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yes, at the music store back home they totally have this bizarre punk section that makes no sense.

currently been in an ani difranco mood for a week. *sigh* oh ani. i hadn't even listened to her before i came to college. i think it's because of the exorbinate number of lesbians who attend my nature, hippie school turning me on to her. ani is definitely god in these parts.

does anybody else in residence halls use ourtunes? because i LOVE ourtunes. the internet on campus has blocked other downloading systems but ourtunes makes it so that you can download the music of other people on the same network as you in your dorm. it's sweet.
Omg, modest mouse! *swoons*
The song that makes me smile, even if i don't really feel like smiling (in fact, it makes me dance around my bedroom most of the time!) is Mr. Blue Sky by E.L.O! Seriously, listen to it whenever you're feeling down!!
And my all time favourite band is The Decemberists, they always have something up their sleeves that makes me feel good!

I kind of agree about the whole punk thing.. it's so confusing to know what is really classified as punk! I'm not that great at that sort of thing but sometimes i listen to something and think.. you call that punk? i'd call it, well, crap!

Hehe, anyways... if all else fails, make your own music. Sing in the shower ! Yay! :D
I'm a big fan of Ben Gibbard AKA singer/songwriter for Death Cab For Cutie and The Postal Service, I love his lyrics. I listen to both alot when walking to class, kind of a sound track to my life at the moment
Have y'all seen those newer air force commercials? Well, there's one with a guy who fixes a cops little car computer, and then they show him working on air force computers. There's a caption that says something like "We've been waiting for you" or something like that. Y'all know the commercial? Well, there's this kick ass song playing in the background, it sounds techno, and I can't find the name of it anywhere on the net. Does anyone here happen to know? Or perhaps it's just a short segment of music made specifically for the commercial?
nereid have you tried I don't know if it is regularly updated though.
I went to a site called What's That Called? and asked there. No responses. Damn. I think is down, when i tried to get in, it wouldn't come up.
hot hot heat is amazingarific. i love shuffling stuff on my ipod, i'll come across and song and go 'that's awesome! why havent' i listened to that for months?'

i'm going to warped tour AND seeing panic!at the disco/the dresden dolls/the hush sound this summer. i will be poor from all the merch buying, but i will be a happy happy panda
Panic!At the Disco has grown on me. At first I thought their video was boring, but now I like it.

Has anyone seen Wintergreen's "When I Wake Up" video? If not you should look it up on youtube or ifilm. It's a good song, and I like the concept: the band goes to a landfill in New Mexico to dig up a bunch of ET Atari game cartridges.

Does anyone else think that most of the stuff played on rap radio nowadays sucks? I remember that when my older brother was in his rap phase in the mid-to-late 1990s a lot of that stuff was pretty good. Now my cousin's in his rap phase and I want to shoot the car radio. Badly.
antony and the johnsons are amazing. 'You are my sister' is one of those empowering yet unbelievebly moving songs, watch the video on subterranean.
wolf paraid
i love abandoned pools. of course, i first heard of them from the clone high theme song, but that's okay, as clone high is cool, and so are they.

i love snow patrol. 'hands open' is quickly becoming the most played song on my itunes. okay, second most. bss 'anthem for a seventeen year old girl' will take a long time to surpass, as it is my broken heart song. it's most played by, like, 20 times.

i'm excited to see panic! at the disco, but moreso for the fact that dresden dolls is opening. i was gonna brigade for the show, make myself a collar covered in glitter and take confession, but i'm thinking the vast majority of the crowd wouldn't know that i was there for the dolls, and wouldn't get what was going on. i'm gonna get to the line early, though, and bring my collar, in case there is a brigade presence to join. it's still more than a month away, but it was, like, more than 100 days when i bought my ticket, so it seems eons closer than to begin with
I just got the dresden dolls album. I suspect it was you lot in here who got me into them (I got stuff on a mixtape). Woo! I'm going to have to get thier last album now, and that's expensive. Damned import cds.

tyger - do it do it do it!

Also, tapes 'n' tapes, and Vincent Vincent & The Villans.

I am ashamed to admit, panic! are growing on me. They still sucked live, but maybe that's 'cos they seemed really up themselves. They're one of the over-hyped teenybopper bands over here, so it wasn't the usual audience there either, which might have had an effect.
In regards to Panic!, they're not that hyped over here. I suppose the word about how fast they got signed and snagged the tour is coloring things in your neck of the woods. They're still new and young, so perhaps they'll work it out. How's that Dresden Dolls cd? What's the overall sound?

As for me, it's nothing but guilty pleasure music right now.
I like the Dresden Dolls. It's different to a lot of what I usually listen to, but it sounds good. I like "backstabber" for some reason. There's lots of attitude, and it seems tongue-in-cheek at times. The album flows nicely too; I haven't listen to it enough to pick out many tracks, but I haven't had a "eurgh, I don't like this" reaction to any track.

Guilty pleasure music = Smoosh. For my inner teenybopper.
there's a place where panic! aren't hyped out to wazoo? as far as i knew they were everywhere's new darlings.

i'm sad to hear panic! isn't that great live (i trust your opinion far more than the girls on posting boards that are like 'ohmigod, brendon, is, like, sooooooo hot and panic! is amazing and i love them and want to have their babies!') i started listening to them before they really hit, and i actually couldn't get their album without ordering it in, so i waited until i went on vacation, then came back and there were racks full of it at my local store. they are seriously the reason the hmv in my town started carrying bands on fueled by ramen other than fall out boy.

hmmm, how to describe the sound of the dresden dolls. i honestly can't, and i can't think of anything that sounds like them at all. it's all piano and drums (with a few other instruments here and there), and very strong and powerful. it also has a sort of 'fuck you' attitude, like they're going to do exactly what they want no matter what is expected of them. i'd suggest downloading 'bad habit', 'mrs. o', and 'girl anachronism' to get a good feeling of them overall
the best analogy I've found is the 1930s art movement in germany. They sound what that looks like.
Speaking of Fueled By Ramen, has anyone here listened to the Gym Class Heroes? My brother gave me "The Papercut Chronicles" about two years ago. If nothing else, I recommend the song "Taxi Driver," because it is hilarious and name drops a bunch of bands: "I took Cutie for a ride in my death cab/ she tipped me with a kiss I dropped her off at the meth lab/ before she left she made a dashboard confessional...something something something...and I can still see her bright eyes like sunny day real estate...something...your little chemical romance left a bad taste in my mouth."

Lately I've been having fun taking cds from the public library home and copying them onto my computer. I've got some Husker Du and some Urge Overkill, as well as the Empire Records soundtrack. Because I just can't live without grunge. Oh, and I need to find myself a copy of "Sweet Oblivion" by the Screaming Trees because the cassette tape I bought for $0.25 got destroyed months ago.
I'm really torn because i dont want to admit to actually listening to panic! because it seems so teenybopper, but i heard that one know the one everyone has heard and i literally sang it everyday for 3 weeks straight.

Also i adore the dresden dolls, and they are amazing live.

so im torn, risk what little hipster cred i have to see panic! at the disco and dresden dolls, or stay home and be a pussy?
Fuck hipster cred. I say go, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Besides, every "hipster" has a secret (or not so secret) list of corny tunes they like. Like TATU, or Aqua, or even, on occasion, the Backstreet Boys.

What, like I can't listen to them and Argentinian punk rock too?
Mine is the Offspring, Blink 182 and Greenday - the cheesy stuff that made it into the charts. Not to mention Busted and McFly.

What? I'm a sucker for pop punk (when not being oh so cool with my grrrl riot and anti-folk)

Ahem. Anyway I came here to ask if anyone had heard Regina Spektor's new album?
ahem. avril lavigne. the first album. and busted, the ally mcbeal soundtracks and maroon 5.

go go go - bollocks to hipster cred if you're going to enjoy it. I admit, I like panic!'s songs when they come up on the ipod. I might even buy the album. and hide it somewhere.

I feel I ought to discover something new; I'm liking Lily Allen but she's getting so hyped... and I am attracted to Someone Still Loves Boris Yeltsin just for thier name. Does anyone else do that?
geez, you guys are so much nicer than i am. my thought was 'if you care about hipster cred you need a swift kick in the 'i care what other people think' centre of the brain to disable it'. What can I say, I take issue with letting other people's opinions influence your actions tongue.gif

I'm gonna go see.... BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Colour me happy and a half! I am sooooo seriously excited that i have no words
Color me clueless, but...Broken Social Scene is who?

I'm spending my summer at a place that has satellite tv, so I've listened to some stuff I haven't heard before on XM Radio's station Ethel. Like Snow Patrol, or the Raconteurs. And there's also lots of older stuff that sticks to my ribs. But really I don't keep up much with new music, only if they manage to persist enough in getting me to care.

I also like the song "Mix Tape" by Jack's Manniquin. I haven't heard anything more by them, but my little brother has their CD. They were in my area this spring but I didn't go see them because it has that guy from Something Corporate in it and I think that SC sucks. But whatever.

Mornington, a couple of posts ago you mentioned Tapes'n'Tapes. Can you tell me a bit about their sound? I read an article about them today and they sounded cool.

Anyone else totally in like with She Wants Revenge?

geiger, tapes'n'tapes are good, imo. They have a slight air of The Rapture, but less frantic - and more vocal-driven. They've also got a bit more of an acoustic sound going on (I sound like such a twit saying this). Sixeyes has some mp3s. If you have msn, pm me and I'll transfer you some. They take some listening too, I find - one of those bands you don't always like on the first listen, but before you know it you're singing along.

Ooh, broken social scene. I can't make my mind up about them. Prolly 'cos I haven't heard enough. They're quite electro-ey aren't they? Bit like the Postal Service, but with less singing.

I tend to run a mile once other people like stuff, but I can't help obsessively reading mp3 blogs with similar tastes.
i wouldn't say bss was electro-ey, really, and not like the postal service. their entire first album was instrumental, but their other albums really only have a few instrumentals here and there. 'lover's spit' and '7/4(Shoreline' are good examples of the goodness that is them. but really, everything is amazing

they're basically the heart and soul of all that is good with the canadian indie scene. it's this collective of amazing artists (i think mostly from toronto? they're based there, anyways), and it's just a revolving door of singers/instrument players. for example, all the female vocals are either Feist or Emily Haines(?) from Metric. Plus, one of the main dudes (whose name escapes me at the moment, but one of the originals/always in-ers) gave a big fuck you to things like the idol shows and stuff at the Junos (canadian music awards). and i think they're involved in the 'we don't want to sue our fans for downloading our music' initiative up here in canada.
my bad. I only have 7/4. They have, however, ended up in the same vein as what I have of the postal service - the non-vocal parts of it remind me of p.s. for some reason. B.S.S. are one of those bands I'd get into if I had the money to buy lots of cds. Unfortunately the list is long...for some reason, three good albums have been released this week (Lily Allen, Paulo Nutini & The Pippettes) and I'm still trying to get Tilly & The Wall. I need to write these down and go into town...
Ohh I ordered the pipettes from my record shop and completely forgot. I'm going to go pick it up! Yay!
what do you think, punker? I treated myself to We Are The Pippettes yesterday, and I love it. It's so happy, and twee, but without being sickening. I'm also getting into Lily Allen, even though I'm not into ska/reggae in a big way... I just got curious after seeing her mentioned everywhere, and then hearing a couple of songs.
I'm not sure at the moment but I think it'll grow on me. I do like the happoness and fun in it, but IMHO I didn't think there are any songs that particularly stand out. But I have only heard it once so I'm gong to keep trying with it.

Another album I got is the casual dots and I do love this one smile.gif

I want to listen to lily allen but I went on her myspace page and you can't change tracks or skip ahead which really annoyed me.
I've listened to it again, and again right now and ok I do like it.

Esp. Pull Shapes, Judy and Your Kisses are Wasted On Me.

And Tell Me What You Want.
pull shapes in fantastic. I like dirty mind too, but the whole album is one that grows

they didn't include one of my favourite songs - I like a boy in uniform. It's just... so silly. biggrin.gif
Mornington--I'll PM you sometime later next month about the mp3s, because I won't have enough room in my inbox until then.

And I noticed that there's some Broken Social Scene videos on YouTube, so I'll watch those so I'll be less ignorant in the future smile.gif.
i passed brian viglione in the street and didn't chase him down and ask for a hug! i am now lamenting my stupidness and lameness. if only i went an itsy bit more fangirl i'd have not stopped myself with worries he just wanted alone time.

also, BSS in concert is the most beautiful noise ever heard. ever. i was right at the front and it was the most amazing concert ever. if anyone gets the chance to see them do it.

also, during one of the opening acts they formed a 10-person tambourine corps for one song. and nothing uncool could ever come of a ten person tambourine corps
Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John (Feat. Victoria Bergsman)


Gotta love a tune with whistling!
Natasha Bedingfield
"Peace of Me"
***(Thinking for the last time before I log off bust, where is Lunasol???)***
woah. that was fast! go julie, pete and linc!!
Not sure if anyone like Rise Against, but they are coming out with a new album. smile.gif
Amanda Palmer's new CD is amazing.

"Who Killed Amanda Palmer"
QUOTE(tyger @ Jul 28 2006, 11:15 PM) *
i passed brian viglione in the street and didn't chase him down and ask for a hug! i am now lamenting my stupidness and lameness. if only i went an itsy bit more fangirl i'd have not stopped myself with worries he just wanted alone time.

Oh my god! I would have tackled him! blink.gif

Oh, and just wondering- did the Dresden Dolls break up?
I think I read it on Amanda Palmer's website.

Or if anyone knows- smile.gif

Looks like it's just a hiatus. I'm a recent fan to The Dresden Dolls (like in the last year or so, ever since seeing this at the Buffy Sing-a-Long) so I haven't been around for the ups and downs.
Thirties girl got me on Beach House and I'm hooked! Been on Department of Eagles and Port O'Brien since that inclusion.
For anyone that's all Celtic pirate metal slant... I do for my love of heritage and well..a good time.. I've been loving Alestorm. SOOO scottish pirate metal aka so bad it's good kinda awesome!
But Barleyjuice is an all time fave. gahhh...I'm so celtic love...
Oh my goodness YES!!! The Matches! Check em' out! Also. . . Motion City Soundtrack, Nickel Creek, and The Wombats!
I am pretty much obsessed with Bloc Party. I just heard "Signs" on Gossip Girl (which is one of my guilty pleasures, I can't help it!) and now I am in love with them. Their music is just so different! It's great.

Sadly, I am also very impressed with the new Britney album. I managed to shock even myself . . . .
No worries. I'm currently re-living my 14 year old crush on Adam Ant and haven't been listening to much of anything else lately.
My most recently added stuff on my iPod is a couple of songs from The Walkmen, that new single from MGMT and the entire Santogold album. I take "shuffle" off and listen to all of them over and over.
thirtiesgirl, i will always love adam ant. poor crazy soul.
"808's and heartbreak" is a very cool album. not kanye's most dynamic album but the whole robot thing is just so irresistable! some of my faves are "see you in my nightmares", "paranoid", & "robocop".
QUOTE(hejizzd @ Jan 2 2009, 06:10 PM) *
"808's and heartbreak" is a very cool album. not kanye's most dynamic album but the whole robot thing is just so irresistable! some of my faves are "see you in my nightmares", "paranoid", & "robocop".

I like 808s and Heartbreak, too hejizzd. It's been getting a lot of flak from people reviewing it but I like it because it's really different. I really like "Street Lights" and "Robocop" too, which reminds me that I need to get that album.
what ever happend here? huh.gif last day as a teen
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