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Full Version: House Of The Gods! Well, actually, it is just my lil' apartment...(the home decorating thread)
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Oh amilita, that looks GREAT!! I can't wait for the pics of the finished room! I like that copper leafing much better than the silver and gold...

amy, what decision do you have to make? I can't wait to see the fans!

Hey you find it hard to go do that stuff on the job, and then come home and do it there as well? I think the equivalent for me would be working in the women's centre all day, and then coming home to work crisis lines off my own phone or something! *grimaces*

pepper, I have no solutions...Glade Plug ins? Ugh, I hate that shit, gives me a headache. Sorry, I'm no use. When I was a kid, I had a trundle bed for sleep overs. It just wheeled right under my bed, and then wheeled out when I had a guest. So my mom didn't have to tolerate the body smell anywhere else!!

seraphine, it DOES feel like near-constant cleaning, doesn't it? Though, I'm like you: I prefer it to doing huge, time-consuming clean-ups. I have a couple of friends who get upset when I clean up the dishes or whatever while they are still visiting; they always tell me I should "leave it," and probably think I'm OCD or something. But it takes very little time, and it's not like my apartment is so huge that I can't still chat while I tidy up! And then at least my kitchen/dining room/living room doesn't look like a bomb hit for the rest of the evening - I can relax and enjoy the company better.

I am still working on keeping the bedroom "up to par," since I only JUST got it organized. The hooks are fantastic (and keeping up on laundry helps, *ahem*). The worst problem I have is keeping the bed made, 'cause I've never ever really bothered my entire life, LOL! This week, though, I sewed ties inside the corners of the duvet cover and to the duvet, to keep everything from sliding about. So now that the duvet doesn't have to be fussed over, it seems to be making it a little easier to manage the bed-making.

Oh. Hee. Dumb little thing. I had bought these little (blank) balsa wood signs from the dollar store; they were a pair for $1. I wanted one to make a "Beware of Tabby" sign for the cat tree house, 'cause if you stick your hand in there, Carmella will try to take it off. People don't believe me! So I thought a sign would help. Anyway, after a week of watching Eddie Izzard videos in my spare time (such as it is), I painted the other sign to say "Cake or Death?" and hung it in the dining room. Hee!
pepper - i have no way of knowing how noisy your neighborhood is, but what about window fans? the ones that sit in the space of an open window. not much noise would get in around the fan filling the space, and what does would be drowned out by the white noise the fan creates, and it'll keep the air circulating as well.

doodle -- no, it's not really that bad. in fact, i get more annoyed when i put a lot of DIY energy into a project for a set, and then have to take it down within a couple of days. i also hate making a location absolutely stunning only to be required to restore it to its original crappiness after the shoot due to the owner's total lack of taste.

for some reason it's the homes that get me, and not other locations. two of our days were in a restaurant, and i had no qualms about moving all the tables and chairs back, dismantling my perfect table settings, etc.

all in all, i think a more apt analogy is working in a women's centre and then coming home to help the women in your private life deal with their problems. i love what i do for a living, so i'm happy to bring my mad furniture rearranging skillz into a space i love. just like i imagine that if a friend calls up to talk about the same sorts of things you deal with at work, you're not going to go, "omigod, what do you think this is, some kind of crisis hotline?" you're going to use your mad women-helping skillz on someone you love.
amilita, WOW, WOW! It's gorgeous. And I love the way the copper leafing brings out the lamp, as well. Good job! :-)
bklyn, that's a very good analogy! I like it!

That would truly suck to have to "take down" a wonderful makeover for something less than. Kind of like seeing someone go on What Not to Wear and then returning to their old ways as soon as Stacy and Clinton were out of eyeshot!
does anyone know where I can get some really cute, non traditional curtains? Cause I'm moving into a new apartment on saturday and I want to put curtains up, but I don't want the country style curtains my mother uses.
cstars, I made some pretty cool ones by taking burlap, making tab tops, and then punching random grommets into them...
cstars, bamboo blinds are also a very cheap option, which you could do temporarily while you make up your mind...or permanently, if you like them!

I found this really cool modern chair in the 2nd hand store today...I wasn't looking, but there it was. $10. Squarish wooden frame, and squash orange seat and back, which will have to be re-covered, although there's not a durned thing wrong with the fabric. It's not even wobbly!

I have NO idea what to do with it. I have no place for it anywhere. But I couldn't leave it behind. *sigh*

Actually, I wonder if my mom might use it, as is...she is into those spicy colours: brick red, saffron, etc....
Sounds like a nice chair, doodlebug! I'm like that, too...have a hard time passing up good deals even if I don't need anything.

Cstars, what everyone said, but also Ikea, Target and those kinds of places can have good things...often for less than you could buy just the fabric.

Yay! I'm so glad you guys like the final paint job! I've semi-cleared the living room, but can't get into the idea of today I'm recovering my dining room chairs!

When I first got the furniture years ago, I had in mind turquoise blue ultrasuede, but I couldn't afford it and instead used cheapo burgandy velvet, which did it's job and was good...but I bought my ideal fabric before the hurricane and never had the chance to use it. Until now!

I love how it looks with the blue's not matchy-matchy at all, which I like to avoid. We have lots of shades of blue and green all over, so it works with the whole scene. Woot! I think the lighter color really makes the dark wood look fab...and I think it won't look as gross with cat hair stuck to it. Ha.
Ah, that chair looks GREAT, amilita!! Do you have any extra fabric leftover? I'll trade you something for it! LOL!

I have decided to keep the chair. It's got a nice square shape that goes with my Ikea chair, and it's nice and solid/firm to sit on, which I like. So, I'm using it for a desk chair (surprisingly, it's a good height), because my wheelie chair has no real back support (you have to re-adjust it every single day). I think I might re-finish the wood, and I'm definitely going to re-cover it...and it needs a new chunk of foam padding on the seat. Last night, I decided it needs to be turquoise! Hopefully I can find some decent fabric. I think I'll look around when I'm in Vancouver next week, b/c the selection here is terrible.

I threw out the plastic "protector" that was underneath my wheelie chair. It was all cracked and yellow anyway. But the area rug under neath is all squashed, and there's a huge worn patch in one spot. (I've had to put a reed beach mat down where my desk is, 'cause the squashed seagrass feels really weird to my bare feet!) I'm going to have to get a new rug soon. Seagrass = not sturdy material for a rug.
oh wow, amilita! those chairs look like you bought them that way. so pretty...

i think i am going to dramatically rearrange my livingroom (with the help of roomie) over the holiday weekend. will take before and after pics to share with the rest of the class if anything actually comes of this.
Thanks, guys! I just finished the 6th and final chair. The color works so much better with the wood and the shape of the chairs, doesn't it? I'm really happy...and in fact, I do have some fabric left, doodle! Not enough to do your chair, but enough for a decent-sized throw pillow. PM me your addy if you want trade necessary, cuz you're so awesome!

Bklyn, please do take pics...especially cuz you gotta be good at arranging things because of your job. It always feels so good to me to get the furniture "right" in a room...I usually have enough windows and doorways and stuff that I can't do a lot of changes...but when I finally figure it out, it feels so much better in the space.

Now I guess I gotta start painting again. Tomorrow or the next day.
yeah, it's taken me FOREVER to figure out what to do in there.

i'm pretty sure my idea will be a big improvement, it's just that i didn't think i'd have time to do it for a while and wanted to get rid of some more stuff and figure certain things out first. and now it turns out i have time and a willing participant, but i haven't done the editing and problem solving. i also haven't measured anything. so i'm going to fool with it and see what happens.

actually, coming up with furniture arrangements (especially in my apartment's long narrow rooms) is one aspect of design that doesn't come naturally to me. i wouldn't say i suck, but it takes time.
I like the new fabric, amilita!
well, the rearranging isn't going to happen today, or for a while. roomie has rescinded his offers to help this weekend, and both of us think it would be better to wait a bit longer and fix a few of the things that need to be dealt with before the big rearrange.

i think i might soldier on in the kitchen and bathroom, though.
did some serious decluttering today, whilst also taking some general 'before' photos of my bedroom and living room. i also added an 'action' shot of the kitchen in its much improved state.

check it out at

suggestions much appreciated, especially in the bedroom.
Ok, so my $10 chair is a bit like the one labelled "armchair" on this page, except the cover on mine is cloth, and mine is more square shaped, straight up and down wood parts. The colour is actually remarkably similar!

So anyway, amilita, thank you for your generous offer of fabric! Do you think it would cover that particular chair? If so, I'll happily and gratefully accept your leftovers!

If not...I'm thinking of doing the chair in a palimino print, if you can believe it! Or maybe just a cow print. Oh yeah, and I threw out the wheelie chair, too, so now I HAVE to do something with this new chair. There is pretty much no padding left on the seat. It must be flat as a pancake under there! I have to put a pillow on top so I can sit here at the computer!

Ha ha! bklyn, I don't mean to laugh at your plight over the stuffed toys, which I was reading on your photo pages...but I had a partner once who was really, really, really into Star Trek. And she got really uppity about it, too, like my rejection of the plastic Mister Spock head was a rejection of her. So I ended up molifying her by having an extra bookcase in the living room JUST to display her ST books, "special" video collections, action figures, plastic Spock AND Kirk heads, those badge thingies, and yes, a model of the U.S.S. Enterprise. I completely rebelled afterwards, and refused to have anything I didn't consider "sophisticated" for a long time. And yep, that ex is the reason I have so many bookshelves to this day.

What are you going to do with that lovely roll top desk?

My living room is kind of long and narrow...I can't remember the exact measurements, but it is 19/21 feet X 11/12 feet. I always thought I had the furniture divided as best I could...and then I played around with the whole graph layout thingie one day, and the next thing you know, I was jettisoning furniture and moving everything into a new spot! Actually, I think I used the online one at the Better Homes and Gardens website.

Anyway, my room never ever worked well until I divided it into 2 completely different areas. Now I have what I call "The Library" at one end, and "The Garden" at the other, which you can see in my photos (profile link, for those who have no idea what I'm talking about). The room is completely different to the way I had it before, but it feels twice as big and ten times more useful. It all clicks into place. But then...I also wound up replacing a lot of my furniture over time, to fit the new layout better! I actually don't think the living room TRULY clicked into place until my mom and I stumbled on that 2nd hand furniture set this past April.

I'm just rambling dee da...

ETA: I forgot to landlady brought her out-of-town sister over on rent day and asked if she could show her the "amazing work" I've done on my apartment! Isn't that funny! I used to worry about what they'd think if I got all arty on the walls and cupboards...
that chair looks really familiar! so cute! seriously i think the university research library i used to frequent in high school (nerd, i know) had these. upholstered in goldenrod and avocado wool.

yeah, my toy plight isn't nearly as bad as having a trekkie in the house. i'm actually pretty lucky -- for a straight guy, roomie is really not fanboyish at all. and we do have very similar taste. we just have different takes on knick knacks. i'm of the opinion that anything i have lying around either has to have extreme personal meaning or has to be really unique and/or beautiful. he's of the opinion that anything that can be displayed, should.

seriously - i was decluttering the shelves in our entryway (which aren't in flickr yet) and found some nondescript shwag from the sliding scale starving artist type community clinic we frequent during periods without health insurance. i was like, "ok, we are not going to forget about the Ryan-Nena clinic, why do we need this?" and he was all, "no! it's cool! we have to keep it there!"

at that point i generally capitulate. i think it's a psychological aversion to an overly styled aesthetic. which i have to admit i have a problem with.
doodlebug could call this chair goldenrod. Maybe more like the inside of a butternut squash, though.

Whatever it is! I think the wood looks like oak. I wish I knew more about how to tell different types of wood apart.

I don't know how I'd do if I had to share a space with someone now. I'm getting set in my ways AND my style! I keep hoping the next person I fall for won't be averse to the idea that keeping separate apartments in the same building, or down the street from one another, can be a really healthy, happy way for a couple to live.
Doodlebug, I totally agree with you about living alone!!! I don't think I could go back to living with somebody. It's nice to know you're not going to come home and find all your beer gone or the house trashed. Unless you left it that way.
doodle, it used to be my dream to have a house with two wings or something like that...I am still adjusting in some ways to living with the Mr. I just had so much time living alone before I met him.

I'm gonna measure the fabric for you later...I don't think it's enough to cover that chair...pretty sure it's not, but I'll let you decide.
I've got a question for everyone!

I'm currently in the process of moving into a new apartment and my new bedroom is REALLLLLLY small, and has wallpaper. I'm trying to make the most out of my floor space and I want to put up a shelf or two. The landlord said he would prefer that I keep the shelving to a minimum with the wallpaper. But is there anyway to put up a shelf without making holes in the wallpaper? I was thinking maybe some type of sticky stuff to hang them. But I know alot of them won't work on wallpaper, and I don't know if they could support the shelves. I just have a lot of books that I can't fit anywhere else and I don't want to give them away. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
cstars, I don't think sticky stuff will be strong enough to hold shelves, especially ones that are holding books. One cool think I've seen could add eye hooks to the shelves and then suspend them from the ceiling with airplane can buy all that at any hardware store. Make sure you get the shelves hanging from a stud or a beam, though!

Alternatively, you could probably find a bookcase pretty cheaply on craigslist. If you can find a matching old dresser and bookcase, often you can stack them and have a nice tall "hutch" for books and storage, which is what I've done with my brother's childhood set!

amilita! The "two wings" idea is my mother's, too! She says it all the time! She'd never get married again unless they had separate wings, and they'd just meet in the middle for dinner.

I came home from a trip yesterday, and it was SOOOOO nice to be home! That's the true pleasure in decorating one's space up the way one likes it. Coming home! Even the cats sort of "unfurled" into the space the way I did.

Which points to treehugger's post about how nice it is not to share your space - 'cause it was exactly the way I left it!
So, I forgot to add that I am now the proud owner of a circular saw. Well, it's still in Vancouver, I'm going to pick it up in August. It's a fairly heavy DeWalt, and I promise not to use it without a lesson from my BFF, who previously taught me how to use a table saw. The saw belonged to my grandfather; my mother decided she trusts me to have it, but not my brother, LOL! As long as I don't cut any part of my body off. (My father lost the fingers of his right hand to a circular saw when he was about 32/33.)

So, I think there's a-gonna be some building around here! Actually, what I really want to build first is some kind of bench or shelving that will hide the kitty litter.

I have no idea if these Apartment Therapy links are going to work in the new Lounge, and we can't edit yet, so here goes:

cool peg storage idea

litter box camouflage

make a cool lamp
Ok, I am cross-posting this here and in the kitty thread. It is the most amazing thing I've ever seen!

The Cats' House

Click on the link that says "Cat's House" and then click on the little cat images to go backwards and forwards through the tour. The "catwalk" is amazing! Now I want to build something!
M'kay, this is starting to feel like my personal blog again! I guess you are all out enjoying the summer.

Well, I'll report that I got my mama's killer whale paintings framed and up on the bedroom wall (above the bed), and they look fantastic!
Hey, doodle! I'm around...was thinking today that I should take some 'after' pictures of my LR/DR all put back together, but I think I wanna get the new DR curtian made first...I've got all the stuff, so maybe that'll be my Sunday project. Hmmm.

And I'll measure that turquoise fabic, too!

ETA- Love that cat house! Wouldn't wanna do it to my house, but fun to look at.
sorry -- i've been sorta daunted by the new format, and busy at work.

i did get 2 new side chairs yesterday, though!

one is actually a retro 60's/70's task chair repurposed, and one is a normal ole side chair. both are honey/maple toned with black vinyl seats, though not necessarily 'matching'. my dining table now sports 4 completely mismatched chairs, and i wouldn't have it any other way. one of the old chairs (which actually folds up!) is going into a closet for the time being, and another is in my bedroom/outbox limbo.

i got the chairs from the set dressing department at work. they are famous TV star chairs!

doodle, i REALLY want to do the shaker pegboard from that link...

i'm having a hard time motivating myself to work on my space lately as i'm back at work full time, and my roommate has taken up smoking (!!!!) which gives me a headache, resulting in hours lounging around on the couch shooting him dirty looks. he swears it's temporary (while he slogs through some hard rewrites on a play) and that he'll quit by the end of next week. but gah! i have to clean the bathroom! no smoking!
I'm here too. I just got back from out of the state though, and like bkln, I'm a bit daunted by the new format as well. Plus we're in a huge heatwave here which makes work CRAZY! I'll try to get caught up! smile.gif
amilita, I can't wait for the pics!!!

If I owned a house, I might consider doing a somewhat modified, less-crazy catwalk...and maybe not in such bright colours. Right now, I AM thinking about building some floating shelves in my hallway...there's this one corner spot where they'd work. Kind of a little kitty staircase made from floating shelves, with a perch above the bathroom door. Maybe. I mean, since I'm now the proud owner of a circular saw and everything....

Ooh, bklyn, those chairs sound awesome! Which stars sat in them?

treehugger, I agree...the hot weather makes it hard to get motivated indoors!!

I am glad I worked on the bedroom though. Having light-coloured bedlinens and a clean, organized room sure makes trying to sleep in the heat less annoying. In fact, when I have the bamboo blinds closed and I can see just the shapes of the trees and hills and river in the morning sunlight....I can almost imagine I'm in some exotic locale....
I'm posting here for the first time ever. I live in a small house with my mister. He lived in it for 6 years before I moved in, so his stuff is basically everywhere. I have tidied up the place so it's a lot less cluttered than it used to be and I have created room for my stuff. However, there are many, many aspects of the place which defeat me, such as built in wardrobes, oddly placed fireplaces and other oddities and cramped spaces. These make it very hard to fit in shelves or other storage furniture which we badly need.

The above is basically a rant as even my friend the (interiors) designer can't see a way around the house's in-built awkwardness. However, I have a more solvable problem if anyone has some advice... we have a small counch which I've tried previously to cover with a plain cream sheet, which a) is very undergrad and cool.gif doesn't even work. Fabric shops where I live don't sell swathes of fabric bigger than a sheet. I need something big enough to stay tucked in which ideally is not a sheet or sheet-like (btw, you can't get indian fabrics where I live, unfortunately). I could see how to cover the cushions (I've not done it before but I sew a bit, so figure it's like making a big pillowcase) but not how to cover the body of the couch.

If this has been covered in the archives I apologise... actually I'll go have a look now. I only got a chance to look at page 1 so far...

No idea why the smiley sunglasses face is there btw... this new board still flummoxes me!
Syb, the only idea I have is that at fabric stores, they do have basic fabric (I guess for quilting, mainly) that is extra's mostly white/off white (but dye-able), but it's not very thick, so probably not great for a couch. I'd love to know how to re-upholster stuff...I've only re-covered chairs. If you feel like getting into it, you could do that, I'm sure, with more of a time investment than a finantial one.

Doodle, I finally measured the turquoise fabric, and it's sorta L-shaped. The main part is 65" x 31" with an 18" x 25" part sticking out...lemme know if you think it would work.

OK, here's a bunch of pictures of the living room and dining room...kinda going around in a circle:

corner of dining room

window with curtian I just made...China cabinet, sculpture of the Mr.'s on top. The dishes were the first set my parents ever bought after they married.

Kitty on the table! View towards kitchen.

My Paul McCobb desk...a view that shows the hallway (the color of which I hate, but the Mr. insists I don't change) and the bathroom, which will be repainted. I love the bright green, but I'm going for colors that reflect the time period of the house.

View into living room. Note cat under side table! I may get rid of that, as I don't think it works well. Glad we have some blank wall space so we have room to grow as far as art goes. Will hang the house blueprint the Mr. found as soon as I get that framed.

TV cabinet in living room corner. You can also see a bit of the curved archway that separates the LR/DR.

Yay! It's feeling pretty done! Still have to paint the bedroom ceiling, which I'm not looking forward to. And I want to shop for a new comforter, as well.
OK, my feelings are only slightly hurt that I posted a bunch of pictures and no one has commented. sad.gif

Isn't anyone decorating these days?

I have decided that I'm gonna work on regrouting the kitchen counters before I deal with painting the bedroom ceiling. I think I'm mostly putting that off because I have to use the oil-based Kilz to get rid of the water stains first. HATE oil based paint!
Oh, amilita, I'm sorry....I missed your post....I'm working on a report that has to be done tomorrow, but I promise this weekend I'll investigate the pics and also measure the chair!!
amilita, i love it! the blue is really peaceful and captures the postwar Confederacy of Dunces feel of your place so well... seriously, i can HEAR old ladies with henna hair and cat-eye glasses drinking a dixie beer and saying stuff like "ooh, bay, lemme go put them alagatah payahs in da zink..."

also i think i might know some of the artists whose work you have -- both the dragonfly wings and the painting with the person lying in the road look really familiar to me.

your place makes me homesick, which is SUCH a compliment.
I also apologize, Amilita. I work in the heating/airconditioning/refrigeration industry and this heat wave has just made me SWAMPED! I have time to read a select few posts but looking at the pics is just too much right now. Extreme weather makes my life crazy.

I will look at the pics this weekend. I am sure your place is GREAT.
Amilita, I'm sorry. I had actually forgotten I'd posted here, until I looked over at our couch and went 'oh yeah...'

I love the curved table although I kind of see what you mean about possibly moving it. Nice demonic kitty underneath! The wall colour is lovely against the warmer colour of the wood IMO, and I like your retro fan. And I have the same laptop!
Oh, gosh, ya' apologies needed. I was just bummed cuz usually pictures get lots of feedback.

Bklyn, you'll have to let me know if you ever come home for a visit! I wouldn't be surprised if we knew some of the same folks...such a small town, here.

I can't believe how much I love the blue friend pointed out last night that when the lights are out, it kinda looks lavender. Funny. I meant to take some stuff into the framer's today, especially to hit the corner by the couch that feels very blank, but it ain't happening 'til next week.

Treehugger, glad business is booming!

Syb, I love my laptop! My first one had such a small screen and pretty much never worked great. So I love the big screen so much. Dang, and I just realized I didn't shout-out to you over in Kvetch, so hey!

And hey, doodle!
FINALLY have some time. Whew!

Amilita, I love, love, love your tv cabinet! It's nice that it's up on legs and doesn't look like a big imposing "thing". Nice disguise, I'd say. I'd never suspect it holds a television. Mine's just sitting on top of a trunk. That room (mine, not yours) needs some serious work.

I also am in love with your french doors in your living room! My last house had a set of those separating the dining room from the living room. But they were pretty well destroyed so I had to throw them away. I'm pleased to see yours and how lovely they look. Gorgeous.

You have been pretty consistent about using historical colors...and it shows! I feel, when I'm looking at the pictures, (with the exception of some of your artwork), but I feel like I've stepped back in time. It's nice. smile.gif

Hanging the blueprint is an AMAZING idea!

Good job! Are you enjoying it?
Thanks, treehugger!

I feel so lucky that no one ever painted (much) of the woodwork in, some of the window frames and sills have most or all of the finish worn away, and I know I should do something. But I don't know if there is some partial/easy thing I could do...

And yeah, we are enjoying it so much. It's funny that I kept wanting and wanting to paint for the year or so I had moved in, and then we got the hurricane and water it worked out well in the end. I look around and feel so glad.

I do wish we could have a regular couch instead of the futon, but you can't carry huge stuff up here because of the tight, enclosed staircase (for example, we have no box spring) and in a way, it is nice to have that in case of guests because we don't have a guest room. So I can live with it.

And I swear, I get tons of compliments on the TV cabinet...and it's from World Market! It cost around $200, I think. Somewhere around there. I love being able to hide the TV, even though I watch too much.

Yay, yay! Thanks for feedback.
Question, ladies!

We're moving into a new apartment next week, and all the walls are painted white right now. The landlord has given us permission to paint, so we're trying to decide on colors. However, I have NO idea which paint colors work best, as I don't want to make any of the rooms look smaller.

The apartment has hardwood floors, of a yellow-ish color. All the light fixtures look like they're made of cast iron (although I'm sure they're not).

We were thinking some dark reds (but still red - not maroon or burgandy) and maybe some dusty greens.

Anyone have thoughts?
if possible, i'd wait until after you move in to decide on colors. i think the color of a room has way more to do with your furniture & decor style and the overall feel of the place more than hard and fast rules about what looks good in what kind of room. i painted my tiny kitchen bright blue, which is completely against every rule of home decorating. it looks great! you also might move your stuff in and get situated and realize you like the white walls -- that's what happened to me in my living room. when i moved in, the first thing i wanted to do was paint the living room green. then i lived there for a few months and realized i like the white walls just fine. but what i really wanted to paint was the bathroom... deep red, again violating all the Rules Of Home Decor (don't paint small rooms dark colors; white-on-white bathrooms are best for everyone). give your home time to speak to you.

the only thing i'd say is not to forget your wood floors as a color in the room. hold all the paint chips up against the floor first thing. same thing goes for any other architectural elements you might have (exposed brick walls, cabinetry, light fixtures, etc.).
Great advice, bklyn. I would also like to know more about your stuff, favorite colors and whatnot,'s such a land of personal preferences, ya know?

Is there white-painted woodwork? If so, for an apartment, I wouldn't bother dealing with painting all that, so you'd want wall colors that will look good with the woodwork.

I'm so lazy, I only painted in one apartment I lived you guys think you'll be there for awhile? If not, you can always just paint one or two walls in a room to get the effect with less money and time invested.

I love, love the Blik wall graphics...I used big red dots above the fireplace in my last apartment...little work, not too spendy, look great. These new ones are my favorites...still trying to figure out if I can work them in somewhere in here.
bless me busties, for i have sinned.

i have acquired even more useless crap.

1. a basket made entirely of birch, which i have neither room nor use for. though it was free, which is why i said "sure, i'll take it." even though that's against my #1 rule of no clutter -- don't take crap you don't like or need just because it's free.

2. a ceramic nun. i bought this to go with my ceramic priest. which brings my total number of religious kitsch items to approximately 9,472,543.

3. two new vintage ironic t-shirts. i already have about 10 more t-shirts than i have room for. all of which are vintage and wonderful and my favorite t-shirt ever and thus cannot be purged.

4. two more weird old pictures of other peoples' families. i haven't figured out a way to display my collection of these without people thinking i'm a psycho, either. so they're destined to sit in a drawer indefinitely along with my 20 or so other weird old pictures of people i don't know.

5. nag champa incense, purchased to fill out a credit card minimum.

6. flip flops and a wallet. which is what i went out with the intention of purchasing in the first place. both of which i actually needed, and both of which i found easily and in their ideal forms at very good prices.
Ok, I just looked at the pics....amilita, that colour looks FANTASTIC! I am in love with it! What's it called again? It's gorgeous! It reminds me of Vancouver, actually....and I love the way it sets off all the orange tones in the wood! They just POP! Love it!

So, let your kitty on the dining room table? wink.gif

I'm sorry I haven't been in the thread the last week...I had this horrible, overdue report to finish, and then I crashed over the weekend, did nothing, basically. Didn't really want to be on the computer, after killing my hands to get that report done! So. I'm back, though!

amilita, you know....I think that piece of fabric might actually work! I'd need one 26X26" piece to cover the base, and then two 24X12" pieces to cover the back. Sounds like I could make it work! I'm gonna PM you. Oh, how cool would that be to have a bustie cross-cultural decorating exchange? With pics! HEE!

Ok, I'm gonna go PM amilita and then come back and respond to everyone else's posts!
Ok, I'm back!

sybarite, just read your Q about the couch...have you looked into any pre-made slipcovers? I don't know what's available in the U.S., but I know a lot more retailers are selling them. Sears Canada has a huge selection. Also, I just saw some cool stretchy ones on the Apartment Therapy website....I apologize, but I can't find the posting...grr!

I did once read something from a decor expert that might help with your home dilemna....she said that "awkward spaces are just crying out to be focal points." Don't know if that helps, but anyway, there it is!

theredhead....I agree that you shouldn't paint till you move in...wall colour should usually be the last thing you choose! If you don't want the small rooms to close in on you, I'd recommend NOT doing red...unless you just do one feature wall. Warm colours will advance and close in on you, and red especially will do that! Cool colours recede, and so do many neutral colours.

Hee! bklyn, I love your list of sins! smile.gif

Hi treehugger! And anyone who's lurking!

I haven't really done much lately - like I said in my last post, I had a ton of work to finish, and then I crashed!! Oh, but I am painting a tray for my bedroom...lime green, surprise, surprise. It's a "carved" wooden tray, but a really cheap one I've had for years...I think I paid ten bucks for it. I got sick of trying to clean the dust out of the carved parts, and decided it would be easier with a couple of coats of melamine on it, 'cause at least then, I can dunk it in the sink. smile.gif Am using the leftovers from the kitchen counters.

Oh, and I had been planning to do this, and was about to go searching for the perfect brother, who's fave pasttime is watching sports/movies and listening to music, has all these remote controls cluttering his coffee table. I found the PERFECT wooden box, at Value Village of all places. It's kind of grungy, but very solidly made, and big and heavy and masculine. So I'm going to refinish it (or maybe just paint it, haven't decided yet) and then paint a design on the lid, and he can use it to stash his remotes! Or he can put it in a drawer to organize his socks, I don't care. It's so weird...I had JUST decided what kind of design I wanted to do, and then stumbled on the perfect box completely by accident!
Fucking hell. I just lost ANOTHER Ikea lamp to a cat moth-chasing spree.

Carmella tore the paper shade, and of COURSE, you can't even buy replacement shades, even if you DID happen to live near an Ikea.

Awww, doodle.

I feel your pain. I once lost a very cool (BIG) vase due to a cat/SQUIRREL chasing spree. Yes, inside. Irreplaceable. I had gotten it at a secondhand shop.

I was going to put it next to my clawfoot tub when I had finished renovating.

And one day when I get a bit more time I will have to tell the story of the amazing squirrel in the house escapade. I think it was inside for the better part of a WEEK! blink.gif

Anyway, I understand. Very, very well.

Oh, no! The tall, paper one this time? Not the little glass ones? Do we seriously have two kinds of lamps the same?

Ooh, I acquire small items of religious kitsch under the guise of art supplies. And not just the crucifix that Vesica gave me, to which I am very attached.
Just so everyone else knows, dusty and I are Sisters of the Ikea Lamps. We both own the same of two different varieties. And we've both injured them similarly as well.

Ah, of the table-sized paper ones, the matches the tall one. I bought these in a set of three, so they are slightly different than the originals (they have different paper and there are pieces of grass embedded inside)....AND you can't replace just one, 'cause they only come in a set!!! Bah. Luckily, my other table lamp is in the bedroom, so I can do the switcheroo...I just have to figure out something different for the bedroom. And no more turning on lights with paper shades until moth season is over!! GRRRR. Effing bloody cats. That is the fourth Ikea lamp I've lost.

(They knew they'd done it too....they hid quietly somewhere in the apartment for four hours before I saw them again.)

(dusty, oddly enough....what's it called, the glass one? We broke TWO of those when I had the white ones, but since I've had the green one, not a single thing has happened to it!)

I am rather dying to hear about the cat/squirrel incident.
Hello, decorating goddesses! I'm moving into a new place in a few months, my first non-dorm, mainfloor suite. No more basement dwelling for me!

I was in Old Navy, and they have the kickiest graphic wrapping paper- abstract patterns and the like. It occured to me standing in line that it would look fab on a wall, in panels (not as wallpaper). The sheets are 2 feet by 3 feet. Does anyone have any neat ideas for mounting/displaying it, so it doesn't look like I've just fun-tacked wrapping paper to a wall?
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