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Queen Bull
QUOTE(Christine Nectarine @ Aug 16 2008, 12:38 PM) *
You won't know until it happens. every woman's body will be affected differently, i've seen tats be ok, and also be stretched out after pregnancy. i don't have any on my belly for that reason, although after having the wee one, my stomach is tight, and it's my bum and boobs that have the stretch marks. go figure.

thank you maam!

and kudos to having a tight belly post baby. smile.gif
Christine Nectarine
why thank you. it's the advantage of havin' em young. wink.gif
snow white
thanks zoya smile.gif mine are simple simple, so i think i should be ok. i'll have to talk it out w/ the artist tho. i'm excited smile.gif
take some petrol darling
QUOTE(Owl_Gang_Girl @ Aug 8 2008, 10:06 AM) *
My best friend and I have been discussing getting buddy tattoos for such a long time and finally decided on a Moomins theme

i love this! you clever girls! this is as cute as could be and totally rad besides! a moomins tattoo trend, i love it!
take some petrol darling
i think you guys should post more pictures of your beautiful work!!! i love to see people's tattoos. this is a great thread!

i have three as of right now --

the first, a nautilus shell cross-section on my left upper arm, which i got in spring 2005

this picture is all glossy and shiny because it was taken immediately after i got it, before it was bandaged up.

the second is a skeleton key on my outside right calf. i don't have any pictures of it at the moment though i've had it for quite a long time.

the third i got done in the wintertime. it's the immaculate heart of the virgin mary. it isn't finished yet -- i am going to have flowers commonly associated with the virgin stretching across the rest of my back shoulders, with one end being the state flower of minnesota (where i live now, the ladyslipper) and the other end being the state flower of pennsylvania (where i was born, the mountain laurel). i'm getting it done in parts 'cos of the cost. i hope to get the flowers started soon because though i love it, it's 'unfinished' to me... because i've known from the start what i wanted the rest to be!

sorry i haven't got a better picture of it, i never bothered to take one when i got a new camera!
QUOTE(take some petrol darling @ Aug 28 2008, 10:02 AM) *
i love this! you clever girls! this is as cute as could be and totally rad besides! a moomins tattoo trend, i love it!

I'm actually quite surprised how much kudos and praise I get for this tattoo. It's no bad thing though cause I love showing people my ass!

Neeeew Tattoo!
Christine Nectarine
QUOTE(Owl_Gang_Girl @ Nov 24 2008, 09:05 AM) *

i like it! that's on your leg, right? (from the pic i don't think it's an arm)
I love the bat, owl gang girl... I love the style and the facial expression. I have an owl on my leg a friend did I don't have any pictures.. I should take one and put it up.
Thanks! Yeah it's on my left thigh just about my knee. I really want another to match on the other side but it cost me £120 and now i'm eating in to my holiday fund in a serious way. NOT COOL!
I have a Danger Girl Sleeve. I can't tell you how many people approach me about it. I have a lot of tattoos and a lot of friends who have tattoos. I've been to tattoo conventions, and, even then, I have never seen anything like it . . .

My Danger Girl Sleeve

There are lots of pieces to the tattoo that you can see here if you are interested:

Danger Girl Tattoo Pieces

lustandgore... your sleeve is tight girl.

I have a sleeve on my left arm of an ode to "women's ruin." Various objects on my arm signify the things that ruin us as women... it's pretty cool. I think I like it the best when a man compliments me on it and then realizes what exactly he is looking at.
Christine Nectarine
rubberdollz, i'd love to know what your tat involves! pictures esp would be awesome...

nice work lustandgore!
You know I'd love to post pictures of my tattoos but I've honestly never taken pictures of them and I also have no idea how to post pictures in these forums???? I see you gals posting links and have no idea how it's done??? Sad isn't it.

To give a brief description my tattoo involves... a skull with pink pigtails which is death; a man with a gun which is men; candy all over the place; a hand holding a clock which is time; a heart being sewn together which is love. The filler is purple leopard print which is now being covered by blackness with faces for souls. Everything is what ruins us as women.. the man to me is the bad boy, I'm married to one and I swear he will be my ruin along with the love I have for him. It's really sick. hahaha
I'm currently looking into taking part in a tattoo apprenticeship. I've already submitted a portfolio and was accepted by an artist to teach me. Just wondering if anyone here has taken a tattoo apprenticeship before or knows someone who has? Any advice, things I should expect or look out for?

Its also difficult to know how much money I'll be able to make once I'm done, I guess it depends a lot on what ou can offer. What sort of things do you look for in a tattoo artist that make you choose them to give you a tattoo?
Okay, so this may not be practical, but it's pictures of cute boys with tats.
= bump=

I'm getting my 2nd tat tomorrow!!

yes I've gabbed about this already at crackbook so it sorta feels like a double post but I'm So Freakin' Excited!!

and bc I really trully Am a Super Dork, I just stuck on a (lip) tattoo bandaide in approx the spot I want to get it- just so I can actually look at Something as opposed to my blank foot & try to visualize it. rolleyes.gif
- did I say Super Dork yet? tongue.gif

it's going to be a tiny (dime-ish?) pink lotus on my left foot.

foryoursplendor: I'd love to see some of your work & wish you lived close to me here bc I'd Totally have you ink me!
so I did it
but do not recommend the top of the foot for a location- super painful!
going to try to post a pic..
good for you, freckle!!!

....well, if it's any consolation, anything even remotely near the kidneys is sheer torture. So just think, it could have been worse.

ps - it looks like it's bigger than you originally intended - good for you!! Big(ger) tattoos = awesome.
from what i understand and the conversations i've had with tattoo artist, the worst places are close to the spine, or any place with shallow, thin skin. fatty areas, like the butt, thighs, breasts? much better.

between you and culture, i'm thinking about some new tats too, but i have bad luck with the illustrations. i think i'll will be sticking with letters for a while.

congrats freck! wub.gif

bigger pix please!
QUOTE(girltrouble @ May 11 2009, 10:06 PM) *
from what i understand and the conversations i've had with tattoo artist, the worst places are close to the spine, or any place with shallow, thin skin. fatty areas, like the butt, thighs, breasts? much better.

I've heard that too, GT......maybe I'm some freak of nature (most likely I am...) but over my spine and shoulderblades, etc. I thought were actually the least painful. Same with over the ribs. The part that just about killed me was the fleshy part just below the ribs, on my side (but towards the back) and going down onto part of the side of my butt. I had my hoodie rolled up and was biting it the whole time - the tattoo artist said I was wimpering now and then. oops.
Christine Nectarine
it looks good freckle! i have a pink lotus on my back, but have always been too squeamish to consider getting anything on my foot! i'm afraid something would tickle, and i'd kick the artist in the face tongue.gif

QUOTE(freckleface7 @ May 10 2009, 09:11 PM) *
and bc I really trully Am a Super Dork, I just stuck on a (lip) tattoo bandaide in approx the spot I want to get it- just so I can actually look at Something as opposed to my blank foot & try to visualize it. rolleyes.gif

i too have "faked" my tats before getting them. my last one i actually drew with washable marker on my arm, just to see if i liked the size. it was very messy!
Since we's all be talking about tats, this being a tat thread and all, hee.

I went for my consult, and it went very well, but it will be at least 3-4 month before I get in to get the actual work started BUT the location is good, I'm getting the work done on my back on each shoulder blade, the artist is going to draw them out, then from there, she'll call and see how I feel about it.

GT, I say do it! More more MORE!

Freck, I can't see the tat, damn photosharing sites at work, I'll check it out at work, I'm sure it's lovely though!
gt: for a better look- go to my facebook page ey?
and I will agree, the tat on my left hip (about an inch & 1/2 above it) I realise now was not that bad.
yah it hurt, but it was that semi-relaxing sort of bee-stinging numbness that actually feels sort of good after awhile.
the mr (who doesn't particuallarly like tat's & doesn't have any himself) wants me to get one across my lower back - hells to the NO! that's All thin skin & bone. so I tell him when he finally gets one, I'll consider it. (HA.)

zoya: the flower Is bigger than I had planned. from a dime to ending up around a flattened 1/2 dollar.
they said to get the clarity of the petals it needed to be bigger and like you said, I am glad of it now.
here is a picture of what I actually took in to show them, but I had the artist straighten the one petal on the left side & lessen the yellowy middle tho up close you can see he did some fantastic subtle shading to still give it the idea.
...I was so HAPPY yesterday when I was doing it... feeling so Authentically myself.. and every time I glance down at it, I am peacefully content. - is there such a thing as post-tattoo glow? cool.gif

christine I wanna see!!!
gt & zoya- you too!
my "tramp stamp" tat is not to be photographed-- i hate it. bad tat artist. but i'm thinking the world "liminal" across the shoulder blades, but tiny. probably about the height of your avitar, freck. i've really started to love old western filligree of late and i was thinking that would make pretty cool sleeves, (the shoulder area) but with a cameo with either my "sweet, dark chockolate, creme filled jesus," "frankensoul(black frankenstein)" or some other cartoon i've drawn inside.

my problem is that i'm dark enough that color doesn't work well, so it's all gotta be monotone. :/

ETA: ooooh freck, that's beautiful! YAY!!!!
QUOTE(zoya @ May 12 2009, 05:04 AM) *
I've heard that too, GT......maybe I'm some freak of nature (most likely I am...) but over my spine and shoulderblades, etc. I thought were actually the least painful. Same with over the ribs. The part that just about killed me was the fleshy part just below the ribs, on my side (but towards the back) and going down onto part of the side of my butt. I had my hoodie rolled up and was biting it the whole time - the tattoo artist said I was wimpering now and then. oops.

I only have one tat, so nothing to compare it too, but I found my spine to be not bad either. I have a small crescent moon at the top of my back, just below the base of my neck. It was only a 30-40 minute session to get it done but the needle only felt irritating, but not painful.

I would love to get another tattoo some time in the next few years but I like to settle on an idea and stick with it for a year or far I haven't found anything I want to get done enough.
ah, well the tattoo-that-shall-not-be-named is pretty big (comparitively). not quite the size of my hand. and took 3 or 4 hours outlines and shading and it was hell. :/
my lower back tattoo hurt like a muthafucka. The artist actual told me at one point to Shut up and take it. which I did. The second one I got was a hebrew saying ani li dodi v dodi li which means I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me . I got it for my fourth wedding anniversary. I am ready for my first color piece and thinking about doin it for our 9th wedding anniversary but realized I will have to be out of the pool and won't be able to swim laps for a couple of weeks and since the outdoor summer swimming season is sooo short I am thinking of holding off till my birthday in sept .

congrats on the new ink Freck!
I'm just wondering about something. If you have just a consultation with an artist where you're just going over what you want, etc do you still have to pay for that? I mean, it is taking up the artist's time so I figure that they would charge. My bf, on the other hand, is convinced that since it's just a conversation it's free.
culture might say different, but, far as i know, it's just talk. most artists charge for the time they have you on the table.
Got an impulse tattoo today. I was watching Hedwig and the Angry Inch the other day, which has been my favourite movie since it first came out and really means a lot to me, and I looked at Hedwig's fractured/whole face tattoos, and I just got that feeling. I knew it was the perfect tattoo. So I walked into my favourite tattoo place this afternoon and had them put on my wrists. I've always loved the design and I've always wanted them, but for purely aesthetic reasons. But I'm currently going through a really painful breakup and it just made me look at them differently, and they suddenly seemed to represent exactly what I'm going through and what I need to be right now. I get tattoos to remind me of who I am and of the things that are important to me, to help keep me grounded and focused on what matters. If I get a tattoo just because it looks pretty, I'll probably just get sick of it. I got this one so when I'm feeling low I can look at it and remember that I still have love, and even though I feel all fucked up and torn apart, I'm still whole and I'm going to be ok. There's other stuff in there too - this isn't just a breakup tattoo - but that's what first inspired it.

Now, with my new tattoo, "I feel scho optimischtick."
I'd say it depends where you go. Although most places will not charge you for the consult. Some places will charge you for the drawing, such as where I am going. But GT is correct, it's generally just a charge for the table time.
in my experience, if you're just talking, it's free - but like CH says, they'll usually charge you for the drawing, if they do one. But the charge is usually deducted off the cost of the tattoo time when you actually have it done. If you continue going to get more, and you build up a relationship with your tattoo artist, then they usually don't charge you for the drawings after that

that said, it's typically just when you're getting full on, custom work done that they'll charge you for the drawing - because it does take time to draw a custom picture - and if you don't go ahead and get it, the artist has done a lot of work already, so they should get paid for it, as a professional artist. If I was getting something really simple, or something that was flash, I wouldn't pay, though.

if it's your first time with a tattoo artist, and it's going to take a significant block of time, they'll usually charge you a deposit of some kind until they know you better.

ETA: Epinephrine - I LOVE those!! Hedwig and the Angry Inch is one of my favorite movies of all time - it means a lot to me, too. I'd never thought to get those tattooed, but now I want them too!! I think that the symbolism is so right on, I can see how they made you feel a bit better!
epinephrine : love it!
I haven't seen the show so am not sure the reference point, but I love what you said about what they meant to you.

misslady: you are such a Class Act. that Hebrew saying is so beautiful.
what color piece are you thinking of doing?

tattoo confession: I used the soreness (it's starting to "scab" now) & knowing how painful it'd be to wear sneakers still as an excuse to put off mowing the jungle that is my yard oneeeee-moreeeee-dayyyy. and it's supposed to rain the next 5 days following. rolleyes.gif
Wow. I was just listening to the last song from Hedwig, "Midnight Radio," which is playing when my tattoo designs appear, and I really paid attention to the lyrics for the first time. Oh my god. Looks like I'm getting another tattoo.

"[Know in your soul
Like] your blood knows the way
From your heart to your brain,
Knows that you're whole"

The part in brackets I may or may not get - what do you guys think? I think it's a bit awkward sounding.

That's exactly what I meant by getting this tattoo, and it also lines up perfectly with my other one, which is an antique anatomical illustration of a heart. This will just unite them beautifully. I feel like I'm mapping out my soul on my skin.
epinephrine -

I totally understand what you mean by "mapping out your soul on your skin." my back is (and is continuing to be) covered in flowers. but every single flower has some meaning to me - one is the state flower of the state I grew up in, one is the national flower of the country my mom is from, one is the national flower of the country my dad's family is from, a couple more are from places I've lived, and that will continue - probably flowers of places I've been, etc. I feel like the flowers are an illustration of my life. I have some words in script interlaced with them also, they mean a lot to me. So I get it.

I like the idea of just:

"your blood knows the way
From your heart to your brain,
Knows that you're whole"

you can always get the first line some other time if you ever decide to, but I think that that sentiment is whole, as it is.

I LOVE that song. (I love the whole soundtrack..... heh) but I've always really loved that line.

I'm a big fan of tattoos that kinda stay in a certain theme - linking everything together in some way. and I do love the idea of mapping one's soul on one's skin. Its funny, because the words I have tattooed on me, are in another language, but they mean: Courage, Faith, Strength and Joy. I got the first three when I was going through some crazy transitional times - a long, protracted break up with my ex. I got "Joy" last year, when I'd gotten to a place by myself, where I had truly found some personal joy for, and in, myself. and I do feel that the joy has continually, overall, come to me. Sometime in the last 6 months, I've realized that I need to get the word "love" (in that foreign language) on me. because I really do feel (as hippy dippy as is sounds) that if you put something like a word on your skin permanently, that it does, to a certain extent invoke what that word, or sentiment, is.

anyhoo... smile.gif
thanks freck! I wanted to get it right when we got married but waited a couple of years. the color piece will be flowers from a picture of a shrine in japan that my friend sent me.

I have always felt that tattoos were a way of marking time on my body to help me remember signifcant events in my life. I wanted to get my color piece after getting my master's but it will have to wait for my b-day this fall.

the Hedwig lyrics are awesome. I love the movie and the soundtrack is fantastic
My tats:
The newest on the back of my neck ... Triquetra

One I got two years ago ... I -- heh -- got an O from in the parlor... Gay Bee On My Right Shoulder

I have another I designed myself but I still have no idea where I want to put it, it's a peace sign comprised of the Beatles names in the circle and my top three favorite songs in the middle. Who knows where it will be, it's more of a question of a more girly spot; I was told by a hardcore bull dyke leg tattoos hurt the worst so I'm steering away from that location. Any ideas?
MissB love the gay bee made me smile, very adorable. smile.gif

I've three tats two are filled with meaning for me, and one I can't wait to cover.
Woo, I'm a fan of the gay bee!
Hee hee, why thank you ladies. Everyone loves the bee tattoo when the premise of getting that one was simply a whim but a whim I was waiting a long time for. I ripped off a friend who had a tattoo of a rainbow turtle.
Ok, so I've been growing a beautiful head of dreads for the past 8 years. I always knew I couldn't have them forever and I'd have to cut them off some day, so I decided I'd cut them off when I had a reason, when it meant something, and when I cut them off I'd replace them with a tattoo. Years passed and I never found a reason to cut them off, and I realized that once I knew what the tattoo would be, I'd know I had a reason to cut them off. Three weeks ago I was having a rough day, thinking about my ex and how fucked everything was and how I was going to move on, and another quote from Hedwig popped into my head: "to walk away, you gotta leave something behind." I knew right away it was the quote that described my life right now, and I knew it would be my next tattoo. And then it occurred to me: that's it, it's time to cut off your dreads. So I went home and did it. I wrote a longer post about it in the Moving On thread if anyone's curious to hear more.

I haven't got the tattoo yet, but I decided to go with the more poetic response to that quote in the movie: "to be free one must give up a little part of oneself." I just remembered that's my signature right now! Anyway, the problem I always have is not deciding what the tattoo's going to be, because I kind of let my tattoos choose me - it's deciding where to put it. It's kind of a long piece of text and I have mixed feelings about putting it on my scalp, where I had originally planned to place my dread-replacement tattoo. I like the idea of a hidden tattoo, but I also want to be able to look at it when I need to. I just cant think of another place to put it. The back of the neck is out because as much as I like it, and as appropriate as it would be, it's just too public a place for such a personal tattoo. I have short hair now and I'd never be able to hide it. I was also wondering how well a tattoo would take to a scalp with its high hair density. Would it just disappear in a few years? Anyone have any experiences with scalp tattoos?

I've also got a few other ideas. An atom, which I'm thinking of putting on my chest, a skull and crossbones with a primitive human skull, like homo erectus or something, and cave paintings from the Chauvet or Lascaux caves in France. Not really sure where I'd put those. I was thinking of having the cave paintings running across my shoulders. The skull and crossbones I'd have to be really picky about and make sure I have the right artist with the right idea, because I don't want a stupid punk rawk skull'n'crossbones. I don't want a tattoo that says "look how hardcore I am." It's supposed to represent my feelings on evolution, nature and humanity.

Another problem - a rather embarrassing one - is that I have chronic bacne that may not allow me to get a back tattoo. I've been looking into treatment, but it's genetic, and short of taking powerful medication I don't really know what to do about it.
snow white
wow, epinephrine, i've never seen hedwig and the angry inch but i def will now. that quote is beautiful.

i'm going out to visit my mom in colorado next month and friend of hers is a tattoo artist (my mom knows a tattoo artist??? lol) and she mentioned if i still want a tat she'd bring me to her. this would be my first one, i love the idea of getting it w/ my mom and a friend of hers. i've always felt too uncomfortable walking into a strange shop to have a stranger putting permanent work on my body. i've always wanted something simple, serious, and sexy. so when i'm 40 years old i can still rock it. i hate seeing tats that are obviously too young for the person. so i want a bird on my inner ankle. not too original but i just like it. my childhood nickname was "Bird", i just thinks it's sweet. but i'm not very good at the whole designing it, i want something unique, not just the standard "bird outline". any ideas??
Snow_white, when I have an idea for a tattoo but I'm not sure what style I want, I start by browsing through different forms and eras of art depicting that image just to see what resonates. Birds are so universal you'll have an enormous base of styles to choose from. You can go highly stylized or highly realistic. You can go primitive, with images of birds from cave paintings and petroglyphs and prehistoric African and Australian art. You can go modern with grafitti style images. You can go classic, with the old-school Sailor Jerry style bird tattoos. You can pick a specific type of bird and get a realistic image from a birdwatching book. You can check art from different cultures - Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Egyptian, Indian. First Nations art, like Haida or Inuit, is really beautiful. You can get something from a painting you like. You can go gothic or scientific or cartoonish or outdoorsy or just pretty. You can even do something a little different, like a child's drawing, or an anatomy illustration of a bird or a bird skeleton with a latin name and all the parts labeled. Just start googling images of birds and modifying your searches based on what you see; eventually you'll get a better idea of exactly what you're looking for. Does any particular species have special meaning to you? Do you know if you want colour? That'll help narrow it down.

I'm so mad. I called a tattoo shop in town this week, one of the only decent ones open on Sundays, and they told me I wouldn't need an appointment as long as I came in early, around 11:30. I showed up at 11:10 and there was nobody there, but the sign said they open at 12 (though I'm certain the guy said 11:30) so I waited around, bought a coffee, read a book and wandered the neighbourhood. I hung around till almost 1 o'clock before giving up. This shit keeps happening to me! All I want is a tattoo! Don't they want my damn money?

Oh, and Hedwig is amazing. I tell everyone to see it. This isn't just a fan tattoo, but it would never have meant as much to me if the movie didn't mean so much to me.
Oh, and I have a couple cool tattoo sightings to report. One I saw last night - a waitress at the bar had a Sailor Jerry-style rose on the back of each calf. One doesn't often see symmetrical tattoos in that spot, and it just looked really cool. I've got a friend who got some text on the back of each calf - they're not identical, so not quite symmetrical, but it looks really cool anyway. Definitely a spot I'd consider some day.

The other was a guy with a cute little tattoo of a pair of combat boots on his scalp, in the exact same spot where I'd thought of getting mine done. I liked it a lot, but decided then and there that it wasn't the right spot for my tattoo. It was just so public, and probably got tons of attention. A scalp tattoo is either invisible to everybody, including onself, or visible to the entire world - in other words, totally not what I want. I'm getting mine on my ribs instead, under my left arm. The more I think about it, the more I like it.
snow white
thnx ep. i've been purusing sites and magazines trying to soak up inspiration. i like serious and antique roses and basic, lightly stylized birds. so we'll see what happens. =)
Got my tattoo today! It turned out beautiful. The quote is a little long, so I picked a less flourish-y script to keep it looking clean. It's small and discreet and pretty and it looks perfect! I'm so happy. And the guy was a total sweetheart and gave me a great price, too. I'm so glad I finally got it done. I just felt like I needed this tattoo. Now I'm already thinking of the next one!

How's the design coming, snow_white?
snow white
epipi, sounds beautiful. post pics!

well, since i've been into the tattoo thing lately my bf recently met up an old school friend of his who lives in our neighborhood and does really good tattoos and is trying to open his own bussiness. his dad has quite alot of his tattoos on him so there it is right in of you how good he is, u know. so i'm really excited about that too, if i catch the tattoo bug in colorado i can come back home and know where to get more smile.gif

and i've been going through alot of books and magazines and i like the realistic sketch of a bird. i'm going out tomorrow and we'll see what happens smile.gif
Here is my new tattoo from my first sitting;id=1395070790

going back in two weeks to get it colored in and will see how much more work needs to be done

I'm really happy with it so far and excited to get it finished.
Jeez, the lounge is quiet these days. Anyone got any new tattoos? How's that beautiful flowery piece coming, missladyj? Snow, did you ever get that bird tattoo?

I've got a bunch of ideas for tattoos that I want, a couple that I'm sure of. Wish I had the cash flow to get them right now. I still want those Hedwig lyrics, and I'm guessing I'll just get them in the same font on the other side. I had another "aha" moment the other day and realized that a hermit crab is a perfect symbol for me right now, the transitional place I'm at in my life, and I'm looking for design inspirations. I want it in the antique scientific illustration style, plain black, just lines and shading. No idea where to put it, though - I'm thinking possibly on my ankle or foot.

I'm also fantasizing about an octopus tattoo, a big one on my shoulder with the tentacles curling down my arm and across my shoulderblade and chest. It'd be sweet to work that into a half sleeve. Still thinking about the cave paintings and atom, too.
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