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oops! I posted the same pic twice here is another view:


I love the way that turned out!
Does anyone know a good tattoo artist in the Eugene/Oregon Coast area? gracias...
I have an appointment for more work on Tuesday. I'm very excited!
I've been putting ALL my money into my university/moving out savings fun (as I like to call it) but with the tax refund season, I just deposited a nice amount into my fun spending account to get my first tat. Hoping to make the appointment next week. Woo!
i am thinking about placing my next tat (which will be a 2" by 2"(at largest) design on my abdomen just inside the hip...anyone had any work done there and what was the pain level like?
msgoofball, the pain threshold differs from one person to another. I personally had my tattoo on my lower back. Its a fairly big tribal tattoo with a scorpio tail in the centre. It didnt hurt all that much. It was like this vibrating sensation. The needle actually goes in & out quite rapidly so you dont really feel much pain. Just remember NOT to scratch it within the first couple days. Thats when healing process takes place, so try to resist any temptation to scratch it. Use Anti-Itch cream if you must. Good luck girly :-)
msgb, my tattoo is around vibrated a bit on my hipbone, but it honestly wasn't that bad. I think if it's in a fleshier area than mine (which is what it sounds like) it will probably be okay

What is the design?
Just got mine done a few hours ago. I'll post pictures in a few days. It's a crescent moon at the base of my neck and I'm quite happy with it. The outline didn't hurt at all, but the filling in made me cringe more then once.
ugh. can I just say how very very bummed I am that the archives of this thread have been cleared out??? I suppose it's our fault for not keeping it up for awhile, but still... there was such a wealth of good info, referrals, and links to pics..

just got the insides of the tops of my ears done this weekend.... a matching set of double cherries with stems and a leaf..... full color.... I love them!
Going back to have my backpiece revamped also..... because of the size we have to block out at least 1/2 day or so..... got to wait till my guy has the time to work on me......
Love my ears tho! Woohoo!
cute!! I want more work done.. however, I managed to roll all the ideas I had for tattoos into one back piece (which was so satifsying.. took about 15 hours over 3 sessions) so now I have nothing left that I want.

gotta come up with something..
I didn't get to really look at mine last night because it was bandaged, but I was laying in bed and all of a sudden got all panicky like, "Oh no, what if I hate it!" So I had to get up and go look at it and it was absolutly perfect. :D Already itching for another.
As promised:
This is probably about 6 hours after. Nice bloody bandage in the shot.

This is just now, so two days after. It's sore today, like a bruise, but otherwise appears to be healing bad. He told me to come back in a month for a check up because apparently that area can be tricky to heal sometimes. And I have 6 months to get touched up, which I will be doing because I can already see some area's that need it.

That's the design I gave him so I was extremely happy with the way he fixed it up. Absolutly perfect.
eep, sorry I broke the borders!
Very nice, erinjane. I like the blue. And the borders seem okay to me. :-)

Couldn't help noticing your necklace too. I make those for a hobby. Fun! Did you make yours?
Oh weird, the borders are fine on this computer but broken no mine at home.

I bought it, I never learned how to make them but I used to always want to try. I've been one hemp necklaces for about 4 years. I wear them until they wear down and can't be worn anymore then I replace them with a new one.
erin, I don't mean to threadjack and back to the tattoo discussion, but if you're interested I could make you a custom one. Just because I love doing it! PM me if you're interested. :-)

With regards to tattoos, I have one in chinese calligraphy that means "strong woman" right underneath my collarbone. I should take a pic.
I finally got my ink! July 4, five stars on my foot, didn't even hurt,barely bled. (My ex held my hand & was so impressed.) I freakin love it! Fresh Tats from Mucca! Hell yeah!
Anybody got advice on how long I gotta stay in flipflops?
how long before I can go swimming in a pool w/ my new tat? I've heard two weeks and I've heard three months. what gives???
cloverbee - My last tat was done in the summer and when I asked the artist and his co-workers (whom are pretty reputable) they said to wait until the scabs had healed over and it was peeling (about 2 weeks) to avoid any damage from pool germs. As for salt water they told me to go to town! You should watch with the sun and getting a burn as it will affect the color, I've seen some pretty ink turn multi-colors from sun exposure before properly healed.
Yay, my artist said about two weeks. The aftercare information sheet he gave me said three weeks, but he said as long as it was finished scabbing. Mine's healing really well, and I'm in a hotel right now so I went swimming two days ago, exactly two weeks since I've had it done. If I was at home I probably would have waited a little longer, but I'm not worried.

I was at an outdoor Folk Music Festival for a weekend and it was 33+ degrees everday so I put a small breathable bandage over the tat so it wouldn't burn. Worked well for the sun. I'm so paranoid about doing anything wrong. I love it and want it to last last last. I'm going to be going for my check up when I get back and book a touch up date.
I got my third tattoo the other day, and it's gorgeous! And because I'm horrible at computer related stuff, and I don't know how to post a picture of it, I'm just gonna tell everyone interested in seeing it, to go to my myspace at and view my pictures to see it.

It's beeeeeeeaaaaauuuutiful! :-D


changed my no need to go to myspace...the tatty is displayed right below my name. It's on my right hip. Wee!

Me likey. smile.gif It's so cheerful and lively. Great job.
Oh wow, that's really beautiful. The blue swirls remind me of my tattoo, it's just like something I would have gone for.
Hey everyone. I am about to venture in to the world of ink. I've been wanting a tat since I was 17 and decided to finally get one for mysef for my 33rd birthday, which is on Labor Day this year. I know what I want, well I've known for quite some time but it has recently evolved a bit. I have the ideas and a few things for inspiration and guidelines, but I need to find someone with some artistic ability to make it a reality. Being a complete novice (and dunce) in the area of tat's, how does one go about this sort of thing? I don't want to pick a design off the wall, and have perused the flash sites til I'm blue in the face but nothing is close to what I want. A butterfly winged goddess with long flowing red hair, holding up a lotus flower. This sticker is close, definetely on the right track. But I want the fairy to be drawn much fuller figured (like myself), and I don't want the art surrounding or beneath her in the sticker. The sticker is a bit too busy and complicated, but it gives the general idea. My initial inspiration was this tapestry I used to have, which is also a bit too detailed and busy, but again has the general idea. I've been asking around and what I've been told is that I need to find a design I like, purchase it, print it out and take it to be stenciled by whomever I choose to be my tattoo artist. This just doesn't sound right to me. I thought that a tattoo artist was just that, an artist. I'm sure that there are people who do adequate jobs just copying what is brought to them, but I was just always under the impression that the person performing the tattoo would help customize what the customer wanted. Am I wrong here? unsure.gif I've also been asking around for rec's in San Diego, which I live east of. So far I've recieved some thumbs up to a few places repeatedly, so I am planning on visiting both to check them out.

Any suggestions for me, oh wise goddesses of ink? wink.gif

I love your tat's by the way, cstars and erin, so pretty and colorful. And that hemp necklace is great too erin.

So treehugger, you make those? Do you ever sell them on eBay? I've bought a few on eBay myself but I like them a bit longer than I can usually find them. My friend Christy has made a few for me for various birthdays over the years. I usually wear them until they fall off and then mope around 'til I find a new one, heh. /derailment, hee hee tongue.gif

well, if this helps you at all yuefie, I just brought a picture of a shooting star thing to the tattoo artist, and she sketched out the tattoo I have today! And I also have a tattoo of a vine and a ladybuy sitting on a leaf. For that, I just went into the tattoo shop and told the artist I wanted a vine, (pointed to something on the wall), kinda like that, but thicker and a ladybug (again at the wall) kinda like that but bigger. He drew it, I liked it and it thus became my tattoo.

I think if you go into any tattoo parlor and bring those pictures of the tapestry and the sticker and just explain what you want, they can draw it out for you first. Of course, I wouldn't go to just ANY artist. You obviously would want to find someone reputable and that has at least SOME sort of artistic ability. But you can research parlors and view the artist's work before you choose.

I hope this helps somewhat. Good luck!
Hi yuefie!

My suggestion is to research different tattoo artists and shops. Take your time, even if you pass your goal date of your birthday. My take on it is that its going to be on your body forever, so if you want custom work, make sure you get a *real* artist.

I have a piece going across my upper back. I knew that I wanted a very specific style and I researched tatoo artists for over six months until I found someone who's work was exactly in the vein of what I wanted.

How to research? google tattoo shops in your city. My recommendation is to look for a shop that specializes in custom work. For example, the shop where my artist works doesn't even have flash. As a matter of fact, its their policy not to use flash at all. All the artists there do exactly what you are talking about: they consult with a client first, ask them to bring in pictures showing ideas, colors they like, styles of shading, - any kind of example really. Then the artist charges a deposit (mine charges $75) and sets up an appointment for the tattoo. When you go in for the tattoo, they will have the drawing and you can talk to them about any modifications you want to make, size changes, etc.

Another thing you can do is when you are out and about, if you see people with tattoos in a style you like, tell them you like their work and ask who did it / where they got it. People love to talk about their tattoos, especially if it is super good custom work. They love to put their artist's name out there (I know I do, as do most other people I know with great work)

Another thing is, don't lock yourself in to shops just in your city if you can swing it. I was totally willing to travel to get exactly what I wanted. And you are in a GREAT area (according to where your profile says you are) to not have to travel too far (if at all) to find an artist who matches your vision.

If you find a shop online, look at the portfolios of the artists. Every artist has his or her own style and it's important that you find an artist who's style matches your vision. (or that you just think their work is cool..!) if you find a good custom shop locally that you can swing by, go in and look at the portfolios. check out the different artists work. Ask questions. If you are in a good shop - especially in custom only shops - they take a lot of pride in their work and really like answering questions from any one. Probably especially people getting their first tattoo. Don't feel obligated to
get something done there, just because you are in there. A good shop and a good artist won't pressure you.

I traveled to San Francisco for my tattoo. I found a great artist there, who I've established a great relationship with (I mean, she tattooed me for 16+ hours over 3 sessions, so you end up talking a lot and building up a relationship) and I don't think I would let anyone else touch me. I actually did all my consulting with her via email and the phone. I sent her pictures of all sorts of ideas and wrote descriptions of what I wanted, and I also sent her a picture of my back so she could get an idea of what it looked like and where I wanted it to be. We talked on the phone a couple times prior to my first appointment, and when I got there, she had the design completely dialed. We barely had to adjust it at all to get exactly what I wanted.

Plan on spending at least $150 / hour for good custom work. A good tattoo artist will tell you approx. how long it will take. And factor in a tip. My rule of thumb is $25 tip per hour. Why tip, if they are making that much an hour? Because the shop takes a chunk of that hourly fee as a commission. But the artist keeps their tips. I see no problem with not cheaping out on a really great tattoo by a really great artist. It's gonna be on my body forever, so I might as well treat it like fine art, and fine art costs money.

The other thing you need to keep in mind is that once you have your consultation and pay your deposit, it may take months to book an appointment with the tattoo artist. Good custom tattoo artists book up months in advance, but be patient - it's worth waiting for to get exactly what you want.

.. and also, if you find an artist and if when you see a drawing you're not exactly sure about it - and they can't change it to what you would be happy with, it's better to just eat the deposit and find another artist, than to just let them do it. They will understand if it just doesn't jibe with you. That's why they charge deposits. If they tattoo you, it's deducted from the total. If you end up not going through with it, then you've paid for their time to draw it.

SO... I hope that that answers your questions and any other that might come up!! smile.gif

Here's some links to custom shops I know of, and that are pretty accessible to you, who have great artists:

my tattoo artist:

so hopefully this helps a little....

ETA: sorry for the gigantic post. I just know that it can be really mystifying figuring out how to get that first tattoo when you don't really know much about it.
cstars, I've wanted a leaf with a ladbird on it for AGES! I think I may be tattooed out though, I can't think of where I want it (I like mine to only be on show when I want them to be).

My boy is going to get some more work done and what he has in mind looks fantastic (a tribal-like design across shoulder and back), i'll post a pic if I can. This will be his second.

yuefie, that's a great idea! my friend was given a hand-made voucher by her bf as a gift for either a tattoo, a peircing or a concert ticket and she chose the tattoo as prompted her to realise that she really wanted one. Nice idea.
bunny, i really like the drawing of my ladybug tattoo, although it's really not my favorite. sad.gif

I know what you mean though, about choosing a location on your body so that you can CHOOSE to show it. I have three tattoos. One is on my shoulder blade (easily hidden with shirts), the ladybug one is on my inner leg (easily hidden by pants) and the latest one is on my hip (also hidden by pants). I figure that piercings can be taken out, tattoos are forever and I don't want to jeapordize my future career because I have a tat. Plus, there are certain people (read: my parents) who wouldn't be too happy with my new one, so I figure the longer I can hide it, the better. smile.gif
wow, thanks for all the info zoya smile.gif and for all the encouragement for everyone. I just kinda needed to hear from others, as most of the people I know seem to not really care about the quality of their work. I mean, my roomate just walked in to any old shop and chose something off the wall. Uh, not me! This is definetely not something I am going to rush in to seeing as I've waited this long. I want it done the right way, because yes, I want to be able to look at it years from now and not feel like "WTF was I thinking?!"

Zoya, one of the links you left, Avalon, their second location Avalon II is one of the places I am considering. I used to live a few blocks from there and one my friends still works really close by, and she had directed me there. I've also been told by a few different people about a place that is closer to where I currently live called Dutch Touch, so I am going to stop in there soon.

cstars, do you have a pic of the ladybird on leaf? oh, and should have said earlier: your new work is v pretty, I love the colours and considered the same for stars I considered getting, espec the lilac.

I have three tats on my lower back and one on my tummy - future career and how will it look in my wedding dress? were my main concerns. The positions of the others limit the space (if any) for another.

yuefie, a lot of thought is needed and you're wise to take it slowly and give it a lot of thought. I'm sure whatever you get will be as beautiful as you and your goddess/fairy pic!

has pixie got her pixie tat yet?
nope bunny. I finally think I know what I want, but I really won't have teh money until September. Here's a question fo ryou and Mr. Pixie are working on another minipixie. Chances are good that i will be pg before I have the money for a tat. i'm planning on having teh tat on my think it would still be ok to get it or should I wait until after?
I'm really looking forward to it. I swear I've been planning it almost 2 years now! But at least now I can honestly say that I have given it much thought and I am sure I want this for the rest of my life. I've also been waiting because tattooing *gasp* just became legal in my state a few months ago and I have been waiting for the health department to get through their initial inspecitions and stuff to make sure everyone is being sanitary.
Hmmm...I've never thought about that. I wouldn't think it would be a problem, but the tattoo studio might have a problem with it. I know that where I go they won't pierce or tattoo you if they know you have certain diseases or things like that. I don't tell them I have diabetes for this reason. (The only reason it would be of any concern would be if i had chronic high bloodsugar because that would hinder healing, but I have near perfect control.)

I would call the studio you're planning on going to and ask them. I had no idea that tattooing was illegal in some states. Crazy.
I don't think that anything is technically a problem with pregnancy and tattoos, but personally I'd wait. I mean, why take any risk...
Bunny, I will definitely get you a picture of the ladybug once I get my shit together and find one! It may take me a couple of days, but I will have one for you, I promise!

...and i'll also have to shave my legs for you to actually SEE the ladybug. Normally, with the hair and everything, it looks like a rose and not a bug. It's weird...
I *think* our state is the last one to legalize tattooing. It was going on anyway though a loophole in the way the law against it was written. The state just finally decided they ought to regulate it and get a cut themselves.

The main problem I could see with getting it done while pg it that it might bleed more since pg women have more blood. I just didn't know since it would be so early on.
I've heard from some reliable sources that getting tattooed while pregnant puts unneccesary stress on your body, and therefore the fetus.

Here's what BME has to say about it.

Hope this helps some!
"So treehugger, you make those? Do you ever sell them on eBay? I've bought a few on eBay myself but I like them a bit longer than I can usually find them. My friend Christy has made a few for me for various birthdays over the years. I usually wear them until they fall off and then mope around 'til I find a new one, heh. /derailment, hee hee tongue.gif"


PM me. I love making them. I might be able to do something for you. smile.gif

All the tattoo artists that I know say that they won't tattoo a pregnant woman. Aside from the stress that it can put on your body, there are different metals, etc. in the ink, and its not uncommon for a tattoo to become infected. I've had a couple friends who ended up on antibiotics after getting a tattoo done. Even if you properly care for it, some people have different reactions to different inks. I have a quarter sleeve, half sleeve, and chest piece...and one common thing I've found for me personally, is that my body doesn't take blue inks well. For some reason, everytime I have blue color, it takes forever to heal, usually becomes inflamed, and bleeds a lot. Even if you find an artist that will tattoo you while pregnant, I would strongly reccomend against it.
Pixie I agree with everyone, I would wait. I know a lot of really good tattoo artist and they don't feel comfortable working on a pregnant women. So I would worry about a shop where they agreed to do it.

Zahia, What are your sleeves of? * post some pics of your work*
The right arm is floral (lillies, lotus, cherry blossoms, and peonies) and the right one is a big pink ganesh. Hopefully soon I'll have the money to do all the filler work on it. I don't know how to post pics on here (and its late and I'm too lazy to figure it out!) but you can see some of it on my myspace page that's listed in my profile.
eww, Zahia!! I just friended you on my space! Your flowers are lovely! Great color.
Ok, so I'm finally able to post some pictures of my tattoos!

This is the newest one (same pic as my avatar, just bigger)

This is the first one I ever got, and one of my favorites :-D

And then, bunny, here is my ladybug one:

It's kinda hard to see cause it's angled weird...
Ooh cstars, I love it!!! I want one, I want one, I want one!!! (another one!) Seriously considering it and I know I go through phases but this time I know I'll get one... I just need to decide what and where. I thought of the vine and ladybird around my hip (coming from my back and coming round onto my hipbone?) as I have another three on back (Celtic neverending circle at base of spine and a black butterfly and a japanese good omen slightly above and on either side and a little miss trouble figure on my tummy) or stars on hip bone or a fairy...

I think I'll go to shop and look!
Bunny, the vine on your hip sounds realllly cute!!! I always wanted a tattoo like that, but

a) i'm a baby when it comes to pain, so I don't think I'd be able to handle it and
cool.gif i think i'd want to lose weight before I did something like that because I don't think it would look right on me right now. sad.gif

but it sounds like a good idea, go for it!!!
I'm seriously tempted, I need to give it some more thought before I take plunge as it's been almost 5 years since my last and I thought I was done. The boy said I ahve enough but then remembered it's my body!

eta: oh, and I don't relish pain either and I could do with being in shape for it!

i have a tattoo question and maybe you all can help me...

i have a scar across my colar bone from a birthmark removal. it's like 1/4 inch wide by umm 2 1/2 inches long or so. i've had the scar for about 10 years and while i am not super self-conscious about it i would rather have something prettier there.

i have two other tattoos, one on my back (uh, lovehandle now) and one on my hip right near my bikini line.

what about tattooing on scars? what about tattooing right on your colar bone? the skin is pretty thin right there.

i've done some googling on the subject but i need as much input as possible before i make a decision. thanks!!
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