springs blue" and it's sort of an gets a little more blue-ish in the evenings and at night, and in sunlight, it's more aqua.

This picture was taken in early evening last october (see the skull on the table) and the sun was beginning to set. The room faces west.

ETA: I have brick red as one of my accent colors with it and it blends quite well. Especially with some purple. If you want, I could post a pic that shows how all three colors work together.
Mmmm, I love dealing with wiring. Nothing better than hanging a new lamp, then turning it on.
Okay, there's lots better things than that.

I'll check out freecycle, thanks!
Hee, I'm building one of the Japanese lamps that you suggested to me a few months ago, zora (my name is polly and I'm a procrast-aholic.) It tool me awhile to find a dimmer switch that can be spliced into the cord. I finally did though; I just have to have my mom help me with it!
Treehugger, thanks- I love that colour! It looks really great there. I'm afraid it'll be too intense in our room- trying to consider the resale factor as well, not just what we would like. It would look amazing with our curtains though, they're a sort of brick red too. Yeah, if you have some photos of the red and the aqua, please post, could be helpful, thanks!

I think we'll try the light grey-blue and see how the test patch looks. I'm just getting impatient and want the painting to be done already!
Okay, fina, here's a pic of my's the best picture I have of the red directly against the aqua.

And, here's a pic of all three colors together, although the red isn't next to the aqua, the purple is.

In case you're curious, paint color names:

All the paints are Benjamin Moore brand.

The aqua color is "Mill Springs Blue"
The purple color is "Cabernet"
The red color is "Boston Brick".

And, apologies for the dusty camera lens! smile.gif
Wow, that looks amazing. I LOVE it. Nice job!

I'm really hesitant to do such a dark colour in the living room though... *thinks furiously*
hey polly, that's pretty cool! Glad I could make a helpful suggestion.
*eyes perk up....a lighting suggestion? I'm afraid i missed it back in the day. Was it here, in this thread?

*runs off to search, aaaaah, there it is.

Sorry to not be more help on the fabric area but I'm the same way with regards to curtains....I generally just end up with miniblinds because choosing a fabric, and visualizing it as a curtain is daunting, to say the least. Good luck.

Are you making traditional curtains, per se, or roman shades, or something else?
Simple curtains, Just a swath of fabric on a rod. If I'm feeling ultra handy, I'll hem them.

I'm so boring. I'm taking a vacation in March to paint and take down the wall paper in the bathroom. It'll be good.
i just rearranged my apartment and i'm really pleased with it. i only have two rooms so one has to play double duty; the main room is my living room *and* my office. i used to have my desk at the end of the room by the window and my couch up against the left wall and the tv against the right wall. now, i made the end of the room by the window into a sort of separate room by turning my couch to face the end of the room and putting a bookshelf up against the back of it, if that makes sense...with the tv in front of the couch in the corner...and my desk against the left wall. i like it a lot better since it compartmentalizes the space and makes my living room area feel much cozier smile.gif
Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been around, but I've been (literally) deathly ill. Am getting better, will catch up on the posts a.s.a.p.!

Has anyone ever done that thing where you make a long desk out of a door? I am thinking of doing this - the round table is not working out so well for me. I think it's wreaking ergonomic havoc on my shoulders. I'd really like a proper long table, like a parson's table, but I bet such a thing would be expensive.
doodle! i had a door-desk all through college! my dad made it for me but i think it would be easy to do yourself. we just measured a comfortable height (choose a table you like sitting at) and he made two little carrels out of plywood that height. one had shelves, one didn't. the door was leftover from a building project he did, and we attached a thin piece of plywood a little taller than the edge of the door, to the edge of the door, to catch on the carrels so it wouldn't slide off easily.

but, i would imagine you could make an even simpler one with just two file cabinets or shelves of the same height, and lay a door over. i found that the doorknob hole was great for computer wires too!

good luck!
That's what doodlemama suggested, mouse - the file cabinets.

I wonder how much glass blocks cost, though...? THAT would make a cool base! Probably would cost just as much as buying a real parson's table, though.

When do we get piccies of your re-arranged apartment?

zora, did you ever pick a curtain fabric?

fina, what about you and the paint?

Oh yeah, for hemming the fabric.......iron-on hem tape! Brilliant stuff. You can buy it in the fabric store, looks like a roll of tape, but it's thin fusible webbing. When I was young I worked in a dry cleaners, and we used it whenever part of some hem came down. (I swear people take stuff with loose hems to the cleaners on purpose, so they can blame the drycleaner and get a free repair job.)



Not that I have done anything worthy of report.

Oh wait, well....when doodlemama was still here, she painted my bathroom door, and I painted the frame of a full length door mirror*, which I have yet to affix to the bathroom door....maybe I'll see if I can find the energy for that this evening...

* I rescued the mirror when the women's centre closed....we always called it "the feel good mirror," because it makes everyone look 10 pounds thinner! tongue.gif
yay, i'm so excited i finally have something to post on this thread. i've been lurking in hopes of getting some ideas for when i finally move out of my mom's and into my own space. love the fam, but sharing a room with seven-year-old pretty much limits the decorating options to hello kitty and tinkerbell. tongue.gif last night i signed the lease to rent this beautiful master bedroom with a walk-in closet that can double as a guest room. i'm moving the basics in this weekend, queen-size bed, dresser, and desk for my laptop when i'm home, but i'll probably switch some things around, get a few new items. the room is a couple hundred less than what i've been budgeting for, so i find myself with a comfortable surplus. not a 'sky's the limit, let's knock down a few walls and go nuts' kind of budget, but enough to do something fun and set things up just like i want. right now i'm thinking the east wall is going to be floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, maybe an entertainment console if i ever get to the point where i'm not working all the time and just home for the basics of sleeping, eating, and showering. the area between the north window and west wall i'm thinking about setting up as my vaguely middle-eastern 'nesting corner': gauzy veil-y material on the walls and ceiling, lots of big cushions, maybe a low loveseat or other small chaise lounge, a couple of throws for snuggling up for a nap with, just something really comfortable and inviting to de-stress in after a hard day at work. i'm definitely open to other decorating ideas though, and judging by this thread, you guys have lots of good ones. so i'm going to head over with my digital tomorrow, snap some pics so you can get a better idea of what i'm working with, and let your creative juices benefit me. biggrin.gif
No curtains yet. I've been working a lot lately, so no new projects either.
I did take some curtains that we had at our apartment and finally started hemming them. I'm using the old Stitch Witchery and sewing them as well, just to make sure. I must post a photo of what's on our sliding glass door in the kitchen now, because its funny.
Mr. Pug and I have a smaller townhouse and I just have to say that I feel like it is the best house in the world. It looks small from the outside but it’s nice and spacious on the inside. We have our stuff everywhere and it’s just perfect. It’s far but not too far from our friends and family. Every night I drive home it’s like 35-40 minute ride. It feels like I’m driving away for the weekend on Fridays. I know my parents think it’s small but I don’t care. I love, love, love our house because it’s ours. I love our neighbors, our neighborhood and our town. Does anyone else feel like their home is just perfect?
princess evangeline
QUOTE(LoveMyPugs @ Mar 2 2007, 05:34 AM) *

Mr. Pug and I have a smaller townhouse and I just have to say that I feel like it is the best house in the world. It looks small from the outside but it’s nice and spacious on the inside. We have our stuff everywhere and it’s just perfect. It’s far but not too far from our friends and family. Every night I drive home it’s like 35-40 minute ride. It feels like I’m driving away for the weekend on Fridays. I know my parents think it’s small but I don’t care. I love, love, love our house because it’s ours. I love our neighbors, our neighborhood and our town. Does anyone else feel like their home is just perfect?

VoodooPrincess here.....
I'm with you on this one, for sure. I just bought my very first house (3BR 2 BATH) and I'm closing on it next week. It's not brand new and it's not in the "perfect" neighborhood (it's actually in a caravan park!) BUT it's mine and no one can tell me what to do with it and I can paint it and decorate it and be loud and park where I want and NO ONE will say anything about it!!!!!! I am sooooo excited to get out of my apartment and away from these nit-picky apartment people. The park is gated and within the park is a lake, 2 diners, a store, a petrol station and a community hall!!!!!!!
I have started picking out paint colors and I have decided on "Sherwin - Williams" colors - ELECTRIC LIME / KNOCKOUT ORANGE / FORGET ME NOT / LEMON TWIST. All of these will be in my bedroom on various walls, ceiling and trim. I did that virtual paint your room thing online at Sherwin Williams and it looked so cool! The walls will alternate with the LIME and the ORANGE and my room has a chair rail so it and the other trim will be FORGET ME NOT (bright purple) and the ceiling will be LEMON.
I am a HUGE fan of the brightly painted homes and such like can be found in parts of mexico and the islands. I LOVES bold bold happy colors. And I know it sounds cheesey but I would actually be happy to decorate my house just like the inside of a BAJA BURRITO diner. Anyone ever been to one of those? Bright colors on the walls, art hanging about, surf boards mounted as counter tops........ I know it sounds odd but it's so FUN and I figure if you can't have fun at HOME then that's just a sad sad thing! My new house even has a "sun room" and I can't wait to decorate out there! I think I'll get some of those glass balls that are wrapped in jute macrame and hang them about with some netting and starfish and shells and palm trees. Make it my own little paradise and put patio furnishings for when I have guests. And candles. Lots of candles.
I might need another job just to afford all this decorating but it would be sooooo worth it!!!!!
i definitely feel like my place is perfect for me for right now smile.gif i have a few issues with it, mostly that it's a teensy bit shabby, i need better appliances (but this can and will be remedied) and i rent so am not allowed to paint, but for the most part i'm so thrilled with it, and it fell into my lap at a time when i really needed to get out of the place i was living. i live by myself, and it's the perfect size for me. i have a tiny kitchen with the cutest 1940's pink and white hexagonal tiled sink and pink tile backsplash, the same pink and white tile on the floor in the bathroom, a big window in the living room, a tiny cozy bedroom, my rent is ridiculously cheap, and this is the view from the front door of my building. i love it, and i am so happy for it every day.
Mouse, what a fabulous view!

We are currently renting a house that I really really love. It looks small on the outside, but it has all of the room we need on the inside. The walls are so colorful, too! Yellows & blues and greens ... so fabulous. And the master bathroom is ENORMOUS! But I especially love the trees. We are surrounded by these marvelous, tall pine trees that make the house feel so serene and private. Funnily enough, a house just down the street that looks just like this one has recently been put up for sale. Very tempting. But for some reason, the builders chopped down all of the trees when they built it, so it isn't nearly as appealing as this place.
Eek! No lose da thread!

mouse, that IS a great view!

Yesterday, I spent about 2 hours in the living room of a downstairs neighbour. I cannot believe how small and cramped other people's apartments feel, when I know darn well they are the same size and shape as mine. Even I would almost swear my space is bigger, though it's not. It really IS amazing what a difference you can make with a little creative furniture placement and some paint!! (Oh, and de-cluttering.)

*ahem* Not meaning to brag, of course. (Like hell! biggrin.gif)

Also, from the experience, I am now absolutely convinced that Apartment White/Builder Beige will be banned from any and all current/future walls of mine. (Except as an accent colour.)

ETA: I forgot to mention a couple of things I've done around the place! D'oh!

I threw out my desk! And I put away my big computer; I'm just using the laptop right now. I put the leaf in the round table and turned it into a temporary oval desk, so there's nothing else in that half of the living room now, except a long oval table and three big chairs (and the bookshelves, of course). It looks much neater and more open - I really do want a long rectangular table for a desk now. I'll try and get a photo up soon!

Also....when I got sick, the purple-covered wood/cane chair came to live in the bedroom. I had to lie there looking at it day after day, alongside the usual purple sheets, and a big purple afghan I'd comandeered from the blanket box. And I discovered that you actually CAN have too much purple in a room! So I wrapped the chair in this bright, fun, flowered fabric instead (it was my first act of decorating after I got home from hospital tongue.gif), and it made it much better to live with. The chair is back in the living room - I've gotten used to it with the new cover, so I'm thinking of keeping the print on for awhile. I'll probably need comparison opinions...will try to get a pic of that soon, too.
Ok, I need some input!

The first opinion I need is on the new brightly flowered chair versus its previous purple covering, which you can see here and here. Keep in mind the purple pics were taken at night - the purple WAS quite pretty.

Oh, and you can see the little djembe (drum) treehugger sent me, peeking out from behind the coffee table!

The second opinion I need is - I think I've decided I need to paint the oval table to make it look less like a dining table and more like a desk/work table. The question is, what colour? I thought black, but would that be too dark? I'd be willing to go with a colour.

The light aqua fabric folded on the table is the stuff amilita sent me from her dining chair project - that will be covering the orange chair. (I swear!) And the bells on the door, treehugger sent for Georgie and Carmella. biggrin.gif

So much cool bustie stuff incorporated into my apartment!!!

doodle, I have a hard time taking my eyes off your whale painting - that one still takes my breath away!!

I do like the previous purple covering for that chair more, I have to say - but of course, I am a purple *fiend,* so I guess that's pretty predictable!

For your kitchen table, what if you added a forest green stain to the top, so that you could still see the grain of the wood, and then maybe use a purple stain around the edges and for legs? I could kind of be a uniting piece for your whole living area, and I think it would look less like your standard issue dining table.

While I'm here, I have my own question - anyone know how to clean microfiber upholstery? I just got a new couchlette and ottoman that just have a little dirt on them, nothing too serious, but could use some brightening up.
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