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I've never had a tattoo over a scar, but one of my roommates got her first tattoo over a scar on her ankle and she didn't have any problems and you can't see the scar at all.

Is it RIGHT on the bone on your collarbone? Cause my other roommate has two tattoos on her chest in the collarbone area, I don't think they're right on the bone, but I could be wrong. I'm sure it's do-able, it might hurt more though. sad.gif

I would maybe talk to a tattoo artist first cause they would obviously know better than myself, but I hope it helps somewhat. tongue.gif
I know I've seen tattoo's right on the collarbone, can't speak about scars or pain though.
Cstars, I love your tattoos! They are very pretty!
I have one on my lower back and on my belly, next to my hip. (Both are very low so if I don't want to show them , I just need to pull up my pants/skirt). The one in my lower back(tribal) HUUUUURT! I could see all the Saints and devils of the Bible while I was getting it done! it was horrible:'(
The one next to my hip(a flower) didn't hurt at ALL. The only part that hurt is when they were doing the borders. But then the filling didn't hurt at all.
Now I want to get a new one but I can't because of my career. sad.gif

okay, that butterfly has been done and re-done so many more times than I can mention in this small space. It was originally an old english 'D' for my ex. ha! anyway, i didn't do enough research into the addition of the flowers and I'm not happy w/ the way they turned out. Sooo..I'm thinking of trying to remove them. I know, tedious, expensive.....has anyone ever had one removed before???
Don't feel bad cloverbee, I know tons of people who have at least one tattoo that they hate. Have you considered having a different artist tweak that tattoo a bit? Some one could thicken the outlines and blend in more color. I really think the right shading would make a huge difference.

I am curious about laser removal though, I have a hideous tattoo on my lowerback I didn't think through enough.
that's a good idea, ginger. i think it's the total wrong type of flower, though. i don't know. maybe i'll just keep it for a while. i should have done more research. but, ginger, I hear that there is a new laser technology that can remove almost any tattoo. but green ink is the hardest to get out apparantly. red and black are the easiest i guess. but it's still expensive (around 3 grand) depending on how many treatments you need.
DAAMN I'm SO LUCKY I love my tattoos!
So happy. Today i got my fourth and best tattoo to date. Credits go to Junko Mizuno for the original design and Kev of Draconian tattoo in Aberdeen for the inking. Sorry for the poor quality webacm pic.
It's my second Junko design on my right leg and i'm thinking about getting a whole leg of assorted junko characters. Below you can check out another crappy webcam shot of the orginal Junko Mizuno tattoo (tattoo number 3) right next to my Panda Timothy who was a christmas gift from a close friend and tattoo number 2. Enjoy.
That looks so familar where would have I seen Junko Mizuno art? hmmmm......Anyway I like your tattoos.
I don't really know. The first time I encountered her art was in forbidden planet comics. I was there with my then bf looking at comics (obviously) and came across a t-shirt with her Cinderella character on it. I'm not 100% sure but i was online browsing irregular choice shoes and there are a pair called "pink bitches" that have a character very much in the style she drws in but i wouldn't know for sure if she did the design. I'm glad you like my tattoos!
After years and years of waiting, I finally got my first tattoos!!! They're beautiful and simple, just a pair of small dark red outlines of lilies on my chest. Everything seemed fine and I was following the aftercare instructions, but the other day, a scab fell off the middle of the flower during my shower, and now it's really red and sore and raw. It looks slightly bloody and I think it's going to scar. What did I do wrong??? There are TONS of people out there with perfectly fine tattoos. Leave it to me to mess it up on the first try... I MUST be 'tarded...
How long ago did you get them done? If it was fairly recent, within two or three weeks I don't think I'd worry too much. But if it's really red and you think it might be infected I'd get whoever did it to have a look.

I can't say how mine looked when it was scabbing because it's on the back of my neck, but I could feel it and lots of pieces flaked off and it was bloody for the first few days, but not much. By two weeks it had finished scabbing but I could still feel it was slightly raised.
Hey ladies.....

I'm new here and thought I would put in on the tattoo whoes of lastoneout's tattoo....I have two sleeves, my whole chest and back so I hope I can help you understand what's going on...

Getting a tattoo and the healing process can go horribly wrong for a number of reasons.

First-the artist can go too deep for too long which can cause your healing to be rather disgusing. I went against my better judgement once and got a tattoo by someone other than my guy and whoa was it gross. The ENTIRE tattoo looked like knarly road rash. If that's the case, some of the tattoo can 'fallout' or look a little faded as compared to other parts of it. Which that one of mine is unfixable.

Second-the type of ink can have an affect on the healing process and the final result. There is a red type of ink out there that is AWESOME and the color is whoa fab, but every tattoo I have with that red in it is raised a smidge and it is pretty common for alot of people. So don't be alarmed.

Third-the type of ointment they tell you to use.....alot of the 'tattoo goo' crap out there is just that-CRAP...A&D ointment is the BEST for a healing tattoo-just plain vaseline works as well. What you are basically doing is trying to keep the tattoo from drying out and 'peeling' too fast. You don't want to goop it up too much though. Just enough to cover the surface. I would say three days max. Keeping it clean is really the key....

Word to the wise....look at the artist portfolio...ask to see the autoclave for sterilization purposes......and pay close attention to the people in the shop...if you feel uneasy about anything...find another shop. If it's cheap and the artist is always available to tattoo (meaning they are never busy) you might want to rethink that one!
beetlegrl, post some pics so we can see your work.

I always use plain unscented lubriderm to while my tattoo heals, a few tattoo artist's I know reccommend it. And from experience, it seems way better than A and D, heavy petroleum bases can pull the ink out.

Hey ginger..will post pics as soon as I get them off the old PC (we just got a new one).

The vaseline is OK, but you have to use it very sparingly. I have resorted to not using anything now unless it's in a bad spot. I actually used a little lotion on my chest cause it hurt like a mo fo......

Good call on the lubriderm...I've heard that's good lotion.

Where are you located?? would love to know what shops you're near.....
My artist gave me some sort of tattoo-aftercare stuff, but I dont know what it was called. It worked great. He told me as soon as that ran out to keep using regular moisturizer for a couple of months.

I really need to get touched up soon. Its free for 6 months after! woo!
Hi long ago did you get your tattoo??

The only tattoo that I have that I 'should' get touched up are my feet.....touch ups really shouldn't 'need' to be done within 6 months, but that definitely depends on where on your body it is. Some areas 'shed' more than feet and hands and stuff. Just a thought....

I'll post pics soon....
Oh, it's nothing big. I had it done just over four months ago. I knew I would need it touched up, just a couple of very small spots that didn't get inked properly. They're literally just little dots (about 3) that just need to have colour filled in.

I completely trust my artist and the establishment I went/go to so I'm not worried in the least. In my town, this is THE place to go if you want safe and good work. The owner is a huge lobbyist for tattoo and priecing legislation. It's an amazing shop.
Oh...I get it. that happens as we all know.

I'm glad you have a shop and an artist you can trust...that's important and very hard to find!

Where are you located? In the US?
Canada, Winnipeg to be exact. There's a LJ winnipeg community and every few weeks someone will ask where the best place to go is for peircings and tattoo's and the answer is always (from 15 different people) soul survivors. I love 'em.
I am in Indiana, but luckily there are tons of great artist around the Midwest right now! I am hoping to save some money up and head up to Chicago next year, Hanna Aitchison and her dad are both working at the same shop there. They are both dream tattoo artists, for me. And Renshaw is working in Michigan, but he is so expensive! We have some really talented local people right here in town though, too.
the Atchison's rock....I love their work....I am waiting to get some work by tim beidron...I LOVE his stuff!! I just hope I have a good spot left...I'm running out of room!

ok, question... i had a tattoo drawn on my calf over a week ago. It looks pretty healed, it peeled a bit over the weekend when I washed/moisturised, but has pretty much stopped doing that. When's it safe to shave my legs again? I'm still slapping on the moisturiser, but I've got dry skin anyway.
I'd hold off a little longer. I had work done in January and was advised to continue moisturizing about twice a day for a full 2 weeks. I'd think you should prob wait 2 weeks or until it's absolutely completely done flaking (since you said "pretty much").
*bump* for "kiss the fiddler"
Right-ee-o. Thanks, treehugger. I'll read up.
I don't have any tattoos, but have always wanted one... just have had a hard time deciding what to get.

Does anyone have any tattoos on the side of their ribcage... say a bit under the armpit? I would imagine this to have a fairly high pain factor.......

I just figure it may be the only place that won't be subjected to my stretchmarks or stretching in general when I (i hope) to have kids one day.
I don't have one there, but I think the pain factor really depends on the person.

I have tattoo at the top of my spine, and I didn't find it too painful. Towards the end of my 50 minute session I felt more annoyed, like I wanted to swat the needle away, but I've heard of people saying it was much worse in the same location. I don't think you can really tell before hand.

I wasn't really scared of the pain before I had mine done because I had literally nothing to compare it to. I had no idea what it would feel like so i was pretty relaxed, unlike when I get my vertical labret done. I was so nervous I couldn't stop making fists.
I just recently got a tattoo done on my upper rib cage. The top of it just barely touches the bottom of my bra strap. And I'm not going to lie, it was painful.

But it's a tolerable kind of pain. My tattoo was relatively simple so it didn't take very long either. The part that I didn't like the most was the fact that I was completely paranoid to so much as breath while she was doing it. So that was tricky.

Let me put it this way: it sucked while it was being done, but as soon as it was over the pain was gone. (except some pain during the healing process) and I am probably going to go very soon and get a second one done on the other side. (symmetry rocks!)

That being said, make totally sure of what you want on your body before you get it. It's going to be there for a very long time. I recommend getting something custom made, something that's meaningful to you.
Oh I have many ideas that I have ran by my tattoo artist of choice. And I'm totally getting custom because there is so much, seemingly random, things I like that he will have to sit down and draw it out. thistles and scandinavian psychedelic birds and La Vie Parisienne poster art and banjos. whew. All of which correlates to me.

Thanks for sharing your experience! I knew it was probably really painful seeing as it's so near bone. It's not so much the pain that freaks me out... it's the price and making the decision.

I've heard of the annoying sensation thing. yeah.

Thanks for the input all!!!
yeah, the pain is so momentary, and minimal, compared to say, childbirth, and although i haven't done that one, women have been for years, because the pain involved in getting it is not enough to deter the lifetime you'll enjoy it. yes, i just compared tattoos to babies.

i agree with ava about making sure you really know what you want. even if it means waiting to get it. decide what you want and then wait like 6 months. if you still want it than go for it.
i wanted a tat at age 16 - waited til i was 29 to get the actual done. let me tell you - COMPLETELY different tat than what i envisioned at 16, but definitely BETTER. was going to be high on my inner thigh...ended up on my foot. blink.gif

anyway, i was contemplating a design for a tat toe-ring - anyone had that done? does it hurt worse than the top of the foot? did it actually LOOK like anything after it was done?
word. i have two tattoos, one i got when i was 15 (yikes!) and one i got for my 19th birthday. i don't exactly regret the one i got when i was 15 - it's a good conversation starter - but it's a pretty awful tattoo, and the one i got when i was 19 is small and demure. i think if i were to get another one now (i'm 24) i'd go for something beautiful, creative, and meaningful. i can't think of a design that fits those criteria, so no more tattoos for now.

snarky, my boss has a ring of flowers around her big toe and it looks nice.

while i'm talking about tattoos, i was chatting with this cute guy about tattoos the other weekend. i was saying i always thought a skull with wings would be a great tattoo, like the ones on the gravestones at the burial ground in boston. the puritans put that symbol on the gravestones in that burial ground because they were not allowed to be buried in the kings burial ground down the street. the skull with wings is meant to represent, like, people from all different faiths or something. and it looks cool, really simple lines and all. anyway, the guy says "you're not gonna believe this!" and rolled up his sleeve and had that tattoo! soul mates? haha.
Question! Would a tattoo on your hip flexer/panty line just above where the string of a low rise panty would go, stretch out if one got pregnant? I can't really decide...

If it would, they're going on my back *laughs*
I think most skin has the potential to stretch in the belly/hip area. I don't know because I have never been preganant.

I am working on a three quarter length sleeve, but my tattoo lady (the famous Hanna A) is still not back in town and I really want to get more work done on it. It looks like I might have to wait until late fall or winter to get her to finish my sleeve.

I want to start work on another idea for my arm with the mother heart with my cat's name on it, but have been stuck in trying to get a theme that I love as much as my other arm.
LustfullyPink: my very first tat was right below my navel. my fourth one was right below my first one. people have asked me whether or not i'm worried about it getting stretched out if i get pregnant. i said no. for a few reasons. one i dont plan on getting pregnant, two if i do it will be worth it, and third the only people who are gonna see me down there are people who dont give a fuck whether or not it's stretched. but then again i dont really know what's gonna happen because i've never had kids.. so for me it's not really an issue.
Hey, does anyone have a tattoo behind their ear? I've been thinking recently of getting a star - black outline with blue shading, leaving the inside the colour of skin - and I'm wondering just how visible it will be. Which may seem like a silly question, but I recently moved to a rather conservative town and for some reason I'm starting to care about these things. But I'll only be here for a few more months. And it's my 3rd tattoo.

Thanks! I should probably just jump in and do it, but it symbolizes a lot of change and a commitment to walking down the path I've been wanting to for years, but haven't been ready to/have been too scared to. Isn't it funny that a little bit of ink can have so much meaning!!!
starshine: that's a unique location... i'd look into the safety of it first. but i say get it. you cant let this temporary condition determine the choices you want to make with your life. if they dont get it, that's almost kind of the point. imo anyway.
It isn't that rare. Or that dangerous. I say go for it, particularly if you're not rocking the shorn head look, or the scraped into a bun look (the only ones I can think of that really reveal that part of your head)
Yeah, I agree go for it it, starshine.

princess_dander, I hope to get work done by H Aitchison someday...she is awesome! Did you know she relocated to LA to be on that new TLC show, LA INk ? Personally, I'm not fond of tv shows about shops, but I am happy to see her get the recognition.
Thanks everyone! I am definitely going to get it. I stumbled across an artist online last night in Vancouver who looks really good, turns out I think my biggest hesitation was the artist here in town, not that he's not good, he's actually done one of my tat's, but he isn't the artist for this one. So I think I'll check her out next time I'm in town.

ginger_kitty, Atchkinson's work looks great. Good luck getting on the show! I have to agree about the weirdness of tat shop's being made into reality tv, I mean really, how mainstream can you get blink.gif but I think it's great to have so many women on the show! I'm really excited about it. Of course, it helps that I have a bit of a crush on kat, I mean, she has so much talent, but that's a whole other story!

i saw a web banner ad for the la ink show and was stoked... i missed kat von d on miami ink; yeah she was rough around the edges business-wise, but paul sr. is an asshole and the tattoo his lady friend wanted WAS juvenile.
I'm getting new ink tonight (I hope..) Yay!

Owl Gang Girl-your ink is gorgeous! I LOVE Junko Mizuno! Nicely done!!
QUOTE(sillygrrl13 @ Aug 18 2007, 01:15 PM) *
I'm getting new ink tonight (I hope..) Yay!

Owl Gang Girl-your ink is gorgeous! I LOVE Junko Mizuno! Nicely done!!

Thank you so much! I haven't been in here for SO long but my friend just got a beautiful half sleeve and it got me thinking about saving up to have one of my own done. I thought I might do a web search to see if anyone else had any Junko Mizuno ink that I could use for inspiration and Voila! up popped this comment in google. Not yet decided if I should go for a Junko theme yet or something more old school looking and symbolic.
I also want something as a tribute to my brothers one of whom died when I was 14 and the other has taught me a lot about growing up (mostly by making mistakes!). I already have a black and purple nautical star on my right foot and was thinking of having a matching one on the left foot with the words "little sister" across my two feet. It's an idea I've been toying with for some time but have yet to find the style I want for the writing. I'd quite like a swirly, almost handwritten -in a non chicken scratch way- looking script but haven't come across what I want yet.
I'm rambling now so I'll leave you with that information. Thanks again!
princess evangeline
QUOTE(starshine @ Aug 2 2007, 12:24 AM) *
Hey, does anyone have a tattoo behind their ear? I've been thinking recently of getting a star - black outline with blue shading, leaving the inside the colour of skin - and I'm wondering just how visible it will be. Which may seem like a silly question, but I recently moved to a rather conservative town and for some reason I'm starting to care about these things. But I'll only be here for a few more months. And it's my 3rd tattoo.

Thanks! I should probably just jump in and do it, but it symbolizes a lot of change and a commitment to walking down the path I've been wanting to for years, but haven't been ready to/have been too scared to. Isn't it funny that a little bit of ink can have so much meaning!!!

voodoo princess here < starshine - i don't have any tats "behind" my ears but i DO have them "inside" both my ears and really, not that many people notice, or they think it's earrings ?, go figure on that one, but anyway, i suppose it would really depend on how you wear your hair as to how obvious the tat will be...... looking at you straight on, of course, the tat should be invisible and i would think that someone would have to be rather close to you and viewing you from a back angle to even see it and most people don't concentrate on someones ears anyway when looking at them, unless ears are their thing, i suppose... ha ha ha!
bumpity bumpity
snow white
yay, look what i found! a little late but thats ok.

anyway, i've been thinking about getting a tattoo. ya i do a lot of thinking about getting one and not much else.

so here's my tattoo standards:

~nothing that can't age w/ me (which is the hardest criteria to fill)
~no band logos, fashion logos and car logos, ect...
~must be sophisticated, classy, sexy and original

i really like the tattoos snuggled in behind the ear. i also like the ribcage and inner wrist placements. and ankle and foot. i have a hard time decideing rolleyes.gif

owl gang girl, u have really cute tattoos!
snow, there's no hurry, because what's worse than waiting to get a tattoo is having a tattoo that you really don't like! keep looking at tattoo mags, art/design books, etc. if you find something you're into, still wait a few months before making an appt. also, ask around about good artists. you could always bring some scraps and ideas and see what s/he draws up.

not to say you might not change your mind in the future. my first couple of tattoos i don't love so much anymore. well, they just look a bit boring. so now i'm on the hunt for something to add to make them more likeable. one's a small black star with a little line design inside. the other's a small black swirly sun thing. both are on my upper arm. they need some red or something, but i just don't know.
one thing to keep in mind i think is that tattoo trends change. so you should probably get something designed that carries some significance to you. also remember that, unless you decide to have them removed, tattoos become a part of you. i look at mine as self-made birth marks so that i dont allow myself to lament on the ones that i dont like so much anymore (namely the japanese writing i got while hung over during spring break in florida about ten years ago).

i think it's best to go into tattoo land with some respect for the craft. since i'm pretty seasoned with them (just got numbers six and seven around my wrists), what i've learned is most tattoos artists are genuine artists. they love to do work, body art, not just flash and trendy/girly symbols. what the tattoo artist wants isnt what matters here, but i'm making the point that (i feel) it's best to have some sort of knowledge of -or relationship to- your artist before you go in to have them ink you up. if you dont respect their work, many times they dont put their heart and soul into it, and so the work can potentially turn out half assed. speaking from experience here because i have typically gotten tats spur of the moment, which turns the artist into a robot with a gun putting ink on a stranger, so subsequently the work hasnt always turned out to the standard i would have liked.

did i go too deep into this? i tend to do that. hmm.

anyway. i guess my best bit of advice, is that if you know your artist, know yourself and what you want.. i dont see how your first tattoo experience could be anything less than great.
snow white
i'm always pouring over tattoo magazines, which makes me feela almost a little weird since i don't have one. i just love the idea of them, it is extermly hard to find the right design though. thanks for the advice, and knorl your number tattoos sound really cool
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