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Full Version: House Of The Gods! Well, actually, it is just my lil' apartment...(the home decorating thread)
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I will wait to hear back from you...I think it'll prolly be awhile before I get to putting in a dimmer anyway. But I do have my own electrical box, and I promise to shut off the power first! (My dad was the guy who went around to schools giving lectures on electrical safety and conservation.)

I swear that's the same light....except they didn't sell them in sets when my mom bought one. They seem to do that with some things...they'll sell them individually for awhile, and then only in sets. My tall paper-shaded lamps are like that. Which is a bitch if you ever want to replace ONE of them! I'll bet it's a strategic profit-making thing. Grrr.

At holiday time, you could always string the rubber tree with white mini lights. My mom always did that to her big tree-like plants, and I did it with my fake weeping figs, till they went to live outside. (No outlet on the balcony.) It's really pretty....the first year I did it, I left the lights up for the entire year, because I liked it so much!

My christmas tree is 1 foot tall. smile.gif I call it a solstice tree though. I just do one small display with greenery and simple red decorations....I'm not much into holiday decorating, but I AM into lights! I burn dozens of candles on solstice, and Georgie always "helps," which is cute. (By "help" I mean he jumps up on the shelves and tables wherever I am doing the candle-lighting/tending.) I also love putting white mini lights wherever I can.

Oh, I think I finally got the dining room set up the way I want it last night. I moved the plants and junglegyms around again. It all seems to work now. AND Georgie is starting to sit up on the window shelf/table, and to randomly play in there. Carmella will only go in there to eat, or if I'm there....she'd rather be glued to my side, wherever I am. But it is kind of fun to go in there and sit on the floor, playing with them.
Well, doods, I asked one of the guys at work...not an electrician per se but he's done TONS of electrical work...wired his own house, does a lot of electrical servicing work. I told him exactly your plan. He agrees with me, says it should work. The only thing he said was:

"make sure you tell her she can't use a flourescent bulb with a dimmer switch. Other than that it should work."

Anyway, you've got the go ahead from me! smile.gif And since it's a ways down the road, the next time I run into a bona fide, certified, licensed electrician, I shall run it past him or her as well.

You know, I actually feel more like it's a solstice celebration for myself as well. I guess I'm just indoctrinated to mainstream terminology. I just think all the lights and stuff are gorgeous...which is hugely what I got at lights and spice tins...hehe

I've got two spotlights on the rubber tree at night now. I think I'm going to hook them up to a timer..but I think that's all the lights needed for it. I could change my mind though.

It's actually kind of cool, I sit under the rubber tree whenever I'm BUSTing. It's the best spot in the house to catch the wireless internet.

And I think I'm going to eat goat cheese crostinis for dinner tonight. It's so great being childfree! smile.gif

(see, I got totally crossthreaded here....should this be here in decor, in foodies, in what I ate, or in CBC?)
Thanks for checking, treehugger! I hadn't planned on using fluorescent bulbs, so it should work. (But it makes me wonder what would happen if you did...???)

Ah, nothing like hanging out under a big tree in yer living room! I love being surrounded by living plants. They just bring such a wonderful energy.

Ooh, I think you have the same spice tins as BFF! They do seem like a good idea, but I got mom to pick some extras up for BFF, and they're kind of expensive, I thought. 3 for $10 CAD...yikes! That's $40 for a full set of 12! Anyway, BFF really likes them, so I guess it's "whatever works for ya."

But that's's rarely the big purchases that get you ('cause you usually plan for those), it's all the little things you throw into your cart along the way, thinking, "Oh, it's only $5, 10, 20..." Then you're walking out the door thinking, "Did I really just spend $200, 300, 400?" tongue.gif

I used to participate in christmas more as "christmas"...but I just can't get behind it anymore. There are two pieces that used to frustrate me. One was the public emphasis on the christian element of the winter holidays (as if no other religions exist...or should exist!). The other was the whole commercialization aspect...after a number of years in my job, especially working with impoverished and homeless people, I couldn't take it anymore. Personally letting go of both of those things - "opting out" - has really freed me to enjoy the holidays and my family in my own way, and to explore spiritual meaning away from outside influences. Some of the changes I've made for myself probably don't make my family very happy with me, but they seem to have managed to ride with it so far!

I think I am wayyyy off topic now! Speaking of cross-threading. I should go post some of that in the "are you there god" thread.

Anyway. Yes, candles! Lights! Fabulous! Gorgeous! And filled with spiritual and emotional meaning for me...the light always returns....
I'm not the only person who is astounded, but for some stunning reason, this apartment decor got an honourable mention in the Apartment Therapy colour contest.

It's Jesus, how can someone live in a red carpeted room? Oi.

Ben and I are going to go look at paint samples this weekend. Boy, we sure are exciting. He has Armistice Day off so we actually have two days off together! I want to go look at the house again, but we're in escrow right now, so I don't think that's a great idea. The house has a huge rhododendron in the front that completly blocks the veiw from the porch. My dad saw it and said, "Oh, what a great Rhody! You'll love that when it blooms." Then Ben said, "Yeah, it's gonna go." I really hate rhodies having grown up in Washington state. It's the state flower and we lived in the woods so they were everywhere. It's going to be a bitch to rip out (there's actually three of them) but it will be so worth it. It kind of dwarfs the house.
Maybe we will just drive by the house and I can take pictures and post them. I can't wait to be able to paint! Yahoo!
zora, this is very exciting! I can't wait, too!

I feel the same way about dogwoods! (BC's flower.) And also the wild rose. (Alberta, where I lived in the cold, cold, cold for 5 years.) We have a wild rose on the embankment down to the river. I always get hit in the head by a springing prickly branch when I'm walking down there!

This is kind of a cute article in the NY Times, about when bad decor happens to good people.

Anybody else got any bad decor purchase stories?

I can remember buying a loveseat in a damned hurry after a partner and I moved in together, b/c she turned out to be a couch monopolizer...and there was nowhere for me to relax! It was a reasonable price and neutral coloured in brown, black, cream, and camel (the sofa at the time was brown), but patterned in this contemporary splashy sort of pattern, AND it was VERY know, with the big, high, puffy back? It took over the living room! I admit it was comfy, but I was still very glad to get rid of it after we broke up. (But my cat, Bunny [RIP], stood in it's empty spot after it was taken away, and meowed at me for 30 minutes. I swear. She liked to sleep on the big puffy back while I stretched out on the loveseat, so I guess she was a bit shocked that I got rid of it.)

I've had other disasters, but that was more the acquisition of ugly second-hand things to "tide me over." That loveseat was my first big new "no-no." I didn't even realize how bad it was until I started trying to decorate around it. I've made lots of smaller mistakes, too, but none so big and expensive as the loveseat.
So when ya closing, Zora? Are you going to put something else in the rhodie's place? I'm very excited for you!

At my old house there was a huge multiflora rose that EVERYBODY was overgrown and thorny and nasty...but I sort of liked it for that reason. It was befitting to the house and sort of made me wish I could be more "prickly" when it'd suit me. Anyways, it did end up going...the landscaper cut it down when he did the riprap. I don't even know what the state flower of Wisconsin is.

Most of my decorating mistakes weren't really mistakes at the time. I think the big mistake was moving the furniture to this new place when I knew it wasn't really going to be suited to this place.

One pending mistake is, when I had the old house, driving to see my mother one year through rural Minnesota, I saw a big rummage sale at a FARM..and lots of neat stuff out there. I grabbed an antique refrigerator for $20.00! And by antique, I mean, one of the very first ones. Made of wood, no less. It was most likely a commercial one. No compressor but I was going to take it to our refrigeration shop on the weekend and rebuild it. I have an antique working compressor I can install in it.

But, heavens. It SO won't fit in anywhere in my space! It certainly won't fit in my kitchen.
We close at the end of the month. I'd like to put a nice herb garden in the place of the rhodies.
We picked up our paint samples! And then spent like an hour wandering around home depot. We decided we're going to try and buy everything for the house in local shops, since we live in the city and there's a lot of them.
Treehugger that fridge sounds awesome!
Ooh, what colours did ya pick, zora? Very exciting about taking possession at the end of the month! WOW! You'll have a new home for the holidays!

treehugger, that's one of my biggest fears - if I ever have to move, will my furniture fit in a new space?

Not that I want to move. I've been here 10 years - I can't believe it either. Through three long-term relationships (including sharing the space with one!), five different cats, two different cars...and so on...

I love my river.

I'm not up to much this weekend. I'm kind of spent from having to pack up and shift crap around at the Centre, while we prepare to move. I will probably do a bit more little work on the dining room, touch up that spot where we took down the corner shelf, and keep working on finishing the fold down tables.

I bought camera batteries today, so there'll finally be pics, hopefully tomorrow!
We got a nice shade of lime green for the living room, (Ben's been lusting after a lime green living room forever) electric blue for the bedroom, robin's egg blue for the bathroom with a combo of white and then dark brown trim and as for the kitchen? Well, I don't know quite yet. Or the dining room. Or the laundry or back bedroom. But, we did find the color we want to paint the exterior. It's a really neat shade of perriwinkle.
Doodle! I've just started reading the Apartment Therapy book. I'm having an epiphany of sorts, and I want to thank you for recommending it. wub.gif

The website is pretty fab, too (so much to drool over, minus that red room you linked to with the velvet walls blink.gif ), but I have a hard time reading and looking at pictures on a computer for long periods of time.

I'm still thinking about moving next spring/summer, but the uncertainty of the future is not going to stop me from doing something about my crash pad, like, now.

Zora, I've enjoyed reading about your home hunting and finding, both here and on LJ. So exciting!

I'm still torn between living in a small city apartment and a bigger but still small house (say, 2-3 bedrooms/1 bath) in the suburbs. I'm pretty sure I'm leaning more towards the city -- if I can find a pad with a balcony and a working fireplace, I'd be in heaven and would never want to move again unless it were out of the area/country.
Hello, my name is George and I'll be your host:

IPB Image

Welcome to our Kitty Playground! (Atrium and Coffee Bar) May I offer you a mouse? This is Carmella in the treehouse:

IPB Image

And below, the full view of the Coffee Bar:

IPB Image

This is with one table up and one folded'll have to imagine it as a straight across counter, or with both tables folded down (there is about a half a centimetre of space between them). Need opinions on the colour of the braces: should they stay black or be painted to blend in with the wall?

More/different pics, hopefully tomorrow, after trying again by daylight.
George is so cute.
Doodle, I'd blend them in to the wall...make it look like it's floating, more, and also they wouldn't sort of draw your eyes down to the floor. (if that makes any sense)

It looks great! I bet your kitties are happy. smile.gif
heh, doodle. George looks like a slender, younger, less cranky version of Jinx

Mr.Luci has a problem saying no to him.

Your place looks so fantastic! It's so inspiring reading about your process...

We've painted one wall a sort of wet red clay color...I bought a rug but when it arrived looked absolutely nothing like the picture, so back it goes. I found a five foot long butcher block table on craigslist, countertop height, so that's going to expand the kitchen into the living room. Food is a priority around here wink.gif...and our best find so far has been a green couch which we suspect was once part of a sectional, as it has only one arm...but that sort of opens it up to the room and I like it.

We went to the china outlet up the street the other day and got tons of dishes for about $20...

That's all I got...just wanted to squee at doodlecats!
Doodle, I would paint the braces. And jeez louise, you have a shitload of plants. I have a black thumb so plants are a no go for me. It makes me sad.

We close on Wednesday, 2 more days. Weeee. I am so excited, I a m practically pissing myself.

We went to Menards today to pick up some stuff. A couple of the current wall sconces are these tacky gold monstrosities. We got some new ones. They are kind of industrial looking. Glass cylinders with silver metal caging.
We also got paint for three rooms. Buttercup yellow for the kitchen, light torquoise for the master bed, and silvery lavender for the den.

Our first project is the kitchen. We are going to take down the cabinets over the island and rehang them so they are not hanging down obstructing the openess of the kitchen. I also am going to put up a tiled backsplash in red yellow and orange. I will most definately post pics of the progress.
Ooooh, Taloo, we're closing in a few weeks! Yay houses!
I also can not have house plants. The only thing I've managed to keep around is a bit of trendy curly bamboo.
Oh, I am looking forward to moving. I am so ready to be out of this apartment. We found a dishwasher that we both like so I can't wait to get it all installed and ready. I love having a dishwasher so much. And we're going to have a washer and dryer!
There's ugly blinds in the guest bedroom, they are the kind that are made of little twigs bound together. We're going to turn them into a swag canopy for the bed. I'm also going to check out our local rebuilding center. I checked them out online and they look pretty sweet.
We have all these idealistic plans for the new house. Maybe eventually we'll get it all done!
*squeeing with vicarious glee at zora, taloo, and luci's new places!!! I am so excited for all of you! I'm looking forward to hearing all about what you're doing. smile.gif
Thanks treehugger.

Zora, we have a ton of plans too. The house is in pretty good shape, but you know, we are just doing things to make it ours.

The one really big project we are gonna do is the upstairs bathroom. It is kind of goofy. There is alot of wasted space, and the counters are lame. We want to add a second sink and different sinks and vanities, and retile the shower bath area. It will be kind of spendy cause we have to get a plumber to add the works for a second sink. Not to mention the actual vanities and sinks. Sigh. Thats okay, all the money we spend is going to be worth it.

Edit: here are pics if you are interested.
Ooh, I am VERY excited about all these new bustie homes!! YAY!

luci, that pic of jinx is cute! I have a hard time saying no to George, too, but he is a long, lean cat by nature. Mind you, he's only 2.5 - maybe he'll get chubbier as he gets older. That table sounds fantastic! And I'll bet the one-armed couch is great, can just pretend it's a chaise, or even a "fainting couch!"

taloo, those new sconces sound fab, and so do your colours! I'd really love to see the colours, too, when you get them up on the wall...especially the lavender and the turquoise! Are you moving the kitchen cabinets totally, or just hanging them higher up?

zora, I can't get a mental picture of your twig blinds!? I hope you'll post a pic when you can...I'm curious as all hell! I agree, implementing the plans is the hardest's 10% inspiration and 90% persperation! Pardon the cliche.

treehugger, yup, the kitties are really happy with their room! But they prefer me to be in there with them. It's good, though, 'cause it makes me take breaks to play with I discovered I can pick up a pretty good wireless connection in there! I really need to spring for my own wireless....

I think you are all correct about painting the braces to match the wall. I'm not loving the black that's on there now.

The plants. I have been growing them for a long time. I actually lost about twenty plants after a burst pipe one winter, and working back up to this many (which is actually more than before, at this point) took a long time...and there are quite a few I inherited from a former landlady as well, like the big croton "tree" by the cats' treehouse. The secret to managing this many is to have an indoor hose! I would never have been able to keep this many alive and healthy before. And also I'm a lot more accepting of plant death than I used to be. (I killed about half of the landlady's plants!)

But the funny thing is, the plants really don't require much care. I guess the hose plays a big role in that. But they are really very easy. I water all of them at once (I just vary the amount of water), and I feed them all at once, and other than a bit of maintenance like occasional re-potting and pruning, they manage themselves very well. I actually think it's BECAUSE there are so many of them - plant groupings create their own micro-climates, and they also seem to "enjoy" one another's company. And also because most are not really rare or difficult tropicals - they are more the "typical" ones that are cultivated for their ability to survive the average home or office. Anyway, it's a LOT less work than an outdoor garden!

Here is a link to the hose, if anyone is can order it online. I've shown it in U.S. prices. I have the 50 foot watering "set," which comes with a watering wand and a coupler that lets you hook it up to your kitchen faucet. Personally, I don't think the 25 foot set is long enough for indoors, because the coil is very tight, and if you have to pull it too taught, it will knock stuff over.

ETA: I just posted this pic of Carmella elsewhere, but you can sort of see one of the "new" black chairs in it. Sorry I haven't got other photos taken yet!
Doodle, the shades kind of look like this:
This is the most similar to the ones we have I could find. I'm so happy we found a way to reuse them.
Someday I may attempt house plants again. I think I'd buy them from a better source though.
Have I mentioned how happy I am to be getting out of this apartment? I think Geoff will like the new place as well. There's a lot of window sills for him to perch on and he loves looking outside at birds. I may get a birdfeeder so he can be entertained.
Today, is the day!

Zora those blinds are fabulous.

Doodle, we are moving them. Ever see that Seinfeld episode where he gets his kitchen cabinets redone and they are hanging from the ceiling? That's what they are like now. I cant even use the center island to work on. I just hope it doesnt turn out to be really difficult.
Love the house, Taloo, and I see what you mean about the cabinets over that peninsula. It is like the Seinfeld episode! With big, ceiling-height cabinets, you get so much space anyway, so losing a few to make the kitchen more practical isn't a big deal. I would think that since it's all so new, it shouldn't be a huge deal to remove them- not like they're old cabinets and there's 16 layers of paint around them or anything like that.

Good luck with your closing- it's such a pain in the ass!
this room is one of the coolest things i've ever seen. if only i could paint my apartment!!!
Ok, I actually came here on a mission. In the Okay thread, I posted that I re-watched the movie Green Card, solely so I could feast my eyes on the apartment decor and greenhouse garden. So someone suggested starting a Movie List for Decoraholics! Which is a brilliant idea. Let's include TV shows, too, or maybe have a separate list for TV shows. And also say why that movie works for decoraholics

I'll start:

Movie List for Decoraholics

1. Green Card - the greenhouse garden, mainly, plus a beautiful treed garden belonging to a supporting character's parents, plus the apartment decor, which is admittedly a bit too shabby chic for me now.

2. Amelie - the colours! The colours in this movie are fantastic, Amelie's apartment is adorable and quirky

3. ?

TV List for Decoraholics

1. Ugly Betty - I can't stop looking at the visuals on this show! From the coordination of the clothing colours, to the amazing style of the "designer-y" sets (the purple and lime green hotel room, or Wilhemina's glamourous white office)...I'm even recognizing some of the "real" designer pieces used on the sets, which means I've clearly spent too much time reading the Apartment Therapy blog! Everybody's saying the person who did the clothes for SATC is doing UB, but I want to know who's doing the decor!

2. Sex and the City - not really the clothes so much as the decor. I admit it, part of me covets Carrie's apartment. And each one is really done to fit the characters' personalities, which is cool.

3. ?


mouse, that's took me a sec to figure out the black outlines - I thought more colouring book till I read the description, and yeah, totally comic book! It just needs a Wonder Woman!

taloo, I've said it before, but your house is really adorable! That one bedroom (painted grey, I think?) looks a lot like amilita's guest room, in layout terms. WHAT are you going to do with all that basement? Where are you planning to re-hang the kitchen cupboards? You sure have a lot of storage space, even without them. (Well, to me, you have a lot of storage space!) Are you keeping them in the kitchen? They'd be great in a laundry room or home office, too!

zora, LOL, those "ugly" blinds are like my bedroom blinds, only stained dark! Mine are bamboo. I thought you meant twigs as in real pieces of branches! (Twig furniture is kind of popular with visitors, here in BC. After Brokeback, I can actually imagine some enterpreneur getting rich, exporting twig blinds to gay designers in other parts of the world. Hey wait a minute...)

Hi polly!
I moved in to my apartment on Saturday and so now that I've recovered from feeling like I have been hit by a mac truck,I am now ready to decorate.
So last night I went on Ebay and scored myself the most beautiful three seater light pastel green couch.
The best part,IT ONLY COST ME $80 and thats Australian!! It's practically brand new and totally gorgeous.Im thinking I'd like to buy some pastel pink or even maybe some purple throw cushions.I'm picking it up this weekend.
I can't believe I found this couch/sofa! I have been looking on Ebay for days and it was only last night that I spotted this fantastic lil number.So now I just have to score a dining table and chairs.....
Doodle, I am so going to get Green Card out!I need some more ideas.
Great home dec vibes for all creative Busties!
Hi again, datagirl! Nice to see you back!

That couch sounds great (though I DO have a weakness for green). I love the look of green and purple (as anyone can see from my pics, LOL!), though I also love soft greens with soft could even do both! Maybe soft green with pink and lilac? Or maybe that would be too girly for you, I don't know.

Any chance you can post a pic or two of your new place, and esp. your new couch?

Well, I've done no decorating since last time, BUT I've had to do some heavy and fiddly paperwork over the last few days, and since the Centre is in chaos while being packed up, I did it at home....and this round table/desk is PERFECT for the work! Plus I was working on a painted box project, and the new dining room fold-down tables worked perfectly for that, too...and I had enough space to do both things without having to put one thing away so I could do the other....nobody wants to move a freshly painted anything so that they can do paperwork! And nobody needs fresh paint on their workplace financial statements.

I'd really like to find a way I can work from home now...
So, Data, when you buy furniture off of eBay, how does shipping work? Do you arrange to pick up the piece of furniture or does the seller deliver it to you or what? I don't know a whole lot about eBay.

I thought of all of you as I read the NY Times yesterday -- there was an article about Mr. and Mrs. Apartment Therapy and their newborn living in their 200-something square foot apartment. I could NOT do it (yes, I realize this goes against the AT philosophy). I would have taken the $10,000 spent to renovate the apartment and moved to a bigger place and just gotten it over and done with. Babies grow up and need more space.

I still haven't gotten over to Home Despot to roll around on their rugs. This weekend, this weekend.
raisin, I saw that piece, it was a good article. I don't think they ever meant it to be permanent, and sort of looked on it as an "experiment." I believe the missus has given the mister one year for this experiment, and it's probably going to be a great career boost for them, and for the book. They've been planning to get a bigger space after that - I think they hope to keep the little apartment as an office and/or crash pad for out of town friends/family, though I don't know how that will work out for them, since it's rent controlled, and I'm not sure about the legalities.

At any rate, I think it's already generated fascinating discussions on the blog, and points that keep coming up for me are ones like - people taking for granted that everyone with children CAN afford or have access to a bigger space, and that people don't realize kids are adaptable and need less material things than we Westerners tend to think. I remember living in an apartment this small with my ma, for the first year after she left my dad (I was around 8 or 9) - we were on a waiting list for an apartment in a family complex. Yeah, it was cramped - I got the "bedroom," which was nothing more than an alcove off the hallway which my twin bed had to be wedged into - but even though I'd come from a three-bedroom house with an unfinished basement to play in, I didn't feel deprived or that I suffered. (Not to say that I wouldn't have suffered if it were longer, but it wasn't, so I don't know for sure!)
We close on Wednesday! Eeek! Pics to come as soon as I can.
Wow! Congrats, Zora!!

(I have not been having an easy time getting online...sorry for the delay in my response!)
Yes, congrats, zora!

treehugger, you probably couldn't get into the Lounge b/c it was down between Saturday and sometime early this morning!

It was traumatic!
Today is the big day for Zora! Wooot. Good luck, I hope everything goes smoothly.

I am still unpacking and organizing. I need to get everything exactly where it belongs before I can even think about decorating. We are going to get some bedding for our new bed today, though.

J, my husband is really excited to have a shopping day where we go get all the window coverings, light fixtures, and various other things we need. So funny.
Yeah, doodle, I noticed that. Unfortunately, my (stolen) wireless has gotten WAY unreliable. So it's been iffy for me since about last Thursday or so.

I'm just waiting until a few months after January (I got a deal with first year no condo dues) and want to see how the extra $200/month affects my budget before I decide whether to spring for my "own" internet or not. My community is also installing wireless internet, citywide, but since I'm on the outer edge of the city I don't know how long it'll be before it gets out here...if at all. It's hard to get info on that.

Anyway, CONGRATS to our new homeowner!!!! Yay Zora!!!
Awwww, you guys! Thanks! We got our keys today and now I am officially excited! I can't wait to go up there tomorrow and check it out, take some measurements, roll around on the floor and cackle, etc.
Well, I have plans this weekend to pack and maybe get some things for the place. I think I am going to splurge and get a Kitchen Aid for myself. It's something I have wanted for years and seeing as how we're not going to be able to eat out anymore I will be able to do some more home baking and cooking. Personally, I'm really looking forward to getting a garbage disposal and a dishwasher. Yay.

Anyone have any plans for the long weekend? (I guess that's just in the states, seeing as how it's almost our Thanksgiving.)
Wow, Zora! I'm vicariously excited for you! Yay!

I'm traveling today (thanksgiving) to go see my mother. Am going to be baking a turkey for her tomorrow. I can't stand baking at her house because she doesn't cook anymore and her oven's warped. Seriously, the door doesn't close right. Good thing it's electric.

I'll be back Sunday. smile.gif
Le Boy's dad came over yesterday and helped us with some home decorating projects- we hung blinds under the curtains in the dining room to filter out some light, since we have a western exposure and it gets sooo hot in the afternoons. He also put up our coat rack in out front hall. We use the front hall closet for storage and got tired of dumping our coats on a chair in the living room. Here's a picture. The wood is an old piece of barn wood from my aunt's farm- I love it's all distressed and full of character. I got the silver hooks at Home Despot and the "dog butt hooks" at Ikea to hang up the leashes and I'll put a towel on there for when the dog comes in from the rain.

I'm thinking of putting some floor lamps on my Christmas list for our living room. Right now we only have one lamp in there, a floor lamp with a craning neck. I want one that shines upward, though, to put in the other corner to balance out the light a little. I found three that I like:
Lamp #1 This is probably the one I like the least. The swing arm is a nice detail, but not really a useful function for my purposes.

Lamp #2 I like this one because it's sort of retro, but not over the top. The reviews say it's very sturdy, and only one person said they had problems putting it together.

Lamp #3 I like the task lamp on this one, but some of Ikea's lamps are a bit flimsy (though this is one of their more expensive ones, so I hope it's a little better than the rest)...I'd have to see it in person before I chose it, unless anyone here has one?
Hi everyone...sorry I have not been around. I've been so desperately sick that I've left the apartment only twice in 8 days (one of those was to go to the doctor), and I'm on penicillin now. Bleargh. Still feel like shit.

zora, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!

taloo, when is the move? We've postponed ours a couple of weeks at the Centre, b/c of me being sick.

polly, those hooks are adorable, and the board is terrific!

What do you need the new lamp to do, exactly? The torchieres you've picked are all nice, but personally, I'm not a big fan of the torchiere. That's just me, though! But I'm saying it b/c I think it disqualifies me from picking a favourite.

Have you ever thought about one of those tall floor lamps with the crazy arms? There's usually about six or so arms, and you can get them with white or multi-coloured shades...anyway, you could point the arms in any direction. I've seen them at places like Canadian Tire and Home Depot....

Generally speaking, I'm afraid of most top-heavy floor lamps, because 1) I'm a klutz, and 2) the cats can be a bit rambunctious, especially during bug hunting season!

treehugger, don't know if I posted this already, but I'm thinking of getting my own wireless, too. I guess now I'll have to wait and see how the job sitch pans out...

Well, as y'all can imagine, I've done nothing...
Well, here's a picture of my living room. I turned off the flash on the camera to get an accurate depiction of what the lighting is like. The room is a work in progress (and not totally cleaned up right now, but I wanted you to see what I'm working with). The carpeting will be gone in the spring, once it's warm enough and replaced with laminate wood flooring in a medium brown color ("Brazilian Cherry" is what it's called.) The couches will be replaced when we get our tax return, also in the spring. The coffee table and matching end table in the corner, between the couches, are hand-me-downs and will be replaced at some point (I'm indifferent about them.) The little table next to the recliner in the far corner will be gone soon, as it really serves no purpose, other than allowing us to have a "catch all" place for mail and catalogs.

Behind the recliner is where I plan on putting the lamp. Getting knocked over won't be an issue since the chair is in front of it, and we have no cats to knock it over. I like the lamp you see on the left side, but it's a little harsh when you're sitting on the couch and just watching TV (which is across from the large couch- you can see the corner of the entertainment center on the right side). It's good for reading or sewing on the couch, but not relaxing when you maybe want to take a little nap, but want some light. I want something to light up the opposite end of the room, that will provide some diffused light. I can plug it into the outlet that can be controlled with a light switch- if I put on a dimmer switch, will I be able to dim the light so i get a full range of ? Or can I only use a 3-way bulb? I guess my only concern is that if I put a lamp there, I won't be able to recline the chair. We don't use the chair very much- only when we have have guests over and we don't all fit on the couches (although that could change now that we aren't piling coats there anymore.)

I guess sconces would eliminate the recliner issues, but I'm not a fan of them unless they're in a space that requires them, like a hallway. Maybe I'll look into some though. As for those lamps with the crazy arms- I like them in other people's houses, but not in mine. I like a style that's somewhere between Ikea and Pottery Barn- like a Crate & Barrel look. Obviously, the room is nowhere near that yet, but someday.....

ETA: In my search for sconces, I found this one. It wouldn't work in my living room but it's so pretty!

ETA, again: I kinda like this one for my room though. The only problem with a sconce is that I have to run the wiring into the wall, unless I leave them external and put up those plastic tubes that "hide" the cords. Meh. What about getting a nice, small-ish hanging fixture, hanging it on a chain over the chair and plugging it into the wall? Those kinda remind me of someone's basement in the 80's, but with a nice fixture, is it still kinda tacky?
Polly, I have swag lamps that I love. The cords are straight out of the 70's macrame but I went to chinatown in Seattle and grabbed some cheap and really pretty round shades for them. I changed out the fixture on them to give them both a pull chain and they look good and give off great light. If you have a switch that controls an outlet then you can just plug the lamp into the wall and use the switch to control the light. Or you can slap a dimmer switch in there. I think with a plain white cord (you can get them at IKEA, I got one there last year for our other bedroom) they look a little nicer, more modern, but I love tacky things so that could be why I'm so attached to my macreme cords. They give off great light that's nicely diffused by the paper shades. We have one hanging over the bed which is nice so we don't have to get up to turn off the light.
IPB Image
This is a picture of how it looks in our place, just to kind of give an idea.
That's a good idea, Zora- I forgot, my sister put one of those up in our old room after I moved out, and she did the same thing- hung the switch right next to the bed so she could turn it off from there. That's definitely an option- cheap, functional and I know a few places I can get them. Thanks!
Okay, here's some pics of the new house! I'm only going to post a few at a time out of respect for people's internets.
IPB Image
This is the front. See the rhody that we hate? Totally getting ripped out. (What's the best time of year to rip out a huge shrub like that?)
IPB Image
There's our awesome backyard. That's the view from the attic.
Here's the roman shade that we're going to turn into a canopy. There's a second just like it.
IPB Image
This light fixture came with the house. Ben loved it at first sight, it's growing on me.
IPB Image
Zora, it's adorable! Are you going to move in right away, or are you going to do some decorating and painting first?

I absolutely LOVE that front porch. It looks like a great place to sit on a warm spring day.

Looking forward to seeing pics of the work in progress. smile.gif
We'll be moving in right away and painting and decorating later because it's so cold here that I don't think it's proper painting weather.
There will be plenty of pictures.
What a great house, zora!

I'll bet you Ben likes the light fixture because it looks like breasts. biggrin.gif

I love those paper hanging lights, they are great for SO many purposes. Ikea sells the cord sets really cheaply (I have about 7 sets now!), and also white globe shades, but if you look around, you can get other shapes and colours of shades...I have some nice square ones from Vancouver's Chinatown...
I told Ben about what you said about the light fixture, Doodle and he said indignantly, "No they don't! There's three of them!........Can we paint them flesh-toned and add nipples?"

He does have a bit of a breast fixation.....


I got a bit of stuff moved into the new place. I forgot how much work packing is as well as taking down all of the shelves I put up and getting rid of all the wall anchors.
I'm tired.
From the pic, it looks like they already have nipples! They're just very pendulous, pointing to the ground. Maybe you could paint areola (areolas? areolii?) around them, though, to help define the feature....heh. biggrin.gif
It could be my triple-breast-alien lamp. Though I don't think I could ever have my family over with it painted all nippley. Or Ben's mom. That would be an interesting conversation.
Here's the rest of my house pictures:
zora - great house! i love the boob lamp, too. i wish i had a boob lamp.

my partner and i have started looking for our first house. we're not any rush - though i'd like to be in a house by july, 2007. so, i think we have plenty of time to look. we keep changing our minds on where we'd like to live, though. we started with the country/small community, then the city, and now we're thinking of the country again. if we go with the country - we're more apt to get a house with at least a substantial yard and something more permanent. if we go with the city, we probably won't be in what we get for very long (choices are limited here in our price range). it's so much fun looking though!

anyway...back to the books. *sigh*
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