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Full Version: House Of The Gods! Well, actually, it is just my lil' apartment...(the home decorating thread)
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hmm, that's a good idea doodle. i just kind of want to get my studio area out of my living room.

it's funny, cos the last place i lived in was a three-closet tiny one bedroom, and i totally could have made so much fun stuff there. alas.....
Heh heh. treehugger, I don't think it's over the top at all when it's a bed canopy type thing. But in a living room? It wouldn't be connected to anything, it would just be this thing over the seating area....

lunia, *I* had end tables a bit like that for the longest time! They weren't really nice wood, though, so I wound up painting them....which was cool, 'cause I kept painting them every time I got bored (usually once a year). They're very hip, in a mid-century modern kind of way.

mouse....which is a good idea? Heh. Well, either way, if you buy cabinets or a wardrobe, you can take them with you when you move on. Though if you do the wardrobe and create a built-in workspace in your closet, you can't take the workspace, really.

Anyway, yes, I'm more and more convinced that the one thing preventing my living room seating area from feeling like an intimate garden is the bland, plain, white popcorn ceiling overhead. So I think I'm going to go with some kind of wooden or bamboo structure that would be kind of an "artistic interpretation" of a pergola. I'd need about 5X7 or 6X8 foot of structure, though...maybe I should do it in smaller sections, and hang them at different heights...dunno yet, that might require too many hooks. Have to go look at what's available and plan this out.

Seems to me like I was originally planning to do something like that in my dining room, and then hang paper globe lights from it...who knows, I might do both!
both are good ideas, though i guess i'd be more likely to do the cabinet-enclosure. right now though, my desk is positioned so that i can see the tv from behind it, because i like a little background distraction/something else to pay attention to. oh god, listen to me......i never used to be like this! where has my attention span gone??

i loooove the idea of hanging pieces at different much more atmospheric!
I'm back! I almost didn't think I'd make it back here... my neighbor's internet connection is squiggy right now. I better post before I lose connectivity.

I can't take a picture just yet of my bedroom. When I posted this morning I was not thinking about the fact that my bedroom faces west and there'd be way too much glare from the window....after the sun goes down I shall take a picture.

I will post them ASAP though.

Doodle, check out my pic when I post it. Mine's six feet square so it's pretty similar in size. I can totally see it in a living room to define a seating area...sort of like an area rug but on the ceiling! With all your plants, a pergola would look GREAT! How high is your ceiling?

Can't you just imagine, the lattice hanging, perhaps some vines above the top, with white christmas pretty and, oh, yes, SOME (like my nofun boy) might call it over the top, but I think it's so in a glorious way! Just remember...pretty much anything you can do...can be undone if it's atrocious.

Over the top isn't a problem if YOU own the lease or mortgage and YOU love it!

Lunia, I think I remember seeing tables like that when I was a kid, at my favorite aunt's house...and they give me fond memories. They've got a great mid-century modern/retro feel. Where ya thinking about putting them?

Mouse, how about putting a mirror in the cabinet and the TV behind you so you can see it in the mirror???

ETA: IPB Image

Um, wow. Mojo the DEMON kitty is there on the bed too! And, that's an umbrella outside, not a phallus.
Ooh, treehugger....that looks TERRIFIC! Is that with your bed lowered or at normal height? Yes, I do see what you mean about the tab top curtain, I think it will make a difference with a colourful one...what will you use? (Can you take the white one back?) Oh I can't wait to see it with the end tables, too, it will look great! You've done a fantastic job with everything...and yeah, the bamboo looks good! Me likey!

Love demonkitty's one shiny blue demoneye, and one shiny golden demoneye. Heh.

My ceilings are standard 8 feet high. I don't know exactly how I'll do it yet, it will depend on what I can find that's not too expensive. I've kind of got lattice in my head, rather than bamboo, but I'm not sure at all. Mainly I think lattice because I think it would look better at different heights, but I'm not sure at all what I'm doing yet. This is just being formulated right now! smile.gif I am really starting to get visuals in my head, though. I think maybe I won't do lights in the living room, just because there's no overhead light, and I don't want wires coming down the wall. But I could totally do that in the bedroom.

mouse, I have my desk aligned so I can see my view and my fact, the reason I made the room divider out of glass was so that I could see all the way through when I'm at my desk!

I also have a brain that needs lots going on. I didn't used to be this way, but I blame the computer age, and also my job, at which I'm usually "multitasking" 10 things all at once.
My ceilings are 8 1/2 feet high in the bedroom...and of course the bamboo is all the way up, darn near because of the damnable ceiling fan. smile.gif

Yes, that's with the bed lowered. The headboard and footboard is going to be incompatible with the room in the's a bit too cottagey/antiquey. And the frame is integral to them so I can't just use IT. I'm going to have to figure out how to raise it up a bit. I think. I'll wait and see what to do once I get the night stands and the palms.

With regards to the nightstands...I did a tracking on the UPS shipment and it turns out that they WERE delivered to the office on Monday...but no note was left on my box! rolleyes.gif The office is only open Saturday, Sunday, and Monday so I should be able to go down and get them on Saturday. *mutter mutter grumble*

I will end up keeping the curtains but putting another set inside. Condo association rules...all window coverings have to be white-appearing from the outside. I'm going to go to Bed Bath and Beyond on Saturday and seeing what I can find/do.

Doodlebug, I get what you mean about wires trailing up the walls. Not terribly attractive, that's for sure!
TH :
I am planing on useing the tables has end tables in the livingroom.

TH :
I am planing on useing the tables has end tables in the livingroom.
treehugger, the basic metal frame holding up my bed (queen) was only $109 CAD from Sears Canada. It comes with a 20 year warranty, no headboard/footboard required, and I like this one, 'cause it's got a metal support bar down the middle - it's held up to some outstanding sexual deviance. biggrin.gif Anyway, it's an option if you're looking for a solution! smile.gif

ETA: Here's my bedframe - I see it's gone up a little since I bought it (almost 10 years ago!), but remember that's Canadian dollars. You can get them with rug roller wheels or regular wheels for hard floors - and they do lock.

ETA Again: Other bedframes from Sears, some cheaper than mine.
So....I picked up some metallic green craft paint. I think I'm going to do the top of the nightstand in a mix of purple and green. We'll see....I'll do a test, and if it looks shitty, I'll just do purple!

Also, I'm determined to get those paper globe lights hung up this weekend.

And to get started (finally!) scraping and filling holes on my bedroom walls!!

I'm so tired of the universe conspiring against me....

What is everyone else planning to do on the weekend? (Assuming the weekend is when you get your days off.)
so i finally uploaded some before and after pics of our house! (actually, more like "before and in progress")

Will this work?

still working on an inside photo album... coming soon!
FJ, I already posted this in Okayland, but your house is SOOOOO cute. Tell us more about your painting plans!

Well, I have primed the top of the nightstand (and the knobs) and put a coat of black on (both). I'll do one more coat before bed, and tomorrow I can mess around with the metallics! I should have it varnished by Sunday, or maybe Saturday.

Can't believe I'm finally getting to this! I've been planning to do something with this nightstand for years, I just never knew what I was going to do. I am without nightstand at the moment, though, which is a tad awkward! I'll have to appropriate a folding stool or two from the dining room for the weekend....
Oooooh....I just discovered something that makes me very, very, very happy.

Chartreuse metallic paint!!!!


One of the green metallic craft paints I bought turns out to be this lovely gold-green chartreuse, almost like cats' eyes. Like my chartreuse-dyed chair, only metallic. It's GORGEOUS. I had poured some out on my mixing tray, and after I saw it, I went running around the house for something to put it on so I wouldn't waste it. I found a little pot that holds a fake African violet.

Now I'm going to be looking EVERYWHERE for things to paint metallic chartreuse!

I hope I don't start going overboard with the metallic paints, though....somebody stop me if I start sounding like I'm going too nuts.

OTOH, I might reserve the metallic chartreuse for covering terracotta plant pots, and save myself some money on glazed ceramic ones. Hey speaking of painting terracotta pots, does anyone know what you should seal them with before you paint, something that's plant safe, I assume...? And do you do it on the inside, or on the outside underneath the paint?
Me again! Sorry for turning this into a "blog" again, hee!

I just got the 1st coat of polyurethane on the's going to look GORGEOUS.

The sides and drawer fronts will be the original forest green-stain. The top and the 3 drawer knobs will be variegated metallic purple.

I would like to have done the drawer fronts purple and have the knobs green, but I'm following the original colour scheme - the knobs and top were cherry-stained - so I wouldn't have been able to match the green on the knobs. Anyway, that might have been too much metallic....

I'm not polyurethaning the original green parts. Too much work! And I don't think I need to....since the metallic paint makes the finish look different no matter what, they don't have to have the same clear coat on top.
Doodle, i found this for you. She seems to know what she's talking about.

We're going to look at houses tomorrow. Eeeeeeeee!
Say, I have a question about my living room. Here's a picture.

I'm desperately in need of lighting over on the window side of the room, by the two club chairs. I'm not interested in "task" lighting per-se, but I need some ambient lighting. I'm hearing impaired and rely on lipreading when I have company over. I had a friend over a couple evenings ago, and the lighting I had (a lamp on the wall to the left that you can't see in my pic) just was inadequate. I'd like the room to stay somewhat sleek and minimalist-ish. I have switched outlets all around the room.

What do you think about maybe uplights on top of each of those two corner cabinets? I don't know if they'd work very well with the high ceilings. Or I'd be welcome to any ideas you might have!!

I'm also interested in maybe painting the cabinets but I don't know what color I'd paint them. Maybe I shouldn't. They sort of bring out my couch color. I dunno. But I'm interested in making them a little more contemporary in appearance.

treehugger, I think my worry about uplights on top of your cabinets would be...that they'd shine UP the wall and make the room seem even higher, which would probably take away a lot of the intimacy you'd want for small gatherings.

What about putting some strip lighting inside the cabinet shelves, or maybe some small lamps?

Also, I think you could stay in your minimalist style if you invested in some floor lamps that reflected your style. Ikea does have some inexpensive and funky, tall paper-shaded floor lamps. You could put one on either side of your window, or where those little tables are. Alternatively, you could invest in some wall sconces - you could get away with some really tall, sculptural-looking ones in that room...and again, I think I'd put them where those tables are. You could put them above the tables, or instead of the tables. Do you need the tables, btw, or are they there to fill the space? (Just asking 'cause I thought I needed end tables, but I don't have any right now and I don't notice the difference...everyone just uses the coffee table to put their stuff on.)

Thanks for the link, zora!

I haven't done anything this weekend except paint my nightstand. I think I'm a little sick this weekend, sort of flu-ish. Anyway, I like the purple finish, but now I think the dark forest green is TOO dark next to the purple metallic. I'm going to wait till I paint the bedroom to decide what to do about it. I might paint over the green, or I might paint over the purple...we'll have to see.
Okay...first things first. I promised I'd post this pic for Turbo...a brick red kitchen:

IPB Image

IPB Image

Doodle, actually, those tables move all over the house! They just happened to be there when I took the picture. Currently one is residing between the two chairs , in front of my urn. (I've found it to be pretty useful there...), and the other one is elsewhere in the house.

You're probably right about the uplights. A couple months ago I saw something I think similar to what you're referring to with IKEA, at Target. I don't think they're still there though.

I may be inheriting a six foot tall rubber tree plant! It might end up going in that window, where I have the urn with the sticks, right now. I'm really not sure if I should take responsibility for it...the sticks at least I can move if I get tired of them. I don't think the rubber tree could go anywhere else in this place..

I should probably call them "reeds" instead of sounds so much more designer-ish. smile.gif

I want to see a picture of your metallic stuff! Especially the chartruse... smile.gif
Hope everybody had a great weekend . I went to ikea and jumped up and down on all the sofa's smile.gif .
Anyway I was thinking about this sofa in green ( not the white showen) . Sorry about the links having trouble with photobucket right now. Am going of a retro ( 50's ish) look but I don't have a lot of $$$ .

with these end tables ( not buying these tables my mom has a pair just like same color and what not)

Now all I need is a pair of lamps smile.gif

treehugger, I think plants are a wonderful way to add life to a room, so I'd take the rubber tree...but of course, I couldn't imagine a home without plants!! smile.gif That's just me, I guess.

Is that a wooden mannequin from an art store, or is it the one from Ikea? My mama has the one from Ikea, too, if that's it! Also, BFF would kill to have that magnetic spice rack. Your kitchen is very cool!

lunia, that's a cute sofa, so you should grab it if you really like it! You also might want to look at craig's list and in some thrift stores, too, though. Sometimes you can get something genuinely vintage for the same price, and the thing about vintage is it's usually much better made than the stuff from Ikea. An Ikea couch, especially a lower priced one, will not last very long at all. A vintage couch will be made in the "old school" way, with solid wood and proper construction methods. Anyway, just a thought!

I got nothing done for the rest of the weekend. I blame illness.

ETA: quick note, for anyone who's shopping around for home stuff....I just learned that Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters donate to Rick Santorum, and they also donate to anti-gay and anti-choice right-wing christian groups. I never knew this because we don't have either of those here where I live, but it's good to know if you do.
treehugger, i love that lattice work, it looks really good, i think colors in the curtains would indeed help. is your cat black too? i have glare in my office and can't tell by the pic. i think the ceiling fan with the palm blades would look great with that. also, could you slip cover the head board and foot board or is the shape wrong for that? cause i'm seeing a nice batik or barkcloth? something that would completment the curtain behind it.

and for the living room, how about floor lamps behind the two cabinets? or maybe a hanging light over the chairs (i can't see the ceiling i don't know how high it is). and i like the color of the cabinets i think it looks nice with the wall, and matches the floor and floor molding.

and part 3 for treehugger, that red looks great. it really brings the wood out in the cabinets and i like your organizer thing for bottles and the thing by the sink, plus i love the copper toaster.

falljackets, you really did a nice job giving your house curb appeal. i love cape cod houses they are so grandma cute, but with your plants yours look sophisticated and cute, does that make sense?

doodle, your nightstand sounds awesome!

lunia, i like that couch, i think it would look great with some retro pillows like in this fabric or this fabric or even this fabric! swanky!

doodle, thanks! i appreciate info like that about anthropologie and urban outfitters, i totally will shop or not shop based on who stores support.
awww, (blush), thank you. I have since then, put a sort of orange-y shower curtain (looks better than it sounds) up in front of the white curtain. It looks a lot better but it's shorter so I definitely have to raise the bed up. I've also gotten the palms and night stands in so it's starting to come together.

Doodlebug, the wooden figure on my cabinets is one from an art store. We don't have an IKEA here.

Doodle, I've actually got plants since I took those pics. (I should really update them...I took them last spring. Since I didn't do a LOT since then I figured it'd be okay to post them.)

Since then, the only changes: Tables are gone and there's a hanging plant in the window, above each chair. Spider plants. In a ceramic pot the same color as the couch.

My only concern is that the rubber plant is so BIG...I won't be able to move it. Because that's about the only place where a plant that large would look in scale. I also have a hibiscus that I'm anticipating growing large.

I also have two plumerias that technically should grow large but I'm not sure they get enough light in Wisconsin to keep growing....

Hmmm....slipcovering. Never thought of that! For the headboard I think it'd work great...I'm not so sure about the footboard. Just because I don't know how I'd work the fabric on a "show-ey" terms of where the frame attaches.

I wish Doodle were here, she's a slipcovering genius! I bet she'd make it work!

Living room ceiling is HIGH. Fifteen feet's a cathedral ceiling. I have a loft and the living room ceiling is open to both. The cabinets are corner cabinets so a lamp wouldn't fit behind them. But a floor lamp would fit alongside them next to the chairs.

Lunia, I love, love LOVE the sofa! Nice! smile.gif

Well, this is the first day in a few that the internet connection is letting me in...I better post this pronto!

Signing a new lease this week. ohmygodthisplaceisamazing! 20 ft ceilings, bedroom plus sleeping loft with spiral staircase, 12 foot windows facing street...tons of storage space...I can't wait to move; the kitties will finally be able to get some exercise

anyway, just wanted to say how much I want this

I'm not going to bid on it. Trying to do things as cheaply as possible and all, but boy do I wanna...

Treehugger, your kitchen is so huge! I love that red

Ah! lucizoe that is WILD!

A friend just told me another friend is giving her a purple velvet headboard...I wonder if it resembles that one??

crassy, thanks! Ditto treehugger! ("genius"? *blush*)

I will catch up soon....I've been neglecting one of my very favourite threads, I'm sorry! Just haven't been feeling well. Will be around hopefully tomorrow...maybe I can actually get something started on that damn bedroom...after I wade through the laundry....AGAIN. (This is my fault. I am lazily not using my new hooks properly.)

Quick ETA: treehugger, post pics of the headboard and footboard and let's see if they can be forced into tropical submission!
Ok! I'm back! I'm caught up!

crassy, that fabric at those links is really cool!

treehugger, if you don't think you can accomodate the plant, maybe it's better not to take it - the problem with rubber plants is they really don't like being cut back - that's what I've found. OTOH, I'm not the person who would ever discourage anyone from filling and filling rooms with plant after plant, regardless of plant size! I'm a big believer in letting jungles take over rooms. smile.gif Actually, if there's floor space, you could totally get away with having an oversized rubber tree in your tropical bedroom. Overscale plants would do a lot to increase that "island" feel!

I think the main thing to keep in mind when you're planning "intimate" lighting (i.e., for when you have visitors) is just to make sure it doesn't wash too far up the walls. I'm sort of envisioning some kind of metallic sculptural sconces that are maybe three or four feet high, or even five, depending on how the light is directed (you can repurpose just about anything to use as a sconce), but I don't think it matters what kind you choose - table lamps, floor lamps, sconces, bookcase lighting - as long as you keep the light itself focused lower, which will bring down the height of the room for small gatherings.

To copy something I saw once...somewhere, I don't remember could take a long, narrow, rectangular piece of metal (the ones I saw used corrugated metal, but you don't have to), put it in (or mount it on top of) a wooden frame, and then attach that rope lighting to the back of the wooden frame. Then have maybe four blocks of wood, one on each corner, to mount it and make it stick out from the wall. You'd just have this nice light washing the walls a bit, and also making the outside edges of the frame all glowy. The ones I saw done like this were oversized (maybe 4X8 feet) and in a big industrial-sized space, but you could easily bring it down to size.

lucizoe, I'm very excited about your new place - can't wait to see pics!!

Ok, so. I took the bi-fold doors OFF my bedroom closet and tacked up fabric in their place. I am going to do curtains instead of doors on the closet. I wanted to do it before, but I was never sure where to stash the bi-fold doors in the meantime. But last night, I decided I'm just going to paint or wallpaper them and use them as a headboard! (The reed mats aren't working out as well as I'd hoped - they are just too fragile, in the end. Anyway, this will work out fine - I'll hang the killer whales on the front of the doors and use them as the headboard.)

It really is going to work better this way. The stupid doors make it SO awkward to get into the closet and keep it sorted, and they take up space in a really annoying way when they're open. Plus I have to keep them open partway anyway, because Georgie's bed is in there, on top of the deep freeze! (That's always been his nighttime sleeping spot - in the closet.) So what's the point of having closet doors, in the end, when it's better without?

It feels much more spacious already. So I guess this afternoon, I'm going out to look at curtain rods and clip hooks! (ETA: I think I'll pick up some more charcoal grey paint, too, and just do the closet door "headboard" in that...otherwise I'm going to start feeling overwhelmed by too MUCH colour!)
It's coming together!! I went shopping today...spent a bit of $$ but not too horrible. Check it out...

IPB Image

I realized, my other bed in the spare room is a full size bed (mine's a queen) but it had a convertible bedframe! Yay!!!

So now the OTHER bed is sitting on the floor because there is no way that a queen sized head and footboard will go on the other bed. Oh, well.

Anyway....that's the good wall. The other wall still needs help....

It'll get there, eventually. smile.gif

Doodle, I'm having a hard time visualizing those lights (although from what I'm reading they would be GREAT in my space.)

Is it like, a wooden frame, sort of like the frame for a shadowbox, with a strip of corrugated metal attached to the front of it with the lights tacked to the very back? Was the metal the same width as the frame or was there a gap between the two sides???? Am I even close?

It sounds pretty cool, anyway. smile.gif

Anyway, I'm very happy with the way my bedroom least from the angle of the photo shoot! smile.gif
Ok, it must be serendipitious, but when I went to Home Despot to get a quart of charcoal grey paint mixed up....I went and looked in the mistints and found a full sized can of....charcoal grey!! Nine bucks!! WOOT!!! I also found what I HOPE are the curtain rods I need to do my cupboard, and some of those clip rings - I figure that will be the easiest way to hang curtains, since I'll need to wash them often, with the cats going in and out of the I'm going to hang some of my long Indian shawls as part of the curtain, I think, sort of layer it up. I dunno yet...we'll see how it goes!

I think I'm going to have a couple of leftover finials from one of the curtain rod sets, 'cause I'm hanging it inside a door frame and won't be able to use them. I picked the one with the "cracked glass" ball finials, which have silver metal on the base of them. Anybody got any thoughts on cool recycle uses for these? There are 2.

Oh treehugger! Your bedroom looks AWESOME!!! I love it! It's soooooo gorgeous! It looks so delicious and exotic....those end tables really are the perfect thing, too, and I like them mixed in with the darker wood. And the bed spread really makes it all jump to life - it's fantastically beautiful. I'm glad you figured out a way to have a bed frame - that bed skirt also really makes the bed! All you need is a Tibetan gong and you've got a terrific meditation retreat!

Is that a sago palm in the corner?

Okay, the lights I saw...there was a big piece of (slightly-rusty) corrugated metal (the waves went vertically) in the centre. It was framed on all sides by dark wood, probably 2X4s (think BIG scale). The metal was like a wooden-framed picture, almost. Then it was hung so that the entire thing appeared to "float" a few inches away from the wall. When I looked behind it, I saw that it was attached to the wall by recessed blocks of wood, and the lights were those outdoor rope lights, attached to the very back of the wood frame, but not inside - you couldn't see them unless you walked right up against the wall and looked behind the front piece. I guess in a smaller fixture, you wouldn't have to use something as big as rope light - you could probably get the same effect with a couple of standard light bulbs, placed in different spots behind the metal. Anyway, you could do it like that, framed, or you could just attach the metal to a wooden frame so that you don't see the wood from the front. I would think in a smaller version, "float" it about 2 or 3 inches out from the wall, plus add on some thickness in the wood frame, so the total fixture would stick out maybe 6 - 10 inches from the wall? If you get the wood thick enough, then the light bulbs won't even be visible from the'd just see the light seeping out from behind. Is this making any sense?

I think a couple of pieces of copper would look great with your colours! Especially if you aged them a bit, made them look like industrial salvage or something. I'm sure you know this in your work, but you can buy chemicals that will give you an aged effect on copper, and you could beat it up a bit, too!

Hey, don't you work with big refrigerators and pipes and stuff? What if you took some salvaged thin copper piping and lined it all up inside a wooden frame, instead of using a piece of metal? Then you'd have just a tiny bit of light squeezing through the spaces, plus glowing from behind. Or however that might work....

OMG OMG OMG OMG! I can visualize the lights now and they're PERFECT. And, yes, I can get some copper tubing and antique it a bit (acid) and, OMG. OMG.

You're a genius, I swear. smile.gif

Doodle, congrats on getting the charcoal grey paint! It is DEFINITELY serendipitous, and a sign that this is what you MUST do!

With the cracked glass finials...they're just going to look sort of like balls with crackely finish, glass? What *I* would do is get a really great platter. There's going to be two of them? Take three river stones, somewhat close to the size of the finials, and arrange the finials and the stones artfully on the platter.

I learned from my auntie, the interior decorator/artist...odd numbers are more interesting. Personally I tend to use symmetry for the big stuff but, for like centerpieces and arrangements I use odd numbers. Consequently, the two cracked glass finials with the three river stones. smile.gif

My favorite arrangement that I currently have is a (doodlebug, this one's for you) metallic aqua square platter with three river in one corner and two in the opposite. And a pillar candle in the middle, sometimes. smile.gif

Oh, and, um...err..the palms are silk ones picked up at my local furniture store during a 50% off sale. I have no idea what they're trying to copy. (blush)

Seriously, when am I going to see pictures of your metallic chartruse creations? smile.gif
*squees with vicarious excitement*

Would you do the pipes cross-ways in the frame, or up and down? I think either would work....

I feel similarly about odd numbers, but at the same time, I do find beauty in symmetry at times....sort of the way a Japanese display will often show two items, rather than an odd number.

Unfortunately, I can't lay the glass balls on a dish because they have silver bases that are meant to attach them to the rod. They look like small crystal balls on silver crystal ball stands. The bases don't come off, and the filials don't really appeal to me as mini crystal balls. BUT they do have the ability to screw into things. AND they are only about 1.5 inches in diameter. WHICH made me realize they would make extraordinarily beautiful DECORATIVE HOOKS!

SEE! I am corrupted by all your American talk of DECORATIVE HOOKS! You have disrupted my simple, Canadian wholesomeness. tongue.gif

Alternatively, they may become replacement door handles for other closet doors in the apartment.

Soooo....I moved the dining table over by my desk and bookshelves. Not on purpose (yet) but to clear the dining room for headboard painting. The old closet doors are propped up on the stools in the dining room, holes puttied and drying. I'll leave primer and charcoal grey till the morning. Am trying to decide whether to do a stripe across the top, that would match the one I painted on the black shelves (white/lime green). Anyway, I'll decide tomorrow.

The absolute convenience of having the dining table over by my desk is astounding. I am having insane thoughts about moving the table permanently over here, throwing out the desk, and turning the dining room into a winter kittygym/open space/project workshop. In my head, I've got it all planned the point of trying to think of whose power saw is going to lower the round table, and how I'm going to use the table's extension leaf to build the matching wall console. And have the DESK OF MY DREAMS! Except it would be round. Which is possibly better. And I could throw out that desk. Which is ideal.

Ok, no seriously, you guys. I think I have to do this. Just for the winter. Is it insane? Is it insane to want to permanently lower your dining table? And worse, has any of this got the faint whiff of catlady?

You know, I could install the black Ikea fold-down table in the dining room and let the cats use it at that window instead of the bedroom (which would be way more convenient)'s would sort of work with the mural, it's almost the same thickness as the lines, I think....I could hang it up a little higher than a table, have it like a coffee bar, with the stools lined up against the wall underneath the window...and the big plants that are already in there, and the cats' jungle gyms...
Decorative hooks! Perfect. smile.gif

RE: Moving the dining table/making it a desk. If you've got room and it won't make you have to turn sideways to manuver around your living room, go for it!

I'm not sure I'd PERMANENTLY lower it though. Too big a committment for me. Heh. I'd probably take it off the legs (or was it a pedestal? I can't remember right now) and set it on, oh, maybe shortened sawhorses?

The cats will LOVE a kitty playroom. It doesn't smell of catlady until you're doing PERMANENT kinds of things! (like carpeting an entire wall with sisal or something so they can climb all over to shelves mounted around the entire room up near the ceiling)

It's all fun and games until one jumps down onto your CD player, tips it over and basically renders it useless. Heh.

You know, I once saw a pretty great dining room table where they took an old metal drum (you know, the 55 gallon type), an old kind of rusty one, cut it down to height, polyurethaned it and put a glass circular top on it. I thought it was so cool. Like a pedestal table. But sort of urban rustic industrial. It was in one of MY decorating porn books. Heh.

I sort of feel like I've met a partner in crime...

Hmm. The lights, I'm thinking will go in the narrow space between the cabinets and the bay window. That way I can hide the cords behind the cabinets. The cords are, to me, the only sticking spot. But I think if I made them long enough they could even go down low enough to go right over an outlet...gotta think about this a bit more.

But anyway, if I'm going long and narrow, I'd probably run the piping lengthwise. I sort of think going the short way will make it look like a xylophone (sp).

You know, in my work I get a lot of what's called capillary's used in refrigeration systems a lot to meter refrigerant, and what it is, is copper piping about the size of a spaghetti noodle. It's very bendy too. Part of my job is when the various departments decide that a freezer or something is past the point of fixing, I get the job of recovering the refrigerant (can't let it into the atmosphere so it gets recycled) and then basically scrapping it out, removing the compressors, etc.

ANYWAY (sorry for the digression) sometimes the capillary tubing in these units is twenty feet long or better. I'd love to come up with a decorative use for it. I've thought about weaving it into sort of a flat panel and then sort of bending the whole thing so it's wavy. It's generally very shiny and new looking, not aged at all. I think it must be coated with something but I'm sure I could get it to age...
Well, if I left the casters on forever, then technically it would only be a little less than 4 inches permanently shorter, to accomodate ergo keyboard height. I wonder if that little difference would be a huge deal in terms of future dining comfort?

I'm using the round table right now to post from my laptop - I really dig having it as workspace. Maybe because I've been working at feminist round tables for so long! Round workspaces have always seemed so much better to me, so translating it to home seems obvious, now that it's staring me in the face. Fuck, I'm doing it. Coffee bar and kitty gym in the dining room, experimental round working space in "The Library." It makes so much more sense than what I have now - a rarely used dining room (even when I have people over, we usually gnosh in the living room), a surprisingly useful (and quality) table going to waste, and a nearly useless (and cheap) office desk that does almost nothing to serve my REAL needs.

No permanent cat installations, though - I've just been needing a place to corral their tunnels and other shit for the winter, when they can't be on the balcony. And the treehouse can go in there too, I'm sick of it in the living room, always shedding bits of carpet. Well, okay, you have to count the fold-down table as an installation, because it's purpose is cat perch. But it will be cleverly disguised as a coffee bar! And it was originally going to be a cat installation anyway, in my bedroom window. Cleverly disguised as perch. See, I'm actually improving my anti-catlady instincts with this option.

Feminist decorators NEED partners in crime. Nobody understands us! biggrin.gif

I love the rusty drum dining table. I would totally do that, except I'm a huge klutz (it's genetic, my mum sez so) and can't have big unattached glass things like tabletops! Weirdly enough, I always thought of doing a coffee table like that, with a huge terra cotta planter underneath as the base, and some odd decoration inside the pot that you could only see through the glass, but was afraid of breaking the glass. sad.gif

Love the copper this new stuff or salvaged stuff that you'd be using? I love the flat panel bendy wire idea! I'm also seeing....remember those weird plaque-type thingies we did in school, with string art? We'd have long nails sticking up from big slabs of black wood, in squares, circles, teardrops, triangles, and then do graduated patterns by winding the string around the nails. Could you do something like that with the spaghetti wire, or would it be too thick? That would totally rock my socks off!

We had a gigantic spool of copper wire when I was a kid. It's purpose was to serve as my shiny new "golden lasso" each time I pretended to be Wonder Woman in the basement.
I don't know why I ever doubted it - I don't even know IF I ever doubted it - but right now I have renewed conviction that grey is my favourite neutral. I mean, after black, of course, but then, you can't use black in big decorative doses. Well, you could, but I would only do it to a point, especially in a small space. Anyway, that's NOT my point!

My point is that grey - especially charcoal grey - rules. And now that I have a big can of it, there may need to be more of it in my life. biggrin.gif

It's funny how we can betray our own instincts in things like clothing and decorating! For years, even as a teenager, I loved to wear black, grey, and white with punches of bright colours. I was drawn to those colour schemes. I HATED brown as a child, and even as a young adult. Then when I thought I had to seem more like an "adult," whatever that was, or like I was more ready to take life/career "seriously," I started to stray into browny-beige neutrals - I bled almost all the colour out of my rooms, and I paired browns and taupes and beiges (with a touch of red) with black for my own "new" version of arty/urban/global/whatever. I liked them, mostly, (and all-neutral colour schemes were all the rage in the '90s). But in the end, I felt invisible wearing them...and whether it was the colour scheme or not, the truth is that I rarely wanted to be home, either, and I didn't care about my place very much when I was home.

If the home is a metaphor for the self, then that last paragraph probably speaks volumes about me. So maybe my "anti-sophistication" colour/neutral "regression" is a sign that I'm ready to take life (and career?) less seriously again!

How do the rest of you feel about your colour schemes? Do they match up with your wardrobe? (They say if you don't know what decor colours to pick, look in your closet!) Are you doing what you love?
My colors were chosen in a long weekend with my auntie the color consultant/artist/interior designer.

She had me brainstorm words that described what I wanted for a home...

When she arrived, my entire place was builder's white. And she just sort of listened when I was showing her my things. And I had a great plate that I had bought, actually more for the form than the color...from the UW student's pottery club for their fundraiser.

She took inspiration from THAT plate for two of my main colors.

Some of the brainstormed words: Zen, spa, peace, refuge, natural, clean.

She took river stones and was actually licking them to get a true color, laid it out on a palette.

So my sort of "neutral" is actually a buttery yellow. And my three main colors are aqua, eggplant purple, and brick red.

She did a great job! smile.gif

I'm going to edit this post later and add a picture of that plate!!

Anyway, it sort of jives with my wardrobe...but I do have to clarify that I live in jeans and tee shirts in the summer; jeans and flannel shirts in the winter. And I have my closet sorted by color (I'm so anal) and there's an awful lot of blues and blue-greens. At least half of my wardrobe fits into that category.

Which happens to be my main wall color!

Doodle, the bendy spaghetti copper would be salvaged from old refrigeration units. But it's protected in these units so it LOOKS brand new.

The string art would be way cool but I'm not sure it's quite flexible enough. I've woven a basket from it once; I will have to post a picture of it. I think it's down in my storage area.....

You pretended to be Wonder Woman? I pretended to be the Bionic Woman, myself....hehe
I read something once about how your colour schemes should be something like 60-30-10....60% should be your dominant colour, 30% should be your secondary color and 10% should be an accent color. Which is all well and good, but pretty simplistic and formulaic, right?

But THEN I read a later article by the same person, which said you could go beyond that and do it in layers. So your main colour scheme is 60/30/10, and then you layer on another 60/30/10, for a bit more sophistication.

So I think of mine as 60% green/30% purple-indigo-blue/10% turquoise-blue. And then there's a layer with 60% black-grey/30% white-cream/10% red, and another layer of 60% wood tones/30% silver metallics-mirror/10% glass, and so on. (And the formulas can be mixed up differently room to room.) It's kind of interesting once you start experimenting with it - although like with any "formula," you have to break out of it, too! But it IS useful for encouraging me to experiment and bring more of certain colours/finishes into my rooms - or to take them out and see what happens.

Bionic woman came along a little later in my life - Wonder Woman was my primary. smile.gif I did have a Barbie-sized Jamie Sommers doll, and later, my "Disney Dad" (post-divorce) father bought me a red plastic convertible that was made for the doll. The doll had creepy rubber roll up "skin" on her arms and legs, with plastic "circuitry" underneath - the idea was to plug her into the car engine when she needed more juice, LOL!

ETA: I'm starting to think when I finally get around to painting the great big tropical leaf/vine sillouette on my green wall(s), I might do it in layered grey and white, instead of purple...
lucizoe, wow, that headboard reminds me of my grandparents old dining set, only the upholstery was mustard yellow. it was pretty over the top, unfortunately i had to get rid of it when i moved into a new place.

doodle, i know that fabric really rocks, i totally get a lot of my fabric from, in fact i just sewed a valence for my living room and pillow covers to match it in this fabric even though it's technically a 'fall or thanksgiving' fabric, it works perfect with my little cottage style (i have a lot of pa dutch stuff). their fabric is pricey but worth it, they always have the perfect pattern for my new projects. and i totally use their patches to re-vamp old shirts too.

i want to see your new 'closet door headboard', you really are an idea queen. i used to have those kind of doors and opening them was a nightmare, since half the furntireu would have to be moved (it was a very small room). i wish i would have thought of taking them off and putting them behind the bed! awesome news about the charcoal paint find!

treehugger, i love your new bedroom, that curtain is awesome! i read once that red in the bedroom is good feng sheh for romance! oooh la la!!

woah, doodle, you're brimming with ideas, i can't keep up!!! smile.gif

treehugger, i'd love to se the finished lights, they sound really cool. i love me some copper.

i always dreamed of doing a lite-brite coffee table with a big black block and pegsholes in it so i could put little pegs in and out to change it around from time to time and then have a big glass top over it, but i too would certainly break the glass or else the puppup or kitkit would.

by the way, if i was rich and had a huge house, i would totally do the kitty playroom thing complete with the 'entire wall with sisal' for enzo to climb. actually, if i was really rich i'd probably run a cat shelter, or at least have an awesome place for fostering cats until they got adopted... (yeah, i'd totally be catlady...)

ok, so i finally got all that junk off of the tiles (i ended up using goof off which smells horrible and gave me a headache, but all the crap is finally off of them now, the shitty thing is that they don't look all that different from before the project--argh!) so now here is my next bathroom dilemma --if anyone has any ideas please let me know: my bathroom door is half louvered (slats) on the top like this door (the one of the right). the problem is that 3 of the slats are broken, and because of the rounded edges and the thinness I cannot find nor can I cut replacements to put into the door. I called a couple of carpentry shops and even woodwork shops but they won't do such a small job. in addition, I tried putting in a new door but since the size is actually over an inch different on each side (it's a house that was built in 1922 so i'm guessing it has settled, etc). anyway, right now i have it covered with fabric that i wove through the top and bottom slat, but I don't like the look of it. and since it's the bathroom door i don't really have the option of replacing that area w/glass, unless it's deeply frosted, which might look nice but i wouldn't know how to put that into the door. i don't want to remove the door if i can help it cause last time i did it was extremely difficult to put back up. i was thinking of taking out all the slats and putting in a curtain, but then it could be lifted and the bathroom could be looked in (which my husband and i wouldn't care about but i'm sure guests might be leery of). does anyone have any ideas on how i can fix this door? we really don't have the money to get a contractor in to do a new door.

on color schemes: i especially like color schemes or blue and greens in clothing and home. i like reds in both too, but i only like yellows at home, not to wear, but i think it's cause it makes me look washed out (since my skin is very pale). the colors i decorated with in each room sort of needs to flow into the next room (especially paint colors) or i won't do it. i take forever to pick out colors though (just like trying on and picking out clothes actually)
Okay, if all goes well, I should be back later this evening to post some pics, which will be sort of "in progress" piccies at this point.

crassy, can you buy a larger door and have it cut down in size to fit ? Or honestly, it might be worth taking the door to a glass seller and see if you can have a piece of glass custom-fitted into it. It might not be as expensive as you think.

Speaking of doors, my mother has the old, original double doors belonging to the house my grandfather (the carpenter) built (mom lives there now) - they were the original doors between the living room and the kitchen/dining area. They are solid wood with old fashioned glass, the kind done like stained glass...only it's colourless glass, done in different textural finishes. A couple of the panes are broken. I'd LOVE to have the doors, but I'm tiptoeing around actually asking my mom outright, 'cause I'm not sure she's willing to part with them! I'd die to have them, and they're only broken because she keeps stashing useless clutter out in the garage (the doors presumably being part of the useless clutter). I've given her ideas for using them in her decor (she's into creative decor, too), and she doesn't do anything with them except let them get broken...GRRRR!

Ok, off to see if I have cam batteries!
I agree with Doodle, crassy- glass isn't always as expensive as you'd think. Le Boy has a friend who works for a window & glass company and we got a 3'x7' piece of glass (1/4-inch thick) for our dining room table, to cover the wood, with polished edges and everything for $135- he didn't charge us for labor, but even so, that's not nearly as much as I thought it would be for that huge piece of glass. I don't know how much the frosting would be, but you can frost glass yourself with Etching Cream (I'm not suggesting you go to Michael's, since they support the Evil Empire, however!) I've done it before and it's not too hard.

Basically, you clean the glass, get any dust off. I assume you'll want to do the whole sheet, and not make a design? For a big piece of glass, you may want some help. You'll pour the etching cream on and immediately start brushing it around (use a big paint brush.) You want to keep the etching cream moving around- as it burns through the glass, it exhausts itself, so you want a new layer of cream touching the glass as often as possible. The cream will have directions, but I think you'll leave it on for about 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. If you want it really opaque, just do both sides. Since you wouldn't want to screw it up, you may want to "practice" on some other glass to get your technique down. I used to do this in high school art class, so it wasn't a big deal if it didn't come out right. Oh, and the etching cream's kinda stinky. You'll want to do this outside.
Okay! Here we go! Lots of pics...tried to make them not-too-big, but still viewable....most things are "in progress," so bear with me!

Ginsu Art! - BFF came over to help me drill into masonry today. The knife bar is the only thing on the grey kitchen wall, so it's perfectly centred, like art. Lovely, in a dangerous sort of way.

IPB Image

Kitty Playground - still working out arrangements with the tree, which has its own point of view on how it wants to be displayed.

IPB Image

Future Coffee Bar - the "genius" idea at this point is to buy another wall mounted Ikea table. They're only $30 - it's just getting to Ikea that's the issue, 'cause it's 4 hours each way over mountain passes! Anyway, the idea is to remove the bottom corner shelf and attach the tables in a line to the wall, like a counter, high enough for the kitties to see out, but low enough to be comfy when you're on a stool...hopefully the bottom edge of that border is the right height, then I won't have to chop off any of the mural! Both tables can be up, or both down, or one up/one down. The stools fold, too, so it's basically a way to buy a workspace, for projects that need an open space (and a washable floor).

IPB Image

Desk Area - this is more complicated. The black desk will be gone, basically. In it's place will be a console up against the wall (where the black shelf is). The round table will be lowered about 3 inches, and will roll around. It works perfectly in the space, but for the black desk sucking all the energy out of the pictures. The rug will be more centred in the space, too, after I get the desk dealt with, and the orange chair is the one I'm covering in amilita's aqua fabric.

IPB Image

Bedroom - the curtain here looks like shit (it's all thumbtacks at this point!), but the principle is to have two layers of curtains. It will all make sense in the end, trust me. The closet wall will be grey, the other wall (with the cabinet) will be green. Going to paint the cabinet grey to match the headboard. That green paint swatch you see on the wall is the bedroom colour. The mirror and painting will both hang on the wall. YES! I DARE show you my unmade bed!!

IPB Image

Nightstand - not sure how I feel about this yet. The dark green stain seems TOO dark now that I did the top in metallic purples. Might try painting over the green.

IPB Image

Tray Chic - this is a tray I re-finished and painted for a friend.

IPB Image
Doodle, I used to know these guys who had the type of table you were talking about down there. They had an enormous pot, like, four feet tall and probably four feet wide at the top. They set a peice of plywood close to the top and then ran christmas lights down through the wood and then filled it to the top with pebbles. The lights were woven through the pebbles and they had it hooked up to a light switch. Then the whole thing had a big round piece of glass on top. It was amazing. They had it on their back porch and big old bar stools perched around it.

In other news, we're making an offer on a house tomorrow and it's a cool one.
Zora, congrats on the house! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures! smile.gif

Doodle, I like your plans! It doesn't strike me as cat-woman-ish...rather, that kitty playground space reminds me of an atrium or sun space. Perhaps it's the plants. smile.gif

What would happen if you treated that dark stain on your nightstand with crackling medium, and used some of that great metallic chartruse over the top? Or would that be too much?

I like the colors in your bedroom, very cheerful and full of life!

The tray looks nice. How'd you get the striated effect?

Great job! I'm looking forward to seeing it completed. smile.gif

Crassy, I'm thinking that the glass would be a great option! And, look into getting salvaged glass...cheaper yet! I once had a kitchen table top made from an old bank window....

To put it into the are the slats fit in? Are they kind of slid into a groove and then the door put together? I'm not sure how that part would work but perhaps you could use some type of moulding...

Ooooh, how about a decorative grille, like maybe salvaged old metal grille just fastened over the top of the slats to sort of disguise it? Nah, guess that isn't too good an idea...

How about stained glass? It's not terribly hard to do yourself.....especially if you just do sort of a random design. smile.gif

See my post in way to grow. Dammit. I have no idea where to put the SIX FOOT TALL rubber plant that just got left on my doorstep!!

I really was hesitant to take this thing.....
Ha ha! treehugger, I love that you have this big plant, now!

If you can't keep it, maybe think about donating it to a hospice or a women's shelter (or other women's organization, like a counselling centre), somewhere that might have the space for it. I was on the board of this community centre once, and when we had to close down, we donated all the art and the plants to the local hospice - they were thrilled to have them. (ETA: *ahem* Except "Eve and Friends," which I bought! And is now in my bedroom. Also my monstera deliciosa sprang from a cutting from one of the plants.)

zora, that table sounds cool! I was thinking of a big glass ball in the centre, but I like that idea better. Not that I can have glass tables. *ahem*

treehugger, thanks for the compliments! I'm still smarting a bit from BFF saying the charcoal grey is "depressing" and "heavy." Not that I plan to take her advice! In my eye, the grey disappears and makes the colours POP! She just can't see it yet 'cause it's not done. (And she sure likes to spend time in my kitchen, for someone who hates grey.)

Ooh, doodlemama said she took down her sheer curtains, and she still has them - she said I could have them, which I might take her up on...for the closet.

Also, I'm going to send doodlemama the money, and she's going to pick up the 2nd wall-mounted table and ship it to me on the Greyhound - much cheaper than having Ikea ship it! And it's already flat packed! smile.gif I made a mistake, though - it's the $50 one, not $30 - but I still think it will be very worth it. Kitties and I hung out in the "playroom" this evening - very fun and cool!

Oh, BTW, treehugger, I pushed the tree out more into the middle of the room, since you called it an "atrium" - I figured I'll go with it! Atrium, kitty playground, and coffee bar! I know I've broken some rules of "normalacy" at this point...but who wants to be normal? (Anyway, I probably started breaking with "normal" when the mural went up.)

The striated effect on the tray is actually the wood grain (oak, in this case) - it's actually the texture you're seeing, with the different light-reflecting properties of the metallics paint. When I painted the box for my brother, I discovered woodgrain had this property when combined with metallics - so I'm thrilled! I'm a bit obsessed with it, actually. I've done two boxes and a tray, and now I'm always on the lookout for wooden pieces to paint my mosaics on...I'm eyeing a small teak bowl in my cupboard these days...trying to decide if I have the guts to "improve" teak! (What would the modernists say!)
Well, the mini-crystal ball finials never made it to the "wall hook" phase!

The closet in my entrance hall has one of those ordinary apartment-issue bi-fold doors - just one door. It's awkward, but I'm not ready to lose the door in favour of curtains yet!

So I used the finials as new doorknobs! I put one in the original doorknob hole, and made a new hole for the other, on the other panel. Now it looks like a slightly upscale, two-door closet! (Albeit one with narrow doors.)

Colour me totally impressed with the power of small things! That little change of doorknob style, and from one to two, totally brought the entrance hall "up" a level!

Dunno how long they'll last - they're made for hanging up on a curtain rod, not being grabbed and pulled open a few times a day. But if the glass breaks, at least I'll know I what I'll be replacing them with!

ETA: By the way Apartment Therapy is having a Fall Colours Contest. Scroll down for the entries of REAL people's small spaces, in living colour - most of them are really cool!
*paging the divine decorator doodlebug*

Hey ya'll...mostly I lurk in here, in awe of your productivity and creativity, but doodle's been nudging back into the decorating mode over in the Okay thread, so I figured I should jump in here proper, for what seems my annual fall nesting phase.

So, this all started with my idea that, gosh, wouldn't it be neat and very grown-up of me to actually have curtains for our sliding glass door? We've never had them before because mostly I like to enjoy the view of the lake outside my window...but come winter, my ancient sliding door has quite a draft, and while I always tape it shut, curtains would really help. So that led to curtains....which of course leads me to paint.

So, I give you chez turbo. Our living area is small, and pretty much open, with a wall with cutouts between the kitchen and living area...I want to paint that wall some kind of saturated color...and our doodle came up with purple, which I happen to love. So there's purple....but then, there's the rest. So take a look at the piccies of my messy pad, and the swatches - the purple is the only one that, so far, I feel is IT. All ideas are welcome!
Heh...doodle, I am overwhelmed by the amount of green in that colors contest on AT...I did think of you today, while I was browsing it. "Doodle should totally enter this!!!" And you should! And then when you win, split it with me, 'cause I encouraged you to enter! wink.gif

I'm getting cheapy polyester sheers from Mr.Luci's company. It's going to cost minor ducats, and they're not fancy, but I think I can live with it...way cheaper than buying yardage, if a little plain. I'm hanging them - alternating browns and reds (think terra cotta), as we are hobbits - from the ceiling right in front of the loft, either gathering them a little bit at the railing or weighting them so they hang as clean flat panels. They'll hang down farther than the loft, shortening the wall a bit, which is good. The walls are so high that they're a tad intimidating.

Immediately below the loft we're going to place a table such that it extends out from the very teeny tiny kitchen, expanding the work space (I've decided to try my hand at pastry baking, in a serious, Luci-has-quit-theater career endeavor, and Mr.Luci loves to cook too. We need more kitchen!). My plan is to cover the cheap table we wind up with with copper sheeting...and either paint or stain. I can't decide yet. Darker walnut would look good with the copper, but we're planning on so much wood in this place, I think if I can mix it up a bit that would be good.

The only bad thing about this apartment is the horrible lighting (well, that and the black tile bathroom...and the thin, bunchy rug in the loft). The main room has one central very dim yellow light with an - ick! - fan, hanging far down into the middle of the room. It can't be moved or taken down, unfortunately. It's a wee bit oppressive. I really want to keep as many lamps off the floor as possible, but we can't install anything on the walls, so it's going to take some time to work this all out. That's really the only negative thus far - bad, bad lighting. But our two enormo-windows get sun all day, and I like cozy light at night, so we should be able to come up with something satisfactory.

I want to keep the shelving low. I'm a wee bit claustrophobic, and shelves towering above my head make me uncomfortable. I know it's very dormy, but I'm into brick and board at the moment, with a little more thought put into the design apart from piling cinderblocks and plywood in a corner.

And (I'm very excited about this) my uncle is bringing my grandparents' 1950s Scandinavian folding dining table to my parents' house this weekend. Only 300 miles to go once it gets there! It's the only piece of furniture I wanted from their house and I was sooo afraid he was going to be a dick about it, but surprisingly, once my NPD grandma died, he grew a different personality.

I need to talk to the owners some more. I imagine once they get back they'll be doing an overhaul, painting and remodeling, etc., as they haven't done that much work. Painting might not be a problem to them. It would be great to at least do an accent wall. I like red.

And I get to have plants, finally! Our shoebox of doom and gloom was not conducive to plant life. No freaking room.

heh, turbo...I had to giggle at Turbo on your flickr account. He's all, "What the hell?" I like the purple idea. Will that shade be all right with your blue furniture? (Unless, of course, the furniture isn't blue and my monitor is just wacky like that). I love the color combination.

So, it's um, cat-lady if it's permanent, huh? Ummm...shit wink.gif We've been talking about cat shelves...and yes, potentially little sisal-covered climbing trees stretching pretty high up in the corners...*sheepish*

We're moving this week or early next. We have little to no furniture. This place is going to be so empty and echo-y for a looooong time. But sunlight! And a cute neighborhood! And space!
Ah, turbo, you know I'm seeing purple and orange and red in there! Hee! smile.gif I love that purple, btw, though you might want to have it a touch more blue-ish-purple with your couches. A tad more towards indigo? Which would look SO hot with orange, of course! biggrin.gif

Just as a quick example, what about something like this? The colours are Pandora (purple) and Florida Orange....I just threw a red in there randomly that was sort of like the one in your batik.

lucizoe, your place sounds great! That's too bad about not being able to install anything. Seems to me I saw some of that cable track lighting somewhere, except it was a new kind that you don't have to install into the has a plug in. I wonder....was it Ikea? Hmm. Not sure what else you'd do if you can't install and you don't want floor lamps....table lamps or clamp lamps, I guess, maybe bookshelf lighting if you're doing shelves. They also make those little puck lights now in versions you don't have to hardwire...they can go anywhere: under cabinets and shelves, in closets, in recessed areas, or wherever. You could also do that thing somebody posted with the minilights behind the wall of fabric - that was pretty cool. Actually, if you can get into minilights, you can get very creative with I've found! Seems you can turn almost anything into a lighting feature with minilights.

doodlemama is going to send me the sheers when she sends the wall-mounted table - they are just plain white, but that's what I would have picked for sheers anyway. I have a strong feeling that sheers (for me) should be white! smile.gif But that's because for me, sheers are about the light, and I'm pretty strong on only white lamp shades as well. I am planning to light the inside of the closet (I've already got one clamp lamp in there), which will make the wall of sheers a soft lighting fixture, basically.

So, I need to say how much I LOVE the dining table being in "The Library" (aka, the working/storage/passthru half of the living room). I should have done this years ago. I wanted to do it before, actually, but then I thought it was too crazy. EVEN THOUGH I actually hardly ever used the dining table in the dining room, which is off in a corner. "The Library" is actually the hub of the apartment, so it makes total sense, now, to have a big table here. I use it constantly - for working, creating, eating, reading the paper, folding laundry, serving BFF cinnamon toast and French press coffee...and if I end up contracting for all or part my income next year, this is going to make it so much easier to manage it. (Maybe the fact that my home is starting to really "click" together like this is a sign that my career will do the same!)

I dug out 6 black cloth napkins I bought years ago, never EVER used them before (they were still in their packages), so now I have a wooden tray with a cloth napkin on it, holding a nice glass water jug and a couple of glasses, in the middle of the table (well, you can see it in the pics). I put anything "food-dirty" on it, like used coffee spoons, dirty paper napkins, empty plates and mugs, pepper shakers or cream jugs or whatever is out at the time, to keep the work space tidy, and I change out the cloth napkin when it gets dirty. I think the tray and cloth napkin concept is one of the things hotel conferences have spoiled me for. Even though it seems very "swish" compared to what I'm used to at home, it also feels like something nice that I deserve to have for myself, AND it keeps the table looking tidy, even when there's work stuff and electronic devices everywhere. AND I drink more water! It makes it feel much more like a working space than a dining table, even though it's quite obviously a dining table.

luci, I actually did think about entering my kitchen, but on Tuesday, I went and looked at the deadline, and it was October 16. Poopies.

Fancy meeting you here turbo and doodle.

So, here's the story. We are moving into a house at the end of next month. Basically it is a blank slate. I thought it would be fun to keep a journal of our decorating progress.

Here are pics of the new placel

It has a ton of room, so we will be to have an office and a guest room. We've been acquiring new pieces of furniture off of craig's list, which I will post pics of later on.

I am so stoked to create our own place.
taloo, i love your house! how cute!

and good for you for having the foresight to do the before pics. i was dumb and didn't get the pics, so it's hard to appreciate how much work went in to some of the rooms we've painted/changed.

i can't wait to see the changes!

turbo, *i* like your purple choice and think it'll go really nice with the blue. i also think that the yellow you picked and the orange doodle picked should get married and that you should use the baby paint color that they'd create. just my 2 cents... like a golden-burnt-orange-red color?

we have red and orange linens and decor in our golden-green bedroom. i need a bedskirt and i'm thinking a deep bordeaux plummy purple. i just haven't found the right one in the right color yet. but then again, it took me about three months to find the right orange sheets and i finally did, so i'm sure my plum bedskirt is out there somewhere...

luci, could you get a new lightkit for the fan? it would be relatively easy to install and simple to take down when you move. i'm with ya on the not liking fans, but they actually make some semi-stylish lighting kits for them nowadays. or is the fan itself too high to reach?
Wow, sweet house, taloo! Lots of space! And a basement, too...that's something. WOW! I'm not sure I understand the layout of the kitchen, but I like the way it looks....I'm loving those black appliances, too! Do you get to keep them, or do you have to bring in your own?

ETA: cross-posted with FJ! Yes, I think a mix of the yellow and orange would look great with that blue-purple...gosh, turbo, I hope we're not overwhelming you already with "advice"!
doodle and fj, thanks! I am super excited about it.

The kitchen layout goes as so:
Pretend you are standing in the middle, back to the livingroom.

on the back wall is the sink, the left hand side has the appliances, and directly in front of you is the island whitch comes out of the wall on the right hand side (there is a window over there too.)

Eventually, we want to put the island in the middle, and put those damn overhead cupboards on the wall. It would open the kitchen up alot.

ETA. We get to keep the appiances, and there is an older fridge down in the basement that we also get.
*drools at taloo's house*

that house is amazing, taloo!!! I'm not sure what I'd do with that much space, if I had it! And the kitchen looks amazing! ...Kitchens really sell me on a place, as that's where I spend so much time! I can't wait to see what you do with it all!

I am getting a little overwhelmed with my decorating options, but I might just start with the purple wall, then hang the curtains and see how I feel about the naked beigey walls. Mostly, I just wanna hang the curtains up! smile.gif

I'm having my annual pumpkin carving soup supper on Wednesday night for all my gal pals, so I want to have at least the purple wall and curtains hung by then...and then we'll see about the rest. The purple wall will be SO easy, since there's not a thing in front of it!
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