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Full Version: House Of The Gods! Well, actually, it is just my lil' apartment...(the home decorating thread)
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yeah, i think if you slap up just a corner's worth and it already looks off, well, then it's probably a good idea. and anything to highlight that heavenly wall color...

hey, you're in NOLA, right amilita? they have an Anthropologie and a Restoration Hardware out there now? wow, how times have changed...
Yeah, I'm in NOLA...but no, I meant online. Well, they do have a Restoration Hardware at the Lakeside Anthropologie. I wish. I'm also wishing for an IKEA. looking at the wall color, I wonder if a very light grey would look good for the ceiling. One with no blue/green tones. I'm not sure if that would bring out the greyness of the walls...I want the walls to look blue/green grey, not light blue. Maybe a grey ceiling would do the opposite of what I want...I suppose I just have to try.
double post! laissez le bon temps rouler!
I'm thinking of a grey ceiling in my bathroom, actually. My inspiration was the blue-grey ceilings on cajun porches. You should be able to find a lot of grey ceiling paint in south louisiana... you could drive around, find a porch ceiling you like and then ask the owners what shade they used!

Yeah, if new orleans got IKEA i would be one step closer to going back there.
Ok, well, after that warm, pro-vagina commentary, I am definitely going to paint the inside of the closet purple. :-)

amilita, instead of diluting the wall colour for the ceiling, why don't you just do it the same colour? I suspect that might look pretty good! The blue/green will really come out when you do the copper leafing.

I don't know a way to make flat paint glossier, except to put a coat or two of polyurethane over top when you are finished painting. Which would also protect it from the elements a bit, if you're using it on a sunporch.

I guess treehugger is out ripping plywood into shelves come and report back when you get a chance, treehugger!

sixel, hurrah for FLYing!

amy, have you decided what to do with the Egyptian paper? When are you going to do the fan-canvas thing? Of course we'll be wanting pics!

Hello also bklyn, crassy, and pepper!

I spent last evening working on a sketch for my next painting. It's my third try on the sketch, but I think I have exactly what I want this time. And I'm reporting this here, b/c the painting will go in my bedroom when it's done, so it totally counts towards decorating! LOL!
doodle, I hadn't thought about doing the same color on the ceiling, but I'm gonna consider it.

One thing I can say for the teal is that it really brought out the grey in the wall color, which is what I want it to do...I was freaking out a bit about the color (too blue) and wondering if I should just start over...but it really is lovely. And I forgot that I worked so hard to pick one that could flow into all the other rooms...the kitchen (green with red floor), hallway (yellow), and bedroom (a different green) all come off the living room and dining room. And this color works with all of them, which isn't easy to work out!

Oh, and work with all the art for those rooms...we have a couple black and white photos which I think are gonna look so much more fabulous on a color as opposed to white.

And I'm getting really excited about doing stuff to the sunporch in front...teal ceiling with I think tan walls. I'm usually against tan, but my interior designer friend has this tan that is brown and rich enough to not be blah. I love it and I usually am so against tan! And that'll work off the living room and the dark wood. Woot. I really just need to paint and hang a bunch of ferns and that room will be done.

So, I'm almost done with the first coat in the dining room. Woot again.

I think I need a vagina closet, too. :-)

How's the painting going, doodle? How did the shelf-ripping go, treehugger?
Yay amilita for getting ON that painting, girl! YAY! YAY! YAY!

*does more cartwheels in the thread, shakes iridescent pom poms*

I think that colour on your walls would be good on a ceiling...especially yours, with the curved edges. It's a great colour - and I say that 'cause it's very similar to the colour in my living room, LOL! Good taste, my dear. :-)

My mom says in the '50s, their kitchen had a RED ceiling!

The painting is...without paint, as of yet. I am actually just about to start with the paint. Transfering the sketch to the 4x2' board was kind of a complicated process, and the sketch was already complicated enough on it's own. Plus I had to make some corrections...and trying to correct graphite pencil lines on a primed surface is a lot harder than you might think! Nonetheless, I am ready to break out the paint.
I'm reporting in!!! Went with the boy to the lumberyard and we were checking prices. Spent an hour and a half there. Decided to go with carsiding. Best price out there and no ripping!!

Got shelves up on one half of the storage unit today. Had to pull half of the stuff out of there to do it. Yikes! But I found a book I thought I had lost, my tarot cards, and tons of cleaning stuff and spices, and just all kinds of goodies. Like Christmas in June. So the shelves are up, half of them, boxes neatly atop them. Going to do the other half tomorrow. I'm proud of how they came out. :-) And I can actually walk in there which is a HUGE improvement.

doodle, have you tried a gum eraser? they usually do well on gesso, if that's what you've primed with. it'll leave a grey smudge of graphite, but it gets the job done and the smudges won't show in the end.

i realized tonight that all week i've been procrastinating on my list by focusing on the things i need to BUY. which i cannot buy right now. when, as i've said here already, half the work my place needs is organizing and purging, which cost no money at all.

i mean, it's good to know what kind of drawer pulls i want, but right now i'm in no position to actually buy any of that. and the majority of the problem is the conditions of the drawers themselves.
Well, this is good and this is bad. I got my whole storage area straightened out. Unfortunately I have no more storage space. It used to be I couldn't walk in my storage room. Now I have shelves put up and I can walk in there, but now all my shelves are full! AAAaack!

Although I *am* proud of the wonderful shelf job I did. :-) I'm sorrowful though, that it's not helping me find space in my kitchen... :-(
can you figure out a way to maximize the space? you know, bins, etc?
treehugger, samey same same for me. shelves in the used-to-be-crowded storage area but they are now jam packed with stuff. i think the solution is to move into a bigger space but, well... ye know.
i have just enough space so long as i don't try to do any projects in here. i need a whole other area for crafty stuff and sewing and such, it all *fits* into it's respective closets and cupboards and shelves and such until i actually pull it out to make something. then it takes over the whole dang house it seems. it really, really Sucks! ah well, it'll work itself out.
Wow, treehugger...what are you storing down there?? Good for you for getting the shelves up...yay!!!!

pepper, I have the same issue with projects. I have to be really strict with myself about only doing one thing at a time, and putting it all away before I do something different. But even that doesn't always help. When I was working on my bedroom last weekend, the rest of the apartment was a mess...and it wasn't even a lot of stuff, but just a little bit of stuff left out looks like shit.

As for organizing...I've become pretty hardassed about just getting rid of stuff, or using up stuff instead of saving it for "someday." My mom says I'm "ruthless!" I suppose I am. Even though I debate and debate with myself about getting rid of something, in the end, I never seem to miss it.

bklyn, thanks for the tip. I was using a white art eraser AND a kneadable rubber one...but I ended up having the most success when I dug out the good old Pink Pearl!

I did zero work on the apartment this weekend. (Except working on the painting.) I figure I've earned it, though!
yay, i got to go to ikea!
apparently everything in my apartment is now green (curtains, bedspread, flowerpots, poster on the wall), except for my bathroom, which is pink, yellow and turquoise.

i will post pictures when i buy batteries for my camera...
mouse, i LOVE ikea. you can make their stuff look like your stuff so easily. i still call it the semi-disposable furniture store though. some of that stuff can't stand to be moved even once, it just falls right the heck apart!

you know, i live in subsidized housing so i could possibly afford to rent a studio space for creative work. but really, when would i GO there? i have to have a space in my actual space so it's accessible when i have minutes for it. if i have to tack on travel time etc it will just never happen, but the having to pull it all out and put it all away, often mid-project, makes it almost never happen anyhow. seriously, even dragging out the tool box makes it look like a stuff bomb when off in here. it bites. i love to do things, make things, fix things, etc, i need, Need a space for it!! i have to buy a house. even a basement or a garage would solve this no problem. i have to buy a house.

then i can decorate to my heart's content too, ha HA!
I have to admit, I love my Ikea chair. I thought for sure it wouldn't last (bought it about a year ago), because it was inexpensive*, and I'm pretty rough on my things, but it's holding up just dandy. (We'll see how it does after a couple more years, although for the price, it's not a huge deal if I only get 5 years out of it.) And it's very comfy! Plus, if you buy it with the white slipcover, you can dye it (the slipcover), as I discovered! And I have a footstool from Ikea, too, which comes with a dye-able slipcover. The cats probably use it more than I do, though! :-)

*Inexpensive being relative...bought with the slipcover and the footstool, it wasn't so inexpensive to me! Especially as I got a $290 speeding ticket on that trip.

pepper, I don't envy you, having to think about whether or not to give up your subsidized housing. It can be such a blessing during the really lean times! Is there anyway you could get on a list for a bigger space, or is that pretty much it?

mouse, yes! Pics, pics, pics! I will try to get my camera working, too, and get some shots of the bedroom...and if it doesn't happen, I will borrow BFF's cam...
so ot but... doodle, i've been thinking about having another child but my little is 5 so considering the age factor (and OF COURSE other things) i'm actually looking into adopting. being a three person family would put me on the list for a town house which would be nice for the three of us, if the three of us we actually become, but i don't think it will make much difference in regard to space. that extra area will be taken up with another little.
that isn't at all the reason why i am thinking about another babe (adoption or otherwise), but living here for sure makes either option more feasable sooner that later in other circumstances.
btw, if you have resources for looking into this that you'd like to pass along to me i'd appreciate receiving them. i'm just starting to examine the possibilies and while i'm not entirely adverse to a challenging situation with a child from a troubled background, i also want a situation where i can affect some good and keep a balance within my family. i have little to think about too, not fair to create so much strife that he loses out ye know. i have to think about what's good for him before i throw us into something.
is there a thread for this btw? i wouldn't mind hearing other ppls experiences...
pepper, just a very quick BFF is a foster parent (through MCFD), and has raised foster girls alongside her own bio girls for about a decade now. I can ask her if I can pass her e-mail address on to you, if you like, and she could probably answer a lot of your questions. She has a lot of experience with kids from all sorts of backgrounds...

I don't know what goes on in the family threads...there is a thread for moms in F&F, but you might want to ask in the Community Forum...
Well, what happened was I moved from cottagey/kitschey/cluttery to contemporary minimalist when I moved here. Mainly what I have down there is, oh, tools and files, paperwork, tax records, reference and trade journals related to my work, books, seasonal decorations (I refuse to give up my purple tinsel christmas tree!) What I need to do, I think, is bite the bullet and get some bookshelves up in the loft area so I can bring my books up. That'd clear off about half my shelves in the storage.

My next pressing project is going to have to be my spare bedroom. The bed in there has become sort of a dumping ground for things I don't know where to put. Sheesh.
amilita, i'm dying to see how the walls came out, i think i want to do my office is a similar grey/ blue.

bklynhermit, i must have missed something, does anthropologie support operation rescue?

treehugger, your new shelves sound awesome (and i love finding stuff you thought was lost!)

i'm totally gonna take a trip to south jersey one day to check out this place my friend says it's awesome!

pepper & doodle, i have the same thing w/new projects too --i need to force myself to finish and put away before starting something else.

my spare bedroom was the dumping ground until my s-i-l moved in --we're trying to give her some space so had to clean out a lot of stuff -but it forced us to organize more and get rid of unneeded stuff- which is good. i actually have attic space that's huge-but i want to make it our master bedroom one day so i don't want to put too much up there. i'm also trying not to be cluttered like my parent's house growing up. i want to be able to give and throw things away that i don't need. it's hard sometimes though.

wow, y'all got a lot done this weekend. i did nothing house-related this weekend except buy one of those plastic drawer things to put in my closet for socks-- i've got a lot of socks! at least 20 pairs w/black cats on them. i'm obsessed or something.

i did go to the renegade craft fair in brooklyn, and saw this amazing hanging lamp made out of little drink umbrellas --amazing. i'd love to try to make one, i looked at it for a good 5 minutes and think i might be able to. it looked sorta like this:,00.html\
don't know why that link didn't work, but here's what the umbrella lamp looked like:,2756,HGTV_23557_41226,00.html
Cute lamp! I love those umbrellas.

Yay for everyone's weekend accomplishments.

Well, the color saga friend yesterday said I should do a yellow ceiling, which I was willing to try but wasn't crazy about. But my other friend came over today and had a really golden brown/tan...and though I made a Scarlett O'Hara vow long ago: "I'll never have tan in my house again!" *shaking fist at sky*...I think it's the right color to use. Eeep. It may not be a popular choice around here, cuz it's not particularly interesing...but I'm having copper trim! And we have great art!

Here's a very bad picture of me holding the sample and a penny (for the copper) up to the wall. I also think the golden color will reflect light nicely in the room...warm up the icy walls...and I just got a gift of some orange/yellow silk dupioni I'm gonna use to make a new curtian. I think it's gonna work well...I'll keep you all updated!

ETA: I'm gonna lighten the tan some for the ceiling.

Tomorrow a.m. I'm gonna go get the new I'm gonna try to start my crazy quilt, which is gonna be made to hang above our bed. It's gonna have "We are safe" in it, which is something my collegues and I text messaged to each other a lot after we got out of the hospital after the NOLA flooding. That phrase goes through my head a lot...and I think it's cozy and nest-y.

It's an ambitious project for a first-timer!
ooh, i love that quilt idea. it was amazing how texting was so embraced during Katrina. it was the only way i could get in touch with anybody in my family for days.

i haven't gotten much done in the past few days, either. i did a little bit of picture hanging, but weirdly it made my bedroom walls seem more crappy and bare than before. i think this next season at work i need to save up and get some professional framing done -- i think that's why hanging things is making so little difference. i have all this great art and it's framed so poorly. i also arranged the doodads in my bathroom a little better and worked in some of the other random clutter stuff into that. for some reason the bathroom is where all roomie's archaeological stuff is. when i moved in, i added salvaged rocks and pottery to the mix. last night, a friend of ours brough over this cool old enameled ashtray he found on the street. i grouped everything in this weird old garden planter we had in the living room. i think that, just as the kitchen is eventually going to be the 'kitsch-in', the theme for the bathroom is going to be 'archaeologie' or 'found objects bathroom'. i totally hate theme rooms when they're done on HGTV, but for some reason i keep going in that direction in my own place. weird.
awsome doodle, she if she feels like being in touch with me. i have lots of questions.
I have yet to catch up in this thread. My friend's mom died and she and her husband were off dealing with her mom's old house this weekend, so we took care of their 3 and a half year old. Needless to say there were no 15 minuteseseses and I did not do any cool projects.

I will now catch up on my BUSTie buddy cool projects and prepare to improve my foyer.
Hey y'all!

crassy, I couldn't get the south jersey link to work...

I like the woven ribbon lampshade at that HGTV link, but it seems like too much work to actually do it! My fibro hands can't handle that fiddly shit anymore...I guess that's why I had to start working on such big paintings, too!

treehugger, I'll bet my spare bedroom is worse than twenty of your spare bedrooms, so I'm not even going to enter into a challenge with you over this one! LOL!

amilita, never mind what everyone thinks of do you like it on the ceiling? BTW, I love the quilt idea, with the words.

Hey bklyn, one thing you might try for now with your art, till you can afford framing (which is EXPENSIVE) could try painting the frames (of the ones that are framed) the same colour (black always works great for frames), and then paint a big colour block on your wall and hang all the art inside the colour block. Having all your pieces gathered together will improve the "collected" appearance, and the colour blocking and frame-painting will at least make them seem unified.

pepper, I'll talk to her tomorrow night and then send you her e-mail if it's ok. I'm 99% sure it is, but I don't want to go ahead w/o permission! :-)

amy! *kicks amy's butt*
hm. cool idea, but i don't think it'll work for me. i have a lot of those cheap all plexi no actual frame frames.

i've found that snapshots, postcards and impromptu collage-ish things look great in those frames, while Real Art doesn't look so good. i think i'm just going to have to pull the real art from the cheapo frames and replace with snapshots and postcards until i have the funds to either do better DIY framing or pay to have a few things framed. i have one vintage movie poster that i HAVE to have custom framed, it's just not going to look right or be preserved properly in a junky bed/bath/beyond poster frame. the rest of the art is small; i'll probably price out higher end DIY frames and compare that to getting them framed and see what works out. but the $5 target junk plexi frames i have now are just not gonna do those pieces justice.

for the past couple of years i've built a collection of REAL art, mostly by friends. it's just not fair to them or their work to show it off so crappily.
amilita, that quilt sounds awesome! and copper will look fantastic w/the wall. i'm a big fan of copper actually. i also think that tan might work on the ceiling. i guess it will be hard to tell if you like it until you've got some paint up. (i think if i would have known about killz i might have tried some more stuff, i've still got 2 rooms to paint though!)

bklynhermit, it's true the frames can make or break the art. i have some painting in my house w/no frames and i love 'em, is that an option? they also have affordable frames at ikea that are just plain wood and not too bad, maybe that would work?

*off subject warning* pepper, i think that those who adopt and take in foster children are heroes --seriously i do. at work i see a lot of children who just need a chance.

(((amy's friend's family)))

doodle, here's the south jersey link:
Thank you, crassy. It's been quite rough on them.

No need to kick my ass though! Last night I started on the foyer. Mr. Amy is finishing up the trim in there, so we have to work around each other, but so far so good. The RED door got yet another coat which it has needed for over a year. Damn, red is a difficult color, and next time I'll use tinted primer. I was reluctant because last time I left the door and the storm door open to dry the paint and air out all the paint fumes for a couple hours, and I got rewarded with a mouse for my trouble. (Helpful hint: mice do not like mint, so cottonballs with spearmint and peppermint essential oils scattered about while giving Mousey a path to get out of the house that is mint free eventually took care of this problem humanely.)

I also touched up the wall paint where it needed to be touched up, and touched up the stain on the trim around the door, which it also needed. After all this time I still haven't poly'ed there. Oh well, I'll get to that.

And I've got a project for the ugly metal closet door. Hopefully it will turn out. Hopefully. Also that foyer needs a little piece of art or something on one wall. *ponders*

When I find the canvas, I'll do my palm fan project too.

Oh, and I really like copper leaf as well.
bklyn...I hear ya on the real art front. One thing that does help temporarily, which is not too expensive, is getting mats cut for the art. Any framing shop will do this for you...then you just use thumbtacks - not through the mat, but around the mat, top and bottom, to hold it up. I've done this with many of my own drawings and paintings over the years. Gives it a more finished if you have the mats already, it will be a little cheaper when you're ready to frame. Sometimes you can even find pre-cut mats to fit at a framing shop. (Of course, if your art is the canvas variety, this will not work for you...though canvasses can look good hung up without frames.)

I have a couple of things waiting for real frames. My mom's killer whale paintings, for one (though I do have the mats), and also, I have a poster for a Margaret Atwood book, which a friend got her to sign, made out to ME...and of course, those PR posters never seem to come to standard size. Atwood is my favourite writer in the universe, but when I priced out archival framing, I discovered it's well over $200. *gulp*

crassy, that place looks cool! I wish we had something like that here, but then, there is not much architecture to salvage in the west yet! I know some places where I could find old wagon wheels and washtubs and the like, though.

Yay amy, for getting even more shit done!! My cure for mice in the house is cat ownership, of course. Even in my messiest, clutteriest days, I never had a mouse problem!!

I just want to reiterate that I cannot believe the difference in my bedroom, after one weekend of work and a week of 15 minute evening tasks. WOW! It is SO nice to be in there, to lounge in there and wake up in there. I haven't been able to read a book cover-to-cover in a couple of years, and I always thought it was because my job had given me a brain meltdown...but I think now I realize it's because I had nowhere to do so in comfort. I had that crappy loveseat that was soooooo uncomfortable, and I hated being in my bedroom. But I think I'm gonna start trying to get back into reading, as I used to enjoy it more than anything in the world...

I do have a problem, though. Because I'm spending more time in the bedroom, my cat Carmella thinks she's allowed to sleep on the bed with me now. And I don't have the heart to boot her off.
the mint suggestion is brill, amy! i'm so doing that next winter when i inevitably get another little visitor. this year we had to get the building's exterminator to put down poison in the end, which i was not happy about.

crassy, yeah, all my paintings are unframed -- i really like it better that way. the problem is that the pieces in question are all hand-processed photographs, etchings, drawings, etc. actually, i'm thinking of mounting one of them on wood -- it's a sepiatone print done by a friend of mine on this lovely paper with really toothy edges, and i have a feeling that there's no way to do it justice in a frame. this is crazy, but my mother used to have a wood-mounted copy of her wedding invitation, which was engraved on a similar toothy-edged paper (oh, the 70's), and it looked really cool.

i've been kickin' it on photojojo this morning (, and found some really cool DIY framing ideas. one of which uses CD jewel cases! i don't think that's the right way to exhibit any of my current problem pieces, but i know what i'm doing next time i see jewel cases on the craigslist freebie page...

i think the solution at this point is to pull all the badly framed art, put easier stuff in those frames, and find a temporary solution like rasterbator or the jewelcase idea to fill wall space until i can do the good stuff right.
Ah, yeah, I'd be really unhappy about poison too, especially since I have a dog. I don't eat meat even so I'm not going to be thrilled about the idea of killing a mouse. I kept refusing to use anything lethal like sticky traps (those are SO cruel) or the kind of bait traps that kill, or poison. We tried live traps, but he didn't care about those. I let the dog chase him, knowing she wouldn't be able to get him but thinking it might scare him into finding someplace else to live. He just got better at hiding. I used the sonic thing that had worked one other time I left the basement door open and gained a mouse, but not on this mouse. We tried to get him with a bucket contraption, but no dice. Finally I stumbled upon the mint idea after some googling. I think it makes them feel sick, so giving the little guy or girl a way to get out is important. He (and he had a pointy butt, so I'm pretty sure he was a he) has not been back since. You might want to try putting some minty cottonballs out before your uninvited guests are expected to repell them. I'd be curious to hear if it works for you.

If only I could have a cat, doodlebug. The Mr. is allergic.

Anyway, it seems to be fine as long as we don't leave any doors open for extended periods of time. My fault!

And back to decor: I'm going to take a before picture of the hideous metal door, but I'm not sure the ugly can be captured on film. We'll see.
Whew! OK, I got the ceiling paint color pinned's gonna be the one on the right.

The one I got was way too dark and orange, so I diluted it 1-to-1 with white and that was better but still not good. So then I did 2-to-1 white and color and now I think it's tan with the right undertones.

Now, it's not so much that I love tan, but I want the ceiling to almost disappear and to highlight the copper trim I think I've got it.

Yay for picture framing and relaxing bedrooms!
amilita, I can't see any pics. :-(
amy, i love the mint suggestion too. i had mice in my garage so i put some of my cat's poople doos out there --it actually worked, but mint would smell MUCH better!

bklyn, i forgot to say, like doodle i've hung stuff w/just mats using t-pins (for sewing). if put in right they can actually look sorta cool w/the art.

i am always on the lookout for a good record frame. i got one of those 'some girls' albums from the rolling stones and put my friends pics in the faces. i want to surround it with 45 rpm adapters so i need a frame that's thicker that i can glue them to.

i didn't know about photojojo, i'm gonna check em out.

eta: i think the tan on the right will look really good with the blue and copper. can't wait to see it.
Just checking in. I continue to bust ass on the foyer, but this technique is going to take several days to finish up. I really hope it turns out.
ok, so i finally busted through the fog of wishing i could spend money and actually got some work done! loooong post ahead, ladies...

last night i spent at least an hour cleaning out kitchen cabinets. in the tableware category, i organized everything so that it'll all be much easier to get to by consolidating things of the same type vertically, and then placing the things used most often on the bottom shelf, things used pretty often on the middle shelf, and things almost never used (but which can't be thrown away entirely) on the top shelf.

i got rid of a vast amount of re-purposed yogurt and takeout containers which were stained and melted beyond further use, ugly plastic bowls we have for no reason considering that we also have like 4 different types of nicer ceramic bowls, broken mugs, etc. etc. i also found some really cool stuff packed away back there which i'd never seen before. it astonishes me how roomie can aquire such cool stuff and then hide it away for years.

i also organized 3 out of 4 of the food cabinets via a similar system by breaking things down by type -- condiments (by far the largest category!), dry goods staples, baking ingredients, canned goods, tea, etc. yes, in our house tea gets its own special food category. when consolidated like this, it turns out our cupboards are severely bare. no wonder we can never find anything to eat in there, even though it always looks to be brimming with food. turns out it was all sea salt, baking powder, organic refried beans, and like 10 different varieties of tea. not exactly a meal, you know.

ideally i'd like to print out one of those rachel ray type lists of necessary staples, amend it around our own cooking habits (i doubt rachel reccommends one keep 3 varieties of lentils), do a big staples run at the supermarket, and give us 2 weeks to either use the weird stuff or toss it. for instance that can of clam sauce. wtf?

just for the record, i am NOT eating that. if roomie wants to cook it for himself, that's fine, but if it's up to me it's going far, far away from here without ever being opened. why is it that all kitchen pantries have some sort of tinned seafood item that sits in there for YEARS only to be ultimately thrown away because it dawns on the pantry owner that, yes, the tinned seafood item in question is actually REVOLTING and how could they ever have bought such a thing.
Hi all! I don't think I have much to post tonight, but I love reading about everyone pitching crap and painting stuff and getting shit done! YAY, TEAM BUST! *shakes iridescent pom-poms*

I think I need to apply my daily 15 minutes to the hall closets again. The entrance first, and then the "everything" closet. It won't be too bad, though, since I've already done both "properly"'ll be just a quick re-org for both. I'd like to add some shelves in the entrance closet, but I'm trying not to spend any money till I buy paint. So I guess I'll have to figure out how to "make do!"

After I paint the bathroom and bedroom, I'll pretty much have no excuse for not tackling the spare room. Ugh.

If I didn't rent, I would...get rid of the bedroom door and install one of those cool slidey-door thingies, where the big sheet of wood or glass hangs from a visible track...*sigh* would look so good there. I always wanted to do that to my kitchen, too...but that was before I painted, when I still wanted to hide the kitchen.
Ok, I did 15 minutes in my hall closet. Overflow of recycling, out the door. A couple of unwanted blankets, bagged up and left out for whomever needs them. Also, found a pair of sandals that will do me for the summer, which I apparently forgot I owned. Here I thought I'd have to buy new ones!

Now I'm going to bed.
I re-organized my bathroom toiletries (while I was getting ready.) Everything I use on a daily basis is now in my main drawer in my cabinet; everything else is in the linen closet. :-)
just found out that Freecycle is doing a FreeMeet in my neighborhood on Saturday. They're holding it at the block party my favorite local bar/restaurant is throwing! yay! i get to empty the outbox without trecking all the way out to Salvation Army, sift through other people's accumulated stuff for things I actually need, AND drink frozen mojitos, all at the same time!

i should do the flylady 'get rid of x number of things' routine tonight so i'll have even more to give away on Sat...

i have a feeling we're a pretty far-flung gang, but if any of my DesignBusties are in the NYC area, come out and FreeCycle with me!
Oh, I wish I could go with you, bklyn. Let us know what you get.

So I've got the ceiling done, and I think the color is working sort of disappears. And looks warm and glowy at night. And I didn't think of it before, but it totally works with the light fixture. Here is a picture.

I will paint the trim rejected-ceiling-color teal will peek out of cracks in the copper leaf and hopefully push more grey into the walls. We will do the copper leafing Sunday. Woot.

I may try the 15-minute clean up thing once I'm done with the painting...I may do it for longer sometimes, though. The Mr. does this thing in his studio where he says he is his own slave for 30 minutes, and he cleans up for that time...he has a hard time keeping it clean down there, but if he does this for a week, it looks great down there.
Ooh, nice, amilita! I'm so enamored of your wood trim too. LOVE real wood trim. LOVE it.
amilita really gets shit done! WOW! I love the colour - it works well! Can't wait to see it with the copper leafing.

Yay treehugger for bathroom organizing!!

I've got almost everything out from under the bathroom sink, myself. I just need to figure out what to do with the bucket 'o' cleaning supplies, and the toilet paper, and then project cat litter can begin.

bklyn, LOL! NYC is kind of a long way to go for me. I've been there exactly ONCE! I'd love to go back, *le sigh* However, I think Air Canada would probably discourage the bringing home of used furniture and things.

I think this weekend I need to start looking for a wheelie cart, for art supplies. Probably one of those plastic jobbies will do just fine. Or maybe I'll look for a little second-hand nightstand with drawers, and put wheels on it...
drive by...

bleh. the schedule of the film i'm on changed at the last minute (blast ye, locations gods!) and we had to switch what we were supposed to shoot today with what was planned for tomorrow. which meant i didn't get to go to the FreeMeet after all and my entire outbox is still taking up space aplenty in my bedroom. my only consolation is that it poured all day, so it was most likely either cancelled or very poorly attended. i probably didn't miss out on much.

but i have spent the past 3 days madly framing and hanging pictures, rearranging furniture, color coordinating bathrooms, and doing various and sundry other temporary home improvement tasks. unfortunately, all this work has been done on somebody else's apartment and all has to be undone by monday.

i'll chalk it up to good practice, i guess.
ugh. house messy, laundry, dirty floors, stinky bathroom, piles of stuff here and there, desk, floor, bed, waiting to be dealt with. kid being an utter pain in the @$#, argh!
this afternoon he's getting shipped off so i can get this place in order. my closet has fallen into disarray and i start the new job tomorrow. must. get. Organized!

i babysat last night so little gave up his bed to his friend and slept with me. when we woke up the room spelled of sleeping bodies and morning breath, it was, ugh. not pleasant. of course, it's always a little stale in the morning (noisy neighbourhood, have to sleep with the windows closed) but with two people in there it's beyond.
any suggestions about what to do? i've got a spray bottle with water and lavender oil that i spray around but is there a preventative measure. i don't want to start sleeping with earplugs so i can keep the window open, then i can't hear my kid if he wakes in the night.
I hear you, pepper. My guy and I often babysit a kitten in the shoebox room we rent, and since the main window doesn't have a screen and we're on the 2nd floor, we have to keep it closed so kitten doesn't go sky diving. By the time the morning rolls around, we're sleeping on the second ring of Dante's Inferno. The tight space causes constant clutter, and we end up "swimming" in our day-to-day junk. Ugh.

I think I shall do a bit of organizing, myself. Goodness knows whether it will take one hour, two hours, or (hopefully) longer for my efforts to come undone, but I still feel satisfaction when the room looks just how I want it to (even for an instant). I have found though, that for small spaces, near constant cleaning (even if it's just "oh, let me just wash this dish now," or "I'll fold that shirt and put it away now rather than later") makes it much easier, if you manage the time within your busy schedule.

Best of luck; whistle while you work!
Ack, that sucks, bklynhermit. Went to all that trouble to gather your giveaway stuff and now you still have to look at it. Hopefully it got postponed.

I am inching closer toward having the foyer done, and I am almost done with my art project involving the palm fans. I have one last decision to make regarding it and then once I've decided it might just be a matter of gluing and letting it dry.
Yay! The copper leafing is done in the dining room!

The first piece goes on.
Close up to see cracks in leafing where the base color shows through.
Antiquing on left to tone shine down a bit.
Slightly blurry photo that shows the finished room!

I'll have to take another picture once I have the furniture back in place and the art hung. I'm so happy with how it turned looks fancy! It also works with the era of the house, which is 30's/40's. Yay, yay, yay! Next I do all the same stuff to the living room.

Good luck with organizing and stuffy rooms, everyone!
So pretty!!
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