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Full Version: DDD minus (breast reduction surgery)
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Hi, I am also looking to get a breast reduction. Norstoms told me I was a 38DDD, and someone has told me to try 38G. So, I don't really know what size I am, and I don't wear the right size since they are hard to come by and they feel so uncomfortable to me. My breast grew fast at a young age and where a 36C before I new it. I never had the chance to be any smaller then that. I have now getting upper back pain, and I have shoulder pain on my left side mostly. The weight of my boobs and my bra strap doesn't help my shoulder pain a bit. I also have arthritis at age 30 in my back and have had it for a while, which has caused me lower back pain. If I keep my boobs the way they are it will only get worse and if I get pregnant they will only get bigger. I don't want to exercise because of them, and I have very low self-esteem issues. I would like to go back down to a C cup and I need to get my insurance to pay for this. I am hoping talking to a doctor will help and get the results I am looking for to get them to pay. I am told that for the surgery through my work I pay 20% of the bill. I am going to talk to my doctor tomorrow. I am also seeing a acupuncture and she also knows that I am have this shoulder problem. If I need her referral that should help me I would think.
I am also in Portland, OR. If anyone knows of a good surgeon to go to here in Portland OR please let me know. If you have any ideas to help me, that would be great. Thanks Everyone for reading!!
Well, I have not been on here for awhile; meaning I did NOT get my surgery done! The insurance came to the decision that it was cosmetic the weekend before my surgery date. In the letter that I was informed that they came to the conclusion that this was not a pre existing condition, but that my BMI was over 30 and that they wanted me to have six months of consecutive back treatments for my pain. So I have been going for massage therapy and the chiropractor said that he would back me up with the insurance. That means I have a the cooperation of my medical dr. and a chiropractor, so I am working on my weight (cause I have weighed way less and still had huge tits) and do this therapy for awhile and appeal it. I think I can get them.
Anyhow, I think that anyone considering a breast reduction should do some research before. Find a surgeon that you feel comfortable and confident with. ASK, ASK, ASK people if they know any surgeons or heard anything about some, GOOD or BAD. That really helps. I knew a few people who had bad experiences and a few that raved about a surgeon. So I went to go see her. Also, double and triple check if you are turning this into you insurance, check to make sure that the surgeon, facility, and anestheologist (sp?)are all covered for your insurance. Well, good luck all and I will let you know what happens with my appeal.
good luck harley, i'm sure your appeal will go thru. it seems these insurance companies have so much money and understand so little about women's health.

the chiropractor, weight loss, and massage therapy will be rewarding nonetheless i'm sure.

so i started dating a new guy, the first new one since my surgery, so i had to explain the scars. i was worried he'd think i was a freaky frankenboob weirdo, but he could honestly care less, he's just happy that i like them and they work!
Hey Ladies,

I wear a 38DD bra, live on a small island so it's a pain in the neck to purchase lingerie that fits right. I found Cool online shop that sells adorable cheapish nice lingerie for the big boobed gal.

(or two bumps, in this case)

yay for reductions! i absolutely hate it when people tell me my boobs really aren't that big. i'm like, no they're not the hugest in the world, but they are certainly hefty, so f off. i'm working on losing 40-50lbs, but if they are not down to 34B or C then i'll have it done.

anyways, from what i understand, if you can prove (ie, get your dr to document it) that your breasts are causing dents in your shoulders, any kind of back pain/skin problems, whatever - then your insurance should cover the reduction.

but of course, insurances vary on coverage of inpatient or outpatient surgery etc.
insurance covered mine, but after recommendation by my regular dr. and plastic surgeon, 1/2 year's worth of visits to physical therapy, and spinal x-rays, to investigate other reasons for my back pain. also, my dr. had to send along mugshot-type photos of them with her recommendation. a little humiliating and certainly time-consuming, but well worth it in the end. i love my c-cups, my ability to cross my arms, sleep on my belly, and jog! i lost weight since the surgery, mostly because of my ease finding proper athletic support.
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