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Full Version: House Of The Gods! Well, actually, it is just my lil' apartment...(the home decorating thread)
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Ok, I get it now taloo...too cool!

turbo, I understand, but I think you are wise to hang your curtain and paint your wall, and then live with it for awhile to think about what to do next. I often do things in that way.

Of course my problem is that the effing ideas never seem to stop coming. It's very annoying, actually, b/c it can get overwhelming, thinking of all these things I want to do, or could do, but for the labour, time, or money involved.

Anyway! Speaking of ideas!! Since we're going to get rid of everything in the Centre, I'm going to take some of the sticks we used for protest signs home and use them to make my ceiling lattice thingie! I'm going to do one in the dining room first, actually. I've hung onto the old back frame from the mirror in my bedroom, and I can use it as the frame to nail the sticks on, then paint it.

I'm going to hang three of those paper lanterns in a row over the dining room coffee bar, and have them plug into the light fixture - you can get plug ins that screw into the light socket - and the cords will basically be hidden by the ceiling lattice thingie, plus I'll be able to turn the lights on with a flip o' the switch. I sort of planned this when we did the mural, but with the lights originally meant to hang from the trellis over the round table....this just requires a little adjustment...and another trip to Ikea for doodlemama!! Funny how I never felt it was worth making it happen till the whole coffee bar scenario came up.

I couldn't sleep last night, so I moved the rest of the desk up against the wall and replaced the top shelf with the leaf from my table - it looks pretty cool, except for the desk sticking out. BFF is going to bring her jigsaw over one day soon so we can cut off the overhang on the desk, and what's left will be what's holding up the table leaf.

Slowly, my evil plan to rule the world is coming together.
J, just won this on ebay...he surprised me. It will match our bed perfectly!;rd=1&rd=1
Oh that's so cool, taloo! Is it local or will he have to pay to have it shipped?

Talked with doodlemama, she is going to Ikea on Monday, so with any luck, I should have my 2nd wall-mount table and paper globe pendant lights before the end of next week! AND the sheers! I also priced caster wheels and console components after work. WOOT!

I love it when a plan comes together!

I've read a dozen times that the home is a metaphor of the self. I think it's so true. Maybe that's why I'm so hooked on this thread, and on working on my place.

And I really feel like dismantling the dining room and setting up a REAL working space in my "The Library" is a metaphor for my life right now. It's about finally taking myself seriously, wanting to take control of how I manage my life - not just my working life, but my WHOLE life. It's about taking myself seriously - not setting up the apartment the way I've been TAUGHT it should be set up, not setting it up because it's what other people think is "normal," but setting it up so it really, truly matches up with the live I live, and that I want to live. And the way I want to work, I think - in a way that matches up with the freedom and flexibility I need.

Does anybody else feel this way about working on your homes? What do you see as metaphorical about your home and your life?
Taloo, omg you will have sooo much space! And that basement! I love it! I'm going to decorate vicariously with you! smile.gif

Turbo, great colors! I think the curtains are beautiful, very warm looking. It should really warm up a northern exposure! Your colors that you've chosen on your palette, if you include the curtain, are very, very similar to mine! My couch is that yellow color. smile.gif

Anyway, it looks TERRIFIC!

And, yes, I third the notion of just going a bit at a time and letting it evolve.

Doodlebug, I never thought of a house being a metaphor for the self. I'm going to have to think about that one. I love your analysis of your current project! Isn't it great when it becomes clear?

The next area I'm starting to have a little discontent with is my loft, where I watch television. Part of it is the little bitty (old) television with the rabbit ears. Not that I mind watching a little bitty television but it seems so out of place in this space.

I do have to let my pocketbook settle down a bit before buying a frigging television, though!! I've been doing some preliminary looking...I went to one of those online television size calculators where you enter your viewing distance and it spits out a size. So it says I should get a 37 inch.

Went to price flat screen 37 inch televisions, looks like it's around 1,000.00 to 1,200.00!!! EEEEK!

It's probably going to have to be after the next tax refund comes back.

I suppose I should do it right and move a cable box and an outlet right up where the television should be mounted. Even though I don't plan to get cable, at least not right now. I don't watch a lot of cable even when I have it. I wonder if there's a way to attach an antennae to the back of those flat screens TVs so it won't show when it's on the wall?

Doodlebug, I think us home-decor-fanatics are a special breed...hehe
i am never in here seeing as i dont have my own place yet, but i found this link and thought of my busties who frequent this thread
treehugger, I never thought of the whole home-self metaphor, either, till I started having all these dreams about homes, and started looking it up....the dream metaphor for the self is the house or home. And it is more than the dream world. Quite a few things I've read talk about home being a representation of yourself....even designers who don't see the metaphor aspect will always say things like "your home says a lot about who you are."

I totally believe that. The more control I take over my home (this includes my past and still partial-present as a clutterbug), the more "at home" I feel in myself. It happens in tandem. Now it's no surprise that my home is in flux, after a sudden reconfiguration....and so is my life in flux, with everything going on at the women's centre changing my employment and my sort of "identity," really.

Recently a friend remarked upon something I'd said (can't remember what) by saying, "Oh doodlebug, this is definitely the home of a high-functioning person." And that made me think of the whole metaphor thing, too...because I often doubt myself out in the world, too, even though people tell me I'm smart or's funny....

I've spent today mucking about with plants. Got a garden urn planted up with three different varieties - a ponytail palm (spikey, dark green), some pilea (bush, light green), and some pothos (viney, variegated white and green) - and it looks pretty swish! I put that, and a small ficus (weeping fig) in the middle of the dining room with the croton tree. (treehugger, you should never have called it an atrium, 'coz you put that in my head! Hee!) Still got about 5 containers to pot up.

I might try once and for all to get that bedroom closet wall painted this weekend, but I'm not going to push, since the fibro is making me not very happy today. But I hope to get it done before doodlemama's old sheers get here!

treehugger, are you really going to invest in a flat screen TV if you don't watch much TV?

I keep thinking about getting a small TV that I can put on one of those wall-mount swing-arm thingies, with the DVD player....
Blergh. I had a long post typed up and then fell off the net.

To recap...oh, hell.

I'm so totally NOT apologizing for calling it an's gonna look great! Wish I could have one! smile.gif

It's interesting about the home and being a metaphor for the self. This condo, where I am now, is the FIRST non-decrepit place I've ever lived in. So maybe I'm just now, starting to value myself as a person? When I got fed up with the shack and put it up for sale, I was pretty fed up at work too...there were some scary politics things going on (they still happen but they don't bother me as much anymore)...

I actually do watch a fair bit of television...just not *cable* stuff. I have found that even when I have 200 channels at my disposal, I still watch the three or four broadcast stations 80% of the time. It just takes longer to surf through the channels. I don't need to pay $50.00 per month just so it takes me fifteen minutes to click through all the channels I (don't) watch. So, yeah, I think I'll invest in the flat screen. I rent DVDS and watch regular television on a regular basis. I just don't know if those televisions are set up so you can use them with an antennae as opposed to cable....If you can't use them with an antennae I don't think I'd get one..

I do miss the history channel and the discovery channel, though.

Hey, I used to have a little television on a swing-arm! In fact, it's the same television I have now...hehe.

Anyway, take it easy with the fibro. (but you knew that, didn't you?) smile.gif

I better post this before it disappears into nowhere like my previous post did!!!
I don't know anything about flats, but I don't see why you couldn't use antennae...there are lots of places in Canada that don't get cable service yet, but I'm sure they are still buying flat screens...

For me, once the home-self metaphor came to my attention, it all really started clicking into place. The fact that I've just shaken up my apartment into ordered-upheaval is very metaphorical for my life, aka, my job situation changing radically, but me doing my best to manage the upheaval properly. BUT it didn't click to me until after I'd decided to make the dining table my work space...yet since I rearranged my furniture, I feel much more in control of my career! Does that make sense? It shouldn't, but it does.

I think doing up my apartment has been part of the healing and growing process for me, so I totally see the metaphor thing, too. Especially since I was a messy clutterbug for so long! Absolutely clueless, I was. Clearing out the clutter and making my home peaceful, happy, and somewhere I really want to be...that's totally a metaphor for my life! Just making a home, really - I've written this elsewhere before, but my whole life, I never really felt like I knew what home was, till I finally made one for myself. Even after I found this place, I think I spent a long time trying to figure out ways to get away from home (myself?). But since I started dealing with the clutter and began decorating it the way I truly love, I don't want to be anywhere else in the world, and that feeling increases every day. And I certainly feel more comfortable and secure in myself than I have at most other points in my life. Maybe not since the days of playing Wonder Woman in the basement!

Oh, the atrium is looking smashing. Found a planter for the tree - it's finely-textured plastic, and sort of looks like fine concrete or granite. Sort of. (Except that it's all one single shade of grey. I might play with some paint at some point.) Anyway, it looks better, and it was on sale for a very, very cheap price at Home Despot, which is clearing the way for Christmas tree season, I think. This is the best time to buy outdoor garden stuff.

(I buy most of my planters and pots from the outdoor selection - they are much cheaper than the indoor ones!)

Not counting the tree planter (I just put the pot inside of it), I got a total of 5 containers potted up over the weekend. 2 more to go, but I'm waiting till I paint, since they are heavy hanging plants and I'll have to take them down then anyway.

I've started to investigate covering my chair with amilita's fabric, but I realized I have no idea how to take the back off! This is going to require some extra creativity, I think....
Ok, I've officially bored everyone to death. Nobody wants to come back into the Decor thread.


Well. Anyway.

Finally got the paper globe pendant lights up in my bedroom, one either side of the bed.

Fashioned a 2nd nightstand out of a cheapie seagrass clothes hamper, which is now holding the guest bedding and extra blankets. Put some huge books on top to bring it up a bit in height, and a small tray.

Organized three small baskets o' stuff in the living room, and then all the storage baskets in the bedroom (except the ones in the closet). YAY!

Also, doodlemama e-mailed, she did go to Ikea today, and says she'll put my stuff on the Greyhound by Wednesday. Double YAY!
I tried in vain to get online last night but no go. I'm baaack!!

It *is starting to feel like it's just you and me, isn't it? Oh, well. I'm sure the others are busy or in a lurch or whatever.

Or perhaps...not quite as obsessed as you and I! smile.gif I'll keep you company.

I'm going to be cleaning house like a banshee tonight because I want to take a whole bunch of pictures. I'm going out of town this thursday, friday, and saturday to see my mom and my brother. I have a feeling my mom won't ever see my place in person so I want to print a bunch of pics!

Isn't it great to get storage and nightstands all in one shot? (dang I almost spelled that with an "I"...hehe

I've been fighting insomnia so was up half the night...took some sleeping medicine around midnight and now I'm finding it hard to be awake!

Doodlebug, have you read any books on feng shui? You should check it out, if you haven't. It kind of fits with what you're saying about the home being a metaphor for the self.

I try to arrange furniture using feng shui principles...don't always manage it and some feng shui books are silly...but some of it really, really makes sense. Make your home YOU and things come your way. And even if it doesn't work, homes that are "feng shui'ed" are generally very peaceful feeling. Perhaps with your career in flux you'd want to figure out the place in your home that associates with career and maybe prosperity...fame too, and accent those areas.

Anything you can do to beautify and make things more flowing, will help your serenity in the long run.

I really should practice what I preach and get to work on my spare bedroom. It's easy to make that one the last one I do because I obviously live alone and I don't *have* to go in there and so the door just stays closed.

But, I happen to know, that this thread gets plenty of lurkers and maybe one day they'll start jumping in! smile.gif

Wow. All over the place again. I should really see a doc about this insomnia.
Yeah, I tried to get into feng shui at one was just so complicated! I did always remember this one thing said if your bathroom door faces your front door (which mine does), you should paint it red, keep it closed, and hang a mirror on it, so all your money chi doesn't flush away, or something to that effect. It's kind of silly, but I often close the bathroom door before I go out shopping! I can't keep it closed, though, because one of the litter boxes is in there. I keep it open just a crack now...I'm still thinking about the mirror, though I'm not painting it red!

Perhaps I should feng shui my new workspace, though....maybe that would help me finish my resume!

I have a spare room, too, that's full to the gills with crap. I don't open the door at all. I do need to get in there...the whole reason I wanted a two bedroom apartment was so that one room could be an art studio, and I'm just letting it go to waste...but I'm scared of the de-cluttering involved. It's like your packrat granny's basement in there. I'd like to park a dumpster on the lawn and just chuck everything out the window. I'm serious - if only it were possible. It's the thought of hauling everything through the apartment, down the stairs, and to the dumpster that kills me.

I keep changing my mind about what the metaphor means.

The cats seem to love whatever "new" thing I do. I don't know why so many people think cats hate change - my cats thrive on it! (They love to travel to "grandma's house," for example.) Last night, after I had done all that organizing in my bedroom and hung up the lights, I sort of tidied up the bed (that's where you pile all the pillows up and fluff out the duvet, but you don't quite "make" the bed fully)...and both kitties slept on it together for hours! They almost NEVER sleep on the bed together. But it was so clear they were just grooving on the room. Everytime I went in there, they were just on the bed, grooving.

Cats are funny.

They are also completely in the groove with the new work space, and they seem to like their play room a lot, too, though they prefer it if I'm in there playing with them. That will happen more when I get the coffee bar up...which will hopefully be next weekend!! WOOT!!!
*runs into the thread panting*

Hi hi ya'll, I'm here! I've just been busybusybusy working on the house, and so far, I LOVE it!! But, now all the beige walls are looking really sad, so I think its time to carry on with the "Ban the Beige" project...and for that, I'll need ya'lls help! I'm not quite sure where to go from here with color in the living area and hallway. I do think I maybe want to make the blank wall in my bedroom opposite the bed painted the same would go really well with the breast painting photos I had done last year, that are all fuscias and blue. Whaddya think, decor masters?

So anyway, here's the piccies I know doodle's been waiting for! chez turbo

Oh, one more thing...on the orange do you think I need a third panel of curtains? There's not much fabic to spare, but they still have a little ripple. Turbomama mentioned that it was pretty standard to use 1.5 x the width of the window for curtains, and I defintiely do not have that....
turbo, I LOVE that colour! I don't know if it's my monitor (I'm on the laptop), but it looks almost and iris colour? Good job, too, I love that you painted that cross bit. And it looks terrific with that! And with your blue furniture. Honestly, you probably want to live with it for at least a few weeks before you pick another colour. Maybe look around for some accessories or print fabrics that have the orange and the purple, and the blue too, if possible...and then see what other colours are in the accessories. I could definitely see either an orange or a pear green on the other walls...I could also see red or fuschia or something in that area.

And yes, do a wall in your bedroom purple! Why not? Though you'll have the same problem with the rest of the walls being beige....

turbo, I think a third curtain would look good, BUT, it won't be balanced when it's open, and I'm sure you'll want to have them open during the day and/or when the warm weather comes again. I do like the curtains....they could be fuller, but you don't have to follow the rules - they look fine by themselves. could get fullness and get your "orange wall" by buying TWO more panels and hanging them across the length of the wall...?

It really looks great, good work!

Since we're getting rid of everything at the Centre, I brought home a couple bundles of protest sign sticks. They are long, thin, unfinished wood; I figured I could use them to make my ceiling trellis - which I'm doing in the dining room before I try it in the living room. They're pretty raw, but I might leave them raw, so they look more garden-esque...OTOH, I might paint them, though I have no idea what colour I'd use, in my dining room. White like the ceiling? Green like the walls? Black like the trim and the coffee bar tables/counter? Grey like...everything else I want to disappear? Hmm.

Now I need to buy nails. Oh, and a pilot drill bit! I broke ANOTHER one! Damn it.

ETA: well, after nearly ten months, I think we finally have a winning spot for the 2nd cat bed. Unfortunately, it's in the living room. Fortunately, I think I finally found a spot that's out of the way. Carmella is sleeping on it right now, as I post from the coffee table...(laptop)....
turbo, I'm really liking that color too! And the curtains look great. They won't clash with the purple at all, they'll accent it VERY well.

I think doodle's right...what I'd do is go to a fabric store and try finding those colors and take others as inspiration. I did that with a previous house I had.

You did a great job painting, by the way, your lines look very straight from the pics. smile.gif

Doodle, could you somehow match the color that teak gets when it's weathered? I mean, when I think of garden trellises, I think of that silvery-weathered-grey.

Doodle, I think if your feng shui book left you feeling like it was complicated you probably got one of those "silly" ones. A friend gave me one, once, and it said to put a bowl of popcorn on top of the toilet!!

I'd recommend one just for you, since you've been on a path like this: "clearing the clutter for good feng shui". It's a lot more general and easy to do and understand. Can't remember who wrote it right now... sowwy.

So I got the house all cleaned up and then I had to go to the computer store and get some ink and some photo paper and then I was wiped out so I got a papa murphys and called it a day.

I have some SERIOUS cramps today and I'd love to just stay home but I have a couple committments at of them involves a tenney chamber that they use for some type of testing...I don't know what they do exactly but I do know they're involved whenever there's a space shuttle launch...interesting stuff! My partner was asking me if I want to charge it with refrigerant alone (it really uses exotic stuff) and I said, uh.. NO. I'm not ready for THAT one. I think I'll see if he'll just silently WATCH me do it and only say something if I'm about to screw up royally. It uses racecar fuel for ONE of the THREE refrigerants, for chrissakes.

But I digress. What I was (going) to say is that I wish I could stay home and do my photo shoot today! Will have to do that tonight.

I think I'm going to be on hiatus from projects of my own for a while...although a couple walls in my tropical bedroom still need "something"...but I dunno what yet. Maybe some african art? I'll have to go to Art Gecko and look around in a week or two.

But I'll be cheering everybody on here!!!

P.S. decorating is coming right up!!! I luuurves me some holiday decor! biggrin.gif
Doodle, you know what you could do with the wood? (well this only works if you can see lines in the grain, you know the pattern of the wood.) Take a torch to it. just run a torch over it, and then the lines get dark and the wood stays light, then just do a clear varnish. It makes for some really nice texture.
J and I made a headboard that way, and we varishised it with a translucent red glaze.

Oh, ETA.
So, I have been doing a lot of painting. I am by NO MEANS an artist, but I've wanted to do stuff that we could hang on the walls. So here are a few of them, tell me what you think. They are not great, but it's fun for me.
The girly one, I think I am going do a reverse image as well, or reverse the colors in it...I am not sure.
taloo, I think your art is wonderful! I love the graphic quality. Do NOT put down your art! I forbid it! I like girly but I also really dig the grapes! I don't think you should reverse image unless you can figure out a way to keep the women on the left side of the image, because the eye sees from left to right, so keeping the focal point to the left forces the viewers eye through the whole painting. But I'd love to see reverse colours...and a bigger one with THREE graduated girlies!

treehugger, a bowl of popcorn on the toilet? I don't think it ever got that weird, heh. I don't remember much, it was years ago. BFF and I were facilitating a support group for women on welfare - we kept trying to come up with ideas to keep everyone's spirits up, and feng shui-ing everyone from library books was fun and free! Anyway, I BFF and I tried it at home ourselves, but I don't think it "took" in either of us. So, I truly don't remember a lot about feng shui, but I also read the materials before I started decluttering (before I even realized I needed to), so I guess I'll have to go back and investigate it some more.

The sticks...I dunno. I don't think I trust myself with a blow torch! Heh. I think this stuff might be too raw for most things - it's totally one-cut knotty pine. Anyway, I've got extra pieces, I can test run a few things and see which one works best. I think the finish has got to stay close to pine, though, which is the only wood in there now, or else be either black, white, grey, or green to go with the room. It's got to blend in...I want the mural to stay the focal point.

Or I could borrow an electric sander. That would definitely not be a good winter project for inside a small apartment. Maybe I should just put it up with NO finish and decide on the finish later.

I've done nothing today. No time, no energy. Maybe I should force myself slow down at home, stuff at work to deal with now. Bleargh. I hate it when the real world intrudes upon my castle.

ETA: oh treehugger, I meant to add, you totally lost me on the refrigerants and the tenney chamber. smile.gif But I'd love to hear more about the photo shoot, and also, I was thinking something vaguely South Asian on your bedroom walls - maybe some Indian brass, or if you're thinking masks, something more from Indonesia or the Philippines than Africa (Bali has a huge artisan community)...or some Tibetan-style ribbon banners (okay, technically that's Central Asia) in the colours of that gorgeous bedspread. Or something lotus themed. And I sort of always pictured some kind of instrument in there, like a small gong or brass bells or something...but I guess that would have to be either free-standing or free-hanging, rather than up against the wall.
What's a good color for a bathroom? The bathroom at the new house has this horrible old walpaper on the lower half of the wall and we're going to remove it but what would be a nice color? I want something that's kind of calming. We have this great ikea wall cabinet that i'm going to put in there and it's a shiny white with a big blue plastic dot in the center of the door. (I really love my cabinet.) So I'd like whatever we paint the bathroom to go with the cabinet. I saw this really great paint job on the sims 2 forums that someone created for bathrooms. It's pastel colors with a darker shade of the same color painted on the lower end of the wall.
But I'd like to do something like that in the bathroom because there's a lot of exposed wall in there and I think it would look really pretty.

I always like to see warm colors in bathrooms. I think cool colors in a bathroom have the same effect as fluorescent lights...they're not really flattering. Nobody likes to look in the mirror in the morning and look like death warmed over! Corals, peaches, anything on the warm side of the spectrum, is what I tend to go for.

That cabinet sounds like a perfect blank slate. If you look at a color wheel, directly opposite blue is orange. Opposite colors bring each other out. So maybe terra cotta walls, would really make that cabinet and it's blue dot pop. If you're looking at more of a blendy look, complimentary colors (close to each other on the wheel) will harmonize. In that case, maybe an aqua-blue-green color, or a purplish blue. Or a blue in a different shade than the dot but still harmonizing!

taloo, I think your art is GORGEOUS. I agree with doodlebug, that the women should stay on the left side of the picture. I'd buy it if I saw it in a store, for sure. (if it were in my budget, of course!) smile.gif

doodlebug, I'm out of town this weekend, (dang it) but we have a great little shop called Art Gecko that has all kinds of funky imported stuff. I'm going to go look over there. Two sort of "out of place" things in that room right now are:

An oak "hope chest" (i hate that term) that my brother made for's one of those things that I consider to be a heirloom but it could move into a different room. That's on the wall opposite the foot of my bed. Also on that wall, a four glass shelf/chrome legs unit that I mostly have pothos on it. It also houses my cell phone when I'm charging it. Not sure what I'm going to do with either of those two things. On the wall to the left as you're standing in the doorway of the room...that's literally a blank wall. It doesn't have a lot of floor space in front of it due to the bed....perhaps three and a half feet?

I just took a whole bunch of pictures of my house to show my Mom. And my brother. I'm going to Minnesota this weekend because we need to look at getting Mom into assisted living (she has early stage Alzheimers). Anyway, I'm not sure if Mom will ever see my house in person and I thought I'd take a bunch of photos to show her.

I'm going to have to get one of those flicker accounts, I think. A lot of these pics turned out GREAT! I'm going to be slowly uploading them. But in the meantime, here's one of them:

angled shot toward living room

I think the rubber tree's going to be happy in that window. And, just in case you noticed the wall hanging quilt on the far left of my's a better pic. It's one of my most cherished posessions. My FAVORITE aunt, my decorating and feminist and, just my mentor and inspiration, made it:

Zora, I am a huge fan of grays or blues in a bathroom. I associate them with water. But, tree hugger is right, it makes you look different.

TH, I think the color of your walls looks really nice with the wood in your place. Would it be possible to get a detailed shot of the quilt? Pretty please. I am sorry about your mom too.

doodle, trust me. you won't burn down the house. It would actually work nice with a notty pine. Just torch the patterned grain and finish it.
Not sure if this is the place to ask, but I just got a houseplant (sent from work when my dad died), am I'm trying to figure out what kind it is. It's big, has large dark green leaves. Does anyone know of a site where I could just look through photos and figure it out? I've been trying to google it, but don't have much to go on. thanks...
I'll come back to post a little later, but in the meantime....

treehugger, your place looks great! But is there anyway you can shrink your picture size a little? It's really stretching the thread as it appears on my monitor, and I'm finding it hard to read and follow the posts...I'm having to scroll side-to-side as well as up-and-down, and it's messing with my comprehension, for some reason!

Yeah, I can, doodlebug..not right now as I'm out of town but I'll edit my post so it's just links...

Sorry 'bout that. You must have a different resolution than I doesn't affect mine. Anyway, I'll have to experiment to get a better size!

Taloo, I'll take a more detailed photo of the quilt when I get home. smile.gif It's really pretty amazing...and I'm sure it won't show up in the pic I take but she even did the quilting in shapes rather than lines. It's got a dragonfly theme and she's even stitched it together with dragonfly shapes here and there. (if that makes any sense).
Thanks treehugger! I really appreciate it! I think it's because I have the text set to always be large - I have to, b/c my monitor on the big PC is getting old and is kind of blurry. The local university sells it's monitors off really cheap every 3 years, so I'm waiting to get a deal on a flat!

zora, I admit I like nice soft blues and greens (and greys, and silver/chrome) in white bathrooms - sort of a "spa" feeling. It always feels so clean and fresh to me. But it depends on what you need the room to do for you, I guess. I don't use the bathroom much for appearance-checking - I prefer mirrors in other rooms - so spa would be lovely and relaxing to me.

I did a big, thick, painted border in my bathroom, because of all the wall's a thick forest green stripe and a thinner iris purple one, with an inch of space in between the 2 colours. It zig-zags down in a couple of spots. I did it years ago...I spent a long time trying to figure out what colour to paint the bathroom and still be able to keep my "racing stripe," as I call it, but I've finally got it narrowed to the same soft green I'm using in my bedroom (which is why I picked that colour for my bedroom).

treehugger, that quilt is GORGEOUS, and I really love your dining chairs, too! It all looks so well put together! That wall colour is really smashing. Actually, the combination of the paint colour and the wood tone of your dining room furniture has a very Pacific Northwest/Asia-Pacific Rim feeling to me, which I like. And that rubber tree - the shape of it looks like it's morphing into a giant person, who is standing in front of the window and having a big stretch! I think that means it's happy there.

superscience, can you post a pic of the plant? I could take a few guesses at it. I haven't found many websites I like, but if you can get to a library, there are quite a few good favourite is The Houseplant Expert by D.G. Hessayon (vol. 1). Also, there is a houseplant and gardening thread here.

Well! doodlemama sent my stuff and I picked it up Thursday! The sheer curtains are perfect, except I can't find my 2nd package of curtain clip hooks, so I had to layer them together temporarily. Much better than the coloured fabric, and they are weighted on the bottom, so they make great closet "doors"! Hanging them up was kind of a bitch,'s very awkward to use a drill on the inside of a closet header.

Also got the 2nd wall-mount table, but they didn't have anymore black ones, so it's pine - I'll have to paint it to fact, I'll probably have to paint both of the so the finish matches, but that's ok. And my 3 matching paper globe lights were in there also, and they will hang in a row above the coffee bar. YAY! I think it will take me a little while to get it all finished, with the ceiling trellis thingie, but it will be worth it. (taloo, I'm thinking about the blowtorch promises, but I'll test it on a sample board.)

I have spackled and put a coat of primer on the wall surrounding the closet...getting that painted this weekend is my goal. I don't want to do much more b/c dealing with the move/closure at work is getting a bit stressful and I just need to relax on the weekends right now....
Hi again all!

Well, I got the wall around my closet painted. Just about to go back in and tidy up all the plastic drop cloths. Very spiffy looking.

I'm experiencing a furniture dilemna. As you know, the Centre where I work is shutting down. There are two modern-looking wood and black vinyl chairs that have been there for years...longer than me, even! At this point, if there is no similar non-profit (i.e.: women-serving) that can take them off our hands, and if no one else buys them from us, we will give them away to a junk hauler or thrift store, which will either trash them or make a profit off of them.

I would LOVE to have them, and could buy them inexpensively from the organization, but I have ZERO room for them. UNLESS I get rid of my Ikea chair (the one for which I dyed the slipcover green)...these two chairs, alongside my other modern wood chair (the one I'm going to re-cover with amilita's fabric) would work very well in my work space area - much better than what I have now.

Anyway, I haven't decided, because I REALLY don't want to get rid of my Ikea chair...I'm loathe to, in fact. Though I'm not sure why I should be so resistant. At this point, I'm thinking I might take the chairs anyway, wrap them in plastic, and store them on the balcony till spring. By then, hopefully I'd have my spare room cleaned out, and could put the green chair in there. Or maybe by then I'll be okay with losing the Ikea chair. Or is this just insane, wishful thinking....harkening back to my clutterbug days??

There are so many other potentially useful things we're going to wind up getting rid's very sad.

And, I made the pilgrimage to Ikea. There's one in Minneapolis right across from Mall of America and I just HAD to stop. I've never been in one.

Oh. My. God. I'm a changed person. Although the spice racks I bought turned out to be too long when I got them home!

Doodle, here's what *I would do. Get the chairs, but instead of storing THEM, store the Ikea chair. Wrap it up really, really well, of course. It'll give you a chance to get used to the idea of not having it in your space. When spring comes it will probably be easier to part with it, I'd bet. Out of sight, out of mind? And when spring comes, if you still don't want to let the Ikea chair go, well, then you might have that room done, as you said.

I'm SO going to force the boy to take me to Ikea, with his truck...hehe

I'm so glad you think it's got sort of a Pacific Rim feel, doodle! My overriding theme/idea/feeling I wanted to express in my space was "zen". And, OMG! I never noticed that about the rubber tree! You're right, it DOES look like a giant person stretching...nice! Just from that angle, though. Heh. Pretty cool. It actually probably really needed a good stretch.

Man, I wish I had been home this weekend, though. The more I make my space the way I like it, the less I want to leave it!
Hmm...that's a good idea, treehugger...though I'm not sure the Ikea chair will fit on the balcony. The two wooden ones would take up less floor (deck) space...we'll have to see, if I wind up taking thing I've decided is that if no non-profit takes them, I will, and then figure out the rest later!

Don't fall in love with Ikea too much of what they make is crap that doesn't last! And is usually hell to put together...did I mention pulling a tendon in my hand over mom's Ikea drawing table?? Oi. But yeah, they have some fun stuff and some really cool ideas. (Are those the magnetic spice tins? BFF bought those...)

Yeah, trust me, your place definitely has that Pacific Rim vibe to me, and I grew up on the Pacific Rim! I'm envious - I don't have the discipline for Zen...

I've done very little - as I said I would! Heh. I did get that wall's kind of messy, though, I'm going to have to touch up the ceiling. Oops. I was tired and not into it at all. Not that I wasn't into the colour - it looks exactly as I envisioned it (except for the messy bits) - but I wasn't into the work itself. Too much "work" work intruding, I guess.

Truly, though, I can't express how wonderful it is to finally have a bedroom that works for me! I've got it almost totally organized - basically there's the top shelf of the closet left, and I'm going to hang some hooks inside the closet. And really, painting (and hanging stuff on the walls after painting) is pretty much the only work left.

Before I painted the wall this weekend, I thought I would just leave all the furniture in there and do the painting one wall at a time, like I did with the living room. But after trying to do that one bedroom wall - so messy and awkward - I think it will be easier to just empty the room for a weekend and go at it. Which means it might not happen till December now.

treehugger, I agree - the more my space feels like "me," the more I want to be home! It's funny, when my space was all in neutral colours, all I ever wanted to do was get away from home. I travelled eagerly for work, I made new opportunities for work travel, I entered into a long-term long distance relationship, and I usually took any opportunity I had to go for a drive somewhere. I wanted adventure, but I think I also wanted escape. That's when my apartment started getting real bad with the clutter - I was too busy and I just didn't care about my place anymore. Now I get grumpy if I have to leave my cozy nest! That's probably a sign of something else in my psychological makeup, but right now, I think it's good, because - considering everything that's been going on for me lately - it means I've created a healing space.
Doodle, definitely take those chairs. Make it work. They sound exactly like what we have. we have one that has black leather and one that has a creamy tan leather. Picked em' up about 8 years ago. Love em.

I have the magnetic spice jars, I just put them right on my fridge.

Treehugger, doodle's right. Ikea is great, but alot of their stuff is crap. That is why it is so cheap, not built to last. That being said, I still get suckered in. Our coffee table, dvd, and record shelves are all Ikea, as well as another piece in the dining room.
I must say, I love our IKEA couch. It's more comfortable than my bed sometimes. Hmmm. Maybe that says I need a new bed.
SO I just phoned BFF and asked her: if I take the chairs from the Centre, would she be interested in having the Ikea chair. Well, of course she is. She'd probably come pick it up this week if I let her! I wonder if it will survive her tribe of teens, though, who are already in love with the chair just from visiting my house. At least it's slipcovered! Don't know about the strength of the chair's construction, though....

But I keep having second thoughts! I really love this chair. I'm sitting in it right now!


I honestly don't know what I'm going to do yet. I actually think...I may have to keep the Ikea chair, even though the other chairs would fit better in here. Comfort over style? Oh no!

You know, I'm almost thinking I should keep the Ikea chair and the 2 black and wood chairs, and jettison the other 2 chairs I have at this table. It would be awful not to be able to use amilita's fabric, though! (I'd have to find another purpose for it, because I love it and want to use it.)

Or would it be bad to tell BFF I changed my mind?


I think Ikea stuff has a place in the home, I just don't believe in buying "permanent" stuff from them. Like the things I need to last for a long time. Nothing that can be assembled by ME, with nothing more than a hammer and an allen key, should ever be expected to last!

I think what I really don't like about Ikea is the product recognition! Everybody who comes into your home recognizes the stuff from Ikea! I like a little I look for inexpensive and less recognizably-Ikea stuff, which I can "blend in" with my other stuff. Heh. Like, I prefer to keep my lighting modern and sort of Japanese-influenced, so Ikea is a great source for cheap ways to do that! And those fold-down tables are wonderful for their flexibility and genius-y possibilities....if I can ever manage to get them installed on the wall.

But alas, I broke my pilot drill bit again, and now must wait till payday to acquire a new one.
Ok, I'm leaving the Centre for the day....and I'm taking the chairs with me! I offered to make a donation for them, but the board chair said I could have them.
Well, it's a tough decision. The "new" chairs aren't as comfy as my big greenie (*giggle*), but it does all fit better, and I think it will work better all around once I get the wheels on the table. *sigh* Poor big greenie. It will meet its cruel end in BFF's house full o' teenagers.

It seems so strange to replace something I bought new - not cheaply, for me - with something second hand and free!

I just thought I'd bump and say Hi!! Havent been around Bust for a while.
Anyway I have just scored a 2 bedroom apartment (rented)!! Yay me!! After all the references and job checks ect I HAVE FINALLY FOUND MY HOME!!
Now I just have to move in and start adding furniture,fridge,washing machine.At least I have a bed,my books and some book shelves.Oh it's so beautiful to have my own space at last.
I'm really looking forward in decorating it in my own style.....
After all the mess that this year has brought me it'll be fantastic to finally be free. smile.gif
Wow...I was absolutely whipped last night when I got home!! Anyway, it sounds bad, after hearing about it being cheap crap...but I was actually interested in the kitchen cabinets at Ikea. I've been Googling it and I really can't find much negative about them (the cabinets, specifically) other than the self-assembly thing making it pretty likely you'll be missing pieces and having to go back and forth. Seems to be getting respectable testimonials regarding general quality though.

datagirl, YAY!!!!! Congrats. smile.gif

doodle, I sort of feel the same way about that head/footboard I rejected in my tropical room. I bought it new for $600.00 USD and it feels weird, letting it go. I think it's going to languish down in my storage area for a while....I have another couple cabinets down there, too. I really should bite the bullet.

It kind of sucks because my last house was so much like Crassy's house and I decorated it in a style befitting it. So much of the stuff I don't feel like I can fit into my new space, I keep thinking that I wish I could offer it to her!

datagirl, congrats on your apt.

Treehugger, oddly enough, the Ikea cabinets are great. I have a friend who redid her kitchen using them. She has nothing but the highest praises.
Congrats, datagirl! Can't wait to see pics and hear about your decor progress!

treehugger, like taloo says, I haven't heard anything bad about Ikea's kitchen cabinets.

Yeah, it's hard to make an investment in a piece of furniture and then have it not work out later on...kind of like relationships! Heh. Though in this case, it's the first time I really liked a piece of furniture enough to be unhappy about losing it. I've already promised the chair to BFF, though, so now I have to...she has keys to my apartment!! Anyway, even tho' I love my chair, I'm glad she will have it, b/c she's never really been able to afford new furniture, and the chair is only 1.5 years old.

I hope she picks it up soon, though - my apartment is feeling REALLY cramped! I have the couch, SIX armchairs (!), four kitchen stools, and the big, round footstool! OH, plus I still have that chrome curly-queue-back chair, which is currently out on the balcony with 2 more chairs! OI!

So...I left an afghan temporarily on one of the new chairs. Now I have a kitty on that. Then the other kitty came along and decided he wanted in on this, but he's sleeping on the other chair, which has no blankie - he just wants to be with his family...awwww. I think they both believe I put these chairs here for them!
::pops head in::

Yeah, I'm back. Constantly lurking in this thread.

Have any of you ever bought a rug from Home Despot? I've never bought anything from this store, but looking online at their rugs and the temptation of FREE DELIVERY is something I might not be able to turn down.

I'm kind of torn about this rug here (don't laugh too hard) --

IPB Image

-- part of me is like, hey, that's cool and on the unusual side and there's a certain thing about it that appeals to me; the other part is like, giiiiiiiirl, you're gonna get sick of looking at that after a few days.

It's about 5 X 8, give or take a few inches. $159. I'm concerned that it has a little too much brown. I currently have some brown furniture, but that red is what I really like (a nice accent, non?).

I mean, part of me is like just fuck it, save the home decorating for when/if I buy a house next year (not that far away); the other part is saying, do it now! Don't put off happiness and so forth. But I hate impulse buying. I hate the rug I have now that this new one would be replacing. It was moth-infested when I got it from IHATEIKEA (sorry, Zora), unbeknownst to me, I got it moth-proofed, and I still loathe the farking thing. It's completely different from the Home Despot rug, but I can see myself holding onto the Ikea rug (because it doesn't look like it's Ikea) but just putting it in a hallway or something, some area where I wouldn't be sitting on it. It's scratchy.

I'm constantly torn between getting cheap stuff now (like this Home Despot rug) and saving up for really nice stuff that will last a lifetime (like hand-knotted Persian/Oriental rugs). Still, I really like a good bargain and love to thrift-store hunt.

Opinions? If any of you can relate to what I'm saying, how do you manage?

In a way, it's all about the rug; in another way, it has NOTHING to do with the rug... you know?
*places hand on forehead melodramatically*

Raisingirl, your Ikea comments burn me to my very core. *sigh*

I am of course, kidding. I love ikea, but I can see why people don't love it.

So, about the rug, have you seen it in person? I've seen some Home Depot rugs that are all rolled up and you can barely touch them to see what they feel like. It sounds like it's expensive enough to not be that type, but go and see if you can rub yourself on it. If it's soft and nice, maybe it would be a good investment.
raisin, if the cost is not a factor, why not go for it? If you do buy a house, then yes, you could always find somewhere else to put the rug if you get sick of it in your living room. Or you may even find yourself able to make a trade with a friend or family member for something they're tired of - not necessarily a rug, but maybe a piece of furniture or an artwork. And what if you don't buy a house? Or it takes 3 years instead of 1? How long do you want to sit on the scratchy rug?

Home Despot does have a pretty good returns policy, if you end up changing your mind after a few days...

I think my answer personally about whether or not to "invest" is usually NO! smile.gif That's just me. But my life is so wide open, I honestly have no idea what I'll be doing in 3 years. So I'm not going to make big investments in household items and then feel bad about having to get rid of things - look how awful I feel about the Ikea chair, and that was only $300CAD! Plus NOT making huge investments gives you the caprice to change things around, get rid of stuff more freely. I moved to this town 11 years ago, and there is almost nothing in my place now that I moved here with....what I've kept have been personal mementoes and art, and maybe one or two pieces of furniture. That lamp I broke a couple of months ago was one of the last remnants of my old life.

I know "they" say you should invest in good quality stuff, but I think the only real investments I'd ever make would be in mattresses and sofas, because they are the most likely to "turn on you" quickly, if they are poor quality.

Of course, the other side of "investing" is that you pay more for stuff made in countries with progressive labour laws. It gets really hard to say you're a human rights activist if you're buying stuff made by, say, political prisoners in China. Maybe that's part of the reason I prefer hunting for 2nd hand....
So...what is everyone going to be up to this weekend? I am determined to get those wall-mounted dining tables (counters) painted. Not sure if I'll get them installed...need BFF's help with that, and also her drill bits, 'cause I still have only a broken pilot bit! mad.gif

I did install a coat hook on my newly painted bedroom wall last night...this one is just for occasional use, like de-linting a jacket or hanging tomorrow's freshly ironed outfit or something.

It's nice when you finally get a sense of what's going to "work" for you in your home! It took me years to figure out this kind of stuff, which I know lots of people take for granted. I wonder why it is some people seem born with organizing skills, and some of us have to learn them? (And some never learn them at all!)

BFF has started asking me for help de-cluttering. I'm kind of thrilled, although scared! She lives in a tiny house with 2 teenaged daughters and 3 or 4 foster daughters...every inch of her house is crammed to the gills with stuff.

does your heart leap when you look at it? That'd be my answer.

Most of my furniture is actually pretty low-cost. My uncle (the one who's married to my home-decorator aunt) wants me to burn them a CD of the pics of my place to use to advertise (their) new venture...wanting to become sort of a home-sales decorator. Very low-cost ways to get your house to sell in a tight market. Anyway, they want to use my place as an example of low cost decorating.

But I feel like my low cost furniture is a big "investment" in terms of how I feel about it all. Don't just buy something because it's "affordable". Buy it because it's affordable AND it sings to you.

I don't really have much for plans this weekend. My father made me a wall hanging carved dragon when I was a child. Mom's clearing out her house in preparations of moving, and she gave it to me to take home. So I may put that up on the wall. It's pretty neat and I have a spot picked out. I just have to have a friend come and hold it up till I get a good elevation.

Other than that, I may bake a batch of pffefernusse (sp?). I just love that stuff. (it's a small spicy-ish cookie, but really hard sort of like biscotti)
Good luck with the BFF (Best Female Friend?), Doodle. Where do you start with something like that? I have a semi-packrat overly sentimental relative who has been asking me for help on and off for years with decluttering. I have NO problems compared to this relative.

I should also say that we cleaned out the fridge at work (GROSS) and I derived immense satisfaction from throwing out fruit yogurts that had expired in May.

Heh. I definitely do need to go rub myself on the rug in person! bahaha! I'm going to try to get over there later today to check it out. I might need someone to hold my hand inside the big bad store.

Doodle, you make good points. I really like the secondhand stuff, too, when it's in good condition. For the first time in my life, I've got job stability *knock on wood* (and I say this with some sadness knowing about what's going on with your work situation) -- and, well, I'm SO SICK of buying PIECES OF CRAP. Ugh! I don't want shit that falls apart after five years or even five months. I've been there, done that, and bought the ratty faux-vintage t-shirt to prove it. Call it the Ikea syndrome. What annoys me even more than just the waste of money is the waste of time spent in finding a replacement. I'm not as cranky as this message would suggest. Honest!

Oh, I quite like the idea of trading stuff with friends and family. That could totally work.

Finally I got the Apartment Therapy book from the library! I requested it months ago. I'm so happy that I have it now! Maybe it will give me new insight into my problem. I just think in general (not just with home decorating) I get totally pissed off by poor design and poor quality. The scratchy Ikea rug I've got -- I probably will keep it because I do like the colors and the pattern, but it really is piss-poor quality. Grr!

Which reminds me, I think the coffee in my Bodum French press wub.gif is done brewing. Now that is design perfection.

ETA for Treehugger (those cookies are sooooo good!): Yeah, my heart maybe skips a beat, but it doesn't flutter. I definitely need to see it in person -- maybe my opinion of it will change when I see it 5 x 8 and not on a computer screen.

And I don't mean to suggest that when you spend a lot of money, you get good stuff, but I'm just sick of buying pieces of crap, you know? Maybe the Home Despot rug will fall into that category. My favorite piece of furniture is a bookcase "inherited" from a relative -- it's a bit worn (but has a lot of love!) but it's got a great design and is solidly made.
The big greenie is gone. *le sigh* I miss it already. But I know they will enjoy it - a bunch of teenagers and a lime green mod chair?? Of course they will enjoy it! They'll probably fight over who gets to sit in it. (Thank heavens it's slipcovered.)

treehugger, where are you putting the dragon? I'd love to see a pic of it!

You know, my heart didn't skip a beat when I first spotted either of the big area rugs I have in here. I thought they were the best I could do at the time, with the resources I had at the time. BUT I made the decisions intellectually that they would work, and they do, so I'm pretty happy with them. I'm just sayin'! It's not always gonna be a love match. smile.gif

Then again, my rugs are very neutral in colour and classic in pattern, which probably has an impact on how they fit in. That's another one of my "rules" I think...if I'm buying cheap new stuff, I tend to stick to simple styles and neutral's like clothing, right? Neutral clothing looks more "expensive" and classic, and it also doesn't compete with the part of your outfit you do want to show off, like a colourful silk scarf or something.

raisingirl, I've always understood BFF to be the classic "best friend forever!" But I don't know if that's what it really means - best female friend works, too. Yeah, I'm not really sure where to start, either. So far I've been living by example, and then she'll come over and say, "Oh, I've started doing that, too!" I think the thing with de-cluttering is you really have to make the decisions on your own, otherwise you never learn how to live differently. (That's the problem I have with those TV shows like Clean Sweep - the people never learn for's like going through detox without follow-up counselling.) Basically, whenever she asks, I just talk about why I make the choices I do (i.e., keeping or getting rid of stuff), and the tricks I've learned for making it work better and stay organized. But she does want me to come out and rearrange her living room (now that a big green chair will be added), and I'm certainly going to make a lot of suggestions!!

I think small spaces are like jigsaw puzzles. Except they're often jigsaw puzzles with a few pieces missing, and a bunch of pieces from the wrong puzzle mixed in! You have to sort through the pieces, but you won't know if you've got the right piece till it clicks into place. I just sorted out my medicine cabinet the other day (for the forty-seventh time, I'm sure), and it finally "clicked" into place so that I can get everything I need daily in there, without it looking cluttered or having stuff fall over.

The other thing about 2nd hand stuff is it's often just better made. Things that are manufactured now - even many expensive items - aren't built to last in the same way. Nowadays, stuff is made with a deterioration factor built right in, because they want people to keep consuming - Ikea is one of the most successful businesses modelling this theory. Basically, our entire economic system is designed to thrive in a climate of war, environmental devastation, accidents, and destruction. (This is actually true, not just me ranting! Our current economic system is built on a theory constructed during WWII, in a British document called "How to Pay for the War." I recommend reading Marilyn Waring if you're interested in a feminist take on it all.)

Oh, this is wayyyy too long now! tongue.gif
I always took BFF to mean best female friend, myself.

And, I didn't mean to give the impression that I'm buying complete JUNK. I mean, "low cost" as in "slumberland" versus "dimaggio's fine european expensive import store that you wait six months for your custom made item"...kind of thing.

The dragon went on the wall that separates my kitchen from my dining room area. I will take a picture but I don't know that it will photograph very well because it's all one piece of wood, all one color. It's better in 3-D and I don't know how well it'll translate to 2-D.

I didn't make the pffernuisse (damn, I wish I could spell that right!) I went to the store and forgot my list and thought I'd be able to remember everything? Well I forgot the full POUND of butter the recipe requires. Maybe next weekend. I got everything else.

Doodlebug, I'm going to have to check out Marilyn Waring. It drives me nuts that things are built with the intention that they WILL fail and that you WILL buy another item to replace it. I actually see that all the time at work. They used to build compressors so they could be repaired...but now it's all hermetic, meaning completely sealed up. They're called "tin cans"...meaning they're crap and throwaways. And to rebuild them, you'd have to destroy them.

It drives me nuts but the consumer will always buy the equipment that's a little cheaper...which means it's a throwaway.

By the way, insider information...if you're in the market for a household refrigerator or freezer....main consideration for me, the refrigeration gal, look on the back and see if you see a coil, sort of a snakey pipe thing, mounted externally on the back. They're usually cheaper, as a matter of fact. Get THAT one.
Ok, I had a post started, but people started showing up at my apartment, and now I am JUST sitting back down again, with no idea what I was writing before. smile.gif

The tables are mounted to the wall! HURRAH! They look great! Of course, I'm not finished painting them yet, but it will actually be easier with them on the wall. It took three of us to get them up and level...but BFF measured carefully and got them installed in the studs this time (I hope!), so they should be okay this time.

Also, I had to take down one of the corner shelves to make room for a table to fold down, which was really difficult - very well built...obviously by a real carpenter. Now I have to hope I've still got some of the dining room paint, so I can paint over the mess from that.

No piccies till the end of the week, when I'm finished painting, and when I can afford cam batteries.

treehugger, a POUND of butter? Really? Wow. Well, I like pound cake, which is pretty much the same amount of butter (that's why they call it pound cake, apparently) what can I say? Orange pound cake is my favourite! Mmm....I need to learn how to make pound cake. Damn you for making me think about delicious buttery baked goods!!! smile.gif

I think I've probably become really cautious now about buying new furniture because of that whole destruction factor. The stuff I can afford is NOT going to last - I'd rather look for 2nd hand at the same prices. Actually, I saw something on Apartment Therapy once, where basically they said if you have more than $1,000 USD to spend on a sofa, buy new, and if you have less than $1,000, buy vintage. I thought, well, that puts me out of the running for EVERYTHING! I don't have that kind of money to spend on furniture - if I had $1,000, I'd put it into my car. And where is the guarantee nowadays that my $1,000+ sofa is going to last a long time? Because frankly, I have my doubts!

treehugger, if you can find a video called Who's Counting, it's the easiest and most entertaining way to digest what Marilyn Waring has to say. It's a National Film Board of Canada film - lots of libraries have it, and if not the public library, a university library will certainly have it. There is an entire book called Counting for Nothing, which is about women and global economics (also known as If Women Counted), and if a whole book is too much, there is a lengthy essay on the same topic in Three Masquerades.

I want to write some more specific praise, or more lavish praise, but when I think about how awed I still am after 10 years, all I can say is that Marilyn Waring changed the way I look at the whole world. At one point, I thought about running away to New Zealand and asking her to marry me. I'm NOT kidding.

Damn it! I just realized when I brought my feminist book collection home from the Centre, both of those books are missing!! GRRRRR!
Doodlebug, you're such a social butterfly! I don't get that many visitors. I'm sort of a loner I guess.

Congrats on getting the shelves up!!! Do the kitties like them?

Wow, I would SO never spend $1,000 on a sofa. But it's pretty hard to find vintage stuff here that doesn't look like it belongs in the same apartment that old lady lives, who has the balloon shades. heh.

I just wait for really good sales. And I test, very, very carefully. I think I sat on every sofa in the store!

I'm sort of petite so it's hard for me to find sofas where I can sit on them, feet square on the floor, and have my butt up against the back. I hate that sliding off it feeling. Or the "I can't get back out!" feeling.

Come to think of it, I have no idea how much my sofa cost me. It pretty much had to be less than $1,000 though. I went to the store with the intention of getting a sofa, full dining set, two chairs, and an area rug all at the same time. On a budget of $3000. Anyway, I just remember the price as a whole, rather than the individual prices.

I do think the stuff I got will last but perhaps it wouldn't in a house with children.

I think I'm going to look for the book. I'm a big reader and am always looking for more reading material for my bus ride to work. Thanks for the title suggestion! *plus, I like to weird out the guys at work with my reading selections....hehe

I'll be over by our local feminist/progressive bookstore on Friday.

Actually the pfeffenuisse doesn't come out that buttery tasting...I just make a HUGE batch of it. To put it in perspective, the recipe also calls for 8 cups of flour! It's the kind of cookie that lasts for months though...and I like to just nibble a couple with my morning coffee.

Geez...I'm chatty early in the morning. Have a great day, everybody!
Heh...I'm NOT really a social butterfly at all, treehugger! I need lots of time to recover from having people in my private space. It's like my Inner Sanctum.........

BFF is the only one who is allowed in my space no matter what, and even then, there are limits! But she does have the spare keys, LOL. She was supposed to be the only one over yesterday, but then one of her teens came here b/c mom was her ride, and she was WITH her boyfriend, THEN another woman came by to drop something Centre-related off and we recruited her into table-hanging...oi!

The kitties are getting acclimated to the tables...George has been kind of cautiously investigating. Carmella is more the nervous type! She just prefers to be wherever I am, anyway, and has very little interest in the world outside (which is the original purpose of having tables/shelves at the window). She's made her new home on one of the black chairs I brought home, actually! I don't think she likes being alone - whenever I'm home she's within four feet of me, unless I'm doing something, in which case she checks out whatever Georgie is doing. If I've gone out, I can usually find her near him when I get home.

Anyway. I'm doing the finish in stages. I finished painting the tops last night, and left them folded down so that cats couldn't walk on them. Now I have to keep them up so I can paint the braces underneath. Then I'll have to go through those steps again for the varnish! But b/c they were so awkward to paint pre-mounting, I did a rather slapdash job on the undercoats, so I might have to sand it and give it another coat or two.

Yeah, I was a little worried about the old lady factor when I bought the couch and chairs I have now! Especially with that horrid pink floral upholstery. I worry about them looking fussy, but I think I've got them looking more "gypsy/garden-esque" at this point. I hope!

I've heard a lot of women complain about chairs and couches being too big like that! You'd probably fit well in my living room chairs/couch - they are kind of low to the ground, and the couch is shallower than many - it's more a settee, except that it's long like a couch, and it's got the flip-down factor.

My problem is so much stuff is made for couch potato-ing! I hate sinking into too-soft or too-deep furniture - having a disability makes it kind of awkward to get out sometimes. Similar to your problem, only with pain. tongue.gif
Ok, apparently I put the tables in the up position too soon....I just folded one down and it stuck and peeled a bit of paint off where the hinges are! Oops. I touched it up, I guess I'll leave it down till it's varnished and cured, which should stop the sticky paint peel. Have to do one at a time at this rate...will take longer than I anticipated! Anyway, I left it with one up, one down, and brought in the outdoor pillows for the cats to do their princess and the pea routine on top. biggrin.gif

Re-arranged the dining room a bit, it looks good - it's going to look really cool when it's all finished! Basically what has to be done is: finishe painting/varnishing the tables, hang the 3 pendant lights over the tables (coffee bar), and then make/hang the trellis thingie. I have all the ingredients except for the light socket adapters. (ETA: oh yeah, heh, and I have to sand, spackle, and paint over the spot where I knocked down that built-in corner shelf.)

Can I even call it a dining room anymore? There's not going to be any dining in there! Maybe some quick meals or something.

ETA again: I'm thinking about testing my electrical skills to install a dimmer switch. Anyone done this?
Doodlebug, I've installed a dimmer switch. It's pretty easy. It's been about ten years ago now but if I remember correctly it's just two wires. There's just one switch on the circuit, right? It's not one of those lights that you can turn it on from two locations?

Hang on until this weekend, if you can, and I'll look at one, to refresh my memory before I say anymore...hehe. Of course, make sure you TURN OFF THE POWER...before you do it. Hopefully whoever wired the apartment in the first place left you enough wire to work with!

Doodlebug, I'm SO GLAD that your cool new space is turning out. Are you going to be dining in your living room now?

I solved my lighting dilemma, at least for now. It looks fine. I might get too lazy to make that gorgeous light...although in midwinter I might change my mind. It might be a nice project to take on during the holidays.

I got two rectangular frosted glass tabletop lamps at Ikea. Yeah, I know. They seem to be decent though. One on each of those little bamboo-ish tables, next to each chair. My living room is SO symmetrical.

I do have some back issues stemming from a car accident way in the day when I was young and invincible and too cool to wear seat belts, so, yeah. I hear you about sucky furniture. Not that it's anything like fibromyalgia, though, from all I've read. But judging from what you've written so far, I think you'd be comfortable in my furniture as well. smile.gif
treehugger, it's just one switch....but it's a bit complicated, I just realized I don't know if it will work. This is the light fixture I'm going to put the new hanging Ikea lights in. The hanging lights are plug-in. I was going to get those adapters that screw into a light bulb socket and become an plug-in electrical outlet. I wonder if that will still work with a dimmer?

Anyway, I'm not going to get to that for awhile yet! But I do have my own electrical box, so that's not a problem. Yes, I will turn the power off first! smile.gif (My dad was the guy who went around to schools giving electrical safety and conservation lectures.)

Dining...well, I never really dined in my dining room anyway! When I have company, we've sometimes eaten in there, but I'm a really casual host, so more often, we've chowed down in the living room. And I usually eat at my desk, 'cause break time for me is time to read something or watch some video I've downloaded! The dining room was such a wasted space before, actually.

I think I know which lamps you're talking about. Are they kind of small, maybe 8 or 10 inches high? My mom bought one of those! I thought you said you moved those tables out of there, though?

Did you ever move your rubber tree up to the loft, with the lighting suggestions I made? (Or maybe I posted that in the gardening thread!)

I need to not be on Bust right now! Will come back later...
oooohhh doodlebug, I don't know. Taking it logically, a normal light fixture is just two wires wired right into the base...and the dimmer switch is over on the wall and I'm pretty darn sure it's just a resistor that is limiting the current that goes into the light fixture. You've got the light fixture, and the adaptor, and then the other fixture is plugged into the adaptor. So your adaptor is taking the current that'd normally go to the lightbulb, putting it into a plug. Then you're plugging your new fixture into it. So really, the only difference, in my head, is the fact that you've got a plug connecting your lights to your power source rather than hard wired.

In theory, I don't see why it wouldn't work...but practically? I'm going to ask one of the electricians at work tomorrow, okay? Cause I'd hate to steer you wrong.

The Ikea lights are sort of tall rectangular "boxes" made from frosted glass, open at the top and the bulb goes down in the bottom. They came in a set of two, one slightly smaller than the other. Perhaps a four inch diameter square, and yes, one's maybe eight inches high; the other one's a couple inches taller. Sort of like a milk carton. Without the top.

The tables didn't really have a permanent home, so I put them back in there! One's next to each chair. They're just big enough to hold the lamps.

I think the rubber plant has permanent billing in my main big window. The longer I keep it there, I just think it will be happy I'm afraid that trying to haul it up to the loft will do more damage than it's worth. All that and then it wouldn't get very good light. Nah. It'll stay right where it is, in my main big window. It's looking smashing right there anyway!

This sounds so weird and resistant and stubborn of me...but my main block against putting the rubber plant in the window (remember I'm totally a christmas decorating FREAK) was that I was visualizing my very first ever HUGE christmas tree in that window!

But, I'm seeing now, you know, that plant looks AMAZING in that window, and it's much more important that a LIVE plant get the sunlight. I can just use my smaller (fake, non light requiring) christmas tree up in the loft where I was going to put the poor rubber plant. I didn't need christmas lights where I get my main light source anyway! Put em where it's dark.

Yeah, I hear you about not using the dining room. If I'm alone I always eat in the loft, in front of the television. I mostly use the dining table if the boy is over for dinner. Otherwise it becomes a landing place for papers and stuff....(hangs head at betraying her minimalist Zen interior)
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