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I've been thinking about getting something else for a while but I feel like I need to start really investing in creating the design I want. Ones I've considered over the last while have been:

-my mothers maiden name and my last name somewhere, but I can never think of a location I like
-the family crest from my mothers side and fathers side, but again, not sure on placement
-something small and earthy (like a small globe-like design with a lot of dark blues and purples) on the inside of my wrists
-a tree up my side, an arbutus tree. I have a painting of a really beautiful arbutus tree and I would like a similar tattoo design. I love everything about the painting; the colours, the shape, the shading but I would want it to be a bit different on myself. This is my number 1 right now and I've been thinking about it more and more. I'm thinking I may try and start investing some real time in it and thinking about practical placements and design.

I'm thinking that I might like to do something on one or both feet too. I love going barefoot in the summer and tattoo's on feet just always seem so carefree and summer-eque.
If you need help designing Ketto, I'm your girl!
it's still not done am waiting to get the dough to pay for it. but it has to been done soon because it will be short sleeves season soon. It's fine walking around with a half done tat that no one can see . I am trying not to think about the pain. will post when its finished.
My Hedwig face tattoos were finally recognized by a customer at work the other day. She was as moved by the film as I was - she got all emotional just talking about it. And she didn't ask me to explain the tattoos, which a lot of people do. I've had them over a year and the only other people who've recognized them were the two guys at the tattoo studio, a couple of my friends who've watched the movie with me, and the girl at the MAC makeup counter. Oh, and a coworker who mentioned that they looked familiar but didn't recognize them. I'm kind of shocked at how few people have seen the movie.

While I'm not keen on the attention they get from other people, I love that that they're in such a visible spot and I get to see them all the time, not just when I'm undressing in front of a mirror or something. They're a constant reminder one of the hardest lessons I've ever learned, and they've given me so much strength. I'm so glad I got them.
I am trying to work up the nerve to call a tattoo shop to book a consultation to talk to them about covering up / fixing my sad 11 year old tattoo that got really infected and has never looked how it was supposed to. I don;t embarrass easily but I am embarrassed about this (even though it is almost certainly more embarrassing to continue walking around with a sad blotchy and unrecognizable sprig of rosemary on my ankle). Ugh, have printed out new illustrations of rosemary. Have found a place I want to call. Have written down the phone number. Am now staring at the phone like a dorkwad. I know they probably see worse, but still, ugh. Why couldn't 22 year old me have been smarter about her stupid tattoo? Why???
Ah, don't feel too bad Pants. I am far, far from in love with the one I waited until I was 30 to get. In fact, I hate it. If removal wasn't so stupid I'd spend the cash. I'd rather do that than cover it up with something else I'll hate 2 years from now... I wish I'd just printed it on a t-shirt.
Thanks Pepper. I'm lucky in that I still love the idea behind my tattoo, I just hate the actual tattoo. I found a really good antique botanical illustration I'm hoping they'll be able to use to cover up my current atrocity smile.gif

I finally sucked it up and called the studio I'm hoping to use and found out I need to go in and have a quick conssult so they can figure out which artist would be best to work on my tattoo so they can then set up a consult with that artist. At first I felt a little frustrated by the whole thing but then I realised that it was a good set up that will hopefully keep another fiasco from happening
Holy crap, appointments have been made, deposit has been left. This will be happening.

I was so so so so so nervous going in yesterday but the guy I spoke with was super nice. I showed him my current tattoo and he just said in this sad voice 'Oh, isn't that a shame.' Then he sat me down with some artist books and I chose the one I liked best.

I'll be meeting with the artist on sept 21 and then coming back on the 23rd to get the tattoo done. Now that I'm through feeling nervous and embarrassed the excitement is starting to set in. Although I'm sure as I get closer to the day my nerves will kick back up again
Good for you, best of luck. It's better to take some time and be sure about it than dive right in I think. All this meeting with people and discussion is a good thing.
and i wouldn't be embarrassed either pants. both the tattoo artists at my work have had people do cover-ups on their early tattoos. i know sooner or later, my first is getting a cover-up as well.

i can't stop thinking about things i want to get tattooed on me now that i work in a shop. it's terrible. i went to a street fair in my hood, and a guy was dressed up like mojo jojo from the powerpuff girls, and i thought that would be an awesome tattoo.

it's kind of funny, the more realistic tattoos i see, the more i get excited to tattoo, because i wanna do good cartoony stuff, or hyper realistic stuff.

i've decided on 80% of what i want on my chest piece. i'm wanting an art nouveau pattern with negative space in the shape of two octopi, tentacles stretching towards the center of my chest, which has a {thing-- either a heart or an orchid, or something, i haven't decided} in a realistic style, with a few of the negative space tentacles crossing and wrapping around the {thing}. around my arms and shoulders, it will have scalloped edges so it doesn't go over my shoulders,
I finally finished my tattoo on my shoulder that I started last fall. It is beautiful. Now I am planning for what I will do next. Can't decide if I want the other shoulder or do a half sleeve or something I my side. I know I want some red leopard print and a frank frazetta black ink drawing of a naked woman with a knife. decisions decisions.

gt the piece you are thinking about sounds great. and you'll be inking folks in no time. congrats again on the apprenticeship ( is that the right word even? )
thanks, lady j. i'm really loving it. i think i might have found my calling. r, the person i'm apprenticing under calls it an internship, which i suppose sounds a bit fancier.

if you are thinking about the other shoulder, i'd say just go for the sleeve, that way the sleeve won't seem piecemeal. what is your shoulder tattoo, lj? i'm super curious....

i can't wait to tattoo people. i know it will take time to be good at it, but i feel like veruca salt: I WANT IT NOW!!! i've heard that you start to really know what you're doing in 5 years, but s., r's partner has only been working 3 years, and she's pretty amazing. i just really want to knock it out of the ball park the first year. it's interesting looking at really good tattoo work, and not so good. it's an education.
Thanks GT. Intellectually I know it's silly to be embarrassed, but emotionally it's still there, you know?

The chest piece you describe sounds like it's going to be stunning once you get it all worked out. I like the use of negative space to create more layers within the image.
yeah, i know, i was embarrassed by my last two tattoos (two cartoon skunks that i drew) for a half a second, but now i love them-- and that's the important thing. now, i'm wanting most of my tattoos to be cartoony/super cute, even though it's so not in vogue. but it's kinda cool-- the shop that i work in is one that goes it's own way, it feels like a spa, and they love doing feminine, pretty tattoos. there are shops that are all about the skulls and angry coy fish, but that's not us. i really is the perfect shop for me.

i gave myself the silly assignment of doing a super cute version of giger's alien (from the ALIEN movies), and now i'm thinking it would be hilarious to do a half sleeve of nothing but super cute sci-fi & horror movie villans and monsters, with the center piece being a heart with cute predator and cute alien with the phrase "joni loves chachi" underneath in a banner....
'angry koi fish' *snickers*

Where my Dr. Zira pinup at?

yeah, angry tattoo= badass, % was talking about how guys don't know how to tattoo a face that isn't angry, even their koi fish are all angry.

as for the zira pin up, you never asked, my lubb. i'd be happy to make you one, but i might not be able to get to it till november.
Pants, I was going through the same thing at about the same time when you posted your tattoo contrition story. I have one from when I was 18 that I've been re-considering. I know your pain!

I still haven't decided how/whether to change it or leave well enough alone BUT I did find some people in my city who do beautiful temporary airbrush tattoos which I'm considering wearing before making final decisions. It only lasts about a week and the cost is the same as a real tattoo, but not being 18 anymore is factoring a lot into my decisions this time wink.gif
Good luck Suk, the airbrushing thing sounds like a good tester idea, although I do have to admit I would be a little put off by paying the same for a week's worth of a tattoo as I would for a lifelong one smile.gif

I'm meeting with the guy who'll (hopefully) be doing my tattoo next Tuesday and if all goes well will be getting it done on Thursday. I. Cannot. Wait.

GT I keep forgetting to come in and say 1. The shop where you work sounds awesome! and 2. Your cutie pie Giger Alien sounds awesome too. Is she holding a bouquet of flowers? Because in my mind she's holding a bouquet of flowers. Daisies, in fact
I got my tattoo! I got my tattoo! and I love it so so so so so so so much. There's a decent but not great picture of it on my blog (see the link in my sig) along with a picture of the old tattoo.
The new one looks beautiful and you can't see the atrocity at all anymore! Hooray! It is obviously still swollen and red but I love it a lot. The artist did a great job and I am very happy with the money and time invested in it.

Looking good! Not only that you can't even see the old one.
Thanks Suk

I remain deeply in love with it and have been showing it to anyone who gives me even the tiniest indication that they care at all to see it smile.gif
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