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Full Version: House Of The Gods! Well, actually, it is just my lil' apartment...(the home decorating thread)
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think 'loftbed' and you'll be ok.
this would strictly be a rental situation. I've relocated to oahu with my dog for 2 years (that's my schedule talking -- could end up being far less or forever), and have been here 2 months so far. we've been living in a home undergoing renovation, with full construction happening against the back wall. the rent is exchanged for the security of us being here (dissuading anyone from taking equipment/materials), but as more walls and windows are removed from the standing structure, I'm losing hope about it ever being done. and I've noticed the whole house shakes when someone's walking around, the fleas and ticks are eating my poor dog, therre would be multiple renters meaning my dog would have to be on a chain blah blah blah. so I'm looking for a different situation with four walls where I could live in peace with my dog, and so far this is it. if you, treehugger, lived in a similar place with two extra pets and another person, I should be able to make a go of it...

whoops! sorry for the hijack. I'll come back after I find a place and ask all kinds of pertinent decorating questions. thanks!
go for the tiny place gogo!

i live in a 300 sq. foot apartment at the moment and it rocks. the rent is soooo affordable and it does make you all zen about owning less. i am pretty strict about what i allow myself to keep though in terms of possessions (i move ridiculously often for work.) i have a rule that everything i must own must be able to fit into my honda civic. but seriously small spaces feel cozy in the winter and in the summer you can live outside and enjoy your beautiful garden!
well...I wouldn't call it *affordable*. I don't know if you can call anything on this island that. but I am really leaning toward the whole living alone/paring down my life thing. unless it's totally unrealistic for me (I tend to be a packrat/nester type -- I love things!). but like I said, I'm going there tonight (in just 1/2 an hour, actually) and then I'll know more. eek!
finally, finally got things in some sort of order 'round here.
put the little's bed together only to have the frame split the next day. nice.
so his new double bed and box are on the floor but i actually like them at that height better and am not so serious about him not jumping on the bed if it's on the floor. that is one of those simple pleasures of childhood that i'd rather let him have so... on the floor it stays. i'll just have to figure out some way of installing the head board without the frame as it's the best part of the whole bed and the reason i bought it in the first place (has two glass-fronted light inserts with seperate switches that i can use small coloured bulbs for, what fun!). i moved everthing around in there to accomodate the bed and a new desk for arts and crafts, his old table was getting piled with stuff and ignored. it all looks wonderful now and there is good, workable space for playing and creative stuff.
my bedroom is all in arranged, 'sept for the large pile of laundry needing folding and ironing and the ironing board and iron which i moved in there when guests came over tonight. i figure if i don't put it away i'll get around to it sooner than later. i Do sort of need those clothes for work...
the living room is looking good, all the filing is put away and everything is in it's place. some furniture is moved out onto the deck and i think i'll still go and sit out there in the big armchair with a snuggly blanket even when it's cold out. the dining area looks amazing with that gigantic fishtank in it, when it's lit up at night it's just so beautiful. it's set on a timer (as are the twinkle lights on the deck) so i have a couple of hours of pretty, fishy wonder each night (when it goes out it's time for bed, nice reverse alarm clock that).
now if i could just get the storage closets and sewing cupboard organized. it does me no good to have to face the daunting task of wading through the piles each time i feel creative. it ends up taking more energy to get At the crafts then to do them. i don't bother most of the time. i'll have to change that. the past few nights i've been itching to sew but something always gets in the way. i was thinking tomorrow but got a call from the boy about a potential dinner date. oh well, i'll sacrifice nearly anything for romance including wine and food so... it'll come together eventually.

i'm so grateful for this space i have. i've always, always lived in small spaces and had to find ways to fit my life and creative stuff into the teensy area i've had to work with. my friends ask me for advice on how to organize and arrange storage all the time since i have had to do it for so long and just have a knack now, so it's very odd and very liberating to have a full sized apartment for a change, with seperate bedrooms for both of us and closets and the whole works. i'm getting used to it, in a way, but it's taking a while to change a lifetime of patterns. strange. i feel sort of... responsible to the space in a way. a bit of pressure/inspiration to make the best use of it and keep it nice all of the time. funny how weird i can get about someone seeing it a bit untidy. it really freaks me out actually. some sort of bizarre sense of deservability i suppose.
whatever it is, i am so happy to have all of this room and i really, really love it. i could make a small space work again, i'm sure. but i don't want to. not even a little bit.
Hey gogosgirl and ferraro, welcome! Have you checked out There are lots of great ideas there...and the guy who runs the blog lives in a 300 sq. ft. apartment....along with his wife....who is pregnant! I've just posted this elsewhere today...but if you think you have a problem with being a packrat or clutterbug, is a great help. I used to be a clutter/mess monster, but I turned my home around with FlyLady. (You can see my apartment pics at the link in my profile.)

Wow, pepper, you got a TON of stuff done! I'm very impressed! Have you got a plan for dealing with the sewing and craft supplies?

Hi everyone else! I'm still in Vancouver! Made a trip to two different mom wanted this drawing table (I can't find a link to the right version, but in the new catalogue, it's the Vika, with the glass insert for tracing), but the first Ikea didn't have all the parts. Though it's very cool, it was hell to put together. I pulled a tendon in my hand. Hurts like hell. I love Ikea until I get the stuff home. Then I spend a lot of time muttering, "I hate Ikea!"

I did buy a few things for me, but I didn't spend very much, and I only bought practical stuff that I'd been on the lookout for already. It's so easy to pile up little purchases thinking, "Oh, it's only $5, $10, $20," etc., until you've spent twice as much as you planned. Ikea's the worst for that. I passed up some really sweet things. *pouts* The best find, which DID come home with me, was this little fold-down wall-mounted's meant to be for a tiny kitchen or something, but I wanted it for the cats in the bedroom. I took down their window shelf when I re-did the bedroom (I couldn't walk around the bed without whacking my kidneys on the shelf!), and I've been looking for a replacement that folds down. This sticks out more than a shelf would, but it's still smallish, plus it only sticks out about 2 or 3 inches from the wall when it's folded down. And actually, because it's bigger, they can share it. I don't know if they WILL, but they CAN. smile.gif

My mom and step-grandma keep finding stuff for me to take home with me! This trip there will be a down comforter, a purple crocheted afghan, a mirror, and a picture from the attic that I have NO room for! (But they're going to throw it away otherwise. It's a kitschy embroidered peacock on black velvet. Any takers? I could send it to you!).

Step-grandma is also knitting me a green and purple afghan for my bedroom. I don't care if they're old-fashioned....they're cozy! She also started knitting me some green placemats, which I know I'd NEVER use, just for reasons of good taste. smile.gif So I'm encouraging her to knit them as two squares and I'm telling her I'll whipstitch them into a pillow cover....but I'm secretly going to use them to make a cozy seat for the cats' new window perch. Shhh, don't tell. tongue.gif

Tomorrow, I am giving my brother the wooden box I refinished. It's a belated housewarming gift, I guess...I was thinking it would be a good place to stash his huge collection of remote controls. I sanded off the old finish, painted the inside black, and painted the top with a modern mosaic, kind of like my kitchen cabinets, only in a blend of metallic acrylics. Then I left the rest of the wood plain and varnished the whole thing. I hope he likes it. I'm a bit nervous! He's one of those perfectionist Virgo types....

That's all my news! Home Monday, bringing doodlemama with me....I miss my home! And my own bed....
Wish me luck, y'all. I'm going to install the fold-down Ikea table this evening....

ETA: OOH! I forgot to mention that my brother LOVED the box!!!! He put his remotes in it right away and said it was a really good idea, and thought the box was beautiful! He said I should be selling them! He put it on the shelf under his glass top coffee table, just where I thought he would. Later, my step-grandma told me he was talking to her on the phone about how much he loved it.


Ok, so apparently I accidentally bought a black table instead of an unfinished one.

PLUS, the wall-mounted table actually can't be mounted on the wall unless you explicitely disobey the instructions.

PLUS, they don't include any screws, wall anchors, or other hardware that you need to actually mount it to the wall.

AND I broke the pilot bit for my drill.

But it's done now.

ME. HATE. IKEA!!!!!!!!
((((doodlebug)))) Well, you did it. I used to be totally green with envy for those of you who lived near an Ikea...THANK YOU!!! You've released me from my pain!

Anyway, you did end up getting it up?? Congrats, if you did. If you meant by "but it's done", more like "I THREW THE DAMN THING IN THE TRASH", (((sorry)))

I actually did throw something away after trying for three hours to futile-ly assemble it. It just made me so ANGRY........
Sorry to jump in here but I bought some bookshelves from Target for $18 dollars for the new loft- and they are the easiest things to put together! No tools or anything and they're sturdy. My nearest Ikea is like 5 hours away so I rarely make it there- but the whole "this couch comes in 4 boxes- is a little scary!
Next week I'll post some pics of the place b/c I'm already stumped on what to do in some areas! Well good-by internet- until hook-up at the new place...
I just bought a new bed frame from Ikea (brushed silver metal...goes really well with the 'mood' of my bedroom!) and my usually beligerant and impatient little brother assembled it for me.

I was shocked by his level of calm. It was like a drug or something. ""

I'll loan him out!

But I am a bit concerned that the only thing supporting me for hours every night are a few piddly screws that we secured using an allen wrench.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! doodle, sorry to laugh at your pain, emtee, sorry to laugh at your brother, ha ha! you girls made my day. i have a fair amount of ikea crap (always refer to it as Ikea, the semi-disposable furniture store) and i feel you. somehow it alway seems to work out ok in the end though, eh?
emtee, don't rock any hefty boys on that new bed of yours girl. take the couch. unless that's from ikea too? kitchen table? oh lord. hope you've got first aid and a sense of humor!
Wow! Ok, lotsa Ikea hate. I love it. (ETA: I love the hate, I mean. Heh.)

The fold-down table was the first thing I've found that folds down against the wall like that, so that's why I bought it. I wanted to have a window shelf for the kitties before winter (when they'll no longer be able to go out on the balcony), but it has to fold down so I (and any potential bed mates, *ahem*) can walk around the bed, and access the window wall.

I did get it mounted, but even though I used two inch screws, I think maybe I didn't use strong enough wall feels kinda wobbly. We'll see how it holds up.

Did I mention I dropped it on my toe once? This is AFTER I pulled a tendon in my hand putting together an Ikea drawing table for my mom. What is up with that effing allen key? I have a drill. It's a Skil drill. I know how to use it. An allen key is the reason I killed my hand.
I love IKEA in theory. In practice, when surrounded by 2,456 screws, 56 boards, a metal rod, and an allen wrench, it's pretty freaking scary. I stick mainly to the already assembled accessories, dishes, and linens. I hate to be a wuss about putting stuff together, but when the urge came over me to pick up a rod and start smashing shit in my house, I decided IKEA and their flat packs could kiss my ass. I'd love to borrow emtee's litte brother.
The other day the front of my underwear drawer came off in my hand. Again. What was really sad is that I got my new IKEA catalogue in the mail later in the day and was poring over it excitedly.
I admit I do still love my Klappsta chair and Knoppe footstool....but only with the dyed slipcovers! Anyway, they haven't fallen apart yet. And I'm pretty hard on my things. OTOH, I've only had them 1.5 years.) BUT...when I was in Ikea last week, I SWORE the new Klappsta is smaller than mine! And I realized that's probably how they keep their prices down on older products....they just shrink 'em! Plus the back legs on the new one are different.

Oh chair got posted at the IKEAhacker blog!

The wall-mounted table hasn't fallen down yet....the cats seem to like it....*fingers crossed*

ETA: ohhhhh....dusty.......I have to add know those glass sculpture lamps we have? They have BIGGER ones now, like 2 or 3 times the size....I'm not sure how I feel about them yet...

(Also, those big white milk bottle shaped floor lamps they come also in red or blue, with an Asian design on them. I was so tempted....but then I started having visions of cats climbing inside them to chase moths....)
I just picked up another huge mirror in Value Village today. It's my time for mirrors, I guess. This is a tall one with a wooden frame, meant for a dresser, but I already ripped the dresser brackets off. (I had to, to get it in the car!) It's dark brown - I'm going to paint it. Twenty-five smackers.

I love thrifting.

ETA: oh, except, also....Pier 1 is having a huge sale, so yesterday I bought a huge coloured opaque glass vase for fifteen bucks. WHAT is wrong with me that I can't stop this? Actually, I was pretty good at Pier 1...there were a dozen things I wanted to snap up, that I knew I had no room for....
hello supportive busties (bust support? eek...),

well, tonight after work I toss the dog in the overpacked van and head to honolulu to occupy the tiny studio I was obsessing over last week. I have yet to figure out anything having to do with furnishing the place, tho my guess is I'll be looking to unload my queen size bed asap. what's your collective best advice for a sleep unit? since this is basically one room...futon or convertible couch? let's hear your input! and I get to hang out with an old friend who's in town for one night -- just my luck, he's been living in tokyo for years now! I'm gonna pick his brain hard for living in small spaces hints. and ps, thank you for the link to I'm now an addict, but it makes me sad that I live somewhere without places like target (a common good designy things for cheap place). ah well.

gogosgirl, loft loft loft. that's all i have to say.

doodle, i couldn't find a mirror of any decent size to save my Life so i scooped every single one that i came across for the two years and now i have Way Too Many. what the heck do i even do with them all? dang. stashed in every room of the house i tells ya.
I've never slept on a futon, but I did sleep on a traditional sofabed - the kind that folds out from inside the sofa - for two years, and it was MURDER. And I was still under 30 then. Awful. Plus I've noticed with my own, and when I've visited people who have this kind of bed, there's always a dip in the middle and a metal bar resting under some really bony place on your body. BUT some of the new flip-down sofabeds - where the entire sofa flips out into a floor-level mattress - are probably better. Also, a good kind are the ones where the sofa itself folds down on top of the sofa can often find vintage versions of these, which I have (see the link in my profile), and my mom sleeps on it when she visits and likes it. I don't know how it would be for long term, regular use, though.

I'd be tempted to get a simple twin bed (no headboard or footboard), push it against a wall or even into a corner, and pile it with a zillion cushions, to make it look like a deep sofa. Actually, that IS what I did with my twin bed when I was a kid! (Is anyone surprised to learn I've been a decoraholic that long? Heh.) Anyway, then at least you'd have a DECENT bed to sleep on, that won't wreck your back. Probably won't work if you have to share it regularly, though.

I also love the loft bed can find the ones that are like bunk beds, but with no bottom bunk, so you can use the under-bed space for whatever you want.

Well, I've slapped a coat of primer on the mirror frame...a little tricky, 'cause it's a little bit ornate-ish (and it's dark outside). Going to paint it black for now, though I might do it in a metallic finish later on, in the future, sometime, maybe.

Oh, and the little wall-mounted table is a success with the kitties. I put one of the wicker catbeds on top, and now one or the other cat is always up there, snoozin' in the window.
Hi everyone. I know I've said it before, but I need to hang out in this thread more often. I am currently having a crisis which involves cleaning up the clutter in the tiny place I call home (see Corn Cob for details).

My main dilemma (I'm not really looking for solutions right at this very moment, but I've been dying to go back a bit and read some of the archives) is that I kind of want to make my place more homey, but I also know for sure I'm going to be moving in less than a year to a less expensive place. I feel like I already own too much crap. I rent and the landlord is absolutely anal about not hanging stuff on the walls (nails, I mean). And I guess because of that, I've not gotten into decorating it at all. I never used to be this way with other places I've lived in. I like pretty things, I do. It's a nice space. It's just kind of blah and I know it could be better, even approaching wow. I'm just not sure how much I care, you know? Please feel free to flog me for saying that. I do want to change it a little bit, obviously; that's why I've always been interested in this thread.

I have dreams about owning a little house or a flat that would have a room I could turn into a library, a cozy place to read and daydream and doze off. It would definitely include built-in bookcases, floor to ceiling.

Joining you in the hate for Ikea. I've got an Ikea bedframe that I'm not using on principle because I can't stand it anymore; I need to sell it to someone who doesn't care about such things (mainly because I could use the money). I can't shop at that store anymore and I don't feel bad for saying it. Yes, in theory, it's good; in practice, it's wretched.

Off to read the archives in between the cleaning.
I have an allen wrench helpful hint. You take the short end and cut it off. Sturdy wire cutters will do the trick. (Real ones, not little ones you use for jewlery.) Then you take the long piece you have left over and stick it in your drill. Set it on a low torque setting and then you have, more or less, an eletric allen wrench. It's a handy trick for putting together furniture that has loads of allen screws.
This link has some good tips: Rental Decorating Digest

I don't understand what the eff is UP with these landlords who won't let people hang stuff on the walls. Little holes made with proper picture hangers are EASILY filled without ever showing damage. I've lived in lots of places where I couldn't paint, but I moved pictures around all the time, and you could never tell where the old holes were. Gah.

raisin, you could try the trick of hanging up fabric with don't have to do the whole wall, you could do a big chunk of colourful fabric (some cool, mod print or something), like an oversized painting. (ETA: here's a link.) I'm sure there are other ideas. (Leaning artwork against the wall, on top of a console table?) Maybe once you were able to get SOMETHING on the walls, you might feel better about doing up the rest of the space?

I've taken such liberties with my rental space! But I've been here a long time, and also, I never ask, I just do...I learned in non-profit work that it's easier to get forgiveness than permission. biggrin.gif But my building managers - a couple - love my space, even the mural. The wife brought her sister over just to view my decor, and the husband always compliments my housepainting skilz. Heh.

De-cluttering will make a huge difference in how you feel about the space, too. Clutter is a space-killer. Speaking as a formerly SERIOUS clutterbug, as I've said many times! You all wouldn't believe how horrible it was. FlyLady and a little Apartment Therapy both saved me. You know, they do say the state of the home is a manifestation of the self....

Thanks for the tip, zora!

Ok, so I've been painting that farking mirror frame. It's kind of ornate, so I'm worried that the black makes it look a little too goth! Heh. Oh well. It still looks better, which is the principle of the thing. (Goddess bless black's sophistication-making quality.) Anyway, I've put on 3 coats, but it's going to need at least 1 more...not sure if it's b/c I used white primer, or because it's gloss paint...prolly a little of both.
i fill those holes with putty and wipe the wall down with a damp cloth afterwards. i'd like to see a landlord Try to keep my damage deposit because of that, ha! landlord beige indeed! they have to be the only people who actually LIKE that colour.
i hang fabric with flat tacks, they leave smaller holes. you can shrinky dink or fimo things to stick on the tacks too.

great alan key tip, wow, love it!

doodle, what about slapping on a coat of something slightly not black or even contrasty and then wiping it right off so it's just left in the indented spaces? might brighten up/lively up that frame.

i'm mid deconstruction. you know when you pull everything apart so you can put it all back together? ya, that one.
i just moved the computer to the opposite side of the desk so that it isn't beaming it's neg-o 'puter vibes at my shins when i sit down here. it 'feels' much better already. but between the speakers, keyboard, mouse, webcam, cordless and regular phones, printer and the monitor, woah, all those wires! like a giant terrible spiderwebby tangleball. nasty, so good it's all hidden, what a nightmare.
That's a good idea, pepper....I might do that at some point, maybe with some of those metallic acrylics I have. At THIS point I am too fed up to do anything else, because....'s lesson, kiddos, is that if you think you can skip a step and not remove the mirror from the frame before painting....don't. No matter how carefully you tape, it will not work.

I was too lazy to remove the bazillion screws holding the backing on, so I taped around the inside of the frame instead. Mistake. It was a disgusting, ragged mess when I tried to take the tape off, PLUS you could see all the splotchy parts on the underside....mirrored back the raggedy parts looked more raggedy from being mirrored as well. I wound up having to remove the back anyway, and then sand down the inner edges of the frame and repaint. Plus there is paint all over the mirror. *sigh* Live and learn. AND it was sooooo stupid NOT to remove the back, 'cause it took me less time to remove the screws with my drill than it did to tape it off so carefully.


Is that bad, pepper, to have the 'puter tower in front of your legs? Uh oh. How come?
you can get that paint off lickety split with a razor blade. it's super easy.

yes, computer rays pointing right at you are crap. bad mojo, all that super-duper vibe messing with your own. it's like radon in the basement or living next to a transformer or sticking your head in a microwave.
i think so anyhow and i'm backed up by tons of paranoid hippies, so there!

oh, looky what i found for alla the non-painters....;topicseen
I know this is totally random but I really love the new ignore function
Ah, ditto, missladyj! Ditto!

BTW, the fold-down window table/shelf is a complete kitty success! I haven't actually had opportunity to fold it down yet, since one or the other is always up there. I put one of their beds on it, so now there is almost always one or the other kitty in there, snoozin' in the window!

Also, I slapped flat black paint over top of the gloss on the frame...that has toned it down a LOT. Gloss = shows every drip, bump, and lump. Like wearing satin pants. Ugh!
Yeah, Doodle, Mr. Landlord is an asshat and has a very large security deposit from me that I want every penny back on. De-cluttering it has been helping a whole lot, though.

Pepper, I can't get that link to work. mad.gif

Yet another reason to buy a house or a flat so I can do whatever the damn hell I want with the space. The fact that it would be A Good Thing To Do For The Future is only secondary to the freedom of making the bedroom an all-out va-va-voom boudoir of lust.
craftster isn't working right now, i've been jonesing all damn day! try it again later, it's worth a look.
Ha ha! raisin, did you ever see that epi of Sex and the City where Sam went home with this guy who had a the world's smallest BDSM dungeon built into his bedroom CLOSET!? HA HA! Your post just made me remember that! smile.gif

The other good thing about owning is...if you can't pay the rent, they can get you out within a month; if you can't pay the mortgage, it takes them up to a whole year to get you out! Heh.

But seriously folks...

Actually, I've been pretty lucky with landlords. I've had a few bad apples, though. One caretaker (absentee owner) had actually re-routed my electricity and was using it to run a grow-op in his apartment! He hooked my electricity in so it was shared with the guy who rented the garage to do autobody work, and I would lose power at random intervals. The caretaker would just come along and "fix" it. I still didn't know about the grow-op - I found out later - but I phoned the Residential Tenancy Office about the continuing electricity problems, and they contacted the owner. After that situation blew up, we were run by a lame ass rental company who didn't give a shit about us because we were only a lousy fourplex that didn't make them much money. That was the place right before this one....moving here was like finding a piece of heaven.
oh, i've been cleaning and reorganizing for what seems like days now and it still looks like i haven't done a thing! what the hell.
i moved all of the plants back inside a few days ago and have had to find new homes for them all. there are a couple by my desk which is nice and some by the fish tank which is awsome, it's full of plants so having them on the outside works really well. my friend just moved so i scored some more of her incredible pottery, i'll post pics later. i Love living in a town with an art school, have i mentioned that?

when this is finished i'm taking a holiday.
Yay pepper!

Me and my plants are jealous of your new pottery.
Oh oh oh! Hold me back. That link works this morning, Pepper.

Christmas lights behind the fabric. (I love that it's flat bedsheets, too -- GENIUS IDEA!) That is really... wow. I think I can make that work over here.

Doodle, I loathe SATC (sorry), so I haven't seen the episode you speak of. But I was thinking of a boudoir more along the lines of Moroccan harem, not New York City S&M dungeon. cool.gif

I shouldn't complain about the landlord. He's anal, but he fixes stuff and is big on upkeep.

So anyway, I was reading the archives a bit.

Pepper, I noticed that you had posted pictures of your home, which were followed by gushing compliments. I'm sad I missed out on the pictures! (The links were dead.)

I don't know, I kind of like wallpaper. Granted, I haven't been in a house in a while where I've liked the wallpaper, but in theory I think I could like it.

So yeah, I'm 30something and thinking of hanging a poster of Johnny Depp on a bedroom wall. What the hell is wrong with me? The adult in me says I should do something "tasteful" like make it a small picture and frame it. The teenager is all, "Fuck THAT. Get the biggest damned poster you can find and hang it above your bed!"

I am temporary blinded by lust.
hee! giant johnny, ooh yummy yum yum!!
my friend's mom has a big ole poster of him on her living room wall and she's in her, well, N/M, she's old enough to be my friend's mom.

i'm working on getting things in shape for new pics, i am cursed with this need to move alla my shit around and around and around. i thought i had it just the way i wanted it for a minute there but then the seasons had to go and change and outside stuff became inside stuff. etc. compulsive.

stay tuned mistress raisin....

i'm not even going to look at the date of my last post because my studio stuff is still all over the living room floor. no kidding.
me, the neat freak, i've given up the ghost apparently. i'm depressed, what else can i say? i'm working on the dishes and laundry from last week at least...
today i cleaned up the kid's room, cleaned the rat's cage, took junk down to the free room, tidied my room, burned some dhoop (smokey but smells oh so deliciously indian), washed an enoromous lot of dirty dishes, bought terracotta and soil for repotting plants (yes, i know i'm very, very late), and am now formulating a plan to tackle the rest of the house tomorrow: kitchen floor and cupboards. fridge (yuck), bathroom everything, carpets, huge pile of sewing covering the entire livingroom floor, repot those plants. and then i will take pictures. oh yes, i will.
Hey raisin, just put it in one of those huge poster frames from Ikea and act like you meant it!

pepper, yay for gettin' shit done! Does it make you feel better? It usually works for me, when I'm down.

Speaking of, it took me two days to "reclaim" my apartment after doodlemama left. PHEW! But I also hadn't done laundry after going to Vancouver, so there was a lot to be done. I think everything is back the way I like it now!

One good thing that did come out of doodlemama's visit (I mean, aside from the visit, which WAS good, despite my needing more space), was that I had to learn to actually really "live" in my bedroom now that it's re-done, and not just preserve it as this perfect new room....b/c that was the only way I could get some of the private time I needed. So that was kind of good.

I got the big mirror up on the living room wall, but now that it's up there, the black does make it seem kind of "heavy" to me...not oppressive but maybe a bit too imposing. I'm not sure. I think I'm going to try hanging it a bit lower, and if that doesn't work, I'm gonna try pepper's trick with the paint. Maybe silver or turquoise.

The other mirror has been taken off to the bedroom, but I'm not going to hang it on the wall till I paint. Whenever that is! I'm waiting for a reimbursement cheque from some work travel, actually, and then I'll buy the paint.

Ok, that's my report! Where is everyone else!?
doodle, why not both? gilt silver with turquoise inlay...
just paint it on and rub it off.

OH! I Know!!

paint on some turquoise, rub it off.
paint on some crackle medium, let dry.
a layer of silver, rub That off and voila!!

uber sexy vintage like black based crackle turquoise peek-a-boo finish!! nice.

uh, ok. now i'm going to bed.
more than halfway thru a bottle wine and wiped out from apartment stuffs.
not really feeling any better, just sort of numb actually. but i figure if i keep it up it'll start to feel like it used to eventually. the tidying and organizing was always a pleasure so...
the only thing that makes me feel normal right now is sex. le sigh. i like my apartment almost as much as that. at least it's always available when i want it and doesn't bitch if i fall asleep mid-way.

ha ha ha.
my deck needs something on the big bare wall.
biggrin.gif yeah happy happy joy joy biggrin.gif

I will be moving in just a few months in to my first house . I love the house it's 3 bedrooms/2 bath with a full basement. The kitchen is a blast from the past dry.gif ( dark wood panel very 70's) but I can live with it ( major remold in fut) . Any way am looking for ideas for my livingroom and bathrooms am clue less any ideas would be great. tongue.gif
Hey anymore to go on when you are seeking ideas? What are you having to work with now (i.e., light, size, shape, existing furnishings and accessories, etc.)?

pepper, how about a big trellis? You can grow vines (sweet peas?) up it in the summer, and the trellis will still fill up the space over the winter....

Still haven't done anything with the mirror....lots of personal stuff going on. But I'll get to it! Also I've been painting another box...this time for BFF's daughter's 18th b-day, which is tomorrow....

I think the fold down table is going to come off the wall one of these days. I guess I didn't anchor it in well enough. It's a heavy sucker!
that part of the deck gets almost no direct light at all i'm afraid. i'll have to think of something else. art of some kind...
You could grow a shade plant, like ivy....or even just a trellis. You'd have to be careful about what kind of art, b/c anything with paint or fibre probably wouldn't last through the weather. What about a big metal sculpture? There must be a metal artist in that hippie enclave of yours!
ksa is right downtown girl, metal should be no problem. but i'm into fiber, i don't care if it shreds or fades, i can replace or add to it over time. like a multi-layer out door wall quilt. crazy. maybe a canvas. hmmm...
i would love a shade plant but that is where i put the indoor plants in the summer (warmer months) so must keep it clear for fall/winter/spring. what the heck, i reserve that space for something that is there only one quarter of the year. but it's my favourite quarter though...

speaking of metal and local artists, have you seen the new oso negro? check this out...
tres gorg-e-roo!
QUOTE(doodlebug @ Sep 13 2006, 05:01 AM) *

Hey anymore to go on when you are seeking ideas? What are you having to work with now (i.e., light, size, shape, existing furnishings and accessories, etc.)?

pepper, how about a big trellis? You can grow vines (sweet peas?) up it in the summer, and the trellis will still fill up the space over the winter....

Still haven't done anything with the mirror....lots of personal stuff going on. But I'll get to it! Also I've been painting another box...this time for BFF's daughter's 18th b-day, which is tomorrow....

I think the fold down table is going to come off the wall one of these days. I guess I didn't anchor it in well enough. It's a heavy sucker!

Well the livingroom is 12x24 with pine floors three 1/2 walls painted white with two windows normal size ( talk about blake slate) . The bathroom are you stand bath sink,toilent,tub,white tile floors etc... I have a big 42in tv and a tv stand from ikea ( beech in color) thats going in the room. Thats it I need a new sofa and maybe a chair,a few bookcases. I like a lt of diff things so it's really hard for me to make a decsion on one look. I do have some great old movie posters ( chessy horror movies like plan 9 ) I would like to put up.

thank for the help girls biggrin.gif
hey lunia, there is a "home sweet home" section on the craftster forum that has great topics like housewares and internal and external decorating/yard art projects. there are pics of completed projects and lots of discussion and q&a about what and how to and such.
check it out.
lunia, give me the weekend to think about your space, and maybe find some links. I have been in a bit of a weird state this week, due to work issues.

So....last night, Georgie was up in the catbed, which is on top of the Ikea folding table. Carmella decided to jump in. And the WHOLE THING slid off the wall! I don't know if this is a sign that Carmella is too overweight, or Ikea's stuff really is shit. Or both. *sigh* I'm not sure it's going to work, except I do need to have some shelf there for them....I'm thinking of getting BFF to help me cut it down so it's not so big.

So I brought a bunch of stuff home from the centre today, my personal things, which were "on loan" to the place. One is a gorgeous 3X4 foot painting by a local artist, of three half-naked women dancing joyously and about to pluck and apple from a branch. VERY bright colours. It's called "Eve and Friends." I'm going to hang it in my bedroom, probably after I paint. Another thing is this low, long bookshelf type thingie with rounded corners. My grandfather built it (he was a carpenter by trade), probably about 35 - 40 years ago, but with some paint, it will look very modern - well, it was modern at the time! I am not totally sure where to put it, but I'm trying it in my bedroom for now.

Mom gave me a can of leftover green paint, about 3/4's close to the colour I plan to do the bedroom. I think I might use it to get cracking on that one wall in my bedroom, where I've put up the huge tester swatches. I really want to get that painting hung up there, and also my other mirror.
I bought paint! I bought paint, paint, paint, lovely paint! It's the colour I picked out for my bedroom! I'd been waiting for a travel reimbursement cheque....anyway, now I've got it! Don't think I'll start this weekend tho'. I want to fix up that mirror, and also paint grandad's bookcase....
doodlebug's the Me Blog again! smile.gif

Well, I've got the little cabinet thingie primed and with one coat of paint on it. My mom gave me some leftover green paint from her place, turns out it's almost the same colour as the one we made ourselves as the background for the mural! Anyway.

Okay, I've spent two days shifting furniture (and heavy books, goddamn it!) around trying to figure out where to put grandad's little cabinet. I think I finally have a plan, sort of. I THINK. I'm going to try grandad's cabinet under the killer whale in the entrance hall, then ditch the little bookshelf that's there now (into another room - bathroom maybe, or bedroom), and also swap the hallway mirror with the goth-y one in the living room (which I'll still paint over). If it seems to fit well, I'll just put baskets or boxes in the cabinet and use it for storage, instead of filling it up with yet MORE books I may never get around to reading!

Wish me luck! If this doesn't work, I have NO idea where I'll put grandad's cabinet!

On the upside, I got rid of a bunch of old books - textbooks, mainly - so I could make room for my feminist/social work/community development collection, which I also brought home from the Centre.

Does anyone else find that working with latex paint gives them a stuffy nose? I've taken a Reactine, but it doesn't seem to be making much difference...
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