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Full Version: let your fingers do the walking...the masturbation thread.
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It took me a while to get to know the Cone. It's not your standard toy. I was confused at first, but once I go to know it . . . whooooo! I had him lie down, I positioned myself next to him on the Cone. I let him control the cycles as his passion grew & we came at the same time crazy hard.

The only negative I have now is that silicone, um, collects things. I clean it real well with toy cleaner & then put it in a sealed Rubbermaid tank. Nobody wants pussy gato hair up their pussy.
I should really wait until I make a credit card payment, but my rabbit just completely died and all I have is a little bullet and it's not doing it for me. I think I might have to go check out a few stores and see if I can find one at a decent price. I might have to go online though.
QUOTE(Moonpieluv @ Jun 23 2008, 03:34 PM) *
Pugs---I have the same reasons for a marathon session for the most part... Does Mr. Pugs know that you do so?

moonpieluv - we are in a D/s relationship so really since getting the hitachi i ask permission to masturbate. if i do it without permission i usually feel guilty and tell him i did and he is never mad. i mean i'm pretty sure he bought it for me to relieve some of the pressure on him to perform when he's tired from a long day at work. if i really need to get it out of my system and i won't be able to sleep until it happens (late at night) he'll either lay there with me, playing with my breasts and nipples why I use it or he'll fuck me to sleep and i don't really need it. either way it works out for me. i like my hitachi because it makes quick work of orgasms. i can have many powerful orgasms very easily. with mr. pug and the hitachi i'm usually worn out and good for a few days. for example, tonight i really needed something. i asked him if i could use the hitachi and he said no. i was disapointed. i kinda of complained and he ended up rolling over and fucking me something fierce. if he'd still said no i would have listened but been disapointed and probably not slept very good tonight. he knows me and usually reads my needs very well. what are you reasons for marathon sessions? do you usually have many orgasms and fall asleep worn out or is it one to just help ease the tension? i'm selfish. i usually can't just have one. i need two minimum or i can go as high as five or six. i usually go till i'm numb or so completely sensitive that it's uncomfortable. i'm a brat. wink.gif
I marathon mostly to ease the tension from time to time. I love to be with Mr. Luv, but there are times when I just want to completely focus on my self. He's aware of my love toys, and doesn't act all weird about em. I'm assuming my lovin on myself when he's still in bed--I'm an earlier riser. or when I go to bed----He's a night owl. would be the time that I would take advantage. He would then need to understand that if he doesn't want to coincide with my sleep routine, then I'm going to have to take measures into my own hands or toys. NOt to hurt his feelings, at all.

I like to have at least two or three to feel fulfilled.

ap--I know what you mean about silicon catching lil hairs and fuzz. It's definitely up there in terms of cleanliness like glass or steel, but it does get the fuzzies.
How odd. Who films that. so he was having sex with that, in his own home. Who cares? strange yes, illegal? I was reading the comments. How odd.
"Police say that during questioning, Price admitted he had sex with the picnic table. "

Oh my, 6 months does sound quite rash. I feel really bad for the bloke, he was just getting his jolies. I wonder if he even knew people were watching him. Oh god, I can just hear the conversations he'll have in jail:

-Why are you here?
-I murdered my wife and her lover in a fit of passion, you?
-I fucked a picnic table.
It really comes down to location. That close to a school, he was boned from the word go.
moonpie- my boy and I have had some issues like what you're asking about. He is absolutely voracious about jerking off. He does it up to 6 or 7 times a day if he has a day off with nothing to do. Even though I'm cool with it, and we're open with discussing it, I still get a little maybe jealous? or bummed about it at times. Sometimes I feel like he should be devoting all that energy to sex with me and that it's detracting from our sex life. We talked about it again recently, and something he said really sunk in. We had had like 4 days off together and spent pretty much the whole time together, and he didn't have any alone time. He finally confided that he was stressed and tense, because he hadn't been able to jerk off the whole time. He told me that he uses masturbation as a way to regulate his emotions. He reminded me that he can jerk off multiple times a day and still be able to have sex with me in the same day, which is true. That conversation somehow made me understand it better than I had before. I still think I might feel a little weird if we were hanging out, and he went off to another room to jerk off, but I have a different perspective on it now, and I think I could handle it. For me, I really need that alone time as well, but I don't seem to need it as frequently as he does. We usually have enough time apart that I can fit it in when he's not around. It's definitely a weird issue especially when you live together, though. Let us know what happens!
hey day glow---
I had an ex who was like your guy. I was for the most part okay with it, as I was definitely getting mine....but it was the porn he watched to do it...sometimes while I was trying to sleep at night. It got to be rather annoying, if you can imagine.

I only find that I feel the need to pleaure myself about every 3 days or so, or if I'm feeling particularly stressed. Usually I get portions every 3 or 4 days depending on schedule, etc. Mr. Luv knows that I have my toys, and I've taken to keeping them in my shower. If he really wanted to, all he would have to do is take a peep. Kindof a backdoor way into letting him know that it occurs without having to be blatant about it. I have chosen to take this route for now.

I certainly wouldn't step into the bathroom if we were hanging out. And I've deduced that it has become more than just my needing alone time... it's just me needing it period. I will have to say that I would rather be sharing pleasure with Mr. Luv. nothing better than the real thing. I feel like I'm waiting around for it... and when it doesn't happen, i start to feel not so good. and we are a pretty new relationship. I guess some people aren't that sexual?
my busties... I have never NEVER had to RELY on masturbation in a relationship except for a ldr. I LIVE with this guy. it has now been officially a week.

sigh. my hands seem tied. and yes, I have had a "real" talk with him. WTF?
what about going three months without it???
I normally don't feel like I need to pleasure my self but every five days, and I can for the most part avoid doing it if I have to. So I decided a while back to not do it until I see him again because I do enjoy it during sex. Buut missing him so much I don't know how I will handle myself. Does it even sound do-able?

I told him about it and he looked at me like I was kinda crazy...well he is one of those 5-7 times a day kinda guys...

I think he could forgive me if I went back on that decision.
for me, if i go more then three days without coming i'll tell mr. pugs that i'm horny and then one of three things is going to happen depending on his reponse:

1) i'm going to have a session with my wand and i'm going to come over and over until i'm exhausted
2) Mr. Pugs is going to have to come with they fury and fuck the shit out of me
3) i'm not going to do anything and I'm going to be a moody bitch probably directed at Mr. Pugs

seeing as we usually only do it on weekends by the time the next weekend arrives i've usually masturbated at least once that week to hold me over.
wow, i couldn't imagine 3 months... i get cranky after two days, but my boyfriend is all moody about sex so he understands that i need my special time with myself if he doesn't want me to run around all bitchy and snapping at him. sex, masturbation, whichever it always puts me in a better mood or helps me sleep when i can't. it seems to fix so many little things for me, even cramps, but he just doesn't feel the same way about it. so i guess when things are normal he and i have sex like 2-3 times in a week but i have sex everyday whether alone or not.

that's a serious commitment you've made and i think even if you don't make it all the way through, you still done something impressive.
I've never understood the whole jealousy about "me time". Sex doesn't always have to be a partner thing. Sometimes you just want to get down by yourself & not worry about anybody's joy but your own. It helps with bitchy moods, cramps, sleep, & is fun to do when you're bored.
QUOTE(vegdumpling @ Jul 7 2008, 10:42 AM) *
wow, i couldn't imagine 3 months...

that's a serious commitment you've made and i think even if you don't make it all the way through, you still done something impressive.

well, it doesnt help that we made a few sexy videos before he left heheheh.
in other words, lets say, I went back on my word. It was mostly an idea of lets see how long I could really last.
so how long did you last? just curious smile.gif
QUOTE(~Undine~ @ Jul 19 2008, 10:44 AM) *
I couldn't come and ended up having to use a carrot. blink.gif

blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif

like an actual carrot?

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

sorry!! couldn't help but laugh when i read that. desperate times call for desperate vegetables I guess. i'm not into g-spot stimulation unless it's from mr. pugs hand or cock. i've not found a vibrator that is the right power yet so I can't help. sorry.
endine, did the vibe only have one speed? I have a b swish. It's rather slim but it definitely does the trick and it has a decent range of speeds.
undine? have you tried using your fingers to reach your spot, but pressing the vibe against the back your fingers? does that make sense? using your fingers as a barrier between your spot and the vibe? the finger thickness should mellow the vibe strength a bit... it's worth a try right?
it's ok. you'll figure it out smile.gif it just might take a while. hang in there, k?
The b swish isn't flexible which I thought was weird too but you can just angle it properly and it feels great. I'm like you, I can't reach my own g spot with my fingers, it just doesn't work. Honestly, the b swish works really well for me. It's about $40 and it has managed to reach my spot the way other ones can't.
QUOTE(LoveMyPugs @ Jul 14 2008, 03:57 AM) *
so how long did you last? just curious smile.gif

haha, like a was funny because he asked me that question and we started laughing. wink.gif

yes, I too resorted to the carrot a couple times actually. but really I prefer him.... :/

*edited once for careless spelling mistakes
so, busties, is it possible to have a g-spot orgasm without producing ejaculate? i swear that i've been having g-spot orgasms for decades, before all of the 'hue and cry'--- but try as i might, i just don't seem able to ejaculate. it's very silly, but i really want to be able to do it! you know, maybe there is something wrong because i can't???

would love to hear more from you.
I have a toy along the b swish line. It's really great because it different levels of speeds to use and I know it didn't cost a ton of money to buy. Although I always go back to old reliable bullet.... I actually have 2 different bullets that work a little different then one another but they are both great.

Tesao... I don't always ejaculate when I have a g-spot orgasm. I know I've heard that not everyone ejaculates from orgasms so don't worry about it. It's really something that I have to relax at and then it happens but if I'm thinking about it no way.

So what does everyone think about masturbating when the sex isn't being given up? My husband told me it's not right for me to masturbate if we aren't having sex but it's been a while now and it's frustrating. I recently quit the pill and have noticed a huge sex drive coming back to me in full swing!
tesao - I don't ejaculate, and I've been having g-spot orgasms for years, also.. I've been told by a couple guys who were stimulating my gspot with their fingers (my favorite, in combo with oral, maybe TMI...haha) that they do feel it get super wet in there all off a sudden, and that pretty much always coincides with the absolute peak of my orgasm, when I'm really just letting go. So maybe I (and maybe you) actually do ejaculate, but just not all huge and gushy. Anyway, I don't really see what the big deal is about being a human fountain, I have great orgasms, am just fine with my amount of wetness (and it's not like I'm the sahara desert, I get nice and extremely naturally lubed, I just don't become a geyser), and I don't have to put down a rubber sheet or something before having sex. I certainly don't feel like I'm not doing something right because I don't ejaculate all gigantic. Anyway... that's all. smile.gif

rubberdolz - In every relationship I've been in - hell, since I figured out how to DO it - I probably get myself off at least once every other day if we're not having pretty steady sex. (if not every day) (Granted, I'm not a toy fan - I've tried, and just never got really into them. I'm a right hand girl, all the way. I dunno, I just like it.) No one has EVER told me it "wasn't right." This is going to be a little strong, but fuck that. Who is ANYONE to tell you what you can and can't do with your body. I'm not married, so maybe it's a different dynamic, but then again, I still don't think anyone has the right to tell you something that's not harmful to you or anyone else, that is bringing you pleasure and satisfaction, is not "right"

anyhow, sorry if that came across as too strong, but that's what I think...
Tes, squirting for me isn't an everytime thing. Female sexuality is such a tricky thing sometimes, no? For me, a great many things contribute to the fountain, it's not just all about my g. I doubt there is anything wrong with you. Hell, the first time I did it, I thought there was somethig wrong with ME! I don't know of any actual statistics, but I'd wager a fairly large percentage of women probably don't do it. I wonder how many women don't even know they're capable of doing it?

RD, that's a wholly unreasonable request from your husband. Really. That's just being selfish as a motherfucker. Just because you're married doesn't mean he controls your sex drive. What's he going to do, buy you a chastity belt? If you're horny & he won't give up the boot', wank your heart out. It's your pussy, you enjoy it even if he isn't!

Q: Does it upset Busties if your partner masturbates without you?

For some odd reason a lot of women immediately assume they aren't doing enough to satisfy their partner when they're caught wanking, which to me is rubbish. We wank for a variety of reasons, not just sex: You can't sleep, you're bored, you're stressed, etc. Sometimes you just want to get in, get off, & get out without worrying about somebody else.

I've only ever caught HB jerkin' it solo once (He was trying to get the baby batter off the brain before we went out.) early in our 'ship & I was like, "Goody. Can I watch?" I got turned on, he got off, we went out, we came back & fucked dirty & sweet. Sometimes I *ask* him to jerk off for me. Huh.
oh man, I LOVE watching guys get themselves off, and I love when they're secure enough to just go for it in front of me. it's HOTTTT.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Aug 15 2008, 11:04 PM) *
Tes, squirting for me isn't an everytime thing. Female sexuality is such a tricky thing sometimes, no? For me, a great many things contribute to the fountain, it's not just all about my g. I doubt there is anything wrong with you. Hell, the first time I did it, I thought there was somethig wrong with ME! I don't know of any actual statistics, but I'd wager a fairly large percentage of women probably don't do it. I wonder how many women don't even know they're capable of doing it?

Mrs. Rouge Squirts. She can also controll it. She squirts a lot though, so she only ever does it if I'm going to change the sheets anyway.

QUOTE(auralpoison @ Aug 15 2008, 11:04 PM) *
Q: Does it upset Busties if your partner masturbates without you?

I am a firm believer of jilling off. Mrs. Rouge does it with out me, and I do it with out Mrs. Rouge. I usually tell her about it too, either before or after..

You & Mrs. Rouge are lucky! I wish I knew how to control it, but I don't have the brain power. I just roll with it.

QUOTE(zoya @ Aug 15 2008, 07:31 PM) *
oh man, I LOVE watching guys get themselves off, and I love when they're secure enough to just go for it in front of me. it's HOTTTT.

WORD! It's HOTTTT & it gives me insight as to what he likes the most. I think being able to work a few of his own moves in with mine makes for surprising, but FUN times.
thanks, everyone, for the info and confirmation that there isn't "something wrong with me". i've never had problems having an orgasm, from the beginning i've had multiple orgasms easily, even without clitoral action.

i started masturbating when i was a kid. i mean kindergarten, first grade. not sure how i figured it out, but i instinctively knew it was something that i shouldn't share with my parents or siblings.

i agree wholeheartedly with what everyone else said about rubberdollz husband. wtf is up with that? sometimes, if i know that i am going to see mr. hotbuns soon, i deny myself until i see him, just to play with my head - it makes the sex with him more intense. but that is MY choice, not his telling me what i can and cannot do with my own body. (hell, i didn't even tell him when i got my tattoos. it's MY body!)

that said, i live halfway around the world from mr. hotbuns. i wank A LOT. if i didn't, i would be much more likely to be looking for sex outside of my relationship.

i'm right there with zoya, ap and chatsrouge about watching a partner get themselves off. it does show you what they like, gives you great ideas what to do yourself and most of all, it *is* HOTTT!
Well thanks ladies! Yeah I looked at it the same way as what everyone has been saying. When I told him that I wanted the sexins and he said no, I was like well then it's time for me to start bustin out the toys if you aren't going to do anything. He told me that was wrong to use toys, but I told him OH WELL!

Seriously no.. I don't let anyone tell me what I can and cannot do, Zoya... no being married does not make for a different dynamic. It's the same across the board whether it's dating, fucking or marriage. Unfortunately my husband may think he can request but he's not dumb enough to think I would listen. Unfortunately he knows of my experience with my ex husband and knows I won't let anyone tell me what to do.

So thanks Zoya for your opinion... no it was not too strong! I appreciate the honesty and I asked! It's really great to hear so many women knowing that no one is going to tell them what to do and what not to do in their life. I think sometimes we can become so rapped up in a relationship that we lose a part of who we are and that can be very scary.

Anyways.... yesterday I finally masturbated while he was at work. Ugh... what a freaking relief! It made me realize how much I missed my little bullet, he was always so good to me when I was single.
Well, I finally ordered myself a cone. My curiosity got the better of me, and for some reason the Canadian store, Come as you Are was having some sort of sale and I got a discount at the checkout. After tax it was only $122, which is the cheapest I've seen it anywhere online. In 1-5 days I'll be giving a review.
Girls don't get the new version of the rabbit unless you have a big hoohah. I bought it 4 months ago and I'm still afraid of using it. it's toooo damn big! and i'm also afraid that the little bunny ears will tear my piercing apart :'(
question. is it possible to overstimulate yourself? i've been feeling a decrease in my ability to have a good orgasm (both alone and with my man) and i have only been able to achieve any kind of release lately through using my shower head on like, extreme-o power (which ends up being not so comfortable... so the orgasm isn't that great). if it is possible... how do you get the O back!? i'm feeling a bit desperate.

also... has anyone ever heard of being able to get off by doing something with your thighs? a whiiile ago i heard women talking about that on the radio, saying that sometimes they'd masturbate at work somehow just by using their thighs, no hands. i'm curious!
QUOTE(Sststststutter @ Aug 27 2008, 04:04 PM) *
question. is it possible to overstimulate yourself? i've been feeling a decrease in my ability to have a good orgasm (both alone and with my man) and i have only been able to achieve any kind of release lately through using my shower head on like, extreme-o power (which ends up being not so comfortable... so the orgasm isn't that great). if it is possible... how do you get the O back!? i'm feeling a bit desperate.

also... has anyone ever heard of being able to get off by doing something with your thighs? a whiiile ago i heard women talking about that on the radio, saying that sometimes they'd masturbate at work somehow just by using their thighs, no hands. i'm curious!

I'm one of those lucky women who can have an orgasm by simply thinking dirty thoughts and doing some kind of physical motion (like walking down the street). It's a little one, but it's one.

I find if I'm feeling "overstimulated" I just go back to using less intense methods and take the focus off orgasm. Let's be honest - if feels good to play with yourself even if you don't orgasm. Just enjoy the feel of your body, and when you feel yourself approaching orgasm or getting really turned on, back off on purpose - this is about getting your body used to different kinds of stimulus and enjoying being sensual with yourself.

You'll get it back! No fear!
i've squirted during a solo session with the hitachi and not even stimulating my g-spot. the hitachi is very strong and i've heard that if you have strong enough clitoral stimulation that you can squirt. it's usually when i haven't done ANYTHING in a while and i'm all amped physically and mentally. i hate when this happens because when i want it to happen with Mr. Pugs during sex it doesn't come. lately it's been just a small amount. i don't really care for squirting. my orgasms aren't really that much more intense when i squirt compared to when i don't. the sheets get wet and i usually end up having to sleep on that side of the bed afterwards. stoping to put a towel down because i feel the sensation is an interuption. No matter, Mr. pugs always makes me come really hard. he's great at the build up and always gives me at least two. i find i start to get to focused on squirting/not squirting and i get frustrated. so if it happens it happens and if not then whatever.

tes - i squirt the fastest when i'm in doggie style position and mr. pugs fingers me (at least two) and puts the hitachi on my clit from behind. read my post in the portions thread about me practically climbing out the window when he did it last night and last weekend. it was crazy. took no time. might help you to squirt. it's very intense.

Wish I hadn't bought that cone. I heard the vibrations weren't as strong as other toys, but I find it weak. Too weak to get me off enjoyably most of the time. The orgasm button does nothing for me. It's way too inconsistent to make me orgasm. So disappointing. Oh well. My birthday is in a month so I'm going to order myself another rabbit. I was very happy with mine before half of it broke.
Good to know your experience with the cone, (((erinjane))). I have the hitachi like lovemypugs...I think. It's pretty strong even on the lower setting. rarely do I have to use the higher setting as I've actually chafed my clit. weird. No squirting though. Don't think I've ever squirted. maybe oozed my love juices, but... hmm?
anyways. I am looking for variety. I have a g-spot stimulator vibe that vibes pathetically. Nothing about its vibe is worth it to me. Like a silly tease. so... I use it in conjunction.
It would just be nice to have something different.

I've noticed the same "numbness" if you will if I've been overstimulated in general. I usually take a couple days off. It could have something to do with hormones, as I've noticed I wax and wane sexually throughout the month. I think you'll def get it back. don't worry...I think it's entirely normal.
I think that it's possible to get some pleasure by flexing your thighs along with your uh...duh..I'm at a loss for the word...your vaginal muscle. I've never achieved orgasm from that, but I do notice that's how I achieve orgasm when using my vibe. I have to flex and open that whole area (except thighs).
And like ((geekchickknits)) said, any play is good play. it's a loving act.
From what it sounds like, I think I would like the hitachi. Saving up. tongue.gif

I'm gonna try it a few more times I think but I've been too tired and also having semi-regular sex for the last week and half. The problem is I get frustrated when I try to use it and start over-thinking. I also find it hard to orgasm if I'm not on my back or totally relaxed. I've tried some different pillow set ups so that I could just rest on it, but now it sort of feels like more effort that I want when I'm just trying to get off.
I'm sorry it isn't working out for you, Erinjane. To be 100% honest (Like that's a stretch, tell us how you really feel, AP!) it took me a couple weeks to get to know my Cone. For me it's a long slow sesh toy. I skip, like, the first four cycles & cycle through the rest for like a half an hour before I hit the orgasm button & it makes my eyes cross it's so good. In fact, I haven't used my Rabbit since I got the Cone. Poor, poor Rabbit.

I suppose Sly Stone was right: different strokes for different folks!

My Hitachi is more of a "nownownownownowNOW" toy. Like MPL, I mostly use the lower settings on it or else I feel like I'm doing myself with a weedwhacker & I get numb.

As far as gspotting goes, I do have a nice doohickey for my Hitachi, but I like my Archer Wand better. But I don't feel like having the whole "glass is going to explode in my cooch" conversation, so I'll leave it at that.

I've been considering buying a Sasi because it seems really cool. Or a Form6. Or a Delight.

So many toys, so little time.
dewd, does work. It works so much that my bestest friend says she's done worn it out. laugh.gif It works for gals that need more vibe...we're all different. what works for some, may not work for others.
It's easy to clean...except if you use it on your period..may have to scrubby scrub a bit, but no biggie. haha..just don't clean while plugged in. duh. that's the only downfall of my that it must be plugged in.
But, I use it before I get into the shower anyway. I lay down a towel and prop myself against the tub with legs sprawled out bout as wide as I can get them...I ease my bum down a bit...flex the necessaries..and off I go. that's my position. I may also prop my right foot (Ima rightie) on the wall or sink...I haven't been able to do the laying down thing. I have to be in a U shapey somehow. Trying to do the U shapey thing without support has caused me to pull a muscle in my neck/torso area...I strain too much without the support of the tub, I've found. I'd get tired of the pillow set up too.
Overthinking definitely slows my results. I've had to be quick in my actions lately, so I've mentally been able to get focused quickly...cause I'm just damn determined to orgasm. I'm sure when I have more alone time...or if any fishie comes a swimming my way...I may experience some lapses. rolleyes.gif

right so right AP... hitachi is NOW NOW NOW. I'm a multiple orgasm girl..I'll do it three times in a row before I'm all sweaty and all okay...let's take a shower with like...L'Occitane en Provence almond shower oil... laugh.gif
I'll probably go for something that creates more of an "experience" when I'm living totally alone again. Like the cone perhaps, if $ permits. I'm with ((geekchickknits)) on the fact that it's nice to just BE with yourself.
I'll be staying with family until I get on my feet again after this jack ass so I'll still need instant gratification for a month or so..
I wish there was Toys in Babeland in the Atl. I seem to remember there wasn't any "forward" shops the last time I was there. Unless someone knows otherwise? I like to be able to see/touch my new "mate". tee hee.

haha..AP! I've "burned" or chafed or whatever my g-spot dildo/vibe while using my hitachi. It's kinda funny cause it's like my cooch did it. hahaha. Yeah, I would be hesitant to use glass/pyrex with hitachi. or yoshi as he's sometimes referred to as..
Sasi? Delight? Form6? do tell. I could look it up, but for the sake of conversation...
OMG, no! I wouldn't use the Hitachi with any glass! I sometimes us a cheapie Slimline on my clit with it, though. But it's pretty weak.

Sasi & Delight & Form6 are other high-end vibes. The Delight looks really cool, the Form6 doesn't look exciting, but it sounds fun, & you have to see the Babeland video of the Sasi because I can't describe it.

It's funny. I was disappointed in the Rabbit because it was shoddily made & the tumbling beads did nothing for me. It made me come hard a few times, then it fucking broke. Like, in under sixty days the control box came apart from the unit.
My rabbit broke after not too long too. The ears still work, which is good, but the dildo part broke pretty fast. Occasionally it will start working again but it's only one in a blue moon. I know if I get another it'll probably break really fast again, but it's definitely my favourite so far. My birthday is in a month so I'll probably treat myself to something new soon.
hey guys. recently quit my birthcontrol and am now getting my libido back (its been a long stress filled 11 months for me and dear fiance...)
but unfortunately it usually occurs while hes at work.
i have a tried and true friend...the sugar n spice bullet vib $10 at spencer's. but i want to get something really nice.
i have always had trouble orgasming.
never could without my clit-vib. not during sex, not during self masturbation, not during oral.
so you see why i love my vib so much.
but as for eye crossing i havent gotten that.
i have seen quite a few reccomendations here on this thread, but what would anyone reccomend to a gal like me?
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