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Full Version: House Of The Gods! Well, actually, it is just my lil' apartment...(the home decorating thread)
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Hmmmm...amy, this is just a thought, but...I've got a couple of cutwork wooden Chinese fans I've been thinking about trying this with, so see if it floats your boat. You could get a long rectangular canvas (I've seen these super-cheap at the dollar store) and paint it a coordinating colour with your room, then attach the fans so that the wide parts overlap, i.e., one handle at each end of the canvas. You don't have to worry about finding a canvas big enough, b/c it would look cool if parts of the fans overlapped the edges as well as one another.) Then it would cause the minimal amount of damage to the wall, b/c you'd only need to hang the canvas. You could even paint the canvas the same colour as the wall.

Alternatively, you could sew some nylon or other invisible thread to the wrong side of the fans and hang them that way...they're probably light enough that a thumbtack would hold one up, if it were on a nylon filament. I used to hang my fans that way. (Hee! I just found some pics of the apartment I had in my early 20s, where I have some fans on the wall. I should scan them and post them!)

YAY amilita for starting painting!!! On the could paint it the same as the wall or the ceiling, depending on whether you want the room to look taller or shorter. You could get the colour in a semi-gloss finish, which would highlight it a bit. Otherwise...I dunno? I like the copper idea, it would go with the blue.

I have never heard of "Killz." It sounds dangerous!

So! My 15 minutes - slightly more than 15, since I had to futz with the cords, but anyway...I got the macrame "light" hung up! It looks really cool! I used two strands of 50 outdoor minilights ('cause the cords are white, not green, and the macrame is beige with dark wood beads and shelves), and wound them all around the macrame cords, up and down. I've got a switch extension cord attached to them also, so I don't have to plug and unplug all the time. It looks so sweet and romantic - I can't wait to see it after dark! I don't think I'm going to put anything on the shelves, though. I like the way it looks now, like an odd, airy lighting fixture! I have it on the other side of my bed, instead of an end table and lamp.

The shelves are still drying. I had to touch up some spots where the frelling paint peeled when I took off the tape (for the stripes), so I won't have them poly-finished till probably tomorrow evening. I also didn't carefully think through the stripes...I think they (lime green) might be placed exactly where the brackets (black) will have to go. But I've been working so hard that I'm beyond giving a shit. :-)

After I get the headboard and the shelves/hooks up, I will try to get my camera working again and post pics...even though the room won't be painted yet!
amy, the first thing i thought of was thread, too. you could have two nails right at the edges of the palms so you wouldn't be able to see them that easily, and string thread across.

thanks for all the tips--contact paper and shelves in the window (it is a pretty good nook) sound great. and yeah, i rent.
i did not do my 15 minutes today because i spent an ultimately fruitless 2 hours in Home Despot. grrr.

i went in search of an extension cord that could handle my microwave, an obscure lightbulb for this weird old lamp i have, a masonry bit and the proper screws for my crazy apartment walls, and more paint chips for the bathroom.

i got the wrong kind of extension cord for our outlets, the wrong size lightbulb for my lamp, and i haven't fooled with the bit or screws yet. the paint chips seem ok, but i've somehow gone from 3 options, none of which would work, to like 15 options, all of which seem equally nice.

now i'm really confused about what kind of extension cord i need for my microwave, because everything with the proper voltage has the wrong kind of outlet end.

but i did figure out what i'm going to use to cover the wires over the stove in my kitchen. i have this great old elvis record sleeve, which i'll put in a record frame. record frames tend to be deeper than standard frames, so if i tape the wires down tight elvis should fit nicely.
So...treehugger....where are yoooooooooooou??? Heh. Don't be shy about posting even if you're not working on your kitchen!

bklyn, I use extensions for my micro and my deep freeze...I bought special ones for appliances. They are grey, and only have one socket, but they are the proper kind that are grounded. I got them at Canadian Tire, though, so I can't give you any clues where to find one. You could try an outdoor cord, though, if you can't find an appliance cord. They are usually grounded properly.

mouse...let us know what you decide to do with your window!

I must now formally give treehugger credit for the idea of wrapping the macrame shelving thingie in minilights. It's just gotten dark now, and the light looks fantastic!!!! I'm so thrilled!!!!
yeah, that's the kind i got today, grey, called "interior appliance extension cord". perfect, except that the part of the cord you plug into the outlet has some bizarre plug shape that doesn't match any of the outlets in the apartment. it's bigger, and looks kind of british? it's definitely an american cord, though. i'm severely confused. i'm going to bring it back and see if they have exactly the same thing but with a more familiar plug.

the weird thing is that i feel like i've set up a microwave on extension cords before and it wasn't this big an issue. i just got one of those regular old orange ones and everything was fine...
hmm. the back of the microwave says "do not use with extension cord."

Bah. No sleep for me tonight. I blame cramps. So I read some decorating magazines, put up my headboard, and now I'm having some bread and cheese before I attempt sleep again.

bklyn, it's prolly safe to use with a proper appliance cord. They are probably warning off all the idiots who would use an ordinary cord from the dollar store or something. *rolls eyes*

You know what really struck me as I was reading decorating magazines tonight? How "same-y" so many of these "well-decorated" homes have become. I saw that dogdamned Noguchi coffee table three times in one magazine. And that was just in the pictures of people's real homes, nevermind the ads! And it's a really nice table, but come on people. Do something different! The same Barcelona chairs, the same le Courboisier (sp?) chaise. The same decorating status symbols. ARGH! It's like opening up a fashion magazine and seeing every single model in a Chanel suit, or a Chanel knock-off. In beige! Or espresso. Or mushroom. Or tan. It just goes to prove that all the money in the world can't buy creativity or originality.


It took me LESS than 15 minutes to get the entire headboard created and attached to the wall. If you don't have a headboard and you don't have any money, I highly recommend this version, which probably costs between $5 and $15 to make, depending on what parts you can scrounge. :-) You'd need access to a staple gun and a level (or a friend with a very good eye). A drill would make it easier, but you could totally do this with a screwdriver and something to make pilot holes with (nails are good!).

I used two straw/grass/whatever-they-are beach mats ($3 each) and a bamboo pole (already had one), though you could use a dowel. I draped the mats over the pole, with maybe a six inch overhang. I staple-gunned the mats along the top to attach them to the pole. Then I lifted the overhang, drilled pilot holes right through the pole and into the wall, and used two extra long screws to attach the pole to the wall (used a level for this part). Dropped the overhang and voila! The screws aren't visible because of the overhang, and the staples aren't really visible because they are at the very top. (Though you might see them if you were jumping on the bed.)

I do need to figure out a way to stop the mats from separating in the middle when I lean back and the pillows get pushed against it, but it shouldn't be too hard. Probably a few quick stitches with a needle and thread will do it.

Anyway, it looks cool, and also MUCH better than having NO headboard, so that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

does the cord have one sideways prong? Or maybe both of them are sideways, where instead of looking like: (||), they look like (--)? Or this: (|-) ? (hey, it's hard to draw pictures with a keyboard!)

It's probably for a 208 or 230 volt appliance. Like some window air conditioners are. You can't use a regular outlet for those so they change the prong shape to prevent people from plugging too high of a voltage appliance into a 110 volt outlet.

Is your microwave that big? Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT twist any of the prongs to fit your outlet. We had a guy who did that on a drill at work (and he ruined the drill!) Permanently. Smoke came out of it and everything.

Ugh. I'm so ill. I went to a family reunion this weekend (that's where I was, doodle) and I think I caught the annual summer flu. Blech.

The kitchen is on hold until I get my storage area cleared out and organized. Then I will have a place to put my seldom-used kitchen stuff.

Unfortunately I can't do THAT in 15 minute chunks because it's down in the underground parking and I think stuff would walk away. I LITERALLY can't walk in there. So I think this weekend (hopefully I'm not still sick) I will need to spend all day Saturday pulling all the stuff out (OMG) and installing shelves. I was in too much of a hurry when I moved.

Doodlebug, I want to make a headboard like that! I'm going for sort of a Bali/south seas look in my bedroom, (saw it in a book and am shamelessly copying it). I wish I had a scanner so I could post a pic. But the bamboo/straw sounds perfecto!
I've been lurking on and off and just have to tell Crassy I LOVE YOUR HOUSE! That bathroom is something special.

Okay, back to lurking until I have something to contribute.
yeah, treehugger, that's exactly what the plug is like. and i understand all that about the voltage and all.

but umm, i've been using this microwave (which has a regular style plug on it) in my regular style outlets forever, and there doesn't seem to be a problem. my house doesn't even HAVE that kind of outlet. the AC and even the fridge are just plugged in to the regular 3-prong grounded outlets. does that mean it's a low enough voltage that a regular extension cord would be fine?

though i've been warned that our AC can under no circumstances be extension corded. so maybe the same is true for the microwave. it's a relatively puny microwave, though.

gah. electricity is so stupid.
i stand corrected: our AC can be extension corded (and was for many years apparently), it just can't be put on a powerstrip.

and after all this careful consideration of all the inherent electrical issues, i'm going back to home despot to see if they have a cord with the proper plug end. i do think i need the grey grounded cord, but i'll see what they have.

eta: doodle, i just noticed your insomniac post down there! your headboard sounds so cool! i had an old window suspended in similar fashion as my headboard for a long time...
Me. So. Tired.

bklyn, the window headboard sounds like a cool idea!

Hey treehugger! I knew you were away over the weekend, but I didn't know you came back sick! Poopies.

I don't really know what look I'm going for in my bedroom, but probably like the rest of my house, it will have a bit of a Pacific Rim theme to it when I'm done. It's just so easy to find Asian and South Asian wares here in B.C., that it makes it an obvious choice if you don't have much money!

Hi raisin!
Sorry for the double-post, but...

Does anyone understand the current fascination with wallpaper that all the decorating mags/sites have?

I don't. I hate wallpaper. I can't imagine why you would want to go to all that fuss of putting up paper, which you are bound to get tired of within a few years and want to take down. (And if you don't, it will no doubt start to seem dated at some point.) Then you have to do the work of taking it down, and dealing with the resulting mess of a wall. WHY would you put yourself through this? I don't get it.

And I hate that much pattern in a room anyway.
I'm completely with you on wallpaper. That's exactly how I feel about it in my own house, and having to deal with the horrors wallpaper left behind while taking down the yucky wallpaper left by previous owners, I don't think I'll ever put it up.

I'm sick too. *is sick with treehugger*

And my 15 minutes yesterday was a little longer than that again, but it was spent cleaning out my old car. It got donated to charity.
uunnggghhh, me too with the pukey flu. hit me like a ton of bricks mid-afternoon yesterday. i've just now dragged my sorry self out of bed to do some something around the house. i can't lie a-bed all day, even though i'm still vaguely queasy.. :oP
Hi, Doodle! haha
are any of yall regulars at apartment therapy?

well, omigod. an open thread there got deleted (i'm assuming due to nastiness) and i think it might be partially my fault.

this morning before work i was posting in that thread, and one of the resident trolls said something nasty to me. rather than rise above, i got into it a bit with him and i think that exchange was at the core of the thread's removal. luckily for my conscience i didn't say anything terribly inappropriate, let him have the last word, and got a few polite on-topic posts in before leaving for work. so i know it wasn't completely my fault my fault.

but since i didn't see AT between then and the time it was deleted, i have no idea where the troll may have taken things after i left and what else happened and how i might have been involved in it. and now i feel really bad about the whole thing.

anybody know the lowdown?
treehugger, the paint color in my garden room is from behr and it's called hidden meadow (#410B-5), i also looked on and didn't find the right back plate. i checked all kinds of antique & scrap places, i check e-bay every week or more, i checked a bunch of other websites, still no luck. the sad part is that i only have 1 missing, on the other side of the door the backplate is there so it would be obvious if it was too different. my last option is that have one custom made but i'm sure that's pretty pricey.

doodle, the people who lived the house before me put the 'poop deck' sign on the bathroom, they also put a 'wine cellar' sign on the door to the basement. they were apparently into nautica- i have a 'sea captain' doorbell that someone painted around so i can't replace it until i paint the door!

when i did the big office cleanup i ripped my favorite articles out of bust and bitch and i put them in a binder in sheet protectors. i haven't been able to sort it but at least it's in a binder and taking up much less space.

doodle, bklynhermit, & pepper, you guys are doing great on the 15 minutes! i have to do a hour or two soon. i'm ready to tackle the drawer of mismatched socks this weekend. i'm going to try to match some (i put them in at different times so there's a possibility), then i'll throw out the ugly oines and maybe make something w/the unugly but still unmatched ones. any ideas?

amilita, what is killz? and copper sounds great with teal and grey-blue! i did a lot of copper in my house, i love the look of it so much! i'd really love to do faux tin ceiling tiles in a copper color on my kitchen ceiling one day.

doodle, the room sounds like it's coming along, can't wait to see some pics.

wow, it sounds like everyone might love my bathroom almost as much as i do. the final touch will be when we can afford a tin ceiling in there. i'm thinking of something simple like this but in a silver finish.

i think stencils are much cooler than wallpaper. particularly i like these alot

Oh, where was that stencil site when I was thinking of doing stenciling in the guest room? There's one that's close to perfect. Hmmm.
Oooh, crassy, I like those stencils. I like the way some of the new, super-cool wallpaper looks, but I can't imagine actually using it. Like ya'll said, it's such a pain to put up and a pain to remove. I always want to buy a roll of ones I like to use to cover hatboxes or something.

And doodle, I agree that all the "well-decorated" homes in the media look so similar. Bo-ring! It's more like a checklist: Modern chair? Check! Punch of color? Check! Mirrored armoire or other latest trend? Check!

crassy, Killz is special paint that's a stain cover and sealer. And my friend tipped me off that you can use the oil-based version even if you're gonna use latex later...and that the oil-based is the best one to use if you're covering water stains. (I was using the water-based one the other day.) So I did that this morning, and voila! The stains are gone! So now I need to go buy my colors. Same friend told me to ask for the contractor's grade and it's way less money.

And she also said I should do the copper leaf on the trim because it's so great and it won't be harder than painting AND she volunteered to help. Yay. So I think that's the plan.
oh, i like the peacocks, those are great.
hey, i think that's my first hug ever on this site. thanks. i feel much better now. i may have only had food poisoning but i can't imagine what i'd have gotten it from. so strange.
it's our day off and i'm just goofing around and wasting the whole darn day! ok, time for action:
laundry, wash fold and put away (fold and put away the last load that's still on my bedroom floor as well, ack!)
dishes, not too many.
make soup and salad for later.
tidy up the kids room.
paint and be-ribbon this cork board.
cut some fabric for skirts and try out my new sewing machine that's finally arrived, yah! (it got here on the first day of the "flu", what absolute torture! i could see it there in the hallway from my sick bed. i read the manual between bouts of nausea.)
sweep, vacuum, spot mop, clean the bathroom (it's teeny, shouldn't take more than 10 mins).
plan some kind of plants for the deck, they are sadly overdue!!!
last but not least, after the kiddo is in bed i am going to set up an altar on the top of my newly cleared dresser. i haven't had one laid out for ever, just a special space for stones and coins and pictures and stuff. i took the television and vcr/dvd player out of my room (it was on top of the dresser), i hated the way it looked and i would just curl up in bed for an hour or two at night and watch garbage instead of getting things done. i find myself with SO much more time on my hands now that i don't have a tv at all. i mean, the kid has one in his closet for morning cartoons but watching anything in there myself is almost a chore so i don't. it's nice.
i'm the same way on both the new wallpaper trend and the 'well decorated homes' thing.

one of my pet peeves is flipping through a magazine (or looking at the home tours on design websites) and seeing EVERY SINGLE SPACE have the same 5 or 6 mid-century pieces. the eames chair. the noguchi lamp or coffee table. the verner panton pendant lamp. le corbusier chaise or LC2. and all of them are currently available from DWR, MoMA, etc. so it's not like people scoured antique shops or ebay to 'collect' this stuff. it's just a more pretentious version of pottery barn or any other one-stop yuppie furniture big box type place.

in fact, one of the locations for a short film i'm art directing has LC2 chairs already in the space, and i'm planning on either covering them or taking them out of the room because i don't want the 'modernist living room with token LC2 chair' to be on my reel.
Jeepers, whazzup with all the decorators getting sick??


Actually, I've been having a fibro pain attack yesterday and today. It's like a migraine in your body; I'm "coming down" from it now. Ugh!

I did get a wee bit done yesterday, though. I got the shelves hung up in the doorway alcove, and YES I did it in my 15 minute allotment! They look WAY cool!! Tonight I will hang up the hooks.

Oh, I also solved the separating beach mat headboard problem with the application of a couple of staples from the staplegun! :-) I looked it up - apparently those beach mats are made from "natural reed", and they come in wildly varying prices. If anyone is looking for them cheaply, I got mine at Shopper's Drug Mart ($3), but I've also seen them at dollar stores for between $1 and $3.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's sick of the "perfect" mid-C mod homes. I actually really like the lines of a lot of modern furniture, but now, every time I see it, it's like people are doing it for the same reasons they do all-neutral spaces...because they do what they are told by so-called "experts" (designers, magazines), and don't trust themselves not to make a mistake. For me, when I see something become excruciatingly popular, I DON'T want to do it anymore! (Hence the reason I don't weep over my long-gone Danish modern furniture.) Anyway, I think it's becoming oversaturated as a style - soon you'll be able to buy Noguchi knock-offs at Wal-Mart, and then the well-off people won't want their overpriced look anymore. Besides, it's all a marketing game anyway. Soon the "experts" will be telling everyone how awful and unhip mid-C and wallpaper are, and everyone will have to hop on board and buy totally new things.

/decorating rant

bklyn, I missed the thread you are referencing, but I do hang out at AT sometimes. My username there is dorianne...I got into it one day recently over some derogatory stuff people were saying about low income families/ made me mad! Are you the opoponax (sp?), by any chance? So I named their prejudice and got slammed for it. I haven't posted since, because I was afraid I was going to call that one guy a fucking asshole and have my posts deleted.

amilita, please let us know how the copper-leafing process goes! I've seen it on TV, but people like Debbie Travis make everything look easy, so I never know whether or not it really is easy. :-)

crassy, I love those ceiling tiles!

pepper, I also don't watch TV. I still have one, but I keep it sort of hidden behind a chair...and mainly b/c I like the vintage cabinet it's in! The cabinet is actually destined to have its TV removed one day, and to become a water feature...heh.
Now I'm picturing a conference room full of Eames shell chairs with bright colors. It's just like a set from The Prisoner, at least in my head.

Thank you for the hugs, doodlebug.

I have to agree about the overabundance of midcentury modern. It's nice enough, but for some reason an overabundance of it just isn't all that pleasing, aesthetically speaking. It's as if all the lines are "too clean". Does that make sense?
OBTW. Now that my palm fans have arrived, I am pleasantly surprised to find that the paper she wrapped them in is fantastic. It's this gold paper with scenes from ancient Egyptian mythology on them. It's too cool to throw away. I have to use it. I have an idea that involves what I'm going to do with the palm fans, but anyone who has a more brilliant one, please do speak up.

Yes, I know you won't know if my idea is more brilliant, but it's all a ploy to hear your ideas. Oops, I gave myself away.

amy, did you read my post about using a long, rectangular canvas? Maybe you could decoupage the paper onto a canvas and then put the fans on top of that...

That's my only "creative" idea...

Right. I need to do something. I'm going to vacuum my apartment and then get to those hooks!
i actually had a slightly different but all too similar idea -- frame the paper in one of those transparent-mat frames. so that it's just the paper sandwiched by glass and then surrounded by the simple black or brown or whatever frame.

you know egypt was a major 20's/30's design inspiration, right?

so out of all my home despot crap from the other day, it turns out that the masonry bit totally works! i'm now going to start rehanging all the pictures in much better arrangements. oooh, and shelves! now i can actually have shelves!

honestly i have to say i don't mind the midcentury look, and it can even look fine when it's dominant in a space (though i do hate that it's so trendy). my issue is that it's the same damn pieces over and over again, and often they have nothing to do with the space and what would look good. it's all status. i feel like if it's a great piece and it really would look good in the space and you can make it blend in and be normal, then fine. i'm also all about non-designer stuff from that era. just the regular everyday furniture that normal people would have had.

i do really want an eames lounger, though. they're perfect in every way and also extremely comfortable. if i had one i'd probably split up the ottoman and chair in different rooms or different ends of the same room. and i wouldn't change the rest of the room a whit -- it'd just be a replacement for the really threadbare armchair i'm sitting in right now.

oh, and yeah, doodle, i'm the opoponax. which makes me cringe here because until recently i was such an evil bitch on that site and am still a lot more critical there than i am here. don't judge me too harshly for my behavior over there...
"you know egypt was a major 20's/30's design inspiration, right?"

Yep! This is another reason I must use it.

Your ideas are all pretty similar to mine. Must be that mindmeld thing, or perhaps bklyn's psychic cheerleading? I want to bring in a tad bit more of the orange, so I was going to use the canvas and paint the canvas orange and mount the palm fans on it. I thought I might frame around it with the paper though. Either that, or I was going to decoupage a tissue box to put on the side table with it.
bklyn, I don't really remember you're behaviour over there, LOL! But I thought it was you who once wrote something about being, er...critical at the confessions thread once, so I made the connection...(it was you, wasn't it?) Heh! :-)

bklyn, are you describing a floating picture frame there? I used those to make my "room divider" in my living versatile!

amy, it's like a bustie-decor-diva-connection thing, I guess! LOL!

Ok, so. In the doorway alcove, I got 5 big hooks hung on the wall below the shelves, and then 6 smaller hooks on the wall behind the open door, where you can't see them. (The door is only ever closed when I am in there AND when I have a guest in the house.) The big hooks are meant to hang my shawls and scarves in the "visible" zone, and then the small ones are supposed hold my clothes, where you wouldn't see them. Unfortunately, the visible hooks are too low for my most beautiful, too-long silk shawl, so it's hidden behind the door. :-( Oh well. It all still makes a huge difference. I can close my closet doors now, b/c they're not all draped in clothes and shawls! (However, I have to leave them open a little bit, as George likes his bed in there.)

I didn't time myself, so I have no idea how long it took, but I was going to hang hooks in the closet, too, and I decided to wait till next time. So that totally counts as "limiting" myself to 15 minutes! Hee!

So. I started last Wednesday. That didn't take long at all, to re-claim my bedroom from hellishness and transform it into a lovely, peaceful space! YAY! The rest is basically cleaning out the top shelf in the closet, hanging hooks inside the closet, and painting the room. Painting has to wait till I have some $$ (probably mid-July), so I think I'm gonna slow down now and take a break from "doing" for a few days. My arms are really hurting, anyway...I need to go lie down with the heating pad. Oh, but it will be nice to do that in my lovely bedroom!
uunnngghh. well there goes 15 minutes times twenty.
just basic maintenance too.
and i have to work Early tomorrow.
i hate this.
i need a maid.

yes, floating picture frame, that's it! need to learn the words for these things...

does anybody have a good resource for heavy duty hooks and fixtures and such that are nicer than the ones at home despot and perhaps less Operation Rescue funded that the pretty ones at anthropologie? affordable would be nice, too, but honestly I'm willing to pay for quality rather than the brushed steel monstrosities at the Despot.
i love the stencils too, i want two like these to put on the walls around the doors to the garden room.

i think i could use killz in my kitchen, where do you get it?

bklynhermit, you are dead on about the pieces in those 'decorated' rooms! i don't mind the mid century stuff either, it's just that the rooms end up looking like a doctor's office if the person decorating doesn't add a bit of their own taste and personality to it. i actually saw a place w/mostly that kind of furniture that looked great cause the homeowner added some personal collections of cigar boxes, old horn instruments, and a few paintings of boats and sea captains he made.

bklyn, i love the hooks at rejuvenation catalog , they're a bit pricey but classic.

amy, i agree on the 'too clean' lines, but i've always been a curvy antiquey decorative type.
you can get killz at just about any hardware store.
Those "classic chrome" single and double hooks (at the last link in crassy's post) are the same as the ones I put up in my bedroom. $9 USD is a LOT pricey for one elementary school cloakroom hook, though...phew! I paid $12 CAD for a package of 3 double hooks and 4 single hooks (including screws and wall anchors), at Home Despot. I'm absolutely fine with "ordinary" design for something like this, though. The thing about hooks is that they are mostly going to be hidden by clothing!! Plus the eye accepts that sort of familiar design pretty easily, without it looking jarring or out of place. To me, it's like cutlery and dishes - if I don't want to spend a ton (or end up with plastic, ugh), I just go for plain, simple, and classic design, because you can usually find it at any price level.
i agree with you about hooks for the most part. i want something interesting and classic which can hold A LOT and look stylish when empty. the basic stuff is ok, though my local home depot didn't have anything i loved. i would definitely be willing to pay more for something super cool, but so far i haven't found anything i'm in love with except for at anthropologie. and i refuse to shop there.

the biggest thing is pulls, actually. home despot's are all really McMansionish and also generally more expensive than the ones at rejuvenation catalogue. i dont' necessarily want anything specific, but i want them to look nice and not shitty. i'm not willing to spend a lot on pulls because while i can take hooks with me and use them in the future (houses always need hooks!), i can't say the same for pulls.

i stopped in at restoration hardware today. i have to say i am NOT a fan of that place generally -- did you know they actually sell hand lotion, candles, linens, etc. dyed to match their line of interior paints? how ridiculous is that? who is THAT matchy? but i did like a lot of their hardware. i would definitely do the hooks there, which were pretty reasonably priced. their pulls, however, while very nice, were ridiculous.

oh, god. this is so silly! i am being so ridiculously nit picky. but i know that having really good fixtures will really kick things up a notch in here and make up for the general shoddiness of everything. ESPECIALLY in the kitchen and bathroom.
Hmmm...I thought they had some decent drawer pulls at Home Despot, but maybe that's the Canadian version...or maybe it's because in my little town, Home Despot's as good as it gets!! (Seriously. I really DO shop from the Sears catalogue sometimes.)

Well, now I'm able to relax in my bedroom, which is really nice (for a change!). And also, while I'm able to relax, I can also contemplate what I'm going to do with paint. And I've decided the base colour of the room will be the soft green I've chosen. But I'm also thinking about that big can of purple mistint I bought awhile back. And thinking about what kind of purple shapes might be painted onto green walls. That kind of thing. Maybe I should do the inside of the closet purple, too. It would be like opening up a big, secret vagina.

That is the second time I've written the word "vagina" in the Lounge today. I don't know what's up with that!
Hey! I started painting's the colors. Ignore the yellow trim, that is the part I'm gonna copper leaf.

I'm freaking out a little over the darker color on the ceiling, but I kinda wanna do something different. What do you guys think?
Not just a vagina. A *secret* vagina.
amilita, are the ceilings fairly high? A darker color on them will make them seem lower. That's really the only caveat I can think of, and I like the colors.
not just a vagina, not just a secret vagina
but a *big* secret vagina.
nice, amilita! i love that lighter color, the greyish green.

and doodle, i love purple closet as secret vagina! maybe you should go pink with the outside door's trim (ack! trim!) dark brown? though i guess that wouldn't be such a secret vagina. personally i'm going for better stock at the canadian home despot. most of the pulls at ours looked like they were secretly plastic. my biggest design quirk is the need for tactile objects that feel substantial in my hand. especially small things like flatware, drawer pulls, etc. anything that feels flimsy or plasticky is such a turnoff.
*pokes her head in the door*

Hey you gorgeous things! I just popped in to give many thanks to whoever first mentioned Flylady a month or so ago....I took a peek, signed up and have been doing the whole she-bang ever since. I thank you, my apartment thanks you, my cats thank you!!!!!
*damn..I can't come up with a flowing way to write vagina into a post four times. I got three but drew a blank as to the fourth sentence.

My entryway is dark purple with a dark ceiling so I suppose it'd be like walking into a big vagina. Not a secret vagina though.

Okay, I'm going to make myself accountable here. Tomorrow is the BIG DAY. If the boy brings over his circular saw. I'm going to pull everything out of my storage area and put up shelves. I, unfortunately, have to do it all in one shot because it's in our underground parking. I'm expecting the whole project to take six hours or better. Blah. And I'm still a little ill. Not as bad as before though.

We're planning to get 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch plywood. (we'll see at the store which seems like it'll work, hopefully it's going to be 1/2 inch). Then we'll rip it in thirds which should give me three 16" deep shelves per piece of plywood. Six shelves, I'm hoping will be enough. Big job. The worst part will be pulling everything out of there.
Thanks, guys. I'm totally in love with the wall color but am still iffy about the ceiling friend who does interior design says that sometimes a dark ceiling can make it look like it goes on forever.

But besides all the higher/lower thing, I think it might just be too intense. I love intense color, but with the copper leaf trim and all our may be too much. Ya don't want the ceiling color competing with everything...on the other hand, I have the paint, and I wanna just keep working on it. And I think the ceiling color is beautiful.
I say go for it. If you decide you don't like it when it's done, you can paint over it. It's just paint, after all. :-) Also you never know how exactly it will look until it's done, so give it a shot.
Thanks, amy...I love your attitude! But I think I just decided to not do that color. Thing is, I LOVE change, and it's just not like me to be having second thoughts. So I think that's a if it's sort of overwhelming me in one corner I think it's gonna be too much.

I was sad about wasting the paint, but I realized I could use it somehow in our front sunporch! I got flat, so I could do the beadboard ceiling, or does anyone know if you can add something to make it have a little gloss and be suitable for walls?

Now I gotta Killz the part of the ceiling I did...dang it, I'm gonna try the water-based cuz that oil stuff is a pain! Even if it works way better. interior designer friend is out of town, so I'm emergency-emailing her the picture so she can help me decide what to do! I kinda hate to just do the wall color diluted for the ceiling, but if that is gonna look best, I'll do it. I wanted something more interesting, like our bedroom, which is two pretty unrelated greens...I was trying to do the same with blue...but the trim will be very interesting and all the art and junk.

Oh, here's a tip from that same friend: the Mr. is a sloppy painter, so I've had to be cleaning up some of that. It's like, you don't notice paint on the woodwork so much when it's the wall color, but change the wall color and it screams! So she said Formula 409 rubbed on the paint with a scrubby sponge will take it off and it does. Sometimes it scours it away, and sometimes it makes it so I can scrape the paint drop off. It does mess with the finish on the woodwork slightly and if it gets rubbed on the wall paint, it wears that away, too...I found that out while cleaning the sides of the window frames. Anyhoo, Formula 409!
Hee. I have been there, amilita. I did the same thing when painting my guest room. Should I paint it the same green as the walls or shouldn't I? I should! No no, I shouldn't. No, wait, I should! No no. I can't tape the ceiling fan well so I shouldn't. On and on in my head. In the end I said "screw it" and painted it. Now I'm glad I did.
bklynhermit, i'm assuming from your name that you live in nyc? there is an awesome place with architectural parts, it's called 'old things' i think or something close to that --it's in the greenich/little italy area. i got some awesome house parts & architecture parts (knobs and a few random decorative pieces) from them and they weren't too expensive, i think i remember them having some interesting pulls, and they were definitely substantial --no plastic! problem is i've been to so many of those types of places i can't be sure that's the one but i think it is. i've got their card at home so i'll try to find it & give you the address if you want.

amilita, i think those colors are awesome --maybe complete the painting and see how you like it after a few days would work?-- that's when i realized that i hated my old bedroom color, so i just sponged over it with a paint and glaze mixture making it a lighter color and i love it now. and i 2nd the 409 thing --i used it to take paint off of the floor as well as taking years of soot off the fireplace bricks!

treehugger, best of luck to you!
will 409 take old paint off metal window fittings? you know, like the 'sash' part? all of the windows in my place have paint on the sashes (is that the right term? ach!) because whoever painted last didn't tape properly. it's one of the things about my place that makes it look really junky, and if 409 could take that off, it would rock my world!!!

like the exclamation points worth of world rocking, too.

also, thanks crassy! i know there are tons of those places here but i have no idea where they are or what they're called. one i know about is Urban Archaeology, which i need to stop in at, and i'm also wondering if that guy with the shed full of antiques and salvaged stuff on Houston street has fixtures, too. I feel like if i'm willing to spend $10-15 a pop on hooks, and $5 on pulls (that's how much the only one i liked at home despot costs!), i might as well get my money's worth and also support small local businesses.
Oh, yeah! I just did the first coat of Killz over the teal ceiling and the wall color is really bowling me over. It's better this way...I really like the teal, too, but it was too much. If I had gone ahead and done the whole thing, I'd find a way to make it work, but this early in the game, I think I'd rather try something else.

Now I'm gonna look at Restoration Hardware while I wait for it to dry before a 2nd coat...and Anthropologie has some good hardware sometimes...and really good sales.
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