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Full Version: let your fingers do the walking...the masturbation thread.
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I'm so sad...I was working my way up to an orgasm with my trusty vibe, then my laptop battery dies (and with it, my mood music). Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I wanted to scream. And not in the good way. :-(
Rock Chick - mine came in the mail this week, but so did my period. Anyone used it? Got a fav technique? I'll post my review in a few days.
There's the pillow/ furniture technique where you rub against a pillow or furniture (eg. chair, table etc...)

Thinking dirty always helps.(hey, if men can do it, we could do better!)

One thing ive found to be very helpful is a brazilian wax, or completely shaving that area. It becomes alot more sensitive and receptive to touch. Another thing i personally like doing is sucking and licking my dildo while masturbating(the one that feels real). Listening to yourself moan wont hurt either. Thats all ive got for now. Keep it coming. Id like to know if any of you have any other good techniques i could possibly use.
how useless do you think this would be for the g? is it a waste of my money? seems like the angle might not be near enough to do any real damage. it's so freaking cute though, ha ha.
I don't think it would be useless at all, if used correctly. It is seventy bucks, though. Do you own other, uh, implements of pleasure? If not, I'd say go with something cheaper. A person's first vibe should cost no more than $20. That being said, after a bit of experimentation the RH was worth every penny.
first, PPPFFFTTT!!! ha. oh, that is funny.
i have at least $600 worth of junk that i never touch in my drawer girl.
i'd rather spend $70 than $20 anytime. executive cock, right? even if it is one that i OWN, heh.
i know you love that glass thing but i just can't get my head around putting a glass implement into my cootch. love the curve on it though. that's why i asked 'bout the wee green dino, his curve is not so curvey as all that. don't want to waste my time on yet another expensive thing for the never utilitzed collection. sigh. they only see the light of day if a lover is in an adventurous mood. the rest of the time i'm too dang tired. i've perfected the two minute orgasm with my tiny vibe and even still, sometimes i wake up with the thing in my hand 'cause i've fallen asleep before i even got a chance to use it. so sad.
i have been addicted to both the pleasure curve - scroll down a bit and the heartbreaker...again, scroll a bit.

both are totally worth all i need is a new butt plug. have my eye on the tristan---yeah, scroll it.

i love sex toys. not just buying and playing with them, but learning about them. i wish i could work for Blowfish!
Pepper, I'm not Kreskin. I didn't know what you had or didn't have, nor can I read minds. I didn't wish to make assumptions, so I played it safe in my reply. Some people come to toys in life & don't really know whether they are going to like vibes or not. I have several friends that are down with dildos & butt plugs, but find vibes irritating/numbing/not so stimulating. I bought my first one when I was about eighteen & I couldn't afford to be dropping eighty bucks on a sex toy. Also, it took time & experimentation to find out what I liked in a vibe. Frankly, my two favourite vibes (Ten years later.) cost me less than twenty bucks apiece. Once I got the hang of the RH, it was great, but I still get off quicker with an old school, fifteen dollar Slimline. Yeah, I have to replace it once a year, but it's quiet, cheap, & does the quick trick. It's also why I don't have six hundred bucks worth of useless junk in my toy bins. Classics are classics for a good reason & the Slimlines are classic & come in fun patterns/colours. Growing up my mom had one, even though it was a hideous nude colour. If you check in at Working Girls, the vibe thread, theredhead agrees with me on costs for newbies & she works at a women friendly toy store. I figure she knows her shit & her first timer cap is $25. Like I said, I don't know you or what lurks under your bed. I didn't know how experienced you were & responded in what I thought was accordingly.

On the glass thing *again*, I don't care who you're dating, my Archer Wand doesn't see as much action as my pyrex. Am I sticking it into a hot oven a couple times a week? No. As hot as I fancy myself, I do not have a four hundred degree ginch. Am I slinging my AW around the kitchen? No. If I drop it, it's on my bed or in the bath sink four feet from my bedroom. I've never knicked, dropped, or treated my AW with anything but respect & if I saw any flaw in it, I'd throw it out & buy a new one. Frankly, I find phtalate filled toys much more disturbing than glass. Glass is non-porous, easy to clean, weightier than acrylic, & retains heat. But that's just my opinion.
misspissed, that heartbreaker looks just like the green dino thing, the curve is good? you've tried it, you like it? that's good news if you have. i went by womyn's ware last time i was in Van and checked out the things i liked, their vibe and texture and stuff, but i just couldn't decide at the time. thought i'd order later and here it is later. maybe another trip to the store is in order. sigh, it's only an 8 hour drive away.
ap, thanks for your reply. i did pm you a while ago with my old name, thought for sure you'd remember what a dirty girl i am ;o) and that my house is full of toys. i don't regret the dough i put out, that last boy and i had a kinda fun we never coulda had without my collection. it's just that i wouldn't mind something else for some quick solo fun. that tiny vibe of mine can't have cost more than $25 and it sees more action that anything else, but it's a utilitarian kind of thing. since i'm single now i guess i don't mind spending a little more time on myself now and then.
as for the glass, i posted this (scroll down, it's under the heading of health hazzards) before. i know there are LOTS of glass lovers who don't agree but i dated a glass artist and i think i know a bit or two about the stress points of glass. it doesn't take heat or dropping to make glass shatter, in fact it can take NOTHING at all. more power to anyone else who wants to use it but i just can't consider it safe for myself.
How did I know that your post would start with that paranoid Womynsware post? Yeah, yeah, yeah, "dated a glass artist." Just 'cause you fucked somebody doesn't make you an expert. I dated an accountant, doesn't mean I can do your taxes properly. I'm a glass artist myself & I don't use anything that's going to *tragically* burst into flames or shards in my pussy. I've done SEVERAL HEATED exhibits that created stuff that proposed no danger to pussy enthusiasts. My shit is pretty, decorative, & safe. This idea that glass is merely an unstable liquid that can just burst into shards is a fallacy. Is YOUR pussy high heated? You got an ABOVE five hundred degree snatch? I have no fear that my shit is gonna spontaneously burst inside me because my puss is so flamingly hot. I run rather cool, actually, a 91-93F. I'm sorry, but cooch doesn't get that crazy hot. Yeah, you DROP it or otherwise fuck it it up, it isn't gonna be stable, but who is waving their glass sex toys about? It's not just gonna spontaneously burst up south. Have you ever drank off of a glass that burst into your mouth? No. Heat of your mouth vs. the cool of the ice water. No. Filling an iced pitcher with boiling water, yes, it will shatter, but it's a matter of extremes. Shatter city. Extremes.
girl, calm down already. i have acknowledged your right to do whatever you want, kindly show me the same courtesy. i don't think glass is safe, i'm not obligated to do so to validate you. you are welcome to it, as i said. there is no need to be so insulting in your own defense. "Just 'cause you fucked somebody doesn't make you an expert." huh, i lived with him, we had an in-home glass studio, i spent time in his shop watching and learning from him and his partners. my views on the safety of glass are based on research and my own observation. you are welcome to differ in opinion, no need to get all freaky about it though.
Um, I'm perfectly calm. Nor am I freaky. *Nor* do I require your validation. You may do whatever you wish. I was just making a perfectly valid point. You dated somebody. You didn't have first hand experience blowing/working with glass. You observed & accrued. I dated a butcher; doesn't mean I can cut a perfect loin. I've dealt with glass one on one; you watched somebody else deal with it. I've actually worked with the medium; you've merely watched your boy/his partners work with it. Watching/doing are two different things. Yeah, you can learn, but it's not the same thing. I wasn't trying to be insulting. I just resent the impossibly simple idea that glass is "just going to shatter" on it's own accord. Glass is quite stable. As a collector, I have many items that are older than my great-great-great-grandparents. The Tiffany people weren't stupid & that's why their shit sells for scads of cash. You may not stick a LCT lamp up your snatch or in the oven, but it's still a quality, well-made artform that will last you years & years to come. I imagine my two will at outlast me to my children's children's children in their perfection.

I did a eight inch by eight inch installation of glass on aluminum a year ago that hasn't spontaneously shattered & hung in a local museum. I've worked with glass & if you know what you're doing, it's not gonna just burst in somebody's hands/vag. It's now hanging in somebody's home, so I guess they can't complain about the instability of glass unless they're sticking it in their greatly stretched openings.
i hafta agree that while glass is a brittle substance and will shatter when exposed to extreme temperatures or dropped on a hard surface, the chances are very very low that a glass dildo will shatter spontaneously with normal use.
all about the physics, ladies...

From Wikipedia:
Since glass is strong and unreactive, it is a very useful material. Many household objects are made of glass. Drinking glasses, bowls, and bottles are often made of glass, as are light bulbs, mirrors, the picture tubes of computer monitors and televisions, and windows. In laboratories doing research in chemistry, biology, physics and many other fields, flasks, test tubes, lenses and other laboratory equipment are often made of glass. For these applications, borosilicate glass (such as Pyrex) is usually used for its strength and low coefficient of thermal expansion, which gives greater resistance to thermal shock and allows for greater accuracy in laboratory measurements when heating and cooling experiments. For the most demanding applications, quartz glass is used, although it is very difficult to work. Most such glass is mass-produced using various industrial processes, but most large laboratories need so much custom glassware that they keep a glassblower on staff. Volcanic glasses, such as obsidian, have long been used to make stone tools, and flint knapping techniques can easily be adapted to mass-produced glass.

the only reason i refrained from buying the archer wand or transfer was a financial one. i don't have a whole lot of disposable income that i can spend on sex toys (wish i did!). so i tend to go for a cheaper version of something first, try it out and upgrade if i really like it.

for instance, i got a more basic model of the rabbit, and i am glad i did -- while i enjoy it, it is NOT my favorite vibe. i rarely use it, and if i had spent $80 on it, i would have regretted it.
anyway, my heartbreaker is goodtimes. i like it, although it isn't the all time best G-spot vibe.
i LOVE the texture and the way the control is set up, it is very easy to use. fact i am gonna go use it now... :-O

what is masturbate and how do you do it?
WORD, Misspissed. It's all about the physics. If glass were so horribly unstable why would we eat off of it/drink out of it or fill our windows with it? I wouldn't want to be at a dinner table & have my bowl explode because it had hot soup/ice cream in it. I keep my martini glasses in the freezer & don't feel like I'm taking a risk drinking out of them. Most every day glass isn't made out of borosilicate/isn't as thick as the glass used to make toys. I grew up surrounded by Depression & even older glass. Only once in thirty years did something spontaneously rupture & that was only because it already had a HUGE crack in it when she bought it, but my mom loved it so much she refused to let it go. It was a lovely piece, but I knew it's days were numbered.
I received a Hitachi Magic Wand as a gift yesterday and sistahs, GET ONE!
It is by far the best vibe on the market (though not for use internally!)

A full 120v of vibe action is HEAVEN!
girls, glass ware that you eat and drink off of is regulated in terms of manufacture, glass sex toys are not. it's a relatively new thang you know, and no one is watching these glass artists or testing their work (well, the consumer is i suppose), who knows who made it and how?
i have seen what looked like perfectly sturdy pieces of work snap right in half in the studio because of an almost invisible air bubble or other flaw or simply because it wasn't annealed properly or for long enough. it's over a day in the kiln for an object the size of a sex toy, that's a lot of kiln time and a lot of electricity that a lot of artists can't be bothered with.
like i said, anyone who chooses to use those things can go right ahead, it's just not something that i would do myself. maybe after i have a few years of experience under my belt and i make my own but before that? NO way. i'd like to believe that everyone making glass dildos and such has the same high standards that i do but i'm not going to test that theory with my pussy. can you see my point here?
ok..sorry for crashing the thread but i need some advice if poss...?
i'm a virgin and only just 16. i have been masturbating since i was 14 and i've orgasmed courtesy of my shower-head (that was really ill-phrased).
the time before my period is getting unbearable as i am so horny but i'm bored with my normal clit rubbing etc...
and i'm too nervous and embarrassed to buy a vibe/dildo plus i live with my folks....suggestions??
auralpoison and misspissed,

I had a pyrex coffee cup spontaneously explode. I shit you not. I drink a cup of coffee, sometimes I forget to put it in the dishwasher and leave it on the table.

Came home after work and it was shattered on my table. Sitting in exactly the spot where I had left the cup, so my cat didn't do it. And, no, it wouldn't have been hot. It had sat almost an hour before I left. Spooky!

I even sent an email to the folks that make Pyrex, haven't gotten a response back. Although my junk mail filter is set WAY high so it's possible their response went in the junk.

I even took a pic of the shrapnel, if you're interested. Coffee Cup Shrapnel

(sorry to derail the thread...but there's NO WAY I'd get a pyrex dildo after seeing that!)

It was maybe fifteen years old or so..could that have been what did it?
Actually, now that you mention it treehugger, I had a bowl that was sitting on the counter waiting to be washed explode for no reason. I wasn't in the room at the time (thankfully!), but I was around the corner in the living room. It didn't fall, the base was still sitting on the counter top but the rest of it was all over the kitchen.

I can't remember what kind of glass it was though, and it was probably quite old (second-hand) so I don't know its history.
i once got a beautiful set of pilsner glasses at crate & barrel. granted, they were thin and delicate, and granted c&b is probably not the highest quality glass ever.

but the very first time i ran one of them under hot water to wash it, it SHATTERED in my hand.

you know, if an artist i was sure really knew her stuff was making glass dildos, and i did a lot of research, and felt very confident that i could spy an imperfection and maintain it properly etc etc, i would consider a glass dildo.

but that's the nice thing about silicone. you don't have to do any of those things, and yet it still works like a charm...

though i have to say i am very low maintenance wrt toys. i refuse to buy cyberskin because it involves special cleansers and storage in corn starch and certain kinds of lubes and again, 'the nice thing about silicone is...'
man, i had no idea so much spontaneous glass shattering was going on! i figured that under normal circumstances, glass shouldn't react that way..

my favorite toys (agreeing with bklyn here) are silicone. no fuss, no muss, just fun. and you don't have to worry if you drop them!
really, it's extremely rare but not unheard of and that's my point. i just wouldn't take that kind of chance. silicon is my choice, all my toys are made of it (hence the $600 drawers, that's like 4 toys, two harnesses and an assortment of accessories and lube. the bucks just don't go so far when you're trying to buy quality).

sigh, can i justify yet another purchase? prolly not but i feel the urge comin' on anyhow. i can satisfy myself in under two minutes and that's all i have the time or energy for mostly but... not all the time.
my friend got a rabbit the other day and ignored her boyfriend for two hours. anyone else have the rabbit? i'm totally intrigued now
i do i do! its amazing, i recommend it highly. a few other busties might have another suggestion. i havent actually tried anything else bc the rabbit is just fantastic.
i had a wee g-spotter (the Nubby G, i think it was called?) for a long time that did the job nicely. however, it was made of that gel plastic which is aparently not so safe. but i didn't care, it was incredible.
I want the Rabbit too! But I also want the Hatachi Magic Wand (sp?)!

I have a nice lil' g spot vibe made out of that crappy jelly so I always have to use a condom when I use it. It's a drag. But the stuff is kinda toxic, so you gotta do what you gotta do.
I have a vibrator question: I just recently got a new g-spot vibe (I've only had clit ones in the past) and the first time I used it I bled a little and was very sore. I'm positive it wasn't menstrual blood, so what could be the problem? I'd like to give it another try I'm just a little afraid! Anyone have any insight? (I'm new to the vibe but, not g-spot stimulation! I've never actually bled before...)
My point is that it's rare for glass to spontaneously blow. They make *buildings* out of the shit. I don't cross the street when I pass the Wells Fargo building that's all pretty, shiny steel & glass because I'm afraid it's gonna pop. The Pope's Popemobile protects him from getting shot with bullet proof glass. If there was even a hint of a flaw in my shit I'd toss it. It's *thicker* than a pie plate, window, or objet d' art.

I have one jelly toy that I like, but the need for condoms is irritating. I have latex issues so I have to buy the other kind. I'd just assume fuck a real dick for the expense.

It took me a bit to embrace my Rabbit. At first I was like, big whoop. After a few tries, I actually came so hard I blacked out for a few minutes. WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. AWESOME!
ROFLMFAO! Hee Hee Hee! Pyrex Downshock Syndrome! A new string of bizarre dildo-related injuries sweeping hot-snatched Busties in Alaska! (Pyrex can go from cold to hot no problem, "downshock" is going from hot to cold too fast, hence shattering)

*ahem* sorry

anyway, I've seen a couple of different Rabbits about, anyone recommend a specific brand or type? I kinda like the one with the pearls inside, but I don't know if that really adds anything, and I keep hearing a voice in my head saying "B 14....B 14...BINGO" whenever I see it

i have the pearl one Six. i would say it depends on your preference bc i never use the function that makes the penis part spin around. i just use the vibrating part and the rest like a dildo. the other function wears out the battery i find and if you have strong PC muscles, doesnt spin well. its all up to you though.
hey martha, what's with the bleeding? you ok? that would freak me out a bit.

ok, the rabbit, does it actually *spin* around? i haven't seen one in action so i'm having a hard time imagining how they actually work. the rabbit ears i get (can't imagine that the buzz is all that intense though, kinda diffused maybe?) but the shaft part, does it spin, rotate, the pearls inside rotate or jiggle around or buzz, what? i haven't bought one mostly because they aren't made of silicon (the versions that are made of silicon apparently don't have great motors) and because i can't figure out what they actually do. i don't mind using more than one toy at a time (i gave that collection of mine a run for the money last night, whoo! i almost needed a third hand to manage the bunch, ha ha!) and i find it easier to switch things up if i can just drop one that i'm not into in the moment etc so i don't know if the bunny is for me but i AM curious as all get out.

hey, there are industrial standards that building and car manufacturers have to meet, it's pretty strictly enforced. not so with glass toys. it's not like anyone's sticking wells fargo or the pope mobile up their snatch. and personally i don't think that thicker than a pie plate = safer or better made.
my friend just got a rabbit and abandoned her boy fo two hours when they brought it home. Hers has the pearls and es, it does "spin". She loves it and I'm totally intrugued.

Now, my question:
Whenever I masturbate I go on binges. Its like I can't stop. I masturbate every week(?) or so. Its really not that much but when i do its nuts cause i could literall go ALL night. Am i okay?
I have the rabbit pearl.. the penis part kinda rotates, and the bulbous part at the bottom of it is filled with these little pearls that jiggle around as it rotates. Honestly, that part of the action does NOTHING for me. the rotating Penis is kinda interesting, but the pearls don't do a damn thing for me.

the rabbit vibrator part, however.... damn! that thing is amazing! in conjunction with the dildo aspect.. yummy!

It didn't do much for me at first, but once I found a good position (for me it's sitting kinda slouched down in a chair or on a couch) I saw (well, felt) what all the fuss is about. Sweet Jebus!!

so yeah.
Okay, do the pearls make noise? I'm pretty sold on the form now, I'm just a little concerned that if I can hear the pearls jiggling around it might send me into a distracting fit of giggles....
no no not at all. the vibrator does though. pearls are too closely packed to make any funning noises:-)
the spinning action does nothing for me either. plus it wastes the battery big time. sounds like we have the same one zoya. is yours pink as well lol?
i can get off sans use of back massager/not my old standby way of riding the seam of my jeans. i am quite, quite proud of myself
If you've got the "real thing" Rabbit Pearl (rather than a knock-off), you can turn on just the vibrator part and leave the rotating part off, if you want. Might help to conserve the battery life. Also, make sure to take at least one battery out when you're not using it, so it doesn't turn on accidentally in a drawer or anything (that'll severely limit your motor life, and cause you to have to buy batteries constantly).
Reading about you Busties and your toys has made me think about trying toys myself. Using my hands is fun but I think I need to try something new. I don't want a blow up doll, can someone give me ideas or recommendations, I don't really know what I want to be honest.
Guess AP's not going to be posting in here for a while (see "crush" thread) lol

I have been having the weirdest fantasies lately, having totally renewed my crush on Eddie Izzard to the point of obsession. Hottest sex dreams EVER, and I have never had sex dreams about a guy before! Does this mean I'm bi now? (just kidding) At this rate, though, I'm going to need some stock in Duracell....

*frustrated sigh* wish the Rabbit Pearl I ordered would get here soon....
Sixel, been having intense Eddie dreams as well. I plan on buying my Rabbit this upcoming weekend! :-)
Ahhhh, Eddie love....

And my Rabbit arrived today! Wheee! Eddie + Rabbit Pearl = I love a rainy night....
Amen to that Sixelacat! Can't wait to buy my Rabbit this weekend.... :-)
Hee hee hee ...

I can just picture a vibe, shaped like the singer Eddie Rabbit, singing "I love a rainy night, I love a rainy night ..." buzzing away in your hand!

~North "my mind works in mysterious ways" pole~
Wow, is there a prize for taking a silly pun and making an even worse visual? You totally win!!!
martin, the store I work for has a section of men's toys online at:

Might give you some ideas to get started with!
i'm old. i'm repressed. and thoroughly embarrassed to admit i've never tried a vibrator. but this old dog is ripe for some new tricks. needless to say, i'm nervous about buying one, and have no clue where to even start looking. so many busties have recommended the Hitachi Magic Wand ... but i've read several reviews about it being too loud. any other, um, quieter suggestions would be greatly appreciated. plus, since this will be an online purchase, most places are discreet in their packaging, yes?

i'm blushing from my cleavage up as i type this. be gentle with me. ack.
mandolyn, have you checked out the natural contours line? and the lava spot, reported to be 'extremely quiet'.
The one pepper linked to would be a good choice, mando (as long as you're planning to use it only externally -- it doesn't work well for any sort of internal use). The only thing I would worry about is the price -- we usually recommend getting something cheaper if it's your first time, so that if you end up not liking it you're not out a ton of money. The Laya Spot is a great, long-lasting one, though.

We have a great article about how to choose your first vibrator:

As for packaging, I know almost every "woman-friendly" store has discreet packaging. Good Vibrations has a return address of Open Enterprises, we have a return address of E.B. Inc., etc., and everything is always shipped in either plain packaging or USPS/UPS packaging.

You can always feel free to PM me if you have any in-depth questions you don't feel comfortable posting in the lounge, too! It's my job. :-)
oh cod, the last package i got from that store i linked to Clearly had their name on the otherwise discrete rapid delivery packaging. How Embarassing. a lady i went to school with delivers those packages to my building complex. perhaps i just imagined that she handed it to me with a certain look in her eyes. oh well, at least it wasn't a huge box. that time anyhow. ha ha.
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