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Full Version: House Of The Gods! Well, actually, it is just my lil' apartment...(the home decorating thread)
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ok so i realized my second attempt didn't work, and then i went and posted the really and truly correct version in the wrong thread! there's a working link to my flickr page in the housekeeping thread. god my vision is getting bad. either that or i'm somehow turning into even more of a spaz.
amy, I was thinking of something like this (only maybe not silvertone, in that gorgeous warm room). Two of them, on the wall over the headboard? You could easily do a very plain, simple style if you can't find something that "goes" with the could always get a different shade, too. Or even this, which goes better with your style (though it doesn't have a swing arm). Prices are CAD....I just picked the first place I could think of to look and it's Sears! Sorry! (ETA: oh, here is a Martha sconce, too.)

Maybe with the table, you could keep it up against the wall until the guests arrive, and then move it in front of the closet when they get there. Wait...are your guests going to use the closet, or is it extra storage for you?

If you decide to take treehugger's suggestion for some texture...I'm almost thinking a plant would do it. Something old fashioned and graceful, like a parlour palm...? I'd probably be inclined to hang one of those big palm fans over the bed, too, but that's just me. However, they're usually easy to find at garage sales!

bklyn, that kitchen looks terrific! I love the colour! (Naturally.) And the tea cosy! The wall colour really helps those cabinets. (Are you allowed to paint them, if not refinish?) What are you going to do with the wires? Are they for an electric clock or something?

kittenb, on the hemming problem....if you go to a fabric store, you can buy this wonderful thing called iron-on hem tape. It's a narrow strip of fusible webbing, usually comes in a roll. You iron your fabric where you want the hem, then you put the hem tape in between, and just iron it! I think maybe you have to use a damp cloth...I dont't remember. Anyway, it's very easy to use, and it isn't gunky like the liquid stuff.

*waves at pepper*

I really need to get a handle on organizing my bedroom, and ESPECIALLY my closet. *sigh* I guess I'm going to have to tackle it as seriously as I did my kitchen. Luckily I've got the under-the-bed stuff sorted out, finally. It's just that I'm no good at hanging up my clothes. (And that probably comes as a surprise to y'all, after I revealed my kitchen rigidity this morning!!)

BTW, my apologies for that exceedingly long post this morning. I don't know what got into me, but talk about verbal diarrhea!
bkln, your kitchen looks great!!!

Doodle, I didn't mind your long post...although maybe because it was in response to ME!!

I actually don't have too much of a clutter problem, because I've only been here since January and much of my stuff is still in my storage unit downstairs.

It's just that the stuff I have in the kitchen is organized wrong. Damn, I wish I had more time this summer! This weekend is going to be shot because I'm going to a family reunion. :-)

Such a great crowd in here. :-)
doodle, I kind of like that second sconce. It does go with the style and has an orangey tone to it that I've already incorporated into the room. Thanks for finding those! The guests won't be using the closet, unless I have some very long term guests in my future I don't know about yet. So blocking it with a side table is an option, it's just that it will be hard to move the table and get into the closet if there's a lamp on it. I'm going to try different configurations and see.

I like the palm fan idea too. I think that would look great! Fantastic idea, no pun intended. ;) And it would bring texture into the room as well as treehugger is wisely suggesting. The wall next to the bed and the wall opposite the bed are both expanses of seafoam green/blue with nothing to break it up, so I'm thinking about those too.

Ah, I knew I came to the right place for suggestions.
doodlebug, i am allowed to do things to the cabinets. it's more that i don't think it's practical. it would be a really big job for not very much change, ultimately, because what i hate most about them is their shape. even if i painted them a better color, i'd still have to deal with that ugly trim. one thing i have considered is replacing the doors. i'd store the ugly doors and replace them when/if i move out. if i spend another year or so here with no plans to move, i'll probably do that.

as to the wires. they are mystery wires. that is their only function. no, seriously. i have no idea as to their original use. i think the stove might once have had a hood, and it could be related to that. i think i'm going to hide it behind some art. it would have to be relatively indestructible art, or at least easy to clean, though, because that's the dirtiest part of my kitchen.

and i second the palm fan idea, amy!

the only thing i'm unhappy with in my paint job is the finish. i got semigloss because it's easy to clean and i have serious kitchen grime issues. but it's sooooo glossy. now i wish i'd done eggshell, which is apparently almost as easy to clean as semi with less shine.

and treehugger, the key is to find what chefs call your 'mise en place', or, in rough english translation, the way you need to set things up to use them efficiently. basically you figure out what works for you, and also what works in your space. for instance in doodlebug's kitchen she keeps her flatware in jars rather than attempt to use her one inaccessible drawer. which is both useful for her and functional in the space.
treehugger, you can totally organize your kitchen even if you only spend 15 minutes a day doing it. Just go through one cupboard at a time, or even one shelf! Put on a timer and stop when it goes off! You can do it! :-)

(I need to take my own advice and get cracking on that durned bedroom! I just realized this morning how much room I will have if I just get things rearranged properly.)

(ETA: hey treehugger, I'll make you a deal. I'll do 15 minutes in my bedroom every day if you do 15 minutes in your kitchen...)

amy...but...if you leave the table up against the wall beside the dresser until your guests arrive, it won't block the closet. It'll only be an issue if you need access while you have guests.

bklyn, I meant to add some stuff on the counter thing...if I recall, it takes a week for melamine paint to dry completely, and two weeks to cure. I set up a food prep station in my dining room when I did it. I prepared a lot of meals in advance, froze them, and heated them up (it helps that my stove is not next to any counters...though I also used the microwave), and I also used the dining table in lieu of my counters. Washing up was a bit of a pain, but once the paint is surface dry (after a couple of days), you only have to worry about not putting things directly on it. I think I used my stovetop (off!) for the dish-drying rack! (I originally planned to do the painting right before I went out of town for a week, but that never happened...but it would work!)

Is there any chance you could afford a piece of tempered glass, cut to fit your countertop? Then you could put anything you like underneath it....or nothing, even, if not totally transparent.
I want to have tea with this woman in her apartment. (You can click on the pics to see them bigger.)
doodlebug, I'll take you up on that! :-) Fifteen minutes per day. I'm going to start tonight.
Ok, me too! Deal!! *shakes treehugger's hand*

Anyone else in? Got a scary room you want to organize? Let's get organized together!!
i'm totally in. my bedroom's looking awful these days...

tempered glass wouldn't be a bad idea. though i worry that it would get all damp under there... actually your clarification about the melamine painting makes it seem far less onerous. and honestly i order plenty of takeout. if dishes and such are only a problem for a few days, well, duh.

how does the melamine paint do wrt stains? i find that my off-white formica stains at the drop of a hat. tea and rust are bad, but the biggies are food wrappers transferring ink (!!!) and turmeric from roomie's frequent indian homecooked meals. which are so good they make up for the turmeric stains. in fact, if i painted the counters, i'd deliberately pick a color that would camoflage the turmeric.
Maybe I should join in, but I have a whole house I'm eyeing and not just a room. :-(

Actually there's just a ton of crap we need to get rid of. Since we bought a house, we haven't done our yearly move. That usually coincided with a fairly large purge, and that hasn't happened now for about 3.5 years.

I want to do a garage sale.
shit, i want to join in too but i'm actually so organized it hurts. i have to find excuses to move the furniture around, i get so bored. blame it on my capricorn nature. or the fact that i had a pack rat mom and i can't abide clutter.
after this can we do one i can join in too? something stitchy or painty or planty? please?
haha! i'm a disorganized aries with a capricorn moon. which means that while i always yearn for order, i will unfortunately never have it.

the kitchen is looking pretty good, though. running into some resistance from my total clutterhound roommate, who will not let me switch out the utensil canister, which now clashes with the new paint job. it's totally unfair, he will never let me throw ANYTHING away...

i think i need to step back on the kitchen front, though. i had a dream last night that i was turning into my most hated art director boss. which probably has to do with the fact that i'm art directing my first short more than anything else, but also may have to do with the fact that i've gone slightly overboard with the design stuff lately. i mean, seriously, i almost instigated a fight this morning about that stupid utensil canister and whether it matched or not.
I'm in too!

pepper, come on over to my place the next time you get bored! btw, I am totally down to do something painty or planty too.

I think my kitchen, bedroom and linen closet only need like 15 minutes each. We live in a one-bedroom with no garage or storage, so I'm an expert de-clutterer now.

But I have two vertical file cabinets that need many consecutive days of 15 minutues. ehh...I'm actually getting kinda stressed just thinking about it, but I guess I've been imagining doing it all at once instead of breaking it up (odd that I've never thought about applying the flylady thing to my files until now).

amywoman, if you want to join in, just start with one room. You can do the multiple box thing that they do on purging-HGTV shows: one for trash, one for give-aways, one for garage-sale items. (Flylady uses this system too.)

Speaking of melamine paint -- does anyone know if it's available in the U.S. now? And if so, where I can buy it?

Apartment Therapy is going to do another eight week home cure in October/November...we should all sign up as Team Bust! :-)

I am a Sagittarius with a Leo ascendant and a Taurus moon. I have no idea what that says about my clutter issues. counter was painted with white melamine when I first moved in. It wound up getting a bit stained. (Yes, those food labels were the worst!) The green I did doesn't seem to be so bad. You could try what a friend of mine did. She used a honeycomb roller and two shades of melamine (black and brown) to get this really cool pattern on her counter...which would at least hide any spots. The other way to prevent the stains would be to seal it with a bunch of coats of polyurethane. Which is what I'm going to do when I fresh-coat the counter...whenever I get around to doing that. Though like I said, as far as stains go, it's not really been a problem so's been over a year. My problem has been a tiny bit of chipping, hence the need for polyurethane.

lot, I have no idea if melamine paint is available in the U.S. or not. But if someone wants to find out what the legalities/border issues of me doing so are, I would be happy to help ship some over the border. The small can (plenty for an entire set of counters) is somewhere between $15 and $20 CAD. I'm also going to be in Vancouver for a week in July and a week in August, if there's anyone from Washington State who wants to meet up near the border, and could then send it out to others in the U.S.

amy - pick a room and dive in! This is especially a good idea if you are feeling overwhelmed by the whole-house aspect of cleaning, decluttering, and/or re-organizing!

pepper, I don't know how bad your mom was, but yeah, I used to have a problem hanging onto things, too. It was a difficult thing to get past (hence FlyLady), but after I saw the insanity my grandfather left behind in the garage, attic, basement, etc. (which my mother is still dealing with, 3 or 4 years later), I became determined not to become that!

I was going to do my 15 minutes earlier, but I fell asleep and wound up 6 hour nap! I'm actually going to go do it now, though it's almost 1:30 in the morning. Heh.
Ok, I did it! I cleaned out my three-drawer nightstand (which is also my only dresser) and moved it across the room (to where I had re-positioned the bed when I put it back together).

Odd non-bedroom-related items found in my nightstand: 9 tealight candles, 1 pair of needlenose jeweller's pliers, 1 spool of black thread, 1 metal shelf bracket, 2 yellow bungie cords, 2 screws (which look like they'll fit my new chair!), 1 unopened packet of Whiskas Temptations cat treats, 1 blank cheque, 3 deposit receipts, 1 BC Hydro employee newsletter circa 1992 (has my mom's pic on the front), 10 old business cards from the Centre's address five years ago, 1 pair of walkman headphones, and the extra battery for my laptop.

Sorry I jumped ahead and did a bit more than 15 minutes...but actually, it was only 25 minutes! It's amazing how my procrastination habit makes me think everything's going to be a much bigger job than it usually turns out to be. Or maybe I'm just passive-aggressive.

I await other people's reports!
I've been shooting for 25 to 30 minutes just because I'm going to be gone on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I cleared out two shelves and moved my once-yearly bloody mary mixer stuff to the hall closet. (I have a bloody mary party every New Years Day.) Non-kitchen stuff I found: a field guide to wildflowers.

Found two partial jars of italian style breadcrumbs so combined them. I also threw out the stuff in my canisters on my counter, those things that looked good at the health food store so I bought them but things that I never, in actuality, eat. Will replace with stuff I actually WOULD cook, which is now sitting in my cupboards.
treehugger, my experience with this is that you should not try to do a bigger go under any circumstances. otherwise you will disrupt the very fabric of the universe!

no, actually, i think it's because 15 minutes sounds easy, while half an hour sounds like something you don't have time for and can thus procrastinate easier.

i have not, however, done my 15 minutes yet. actually, i think i need to get ito flylady gear, because i also slept in till 10:30, am still in my pjs, etc. etc. there might even be dishes in my sink!
Okay, when I get home, I'm going to start on the hall/linen closet that's right outside the first floor bathroom. I was effectively unemployed last summer so sadly I did this very same thing not too long ago, but I'm having a hard time convincing the Mr. that tools no longer belong in there *grumble*. Towels, bottles of cleaning products, and extra toiletries DO belong in there.

I also reorganized the kitchen last summer, so I'm going to skip that. The dining room doesn't need it either and now even has some empty storage space. Same with the living room. And the bedroom is probably sort of impossible to reorganize until we have the attic built out. It is a very small room and we just don't have enough room for all our clothes... and we don't have a ton of clothes. When we have a bigger room we can get rid of my old small dresser and nightstand and get an actual set.

After that I think I'll tackle the closet in the guest room. Some of the stuff I "cleared out" so I could paint was "put away" using the "shove in the closet" method, if you "know what I mean." I'm sure you do.

The really difficult areas are going to be the basement and the attic. Aie.

But, yes, only 15 minutes a day. I must do this, and I must stick to it. I count on your verbal lashings if I do not, BUSTies!
With regards to doing more than 15 minutes: I guess I was trying to "bank" time for when I'm gone so I don't fall behind!

Actually, after my half-hour stint yesterday, I opened my cupboards today and it was SO much better already! Today I:

Threw out eight quart sized zipper bags of home-made granola~I used to make my own granola in Huge batches and I'd keep it in my deep freeze. I don't have a deep freeze here. (sob)

Found a box of incense and some candles that's supposed to go up to my Zen area. It went up there today.

Took the candy out of the cupboards and put it into a candy dish on the table.

Geesh, I don't feel like I did a lot in 15 minutes...
*cracks the whip*

Ok, Sisters of the Clutter, it's evening in North America, you're probably home, so it's time to step away from the computer for 15 minutes and make your world a more peaceful, less cluttered place!

ETA: treehugger, of course you did a lot in 15 minutes! It's more than would have gotten done if you'd done nothing! Plus, just think how all those 15 minutes worth of work are going to add up! YAY!
Ok! Did it! 15 minutes precisely!!

I got the floor of my closet (and the floor around my closet, ugh) cleaned out. Now it's bare! Ok, there is still stuff on my floor elsewhere, but this is the "big one"...the rest of the room won't work if the closet doesn't stay cleaned!

So, I sifted through all the clothes, put any that were remotely dirty or smelly aside for laundry, and got half the clean ones hung up before the timer went off. I threw out some things that I don't wear and that aren't worth giving away (holes, etc.). I do have a little giveaway pile, though I'm not sure what to do with it. Maybe put it in a box and leave it in the laundry room with a sign...or by the dumpster. I really do need to go through the rest of my clothes and start getting rid of things I don't wear. I have issues with giving away clothes that fit, that's why haven't done it.

Odd things found in the closet: 1 wicker basket full of pharmaceuticals (rolaids, tylenol, first aid spray, bandaids, etc.) and which has no home yet but will when I'm done the bedroom, 1 slightly torn Chinese paper umbrella, 7 toy mice, 1 round tupperware container, 1 drinking glass, 2 votive candleholders (ah, that explains the tealights I found in my nightstand), 1 Tide-to-Go pen, and 2 lime green pillows (the ones I took off the loveseat when I got rid of it).
ok, ok. but what if something earth shatteringly IMPORTANT happens while i'm away from my computer, and i miss it?

no, no, it's ok. i'll go. really, i can put Lappy down any time i want...
whew. i did it!

put all dirty clothes in the laundry bag.

started an outbox and put a few things in it (things already determined to be superfluous). btw, doodle, i just stick my outbox in my building's entryway when it gets full. everything is generally gone within a few hours.

went through my media cupboard and found room for my whole book overflow pile. i also reorganized the DVDs so that 5 or 10 don't come toppling out on my head when i open the cupboard.

threw away all the disposable odds and ends i saw lying around -- magazine subscription cards (HATE THOSE!), junk mail, the leftover bits of paper my netflix habit creates, etc.

i went to start in on the recycling when my time ran out.

i devised the most ingenious timer for myself, as i don't have an egg timer around -- an iTunes mix called "15 Minute Blitz", which was my mother's pre-flylady term for this very cleaning method. i picked exactly 15 minutes worth of songs and went to work. when the mix ends, time's up!

(stevie nicks, emmylou harris, and joan baez, if anybody was wondering).

*stands and applauds bklynhermit*

Are the rest of you in hiding 'cause you don't want to report that you...didn't do it? Heh. It's okay. Come and post, and try again tomorrow, if you didn't get to it today. You CAN! Rah, rah, busties CAN!

(Think of me as your cheerleader.)

bklyn, the laundry room or beside the dumpster's prolly better for me, since there are actually three buildings here, with 3 separate key entrances, and only 8 apartments per building. Though I did leave a bunch of VHS videos in the entrance of my building once, and they were gone by morning!

I've been thinking of starting a "stuff exchange" in our laundry room. (Many of the people living in here are low income - I almost feel guilty in my two bedroom suite, knowing there are three single moms in here, all living in one bedroom suites.) You know, clothes, books, magazines, videos, music, etc. Trouble is figuring out how to do it so people don't pile it with TONS of crap nobody wants, and then I'd wind up being in charge of throwing it away....

ETA: not sure I should confess this, but....I actually have a real FlyLady timer, which I purchased from her website. It reads "FlyLady says: Just 15 Minutes" in purple print. And I don't care what anyone thinks about that! (I have a wallet from her website, too, which is the best wallet I've ever owned - I gave up carrying a purse because of this wallet! Now I go out with my wallet, keys, lipstick, and gum or mints in my jeans pockets!) (The truth is, I felt so helped by her program, which is totally free, that I wanted to contribute something.)
I'll admit it, I didn't time myself, but I did get the linen/hall closet reorganized. It helps that I did it last summer and that it's not very big. I probably spent 25 minutes, if I had to guess.

It's a good thing I did it too because I found two very warped bottles of lemon juice from back when I was on a "make your own cleaning supplies" kick. Into the trash. Got that shelf resituated so that the most often used stuff is in front. Reorganized the extra toiletries onto one shelf instead of spread out all over. Now that we have a Sonic Care we don't need the extra unopened toothbrushes, so those along with a group of other unused toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, disposable razors, unopened deodorant, maxi-pads, etc.) went into the guest room dresser. That's a big part of what that dresser is for: to keep things for guests who are unprepared and to store bed linens for the guest bed.

Reorganized the light bulbs, towels, and extra toilet paper. Reorganized the wheely cart that goes under all those shelves. Created space. Oh, and dusted. After the drywall in the bathroom was done, that was one place that got dusty but hadn't yet been dusted. Also swept out all the dog hair that had accumulated on the floor behind the cart.

That sounds like a lot, but like I said, it had the foundation of organization laid already. I just had to reassert myself over the slight chaos.

And because we're all about the pictures:

Next is some of the dining room. It doesn't need a deep organizing, but I brought some stuff out of the guest room and haven't found a home for it yet, so it's sitting in the dining room. Then after that, reorganizing the mail area near the front door.
Yay, amy!

Amy, amy!
She's our man!
If she can't do it
No one can!!

*does cartwheel in the thread*

That IS the nice thing about having a foundation of organization - when it gets messed up, it doesn't take long to deal with! I need to do both my hall closets again...they're not hideous, but they're a tiny bit jumbled.

I am starting to think that I might not re-cover the living room furniture this year and buy paint and a proper ladder instead. I really want to get the bedroom and bathroom painted. The furniture looks kind of all right as is, doesn't it?

ETA: I meant to add....unopened toiletries are usually gladly accepted by women's shelters, homeless shelters, and food banks. (Even slightly used stuff is sometimes ok, as long as it looks newish and isn't rancid.) Women's groups and union organizations encourage people to take the little bottles of stuff from hotels when they travel, and donate them to their local women's shelters when they get home. Ditto sending your (clean!) unwanted towels, sheets, blankets, sleeping bags, etc., to shelters. Women's shelters will also often take decent women's clothing, especially if it's job-ready stuff....and if they don't take it, they can usually refer you to a reasonably pro-woman place that does.
Yay, I got a cheer!

*applauds doodle for her 15 minutes* Yayyy!!! Our main encourager needs encouragement too!

Actually I do donate toiletries to women's shelter's every once in a while. Most of the small stuff right now will go in the dresser for guests, but I have a box of stuff in the basement right now that I need to take in. Thanks for reminding me.
i'm getting so mad! i LOVE organizing (lot49, where do you live?) but my place is all organized up. my friends ask me why i've rearranged the furniture Again every couple of months. i need a garden or something else to keep me busy, not that i'm not busy, just a little tidy obsessive. even my recycling is sorted and stacked up. dur.
i got a new two drawer filing cabinet last week and transferred all of my files from a rubbermade file box and two drawers of my desk. the files are all labelled and everything. it felt great to get it all into one spot.
and i had the maintenance fella come over and put a shelf up in my sewing-room-that's-actually-a-laundry-closet so i could take all my fabric and patterns and such out of the hallway linen closet and keep them with the rest of the sewing stuff. that could use a bit more sorting actually, betcha less than fifteen minutes and i could have it done. betcha i could just as easily stretch that out to two hours or so, heh heh.
i moved my bedroom around and redid the closet when i got a new vanity and dresser from a local junk/antique shop a couple of weeks ago. ok, i moved the kid's room around too and put up a table for all his arts and craft supplies and his little computer. i bought those foam puzzle mats for his floor too because the broadloom (EEWWW!!) is grey and just not cheerful enough for a little person's bedroom.
and i Finally got the ex's two coffee tables and a spare shelf and chair off the (world's tiniest) deck so we can have some space out there.
if only i could paint here but we're stuck with the landlord beige for ever. i dream of the time when i can invest this much energy into our own little place. that would be Great. it seems like a bit of a waste to do so much in a space that doesn't even belong to me but i just can't help myself. i've mini-reno-ed three apartments that i lived in for less than a year each. can you believe that nonsense?

doodle, my mom is SUCH a pack rat. it's been over 6 years of her trying to minimize her stuff and she's still at it. she's got a house and two cottages Full of things. at least the two storage spaces are dealt with. no wonder i'm such a neat freak.
oh, and your furniture looks GREAT!
here's a pic of the little hide-a-bed i recovered in old jeans. it weighs a TON but i love it. ignore the dj junk behind it, old bf's house. and i know it's a little bit hippy, but so am I!
pepper, you could always drop by my place and help organize my house.

actually, it's just my bedroom that is an absolute disaster at this point in terms of clutter insanity and nonfunctionality. the rest is just maintaining, editing when needed, and sort of gradually taylorizing over time as things come to me.

actually, i want advice on the bedroom. so i have this effing TINY bedroom, like 6x8. luckily all my furniture is small too -- i have my little twin bed (ugh, i know), liliputian night stand, a couple of homemade milk crate bookshelves, and a teeny dresser. which is part of the problem. my teeny dresser doesn't fit enough clothes. my milk crates runneth over. also, my closet is across the house from my bedroom, which inspires me to take stuff out and never put it back, as i'd have to trek all of 20 paces over there... but it's a big deterrent to putting stuff away, as dumb as that is.

so how can i make my petite storage work? i'm not much of a packrat, and i purge like nobody's business. but still i'm having a hard time, especially with clothes and books. the biggest problem is clothes that can be worn more than once before they're really dirty. i have no intermediate place for them to hang out, and i rarely put them away between wearings though i know i should. besides just being anal about putting things away, what can i do?


anyone? bueller? bueller?
pepper, that slipcover is WAY cute! What a great creative! (So much work...) it just the picture, or do you have all your PC cords lined up straight?

You can also come to my place and help me! My little town is much closer than Brooklyn. :-)

bklyn...that is MY big problem with clothes, too! What do you do after you've worn something, but can wear it again? That's why my floor always looks like shit. I don't have anything to even drape them on. My room is 10 X 10, with a queen-sized bed. I do keep a lot of things hung up, so really, I need to make myself re-hang them more regularly. But then I have t-shirts and jeans that go...where? Maybe I need a coat rack. I used to hang them on these hooks behind my door...but I kept forgetting they were there!

Would a series of hooks on the wall work for you? Also, is there room under your bed? I've seen under-bed plastic storage that has wheels, so at least it would be easier to access.

Speaking of that...I bought one of those wire tie/scarf-racks that hangs on the wall....I'm going to hang it inside the closet and use it for hanging all my jewelry.
bklyn, what about hooks for hanging your intermediate clothes? You do have to give up some walls, but at least they don't take up any more floor space. I personally love anthropologie's hooks, but you can definitely get ones elsewhere that are nice and um, not $16 each. Yikes.

btw, props to you for knowing that you won't put your intermediate clothes away. I am constantly plagued by unrealistic expectations of myself and, as a result, sometimes struggle with finding a solution that actually works for me in reality.

ah, pepper, I'm in the mountains in northern California, which I assume is no where near you (nor any other Busties. sigh). But if you're ever in the Sierras and feel like organizing, definitely give me a call! (also, great hide-a-bed!)

I actually love organizing too, but I have trouble staying organized when I'm busy. It's that perfectionism (why bother doing anything if I can't get to every little detail?). Which is why I like flylady and am willing to forgive her all those irritating acronyms.

And congrats to everyone who did their 15 minutes!!! Which does not include me. But I worked today from 7am and still have another half an hour to go. gah. So I'm going to give myself a break and start tomorrow. (really, I think I can, I think I can!).

nice job on the linen closet, amy!
hooks are a great idea. in fact, right now the pants i wore today are hanging on one of my bathroom hooks because they got soaked in the torrential rain that i am starting to get extremely tired of. i already have one of those over-the-door thingies in my room, but honestly it's not as efficient as it's intended to be, let alone attractive. i think i want to upgrade to something swankier on the bedroom door, as well as in a few other strategic locations. i love those hooks from anthropologie that are similar to public restroom style hooks, but really plush with the porcelain balls -- i would totally fork over $16 apiece on a few of those because A) they are gorgeous, and B) they look like they could potentially hold a lot of stuff. and they can come with me when/if i move, so they're a long term investment.

one trick i have discovered is that if i either splurge on something beautiful or invest time and effort into crafting something, it feels like a luxury as opposed to just another chore. my nightstand is a tiny drawer unit, and all the drawers were full of random jumbles of useless clutter until one day i decided to paint and decoupage the whole thing. i can't say that it's made storage 'fun' or anything, but i notice it's stayed completely organized ever since its makeover. i bought a pretty salad bowl, and magically i stopped having problems incorporating fresh leafy greens into my diet. i put a tablecloth, candles, and (most of the time) flowers on my dining table, and now it's not a secondary landing strip anymore but a place to enjoy those wonderful salads.
i have a small bedroom too so i made a clothes ladder out of dowels and two long thin pieces of wood for the sides. it takes up almost no room since it leans against the wall and it keeps my once worn clothes fresh 'cause they're hanging up instead of in a pile. i can actually see them too so i'm way more likely to wear them again and not just get fed up and throw them in the wash. it really works, i used to have no floor in there.
Say, that's very genius-y, pepper! You've got my little brain working now...

I've been meaning to buy a handsaw anyway.

I've pulled two scarves out of the give-away pile. ARGGHHH!! What is wrong with me? Ok, but one of them was silk. And I bought it for myself for my birthday. And it was from Ten Thousand Villages. And the other was velvet. Like, leopard-print velvet. Come ON, I might NEED that. And while decluttering, I found these wild earrings that would go with it. They're from my misspent young womanhood. They're made with wood and real bone. I bought them at this huge reggae festival...

lot, no guilt on not doing it today! OK! Guilt is not the point. BUT. No cheers till ya do it.

bklyn, I felt the same way about the "investment" aspect. I mean, who really wants to cook a nice healthy meal in a grungy old pot that your mom gave to you (from HER collection!) when you left home? LOL! I didn't start to enjoy cooking till I invested in good stuff. And good quality doesn't have to be really expensive, if you shop carefully. (Although I have a huge amount of guilt sometimes over buying stuff made in places where they abuse Human Rights...*sigh*)
that's brilliant, pepper!

trying to figure out how i could incorporate such a thing into my room... did you use 1x2? how'd you assemble it? screws? wood glue?

i have decided that this morning before i go anywhere i will move my over-the-door hanger from bedroom to closet and also move the utensil caddy from windowsill to counter. and then when i get home later, 15 more minutes!
pepper, that denim slipcover is awesome! and i love the clothes ladder idea! (any pics?)

lot49, i love anthropologie's stuff too(including hooks), i got similar ones a lot cheaper at an 'old stuff and antiques' store.

so i'm finally uploading some pics of my place. of course i'll let y'all know when they're up.
That is super cute, pepper!
Okay, are we ready for our 15 minutes tonight? Anyone want to check in?
ok, i'm going to do some dishes, tend to the recycling, and THEN do my 15 minutes.

think i can handle it?
**blush**...I don't know if I'm going to be able to do the 15 minutes today...the boy is here and we're having dinner. I'll try to do it in the morning. I'm an early riser anyway. :-)

Actually I'm thinking I might need to shift gears. I think what I REALLY need to get organized is my storage area. I can't put any kitchen overflow down there until I can walk in there!

I may shift gears, and this weekend is out of commission as I'm going to be gone all weekend, but the following weekend. And unfortunately, I HAVE to spend more than 15 minutes, because I have to empty the whole area, put up shelves, and then put everything back. Neatly.

So it's looking like I'm going to try to do that a week from this Saturday.

Till then, I'm going to spend my 15 minutes/time, organizing my jewelry making stuff.

ok, i did mine.

i FINALLY finished putting all my winter clothes into a bin and moving said bin along with its sister bin which was already full of a bunch of other crap into the closet where it belongs. this freed up tons of space in my bedroom, though it's still looking pretty bad in there.

i also cleaned out my closet so that i could do this, including hanging stuff on the over-the-door hanger i moved from my room.

i found about 10 additional overflow books that had been hiding amongst other clutter and worked all but 2 of them into the media cupboard.

i threw away 4 pairs of falling-apart shoes i will never wear again and which are in no condition to give away.

i added a graphic novel i don't want, two scarves, and one of those kukui bead necklaces that were so huge last summer to the outbox. which makes me feel somehow elitist.

treehugger -- see, that's a different story. i feel like it's fair to put off or modify your 15 minutes until you have time to tackle that one big thing. but you have to tackle your storage area in a timely matter! if you haven't touched it in 2 weeks, you need to go back to hacking away at the rest of your space 15 minutes at a time.

i think that tomorrow or sometime this weekend i'm going to do the 'throw away x number of things,' 'outbox x number of things' task from flylady.

Hip-hip-hooray! Hip-hip-hooray!
bklynhermit got her minutes done today!

I am still at work. I don't know if I will get my actual minutes done, since I have to stay late for a board meeting...

I DID make a trade for the scarves, though. I got rid of another top. I took four very respectable tops into the laundry room this morning, with notes pinned to them that said "Please Take Me!" and the sizes. One of them is a very, very expensive slinky tunic that I was loathe to part with, but I never wear it anymore, so I hope somebody appreciates it.

Three were black, one was charcoal gray. It strikes me that I still have more black tops than I probably know what to do with.
ok, i'll post some more pics even though it freaks me out. after the Three name changes i've had to go through over the past year, sticking anything uber personal on here is scary.
ok, so how do i post a link where you can just click the arrow on my photo album and see all my pictures? i think bustygirl has one like that? you tell me and i'll post shots of my hippy house and the clothes ladder.
Don't do it if you're not comfy, pepper, as much as I'd like to see your pictures.
Okay, I need to motivate myself. I wasn't feeling very well when I got home.

*prepares to motivate self*
yay, amy! go, amy! you can totally do it, amy!

dude, after all these years, i'm STILL not cheerleader material.

either way, amy, you can totally do this.

i did mine, and my closet got a complete makeover. all in 15 minutes.
no, no, i'm good, really. but these will just be up for a while and then i'll break the links.
ok, here's my hippy house...
the local waterfall.
there's still work to do in the diningroom area, needs some fine tuning around the side board. i was thinking of putting plants on the top of it and a shelf with a grow light above. it's not all that bright here in the mountains in the winter time, my plants kinda freak out a bit from lack of sun (so do i). and there's some arts and crafts stuff in bins under it that i don't like the look of. a wicker under-bed type basket there would look nicer.
and i haven't taken any pics of the SIX enormous closets i have here. they are one of the biggest reasons i can be so organized. seriously, one of them is almost as big as some bedrooms i've had. this place comes with Major storage. it's a not half bad sized two bedroom, but the kitchen isn't big enough to even post pics of. it's organized and functional, as much as i can make it so, but too small to even stand far enough back to Get a picture of, never mind.
ok, next project: organize sewing cupboard. it's nearly there but needs some fine tuning after moving stuff into it from the linen closet. i've decided it's not condusive to creativity to have things so jumbled in there. so, i'm trying your stuff here and i give myself FIFTEEN minutes MAX to get it how i'd like it. we'll see how i do...
Oh pepper, your house is so cute! I can see you've got lots of creative ideas in there! I will take a better look in a little while, but I just got home from a board meeting, and I'm starving, and there's some stir fry ingredients that need to be chopped before I can satisfy the belly....

Back in a bit!

By the way, I only know how to cheer because of some crazy shit that went down at a labour movement-organized conference. Those union chicks be WHACK.
Cute, pepper! I especially like the shot of the window in the dining room. That's really pretty. I also like your bedroom furniture lots, especially the mirrored dressing table.

Okay, I did more than 15 minutes again, but oh well. Dining room straightening this time. I had these boxes of my grandmother's china that had been in the guest room and I had been putting off going through. Most of it was her wedding china, Wedgewood circa 1935 or so. It's white and I like it a lot, although like most things that came from her house, some of it is very tobacco stained. Sigh. The rest were vintage paired cups and saucers with floral patterns on them. Not all the cups and saucers had mates, but most did. The rest must have gotten broken. I despaired, wondering where to put them, and then I looked at the china cabinet/secretary I bought at the flea market a month ago. The one with the mostly empty drawers. Duh! So, into the drawers most of this stuff goes, at least until I can get the wedding china dinner plates displayed on top of my kitchen cabinets. Then there may be some rearranging. If the dining room were not pretty full, wallspace-wise, I would consider building or buying a shelf to display the cups and saucers.

I should take pictures of these cups and saucers. An LJ community I belong to would probably die for them. A friend elsewhere on the 'net has a collection of her grandmother's cups and saucers and they look very similar. Anyone know the type of thing I'm talking about? Was it common to have twelve different teacups, each of which had its own floral pattern and a saucer to match?

And thank you, bklynhermit. I absolutely cannot tell over the internet that you're not a professional cheerleader. It's all good!
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