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Full Version: House Of The Gods! Well, actually, it is just my lil' apartment...(the home decorating thread)
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emtee -- what about decoupage? i know a lot of people who've decoupaged wrapping paper to their big carby furniture (for instance the classic white formica wardrobe). thin papers like that also look very nice in windows if you want some privacy, and under any kind of glass. it also might be neat papered into drawers with clear contact paper.

i knew an artist once who wallpapered his studio in dollar store wrapping paper (part xmas, part chanukah). it looked great, actually, if, erm, a bit informal.
Ooh, emtee, you could glue it to a big canvas or piece of plywood or fibreboard....I've seen them wrap canvasses in fabric, why not paper? It would be its own work of art!

Or, if you've got a saw and mitre box, you could attach it to a wall and then "frame it" with pieces of baseboard or other wall trim.

It might also look cool, if you can find any frames with pre-cut mats...maybe do three in a row along the wall, or four hung in a square....actually, you could do that with cheap clip frames, too! (I did the four-in-a-square once with 15X20" clip frames...I scribbled a poem - Starhawk's "Charge of the Star Goddess" - with white pencil in huge letters on kraft paper, then cut the paper to fit the frames. That hung in my living room for several years.)

Or you could decoupage your lampshades with it...

Speaking of lamps, the cats are steering very clear of the replacement lamp this evening.

I got an idea tonight...I am thinking about taking the bottom two drawers out of the dresser I have, and attaching JUST the drawer fronts back on, and then cutting holes in the side for the cats to go through...then I'd put the cat litter in there! I think it would work! I've just got to figure out how to attach the drawer fronts so that I can remove them for cleaning the litter...and also, I have to figure out what the best way to cut the holes is...
doodlebug, check this out:

Yes, I'm too lazy to do a proper link. But what it is, is a vase/litter box. It looks like a vase but it's really a kitty litter box!!!


Will write more tomorrow when I am not in a semi-coma. Wanna hear the squirrel story?
Where is that thing from??? Where can I buy it????? Me want! Me want!!!!!!

YES I want to hear the squirrel story!!!
I saw the litter box in one of those catalogs on the airline flight. The catalog is called "skymall" and I found a page to order. They're a bit pricey though.

Squirrel story coming up! I bought this really, really crappy old house with the idea that I was going to fix it up and then live in it happily ever after. rolleyes.gif Anyway, all the plaster was falling down, including in the ceilings. I knocked pretty much all of it down to drywall. At the same time I re-roofed so I pulled some old rotten soffet and fascia boards down.

Renovations go slowly, so many of my rooms were gutted for a long time. I lived with just wall studs, kraft-paper backed insulation, and plastic stapled over the top of it, for a year. It's tough when you work all week.

Anyway, I had been coming home to find random things broken and just things not in the right place. Including that vase. And I'd notice my cat staring at weird random spots in the walls and I never figured out what it was. I figured it was MICE.

Seque to about a couple weeks later, my mom came to visit me. Now, my mother is a bit...nervous about things. I'm amazed she didn't totally freak out about the state of my home. I look back and I don't know how I lived in it the way it was.

We are sitting at the dining table having lunch. And I start hearing a MAJOR ruckus upstairs. Things crashing to the floor. Then, to my horror, my cat (a young juvenile cat, not quite two years old at the time), comes flying down the stairs with a squirrel in his mouth!! He gets to the bottom of the stairs and DROPS it. It is still alive. The squirrel takes off running and my dog jumped on it and did the whole shakey-shakey-die-die thing to it. Poor thing.

It all happened so fast, but in retrospect I think Mojo and Lady had been stalking that thing for a LONG time.

I had to get the squirrel away from the dog and take it outside and end it's life, uh, as humanely as I could. Poor little guy. blink.gif
Oh noooooooo.....that's funny and sad all at the same time!

My brother had a squirrel that kept coming into his apartment, but he didn't have a cat, so he had to chase it by himself. biggrin.gif
Ok, I just started hacking up one of my paint-splattered dropcloths to make a replacement lampshade for the one Carmella killed. I can't keep buying new lamps with paper shades...I'm just going to try making cloth shades each time a little furball kills a paper one.

It's just unbleached muslin fabric...I found a perfect size spot to hack out of it; it's splattered with black, lime green, and metallic turquoise! smile.gif

I had to do something...I can't stand not having a lamp on the nightstand...
i just purged at least a third of my crap for the giganto yard sale we're having tomorrow. amazing how many treasures i just can't wait to be rid of. ah, blissful space...
bought new planters for the deck and dragged two arm chairs out there. snagged an unused miny propane q from the neighbour (badly needs some elbow grease), lights, plants, prayer flags (hey, i live in hippie-ville ok?) all the house plants out there, i'm so ready for a long leisurely summer. too bad i have to work every damn day. ah well, there aren't as many 'squitters here as in onterrible so what the heck. evening on the deck it is. i'll get back to tending the inside when i have to Be on the inside. ha ha.
oh, my place looks empty (closets included) and serene. i even went through my clothes closet and ditched everything i haven't worn in the last year. all of it, outta here. it feels incredibly good.

doodle, there's a woman here who calls herself the shadey lady, she makes awesome lampshades with fringe and trim and such. good luck, i know you'll do great!
hi! i lost track of this thread for a while but i finally got photos of my place up. my place is (clearly) very, very small but i think i've done as much with it as i can. i have my livingroom/studio, a bedroom, big walk-in closet, bathroom and tiny kitchen. it's only me so i don't need a big place; the only things i wish are a) a window in the kitchen (it gets dark and depressing-looking), cool.gif hardwood floors (at least i have dark carpeting and not that gross beige that shows every single stain), and c) permission to paint.

i framed a bunch of pages from my obscenely large collection of vintage storybooks, and have some posters and scarves/tablecloths/whatever-they-looked-cool on my walls. my new baby nasturtiums have mostly died during the ridiculous heatwave we had in LA but the spider plant and succulent are still doing fine. they are all in my bathroom right now as it is a bit cooler in there.

next order of business is to remove the paint from the french window doors on the bedroom. i know i'm not allowed to repaint, but he didn't say anything about removing, and it's super ugly that the panes of glass have been painted over. what's the best way of doing that? a cloth dipped in paint thinner?

ooh and i took your suggestions and covered the bathroom window with some clear, textured contact paper (which in fact i found at the dollar store around the corner) and it worked fantastically--looks professional even!

re: dad is a carpenter and he once was renovating an old building and a petrified squirrel carcass fell out of the ceiling onto his head. he brought it home. it's really freaking cool looking--smooth and beige, like a little squirrel mummy.
Hey mouse! You're place is looking great! I love all the spots of colour you've got going on...the green especially looks so nice and fresh against the white! (And I'm not just saying that b/c I love's actually making me think when I re-cover the couch and chairs, I should do them in green, just in case I ever move and can't will still look nice and clean/fresh with white walls.) Are those shutters on the sides or your windows, or some kind of panel...? Also, what is that tall skinny thing standing up beside your desk/table? That totally sucks that they won't let you paint. Honestly, it's like landlords are afraid you're going to improve their apartments or something!

pepper, show us some piccies of your deck! Too bad I didn't know you needed a BBQ...I just got rid of a mini propane one that I never used! Yay for decluttering and creating serene spaces!!

I haven't gotten any further on my lamp than cutting out the fabric....*sigh*'s just too....summery....I just wanna laze....
i just put up prayer flags around the top so i'm almost embarassed to show y'all. it's looking a little hippie out there, all plants and prayer flags and indian cushions and shit. as soon as i get the other planters i ordered home and up and full of dirt at least (fingers crossed for some actual plants, i know it's really late) i'll take pics and post them. it really is a teeny weenie little space but i love it, and the View!
i borrowed one of those mini propane q's from a neighbour but it has to have been out in the weather all winter, it's so full of rust and junk. anyone have ideas about how to clean it?

mouse house so cute. mouse so cute too (i knew it!). i can't paint here either, blah. it's ok though, i just hang colourful stuff up on the walls. at least it's off-white and not landlord beige. i'll take light and bright over murky pale brownish-grey-puke anyday (actually had that colour more than once).
thanks doodle! smile.gif
i like the green too. it's funny, i got that poster at an art show, and then i saw the curtains at ikea and loved the green, and then there were the flowerpots, and then the bedsheets.....hehe. and yeah, those are window's so hot now that i keep them open all the time, and the place is too small to have them just out so i put the right one behind the stereo. i won't have to move it until at least november i'm sure, and since the lease is up then i may not even be staying here (i'd like to, but everything in my life feels totally temporary right now).

the white walls are okay--my ceilings are actually painted, which is funny--blue in the bathroom and dusty pink in the living room--but sometimes they just feel very empty. i've got enough things on the walls i think, but i'd love to do a mural (yours is beeyootiful, btw) or something abstract or bright and graphic....someday!

the tall skinny thing is an "elite wind tower" aka a fan. we've been having 100+ f degree weather here and i kept buying cheap fans that fell apart, so i finally gave in and splurged on a really fancy one. and it's goh-juss....
pepper - SOS pads usually work really well on rust, and the soap on them is safe for something that's going to come into contact with food. If the grills are gross, soaking them in the sink or tub first helps, just like oven racks. Does it have the ceramic (or whatever) briquettes in the bottom? They're supposed to go all black, I think. I never really used mine....I think if the finish inside is worn away b/c of the rust, then it's prolly a good idea to spray the inside with cooking spray before you use it.

mouse, thanks for the mural love! *grin* I actually almost wish we had done it on panels instead of right on the wall, 'cause I'm gonna hate leaving it behind....and more, I'm going to hate not knowing whether they'll keep it or paint over it after I go...actually, maybe it's better not to know! I might feel differently if I was the only one who'd done the work, but it's my mom's creation, too....anyway, I highly recommend doing something more portable. You can buy pressboard panels that are 8 feet high...

That's so odd that they'd paint the ceilings odd colours, but not let you paint the walls! Dumb! Oi. in the living room????????
So.....I sent treehugger's link to the kitty litter plant pot to Apartment Therapy...and they posted it!

And then some of the design snobs slammed it because, oh, how gross it would be to have the smelly litter in the living room. WTF? Apparently they must be either too lazy to clean the kitty litter regularly, or too stupid to realize they don't HAVE to put a plant pot in the living room. Or else maybe their cats are so clever they can just hang their furry asses out the window and shit on the pedestrians below. (Fuck, I wish I'd posted THAT comment.)

God, some of those snotty assholes that post on AT upset me!

But I'm not bitter.
Hee. Well, I did find the whole premise of the kitty litter planter kind of amusing because of the assumption that if you can't *see* the litter box you will never know its there. Hmmmm...what is that alarming scratching sound coming from the potted plant? And why does it reek of warm broccolifish?

But I still want one. Or two.
I was almost going to post that my kitties' don't really have stinkies, because I feed them expensive anti-stink food (and scoopable litter really does keep the other kind of stink to a minimum)....but Georgie just had a HUGELY stinky poo, and I've got the portable fan aimed at it before I dare to approach and clean the box. Hee! I blame bug-hunting season. Lord knows what happens to some of those critters inside a kitty's digestive system.

Though as for a rustling plant pot, I think it wouldn't surprise people in my apartment.
I'm spoiled. I have a self-cleaning one. Although I do have to rationalize it by saying that when I first got Mojo I had another cat. They "tolerated" each other but if Mojo had used the box (like, if there was even just ONE turd in there), Fujie wouldn't use it and would crap OR pee ANYWHERE else.

Since I was gone all day, it was worth it to me to not have the messes. Yuck. It worked.

It's got an infrared sensor and a timer and it waits till about ten minutes after it senses motion, then it scoops it all up! Fujie's gone now (rest in peace) but I'm in LOVE with this litter box.
My BFF tried to give me a self-cleaning box a year or two ago, for my birthday. Never wanted one, never asked for one, never hinted about wanting one....but some people often buy others the gifts they want themselves, y'know? smile.gif Anyway, she kept it and swears by it. I thought it was a monstrosity and was worried it would scare my cats away from the box. If I didn't rent, I wouldn't worry as much, but I couldn't take the risk of them starting to use other spots besides the box! Anyway, I don't mind the mess so much now that I'm using scoop litter. (She also tried to give leave some kind of huge, ugly electric water fountain/dish thingie in my apartment last year when I went out of town, and I made her come and take it away. She does like her gadgets...but I like simplicity!)
I use cedar litter because Mr. Dusty pointed out what I already knew, that clay litter isn't good for their respitory/digestive system. I don't think its compatible with the automatic scooper or I would be seriously considering it.
Hmmm...that would probably be a lot easier to pack up the stairs than the clay stuff! Do they kick it all over the floor, though?
My BFF tried to give me a self-cleaning box a year or two ago, for my birthday. Never wanted one, never asked for one, never hinted about wanting one....but some people often buy others the gifts they want themselves, y'know? Anyway, she kept it and swears by it. I thought it was a monstrosity ...

It IS huge, isn't it? Mine's in my closet. But, anyway, it didn't scare Mojo. When he hears it start up he runs in to watch it! rolleyes.gif But, to each her own.

I use cedar litter because Mr. Dusty pointed out what I already knew, that clay litter isn't good for their respitory/digestive system. I don't think its compatible with the automatic scooper or I would be seriously considering it.

You're right, the cedar litter isn't compatible. Found that out the hard way. Neither is the wheat stuff. That's about the only negative I have with that litter box. That and it won't fit inside that vase thing!

I had tons of the cedar and wheat stuff on the floor but I think it was because the box couldn't scoop it into the bin properly.

I had absolutely a horrible day yesterday! Ugh. I spent ALL FRICKING DAY trying to put a safety switch on an ice machine. I am going to have to fudge my time because I can't bill these people THAT much money for fixing what wasn't broken. sad.gif
Does it get all over the floor? Bwhahahahahaha! The swiffer hates it. I found that the clay stuff was all over the place too. I even have a little boot tray under the litter box and everything. At least the cedar stuff isn't all in my bed like the clay was.
I happen to be housesitting for a couple with two cats and an automatic litter box- except I think the thing is jammed or something, because it does not appear to work, and flashing lights appear, and the cats seem to avoid it which is resulting in sad messes (why they fail to use it as a traditional box fails me...I scoop!) Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can un-jam it?
Gosh, emtee, I have no idea! I wish I could help. Can you figure out how to take it apart? Maybe some of the litter is jammed in the machinery...

Hee! Well, dusty, I haven't gotten any clay litter in my bed since Bunny passed away, so that's not a problem. I used this wood/paper pulp stuff with my first cat for awhile, and she used to kick it it went further away from the box, 'cause it was so light! blink.gif

Well, on the decorating front, I hung two iron plant hangers on my bedroom wall tonight, with plants. I know I should wait till I paint, but if I leave them sitting on the floor, they won't get enough light! So...I think I'll go buy some paint this weekend, anyway. Don't know when I'll actually get around to the painting part, but if I have the paint, I can go at my own speed!
ooh, don't go taking it apart. email or phone the company. at least if you can't fix it, you won't break it anymore than it is already.
i'd get a temporary replacement in the meantime. one of those aluminum throw away roasting pans might work.
good luck!
emtee, I have had something like that happen. One time, it got so the cord got unplugged and the plug thingy was in the back so it didn't show. It's running on battery power if the light is blinking...but I'm not sure about flashing. Could it have gotten on battery power?

I've found that battery power is WAY weak. And barely moves. Do you have power at the wall outlet? Or if it always runs on batteries, maybe they are low.
With two cats, I found the newspaper litter really, really stinky. The cedar stuff is great, the wet bits smell like cedar, but its way expensive. I think Mr. Dusty was totally shocked, and I was like, well it was your idea to get them off the clay...
Found some nice planters for only 2.99 CAD at Safeway today....ceramic, nice square shapes....2 lime green and 2 purple! WOOT! What a great score for a houseplant/decorating freak! cool.gif
A decorating thread- I love BUST!!! At the end of the month, I'm moving into my dream place. It's a converted factory loft with some brick walls and wood ceilings. I can't paint- so besides hanging my art on the white walls does anyone have ideas (preferably cheap) to jazz up the white walls?

Also what's the troll thread???
Bless me Mother, for I have sinned. I bought new home stuff today.

But wait....gigi, welcome to the thread, and to BUST! BUSTing Trolls was originally a thread we busties developed so we could talk about trolls in the Lounge, and also respond to them, if people felt like responding, without de-railing "real" threads. Now that we have a new board, with an "ignore" feature, the need to discuss trolls is pretty much defunct, so it's "degenerated" into a happy free-for-all. I hope that explanation helps!

I saw a really cool thing on Home to Go where they had jazzed up white rental walls using these huge long banners of coloured fabric. You just sew two pockets on the fabric, one on each end, and stick a pole inside the pockets! If you don't sew, there are glue and fusible webbing options. I think they did about three banners on one wall, and it looked great! Also, when my brother was renting, he took this huge, inexpensive, colourful* rug and hung it on the wall behind his bed. (*Colourful for a Virgo...which means grey and blue...but it was a cool spiral pattern.) It was a great feature and filled up a lot of wall space for not much money. Oh, also, you could probably get away with painting a nice off-white and the landlords will never notice - it will at least calm down that overpowering white-white that they use.

Anyone else got ideas? I'll try to think of some more!

Okay now, I can reveal my purchases! God, I have to stop this. Ok, well, I bought a rug. I really needed one in the "library" half of my living room. I had a seagrass rug, and it was all coming apart because of my desk chair digging into the loose weave. So fuck it. And I didn't want to spend a bunch of money in case the new rug got wrecked too, but I actually found a 62"X88" rug at Zellers for only $50 CAD. It's got a black/camel/beige checkerboard pattern and a black border. I figure for the price, if it only lasts a couple of years, who cares? (I'm going to cut up and recycle the old rug under the cat litter trays, 'cause the weave should - theoretically - trap the loose clay.)

I also gave up my lampshade project for now. I have an old ceramic lamp base....I got a new, inexpensive shade for it, so I'm using it to replace the lamp Carmella went all Zorro on. I've had this old lamp since I was 20; it started out blue, then it was dark green, then rust, and now it's almondy-beige (my '90s neutral phase)....but I think I might paint it again. (I've got some chrome spray paint in the cupboard. *rubs hands fiendishly together*). Oh, and the new shade is a plain, beigey-coloured burlap. I figured that would go best with my weird homemade macrame light!

*ahem* And then I stopped at Home Despot to get a new harp for the lamp as well...and they had a huge greenhouse shipment of 6 foot palm trees for only $15 CAD each. Well. How could I resist THAT!? I put it in my bedroom.

ETA: Oh yeah, I ran across this the other day and wanted to post it, just for fun!
Hmmm....where'd y'alls go again? smile.gif

This evening, I finally hung up pictures in my hallway - almost a year after finishing the paint job in there!! Oh well, it was kind of nice to enjoy the plainness for awhile. But I had to make a decision about the pics after I bought that palm tree, 'cause they were stacked up in the corner where the plant is now.

This soft rug feels so weird under my feet. The seagrass one had a weird texture, but I liked it....and it was cool in temperature. Last night I sat on the floor on this rug, and after awhile, I thought I was having a hot flash! blink.gif But the cats adore it. I guess I will appreciate it more when summer is over.... rolleyes.gif

Edited to add: I forgot to downstairs neighbour popped into my place a few days ago...we're not the "visiting" type, so she hadn't really seen past the entry of my place for a couple of years. She kept saying how BIG my living area was....but we have exactly the same size space!!! She has a huge, overstuffed sectional that consumes the living room. I guess it just goes to show the difference you can make with HOW you decorate. (Of course, she has a young child, and a live-apart boyfriend who usually has at least one or two children of his own in tow, so a big STURDY overstuffed sectional is probably exactly the thing she needs.)
Hi Doodlebug! I'm here! (I just have been so stressed at work I haven't even THOUGHT about home decorating.) But, actually I wanted to comment on you! I, months ago, decided that you have such a gift for presentation and arranging things...but the topic had drifted a bit and I felt weird saying it.

But whenever I'm trying to arrange items on a shelf I wish I had you there! It's never really been my forte.

And, congrats on getting the pictures up. Does it seem, um, "complete" now, or are there more touches you want to add?

Isn't it amazing how decorating can make such a difference in the perceived size of a space?

GiGi, I don't know what kind of style you have but there is a program floating out there called the Rasterbator which, basically, you upload a picture...and it blows it up REALLY REALLY HUGE in pdf form...and then you print it out, maybe it'd end up being like 50 sheets of paper. You put each one in a frame and then hang it up in order, mosaic style. I guess when I think of an old converted loft, I see something like that. You can use your own picture which makes it very personal.

So, my painter friend needs a plumbing favor from me. And he wants to paint a room for me in return. I'm trying to decide on colors. It will be my spare bedroom. Which, if you're into feng shui at all (I don't know how I feel about it) is the Love and Relationships part of my house.

My three main colors are: aqua, brick red, and a deep purple, almost eggplant. I have so much of the place painted the aqua color that I'd really like to paint the room one of the other colors. Right now, the bathroom which is right next to that room, is painted the eggplant color. I'm leaning towards the brick red color for in the bedroom.

I have, however, a full size bed in there. And the duvet cover for that bed is the aqua color. And I also wonder if red will be too intense for a bedroom. And then the aqua duvet cover....I mean I can see aqua walls with a brick red duvet color, but somehow the opposite...I just can't visualize it. Maybe if I have LOTS of eggplant purple pillows on it.

although...the bedroom being in the romance type place in my feng shui layout...maybe red might be the place to go wub.gif
Aw treehugger, thanks! Gawrsh! *toes ground bashfully* I'd have to say, though, that it probably helps that I draw and paint - I've read a lot about composition (and colour), and I think studying that stuff helps when it comes to arranging stuff. Anyway, treehugger, one of my favourite displays came from you - the whole macrame/minilight fixture was your idea! smile.gif

If you must have a brick red wall, then you must have it! I can picture it with an aqua duvet, and it sounds yummy! My only fear would be that it wouldn't be calming to me....maybe it would sort of feed energy rather than relax me at the end of the day, know what I mean? But that's me, of course. Everyone is different! Anyway, it's only a guest room. How often do you have sleep over guests? If it's not often, it probably doesn't matter - plus they'll be trying to sleep after dark anyway! Do what you want - it's your place! *cheers, shakes iridescent pom-poms*

Well, I got inspired by everyone who's been hanging up saris and other big pieces of fabric on their walls. I really don't know when I'm going to get the bedroom painted, and I've had this one wall with four gigantic swatches of tester paints on it for awhile now. Meanwhile, I had this piece of fabric I found at Value Village - it's a big, gorgeous tropical flower, turquoise, purple, and lime green (and also hot pink, white, and golden brown). I couldn't believe it when I found it! I love it, but can't figure out what to do with it, so it was languishing in the cupboard. Anyway, I draped it over a bamboo pole and hung the pole on the bedroom wall. It wasn't quite wide enough to cover the paint swatches, but I had a silver mesh shawl that I also thrifted awhile back, and I sort of arranged it over one end of the pole to make up the difference. It's not perfect, but it looks better until I can actually paint!

Yesterday, I was thinking I should paint all my interior doors with vertical blue and turquoise barcode stripes. Somebody please talk me out of this. It sounds like way too much work!
QUOTE(emtee @ Jul 26 2006, 05:07 PM) *

Hello, decorating goddesses! I'm moving into a new place in a few months, my first non-dorm, mainfloor suite. No more basement dwelling for me!

I was in Old Navy, and they have the kickiest graphic wrapping paper- abstract patterns and the like. It occured to me standing in line that it would look fab on a wall, in panels (not as wallpaper). The sheets are 2 feet by 3 feet. Does anyone have any neat ideas for mounting/displaying it, so it doesn't look like I've just fun-tacked wrapping paper to a wall?

uh, you probably figured out something by now...but...

i have three big sheets of wrapping paper from paper source hanging on the wall in the "marimba room" with nails and binder clips. i hung the binder clips from the nails and then clipped the paper up, so there is a binder clip on each corner. it looks cooler then just tacking the paper to the wall. i also have old clipboards hanging up to stick photos of friends and family on, which i think looks pretty cool, too. the marimba room is my favorite room in our apartment.

alright, i rearranged to make more space on the deck and now i don't like it as much. there's more space but only one seat now. it really is teeny out there. and that table the char-b-que is on, ugh! it would be better with something growing in the planters, too bad i got started so late this season. and i want to cover the floor with astroturf so much! a fake lawn, ha ha.
oh well, next year...
doodlebug- thanks for the advive and the troll explanation. The fabric banner idea sounds really cool and totally doable!

tree hugger- That's a great tip I had just found something like that in Readymade, and I loved it! They used an old cartoon and it looked great. As far as your colors, get this, my bf and I started doing some wedding planning and those are the exact colors we choose! No one else gets it- but that's what our living room is now and it's fabulous! As for the bedroom we had the same exact issue and we just nixed the red, it's now deep purple, dusty grey, and soft aqua, it is the calmest room I've ever been in! Hope that helps!

Thanks so much for all your help- I'll post pics once we're in the new place.
Apologies for cross-posting this, but I've posted some pics of my recently re-decorated bedroom! (The new pics are the first link on that page.)

Just got to get some paint on the walls and it'll be done.....


pepper, your deck looks so lovely! And I love the wall of trees! Reminds me of the Cariboo-Chilcotin a bit....

gigi, yes, don't forget the pics! We're all about pics in this thread!!!

That goes for you too, laurenann!
QUOTE(laurenann @ Aug 13 2006, 08:16 AM) *

uh, you probably figured out something by now...but...

i have three big sheets of wrapping paper from paper source hanging on the wall in the "marimba room" with nails and binder clips. i hung the binder clips from the nails and then clipped the paper up, so there is a binder clip on each corner. it looks cooler then just tacking the paper to the wall. i also have old clipboards hanging up to stick photos of friends and family on, which i think looks pretty cool, too. the marimba room is my favorite room in our apartment.

Binder clips! Genius!

I decided to decoupage the tops of two bedside tables I 'borrowed' from my mom and dad- they were used in my childhood nursery (!) and had been collecting dust in the basement. I'm going to do a fresh coat of white paint and cover the tops with the paper.

But I should have enough left over to do a wall hanging, and it would look pretty neat on the opposite wall, picking up the pattern elsewhere.
Doodlebug, I love your bedroom!!! I'm jealous.....

I will edit this and add more when my foot quits hurting. A HUGE valve fell on it yesterday.

But, your bedroom looks so serene and inviting. I like the shelves. Seems like a nice way to use an awkward space.
In a few short days the boy & I will be moving into our dream apartment. We have the whole top floor of an 1872 victorian house - all 1300 square feet. And I am going to decorate my pants off!

I'm not big on antiques, and the place has been gutted & renovated and is "victorian" in outside appearances only (well, the lay out is kind of meandering), so I'm not decorating in all the floofiness that is victorian decor.
The theme in the living room is going to Pop Art - lots of primary colors. I was going to splurge on a new coffee table as I'm not overly fond of the current one. It's functional, doesn't have a bad shape, but I'm not digging on the faux wood laminate. I had a brainfart last week & decided that I'm going to paint it up all nifty a la Piet Mondrian. I purchased some concert posters (well, original silkscreens of the posters) and am going to frame and hang them. I also found some super nifty fabric on and built a frame to stretch the fabric over (like a canvas).

I've been buying vintage tea-towels and am planning on hanging them over dowels in the kitchen. I've also found some cool punch bowls at garage sales and plan on lining them up above the cupboards. I'd like to make some cafe curtains eventually (gotta get moved in and settled first).

The second bedroom is still up in the air. It's more than likely going to be the media room/library. Me, I've got more books than a single person should (that's what working in the book industry for 10+ years will do) and the boy is a compulsive music collector (this is the reason we're moving, we plumb run out of space!). Still undecided on the decor.

The master bedroom is probably going to remain as-is for now, or embellished somewhat. I classify it as hippy love-den. There's vintage saris used as window coverings, lots of red & burgundy, you get the idea.

The best part is the little cuppola room that will function as my sewing/crafty/all around artsy-fartsy room. Most likely to house shelves full of stuff, a work surface and corkboards for "inspiration".

But right now the challenge is getting all our crap moved in.
Aw, thanks, treehugger! I'm sorry about your heavy was the valve?, dammit! We want pics!

polly, you're new place sounds exciting! I can't wait for pics....good luck with the move! (ETA: plus, your avatar is totally creeping me out, LOL!)

I found this cool blog called IKEAhacker! It's for people to send pics/ideas when they tinker around with Ikea stuff...some cool ideas! I sent the pics of my Ikea slipcover dye job, and just heard back that she's going to post it! smile.gif

Oh, also....Shopper's Drug Mart is having this end-of-summer (*sob*) sale on summery stuff. I found these big jars of those coloured glass pebbles cheaper than even the dollar store, so I bought 8 of them! Four green and four turquoise. There were 2 purple jars, too, but I didn't have enough cash. (Or, I WOULD have had enough cash, but then I couldn't have bought my Ben and Jerry's!) Anyway, I put the green ones in the base of my croton "tree," and threw away the tin foil (which was keeping the cats out), and I split the turquoise ones in between 2 of my clear glass vases. I've got one in the dining room, along with a plant in a blue and white chinese pot and my turquoise lava lamp (LOL!)....and the other is on the nightstand in my bedroom, but I'm not 100% sure I'm going to keep it there. It might be too much stuff. I'm still deciding.
Well, I got the old seagrass rug hacked up. I had to tape off the raw edges with duct tape. Does anyone have any ideas about how I could make the edges look nicer?
Doodle, this is pretty low-tech but duct tape comes in some cool colors (I like bright glossy red) so that might add some interest in a quick and easy way.

Has anyone used blik wall graphics? I think it's, I have some birds on my wall, which look really cute in one part of my place (aqua birds flocking in a corner) but the black birds over the couch look like a bad Hitchcock imitation, so I might peel them off.

I inherited a card catalog from a friend who moved, and I am using it to store my craft supplies. Now I want a rotating book shelf and then I will really feel like I live in a library (I have floor to ceiling books, stacked on the desk, spilling out from under the couch, etc.).
Thanks faith....I did try black duct tape, but it seems the quality is different than the silver stuff, 'cause it won't stick down properly. Hmmm. Or maybe I shouldn't have bought it from the dollar store....

Post some pics of your birds! And the card catalogue...that sounds like a great storage idea!

*ahem* My name is doodlebug and I am a decoraholic.

So....I popped into a charity thrift store while I was errands running this afternoon. I don't know why I can't stop myself, but I do like to see if there's anything new. It was a very quick visit...I practically ran through, just barely scanning the stuff.

I've been wanting a big mirror to stick in the corner by the sliding doors, behind the plants, but I sure didn't want to pay what they cost retail. Anyway, I stumbled upon this huge one (meant to fit on top of a dresser) for $10 CAD. It's still attached to the backing frame, but it's got bevelled edges, so I think I'll take it off the backing, 'cause it looks weird.

I also found this big Asian painted folding screen, four panels, about 3' high and 5' wide. It's done in Chinese brush-painting style, with grey rocks, green leaves, calligraphy, and white, pink, and orange flowers! Technically, pink and orange aren't my colours, but it's so cool looking, I grabbed it anyway. Oh lordessa, what am I thinking? I have NOWHERE to put it! Unless I take something down. I think I might have to put it in the hallway, and take down some of the pics I just hung up. *rolls eyes*

I have a hard time relating to people who say they don't have enough things to hang on the walls. I have too darned much!

It's probably my fear of karmic retribution for my addiction to material possessions, but I just know that someday I'm going to get offered the job of a lifetime or find my Australia or some other really far away place, and have to leave everything behind...
OK doodle, if I can figure out how to work my new camera I will.
hey doodlebug!

try gaff tape.

it comes in all the cool colors that duct does (and more!), but it's seriously hardcore heavy duty.

it's also a lot more expensive than duct tape. but a little bit goes a long way, and it'll definitely do the job. you can get it at most art supply stores and probably some hardware stores as well.
Ah! Thanks for the tip, bklyn!

Are you working on any cool projects?

I hung the folding screen in the looks much better than the three different size pictures I had there. So there! Not so sure about the mirror in the corner. I guess I was used to the spot being bare! I'll see how I feel after a couple of weeks....if I don't like it, I still need a dressing mirror in my room....

Did anybody see this article in the NY Times? I had a couple of big rants about it on Apartment Therapy last night. (I'm Dorianne on AT.) What are other people's thoughts?
Hmmm....dunno where y'all are! Hopefully doing fun stuff.

I really like that Chinese screen in the hallway. I'm travelling out of town tomorrow, but I'll try to get a pic after I get back.

If only I'd had more cash....when I bought the screen, there was also this living room sofa/chairs set, dark carved wood with white brocade pristine condition. Not that I can have white! But I could have found them a very appreciative home. Anyway, I think maybe they came from an estate or something, along with the always surprises me what families get rid of...
people, help! what's the smallest space you've ever lived in? I'm looking at a 300 sq ft studio (that includes the bathroom) and thinking seriously about it. can this be done? I have a dog and a bed...that will take up all the room, won't it? or will I be so crazy happy in my tiny zen home that I'll forget all about vast open spaces? please reply! I need some realism from people who know.

(this is in honolulu, with a tiny back yard that looks into many other huge, gorgeously landscaped yards, so it feels big and green and peaceful...but will that offset the fact that I'll be cooking on a hot plate? or will it all be good practice for when I chuck it all and sail around the world?)
I've lived in a pretty small space; not sure exactly how big it was but it was considered a "mini" one bedroom. I'd guess it might have been around 300 square feet or so. One thing that helped a LOT was getting rid of the bed and getting a futon. I folded it up during the day and got lots of floor space.

Two of us, one cat, and one black lab lived there. Happiness is where your heart is. Corny, eh? I once cooked appetizers for a wedding in the tiny kitchen. It's possible.

It did get sort of cramped after a couple years...but it was so affordable that outweighed the smallness of it. But, you're right, if you eventually want to sail around the world, it'd be great practice!

So are you just looking to rent this place? Or is it a condo type of thing where you're buying it? How long are the leases, if you're renting? I mean, you just commit to a year or so...and if it doesn't work well you can move.

Side note...when I first got interested in BUYING houses, I seriously considered a 500 square foot cottage..(it was so adorable, and well kept up) .but I eventually decided it'd be too small. But buying is a much larger committment than renting.
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